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"seamus triple h." Discussed on What's Wrong With Wrestling? WWE Recap Show

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"seamus triple h." Discussed on What's Wrong With Wrestling? WWE Recap Show

"Reigns. That was the one of Roman defended in the championship defending the belt. Rain styles, Jericho Cain was in that one. Kofi, big show, Braun Strowman, Kevin Owens, Dean Ambrose. Brock Lesnar, Jack swagger, The Miz, Alberto Del Rio, Bray Wyatt, Dolph Ziggler, Seamus Triple H. 18. It was Mark Henry, I mean, like a heavyweight champion. Yeah, okay, world champion. 19. Maybe 19. Wow. Yeah. That's a lot out of 30 guys. Yeah, seriously. But that was a great rumble just because we didn't know about Triple H styles debuted. Hold on now. What? I called that Triple H shit a month in advance. Well, did you call him winning? Yes. I even said he'd be number 30 and he'll win. As soon as Roman beat the fuck out of him and Vince was like, you're referring the title of the Royal Rumble. And that was like in December. It was like the last raw of the year. And I was like, Triple H is going to be number 30, and he's winning that rumble and sure enough that's what happened. Yeah. It was, yeah. It seemed pretty obvious to me, but it was still a great moment. Like reigns won rusev two, but he eliminated him pretty quick. And then styles three. And then it ended in in Jericho was in it, and it Bray Wyatt Dolph Ziggler Sheamus Triple H and like Triple H returns at 30. He's supposed to be the heel, but he gets the pop forever eliminating and then Ambrose was got second place. He did. They eliminated Roman first. Yeah. Before Ambrose. But I broke for a second for sure. Very nice. All right, fan questions. Pop culture junkie, lead in now faces Becky, it's Saudi. What if lita's bestie tris shows up to help lita in the match? What are the odds Trish is able to make it to the ring, let alone have a woman cause any type of cheating? In their mats. I was gonna say 20% until you said that 3%. Mars says you have better odds of their heads being chopped off and agreed. Dylan, who's gonna have a longer run, lita or Ronda Rousey? Rousey. Yeah. Rousey for sure. This is probably it for Lena. Yeah. You know? Kyle foxton, I know WWE usually as a women's chamber match, but found it weird that they haven't announced one yet. Whatever you do, don't Google search women's elimination in Saudi Arabia. Oh my God. No. Boris Lombardi will they let Randy Orton write a camel and Saudi this time? Sure. Because remember riddle did and apparently Jordan wanted to, but Vince was like, Randy Orton doesn't ride camels. Yeah. And it was like, what does that even mean? Right. I promise I'm coming. I've had it with WWE's barrel of Kevin Owens. What a disgusting joke. Also, how does Rousey come back after three years and give a promo that bad? I know. I know veer. 'cause it was written for her. Maybe she should have promo saying she's coming, and that'll be exciting. Oh, yeah, yeah. Amir 9 months. I mean, I don't know why, but we're up to, okay, October, November, December, that's four months of promos. And now we're in the comments. Now we're in month 5. Yeah. Amir, I don't know why, but you won't forgiveness, get religion, lying in Spider-Man sounds like something Vince would 100% say to someone. I like that. I'll give it that lovely. Omar Roman holding his hand out to Paul, shout out to terminator two, come with the move. You want to live? Pretty much. Yeah, that's kind of what I thought. Robert and Wright, not a question about raw, but can we get another rendition of Gunther's theme song? Probably the funniest moment on the podcast. I mean, if it was that good then I wouldn't do another one because just go find it. But we work shopped it. I think, you know, Joe's line should start it. Like, hi, I'm doctor. With a little bit of like a depth to it. Fine. I'm good there. And then. Like Eric studies, dressed like he's going October fast. Exactly. That's all three of us coming up with that. It's great. We did it. We booked it. Chris dibbern, did you observe the women's hair in the rumble? It looked like they probably spent $10,000 on each full timer and $10 on each cameo. I'm not sure. Oh, we were talking about how Beth Phoenix looked all weird. He was cosplaying as Luna. Yeah. Oh, okay. 'cause when we watched it, we were all like, what the fuck did you say? Really? Yeah, but I figured it out, eventually. When Beth tweeted it, yes, you never said anything. All right. Just 'cause I didn't announce it. Yeah, well, we were all talking about it. Okay. She certainly looked like her. Oh, you didn't get it? You didn't get it. Did you get it? Louis Torres, no question, but as a new englander, fuck Tom Brady. Hey, all right. Wow. That's a little surprising. Now he's gone. Because he left? And he's gone. Yeah. RIP. So I guess you were right. He wanted to be the one. Of course. Yeah. Well, and Schefter, they were really, they were pretty slimy with that. They knew he retired because they filmed it for a documentary series for Tom Brady. So they were like, we got the footage. Fuck it, and then chef is like, yep, I'm doing it. He's like, confirmed. And it's like, and it's like, dude, we're gonna fucking do it on this documentary. You idiot. Yeah. But whatever. Wow. What a piece of shit. Minnesota nice. Did you guys see the Twitter? Well, Adam Schefter is a piece of shit. Yeah. We know that now. Minnesota nice, did you guys see the Twitter drama with Kelly Kelly? Some guy asked what happened to her face and Kelly Kelly came back with it's called age. He says. Oh, age. Age. He says I'm sure Charlotte says the same thing. Yeah. Yeah, I don't know. I mean, we know about Charlotte. We haven't really seen Kelly Kelly so it's hard to decide, but yeah, it didn't look great. Roll up connoisseur, does anyone get the feeling that they are going to unify the belts in the near future? Brock versus Roman Becky versus Rousey versus Charlotte. I think both networks would want all or any of them to be headlining their shows. Mine is Charlotte who is just not that entertaining anymore unless she gets into a slap fight during her matches. Q Naya. Oh yeah, you and I, Jack. Yeah. Yeah. I would be for that. I hate all the titles. I mean, yeah. Then you get a Chan bouncing around back and forth, you know? And like if the unify the titles, Romans got the title, we're no one else has ever gonna be champion. But does the other belt even matter? Kind of. Like, that's the thing. When everyone has a belt, no one's the champ. Like it lessens like that's the one thing I like about AW or one of the things I like is that the only have a few belts. Okay. They're not going fucking I mean, again, what did we say WWE is like 16 belts? I think so. It's ridiculous. It's too many. I would rather just have one champion both like whatever, you know? AEW doesn't. Jeremy Brennan not really a question, but Elimination Chamber qualifying matches. Who are you? And where the hell have you been? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Peyton Livingston, current, Brock is fun and one of the best parts of the show, but does he have to be in Elimination Chamber? What's he going to do in the match? The same thing Shana did..

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