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"scully alias" Discussed on Post Show Recaps

"Very impactful my childhood in a good way or bad way. I don't know. I think it's a mixed bag because little foots mom does die. Just i felt very emotional watching the land before time movies as a child. How many movies joined up seeing like twenty three. I mean i would say the first three. We're all on scene definitely seen one the one where the they have to like escape. Like basically like penn. Jia breaks apart. I don't know but petri well. We're going to take the patriots smoldering scully alias. And we're gonna to finish off season six next week. Just as you've been loading it we have two more episodes. Though they are the last two episodes of the season. They're not connected not at all you. This was true to steaming. You may before. This was an episode. You really want to wash. we're going to squeeze it in. I don't know why. I liked this episode so i'm not sure that you'll like it. I don't know if people it's one of those episodes. That's like it sticks out to me as being something that i really like. I don't remember why okay. Maybe it's it's interesting. It's a little emotional times like in a weird way like not in like a forest way which is fun and then season six episode twenty one field trip which i imagine is some sort of bastardized. Magic school. bus knocked off course more. It's like i don't know child. Murderers and it turns out. Miss frizzle is the one who did it with her sentient bus. Unfortunately no but that sounds like a great episode there at the x. Files one more time. Just so i can write that episode and then the season finale season six episode to biogenesis. You said it right. I know some empty says biogenesis. I for some reason. That's what my mind jumps to. When i read the i mean it is but i think it's biogenesis. Almost sounds like a disease does it does. and this. I mean not far off but reimagined that biogenesis is much like all the other premieres and finales is are focused It's been a. We've been art focused by can imagine something's going on that some students going on. I don't know it's it. I don't think it's about colonization it's about you know the rest of the alien situation we're going to. This isn't i. Don't wanna say in newark but this new alien stuff. Because i know that we talked about this right with two fathers and one son that they want to for lack of a better term. Kill off that whole yes. So this is hone station stuff. Not about colonization..

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