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"savory mandel" Discussed on WGN Radio

"To do it. But you never want to show up the referees, and Hamilton has done that. Every time he's got a pelt, he says. Well, I can't believe no, that's not a penalty. That doesn't sit well with the officials. This is definitely a pallet E. So this is the Hawks third sit cold feeling good power play of the game. Opportunity to fortunate. Yeah, this would be a big time to score. The first special team's goal of this game came with a five game point streak leads the rush into the hurricane zone. Right point bothered the whole way by Jordan Stall. Kane has to flip it over the line back to center ice in the Hawks regroup both quest Talk blue line now. Passing on the left wing Kirby, Doc, put it in over the Kanes line. Left point. Too strong with the cross, Right wing boards to King the ball. Quick. Straight point, Doc, top of the right circle. Better from the left wing boards. Strong didn't break it. Left point to the line. Both Christy slapped now that came beside the right circle. Doc top of the right circle, both precise. Let were shot deflected over the net by strong roams pretty good on those deflections here in this game. Rome, Now left wing corner wipes it across the rink and this one banks over the line to center ice, forcing the Hawks regroup. Break. It takes the pass from both west on father that the hurricane line there by Ah ho, who lifted a stick at the last second and then to Brink it end of the cane zone before the puck off sidecar. That's a real good effort there by Sebastian Ah ho out there on the film to kill you think of him as an offensive player, but Well, that's an excellent defense of play there, Alex to break it looked like he was given. Find some zone time on the fire wing and just threw a stick their knocked it off Alex the brink. It's puck possession and get the offside call you mentioned. Ah, Home. Kane's have three short handed goals. Hose got one of them. So there's a reliance by Rod Brenda more on his young center here's cane into the hurricane zone of the high slot. He tried to make a pass. But the aforementioned Sebastian Aho pokes to pluck the center ice. The Hawks will now get it back in there in a second power play unit out on the eggs for the Hawks. Oquist between the circles, passing the Soderbergh at center ice again, Marco with hurricane line, the curse of the fires once and then twice and a chest say bye. Primer on both her shop. Put it back left point that Keith the cooling in the line of fire, Savory Mandel, and it's sent over the Net like courage has some great chances by the Hawks. Who will leave from the rape point. The courage, shit less circle A Keith I slot one timer. Mr Men and hit the glass has got no stick. And now it's in behind the net. Her chef now left wing corner to keep flat point trying to toss a long gold block her shit. Gotta back. Let's circle that Kubelik. I slot he fires that's blocking week fires again. Has blocked in front of the net by Fleury. There's another line, Keith will fire from the left point That's block on spun out the center ice place, slaving the Canes at full strength. But the Hawks definitely got some moment. Um, from this power play on the goaltender, Reimers still does not have his stick now in behind the hurricane that flurry, fires the puck around and out the center Ice and Bahama go back and get it in the hot zone. Meanwhile, Reimer goes behind the hurricane net to get his gold stick. Meantime, David can't reflects the puck down the boards in behind the hurricane net. Reimer plays it into the near corner to pesky he'll send it up the right side and all the way down to go. We got icing, but that was a lucky I said call adorable she had to do was put the stick down. It went right by him. You sold that one Pretty good. I think Carolina got everybody off that they needed to. Reimer picks up his stick on that play as well. I wonder what Second powerful unit really had some good looks Sorry about that. But I wonder what the chances were on that power play. There had to be about four really good chances for the Hawks. First Power play unit actually had some decent offensive zone time moved it around in that second unit continued it. Draw comes out of the hurricane zone to center ice Siderov hands of the cane on the left wing side and hill flipping off the boards and down behind the hurricane net. Reimer plays with the way to the far corner for shade the brink. It picked this pocket. Then the puck taken back by sketching a cop clearing the center ice the fast over the hotline on the right wing sent it down to the corner. And then he runs into j'adore off from behind. Murphy. Reaching took the puck away in the corner, then lost the defection. A cop the fast in front. Good play defensively by suitor toe lift plastic, but picking by Murphy sent it up the left wing side and it's passed across the rink this deflect over the hurricane bench and out of play three threes. The score with 4 54 left in the third. Can the Hawks get at least one point, maybe two. Maybe make it four total over the hurricanes in this sequence in this game, and this Home stand Find.

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