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"sean dini" Discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

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"sean dini" Discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

"It's a shipping container a multi multi-location endeavor today as boys are still up in Bristol on just here Miami Chris Roy and bill a day one in Bristol Connecticut Oh man be town is like any other man it is like it is not like any other if it was like any other that would be maybe baby yeah that's the only thing to do their in town I've never heard it referred to as be ten trying to make that takeoff that's the locals are calling it and we went to J. Tim's whatever Jerry two weeks if I could be honest good wings but you know this menu swings in the country and I'm just like all right you know it's solid lane don't get me wrong once again this is like the crow that discussion wings but if you're gonNA come at me with best wings in the country then I just better be wowed how long were you how long were you on does yesterday probably till about like four thirty five we were you know walking around shaking hands kissing babies no babies they weren't but you know I think day one was a success the show is fun I got to go through the Catholic Multiple Times because I got my computer worked on and that's like in the CAF so I was like a a bonus of just getting back to last night I'm not gonNA name drop but man that that bar that we were at that is a WHO's who of ESPN in the hotel. yeah yeah I mean like I said there's no other place to go in the town so that's where people go like I watch the end of that baseball game and a couple of feet to my left was someone that I'm not gonNA say their name but house like wow I'm sitting watching the same game this person yeah yeah it does billy of his microphone on or is he purposely speaking mike now we're down on Mike today so I'm sure In Chris down a Mike what happened on the Mike well because yesterday we were we were using someone studio that was out for the day so we were really into studios but today the person's backs our back to like the original place where we're supposed to be so we have two mikes and we're sharing today you need to get closer if you're sharing though is right ah yeah pretty close can you Mussa levels I don't know why Billy Solo I actually that you should lose my levels because I got a few tweets yesterday that before we went on air that I was low that like the whole podcast issues that I love so this is the Mike I was talking yesterday so that makes sense I also don't want to get too close to it because like some people get like not I'm not saying crisp like some people like right up on the Mike sock and like it's pretty it's pretty gross talk louder like this should I do this that works all right can I start this is not parting can I go midway here through the first segment of the local hour just say that I'm really proud of us and me in particular the Produ- you to do you know why though in general the man you've become in front of my eyes I'm proud because we've been rational about tyler hero in the Miami Heat this preseason I am so guilty of hyping teams up before the season you've seen it with the Miami Hurricanes and you've seen it with the Cleveland Browns and the Miami Heat it's been pretty quiet meanwhile tyler hero is currently sporting the highest points game average in a Miami he preseason since Lebron James I'm on my dad meanwhile anonymous NBA genes are telling Sean Dini that the Miami Heat feel like they have drafted Klay Thompson and he would be constant Vini saying that shot the Sean Dini us nap he's an be a writer for heavy DOT COM probably should've added that a little bit more but there are reports at the Miami Heat consider tyler hero untouchable even in trade discussions with one Bradley beal and another thing that I'm proud of is I have known now for close to forty eight hours there's that Bradley beal liked tweet that had him in Miami and we didn't do anything with that you know why cautious optimism yes conscious optimism because this is a different program than the Miami Hurricanes and the Cleveland Browns this is a championship culture expected I'm really excited about tyler hero has that been like giving yet by any fan I think he twitter has come around from the draft night disappointment of who the hell is this guy to all my God we got the great shooter of his generation that I'm GonNa be I on this I think he's GonNa be decent now that honestly ah I feel like we have I feel like to your are you making the argument like you're proud of us that we haven't hyped him up too much like I think we haven't had him up enough yeah I'm saying that's why I'm really proud of us because everyone would expect us to just be head over heels in love with tyler hero and talk about him every day and we've actually been relatively quiet and we haven't been those guilty parties that have been culpable on the hyping up of tyler hero who generally like plays the most in preseason games isn't it usually and guys like you know so I feel like the points per game like in a preseason game is not the best barometer but he's been great like just like wetness in like the slickness of his pullbacks has been unlike more more so than his just like you know points per so I'm glad you mentioned his wetness because I searched a NBA dot com and they have sort of stats and he doesn't he lead the NBA in wetness yes and the NBA preseason is different they drippy they they do play the veterans in the NBA. preseason they skip games are there but they get a good latte they were going to good lather about twenty five to twenty eight minutes a game tyler heroes just like Dude scoring twenty five points and twenty remits guys unbelievable the first fourteen points of their last game I yeah I really do have high expectations and now for this Miami Heat higher than I did entering the season knowing that we just added a top fifteen player with zero cap room credit the Miami Heat Front office that was allegedly washed this team's GonNa play hard every night and you saw George Sodano made this point last week you saw what Eric's bolstered did when he had a top fifteen player even before the Big Three era when he just had wing wait surrounded by a relative really bad team that was a four seed in the NBA. I think the same is going to play hard every night I think they're going to get some huge results on the road when you went an ex backed it I think they're going to be a regular season monster in the eastern conference and perhaps my expectations top three seed and it wouldn't surprise me in the League East if this team makes a legitimate run at the top seed in the East I said that we go hyped up what did what did heavy dot com say about is it is it factor that in reported that won't tell you this first hand he's got it in his day standing did you see it yeah we're looking at his eyes like God he's actually better looking in person than I thought I needed to stop with this like he's so good looking I was do this like it's not too much no you don't okay then he's so good looking this guy you know what's funny about him or like my impression of him so like I was reading about him before we had him on a little bit re coaching it and I saw that Jimmy Butler was saying that he talks a lot of trash during the practices and stuff like that and apparently he does like he he draws back and forth with people so I guess while he's playing he's doing that belief in person he was like very calm he seemed I mean it's obviously zooming because it was his first media days nineteen years old and he's not used to doing stuff like that but he seemed really like calm down to Earth when we were talking to him but apparently I guess when he's playing Bass always a different person now you know he was he was chill chill that's what he was we didn't even talk about the ice cats and their epic comeback from down four one on Columbus Day which everyone knows is basically Thanksgiving to the NFL bats what Columbus Day is so the NHL Will Martin Luther King Day is NBA that that's what Columbus Day and Canadian thanksgiving is the NHL and they stormed back from a four one deficit to win six four basically a laugher against winless New Jersey devils team and right now the season is back on track Roy Bellamy all right now I was I was in the airport looking at my phone the entire time and now they just came back from that from that deficit I was like Oh that was amazing I thought I'd Break Connolly guys first and second goal is the panther and good I was I was actually watching thing that I saw highlights like pop up my phone for that as well and I hadn't even really heard of that Kinda guy and it's like he got a goal and then I saw the alert again I'm like does that make getting the same alert and he just scored really quick back to back yeah yeah that was amazing good job and the United States lost Canada in soccer and men's soccer for the first time in thirty four years Greg with two guys out here trying to play like Barcelona and its heyday and you've got you know mls players doing you're not going to go toe to toe within the US is at its best as a counterattacking underdog that's when they could go toe to toe with almost anybody in the world and out here losing to Canada for the for some of my lifetime you really there's something happened last night that I've never experienced in my entire life and the nation's largest just okay we'll get him next time there should be like it should be on get up Taylor twelve and should be leading get up today but is a national outrage that this is happening considering that they just missed the World Cup and we dilly-dallied a year and a half trying to find a manager and these are the results that we're getting now up here be town were kinda close to New York so I could make a call and try to get you alive hit and get up would you like me to do that no I think Taylor twelve minutes speaks for a nation he was on that game and he started losing it like ten minutes left after candidate scored that goal like the fact that it was scoreless and did you see Chris Cody Christian Pulisic Gregg Berhalter the manager got into it a little bit I saw I didn't like I saw I read about it now Pulisic didn't play well he only completed completed eleven passes he was turning the ball over at pretty alarming rate but who the hell is Gregg Berhalter to pull Greg Christian sick off of off the field in the sixty first minute telling him he's not good enough yeah that's that's insane did y'all see Jalen more like Jalen Ramsey my right Kenny normally been working on that like really trying to go hard like he keeps saying Jalen Ramsey and then he went and who was that they saw he he had seen other people had said it when you think we had dinner I got around eight eight okay around around eight I need to I need identify when you thought of it this is no it definitely was done other people because this is exactly how it went down were sitting there and Roy you know we're having Nice heartfelt conversation and where it goes you know then it just like is and I would think something like big is coming like something profound and like you know we've been bonding and then he goes Jalen Ramsey has been traded and we're like what like.

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