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"Welcome back. Cinema vino. This is our first post game of thrones podcast rice. Priced. Yes. We're all it's the hangover. Yeah. Lighted seven my ass. Yeah. And some people like Taylor have come in to the party pretty late. And have, you know done the speed two cruise control through the series, rapid fire this captions, and one point five speed through. Just Braun talking real fast. Some of us have have been there for a few years Travis, all the books, you know, like that. But I think for everybody, there's kind of that void after you've finished show that what do you watch now? Like we're do we pick up the pieces of our lives and move on. Do we go from hand? Those my lovely, but that's fine to seeing what you want. But yeah, it's like how do we have we move on with our lives? What do we do? I mean do we want the streets? How do we feel void? I feel like that's what we're doing right now. We're just wandering the streets like what else is what can replace that phenomenon. Yeah. I mean game of thrones. I don't recommend this. But I killed a drifter and watch go out in his eyes and that got me, almost to like the winds of winter episode of thrones. But it didn't last Travis did not kill a drifter before the thorns are alert. Maybe. You know, it's like I kind of went out with a dog leash that was dragging on the ground. Like I was walking invisible dog for about four blocks. Before realizing there wasn't a dog attack with my shirt untucked. Yeah I don't know what to do with myself now. It's kinda like you guys have that feeling for high school when he graduated the next day. It's like this is weird. You weren't ring shirt. Pick you up. They brought your belongs there wasn't a shirt, man. That's, that's Wayne's basement. But that's not ways based. So this podcast ruin Rick's wine and we're gonna talk about what the bins that summer and as we move on from game of thrones. Tom, what am I putting in my mouth right now? This is the Goebbels Berg. Rosa were drinking rose, as and then one read, this is an Austrian an Austin in after him. Rosa is Schloss kennel by which I'm sure I said correctly, Schloss county, I, I don't know why when I say time slower. Schloss Kello ri- now, you sound like a die hard villain it. Yes. Yeah. I don't know why German accent sounds like either die. Hard villain Hogan's heroes. Hall gun. But anyway, so yeah, we're making some Rosa drinking stuff refreshing, that is something you drink. While binging something that goes down move. So we're gonna start with Taylor. What are you going to bench and what d- recommend people bench? So as of a mentioned on the game of thrones game late, and I mind tire life because my family was poor. We did not have HBO and so I- specifically got HBO just for game of thrones. And the minute, I got it everyone's just telling you what to watch like. I gotta watch game of thrones I but just going through the TV series they have on there, some that are current some that have been, you know, ten years old. I'm looking forward just plowing through that. I feel like I have run the gamut of Hulu Netflix Amazon prime hit all the TV shows that appeal to me. But HBO's a whole new ballgame for me. And I'm excited to start that process that everyone show, I think is TRE noble is the one I want to start. I don't know if you could really binge worthy. It's only one season three. Yeah. So I still very intent on watching that. But I do at the fact that there's berry on HBO I really want to watch that. And that's a couple of seasons. Maybe so for me, the the love of binging is a show. That's already they're already putting the episodes out. But when you. Have a positive ten or fifteen episodes, just sitting there waiting for you? And then boom then then you can binge watching some fucking. I ball say, personal fares and second of all. Yes. Yeah. So the really an honor, she's in a broad term here, but really anything on. H B O right now is what I'm looking at because I feel like I've watched everything else I've wanted to watch. Just a couple of mine Travis. I think he has a slew of TV shows. But Travis did give me to start to watch dead wood, which is an old old series. I did like that. West world. Yeah. And so I'm basically living dying off at Travis tells me to watch which is dangerous, which is dangerous slippery slope, but he does he knows my body. He knew about he knew game of thrones. He knew I would love that. And so when I did skip after porn ends but watch after porn ends to already watched three two. So here's a three there's a three I need to drawn board. Your behind Rosh think terror Patrick's in it anyway. But one show that I did like and is binge worthy. And it's on Netflix. It's a different type of humor. I tend to like the quick quick witted humor is a show called big mouth. It's animated. It's very inappropriate about young children, going through puberty. Just two seasons out now. And they even had like a Ballantine's day special episode is vulgar is wildly inappropriate it deals with puberty. But it is if you get into easily, you will love the show this hilarious. I have a real, quick aside, on that the enemy studio on that I think is named tit mouse. The only reason I know this is because that dean show I watch critical role just at a huge Kickstarter to come out with an animated special, and tit mouse productions the one that does they're going to do the animation. That's fucking do is really cool things about big now drowsy. I think he would love this in. Under the reason why like this bins worthy is most of those episodes, are like thirty minutes, twenty minutes so you can really plow through those. Yeah. And that was one thing about game of thrones. You went along into it, and then they start off with a fifty minute rain by the end of that you really investing sixty seventy eighty you're watching movies. Yeah, yeah, it makes it a little more like a sled up hill as you get into seasons. Six eight I mean it's great don't get me wrong. Sometimes for benching you like that easy, and it's a commitment by size program as Wesley. Snipes said is blade some of the fuckers are always trying to skate uphill. And that drowsy is awesome. That one two or good. Yeah. Actually, I'll look to your mobile Toro, did that really. Yes. Little more sense, now traff what shows that you got on your on your spate? So some of the same ones that Taylor was talking about I watched true detective season one how loved, and then I watched season two, which came out a couple years ago, I think whoever the creator was Otit fucked up and then had to give it a little time, but the new. On the last episode of season, three with Masha heart. I don't know how to pronounce his name, Ali, and Steven Dorf also in blade Herschel, Ellie my Herschel, Ali anyway. He's fucking killing it. Also, Stephen Dorf, who the only thing I see men was blade one. He's does damn good job in this one too. So true detective is good. Totally skip season. Two will it is not that Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn, and they're don't give great performances because they do, but the fucking storytelling is all over the place and his dog shit. So threes dope. Really like. Yeah. Watching deadwood is awesome because HBO's about to have a movie on first. But I think it would be interesting for you to watch that deadwood before the movie comes out, and then watch Westworld after that, because it's going to. All of us world essentially takes place in deadwood type. It's like they step into a video game, the whole thing, but Westworld is crazy and season three looks like it's coming out in about a year and has Aaron Paul from breaking bad and almost kind of a blade runner direction, which looks good. Also, I seen on Amazon prime, the fabulous marvelous Mazel. And there's a season two it's done by the Gilmore girls. Amy Sherman palladino I think. I haven't seen season two but I'm on that. I will always and forever. Try to pimp doctor who do people? It's, it's on teen twenty if you start in the two thousand five like the new new ones they're up to the eleventh season. But each season is only like ten episodes, eleven twelve or whatever. But once you start watching them like you pretty much go through them. Pretty quick. They're up to. I think they just had season eleven. What is it on? That is on BBC. But they I think they have it on some streaming areas was on Netflix. At one point. I'm not sure where it. Yes. Also. Legion on FX is ending after season three Disney finally acquired all of their marvel properties back. So some of those ending. But my brother has talked very highly of legion. I've seen some of the first season Alex good. So those are some mine Wath. Right now. And it's like I would say there are only a few shows in this renaissance of modern TV that are on a level of game of thrones. There's not many. Yeah. We are currently still on HBO as you are watching one of the few shows, I think that is probably on that level, the sopranos. Oh, yeah. Those and the wire, I've heard the wire. Yeah. Those are generally held is the best shows ever made. Yeah. We actually before we went back and rewatch breaking bad all the way through. We went and watched game of thrones all the way through and watch breaking bad, which the second time even better than the first time. Yeah. So that's one of the best shows better and you can do that. And then what better call Saul and I read a great. Yeah. Never watched any of them. But great reviews, cobbler squad cobbler. And if you're out there listening go Google squad cobbler, and it will show you my squad cobbler after prevent here. We've got him reading in the in the oven right now might be called some other like west of the Mississippi. I dunno. It's like pop soda. But yeah, if you go back and watch better call Saul after breaking bad. It really to me, the reviews, it was, like watching cheers and then watching Frazier. It's like two very different shows very different vibes in the same universe. So it has it's more comedic, but it also has it's a little more nuance tragedy. You know, Walter White's tragedies very out there. Yeah. So this is a lot more under the radar subtle kind of downfall. When I've seen stuff before going back to watch it again. I prefer it if I can watch it on DVD Blu Ray because I can watch it a faster speed. And that's breaking bad is one of yes. Because you has like fifteen they will spend the entire seven eight minute segment in between commercial breaks of like somebody hearing something walking down there driveway, looking both ways, like I think it's this way and then walk all the way down to the end of the street and they keep showing what they're doing. It's like it's, it's a cinematic approach of, like, soap opera just the long look since like, what's what's not said. That's important. I'm like, Jesus Christ, bring bad. I know you're fighting awesome. But like on there, you watch, I ain't got time for this shit. There was another interrupt on another TV series. I really, really liked that you might have been a fan. But one of our of our best friend was a huge fan of it was a sons of anarchy, and that was very similar to breaking bad, which I love anarchy saying, it was the first couple of seasons like with any of them kind of takes a little bit to get going. But, you know the last. You know, four five and six amazing is that Charlie. Hunnam Hunan or something. Very similar to breaking bad like there, there are a few scenes where it's like, okay, man. Like, let's, let's get this going. Let's move along. Let's move along. I get your telling the story because something's going to happen later, but like you got to hoof it a little bit. Let's go, let's go. I did want to see it 'cause I know. Ron promos and Katie Seghal. Yeah. I don't know. I mean that's eight seasons. Six seven. Six seven seven baby, and those were effects they weren't like full like twenty four twenty two season. Episodes. They're long boys. But there, I think it's on Netflix. Yeah, because I heard it rewatch him a little bit just randomly buddy. That's a cool series where it's very breaking bad esque. So I was a huge fan of that. Remember, like, I think it was director Howard hawks. They asked he a bunch of famous, like, John Wayne westerns, and classic movies. They asked him to define what he thought classic movie was, and he said, classic movie has three great scenes zero bad scenes. I think TV it's like the best TV shows ever made have all great seasons. No bad seasons. It's like yeah. You think about it. Sounds simple. But it's like even great shows like lost have bad seed. You know, even now game with once again with a bad season season eight but it was a underwhelming letdown. Yeah. Game of thrones had no bad or not breaking bad had no bats. That's true. It went out even stronger than it started. That's a rarity for TV shows on AMC. Yes. Yes, I'll tell you what there's one that I'm wanting to watch again, and that's Buffy the vampire slayer because I watched it, every once in a while, just because I Doug, all the vampire movies and shit, and it looked like dog shit to me when I would just as a casual viewer watched, like something, like I don't know, fuck us, having fuck this, but the first Buffy is five seasons. And if you wanna wash spinoff, angel that's or seven seasons, and angel was five, but if you watch angels, five seasons this season baller angel, but the problem with Buffy is it had a half season the first season but season two and season, three are fucking money like that gets you into it. It had a dog shit fo. Season. But do you like the characters so you kind of went through, and it had some other okay seasons? But, like, just as I three of a really good. So if you're if you're looking to jump into an eleven season commitment, I mean you know, don't call them. All that go you're thinking about Marvin's miss amazing allow that's a good good show and. Yeah, ten episodes to seasons. It's easily binge-watching thing season. Two. Also Gilmore girls always do. They're fucking love them Taylor. That's your next series. Travis. I respect all killer. I have never been wrong. You told me you're like Travis. You're always right. And that's right. Yeah. But we're down the yeah. Yeah. Joanna loves some Gilmore girls. And also throw this out there for the people out there may not have countered it, but. Firefly is an easily digestible. It's thirteen episodes. I think this is once it's your mouth Todd. Yes. And then you can you can finish that. And then all of serenity. You've never seen firefly heavy. We watched a couple of I've watched with you. I wonder twice no episode shrink as the movie, right? I retract my statement, you're watching all firefly. It's, it's going on. What's it on? Netflix owed is solid so have been reported because I mean, I know you've always been a fan of it, but you've always had like, it's a very big following time to tell you why the first season first episode was like a double episode, and then the thirteen so there's basically fourteen episodes, and then the movie but and I had Todd watching, and he didn't indicate that he's super loved it. I don't wanna hear your, your take. I enjoyed it had girl on me a little bit. And I enjoyed it more after seeing surrounding of end conclusion of it. So I like the whole arc of it better than I did watch it. But like the movie better. Yeah. And so seeing where he was going with stuff where he could've gone if the show had gone on for longer. Yeah. But yeah, it's, it's a tiny little compact like Star Wars type. So Ranji Star Wars, basically. So it being an older series. So how come it has not been rebooted ninja moves like in this day and age when this is basically, what cinema is become how come it hasn't been, you know, push back. I think they've, like it's been talked about a whole hell of a lot like actors, they wanna come back to the same actors and everything, and they'd like, just we to do it again. And it's been like talked about or rumored several times nothing ever happens. Everybody's got a full plate. Now offers actors I mean Netflix could easily, you know, start they can do a Kickstarter and like, hey, is there any interest and like it's that phantom is gonna plunk down some big old dollars. It. But pennano. Yeah, your movie nerd, you lack a good giggle. Mr. cedar three thousand net flicks reboot is strong. The new ones are good. They got a lot of same writers. But then they have they got a new host, and he's, he's good. But yeah, the new they have some new writers, some old riders. Good comedians. I mean, it's, it's the first episodes MAC and me for anybody remembers about you that for your birthday. Yeah. And. Rip that thing to pieces. Damn good episode you ever seen Paul Rudd on Conan. That clip that he shows over and over. It's beautiful. It's a twenty or trolls. Also, there's a scene where they go. No McDonald's and somebody's got a gun, and then they run out. And then there's like one of the alien parents has a gun in a WalMart and start shooting that you think I it just tear. I can't say sentences enough that were how weird and fucked up. The thing is looks like all that, like the MAC and me like they were like, oh, we need really need to sell this Coca Cola. Let's like create an alien that really looks like he likes straw. His mouth, made to drink cold through straw, like here's the premise work backwards from here. Give me an alien. Yeah. And there's a problem with working backwards right there. There is. There's a dance. Dancing McDonald's with people like dancing on the counters, teenagers, poodle skirts, the whole nine yards. When I if I have too much food, that's kind of or is it looks a lot like God. Yes. And people start looking like MAC and me. I work at one place. Now there's a lady comes in. She looks exactly like MAC and my God, I'm talking about. Right. Maybe. Yeah. Anyway, we're gonna take a quick break, and we'll be back with some more vino. Welcome back. This time around. We're drinking Radley Finch, which is an entirely different Rosaiah than what we were having before. This is a South African Rosa and it is very kind of has mama body to the Austrian one. Yeah. I'm tasting a lot of smokiness. He's stealing words. We said earlier, it has kind of earthy. Yeah. Full some that you wouldn't expect from Rosa. Doc saying it's bad. It's just it is the complete opposite of what we destroyed. Yeah. So, yeah, it definitely South African ones gonna have so much body to the Wren's, especially Pena, Taj, and whatnot, this definitely is the Roseanne Quinlan of that's very. And has a lot of a lot of kick to it. Which I mean, the people like the leaner, dryer lighter rose as some people lacking with little Morton, well, these earthier grapes, and they have entirely different terroir than the first okay? So Travis got that phrase wine spectator. I think geography plays a role as saying she said like four hours, you're terrible geography. It's but it wasn't on the podcast into it's like what Homer Simpson? Fines glasses and the toilet their. Inr. Kissingers. That's a right. Triangle? Rolling. Anyway, you can find I'll put links to these movie reviews dot US. Is that where you review movies, and then put your reviews, all mine, to let people know what you liked about a movie? You're not talk about life. Talk about love talk about movies. Also, I saw your latest one on there is Aladdin did not know that was already out. I have some questions I will ask you the podcast question, our gentle viewers. I'm gonna keep saying, don't give a fuck our gentle viewers if they want to know how you liked it can go to move us dot US, if you wanna know you gotta go. Isn't it available in other places too? You can find us on Spotify and podcast. You can listen rate and subscribe, which we all love you very much. If you did. Yeah, I will write you a personal Christmas card, actually. No fuck heat wills Ravs doing that low politician over here making lies. Also, we're going to start a contel okay with that as like when need to have a personal. Thank you note to our subscribers. Can you just give him a vial of my blood? I mean, small tramps Vinci, you, you won't be dead. Now that meant you. You. Oh, jesus. And I don't think what fans we have going to walk around with volume thinking, like a small while. Like Billy Bob Angelina. Amount. Yeah. I can just do a pint a month and instead of donating it to needy children. Sarah, take my fab blood. I'll give it to, like people that just are looking to increase their spell work or. Yes. Or dusted over like a crime scene or something. Detectives get me you ain't gonna catch me, that's only for you know about. All I'm saying is that like my lifelong dream is a killer drifter in all fifty states, and I'm willing to travel to Hawaii, Anna Lasca do not test me. What about poor thirty? I mean, you don't need a passport. Get one extra there to Guam. Man. This is this is bucket. Yeah. Now you're traveling slow expensive in killing drifters. I mean, I've only got six eight so far Oklahoma I've gotten like eight times, but. There's technically traveling state to state doesn't that make you drifter. At what if somebody else has the same bucket list, and you're going to count all my kills. Yeah. This is like extra sever. This is like ballistic part one. I've just racked up all this many points. And they just get to come in and swoop in honestly. Listen. Get sued be copywriting this again. This is this binge were like this. Go on for five seasons. Ten states ten episodes per season. Travis's wanders around killing drifters can I bring this back into relevance, how is Dexter because I've heard it's a dog shit ending as well. I really wanted it never saw what Dexter fuck. You're lying. I thought you watched it, and you were lying. I've watched some of it, but I never. But I never watched the whole thing. Well I mean ones that you watch. I mean, did you did you stop because dog shit didn't commit to it? Did you start getting? Yeah. Wasn't there? Two of them one. There was something that, that same actor was in called six feet under also on HBO. I started watching it and I just couldn't get into it. I heard it was great from beginning to finish, and I'd just like I fell off. I was like time for this, you know, show that I did that with, because I've got it on Blu Ray over. There was boardwalk empire. I watched a few episodes. Not. Before I got HBO. I was just buying seasons of game thrones. And I was like, oh, this boardwalk empire and again, as per usual, I watched some of fast forward, but you know what? Guys, my time time is money. And I've got I have places to be she got to do if I can finish an episode of the office. It's normally twenty two minutes in fourteen. Like, if I spend a whole hour like shoehorn in extra episode, maybe to see, I mean, you're watching Toby in, like Dwight shirt, like. Well in my PlayStation, it goes one point five speed. So does it sound like Alan chipmunks meaning? Can. But if you don't hear anything and I watched subtitles play back it up. Smidge. So your speed reading your way through office up. Yes, I'm extremely smart. And I'm well, more will learn than all of you. I love it. Oh, god. And so you could probably finish the entire run the office in like about four hours. I have not finished office ever. I got to season right before Michael Scott left. I think and I fell off that also parks and rec, I think just started in guys much like a metaphor for my entire fucking life. I don't finish anything except game. Thrones parks and rec is a pretty good show from top to bottom. That's a pretty good all with her coming back to what we were talking about mentioned that the. A series having. No bad bad seasons. I will say park was pretty solid until the very end time jumps jumps. Yeah, it was still really good. But at the same time, it was like, man, it lost a little bit of its luster. Again, do get spoiled with shows like game of thrones breaking bad, where you have this continual six seasons in a row where just like amazing. So that's all you know, and it's the judge some of those series but madman had was pretty good. I mean, that was that was good all the way I've heard that's dope as well. Gonna finish that one either. It really doesn't have a bad season. And it's pretty strong with I would put it just a notch below breaking bag game. Thrones level. There is. So if you're still kind of in a game of thrones mindset and mood, there is Rome on HBO, which is only two seasons. But wraps up everything I can't remember the actor's name. But the guy that played manse Reiter. He's in it. Ed mir. Yes. Did you watch it? Did. I have you watched borrow and what were your thoughts like? I really enjoyed it right. Did you? It will be tough to Bill back to after game of thrones. Just blew my doors off. Well, yeah, I mean, if you have that same type of crazy political entry, but this one is actually fairly historically accurate, which is interesting to see, like some of the I mean, I'm sure they take a big old grain of salt with some of their shit that they do. But most of the story beats our, our historical. But so Rome is really good. Only two seasons. And they wrap up the whole story, which is nice if you're wanting to do a quick twenty episode dip into something it works. And there's also on Netflix. If you ever watched avatar, the last heir bender or Cora, which was also the last year or now last year vendor avatar legend of Cora. They animators did another TV show. It's on Netflix. It's called the dragon prints, and it's two seasons and it's a little bit kind of the tongue in cheek child humor. But it also has like adult type theme. That's not exactly adult adult, but it's actually really good to watch two seasons of that, and they should be coming out with third, maybe sometime early twenty twenty but the other ones, I want to talk to. I'm not gonna talk. Let Todd talk because I'm talking too much. So. Yeah. Won't show that we start on. That looks it looks. It's been funny. So far is dead to me? Oh, yeah. Yeah. The previews Applegate. It's interesting how it deals with the very dark subject of grief and guys why fixing geeks. Linda Carter Carter rattling Cartolini, Arlene. I feel like started steal your thunder there. But it's like I feel like that becoming a more popular theme is the dark comedies from bury to this. And there's another one on HBO or the new season's coming out June ninth that they've been promoting it with reach Weatherspoon, schilling, Woodley and Nicole Kidman. Yeah. Zoe kravitz. It seems that that's also a dark comedy. Maybe there was some I, I don't know anything about the show, but seems like that has been a transition to a low of dark comedies, which I love to death. What was the one about the marijuana guy in the HBO, high maintenance, high maintenance? Did you watch all season one so I've watched all season one I got a little turned off season too. Just because for me, the newness wore off, I liked it because it was very kind of, you know. I guess you'd call Quinton, Tarantino, ask about of the stories combined, but jumped around gives you could also say kind of memento ask like everything kind of everything moves, but also stays the same. So I liked that. I mean, again, HBO does make some great stuff. But, but yeah, that Christina Applegate when I really wanted to watch that I didn't know the full season. I thought it was a movie. It's ten episodes. Wow. Okay. So yeah, it's, it's funny. We also watched the Zaka fron Ted Bundy, I've heard great. I've heard mixed reviews but I did hear that the he actually kills axing. He does a great job. Yeah. I killed it. And I agree with that. I feel ambiguous about the movie itself, he is awesome. Yeah. I feel like they I don't wanna say glamorize, Ted Mundy. They sanitize the story heavily the so the one, the one negative thing I heard about this from someone that liked the movie a lot was like she made a comment like you almost like. You wonder do you feel bad for Ted Bundy, did he do this? Like is he innocent? You almost have the sympathy for him. And I'm like, not gonna watch damn it. Yeah. It makes you you. Yeah. It's bizarre like almost Florence Nightingale this into like rooting for him. Yeah. And it's like you know, he's obviously just a total monster. And so to me when when it ends up with that as a result at the end of it, like, man, I feel sorry for you. Kinda done something wrong. I'm story. I mean it shows almost no violence. No. Yeah. It's, it's weird and it's like you don't have to wallow in that, but you can't really dodge it if you're going to pick Ted Bundy absolutely sick. So and part of it was structural with that movie. They save his because he denied all the way through his trials that he was guilty of any of this that, so that's why it sets it up to make you feel like oh maybe he didn't do it. But it sets up a big reveal at the end, you know, kind of a primal, fear type setup and so- structurally. They almost like game thrones like they wrote themselves into a corner thing they kind of have to go with this town, rather than. Acknowledging up front. Yeah. This guy is the devil on her. Yeah. At the beginning this guy's silence of the lambs. That's kind of where I think you have to start. Ted monday. Yeah. And then and then work backwards and show him to be charismatic Lacabeg, which is what he was, you know, of approaching women with a cast on his arms. You know, could you help me lift this? It's like, you know, no self-respecting guy's gonna come up to, you know, some random woman out in the middle of the parking lot of loans. It could carry this for me. Yeah. He's going to get his broS to help them out, Gino. He he's not gonna play the pitiful card. You know, he might do the job and the door for me or something, right? Yeah. So that's an obvious setup by a psychopath. Yeah. You mentioned the memento Detroit, detective season, three has some of that aspect. One of the characters has. Alzheimer's is going through that. And the way they depict that visually at times is crazy about how he forgets parts of the case, because they have it's the true detective in nineteen eighty nineteen ninety and then I think around twenty fifteen but it shows all three aspects of how they've gone back to the case. And now he's still trying to get to the bottom of it. And in twenty fifteen but he's having gotten Alzheimer's. So it's been really cool seeing the three different time. Periods of. Is it almost reminds me lost? So I'll be honest. If you were asking me right now, I'm training tone. What are you going to binge nex? It'll probably be true detective and Tra noble those, but again, tra- noble, as I think, off podcast. We were talking. It's a binge worthy thing means like it, it has to be ready for you, like it's all there. And, you know, it's going to be because, you know, troubles a miniseries. And so I really couldn't call that binge worthy. But. All the seasons there. So if you're to ask me, like, what are you gonna watch? It'll probably be true detective. I think detectors I'm gonna bench on that. I really need you to skip season given that one and what's great about it is that each season is a completely different story, and you don't have to see one to see the next so you can totally watch one, and then three and then if you ever want to go back to it again. It goes back to the shows that I feel so bad that I want to watch the haven't, but of the marvel marvel that one and there's another one on Amazon prime with fed Armenian, and my Rudolph. I've heard about that. I haven't watched it yet but I've heard kind of good things about it. So again, there's so many shows like I wish I could devote my entire day watching these, but if I choose one right now, it would be true -tective, one show that is kind of structurally similar to true detective as Fargo. Oh, yeah. That's, that's an excellent Scott about different season to season. Completely different time periods. Completely different cast watch American horror story. I wanted to same characters, but it's different predicaments. I watched the first season and then the, the, the Cirque the circus one season three or four. It was okay does Fargo it all takes place in Fargo general area. Okay. Been necessarily the same time period and they go back in time and okay, cool. There are a few callback to other seasons like in here and there that pop up by large though. It's completely self-contained stories. And I liked that a lot. I think that is good writing. That's good for the series. Yeah. I like that. So I've got two more. And I'm done. One is one that I have not quite finished. And it's I think it's got five seasons. Maybe but it was also on BBC and it was called orphan, black. And there's the actress is named Tathiana mass Lonnie and, and the basically in the first episode. Cheese was perhaps, on drugs or something had some family issues and was just coming back to her. Hometown happens to see somebody that looks exactly like her at the subway jump off and commit suicide. She goes over grabs ladies shoes and purses. She just discarded and was like, what the FOX happening looking all through a person shit, and it's about weird. I don't want to say too much, but a mess Lonnie plays several different roles imagine Eddie Murphy playing every single role at the kitchen table. Like in the not professor only it's good. And that's like, honestly, she's done fucking amazing acting throughout their now. It gets kind of scifi and weird as the later seasons. Go on. But like I, I, I need to see the end I need to see what happens didn't did not have a series on Netflix. Have. I don't think it's on Netflix right now. But I think it's like only four maybe five seasons. I have the last one and I. In the player and I just haven't finished it. Orphan. Black is the name and it's really good. And then the other one is pure straight up nerd ary. And I will pimp this to my dying day is the D live show that I watch, it's normally on twitch it's called critical role with a bunch of nerdy ass Voight voice actors that sit around and play dungeons and dragons, and their, their game was somewhat. Their private game was famous enough that people had wanted to hop in on it and had heard about it in the voice acting video games, and animation realms and. Then, you know Felicia day who was it geek and sundry was like, oh, my God, you should totally come in and play it live. And they were like we're only going to do it. If we can keep our game normal and altogether not have to change too much. And so they started streaming. Three four years ago. And that thing on Kickstarter that they were trying to do twenty two minute animated special for seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars. And they ended up making almost like eleven point three million off of that. So they've got a ten episode animated series coming out. They always upload their episodes to YouTube. They're on their second campaign now close episode sixty five ish, but their first campaign was one hundred fourteen hundred fifteen episodes. How long episodes Tae I'm is asking the question they can be anywhere from three hours to five and a half now. That's full disclosure disclosure you can again on YouTube. You can listen to them at time than half or times and point two five. Speed is not your deal. I get it. They also have podcasts available. But I'm just saying this thing has blown up and Bob. Larry and I will to my dying day it is called critical role do his on YouTube. It's fucking free to watch this at normal speed. If I can watch it live. I do I missed Thursday's episode, but L either watch it on twitch, which is where it streams live. Or I'll wait until the next Monday. They usually are stream Thursday nights. They put it on YouTube, the Monday after and you can watch it there. It's fucking book. I know I I'm intrigued to play I did not know three to six hours, but dependency Di, and before you start. Yeah. And just recently cry for red nose as for child, poverty, Stephen Colbert played with their master Matthew Mercer played for an hour. So if you're not wanting to jump in and do the whole thing you can watch Stephen Colbert, play, dungeons and dragons. On youtube. It's like fifty three minute episode if you're wanting kind of a singular idea with like one player, what it's about, but this group, they've also played with VIN diesel whenever his movie, the last, which hundred was coming out. They've also played with I can't remember the actor's name, but Sam well tar Lee from game of thrones. He played with him as well in what they called celebrity DND, and Joe manganiello, from true, blood, also played as well. True blood fans of you remember the redhead Jessica, she is a dungeon master now as well. She's played with them on their live show. So as Cari Peyton from Walking Dead. I'm done talking. I'm sorry. Okay. So to wrap it up Tate. What is going to be your next show that you binge? True detective is right there that will be probably the been show because I've heard I know it just ended. But I know that season three got a lot of accolades, people like that a lot, so that will probably be the next one, and I will probably say this, and this is going to sound bad, but I have a have a huge fashion with washing things over and over and over again. And because you brought it back up, I'll be honest. I wanna watch breaking bad again. Brought it up and Mike. Dammit now, want to watch it again. So. It's one of those things when when I get home from work or whatever, like I literally put on the TV and I'll put on like old series things that I've watched before that I can kind of zone out with. And now I'm really thinking damn it, and that's why I get behind on all these shows that have been on HBO or even new shows because I, I just want to put them on the background for comfort. And so now it's like shit now breaking bad again. But right now, the number one job watch is probably to detective I'm still a little behind, but yeah, that'll be right there. I think that we may do berry, I've heard good stuff about about very until some native where we are right now, you'll hear Bill is crush on his sister in first grade. Bill. Sorry. Was it Susie hitter? I think so. Actually, it's going to be weird if I say the name. So anymore. Final thoughts about binge TV. I think I'm be doing marvelous Mazel next maybe even umbrella academy, which is based on a graphic novel on Netflix. It's, it's once he's out. Yeah. Or from black. I gotta finish the night of HBO is also really recommend that. Well, we is there another season. There's one that I know of that's out. Yeah. And so that was no. I didn't I never finished it. But I saw two episodes of it. And I was like, pretty bad ass night of murder mystery resign met is the suspected killer. Then the detective is a joint tour extra. I've heard actually pretty good. This game foot. I think he has psoriasis or okay, I've only seen like two or three episodes. I never finished it because if one of those free HBO weekends, I've heard the leftovers on HBO is really good. And it's also done by your, your boy, Damon Lindelof of locks familiar with that only has two seasons. First of all, he's on my boy. Yeah. Second ball in the watchman. Dookie anyway. Phelan's. Yeah. I want them to do. I mean, if they want to do spinoff, and try and make money great. But I would HBO's the perfect place to do the original watchmen in twelve episodes. One episode for each fucking issue. Also the case of against add-ons Aida. If you're a serial podcast man, they continued on HBO and so them more did see promoted that permits. The the first part of the game of thrones. So it gives you a little more. A little more closer if you listened to the podcast season of it. So I kind of like I'm partial to anyway on the podcast. I like cinema. Vino. That I don't know who that Travis guy is. But he sounds sexy sexy. Yeah. I mean yeah I mean he's damn fine looking individual I would. Missing all I'm saying is he could get it. Get this. You can work. This has been another episode of cinema vino and Marie is dot US. Yes, you can find reviews and this podcast there. You can also find us on Spotify Napa podcast, you can listen rate and subscribe also post links to the wineries of the wines, that were drinking, or you can find them. These are easy drink and rose as they're good. What to drink while you mend Banj? And so, yeah, what do we say, in our closing, what you guys think don't drink the floodwater? Say rise and grind. And don't drive into the flood water kick that thing reverse. If you go in the water bust out that driver's side window. Yeah. That's also use the air in your tires. If you get stuck underneath know bus at cap off, and just take a little puffs. I mean, especially if there's a fuck villains waiting for you come out of water. I've seen enough JAMES BOND. Anyway, we've enjoyed this journey with you and keep your unit on, you every subscriber gets a handwritten note from Travis, not a handwritten. But a handy his calligraphy beautiful. Well, and it's handy. Yeah. Whenever you guys are, are ready. Fucking dick munches. The word in the. Yeah. Dick much. Have a good bully word. Fill the backpack with craisins that also. Those are delicious delicious, who doesn't like him.

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