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"saura gorkin" Discussed on A Way with Words: language, linguistics, and callers from all over

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"saura gorkin" Discussed on A Way with Words: language, linguistics, and callers from all over

"Saying she didn't know what to do with it. But there was some talk of she's supposed to bring it back next year. And so what do we do with this thing? That's really the Stanley Cup you got there. So Stanley rubber cup. Right. Stick it on the wall. And Martha, how far back does this go? I think we both found those 1941 users. Right. No earlier than that. We just simply can't find it any earlier than that. I guess we should say, congratulations to your friend for their support. Absolutely. I don't know how you keep an outhouse quote unquote clean, but you know, I was so. But these days, it does tend to be associated with camps, summer camps, scouting camps, that sort of thing. Sleep away camps. Okay. All right, Karen, well, thank you so much for the question. Take care now, Karen. Oh, thank you. Thank you. All right. Bye bye. Well, late your linguistic traps for me and Martha, we'd love to fall into them 877-929-9673 are put your devious schemes in email words at wayward radio dot org or try them out on Twitter at. Grant is sour gherkin zeit. It's sour pickled day. Yes, sour pickle time. That's it. What does that mean? Is this the day when we air our grievances? Is this the main profession? Well, no, pickle time in German is a period when there's very little economic or political or cultural activity, usually during the summer months, you know, sort of that lull during the summer when when especially in Germany, businesses close schools out, they get all that vacation over there. And they refer to that as saura gorkin zeit, of which means pickled cucumber time. Probably because in late 18th century Berlin, there was a pickle harvest about that time and that's when people were canning pickles. Okay. Nothing else to do. Makes a lot of sense. It reminds me of summers in New York. August, the New York was always a lovely time because it felt like half the city was the way. But I'm like Paris, New York doesn't really close in August, but it does empty out. So you can just go about your business and just everything was very unpopulated. You could get a seat at your favorite restaurant and not worry about getting tickets to a great movie and the parks would be lovely and uncrowded. It was just a really good time. The hottest heck. Yeah, I was gonna say you sweat a lot, right? Yeah. 877-929-9673. Thanks to senior producer Stephanie Levine, editor Tim Felton, and production assistant Rachel Elizabeth

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