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"satan gianluca pagliuca paul" Discussed on The Dan Patrick Show

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"satan gianluca pagliuca paul" Discussed on The Dan Patrick Show

"Of what. She's been through the last couple of weeks. Did she talk about retiring yet. I know that's one of those questions. Like she just got down competing. I'm going to give you an answer. She she did. She did leave the door open for paris. I'll say that which. I think it's only fair at this point unpacked so much. Usually these dividends like to go on a tour afterward their opportunity to get some financial success out of their olympic success. So i wouldn't be surprised if that happens. But she did not slam the door and her coaches. Who have helped her through. This face are french. And there's a part of her that it said maybe it won't be in the all around but she would love to try to hang around and do one apparatus perhaps so she didn't slam the door and say i'm done finished so soon after i would not hold her. It's whatever answer she gave him that. What a bonus to have. Michael phelps onset where you think you're going to use him for swimming and then you're using him for mental health with simone biles and i thought he was wonderful. I'm glad you said that he was he was just awesome. He was honest You've talked to him about that. He that weight of gold series lower Bacteria should say that they did on. Hbo was just excellent and shed so much light. That i think. I had an idea about but didn't really know until i heard the stories of many athletes involved and then no michael wanted his first answer when i asked him about the smiles thing was how. I wish we had an hour to talk about this right so since we got gun i have start. Folks said hey. Can we talk to michael and just put it on peacock gersh and he was up for it so we think about twenty six twenty seven minutes. That was just posted the last couple of days. It is very very very little. Do with me it. Just kind of giving michael a forum to speak about it and these honest about an e. He pointed this out. Dan which i know you've seen and experienced firsthand when these athletes get done with the olympics. It's overman it it just starts. They built for four in the cases. These athletes five years for this week for their moment. For what two hundred meters. It's twenty seconds. That's it done and now one of my training for you. Katie deck in the pool every day. Not gonna get in the pool for a while. So it's eye-opening michael helped share with us. What a lot of these athletes going to be going through around the world. Is they go back home. This and i don't know if you know the impact that you and phelps had an helped simone biles because you michaels the greatest ever and he went through this so he's saying hey this is real and i think it helped instead of because simone was on twitter people people roughed her up and but then you had people who backed her. I mean like it was like this taffy poll of emotions in people being angry or people being supportive. But i think michael phelps calm down a little bit a lot because michael is saying it. Not just some announcer. So you guys did great explorer. Thanks i agree with you. Dan and and i think you know. In any sport we turn to best of all time to help us understand the sport right. At some cases they become the best tv analysts right but we try to hire put a microphone in their face in we try to have them share their experiences on. Michael was doing that with swimming stuff. He said some great stuff in swimming but to do it in this avenue. Now let's every other athlete no in michael's words. It's okay to not be okay. And hopefully we'll get other folks to realize that the mental health piece of this given the pressure and the exposure sports right now is very real and something that we have to have conversations about the. We have to get past the old days as i display for pain. That's changed sports a lot right. Well this is another part of that display through the mental language mental pain. That might not be the case and we have to be okay with that. If we're going to be okay. With sharing the euphoria we get from when these athletes do great things to the teams that we love and care about what i opening for me for sure. What can people look forward to tonight with the coverage to eight eastern. Yet you'll see the gymnastics simone biles that track and field the with a couple of terrific finals. The eight hundred two hundred right benjamin. In the four hundred hurdles out was was amazing. Karston moral of the last night that would be. Us son We'll have more live track coming up as the night goes on swanson diving. It's the same way to olympic potpourri of stuff. It's as you know Swimming dominates week one track and field week too. So it'll be heavy track and field down. Last four or five days is the is in pretty good shape. They have a variety of names that we're learning a bunch of stories so we'll continue share those next few days here and then the team stuff starts to wrap up lukianov affects. Today's you've been giving to us. And i will give back to you one more time. Satan gianluca pagliuca paul. The mother three mike. Thanks for staying on. And we'll be watching tonight at eight eastern always takes dp everybody. That's mike jericho. Nbc sports olympic coverage primetime host. That's at eight eastern. The gift that keeps on giving that was one of the things. When i left the mothership i said to fritzy. Okay you gotta get your rolodex out. Is there any any interviews we can get and there is a guy behind the scene. Juice name is him and we said to him. Hey can you help us. Get some of our favorite interviews out and seton certainly helped like this was all clandestine. This was we were trying to sneak stuff out. Because i knew when i was leaving these guys were still there and i was like you gotta get gary miller soccer breakdown out of there. Yes i spent. I gave my two weeks notice there and then spent the next two weeks burning. Cd's of interviews smuggled out of my bag seat and got out what you get like. I didn't want any email correspondence. I didn't want anything that there would be like Then i left there and then started here and be like okay. Where's that phil jackson interview from. Nineteen ninety-six leon. I didn't get that one didn't get that. How did you miss out is trying to get stuck. I know yep yep this side email account. That's been for years and i've got email from like oh seven with seton where he has a side email town burner account and we are giving him lists of audio. Like here's thirty more things like okay dude. That's a response. Because he's got so much to get. And i didn't want to put seaton's two weeks in jeopardy or they weren't gonna pay whatever it was. It was like you know he's doing me a favor by leaving and starting and i was like i gotta get this audio here and even fritzy's rolodex with all of his name's all of the contacts in there. Fritzy you gotta get that out of there. Yes todd i remember. There was a couple of numbers that were kind of stashed away in a file and that was going to be either deleted or been left behind. If we didn't just grab those start putting them into a different system. It's so weird 'cause there once you announce you're leaving then. They basically escort you out. They usually don't give you a two week notice and these guys were joining me so the competition. They did not want me to succeed. And i'm like before you announce you have to get this stuff because once you do i was worried they were gonna shut down your computer like look. We all know where you're going like. Well that's funny. I don't know no. It is seton. It had to be like my two week. Notice just going to explore my options like do your we. We know where you're going we..

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