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"satsu" Discussed on The Her Hoop Stats Podcast

"To me, it just doesn't, it doesn't make as much as that. I think to flip it back to Dallas. What they're doing is they've created a team that they really like, I think. They brought in Natasha Howard this year, resigns here, Macau and, you know, they have Veronica Burton who had a nice rookie season and is going to be even better. And then they have satsu sabi and dime the shields. The dynamic between Enrique and diamond is going to be a little weird. I think diamond will shoot better from three, but that's not the fit, but it's not going to be how mabry and rique were. It's going to have to be a little different. Right. So that's going to take some time like you said at the beginning of talking all this. That's going to take a lot of adjustment. But then they have another three first round picks. This season, they have the picks coming up in the future. This franchise is set up to continue growing. And I always see people asking, what's the plan in Dallas? I think it's a fair question. And I wrote in my newsletter ball and ordered that subsector account. I wrote about I wrote about how it's kind of like, you know, I don't know, I don't know if you ever play two K but in two K, you know, when I get a new franchise, when I get a new franchise, I like immediately trade everyone. You know, I trade all my trade all the players for draft picks. I kept bringing guys that I want. I change up everything. And I want to have to do something in the video game. So I want to do another. Yeah, we learned deal. I think Greg bibb has kind of like had that mentality. It's like, hey, this move is good. I'm going to do it. And that's great for roster building. But at some point, they need to turn the corner into team building. And I think this has to be the year for them with you should travel as the head coach has to be the year for them with a recast or leader, it has to be the year that they start going from this, hey, they have a lot of talent to, okay, this team is ready to compete and win. I think this year they have enough talent to do so. So I like what Dallas is building personally. No, I like it. Again, you know, just to have the pieces to be able to build to continually build and add to, you know, who's around Enrique goomba Walla. I mean, it's her squad right now. And no shade to anybody else. But we all clutch performer on that team. And she wants those moments. So I love that for her too. To be able to own that role and to have that trust from Greg bibb and the coaching staff as well. Just to know that we're working to get pieces around you. I mean, if I'm a rique, I'm like, let's go, you know? Let's bring them because you know how she's built, right? She wants to win. So just to have that trust from everyone in the organization, I think, is a plus for her too. It's her team. That's her team. And they did lose Alicia gray. And to a certain extent, that wasn't their choice. I think Alicia, honestly, I don't know if her problem was with the franchise or the role. I think almost what the role because she's saying, I'm a better player than the touches you're giving me. Right. I don't disagree with her. So, and so losing Alicia is a big deal and I'm not trying to. Downplay that at all. She's a big deal. Losing Marina is a huge deal. Yeah. But I just think they're kind of built, they're built well now, and they have playoff experience. They have players that they can rely on, and they have a good base for playing good defense. And that's been a problem in Dallas, you know, they got their stuff together at the end of the last year, but they're going to have to really lock in on that end of the court this year. And I think they can. So shouts Dallas, I think it's a good move. There's a New York and Phoenix element to this. I don't feel like getting into the minutiae of it. There's a lot of stuff going on. It's more minor moves, more minor moves. I do want to talk about one more major move, even though we're going along. Yeah. Tiffany Hayes. To Connecticut. For the number 6 pick from Atlanta. I love that. I love that. I love that move. Yeah. I love that. I mean, Tiffany Hayes, I mean, you know, she had some injury issues. But I mean, her presence, we were talking about leadership too. Her presence as a leader is, I mean, that's what Connecticut needs right now, right? They've lost some pieces. Obviously, John called Jones and others, but I just think that that's a perfect fit for her. And Connecticut with Stephanie white being the head coach there in her first year with the sun. I just think that's going to be a great combo with having her there. And Brie Jones resigns. Actually for a little bit less than the max, which is interesting. But you look at this team. We're talking about we're talking about Chicago. This team is full of dogs. Thai Harris tip Hayes, the wanna bonner, Alyssa Thomas, Brianna Jones, that's what you're starting 5, you gotta teach a heideman come off the bench in the cloud and our girl coming off the bench. I think they're a little thin, but I'm looking at it and I wanted to do power rank is on this episode. We're not gonna have we're not gonna have a chance to do it. But I'm like, they're right in there. You know, I'd say that with them and them in Washington are really close to each other in terms of competing with those top two teams in New York and Las Vegas. Yeah, I think tip, I mean, it's really hard to lose someone like John Cole Jones and still stay good. Yeah. You know, you look at teams that lose superstars. They don't tend to stay in contention. Right. This team did that with this move. And I think they should be really, really excited for what tip brings to kinetic and she's honestly something they need. That outside in sort of player who can spot up a little bit, that's exactly what they need. I think it's going to be really good for them. Obviously they take a step back though. I'm not trying to say they tip haze and John Paul Jones the same thing. They stay pretty close to where they were. Absolutely. And they get, you know, Atlanta gets a number 6 pick out of that. And I think that's good for Atlanta. I'm super young team that's continuing to grow and get better. I thought they had a phenomenal season last year for the youth that they had on the floor most of the time. So I think at number 6 pick in exchange for Hayes is a good move for them on the other side too. Oh yeah. Oh yeah, for sure. I like it. I like that move actually. So that's a win win. That's a win win. We'll say it. It's a win win. And it's great for Tiffany Hayes. She had when she was 12 years at 2018. 2018, they make the semifinals. Yeah. She was incredible.

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