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Season 2, Episode 12  The Few, The Proud, The Dads

Bad To The Dad

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Season 2, Episode 12 The Few, The Proud, The Dads

"You'RE A dad. You're a dad and attentive kind of Dad. Well then this is the podcast for you. Used All your dad powers by six hundred hours as well then. This is the podcast for you. Of course I did. The army song parody and not the Navy Review. We have a guest from the navy. Is there a navy. There is a tankers away like years away. I couldn't come up with an anchors away party quick enough but we can do a podcast quick enough and we are the podcast that celebrate suburban Dad life and veteran dad life an active service dad life if you are an active service member or a veteran living somewhere somewhere around the world. Welcome to the PODCAST. Celebrate suburban dad life. We are bad to the dead to the dead Coche really episode twelve and Adam Sunday and let me get the jumped. You're fired up. You're fired little jump-jet that's okay. It's okay it's it's the few the proud that that's take on the old eighty s marine slow absolutely over that in its. I've come to respect and appreciate military much more so in my older age. Yes I am the The son of military member nephew of a military member a grandson of folks who have served in the military I did not but Tremendous respect for all those that have an all who do it currently. Nah I mean for me. My grandfather served my cousin. Scott I'm who served on the mcfaul the navy. I think I was a Vietnam Baby. You saved my dad from having to go to Vietnam but I have a tremendous amount of respect and learned a lot through what they go through to help. Serve our country country. Well we are going to hear stories from Andy Brown Andy Brown who is a graduate of Annapolis. There's no those folks go through that system. It's a different kind of college experience. Variance always always scintillating. You're always get a very unique story from somebody who graduated from one of the service academies and then of course he did his five years ear and change and As a member of the navy when he got out of Annapolis so we'll hear a little bit about historian also a little bit more about his family. But before before we do that. I just want to congratulate Greg. fithe Greg Feith. He did it he did it he not only be ready to rumble on. Aw You didn't kiss the canvas. They did not doubt so it's wild. I was texting with him this week. Yes and by the way if you're just joining bad to the dad let's just give a little bit of background. Okay Greg About three years ago his daughter Jolie was diagnosed with a M L leukemia. which is one of the Billie Jean Ours? In terms of of leukemia the life expectancy is not high whatsoever. Go back listen the PODCAST episode three. I believe Daddy said knock you out. It's a two parter harder. Yeah so part one you hear about the journey and the fight that Greg flood on behalf of Jolie and then an episode four you hear about the literal fight that he just just did he has a city at the Hammerstein was raising money for Here how much money over forty now. Almost fifty thousand dollar bills man. Add to the DAD has provided a generous this donation. Yes we have a right for the gift of Life Bone Marrow Registry so he was doing this fight for Kimia Pediatric Cancer Awareness. But the money will go to the gift of Life Registry gets swapped. Get that cheek swab get into the registry. You never know you could Save Life Jolie Savior felt that way was walking down. The street saw aside and said I could be here today. Yeah the guys from Iran. I mean just a fluke who knew who knew so he had a spite he did admirably ably if you have any black no because he was wearing that mask and I don't think he got so hard that there would have been any cuts but if you look at some I get up. I didn't hear any bells. I think he loves you if you go to facebook and some of the videos that his friends as well as his wife Tara had posting. It's amazing what they do. It's like being in Madison Square Garden. You real fight. They have a whole montage training. My Gosh with with music that gets you all pumped up. When he got into the ring he was dancing around the rain they they introduced his opponent? I okay and then he gets into the ring and he's like punching in front of him dancing. All around the rail trion intimidate yeah like Apollo creed like Apollo Krista. The fight goes on yes and he told me that he was declared the winner and yet. Ko were. I don't know I think he. He landed more punches. Yes but then they reversed the decision. But how is that possible. We're GONNA find out we'll go back to the tape. We're GONNA do a mini episode. Yes kind of the aftermath of of this whole experience listeners. Yeah I was going to go to his house today to get some gas. I used to get some still wringing about. He's he's probably the most stable and the house. Is You know. It's that time of year when kids get Sega's yes and things just happened. So we're going to catch up with with Greg Feith again at a later date. We'll we'll air some of that sound like take my money again. Love Greg and I'm sure put on a great fight now. My money was against was against him. If I was on the other it was on the other. And that would be like really bummed have lost I second would've won because Greg still one but then I would have one in the head doesn't fix. It doesn't matter if I were fixed. What so apparently both got a ribbon? Both breath were well. Everybody's a winner the winner because there is a lot of money. Did you know that almost one point five million dollars was raised for this event. The A female fighter that Greg showed us the guy remember yeah. I would only hope that she'd be on my side. Absolutely she raised like two hundred. Sixty thousand who you can one point five million hours million dollars. Yeah Yeah but she has quite a following apparently she has a fifty thousand No slouch your tremendous slouch randy who was also a knockout with graphic design and marketing. Let me guess that must have been Becky Berman. And this we've got our. We got our own own debuted. Better logo she is our one Oli consistent sponsor week after week after week. Not that she's the only one that we wanted me to father. Businesses are but the most consistent Burma Dot Com. Whether it's a website design graphic design. Do what else tell me we get over four hundred downloads a week. Now Four hundred because Becky I think partly because they love they love bone data the bone. Daddy that he's a character given to exist in this the true story this is as you know have a professor and I teach it The County College Union County. I'm still struggling with that fact that if you are in a classroom guess teaching students impressionable students floor trying to make it in life. Yes and you are their shepherd. Yes rog Kids Union County College. You see Professor Nathan the glass now. I'm sure you do a fan. I I love doing it and they all call me coach. Okay they can't they call me. Don't call me professor after Nathan Bennett. Don't call your doctor he called me up professionally call me coach and so they discovered bad to the debt they discovered it. Okay and they keep asking me questions like what you you do. What are you going on? I see no. I'll give you shout out this week. Like really makes this shadow to minorities in America class. I have on Monday Wednesday Fridays as from two thirty to three twenty. Five all my peeps in that class. Shout out to you. Hello peeps hello pay you for listening. No it's great listening. Yeah people are listening so four hundred downloads. Every episode gets at least one hundred. I mean it's really we're doing something. E Adam Dere actually living the dream we are. We're putting out a product. Yes yes we are building our base and if you WANNA see a little bit of what that looks like in addition to what that sounds like go on social media. Our instagram account is at bad to the DAD. Facebook Ford forward slash and of course we have a website which is kind of like a warm cozy digital home. It's DUB DUB DUB dot bad to the dad dot com and how's this week is as a debt. It was a good week for us. So many runs data that I had I had a few few real good ones not so many during the week because it was just a week weekend was really good. My daughter got to go to a youth group conference cheese on cloud nine because that is her happy place took my son and his friend into Manhattan. Yesterday that's right yeah. We saw a queen based show called. We will rock you you know. I think I saw a ship whose it was a lot of fun. Because it's Queen Music and the music is outstanding the performance overseeing the music outstanding stories. A little hokey. But you know just going with an open mind Took them to the comic bookstore. Forbidden Planet in in the city. They got their pop. Vinyl final figures. The man delorean Disney download. Just dealt we have that now. We got her. We're going to start watching men to learn here. I'd say other than rogue one. It's probably the that star wars product since the original five and six. I'd see that there's two episodes they're gonNA be like weekly episodes or is it. That's it so they're going to kind of do what. HBO Does instead of loading the entire weekend. We Friday all right okay. I'M GONNA get so as of this podcast. On the first two episodes have been loaded and every body I think for for the next eight weeks are you're gonNA get a mandal or excited. My wife wants to watch it to some even double excited awesome and then today to aid side. If you're looking for a great great dad son thing yeah go see Ford versus Ferrari. Really you saw. That loved loved. It's a long film for at eleven year old kid. Yeah but you learn in a lot about cars. It's like into cars now okay. We were actually looking at the dashboard about RPM's I said look at plays a big part in this film you learn a lot about Ford is about much the Mustang or is about the Mustang Mustang that raced in Lemond. Okay the mall and just dominated aged four years in the late nineteen sixties until at a time when Ferrari the be all end all embracing so Sort of some history. You'll learn in a little bit about business. Yes you learn a lot about people the knowledge of people and also trusting your friends to get the job done by just thought it was. It was very. Yeah well done and look. It's got bail Matt Damon. Yeah you had two big stars. So it's it's got with your kids. Yeah well we had not a whole heck of a lot else to do and he doesn't like sitting around watching football so that this was kind of a cool thing as quite as accessible. Run Dad's in week weekend episode accomplished in two days. How about you coach of decent? You said Noah I always love it. You know my my two older kids don't live near me and my oldest first of all as you know my wife's birthday was recent. She called. Yeah that was. That was a nice. It was really nice. We had a great celebration. Come in through the back but thank you for that you were there you know you have that kind of persona on and do that to yourself respect in the community in you know you gotta be careful But we add but but she called my wife she called Jessa spoken. Forty five minutes had a great conversation. Am I doing really well. She's I mean her her boyfriend. Great Guy Johnny. He's chief's fan got he's tall. He's really tall. Yeah I need to bring him over. Yeah you need a light bulb change with vaulted ceilings vaulted ceilings. I need for that. You know so. He's he's a sweetheart kid bad parties the chief's Fan. But we both hate the raiders. Which makes them actually okay So she's doing role at work. You know Alex is doing great. He's at he's out in Arizona resort. He's working hard he's back involve softball. and which makes it really really proud because he's back playing softball team good but I'm back and I said listen we're GONNA play. You gotta look the part of the gear and with the other two with Michaela Bring Michaela. Is One hundred percent eighth grader. Doing some eighth grade drama degrading about her. Because she's very open with us so we can kind of be there for her medications communicate with her And Bree is the brain and She she is in a private Jewish day school and because Michaela's such creative experience going into public school she's ready to move on But when the hardcore time of pitching coaching lessons now okay this is soft this out softballs over But it's not over for the Nathan's I don't know and and you're you're always on the clock to solve ever over yeah which is sometimes to the detriment of the of the podcast. Timely Fashion Act. Let me get it done. You know so similar with her pitching coach which is Great. And it's just really nice and it gives me some time with them and so it was a really good run status in week and weekend. Very did you. Papas it two or three of them. Okay your own or your kids a combination of both okay. Yeah Yeah I a couple. Yes that that had to get turned absolutely absolutely love to satisfy a moment of pressure release of Rebecca the death we are bad to the dead with coach Randy and Adam de again our episode. Today is the few the proud the DADS and this. This is episode twelve if visit us on social media at bad to the dad at instagram and of course forward slash bad to the Dan on facebook. You'll see the pictures of our guest this week. And that is Andy Brown Navy veteran. Andy thanks so much for being on the program and thank you for all you've done for your country in here eighty of course thank you for inviting me. and He. Does it ever get old when people say thank you for. Your service doesn't get old but never gets comfortable right. I feel like there's so many people that gave so much and I feel like I didn't give as much as they did so I appreciate it. It's great to be recognized but in a way that makes me feel like I have done more. Okay now we know that you are a Annapolis Grad and people that WanNa go to Annapolis. It's an idea they're they're wired a little differently than men you wanted to be a game show host. When I was growing up there there? We are just playing. So where was the seed planted. He do you come from a military family. And I don't. I'm the first my family to join the military For my grandfather being World War One But for me it was not something that I want all my life. I was doing the traditional college tour before my senior of high school. We stopdown Napoli's and just walked around and I saw everybody lined up. I got the uniforms on marching in formation all of the single single-purpose common goal and something just clicked for me. Where are you going to high school in high school? Up in Massachusetts Please Call River school by so you're up in Massachusetts. You're just he's taking the tour right. Yeah we tore down you know went down. DC North Carolina. We started Stopped in Annapolis and I fell in love with the place I fell in love with lifestyle. Does he liked about it. I liked the discipline. I liked the fact that I was going to be part of a team or everybody. Hi there was part of a team. Everyone singular focus and I never really hud love. Focus our idea of what I want to do with my life. I knew new the Michael do something with it but didn't know what and I thought this would give me your July July swimming. Ironically I swim when you. I don't know how you'll certainly learn how I could swim fine. But I wasn't a I know. Michael Phelps I get from point A. TO POINT B. by I wouldn't do setting speed records doing so right. I've I've been to Annapolis a bunch of times. Actually been there for a football game and we'll talk a little bit about the pageantry because I know you love to take your family down there at a great experience even army navy. Well no not. Even when they're not playing a military academy I simply to Lane Navy. Baseball football must be the different Football is quite a spectacle the the flyover alone. I mean these guys. I think it's a it's an F.. fourteens varies from week to week. Fourteen routines they got so close that you could actually read the serial number underneath That that alone it just knocks your socks off. And then every time the the committee score the media stands come pouring out and they do pushups one push up representing every point right. Yep and that's that's the pleats usually the freshman. c'mon how that are kicked out of stands and sold to go down there there. You did that absolute so you see you mentioned please. So I've actually been to Annapolis just visiting in in July. which when they bring the plebes in you know they bring them earlier than most college students? Most college students arrive mid to late August. The plebes are there from the beginning in the summer. And like you say the rank and file going into the mess hall at the same time it brings back to that period and did you ever have that. Oh my God I wanted to get into it absolutely from from day. One hour one like I said I didn't really know was getting myself into but it's a definite culture shock and we build. Turn your head round in a hurry now. Did you go to public school private school. It was a private school private school. And you stop. Why Lake Annapolis now? Now it's very difficult to get an apples. I think on annual basis. I think ten thousand applicants they accept a thousand kids and I always. He's very lucky you know going going through high school. It was relatively small school. I was a three sport athlete. which did you play Play football wrestling and all right. Did you wrestle Tesla. Damp and getting small school I was I was good athlete. Small School I was boxing. They're never before I went there. Yeah but that was something that we we did. Learn learn box learned judo wrestling all that. Good stuff so I know you have to have pretty good academic prowess to get into navy but but there is a whole other set of criteria letters from politicians local politicians right. Yeah absolutely I looking for a very well rounded student Looking for somebody. Who's he's got the book smarts somebody WHO's shows leadership skills leadership potential Somebody that puts themselves out there on the fields. And then there is a whole aspect of trying to trying to get the nomination from our congressman or senator. Do you ever who who wrote the letter for you. I do Barney Frank Really Yup now from the Dodd Frank. We all familiar with that. Dan wrote about you. Actually it wasn't he didn't have to write anything about me. I had to fill it. Essentially another application another college application for him. Send it away go for an interview where he just normal job as college air view and yeah I got the nod. Did you still have the letter any documentation that I do somewhere. I'm sure it's suitable for framing. Thanks so now Franks in the conversation So so you went through Annapolis. I know a lot of other navy. Grads will actually let me put it this way. I worked with two others and when I was there around the fourth of July I took a picture of those planes walking into the mess hall. I I sent one picture to one guy who did submarine engineering engineering. And I said does this bring back memories and he says yeah and then I sent it to another guy who is a navy seal and he goes. Yeah rather the best time my life but I think for the most part people love look back and loved having gone to the academy. They say it's a lousy place to be a great place to be from officer training correct. Yes and so when you graduate. What what's your answer or if you go maybe if you go Marine Corps Yeah Yeah my my cousin? WHO's I found out shop to my cousin? Scott Tipton he was he was a navy he He was on the fall and spent a lot of time out there. So we have glow filling the Brooklyn Navy but in your in your education through Annapolis. It puts you in a different kind of career path. Right does I. It's very very engineering oriented. Who everyone they were graduates from? There has a bachelor of science. I was actually. I have a bathroom. Science by was an English major L.. Very unusual you know. I ain't giving Smith Right. Prior three or four core engineering courses the physics chemistry General Engineering statics naval engineering night. Have one ought to courses in my in my major so so when you got out of Annapolis where were you stationed. What was your? What was this hour so from? It was designated as a surface warfare officer basic ship driver And following graduation We go up to Newport for another six eight months of training on the real specifics. The Nitty Gritty of what you need to know to be on border ship and all through the four years that you there you get general idea you learn the you know the book look stats and how how it works. BE IT surface warfare officer but to get the real specifics. I was an engineering officer. I learned really how the naval we'll engineering worked. And we WANNA shit not up in Newport Newport was more classroom training simulator training stuff like that. Yeah and that's where we got the mix into the academy grads along with all the people also Radzi. Yeah Razzi words absolutely now. I understand to graduate Annapolis. There's like an obstacle course like a serious obstacle. Course you have to do under certain time. Is that correct. That is now that we didn't have that of course Uh when I was going through a pretty rough yes I think at the end of the day. They call sea trials which is essentially a eight ten hour period. You're part of this whole physical Arbiter routine with abby obstacle courses endurance arentz courses all that good stuff That's supposed to be the combination of your trainees complete When you were active duty? What were some of the things that you saw? I I the whole joy. ABC The world that that was me. I met my verse ship on the Persian Gulf spent a Lotta time in Bahrain in the UAE. Ed which means in place dhabi-dubai What away home went to Australia? I went to American Samoa From there when my ship was important Gordon Hawaii I just got home to harvest. Time to decommission. It also spent three months commission there in Pearl Harbor moved from there to To New Jersey where again went out to the Persian Gulf again on the way when Spain went degrees Let's see where Alz a lot of very exotic location. It sounds like all four corners of the globe. Yep I've now circumnavigated the world that the big exclusion of California New Jersey. Right do you ever out in Coronado out that way. Yeah that's the navy seal training out there. Yeah those those guys are some. Did you ever any desire to go navy seal. I didn't I knew that very shortly after game about indeed the guys I graduated with when when seals and there's very special barely I've worked with many You you know after they have long left the military. I feel like they're looking through me like what worthless specimen I've learned about navy seals. It's not there's there's not one type of your has nothing about physical endurance about this complete desire to be part of this unit to be part of the seals which is above and beyond anything else. It it is a unique kind of mindset that gets you through the the horrendous training you have to go I also hear that some of the greatest physical specimens the wrestlers and football players with three percent body fat. They're not necessarily seals. Got It upstairs Garrincha. Anything probably the guys have been pushed around a little bit little Phil Resiliency Resiliency I've also heard a stat. You tell me if this is a off. The planet or not like seventy percent of those that partake in in military military service are noncombatants. They meant not even see a shot. Fired yeah I I definitely believe that. Yeah it was the case for you it. It was uh-huh I didn't see shots fired. The time I was on the Persian Gulf was we did a lot of The enforcement of the oil embargo So we would you tracked down ships suspected of smuggling oil of Iraq. No detain them. Escort them to a holding location where they'll be dealt with the mid nineties or so. That was actually wasn't ninety long ago. Yes so What about your family? How they feel about you go into Annapolis? My parents were support of you know very very proud the decision I made Shortly I was in military my my current wife. No we big decision to make As far as you know what I was gonNA stay in For a full twenty years retired from the Navy But I I heard a story from my my boss my boss on my last ship. Who told me about going on deployment coming home and his son called by his first name for the next eight months? Oh Gosh uh-huh that was that's up to you WanNa those crushing tomato. One thing idea. I think you know giving ties. What you've learned about is that they're they're members? Who are the military who go out there and serve from that part but there's a lot of civilians? Also that our support your efforts that are part of the nonmilitary elements of what goes on throughout the country. What kind of interacted could you have civilians? That weren't military Love We'd love contractors that would come on board either to inspect help inspect healthy repairs. I hope with the training. And they're just as important game ships ready to go and get the the crew raider to form the merchants. Ed Do you have to have any kind of Is Is there any need for you now or you complete done with military. There's no every year so you go back for regular training things like that. What is at my my ties are severed for? I think it was five six years after I got out I was on what's called inactive reserve. Okay where I didn't have to muster. I didn't have to go for training but I was on call if needed. Okay so we know you're professionally operations guy with a big Pharma Company. Has Your military service informed your your work in your professional life absolutely I'm working quality assurance now very very detail oriented and very by by regulation. And that's a lot of what was drilled into me as a military members that there's a disciplined you're looking for yes or we're disappointed so you've got two kids yet right. Yeah I know you've got to Evans Kyle. And we've traveled with them internationally. We had a ball. We haven't I can't wait for the an extra. Obviously you've exposed them to Annapolis and I'm sure they've heard the stories of your time in the navy. Do you think they're gonna I think they're going to get the bug. You think they might do either enlist or try to apply to an apple or neither service academies is definitely catching the bug we you because I tried very hard not to push it on him and he says fifteen now all right so he's freshman. It's a couple of years thinking about where he might want to go to college or service academies the case may be so he's he's now saying his schedule so he can put put his best foot forward to to the academy he's working on trying find those leadership positions. He's you know he's an athlete My only hope is that I can to allow him to make more informed decision than I did While I regret my decision in any way I didn't know I was getting myself into. I won't make sure he Gino's so can you give us any specific situations where he if you'll pardon the phrase he's Kinda comes in Gung Ho about going to going into the military service and you have to tell the sort of pump the brakes and focus on other things that specifically by I I think that he still doesn't hasn't quite wrapped his head around. What is involved now? He goes down for the football games. He sees all the best parts of the academy. He sees the pantry entry. The football games he sees every marching around. He doesn't understand what happens inside. Bancroft Hall the main building on on Naval Academy. I made doesn't understand what happens inside. Doesn't really understand what the day to day. Life is after graduation. The Hours you put in so our taste. Can you fold the perfect quarter on your bed. I absolutely can expect the same from your kids to say yes. I'm up on that. He just wanted to make their doing so. The P.. From the toilets investor start. No I get that experience too but I also knows kyle. The younger one Fourth Grade Fourth Grade. He does the scouts. Yes and I know that a lot of folks who eventually go into the military. They got their start in scouts and they keep keep with it and do the Boy Scout Eagle Scouts etc is he all in on the scouts. he loves it. He loves the outdoors stuff. He loves a hiking he loves going going on these trips. I'm not sure that he's all in on. The part would carry over to a military lifestyle. He's he's more wild child then Evan. That's good to have a balanced right. Absolutely I was loved the Pinewood Derby Ma. That's right my my brother used to the scouts. And you make the car. And that's what he kinda come up and we have to roll it down and helps to have an uncle who's got the woodshop tool yes right because then that thing looks like the generally and they still do the Pinewood Derby. Oh yeah and then they do. REGATTAS is now too so they're not just doing the car race the doing a boat race but also for the badges on to choose batches atchoo stinking stinking badges. You don't move on to. What does the cat and bear and wolf and the the fund some kind of movie records? Are you surprised it's taken us. This long the honest with you in in in this interview. We're talking a little bit about Evan. Evan was a preemie when he was born. Tell us a little bit about that story and kind of what your family went through sure. My my wife Madeleine Hug al.. What's called pre ECLAMPSIA? Where for our own reasons? Her blood pressure was elevated all throughout her pregnancy. She went on bed. Rest around twenty two twenty three and there were hoping to get to you. Know thirty five thirty six weeks But wasn't meant to be in her twenty six week. Her blood pressure spiked liked his heart rate dropped and they said as a time Emergency C section. He was born at twenty six weeks Weighing a just over pound a half half the time we were just looking at this Today's world premature today yeah he was a model. WBZ On that situation. I think USA USA. Congratulations I don't know I think I think gift given Andy. And his family circumstances it is sort of like gradually. It's a celebratory day. At the time he was born he had about four percent chance to live He spent the next three months in the Nikki and more sound hospital where they saved his life on a daily daily basis. It was you couldn't hold. He he was in one of those. Little Was Amazing Amazing. Think Evan John Kidding. He's almost as tall as you got. And and an athlete active kid and you know brains functioning. Yeah he had a very high level very much a success story and a poster child for what the research the Foundations like the March dimes support. And how they can have a direct impact on on these kids locked. Did you WanNa have kids absolutely. Yeah boy I I really didn't get a boy girl just always looking over your kid. We got we got there eventually. Gather eventually it sounds. Sounds like you're giving something back and you're active in March of dimes. What kind of work do you do? With them. lobbyist fundraising. My wife was very involved immediately after Bertha flag on round from company to company giving talks. About what the March march of dimes does what the research. They don't just collect quarters anymore. Not Not so much okay. More Times dimes quarters back and give there you go. There's just no brooks little Diet added the full penalty highway. Good Okay Bridge. We've had our quota which is great so Have you gotten Evan. And Kyle active in March of dimes. Work as well. Yup One seven was old enough. I think from the age of six or seven he would join Madeline and actually give tell his story a little bit these all these companies to really really put a face with the Research Dinan supreme maturity and then after that when it was all nephew was he's been standing outside shoprite every year. Now a client with them. He's got the premise for his college. Essay knelt. Absolutely you know there was some other direction. He wanted wanted to go in the period of my biggest. The questions I have is. How are they evident terms of the premature? The true nature of his life into who he is now is that something that comes up with coversation. Kinda just thank God. It happened to talk about it. We we definitely talk. We want him to really remember where he comes from so he that he doesn't take anything for granted. It's good to remind us. Also when he's I want drop. Kim Remember. This is about about this big miracle. That's right there was a time you were one and a half on. Did you across the room. But of course we'd never do. Yeah that's not that kind of show. Yes definitely not family of four. We know you like to travel a bit. We know you like to go down a navy games. What else do you like to do with the family? What are what are the browns due for a good time? It seems like it's all sports all the time especially the season Kyle's very involved in in soccer and Basketball Evans on a big tennis player now. It seems like everything's focused around them. Getting them to their places. They need to be from party to game to retreat for weakened entry youth retreats. And then what do you like to do yourself when you get quote. Call it. Ha Ha ha free time which we know. The A suburban dad does not get a lot of told me away from my patriots game today. Oh but you still pretty confident. In spite of the the loss last week to Baltimore it was ten nine and a half ten So go look sports just spending time with the family. That's Today's now. Do you often put yourself providing wisdom life lessons. I think that you went through in order for them to understand life. I try a a lot more focused on every now where he's voices desires Tomko even think about it. Is this what you want to north to get where you want to be. So it's that type of thing I find with him Kyle. I'm still working on finding the young dude now real quick. What was your final? Rake when you left the military. I I was Lieutenant Lieutenant. So that'd be salute. You not married but did you like that salute. I did talk breath. All part of the the nature of the the military in the significance of how you salute. Well you know there are no fraternities at Navy like there are a lot of and hoster after which is where we went in the navy. Just sort of one big fraternity. Some sure that when you go down there for events mainly football games it's there's like a mutual understanding and unsaid understands just coming together whether it's somebody knows somebody you don't know that you all went through the same experience you're all there for that that same reason and y'all gave a part of yourself to try to make things better. You still have your uniform. I do I do actually pulled out a couple of years ago for uh it had fit him up in your name tag on. The browns at firmly worked out nicely army and navy. They don't really hate each other. They just hate each other for like four hours on a Saturday in December is that yes our time of the Naval Academy at the first thing that you learnt speed army from the West Point. You beat Navy. Yeah yeah well. It's funny I was doing a little under under armor shopping. And you know navy is outfitted by underarm this right there. One of the Maryland school I think one of the first Maryland schools that That under armour had a I had a partnership with and I was actually looking for navy gear but the problem is that all of the gear says like helm. Yeah beat more me and I was looking for something a little more neutral. Is that way. Yeah you do have a lot of army friends and I was site yeah. I haven't I haven't army shirt and one of the navy shirt so depending on where a couple whose whose wife was navy in the husband was army. Yeah that house well and if you read the John Feinstein book the Civil War about the army navy rivalry they actually have a small exchange program. We are members of each academy can switch front of. It's a year era semester semester and. I'm sure that they I'm sure. That's how on wheels I for the exchange student especially when Army Week comes before for the Army Navy game. It's open season a three during football season now. So what are the things we have here on. Our show is when dads offer advice. Other Dad's given your back inexperienced military where you are now. We call it dad vice so to Oliver Listeners. Out there if you could offer some ED vices a dad would dad vice. Would you offer them the best offers you know. Try to figure out why. What is your kids? Want to do. And a Try to do your best to make that work for them I. It's not not anything roper. Found or a very deep. But I'm I it's the best I can do you know. Sometimes it's you know. Try to give your kids. The best he can for some rush May WanNa go nice good stuff. I love the theme Andy. Brown was our guest on bad to the Dad. Andy I will sit. Thank you for your service once again. Thank you stand. Navy Annapolis Grad as well as navy veteran and we really appreciate Asia. You telling us your story both about your military service but also what you do with your family and again the the other adventure that you had and having the experience experience of raising a premature child everything is working out just fine yes. Everything's great. Thanks again no thank you. We are bad to the DAD. You can download US wherever you find. PODCASTS WE are bad to the dead and we would like to thank Andy Brown. Our guests here. This is the week where we're really celebrating celebrating veterans. We Know Veterans Day was last week. Yeah feel we should be celebrating veterans all the time we appreciate him telling us his story about Annapolis about his service in the navy about his family especially with Evan who was born premature of insurance. We're raising awareness about a lot of different things but again the centerpiece of of this broadcast was about veterans. So again if you're in the active service anywhere around the world or a veteran thank you so much angrier service for your service especially the selfless service that you partake in and coach you know at the top of the show. We were so excited talking about our weeks when it came to the delorean Yes for versus Ferrari movies movies zip popping softball. They forgot to tell me the story about a squirrel. Yes yes it is. It's a heck of a story. I'm I'm not sure. Have you ever had squirrels in your attic. We've had some kind of animal. I think it was a raccoon or possum. Well we heard some noise in the in our attic and and I thought maybe it'd go away and so it kind of come back eventually. There was a night that it was just really loud. We heard scratching and then my daughter by youngest breed kept complaining. She kept hearing this stuff in the attic and lying next to her two o'clock in the morning and frankly truth be told. It's not the attic it's like in the wall wall. I can hear them like right next to say being the winner freak out so so next morning I call. We live in West Orange advantage of pest control. I'm GONNA give a shoutout to Rick Brill advantage pest control great sponsor if there if they were interested in sponsoring saying I would let them sponsor he comes out within an hour and he brings one of his guys. I mean I mean come on your pest control and what does it take to be one. It's like ghostbusters. They come into the pack and then they have you know so they go around the house you go we notice. There's as a whole right above your daughter's window and they go up into the attic and First of all when the noise is going on I wanted to open up the attic to see what's going on. I was just not. She said if you want to stay married to me. You're not going up there and be taken out of Squirrel small advice but I'm a man. Scoreless fast asks now clause well. I'm a man and I got to take care of my family and I figure I got one of those little. Those little those little lantern NOCCO in health. You against one hundred. I want to lift up the thing. No and then kind of put my hand through but then of course you envision the screw whatever cleaning slamming by phase and screaming. frigging Adam Sandler exactly so scrubbing Karen. Though so I I respect to my wife I took. I took it like a man. He respected the squirrels. I took command demand So they come to house the governor the attic. I'm sitting there waiting. Mike what you find goes well. We found a dead squirrel. I might know a dead squirrel and so yeah yeah yes they kind of found were the whole west by my daughter's room and they could see where the all the The mess the mess was right and they said it doesn't seem like they're here now so what we have to do. If they're hiding. What we you do? Is You put on a special door outside the whole this way to get out of it up. They can't get back in and I'm talking and I'm trying. I'm I'm a proud member. The man's Club me tell you something. I'm a proud member of the man's I pay membership dues. I'd take pride got a card. Well I I'm a card carrying guy but in this situation I felt less of a man. But what does he do. He throws dead Squirrel leads right next to my face. Look over how it was disgusting. It was a rotted out disgusted dead squirrel and I said does that now. Qualify for me to still keep my man's card. I saw a dead squirrel. You might have to join a different chapters. So the Non Scroll Capturing Club men so big story. I mean a long story story. A little bit shorter We have the door out there. Dead Squirrel is out have heard nothing And mounted and say you hunt put put bad use those little shopping bags. Get rid of it shopping. So it's not some special sanitary Ou- dispose. They had blue gloves on the the blue gloves. I'm actually green gloves yellow gloves giving the blue grubs they almost so I guess there are some kind of a special special kind of gloves removing glove glove and they removed it and they took it out They did not put my trash. They took it with them. I don't know but they make some kind of Necklace out of the jets grow. Yeah is that happens popular popular. No we have not yet heard any noises so they did the job they do the job you know. That's quite a story ran and you know when you told me you had squirrels in your attic. I thought you meant something more metaphorical. You're having problems in a different kind of upstairs. That would that would make sense next week. Our final episode of the episode. We're here you worry. We'll be back in the winter blake. Is that hard to believe episode Tuesday. That'd be wrapped up next week to special episode right time flies when you're podcasting. Yeah we'RE GONNA speak to a very special guest whose who's Gone through some things in life but really turned his life around not only a great dad but he's a successful business owner and he's going to talk to us about that transformation and his own demons and and just being a regular very cool productive dude and society episodes called Dad's giving dad's giving it's perfect Aw thanks giving. Yeah can't wait for it. Dad's thanks for listening and have a great week aww.

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May 19, Hr 3  Lauren Bobert, owner of Shooters Grill, and Jared Fiel with CDOT

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May 19, Hr 3 Lauren Bobert, owner of Shooters Grill, and Jared Fiel with CDOT

"This is mornings with Kale. Fueled by Great Western petroleum only thirteen ten KFI needless to say across the country. Tensions have flared as people experienced months of restrictions to combat. Cova at nineteen. But stay at home. Orders have wallet. The economy sent the US rate soaring to fourteen point. Seven percent the highest level since the Great Depression and it's decimating small businesses as government picks. Arbitrarily it seems winners and losers eight. Oh eight thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten K. F. K. A. Dot Com warning sweet gale fueled by Great Western Petroleum. Well some small business owners are fighting back Lauren. Beaubourg is the owner of shooter's Grill in rifle now. She opened a restaurant. In defiance of governor jared policies safer at home order continued to operate after her own county cease and desist order Taking two Social media on Friday it was a facebook video. Said that she was not notified by Garfield County health officials shortly after five pm that her license had been suspended. Well she had to sit down with those officials yesterday and will all learn together. What transpired Lauren. Welcome back to the show. Thank you so much for having me on. I certainly appreciate. Did you ever think that in your lifetime? You would be labeled defiant simply because you want to run your business in a responsible manner no flattening. The curve turned into communism very quickly. Yeah Yeah it's absolutely terrifying isn't it's it is draconian in the early days Lauren. I you know I didn't follow the media herd mentality calling for demonstrations and civil disobedience. I said no. No no you know. We're all learning about this novel Corona Virus and it's a nasty little bugger. So let's Basically give the government enough rope to hang themselves which indeed they did yes. That's exactly what we're seeing initially. No one knew we were really up against and so we all Kinda sat back and said Okay. We could get through. This is truly together. And after you know it'd be extension started taking place and continued and we started seeing the real data behind all of this and even The Executive Health Director and here in Colorado from Eagle County Fabricating numbers falsifying these Death records that's when we say you know. Maybe this isn't as bad as as we were told. Go ahead and start living our lives again right right all right so take us through the steps that you went through at shooter's Grill Making some waves when you open your restaurant to dine in customers despite that State wide mandate that allowed only pick up and delivery. Let's start there and then bring us up to speed. I would complain it for months. throughout all of this of course before the stay at home orders restaurants were already limited to carry out and delivery only so it was before the stay at home orders. Were in place that we were were doing this. And we we tried to get by our revenues down to about Twenty percents and I just believe that throughout all of this time I was at the point where my restaurant needs to be opened more so I can make payroll and I didn't want to hand out and I certainly don't believe that I deserve to be made an example of or even treated like a criminal but being forced to close my restaurant after months of being compliant. And after doing my very best to go through this global pandemic in a responsible manner certainly feels like I'm being treated like a criminal When the Garfield Public Health I reached out to them before I decided to open it. Thirty percent capacity and was told you can hang on another week. It's not GonNa hurt you that that well. Who who are these Eurocrats to tell me what's going to hurt me? And what's not? They're still collecting a paycheck. And this was the first time in all of this that my employees were Were to the point where they were not going to get paid for the work that they'd put in So I may. I decided to open a restaurant at thirty percent capacity. I had already tried to have outdoor dining and the city of rifle tried to help me out. Help facilitate that but perfect county public health. Shut down it was off premise. It was outdoor and they said no and I said no. I have a safe Experience right here inside my restaurant for my customers. And in a very controlled environment wolf and up to thirty percent capacity have Social distancing between table my employees will wear masks and gloves when necessary and will sanitize everything no no caddies condiments on the table. They're only use win requested and then we sanitize them. And just all of these extreme measures to keep everything very very sanitary while we opened up. May Ninth May Eleventh. We had a county commissioner meetings out the county commissioners were very displeased with my action and they put the demand on Garfield County Public Health to issuing this order on my restaurant so I I was given a letter by the chief of police. The just said cease and desist Not notarized or anything it wasn't I wasn't officially served And so I continued to operate my business thirty capacity. Let me ask you something. Lauren was law enforcement. Enforcements reaction To you opening up your business. Did you have law enforcement coming in to talk with you? I'm only the chief of police He he was trying to walk me through this. And tell me where they sit on this. All the while Understanding my position and he's been so generous so gracious and I'll actually get to him Facilitating some other meetings and just being so generous with his time and reasonable trying to come up with a way to all businesses could open Sheriff is The sheriff of Carpet County He. He was actually asking me why. I didn't kick against the center and I said well. My people were getting paid So there was no reason for me to take serious action but this is the first payday that they're not going to receive a paycheck. If I don't do something so Wednesday may thirteenth I. I was officially served with a cease and desist order. It's actually restraining order restricting me from dying in on premise services at shooter's grill and so the the civil deputies allowed my customers to finish eating. We closed up and the next morning we took to the streets and we were off premise. Dine out serving We had our cable. Socially distance in the parking faith is the chief of police came by and said he can't have you can't block off these parking spaces and it's not closed. Businesses don't need parking on now. Good point I understand but I do see that you have a very wide sidewalk there. Let's see what we can do. And that's when he got together with some of the planning department in the city of rifle and within an hour they divide the plan for all rifle businesses to be able to apply for a permit and Have seating tables on the city right away and it was a very easy process and it was a very generous. I was invited to that meeting and it was the first time that I saw any elected officials from our area truly concerned and motivated to help the citizens of their community And so I. I've never been more proud to be a business owner rifle Colorado. I'm very proud of Our rifle city officials unfortunately Garfield County Commissioners has made this political They made it very clear. That they Are Angry with me for a running for Congress against their best friends and they are doing everything they can to punish me. Make an example of me and treat me as the criminal by the way and Lauren. Beaufort is challenging representative. Scott Tipton for his seat in Colorado's third Congressional district and we talk back in January about your candidacy but all right so where. Where does it go now? Where does this stand as a result of yesterday's meeting so we were? We are licensed suspended. My license was suspended so I I'm not allowed to operate in the production of any food So I have not done so since Friday after five. Pm when my license was suspended and then Monday we had a virtual webex meeting Hearing at nine am. And that's where I requested. A continuance I just need to seek further legal counsel. I have an attorney. Who's helping me with this now and corporate right last week. Yeah and I also. I want to be Opportunity to have witnesses testify given less than twenty four business hours. Notice to gather witnesses to testify this hearing so I wanted to be sure that I gave them the proper time to prepare. So now it is continued for next Tuesday One thirty PM and we'll see We'll see how that transpires but in the meantime I'm trying to get my license back and the Garfield County Public Health will not return any phone calls. They're only communicating with me via regular mail. Your change the the informed me that their offices are closed at informing me via email. And they said that that was the only communication that they were going to provide the email. Everything else would have to be regular mail because their offices closed and to me. It sounds like your office is closed. And you're working from home than emails to be the best form of communication When my my my attorneys helping me navigate through that and hopefully we can get there but you know I. I posted yesterday on the shooter's real facebook. At this point I feel. I'm still ahead with employees Last Friday may fifteenth would have been the day that I got. Gather all of my employees. Look and say thank you so much for all the work that you've put in. I can't give you any money. I cannot compensate you for that and since I did take action and took that risk. I I was able to make payroll may fifteenth and I'm able to make payroll this week as well so as far as I'm concerned I we're still ahead Because my employees are paid. And that's been my number one goal throughout all of this and I just hope that we open in time To to make the payroll after this next one to keep up the good fight. Oh you rabble rouser you but it is. I mean this isn't it's gotten to the point where it needs to end because the way small business has been treated not only throughout the state but indeed across the country is just shameful. Yes in and you know even the response. We're getting from our local officials that we're we look to for leadership One of one of the county commissioners actually came into my restaurant a couple of times. The bully man berate me and And then even another county commissioner was quoted in the paper saying that my actions were quote selfish and it somehow I may cause the state health department to slow down when they were the ones slowing down the process to begin with. They lied to us for weeks saying that. They had submitted a variance when they hadn't and it was only when I learned that they had not done what they said they going to do. And submitting that variance. Then I knew that I had to take action because our leadership wasn't doing so and now I just need to open my business at a minimum in compliance with a off from assigning at least So I could keep my employees paid through all of this but you know with with the county commissioners out one of one of those conversations that I had In My restaurant was a county commissioner. he told me he said more in. There are seven other restaurants that are wanting to open right now and I said okay he said. Don't you understand? They're looking to your leadership right now and I said yes commissioner. I wish you had some leadership for them to look to absolutely absolutely because we need to get back to work we need to be able to pursue our livelihoods and live in a land of liberty and freedom. We understand there are risks but let us make the choice. Both consumers and business owners. That's right no one forcing anyone to come to grill and everyone that came there. They were the best customer ever cream of the crop so excited so grateful to be there and so patient and kind and supportive and it's because they wanted to be there absolutely Lauren bogaerts owner of shooter's Grill in rifle challenging representative Scott Tipton for his seat in Colorado's third congressional district. Keep up the great fight. Thanks for taking the time and keep us posted. Okay yes thank you so much God bless you and God bless Colorado. God bless you as well eight twenty now thirteen ten. Kfi well the whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI. Hey the whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. That's in conversation this morning with more than bogaerts owner of Grill in rifle also challenging incumbent Scott Tipton for his congressional seat again if you take a look at what she was doing there. It underscores the fact that our liberties and our freedoms you don't suspend the constitution indefinitely. Another some that say the constitution should never be suspended but when you look in terms of what is a national emerge a national emergency and a pandemic certainly does qualify well governors across the nation. Do have some leeway again is I'm fond of saying I was willing to give them just enough rope to hang themselves and unfortunately they persist in picking winners and losers. And when you factor into the equation that has Senator Cory Gardner said ninety nine point. Five percent of business is small businesses. And they're being hit with all of these amorphous restrictions. Why is it? Some businesses can open yet others. Can't and you take a look at Lauren. Berger who bucked the orders in Garfield County and eventually Had her food license suspended this after getting a cease and desist Trying to do everything right now. You compare and contrast to what was going on for example at that Cnc Coffee Shop. You probably saw the video of that on Mother's Day where well social distancing was nonexistent at this restaurant was absolutely jammed. I would say they were doing at the wrong way but once again I will defend to the death. Our right to choose as business owners as consumers understanding full. Well that that choice might involve some risk. But I'll ask you. The question doesn't any choice in life involve a little bit of risk. And when is the government going to let us make our own decisions as adults maintaining social distancing a washing our hands wearing masks? If it makes you feel more comfortable when are they going to get out of our lives with this drawer? Conan approach to covert nineteen and basically harming us in more ways than they can imagine. It's gotten to the point where it's not just economic no. This is taking such emotional unemotional toll on so many lives. We need to get back to work. Tell me where I'm wrong. Nine seventy three five thousand thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten. Drop me a text at three one. Nine nine six and I get. The balance between public. Health and our individuals are individual rights liberties and freedoms but at some point government. You need to free. The heard aright jared file cdot region for communications manager work continues. He's region pork mutations manager. Once again he will join us this morning at eight thirty five eight thirty now thirteen ten. Kf K. BURST UNC bears target game coverage lives. Thirteen ten. Kfi. Okay if you miss any portion of mornings with gail go to thirteen ten KFI DOT COM download. The podcast today. Bacterial eight thirty eight now. Thirteen ten KFI AM Thirteen K. A. Dot Com regale knife. Local fueled by Great Western petroleum joined us. We are each. And every Tuesday. Morning BY JARED FILES. Cdot region for communications manager. Hey Jared Good Morning Bill. How are you today I am doing well? I hope you are doing the same I am. It's a lovely de yes. Once again could be a record breaker. We'll see we'll see they're saying This week could be the hottest week of the year so far. Wow Yeah I'm stuck me Was it was lovely this weekend. So I'll definitely was. Sunday was a ton of fun. Really really all right well. Tunnel work continues throughout the pandemic with C. DOT and You've got some closures twenty-five closures you wanted to talk about right. Yeah nothing major You know obviously we know that we have a lot of work going on and I twenty five. All the time This week on Thursday Nights From nine PM to five am the southbound on and offering obs- off. I twenty five in the northbound four zero two ramps On I twenty five will be closed as they're getting some of the work done over that way but so Just watch those. Obviously we'll have signed up and hopefully nobody's driving from nine pm to five. Am On Thursday. So if you are just watch out for those two areas. How did that work? Go around thirty four. I wait great. Yeah they got the the arcs down and so They'll be starting work on You know you can kind of see the work being done there at the base right now. Well they'll be adding the The pilings for the next for the new bridge and they'll start working on that newbridge And then when we have to bring in the girders for that bridge we'll have another closure like we did for the arts coming down and then And then they'll get that rich finished And then moved traffic onto the new bridge and then tear down the old bridge and build the second half of the new bridge. So it's it's actually moving pretty quick but We won't be driving completely on the new bridge the completed Nubrik until the end of next year So yeah we're continues through time of covert Nineteen cdot. Things aren't slowing down for Yanni are they. You know it's it's the the construction sites than going pretty good Would you know I think like any any agency right now We're looking at at what the impact is going to be to our overall budget We've been folded. Projects that are underway. Now can continue But you know they're going to start looking at what's going to happen. So that's that that is where our focus is right now in terms of what's coming down the pike so We're getting projects done. That were that were tasked with doing and then you know pretty much. We're always at the whim of whatever happened with our purse-strings and so that's Out Out of our hands so all we can do is help projects ready if we get money And be able to figure out what to do if we don't get the money so you know what those Temporary fixes will have to be to to keep the roads going the ones that aren't GonNa get fixed so we're still waiting to find out though it's been a lot of discussion with the State Transportation Planning Commission. They've been talking about this quite a bit and figuring out exactly where we're going to be getting hit because you know you we're kind of looking at you know a number of different scenarios you know one could be you know. We're we're looking at major major major cuts but then at the same time you have President trump and the Democrats both talking about possible infrastructure stimulus and. That could put us back where we were or maybe even moving a little bit more so We really you know. We're we're kind of at the whim of of what we're you know like. I said what the strings are. So when yeah when you look at the fact that as a result of Cova Nineteen The state's budget expected to take a what three point? Three billion dollar hit. And you know what that might entail is Organizations having to reprioritize their efforts post Covet nineteen absolutely. I mean You know as much is as cdot has complained in the past. About the fact that we are funded by a gas tax Does make it a little bit more palatable way in the sense that we know at least we're going to have some but obviously the gas tax is taking a huge as well so Yeah we're you know everybody's kind of looking at reprioritizing that's been kind of our focus but you know I mean you know defense. That's kind of what we always have to do. we figure you know exactly. How much You know as we don't get this money. What do we do if we do get this money? What do we do and all of our I pretty much budget is an incident scenario. Well the sad for then we can do that. We can't do our eight. I love that equation. It takes me back to my college days right. Jared file dot region four communications manager. Eight thanks so much for keeping us up to speed on. What's going on at cdot always appreciate it to talk to you? Thank you you as well because again on eight forty five now thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen Ten K. K. PREPS RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the past high school coverage. We're here with you keep it on. Kfi Am for the latest Kobe. Nineteen the effect on the sports scene and more thirteen. Ten K of K and thirteen ten K. K. Dot Com nine on Tuesday. Morning Thirteen ten. Kfi Am Fifteen Kfi K. dot com wondering Sagala fueled by Great Western Petroleum. All Right One. Get back to this conversation Just a muck things up even further because you know with all of the restrictions and the guidelines and the competing guidelines and should you wear mash not wear a mask as things continue to change on a daily basis while this is kind of coming off that story out of the Denver Post the fact that Colorado is essential workers must continue to wear mass Until at least mid June This was a result of Executive Order That governor jared police assigned on Saturday extending the mask mandate which had already been in place for thirty days until June fifteenth south it includes workers in grocery stores restaurants liquor shops gun shops food processing plants hotels and a variety of other industries considered to be critical businesses that they must wear mass while at work but it begs the question. Well a face masks actually protect you. Dr Mark Siegel weighs in on that. He is clinical professor of medicine. He's a medical director of Dr Radio at New York. University's Lagoon Health and medical correspondent for Fox News. Well here's the here's his overarching. Take on the whole mass question will wearing a facemask protect you. Maybe a little. But washing your hands and social distancing are far more effective so trump elites he he basically goes on to say medical authorities when it comes to wearing a mask have sent confusing messages. Think about the. Us Surgeon General the Centers for Disease Control and prevention exported Americans to wear masks in January and February then they reverse themselves in April mask wearing is now mandatory in many workplaces and public spaces. But how good does it actually do? Well the science according to Dr Marciel is pretty inconclusive but It probably doesn't do much. It's generally understood that surgical and cloth mass as distinct from those end ninety. Five mass designed to filter fine particles generally understood that surgical and cloth mass oppor little or no protection to the wearer. The purpose of the mandates is to protect others against those who are silent carriers upward of thirty percent of Cova nineteen so to protect by ensuring the covering the face of anyone who is infected a study published in nature medicine. This April looked at two hundred and forty six people with acute upper respiratory illness and found that wearing surgical masks did decrease spread of genetic material from respiratory viruses including corona viruses. The researchers concluded we also demonstrated the efficacy of surgical masks to reduce corona virus detection and viral copies in large respiratory droplets and aerosols. Well this has important implications for control of covert nineteen suggesting that surgical face mask could be used by. Ill people to reduce onward transmission. All right never shorted of studies yet. Another April study published in the annals of internal medicine revealed that the force of sick patients cops propelled droplets through both surgical masks as well as plot mass. What about a symptomatic patients? Cdc Basis Revised Mass Recommendation on studies. That found as symptomatic spread was far more common than had been previously thoughts. But there have been no studies on masks of effectiveness in preventing it. Although the corona virus is highly contagious. It is much less so than say measles who knew which can linger in the air for two hours after a cough sneeze or even speech. By contrast the cove in nineteen virus has not been proven to be aerosolize D- Corona viruses often enter the body through the eyes and frequent hand and phase. Washing and social distancing is much more effective says Dr Mark Siegel then mass are at preventing that now wearing a mask seems harmless but once again how many times have we had this conversation. And the same principle applies to wearing gloves because both could provide us with a false sense of security leading us to take greater risks unnecessary risks and fewer precautions according to the World Health Organization that August but he self contamination and reuse or improper disposal of mass can also hinder their effectiveness and actually turn them into vehicles of covert nine thousand. Nine hundred spread and. Did you realize there have even been questions about the effectiveness of end? Ninety five Massa protecting medical personnel because they're considered to be effective at blocking corona virus particles only when they are form-fitted custom fitted to the wearer's face and tested rigorously to make sure there isn't any leakage rights. Dr Seagull when I worked on a corona virus ward. I felt much safer because I also wore a plastic face. Shield shout out. Of course to Genesis PLASTIC TECHNOLOGIES. Who IS MANUFACTURING Just thousands and thousands of Face shields and shipping them across the country in order to provide that much needed protection Particularly for those on the front line and Combating Covert Nineteen but writes Dr Siegel when he indeed worked on that Corona Virus Ward. He felt safer because he also wore a plastic face. Shield this blocks viral particles from even reaching the mass so his conclusion. Wear a mask if you must or exercise your right as our freedom loving American. Wear a mask if you choose to. If that is your choice if it makes you feel more comfortable now of course are there are mandates in place so you need to be cognizant and aware of that as well but if it makes you feel safer wearing a mask outside it. It's your choice. It's your health and you need to manage it as you see fit but concludes. Dr Sigel is clinical professor of medicine vigilant handwashing and social district. Distancing will actually protect you much better sign. Pass it along for your consideration this morning. Eight fifty-seven now thirteen ten. Kfi KFI all sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. I don't know if you saw that presser yesterday President Donald trump just doing kind of a roundtable with reporters. But I'm listening to it absolutely cracked me up because I'm sitting there going. Oh boy here. We Go. Because yesterday he revealed to reporters. He's taking that malaria drug hydro Clarkin dropped so chloroquine in an effort to prevent Getting Corona virus saying that. He's been taking a pill every day for about a week and a half and I'm just thinking Oh let the firestorm begin and I wasn't disappointed just monitoring coverage throughout the morning this morning as well. Oh all the self styled medical links starts are saying what are you doing taking hydroxy clerk when president trump. Oh my Lanta all right now co now coming your way today at four hall show noon to to the best. Unc BEARS TARGET GAME COVERAGE. Lives on thirteen ten KFI K.

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May 22, Hr 3  Kevin Carr

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

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May 22, Hr 3 Kevin Carr

"This is mornings with Gail. Fueled by Great Western petroleum only thirteen ten KFI Alvarado. I'm on the other states in the nation. Continues that very slow deliberate reopening process? We have a governor. Jared Polis expected to release guidelines for restaurant Reopenings when it comes to dine in service on Monday may twenty fifth. But there's one thing that is consistent about anything related to Business openings when it comes to the ramifications the repercussions of covid nineteen. There's one thing that we know to be absolutely take it to the bank accurate. It's that it's not going to look the same way. It did. Eight Oh eight. Now Thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI K. dot com mornings with Gail fueled by Great Western Petroleum. Now Jesse Paul in the Colorado Sun Did a nice summary of what restaurant owners may expect And of course we as consumers getting back into restaurants for dining services in advance of governor. Jared Police Putting those guidelines out and it is a tough dilemma for restaurant owners. We have the opportunity to talk with. For example low Lauren Bogaerts who is challenging by the way Scott Tipton for that third congressional seat owner of shooter's grill in a rifle basically had her license suspended because well she made the consummate sin of trying to do everything right. Probably adopting many of the guidelines for dining in or dine out as the case may be because many restaurants may opt to provide service on Patios or Lauren. Lober did of course as more businesses reopened. It's going to be difficult to do this. But she was actually setting up tables in parking spaces and really had the support of local law enforcement. Have up to at one point and said you know. You really can't put tables in parking spaces in front of your establishment because we need the parking spaces and she very sweetly turned to law enforcement. Not trying to be aggressive or contentious but said why do we need the parking spaces. Nothing is open at this point in time but restaurants like so many other businesses and really so many of us in our day to day routine getting pretty inventive and very creative. All right so that's on that particular part of the equation as yes Her license was suspended because she had the audacity to reopen also. Had the to talk with a tiffany helping Who IS Co Owner of Lonesome Bach and stop Burger now? They have remained closed throughout the shut. Down Order did not offer Take away carry out. But she is rather concerned about reopening even with the guidelines and face In place concerned about not only The safety of our employees but indeed the safety of her guests and I say to both even though they are on opposing sides of the spectrum. It's your business. You run it how you see that but what might dine in in the new normal of covid nineteen. What my dined in at restaurants look like well. It was Tuesday that Colorado released those draft guidelines for restaurants that want to reopen to in person dining as soon as in the coming weeks bottom line. Restaurant-goers should not expect dining to be normal and it will likely be difficult for many of those small businesses to recoup their losses. Now among the rules again. These are going to be ironed out in greater detail by the Governor on May twenty fifth among the rules for restaurants wishing to reopen for in-person dining are requirements that they keep tables at least eight feet apart whether they are indoors or outdoors and that servers wear masks and gloves other items included in these initial guidelines include menus must be single use. Only restaurants have proper restaurants. CanNot offer communal seating or bar seating self service stations and buffets or not allowed? Restaurants must have Florida cows to direct customers. Bathrooms have to be cleaned every thirty minutes. There must be at least six feet of spacing. Between in-service stalls urinals hand sanitizer must be available for patron and employees use. Service must wash their hands at least every thirty minutes menu offerings should modified to create more kitchen space customers should and again. This is under those initial guidelines of for reopening restaurants to In restaurant dining customers should be asked to wear masks. When they're not eating or drinking that would make it rather difficult when customers should be asked to register with the restaurant in case an outbreak actually occurs. Now there was some talk of perhaps Instituting temperature check before you go into a restaurant but well that remains to be seen restaurants under the draft guidelines are also directed to notify public health officials if there is an outbreak among their staff or patrons of covid Nineteen Colorado's food service industry has been as we've talked about To a great extent one of the sectors hardest hit by the pandemic scores have lost their jobs because of the virus and some restaurants have closed their doors for good because of the financial impact in fact he had the Colorado Restaurant Association saying that a full twenty percent of those restaurants. May well never reopen few restaurants where already chafing at the proposed guidelines released by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment on Tuesday. William Oliver's Public House has locations in Lafayette and Fort Collins said the eight foot spacing role would limit seating to about nine point five percent of capacity and this hearkens back to our conversation. We had with tiffany. Elton Co owner of Lonesome Bach and stop Burger because again as she mentioned the profit margins are very very narrow. They're they're very very small in the restaurant business. So if governor comes out and says well. You can reopen at ten percent. You can reopen a twenty thirty percent. Is it really worth it for restaurants to indeed reopen given the fact that well once again those profit margins are just pretty slim? Colorado Restaurant Association set in a post on its website these guidelines still a work in progress however they give us a glimpse of what reopening may look like. Governor? Jared police for. His part has encouraged local governments to loosen regulations to allow restaurants to serve customers in their parking lots on sidewalks and even on streets. Now wait a minute. Where possible so that they can have more capacity. That's exactly what Lauren bogert of. Shooter's Grill in rifle was doing all. That's right I forget. There were political ramifications there because she had the audacity to challenge Scott Tipton in that third congressional district. Meanwhile back to pull us. That's really the only way with the spacing we're going to have a thriving restaurant environment for the coming months. Governor hopes to solicit feedback before he releases those guidelines Memorial Day. Which is when he said. He'll decide whether restaurants statewide can reopen for in person dining. Are you comfortable with in-person? Dining in a restaurant are champing at the bit to go back to your favorite restaurant. Nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten. Drop me a text on our thirteen. Tang K F K. A text line at three one nine nine six all right eight seventeen thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen Ten K. A. K. A. dot com this time check sponsored by carrying hearts. Home health care serving northern Colorado since two thousand one. We're patient care always comes first nine seven three seven eight four zero nine or hearts h h dot com all sports story in northern. Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. We're here with you. Keep IT ON K. K. For the latest cove in nineteen the effect on the sports scene in more thirteen ten. Kfi K. and thirteen ten K of K DOT com. Well it's not Louie. Louie Louie Lou. I know it is Kevin Car fat guys at the movies fat guys at the movies Dot Com. You can hear US weekly syndicated program each and every Saturday right here on thirteen ten. Kfi THIRTEEN TEN KFI. A At noon and he is the newest addition to our Wednesday night. Kpfk block party as well. So Kevin you door. I'm doing well. Are you doing doing well? It is Friday and the sun is shining the birds singing the Theresa Green. The Sky is blue. I-it'S NIRVANA Guy Guy. Being Green of the trees theme blue. This is true this is now. I hear that it's the wine right. That's your governor. Mike Dewine yes I hear. He is easing restrictions in Ohio. We are were slowly opening stuff up. But it's they're taking their time and they're they're not They're not I think what people have to realize is there's a difference between easing restrictions and lifting everything free for all and that's the problem that we're seeing as beaches reopen and people going out to parks and unfortunately it's kind of like you know we talk about the new normal endlessly while they're going back to the old normal because well we've all been cooped up for so long that we forget that no we still need to practice that same social distancing. Yes yeah I mean. There's there's there's there's there's a there's a way to be cautious about it and and things can ease up because if you just completely open everything up you can. We're back where we were at the beginning. But you know we want to be smart about this. And and so they. They have like any state has their like plans. And I've looked at him like you know opens this thing. I think this is the weekend allowing patio dining and in the restaurants instead. I don't think you can go inside the rest. I guess you can in some restrictions. I think maybe this weekend You can go in there. But you have to have the social distancing the servers where masks and everything and then you gotta eat your food through your mask which I it's fiber when you get the mask involved as well explaining there was an you've got gotta love the ingenuity and the creativity that we have seen by so many small business owners throughout this pandemic but there was a story about this woman. And I don't know what she was. I don't know she was a seamstress or she I I. I'm not really sure what she did. Maybe she ran a tailoring business. But you know down in New Orleans. Well they do like to par. Tay came out with this line of mass. That have a little hole in in them so that you can sip your drink. Your lovely adult beverage and people going. Hey hold on wait a minute. We're scratching our heads over this. Doesn't that kind of undermined the entire purpose of mass? But it turns out Kevin that this is not the first time that somebody's come up with this because it was during the Spanish flu epidemic. One thousand nine eighteen that they actually had mass with holes in them so gentlemen could smoke their cigars. I think like a little flap flat. You'RE GONNA lift up to get a straw. There's a huge difference between that and just leaving your face open expose but I guess the thing that maybe I haven't heard people get upset at the fact that then people will be drinking wine out of a strike. Isn't that considered ghost of definitely definitely? It's kind of like drinking out of out of a Red Solo Cup. Not that I would ever well. That's just standard. Depending on what age you are. I guess this is true. Yeah this is absolutely true. All right we got some New Releases on video on demand and I want to start with the love birds because the love birds take me right back to the birds and tippy Hendra and all those ski birds and it was actually on this past week and I had seen it for a while so it was fun watching it again but you know what. I'm confused here. Because my recollection of the birds when I was a little girl just standard freak out mode just watching that and looking out my window at night expecting this you know this murder of crows to fly through my bedroom window wasn't it filmed in black and white. No not always color thought it was in black and white it was it was color it was psycho that was shot in black and white and the reason shop cycle and black and white is he wanted to use her. She served as blood and I think they had a budgetary issue as well and it looked great in black and white but I think before that a lot of stuff from the fifties you know like to catch a thief and rear window and Vertigo. All that was in color he and done like black and white stuff since like the forties but Yeah no no that was that was a technicolor. Movie and didn't have a soundtrack or didn't have a score is what I found so interesting about the birds. There's doesn't have any music to it and it's funny because you know you you cut music's kind of the glue that holds the film together right. And it's in retrospect. I don't remember it. Not Having a soundtrack I was just so caught up in the entire story at the gas pump. Well like the movie no country for old men. The COEN brothers film from about fifteen years ago. That movie does not. It has a very minimal scoring like two or three parts and I I actually once nominated for best score and somebody thought it was in San Diego. No the choice to not have a score as important as having a score you know. I think the fact that they don't have it the have to use the ambient sound and make the movie work. That way is just as challenging. If not more than putting musical I definitely agree all right. Not that we're keeping score but let's talk a little bit about the love birds on Netflix. The lover had nothing to do with birth. Verster bobbled tag this. This was originally going to come out in April but the virus and everything in the shutdowns had of moving out of the frame instead of pushing it up into later timeframe. Since it's a smaller movie they put it onto Netflix's they sold us as athletes for distribute distribution. So it's out there now. You can go home. You can watch it. It's an hour and a half new movie tonight. If you like your significant other WanNa watch something. It's the story of a couple played by Camille Johnny and Isa Ray and donder verge of breaking up but they go out on for dinner and on the way they get caught up in this big crime spree and they're trying to prove their innocence and track down. The people are really involved. And it's a comedy they're both known for comedy for the most part and you remember that movie about ten years ago called date night with Steve and I do yeah. It's very similar in setup tone to that movie only it's tailored more for these two comedians and it's it's a funny enough movie. I mean it's not great Has SOME JOKES. Don't quite make it But there are some funny moments to it. I'm not quite convinced that CA- on Johnny is a leading man. He's more of a supporting guy in what I've seen them in is array kinda holds them up more than I think She should be for her co-star but overall it's fine. It's fine my wife and I watched it and we had a good time. So as you've alluded to in the past and I love this characterization of one movie you were talking about. It's in a promo running something to the effect of it so bad. It's good some of my favorites. I have to admit I'm with you on that one. All right. Let's see we've got Streaming this week Trip degrees and I said if only wouldn't that be wonderful to go visit and this is a a series of films there. Were been three other films on this stars. The COMEDIANS and British COMEDIANS ROB writing and Steve Coogan and they basically play exaggerated versions of themselves doing a travelogue and going to touring the countryside going to historic sites and eating dinner and and these wonderful restaurants and wonderful food and it's just them trying to one up each other on their Their comedy and joking around with each other dinner in their conversations and getting on each other's nerves because of course they let's just say the enhance their more annoying. Poe Aspects of their personality worse than each other. Yeah Okay. That's the best part you know. It's not really a plot driven movie but more it. It's it's it's it's a spotlight on these two guys who are very comfortable with each other and very funny at times and and This is the third one. They've they did originally to the trip. Which was the series in Britain? And then they did a trip to Italy and then a trip to Spain and now they're trip to Greece And it's beautiful to watch. I mean it's just gorgeous landscapes and historic sites and it's fantastic and and then they're eating. Food is not like restaurant. They're just eating great food and having inane conversation over which which. I love these movies. I think both of them are very funny. Guys let's dance. That sounds like standard vacation fair. Isn't that what we do? You know we go on vacation. We'd see beautiful landscapes we go out to dinner. Eat Good Food. And have inane conversation. Yes it depends on who you're with. It might be more entertaining to see this or have the conversation yourself. No I think you and I can have a very good evening conversation. I think we could we do it every time. I'm in Greeley. We'll go out. We'll record a conversation at a at a at a restaurant. Yeah we could do the trip to Greeley there you go. Hey listen go this morning. I just wanted to circle back to the beginning of our conversation. Because we're talking about the very slow very orchestrated. Very cautious returned to normal. When are we going to see a return to normal in Hollywood? Whatever normal will masquerade? As I think it's going to take longer than people are expecting. I is the one movie to watch tenant. Which is the Christopher Nolan movie? It comes out in July seventeenth. That's it's releasing the thing is they just dropped the trailer last night and the release dates not mentioned in the trailer which is causing some speculation that maybe one or brothers might push that. I think what what what's happening is warner brothers looking at some reopenings and they're looking consulting public health people and they want to know whether there's going to be any you know even if you're going to open a theater safely doing at a twenty five percent capacity it's not gonNA work for two hundred million dollar movie you know and also you don't have New York. La Or San Francisco in that mix and that's like twenty five percent of your North American box office so it just makes sense that they're gonNA push this one I. My guess is sometime in the next week or two they're going to announce that they're gonNA push this one at least until Christmas which means moon on we'll follow and maybe things will get back to opening up for theaters in August when they figure out how to do this. Because there's a lot of challenges in theaters just from a social distancing standpoint put a plexiglass between seats. I mean I mean you want to have this the you'd have to do it at a smaller capacity so you'd have to block up so many seats or blockbuster rose The the problem is is that you're in an enclosed room for like two hours so the air can circulate and remove any potential pathogens around and then the other big thing I've heard is the the the the the entrances and exits to a theater. Are All you funnel through those. The large white gapes like at an amusement park where they can get those markings down on the floor was seen like an all the grocery stores and everything where you have to stand six apart. Maybe that's attack. They could take. That's possible but then again if you have a movie theater and how do you get people out without the thing they're looking at? I think and there's a lot that they have to do and especially like the big multiplexes have to open because you can only open a two hundred million dollar movie once you. That didn't work. We're going to do it again a couple months. It's kind of blended done. Kevin guys at the movies. Fat Guys. Movies Dot Com always appreciate our deep intellectual conversations as we query the enduring questions of mankind. Yeah right have yourself a great memorial day weekend and continue to be safe and we'll catch up again next week all right you too eight fifty thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen ten K. K. A. preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the best high school coverage. More information on win sports will resume as well as our full review of I Tanya. The next show thirteen ten. Kfi Long Time. Yeah I loved that movie. I know I'll be glued to the whole show today from noon to eight fifty three now. Thirteen ten KFI a thirteen. She was such a thirteen ten. Kfi AID COM. Why why why mornings okay. All live local. Fueled by create Western. Petroleum joined this morning by Matt make ends at Channel Two. I should say the long-suffering that Megan's channel to pinpoint weather meteorologists. That I apologize for interrupting your Saturday. Saying once that thing that he'll on I twenty five you know the one that can shift weather patterns. Hey No problem. I've been stuck inside for ten weeks. I gotTa talk to somebody there. You go a long time ago. Share your isolation I don. I was trying to explain weather patterns to someone that Well it was my brother. Actually Ohio that said. Hey what's what the meteorologists there that they can't get the weather right and I'm like it's not that easy you don't understand do not be taking gratuitous meteorologist because we got a lot of topographical things going on here to include the thing the thing he Cheyenne Ridge which we came up with and and I so appreciate I mean you fired back at me. Nerd alert nailed. It need to pay a visit. Becky becky go see this guy. She'll would with them and can do you know yeah. That's right that's right. Don't you just job bone and over Weatherman because you just don't get it. We mock what we don't understand right true and you're you you were asking about the Cheyenne Ridge which is kind of a store meter And that was the case this week. I mean well county had the three land spouts those same thunderstorms as they were rolling off. The Cheyenne Ridge say closer to car and stuff but really very week until they hit a a feature that was pretty much president all day long around really and out toward accurate outward. Birlik that feature was there and until that Cheyenne rich kind of lined hit. They were doing nothing but that little feature they popped up so good there you go. Yeah because Those lands fouts are actually waterspouts overland. Right there the tornadoes technically they go into the database tornadoes if they can cause damage which we saw some some roof damage. There's really more wind damage than Lance about damage But they're different than tornadoes than that they. It's kind of a circulation that starts at the ground and extends up into the storm as this develops whereas a classic Tornado would have come from rotating thunderstorm and extended down to the ground and much much stronger so they are a tornado. Technically but We'll stick with the term land about Okay Tornado. Light as the case may be. How does how does Memorial Day? Weekend Book If you're trying to get to a service or something Monday boarding. I'm not sure what is going to be allowed by the Danes but Maybe you're just GONNA go pay respects to the cemetery or something Jacket weather and perhaps an umbrella to a depending on when you go tomorrow is GonNa be your outdoor day. We'll hit about eighty with sunshine. Rolling in late will be thunderstorms Sunday and Monday. On and off chances for rain especially late Sunday quite a bit of water will fall for some folks. And it's going to be chilly highs only in the sixties for both days and Anybody that lives in the foothills. Maybe you're west of Greeley or something in the foothills. Watch out for those temperatures Sunday night and Monday morning. He man to protect your plan. Any may see some snowflakes of all things. Oh my goodness got love. Colorado weather rights do the latest hold. Got Let's hope that's the case last surge all right meteorologist channel to pinpoint weather meteorologists Matt. Maki- thanks so much for putting up with my Wonky nerdiness appreciate it. You Bet you have a great weekend. You as well eight fifty-seven now thirteen ten. Kfi K. TO UNC bears target game coverage on thirteen ten K. F. K. Memory of the courageous servicemen and women. We salute and remember your courage. A your honor and uncommon valor as you made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of this great nation. This Memorial Day. Thank you. Don't forget Noko now at four and Cape K. Classic at sick while the whole sports story in northern Colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K.

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May 19, Hr 2  COVID-19 tests

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

20:02 min | 1 year ago

May 19, Hr 2 COVID-19 tests

"This is mornings with Kale. Fueled by great. Western petroleum only thirteen ten K. F. K. A. Covert nineteen of related news. Yeah ask you the question. Is there anything else these days? Oh yeah there is and we will get to it in due time I guarantee by just wanted to pass some information along to you. Seven eight thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten K of K DOT COM mornings l live local field by great western petroleum piece by Sadie Swanson out of the Fort Collins Colorado in this as all symptomatic folks in the state and essential workers well can now get a corona virus test this as a capacity ramps up Colorado now has enough corona virus testing supplies. The test anyone with flu like symptoms or any essential workers who interact with the public governor. Jared Polis announced yesterday morning that Colorado now has the testing capacity to run ten thousand tests per day. Meaning the state's goal of being able to test all symptomatic Colorado wins This says by mid may well. We're kind of had mid may right now in fact low pass but yeah they want to test as many of us are manifesting those symptoms as quickly as possible previously. The guidance was to stay home as we're well aware and self isolate if you had symptoms unless you needed hospitalization but now that the state has enough supplies to ramp up. The testing governor Polish is encouraging anyone with symptoms to indeed be tested now for comparison. Colorado is still testing far fewer than capacity right. Now according to the governor last week the daily high was just above forty five hundred tests previous safer at home phase goals indicated. The state wanted to testing eighty five hundred to ten thousand people daily By the end of May on Friday the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that Colorado would indeed receive one hundred fifty nine million dollars to support the state's testing and contact tracing efforts This according to a news release from Senator Cory Gardner Office. The funding comes from the paycheck protection program and the healthcare enhancement. At now as we're well aware There's still no vaccine for the virus but you have What upwards of eight companies Working on that vaccine In order to get a vaccine into the pipeline as quickly as possible but police said that the state is hoping that more of us will get tested to help get a more accurate data picture as we're rapidly going back to work some might question the use of the word rapidly there because it is a very slow gradual reopening process but the governor said as rapidly going back to work opening our economy and businesses. It's more critical than ever before that. We gather that data and information. Now anyone who is symptomatic can get a free test but so can any essential workers who regularly interact with people like healthcare workers first responders and yes grocery store employees police who said he also fits into that category as a government employee who interacts with the public was indeed tested. During yesterday's News George Process actually entails. He said it. Just feels like a little tickle after the test. Gerona virus tests are free for Colorado and through the thirty two state testing centers. Now There is one in Larimer County. There's and that you see health facilities and other private healthcare providers just a reminder a king supers has extended their free Kovic Nineteen drive-thru testing through the end of May and there are three sites closest to Home University of Northern Colorado. But you also need to be aware that there are different restrictions and different requirements For all of these testing centers. And that you need to before going to get tested you need to check the sites requirements Online in Larimer county their community testing site. It's not requiring a doctor's notes but is testing by appointment only for example And you can just pop online and check out for example the Colorado Department of Public Health and environment website. And I'm sure you'll be able to find all of the testing sites the ones that are most convenient for you if you're interested in getting a covert nineteen test and What the restrictions and the requirements are because of social distancing and other public health measures. It's unlikely someone would contract the flu right now. Paula said so anyone that is exhibiting flu like symptoms who have Corona Virus. He said and should get tested. Krona virus test he went on to say is just a snapshot in time and people who are at risk for exposure or interact with the public should consider getting tested regularly. The state is continuing to periodically test nursing home employees about once every two weeks and is hoping to build up to once a week now back to a King supers extending their free covert nineteen through testing through the end of nee offering drive through testing as I said in northern Colorado in Greeley at the University of Northern Colorado. And if you're interested in getting that drive through tasks you can register. You do have to register in advance you register at Kroger Health Dot com forward slash covert testing again kroger health dot com forward slash covert testing. You'll use as a virtual screening tool that's based on the Centers for Disease Control and prevention guidelines to see if you are eligible and if you are eligible you can then select your testing location and University of Northern Colorado in Greeley and an appointment time receive an email confirmation with pre appointment paperwork and when you arrived for test at this location at the University of Northern Colorado. For example you need to have a photo. Id Ready and leave. Your windows rolled up for check in at is the new normal. A healthcare practitioner will approach your car and alert. You went to roll down the window. The test uses self administered nasal swabs which are less painful and decide to increase safety and those test results are expected to be available within approximately forty eight to seventy two hours. All Right Colorado's essential workers must continue to wear mass into June. This is governor. Jared police also orders workers in critical jobs to wear gloves wherever possible. Only their employees provide them. Just gets curiouser and curiouser. We'll get into that in just a few closing in on seven sixteen. Now Thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com this time check sponsored by caring hearts home healthcare serving northern. Colorado since two thousand one or patient care always comes first nine seven zero three seven eight four zero nine or carrying hearts h h dot com or all sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two thirteen ten Kfi k. The latest on covert nineteen local news and sports. We're here with you thirteen ten. Kfi In thirteen ten K. dot com route confused over the conflicting air quotes. Orders was borders. That really aren't enforceable. Across the state the safer at home the safer work and the counties that mandate you wear mass inside of places of business. You know I was just talking to somebody yesterday. This was fascinating to me They live in Loveland. But loveland is in Larimer County Lamma County if you go to grocery store big box store whatever whatever the case may be in Larimer County. You are required to wear a mask. So they shop up in Greeley Greeley because well county doesn't have that mask requirement in place but speaking of confusion. Let me just. Redo the headline here and the sub head and it's a head scratcher for me. Maybe you can help me. Sort this out. Colorado's essential workers must continue to wear masks into June. Okay that's pretty crystal right. That's pretty to the point. Sub head this piece by Shelley BRADBERRY IN THE DENVER POST SUB HEAD. Police also orders workers in critical jobs to wear gloves whenever possible if their employees provide them. It's just once again. It's kind of like well. It's a requirement Kinda sorta maybe only if your employer requires the gloves. You're supposed to wear them whenever possible. What if you deem whatever your job? Requirements are what if you deem it impossible to wear gloves under this air quote? Order it. Just gets curiouser and curiouser or am I over thinking it nine seven three five three thousand nine hundred ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten dropping attacks. Help me figure this out at three one nine nine. Six meanwhile workers at Colorado's essential businesses and critical government. Jobs must continue to wear masks at work until at least mid June. Now this Emanated from a an order. Saturday from Governor Jared Polis. The governor extended the mask mandate which has already been in place for thirty days until June. Fifteenth this an executive order he signed Saturday citing continued need to slow the spread of Cova nineteen and the state workers. In grocery stores restaurants. Liquor stores gunshops food processing plants. Hotels and a variety of other industries should be are considered to be winners a critical businesses. They must wear masks while at work and should wear gloves when possible once again if said gloves are provided by the employer masks must be made of cloth and must cover the nose and mouth. And you shouldn't Fultz with them all the time. Do you find yourself doing that. When you're wearing a mask what is that stat? We typically this is in a pre mask era when we weren't wearing US pre Cova Nineteen. We typically touch our faces at least thirty times an hour and I can't tell you how many people I've talked to and I found myself doing it. Whenever you're wearing a mask it just feels kind of funky. It just doesn't I mean it's not something that is part of our normal daily routine something that we used to do every day and you're always adjusting and moving around probably touching your face even more but once again where mask if that helps with your comfort level and of course if it's required in the county within which you live if you're going out to you know do any shopping or anything like that Particularly if you're on the front line general public in Colorado not required to wear masks in public but wait a minute. No it's not that clear cut. It's not that cut and dried state officials once again of highly. Encourage the practice. But here's the kicker it has been mandated by at least fifteen cities and counties. Can you name them? Might be vital information particularly if you live within a county that requires you to wear a mask. This includes Denver where residents are require required to wear a mask inside of source also previously mentioned includes Larimer county as well police. Saturday also signed executive orders to give local public health agencies more flexibility to use some state funding for expenses related to the pandemic and to extend some state income tax deadlines until July fifteenth to align with the extended. Federal tax deadlines This as Colorado's essential workers must continue to wear masks until at least at least mid June house again on seven twenty nine thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com mornings with Kale fueled by Great Western Petroleum. One to a follow up piece to that extended mask order. Issued Saturday by Governor Jared police because they found this absolutely fascinating and all of the discussion and the caterwauling and the controversy in the debate about the efficiency of a face mask. Dr March Seagull wrote great piece in The Wall Street Journal actually showed up yesterday. Will a face facemask protect you? So why don't we just confused things even further? What do you say we'll get to that In just a few but coming up Keith wineman presidential wealth management ways in stocks are coming off a really big rally yesterday. And you'll soon be able to well your your comfort level permitting. Roll the dice and do that. Vegas Vacation Keith. Wineman presidential wealth management ways in just a few minutes from now closing in on seven thirty now thirteen ten K. F. K. BURST TO UNC bears target game coverage lives on thirteen. Ten K OF K. Catch me Dan Patrick in the Danettes. Weekdays nine to noon on thirteen ten K. F. K. Well we are seeing a Cornucopia of law sued action across the state due to What some term as being overreach government overreach and rather Greco shut shutdown orders. Well Governor Jared Polis as explain to do this. Colorado concern sues him over an order easing signature gathering requirements for ballot measures This is a piece by Sasha Hindi in the Denver a group of top Colorado Business Leaders. Soon Governor Jared Police Secretary of State Agenda griswald on Monday this over an executive order to suspend some requirements on something not related to cove nineteen. But yeah in a way. It is because these requirements were suspended because of the pandemic but again this executive order to suspend some requirements on collecting signatures for ballot issues. Colorado concerns lawsuit filed in Denver District Court alleges the government. The governor does not have the authority to change these types of constitutional requirements. Governor does not have the power to unilaterally throw out Colorado's signature gathering process this. According to Chris Murray shareholder at Brownstein hired Hyatt Farber Schreck Colorado's constitution guarantees. That signatures will be gathered. Transparently in front of Third Party. Governor Polices Executive Order undermines the integrity of the in-person process that Colorado and have long demanded governor's executive order authorized. The Secretary of state create temporary rules to allow signatures for ballot issues to be collected by mail or email previously. That can only be done in person. He also signed another order to allow unaffiliated an independent candidates to gather signatures by mail or e-mail. Once again. These orders come. After ballot organizers have advocated for changes because constraints on public activities during the corona virus. Pandemic could make it difficult to collect enough in-person signatures to get their issues on. The November ballot governor's office did not comment on these developments. But we'll be sure to bottle this long. This has Colorado concern has sued governor Colorado Governor Jared police over this executive order easing signature gathering requirements for ballot measures. Again the group calling the changes an overreach that is not not supported by the state constitution closing in on some fifty one. Now Thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten. Kfi PREPS RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the past high school coverage thirteen ten KFI K. Eight thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot com closing in on seven fifty seven while they're all sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two thirteen ten. Kfi K. This is Kevin. Kara fact is at the movies. And you're listening to mornings with Gail on thirteen ten. Kfi owner of shooter's Grill in rifle. No Stranger to controversy seven fifty nine now thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten KFI K. A. DOT COM now. She announced her candidacy Back I believe it was in January. What seems like a lifetime ago challenging Scott Tipton for his third congressional district seat by the way Shooter's Grill in rifle They're all packing the employees that work there well She opened a restaurant. In defiance of governor jared police's safer at home owner continued to operate after her own county cease and desist order. Was she said Friday? That Garfield County had suspended her food license now she met with Garfield County officials yesterday. And well we. You will talk with alarm over to find out what that what happened. There at eight. Oh five to UNC. Bears target game coverage lives thirteen ten KFI K.

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Rep. Joe Neguse on the CORE Act and the Green New Deal

Go West, Young Podcast

27:17 min | 2 years ago

Rep. Joe Neguse on the CORE Act and the Green New Deal

"Welcome to go. West young podcast your show about the outdoors, America's parks and public lands. I'm Aaron Weiss at the center for western priorities in Denver coming up. One of the members of the congressional freshman class is here, we will talk Representative Jona goose about his Bill to protect public lands and give boost to outdoor recreation in Colorado. But first, let's do the news. You know, I was really looking forward to a new segment that didn't start with more trouble for now interior secretary, David Bernhardt, and this is not that episode as expected the Senate confirmed Bernhardt as secretary last Thursday and on his very first full day on the job. We learned that he was under investigation the national archives confirmed. It has opened an investigation into whether Bernhardt has been destroying calendar documents in violation of the federal records act and the very next business day, which is to say this Monday. Interior's inspector general Mary KENDALL announced. She's open investigation into Bernhardt as well that one appears to be a more wide ranging investigation. The office confirms it has received seven complaints from quote, a wide assortment of complainants into whether Bernhardt violated ethics rules, so two days on the job to investigations opened. And that calendar story is not going away. After first denying the whole thing and interior spokesperson came clean to roll call on Tuesday admitting that interior left meetings off his official schedule and that they used a Google document to make daily scheduled for Bernhardt, which was then overwritten at the individual. So listen to how they're tying themselves in knots here back on April third faith, VanDerveer the interior department spokesperson said directly. No, he did not keep his personal calendar within a Google document. Tha. Day. She's singing a different tune. Here's the direct quote. It was reflected in a Google document. I will not say that his calendar was kept in a Google document because there's no legal protocol. That says how we label our calendar. Justice suggestion to miss van revert. If your defense comes down to what your definition of the word, keep is you're probably digging your hole even deeper. So the house oversight committee is still trying to conduct interviews with the interior staffers who kept burn hearts calendars, a deadline from committee, chairman Elijah Cummings came and went week go. So it looks like interior is stonewalling there, and we just learned that the acting inspector-general add interior, Mary kindle is retiring next month. So it is probably safe to say, we will not know the results of her Bernhardt investigation before then. All right one other quick news update. The Trump administration keeps losing in court. A judge just tossed out interiors attempt to. Repeal the valuation rule that was a rule that the office of natural resources revenue uses to set the value of oil gas and coal that's produced on public lands. The Obama administration had issued that rule to stop coal companies from selling coal to their own subsidiaries at below market prices then paying royalties on those low sale prices. The judge said that interior did not offer a reason explanation for why it was tossing out that rule. So it is back on the books. Head back one episode in this feed for an interview with an attorney from Earthjustice on how the courts are providing a check on the Trump administration's energy addenda. All right. Our guest this week is one of the newest members of congress Jona goose represents boulder and Denver's western suburbs heading north and also west into the mountains and ski country as well. He is introduced a Bill the Colorado outdoor recreation and economy act known as the core act to protect four hundred thousand acres of public land in Colorado congresswoman goose welcome to the podcast. Thank you for having me, the pleasure. And joining me as well. Our executive director here the center for western priorities. General kla? Hello, congressman, let's start with that Corre act. Walk us through what it does. Sure. So the core act as you said essentially protects approximately four hundred thousand acres of public land throughout our state establishes new wilderness areas and safeguards existing outdoor recreation opportunities really to boost the economy for future generations here in our state. It is the culminating of over a decade of work by Colorado's accrue. Our state ranchers conservationists, local elected officials county commissioners mayors and so forth who have worked for many years as gen is well aware to come together to forge some reasonable compromises to make ultimately and create a public land's package that makes sense for our state. And ultimately ensures that the public lands that we treasure here in our state will be preserved for future generations like my daughters. So congressman the congress just passed a massive public lands Bill at the beginning of the session. The core act had just been introduced so it didn't make it into that big package. Are you concerned that there might not be an appetite for another major public land's? Another Major Bill that protects public lands during the session of congress. No, I don't think. So I mean, I think if anything the fact that there were no new wilderness designations in the Bill that you mentioned that was signed by the president for Colorado, not withstanding that there were hundreds of thousands of acres. Millions of acres in fact, for many other states if anything begs the larger question, which is why that wasn't the case. And ultimately builds more momentum for us to make the case that this Bill is so desperately needed. It has been a long time since we've had a wilderness successful wilderness package of this type of scale approved for our state. So at the time is right. So what does some of the areas in Colorado that would get wilderness designations if the Bill passes? Yeah. So the. Bill is essentially a combination of several different bills that have been introduced in the past. So with respect to the second congressional district the continental divide recreation wilderness camp, hell, like act is the portion that would most acutely impact my district. Second district of I like to call the most beautiful congressional district in the United States. Most of my colleagues. I would argue as you said boulder for Collins in the central mountains. Right. So summit county eagle grand and just incredibly beautiful places including camp, right? This Bill would honor the legacy of the tenth mountain infantry division. The folks who served our country so incredibly well during World War Two and really created the the underpinnings for the modern ski industry in our state in our country. So that's just one example as well. The San Juan mountain wilderness act is another portion of the Bill. The Thompson divide withdrawal and Protection Act, which would withdraw about two hundred thousand acres of believe. On the Thompson divide for mineral leasing so forth. So we can preserve that area for future generations. And then finally national recreation area boundary stablishment act, so it's it's really a combination of different public land's bills that have introduced over the course of the last ten years all kind of combined here for for maximum effect. When we think stands the best chance of passage. You've got Senator Michael Bennet cosponsoring the Bill in the Senate in the house with you. You've got representatives Pearl muttered to get crow all along with you. So I think that raises the question where are Cory Gardner and Scott Tipton on this? It's a good question. You know, we're we're continuing to have conversations with our colleagues, we'd like to be able to build as much support as we can and the congress, and what I would say is there are a plethora of folks at the local level who are really championing this Bill because it fundamentally is their Bill. These ideas came from the folks who live in these community. And so we have folks everywhere from the San Miguel gunnison county commissioners across party lines who were supporting the Bill, I would hope that ultimately as we continue to build momentum. And as we hear from more and more Colorado's for across the state, including those who live in in the neighboring congressional districts to my own as they call for this Bill to to move in the house. I would hope that my colleagues will will listen, well and cars touched on that the process and the importance of local local control or not control but local input. Can what are the next steps? Have you had a hearing we have. So this Bill again, I think it's indicative of just how much support this Bill has we were able to secure a hearing within the first hundred days of this congress. So we held a hearing two weeks ago in front of the natural resources house, actually the public land's subcommittee. I it's a sub committee that I serve on. In addition to serving on the full committee of the natural resources committee. And we're able to actually have a number of folks from here from Colorado who traveled to Washington to testified sport of the Bill to show their support the primary witness who ultimately testified was Dan Gibbs former county Commissioner in summit county, dear friend, who's now the executive director of the car department natural resources for governor police, and he testified to the need for this Bill. Also talked about the years of work of collaboration and kind of the stakeholder driven process that that took place before this Bill was introduced so the next step will be to get a markup in committee as jed knows from her time in Washington to alternately get a vote in committee and hopefully get to the floor. So we're we're we're pushing we're certainly making progress. Let's take a step back. You are one of the original sponsors of the green new deal at it's a Bill that has been both. Celebrated for setting such lofty goals for the country. But also come under some criticism for being light on the details of how to get there. Why did you use sign on and make that one of the first things you did when you got to Washington? I thought it was important to make a bold statement early on about where my priorities are. And for me, I've always seen climate changes. I think the defining issue of our time. I think it's an existential threat to our way of life, and to the extent that we'd take comprehensive steps to resolve the planetary crisis. That we find ourselves in the world that our children inherit my wife, and I have a month old daughter. It will it will not be, you know, I think a world that that we wanna live it. Right. And so from my perspective, the congress should be leading. And we should have the political will to be able to finally make some progress and move the needle with respect to the fight against climate change. So it seemed only fitting that I would support something like the green new deal, which provided as you said some ambitious goal since principles by which we could all pursue climate action. And I thought that made a whole lot of sense. I still do and I think it has captured the hearts in the imagination of the American people in a way that I have not seen in quite some time from a policy perspective to that. And what are the what's the pathway to filling in the details of the green new deal? So I think that work is now happy in congress. I think that by way, of example, I serve on the select committee on the climate crisis. It's a committee that speaker Pelosi impaneled at the beginning of this congress a similar to a committee that she created ten years ago. Last time the Democrats had the majority and the goal of the committee of fifteen members nine Democrats, six Republicans. And as I mentioned, I serve on the committee represent Colorado in the Rocky Mountain west on the committee a monitor do that. But the goal is to make a series of recommendations policy recommendations legislative recommendations to the house about ways in which we can move the needle. And so from my perspective, I think the work with the green new deal does is it provides a process by which we can now fill in the important pieces that get us to one hundred percent renewable energy future. So we're working on a series of bills. We've already introduced a few were talking to experts about batteries development and energy storage and carbon sequestration and trying to kind of think about different ways to attack the problem. We had a great tour of some regenerative agriculture farms in Boulder County in my district doing incredible things with respect to carbon sink and so forth. And so. Again, I think you're gonna see the pieces start to emerge here over the course of the next many weeks months, and ultimately the next year and a half and the hundred sixteen congress and those component pieces will be incredibly important parts of the the larger puzzle. What role do you see public land's playing in some sort of final green new deal? When those details or field in either in terms of oil and gas development renewable filament carbon storage you name it. Well, I think you'd want to well, right? I'm just as your question framed at the right way. I see there's the obvious examples of removing these land from mineral leasing and oil and gas development and so forth, which will play a huge role both in preserving the land for ranchers and conservationists and the citizens of our state for generations to come. But also, we'll have a dramatic impact on our carbon emissions in our contribution to climate change. There are also any variety of other as I mentioned regenerative agr-. Culture. I think some really exciting things happening in that space where that will undoubtedly play a role in in how we ultimately attack this problem. So we started the podcast talking about the investigations into David Bernhardt to in two days, you're on the natural resources committee, as you mentioned that committee has oversight responsibilities over the interior department. How do you balance doing that oversight work and trying to pass legislation at the same time? How do you walk in shoe gum? I think we can I don't think congress has an article one obligation to engage in oversight. That's the constitutional obligation that certainly takes it very seriously. And I suspect most of my colleagues do as well that does not mean that we can also pursue legislation for the common good and work with folks both within the ministration, and obviously with folks across party lines in the congress to achieve that those are not mutually exclusive. So I think you see the congress actively engaged on both fronts. You mentioned some of the the various ethical challenges that the the now confirmed interior secretary has has had over the course of the last several years, and obviously they've been variety of members of congress who have called the call that to attention. And I'm glad that they have I was very disappointed that the United States Senate confirmed him, I don't think that he should have been confirmed. And you know, I think there's a lot of questions that he has to. To you'll have to answer in terms of how he his performed his duties prior to becoming secretary in his deputy role. So I know I don't think that our ability to engage in appropriate oversight. He's in any way obstacle told to me also moving on legislation. Do we started the interview by talking about the public land's package that the president signed two months ago, which also included a few provisions that we hit introduced standalone bills in the congress, very important constituents of mine in eagle county and Minton and elsewhere. So again, I think we we try to both say you just hit one hundred days in office. I know you've introduced ten Bill so far held what a dozen town meetings. Involve got a new baby at home. Are you exhausted? Yes. Yeah. It's been a busy hundred days. But you know, we made the commitment early on when I was running for congress. You know, we we thought that we can make the case that given my prior experience in state government in the work done here in Colorado that we'd be well positioned to hit the ground running. And so we are working very hard. And you can't do it without an incredible team. And so we have a symbol some really talented. Folks in our office in Washington in boulder and Fort Collins, who are just incredibly good at their jobs. So they're they're doing a lot with respect to keeping an active schedule. Right. As you said introducing ten bills more than any other freshman member of congress, and then obviously the town halls and so forth. And so it's it's been a busy hundred days and. A lot of the credit much of the credit goes to my wife courses, just as incredible. And. The family support that are from her. And from our daughter is is is a big part of what enables me to do. We're doing. So what has been the most surprising thing that even countered in this first hundred days. A lot. You know, I spent a great deal of time in Washington before I was elected to congress. And so there's a lot about the city that surprised me and a lot about the government. I think in some respects, I was surprised remain surprised at just how slow some things can move through congressman glacial pace, you know, having been a public servant here in Colorado working in state government and the realities that even notwithstanding political differences that folks have here in our state. There's generally Nikos of trying to get something done and working to to achieve something. Good. And that's not to say that there are people have good faith in congress or certainly are. But things move very slow. And so for thirty four year old who's eager to get to work of that can be a little bit of a frustrating experience. Is there a is there a lesson to be learned from the public land's package? The big one the past the the session in terms of how. You get to making this dysfunctional congress functional in a by partisan way. Again, that's a great point. I mean, I I often say that much of my work in the congress is about following Colorado's lead and trying to convince my colleagues that the federal government ought to emulate what call Rodel has done up because I think there are a lot of things that car done incredibly. Well, and they're some examples I could give in terms of bills that were we have introduced a successful house amendment. That was attached to the passed the house on HR one election reform package Bill that included amendment Nicole amendment seventy that essentially allowed for destruction of sixteen seventeen year olds to get them more engaged in civic life. And so that was a Bill excuse me, an amendment that was modeled after something successfully done in Colorado, and to your point in terms of the core act, the the the lesson there is to the extent that we can build local support. I think it is particularly powerful for. Policymakers in Washington, it's it's tough for them to ignore. And that's certainly what I'm counting on that. Given the broad local support we see every day letters to the editor in the drank oh herald and the daily Cameron newspapers across the state folks who are eager to see the correct become law. So to me that that is an important takeaway in my view. Well, I was going to say it's consistent with the campaign. We ran last year winning the west and it shows that boaters in the west, regardless of political party want to see public land's protected. They wanna move away from fossil fuels. They wanna see more renewable energy developed on public lands. And so it seems like there's a groundswell of public support for something. Like, the correct I think that's precisely righted in. It's not generally speaking partisan issue. Should it be every Colorado? You don't have to be a Republican or democrat or not affiliated voter to enjoy hiking camping and fishing and some of your best memories right with your family, enjoying some of the beautiful open spaces and public lands that we have in Colorado. So protecting those ought to be something that is broadly supported and I think it is. And that's certainly sense that I've gotten in terms of the reaction that we've received since introducing the correct? The last question I've got for you is is either a softball or. Gotcha. Depending on how you to look at it. We always. Ask elected officials to share their favorite outdoor spots in their district or their state. Now your district includes Rocky Mountain national park, which seems like a gimme. So I'm gonna take that off the table. It's too easy. What is your favorite lesser known hiking or camping spot either in your district or in Colorado? You've got twenty four forty eight hours off the grid with your family where you headed. Well, I want to be careful because as you said, I also have white river national. Which is an incredibly beautiful part of the district that I enjoy you mentioned Rocky Mountain national park, which of course, is you know, I can remember going as a child with my with my parents and to this day going with with my wife, and I look forward to being able to take my daughter. They're so honest answers that suspect I would have picked Rocky Mountain national market hadn't preclude me from doing so, but I'll give in another area. And it's a good reminder. I think about what what public servants when they're working with the community and with their fellow citizens can accomplish Indian peaks wilderness, which you both. I'm sure have been to which I just a beautiful part of of of our county and Boulder County beautiful part of our state a lot of people don't realize this that any impeach wilderness was protected the designation came about because of a Bill that Tim Wirth who was my predecessor forty years ago. In the second congressional district represented the district for close to a decade. He ran bills a freshman member of congress, actually, and in ultimately was able to get that through at a time when we had some pretty divisive politics and generation after generation of now able to enjoy that area. Right. And so for me when people ask, you know, what why do you do what you do in congress really get anything done? I try to look back to that example. And hopefully, we can do the same with the core act. Congressman Joe goose represents Colorado's second congressional district. Congressman thank you so much for stopping by the office today. Thank you. Thank you for having me. We always wrap up with a look back at this week in western history. We're going back to April nineteen eighty-seven Easter Sunday when a biologist named Jan hambur was sitting in her car watching the last wild California, Condor enjoying its last few moments of freedom in the bitter creek national wildlife refuge. This wasn't a surprise to Jin. The bird was known as AC nine adult Condor nine and it had been lured there by the carcass of a dead. Calf the California Condor was on the brink of extinction. And biologists decided the only hope of recovery was captive breeding. Jan knew it had to be done. But she also knew she might be witness to the bird's extinction in the wild. If breeding didn't work, this is what Jan wrote in her journal on the morning of April eighteen eighty seven I sat on my opi- and followed a seni- telemetry signal as he left the Rusen brush mountain and headed straight. For Hudson ranch. He went in. And I we scream ING out in to get out of the way I saw puff of smoke and the net went over him just foot or so away from freedom only effort that had been expended for all the plans that have been laid for all the hopes that had been imagined. I just knew that I had been part of a historic moment the purposeful removing of an endangered species from the wild favorite in April nineteen eighty-seven there were only twenty three California condors in the entire world AC nine the last wild one was taken to the San Diego wild animal park, which had not at that point bread any California condors in captivity. But the breeding program did work AC nine himself became a prolific father producing fifteen chicks between nineteen ninety one in two thousand one that is very impressive. Considering Condor pair usually only produces one Chiquiar. By nineteen ninety two the fish and Wildlife Service started reintroducing captive bred condors into the wild. They have since released them at three different sites in California, plus the Grand Canyon and in Baja Mexico. There are now around four hundred fifty condors worldwide nearly three hundred of them are in the wild. And those populations are reproducing as for nine after fifteen years in captivity. He was released back into the wild in two thousand two there he paired with female Condor, and they NIST together eight times until her death in two thousand fifteen the next year he paired with another female they were raising their first offspring together when AC nine when missing in June of two thousand seventeen without his remains. It's impossible to know what happened but lead poisoning is the leading cause of death among adult, California condors, they're scavengers. So if a hunter kills an animal like deer with lead, ammunition and leaves a gut pile behind the condors. Will then ingest pellets or bullet fragments made of lead leading to severe neurological problems and eventually starvation along California banned the use of lead amunition for all wildlife hunting it will go into full effect this June. That is just part of the legacy of California, Condor AC nine. He was survived by eight offspring four of them. Already breeding in the wild all of it. Thanks to biologist. Jan hambur who helped capture AC nine thirty one years ago this week in western history. That is it for this episode of go west young podcast. Thanks again to congressman Joe goose for stopping by the office. It's always nice to interview in person other than over the computer that clip of Condor biologist, Jan hambur by the ways from documentary by Jeff mcglaughlin called the condors shadow. We've linked to that in the show notes drop us a line. If you've got an idea for a future episode podcast at western priorities dot org is the Email address or drop me a line on Twitter. I'm a Weiss we will be back in a week or two with another episode. In the meantime, on behalf of Jenn Roca and the entire team here at the center for western priorities. I'm Aaron Weiss. Thanks for listening.

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May 18  Hour 1  Gail Watches NASCAR | Motorcycle Rally at Colorado Capitol

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

33:38 min | 1 year ago

May 18 Hour 1 Gail Watches NASCAR | Motorcycle Rally at Colorado Capitol

"This is mornings with Kale. Fueled by Great Western petroleum only thirteen ten KFI K. Well it got therm motorists running yesterday. This as a NASCAR returns and Darlington delivers despite. Well something we're all going to have to get used to the days weeks and months ahead. The new normal as the country's slowly cautiously reopened in a time of covet. Nineteen six hundred on your Monday morning. Thirteen ten KFI a thirteen ten K. of K. A. Dot Com Mornings Kale live local fueled by great western petroleum. Just for grins this morning. Once again in time of civil disobedience you even had governor Jared Polis saying along with President Donald Trump that the lockdowns continued lockdowns. Absolutely not sustainable. We had a rally at the Capitol in Denver yesterday motorcycle. Rally saying you'RE NOT GONNA lock us down anymore. This is a nation based on our freedoms based on our individual ability to take responsibility to lead our own lives particularly when there is this nasty virus spreading around but just monitoring this live shot out of Belmar New Jersey this morning from wt acts. This has jim opener. Gym owner is reopening despite the lockdown. He fully expects that the minute he opens his doors. He will indeed be arrested This as any number of restaurants once again divide defying orders across the country which leads to a conversation of consent of the government and civil disobedience but meanwhile back to NAS car. I have to admit I have a respect for NASCAR. I didn't fully really understand it and I have never watched the four hundred miles spectacle devoting three and a half hours to watching cars make left turns. Okay no disrespect intended. It's just that I didn't have a full understanding of what NASCAR actually was. Thank you Jeff Gordon. Because it was like it wasn't the Reader's digest version because I did spend three and a half hours watching if only to approximate some semblance of normalcy. Now again the new normal not normal whatsoever because the grandstands at Darlington absolutely empty. Well except for the spotters who got little close for comfort. We'll get into that in just a few as well but just watching it and learning about. Oh my gosh. It's not just driving the car. It's everything that goes into it so as we're all aware. We did that story on Friday where I went. I admit I kind of got into the weeds on this talking. About in order to make This event actually happened everything that NASCAR had to do all the hoops that they had to jump through all the changes particularly when it came to personnel usually at a NASCAR race my understanding my newly minted understanding is they have thirty seven hundred people crew in the Infield and they had to winnow that down to just nine hundred people but that was only the beginning of all of the changes in the precautions that they had to take so it stands to reason. Obviously that the hours leading up to yesterday's four hundred mile race at Darlington raceway actually the months leading up to it. We're surreal. They strange but the moments immediately following the event is Kevin Harvick reached a rarely achieved career. Milestone this was his fiftieth win and celebrate. Ori Donuts in front of an empty grandstand. They were like nothing that NASCAR NASCAR fans that nothing like we've ever seen before but the three hours thirty minutes and thirty seconds to be exact in between those felt perfectly normal the most normal that anyone in the Nascar community fan or competitor has felt in ten weeks nearly two and a half months vic standing at the start finish line after becoming just the fourteenth driver in Nascar history to reach fifty career win saying I just want to thank everybody from Nascar all the teams for letting us do what we do. I didn't think it would be that much different if we won the race. But it's dead silent here. Yes Nascar really misses the fans. But it's going to be interesting to see what they racked up in terms of viewership. Because I'm sure there are many like me who really never understood what it was all about. That were glued to watching this race yesterday. If only to feel that somehow we're returning to normal and you know spent with sports franchises across the nation were watching this with an eagle is to see if NASCAR would indeed succeed in pulling this often and pulling it off. They did everyone at the racetrack. Had their temperatures checked before they were allowed to Go into the garage. That garage was spread out passed. Its normal confines. Throughout the Darlington Raceway infield working and walking lanes marked by miles and miles of red tape with promises of objections and some pretty steep fines. Should anyone dare not to stay in their prescribed? Social distancing lanes or refused to wear protective face. Mass NASCAR said that none of the nearly nine hundred people on the racetrack grounds were found to be symptomatic even so much with a slightly elevated temperature. We're in front piece by Ryan McGee Senior writer for ESPN. The only hiccup in the protection plan came actually during the race. I actually saw this where you had the team spotters right there. Normally crammed into this teeny tiny area Just topped the press box. Well they kind of drifted away from their designated spots scattered throughout the empty front stretch grandstand. And the actually began to congregate and when this was shown on television many among the TV. Audience question closeness of their formation. And of course NASCAR officials quickly won them to spread back out. But Joey Meyer on twitter. He is a longtime NASCAR spider. He had a great line on twitter. He said the PGA says. Now you know how we feel. He was referring to the instances when golf fans watching TV have called in to report rules violations and changes to competition made because of it but outside of that incident which was fixed toot sweet the remainder of the race checked. All the boxes of typical Darlington raceway event featuring ten changes among six drivers ten cautions that took up roughly twenty percent of the races at two hundred ninety three labs again. Four hundred miles day was hot. Nascar's oldest speedway was characteristically. Slick and the race track. They call too tough to tame manage the by plenty of victims. One victim was Jimmy Johnson. Who hoops he? Let's just say he had a lapse in judgment. He was cloning closing in on a win of the first stage only too well wreck out of the race. There isn't even an infield grass fire between turns one to without any race fan campfires. The blame it on and at one point COW BUSHES. Toyota appealed a vinyl sponsorship. Banner off the outside retaining wall and it promptly wrapped itself around to other race cars rubbings race right so what Bush actually did is he got behind another car and actually rubbed that piece of vinyl that banner off of his car and it kind of whipped off his bumper and floated to a next car flute to next car. After that Kurt Busch said there were times when you looked in the grandstands and yet when you see an empty seat you feel a set eyeballs. That are coming through the Camera Lens. Now Bush actually finished third between Harvick and Alex Bowman plenty of NASCAR fans in Darlington South Carolina on Sunday. They just weren't inside the race track at the raceway grill. Perhaps NASCAR's most famous trackside diner fanzine signature. Hamburgers states picnic tables of course distance responsibly. Across the street from the tracks second turn anxious to hear the live sound of race cars one. That a terrific sound. Did you watch it yesterday when I mean it was absolutely incredible because once again we're all yearning not only well many of us to again back to work but to get back to life and living as we knew it now we also saw? Ryan Newman Ryan Newman Kansas. Now you remember Newman was behind the wheel of his number six Ford for the first time since that horrifying crash at the end of the Daytona. Five hundred on February seventeenth. What you might not know. That was exactly three months earlier. Kansas was back on the track for the first time in nearly a year and a half taking over the number forty two savvy. They created by the firing of Kyle Larson for using a racing. Slur this during a televised NASCAR. I racing event on April. Twelve Newman. Who was actually put into a medically induced coma after that horrific crash at the Daytona? Five hundred. He doesn't even remember the crash. Think about that. He has no memory of that crash whatsoever could be argued that for him from psychological perspective. That indeed was a good thing. Because you know we all remember Tom. Cruise and Topgun. What happened to you know the rest of the story Newman finished fifteenth? But what an amazing an amazing spectacle as NASCAR always is learned a little bit about the Darlington speedway as well because the track is not really shaped like an oval shaped more like an egg. Why well because when they were building the track. Thank you again. Jeff Gordon I love these little factoid. 's when they were building the track there was a guy at the end of the track that owned a minnow pond. Apparently he raised minnows and he refused to sell his land. And that's why the track is shaped like an egg and some turns are shorter than others but yeah NASCAR returns triumphantly. Yesterday and once again Darlington delivers six thousand. Nine hundred thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot com this time sponsored by carrying hearts home healthcare serving Northern Colorado. Since two thousand one where patient care always comes first nine seven nine three seven eight nine or caring hearts. H H DOT com thirteen ten. Kfi Am preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage Kevin Tara Affect is at the movies here. Don't forget to listen to my show every Saturday on KFTA now back to mornings with Gail well monitoring a defiant gym owner. The owner of a tillerson's Jim in New Jersey. That despite the closure orders is reopening this morning doing it safely I mean. The Gym will only accept Twenty percent of capacity All those members and won't accept non-members coming in. I'm not really sure what difference that makes but it sounds good right. It should make the government happy But everyone coming in. We'll have their temperature checked before they're allowed access into the building. Everyone will have their own individual bottle of hand sanitizer and of course they'll be practicing those guidelines best practices when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting the gym but watching this very defiant gym-owner this morning saying that he fully expects to be arrested very shortly after the gym. Reopens Senate reopened? Actually this morning at six o'clock mountain time so monitoring that This as a shooter's grill in rifle they had their food license suspended. Defying those public health orders by reopening her restaurant owner. Lauren bogert to dine in customers now. Apparently we'll get into this later on in the show this morning but she actually posted a thirty second video facebook video Friday night. She's also a Republican Congressional candidate challenging Scott Tipton. She said she was notified by county health officials shortly after five pm Friday that her license had been suspended now. She knew this was coming. I can't help but think over it said in a thirty second video holding up papers from the Garfield County Public Health Department as she spoke. We're not serving food until I meet with officials Monday morning at nine a. m. so we're going to Reach out to congressional candidates and Owner of shooter's Grill in Rifle Lohan. Lauren bogaerts see if we can get her on the show tomorrow but again Making waves when she opened her restaurant last week to dine in customers. Despite this State wide mandate that allows only pick up and delivery now in Tuesday Garfield County officials served with a cease and desist order but Burghardt actually continued to serve restaurants inside of her restaurants and when The restaurant continued to operate Garfield County. Then well Notched it up a level serving her with a temporary restraining order somewhat overdue. She assembled tables and chairs outside to continue serving customers. Here's what she wrote. Friday on FACEBOOK GOVERNOR. Polish policies are literally bankrupting. Small businesses like mine. That are doing their very best. Here's what is key to stay responsibly. Afloat it's a shared irresponsibly as responsibility shared by the business owner and the consumer. That would be all of us a like. We need to make those decisions we know what to do. You don't have to be a rocket scientist in order to follow the guidelines and make your own choices choices that at this point in time in my very humble opinion are nothing more than hey. Let's see how far government says we can push the sheep all and unfortunately when we act like sheep all what we get we get a government of wards and I think at this point in time. That's what we are looking at so many states across the nation as they continue to ramp up these stay at home orders. Freedom heard six thirty now thirteen ten K. And the heard my act responsibly. Thirteen ten KFI A dot com mornings with Gail live local. Fueled by Great Western Petroleum. Right only four count them. Four of Colorado's sixty four counties are co vid. Nine free how they've achieved that and whether it'll hold coming up at six thirty five closing in on six thirty one thirteen ten K. K. While the whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi K. The latest on Kobe. Nineteen local news and sports were here with you thirteen ten. Kfi Am thirteen ten KFI DOT com. And then there were four. Colorado's last corona virus free counties. Well they want to stay that way. But how did they get there? Let's just say social distancing in these counties is a way of life nothing new to them six thirty eight now. Thirteen ten K of a thirteen ten Kedah K. dot com morning sweet. Gale fueled by Great Western petroleum working from a piece by John Aguilar out of the Denver Post distances are big and wide in Kiowa County while amenities are few and far between but think about it. It's the remoteness and the stillness of this wedge of the High Plains in Colorado flush up against the Kansas border. It's probably I would say. Undoubtedly played a major role in making it. One of the last few counties in the state without a single documented case of Covert Nineteen Crows owner of crows. Stop and shop. It is the loan grocery store in EADS he says. We're socially distanced three hundred sixty five days a year. Kiowa County three hour drive. Southeast Denver's shares Cova Free designation with Jackson Dolores and Sedgwick counties all sparsely populated and far away from any communities of any major size. None of the poor counties has more than twenty five hundred residents. Kiowa county itself numbers fewer than fourteen hundred but charlene corral. Ceo of Wise Brewed Memorial County. Hospital in EADS said that she and her staff I still taking no chances with the corona virus which has infected more than twenty two thousand people in Colorado killed approximately twelve hundred people since it was first detected in state back on March fifth. The viruses presence has been reported in Colorado's other sixty counties. My Concern Corral said is that it's probably here and we haven't identified the people who have it yet. Were still locked down though. No visitors are permitted in the waiting area inside of the hospital and even to get into the vestibule at the front entrance of the very small facility a nurse gets a body temperature from the forehead with a hand held. The Monitor mass are required. Now there are signs elsewhere in Aedes population six hundred sal loot of the global pandemic. That is locked down well much of the world though it seems to be easing somewhat you got. Jj's restaurant on East Fifteenth Street curtailing hours and doing only take out and curbside service several shoppers at crow. Stop and shop. Last week wore masks as they peruse the store selections. But there are no social distancing demarcations on the floor and that's become the new normal right no plexiglass at the checkout counter. Crow says how refreshing is this? He leaves the decision on protection up to the customer. Many of whom he caught up by name is. They wove their way down the narrow aisles of his store. Here's what he had to say. You have to choose whether you stay at home or come out wearing a spacesuit and again I mean no harm in saying if your uncomfortable going out in public then don't do it. Stay at home this personal choice but at some point in time we have to resume the nation's economy we have to resume our lives. And when you look at the fact and of course you don't hear this uttered by many of the mainstream media because it doesn't fit their fear mongering narrative but the bottom line is eighty to eighty five percent of those who are affected with Kovic nineteen are either a symptomatic or they have a runny nose and a slight cough and they're running temperature and maybe they feel a little bit fatigued. But they're it's not as the mainstream media would have you think they've played on our fears so effectively. It's not necessarily a death sentence fact the CDC just came out Over the past several days very clearly saying that most of those who are hospitalized are over the age of eighty and have underlying health conditions particularly those who are on ventilators. So once again. Isn't it time to let us be free and let us make our own responsible? Decisions knowing full. Well that yeah. In some cases we're taking a risk but then let me ask you. Is the government picked winners and losers in this entire pandemic closing some stores not others who's essential who isn't okay. We've all got to eat right but think about the fact that Stores like the big box stores grocery stores and you know Kudos to those frontline workers in all of those stores. I so appreciate them putting themselves at risk being on the front lines and serving the rest of us but the bottom line is what were these stores somehow magically Just not even part of the covert nine thousand nine hundred reality where they somehow exempt from covert nineteen and think about the early days when you know the toilet paper when the hampster cough was going on and everybody was hoarding toilet paper. Think about how crowded though store aisles actually war but somehow they were it was like the in this magical bubble. They were exempt from the spread of Ovid. And that's the problem. I think that so many of us are chafing under these days. Because every day they moved the goalposts the The restrictions what they know about the virus everything seems to change. They keep changing the rules on us and you know. We didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday and at some point in time. I think what's happening now is is we're saying I'm sorry. Credibility is going out the window given the fact that we fully understand that it is called a novel Corona virus for a distinct reason. We know so little about it and we learn more and more about it every day but with the competing contrasting orders at some point we as Americans say sorry. This is a nation founded on liberty and freedom so let us make our own decisions. Let us take the responsible. Risks that we know are inherent in reopening the economy and as far as businesses go. Think about it this way. Does it do a business any good? If they are not following the proper protocols and they have customers come into their business and get sick. No so let's all go up and do the right things and get back to work has taken rant but you had crow. They're up needs single grocery store grocery store pro. Stop and shop. Basically say you have to choose whether you stay at home or come out wearing a spacesuit and isn't that what it's all about freedom of choice even so that's stores set aside the first half hour of each day for older shoppers doing the right things? And those who are immuno-compromised an extra hour Wednesday evenings for Healthcare Workers Crows been delivering groceries to residents. Who aren't comfortable being in public again. It's all about choice. Es Mayor Joe Shields said there's some town who pooh-poohed the pandemic is big city problem. That will never find. Its Way to this out of the way. Stretch of the centennial state. But he points to the truck stop at the north and town is a natural entry point for the viruses truckers and travelers moving up and down to eighty seven. Make a pitstop or grab sandwich at the subway inside. And yes that is indeed concern. Neighboring counties all have parental virus cases with eleven in Ontario nine and powers thirty nine in Crowley Shield said. His town had a close call. Recently when several workers on crew helping construct a new school and Kit Carson twenty miles away in neighboring Cheyenne County came down with cove in nineteen two men from that cruise stated a hotel a motel. I should say in EADS but both of them tested negative our remoteness once again and I think this is a common trait that these four counties share their remoteness is instrumental in the fact that we haven't been infected but we still have to take the measures many saying it's just the model matter of time before covert nineteen case actually does show up in these counties but right now. They're covert nineteen freeze Sedgwick. Dolores County also Cova nineteen three free. Excuse me how does this compare if you take a look at the rest of the nation where corona virus is and where it isn't well? I think the answer for the most part is abundantly clear to even the most casual observer as you see Ground Zero for covered nineteen in New York and New York New York City. Particularly hard hit crowded urban areas. But here's what's interesting just to put this into perspective you would think the covert nineteen has infiltrated well every single city county town every single state. But here's what's kind of interesting as of May fifteenth this. According to a piece I pulled out of USA. Today as of May fifteenth a total of two hundred and thirty one of a three thousand one hundred and forty three counties had no reported cases. Do they share the fact that they are more rural areas? You know the answer to that. Six forty nine thirteen ten K. F. K the best to UNC bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten KFI and the day's headlines podcast mornings with Gail and more and schedule of upcoming sports. Broadcasters find them at thirteen ten K. F. K. A. DOT COM. You got the Federal Reserve chairman being a drum pile. Jerem Powell being uncharacteristically chatty. Don't know if you saw this yesterday. He was on sixty minutes making the rounds of the Sunday. Show saying that. The economy is unlikely to return to its preprandial strength before the end of two thousand twenty but may begin gaining strength to in the second half of the year. Six fifty four now thirteen ten. Kfi Am thirteen ten KFI DOT com warning Swick. Kale fueled by Great Western up petroleum. Well if we don't start reopening businesses by the way last check That Jim In New Jersey. This one that opened this morning in. Defiance of the governor's lockdown order last. Check that Jim. It's tell us Jim in Belmar. New Jersey is still open and again. Is it time for civil disobedience in our railed against that at the very beginning of all this when we knew so? Very little about the virus. About how how dangerous it actually is. And I'll concede that point for a certain segment of the population it. It certainly is very deadly but the bottom line is you've got the balance public health and safety with the economy. That is being tank to absolutely tanked by this. All these lockdowns on all these shutdown orders and at some point in time. We need to balance those. I think a little bit more effectively particularly when you look at the impact. The long term impact. This is having on so many businesses across the country particularly small businesses and I was scouted when Senator Cory Gardner said in Colorado Ninety nine point five percent of business is indeed small business. Twenty percent at this point in time of restaurants those Small restaurants. You know those places that we just adore may never reopen so let us take responsibility and do the right thing and get back to work particularly given the fact that this is taking such a toll not only on an economic standpoint but from the perspective of mental health. As you're seeing more and more people well doing things that aren't necessarily so good for their health. You're seeing more substance abuse you're seeing more. Alcoholism suicides as a result of the fact that we are being. I mean I. It's as though we're being totally squeezed by in some cases total government overreach and it gets the point where I even think the politicians are beginning to realize that this is definitely not sustainable in any way shape or form so yeah. I gave them enough rope to hang themselves and they do. What government does they push as far as they can and I think they have pushed well past. The point of no return Powell said that while the US economy would indeed recover. It would take until the end of two thousand twenty one for the country to fully rebound from the downturn caused by the corona virus pandemic six fifty seven now thirteen ten k. f. k. A whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi critic when it's not your responsibility to handle a pandemic right six fifty nine now. Thirteen ten KFI thirteen ten. K. F. K. A. dot com former president Barack Obama president trump Duke it out to this. As President Obama made the number of online commencement speeches on Saturday saying more than anything. This pandemic has fully finally turned back the curtain that so many of the folks in charge know what they're doing a lot of them aren't even pretending to be in charge. I mean not such a veiled swipe at president trump and the trump administration president trump course blasting right back calling president. Barack Obama grossly incompetent on a Sunday. No surprise there. It's just more noise more sideshow. Thirteen ten KFI A. Greeley ABC News.

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The post-election spectacular

Go West, Young Podcast

39:46 min | 1 year ago

The post-election spectacular

"Welcome to the landscape. Your show about america's parks and public lands. I'm aaron weiss the center for western priorities in denver. If you're wondering what happened to the old name of this show go west young podcast go back to the last episode in your feet for a great conversation about the legacy of manifest destiny and why it was time for us to find a new name so here. We are one week after election day. Joe biden is the president elect and in this episode. We are going to look at how the west voted and how public land's fared in the twenty twenty election and what a biden administration could mean for everything from parks to oil and gas drilling but before that the trump administration still has ten weeks ago and this lame duck period is fraught with danger joining us today. Our executive director here at the center for western priorities general. Kla hello. there are policy director jesse. Print is done. Hey good morning. And curtis hubbard the former editorial page editor at the denver post now a political consultant in colorado. Curtis welcome to your first time on the podcast. I believe thanks a long time listener. First-time participant all right jesse. I want to start with an analysis. You just released this week. Looking at the trump administration's unfinished business on public lands. What did you find well. So we've been tracking for the last year. What the trump administration has been trying to accomplish when it comes to rolling back protections for public lands and wildlife and what we found now is with two months left and now that the election's decided There are a dozens of policies that the administration is trying to ram through the racing against the clock so some of the most damaging include approving seismic testing in oil and gas leases in the arctic. Wildlife refuge. we just saw policy starting to move forward. There would allow oil and gas companies to inadvertently kill migratory birds including oil spills. This is deepwater horizon type stuff. Further weakening the united species act and then critically Whole host of long-term land management plans to could allow more drilling your places like chaco canyon. Carlsbad caverns in new mexico and across alaska. So this is really a parade of horrible that the administration's trying to crunch through in limited time. They're up against the clock so the clock's ticking for them. They've got got ten weeks left. How much of this could get easily tossed out by a biden administration and and how much of this could take time or be stuck on the books for the entirety of abide administration beyond. We'll kind of two sides of the coin one. unfortunately a lot of it will take time. What what this administration is trying to do is make these destructive changes more permanent and So that would mean the biden administration would have to go through lengthy processes to do it. But by the same token the administration now is having to follow laws. Public comment periods doing analysis. And that's gonna make it difficult for them to rush some of it through and if they do make it a little vulnerable and the courts all right. So that's what we'll be watching until january twentieth move on to the election and what will be watching after january twentieth. We will work through some key results here state by state. But i want to start at the top. Obviously and joe biden's victory jen. I'll give you the first word on this. What does a biden presidency mean for the outdoors. What it means is public lands are are the winner at public lands. One twenty twenty In under a biden administration. I think we're gonna see a lot of proactive policies that focus on the protection of public lands dealing with the climate crisis and focusing on You know a transition from oil and gas development to renewable energy I think it's really exciting. That vice president kamala harris vice president-elect kamala harris comes from california so we'll have someone at the top who really understands the impacts of wildfires on communities in the west and someone who really push to push an aggressive conservation agenda. Curtis you've worked on races the west What does the biden victory You mean for for the outdoors and for western states and number one Certainly beginning to address the impacts of climate change is jen mentioned. I think rolling back the red carpet that the trump administration rolled out for polluters extractive industries. is number two I think a restoration of science into our management and decision making Which is critical and then third is a acknowledgement and probably embracing of our public lands as places for people to get away and appreciate not just nature but but The environment em particularly as we've seen In the coronavirus pandemic where people will want to get out of the city's Not they're less inclined to get on airplanes but driving into our national parks to other public lands nearby And really reconnecting with a land and jesse same question to you. What what crossed your mind when you saw that that final call from the ap come down on saturday. I it's so exciting right. 'cause for our public land management at a lot of the uses on it. We're stuck in a framework that is Decades if not centuries old in terms of how we manage our public lands. And i think this is really an opportunity. Not just to undo a lot of the damage. That's happened in the last four year but have a bold vision right and talk about how we can conserve percent of the country by twenty thirty how we can make sure that public lands are net zero carbon emitters. I mean this isn't just a chance to you. Know go backwards into small stuff. But i think we're at a critical point and so had me really hopeful and we're going to get back to the big stuff and the possibilities of big vast. I don't safe as the possibilities of big visionary legislation when you have a divided congress. But before that i just wanna go through state by state and run down. What happened and we're going to go north to south starting in montana. I'm sure there are a lot of democrats listening to this podcast right now. Who are disappointed. That democrats lost three races. The senate the governor the at large house seat. But i think it's remarkable first of all gen that public lands took center stage in all of those races especially the senate race know exactly. Aaron it and i think in montana we've seen in the last few election cycles. That public lands have been a defining issue in montana elections And i think earlier. The year steve daines saw the writing on the wall and that's why he decided to get behind. The great american outdoors act that included full funding for conservation fund in an are winning the west polling. We showed that seventy five percent of montana. Voters supported fully funding. Ucf so. I think steve daines realized early on that. If she didn't take a more proactive aggressive stand on conservation issues. It was going to be a challenging race. That being said he ran against one of the biggest public. Land's champs in a in montana in governor steve bullock so certainly a disappointing loss. Because i truly believe that governor bullock was you know the right candidate in the right would be exceptional senator from montana. But steve daines is going to have a. He's going to have his work to cut out for him. You can't just sit on his laurels for the next five years and expect to be reelected if he doesn't if he doesn't continue to take public lands seriously in conservation seriously and no real quick there that we've seen danes after the election still pushing this administration to implement the great american outdoors act which the trump administration seems not to want to do so. I think the direction for voters is pretty clear. And as of this taping. I think that that's something we haven't seen of Senator cory gardner who lost his election down in colorado one thing i would add on the montana races i think we owe steve bullock a debt gratitude because one of the things that he did during his campaign was filed suit against director. William perry penn in a win the court case that really has provided an opportunity to turn many of the decisions that ari penalty has made while while while running the blm without senate confirmation. And i wanna ask briefly about Governor elect gianforte who also ran claiming pro public land's platform. There were a lot of attack ads going after him for his previous actions. Trying to limit stream access and he ran hard denying that he's now in a position where he's going to interface with a biden run interior department as they work through a number of these land. Use plans jesse that you just mentioned that had gotten finalized. I mean what does that look like. If gene forte decides to cooperate or is he going to. Let's say body slam future director of bureau of land management. Well i think the will be in the pudding right. So you mentioned these land use plans that had judged throughout those will determine how vaster is of central and western. Montana are managed for the next twenty years. I mean it's a big deal so I think that jim forte. probably cut. enough flack for blocking access to river Public access near his property anton that he'll have learned that lesson than You know try to actually be more pro. Public lands at propublica access. You know. we'll see all right. Let's head to colorado curtis briefly mentioned. Cory gardner john hickenlooper really cruise to victory that race. Was i think even less close than a lot of observers outside of colorado. We're expecting and joe biden won the state by an even bigger margin. So jen how do you contrast that senate result in montana with what happened to cory gardner well as Senator elect hickenlooper said in one of their debates. Just because you sponsor one environmental bill. It doesn't make you an environmentalist for cory gardner was too little too late In another thing governor. Senator elect Hickenlooper pointed out that it's garner is one of the first colorado senators in decades not to introduce major wilderness legislation. Craig gardner sat on the senate energy and natural resources committee and he had plenty of opportunities to support public lands and conservation in colorado. He's blocked the the core act which is legislation. Introduced by congressman. Goose senator bennett to protect over. Four hundred thousand acres of public lands in colorado so it was just too little too late for court. Gardner curtis do you think. This has raised the bar in terms of the barrier entry for statewide candidates in colorado when it comes to environmental and public lands issues. Well it certainly shows you that you have to be in touch with where. The electorate is in the polling center for west priorities in and other organizations have done over. The last decade really shows that more and more voters from across the political spectrum in the western united states really value public lands on the environment. And that's critical. I think you know there's if you look at the. I should throw out the caveat here Be careful in looking at early exit. Polls but if you look at the early exit polling data montana and colorado really two different states right. You have in montana. Thirty one of the electorate had a college degree whereas in colorado was approaching fifty percent in colorado ninety. Six percent of voters lived in cities over fifty thousand population or suburbs in montana. That was twenty nine percent And then they. The ultimate ringer in the elections. Trump's favorability in montana was fifty four percent. It's forty two percent in colorado. And so there there really is. I think sort of A different worldview. And we're not just seeing that between colorado and montana. It's really shaping up sort of our red blue divide is now. I think moving into a red blue divide between the iraqi states in the southern rockies states that have larger population centers and and more suburban areas. We we saw that with colorado obviously arizona new mexico. Nevada compare that to wyoming which was trump's number one st and montana where As we talked about earlier Republicans want up and down the ticket one other key race in colorado that we were watching. Was this third district in the house. where lauren beaufort a cunanan conspiracy. Buff unseeded scott tipton in the primary and ended up winning her seat in a a tight race against diane mitch bush. Jenn what's your take on that district is that district shifting What what happens there down the road. Well i think the district will shift in two thousand twenty two because we're gonna go through redistricting Colorado is likely to get an eighth. A congressional member of congress So we'll have an eighth congressional district. And i think that district is likely to shift. I'm not exactly sure how they will draw the congressional district boundaries that's obviously That will take place over the next couple of years. But i think you have. The ski resort communities That favored diane mitch bush. But then you had large population centers like grand junction and pueblo. That are much more favorable to president trump and Probably much more inclined to vote for a lauren overt Might be interested in curtis's take on on that one on that question. Yeah i think you touched on it with pueblo. You know diane barely one in pueblo and increasingly in the last few election cycles. We've seen that go from a place where the democratic candidate would bank votes to two community. That really is a challenge for democrats. And i think as john mentioned there's going to be redistricting but if pueblo remains in the third cd. I think that you know the democrats are going to have to find candidate that has broader appeal in that population center fan. There i think. What are the challenges for diane mitch. Bushes she was. She was already a known quantity and voters overwhelmingly turned a you know Turned against her in two years ago and so two to have her up again against. I think a candidate who people across colorado would tell you is hardly qualified for the job Had there been a a fresher face on the on. The left might have been slightly different outcome. But that that district really does Tilt toward Republicans would would have been a challenge. I just want to go back to pueblo quickly there. It sounds like what you're saying. Is that the shift in. Pueblo is similar to the the shift across the country in terms of a demographic split along education being the new dividing line at least with trumpism being what drives the republican party today. Yeah i need to dive a little bit deeper into it. It's it's it's education It is Jobs it's race. That is a town that went for trump in twenty sixteen over over. Hillary came back and went slightly for biden this year. when jared police was elected governor it went for him by large Large margin so it's certainly not out of the realm of possibilities that democrats can find a candidate That resonates down there. But it's a place where where the dams are going to have to continue to put effort and attention Moving forward if they wanna win out state races. Jesse did want help in there. Yeah not to belabor this one district too much but from public lands point of view. This is really important one. you know. We're talking about conic in the san juan mountains. Some of our Pretty wilderness around mesa verde national park black canyon of the gunnison so this is got a lot of really iconic places that a lot of people around the west no and so having a member of congress who wants to protect those places presumably would help though that sorta legislation along. Yep absolutely yeah. And i think people who value public land's need to pay very close attention to congresswoman elect hubert. Because it really is something she said on the campaign trail that if you are somebody who values wilderness and access to public lands. That you really need to pay attention to i for one actually. Just set up my google alert on lorne over this morning. So we'll be keeping an eye there one other colorado result to talk about Voters in colorado narrowly approved reintroducing wolves. That comes the week after the gray wolf was removed from the endangered species list by the trump administration. Jesse how how big a deal is that. This deal in the sensitive to the first time voters in state have decided to reintroduce wolves so kind of a popular mandate. I mean look wolf are native to colorado. They were eradicated. Gosh almost one hundred years ago But you know right now. Wolves are actually starting to make their way back into the state. Little bit down from wyoming. So i think it's a really interesting. Initiative especially as the trump administration has moved to strip protections under the endangered species. Act for wolves. all right. let's head down to new mexico now houses in the presidential race there. But we do have one new senator to talk about ben enron and at least two names out of that state that i keep seeing coming up as a on the list of possible cabinet secretaries. Jin rate will congressman now. Senator elect ben reloaded. Han defeated his opponent in as a member of congress you know. He's fought to protect the greater chock cultural heritage area from oil and gas development. So i i fully expect senator elect luhan to have a really aggressive Conservation agenda and while he does have some big shoes to fill in Tom udall i think i think he is is a out up for that challenge. And we'll we'll be great Conservation in public lands Champion in the. Us senate I think it's really exciting data that we have three names coming out of new mexico as potential interior secretaries. We've got senator tom udall. Who is retiring from. The senate Senator martin heinrich and congresswoman deb holland. And what's really exciting about congresswoman holland. If she was selected she would be the first native american to serve as interior secretary. Something obviously long overdue considering the america's history of native american genocide in many cases Jesse or curtis among those possibilities What has you excited in. In wi- jesse mentioned early earlier the thirty by thirty initiative and senator udall has been a champion for that in congress and i think Carrying that over to the interior department would be something that is a real boon to the conservation community and so that's something that I look at it and then from You know sort of a racial justice Standpoint now the prospect of having the first ever native american cabinet secretary is also one that people get excited about. And i think for media exciting parties. Just how deep each of these Folks commitment to conservation is. I mean senator udall has a generations long family track record in his own record. That's pretty impressive He and senator heinrich To our newest national park down in white sands which is pretty neat and congresswoman deb holland has fought tirelessly to protect chocolate canyon bears and a lot of places around the state so all three of them have really impressive. Resumes and deep commitment. So that's exciting. And i'll just note that all four of those people we just talked about Been ray luhan Deb holland were an episode together. That we taped intoduce We've had senator udall on a couple of times talking about his conservation goals and thirty by thirty So all of them are worth your time. Going back put links to those episodes in the show notes and then a fourth name to mention not in terms of interior. But i have seen New mexico governor michelle luhan grisham mentioned as a possible health and human services cabinet secretary so we could potentially see a whole lot of new mexico in a in a biden cabinet before we move on from new mexico. I do want to mention a cautionary tale. Perhaps one of the higher profile democrats who was a freshman lost her reelection race. This year was so cheap torres. Small at of new mexico's second district Do we have a sense yet of what happened there. Well it's that was a district. That was a flip in the eighteen midterms. And i think one of the things that we're seeing in in these districts that democrats failed to hold here in twenty twenty is a lot of them became nationalized right. It became less about the candidates worked for the district and more about the republicans ability to demonize frame. The election is a choice between Congressional democrats particularly use us. You see that with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi and then Aoc in the squad. And so that's one certainly and it's it's a district that is Oil and gas is a is a big deal down there and so when you can demonize the candidate As supporting the green new deal even though she didn't It makes up for a real steep climb. I will note that she socially her first time around ran on a very strong. Defend your public lands platform. And from what i could tell that messaging fell off this time around certainly didn't see quite as much i mean. She's been a strong defender of a great national monument there organ mountains desert peaks and that means a lot to the local community. There so again to curtis's point. I think we have a lot of learning to do and going through the results but Certainly an interesting result. All right let's head over to arizona which is suddenly looking a whole lot more like new mexico and colorado politically then. It was even for years ago Mark kelly made a big deal during his campaign about protecting the grand canyon from uranium mining. He campaigned hard on the need to address climate change. That obviously was a big contrast from martha mcsally who Now has the honor of being a senator to have lost twice while she keeps getting kepting pointed to this position Jenn what's the lesson out of arizona right now and do this a permanent political in in the state aired. It certainly seems like it. And i am just stunned. That martha sally Blue this opportunity. I mean here. Two years ago she was appointed to fill the seat of of legendary senator. John mccain and i think she really blew an opportunity To be a champion for public lands to to really focus on the fact that voters in arizona don't want uranium mining around the grand canyon. They wanna protect the grand canyon from uranium mining and You know she really missed the mark when it came to Tapping into the we're voters are on public lands on conservation of climate change. It certainly seems to me that this could be shift in arizona. I think we've talked about the population. Senator centers like phoenix maricopa county turning bluer and then Yet a large You vote out of the native american population in arizona in that vote from what we can tell was exceptionally lopsided. I'm looking around for comparisons haven't found any previous elections. But there's a piece in high country news. This week noting that there were some some navajo precincts went ninety ten for biden some to hana autumn precincts near the border that went ninety. Eight percent biden Jesse it seems like this is a pretty strong repudiation of the trump administration's approach to indian country. It it certainly is in. You're right the turnout was exceptional. Another really interesting article to read it in the washington post about horseback rides to the polls on the nomination so just exceptional effort to get out. You know this administration headed pretty egregious. Track record rolling back bears national monument a pretty awful response to the coronavirus when it comes to tribes and obviously when it comes to the nation in blasting through their sacred homelands for a border wall. So yeah yeah. It's a clear stark result. All right so. How does all of this play out next january. What s each of you. What do you hope. President elect biden takes on i in the west with the knowledge that obviously his plate is full and the covid epidemic is only going to get worse over the next ten weeks. I'll agenda i there i think certainly Symbolically and this is beyond symbolic but You know i would really like to see The biden harris administration restore the boundaries of bears ears in grand staircase galante national monument and lay the groundwork for his plan to protect three percent of lands and waters by twenty thirty. Curtis i think Really undoing All of the executive orders that the trump administration has done In a assault on our public lands and waters desi. Well kinda cheat here and give you two things one. I am really excited about the opportunity to make our public lands part of the climate solution instead of part of the trial in right now about a quarter of our greenhouse gas emissions come from fossil fuels taken from lands. And so as part of that. I think a really interesting Path forward would be to reform the bureau of land management. I mean this is agency that manages a tenth of the country And historically has been you know the bureau of livestock and mining. And i think we have a chance. The administration has a chance to Have a ford thinking view of how. How should we manage. These vast stretches of public lands for all americans and for our future. I'm gonna put you on the spot for more specifics there. What does a shift in priorities at look like and can that be done at the agency level or does congress have to step in sure so right now the the assumption is from these top political appointees in the land. Managers that If you got public land out there it's available for drilling and mining and that's easy. I think we need to put more priority on conservation. Really talk to folks in local communities about what they wanna see for the coming generations and not necessarily have a default position that are public lands are for drilling and mining. We're not gonna do the final balance of power in the senate until january. Thanks to those two runoffs in georgia regardless of what happens there it's going to be closely divided. Gendi think congress can get anything done it lands or will the next two years. Now be all about rulemakings in executives orders secretarial orders. Well i think if we look at the last couple of years Public land's legislation has actually been the legislation except for covid related legislation that is passed by large majorities in both the house and the senate and have been signed by president trump. so i think legislatively There's a huge opportunity to Get stuff done on protecting public lands and wilderness. That being said I don't underestimate mitch. Mcconnell and his ability to block legislation that will be important to this administration. So i think it's going to be a combination rulemakings and executive orders are are going to be very important. The stakes georgia are really high The difference between a democrat controlled senate with vice president-elect a commonly harris breaking ties and one in which You know Mitch mcconnell is still majority. Leader is is stark. There was an article in the washington. Post earlier this week that noted that you know if republicans control the senate than two senators from coal states. That's john barrasso. From wyoming shelley moore capito from west virginia will be at the helm of energy and natural resources and environment and public works and that is going to be a huge hurdle if not roadblock to addressing climate and and and enacting the thirty by thirty initiatives that we need to do Sooner rather than later so on the flip side there or maybe this is just me being an optimist It sounds like the key then. If it is a republican controlled senate is figuring out which republican senators have the ear of mitch mcconnell to get him out of his normal state of just blocking everything. Any any of you. Who will you be looking for. Who you think might get mitch mcconnell to the table and get some of these public lands bills passed if the steve daines has taken that role on rate i mean he was reelected on public lands agenda so my hope is that steve daines would would would be part of a solution and not part of the problem and you know one of the things. We're a western podcast. But i also just say that Outdoor recreation and conservation are also increasingly popular issues on the east coast. You've seen a lot of organizing and places like north carolina and tennessee and maine. So i think it's it's a broader landscape in the west when it comes to conservation side some of those senators on plays where richard burr was always one of the elderly. Cf champs in the senate yet been lamar alexander and tennessee for national parks maintenance. The list is is getting pretty long. These days curtis and that's going to be important Jesse because as we look at the twenty twenty two political landscape there really aren't vulnerable republicans in the western united states so whereas You know this this cycle mcconnell enacted The great american outdoors act to a life raft. Two senators danes in gardener The from western states perspective. That's not going to be a as big an issue Two years down the road and the other interesting races or you think the big picture for twenty twenty two that's That's already starting to take shape. I can't believe i'm asking that question when we're not twenty one yet but surely the let's go there. Well mark kelly. We'll have to defend his seat in arizona. So obviously that's one to pay close attention to catherine. Cortez maskco in nevada That's going to be another hotly contested race and then probably down the scale. Little a little bit Senator michael bennet here in colorado Will will be up for re election. And then mike lee And mike crepeau in utah idaho respectively. But i think those last three are all pretty firmly entrenched With the with the party that holds them based on what we know today. All right. I want to wrap up by asking each of you to give one piece of advice to the incoming administration If you've got five minutes to sit down with the next interior secretary whomever he or she might be. What do you say to them and logistic. Oh i hear boy put me on the spot. Well i'd say just make it an incredible priority to listen to the science. Listen to local communities make sure to get out around the west and hear what people want in terms of their public. Land's what we've seen in our polling and in conversations with folks is that. This is such a bipartisan issue. And there's a growing consensus surrounded in so trust your folks in and move forward with speed curtis in addressing the very real and very impactful threat. That is the coronavirus pandemic. Don't forget or lose sight of the threat that is climate change and i think given the economic impacts the public health impacts of coronavirus it sort of front and center But we we have to begin taking steps to address climate change. It's it's past time. And i think voters sent that message in twenty eighteen and it's still top of mind And it really has to be a part of the agenda and the bold vision for the biden administration. Moving forward gin. You get the last word you note. I echo what bosa jesse curtis said. I'd say be bold and listen to the public. I think western voters in particular are hungry for An agenda that protects public lands and sees the value in outdoor recreation to communities in the west. And you know let's transition to a clean energy economy so be bold and be aggressive aright. Jennifer okla curtis hubbard jesse prentice done. Thanks so much to all three of you for joining us. I'm sure we will be checking back in early in the administration to see how things are going. Thanks for taking the time today. Thank you thank sern. Bye-bye that'll do it for this episode of the landscape. I'll just close by sharing my advice for the incoming administration. Don't wait doing this stuff. Right takes time. So much of the trump administration's agenda will get undone because they either russian didn't follow the rules or wait until the last minute. So team biden. Get going right now on the big stuff. Don't let up until it's over the finish line and you can defend it in court. I think you could hear it from gin jesse and curtis there. We're excited about what comes next. I'm excited to watch it happen. I'm excited for what it means for the lands. I love the west. we will. Of course keep advocating for our public lands and the people who live here and it is going to take all of you to make it happen. Everyone who stood up to tell the trump administration when they were wrong. You're still gonna have to stand up and tell a biden administration when they're right. Public opinion matters. The squeaky wheel still gets the press coverage so the fight isn't over. It's just beginning on behalf of jin jesse and the whole western priorities team. I'm aaron weiss. Thank you so much for listening. Let's do this from an.

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January 19th: Sports Update and Chris Wood HR 2

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January 19th: Sports Update and Chris Wood HR 2

"Other colorado never stops neither do we. This is no co now presented by the shanin agency. Here's tanner swint a good tuesday morning northern colorado. Will your day started off. Well thanks for spending part of it with us here on thirteen ten. Kfi k. a. we are. We're rolling here. We got our number two right now with sports. Come in just a minute. Our poll question up on our facebook page at noko now is simply. Do you enjoy the shopping mall. Experience still enjoy the shopping mall experiment. Experience excuse me Brian chiming in saying that he still does. Makes me feel like a little kid at heart and i think some people still have that nostalgia. That's up on the k. k. Texts one nine seven zero four seven eight one three zero one nine seven zero four seven eight one. Three zero one text kf k. a. To that number you'll be set up ready to go. no No annoying tax back anything like that. Just us talking about Your responses on air one. I'd be engaged in the program would love to have you Okay let's Let's get into the sports world with. Well what is a kind of a crazy story. That broke last night on the national media. Side of things new york mets general manager jerry porter fired for sending explicit tax images to a nother reporter A day after it's been reported that he sent those expose unsolicited tax and images to a female reporter and twenty sixteen while working for the chicago cubs and their front office owner. Steve cohen tweeted tuesday. That the mets have quote terminated. Jared puerto this morning less than twelve hours again after it was sent out In my initial press conference. I spoke about the importance of integrity and i met cohen tweeted. There should be zero tolerance for this type of behavior. Mets president sandy. Alderson who hired porter last month confirmed porter's firing in a statement a month. It's all it took the new york. Mets have terminated jerem manager jerry porter effective immediately alderson said jared's actions as reflected by events disclosed last night failed to meet the met standards for professionalism and personal conduct porter was a forty one year old was hired as jet met's gm on december thirteenth to work under all their sin and helped lead new owner coen's front office during his introductory news conference porter. Who sent a four year contract with the mets spoke about quote a cultural shift specifically adding good people to the organization improving the organizational structure. That didn't last long. He'd been removed and fired just a weekend at one point this reporter who Porter had been texting back and forth with she. He matt This reporter who had moved who was a foreign correspondent who had moved to the united states to cover major league baseball after meeting her. In an elevator. Yankee stadium on june twenty-sixth two thousand sixteen at one point. This woman had ignored sixty messages. That's right sixty messages from porter throughout this so obviously this was not one way or the other. It was culminated unsolicited unsolicited picture of Of porter naked and she sent back that that is That was extremely inappropriate and that it needs to stop right now And he later went on to apologize in a string of tax but again the The jared porter the mets general manager has been fired from his position. Not even a A weekend to not even a we are not even a month into his job. He has been relieved of all of his duties. Okay let's get back. Sports shall we. Let's say the colorado avalanche they Play tonight The avalanche after what was very tough loss to the same The saint louis blues on wednesday of last week played on friday against those same that same blues team. And my goodness they They just rolled eight to zero in that game. That's the type of a comeback The balanced by game that you absolutely have to have gabriel. This guy with a couple of A couple of goals To go along nathan mackinnon scores. Mukul rant and i mean we score eight goals. A little bit of everybody had to get in on that action. they was just dominant just dominant. It was zero zero after the first period too. So that says anything. right there They they were zero zero. They scored four in the second four in the third period to win that game. Eight two zero they take on The la kings tonight at eight o'clock the kings our own to start the year they Took the minnesota wild to overtime twice four to three. But we're not able to get the win so the colorado avalanche looking to move to two and one on the year Remember when they talk about this colorado avalanche team. I've mentioned it quite a quite a few different times. That this is not a This is not your your regular colorado avalanche team. They are the odds on favourite right now to win the stanley cup. And that's a lot of pressure and that's a role that they haven't been in very. I mean quite quite a while and so for them to be there It's exciting times. But how do they handle it. How do they continue on. We'll find out but the colorado avalanche again eight o'clock tonight puck drops on altitude t. v. for all of you direct tv owners. I know that Comcast still hasn't reached that deal. Imagine it was a must win night For one of the basketball teams. We talked about the issue and utah state playing tonight. That tip off at seven o'clock on cbs sports network. That is not a must win in my eyes for that means. it's a must win for the denver nuggets. The nuggets are six and seven after that loss they suffered at the hands of the utah. Jazz the crazy stat assault come out of that utah jazz game. They lost one zero nine one zero five they scored the denver nuggets scored only twelve point when nikola yokich was not on the court. That's not going to win the a lot of games denver who made it to the western conference finals. Just last year is six and seven to start the three games back in. Just the north west standings. That's not even just the west. That's northwest innings. They're playing the oklahoma city thunder tonight. They're six and six. Are the thunder still without michael porter. Jr. is this team in real danger. You starting to see the good teams started to pull ahead denver sitting now eleventh overall in the conference at that six and seven. Mark the lakers eleven. Four the clippers ten and four. Those are the two teams. Expect the nuggets to be seen which in between they're not the case with at six and seven record again Jamal murray what is he going to do tonight. I think they absolutely do need to win. This game nickel yokich is playing like an mvp which is great. But they can't string anything together. They have not been able string more than two wins together this entire season. You've thought maybe they were gonna put that together after after the warriors win. They looked really good on last thursday but then they faced the utah jazz sunday night. They lose that one. Oh nine one zero five and you have to win game brady whole the whole show. I was talking with him pre show and he nailed it. And he's gonna talk about it more but they've got a long long road trip coming up here and they've got to get this wind on seven o'clock again on altitude too so the altitude altitude making a decision to To air the avalanche game on their regular channel and its altitude to for the denver nuggets. What does that tell you about the About the state of things for the denver nuggets and the colorado avalanche probably more We're talking about these denver nuggets one of the things that a lot of people are wondering. When is michael porter. Jr. going to be joining the team. When is it going to get going. When's he going to be back. He's been missing been missing out for quite some time. Well he they're expecting him to Joined the team on friday So they're missing him again night. That's ten straight games. Ten straight games that he has not been a part of it. This is your starting small four. This is the guy that puts up. He's averaging twenty points a game Michael malone talking about it says of course we miss michael. He's a big part of what we're trying to do here. When when we do get him back he will be a welcome sight. Porter's last game was at sacramento and december twenty nine. This is where. I don't understand things you the contact tracing and everything that goes. It's been a lot longer than what is required if he added on december. twenty ninth. If you've got a half way there should be back what it seems like there may have been something else going on. I don't know the twenty two year old. Puerto was taken by denver. Obviously back in two thousand eighteen And you just need him. You always want to be whole whole as a team malone said not only are you hold but You have a really talented player. Who is a big part of your current team and also your future as an organization And i think that's welcome to hear as well for michael malone because that wasn't being straight out being talked about When the first michael porter jr. injury or excuse me injury but him. Not being there had happened so i think denver nuggets have to win tonight. I do like the nuggets to win that game. And i think that they could maybe click things back on. That'll do it for sports segment here Lot of craziness going on but the avalanche nuggets and the car out of state rams all in action tonight So wanna be watching that. of course. that's that's all the information there. If you wanna be watching it and Hell maybe you do have comcast and you can't get either of those Either of those games to come in the tavern at saint michel square in greeley. They've got the games on Chatty on the owner of the tavern One of the biggest colorado avalanche fans out there. So you know that avs games going to be on. And i've i've been in there before when i've had to say. Hey let's Let's throw the nuggets on must have a basketball game on more than happy to oblige it's the tavern at saint michel square taco tuesday going on today. Call in. get your reservation. I was in there. They do the twenty five percents. Sounds like a scary number when you walk in. It's nice to be back in a restaurant. And and especially the restaurant of that caliber. The tavern at saint michael's square poll question up on facebook. Right now at noko. Now do you still enjoy the quote unquote shopping. Mall do go in there. Do you like going to the orange. Julius going into all of these these different stores and the environment that it surrounded by comment below at noko now on facebook colin nine seven zero. Three five three thirteen ten nine seven zero three five three thirteen ten or text that cave text tech sign at nine seven zero four seven eight one. Three zero one. Kfi am to nine seven zero four seven eight one. Three zero one. We'll get you subscribed ready to go and be able to get your thoughts out there. Ten sixteen the time. Let's take a break when we come back. I wanted to give a quick update on the lauren. Bogaerts situation What happened there yesterday. After the accusations came out that she had given a tour of the us. Capitol ahead of the insurrection attempt Last two weeks ago now. I'll discuss further on the other side. Okay now presented by the j nine agencies in northern carlos. Voice thirteen ten. Kfi now does voice us. Thirteen ten kfi k. a. Tanner will be back after the break. It's a party northern colorado's for thirteen ten kfi k. The block party wednesdays from four ten pm twenty one time. Welcome back in. It is Noko now presented by the jeanine agencies as we were talking yesterday. Lauren boettger was under a lot of fire Already just a couple of weeks under her tenure after There was accusations going around that she had led a tour Head of the insurrection attempt Last two weeks ago rather on on january sixth She came back with this tweet Yesterday about four thirty from lauren. Boettger today Representative cohen went on cnn. And spread lies about me to further a left wing conspiracy theory targeting me and my family the only people i have ever had in the capital with me or my young children husband mom aunt and uncle. I guess having a big family as a scandal now. She continues all claims of my involvement with the attack on january sixth or category categorically false. These lines are irresponsible and dangerous. The left would like to bog. My name down and conspiracies because they want to slow down my work for the people of colorado district three. I will continue on regardless. There's there's a people who came immediately to her backing a tweet. That came out earlier. Said the democrats want exhaust my time and my resources to get to back down when they don't realize what they don't realize is these attacks are only solidifying my base and adding more support the people. No i'm here for them. She tweeted before that will never back down to the left. You have my word More republicans have loads of evidence and are banned from social media. If we talk about it. Democrats are allowed to aimlessly spread garbage conspiracy theories all day. Who's tired of the double standard So she went on a tweeting. Tweet binge should i guess i mean. She was going after yesterday and again. That's that's her perogatives to use twitter. Four hundred thirty eight thousand followers on twitter that she's got so she's making a big impact there but With all of that said it does seem that. The democrats are smelling blood in the water. There's two big name. Colorado democrats already exploring twenty twenty two bids to unseat lauren. Beaubourg this coming from the colorado's colorado sun Here's garrison dot com tool no democrats democratic state. Lawmakers say they're already exploring whether you're to launch this bid just weeks into the fire republicans term. It's the latest evidence that democrats are eager to capitalize on the controversies which have grabbed international attention. Beaufort has been at the center of of since being sworn into office but the party will still be fighting an uphill battle bogaerts republican leaning district which is said to be redrawn before the two thousand twenty two election. State senator kerry donovan a veil and state representative dylan roberts of of avon toll. The colorado sunday are talking with people in colorado's third congressional district about seeking bogaerts. Job bowl took a pass on running. For the seat and twenty twenty one appeared they would be facing longtime republican incumbent. Us representative scott tipton whom beaubourg shockingly knocked out. In last year's primary. She's done a terrible job. Donovan said about why she is interested in running for seat. Sh two weeks in Donna donovan a former vale. Town council woman who now serves as the state senate president pro temp said. She is thinking about the race wurley on in the election cycle because she was worried about how bogarde reflects the third district nationally. Donovan said she is working build coalitions. That would help her defeat bogert if she is the only one out here thinking about a cd three. She's presenting an image of cd three That i don't think it's accurate and is being is doing a real disservice to think the soul of the west donovan said roberts said bogaerts controversies certainly merit somebody making a good challenge to her since being sworn into office. Jerry third bogart has been attacked by democrats voting. To overturn the twenty twenty presidential election results vowing to carry a gun in the capital and for live tweeting house speaker. Nancy pelosi's movement during the deadly january. Six right in washington dc. There's no now that she's been a. She's been a lightning rod for a lot of people and controversy all over the place What i want. I want to know one way or the other. There needs to be a there needs to be punishment for what is taking place right now so if warren bogert did have if somehow they prove that she did have a two were of people who would go on to be the rioters who broke into the us capitol. Loren bovid needs to be punished if not if they don't prove anything like that And it was in fact just her family that she talked about who had been in on that tour. Well then then senate. Cohen needs to be punished. You can't just throw stuff and make it up out there. You can't just go on cnn and say you know what. I feel like say today. I'm pretty sure that. Lauren beaubourg gal. She had some people in here. You can't do that. that again. Gets into the rhetoric and the narrative of our country and that makes our politics completely nasty and cannot be happening. it can't so one way or or another. I'll let you Determine the what the Punishment should be but one or the other there needs to be some form of punishment for what is what has happened here because it's bad luck. It's bad luck on everybody. Certainly but lauren if she's proven that that was all it is representative. Cohen needs to needs to be reprimanded. Not about we're talking about lauren. Both in what the controversy that continues to follow her. Want to get back to some of the tweets that went out. It was a tweet from america rising. That's representative cohen of implies. That seventy five percent of the national guard in the class of people who quote may want to do something in code at the inauguration is saying the national guard troops who voted for trump should automatically be suspected of being threat. beaubourg came back and said this is one of the most offensive statements. I've ever heard cohen said he believes seventy five percent of our national guard Yada yada at the inauguration because they didn't vote for biden discussing things to say especially also protect representative cohen. Then that was before he came out and said that about bogart so i don't know if he got that i don't know if he got that tweet notification was sitting there but that's when they Uh took off in this twitter battle lauren. The last one. I'll get to hear says the democrats are looking to make an example of this dynamite freshman. Gop class these attacks aren't unique to me. They're straight out of the democrat playbook. They don't want anyone to know. Ordinary god-fearing americans can come to dc and be effective. So we'll see what happens if she stays out of the spotlight or if she continues to push any continue to see stuff like this happen more and more. I've just got this feeling that her personality type Lauren beaubourg could be in the In the public eye for some timing in garner national news and and she has been garnering a lot of national news Keep your family warm cozy this season air solutions nights seven zero three five six seven east. Seventy two dusty rhodes and company They've been in northern colorado. That's a man that his reputation is everything. And that's the type of people you want to do. Business with because if they do a bad job in that's a direct reflection reflection on them and when that guy the owner i mean he's going to only hire people who he is positive. We'll be a great reflection upon his character up on the air solutions reputations solutions nice seven zero three five six seventy seventy two nine seven zero three five six seventy seventy to let them know you heard about them right here on. Kfi k. A poll question up on our facebook page at noko. Now do you Do you still enjoy the shopping mall. Experience let us know comment below or texts nine seven zero four seven eight thirteen a one ten thirty two time We got chris would coming up on the other side. There is a ton to get to. So let's take a break now. Let's get to the bottom of the hour news and weather center here mornings with gail weekdays. Six to nine and northern colorado's voice thirteen ten f k ten thirty six two time. Welcome in its no co now. Gene high agencies live from the special studios. I am tanner. Swint happy to be with you here on a tuesday. Let's get into some business news. Shall we now joining us. Editor and publisher for biz west and his chris. Would chris. thank you so much for joining me today. Well thank you for having me absolutely man will let let's start. Let's start first with a settlement that was reached with. Pilgrim's pride yeah. Pillories pride has reached a settlement Almost for seventy five million dollars and it will go to multiple companies And and deals with a price Anti competitive pricing practices that It had been engaged in has not admitted to those but it has reached a settlement that will go to The leaders and retailers such as walmart and kroger king superstores chick-fil-a et cetera This is a class of distributors and grocers. That are going to receive the seventy five million dollars this Kanter follows on the heels of a hundred million dollar settlement. That tokens pride reached with the department of justice late last year to settle separate federal charges. Now there are still dozens of lawsuits at named l. grimm's and tyson foods and smithfield foods and other major players in the chicken packing industry and those Those lawsuits are ongoing. And this also does not a devout affect the justice department individual prosecution of former Pilgrim's pride ceo jason ten and three other executives on antitrust and obstruction of justice charges. So more to come on the pilgrims pride pricing issues. What does that say bills. Pride is the first one to be reaching settlements. I mean are they trying to say okay. It's time to move on to move forward or do they. Does this make them appear more guilty than the others. Well they have not admitted guilt at all They are I think trying to put it behind him as much as they can. But as i say there's a lot of other lawsuits Other lawsuits that involve Restaurant chains Cracker barrel has filed their own suit white castle. Boston market all the and many others. Dozens of other suits have been filed on this. So there's a lot more to come. But i think They probably saw an opportunity to settle east with Some of these distributors grocers Knowing that they have some other battles. I left to count. How does this shake up that the chicken chicken packaging industry. Well it they were the allegations. Were regarding Anti-competitive practices and price-fixing. So i you can imagine that this will 'cause it has caused them to change their policies and Again they have not admitted wrongdoing. I should emphasize that again but it. It's i it's hard to say what this will do. In terms of its overall Overall pricing that they're providing to to these different distributors grocers outlets. I mean you can imagine. The chicken industry is is a huge industry in the united states and globally especially in the united states though and you can imagine that This is this is. This is a big deal for any company where you're already now. Having settled reach settlements for one hundred seventy five million dollars and likely More more to come more lawsuits. Come more more trials to come talking with. Chris would editor and publisher of biz west Let's let's talk about some investment market. Said there's a real estate agent. That's kinda turn greeley into that. Buying up greeley property left and right. Yeah this is a really interesting story. This is actually a couple of weeks ago. A few weeks ago An individual named chris krisflyer d Who is originally from texas but had lived in boulder for a while He now lives up in portland but he has a background. His family has a background in real escape. In texas and He has started investing in greeley. He has a company. A couple of companies that are based in loveland One of them is named blue oak properties and he has bought a couple of dozen properties In greeley and one or two evans and well county Over the last of years and more more tecom. It's a very interesting deal. He spent more than twenty million dollars on these properties. It's actually more than thirty properties now and Initially i think he was focused on Some single family homes then he runs out but he's also bought several a multifamily projects office projects and some retail is several projects Downtown that he is acquired In the for office he has about five buildings out in the bitter suites area In greeley but Really has identified greeley as an up and coming market and one that has properties that are affordable in in all of these different areas in residential and including multifamily office and retail and. That has a pretty good up based on growth in community so really interesting guy A pretty young compared to me about twenty nine years old but has Has made these investments. And i know he is looking at A lot more that one of the most recent ones he bought a tanner was the Bears dan apartments over at Sixty-nine to sixteen seventeen tenth avenue He bought that in December for about two point two million dollars so That was That was a significant one forum and then The office properties. I mentioned at bittersweet. He bought a four four and a half million dollars so he's got He's got a money to invest in looking for properties and really is his sweet spot. How does that impact other investors possibly looking at Where they're wanting to invest their money at well. I think i think investors are are always looking for where they can get a good return and greeley now with population of what probably about hundred eight thousand people Thereabouts It is it is attractive and what's attractive In part is that the prices are lower angrily than they will find say in in boulder or fort collins and elsewhere so they they see potential good upside based on the growth The population growth and You know although the economy's taken some hits oil and gas is taken some hits Other things that stepped in there's a know very vibrant Pre no operation in greeley that has brought people. We got the university in greeley as well course so That you but but i think population is key. Population brings Obviously the people but also then the demand for services and real estate Apartments or retail or office so I think it's greeley's growth. That is really really driving us. Talking with chris would again editor and publisher with west. And let's jump over to fort collins. I mean they've got a ton of activity going on. I think that that we want to get into We'll get to the the foothills mall in just a moment. But i want to start first with this k. Mart area what. I touched on this a week ago. Or so But the k. Mart demolitions said to go and what. What's the latest on that. Yeah so Yes king super is a building new hundred twenty three thousand square foot store at t the long vacant kmart side i at college avenue and drake road So that is Is coming up and really when you look at at that area really on south college. Maybe from a prospect to harmony Most of that is considered the midtown area of fort collins and It has Things that are going on such as such as this king supers. Alpine bank is building a new branch. at college and prospect So there's some activity there but there there could have been a lot more there. Were there have been several projects that have been announced. That are kind of been holding pattern right now. new hotel and the chucky chucky cheese site hotel and residential and retail on the spradley. Farsight there was in and out which had planned operation a an outlet on South college those projects are all on hold right now and i think the pandemic has really taken a toll obviously on on the hostility sector But also the restaurant sector. And i think in talking with Some developers there we've learned that There's a general feeling and you mentioned foothills mall. There's a general thing that foothills is has not fulfilled. Its promise in that in. That mall was redeveloped years ago and There is there's activity in midtown but the pandemic has definitely affected that and really does the mall area has underperformed so that has affected surrounding development. As well. So will you could save some of these projects. Let's start there. Were being on hold. Does that mean you still anticipate them getting done. And if so how how messed up all the time line be now. Well i think. I think they could still be done There's these are. These are prominent developers. It what did these projects But i don't think that they will happen any time soon. They will certainly not happen. On the time it had originally been proposed so when you look at the the project Helmet chucky cheese site of the hotel that was playing there that that is absolutely on hold and One one of the developers told us Less kaplan that Covid Has has definitely changed. The industry here The he said the hotel would've been a stimulus for midtown Because it would have brought more shoppers to midtown but that project is is on hold and whether these things sometimes things are proposed and and then delayed and then they they materialize later other times. You know they Turned into something else. And something else has proposed there so the midtown area i think right now is kind of a mixed bag With some things happening Some very exciting things like the key. Supers redevelopment of that k. marts. I like Alpine bank going in. You know there was a couple years ago. New elevations credit union. But the hotels would be a big Stimuli for for that area and it's just not a good time for hotel projects right now. We've we've seen others in the in our region that have been delayed Because of the pandemic it's It's a very difficult time. I was being someone from city of boulder this morning Who talked about how devastating the pandemic has been in terms of the lodging taxes for for the city of boulder Which is a very very heavily dependent on tourism so The hospitality sector is tough and and and Getting a new hotel out of the ground In twenty twenty or twenty twenty one is probably A a difficult project prospect here In twenty twenty one and you mentioned foothills which is a whole other story. Obviously Redevelopment had occurred there Years ago and they They are facing They have until april to cure Default and come Emerged from a foreclosure so they are I think they have until Yeah to To cure foreclosure to fall So that was one hundred and forty five million dollar loan that is in foreclosure there and It's just i think there's about Forty forty six million left on that loan so they would have to pay that in order to have it not go into Not go to public sale But it's it's a it's a tough time as you know for For retail and As i say. Some developers in four collin say that that mall had never been that the redevelopment at never reached its full potential insurance of revitalizing that corridor. Well you know continuing again with our conversation with chris would here editor publisher of biz west. That's our poll question. Today is bu people still enjoy that that quote unquote shopping mall experience. Because it seems like you're seeing malls all over the country have this issue as well amplified by this pandemic. No doubt about it but when you say that maybe it didn't reach It's it's peak. Is that meaning that there would be potential investors. That would like to jump if it does get to that public investors that want to jump in and see if they can revitalize it well. I think that is actually very very likely. And what we're hearing from people in the in the city who are knowledgeable about the situation is that there are potential buyers out there so I think that is a very distinct possibility that someone else might come in and take it over and try to fix what needs fixing and and And start revitalizing that that project. It is a As you know it was redeveloped from the old foothills fashion centers. So it's not it's not really a an old old school enclosed mall but It it. It probably needs some rethinking in terms of its layout. And what constitutes what sort of Tenants they're looking for To really get it Vibrant again and active for the public will was. We just have a couple of minutes. Left here. Chris but real quick. What are some of those shortfalls because one of the things that i heard from some of those businesses who were potentially looking to move into the mall was the the ramp. Prices were just outrageous. Well yeah and that's you. You can probably expect that. With a with a new development. I would say You know there's also been been criticism. Not only that mall but Redevelopment in in Longmont of the old twin peaks mall that was redeveloped into the village at the peak. There were there was a lot of chatter. Guess about From from residents like Upset that there weren't a lot of department stores and things of that nature but the the economy is really changed and the region has really changed and consumer tastes sev- really changed so I don't think that That that particular argument will will affect the future of of the property But you know you i think. Part of it is Maybe the the the layout the how it how it relates to the surrounding neighborhood And and somewhat some of the tenant mix. I think is Something that people would like to see improved. Chris would editor publisher biz west. Chris i appreciate your time as always my friend We'll be back at it next week. Thank you so much. We covered a lot of ground there. But i appreciate your insight as always absolutely. Thanks for having me. thanks. Chris would again. Editor publisher with biz west. Foothills said i. I actually kind of enjoy part of the the foothills malls outside. I do enjoy that little walk around. They've got the ice rink right there. You got bad. Daddy's he got some some of those other stores right there restaurants The it's just. I don't know i think that way of shopping might might be dead ten fifty two time. Let's take a break. We'll get comeback and then aside get the headline the caught my eye. Wrap up this edition of nocona prisoner by the jeanine agencies. Northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi. Gabe the whole sports story northern colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten kfi k. Hey couple of quick programming notes here on this tuesday coming up later. Tonight it will be inside the bear's den that's from six to seven pm tonight inside. The bears jason. Oh vein catches up with all of the prominent key figures at unc Regardless of sport. So be looking for that as well. the power trip coming up next and duggan That is a that is a fun. Hour of radio Little little we have some fun on this program but little Lighthearted with pete duggan love what they've been doing In what a great addition that they've been to this lineup here on kfi am and then it's the whole show from twelve to two Brady's brady's fired up this morning he. He had some good sports thoughts that he had roller rolling around in that brain of his so looking forward to that as well ten fifty six no canal present by the nine agencies. Let's get the headline. The i may not be printed in the newspapers today but the headline the cat. My eye my younger brother tori turns twenty two years old today so want to say happy birthday to my brother. My best friend appreciate everything that he's done with me. We're eighteen months apart so very close relationship so happy birthday to my younger brother. I used to call them shrimp and now he's a lot taller than i am. So can't do that anymore. But that's the headline that caught my eye today Happy birthday tori appreciate you 1057 again coming up tomorrow. What do we've got. What do we have. We'll have robin varamin with livestock exchange on to Talk about the egg industry where the egg market looks like. We're know what they've got in store again. Livestock stock exchange will also have kevin schaefer with colorado. Press network to talk about this. This practicing. i do have some news. I think i can break it now. Our first our first official high school basketball game broadcast will be next wednesday night. Seven o'clock highland. Huskies eating reds. You'll be able to do that. You can hell. You can even stream it if you want. We'll have video out there with clark johnson. But we've got a fun show coming up for you tomorrow. I think that it's safe to say that. Yeah maybe malls give some style. But i think the shopping mall experience may be dead and gone for ryan kelly. I'm jay went. This has been nocona presented by the agencies. Podcast up first hours up already. Brian's that talented it's up already our number to go and check it out. Thirteen ten k of k dot com or facebook page at noko for ryan. Kelly i m tanner trent. We'll talk to you tomorrow. It's been no because nobody jeanine agencies northern colorado's voice thirteen ten k of k.

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Democracy Now! 2020-07-01 Wednesday

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Democracy Now! 2020-07-01 Wednesday

"From New York, this is democracy now. We are now having. Plus thousand new cases a day would not be surprised if we go up to one hundred thousand a day if this does not turn around. The Nation's top infectious disease expert Dr Anthony foued cheese, warning the corona virus pandemic in the United States could spiral out of control as the country records forty, seven, thousand, more, covert, one thousand nine cases, a new daily high on Tuesday Alaska Arizona California Georgia Idaho Cla South Carolina and Texas all announce new single day highs. We'll speak with the Atlantic's Ayaan, but warned two years ago about the US unpreparedness. An Essay titled Is America Ready for Global Pandemic, but first we go to Jamal Bowman the former bronx middle school principal will be heading to Congress if commanding primary lead remains over sixteen term congressman. Eliot Engel. Eliot Engel and I'll say his name once used to say that he was a thorn in the side of Donald Trump. But you know what Donald Trump is more afraid of anyone anything else. A black man with power. All that and more coming up. Welcome to democracy now. Democracy now dot org. The quarantine report I'm Amy Goodman the United States is experiencing the world's worst outbreak of covid nineteen, which could soon spiral out of control, unless urgent steps are taken to isolate confirmed cases and conduct contact tracing that was the stark warning of top US infectious disease, expert, Dr Anthony Fauci and testimony to a Senate committee Tuesday. When you have an outbreak in one part of the country, even though in other parts of the country doing well, they are vulnerable. I made that point very clearly last week at a press conference. We can't just focus on those areas that are having. The surge puts the entire country at risk. We are now having forty plus thousand new cases a day. I would not be surprised if we go up to one hundred thousand a day. If this does not turn around Dr Couches, warning came as eight states. States announce single day highs with a record. Forty seven thousand US infections reported Tuesday the US has four percent of the world's population, but has recorded more than a quarter of worldwide corona virus, cases and deaths in California Governor Gavin. NEWSOM set to announce new rollbacks of reopenings after a record rise in new cases, hospitalizations in Houston. Hospitals have begun transferring Kovic patients to other parts of Texas as Houston has become a new epicenter of the pandemic. This is Dr Peter Hotels Dane of the Baylor College of Medicine. It's very alarming. The rate of acceleration is extreme. Seeing. Daily dramatic increase on a vertical slow, some of the models, saying that we may be four thousand cases a day in Houston by early Middle July so or be catastrophic for the city. A new report finds you as health workers filed more than forty one hundred complaints about a lack of personal protective equipment during the pandemic, even as hundreds died of covid nineteen, the report from Kaiser, Health News, and the Guardian found officials with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Osha rapidly closed. Many complaints without issuing citations, researchers found just a single instance when Osha issued a fine a thirty nine hundred dollar penalty for Georgia nursing home. That failed to report worker hospitalizations on time. Brazil's official corona virus toll is set to pass sixty thousand today second only to the United States the world health. Organization warns the pandemic is the worst in the Americas where the number of covid nineteen deaths are projected to nearly triple to six, hundred, twenty, seven, thousand by October first. This is Chris at ten. The WHO's regional director for the Americas. As. We are seeing countries, students and cities that do not embrace preventive measures or relaxed restrictions, too soon can be flooded with new cases. Voters went to the polls Tuesday, in Colorado Utah and Oklahoma and Colorado Senate democratic, primary former governor and presidential candidate John. Hickenlooper defeated Andrew Romanoff Colorado's former House Speaker Hickenlooper one almost sixty percent of the vote and will now face Republican senator. Cory Gardner in November Colorado saw. SAW major upset in one of its Republican congressional primaries gun. Rights Activists Lauren bogert defeated five time Republican. Congress members Scott Tipton who've been endorsed by President. Trump Beaubourg owns a restaurant called shooter's grill in Rifle Colorado where she encourages her staff to openly carried their weapons while working in Utah. The Republican primary for governor remains too close to call Spencer. Cox Narrow lead over former Governor Jon, Huntsman and in Oklahoma. Arrowly approved a measure to extend Medicaid to two hundred thousand low income adults making Oklahoma the fifth state to approve such a ballot measure in Kentucky former Marine fighter pilot aiming McGrath. Has, been, declared the winner over Progressive State representative, Charles Booker and last week's closely watched Democratic Senate primary. McGrath received forty five point four percent of the vote to Booker's forty two point, six percent McGrath outspent booker by a margin of ten to one booker's popularity soared in recent weeks. He took part in black lives, matter protests and spoke against police. Violence McGrath will now face Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell in November. In south, Dakota, the president of the Oglala Sioux tribe has ordered president trump to cancel a planned visit to mount. Rushmore July third for his independence. Day. Celebration Julian bear runner told The Guardian quote. The lands on which that mountain is carved in the lands. He's about to visit. Belong to the Great Sioux Nation under a treaty signed in eighteen, fifty one and. And the Fort Laramie Treaty of eighteen sixty eight and I have to tell him he doesn't have permission from its original sovereign owners to enter the territory. At this time, he said meanwhile South Dakota Republican governor. Christie nome said Tuesday the thousands of people attending trump's mount more event will not be required to wear a mask or to remain six feet apart. We'll be giving out free face masks if they choose to wear one, but we won't be social distancing. Governor gnomes comments came even as a growing number of Republican officials called on people to wear masks public. This Tennessee Republican Senator Lamar. Alexander speaking Tuesday. Unfortunately. This simple lifesaving practice has become part of the political debate. That says this. If you're for trump, you don't wear a mask him. You're against trump you do this. Wife suggested that the president occasionally where mask. A New York judge has ordered a preliminary injunction against the publication of a tell all book by Donald Trump's niece mary. In a statement, a lawyer for Mary Trump called the injunction first amendment violation and prior restraint on core political speech. The book titled Too Much, a never enough how my family created. The world's most dangerous man reportedly describes a quote nightmare of Traumas, destructive relationships and a tragic combination of neglect and abuse unquote in the trump family. In Wilmington Delaware Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden Tuesday slammed president trump's disastrous response to the pandemic, calling him a wartime president who surrendered to the coronavirus. Crisis is real. And surging Mr President. Promises predictions and whistle thinking. Pulled out of thin air. And now you're doing the country, no good. Makes him lose more faith in their government. American knows this crisis isn't behind us. Even if you. It and called on everyone to wear a mask too slow community spread of the corona virus. He fended off a reporter's question about the state of his mental health. Have tested for some degree of cognitive decline. I've been testing. Just look. All you gotTa do is watch me and I can hardly wait. To compare my cognitive capability. To the cognitive going of the man, I'm running. Thank you so much here in new. York the city council Tuesday approved eight billion dollar austerity budget that purports to cut one billion dollars from the New York Police Department but critics say the move fails to meet a core demand of protesters who are demanding a reinvestment of NYPD funds into social programs in a statement New York Congressman. Alexandra Cossio. Cortez wrote quote defunding police. Police means defunding police. It does not mean budget tricks or funny math. It does not mean moving school police officers from the NYPD budget to the Department of Education Spike so that the exact same police remain in school. She said early this morning. Dozens of police officers and Reich you're surrounded a peaceful and of protesters to remain camped outside city hall for over a week. This is Charles con one of the protesters. When we look at safe communities they don't have some magic. He or magic code for safety, you are resources. They have like the the best some of the best public schools in the country. and. They don't have police roaming around their neighborhoods. In North Carolina. The Elements County Sheriff's Office has mobilized all around the clock police presence at the confederate monument in the city of Graham at city officials say they've indefinitely suspended permits for demonstrations, and we'll order the arrest of anyone who engages in protest. The intercept reports police have aggressively question people they think might be protesters telling them they're not allowed to carry signs meanwhile arm neo confederate supporters have repeatedly gathered near the monument in Mississippi Governor Tate. Reeves signed a bill ordering the removal of the confederate battle emblem from the Mississippi state flag at a signing ceremony Governor Reeves said he'll continue to oppose the removal of confederate monuments. I reject the mobs, tearing down statues of our history, north and South, union, and confederate founding fathers and veterans. I reject the chaos and lawlessness and I am proud. It has not happened in our state. Also understand the need to commit the eighteen hundred eighteen ninety four flag to history and find a banner. That is a better emblem for all Mississippi. Under Mississippi's newly signed law designed for a new flag must contain the motto in. God, we trust. The Supreme Court has issued a major ruling backing the right of states to fund private religious education using taxpayer dollars. The five to four ruling came in a case focused on a tax credit program in Montana. That helps students attend religious schools, Education Secretary Betsy Devos hailed the ruling is a turning point in history of American education. The American Civil Liberties Union said the rulings and attack on the very foundations of the separation of church and state. And immigration is a federal judge in Washington. DC has struck down at trump administration asylum restriction that ban most asylum seekers from Central America, the Caribbean and Africa from applying for refuge at the US. Mexico, border instead forcing them to I seek asylum and countries, they pass through on the way to the US particularly Mexico Guatemala. The ruling Tuesday marked legal victory for refugee advocates challenge the near-total ban on silom and Arizona letter signed by over one hundred immigrant prisoners held at the La, Poma Correctional Center near Phoenix details, inhumane conditions at the immigration and customs. Enforcement jail and in negligent response to the coronavirus outbreak prisoner say they're being coerced into cleaning the joe without protective gear under. Under the threat of solitary confinement, a similar letter drafted by immigrant prisoners held at the nearby Illinois detention. Center says quote. We're certain that staff are the ones getting everyone else sick days ago, sergeant was a new victim of covid. Nineteen collapsed on the job here in Illinois they wrote over two hundred twenty prisoners that ally have tested positive for covid nineteen, one of the largest outbreaks of any ice jail in the country in more Immigration News, three asylum seekers in in the border town of Matamoros. Mexico have tested positive for Cova nineteen for months, advocates in public health experts have warned of possible catastrophic outbreak in the crowded encampments housing. Thousands of asylum seekers stuck in northern Mexico. A new trade deal meant to replace the hundred ninety, four north. American Free Trade Agreement goes into effect today among its provisions. The US Mexico Canada agreement includes additional Labor protections aimed at making it easier for Mexican workers to unionize. This comes after prominent Mexican Labor Lawyers Sasana, play Tuxedos was arrested in northern border town of Matsumoto's over accusations of inciting riots for her ongoing support of striking Kayla Dora workers. This is his spokesperson attorney for the family. Gainsaid me throw off authorities. GWEN! Thousand workers have expressed their will to join us the Union in a petition. At the moment they are defenceless after pretty those arrests. It's a warning to the workers, but not only that the more than three thousand eight hundred active court cases. Trial Attorney have a time. Limit and clients are old, left unprotected. CNN reports, the White House was provided with intelligence and two thousand and nineteen indicating. Russian actors were offering bounties to kill us. Soldiers in Afghanistan CNN cited unnamed source. WHO said the warning over Russia? Bounties was also including the President's Daily briefing sometime in the spring of this year president trump says he was never briefed on the claim. Because US intelligence agencies did not find the info credible. He said the Wall Street Journal's reporting. The National Security Agency has strongly dissented from the assessment of other intelligence agencies that Russia has paid bounties. Bounties to kill US soldiers. Israeli prime minister. Benjamin Netanyahu's vowing to proceed with his plan to annex occupied West Bank territory in the coming days, despite international condemnation, growing up as within Israel, Netanyahu had originally planned to begin the annexation today July first, but the country's alternate prime minister. Bennigan's is now calling for a delay in part due to the corona virus outbreak, meanwhile in Washington, Senator Bernie Sanders assigned onto a letter drafted by representative Alexandra Cossio, Cortez, calling for cuts to US military aid to Israel, if the annexation plan proceeds. In Hong Kong, Chief Executive Carrie Lam mark the twenty third anniversary of the formal handover of the former British colony to China with flag, raising ceremony, meanwhile, officials banned an annual pro democracy march for the first time arresting dozens of unauthorized protesters under a controversial new security law, giving China sweeping powers over Hong Kong. The number arrested is estimated nearing two hundred back in the. The, United States several women who accused convicted serial rapist and former Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault and harassment have been worded nineteen million dollars in restitution payments as part of two class action lawsuits, the women were also released from nondisclosure agreements Weinstein's currently serving a twenty three year sentence after being convicted of rape and February. He still faces criminal charges in Los Angeles And the author Rudolfo Anaya has died at the age of eighty two in New Mexico he was known as the Godfather of Chicano literature in part for his landmark, nineteen, seventy, two novel. Bless me Ultima. Despite being one of the most influential Chicano novels, the book has been repeatedly banned by school districts in Arizona, and elsewhere an I once asked quote. What is it about literature that makes people fearful. In Two Thousand Fifteen President Obama awarded Rodolfo Nyah. The national humanities medal. And those are some of the headlines. This is democracy now. Democracy now dot org the quarantine report. When we come back, we'll be joined by Jamal Bowman. The former bronx middle school principal, who beheading to Congress, if his commanding primary lead remains over the sixteen term Congressman member Eliot Engel stay with us. Babies. Men. A. Just. Wrestle! Train Mass. roll-call for those who are absent by Ambrose can Missouri this is democracy now democracy now dot org the quarantine report I mean good men in New, York City with my co-host Juan, Gonzalez, joining from his home in New Brunswick New Jersey. Hi Amy and welcome to of our listeners and viewers across the country and around the world, well as voters went to the post Tuesday in Colorado, Utah and Oklahoma, the results from last Tuesday's primary race in Kentucky, came in and former marine fighter pilot. Amy McGrath has been declared the winner over progressive state. Representative. Charles Booker McGrath outspent booker by a margin of nearly ten. Ten to one booker's popularity soared in recent weeks as he took part in black lives matter protests and campaign with the slogan from the hood to the Holler. He took a brief lead and votes last week, but McGrath's campaign pulled ahead Tuesday after the final mail in ballots were counted, this comes amidst a surge victories for progressive candidates of color and congressional primaries including here. Here in New York where Mandela Jones and Richie touris- are poised to become the first two openly gay black men in Congress replacing lawmakers who are retiring after decades in Washington and what would be a major upset draw. Bowman has claimed victory over New York Congressman Eliot Engel the Foreign Affairs Committee Chair. Who served in Congress for more than thirty years bowmen this currently leading. Leading by twenty five percentage points, but absentee ballots are still being counted. Bowman ran on a green new deal Medicare for all platform, and recently joined protests, demanding an end to racism and police brutality. He's a former bronx middle school principal who is endorsed by Senators Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders Representative Alexandra Cossio Cortez on the New York Times in a minute. He'll join us. This is part of his address to supporters. Last Tuesday night. Impact of poverty on our children and dealing with issues of institutional racism and sexism and classism and send a phobia and everything that keeps the majority of us oh. Press is what we designed this campaign to fight against so tonight as we celebrate, we know just celebrate me as an individual, we celebrate this movement. A movement designed to push back guests, a system that's literally killing us is killing black and Brown bodies disproportionately, but his killing all the Fuss Eliot Engel and say his name once used to say that he was doing in the side of Donald Trump. But you know what Donald Trump is more afraid of than anyone anything else. A black man with power. That is what Donald Trump is afraid. That's Jamal Bowman. Addressing supporters on election night. Many have compared his apparent victory to Alexander Cossio Cortez, a stunning defeat Democrat Joe Crowley just two years ago, progressive political strategists Cartha Ganapati, said quote, a middle school principal with no prior political experience defeating twenty year incumbent. That's an AO sea level upset well. Jamal Bowman joins us now from his home in Yonkers New York welcome back to democracy now. Jamal Vollmann thank you so much for being with us and if you could continue to respond as you did on primary night. This well, the final results are not in, but it looks like you have such a major lead right now. What do you think did it? We connected with the people very early on in this campaign, all people, not just a small segment of the district. We went to co OP city. We went to eat while projects gun hill projects we connected with those who have been who had been mostly disenfranchised and ignored by Congressman Engel in our political system for decades. We wanted to connect with them I. Didn't just target those who consistently vote in primaries we targeted everyone of those who are registered Democrats, but have become disengaged from the system. We wanted to let them know that. Their voices mattered that they were important. And we needed their brilliance and experienced. Help US craft a policy that we're going to be fighting for in Washington and we had an amazing team in amazing, an amazing field program to help us get that done. you're I, wanted to delve into how your experience as a public school teacher and an assistant principal and. Helped frame your view of progressive politics when it comes to education, we just heard about the Supreme Court decision that is going to make it easier for religious schools to. Be Able to access. Scholarships through tax credits and we know how the Education Secretary Betsy. Devos wants to increase the provide federal assistance to private education and to religious schools and in the Bronx. You have to deal with growing a charter school change which are semi private. Like a success academy and the KIP Academy and others, could you talk about this whole issue of education privatization, and how this shaped your view of Progressive Politics in America? Absolutely! A front row seat to the attack on public schools attack on teachers, unions and the privatization of our schools, and the taken of resources from public schools and investment and investments in charter schools had a front row seat to that throughout my twenty year career in particularly throughout my ten years as a middle school, principal and outside of serving as a principle I also worked on education, organizing or like eight Qe, C., J. Nice. Eight pushing back against charter schools, calling for a national moratorium on charter schools and push him back against over use of standardized testing, because it's been used as you know as a weapon to call schools in kids and teachers failing, so they can. Be closed and reopened as a for profit charter entity so something I've been fighting for and against throughout my career, but particularly over the last ten years, but that privatization is not just happening in public schools is happening in housing is happening in healthcare is happening when you look at utilities, and when you look at the the impact of fossil fuels on our environments, and how continue to support fossil fuels, and that move towards clean renewable energy, so the corporatization, the privatization and the wealthy elite are attacking all of our public institutions, and it's our time. It's our job right now. The fight against that. And you you've also been on record as supporting the reconstruction platform of supporting of the funding police. What's your reaction to the latest? Results in City Council where they're supposedly a one billion dollar reduction in put in the police budget that Mayor de Blasio, and the council have supported, but critics are saying this is basically playing with numbers shifting some services to other agencies, but not really affecting the size of the police department, except for the one academy class that will not be a will not take place this summer. Yes I agree with the critics. We need to hiring freeze with the NYPD. We need to truly one billion dollars in NYPD spending, not just shifting of that money to the to the Department of Education for example to maintain school safety agents who will act in the same capacity and conduct the same functions that they did prior to the so Paul Cut. This requires leadership, and this requires a reimagining of public safety and the restructuring of of the way, our schools and our NYPD. Currently conducts themselves. We need investment shoe investment in school counselors, school psychologists, social workers additional teachers, especially now as we respond, come back from covid nineteen, you know the learning gap that was there. Before is now growing, and if we don't invest in more teachers and more infrastructure to make sure we can lower class, size and focus on one on one instruction and mental health supports our kids will continue to suffer, so we need a true defunding true reinvestment in public health last month. Elliott Angola was caught on a news twelve Mike asking the Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz junior if he could speak at a rally after a night of protests against police violence, he then told the quote. If I didn't have a primary, I wouldn't care listen closely. He's. All the. It. Didn't go down this. Just to succeed. Hear. From everybody else? So I WANNA turn to Eliot Engel reacting to AOC's endorsement of your campaign on a candidate forum. This is not a dictatorship is the democracy. We shouldn't have one person. High even though she's a colleague of mine that she can enjoy who ever is elected to Congress. That's not what democracy is all about. Geno Vollmann you got endorsed by it. By Senator Sanders and Warren. And Eliot Angle who is the former chair of the foreign affairs committee was endorsed by Nancy. Pelosi. As Well Hillary Clinton. If you can delineate. Starting with the green new deal your differences, and how you'll think you'll challenge. Even the Democratic leadership in Congress not just the Republicans the direction you think they need to be going in. That's different right now. Well number one I don't take any corporate pack money. We are completely supported by grassroots, organizations and individuals who support our campaign financially. We take no corporate pack bunny at all where accountable to the people were not accountable to corporations number two. My background is an educator has prepared me and train me to first and foremost serve the people in my district, so while I'll also be in Washington, fighting for the right policy and resources and pushing a racial justice agenda I'm also going to be here serving the people and providing exemplary. Constituent services something that congressman goal was criticized for throughout his campaign, and then the third piece I'll reiterate said before racial justice and institutional racism is something that we have to fight very directly very urgently, and there's something that lives within every American institution, so part of our reconstruction agenda involves. Putting together a truth and reconciliation committee to look at the history of racism slavery in this impact on us today we see it in police, brutality, mass incarceration, but also in housing and education and health outcomes as we've seen from the COVID, nineteen epidemic does something that Congressman Engel had not done. He had not been a leader on any of those issues throughout his time in Congress, and that's why the people have resoundingly voted us in at this point in this race. Jomo Lesha about the terms of housing you're you've been in support of the cancel. The rent movement as a result of the economic dislocation at the country is going through from the covid nineteen pandemic. Critic say that that's not realistic that landlords. The landlords also have a bills and especially small landlord, but yet there are over eight hundred thousand rent stabilized tenants in new. York, city many of them, suffering, because they can't pay the rent. Talk about the cancel the rent movement. If. People don't have jobs and they can't pay the rent. How are we going to hold them accountable by by taking them to eviction, and in terms of the small landlords, we support you know a moratorium on mortgages regarding small landlords, because they are smaller than do, and they do have their struggles, but we're talking about a larger real estate corporations and the real estate lobby that has been dictating how we do housing policy and New, York state for decades. We need cancellation of rent. We need cancellation of small mortgages. We need a cancellation of utilities. We need to and evictions. We need blockade on victim evictions as that. Runs out, today. Today and New York State and across the country we need to invest in the people of the working class people of our city, state and country. It was very easy for us to write trillions of dollars right one point five trillion dollar check for Wall Street very easy for us to bail out the airline industry and the and the cruise industry. We need to bail out the working class people of this country, and that's what the cancellation of rent is all about this focus on the people s invest in the people set lifted people so album and you think governor Cuomo didn't go far enough. He just signed this measure yesterday. To prevent tenants from being evicted for non payment of rent during this period of the corona virus, but of course they will have to pay full grant soon. It needs to be cancelled as we as we deal with this corona virus, and we get a handle on it and people indoor. What's happening in their lives? These to be canceled out right now? The moratorium because they're going to be held accountable for that on the back end, which is something where against I want to ask you about? Challenge. You got about a week before the primary election by rabbi. Avi Weiss and your district when he wrote an open letter in the riverdale press condemning what he called. You're anti Israel views. You replied to him in your own letter. I want to read a part of it. You wrote the uprising across the country against police. Violence also makes me empathize with the everyday experience and fear that comes with living under occupation, just as the police force forces an intimidating force in so many black communities I can connect to what it feels like for Palestinians. Palestinians to feel the presence of the military and their daily lives in the West Bank I can also understand the crushing poverty and deprivation in the Gaza Strip I believe. Palestinians have the same rights to freedom and dignity as my Jewish brothers and sisters. I'll fight for their liberation just as hard as I will fight for yours. You wrote I. Was wondering if you could expand on that and then comment on the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu's plans to annex the occupied West Bank parts of the occupied West. Bank he's put it off for today. And the letter that. Cossio Cortes wrote. That was supported by senator. Sanders and others saying that if he moves forward, the US should cut military aid to Israel. First of all the black men in America and I know what it feels like to feel inferior because of the color of your skin, because of who you are and to feel like you're constantly undeserved. Of because of your race I understand the history of this country are completely and I know what my ancestors have gone through in this country in that in that understanding, you know, I can connect with Palestinian suffering, not just in Israel Palestine, but across the world and connect with you Jewish suffering in terms of their safety insecurity in their history with talked about from the very beginning of this. This campaign dot com trauma and our common humanity, and that's something. That's what I'm trying to bridge. That's how I'm trying to bridge these gaps and open doors to understanding and new conversation amongst the black community. Jewish comed-, pass and community and all communities and anyone everyone who's felt old pressed in this country all throughout the world in terms of the annexation is something we've been very critical of. Throughout our campaign, the annexation, the occupation of detaining Palestinian children Palestinian. People have the right to self-determination to safety insecurity and to their own country, which is why we support a two state solution and the annexation under reminds us getting to a two state solution, which is why we've been critical of it throughout our campaign. And Jomaa Beaumont led to ask you about the presidential race. You're you obviously been? Very, critical of president trump, but now he is will likely be facing Joe Biden as the Democratic candidate for president. Your sense because you'll. Biden is not part of the wing of the Democratic Party. That you belong to do, support vice, President Biden. And what are your concerns about how this race will work out over the next few months? I do support of Vice President Biden going to do everything in my power to help him get elected and work with him and hold them accountable towards the progressive values that I represent I stand for and that the people of this district and throughout the country stand for this is the time for bold leadership in the bold vision. Toward Medicare for all green new deal and using those policy platforms to get people back to work and deal with issues of environmental injustice and institutional racism, and all this forms, so I'm gonNA fight for Joe. Biden a win because we have to defeat Donald trump now look forward to working with him to make sure that we moved to country direction. Everyone is demanding right now and gentleman. When do you expect the final results to be in your primary race? So you are many points ahead. We? We've heard next Wednesday or Thursday so hopefully we'll get the results then well. I want to thank you so much for being with US Volvo. Men Claim victory last week in the Democratic Party's nomination for the Sixteenth Congressional district in Westchester County in the Bronx over sixteen term Congress member. Elliott Angle, who is the head of the House Foreign Affairs Committee Joel Bowman's been endorsed by Senators, Warren and Sanders representative, allowing the Alexander Cossio Cortez and the New York Times former bronx middle school principal. This is democracy now when we come back. The man who predicted the pandemic two years ago Atlantic, writer and young stay with us. A. Everyone is a winner by hot chocolate. This is democracy now. Democracy now dot org. The Quarantine Report Goodman with one Gonzales the United States is experiencing the world's worst outbreak of COVID. Nineteen Tuesday mark the highest number of cases reported in the country in a single day, since the pandemic began with forty seven thousand new infections reported eight States Alaska Arizona. California Georgia Idaho. Idaho Oklahoma South Carolina and Texas also reported record daily highs as the virus spreads rapidly across the South and West, the number of use cases have reportedly risen by eighty percent in the past two weeks and testimony to a Senate committee Tuesday top US. Infectious Disease Expert Dr Anthony Fauci warned the US could spiral out of control and less urgent steps are taken. When you have an outbreak in one part of the country, even though in other parts of the country, they're doing well. They are vulnerable I. Made that point very clearly last week at a press conference? We can't just focus on those areas that are having this surge puts the entire country at risk. We are now having forty plus thousand new cases A. A day I would not be surprised if we go up to one hundred thousand a day. If this does not turn around, a number of states are reversing reopening measure says they face astronomical rises, cases California Governor Gavin. NEWSOM said he'll soon announce new rollbacks recent reopenings after a record increase in new cases and hospitalizations on Monday Arizona Governor Doug ducey reverse. Reverse the states reopening an ordered the closure of bars, clubs gender movie theaters and Water Parks Governor. Ducey had previously banned local officials from implementing their own covert restrictions more stringent than the state and in Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered bars to close again last week. Houston hospital has begun transferring Cova patients to medical centers in parts of Texas at Houston becomes a new hotspot former San Antonio mayor and presidential candidate who Castro tweeted quote. Texas now has more daily Corona virus cases than Italy when it was global epicenter of the pandemic said, and it's not just the US the virus is spreading faster around the world to the global death toll past half a million earlier this week, World Health Organization head. Ted Dress Often Gabrielle. warned the worst is yet to come. We own one this to be over. We all one to get on with our lives. But the Reality is. This is not even close to being over. Although many countries have made some progress. Globally. The Pundit Miki's. Spitting up. Well for more we go to Washington DC where we're joined by. A science writer at the Atlantic whose been covering the pandemic extensively, his latest pieces cove nineteen can last for several months in America's Patrick. Pandemic is fraying even further two years ago, he warned the country's unpreparedness and an essay is America ready for Global Pandemic and welcome to democracy. Now let's begin with these just astounding numbers. Into this pandemic the US has a little more than four percent of the world's population, but more than quarter of the world's deaths and reported. Corona virus cases. How is this possible? What is the US doing wrong? It's truly shocking and disgraceful country with the resources that we have should not be in this state and I. think above all else the single factor that. Leading to this is the lack of federal coordination leadership the fact that. There is no studying unifying hand coming from the white. House means that the country is supposed to fight this pandemic as a bunch of disconnected states. and to respond to for being weaker than the some orbit part. That's why we're in this situation. Where entirely predictable patterns are emerging, you know we knew that if states reopen too early in the south and the West in all around the country, without putting in the measures, necessary to contain and suppress the virus, testing, contact tracing, and so on that, we would see new soldiers in cases, and that's exactly what we're seeing now. The tragedy that is currently unfolding in the south and the West is doubly tragic because it was entirely predictable and. Experts have warned about it. But I wanted to ask you. What about the the reality that weather? It's a liberal state like California some of the more conservative states like Texas and Florida where the leaders were skeptical of law and tried to reopen very quickly. California was the first to close. To to. Have people stay at home and yet it is seeing a huge surge now to what degree is a result of the policies of these stays, so or is it just the fatigue of a lot of Americans who just are not accustomed to just staying at home and maintaining social distance for such a long period of time. She called separate any of these things that the reason why we went into appear to social distancing in the first place was because the US wasted time in the early part of the year when it had warnings and didn't get ready to catch virus, as it arrived within our borders, so the things spread cases installed rising, and everyone goes into panic, mode, and very justifiably knots down to spread. To reduce transmission, but that comes with. In an implicit deal of bargain on the part of the people that we will show the despite metro and emotional and mental. Hey. In order that the government can use the time to shore up a hospital to improve the public health infrastructure to just get ready and to do that effectively, you can't just say to the state as the trump has done to your own thing, you need a federal government who have deep pocket and extensive power to say we are operating on this consistent framework so that you may do you. States may do something. Something different according to the needs of your population, but we're going to act as one, and that was not done, and that means that now that unfortunately towards the end of spring. Recall whether you're a democratic, will publican. Stay whether you read. A blue leaders were in this position where they have a lot of them have to reopen because people getting because people were stretching the limits of the mental and financial patient. So we because we because we didn't use that time well the time that all of us bought with the sacrifice. We are now in this situation where the virus was never brought to heel, and is now raging out of control again. We talk a lot about second wave. We never even escape to the first one. And I'd like to also ask you about possible other ways. One of my concerns has been that increasingly, not just in the United States, but across the world as the world has become more urbanised as more and more people are crowded into Meta cities and has the nail. Liberal policies have resulted in less and less investment and public health infrastructure. Are we facing the potential for more pandemics in the future? We're hearing now for instance reports that a new strain of H. One n one is beginning to spread in the countryside of China swine flu. and. is your concern. Extend beyond the coronavirus to potential pandemic so on the horizon. Yeah absolutely this is, but you know in many ways. This isn't by fun, not the worst thing we could be seeing. This virus is deadly and spreads well, but it doesn't spread as well as measles. It's not as deadly as other corona viruses like. This could be worth and we already flunking this quite basic test in a really spectacular fashion. Now you yes, you as you say of the urbanize Asian. Crowded cities are an issue, but. Other countries that have successfully contained the virus like Hong Kong and South Korea other states and nations. Also have big crowded cities. The the fact that we are in a globalized urbanized world should mean excuse for America to path. It's bailing during this crisis on top of those things that a lot of other countries share, we add this a a strange how system that ties how to unemployment. We add a long legacy of racial discrimination, which means that now black and Brown and indigenous people are suffering disproportionately, getting infected and dying from Corona Vars fall more than other people we and. A specific disinvestment in public how that is not universal is very much an American phenomenon that we have become complacent with reduced the money that goes into the people who stop us from getting sick in the first place in favor of treating people who already thick and the combined burden of all of these choices left to fester and rot for decades is is coming. To fruition now now we're seeing the impact of all these things that people are talked about in could have been prevented and are making the pandemic so much. What do you think if we had medicare for all a national healthcare system that it would have dealt with the system much better and working against this patchwork approach in this country yet? Yes. I think it's I think it's very clear that that is the case. Know it's not going to be a panacea. It's not going to be the single thing that fixes everything. The problem with the pandemic is the US flounded on multiple different fronts. Health practices certainly one of them. There was a thing called the global how security index which ranks different nations according to their preparedness, the US ranked number one, which now in hindsight seems to be dubious, but even then in terms of healthcare access it right. Right a hundred and seventy fifth out of one hundred ninety five countries, one of the worst in the world. So do I think the universal health care would have made a difference absolutely as what other social policies paid sick leave. Has It pay things that allow people? The agency empowered to take the health into their own hands. Stop themselves from getting infected in the way that we know that poor and disadvantaged people currently all. On Tuesday Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden blasted trump's quote historic mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic. He was speaking in. Wilmington Delaware. He compared his response with trump's. In April. Released a plan to secure the supply chain for personal protective equipment, surge nationwide testing with as it through a pandemic testing board. And launch a nationwide health corps to focus on contact tracing. Trump suggestions. Americans citizen Jek. Disinfectants into their bodies. So. That's Joe Biden yesterday. And in South Dakota, the president of the Oglala, Sioux tribe has ordered president trump to cancel planned visit to Mount Rushmore July third for his Independence Day celebration, meanwhile, the South Dakota Republican governor, a close ally of trump Christy nome, said Tuesday. The thousands of people attending trump's mount rushmore event will not be required to wear a mask to remain six feet apart. This is what she said. We'll be giving out free face masks if they choose to wear one, but we won't be social distancing. So, can you talk about this? People say if we're not going to stand six feet apart. We should be looking at six feet under. Others are saying here is president trump who cares more about dead confederates than he does living Americans last seen golfing this weekend at his bedminster private club. Can you talk about trump in particular? What Joe Biden is proposing? You have called. The catastrophe at the White House you have referred to it in all sorts of ways what trump has done? I'm I'm running out of ways to describe it. Honestly I think about. To have a rally at this time to to to to essentially sways your own offices mad, the cost of the lives of American and specifically your own supported just seems awfully baffling, certainly electorally counterproductive. But but just a massive moral failure like A. President should be providing clear. Consistent evidence based messaging. He should be wearing a mask in public should be setting the example for the rest of the the nation pandemics already going to be divisive time, so people are scrambling for information. They're looking at each other at each other with the fishing and we need leadership to. To to unify a population that strip resins to be fragmented but trump. Trump is doing what trump is always done in moments of genuine prices and tannock. He is stoking a cultural war testing people against each other, and he's thinking about himself and his. His Career above all else, and with seeing the effects of that play out across the country, the people who turn up to his Romney are. Putting themselves in danger and for walks. We this. This whole pandemic has shown us that. Having someone at the top who is ill sutures to the job and unable to carry out. The of the office is a huge problem in crisis then. If Joe Biden were to be elected. One thing I would not back all the problems that I described in this segment so far longstanding issues of healthcare inequality racism. If. You have a candidate who is running them on the platform of going back to the good old days the good old days what led to this? We need progressive radical reform to get the US into a situation where it can more effectively fight the pandemic of the future that we know absolutely will happen. Can we possibly do that with trump in the White House I? Don't think we can, but it is a challenge for any person. Occupy that office to deal with in the future. And Young, could you help us understand more about what you learned about how the disease spreads? We know that there are some people who get covid nineteen and don't infect other people. There are those who are super spreaders, and there's also now more increasing reports that some people a suffer from this. From this flu for months and months, and there's a potential for brain damage in some people you talk about what you've learned. So one of the things that makes this virus challenging is that it can stretch from one person to another before the former show any symptoms and this precinct traffic spread allows it to move stealthily without. Being easily detected shouldn't be a dealbreaker testing and tracing and public health measures should be able to contain it. One thing that I think is is understated. Problem underreported problem. Is this issue of people get saying? Quote Unquote. Mild cases don't need to go to the hospital. Don't need Ben Places. are nonetheless suffering from severe symptoms from. People who have been bedridden incapacitated dealing with a rolling. A debilitating ways of Simpson's two three four five months now. These so-called long haulers who I've written about. Are being dismissed by a lot of medical professionals. It'd be dismissed for their friends and families, because we have this idea of covert as being a mild mostly mild disease that goes away up to two weeks. That is. Very much a caricature. It happens in some cases unfortunately cases, but it is. The the universe saw picture of the disease by any me, and we need to solve understanding of what is happening to folks who are staying at home whose lives have been completely a Richard who aren't going to hospital, and who are suffering from covid nineteen for a long period of time we might see waves of medium and long-term disability as a result of this. It's not just looking at death of confirmed cases. We definitely need to understand the people who are dropping through the. Through the cracks in the system and the narratives that were telling about the disease. And finally a vaccine. To be developed how everyone gets it ed? We all want the vaccine. That is the end game, but if you look at how the pandemic is playing out in response to it I can I can pretty safely predict a loss of people will be confused. Misinformed will refuse to get. The vaccine can tell you that the vaccine will be distributed. inequitably. People who most need it right now. People are nursing hard people in the Black Brown. Digits communities will be the lost to get it. We need to fix a loss of these underlying issues that have affected America's culture. And how does the same for a long period of time so that by the time we get appropriate medical countermeasures, they can be distributed fairly equitably and efficiently. They will actually work. We have to leave it there at young. Thanks so much for being with us. Science writer at the Atlantic will link to all of your articles. A little correction trump didn't go to. Bedminster New Jersey went to trump national in Potomac falls Virginia as the pandemic rages, and that ends today show a huge thanks to all of our team, working at home, and as well working here. In the studio to make sure democracy now continues and remember. Show that you care by wearing a mask. Protect all. I maybe Goodman with Juan Gonzalez they say.

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July 2nd: Election Recap  Tanner chats with Gail Fallen and Weld County Commissioner Mike Freeman

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July 2nd: Election Recap Tanner chats with Gail Fallen and Weld County Commissioner Mike Freeman

"From. Specialist Studios? Host Tanner Choice. Thanks for joining us. What will be a busy busy day. I got a lot of things to Get to obviously the election happening on Tuesday eighth. Colorado did their job a lot of people getting out to vote looking like some records. You're going to be broken. for the amount of ballots turned in so well done exercising that right to vote and. Some surprising races that we'll dive into Gayle, fallon of mornings with Gail will join us in the second segment to kind of recap where we thought it was where we thought things were GonNa land, and then compare where it is. I know there are. A couple of questions will. There was one very tight race that will dive into. It was not quite close enough for a recall her a recount. Excuse me, so we'll dive into that get a bigger picture of what this means for November. Remember these just the primaries and it seemed like that this was a heated race for a couple of seats but as we all know you know especially. Some of the Weld County Commissioner seats those are those are going to go republicans, so this was the really big battle, and now we'll see come November. Now you're not gonNA. Hear any of the candidates say that, but really that's what we're talking about, so we'll dive into that with gale film also joining us, we'll be Mr. Mike Freeman, the Weld County Commissioner chairman as well as the Republican nominee for the World County Commissioner Seat for district one at coming in November, he defeated Kristie Melendez on Tuesday. Evening. We'll talk with Mike about about well. Well what's next and who's going to be joining him on that? Commission panel We've got that and then the headline that caught my eye. We've got some encouraging news, but first. Let's get into it. It is the and news around Northern Colorado beginning well yesterday you need a hunting or fishing license to hike in Colorado. State Wildlife Areas this coming from John Mayer out of the No. Hikers. Exploring caught does designated state wildlife areas will be required to have these license There are two reasons for this new policy. The management of State Wildlife Areas is funded through the purchase of hunting and fishing licenses for the purpose of conserving habitats and wildlife related recreation, so to generate money state law requires departure wildlife just separate its funding sources for both wildlife area and state parks which are funded by park passes. There other reason has to do with growing visitation numbers. This is a quote from. CW spokesman Travis Dunkin. We're seeing unprecedented use of our public spaces. Interstate wildlife areas that is affecting our wildlife in these areas. I don't WanNa. Say I'm discouraging hiking, but I'm encouraging folks to look up. What the intended use of that property is they do go on to a an example here in example is the Mount Evans State Wildlife area west of Evergreen every year when we opened the gate for that wildlife various start letting cars through. We see all the wildlife. Wildlife Disappeared Dunkin said they get driven off from so much traffic from so much human us. That's one example of the kinds of things that are happening around the state so I. If they do go on to say that look if they catch out there hiking, you don't have a hunting or fishing license the bad. They're going to educate you I would. This is a sweeping change. I mean this is big for a lot of people that that are going to go hiking so. If. You're caught out there. You don't hunting or fishing license. They will educate first and then start to implement fines, and such a little bit later on so remember if going hiking in Colorado state, wildlife areas gotTA. Have that hunting or fishing permit? love and firework stands. See Increase in sales this year I could've told you that without without reading I think everyone is buying more and more fireworks. At least what it seems like from the different neighborhoods, and all of the big booms that are happening across northern Colorado, but this coming from the Loveland, reporter Herald in the lot of on Eisenhower. Boulevard and North Denver Avenue across the foundation. Search Seve hail soul fireworks for Greeley based to Bradley Fireworks. This is his thirteenth year running the ten in the business has. has been going well this year. He said so far. It's been really good the busy stays are always July third and fourth. He said, and it remains to be seen how many people will arrive this year? But you're not the way too long to get the fireworks because they have a shortage of products this year. more and more firework shows have been canceled. The city's annual firework show in Loveland at Lake level and Liz starting to lead more people to go and take matters into their own hand. Go and just get the go. Get their own fireworks, so they don't have to miss out on the The Fun usually we would sell two hundred of those packs this week and I've got about six of them left. He said if they run out. He won't be able to get any more so I definitely recommend shopping early. He said, and so there's it's all over the place I mean you drive around for just a couple of minutes you see these firework stands. In just about every parking lot, then look the other thing is like people they I mean they are looking for a sense of entertainment. There's still things that are open a lot of the stuff that were normally doing whether. It's a concert on the fourth of July or the stampede or Cheyenne, frontier days, or whatever it is, that's not happening, so people are finding a way to amuse themselves and keep themselves entertained, and it seems to be that a lot of it is fireworks this year. There are some that go to benefit booster clubs and stuff like that, but one man who said that he'd never fires before came to the stand with his grandson, and bought four hundred dollars worth of fireworks on Tuesday Boyd said so customers have also said they're buying their own fireworks because they don't want to go to. The city's fireworks display at the ranch the city usually had a fireworks display at Lake Levin, like we talked about, but it did get cancelled as well. Keep in mind to the Greeley. Stampede will actually be there still going to. To hold their fireworks show they are discouraging people from coming to the park to watch it. They go so far up in the air. Just get on a good vantage point. You'll be able to see it, but they are letting. People know that they do not want people coming to the actual park to watch the fireworks that'll be taking place on a Friday or on Saturday on the fourth of July. Obviously one of the thing. I want to throw it out there as well the shoebox parade. We'll be happening for the Greeley stampede. That will be released on their facebook page at nine am on Saturday. Yours truly co hosted the event with with Haley. Frederickson the missile Rodeo Colorado. She did a great job with it as well, but if you WANNA, see me, make a fool out of myself more than I usually do. Check it out there. It's a really good I've seen some of these floats I. Think I've talked about it. A couple of times really really engine. You know creative and some good ingenuity coming for people on these folks there shoebox prayed and the shoebox and they're decorated all crazy. You can see like there's even like some seven eight year. Olds that submitted something on my I couldn't have done. Done that so very impressed it'll be good, it'll be fun to watch this as well. Nine o'clock on Saturday morning, the shoebox fourth of July parade from the Greeley Stampede Wanna get your thoughts all feed, mill, hotline, nine, seven, zero, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, nine, seven, zero, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, or you can text into that KFC text line at three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, nine sixty new textures. Oh, you have to do. Subscribe is text Kf. K. A to that number. We're not gonNA texture back nothing like that will respond to you on air if you want to get your thoughts out there one final story. This was something that I talked with. Kevin Lionel on on Tuesday. And the we had live sports back in Colorado right, and it is the Korn Ferry tour that is taking place over at TPC Berthod and it is some of the pictures that Kevin Lionel has been able to grab so far. He's following it along so obviously. Fans aren't allowed down there, but It's just been fantastic watching this story and following along with Kevin after day one there were seven players. Tied at the top of the list so seven atop the leaderboard after the first round, they played today. Obviously no nothing yet on the. scorecard nothing yet from Kevin up on the Colorado. Seven players all shot a minus five round of sixty seven on the nearly eight thousand yard, course on Wednesdays, the largest collection of first round leader since two thousand twelve on the Korn ferry tour. Korn Ferry. Tour. Golfing. The Korn Ferry tour isn't something you're used to. It used to be the web dot COM to her, so it's it's nuts, this is. Air Every time I see yardage on this course, it's just insane to me. They've got a seven hundred yard par five like that's just on like the long ones on normal courses like five twenty like ridiculously long and seven hundred yards on this. No, Sir, not me I! I'm no I just I. Don't even know what score I'd put up on that, but I would. Would like to go down there and play it, but so that is no co news before we take a break, let's say thanks to mark Larson State Farm Insurance Agency Man I know you talking about a guy that's ready and hoping that the UNC bears are going to be able to play. He is a UNC bear through and through. He is an avid supporter. Because he knows Greeley's been a part of it for so long and just a really really good guy, and that's what you're talking about with insurance you want them to. Have your best interest in mind. It doesn't matter of its life home or auto. Even though they've got those rollbacks going on right now, you WanNa make sure that you're getting out there I. Did see mark also donated to district six as well from Mark Larson from state. Farm Insurance, agency. He cares about the community because he's been a part of it. Nine, seven, zero, three, five, six, eight, thousand, seven, hundred, nine, seven, zero, three, five, six, eighty, seven, hundred. Let's take a quick break. We'll come back on the other side. Gayle Fallon for mornings with Gail will join us. Let's recap this election when we come back. It's no co now on thirteen ten Kfi am. Best UNC bears targeting game coverage lives on thirteen ten K. F. K. Four, nineteen the time here on no now hope everybody's having a great a Thursday. wanted to dive into this election a little bit more and through that well we bring in the expert, the one that follows it. Very closely the expert on that she's done it for a long time. She's great at it. That is mornings with gale and Gayle Fallon up on mill hotline. Gail thanks so much for joining me here. Well. Hey, there tagger I mean tanner played golf with you that seven hundred yard par five. I know from personal experience. You'd Eagle it. No, yeah. You haven't been on the program in a while, but you don't have to try and butter me up like that. Come on, come on Don. Good Golfer. Gill appreciate that and I'll tell you what. I was on the golf course on Tuesday evening. Actually when some of these election results started to roll in well, let's start first with what we both kind of thought was going to be a tight race, and that was for Weld County Commission race between Kevin Ross and Perry Buck. We spoke and thought that it could be close. Flip a coin. Maybe that's not how this turned out at all. Well, you know it's funny because I am rather a Awang, because you're well aware a trend watcher so I was watching a lot of things in this primary election as far as what will November look like voter, enthusiasm, voter turnout, but. To your point, it was a good night for most incumbents, most incumbents as long as they were running for the same seat Kevin. Ross was the exception, and that was a huge surprise for some not so much for others, because typically an incumbent and Kevin Ross did a great job stepping in filling that at large county. Commissioners see as a result of John, Conway's or early retirement announced in early January, Yeah Kevin Appointed by the Weld County Council to that commissioner at large seat, in February did a great job has great experience as the former mayor of eaten brought a lot of that skill set to that seat worked very closely with don warden, but I think what really surprised me. The outcome was was. We did think it was going to be pretty much. Up between Perry Bach and Kevin Ross, but what surprised me was the margin by which Perry one. Yeah, it did me as well and look I. I know he wasn't your usual incumbent in the sense of he didn't have a full term in there, but Gail. I thought that that the appointment of him over Perry back in January was going to carry a little bit more weight with voters. It didn't appear that way. Well, I think that goes to Harry's longevity long standing reputation as a politician, but not your typical politician Certainly you know in the State House, a woman of integrity and character. And a true to her word on numerous issues that she worked on, she also had a former. Weld County Commissioner Sean Conway's endorsement, but both of them have such a big part for Weld county that it was just a tough choice, but once again I think it went to her work in the legislature and adjust the fact that she is so well known throughout county. That was the tipping point. Yeah, I saw an interview with Kevin Ross the day after the election, and he handled it with grace, he handled it with poison, and and this is a guy that we're gonNA. See Back in these races. I would imagine relatively quickly. I certainly hope so because he brings a lot to the table with his experience, and I certainly hope that we haven't seen the last of Kevin. Ross something tells me I agree with the Tanner on that point we have not. We're talking with mornings with. Host Gayle Fallon talking about the primaries that took place on Tuesday obviously the other one commissioner Freeman will will be joining us actually here in just a couple of moments, but Three. Mike. Freeman had a very worthy opponent in Christie. Melendez that one was. Maybe even a little bit closer than what I think. People anticipated, but Mike still won that election. Haley any surprises there for you, gail now I don't think so I think you know once again. When you look at the makeup of the well bore county commissioners, and they're numerous accomplishments over the years certainly Mike. Freeman earned that right to run for a third. Third term, but once again we were talking about so much political talent in Weld County. When you look at for example Kevin Ross when you look at Christie Melendez and once again not to be repetitively redundant, but I can only hope that the former mayor of Windsor Christie Melendez that we see much more of her because she took on the post office and she won. Yeah No, it was interesting That was one that I. Think a lot of people had that feeling that commissioner. Freeman ahead had done enough that that he was going to get that third term, but I agree with you. We'll probably see Melinda is back in some of these races as well Gail. Let's jump. Where do we go go larimer county? I WanNa talk about Berber Kirk Myers raise. Well, you know overall I. I want to get back to that point that you had made earlier talking about You know right off the top of this afternoon talking about that A lot of people getting out there to vote. surmising that this probably going to be a record setter, you are absolutely correct. Sir, this as secretary of State Genyk. griswald deemed Tuesday's election turnout, the largest for a non presidential primary in Colorado history with more than one point, five seven million people casting ballots, representing forty five percent of ACTA voters, and that's a trend that you also saw in Larimer. County is more than one hundred eleven. Thousand people cast ballots in Larimer. Forty seven percent of actor, active registered voters and a while I don't have the full breakdown in weld. Seventy. One, thousand, four, hundred twenty nine ballots were casts handily beating the returns in both two thousand, sixteen and twenty eighteen, and that goes to voter enthusiasm, because one of my big questions tanner just being so immersed in just well, the sunshine ribbons and rainbows and lollipops it is. These days. I am the mistress facetious right forced. I couldn't help think that after all this nation has been through not to mention just all the uncertainty and the Topsy Turvy, nature of all the restrictions and guidelines as a result of covid nineteen I was thinking voter turnout might be down well. That was not the case and I can't help but think that's going to be a bellwether for November because people are not turned off if anything, they're fired up right well, and you look at it and it's kind of. To use a sports analogy, we were Kinda scrimmaging. The political parties are scrimmaging each other, Republican and Republicans running against each other. We haven't even a quote. Unquote taken out on the enemy at. Regardless of what political party you're on so that I mean I. Think you're right. This could be a massive election. Come November one that you know there's a lot of there's a lot of things up for grabs that could have some pretty significant play on the political standpoint of Colorado absolutely absolutely, but back to that district twenty-three seat. Barbara Kirk buyer handily beating, Rupert Parchment Let's see Barbara Kirk buyer, fifty five point three one percent, according to the latest Ballot data coming from compass well, county, clerk and recorder rivard parchment at forty four point six nine percent, no surprise there, because once again as we spoke of Perry back. Barbara Kirk Mayer has quite a distinguished and long history in a weld county politics, so the fact that she won that nomination, no surprise whatsoever well, then the other one, I think of note as we continue to recap some of the elections, and what happened Tuesday evening in the primaries well. We gotta talk about Former Governor John Hickenlooper and His grace I. In his race, he pretty handily beat the Andrew Romanoff now were shaping up for what could be well, just an epic showdown between Hickenlooper Gardner Come November. Yes senator! Gardner has long been. Kind of in the crosshairs at a number of political experts, talking heads, saying that his seat is among the most vulnerable seats as a you know a a freshman senator, but here's what's fascinating. John Hickenlooper well. Basically what would have done better in his campaign? To subscribe to that old adage, that less is more because unfortunately, his gaps got him into trouble, but he won by twenty points I. You know over Andrew Romanoff because he is running as a moderate oh, but don't be surprised if he were to be elected because he will take a hard left, but I was Kinda surprised that he won by such a handy margin because of all the gaffes but I guess it kind of goes to you know the pucks attorney Joe as I call them now, Joe Biden. I guess the gaffes. Don't make any difference anymore right well. I'll tell you what to Gail I mean that. It's name recognition, and in the amount of money that is going to get pockets. Yeah, the money that's going to get poured into this. I mean there was a lot already spent on these primaries. I saw report that they're talking. Upwards of a million dollars You know possibly more for this race between? Hickenlooper and Gardner Yeah and they'll probably only beginning started, but on the upside for Senator Gardner John Hickenlooper former governor. John Hickenlooper surely has given him Griss to four the political ad. Mil So these these ads are going to get really down and dirty. No, they are for sure and those debates are going to be fun to watch as well Gail. What were some of your big takeaways? Maybe that we haven't got to yet statewide nationwide I know you've been following along. Even even on the bigger picture set of things well, the bigger picture is I think something I already alluded to again. I was looking for overarching trends across the country. And in the state as well and I. Think one thing that we know for absolute sure is that voters are really riled up and they are going to show I think one thing that we need to watch in Colorado I know in Larimer County. The Democrat turned out was higher than the Republican turn out, but the wildcard here the unaffiliated voters who tend to vote Democrat. Yeah it's IT'S GONNA. Be Fascinating to watch and Yeah I. Mean when when you have all of these these people turn it out. It's it's going to be hard to predict Ogeil to and and I point back to even twenty sixteen. When president trump won the presidency. Every stat that was thrown out there every number was incorrect i. how much faith do you have in the polls in these numbers that were about to see come? November, from I mean are the are the local races going to be a little bit more accurate than the national races. How how much stock should people taking these polls? We're about to see. That is a very very good question because I've been following the pull it down a primarily on the national level, and I've been following it not with a green, but a pillar of salt, because I find myself going back in time to Twenty Sixteen Wendy Hillary. Clinton was the heir apparent to the presidency, and we are seeing something very similar. There can't figure out if people are just giving pollsters a run for their money. Are they active voters? Because the poll example determines the overall. Of the poll, whether it's worth worth a dime or not, and so you got to remember, too. We are four months out from the presidential election day in politics is like a year and a lot can change between now and then. Look looking forward to looking forward to getting it over for being real honest gayle. These election years twenty twenty was supposed to be an election year, and we knew it was going to be a long year because of that, but you throw in a little bit of covid nineteen, you throw in a little bit of protests on their and man. We've had a long one. Well. You haven't had any days. What are we gonNA talk about today, right? It's been sensory overload. It's kind of like drinking from a fire. No, it's more like drinking from Niagara Falls, yes again so much coming on, but one thing going on, but one thing tanner kind of interesting, if you ever heard of senility, being part of a presidential campaign and It's it seems like every day on the news. Just something new that I've never seen before or heard of so That's why you got to pay attention to those local media outlets radio. Oh, absolutely all day long sure that covid nineteen. That's another good point because we are seeing spikes in cases across the nation. We're seeing those who re opened Many of them Republican led states reopened a bit more broadly that others are now kind of retrenching and closing things down. We've seen a spike of course in cases in Colorado and tanner, you and I have talked about this endlessly the the importance of making the distinction between. Between the number of cases and a spike in hospitalization rates, which unfortunately the mainstream lane stream media fails to do because it doesn't fit. Their trump really screwed the pooch on this one narrative. Well, there's so many numbers that you can dive into and in. We dove into him I feel like maybe a little too too quick into this. Because it was just a such a small sample size now we can really see it, but you're right, Gail. That hospitalization number is still under five percent, which is really the target, and we're holding steady there, so when you talk about spikes and stuff. He talked about the actions of the governor on. Monday, or Tuesday I believe was when shutting down bars and nightclubs again, right? It felt a little preemptive It felt like maybe it was. It was a move that was okay. We could see this if the fourth of July weekend is as big, so let's take a step back. Really the the model that he has implementing. Colorado standing in a much better place than a lot of the other states around the nation, oh absolutely absolutely and the point that I think you. And I have both been making okay fine If we don't want to be shut down again because you know that card is not necessarily off the table, it's up to us to exercise commonsense and do the right things and take personal responsibility. Yes, there still is a pandemic, and we can argue about the constitutionality of all of the so-called air quotes, guidelines and restrictions had fascinating conversations morning by the way with wowed county attorney Bruce Barca. Who is not? Not playing the waiver game as so many other counties are in order to placate the Colorado Department of Public Health and environment and the state, but that aside it's up to us to make sure that the state stays open couldn't upset better. Gail anything else that we missed from from well from I guess from Kobe nineteen all the way to the election and everything in between there I think we covered a lot looking forward to that next round with you. Though yeah, for sure we'll, we'll continue to get you on and next time. You don't have to lie about my golf game to get on the program. Come on, you're welcome. Thanks so much tanner's certainly appreciate it. Thank you so much. That is Gayle. Fallon mornings with Gail. Appreciate her time on that program six to nine every morning. Gail will be back at it tomorrow and so look the turn out was something that I was GonNa dive into as well Larimer County, just ridiculous I mean forty seven percent of active registered voters that is so high for primary November is going to be nuts, so I hope everybody's geared up. GET READY FOR POLITICAL ADS because they're coming your way, and they're going to be coming in full force four Scher, but. Well, we got one round out of the way I'll tell you what let's take a break. When we come back on the other side, we will have one of the winners from Tuesday's election. Weld County Commissioner Chairman Mike Freeman, coming up next but first. Let's get to the bottom of the hour news and weather center thirteen ten KFI preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage. Math thanks before mass shooting. From. Specialist Studios. It is no co now. Brian Kelly the production work I am tanner swint. Let's dive right into it. Our next guest on the ult mill hotline is Commissioner Mike Freeman, commissioner congratulations, thank you tanner. Excited obviously, you've been a great friend of the program personal friend for for well for years now so really excited that you will be running again and be serving weld. County of course it's not a foregone conclusion. You do have race coming up, November correct, I. Do yeah, the general election in November so You know and we'll take that seriously as we do every election it's. It's a little ways off probably start getting. Start you know. Start worrying out a little bit further down the road. Because you know what's going on right now and we'll county right now willing. We spoke on commissioner. It's just it's so interesting this year it's an election year, then everything else. That's going on the world. It's been nuts. Was this election well? I guess for lack of a better term more stressful than ones in years past. Know absolutely was more stressful. For one thing obviously you couldn't. You couldn't run the. You couldn't run your campaign like normal years. You weren't able to go out and and actually go door to door and visit with people like we've done in the past, so you know we had these days a little bit different this time, and so any election as stressful I mean it always is I felt like I always felt like because infringing shape as time and come to County Commissioner I. Think I've done a pretty good job. Job As county commissioner, a heck of a lot of support out there and I think based on the results of the election, and that was proven once again. Take us through. What was like final hours right before those polls starting to hit, and the numbers started be I mean. How nervous are you sit and have a glass of whisky? Calm the nerves. What? What does that look like for you? You know it's really it's pretty nerve wracking, and as we were sitting there, looking at the numbers they The turnout was was really large this year for. In the other primaries you know the last two you know around around fifty five hundred total votes, probably in one and this time we were up around fourteen thousand votes in district one so you know that was very a little concerned about the huge turnout, and but as it turned out I guess I think maybe people I don't know I think there's a lot of reasons for that down. Obviously, the population increase in well county the fact that independence could now vote in this in this primary election, which they couldn't in two thousand sixteen in my last Mary and and and also probably the fact that you know a lot of people are. Are Staying at home more and so they took more time to fill out the ballots I i. don't know, and then I think the other thing is. There was a lot of money spent in house district, Forty Eight and House district, thirty, three, both of those races. There was a lot of money spent on my commissioner. District is coverage as part of both of those two house district so I think all of those factors played into the turnout. Yeah, well, it was good to see people getting out there and exercising their right to vote. Obviously, there's going to be a little bit of a change in the commissioner council there as Perry buck defeats Kevin Ross. You've known Perry Obviously, she'd been around political game for a long time. What are your thoughts on her? Getting introduced If wins the general election in November to this well County Commissioner Council well. You're right. I've known Terry Long, Time I've actually known Perry since we were kids. So you know had the opportunity to work with over a assigned goes along, and obviously I look forward to working with very high You know I respect Perry a lot I think I think she would tell you that. The feeling is mutual and very much. Look forward to working with her. Come come next January. Yeah, there's no doubt about speaking with weld. County Commissioner Chairman Mike Freeman after a win on Tuesday evening. Over Christie MELENDEZ and welcome Mr you've got one hurdle out of the way and still focusing on running this county. How as well county looking at? How are we doing throughout this We're still in the middle of pandemic here. We are, but I think we're doing really well in Weld County. had one fatality in Weld County in the last thirty days. you know so You're still seeing case numbers go up, but that's a lot of that is because of a lot of increased testing. I think the other thing that you're seeing is you're maybe seen? You know more people gathering maybe more younger people that Maybe we're getting exposed to it, but you know. Know we're not seeing we're not saying anything that concerns as far as hospital. Numbers are fatalities, and those are the two numbers that really would worry me is as I said hospitalizations, and the Taliban is not so much numbers I was just we were. We just had that conversation actually on the program that the hospitalization rates still under five percent, which that's for the for the entire state but That's still pretty damn well doing pretty damn well. It's it's really low. In fact, you know I think part of it is you know, and that's one of the concerning things off that'll is. They furloughed a lot of employees because I mean they need to get back to doing the things? The other things that hospitals are there for and they're. They're getting back to doing that, but you know the under the underlying circumstances, if something like this, all of the other things that just kind of get overlooked or don't get taken care of 'cause, a lot of health risks as well and so That's also concerned. Commissioner one of the big questions that that I've been asked, and that I have for you. Is this budget weld county has always been very good about having no short-term or long-term debt. Zach GonNa Change after the recent effects of covid nineteen. No it will not. We're in really good shape in Weld County You know we've always looked at. We've always looked at oil and gas as a bonus when it's there. We've always planned for that. The one thing that we're doing a little bit different is normally as we're getting ready to our budget and here starting like right, pretty quick here we instead of just doing the twenty twenty one budget we're actually doing the twenty, twenty, one, twenty, twenty, two and twenty three budget, combined reason for that is, we're going to have surplus money in twenty twenty one because the oil and gas is two years in arrears, so we're looking at We're looking at the oil and gas in comes from two thousand and nineteen. We'll get paid and twenty twenty one, so we'll be able to take that and use the the tremendous bump that we have there to be able to spread it out over twenty, twenty, two and twenty twenty three We won't see any services decline. We will be furloughing no employees we will be not. We will not be risk any employees we will continue to provide. Provide all the services that are required in Weld County and every employee in Weld. County's job is safe. That's music to a lot of People's Ears Weld County Commissioner Chairman Mike Freeman. speaking of the oil and gas industry. Obviously, it's A. It's a question that everybody has a real gonna see that come. Eh, a certain point, or do you think that the the glory days, so to speak of oil and gas in weld county are behind us. Now I think it'll be back in fact, I'm sure it'll be back I. Mean we've seen? We've seen the ups and downs in the oil and gas industry more times than any of US care to remember two, thousand, eight, two, thousand nine. We saw tremendous decline two thousand fifteen. When we saw the price drop, we saw big. We saw big drop inc.. INC comes back. the oil and gas industry is is so heavily invested in weld, county they have so much infrastructure so much capital They'll be back. They're extremely resilient. And at the end of the day we can talk about renewable energy for all we want. I'm fully supportive of renewable energy. You know we've got more solar farms and more. And more energy and law county than any other county and state that being said, oil and gas is extremely important to not only well county, but the state of Colorado and this country I mean the reason. We worked so hard to get to a SPA. We were energy independence so that we didn't rely on countries that hate us to be able to get this and be able to do the things that we need to do in this country, so l. in doubt, I have fully believable prices come back away now somewhere in the mid thirty I think it'll continue to come back and as we get everybody back to work. Work and we get people back out. Demand for for own gas products. We'll go back up again, so I'm fully confident it may be the end of the year may take till the end of the year. Maybe the beginning of twenty twenty one that I think we'll see it bounce back. You mentioned the the price right now. According to oil price dot com right at forty dollars right there, so it's it's leveling off right there. Commissioner final a final question for you here. was there anything that shocked you from Tuesday's election anything from the primaries Kaci off guard or any of the races that you care to comment on. The one race, maybe that surprised me more than anyone Scott Tipton losing his losing his primary race for in the house. Laura Laura Bogert Winning that I think that was a shock to a lot of people. That one really did surprise me. you know other than that? I you know who knows. That's the thing I i. don't know how you can be I. Don't know how to be surprised when you know it's not like there's any Poli or anything in any of these races and I thought. Everybody thought everybody did a good job. My opponent worked very hard You know it just wasn't meant to be for this point. I thought both Perry Buck and Kevin. Ross worked extremely hard You know it's unfortunate that It's always unfortunate that somebody has to win, and somebody has to lose, but. You know the voters have spoke, and we will move forward, and we'll become even stronger board of county commissioners going forward. Excited about that and then your your friends well Barbara Kirk Myra winning her primary. That's that's really that is really good news. Barbara Cook Meyer is. Is You know she's just a tiger? When it comes to what's going on and and I guarantee you, we need people like Bob, Kirk mired down in Denver to stand up to the governor of the state and she won't back down to anybody, so that's extremely. That's a big win for Weld County in the state. Of Colorado, we'll commissioner congratulations again and go. Hey, maybe this weekend. The fourth of July relax hit around a golf or something like that. Take a deep breath until you until you're back at it. Fight for this county. Absolutely thank you so much, thank you. That is well county. Commissioner Chairman Mike Freeman with a big win in his primary election again, two-time incumbent. We kind of thought that that was going to go the way that it did, but you never can be certain when it comes to politics, so congratulations again to Weld, county commissioner Mike Freeman and again I. DO WANNA throw it out there. That was a very well. Run A by Christie Melendez as well proactive physical therapy locations in Eaton, and in Greeley they're up and going as you heard a commissioner Freeman, talk about these hospitals needed to get started again on some of these quote, unquote surgeries. They're rolling with it right now so if you need. Need that surgery? Maybe you've got it done. Don't waste it. Make sure you go to proactive physical therapy I've had my. They've worked on my shoulder before. They've worked on my knee before they've worked on my ankle before as well. Yeah, I got hurt a lot back in the day right and every time came back better than ever proactive physical therapy more information online at proactive Colorado, dot com that is proactive. Colorado Dot com closing on four fifty three. Now let's take a break. We'll come back on this side. We'll get to the headline that caught my eye. Your taste started right with up-to-date news. Weather and sports mornings with Gail Six am to nine am weekdays on thirteen ten Kfi K.. Programming note, we will be off tomorrow. We observed the fourth of July Day early. So we will be back with you on a Monday starting next week. We'll. Talk with Kevin. Hill Philipson on how the Korn Ferry tour went down at TC over this week, and we'll also dive into what whatever the big news around northern. Colorado is for next week. Janai Crop Insurance Jeanine insurance. I was actually just up in all. Today's stopped by, and said Hello, and I think that goes to tell you a lot about it. You can just swing by. It's busy. No, let's have a conversation stood up there and talked with a tear with Terry Gerchas wonderful. Wonderful wife Annella talked with Janine Freeman son. Pete was there. It's really it's. It's a family affair and they've been at at four a longtime providing crop insurance for farmers and providing all sorts of insurance needs with Jeanine, nine insurance for everybody offering complete coverage for your farm and ranch. The agencies are our full service agency, specializing in farm and ranch products, providing blanket coverages in distinct areas of need. It's Jeanine ages. J nine agencies Janai Crop Dot Com. Or you can call them. At nine, seven, zero, eight, three, four eleven, sixty or nine, seven, zero, eight, three, four, two, thousand, and nine, nine, seven, zero, eight, three, four, two, thousand and nine one say thanks big thanks to Mike Freeman for joining the program I thought that was a great conversation. especially thanks to Gayle Fallon as well mornings gail she'll be at it tomorrow morning at six am, so you can catch at six to nine every single morning. You can catch Gayle Fallon but real quick. Let's get to the headline that caught my eye. It's not very often. I use the same headline twice, but I'm going with the downtown grill open consumption. They released a kind of some no house and what you need to know for the general public, what is open consumption so obviously it's drinking and consuming alcohol or food in designated areas The is opened consumption forever, no from July first until September eleventh. The Hours are Monday through Friday eleven. Am To midnight and Saturday till Saturday and Sunday eight am midnight so a little bit later of a start there at during the weekdays we'll streets be open. The open consumption hours are not in effect. No eighth and ninth streets will still be closed. Are All types of drinks allowed? Yes, no glass containers Oh. Can you say anywhere or our table business specific? You can say anywhere just like in a food court, but there can be more than eight people per table. Pushing tables together is not allowed. Can our walk around with my food drink? Yes, keep your distance. Warranties draw crowds. No what other precautions are being taken to avoid the spread of covid nineteen well, it's everything that we talk about every single day, so Kudos to downtown. Forget it I'm definitely getting down there to check that out. That will do it for us for Ryan. Kelly. Doing production work I'm tanner went again. We will be off tomorrow, but we will be back with you on Monday. You can find all of our podcasts on either spotify or thirteen KPFK, gay dot, com, or wherever you listen to your podcast. You can find us that for us. Have everybody ever save happy for the dry weekend from Noko now that's been thirteen ten KFI.

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