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"scotty dottie west" Discussed on The Bobby Bones Show

"Texas forty hours. I'm forty years old producer Sir. Twenty nine earlier on in the year. We had army specialist. Scotty Dottie West from Fayetteville Arkansas and we and and when I say we need the help raise money to build Scotty and his family at home Purple Heart National Defense Service Global War on Terrorism Medal Iraq campaign army good conduct and he had severe injuries on his torn Iraq Iraq and so the number one moment for us in two thousand nineteen and US was getting to do this for Scotty West and US meaning the listeners in this room and so this is the number one moment for us this year. It is helping Scotty West build a home and is is very special to us and we want to play it back for now the bobby bones show moments of twenty nine thousand nine hundred number one so you. You're out of the hospital now. You're you're back living in North West Arkansas and if I'm right you have two children sixteen month old you're old. You got a baby and an eight year old. Wow and so we as a show when I whenever say as a show I mean not only this room but also the people that listen to the show because we feel like people to listen to our show us like we represent them what we're GONNA do on Friday is. We're actually going to raise a whole bunch of money to help build you a house because we feel like. It's the least that we can do for a hero like yourself that's amazing. I think it's more than words can describe. I think though it's with two kids that's that's gotta be. It's gotta be tough to be able to try to get around with two kids in the house right but we appreciate what you do and we will talk to you soon all right. It's God what what was our goal aiming we first started out. Oh I think we set our goal of fifty thousand two thousand dollars goal. Yeah and we were like I don't know and and it's a lie. That's because that's a lot of money and we thought if we put fifty thousand in we can get the house going. I gotTa tell you the the numbers not fifty thousand mm-hmm I know that's over the board back up the new number from you listen to the show about the number. Four Army Specialists Scott the West a hundred and fifty six thousand dollars. Bobby bones show laments twenty nineteen. There are some things in life are okay to cheap out on like car washes because cars are going to get dirty again anyway right right speaking of cars the one thing you should never cheap out on is your battery. No ma'am no tech. But I can tell you that you never know what a cheap battery can cost issue and no one wants to end up with lifelong regrets. All because your car would start on the way to the concert that you've been waiting for months for or being late for a flight because you can't get your car to start on the way to the airport. That's why you need interstate batteries. America's number one replacement battery and Battery Auto Techs prefer three times more than any other brands. Can't keep your car prepared for anything. Get a quick battery test today and make sure you let your family know to check their batteries to find your closest interstate batteries dealer AT INTERSTATE BATTERIES DOT COM interstate batteries. Dot Com. You can also check out facebook to interstate. Batteries Amy's pile of stories. Researchers from the University of Cambridge. They analyzed wine glasses over the years and they found that the glasses that were drinking out of now are basically basically massive three hundred years ago they used to drink wine out of shot glasses but now we're drinking him out of these big glasses like poor is more than a few ounces. I bet the last twenty years that wine glass has gotten a little bigger much less less three hundred. Yeah I think of a lot of times probably the serving size that I'm boring at home if I'm using like eligible wine glass is probably two glasses of wine. Technically easy to go through a bottle probably nights a week. Do you have a glass of wine. Well not really. Are you waving me right now because I will know because I'm so proud of myself because is there was a time where I really was having a lot of wind just to chill Ou- calm down to help me sleep like the ways. We shouldn't be be using it several nights in a row and now I can go weeks where I'm like. I have a glass of wine like this is great. Do you enjoy wine. I do but you you liked to taste it. Yeah and I think the last time I had a glass was on Thanksgiving like a hot a little with our lunch. Good for you you SORTA waving me down. Hardly I have no because I wanted you to know. I know that I've been guilty of having wine most nights but I'm not right now. which is I'm proud of myself? So there's this new dating show Bobby. Maybe it can get into it. They're launching it next year and it's called twelve dates of Christmas and it's coming to HBO. Max Singles are going to participate in holiday activities like ice skating and sleigh rides with the ultimate goal of finding someone to bring home for the holidays. Wait so they're doing a Christmas dating show not at Christmas. They're going to start art filming it. I guess it'll launch next year around this time So like you. I guess you go on these dates and the ultimate goal would be like okay. This is GONNA work out. I'm going to take you home for the holidays holidays to meet my pain. Why can't do that? Don't have parents could bring him to my house. I could be like okay. But that's often the thing anyway. Well gotTa meet Amy. And they're like WHO's Amy Amy. Your oh no which are we gonna Christmas Day. The Guy I don't WanNa be that guy who always it has to come over because if if I find out that you just we're at home you know five the hair because I'm a child. Well if I find out because I feel like I'm we'll know we'll just come over and get you in the night I bone so you can come down the stairs presents under the tree or me say that you like a child stocking and fill it up and you can do but we. We will be doing something special Christmas Day. I don't know if it's GONNA be low-key don't WanNa be the guy that always has to come over to your house to be this. Well do you WanNa have over to your home. So this is I love giving out. PSA's I just wanted to let you know that if you put too much air freshener in your car and then you light a cigarette it could cause an explosion because that happened to a guy like you sprayed way too much air. freshener decided to smoke. And then it like blew out his windows. How much air fresheners actioner this car? I'm sure it just depends on like the brand of what it is but this is one of those things like beware could happen. Luckily he was not Sushi. Sure because he didn't like put a cigarette in the care. This is what it says so I believe the story I in the Internet says He's overdrive Uber. Drivers have way too much air freshener. We need that's another. Psa let's Tony US much fresher. Quick Really Quick Embarrassing Story. I want to pick up a girl for a date and had really bad gas spray. My car I know now and then I think she was. What's that like rotten melons? uh-huh Oh yes I mean that's my pile that was amy's he's pile of stories. It's time for the good news. A few years ago Dorothy Hale L. was sitting around her house. She was retired. He's like I need something to do so. She found a class on how to repair musical instruments. She's like that was a lot of fun so she said Hey husband usually take that class. He took it and now a couple years later. They've donated over a thousand instruments. They repaired to the local school district. They buy them broken and cheap and then they learned and now rebuild them and given to the school. Isn't that crazy and they do it together. I didn't think about that part. Yeah that's good. Do that's awesome. That's what it's all about. That was tell me something. Good your buddy..

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