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83: The Net the Enemies Cast, Faye's Got Friends Everywhere, and Parenting Children with Less Fear

Chrisley Confessions

59:40 min | 10 months ago

83: The Net the Enemies Cast, Faye's Got Friends Everywhere, and Parenting Children with Less Fear

"Good Morning Everyone Chris. I mean it's raining in Nashville. Today we had a storm three days ago we were without power like so many hundreds of thousands in in our area one hundred and forty thousand and they said they've they've restored ninety thousand as of this morning. Our power was restored yesterday morning yesterday morning. So folks I had to hunker down with Nanfang. 'cause that chick had power so we had to hunker down with her for two nights to nine and you know. I forget because I haven't lived at home since I was eighteen. What it's like living with someone again and I mean and that's basically what it was like. I mean you know. I was living with my mom again with homemade biscuits and gravy and you know I mean which say rattling dishes at six am Yes. I literally looked over to todd. 'cause nanny has her guest bedroom on on the main floor which is great actually loved the House plan. But you know you're really not far from the kitchen so it was like six. Oh five and I heard her ragland the dishes and unloading the dishwasher looked over at todd. I said this is taken us away back because I remember when your parents still lived in South Carolina and newly married Liu and up. They're staying with your mom and dad and it would be like five or six o'clock in the morning and there she would start. And I'm like okay. The motto is if as up. Everyone's up exactly so you you say mom. It's six o'clock. Everybody needs to be up at six o'clock you know this storm hit like in a second. We were literally sitting outside and it was four thirty in the afternoon it was sunny. I mean you know. We were sitting out by the poll and all of a sudden. It just turned dark and folks far twenty to thirty minutes. This storm was so bad that two hundred year old trees were being ripped out of the ground and we're bitchy bell made people in Bell made. They're just you know we want our stuff to be left alone and we WANNA to be able to not be bothered and you know to have a peaceful existence with everybody in the world wants. Yeah but I mean. I just think that we're a little bit bit year. Let's for yourself and so you. These trees took down power lines. I mean no one had power except for the people that had generators which we now have yes every time it was so crazy because you know power goes off a lot where we live because our utilities are above ground like we have power poles. Still we don't have underground utilities. And every time the power goes off our neighbor it clicks on and you hear a generator because they're loud and every time we're like we look at each other like. Why don't you have a generator? Well we do now as we're sitting in the dark and light and their houses and you can hear the air going and we're like why and we do it every single time so I think we. We've we finally learned that we have to do it. Bombing learned that. We had to do it so you know. It's been so bad because trees were down over the roads. I mean traffic lights were out. I mean literally. We had to keep taking back roads around our neighborhood. Because you'd go down one road. You'd have to backed up because there was a tree across the street. The storm was really severe on top of the Tornado. That happened yet on. Top of Corona. I mean Nashville cannot get a break and I actually went into our local kroger yesterday and it was completely bare when I say it was worse than when like right in the middle of Cova like when it was at at it's worst when everybody was scrounging for food there was nothing and I was like what's going on. I didn't it didn't register with me. And the manager came up to you Miss Christie. How you do and I'm like what what is this. There's nothing there wasn't like a block of cheese and he said Oh we have to get rid of everything because of the storm. We lost power so on top of already there being a food shortage because of cove it. Now this happens has so it's know but listen. It could be worse. There's still forty thousand people without power in that you know in Nashville and we are not one of those. So thank God for that blessing and you know the power company here in. Es I mean these guys are nonstop you see them out on the roads at three and four and five o'clock in the morning and you see them all day long and you see these sanitation workers cleaning up the debris and whatever and you know. I don't think that people really think about the commitment that these people out. Well these are there to me. I are frontliners as well as much as you know they. They have such an important part when things like this happen And they're not really recognized for it. I don't WanNa give a shout out to all of the the men and women that work for the utility companies here because they have been amazing and also the outpouring of people just in general. That really will reach out and help each other. So you know. That is the sense of community in Tennessee. As a whole is amazing. So I'm folks for all of you. Who Call in every week and all your emails and stuff. This is now the moment that I get to rant about the Georgia Department of Revenue. And Yes folks tired of talking about it as much as as much as a handful of people are tired of hearing it now. Granted the people that are tired of hearing it are people like Katie. Then Jeff Mitchell Scott Graham Stacey guest Ami Dorothy Hines David Curry the Commissioner folks of the Georgia Department of Revenue. Let's not leave out. Joshua car awaits. Yes they're tired of hearing about it but they're going to continue hearing about it as long as each one of them. Keep telling US stuff and this is the irony of it folks. You have this band. They've that are that are sitting there working together trying to take people's lives and destroy them because of jealousy and greed. I mean envy is just rampant. But you have these people you know like Jeff Mitchell who career seasoned law enforcement official signing documents for federal reports and lying on the document now. He knew what he was doing was alive. Then you have people like Katie called in Van. Zyl who was involved in that as well and these folks used federal tolls that they had access to to gain access to our banking to assets that we own where those assets are located. You name it. They did it. You know you've got people within the Georgia Department of Revenue. We've been asking for a list because Joshua Carl weights through fines. That he stole from that was that came from illegal seizures and that he was sharing with. Michael Lambros and a fine. That had you know I've been told at one time over ten million dollars in it at the time that it was taken and put back into the General Fund. It was over five million dollars based off what we've been told and he was using these fines as his own personal piggy bank. Taxpayers should be able when they ask you. You spent this amount of money on this. Where are these items located and the Georgia Department of Revenue? David Curry as the commissioner sits there with his finger up his I s and acts like he's stuck on stupid like he doesn't know any of this stuff that's going on. Ignorance is bliss when your ass is between a rock and a hard spot and you're hiding behind the attorney general. Alex Spun Seller to keep you covered. But here's the problem. Jeff people within your own camper talking. They're telling us about this report. They're telling us about how you are deliberately dragging your feet. Everyone knows that we are in some uncertain times and as a parent and as a mom who kids have to be home schooled I have seen the struggles and I know the struggles that comes with that so it is great to know that there are so many options and also as parents we want to encourage our children to pursue their dreams and provide opportunities to give them the best chance to succeed and sometimes that means optimizing their routine making it more flexible more dynamic so they have more time to focus on things they love that's why there's Laurel Springs. Laurel Springs is an accredited online private school for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. An acting tell you that going through this pandemic Khloe is in a public school and Grayson does online private school so with that I can tell you. His schedule has virtually remains unchanged whereas Khloe has had to learn a whole new way for US Khloe Public School Works Great Grayson Online. School works even better for us. So Laurel Springs recognizes. That child is a unique individual with their own personal interest. Special talents unique learning style. They're flexible learning program. Offers challenges and diverse elective courses and laurel springs is accredited by the Western Association of schools and colleges in advance E. D. which means their transcripts or recognized by colleges and universities worldwide register. Your child at Laurel Springs Dot com slash cece and received a waived registration fee. That's Laurel Springs Dot com slash. Cc for your waved restriction Fi L. A. U. R. E. L. S. P. R. I. N. G. S. COM SLASH CECE. We also know so much about like Katie Calvin Band Soul Katie. You know it's amazing to me. That Katie doesn't know anything Josh was doing. Josh didn't know that Katie was doing all this illegal stuff. Well I bet you we get into a courtroom I BITCH. Katie is GONNA say Josh. Toma do it. I bet you josh is going to say what. Katie didn't tell me she was doing it. Here's the problem folks. There's emails there's text messages. Stop going out here trying to destroy and delete you know evidence because that's another crime and we know that you've done that within the Georgia Department of Revenue. You've got someone like Alex. Kirkland who we know helped Josh weights scrub his phones. We know that we know that we have that information and these past employees that Chow pissed off that you fired for no reason. They were there when this was going on. They witnessed it and the power. The power of the people folks when you do wrong. It's GonNa come back on you and that's what's happening when you take this handful of former employees that have come forward and then couple them with current employees. That are talking about each other now. Because they're afraid they're going to get drug down in this. You are getting drug down in it. If I listed your name I may have left out. Scot Graeme. Stacey Gr- gassed by all means do not be offended that I left you out because I know with a law degree that you pride yourself having more intelligence than the average person that you deal with what I find interesting is. You've got an attorney like Meryl Jacobsohn. An attorney folks sitting there making less than someone like Josh weights who has no formal education and nowhere near the training and intelligence and education that a man might mural Jacobsen is so I now know why. Meryl Jacobson Loathed Josh Weights. Because Stacey guests set it up to have this man in there working for way less than what she's working for and he's got a law degree just like she does. She just wasn't a member of that Clayton County. He wasn't a Clayton County crony. He wasn't a member of that Clayton. County Mafia where all of these people bled into the Department of Revenue. So when you've got someone like Merrill sitting there resentful that someone who is just above one notch above a window liquor like Josh weights. And he's making far less probably forty. Thank roughly. Let's see probably thirty five thousand or forty thousand less a year then. What Josh is making? That breeds resentment folks and the the office of the Inspector General is aware of it so once this evidence comes out you you ask. Clowns are going to be looking for a job elsewhere now. I'm sure you can get a job in Clayton county because hey let's while you crooks came from but to know that these people josh weights in particular goes in where there's these cash businesses and they sees everything now folks what we've been told. Is that all the cash that are in these businesses? That they see wasn't reported. There were cash grabs being made so based off of the information that we have. We're going to bring these victims forward to say because. Listen if somebody comes in your business you know if you've got five dollars in your tail or if you've got one hundred thousand in your safe or you know how much cash you have you know within a range of how much you high out. But then when it's entered into evidence your twenty thirty thousand dollars short. That's the problem folks. This is organized crime through the Department of Revenue. These are Rico violations. And that's what we're looking into right now with hopes of bringing Rico action against the Georgia Department of Revenue. Because right now we have at least twenty individuals that are involved in these criminal activities. Twenty folks I'm and you got Katie Cole. Then and Scott Santilli and Jeff Mitchell pulling fin syn reports on people. I mean the fact that these people and then they go and destroy these documents it. Does you no good to destroy the documents because there's copies of them but the fact that we know you destroyed these documents speaks volumes and you destroyed these documents after our attorneys sent letters to the Georgia Department of Revenue? Spoliation notice telling you you are to preserve every ounce of evidence that you high up on your cell phones on your computers documents excetera and you guys destroyed evidence. Now here's the problem with the found. You may have destroyed the text message but the phone records show. The text message came in. So we we're now going to. We're going to connect the dots from the phone records to your phone to why you didn't provide the text message and this is a multitude of people within the Georgia Department revenue. Josh waites had multiple phones. He destroyed them. He had Alex to help him to to erase information per the information that we have been given folks and I want to preface anything that I say on this. Podcast is information that has been delivered to me or my legal camp and has been vetted based of of the channels that we can vet things and it has come back to support the dock the accusations that these former co worker former employees are current. Employees have told us and told us where to look. You know. Emails are a tricky thing. If you try to change an email you're gonna get caught if you say. Oh my hard drive. How convenient if you say I. My cell phone was stolen convenient. These things are going to come out at trial. These things are going to come out in front of a judge. My turn is going to ask you these questions on the stand and when you lie and say I don't know what you're talking about. I've never heard that I didn't do that. I didn't participate in that. Then you're GONNA YOU'RE GONNA be committing perjury on the stand. We're GonNa hit you with the evidence. The judge is going to say you've committed perjury and we're going to move that you'd be charged with perjury. Now let me explain to you when you go out here for all you folks here because listen. It just came out last week. That one of the guys in DC. Who was convicted of crimes the FBI report now comes out and says before they even interviewed this man. So do we want to. What are we trying to accomplish here to get him fired or to convict him? You should be. They're investigating to come to the truth not to get someone fired and you know. It's just shocking to me that our legal system has gotten to this point that it's okay for the people that's supposed to protect is to Lao nice and that's what's happened Katie. Would you like to explain to the world why you felt the need you and Scott Santilli to invade personal privacy to sit there and discuss openly with other employees on that floor and within the Department of Revenue? How much money. We had how much money we make. We are assets are located and then got on a phone and shared this information outside of the. Do Are we know about that as well. That is a felony Katie. And we are going to move that you'd be prosecuted for the felonies that you have committed you know we're going to go back to Jeff Mitchell to Scott Santilli. They were all involved in this. These are felonies. All of you law enforcement officers have post credentials. You're going to lose them because you're going to have charges brought against you for committing felonies. We have the documents to prove that you did it. So that means you're going to be convicted of it so with that being said I think I've kind of hit on all the topics Stacey Stacey guest before I get off of here and get moving on you need to know that your direction with Josh weights and giving him the approval to go and seize assets on people? You're going to have to answer for that. You have a fiduciary responsibility. You have an ethical to always tell the truth and the information that we have. If you tell the truth is going to incriminate you. If you don't tell the truth then you've lied. You've perjured yourself. As an officer of the court you know all of these people are being subpoenaed. They're all going to be sat down for a deposition. You can fight these depositions if you want to but when the evidence comes out in June you're not going to have a leg to stand on to fight it. Here's the funny part facts. Our investigators been reaching out to these these band of thieves and asking them. You know tell identifying who they are saying. Whoa that they're calling on behalf of the investigation that involves the Dr and the is. And here's what Brian Crisp crispy crisp. Here's what crispy crafts says. This is my personal cell phone. I don't know how you got it but I'm not GonNa Talk to you my personal cell phone. Well Brian. Come on buddy give the investigator a number that you're willing to talk on. We got we got the evidence on you so now it just becomes a question of whether or not you want to continue lie. You know. I know that. She's reached out to five other individuals to talked and three have not three well. Listen you know. Scott Santilli claimed his he had a bad connection was Scott claim that too. If I knew I'd committed a felony now let me guess. Scott's going to blame this on who Scott going blame it on Scott GonNA blame it. Katie Katie GonNA blame it on sky. Are they both? GonNa blame it on Josh Josh. Blame it on J. F. I mean come on. Is this a game a he said she said our show me yours fight show you mine? Thank God to the truthful members of the Department of revenue that have come forward that has continued to pour information into us. I mean it is amazing. How good is how. God's protective hand has been on us and we didn't even know it. We didn't even know that God's protective hand was on us all the way back in two thousand sixteen before we even knew any of this stuff was going on. So what I'm going to say is is that the truth always rises to the top. Just like the crane. God will shed light where there's darkness God will allow the the net. Your enemies cast for you to be the same one they become snared in God will arrange for each of these enemies that you that you having folks. Here's the thing. I don't even know any of these people. I've never met any of these people. So how could I be an enemy with them? I feel sorry for their families that are going to have to go through what we've had to go through. I feel sorry for their children. Who's going to have to go through? What Josh Weights? And Katie Coghlan Van. Soul and amy and Scott and all the rest of them. I feel sorry for their children that they're going to have that. These people are going to put their kids through this. I mean did you guys think about your spouses or your children or your parents at the shame and the heartbreak that they're going to have to endure watching their child or spouse or parent go through. Y'All are going to have to go through. I don't find comfort in knowing what she had to. That's what you're getting ready to go through. I don't because I know what y'all put us through was difficult but God did not allow it to break us. It made us stronger and it. It gave me an incessant desire and appetite for the truth to be exposed the fact that the Georgia Department of revenue was working with my ex employees. Cfo that embezzled from US forged star names to documents hacked into our emails used third parties. You know to help do all of that. And then folks he teams up with the Georgia Department of Revenue in two thousand fourteen and works with Josh Weights. The fact that they would team up with somebody that we filed a federal lawsuit against detailing all of the things that we knew. He does the fact that this that this right here is that this guy would even be allowed in a room with someone and and given an audience to speak is beyond but their stuff coming his direction as well so with that being said. I'm going to move founder our callers because I've done my rant for the Georgia Department of Revenue Today. For All of you we were. I think we had three hundred something emails over the week. asking for updates. I've now given that Tian so if you have any questions. Keep the emails in the messages coming via social media and we will do our very best to answer those questions. I Call A. Place. Hi Hi todd. This is Mary from Boston. I just love your family so much. And thank you. For for spreading so much positivity and good news during What has been a really Russi weeks for for the world? I'm self quarantining. My husband on the front lines. This is unfortunately we have to be separated. Their podcast and your shows have really helped bring some light into into our lives. I had a question my husband and I have been married for ten years and obviously this has been an especially difficult time for marriage but you guys have also been through a lot of stuff and I wondered. How do you keep sort of the intimacy and the level live throughout all of this hardships? And how do you come together through the pain? Rather than then find yourself pulling apart. The Totem Pole has been really helpful. But any other sort of kids you is have on on staying sort of close together and keeping the especially the romance alive would be really helpful. Thanks so much. Just love you godless from Boston. First of all when say Thanks to your husband is front liner and you know. I can't imagine having to be separated during this time. I mean as much as todd drives me crazy and I drive him crazy. We have to be together and I think a lot of people don't understand that from the the nurses and the doctors and the EMT's and everyone that's out there fighting that they're having to do this and see this and be a part of this whole cova on an intimate level. And then they can't even go home to their families because they have to be separated because of the risk. So that's to you guys into everyone doing that Time I think that after having Cova not just said this on An interview that I did a couple of weeks ago. On in the room with Jason Kennedy having coded was the sickest I've ever been in my life and what it did from a was it caused me to reflect on the fact that I'm fifty two that I've got less years on this earth and what I had before and that I won't these next twenty five or thirty years if I lived to be eighty I want them to be years of. I wanted to be years that I truly have made a positive impact on the world and unit caused me to go to Julian. Say you know. I know that are twenty five years together. We've had way more ups. And we've had down's and in the early part of our marriage you know. I came into that marriage broken. I came into that marriage. You know with huge trust issues and I took those out on Julie and I would always snap back and second guess everything and what have you and after about the third year. I realized I can trust her. And but the thing about it was when you talk about intimacy the real intimacy when you can look at someone and know that that person has your back that that person is in your corner that they're gonNA ride with you through hell and back and every time I look at Julie. I know I have that. And that gives me a sense of intimacy that it doesn't. It's a great thing to have the opportunity. Depth sex you I went to Juliana say ed I want to apologize for those first few years of my from my mouth and things that I said over there in those first couple years that was that you viewed as disrespectful or hurtful or what have you and we both started crying and I said because you have been the most amazing wife that a man could ever hope to have. You have been the most phenomenal mother that that I could have ever had for my children and you're the most fascinating complex sometimes confusing human being that I've ever dealt with. But she's also one of the purest kindest souls that. I will ever know in my life and I think that Kobe brought us closer And that was so sweet. I mean do you believe that it brought us closer absolutely absolutely I think for me. It was seeing my person. You the sickest that I've ever seen you ever in my life and you know the thoughts of something it brought the whole mortality to to are right in front of our faces and having this panic which I tried to stay calm because you know I have my children who they're gonNA feed off me and if they know that I'm panicked. They're going to be you know unbelievable. I mean like crazy panicked Because they know that I'm the calm one. They know that I'm the one that's everything's GonNa be. Okay it's GONNA be fine. We're going to get through this But absolutely I do believe that And you know as for a marriage a marriage has ebbs and flows. And there's going to be good times. There's going to be bad times and You know I tell my kids this about relationships people who say oh it has to be fifty fifty that is b s is never going to be fifty fifty. There's going to be times in your marriage where you're gonNA do ninety and they're going to do ten and then it's GonNa flip flop and there's going to be times that your spouse is doing ninety and you're doing deion or that you feel that way but at the end of the day I think it comes down to respect and I think it comes down to digging in digging in your heels and saying you know what this is worth fighting for and I'm not giving up. There were many times during the early years of our marriage that I could have said. I'm done with this you and I am done. I am not doing this anymore. And I'm sure todd felt the same way but I made that decision no matter what and I've said to him even in the in the worst of arguments. I'm not leaving. I'm not giving up. That worked for us is because you wouldn't argue right that's true. I think that's the reason that it worked because folks I would at that point in our marriage which was and we're talking about. What would you say the first five years in the first five years? I mean I would have argued as my mother said with a signboard Santos Santos. She wouldn't argue. She wouldn't come back at me. So basically she disignated the the whole argument by not fighting with me about not pouring gas on what was already a fire that I was trying to start because she would say. You're looking for an argument. I'M NOT GONNA give it to you if that's how you feel. I'm sorry you feel that way. I don't see it that way but we'll agree to disagree and folks that just I because I've had people to say. Oh No if they come at me. I'm back at them harder. Because they feel like bat shows their strength that shows that they're the stronger one and I personally don't think that I think if you can diffuse the situation if you can remain calm that going back at someone and keeping that fire you know going is not the answer. I mean we. We wouldn't be together today. If I had argued back in like me we would have been divorced after the first year. Absolutely absolutely so Mary. Good Luck God. Bless and next caller. Please I talked and Julie in the whole family. This is a national hauling for of your slash Nakas Heath Wardha huge fans of your guises. We'd love the show. Love the PODCAST. You have to my first question is can then say cleese the body. I love machine. My second question is todd. Can you please make ring tones of your one liners? I would love to have them people. God bless you guys for new Cy Vanessa from Ponte Vedra Florida. Thank you so much for Lebanon. Show our podcast. Nanny fe of you will go to a casino you will meet. Nanfei at a casino. I can assure you she will be your casino. But because she's everyone that she tells us last night I was talking to my friend in Alabama. Mama Win The hills you have. Do you have a friend in Alabama? I got friends all over. I talked to him all the time. We're sitting down for dinner is not chasing. Savannah's phone rang in our Grayson's is nanny face. Oh that's my friend. I'll call them back like really so she would love. Love love to be your friend and when all this is over you will probably say Nancy. Fay in every casino between here in Vegas absolutely as far as the ring towns go. That's actually a pretty good idea. I mean I'm GonNa have my folks look into that so I appreciate you telling me that next caller place. Hi Pat and Julie. My name is Wendy cone from Michigan. I have a question for both First of all huge fan obsessively show and your podcast. I unfortunately krona bride. I was supposed to get married. May Sixteenth Twenty twenty and had to postpone until July. God Willing that we'll be able to work My question is unfortunately my Santan. I have both been laid off Did everything that's happened. And he would like to elope now. And just be married and I. Of course have dreams a wedding day since I was little and want to still move forward with it. I just wondering what either of you would do you know. Is it selfish. Meter want a big wedding. Now that you know we're late on I just don't know and I would love your opinion. Thank you so much for the windy from Michigan. Oh my gosh. So you're wedding was supposed to be may sixteenth. That is my Grayson's birthday. How Weird is that You know I don't think it's selfish for you to still want a wedding Leading an mayor enemy say this marriage is one of the most sacred things you will ever enter into in your life and hopefully gets one commitment. You'll do one time so for you to want a wedding now. That's not selfish. You know I believe if if you and your fiancee or having to pay for on your own. Not Parents are involved Then I think you do have to be reasonable because listen circumstances change. This is one of the things. You're you're learning before you even get married is that you can have your life all planned out and it's just sometimes not gonna go the way you plan. It doesn't mean you'll be any less married For those people who go off and Elope they're going to be just as married as the one that has the biggest wedding of Twenty Twenty. So you know. Try to find a good Middle of the road where you can both agree. Maybe scale back the wedding. Maybe have a little more intimate ceremony. Not so big actually had this conversation with a great friend of mine Whose daughter had a big wedding planned for June and she's nail had to scale it back and it's just going to be the family and I said to her. You know this. This wedding is probably going to be even even more meaningful. Because she's going to truly have the people there that matter the most and she's not going to have to be nervous. She's not is going to be just the purest of ceremonies. Because there's just GONNA be her people. They're not somebody. Somebody's aunt somebody that worked with somebody you know. We've all been to those weddings and had there's people at our weddings that we didn't even hardly know so You know good luck with that and Wendy. Thank you so much for listening. And watching next caller. Hi Good Morning I have to say your show is so wonderful. And it's my go-to cheer of any on feeling down so you definitely very sunshine and a lot of people's lives. I have a question. How do you still respect your elders? Especially when that elder is a parent but then also tell them at the same time how their negativity is hurting you or me. And the shooter myself I really love some advice on that. Thank you and God bless. Well you know what I think that to our cheer up caller say. You didn't leave your name but we wanna make sure that You know who that who were responding to you know. I think that you know that your question is how do you still be respectful to your elder- elders? When you disagree with what they're saying. Let me tell you how to do this because it took a long time for me to be able to. I used to argue with my mother. Nine stop she would come up with some of the dumbest. Shit I would say. Do you really expect people to believe that? Do you expect that is my mother at the time. God rest. These people's souls Nicole. Simpson Ron Goldman at the time that OJ. And I believe Oj. Kill these people. So let me go on the record and say I believe. Oj Is guilty of the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. We're taking it way back so this and I'm trying to get her there to know how far it goes back. My mother I believe was the only person that I knew that. Said he was innocent and it would make me so mad and we would argue over that and then over the course of live her ways of looking at things different than mine. I viewed them more and a current modern town. She viewed in the tone of the sixties and the Seventies. And you know she made a fifty. Yeah she made a comment to Savannah the other day. Where you just need to learn to keep your mouth shut. Mba and learn to be a good wife one day well. Savannah lost her shipped and Savanna said nanny. No what is back in the thirties. I'm not keeping my mouth shut when I think that if I think that Knicks doing something that I don't approve up I'm GONNA call him out and don't tell me to learn to be a good wife that's all. I was put on this earth far. So you know I think it's a generational thing and so what I've learned is is that the fight isn't worth the fight. Just look at them and say you know what I understand. I understand that that's your opinion. And then if it has to go further than that just say I understand that that's what you believe. I don't believe that but we'll agree to disagree and I still love you even though I'm right and move on from it I just don't think that if if you're dealing with someone that's seventy years old. You're not going to change them. All you can do is ask God to put in place to where you both can be respectful of each other's opinions Julie. Agri hundred percent next caller. Please empowered. I just wanted to say that. Love your shy and I was just wondering I mean you probably get a lot but how do you manage? Or How do you manage your teenage son and daughter when they were twelve and thirteen fourteen years old and vowel narrow that? I'm dealing with a twelve year old. And they're great kids that you know now they teenagers and and getting myself when I was a kid. How did y'all have that Read Your House you later. Thank you so much. And we love you back How do you cope with a fifteen year old daughter and a twelve year old daughter? I've said this before on the podcast. I've said it on the show. Upset it in interviews. We never had a problem. Out of our girls are always. Were horse that screw a snake. If somebody hold its it so that that I think that was the problem that we had was like. Now listen. They all lied. They all laughed out more habitual ours. They'd rather climate Intel alliance stand on the ground. Tell the truth so they all wide. They all covered up shady. Shit that we've found out years and years later. I mean I just found out that chasing savannah was stealing our car. My Jaguar and driving over to their friend's house and was climbing out windows. So you know what? Let me take that back from you. Yeah I had problems with at least one of them because Savannah was scaling walls out the damn window with chase and chase was driving while she was riding shotgun known that then wore their asses out. That's how to handle it But we didn't really have like school issues are girls going out and screwing around and being trashy and going out because remember. I didn't let my girl's date. So that was the thing for is swell APP. Think I think we have learned that you have to keep the line of communication one hundred percent you have to and I think that was not interrupted. Julie but I think that I and you and I've talked about this probably six eight months ago when I was talking about things that could have done better. The thing that I could have done better with my children is to never place them in a situation to where the lie had less consequences than the punishment did the truth. Yeah but I don't think that you can raise children to where you put them in a situation to where the lie has less consequence than the truth. Then the punishment does. Yeah so if I had my time to go over I would have probably parented my children with less fear and more open communication and giving them that that place that they felt no matter they always felt. I believe and they've all told me that they've never had a data where they did not feel loved but I think the thing that I did. That wasn't the most effective. Was that the level of fear that I instilled in our children for telling lie are doing wrong was probably about fifty percent too much fear. I believe every child should have a certain amount of fear in them but I believe that took mine to a one hundred percent where it should have been maintained at fifty two whereas when they made a mistake they could come and tell me without fearing the con that the consequence of the truth was far more severe than than the law was going to be. So what I'd say to. You is continue talking to your girls. You said that you know you're getting some of what what you were when you were growing up. Share the consequences of your actions when you were growing up. My kids know I'm a reformed. I've been clear with them and told them the consequences of that and so forth and so on and I think that that's helped them know that you know. Listen I did all that what you're doing right now. I did that twenty years ago and let me tell you how it worked out for me so I've never hidden my consequences. I think that that has helped him in a lot of a lot of ways. Julie I agree and I think that with Grayson It's different because you have recognized the mistakes that we made an not you but we have recognised mistakes that we made and we're determined not to make the same mistakes and therefore we have kept those lines of communication open with Grayson and he knows he can come and tell us anything. I great so good luck with your girls and stay in touch next caller place. Yes I was wondering. My question is how old were you guys when you bet. Thank you I love you. Thank you so much I was nineteen and Julia was twenty-three you're such a liar. Here's Julie when she was twenty and I remember this because it was at my friend. Bill Abbot's house and I went to her twenty first birthday. Dinner Your Twenty first. She turned twenty one at loves Hermanos Clemson. And that's when I met you so we didn't Julian. I did not get together until a year later. Maybe and but I remember sitting across the table from him thinking. Oh my God. This is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. She had a smile that and to this day her kids. They say that her laugh will be what they remember her by. She had a smile that lit up a room and it was infectious and it made me want to know her. And you know I remember bill saying to me. You can count that one out because you ain't getting there. You won't ever end up with her. You can out. Well guess what bail succoth that one. Because I got there. I married her. Had All these kids weather and I'm still whether we were like twenty two and twenty seven twenty six okay. Alex try to remember them so Julian are twenty six. So that's almost half of your life. But how how many? How much older are you than me? Only what is what is the real. Here's it's not five because it's how you were born in sixty eight. I was born in seventy three. Do the math okay. But then you gotta do the minds from January to April so I'm four years and eight months now. January February march three months. That's nine okay folks. I am four years and nine months and nine months. I'm four years and nine months older than I only now. Thanks to talks. I don't Look K. So I hope that answers your question. Next place ipod. Hi Julie. This is emily from Florida. I have a question that I need parents advice on. Unfortunately this is one. I'M NOT GONNA put on my mom. She's always been a really really wonderful mom. She was a single mother. A twenty line. That was because my father chose to not be in the picture and she never spoke ill of him. She always said that He really loved me no matter what and everything. Even though I didn't meet him until I was twenty turns out two hours away from him so I drove to see him on a win and I ended up talking to him. That was almost three years ago. And we have kind of a relationship now but I feel like The relationship is primarily held up by me so he doesn't really text unless I text him first and then he often says that. That's because he's not sure if I want space or if he's intruding on my life and if I don't reply fast enough then he kinda get this. Oh well you don't be around Rhetoric doing and like I work in the operating room and I have forgiven him for not being a part of my life and embrace the fact that he says he wants to be a part of my life now but how much of this should I really be carrying because I feel A little bit of my childhood anger coming back up like I have to do all the work. I have to go see you. I have to call you. I asked you text you Just a parents advice. Maybe Dad by on this. Thank you guys so much I love your show and I love your podcast. It's amazing I listened to it all the time and hopes to have a wonderful day. Thanks Bye Hi Emily from Florida first of all in the Er go out the. Didn't you say the emergency room the operating room? I don't I think she said operating room either way. Oh Gosh thank you so so much during this crazy time Todd I'm GonNa have you weigh in She didn't found out. I mean she didn't meet her dad. Children Twenty six any live two hours away. Okay well you know. Everyone knows that I love my children more than anything the World Julie. It's God first Julie. Than my kids but the love that I have for Julius separate from what I have for my children and I would lay down and die for any of them. So what I'm GonNa say is. Is That your dad? Should be making the effort to drive that two hours to come see you. He's been given a free pass for twenty six years. I really a free pass. Because he's he's missed out on so much but with that being said now is his time to be the parent that he wasn't for twenty six years exactly but I don't think he can ever be that parent. I don't believe that when you've been existent in a child's life that you come back in their life they bought the hard works been done. Yeah the hard work that parent who got up with you when you were sick when you had to doctor's appointment or a dentist appointment orthodontist appointment are struggling to pay your school. Lunches are to make sure that you had the proper clothes for Phil TRAE UP. Are Your your school pitchers? That's the parent. That's a parent. Yes your biological father is at this point a sperm donor. I don't even I don't even see it's so hard for me knowing that I have been in. My kids lives every day of their life. That that you can walk away from what you know that you created and never worry about whether or not they have enough to eat a roof over their head or whether or not your mom remarried and she married some asshole. That abused you beat you or what? You don't know if your child child's in harm's way and I just feel like that as a parent you know how I am that if our kids Grayson just went for a sleepover before corona. Maybe a couple handful but when that first time came did I not freak out because how am I going to protect you in someone else's home right so for your dad to expect you to have to get in your car and drive two hours? They're back. He clearly is a narcissist. He clearly believes that. It's your responsibility to parent team. Well and then. She says if she doesn't respond in timely manner. Oh we didn't WANNA relationship emotional blackmail is what he's doing. Emily F- All no I would say because this is about her self preservation. She needs to find a good counselor. Somebody that she can talk to because you you heard her say this is bringing up things from her childhood and my opinion is emily that you need to get into some counseling to help you deal to help you. Come out of this asshole as you possibly can. Because of course it's GonNa Dredge up things from your childhood that you probably didn't even know existed or that you had so You know I would say find someone that you can talk to because that will truly be key and You know I understand that you you know. Want to have a relationship with your dad. This is something you never had a. I go back. I think it's a child's just God instills in it in us to want to have that connection with our parents But not at the cost of it being detrimental to you so I think you get into counseling. You work through these issues and then find out where the relationship lies and I think also at twenty six don't find. Don't try to validate yourself through your father. Self validation coms from your wall. Your Walk with Christ. It comes with the you know with some somewhat of the way that your mother raised you and then couple that with what you now to be. The right thing to do at all times socially spiritually financially. You know it's within you and sometimes it takes us longer to tap into the the real is I mean I. I didn't know who I I truly believe that. I don't know who I was. I started introducing myself to me. I think when I was thirty. I don't think I really truly realized who I was. And who I am. My core until my forties are even even as much as a year. How you've grown so much in yourself it within the journey. Yeah well because of all the stuff we've had to go through the heartache. Of the disappointment and you know that has helped me to evolve and I think it goes back to the scripture where God takes you to a higher place and you know there's a difference in peace. There's worldly pays which we control in their spiritual pays which God controls I for the first time in my life now possess spiritual peace and that can only come from God. I think it comes from your relationship with. Yes yes and my relationship with God. Today is stronger than it has ever been and I think that I think that you need to focus within your south and realize that you are enough that you're enough for you so if you're enough for you and your enough for God who created you then you should have been enough for your dad twenty six years ago when he made you and once you become good with who you are you rely less on his opinion of how good you are so. I hope that helps you next caller place. Hi this is Ashwan Jones from San Diego California. I was just curious. Why do you guys do something that you don't want other else's to know like For example when you guys did the DNA tests and your mom's happen to a nasty Cherefi. She claims and decided to not tell her yet known she was going to see that When the show her so I just wanted to get your response and Wish you guys the best thank you bye. Thank you so much. We don't do anything that we care for the world to know about our children and know about that. What what you didn't say was me telling her that she was not Cherokee. That's what you didn't say. But I wanted to lead her up and tell her that she was so that when I dropped it on her it was that much more shocking. Dr Because she believes her whole life that Yeah Cherokee the her great great grandmother was full blooded Cherokee. I grew up my whole life trying to figure out how I was the only blonde blue eyed Cherokee member of the of the tribe. So I hope that answers your question but my mother is fully aware that she is not Cherokee she did see the DNA. And I did that as a kind of a joke to her leading. She still doesn't believe yes she was. She says the DNA is not correct that she's still Cherokees that being said You know folks on that and that we have gone over today and I thank each and every one of you so so so much for all of the support that you give us as a family individually through social media through letters that you send to. Is You know through the emails that podcast gets and and that you know that we get to the network and what have you. We truly those don't go unnoticed and we think each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts we thank you all that tune into Chrissy knows best because this show started out you know with eight episodes and I can remember Heather oberlander saying if we can just get to five to seven hundred thousand than we've got something to build on and folks first season after episode four. We had hit that and the numbers have continued to grow significantly. I mean you know. We have the highest L. Threes and L. Seven's that the network. Has You know our live? Us are still some of the highest that the network has and you know even though we're watching television and I think the landscape for television is changing so drastically every day because now everyone wants to be on that net flicks concept of. Let's Binge Watch this show and watch all eight episodes or in our case all twenty six episodes of season Although it's changing our numbers still don't vary that much and they're still growing in a in a landscape where shows are not growing so for that we thank you each and every one of you for tuning in every week and we thank you for what you did with growing up. You know which you is chasing Savannah's show and and the I pop in and out pop out my mother POPs in it pops out Julia pop pop out based off of what's going on in the kids lives but I think that you'll see in season. Three of growing up. Christly a lot of growth between chasing Savannah a lot of maturity some heartaches that they both have gone through and how they grew from that. So you know through adversity. We all become better people and I'm hopeful and prayerful that if that whatever adversity that you're facing today that you know that there's light on the other side of it so from the bottom of my heart and from Julie's we love and respect and appreciate each and everyone of you. That tuned into prissy confessions personally knows. They asked component christly until next week. Good luck. God bless

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