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Mason and Ireland HR 1: Buying Shoes

Mason & Ireland

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Mason and Ireland HR 1: Buying Shoes

"Hey I am. I'm so refreshed and renewed and recharged and ready for another week of Mason and Ireland. Day off was very necessary was out characterized as a mental health. Day Off John. Yeah what'd you do did nothing? I did nothing to speak of. I laid in bed. I watched a couple of movies. I soaked in the Jacuzzi bed. I read a little bit of a book and it was really about it. Nothing else happened to night. Oh of course of. Could you think it's fantastic? I love the old gambling. Storyline is a fascinating story. Line to me and also the Republicans. Buy Shoes to thing is a great wrinkle. That I've always heard was APOCRYPHA. Well I heard it was real then for years. I heard it was apocryphal. Now Michael Jordan says it is real but he was joking around about it which is fascinating to me. What is Parker Apocryphal mean? I'm fake made up based on a real event but made up Apocryphal. They'd always essentially happened. It always made sense to me. Why were in if we're going to be completely candid. Hey and it's the. It's the corona virus. What else do we have to do? But BE CANDID. It's the reason. Espn told all of us. Stop talking about politics. It's it's the exact same thing you saw. Play on the last word last night you and. I used to sprinkle politics into the show fairly regularly. We don't anymore because ESPN has basically threatened to fire anybody who takes a side. Well they don't want. This isn't a political network. I always say this station show is not about politics so you just gave the response that Michael Jordan gave when he was asked to do something for Harvey Gantt that. Look brand in me. I don't I'm not going to be political. I'm not GonNa take aside and because of that. I guess people criticize them but look at his brand. His brand is still. He has played in twenty years in his brand is still one of the greatest brands in all of it and people are saying well why couldn't Jordan be more like Mohammed Ali? Why couldn't it be more like Lebron? Why couldn't he be more like Chris Paul I couldn't be more like Dwayne Wade. Why couldn't you take a stand? I still in particularly in that case. I mean Jesse Helms. I mean I'm not this is not political was just a a racist. I mean Jesse Helms. The guy that Harvey Gant was running against was a racist. Jordan's point was proved when he when Jesse Helms one and now both the people that voted for Jesse Helms and the people that voted for Harvey. Gantt don't know where Jordan stands any maximizes brand I. I actually understood everything he was saying last night. Yeah I mean I I prefer and and command. Today's athletes who take stand. Today's athletes do take a stand and they are unafraid to take a stand and they're unafraid of the ramifications whether it be to their To their brand or the public image or on social media You know when when Lebron James and Dwayne Wade and Those guys down in In Miami did the thing with Trayvon Martin and the hoodies. I appreciate it. I appreciate the fact that they went out a limb and they risked everything to issue opinion steph curry versus the president. I mean that's actually happened head to head on social media those those facts the facts that those guys are willing to stand up for them. I think I I appreciate those guys for their willingness to do it. I think that today's athletes are. How would I say it? Because I don't want to say anything DEMEANING ABOUT JORDAN. But they're they're courageous. Today's athletes are create. Some are well I mean. Where does she stand politically You don't know where does derrick jeeter stand politically nowhere. No he stands. He's he's the he's of the School of Of Michael Jordan. All right. How about Peyton Manning? Peyton manning talked about running as a Republican governor right. But he's never you don't know who voted for need. I don't know where he stands politically about tiger woods. None of those guys. You don't know those guys are all the biggest earners of their generation and one of the reasons why it's difficult to criticize Jordan and I understood exactly what he was talking about last night is you can't make everybody happy anyway. And he talked about this at length he said look. There are some people that are going to hold me up to a certain standard. What was fascinating about the last dance last night is that Jordan has flaws just like everybody else they like. You said the gambling angle was really interesting because as soon as people found out that he gambled a lot. Everybody started digging and that guy. Richard Haass keenest wrote a book. I've met Richard Scheme as he was navigating him of the San Diego sports arena. When I was down there. Yeah and just still run that dump. I know didn't end up going to prison did he? Did I think so? You'RE GONNA get him right. Maybe we'll get him on the show and ask them he when I tell them. I don't know how our I mean. Note Mason was getting guys from Tiger King. Either in prisoner just got heavy had been in prison. Actually we've got this President Barack Obama and Michael Jordan both from the last dance last night on the Republicans. Buy Shoes to quote in this society. That sees significant. Success has an added burden and a lot of times. America's very quick to embrace a Michael Jordan or an Oprah Winfrey or Barack Obama. Uh Yeah we can try to long as it's understood that you don't get too controversial around broader issues of social justice. Part of the reasoning remained popular is. Are you going to never Not sure what happened there. Something did you. Could you not hear Barack Obama? Talking Barack Obama but then tailed off before we get to the rest of the. Because you were everything you were saying we could hear. Were you talking? No I wasn't talking at all recorded. I had mace recorded when I was recording us up earlier so now worst around no worries. Yeah no I wasn't talking at that point. I was talking earlier when it was that. Was you that. Was You recorded? Voice of evasive. That was recorded from that from past. Yeah no I totally understand what Jordan was thinking and I totally understand why he did what he did at the same time. I do appreciate those athletes who do way in. I appreciate those athletes who do take positions who do take stance and they don't necessarily get punished. Maybe the way that Jordan would have been punished. Had you taken a position in that particular political race that was a unique political race because it was an african-american in Jordan's home state running against an avowed racist who was opposed to the Martin Luther King Holiday and all that kind of stuff but no I completely understand. And you're right there are. There are plenty of plenty of people in sports who don't take positions and that's okay they don't WanNa piss off after world particularly now in a really tribal culture right now where you literally will piss off half the World Vision which is why. Espn takes a position. Look don't take one that if you're going to do a sports show do a sports show. If you're going to be on sportscenter be talking about sports and so that's where it gets tricky because Jordan that was Jordan protecting his brand not necessarily as personal views. And I'm sure you had personal views but there are a lot of guys that are hugely successful in life endorsers and I have no. I have no idea where Tom Brady is politically. Sure he's already with. Bob Kraft and and president trump. He he knew he didn't. Somebody asked him if he voted for trump earlier in he said I did have a make America. Great again hat in his locker that trump gave him and he put it in his locker. So I mean does that mean. He's a he's like. That would be the risky position to take now. Anybody anybody you would say I support. Trump would be publicly. You know that you will. Actually you said screw no matter what side you support half really mad at you. Half the people are going to be ticked off at you and people and no matter what it is and I think this is sad about where the time that we're living in even in a time when we are all under threat from a nasty virus that is killing people all over the place. Still Somehow there are two sides to the issue it's astounding to me that even at a time of crisis there are still two sides to the issue. I watched I watched every Sunday show yesterday. Yeah and I'm convinced that that sadly it's going to swing the election one way or the other I saw the Republicans have jumped in on. Let's reopen the country. Now and the Democrats have all jumped in on. Let'S BE SAFE. And the and the polls are incredibly tilted that way and however this virus ends up. We'll probably help swing. The election probably shouldn't which probably shouldn't be that way but welcome to the world we live in. You know the thing that jumped in me about well. Two things about the last dance last night the first one was. I cannot tell you how many times I watched Jordan and thought wow that. I've seen that move with Kobe. I've said walk them. The ways talking the way part of the beginning of the show last night was Jordan and coby about how Jordan at the All Star game. He knew Kobe was gonNA take every shot. Which is what people used to say about Jordan when he was out the and averaged thirty seven points a game in his second or third year. That's number one and number two. I can't stress this enough as somebody who has traveled with basketball teams in football teams and for the better part of twenty plus years the loss of anonymity that these guys suffer Jordan in the hotel room just sitting there going well. I can't really go anywhere. Basically this is the only place I'm safe. He's a prisoner in his own hotel room and that was like I'd walk by I. There were three or four occasions over the years where I would go walk by and see Kobe. Just walking down a hallway. I go what are you doing? And he'd say I'm stretching my legs like Oh well. I'm going to go walk around town. You want egos goes. I can't go outside man. And he's right. You know he was. He wasn't able to just go outside. I've told you the story before one time we were walking through a mall the hotels if you go to Minneapolis Right. All of the city is connected by what? I'll just call happy trails. You can walk from one side of the city to the other without ever setting foot outside so you can walk probably three miles and stay inside the whole time. Even if it's like ten below outside you can get take a coat. You just start going in these habit trails and you can walk through all these connectors and everything so one day. I'm out walking around. I think I had to go ping blind. You're going to pharmacy has probably Trudell and Kobe's walking to Laker security guards. He's just walking around the habit trails and a girl from behind the counter at one of the stores recognizes him and she sprints out from behind the counter all my God Kobe Bryant. And she may. She takes a flying header. I mean face first into the concrete and she gets up and she's got bloody nose and I'm worried that she's her teeth and the Lakers security guys are helping her up and Kogo. Hey Are you are you okay? And she's like Oh. I'm fine now that I got to meet you. Can I take a picture now? Imagine if you're willing to physically harm yourself right right. One picture with Kobe. Bryant. Imagine how hard it would be for Kobe or Jordan or shack or Lebron or any of those guys just to literally go to the store. It's gone this world given where everybody where if you don't have a picture it didn't happen and everybody has to get a picture with you is. These guys are now all trapped in hotel rooms and I know nobody has any sympathy form. Because they're making millions of dollars but it is weird in you. I totally understood what Jordan was saying when he goes. I'm ready. I'm ready for this part of my life to be over and why you know. I had the reaction that you are suggest that no sympathy reaction because I was. I kept thinking to myself. Would you rather be a rich somebody or a poor? Nobody and I think the average person would choose the fame and the riches that go along. Not that I need gonorrhea person that right. Not that there's not a dumpsite to it. There's a downside to being famous. There's a downside to being celebrity. There's a downside to being. I don't like Kim Kardashian or I don't know you know Leo DiCaprio or or Lebron James there's a there's a downside that goes along with that obviously but it's still better than the alternative. Yeah I did well to take your your analogy step further. I don't think anyone would vote for poor. Nobody I think everybody would vote for a rich poor. Nobody actually saying Yeah Four Person. Who's not famous? Yeah but anybody wouldn't take a choice. Be there but behind door number two. Yeah but it does come with what you saw last night in the last dance that you your anonymity is gone. You got worn down by a to go anywhere. You're coming up coming up later this hour. We'll Sam Smith from the last dance. You should've mentioned that. Yeah is coming up at four o'clock but later this hour there's a broadway actor guy named Sean Allen Krill that I went on I went to a play in December and he walked out on stage and started singing and I thought I was being punked because he looked so much. Like you like Steve Metaphor the station Senate side by side. I'll tweet it out twitter at Elliot Ireland so shun. Who was apparently a very good sport is going to come on to discuss his stunning likeness with Steve Mason. Liz You win. Is that three thirty three forty five later this hour right. Three thirty okay cool. He looks like me. I don't look like him. Does that make sense? Most people seem to think you'd WanNa look like him think he's got a leg up on me. You older brother. Are we the same age or is he older? No No. You're older. Oh I am yeah. He hasn't held up as well. That must be all that. Must be all that Broadway. He most of his hair is great. But it's still got a little darkness to it. Yeah Gray so that's the giveaway coming up next for you stephen a Lebron's confidence in the NBA season returning for the playoffs this year. We got that coming up for you plus the NFL is acting full steam ahead. We got that coming up for you to Mason and Ireland seventeen. Espn ESPN Mason Ireland. What is going on? It is an optimistic enthusiastic positive Monday. I am completely by the way I had my first shrink appointment of the Zoom John. Zoom thing sat with my shrink today. I'm very sorry to say that. Although I was very near my goal weight one month ago I am now seven pounds over my goal weight because of donuts and cake. Everybody is going to gain weight during this thing. Yeah I will give you a pass on whatever mythical money we had until the current viruses over. Yeah it's like Damn Damn all right so I got a couple of things first steven talk today about Lebron's confidence in the NBA. Returning this year. Stephen Add this might have been actually from Friday Steven A. on Lebron's confidence in the NBA. Returning this year first of all I what I make of. It is the fact I appreciate of all the Brawn James of validating the reporting that. I've done over the last several weeks because that's exactly what I've been saying all along that the NBA is not of the mindset that they're going to cancel this NBA season They believe they want closure they WANNA finish the season they want a champion crowned Obviously a vast majority of the players even those who are significantly well off or not to the level of Lebron James. Even those who have made less money have less money in their bank accounts. Don't have the marketing dollars or anything like that. These guys want to play basketball and the mentality is that okay we could descend upon one locale whether it's Vegas Disneyworld or other things no matter what you're hearing descend upon one location be prepared to play Without fans in attendance and go about the business of having a playoff that starts in late June or early July runs through August and finishes at the end of August. That's the mentality that everybody has Max and Greenie. Nobody is definitively of the mindset that the corona virus is a seasonal thing. Like this no way on earth that you can get it in the summertime way. Nobody believes that nobody knows what the hell is going on what they do. Believe however is that as the curve continues to flatten and this seems to be some improvements in terms of testing. And what have you that you can ultimately end up having a playoff over the summer for months now for me John we hear talk about the NFL. We hear talk about Major League Baseball on and Bob Nightingale suggested last week and he was on the show with us The baseball could return as soon as July It seems like the NBA would have the easiest time of coming back because there are so many fewer people involved in an NBA team. It's a fifteen it's fifteen players on each roster or so the support teams aren't as large or aren't as needed as they are in major league baseball it seems like the NBA would have the easiest time of coming back. Don't you think well they certainly have the fewest number of people? I mean the article that went through late last week said that they can cut. The traveling party are traveling party right. Now it's between fifty and sixty. We know said they can cut it to twenty seven or twenty eight so if each team only had twenty seven or twenty eight guys. You obviously can't get that in a football team. You can't get it in a baseball team. You had twenty five players on the roster alone so by definition they would have the fewest amount of people in the bubble. I'm not so sure. Mason Ramona was in on Friday. When you weren't here and Ramona's in either. I'm not so sure. The bubble is is being received as well as people assumed it would be being. Hubei manage shrimping received by players being agents. I would say all of the above I would see being hailed as an immediate solution. They're issues with it mainly neurologist at a few that I've okay so if you're a married player with a family yes if you bring your family to the bubble Yep can you take. Are they free to come and go to? They have to stay in the bubble. Yes Fair question. If you're if you're a single player can you bring a girlfriend into the bubble can you? And I don't say this to be flippant. Can you bring more than one like? If you're dating two girls can you bring wine flippant? No matter how you saying well I mean I'm not going to. I couldn't put India people could could you could you if your players that age tend to go out socially if one of them goes out socially outside the bubble. Disneyworld and goes to Miami for the weekend. Does that compromise the integrity of the bubble medically? I think it would wouldn't it? Yeah each other sports going to do it. The other sports are baseball. Baseball is talking about doing is copying what you're GONNA be. Oh so the we talk about the K B O. The Korean based organization starts tonight. It's technically tomorrow. It starts on May fifth which is to our but tonight it'll be tomorrow in South Korea alert tonight at ten o'clock on ESPN ESPN's get air one game a day and we Dan Stray Leon. He's he's an American pitchers. Who's pitching over? There and Dan was telling us he's free to go home to go to his house and correct. It's just he gets his temperature a lot. They all get tested. They are but they're they're playing and you can see how it looks tonight at ten o'clock. I'm really rooting for that experiment to work. Because if it does and those guys are all able to live in their homes play in their stadiums be tested frequently and allowed to play anyway. Maybe our sports can copy it and by the way. Do Not Sleep on this game tonight. It's on at ten o'clock our time. It's the it's it's the bitterest rivalry in the K B o the NC diagnosed versus the Samsung Lions. This is a game that is going to set the tone. I think for the season with two of the big guys in the K B. O One layer is either one of those teams. You know what I don't have my roster in front of Donna Roster in front of me one of these games I want to do is I'm going to sit back and do some play by play and record it and then played on the. Because I've always thought. Ev All the sport like I could never do what you do. I could never do the NBA. It's too fast for me. I and doesn't work that quick but baseball. My mind works at baseball speed. Why have you ever have you ever heard it goes cast know what goes cast goes cast is an APP that you download to your phone and then you can broadcast the game? You can break if you and I were watching. If we were in the same room we were watching the Oscars you and I could go to cast the Oscars you can goes cast the K B O game and other people can hear you do it really. Yeah Oh that's fascinating. Yeah Ghost cast. Yeah and do that where you could livestream or something. We'll do what it is. It's an audio compliment to anything. People can watch collectively. Wow I even heard of this before it's new you can you can try it and a and by the way it's free you download it and then I could hear you do the game. Oh I should do. I should have full. K B O game who would be my color analyst who claimed it would be a good person because he actually followed the case would be a good person like he follows it. Like even like legitimately normal. She followed the normal and he does. No I know he's a baseball fan. But pull this league and it plays. Jingle Bells Does Not Follow the K B O. I would be surprised if Clinton follows the K B O. I promise you. He does Asian about it sunk as were actually said he wanted something like masons talking about we. Actually we official meeting about it and everything there was. I was shown meeting. Yeah when I was on Broadway with Clinton Yates. He couldn't even play a baseball announcer on Broadway. So there you go. He can't know he knows. Nothing about the K B O. He'd be an excellent analysts to work with. We work up a live broadcast. We should emulate on twitch or periscope or twitter. Whatever I think that that's that'd be awesome. You'll be really good Martinez would be really good. I wonder if they Martinez with the problem. Is You guys have to be in? The same room goes cast it. Yeah so it is. It is so it work to ghost cast it. What were you can do by yourself? Or if you couldn't comes over and wears a mask and sit six feet away you can do it together. Yeah now we're going to say he lives right by us so totally make it work. If you've Oh yeah. Yeah okay okay. We'll work on that because the K B O is going to be hot. Caveat is going to be happening and it is the future for Major League Baseball this summer. Let's hope all goes well because if all goes well it means all can go well with the. Mlb WON'T BE WON'T BE LONG FOR US to. Wait. I coming up next for you. The guy that looks like from Broadway now. John where'd you see this guy in jagged little pill on Broadway in December and I thought I was being punked he walks out on stage and started singing and I went. Wait a minute. That's Mason and it turns out he's just a guy that looks like you so I can tell you definitively it was not not me because I have not tried upon the boards in a long time John. Let's find out now. I've never seen if I hear both of you on the phone at the same time. Maybe I'll be convinced I've been told to prepare Atlantis. Morissette's Song Now. He doesn't know we're doing that. But let's see if we can get him to sing one and see if you. Can you know who who would be a better? Onstage presents. You or Sean Allen Krill. All right I know who would be. Funnier all right That's coming up next for you. Right Mason Ireland seventeen. Espn ESPN Mason. Ireland and I have a d'appel Ganger and he is almost as talented as I am. Now What's interesting about? This is normally when people you when somebody walks up to you and says hey you look like somebody the people. The people who are saying look alike. Don't agree but you would agree when you look like Shawn. Hundred percent hundred online with us is one of the stars of jagged. Little Pill on Broadway Sean Allen Krill. Sean you're good sport for coming on. Man. How are Ya Avenue? I joy it's great to talk to you guys. So now Sean. When you saw picture of Mason again most people will not admit they look like someone else. You had to see the resemblance right. No absolutely I was. I was flattered for sure. What guy there you go. I guess we should ask you your when I saw you in December you. You're obviously living working in New York City. Are you still in New York? And Are you healthy and safe safe healthy one of your work and you know just hunkering down and try to flab curve and and get back to it as soon as we can you know yeah Broadway's is GONNA be a tough one right. I mean Broadway is first of all. It's expensive to put up production up and then the idea of having limited capacity makes it tough what what do you think the prospects are for Broadway coming back? I mean we're we're kind of in the same boat with you know anything to do with large crowds of sports and anything in the entertainment industry is sort of in the same boat right now. We're just It's it's a tough call trying to decide when it's going to be okay to you. Know have a bunch of people all in the same place at the same time again. but You know I mean are as far as we know Jack. A little pill will be coming back whenever it's it's Whenever the city the state you know the government you know danger safe. So that's that's that's where we all right now. We're coming back hope. So yeah as as you may have been told. I'm kind of a Broadway nerd and John Every time in New York Chun I go to a different show and someone said if you haven't if you haven't seen jagged little pill go see it. I knew nothing about it other than it was the music of Lantis more. And then you guys all blew me away. Did you know right. Did you know right away Sean that you had something or even you wouldn't know until you got it in front of crowds and and actually went out there and did it or did you know as soon as you saw the scripted that this was going to work you know. I did I. I connected to it right away a couple of years ago when I was in prescription and I just fell in love with it and really really really wanted to do without. It was really special and it's got a very powerful message as as you know if you saw when you saw the show and You know and everyone in the show feels the same way about it. I think we're all very passionate audit and mean so much to us and it's just been so it is so incredible that it that it That is translated to audiences enjoying it as well and really really connecting with it. Because that's not always the case but With this one we've really had an incredibly positive and strong reaction to which is which is wonderful. I can't wait to get back to an actor Sean. Allen Kroll is with us he is in the the Atlantis Morissette. Show on Broadway which have already forgotten the name of Ram remind little pill jagged little pill do you know shun was in one of your favorite shows of all time. Sean was and Mister Robot. Oh really yeah. He's into season. Two Nice adds a crazy show. That's that's an outrageous show right isn't it? Yeah I know so much so that we didn't even really know what was going on when we were we were doing it. We were we were. There were so many twists and turns of the plot and big reveals that we weren't even allowed to know what was going on. So Sean let me ask you some. It's been a classically trained actor. It's been a few years since I've Trod the boards. Do you need a stand in because people might not even know the difference? You know. There's always that moment tonight? The Role Sean Allen crew will be played by Steve. I something like that. Here's here's what makes it even stranger the name of the character that Sean plays in the play is Steve Steve. He realized right. Sean deely yes Soto. You'd be very you know it'd be very natural for Steve. Everybody would be calling you. Steve Perfect now Sean. Can you sing the songs that you don't sing in the play? Like if I threw an Alanis Morissette Song at you can you? Could you give me a line or two? I think though I mean I I was. I was very familiar with the album. Jagged little pill so I think so. Yeah gone because Mesa. Obviously if you're going to fill in for Sean on Broadway the one thing that Shawn and everybody in that show does really well is sing. Yes so do I may well. That's my question. Can you sing anything? Even just a couple of lines from the Atlantis Morissette Songbook. Why prepared a small performance really Sean consider this an audition. The song I chose was hand in my pocket now. Do you do that song? I do not do that song but I know it. Okay so I've prepared this here. We go all right so we're going to be able to compare the two of you to see if Mason could pull this off you. I go ahead okay. I'm broke but I'm happy I'm poor but I'm kind. I'm short but I'm healthy. Yeah I'm high but I'm grounded. I'm saying but I'm overwhelmed. I'm lost but I'm hopeful baby. What it all comes down to is that everything's GonNa be fine fine fine because I've got one hand in my pocket and the other one's giving a high five. Sean what do you think that seriously? Don't come anywhere near my job because I'm just glad you live in L. A. Because I do not want you to take my job away from me. So they were. You are actually that was actually like better than mediocre shot. Am I crazy or was that like actually passable was really really good really great? Thank you Sean lyrics written down because that's the hard part of that song as the lyric. I have the lyrics right in front of me. Yes I do I did not commit them to memory off. Book Sean. I'm off book. Yeah I was GONNA make you sing it but Mason was better than I thought he would be so i. I don't know if you sing it. If we can sufficiently embarrass him. Which was my goal. There's no contest that was awesome. You know what's weird though? Why have so much respect for all the guys that do what you do is night? I was there I watched the show. And you guys blew me away and I called my buddy who had turned me onto it and he said by the way you saw the understudy for your daughter. The Night I was there. It was the first night she had ever played that role. And and I don't know if you remember that night but she absolutely shredded it she killed. It was this in December. Yeah I think so maybe January January. But we wanted to do it was we've got we've had two women go on for Frankie. And she was whoever was she was. She was unbelievable. And and so are you. I mean all you guys were if we search chances. Play ever comes catas- la. I'm sure it's the kind of show that would tour. But that's going to be a plan that you know put in place. Once we sort of established you know getting backup on Broadway and then but yeah I mean I I hope they there'd be a national tour and then maybe an La is one of the cities that you know. It's big enough that they might even do like a sit down production of it there. So here's what. Here's an ticket Sean. You you and Mason could cut a side deal you just stay in New York and do it there. Mason. Does it here. Nobody knows the difference and you guys laugh all the way to the bank. I love this plan. Yes excellent excellent. Well Listen Shaun. Thanks a lot for coming on Jain Man. It was great talking to you guys. Thanks for having me all right. Thanks man and if you haven't seen the resemblance between China and Mason. I tweeted it out right before he came on. It is a little scary. Yeah and like. He has a website Sean Allen Krill dot com and he's fills Allen A. L. L. A. And so Jon Allen Krill and he's got maybe ten or fifteen pictures and I swear half of these look like to. You is way way better than mine. Yeah you should have the person that does his website do your website. This -ly his suits fit. Shoot at Steve Mason Dot COM is so oversized. Although you know one thing I noticed is that Jordan suits all look JEB. Big Very true. I think you must have taken that picture in the nineties because you and Jordan had the same fit on your suits. Does he back to the nineties. By the way you know. There's nothing I'd like more to completely mock you. You're singing was actually very decent. We'll thank you when is he? Didn't you think mason singing was like way better than you thought it would be? Yeah definitely I mean. I was kind of hoping for a sing off but I guess we didn't really need. Yeah I mean wouldn't have worked because Mason actually was re you always say you're going respectfully mediocre you. Bet You're better than that. Oh thank you thank you now. I'm very glad we should do more shows and more song. I got John Favorite Broadway Show. I got it Jeff Mason and Ireland. The singing podcast. That is so great we should do go through the ru you just take requests and seeing him. That culture pop podcast. We will do that live. We'll do that code up next for the. Nfl seems to be full steam ahead including the announcement of the schedule this week. We'll hear from Jeff Darlington coming up next for you may an Ireland seven ten. Espn hey may the fourth be with you Mason and Ireland? It is officially may the fourth. Now John You're not a big star wars. You saw the first three three original three. I happen to be a fan of I. Don't like the middle while it depends how Lindsey you. You are a huge fan. I like if you put them in order. I like I hate one-two-three if you put them in order I love four five six and I love five six seven. What do you think I mean? Obviously the original four or five four or five six five six would be the original and then seven eight nine are fantastic seventy nine. I hate one two three. Yes those are. Nobody cares about charger. Banks and I mean ladies at threes okay. The way that they set everything up and Natalie Portman really good in it. And that's where you find out. That's how he turns into Darth Vader. And all that stuff yup so the three that I like what five six there in the middle. Just three prequels and four posts would would it? Is Daisy Ridley into seventy nine? She's in seventy nine and she's great and Adam driver is great. A lot of star. Wars people hate seven eight nine. I happen to love. Saving seventy nine. I think Kylo Ren is an awesome character. You know who loves STAR WARS MOVIES? Bill MacDonald does he really goes with his sons all they all. They go like opening night in stand in line. Wow Adrian Garcia Marquez. The old he doesn't do it anymore but the old Spanish should answer TV announcer for the Lakers. Still those those lineup form. I saw a couple of star wars movies on opening night with Gregg Bergman and he is terrible to watch a star wars movie with computer says. That's not good. That's good enough form. He hated the seven eight nine. And he's like a lot of people did a lot of people did. I think it's like that group of people that's like the Star Wars. Yeah like their elitist. But it's totally jumped the shark. It's just like okay at the end of the day. This is a movie it's here to entertain people. They did a really good job of like connecting all the stories and wrapping things up. And you know I can understand like the one offs like Han Solo and the that one was kind of disaster. Wasn't very yeah. Those people you have an issue with those that's fine but then the other ones it's like you're just you're complaining just for a second complaint which we honest. Celo I I mean I'm going to say this again because he just almost had another plane accident but were grounded. Ford should not be flying particularly a spaceship. Mean is so low. Should not be flying right now. They take his spaceship flying license. He landed one time for primary house. In Venice he liked landed on rose. It's like you can't just land your plane on rose it's not okay. Hey what was the NFL NFL thing? You were going to mention. Because we Smith coming up at four o'clock So Jeff Darlington was on the get up this morning and he was talking about me. Can I interrupt until you the Great Jeff Darlington Story Place? Okay so don Shula pass away today. Yes at the age of ninety and Yeah unbelievable we had them in the show years ago. Very nice man by the way coached against or either coaching instrument with George Halas. Yep who was born in one thousand nine hundred twenty and bill. Belichick who story Jing crazy. So I D- I just thought this was one of Don Shula's most brilliant moves so they were training camp teams go out of state sometimes for training camp out. You know you'll go to college or something. So Shula sets a curfew at training camp for everybody at eleven. Pm THEY GOTTA be in bed by eleven pm because they're getting up early to do today's and he wants to see who's following the rules and who doesn't but he didn't want to stick somebody with like sitting in the lobby and keeping track of who was coming in and who was going out after curfew so he goes to the front office staff and he goes. I got a favorite ask you guys this is an NFL football and he and he hands it to the front desk manager with Sharpie. He said do me a favor. Anybody who walks in here after eleven pm. Who looks like a football player? Ask them nicely to sign this ball. Tell me what they're Oughta so. The guy goes sure the overnight manager so he anybody comes in after eleven th the guy gets them to sign the ball and at the end of the Week. Shula literally had a list of every player that broke curfew because he pulled that stunt. How is that that is? That is brilliant. Brilliant what are you talking about? You get your names on this ball. What do you mean you got me? You got any way we can get Darlington talking about the NFL schedule. Which is expected to come out this week? Outside of contingency plans that just think about the planning potentially if there were to be some issue with the season in the NFL is moving forward. We anticipate later this week. The NFL releasing not only its full regular season schedule but also it's preseason schedule. We should point out though. The League is made very clear that they will not allow teams into facilities until all stay at home. Orders across all states with teams in them are lifted so this could get very strange very soon until all states stay at home orders lifted so obviously there three teams in New York state bills giants or do the jets and bills technically qualifies New Jersey. That's a good question. Although New Jersey is just as bad as New York so in upstate is not as bad as Manhattan and by the way Michigan just got extended till May the twenty eighth. So we're talking some time yet. Before by the way I was looking at the rams home games this year they obviously had the division rivals Seattle and they got San Francisco and they got Arizona. We'll all be good this year. But they're non divisional games are against the cowboys which is a great game the Patriots which so they get the Patriots and the cowboys at so fi hopefully then jets giants and bears so they got a couple of really great heritage teams at s-o-f-i stadium. I hope I hope And along with the division rivals and the schedule is expected to come out. I guess they're saying Thursday now Thursday and we should know it but in time for Friday's show maybe even for Thursday show so we know the teams. We just don't know the order yet. One of the things. That's been speculated about is that maybe the. Non Conference Games will be scheduled early in the year. In case the season has to be pushed back and the divisional games will be scheduled late in the year. So that the key divisional matchups will happen after any sort of delay in the season. So we'll see if that's the way the schedule lineup. I personally think that opening night if I was doing it I think opening night I would want that game to be at one of the new stadiums either at so five stadium on opening night or at the Raiders Stadium in Las Vegas. My guess is that will be Sunday night. Football which is the highest rated game of the week but opening his early tonight. We'll wait a minute. They're both of them. There's going to be a game on Thursday night to open the season right. That's normally the champion. The team that won the super bowl since the chiefs have never won it before until this year. My guess is they give that to the chiefs. I'M GONNA I don't know if the chiefs played Tampa this year. I don't know if that if those divisions are mixing but if they do I would think that's your opener Tampa at kc if not maybe they put a division rival in there against him where or if they play Baltimore Baltimore at KC Baltimore. The best and Lamar Jackson had the best record last year and then Sunday night. I think is your prediction. Is Boys Rams Sunday night stadium? Somebody either at so-fi or at LAS VEGAS STADIUM BUT KEEP IN MIND. Mace or probably looking at no fans so. I don't know if the state showing off the stadium is what you and I expect it to be. Did you see on the get up today? The the schedule thing. They've got the thing they did in Miami where they're literally parsing out exactly where each seat would be and it would be like a church entrance and exit like it'd be. Roan over one exit row number two exit number three ex-soviet some fans. Socially distanced socially distanced the entire time. Which is interesting I mean. They're they're thinking ahead all right if you watch the last dance last night then. You saw our next guests. Who has written two wrote two books about Michael Jordan John he wrote of course the one they talked about last night Jordan rules right and then he wrote one later and that was about his transition to major league baseball and back from Major League Baseball so joining us right now. Coming up is Sam Smith who you saw last night on the last dance Longtime Bulls beat writer Mason Ireland seven ten espn.

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