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"saul matt ryan" Discussed on The Falcoholic

"Dogma Hollick year and par a happy new year to you as we are about to celebrate or are celebrating the new year nail in the sky gets uploaded. Welcome to the Hollick post game podcast. I'm your host court Woodruff, and you know, New Year's new beginnings. And we are saying goodbye to a falcon season two thousand eighteen is in the books putting this on the shelf, and now swear, and we are, you know, preparing to get to a point where we can look ahead and try to be optimistic for the future. If you know me, and you know, this podcast, you know, that's the brand here. We really do try to be optimistic and try to look for that silver lining wherever we can find it. And you know, it's just one of the difficult things about a bad season as that you can kind of get a bit dismayed in the discord. But you know, shut my friends. Let's try to look ahead to the future. And we've got plenty to talk about. In that regard. And I enjoyed the course by none other than Evan burchfield of the Hollick Evan. Thank you so much for joining us and how're you doing as we transitioned into those nineteen. Thanks for having me on again, Corey doing great hope everyone has a happy new year and starts off the year. Right. And yeah, let's talk about this Alcan's in books finale. Yes. A game that they were once down seventeen zero and one which is a very non falcon thing to happen. Usually we don't have big comebacks against teams like this. But usually what happens the other way around were up by a lot. And we end up, you know, throwing the lead in the trash can. But I think that there is a lot that you can look at the scheme and the optimist about the be able to think after a really tough season finish it on a strong note. And it didn't drop them a lot in the traff rankings. So they might miss out on you guys because they were able to win this game from where they originally were. But sometimes it's hard to control that and you have to take it. How it comes so Evan? We're a couple of things you saw on Sunday that made you feel. All the mystic for the future. I think like what you said about the comeback. It's not something where used to where usually on the other end of blowing the lead, obviously. But I mean, you pretty much Saul Matt Ryan have you know, you had a pretty good game. Yet is I ever I think I read somewhere that was the first ever quarterback reception per touchdown or whatever for the falcons or in south consistory, or whatever. So that was pretty cool to see Julio was, you know, back to his normal self like he's been doing all year. So that's pretty exciting. And then he, you know, finished off the year as the with the most reception yards this season, the whole NFL. So I mean, the offense is cranking, and you know, defenses whatever, but it was the bucks and it was the final game. And it's you know, it's hard to really put a lot of stock in anything. But it was. A good. It was a good win. And I love how it ended with Matt Bryant kicking the win the game against the team that he spent you know, decent portion of his career with. Yeah. It was good ending to the season. Even though there's no playoffs or anything. It was. It was a great send off I think into twenty nineteen. Yeah. I think those are good points. You bring up Matt Bryant. And I do wanna talk about him just for a second. He's still on contract with the team next year. He was very very reliable all season. The only missed one field goal that was a belief from like fifty seven out didn't go in or not think he made that one. There was another is another long field goal where they just he just didn't have the distance on it because of his kind of his ailment with his leg..

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