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"scott van paul" Discussed on SI Media Podcast

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"scott van paul" Discussed on SI Media Podcast

"Great show this week conversation with Scott van Paul who was always excellent and get into Scott doing postgame for the NBA Finals, his interview with draymond green, where he got a little awkward, get into the Liv golf situation, why there needs to be more singing along sing alongs at sporting events, bad beats, a lot of topics covered with SVP and then following that train of thoughts with my buddy salata. Where we get into good discussion about stand up comedy today I watch Ricky Gervais over the weekend and we get into some stuff about that and a couple of sports things as well. Before we get to Scott and train of thoughts, let me just tell you last week, if you missed it, Paul bissonnette is nasty was on the SI media podcast two weeks ago, Brian Curtis three weeks ago, Richard Dutch, four weeks ago, Joe Davis from Fox Sports. If you missed any of those, go into the archives, give them a listen. Download listen, subscribe, rate review. There's a lot there. I know. It's a big ask. But if you could at least subscribe and then maybe review. That would be best. All right, let's get to this week's show. Scott van pelt, followed by train of thoughts right here on the SI media podcast. All right, joining me now, as I media podcast regular, I think I can call him the host of the very popular SportsCenter with Scott van pelt. Scott van pelt, Scott, how are you? Thrilled to be back, Jimmy. I have to say, I'm very, very lucky that I do have a very nice group of regulars who are always nice enough to come on and agree to come on usually. And I will say among those regulars, the two people who despise getting S the most are you and Joe buck. Okay. Well, I'm coming good company. I mean, you guys always do it. You're always great to me. I cringe when I have to send the text. And you guys in the most polite way respond with like, oh, fuck, why are you asking me this? But you do it. So I appreciate it. I never say that. You don't say it. You never lying. When I say to you, we have some school thing. I believe I have a school thing. If I want to do invent it, I would just say I have adjacent, and terminal afternoon ajita. Can't join you. And I'd never do it. But you always do it. You always do it. And I appreciate it. We find a time. We find the time. It's always good to talk to you too. And I wanted to get you on during the NBA Finals because you come on after the NBA Finals and I mean, you're sort of you're the postgame show, and that's got to be a nice little adrenaline rush for you..

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