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Wed. 06/03 - How the Pandemic Has Changed the Way We Sleep

Coronavirus Daily Briefing

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Wed. 06/03 - How the Pandemic Has Changed the Way We Sleep

"Welcome to the good news ride home for Wednesday June third, two, thousand, twenty I'm Jackson, buried the data analytics company, throwing several Major Covid nineteen studies into question how the pandemic has changed the way we sleep, why shoe companies use to use x rays to sell shoes and South Korea's gift to the Navajo Nation? Fifteen US states and Puerto Rico are seeing upward trends and reaching new daily highs in case counts butts. Much of that is believed to be due to expanded testing. Chicago has begun its third phase of reopening which includes childcare centers, although kids must be screened for signs of illness and restaurants, but only for outdoor dining. New York City is looking to begin phase one of reopening on June eighth subways and buses will return to their usual schedules, but still be encouraged for use only by essential workers and masks will continue to be required markings on the grounds in stations will facilitate social distancing, and every other seat may be blocked off Germany will lift its travel ban on European countries, including Britain and Iceland on June fifteenth travel advisories will still be issued as needed, and if a resurgence should occur, the bands could be reinstated. Italy also lifted travel restrictions today in an attempt like many countries to boost their crucial tourism industry. Japan meanwhile is looking to boost domestic tourism by offering people vouchers of up to twenty thousand yen or one hundred ninety dollars for hotels, restaurants transport in attractions as part of their newly announced go to travel campaign again. That is just for. Tourism not for international travelers. IB proven appears to be coming full circle after fears early on in the pandemic that taking ibuprofen could exacerbate some symptoms concerns which were heightened after Francis Health. Minister advised against taking it. Saying could aggravate covid nineteen symptoms. Now a team from London's guys and Saint Thomas. Hospital and King's college are beginning to trial to determine if I be proven, can actually help with breathing difficulties associated with covid nineteen, quoting the BBC in the trial called liberate half of the patients will receive be proven in addition to usual care. The trial will use a special formulation of ibuprofen rather than the regular tablets that people might usually by some people already take this lipid capsule form of the drug for conditions like arthritis. Studies in animals suggest it might treat acute respiratory distress syndrome, one of the complications of severe corona, virus and quote. This trial comes as the major studies showing hydroxy chloroquine to be ineffective has come into question. Both the Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine have issued expressions of concern and called for independent audits, regarding that study as well as another one conducted using data from the same data analytics company surges fear. Quoting Science magazine surges fear which provided patient data for two other high profile covid nineteen papers has come under withering online scrutiny from researchers and amateur sleuths. They've pointed out many red flags in the Lancet paper, including the astonishing number of patients involved and details about their demographics and prescribed dosing that seem implausible. It began to stretch and stretch and stretch credulity, says nicklaus white malaria researcher at Mahidol, university in Bangkok, continuing from science, chicago-based surges, fear has not publicly released the data underlying the studies, but today CEO Sapan decide told science through a spokesperson that he was arranging a nondisclosure agreement that will provide the authors of the N. e. j. m. paper with data excess requested by Nejm end quote. Meanwhile various studies and a WHO trial on hydroxy chloroquine as treatment for cove, nineteen, which were paused in the wake of the news from the original Lancet published study are figuring out how and if to resume. While, details continue to emerge about surges fear and the trials, it has been involved in this and the possible ibuprofen redemption, Ark are just a reminder of how little we still know, and how even things that seem certain, really unfortunately just aren't yet. According to preliminary results of a study of sixteen hundred people from sixty countries, forty six percents of people reported poor sleep during the pandemic. That's up from just twenty five percent before the pandemic insomnia and vivid weird dreams, both caused by the increased stress of the time we're living through has been evident anecdotally and as indicated by a fourteen percent uptick in sleep. Medication Prescriptions Melatonin sales in over the counter supplement for the natural hormone that induces sleepiness are up forty four percents. Philip Musket a professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Center said he's avoiding prescribing medications to patients preferring to offer sleep hygiene tips. He's seen that actually staying asleep is the biggest problem for most people and says some of the primary factors causing that is that people are lacking in structure and exercise. Stain active can help you sleep more soundly and boost your immune system Dr Musk's also advises sticking to a regular sleep schedule and avoiding naps during the day. The good news according to Kathy Goldstein physician at the University of Michigan and an associate professor of neurology at the Schools Sleep Disorders Center is that what most people are experiencing is acute insomnia or quitting the Wall Street Journal having difficulty for or staying asleep a few times a week for three months or less and quotes, the third of people will experience acute insomnia at some point in their lives usually caused by some stressor. stressor in their life like say a pandemic the key doctor. Goldstein says though is not letting the issue. Become a chronic one quote. It's important to avoid associating your bed or bedroom with a place where you were awake. Experts recommend that if you can't fall asleep or wake up in the middle of the night and are unable to go back to sleep after twenty minutes get out of bed and do something, relaxing and quotes. Natasha Bouillon a Phoenix based family physician at one medical, says most people's sleep problems right now either stem from a lack of normal schedule or general anxiety about the pandemic. Some tips she recommends mindfulness through meditation, exercise or cognitive behavioral therapy. To maintain a consistent sleep schedule, turn devices off an hour before going to sleep and make your sleeping space a device free zone, consider even ditching your smartphones alarm and getting an actual alarm clock, as for anyone, experiencing vivid dreams or nightmares Melinda Jackson, a senior lecturer at the Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health at Monash University in Melbourne, says quote. During Times of stress, there's a release of narrow chemicals that can trigger these vivid dreams and nightmares in some people end quotes. And, Dearly Barrett a dream researcher at Harvard Medical School notes that waking up frequently throughout the night can also cause people to remember their dreams better. Contribute to the sense that your dreams are more vivid than usual. guardless of how? Your sleep has been disrupted. Or why here are a few more sleep? Hygiene tips to leave with quoting the Wall Street Journal eat at regular times than snacking day. Avoid, napping or compensating for poor night of sleep by going to bed, unusually early limit caffeine and avoid alcohol avoid electronic devices one to two hours before going to sleep, but if you do use a blue light filter and try to look at content that is not stressful. Get Bright Light in the morning. Try to find a workspace that isn't in your bedroom and stop working at a specific our and make time for relaxing activities end quote. Getting personalized workout plan can make all the difference in terms of your ability to stay in shape during this time with access to gyms and trainers still limited. That's where fit bod the smart fitness APP comes in. You don't need any equipment to start personalized training with fit bod with football. You get a truly personalized fitness program that adapts as you go. Factors in your goals experience level, equipment, workout, duration, and muscle recovery to intelligently craft. Craft the perfect total body workout just for you with each workout. The half learns your abilities plans workouts designed to maximize your results. 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Despite the inventors best intentions, sometimes, the general populace can take a while to figure out the best ways to use it and I remember when tablets were first emerging, I genuinely thought that one of the most revolutionary uses would be embedding them in tabletops at restaurants as Menus, which I thought was pretty cool, but would also have the unfortunate side effect of rendering waiters, redundant and I. Suppose that's happened a tiny bit in some restaurants, but wow, what a short-sighted vision ahead of the potential of tablets! cracked. Recently did a rundown of several strange ways, people used new technology when it was first emerging and my favorite one was regarding x rays and shoe sales. Quoting cracked we. I figured out how to use rays to take pictures of spooky skeletons back at the end of the nineteenth century, then when World War One came around medics in the field, used x ray machines to look at seemingly endless numbers of potentially broken soldier bones, the x rays that pass to skin and muscle proved equally capable of passing through leather. Doctors would x-ray Ray men's feet right through the boots since they were way, too many bones queued up for examination to waste time with such formalities as footwear removal after the war with no more injured patients lining up by the thousands, no one ever needed to take x rays rate through shoes. But they went on doing it anyway, because people figured out that taking x rays through shoes was really really cool. The Foot X. Ray machine was branded the shoe, fitting fluoroscope, and soon appeared in department stores with clerks, urging customers to experiment with it and find what shoe fits best end quote. Despite the fact that you still had to try the shoes on to use these fluoroscopes, so I'm not sure how useful they really were. These fluoroscopes were a hit in the nineteen thirties. They were small, almost podium, looking wooden box. Customers would step into, and while they stood with their feet a little hole, they could then bend over and look into one of three viewing ports to see the bones of their feet and the outline of the shoes. There were two other viewing ports facing the direction for the shoe salesperson and sometimes apparent if it was a child being fitted. Quoting the Oak Ridge Associated Universities Health. Physics, Historical Instrumentation Museum collection. The machines generally employed a fifty. X Ray tube operating at three to eight mill amps. When you put your feet in a shoe fit fluoroscope, you were effectively standing on top of the x Ray Tube, the only thing between your feet, and the tube was a one millimeter thick aluminum filter. Some units allowed the operator to select one of three different intensities, the highest intensity for men, the middle one for women in the lowest for children. Most units also had a push button timer could be set desired exposure time E. G. Five to forty five seconds. The most common setting was twenty seconds and quotes. So as you can imagine, this casual exposure to radiation started causing health concerns and US states began regulating and eventually banning the machines. while. The jury is still out on. How much damage was directly caused a customers by the machines several sales people faced serious injury, ranging from dermatitis to radiation burns, which in one case was drastic enough to require amputation. So yeah. The floor scope is not the best example of creative uses of technology, though it is quite fascinating. When I will say with the popularity of online shopping these days like would be kind of cool if we had some sort of safe way to measure our feet in miniscule detail to make sure that the shoes were ordering online, really fit well. We got some technology. That's Kinda close to. that. I'm sure we'll get there before long. But hopefully with less x rays. Ending today with an update story sort of despite its scrim overtones. South Korea's Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs Continues Their humanitarian donations by sending ten thousand face masks and hand sanitizer to Nava who veterans who fought in the Korean War. This follows there earlier shipments of five hundred thousand facemasks to General Korean War veterans last month, which was in honor of the seventieth anniversary of the start of the war, they announced that they plan to send shipments of face masks to veterans in twenty one countries that now includes the Navajo nation who. Who has been disproportionately affected by the coronavirus, the nation has reported almost four thousand positive cases in hundred forty deaths on the reservation of just a hundred, seventy, five, thousand about one, hundred, thirty of the around eight hundred Navajo men who served in the Korean War as code talkers are still alive today, and at their advanced age, or at an even higher risk of severe complications from Covid Nineteen Kim Yoon G, a CO chairman of the committee organising the shipment, said quote. We hope are small. Gifts will console the veterans in the midst of the COVID nineteen crisis. The government remembers those who made a noble sacrifice to defend a strange countries seventy years ago and we hope they will proudly tell their. About the choice they made so many years ago. Previous statement he added quote. We will overcome the cove nineteen crisis when we stand side by side together. Quick Update on the grocery store. Facts I mentioned it last week. I said what I have long believed in what I read in National Geographic that dairy items are located at the back of grocery stores, because most people will have at least one dairy item on shopping list, so many shoppers are then forced to walk the entire length of the store, passing tempting items along the way to get to the milk will matt a on twitter shared with me old planet money episode in which Food Writer Poland Economist Russ. Roberts debated just this idea. Is it true or or grocery stores not as? As nefarious as we think, glint rather milk is at the back because that's where the delivery trucks drop it off in the closer to the refrigerator's. When it's delivered, the better because stores don't WanNa. Break what they call the cold chain preventing the milk from ever being exposed to room temperature throughout its distribution process, the ABSO- talked to a number of grocery store managers as well as some consultants, and it turns out that basically requiring customers to walk through their entire stores to get. There is just a convenient side effect. So thanks to Matt for sending that along. If you ever have anything you want me to check out to add to a story. I covered suggests a whole new one. You want me to cover or just correct my pronunciation on things which will definitely happen, you can tweet those to me at Jack is not a bird. Link will be in the show notes no guarantees that will make the show, but I will definitely appreciate it with all that, said I hope you have a good rest of your day and I'll talk to you tomorrow.

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