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Are your kids at a house party? No, not the scary kind

Marketplace Tech with Molly Wood

06:20 min | 3 years ago

Are your kids at a house party? No, not the scary kind

"This. Marketplace podcast is brought to you by Mozilla makers of the brand new fire FOX monitor a free service to help you stay safe from Akers. You'll get a full report if you have compromised accounts and notifications if you appear in new data breaches, take care at monitor fire, FOX dot com and by wizard pins dot com. Create custom pins for any occasion, wizard pins can work with all types of designs from hand-drawn sketches to professional design files to create custom pins of any size or shape. It's perfect for small brands to large businesses and everyone in between had wizard pins dot com and enter code tech to get twenty percent off your first order. Are your kids at a house party? No, no, not the scary kind the video app from American public media. This is marketplace tech demystifying the digital economy. I'm Molly would. The number of teenagers using Facebook that's been on the decline for years. They've migrated to Snapchat Instagram and about twenty million of them are over on house party a live video app where people drop in on each other and chat or leave video messages, and they can hang out with up to eight people at a time. I know the name house party sounds like kids doing I don't even want to know what on video, but actually co founder and chief operating officers Seamus Donnie, told me she wants house party to be for real personal, connections, and empathy literally no filters, you friend, a group of people ahead of time. And when you open the app, it actually notifies them that you're there, and you're ready to have a conversation. And so it sort of takes the emotional hurdles out of actually video chatting with somebody. Why video there obviously, inherent risks and interacting live on video. Not to mention, you know, just. Bandwith and appearance issues. You know, talk to us about the value of video as a communication tool. That's at the heart of the empathy and how we do that you say appearance like I want people to be proud of. You know, I woke up this way. Right. And if the tool is just about you, and the people you care about you shouldn't need filters. Right. You shouldn't be trying to project yourself as content. You should just be there to have like affirmation from a qualitative perspective, not validation by numbers. And I really hope that like we have a generation grows up knowing the right reaction to sadness, not just the right emoji. So talk to me about how that's reflected in the product design. Like, I assume that you're getting rid of things like likes and little hearts that pop up the screen and things that feel sort of addictive and engaging as opposed to. Antic? Well, we're not getting rid of it. We just never even built it. There's no feed it's been built by designed to promote the human connection and just showing up. We just want it to be as easy as showing up and being able to connect with people you care about. And I I see that with my kids. You are daily habit is during dinnertime, so my family's in Alabama. My husband's family's in Virginia. My best friends are in Chicago. And we'll just open it up. And it's whoever's there, but it's a predetermined group of people that I've decided that I fronted and my son now has like a very meaningful. My daughter have a very meaningful online relationship with these people. And that's not something you can do a synchronised Li it's not something that you can do in a news feed. And I'm not saying that those things shouldn't exist. There's world for them. I just think that we can all do a better job of time. Well, spent that see MRs Donnie co founder and chief operating officer at house party as. As for how you make money off empathetic and real interactions. Sustained said, the company will have monetization news in January. We spoke at fortune's most powerful women next-gen conference last week in southern California tomorrow and Wednesday. We'll talk with more powerful women from Amazon and millennial media powerhouse. Now. This. And now for some related links. Happy Monday, everyone, you might have noticed the press blitz. Bercy ES is starting that is of course, the big tech extravaganza in Las Vegas in early January. And if you're in the media, especially whether you've registered or not you're getting emails, and it's kind of my favorite time of year because you find out fast who in the tech world is going to see us and who would like to get off this PR roller coaster will remiss at slate has changed. His Twitter handle too will remiss is not going to see. Yes. Rachel king. From fortune tweeted an all caps flee for peace. She's not going either a quick search of not going to see us on Twitter. Turns up some hilarious results. One enterprising PR person. Even created a spreadsheet of tech turn lists who aren't going in hopes that they will be removed from the press emails as for me. I'm going Email your little hearts out. I already set up my outlook filter. I'm Molly would and that's marketplace tech. This is a PM. Here's an investment opportunity with a guaranteed return when you donate to support. Marketplace today, your gift will be matched dollar for dollar by our friends at the Condado fund listeners like you who give to marketplace do more than help keep the show on the air. You help us grow and get better. It's a way to directly support independent reporting and journalism you trust. And the payoff comes with what you hear every day. Don't miss out on this chance to make your donation. Go twice as far give today a marketplace dot org, and thanks this. 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