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"sasha jordan" Discussed on Watch What Crappens

"Yeah. Like you're an author now. Maybe like Joan video. There you go. Hey, I even settled for a Sidney Sheldon. How about John Bonham bitch? Okay. As Janet Ivanovich wrote or sue Grafton, s Janet, Janet devan of it. Let's f for fuck things up. That was the summer beach read joke. Everybody I thought that was more of a sue Grafton, reference that he was, you're right. Riches summer read. Yeah. Jenin devan, riches, more of like a isn't she'd like six for the safety or something. Oh, she's been. I'm only one. She's a numbers one. Yeah. Oh, okay. I see I get my numbers in my letters, confused want me to read, my beginning notes again. I mean, that's, that's what summer houses all about not getting your numbers in act. So anyway, we learn here that Tom Schwartz has been shooting for two weeks ever since the Vanderbilt pearls trip to Mexico. No surprise there. Because we all saw them drinking water were there. You know from the tap. I feel like so then, so now hang up on to now, had a pulse, Jordan ah, Sasha Jordan come over your so she pulls Jordan over outside, and she's like, Jordan, as a not former nationally ranked tennis player who's so. You office. I can tell that you obviously have trouble opening up to people, and I just do I love you and I don't know your true side. Okay. Like the real Jordan is who I love and the real Jordan, isn't trying to press on and talk about how many girls he hooks up with. Okay. I'm regurlarly Aymer girl, now's, be honest with me. But Hannah we're almost done with the whole summer and why didn't you bring this up before is that what this is about? That's not what it's about. It's not one. I brought it up. Okay. It's about you lying. Okay. Put. When did I lie named one time that I lie just named one? It's like yeah. Yeah. Just like you said, you had a threesome, you said, he almost come a Hooker..

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