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"scotty brielle" Discussed on Pardon My Take

"But at the time like yeah. He's kind of addicted. Oh I'm sure we'll get some more. Mj Scotty Brody was a famous relationship of MJ. Just basically wearing him down mentally like in pushing him pushing pushing him. I wonder if Scotty Brielle got a text from whoever he was dating in that you know in ninety eight like Yo what was that. Was that okay. Now that makes sense the only one that noticed that in in the late nineties. Everyone looked like they were forty two. It didn't matter if you're twenty. Five years older like sixty sold everyone was forty two also just watching them like arrived to the airplane in those in regular like fifteen passenger vans that we would be in like what is going on is NBA team. So those are two and then the other two were Scottie Pippen for the migraine game. Mj Still Bullshit about that. He doesn't Laureus that Homeless Dude. He doesn't believe it to the point. That if you've ever read Jordan rules a great book. Everyone should read it if they if they're interested in this stuff. He joked in it about scotties headaches. He called them headaches. Nydia basically just cloud on them for the headaches and you can tell even though he went six championships with this guy. He's like yeah. Fuck that Scotties Week. Yeah he's like he had a migraine. I have to say or whatever which which I'm told is a real thing. He definitely. That migraine is a real medical issue. Right now he thinks if you have a Migraine your pussy in the Bulls got smoked in that game. So but it's like I honestly think the MJ pippen relationship is so fascinating. Because I know that Michael Jordan knows like deep down the Scottie. Pippen was all time player needed him every bit for all these championships put. He has that one the Migraine game and of course the famous didn't come in for for the coup coach shot when MD playing baseball. And I think there's a part of Michael Jordan who always look at Scotty and be like will chips are down. You're just week I can carry you but you won't. You won't do it. I think what we saw with the second episode tonight where they ended up getting over that Hump and winning the NBA title Jordan only realized the value of teamwork when he realized that teamwork could make him look better so like now he. He'll say we gotta do certain things and team oriented way but really to drive that home in through into his own head he had to realize that teamwork selfishly would make him a better player to. Yes although that one was a little weird. Because I'm pretty sure and I'M GONNA look it up right now but I'm pretty sure. Michael Jordan averaged eleven assists in that in that laker series. So to be like oh he just learned how to pass in the fourth quarter. John paxson against the Lakers. Like that seems a little. You had to frame it anyway but he definitely did become more of a team player as its Crayon and the only reason that he became over player was because he realized that he could have a bigger legacy and be a greater player if he wasn't so selfish all the time absolutely and I mean the the thing is what I meant by like. I wish there was a million documentaries because texts winner. Who's an all time basketball mind? You know? Having the triangle offense kind of revolutionize and how Doug Collins like that's Collins and more around the triangle offense. Okay you're gone and Jerry Krause to to Jerry. Krause his credit he. He also grudge guy. He didn't go to. Mj's hall of fame induction because winter wasn't inducted into the hall of fame yet. That's why he didn't go but that was why he he's. He steadfastly was like I will not step into the Best Hall of Fame Until Tex. Winter is in there. So he's a grudge guy. So so the last I had and it's the best by far Michael Jordan has never hated anyone as much as he hates. Isaiah Thomas and it's fucking awesome to watch how much he still holds onto it to this day when he was like when when when when the director is showing him the The the video of Isaiah's excuse for walking off the court and MJ's like whatever he says he's an asshole like he's an asshole. What half agent. Yeah I know what happened? I remember being there no matter what he says. In retrospect he just didn't shake my hand because he's addicted and that's why I mean he actually nailed Isaiah Thomas Isaiah. Thomas is a world-class Prick. I don't think that you'll find people getting his back on anything but yeah he is going back through history and changing things up to make himself look better. Yeah they didn't want to shake their hands. Which I mean I respect the bad boy pistons of that era for being so committed to the bad boy lifestyle that they're like you know what we're GONNA be bitches to the end and we're just GONNA run off the court not shake your hand that's fine. I like that just own it in all time. What if so Isaiah? Thomas was basically has every accolade he was. I think he won a state championship. He won In Illinois he wants he won a college obviously with Indiana he won the NCAA title. He won two titles in the NBA. He does not have a gold medal. Because Michael Jordan said he would not play on the dream. Team if is as Thomas was on the Dream Team With with Isaiah Thomas's coach. Chuck Daly so an all time. What if if Isaiah Thomas and it probably wouldn't have changed anything but if Zia Thomas Shakes hands and is like hey? Mj Like passing the torch. Does he get on the Dream Team. 'cause he was very serving. I think I yeah. I think that Jordan absolutely kept him off the dream. Team for that reason. If you're if you're gonNA spend on though they probably saved thousands of lives in. Detroit by not shaking hands afterwards and then passing off the flu or whatever to them like. I want to actually go back in time and see what Jordan was saying to himself in the mirror during the flu game. I'm sure they'll address the flu game. Depth later on in the series was Jordan as hard on himself as he was on Scottie. Pippen like would you like join us you little bitch ass pussy. Don't stop shitting during. Stop shitting well. I the the Dream Team stops can be fascinating too. Because I'm pretty sure that also is when Jordan realize Scottie. Pippen was incredible. Because he was like. Holy Shit Scottie. Pippen's better than everyone here but The Isaiah stuff just cracks me up because M J just his hatred is so goddamn deform and it's it's fantastic to watch because it was like the it makes it seem like when when Kevin Durant or James Harden un-filed lows his team on instagram. And we do this league. How about Michael Jordan? Literally saying Isaiah. Thomas is not allowed on the Dream Team when he was one of the top twelve players. You know we're GonNa Roll Christian later you understand it. It's like this league. This leak ultimate this league also like how they call. Dennis Rodman the fuck up person. Yes he's the guy that you bring him just to fuck shit up on defense that's a great description and you need someone that can just destroy somebody else's game plan. Yes he was. He was the ultimate passed and You know Draymond Green. I think better than dry well different than green because draymond obviously has better offense but like one can rebound like Dennis Rodman. So Hey I was. I did get a few tweets. People were saying that you are the Dennis Rodman of the podcast because he asked for forty eight hours off and a vacation Would you like to ask for forty eight hours off because we can give you the next forty eight hours off? Wait no we can give you the next forty hours off sure. Yeah I mean if seeing what it did for him. I think I could be a big a big help and I think Gore hopefully Phil Jackson's like demeanor towards the whole situation opened up your eyes to the values of vacations and time off for now. Clear something up for me because when they went to go get Dennis Rodman after the forty eight hours when he wasn't back in time Jordan went to his apartment in Chicago to get them out like. Outta bed right. He didn't go to Vegas. That was vague. Although it seemed like they were on the road so I couldn't quite figure out the time line there. If he had come back it seemed like he came back. Also just love. How Robin just? It's so weird watching Pro Professional Basketball player like now. Obviously then it was totally normal because it was Dennis Rodman but just walk out of a game with a Miller lite their hand and a beer in their hand and just like. I'm just I'm hanging out yet. How how did the beer got on a motorcycle without a helmet and then sped off? And they're like that's classic Rodman. It's Chuck Taylors. Two honorees drives his motorcycle into a stop. Sign and Phil Jackson's like I knew the one time I took peyote out in the high desert that this man. He was unusual. We should mention Phil. I feel like this did some just deserve. Because you know sometimes people will say Phil Jackson's overrated which is Kinda ridiculous argument to make it because he obviously had. Mj and Scottie and then had Kobe and Shaq and then cobaine POW. But what keeping these guys together? That's always been my biggest argument for Phil Jackson is. How many times did you see Teams win or not even teams win but like a bunch of different personalities and trying to get them all on the same page and he's clearly the master of that and figuring out a way to tap into every single guy and figure out exactly how it works and what makes them tick and getting the most out of them. So I feel like this entire episode or episodes in a row vindicated phil. What she didn't need it but there is that lazy argument that he is overrated because he had such great tau. It's definitely easier to be a coach on a team like that and win a championship. But it's extremely hard to be a coach not seem like that and put together seven consecutive seasons of no letdowns whatsoever. You know that's tough to do when you have all these great players. And the fact that they had Jordan Scottie. Pippen and Dennis Rodman the entire time playing as probably three out of the top ten defenders in the League for that entire time. Spent like that shows you how hard they were working all the time. That's almost impossible to do. It's also crazy just to say Phil Jackson has been part of thirteen championship teams in the NBA. That's insane to the knows how to pick six with the Bulls five with the Lakers. Yeah my recounting. That right. Yeah I am that's insane. That's so again. It's a stupid argument. People sometimes make it. I always find it silly but it was great. Seeing you know Phil starting as a coach at the very very bottom then like holy shit. What was the story about The mayor shooting a Raff in Puerto Rico and in one of their games. The mayor was pissed that threw up so he shot him to be fair. He shot him in the lower leg. So it's not like he almost killed them or whatever and so the punishment was. You can't go to any more home games that year. Yes a wake up. That's fine Fulfil Jackson is awesome coach. And I'm glad that he is getting a little bit of credit here you because especially because he did kind of hurt his legacy with everything with the Knicks and he became a little. Bit of a joke The last few years.

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