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"sarah mcsweeney" Discussed on Comedians Interviewing Musicians

Comedians Interviewing Musicians

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"sarah mcsweeney" Discussed on Comedians Interviewing Musicians

"That's comedians interviewing musicians. Podcast didn't know that actually meant that until literally five minutes ago. But how exciting is that. Because that's what this show is. Yeah also please feel. They're buckets on your tables to put some money in there because all of that one hundred percent goes to our talent this evening which i am phuc success. Oh guys so. I'm gonna make awkward. I contact with somebody in the audience tonight. I believe that this is the talents. Father that i'm gonna make contact with house and he's like no. It's that guy no sir no. It's you so. I'm gonna make eye contact with. You is say your daughter's name not okay and the kind of three come on whiskey. Are you ready so ready. One-two-three give it up for matty cima hud addiction in me. No just fetch foisting thanksgiving. Start law a star Not away everywhere way at gloomy lurching and you'll kiss houghton. He boys adjust the talking. See it's toxic. Baby please come. Save me is poisoned tasting. Be kidding me. A- i just wanted to me Things to get things too pay. I would just wanna to just want not the way you say. Talk A and give it up for matty. Welcome to comedians interviewing musicians. I'm kim stacy we are down here ad space. Twenty fifty five. Thank you so much for joining us. Mattie would you like to introduce yourself and the other lovely lady yeah Hey my name is maddie. I'm a singer songwriter. From austin texas And yeah i'm eighteen years old. This is what i do I love doing it. Joined with me is the lovely. Sarah mcsweeney thing today. Shula seeing some backups. Yeah i'm just gonna have. You turned a little bit to the so they cannot see your beautiful face. Yeah well we like to get things started here On the podcast with session we like to call a stand male and that is super stalker fan mail so we have people right in from all over the world and asking you questions the first one we have is at trolling for you Kind of recesses question because dad's in the audience and someone is called himself with troll manny huge fan. No shit love your posts. But who is bobby. Did you meet in the pumpkin patch. I wanna say that's an insult. But i'm not sure so to explain who body is air. Did you meet in a pumpkin patch. Did meet bobby woo. The pumpkin carved agree. Or as you know name your pumpkins. Yeah and my name everything. Oh i'm kind of quirky like yes. Yeah of that like a name. Pure cell phone or something missile. A we can make that happen. Okay yeah we can definitely have that by the end of the coun- Do what is do. You have free or guitar dale deal. Oh is that named. After anybody deal watson thought so yeah yeah not earnhardt or anything. But that's exciting. Okay do have a car and do you need that to. My name is charlotte. Oh like after good charlotte like after charlotte charlotte. It's web more. Wholesome less email okay cool. I my car's name is lucille. Ball online do you have a name is pearl. Oh damn i think my life okay. So ha at. Joey doesn't share food. I like that one. This is why. I chose it mattie so many people screaming your name..

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