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"seabrook line" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"The day before the Memorial Day weekend we see a heck of a lot of vehicles trying to get out of Dodge especially in the afternoon let's check the set up right now David stop Alito the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes we'll begin with the good news for now nothing but nice sunshine to look out for the right eastbound on the pike from four ninety five to one twenty eight is clocking in at sixteen minutes in New Hampshire route one Lafayette road near the Hampton Seabrook line is all locked up because of a broken you until the pole left over from an earlier crash we have some issues in East Boston to get the latest on that in the downtown area we go to the mob for insurance road report yeah we've been dealing with a pretty bad crash on route one day up here Boardman street before you before we get to port is south of Portland street so it had the dog outside of what a shutdown unit now jammed all the way back to the airport roadway other north downside southbound also affected that's back to Portland street was threatening to back towards Suffolk downs at one point fell the Tobin bridge is okay no big issues with the leverage down wrap that had been backed up earlier but it's cleared up pretty nicely star drive west is also cleared out out through the Longfellow bridge where it had been slow earlier and on memorial drive eastbound just be aware of that long term work going on in the right lane before mass south Kristen at the Monterey insurance road report I'm David struck Pelino WBZ's traffic on the threes thank you Cambridge savings bank sponsors the four day WBZ accu weather forecast let's check in now with meteorologist dean the horrible today's going to be mostly sunny even warmer than it was yesterday will get up in the low eighties city in Illinois sponsored closer to seventy on the Cape and the islands partly to.

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