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"scott bbc" Discussed on New Media Show

"Welcome to the new media show. We're back again before actually going to listen to this. Do it live. Just can't get enough show. Let's go the show do it. Why will the new media show kevin curry. And you're more like john sewer. I think i and very years old for mugging relied the new show again so special. Every are here we are here. We are rob how you doing. I'm doing great todd. Nice little warm up to the show. Absolutely it's like drinking a red ball but here's your red bull rebels backup on the shelf. Well i've got an orange cow glass now and and it is no longer containing red bull. It contains delicious unin. First of all navy put sugar and tea. It's quite sacrilegious. So i know that's a start started debate here but my unsweetened iced tea. Real dough put sugar in their tea. Right is that what. You're trying to tell me todd. Now i'm just telling you i see people put so much sugar into their. I see. sometimes you could skate across it. It doesn't it's not brown anymore. it's white you know. I it's i i know that you those of you. That love your sweet tea. Well i am definitely not in that boat. So i'm certainly not in that boat either. I'm trying to cut sugar out of my diet. Now that i guess in it's a northerner thing those that live down in Down in the south. Or yeah i guess. Sweet tea's universal who knows but yeah anyway but hey here we are and I just i mean literally ran out of the meeting and Got the show up and running. And i was really i- tight entitled the ship the show on youtube Insanity in in the podcasting space. And let me see. If i can i can find. Where did i put. It did talking about the verge article. Es i m a rod yes definitely some dirt on that article. What do you think. Hey robby the ever been to a podcasting of it where you are offered weed and coke at the same time. No i never. I told some guys back in the early days back when we are non. -tario no sneak smoking weed in the park during in our sweet during the party. That was still active duty navy. And i just could not risk anything. You know so No there was you know. Even in the early days at least are parties. There was no. We'd now people would just probably today thymus square but You know we just We had lots of liquor. So you know. I guess one vice versus the other right but i never seen coke being down on a table in a at a podcast event or pavilion or house. Or anything you know. So yes i guess. They rolled niffer. This kind of kind of brings me back a little bit of memories about wh one of the early lipson parties. Well you know you guys had parties again. I probably never. We were having our own party at the same time. Now that you know people you know people were again i'm not a goody. Two shoes uh spoke. We need not yourself out. i'm good. It wasn't legal story about this medium back in the very early days. Suspect like two thousand five so it was a pretty was a pretty wild crowd. I mean it was crazy people in this crowd. And you know and that was before we'd was really being legalized either. You know it was basically. You're still had to go find your you know the guy that but they call it today. Your plug had to go find your plug you know. Now you just go the farmers hell. I got a pharmacy going in right next door. You know i'll probably be getting a contact high in this room just from heaven. You know hundred pounds of the weed in the pharmacy next door. So but you know but yeah the podcasting hype house from hell. But as reported by the verge how himalayas. I'll china's biggest. Well it was. It was basically always ver- skeptical of him early days. It's like what are these guys up to. what are they doing. I can't figure it out. Bryce that was always what was said about this company and it turns out at least the rumor is according to verge. Is that during a cab ride or something said whether sounds better. Fifty million or one hundred million investment in nearly guys well hundred and so that's what they went with was you know leaked a hundred million investment. Of course that was talked down real. I think we all knew relatively quickly. It wasn't that much well. There's a doesn't help you see companies work you've ever been with a startup company. That scott bbc money. You know that it doesn't work that way. So in those investors dole out the money as you need it they don't dislike give you a hundred million dollars to go party now. I had run into the subject of this article at an event. I'm almost now. He came from what Starts with a c. I think rights fox. Okay now wert crack may find wrong. Make sure i'm on the right track your did they not have a big party in philly where they the sponsor okay so. If i remember correctly they had this v. i. p. area That was really kind of set. A lot of podcasters off because it was the haves and the have nots. Matter of fact their pr team was really. They done some stuff couple of weeks. Before the event that got the ire of several months including with this on this show by hijacking. Rss feeds a whole bunch of other stuff. So i'd had run run in but at had a introduction to him back at that. Time and peter vince her. I yeah. yeah. I've had some exposure to peter two of them many times a bed and a couple of conferences and events some. He's been around in done some after hours things with him too. I've got stories so. I don't really have app if i do. I don't remember you know par. A i'm a i'm a jack and coke kinda guy at parties right. Jack and coca cola must be clear. Not jacking lines a coke but this article i mean it is a white house of allows one and shows a whole 'nother side of podcasting the most people don't right see right or even thinking might be there. It's it's certainly not common. What what what we're seeing. The story is not common. No no at all i. It was common man. We'd been be known his true rebels in out here on the urge. Right.

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