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"schloss kello ri" Discussed on Cinemavino

"Welcome back. Cinema vino. This is our first post game of thrones podcast rice. Priced. Yes. We're all it's the hangover. Yeah. Lighted seven my ass. Yeah. And some people like Taylor have come in to the party pretty late. And have, you know done the speed two cruise control through the series, rapid fire this captions, and one point five speed through. Just Braun talking real fast. Some of us have have been there for a few years Travis, all the books, you know, like that. But I think for everybody, there's kind of that void after you've finished show that what do you watch now? Like we're do we pick up the pieces of our lives and move on. Do we go from hand? Those my lovely, but that's fine to seeing what you want. But yeah, it's like how do we have we move on with our lives? What do we do? I mean do we want the streets? How do we feel void? I feel like that's what we're doing right now. We're just wandering the streets like what else is what can replace that phenomenon. Yeah. I mean game of thrones. I don't recommend this. But I killed a drifter and watch go out in his eyes and that got me, almost to like the winds of winter episode of thrones. But it didn't last Travis did not kill a drifter before the thorns are alert. Maybe. You know, it's like I kind of went out with a dog leash that was dragging on the ground. Like I was walking invisible dog for about four blocks. Before realizing there wasn't a dog attack with my shirt untucked. Yeah I don't know what to do with myself now. It's kinda like you guys have that feeling for high school when he graduated the next day. It's like this is weird. You weren't ring shirt. Pick you up. They brought your belongs there wasn't a shirt, man. That's, that's Wayne's basement. But that's not ways based. So this podcast ruin Rick's wine and we're gonna talk about what the bins that summer and as we move on from game of thrones. Tom, what am I putting in my mouth right now? This is the Goebbels Berg. Rosa were drinking rose, as and then one read, this is an Austrian an Austin in after him. Rosa is Schloss kennel by which I'm sure I said correctly, Schloss county, I, I don't know why when I say time slower. Schloss Kello ri- now, you sound like a die hard villain it. Yes. Yeah. I don't know why German accent sounds like either die. Hard villain Hogan's heroes. Hall gun. But anyway, so yeah, we're making some Rosa drinking stuff refreshing, that is something you drink. While binging something that goes down move. So we're gonna start with Taylor. What are you going to bench and what d- recommend people bench? So as of a mentioned on the game of thrones game late, and I mind tire life because my family was poor. We did not have HBO and so I- specifically got HBO just for game of thrones. And the minute, I got it everyone's just telling you what to watch like. I gotta watch game of thrones I but just going through the TV series they have on there, some that are current some that have been, you know, ten years old. I'm looking forward just plowing through that. I feel like I have run the gamut of Hulu Netflix Amazon prime hit all the TV shows that appeal to me. But HBO's a whole new ballgame for me. And I'm excited to start that process that everyone show, I think is TRE noble is the one I want to start. I don't know if you could really binge worthy. It's only one season three. Yeah. So I still very intent on watching that. But I do at the fact that there's berry on HBO I really want to watch that. And that's a couple of seasons. Maybe so for me, the the love of binging is a show. That's already they're already putting the episodes out. But when you. Have a positive ten or fifteen episodes, just sitting there waiting for you? And then boom then then you can binge watching some fucking. I ball say, personal fares and second of all. Yes. Yeah. So the really an honor, she's in a broad term here, but really anything on. H B O right now is what I'm looking at because I feel like I've watched everything else I've wanted to watch. Just a couple of mine Travis. I think he has a slew of TV shows. But Travis did give me to start to watch dead wood, which is an old old series. I did like that. West world. Yeah. And so I'm basically living dying off at Travis tells me to watch which is dangerous, which is dangerous slippery slope, but he does he knows my body. He knew about he knew game of thrones. He knew I would love that. And so when I did skip after porn ends but watch after porn ends to already watched three two. So here's a three there's a three I need to drawn board. Your behind Rosh think terror Patrick's in it anyway. But one show that I did like and is binge worthy. And it's on Netflix. It's a different type of humor. I tend to like the quick quick witted humor is a show called big mouth. It's animated. It's very inappropriate about young children, going through puberty. Just two seasons out now. And they even had like a Ballantine's day special episode is vulgar is wildly inappropriate it deals with puberty. But it is if you get into easily, you will love the show this hilarious. I have a real, quick aside, on that the enemy studio on that I think is named tit mouse. The only reason I know this is because that dean show I watch critical role just at a huge Kickstarter to come out with an animated special, and tit mouse productions the one that does they're going to do the animation. That's fucking do is really cool things about big now drowsy. I think he would love this in. Under the reason why like this bins worthy is most of those episodes, are like thirty minutes, twenty minutes so you can really plow through those. Yeah. And that was one thing about game of thrones. You went along into it, and then they start off with a fifty minute rain by the end of that you really investing sixty seventy eighty you're watching movies. Yeah, yeah, it makes it a little more like a sled up hill as you get into seasons. Six eight I mean it's great don't get me wrong. Sometimes for benching you like that easy, and it's a commitment by size program as Wesley. Snipes said is blade some of the fuckers are always trying to skate uphill. And that drowsy is awesome. That one two or good. Yeah. Actually, I'll look to your mobile Toro, did that really. Yes. Little more sense, now traff what shows that you got on your on your spate? So some of the same ones that Taylor was talking about I watched true detective season one how loved, and then I watched season two, which came out a couple years ago, I think whoever the creator was Otit fucked up and then had to give it a little time, but the new. On the last episode of season, three with Masha heart. I don't know how to pronounce his name, Ali, and Steven Dorf also in blade Herschel, Ellie my Herschel, Ali anyway. He's fucking killing it. Also, Stephen Dorf, who the only thing I see men was blade one. He's does damn good job in this one too. So true detective is good. Totally skip season. Two will it is not that Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn, and they're don't give great performances because they do, but the fucking storytelling is all over the place and his dog shit. So threes dope. Really like. Yeah. Watching deadwood is awesome because HBO's about to have a movie on first. But I think it would be interesting for you to watch that deadwood before the movie comes out, and then watch Westworld after that, because it's going to. All of us world essentially takes place in deadwood type. It's like they step into a video game, the whole thing, but Westworld is crazy and season three looks like it's coming out in about a year and has Aaron Paul from breaking bad and almost kind of a blade runner direction, which looks good. Also, I seen on Amazon prime, the fabulous marvelous Mazel. And there's a season two it's done by the Gilmore girls. Amy Sherman palladino I think. I haven't seen season two but I'm on that. I will always and forever. Try to pimp doctor who do people? It's, it's on teen twenty if you start in the two thousand five like the new new ones they're up to the eleventh season. But each season is only like ten episodes, eleven twelve or whatever. But once you start watching them like you pretty much go through them. Pretty quick. They're up to. I think they just had season eleven. What is it on? That is on BBC. But they I think they have it on some streaming areas was on Netflix. At one point. I'm not sure where it. Yes. Also. Legion on FX is ending after season three Disney finally acquired all of their marvel properties back. So some of those ending. But my brother has talked very highly of legion. I've seen some of the first season Alex good. So those are some mine Wath. Right now. And it's like I would say there are only a few shows in this renaissance of modern TV that are on a level of game of thrones. There's not many. Yeah. We are currently still on HBO as you are watching one of the few shows, I think that is probably on that level, the sopranos. Oh, yeah. Those and the wire, I've heard the wire. Yeah. Those are generally held is the best shows ever made. Yeah. We actually before we went back and rewatch breaking bad all the way through. We went and watched game of thrones all the way through and watch breaking bad, which the second time even better than the first time. Yeah. So that's one of the best shows better and you can do that. And then what better call Saul and I read a great. Yeah. Never watched any of them. But great reviews, cobbler squad cobbler. And if you're out there listening go Google squad cobbler, and it will show you my squad cobbler after prevent here. We've got him reading in the in the oven right now might be called some other like west of the Mississippi. I dunno. It's like pop soda. But yeah, if you go back and watch better call Saul after breaking bad. It really to me, the reviews, it was, like watching cheers and then watching Frazier..

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