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"saudi e visa shattuck visa" Discussed on Counting Countries

"It's three hours to walk around the country but it would be like places like when my trip through through box car chrome highway. That's where I felt like it was just in a in a in a place so far removed from the world. I came down from from China. You're traveling by land. On the Karakoram highway been buried by an avalanche You had to get on to vote for hour and a half get to the avalanche. Climb over the ledge travel in local transportation to we twelve days to pass Pakistan I think I talked to about a train ticket. Once I talked to One woman. Women are invisible. Everybody's in our community gotta show welcome us as well. You feel like you're you really have no contact with a Western worth. What makes it special just? This one thing is to go to new APP lesson place to his various people another things go to places that heads full of people like is two hundred million people and be absent surrounded by people dressed in a different way. Bobby's different beliefs and you stick out so much and I most places stick maybe in Sweden. I'd go undercover Sweden or Denmark. I'm six four Amazon when I when I have hair I I stick out very much there. I could be a welcome I into welcome or could be a target so when we're looking at your question that you completed a visiting every country in the world what was one of the more challenging visas but there are a couple of these. I've had took awhile to get like irretrievable. You retrieve was I've heard funny reading the Password. Somehow I'd friends or going on a on a on a group tour When Canadian American they applied from their countries. I went to the embassy in London in London and I said is accurate. Apply here city. Sure just just call and follow up so I called. They say they've submitted is moderate. The local incumbent agency has never December come. I'm calling every few days for weeks and weeks. The guys hang on over resented for some reason L. of jerking me around your wet me. They have people at the immigration as Marlins he hasn't arrived on no proof. I mean it's easy to say. Don't we can process you. But for some reason this whole dance to like two months and a port the mission. So then how did he eventually get it eventually like a year year or so later on my found someone to to give visa on arrival? And it worked very smoothly. And who is that? It was it was Kasai. Been honey. And he's an individual who works with the airlines. They're like supplying like foreign foreign experts. Who Need to come and fix planes so all the time. He has a process therapies. Bring them in to as we use well-connected in fact he's the my last night there had dinner with him. He'd gone to school with the current president. Afford icke same descend generation very cool rubbing shoulders. Vip's was at least. I WANNA go back to Libya because Libya I mean as you said closed off from the world for so many years Now it's just a mess under civil war To country so many people want to visit you working with In the tourism industry. Were you working with the Ministry of towards them or a local Torkham to operator? Okay and were you living in Tripoli of simply Milan important groups had played out? Okay and will you do marketing sales? I was the interface between the operator and all of the groups overcoming so so I was that obviously I was more responsive than the competition. So I'm guessing pretty good too of course partners from the. Us awesome so you were working with them three years or how a couple years okay. A couple of years so How many times are you able to go down? And visit or total amount of time in country said when like five or six times great. And you know we all know Tripoli. We know the Sahara. What share with me. A top highlight of Libya. Would I need to say one? Which is a little bit farther away. Most who in Ninety Square to Tripoli in the Go-to left US Magda love the Roman relent or subrata. There's episcopa- dummies which is let which is Sort of South West in the direction of Timbuktu okay. That was a caravan route. Yeah it's right nestled there on the Tunisian Algerian border it would is that into old old sort of caravan town. I'm in the middle or on the side of the desert and it's constructed as mazing way where you're basically out of the the son. You're these big big chimneys where the Lichen come in. But that but they he doesn't you live almost underground city sort of blocked away from from okay since interested in. Libya. I haven't been. Give me one other policing need to visit eastern Libya. You have also the case. Is it an Ikea? We have the Greek ruins. You have these ruins. You have the temple of Zeus which is as big as the Parthenon in Athens not as well preserved. We had that big breakers for close to two degrees and that's also called the that. The the greenhills actually pretty green. Lush up in up in the hills there and you have a few quick ruin sites awesome so that what's my whistle even a bit more so hopefully things will settle down for the people and give me an opportunity to visit and go beyond AAA. This debate never ends pair For those of you are in the facebook group. Every passport stamp every fifth post is debating what counts as a visit. What your rule. When you're visiting a country well personnel like to go to country and see what is important to see I've tried to like even. In the smallest countries San Marino lethal sign every one of these twenty four hours and even Africa the smallest countries of these two or three days. And I've tried immediately. We all try to have a rule that we try to apply until we can't and I broke my rule. Actually I'm I've never really been active online but six months ago. I join every passports. Dan and great news came all in one week about the Saudi E Visa Shattuck Visa and Yemen be accessible from Salawah. So I did the day trip across and broke my rule but it does have a place where Yemen is one the countries that would most like to go back to that whole region. Ireland's but the but the main. I broke the rule because I didn't want to visit all the countries except Yemen in having hanging and only do like a short visit the end just to finish so I ended up doing it last year. in in November and I finished up on easy country which is Columbia. And did you travel by yourself when you did the day trip from Salau Actually the every password sent community is really quite good on helping each other and there was a couple of recommendations on fixtures as I two of them. I contacted when you can't do that. You know it's it's a little dicey now and they're one is more wheeler-dealer no I'm probably relatives at the border across him. And I got across that way so speaking of that in assessing risk so if you speak to two local you many guys fixture guides and one tells you it's not safe. Why wasn't that enough for you to say? Oh I'm talking to local. Who makes his money off bringing people into Yemen and he says? Don't go well actually. It wasn't the first one with an a safety. Issue was more between a becker. The border okay says I was in fact that little corner of Yemen is sort of a peaceful around the way location. So it's it's pretty safe. I mean it was a very funny village means just to do a day trip and come back and I know people who've been Yemen years pass they said is absolute highlight of that region excellent. What so what? What's your take. I mean there's been a rash of fastest and youngest travelers. Who are going. After Guinness World Records A number of them are doing what say cheats or hacked. I E counting an airport is a visit walking into Parmesan J. Village over the north and South Korean. Dmz and counting walking through the Blue quonset hut as visiting North Korea. When you walk into the fire under the conference room is that is that travel. Is that a visit. Does that count? What's your thought of these people trying to set these records? Well the fact is you ever says already been claimed. Some resort have been the first of all the countries. These other things about being the the fast is being the youngest. I mean. I'm not really competing in that segment and I really compete against anyone and in fact. I think Guinness Guinness actually set certain rules. Yup I believe.

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