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Archaeologists delved into medieval cesspits to study old gut microbiomes

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Archaeologists delved into medieval cesspits to study old gut microbiomes

"Time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee you can learn about muscle mass loss during spaceflight track the migration of asian hornets and explore the supernova. That caused extinctions at the end of the devonian period subscribed to science sessions on itunes spotify. Google play stitcher. And wherever you get your podcasts. I'm scientific american assistant news editor. Sarah lou frazier. And here's a short piece from the january. Twenty twenty one issue of the magazine in the section called advances dispatches from the frontiers of science technology and medicine. The article is titled quick hits. And it's a rundown of some non corona virus stories from around the globe in costa rica researchers embedded gps devices in decoy sea turtle eggs to track poaching patterns in their first field test. Five of the hundred and one decoys which had similar size weight and texture to real eggs traveled significantly potentially reaching consumers in latvia dna harvested from a seven hundred year old public toilet in riga as well as a six hundred year old cesspit in jerusalem will help researchers examine. Human microbiomes have evolved over time. Microbial dna from both sites matches some species common in modern hunter gatherers and some in today's city-dwellers in antarctica. New analysis suggests a fifty million year old foot bone found on seymour. Island comes from a species of bird whose wingspan reaches six point. Four meters across the researchers also attributed part of a large jawbone with tooth like structures to the species in a madagascar garden researchers found several volts goes chameleons a rare species whose females can change from green to vivid black white and blue excited. The short lived species had not been documented for more than one hundred years and no females were previously recorded at all in indonesia. new research shows that fluffy but venus slow lawrence's frequently bite one another to settle territorial disputes a rarity in venomous animals in australia an enormous newfound coral reef off the continents northern coast is taller than the empire state building rising more than five hundred meters above the sea floor considered part of the great barrier reef. It is the first detached reef structure discovered there in one hundred and twenty years. That was quick hits. I'm sarah lewin frazier.

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