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"sartre eric" Discussed on Lymphedema Podcast

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"sartre eric" Discussed on Lymphedema Podcast

"Watch me in that is lymph oppressed. And i probably don't have to remind you guys that i'm a superfan of lymph apprentice. I talked about them all the time. anytime i am on social media or in any of our olympic groups. I'm talking about their great options on their great customer service and really just the friendly people that i have grown to know in love as friends oven. I feel like it's not just as colleagues so it's really fine To be able to share more with you today about limp oppressed. Because this is a topic that i've been wanting to talk about for a long time limping. Ema podcast is made possible by the support of aerospace medical. Brian's feet foundation. Dr jenna wish new at lamb vascular and associates jusoh compression many usa and the national limiting network for more information and to browse previous episodes visit limiting podcast website. So joining us today to answer your five curious questions about pneumatic. Compression is president of lymph oppress. Eric and sartre eric. Welcome to.

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