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"saudi michelle" Discussed on Fantasy Focus Football

"I know you i was trying to producers trying to keep i love completely derail me anyway. Where were you dare you interrupt when the only one capable of interrupting on this show listen to find very few things in this world. i'm good at. Don't take that away from me. Nobody makes it yeah. What are those things interrupting other people. True early bird specials. Blue plate special special like getting up early in the morning but those early bird specials are like when your senior citizen. That's the phrase anyways. Anyway we were talking. We were talking about. That's pretty much it okay. Coaching girls soccer. What again. I am my daughter. I practice tomorrow. Just you know my my. My daughter's under ten girls soccer team returning for the fall season. We want undefeated last year. The yellow jackets. I'm just going to say undefeated and We were talking about half. Are starters starter so like text turnover coach. John him and i were texting this morning. What we're working on here. John's great all right. Let's listen Do you want the williams very quickly i'm going to say is what i was gonna say when you're trying to do fantasy football analysis you assume or you hope that there's going to be rational. Coaching and we think melvin. Gordon is still good still has a lot left in the tank. Maybe not a lot left in the tank for this year. I don't believe that barring injury that he's just going to all of a sudden step aside for devante williams could williams become the one eight. Two gordon's one. Be later in the season but certainly for this week. We all agree. Gordon over williams but we think it's a committee in a match up that i don't think is as good as people might initially think. Oh the giants are bad. They're good defense. Good at defensive back into front as well. Let's get to the raiders football going up against the baltimore ravens as we've talked about plenty to raiders running backs. I think it's clearly josh jacobs as the one we all agree on that but matthew he actually makes sure hitless this week. He does like first off ravens. Yes they lost. Marcus peters in the secondary but that's a really good defense various. It's a really good defense and the other problem. Is that still really good offense. I get it. They have issues at the running back room at the moment but my expectations is that the ravens win. This right and the problem is. Is that josh. Jacobs is fairly touched on dependent. He's not involved in the passing game so if they get down in this game. They're not going to be coming back with josh jacobs. They still have a kenyan drake. Is there Gentleman general start. Banged up is trying to get a third right. Third pasturing back But but my point is that with jalen restarts. Still on the roster expectation is that i think jacobs is going to be used significantly in the passing game here and win. Josh jacobs got an under twenty touches. That's a big number four his career when he's got under twenty touches averages ten point five fantasy points per game. I'm at running back. Twenty five here. He needs a touchdown to pay off for you. What are the like. There's always a chance that fall into the end zone here but my expectation is that he struggles fantasy wise monday night. Okay there you have it. I've got little. I have more optimism. I've got rby eighteen in my week. One ranks last one here. Matthew is the rams against the bears. You and i both have gerald henderson. Almost ten spots ahead of sony. Michelle this week. I think he's been by the way anderson. Makes the other receiving votes on the loveliest here. The big question is just gonna see two things for me. Is one how much of a workload henderson gets into saudi. Michelle may be more involved in the passing game that he has been in previous years in new england. Is the two things. I'm watching for which is completely fair. And that would certainly change my perspective. On daryl henderson. My thought on henderson is that i think similar what we saw actually last night in the thursday night game that i think sean mcvay is gonna approach this game similar. How mike mccarthy did which is like. I don't think i'm gonna be able to run up the middle. I don't think i'm gonna. We'll run between the tackles against the bears here so you know what i think. I'm going to have successes on the edge and my expectation is that if the rams want to attack the edge that darryl henderson is better suited for that than sony michelle. He's at least from what we've seen so far the better pass catcher. He's more familiar in the system. Obviously as well. He's more likely to me than tony. Michelle also break up a big play here so i think because of people like oh chicago. I'm staying away. I think again. Similar to how like tony pollard. Dot us last night in a little. I think henderson's more involved. I think they're passing a lot in this game. And i think hunters involved henderson's evolved in the passing game. All right we're gonna get to more love hate in just a minute matthews call. It's up now right. How did missus. yesterday. I don't know i was game saturday words. I mean there was a lot of news yesterday. I had a couple off the great hours yesterday too. So i will go back and find that right now. Have the chance to read it in full..

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