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"sarah kensy" Discussed on WCPT 820

"Safe and effective vaccine has been available all year and these people have decided to risk their lives and I said hundreds of thousands have died this year Because it's a cult and because you know all their kids are vaccinated for months and measles but they're willing to die to own Joe Biden or something It's clearly but just by quick point that it's clearly brainwashing It's clearly a cult But you do not hear any of that you know in the mainstream coverage Oh we're just a divided nation Oh you know on different sides of the divide That's not what's going on here Yeah I mean you said authoritarian GOP plus brainwashing Fox News plus Q and on equals the formula for a crumbling democracy And you just said we'll never know on TV this weekend You said we'll never know how many people Fox News killed during the pandemic off the top of my head a 100,000 Who knows You know I love I love the wayback machine You said ha from March 2020 I predicted Fox News was gonna get people killed during the pandemic Conservative media attacked me And yeah here we are Killing people for years If you go back to their crusade against ObamaCare the crusade against affordable healthcare they have no farms about getting people killed What they're doing now is just obviously off the charts Every one of those Fox News hosts is vaccinated and every night they go on TV and basically tell people not to get vaccinated And the red state deaths mount blue state America you know is essentially fine in terms of the pandemic and COVID We're done You know they've created this 55,000 dead in Florida almost vast majority this year while the poppers have while there's a vaccine But this is the hellscape they wanted to create Well I love your This is a called part infinity This one is my interview these Trump vote rally goers Trump rich Thomas says he's at the Trump rally in Iowa today to personally deliver legal documents to give to Trump or his legal team arkan Jesus Christ has spoken to put you back in your office in The White House I mean there's just no sort of you're right they're afraid to say how many truly crazy people Out there right Here is a crazy person who is in a cult That's not how it's presented right No no not at all These are just hardworking folks you know they're just fans of Trump and my gosh doesn't Trump have an amazing hold on the Republican base all this nonsense And It's brainwashing and but the press is not you know you can't talk about brain we're talking about the Republican Party You know it's just a center right party You know you can't talk about brainwashing This isn't Jen Jones Well it is It's like because we have a death pile from here you know they could fill a couple football fields Yeah Well and you wrote a piece America isn't guaranteed a happy ending I mean again you're one of the many that's been sounding the clarion call for a long time and it's certainly joy Reid and Malcolm and Anson Yep Sarah kensy Lauren and me and you know a lot of people are just the urgency of this moment I mean your piece goes right to a Trump Republicans are methodically and unapologetically out to derail American democracy at the remains a strong working media assumption that it can happen here And we quoted Hillary who's tell me when she's been wrong Travis never mind about them When I die She said I'm astonished more people don't see her can't face America's as essential crisis She fears our democracy will soon be broken and taken over and minority rule will be what we live under the norm Stuart Stephens Republican statutory You quote as you quote him saying my pleaded Democrats would be just to understand what's at stake here The problem king George had was he couldn't imagine the creation of an American democracy and we suffer from the same problem We can't imagine the ending of American democracy but it can happen Robert Kagan the piece we've always talking about for weeks right The amateurs stop the steal efforts of 2020 have given way to an organized nationwide campaign to ensure the Trump and his supporters will have control over state and local election officials that they lacked in 2020 And as you say one of the problems is it's all being done in plain sight Yet there remains a stubborn newsroom assumption that American democracy can not be systematically steamrolled I heard someone else say it might have been Joan lost this week You know weekend but I think we're used to the Nixon like it's hidden and they lie about it in the tapes I think because this has always all been out in the open There's like well most that can't really be wrong No it could I said he wrote down everything in the coup That means that that's evidence It doesn't mean it's not but I think it's one of the problems isn't it That it's all been in plain sight Yeah and I just did a piece this morning about you know the Senate judiciary report last week late last week to confirm 9 times that Trump tried to obstruct justice You know and it goes to the Nixon stuff You know they uncovered one conversation is hidden in the uncovered and I was a smoking gun He had it quick ABC and CBS evening news on the night of this report was released and covered Not only wasn't the top story it was not covered in the evening news because it was of course that's what Trump does And he's running for reelection That's the mind bending part As I said in my piece this would be like if Nixon had been allowed to run for reelection in 76 and Watergate wasn't mentioned in his campaign coverage Yeah That's what we're seeing right now Yeah And I point to Wall Street Journal piece NPR just classic Trump goes to Iowa This is what it means This is how he's pulling He's going to freeze out the field Yeah one mentioned in these articles that he was just the Senate just confirmed 9 times he tried to interfere with an overthrown election That's not part of the campaign coverage Yeah No Eric it is I mean it's often been said there was no Fox News during Nixon or he would have survived There was not two sets of quote unquote facts except one side is complete lies It is uniquely perilous time We find ourselves in you go down as you always do you such a great job of doing statistics 7 and ten Republicans don't believe Joe Biden won 66% of red state Republicans want us to secede from the United States despite the fact that brought it in Arizona found no proof of wrongdoing Republicans eagerly sponsoring similar assaults on election all across the country A day after results from Arizona confirmed Biden won Trump announced that a rally the ballot review proved he won The Travis Barney headquarters firebombed in Texas You say across the country Trump supporters are hanging black American flags out in front of their homes signifying no quarter will be given and if necessary they will kill America's enemies Democrats liberals LGBTQ the vaccinated GOP COVID zombies continue to attack communities nationwide with one deranged speaker at a school board saying I'd rather see the school in ashes than see students wearing masks And as you say the whole problem is how the press covers this Yeah and I.

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