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"scotland macronix dunes" Discussed on NewsTalk990

"Paradise of this behave mian paradise um more wellknown areas nassau and freeport coarser also much more developed yeah that's true avocado is paid of escape the the development phrase the two other parts of the bahamas and and yet at the same time it's very accessible easy flights from from atlanta jacksonville fort lauderdale west palm miami you know easy to get too but once you hear you really feel like you're a million miles away from anything and of course this avocado club at winding bay is a private club but it's one that people can visit yeah that's right tony ah we we love having guests come and stay and enjoy the you know the hospitality year they're able to rent you know the cabanas or the cottages or even the largest stayed home if they have we have led a multigenerational groups that come down and in a joy that and you know our hope is though fall in love with the place and want to become club members but while they're here they're treated just like any member wouldbe and we want to have a great time and enjoy it i guess if you're going to take anything away from this trip it is that it's a totally different lifestyle on the silent the fact that even though it's as natural as possible it's also got all the comforts inconveniences of home yeah you know these days everybody has to say plugged in you know no matter where they go even if it's just route ten minutes a night the czech email or you don't make a vicar call back home or something so all of that is here but uh you know our hope is that while people here they can really escape from all that and then and do the things that really make a a memorable vacation ottis david smith he is with southworth development projects in a lot of other locations such as scotland macronix dunes in scotland is a is a wonderful low links golf resort cape cod boston area washington dc lakewood of his sake in new hampshire were kind of all over and our members love going in visiting each other's clubs and meeting each other just having a great time and the best way for our listeners the find out more about not only the abac oh club but all of southworth development yeah gugel avocado club dot com so.

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