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Super Bowl Recap

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Super Bowl Recap

"Into the game. You kind of your money. That's how you find out all my bets for safe that wouldn't be any juice, juice point, spreads the prop bets. But teasers the parlays from Vegas to you. These these behind the bad. Welcome in to a post Super Bowl behind the best podcast. I'm Doug kazarian. We're taping this on Wednesday. February six Mr. director. John Murray will be joining us to. Gather all thoughts pick up the pieces, and let us know how everyone did with the with the Super Bowl KAI? Did you see that crow on the desk? I left. Checking Jackie if you saw that I'm slow from that you hungry to eat that crow not hungry at all no touchdowns in the first half that feel you know, like I got to get your props man. No pun intended. That was awesome. Yeah. You know blind squirrel finds now we'll get into it with Mr. director. But look there's this the the value there. That's what we talked about it and say, it was definitely going to happen. Even pumped interrupted you to reinforce that. I didn't think was going to happen. But I felt like hundred one was ridiculous. And look these types of games occur. All the time. Usually it's a Jacksonville colts game six nothing or whatever that score was during the regular season. But there were a lot of things that suggested not only low scoring just it could happen like that. But anyways, I don't wanna pull muscle Pat myself on the back to our fleet. I was on the Rams as well. A lean at least, and then, you know. Some other props all head, but it was fun fun. The trash talk your almost almost as if like you predicted Rutgers to beat Michigan records won the game. Almost I mean being at the McCartney twins won the SuperBowl. That's almost like ruckers. There you go in my world as records of all of Scotto h earing, right? So big news in the NBA with some trades. And Anthony Davis mass will what will recap that? At the end looking forward to Mr. director Chi had what how did you take in the Super Bowl stay at home cooked for the family had some laws come over. Matt. It was I mean, it was not an entertaining game. I think half my house was watching the bachelor something come on now after on everybody kind of scattered. That's blasphemy. Well. Blame Bella check. Yeah. All right. That's fair. Well, man, the season is over. We'll get into it. By the way. There was not a record handle for the Super Bowl in Nevada Nevada gaming. It was lower than last year. It had the Nevada gaming had announced a record hand on for the last five years. So not this year, obviously, other states contributing so in terms of legal betting in the United States. It was a record hand when you add all the other states, and we'll get into that with Mr. director John Murray momentarily, but this is the final football podcast of the two thousand eighteen nineteen season. He started his ticket writer will handle a lot higher here in the last hour. Now, he's a racing sports. Book director of the guys at work. Your call me, Mr. director and not looking directly into my eyes people in new staff to sear kind of Seinfeld as move where we just rotate the guys the material doesn't get stale happened in between hot tub and. ESPN? Kicking is for losers and boy was that evident in the Super Bowl. Mr. director good to connect with you as we put a bow on this two thousand eighteen two thousand nineteen NFL season. You can believe it at and I were sitting back there at the end of the game. And we actually agreed. With New England's decision to kick. The field goal to go up thirteen to three ending the game winning the Super Bowl that was one time where I actually thought kicking the field goal was the right? The right decision. Interesting. I did not give in Gus Cousy looked so shaky earlier in the the distance that was needed for first down. Well, we had some we had a little bias there. I gotta give you full disclosure. We really wanna kick the field goal if they if the game had landed between eight and fourteen points that would have been very very big loser for us that betting on that was available at five hundred to one here at the super book. We would've taken a big loss there the game winning between fifteen and twenty was much better result for us. We have little bias there. Okay. Good to have that transparency. Let's get into the props momentarily. But I thought both coaches were extremely conservative with. Punting definite worst. That's that's what I was alluding to earlier. My biggest my biggest complaint with either the coaches McVeigh. Never. She never tried anything. It was obvious that the offense. They were running was not working. It was obvious that New England had a great defensive game plan. And he never he never seemed to try anything shake it up a little bit. Maybe go to a no huddle. Maybe try to call some gadget plays. He just sort of accepted that he couldn't move the ball. And just let the game go by. I thought McVeigh really choked as a harsh word, but it's probably appropriate here. You know, I agree. And I think the overarching sort of takeaway. And if you wanna umbrellas is that I think it's just a lack of sense of urgency is manifested by the it's really the inexperienced shining that way because we saw what the chiefs. How flat did Kansas City, look, and they just didn't even feel like they started trying until the second. They were just like going through the motions, especially the defenders not flying. The ball. Right. Goes back to that chargers game against the patriots. How how ready the patriots were given the flat spot that it was for for LA? So I was really disappointed. I almost think like Dan Marino should go speak to these teams. And explain how he went to the Super Bowl so early in his career thinking he'd get back. He never did. Yeah. We'll show McVeigh's only thirty three years old. And I think he's got a very big career ahead of him. Not exactly going out on a limb there, but certainly thought he was very lucky in the NFC championship game. He made a very poor decision to kick a field goal. And then only ended up winning that game because of the agreed non call and what was clearly pass interference. And then this past Sunday. He was thoroughly out coached by Bill Belichick. Not the first person to have that happened to him. But certainly he wasn't ready for that stage. And he wasn't ready to take on Bill Belichick. That's for sure. And he he said afterwards that he was out coach, but I'm sixteen I just want. These teams to have a sense of urgency, and has some aggression. And clearly if I myself is whether be talk show host or podcast sports fan. I tend to over simplify things, and that's certainly not something you can do when it involves the position of quarterback. And when it came down to it some guys just twenty four years young going against Bella check and who had two weeks to prepare for them and very complicated Goff did not play horrendous. It was a well played defensive game. But he had opportunities that he did not take advantage of. Yeah. And maybe come out of the committee come out for the second half. I think the Rams are the ball first in the second half. Why not come out on that first drive and go to a no huddle? Maybe just try to shake something up. See if it's something works 'cause what they were doing just simply was not working. And it was it was disappointing to see them. Just stick with it. And just keep doing trying nothing basically. And. I guess my hat's off the Bill bell check. 'cause once again, I don't think he had the most talented team. And once again, he came out on top. So what can you say about Bella check at this point? No, you really can't. And I and I brought it up. It's kind of silly that Brady the win loss record for quarterbacks. I hate we all know that. So let me just think about how great Brady was in last year Super Bowl. Yeah. He goes one in one, but the the wrong staff or late with the wrong outcome. I it's funny. And then the one last year is meme remembered in his legacy as a Super Bowl loss through for five hundred five yards and his defense gave up forty one points. And then his past Sunday Brady didn't really do anything other than check down was running backs or hit Eshelman element was open over the middle. But it goes down as a Super Bowl win because his defense limited the other team to three points. So just it's a very it really illustrates what what a foolish way that is to judge players by team wins and losses. It makes no sense. And it never will. Well, when I say, you can't have a both ways. You can't put it all on the quarterback. And then on the other side of your mouth say it's the Altima team game. Right. Like, those are just literally fundamentally contracting concepts. Absolutely. And it is the ultimate team game. And Brady is a great player. But it you don't wanna judge these guys based on what we we don't need to go to. On this rabbit hole. But I'll never understand the argument of using Super Bowl losses as an argument against somebody. You have to get to the Super Bowl, right? Have a Super Bowl loss. You know, what manning only never lost the Super Bowl KAI because he only made the playoffs like four or five times in his career. Oh, come on. How do we just? I'm just saying it's a ridiculous way to like Peyton Manning lost so many big games because he was in so many big games. Tom Brady's lost three Super Bowls because he's been to the Super Bowl nine times. It's it's a ridiculously stupid argument. It makes no sense. You have to get there to lose their all never understand that argument. It makes no sense to me. Never. Will. We hear it for Jordan. And LeBron the NBA finals, right? Yeah. We'll Jordan, obviously, I'm not knocking Jordan, but he never lost in the finals because in the eighties. He could never get out of the Eastern Conference playoffs. He lost earlier in the postseason to the Celtics or the pistons. So he never lost in the final. It's just it's just an argument that makes no sense at all Murray. We don't wanna get too sidetracked as Eli manning Famer. But I don't think so, but he will he will make the whole fame. Laughable guy who's never even drafted in fantasy leagues is going. He'll make the whole fame. I don't think he is like it's just. Yeah. And I I also don't think Julian Edelman is a hall of Famer that's an argument that we here. So you're saying yes for Eli y absolutely absolutely. Put put put away the fact that I'm a fan and everything like that. I mean, you are right. That you know, he's only had minimal playoff appearances in those couple of parents that he did have they won the Super Bowl. But they in those games when he rose to the occasion, and the most Sherrad Ori should Robert ory to be in the hall of fame. I think so. Yeah, I think Robert ory should robberies clutch. He's probably one of the most watch. But he also or it was also smart enough to hitches Waggin to the Lakers and the Spurs teams later he didn't start thinking yard can be. You're just saying from like. A basketball fan or football fan. Like, it's should be all inclusive for lotteries, not just straight production and excellence in being the best over over your era. Exactly. Yeah. I I mean, we can look at the very tangible statistical evidence that proves that you know, we know the elite quarterbacks Tom Brady's genetic voles. We all Famer. Not. No, no, no. See what happens we don't know the future, but as of right now. No, I mean, but I mean you want he's a Super Bowl MVP won a Super Bowl playoff run. I like. Play a New York volleys years, and you know, be. That should be self and stop being the kid the forty Niners kid fumbles two punts including one in overtime. That's how they got to that Super Bowl game in the rain. And then Tom Brady made a great throw to Wes Welker that Welker dropped that would have pretty much clinched that Super Bowl Welker drops the ball New York ends up winning the game. So that goes on resin Tom Brady's resume as a Super Bowl loss. The just it makes no sense. There's no point. But there's no point in even arguing with people about it. Because people are so obsessed with that team winning loss thing as a as a barometer of players. There's no reasoning with those people that I can cause these people are too far gone. Even argue with my mind, I'm sorry went off on this this tangent. I was trying to I was trying to give an opportunity to save himself after the crow. He's had to eat for mocking me Mati me for suggesting that it would be some value there. To play the first half touchdowns prop incredible pick decay. My hat's off to you. I certainly remembered that you made that pick. And it was it was something. We'd definitely lost on. It was one of our two biggest losers on Sunday. And the problem market. The other one was Julian Eshelman being the MVP of the game. And we're hitting a little nervous there guys like mid to late third quarter because you know, we've been telling all of our bosses all week how we want it to be a boring game. We don't really want anything to happen in the game. We didn't want it to be that boring because if they hadn't if there hadn't been a touchdown at all in the game, it would have been really ugly for us here. All right. So people actually bet. No touchdown in the entire game. Yeah. We we had a we would have taken. It would have been our most catastrophic Super Bowl prop loss ever at this book was the largest dollar figure on that bet. You talk for one dollars three gear. I don't know. I mean, it was small, but it was just a lot of really small bets at at five hundred a one or whatever it was. I mean, it was just it was so those those kind of tickets at fast man, and I I heard about other books around town that really got crushed. Because the Rams scored exactly three points. You know, you take your taking a lot of small bets in there, and it just adds up in a hurry. And it would have been a huge loss for us here. If there had been no touchdowns, we got to a point there at the end of the third quarter where we just wanted. Somebody to score touchdown, obviously. We would have preferred a Rams touchdown. But we needed somebody to get into the end zone. Who's your other big loss on the prop market Elman Eshelman MVP? Oh that was a really big one. We we were hoping they would give it to Sony. Michelle. I I was hoping they would just give it to Brady just because of the idiotic. He's the winning quarterback argument. You never know. They gave Brady MVP of the first ser bowl where they beat the Rams seventeen years ago. Whatever it was they gave ally. Manning MVP when they beat the giants or the patriots and seven sometimes they just give the MVP to the winning QB. We were hoping for that. But they thought they correctly gave it to Julian element. But let me let me give a little bit of credit here to ED's salmon's because he deserves it that pick the final score for the Rams market. We had eighty to one on that. And that was a very deliberate number that Ed put up because he remembered that in the past sharp groups that played anything over one hundred to one on exactly three points by either of the teams, and I've heard some reports of some other books around town that had four hundred five hundred one on that and got crushed. 'cause the Rams. Court exactly three points. Yes. South point. We ran it earlier this week two hundred dollar bed to pay one hundred grand. Exactly, it wasn't just it wasn't just the south point and Ed very deliberately had both New England and LA at three points at eighty to one to stay under a hundred one he kept all those wise guys off that play and he ended up saving the Super Bowl hundreds of thousands of dollars that decision. So why do you think that is why do they play the hundred one and I know the math of it? And that was my thought process with the no touchdown first half of these teams played hundred games. You're gonna have no touchdown a lot more than one time per hundred games. Well, why do they do it? I I don't know. Exactly. We really would have to ask them. But they Ed said he remembered that over the years, some of our really respected prop prop groups anytime. That hunt anytime that exactly three was over one hundred to one he always took bets on it and remarkably we actually won money on the Rams going exactly three points. So that was a huge huge swing for us that and what I mentioned the game landing between fifteen and twenty instead of between eight and fourteen that was a very big swing for saved us a lot of money. So overall were calling the day solid day. But we could have it could have really been much because been bad, frankly. And we ended up with a nice win despite the patriots. Obviously we we didn't do well in the game market. The patriots were everybody was betting the patriots like crazy, but we did very well in the props and we did very well on futures. So we ended up coming coming out with with a solid win for the day. You know, I'm. Annoyed at myself. But I'm not. So like the Rams the game was tied. They had the ball midfield girly at a nice run called back from phantom holding call though there's some there's some holding on the play. But at the end of the day that this is a classic ace of like autumn's razor few sumptious. Like, don't get cute picking the Rams here. Like, this is Brady is more. So it's Bella check against a young quarterback team, you know, zero experience and the the coin flip plays. The patriots always make in the in the rain. The young team does not. I know what you're saying. But I I would bet Rams plus three minus one ten again if they're playing on Sunday. I there's nothing there that the patriot didn't show me anything that. I didn't know they already had. But I give Bella check all the credit in the world who it was Jason mccourty that made that incredible play right to break up the pass in the end zone. Right. It was a great play. But it was a bad throw golf was. It was a very very bad throw. It was very bad throw, no doubt. But I'm just saying their few place here. There could have easily gone the other way girlie run play. They called back that was a critical critical. Call by the official. They're not. I'm not saying that New England one because the officials, but certainly that was a very beneficial call for the patriots. But I I there's nothing that I saw that game. That makes me think the patriots or any better than the Rams or the chiefs. Yeah. I blame de Ford still blamed Ford that'd be tough to watch. If you're a New Orleans Saints fan because they absolutely should have been in a game. And the Rams did nothing with their with what should have been New Orleans spot in the Super Bowl. I agree. This goes back to the experience and all that like I was really disappointed. But I hope our listeners took our advice on the props. I was very bullish on the under forty eight and a half forty seven and a half for the longest touchdown the game. Obviously the no touchdown. The first half, we covered in you know, to you. And I this is not really a story. But like I went on radio. We'll Cain show. I went on sportscenter. And was just saying it's does not make sense to bet Brady MVP in two people who are not that experienced and learning this for the first time, I think that was some utility there. You're getting too cute. Don't do it. Because I for one in two thousand seven that Tim. Doc into win the MVP the finals, and Tony Parker won it. So it happens, and we need to be just understanding value. I think again, it's probably a simple elementary sort of concept for a lot of our listeners. But these the stuff we there's I don't want to be adjustment period for everyone here. Well, just take the minus one thirty doing with money one. If that's what you if. That's what you think. I think that was the better play for. Sure, right. We we got as low as minus one thirty five I think on Sunday, but the money just kept coming in on the patriots. You know, we ended up taking a one hundred thousand dollar bet on the patriots Sunday morning, minus two and a half from respected player here. And we we really needed the Rams and the game. But there's so many markets in the Super Bowl that you're you don't wanna get to Benedetta shape over anyone thing. Better X hit you guys up for a little bit on the Rams, right? No, no. We didn't get X. Never. He never surfaced here that the super book. I you know, I read the reports that he was around town and bedding the Rams and. Like I finally lost a bit. Because I did that guy ever lost anything other than I know he bit some MA with us a few years ago the lost. But I never saw the guy lose anything since then. Yeah. Maybe so the Russian this cut moral life rocky for I guess so I mean, you still got a pretty impressive record. But finally loss one going against Bella check quits, questionable better X. Interesting interesting. I. What was the crowd like is the handle is down this year from last year, and we talked about this. Let me ask you this. What was the crowd like a good crowd? A lot of the IP players were in the building. Mr. Segal who owns the west gate, and is is I would say, primarily almost entirely responsible for the the new super book design here, and he's put so much into the Super Bowl and into the west gate, and he deserves a lot of credit for everything that's going on here. He was you're watching the game with a group of his family. There was a lot of patriot fans in air not many ram fans. The Rams have fans I think that was something that definitely hurt the handle, you know, last year. You had the Philadelphia Eagles in their eagles have such a rabid fan base all over the country. I think that was part of the reason why the numbers were down and patriots fatigue. I think was was part of the reason to it just it was hard to get excited about watching the patriots and another Super Bowl unless you're a patriot. Fan. Why would you wanna sit there and watch Tom Brady check down to the running backs and receivers over the middle for sixty minutes. Again, we'll somewhat argue that you need to bet on it to make that more interesting. Yeah, that's true. That's true. As a man, but I would say. Some would definitely argue that I don't know it was hard for me to get excited. I know you know, we're watching the game together. Obviously, we're watching Brady just try to check down running back. Can't even make those throws golf was all over the place, and they're handing the ball Rex Burkhead. And the Rams are having a ball to C J Anderson, and we're just looking at each other like this is the Super Bowl. I mean, this is ridiculous. Where's patrick? Where's Patrick Mahomes when you need them? I wanna see Patrick Mahomes rolling out to his right look away. And throw the ball forty yards on a dime. The saints. Chiefs would have been just so much better than there would I I here's my thing when Pasa occurred. Okay. Everyone wondered all what's being for Vegas. It was a good thing for Vegas except for two weekends. I felt Super Bowl weekend. And maybe even a couple of weekends for March madness because there are people who fly out strictly for sporting events in those are the only sporting events, they do it. Otherwise, all sportsbook actions for people who are already in Vegas for other reasons, whether bachelor parties conventions couple, getaways, whatever and the other the counter that argument was people from states that are gonna have legalization visiting Vegas for those aforementioned reasons will already have the habit of betting on sports from their states. They reside in that they'll be more likely to swing by the book things like that. So it was good for them in those forty nine other weeks forty eight other weeks but those four weeks including Super Bowl weekend. Probably a little bit of a dip for Vegas after saying the numbers from this weekend. I can't agree with you. I didn't think it was going to impact it as much as as it. Apparently it did. So I was certainly wrong about that. But it maybe point and maybe partial part, everything, right? Like, I may be accurate, and you may be accurate with the Bates fatigue and just we talked about this even the weeks leading up to the game. When there's a low money line. You're not going to get as much of a handle in the money instead of compared to when the money lines to thirty to forty. Sure, that's definitely a factor. But you know, we've had a lot of symbols in the last few years where the point spreads been pretty close to the close to pick them. I guess Philadelphia. Philadelphia New England one was what four and a half at the highest or five right, but the Seahawks. Hawks pats see tax about it. Wasn't that close to pick 'em Seattle went from minus one to plus one the other side? Yeah. Yeah. So we really have we haven't had a really big SuperBowl money line. I think you'd have to go back to maybe the saints colts game to find one. It's been awhile since we've had a pretty big money won in the Super Bowl. But certainly this one was not good for handle on the money line. When you're dealing minus thirty plus one plus one fifteen minus thirty five whatever the case may be the million dollar bets. It's you know, you're getting one point three two to win a million instead of one point six and stuff like that. But I I do think well, I'm not going out on a limb here, but certainly Kansas City or Kansas City LA or Kansas City. New Orleans would have been much better for our prop handle. I just don't think there's that much interest in betting all these patriot players and props for the millions of time. People just didn't get excited about it. I would agree to that. We have mutual friends who have prop betters, and they were just so miserable. When the patriots won. It was it was a hard game to get excited about again unless you're a fan of the patriots. Certainly, I don't blame them. I would love to see one of my teams end up in the championship around nine times in twenty years. But but if you're not a fan of that team, why would you possibly want to see it again? It's not like they it's not as if they play some appealing brand of football. Well, they they have at times. Obviously the two thousand seventeen was insane. Been their defensive. Yeah. They're great defensive teams in the early two thousands works. I look we we've beaten it down. We know there's voter the patriot fatigue that happens and the other reasons, but I noticed in the conference championships. When I was there in the sports book. It was pretty tame all things considered. Well, the crowds probably aren't as big anymore. Just because you've got over half of your handle coming in on phone accounts. Now, right. I mean, you've always got to consider that, you know, we're talking about but the lines and the crowds here in the book. We're talking about it all day Saturday Sunday morning. It's never gonna compare to what it was six or seven years ago before everybody in Las Vegas at a phone account pretty much all your locals now almost exclusively on phone. I don't know why they wouldn't. And a lot of the tourists came in. And they were smart enough to get themselves a phone account. Bay that men his money. Do people come in and collect anymore or they just keep it in their count. Well, the the tourists will take their money out before the head of the airport. But yeah, I mean, unless you really unless you want maybe move cash from one account to another or you're a little cash short, you might as well just leave the money in there. Yeah. That's true. We have some local guys that come in every day and deposit and then withdraw the money before they leave. And I always wondered I've always wanted to ask them like what are you doing? Why is that? I have no idea you might. I don't know. I don't ask questions like that guy. Yeah. It's gonna my busy. I'll let me tell you this. I several people this week grab me in the book and complement the podcast compliment, Stu both of you guys and say how much they enjoyed listening to this program. So I thought that was kinda cool. Also, those very cool. I think I mentioned it last podcast. And if I didn't I will now nice gentleman found me in the sports book when I was there on the night of the prop bet posting and. And was like shook a little bit that he saw the, and I told him I entered this Matt humans from the podcast. He was also rattled. And I said we gotta find Mr. director. So you a big fan flew in from Portland super nice to picture with him. And he was shook to meet Matt humans. Well, yeah, it was it was a lot lot to take. I mean, maybe it was the volume of props on the board in his jet. I I don't know. It's like meeting Kim Kardashian blown away. Yeah. Imagine if we do some to ED's salmon. So my gosh, we about Khan's KYW's cruiser talk about starstruck. Well, you know what? This also means. What's that? This has been baby bankroll bonanza. Congratulations. Mr director. Your name will be engraved. I on the trophy. Just probably doubt as the guy who lost less. Yeah. That's a it's quite an honor you, and I really should have done in the last the last one. I bet the house on no touchdowns first-half. Yeah. Really? That would have been a nice comeback. Oh, yeah. I I actually gave out a winner on his program last week. I mentioned I liked Charles all their haven't gotten there yet. Geez. Oh, I'm sorry. It's called a rundown Murray tried to produce thing. Now, you're already the star. I give out so few winters on this show that I have to just wage that in there. I gotta make sure we get that in there before hang up. I I gosh. I I gosh. No, you're right. No. You're absolutely right. I'm wrong. So Johnny Hecker did get there. No pass attempt minus five fifty. That's true. That was one. I really went on sports. Inter now, I was just so nervous that he's going to do it. I mean, you know, because the trolls come after you. You know, I will say this the Twitter followers. We have the podcast were very kind and complimentary when there was no touchdown. The first half. One guy was even like, hey, I was rolling my eyes every time. I listen to podcasts, and you were mentioning it. But nice call. So there was but usually you never hear from anyone on the positives. Is us all out there saying 'cause they gotta minus seven fifty Super Bowl Sunday. And I'm literally on sportscenter. I gave out four props. But one of which was like late late. Johnny Ecker is not throwing a pass. Did it make you nervous at all? Because the Rams punted so many times like no way. Like when you made that better. If anyone out there mid that wager. They probably weren't expecting the Rams to punt nine times that that would have certainly changed the pricing of that one. The MVP for the Rams, by the way. It's incredible puns in that game. I did get nervous. So you gave out some place James white over four and a half receptions did that get there? I don't think. So I feel like well Brady couldn't complete anything out of the backfield. It looked like I don't think that one won't. Well, you're relaying the sharp place. Yeah. Those are necessarily my play right there. I just gave out some stuff that. I saw some of the guys that I respect more respect helium white exception. At one receives weighed one catch for five yards of the one that the one that did was really sharp though is that under kickoff returns. And we saw a lot of really smart guys betting that and that was, but I will say the opening kickoff was their line that brought that was brought back that was like a touchback minus three hundred or line. I yeah, we actually we lost a lot on that play the truth. The book dream serves what I I'm not sure, but you know. The reason we did. So on the process. One of the many reasons was all the stuff that you. And I talked about on the show last week that everybody was betting. None of that stuff. One two point conversion two point conversion attempt defensive touchdown safety overtime. All those things were knows gronkowski touchdown element. Touchdown. No. No, no, no, no wrong. Got a little hairy tag Aloma too. Yeah. And I actually about that one for myself. So I was very pleased that he went down to the one. And I think the two. Yeah, you're right. The two and Michelle score the touchdown. Because like I mentioned earlier on the show we really needed a touchdown. So that was a well, you said the sharps Ron gronk over forty nine and a half. And he got there eighty seven yards. Now if it was eighty nine yards and he caught the touchdown. Do you think he gets MVP over adamant we talked about that? I I don't think. So I I really think Ataman was was the pretty clear MVP that game. He just he. Was really the only one doing anything authencity on either team. I what two and a half three quarters of that game. Although the patriots did give the bottom shell early in the game. He he looked really good. And then they got away from it for some reason. So I guess you could make an argument you guys reliable. They're right. Forty to one odds move down to thirty two one on gronk. Oh, yeah. Element was one of our. Well, we lost we lost big on element to. But. Yes gronkowski. Also would have been a big loss. We would have done much better. If they'd given it to Michelle. And like I said, I was I was hoping they'd just give it to Brady just the stupid winning quarterback argument. Right. And then you just alluded to I want to remind our audience that you had such ticket count disparity with some of those successful two point conversion ninety nine zero. And this is a week ago. Wednesday got more pronounced as weekend. Got closer to point attempt. Offensive or special teams? Touchdown gronk score. Touchdown mean you had literally bagels on some of those. So that's that's quite comical. It was really easy to post the props this year just. No, no, no. No. No, no. That was that made it a little easier than last year's game, which was a little bit more nerve wracking disappoint Ida post. So I went three and one on my picks for sportscenter. But I post. Four for dot com or five I went to three. I think I should know better that when you're picking props. You don't pick things just like you think could happen. You wanna have like, oh, this is this is a good play like like my under forty eight and a half yards of. There was good handicapping involved and gained version. Some of the other ones were like the make sense. But it's not like there's an edge there. We don't want to force out too many things just because the Super Bowl. That's a welcome to you know, my job at ESPN. Like, you gotta you don't wanna go play Toronto Raptors money line here. It's too bad spot with there's just wait. Let's let's wait for some American football alliance or that league next week which you're both everybody making we're booking. We got futures up on that. Yeah. Everybody wants everybody wants Super Bowl tech for sure I thought Rams plus three was a good play. But didn't get there. Unfortunately, doesn't mean it was a bad. Boy. How did you guys? You know, the big question was how do you do girlie, right? Girly props. Well, I when I make it is. He was obviously injured. I don't think he would have been playing if that had been a regular season game. But are they gonna find the Rams didn't they leave him off? The injury report. Isn't that whole thing? We'll say I mean. I what I made of it was he was clearly injured, although he did hit a few runs in that game where he looked like himself. But I have to think they would have been giving him the ball more healthy. Who knows you also think they'd do more play acsi and also think they'd do more hurry up? I think literally think like these guys get star struck in the sense of urgency lacking. I'm convinced of that. Now. Well, certainly it's old hat for the patriots. What can even say about a coach and a quarterback duo that have been the symbol nine times? That is pretty ridiculous. It's it's insane. If you think about it like, Justin. And they're gonna there's no reason why they can't go back next year. I mean, I know Brady's old. But it's not as if Brady did anything in that game. They won the Super Bowl. So there's really no reason to think they can't just go right back next year those pesky underdog patriots. Oh, yeah. And even they managed even convince everybody that they were the underdog they were favored in two of their three playoff games were under dogs once entire season except for that was the chiefs game. Then Bolsheviks going everybody. Counted us out. Nobody counted the mouth. I mean, we knew the whole time that they didn't have a particularly talented team by their standards. But we always knew that they had Bella check. And anytime you have dull check you've gotta shot. Sounds to me like you guys a couple of bookies all right Murray. You gotta get outta here. Just real quick you want for one on the UFC promised you'd be able to gloat about it. So well done. Thank you. Charles veira. Good win. I got a. Big UFC bed coming up on more second. We can get into that layer. I really like play at mar second. You'll see two thirty five I'll be at the fight t mobile arena, unless they decide to move the venue on six days notice out of the state while on that one. What are the on that? Apparently, they're pretty good guy. You wouldn't think? So but they are big play big play March second. All right, man. Well, good luck with that. And we'll obviously connect soon, but real quick you guys take down the NBA futures during this rush of of trade deadline. No. And at and Jeff for making judgments after that Philadelphia trade this morning. I thought that was a good trade for both teams Philadelphia bringing into bias Harris and the clippers got the that unprotected heat pick in two thousand twenty one which could be valuable chip for them. So that trade made sense for both teams and the Eastern Conference is wide open. Man, you've got four really good teams all neck and neck with each other to see who plays Golden State in the final. The Eastern Conference playoffs should be really good this year. Yes. That's second round is a Laker fan of worried about the clippers getting into the Anthony Davis sweepstakes following that trade. So well done by. Yes. Who the logo Jerry West Murray our logo here on the podcast? You are the glue here. The man that the drink and the winner of the first baby bankroll banana. I check in the mail go. Murray. Appreciate all down. It was a fun NFL season. But I'm glad to get into some other sports here the next few weeks. All right, bud. All right. We'll connect the next podcast. All right. Take care. All right. We'll wrap things up after a word from one of our sponsors. Let's consider the secret life of the IMO nesting doll living, most of her life in the dock inside the other nesting Dole's. He has plenty of time to think if we could sadly, she has no brain, however, when in a most nesting dole, his gyco not only saves people money, but also has been providing great service for over seventy five years. She thinks it's obvious. You should switch because. Yes, twitching gyco is a no brainer pity in most nesting Dollond her lot in life. Or KYW that does it for the football season, any confessions of anon- gambler for this particular podcasts. Yeah. Huge confession of a non gambler. I'm not a non I'm a non gambling that prop paid off. Man yet. Did when I got the text from you at like twenty seconds to go in the second quarter. It read something like are you still laughing? And I was like how does he do this new coming? It was awesome though. I mean, obviously, you know, speaking seriously, you're somebody obviously respect in this space. This is something that you've been doing for a long time. But in situations like that when you see something that seems so ridiculous in my mind to to come to fruition. It just makes you for one. Enjoy the game more. But for to say, wow, this is something that you really have to look at it from different angles not conventional wisdom. Well, yeah. Obviously, if I if it was a fifty fifty prop. I would have said yes there will be touchdown the first half. But you had to understand the circumstances. And I talked to people who know the stuff maybe not pro betters but cover the stuff, and and they're like I'd make a yes, no prop like minus fourteen hundred plus like nine fifty or something like that. And I felt that was low, but I talked to someone who said eighteen to one was a bad number even even after they moved it to one hundred one I'm surprised they offer these kind of payouts. Especially in what's called index betting when there's a large a bunch of options. And then it's one way betting meaning can only one side. It's not a yes, no, proper, the MVP can only bet adamant to win MVP. You can't bet at OMON not to an MVP. That's what's called one way betting instead of two way betting which is like a point spread you can bet both underdog in the favorite. So I just felt in clearly people beat me to it in even the five hundred one on no touchdowns in the game. I know off shore markets were offering much higher odds. But they just offered five hundred one. And it's interesting that Murray said he that Ed salmon's remembered that these sharps and pro better bet one hundred one blindly yet that was very because it makes sense. I mean, I correct me if I'm wrong, but I really think the math is like if these teams played a hundred times how many times would there be in this case. No touchdown the first half. Now, would he will? The odds are saying once in one hundred meetings in the Super Bowl when you factor in the rust the inexperienced quarterback Brady not looking. Great. I I was saying it all along the patriots offense isn't as potent as at as they look the last two weeks or last two games because the chiefs defense stunk fired defensive coordinator, and they just caught the charges a flat spot. Right, right. Very true. How do you feel about the giants led by manning that for next year? Honestly, even though we had our H O F talk are really hoping he is not on quarterback going, but he's a hall of fame, right? How do you feel and you alluded to this earlier, but we're taping this on a Wednesday afternoon. How do you feel about Anthony Davis watch? This is like the worst time. You could've asked me given LeBron where he was sitting on the bench the four up in point blow out. Oh, man. Poor ingram. Yeah. I mean, they're a mess right now. I hope it doesn't cost Walton's job fan Walton. But it just there's a lot of bag. Look, I said, I don't know five years ago six seven years ago. My my buddies in Vegas, they're radio show. And I said the Lakers will not win another MBA Chevy chip in my lifetime. And they all thought I was crazy like what are you terminally ill. I'm like, no. It's just so many things have to go right to win a title. You have to get lucky across the board. And then you have to get lucky that there's not a team like the warriors lurking. Like, we talked about in the pod the Cavs team with Kyrie Irving. Kevin love like that team wins an NBA title most years, but they just happen to face the warriors. But even getting to that point like, yeah, you get LeBron which takes incredible, man. Luck. But you're you have to get health. Right. So even LeBron got hurt. Lonzo ball's irt Rondo got hurt for a little bit. And just the moving pieces the drama the locker room so much has to go, right? And usually have about three or four teams win a title in a decade span because there's some teams that repeat maybe alternate every other year like NBA, I just think you have to get so lucky with ping pong balls free agency, and then the all the competitive advantage. The Lakers had over the years back in the day is gone. Like these players live in L A and the offseason they don't need to play for the Lakers in order to live in LA in the Hollywood reach like these these guys are lower. Lebron was global star in Cleveland. Right. Right. That big market stuff. Doesn't play. Yeah. And I didn't have faith in. There's a little bit of Lakers. Not even little lot of Lakers elitism where they just think we're the Lakers like a Yankees. Yeah. Yeah. Like when they scheduled meetings embarrass themselves with the markets. Aldridge Aldridge did him a favor to give him a second. Meeting believe it was Aldridge, but they were like completely out of it with a gym bus. The knucklehead that he was the Garriga him. But I wonder if Magic's mess there's just a lot of stuff has to go, right? And I I would take I would take the field against the Lakers the rest of my lifetime. Oh, man. But then they get Anthony Davis and LeBron I pay listen, I wanna be wrong here. I want the league in a lot of titles. You're fan to be right. Doesn't seem I'll take the twenty nine other teams. So we'll see what happens. It's it's not a healthy situation. Right now. There's a chance the Lakers missed the playoffs. But that happens if the Lakers do not get Anthony Davis if the second half of the season, would you take? Or would you rather not sank? Look LeBron throws tantrums last year trade deadline. They did the same thing. And then they ended up trading at Thomas, and and then everything worked out, at least certain extent they receive final. So. This is just one blip on the radar. So I wouldn't think to to overreact too much. But it's not a good look. We'll leave it at that. They're all right. Good stuff as always man, congratulations. I will take care of the baby Bank will Belay in bonanza. Dues that are due and make good on my bet. Congrats John Murray, Mr. director, you know, if he's Mr. director getting promoted, I gotta be careful there. Very careful. All right. Thanks, everyone listening and really thank you to all those who are so generous with their time. I know it's the most precious commodity in life and to give us your time. And listen to podcasts. It means a lot. So we she at the interaction on Twitter as well. One person asked of the pods going away. Silly talk silly talk. We got plenty of MBA. And then March madness is around the corner. And we'll have some baseball a lot of good stuff. We're just we're just getting started here. Lot of lot of good betting content coming up, so we're just going to be expanding more than reducing. So don't you worry out there? Thanks to everyone for tuning in. And we'll catch you back here on the next behind the bets podcasts, which might be awhile because I got some vacation coming up. So we might be a hiatus for a week the bodies coming to Vache from Vegas now farther away. So we'll we'll reconnect soon here. I gotta figure it all out the timing of everything. But thanks everyone for listening and maybe not the best SuperBowl in. In the world, but a fun fun season. I thank you very much. Congratulations. Thank you. Thanks for listening to behind the vets. You can listen subscribe on the ESPN app. Downloaded listen on apple podcasts.

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