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Fresh update on "scott morrison" discussed on The Iron Fist and the Velvet Glove

The Iron Fist and the Velvet Glove

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Fresh update on "scott morrison" discussed on The Iron Fist and the Velvet Glove

"They attend church out of because they're going to put on put on front for it and they all side in line up and they. They give these people their time. And then when they, when they prey selection is threatened by them, then now cave on issues such as abortion law, and that sort of thing because the close creeper round Scott Morrison they. Religious? Extremely religious. A handful of close advisers who at Robert and yes die sorts of characters around Morrison. who a complete not us and one of the reasons matteis. Korman's probably resigning is he's kind of out of that? Religious Happy Classy circle of the inner circle that Morrison. Catholic is. He's resigning wins the next election. This election is at the. End of October can. He's. He's staying on the budget and then enough that he's out. Christian Porta he's he's opinion. He said it's diners not to be religious. Party. Yeah. So So anyway. Because! We've the demise of groups like family, I strong conservatives. Who was the guy who was been? Sat the Stri Corey Kluber. Earning Cory Bernardi basically look the family I. Looked Philip well why? What do I need my body because we're GONNA, pentecostal. Go I in charge, and those parties became irrelevant, and a lot of those people are now just joining the our pay with the demise of the Cycle Law Sheldon attending up in the l. p. now, whereas before that arena, some fringe, their religious relief considered potty. You side they around the highway. So get involved listeners get involved in politics. Look just stop this from happening. Yeah! For those of you, that can't bring yourself to vote for the Labor Party. They recommend you join the Ellen pay. You're going to have to hold you to do it, but. I do believe that we've got put up some sort of. Join and tell us what happens. Terribly exciting those meetings. No, they're not. Can you take B.'s. We have as a at a restaurant, so you get to the bar. But one of the things that I was waiting for some stage interest at all. I was sitting there I thought to myself. They GONNA a prayer Irish meal not long and they live adid on, but it was getting that getting to that point with myself. Someone's going to say you know this whole. Hold Hands, and prior to going for thinking a this meal. outed. As an.

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