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"sean cord janka" Discussed on KQED Radio

"Candice peer pressure is mounting on British and e unit to iron out for meaning differences over the. Brexit agreement in time for an emergency summit on Sunday after Theresa May returned from Brussels yesterday without finalizing the deal, she said progress had been made during her talks with the European Commission president Sean cord Janka, but she would be returning to Brussels on Saturday for further meetings. We had a very good meeting this evening, we've made further progress, and as a result, we've given sufficient direction. Negotiators. I hope for them to be able to resolve the remaining issues and that work will start immediately. I now plan to return for further meetings, including with president Janka on Saturday to discuss how we can bring to a conclusion this process and bring it to a conclusion in the interest of all our people, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned that she won't attend the EU summit unless the deal is ready to be signed off. Here's our political correspondent Jonathan Blake the political declaration on the UK's future relationship with the EU was due to have been finalized by now. But number ten still expects to reach an agreement in time for Sunday's shared gathering of you leaders and Downing Street sources have indicated a new meeting between Theresa May in John Claude you and kept plan for Saturday is not a sign of major problems with the Dale last night. Mrs may spoke to the Spanish Prime minister Pedro Sanchez by phone after he said, he couldn't support the agreement without specific reassurances on the status of Gibraltar. Other countries are concerned about. Fishing access to UK waters, the remaining twenty seven Member States plan to reach agreement by consensus rather than a vote with no one country having a veto on the deal any changes made to the withdrawal agreement and political declaration. At this stage will be closely watched in Westminster for signs of concessions from either side to the United States now where efforts to contain California's deadliest ever wildfire continue at least eighty three people known to have died in the camp fire. The majority of which is now under control authorities and recovery workers are continuing to sort through the wreckage of thousands of buildings in the search for more than five hundred people who remain unaccounted for a short while ago. I spoke to our correspondent, Dan Johnson. Who's in Los Angeles. Well, there's being rain in the north of California today, which has helped firefighters who are still battling these wildfires almost two weeks on now. So the fires are all but extinguished that is some positive news. But the rain is not helping with the effort to recover from the fire's devastation in the area around paradise and to find and identify the people caught up in it. So today we had an update from the sheriff in that area. He says there are five hundred and sixty three people still unaccounted for that number has been falling over the last few days. Whereas for most of last week, it just kept increasing the more than a thousand people on the missing list at one St. and the sheriff said that over the last almost two weeks they've been able to account for two thousand people who were at one time deemed on accounted for. So they're making progress in this investigation accounting for people. But sadly, the death toll keeps gradually increasing as well. And today they found two more bodies in the remains of paradise. That means that eighty three. People are now known to have lost their lives in this fire. What is the future for the region for places like the town of paradise which was almost completely destroyed? Yesterday. Officials did talk about starting to allow people back into the area the whole area around the town has been sealed off for the last few days nearly two weeks now so they are talking about allowing people back into at least see what is left of their property. And in thousands of cases, that is absolutely nothing at all. There is nothing to see nothing to retrieve just a pile of ash, but it will at least allow people to get an idea of how badly they have been affected. And then officials are talking about the clear up job that they have to do. There are toxins and chemicals within the Ashton that need to be dealt with professionally, but that's going to take a long long time. We're talking at least months if not years, and it's far from clear whether anybody would actually want to return there and rebuild. What about the infrastructure the power? The communicate. There's all sorts to think about a lot of the community facilities have gone the churches the schools the shops. There's all sorts to consider if they are going to rebuild Paradiso, although lots of people who were caught up in this and a now homeless evacuees have taught positively about returning and rebuilding. It certainly isn't going to be simple, and it needs to be thought about very carefully. The main news this how Donald Trump has had a public row over the independence of judges with the US chief, Justice and fears growing that the Brexit deal between Britain, and the EU isn't going to be ready by the final deadline. It's coming up to five twenty GMT. A dust storm around the size of Switzerland has blanketed parts of Sydney and Canberra in Australia in fine red powder. Today officials have issued health warnings as parts of the skies termed from blue to orange to read the red Hayes is being driven by strong winds, picking up dry soil exacerbated. By a recent drought are Sydney correspondent how Griffith joins us from nearby. How just first of all just describe this to us. So this is five hundred kilometers wide storm the sides here. The size of Tasmania is stray and measure as its traveled over New South Wales. It's been picking up a lot of dust from the drought ridden areas. If it's so much about the recent months now that in some places has given it an orange, juice, certainly. On Wednesday when it had Broken Hill in the kind of outback it turned the skies their orange. It has kind of landed in Morris pass through Sydney the impact here. Well, kind of a heavy fog the sort of a dark greyish cloud blanketing places like the opera house in the Harbour Bridge. And while it's not completely enveloped everything. You certainly not something different in the sky today. Yeah. Another measure this is larger than the island of Ireland. Absolutely huge. What effective is actually having on people. So the main one is on people with health problems tickly things like Asmara Bertie problems. The official advice today for them has been to limit exposure outside. So mostly to stay indoors until limited exercise because getting some these particles deep inside your lungs can be problematic. So that's been general health warning for others. It's been more of a distraction. Certainly it's got lots of journalists. Busy trying to get pictures of those landmarks and trying to decide is this better or worse than the storm that hit back in two thousand and nine how long is it going to run for how long until it passes? Either. The weather forecast is uncertain because it's being driven by pretty high winds. No one's quite sure where it will go, and how long it will last certainly I think it's probably here for some hours yet. But whether it now goes out to sea or swept back in. There's also concern about a bushfire further in the north south. Well, so plenty to keep the emergency services. Busy at the moment. But so far has had no sort of major impact how Griffith in Australia. Thank you. The persecution of religious minorities is increasing around the world. That's the conclusion of the Catholic charity aid to the church in need, which is about to release a report along with the British government on the state of religious freedom around the world. Our religion editor Martin Bashir considers the case for Christians in several countries..

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