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"scott v carlos sainz" Discussed on Strong Opinion Sports

"I'm new to F1 my first month following F1 religiously. I don't know if Abu Dhabi is always a boring track maybe the track layout lends itself to a boring race. That's not very good. I don't know but I will say there's also an inherent flaw with F1 wage. I don't know that it's like this world shattering awful thing. It's just a it's a thing that you can't really solve as the built into the way. The leak works is you always are going to have an anti-climactic ending. I mean, although I will say if there's ever racing comes down to the season that comes down to the final race. I think that'd be amazing. I bet it's happened before. Would have been so cool. Like this race had huge implications. It didn't because you got a point scoring system. And so Lewis Hamilton won a long time ago and a couple of weeks ago Mercedes one. So, we we knew took one the drivers championship and the Constructors Championship weeks ago now in this race and the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Sergio, Perez had engine trouble had to retire early meaning he did not finish the race. So raising points hopes to get third in F1 relied on Lance stroll and Lance stroll could not deliver by the way. It's not a surprise if I were racing going to go off, okay. All of your hopes to get a Podium finish in the Constructors Championship to get third. I don't think of a Podium that and I've no idea but to get third all your hopes rely rely on Lance shovel. I'd go dang it. We lost and they did Landon or Scott V Carlos Sainz got sick so that gave McLaren 18 points on the day. They leapfrogged racing Point Lance stroll finished and that gave racing what one point on the year. So in the constructors got Mercedes got first. They had 573 points Red Bull got second with 319 points and June 3rd was McLaren with 202 points and right behind them and forth. Was racing point of 195 points rented was V hundred eighty-one. I was really all that happened. The only interesting thing that happened in this race. Was that McLaren LeapFrog Gracepoint. Otherwise the top three did not change the entire race of stayed the same and it will say as I reflect on F1, like I love the driver's I love the the technical terms. I love the game but might I want to give a shout out to one of the things I think is often overlooked by people that are not new to F1. So if you happen to have one fan for a long time, you take a lot of stuff. I'm about to say for granted. I would imagine I'm coming with an American perspective and watching football and baseball and the NBA my whole life. And what one thing I love about F1 is that the broadcasters are always the same and by the way, they're always great. I mean you watch an NFL game, you're never listening to the same broadcasters week to week unless you watch my life a couple of prime-time games. And even then it's you know, Sunday Night Football is their guys on fox says they are guy and ESPN. Is there a couple of guys and so listening to F1 get in the consistent same broadcast off every week makes me so happy and actually love them the British accents. It's so good and works really really well. The music is awesome. There are great graphics. There's no commercial breaks like them American Sports So you you're getting commercials with you know, the the team names and the stuff on their jackets and hats and everything, but there's no breaks from the race and I love that. There's different countries and different locations. You see these beautiful landscapes like the outs and the mountains and beaches and now my God, it's so cool. I love I love that aspect of F-16. It's an amazing spectacle really.

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