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"scott scott scurries" Discussed on WRVA

"Crunch time here in Indiana thirteen yard line where the hoosiers about to start this drive leading twenty two sixteen year, the final seven nineteen of this game from memorial stadium. It's been raining throughout our man on the sidelines J James has been a weathering at J. What's it like down there? Now. Right. Slow down a bit eight has definitely slowed down tremendously. Dave. So it's not affecting you see guys in the passing game ticket few more different shots offensively with both teams and rain not as bad surface holding up pretty well. So this last seven minutes of the game. You should get an honest shot in Virginia can get the ball back all -fensive to try to execute. All right. Thank you. Jay, Indiana, going first and ten now from their own thirteen and we'll see what the hoosiers have in store for the Cavalier's offense coordinator, Mike Debord. What is he drawn up? Now trying to wind that clock down as much as he can. Seattle the shotgun. Claps his hands before. He takes the snap and answer to Scott, Scott tries the right side. Just keep plowing ahead across the eighteen nineteen twenty wise finally wrapped up after a of a seven yard pickup before he's tackled by Joey blunt with his career high eleventh tackle of this game. The reason joys gotta make so many tackles dots in the secondary so much at blowing through that initial line of defense out of the shotgun Ramsey again on second down. He'll go right back to the workhorse. It's TV Scott moving over the left guard. He's got a first down the middle of a field. Joey blunt once again makes the tackle. But not until he gets to the twenty four so Indiana another first down. And now the clock is something we'll watch closely the rest of the way, six forty counting, Indiana, four point lead and the football. This is where you're looking for a Cam Johnson sack forced fumble. That's last time. Virginia was here at a similar spot about what happened Ramsey takes it himself. Moving on the left side. And he scurries ahead all the way to the thirty for a pickup of seven yards and Indiana. And I look at it down at four and doing exactly what they had hoped to do on this Dr moving it forward. One play at a time and grinding that clock down on the process. Sega down four to go short four for Ramsey Ramsey, hands and Optus, Scott. This time Scott is held up at the line of scrimmage any monster size third-down coming up now for Indiana. Third down three and a half yards to go five fifty in counting Indiana by four canned Virginia find a way to hold them up. Ramsey will let that clock winding down Indiana six make it seven of thirteen on third downs tonight out of the shotgun Ramsey waiting for the snap. Takes it drops back blitz. Common. Throwing air it out test at secondary. And it is caught by Luke TIMMY on a jump ball yet again to the Virginia. Forty those Indiana receivers have been special tonight. Like, I said if you if you're gonna press on and you don't put your hands on. The kiss. I mean, you're gonna be susceptible to the tap plays like that that is a backbreaker so Indiana now in control to the Virginia forty three and a huge third down conversion the hand. Scott Scott scurries around in the backfield not much running room. Now, he's tackle the forty one. It is a one yard pickup. But more importantly that clock continues to tick four fifty six and counting. Now, Indiana can continue to wind it down. They've got thirty more seconds. They gonna run off. They could take it to about four fifteen to play in this game before they even run this play on second down. Cavaliers a season ago in one score contents. Three in Indiana, Owen four that was two thousand seventeen here. We are one year later can't Virginia keep that trend going while they've got work to do and Diana with the play clock continuing to wind down at four seconds. Now, there's the snap dropping back to throw ball is batted into the air. Deemed jurist play is Bryce hall came on the defensive back blitz and that will Mercifully stop the clock. Indiana gambling a bit..

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