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"sarah guinness" Discussed on Bertcast's Podcast

Bertcast's Podcast

10:31 min | 6 months ago

"sarah guinness" Discussed on Bertcast's Podcast

"You're cool with it in there with it and so I said that call you stupid. Am I special or you guys cool that now like we're not stupid. We'll remember the time you did this. And they're like Oh like my daughter Georgia at thirteen found out. There was no Santa Claus and I was like this is a little all baby so I have known before and I was a little bit. I mean kids in your classroom finger fucking vape pens and so yeah but On the fucking stupid next one's GonNa be rough because I'm talking about the period. Yeah like I'm just going all in on. You know what they want to go to college. One of the Middle East wants to go to college. Share the wealth of that. The price is the price of college. Yeah you WANNA be. I'm just appalled of the day I always had. That'd be the the day it's summer school right. Yeah college run into each other to party. And the like what's up and Georgia's like I. I know you smoke pot not as a yeah I smoked pot. You smoked by telling them like. Yeah and they're getting hiding other. Someone puts on comfortably dumb or secret. Timer the next special skipper skipper fingers and everyone's like Oh shit that's your dad. And they're like Oh my God and they're all going my kids dumbest fuck and like yeah I I don't I don't routinely across that bridge doesn't matter you'll be dead by then right Taber tuition. Yeah exactly I farted I heard it. I heard it all right now. We always struggled with a way to end these shows. Yeah so so I always put it on my guest to find a good way to end this show okay. I'm definitely mutation after this. That's the shit face on my stomach is ruined I know but what happened. Just it's the Maple Syrup. So how do we so you guys have written. What's what seven movies now? How many movies we we've made we've written a bunch we've made made seven or eight eight movies so the ending of the movie is very important? Report of a story is very improved. It's Chris you need wrap around. You need to call back all something back refer to something. Yeah so how do we end this episode. Gentlemen boy I don't mean we throw a couple of our tag lines out. We could a forest mooch. We we we can cook more pancakes with a gay Bayrischer. Gay Porn Porn Gay Porn. Are we going into a whole gay scene. Yeah just to reach around. And that's a great way to end this. It is all pop up shirtless but it looks like we're naked. We're just like Oh my God this fucking Shit. The beach other overnight enjoyed the episode. So good I got an idea what you guys should cover your pour milk all of your salary. Pass the love you guys. You guys should pour milk all over yourselves and each other. Aw until you make butter okay. Thank you know you put butter in say new swirling swirled around of milk. Nothing swirl it around and butter comes out you know that right. You're a chef. This is what I'm talking about. Okay so you coming up so you know he does not have to do that. Okay all right well. I'm just running up the flagpole. Spit ball some some ending. Id Beer career. Todd work we all kiss all right. This is my impression my impression of of your buddy. I want to do this joke anymore. Your Buddy who's gay but doesn't but you're a camp and he's like all right off and you're like what by the buddy. Wait a kid growing on up. Who like who is who dares me to put my ass? What and he ended up becoming a serial killer? What Yup well say his name? But I'm afraid of of him as he is imprisoned. No he said I think he is. He killed a string of lookers on the causeway in Florida. My sister called me up. What a great phone call? She's like sit down down. There's a kid named corky gains. I grew up with that. I've that there's another guy named course leave gain. It's an interesting but we keep this part in. There's a guy corky gains interesting name looking for this guy and this is my friend. In first grade he lived right around the corner from me and I'm like three stories about men are hilarious and I mentioned his name and there's a doctor Cork gains who lives in New Orleans. Who is my age? Exactly my age. Don't know Bert Kreischer didn't don't know this guy. I did live in Florida and I was like no. It's definitely you. Wow so we denying it. I don't know I don't know he's smelling Baloney grownup. Dogs at one time on his neck neck popped up on what's happening. Usually dot corky gains was his name. What an interesting name aim right? Yeah I mean it's possible that doctors not the guy you're thinking the guy it's got to be the guy that isn't one associate. I don't know if the dog duke is a respectable person so we should definitely kill another beer and then kill beer catchphrase. Okay killer beer catchphrase killing your phrase. Thank thank me I accident and you guys right sure. Yeah I got my catchphrase rounding up above them. I'll go I'll go catch phrase you go catchphrase. You go groceries and then we all go okay and then and then And then you guys be sincere. Okay this I'm only sincere. You guys be overly sincere about like how much you thanked me. I appreciate it guys I go. I'm out you guys clean this up and then go you sure and then Motley for a little bit okay. That's a great way to write work right. Let's let's take these beers by the way I fucking bugs. Can you tell Ya. Can you really know no one can tell you're an ironman. You're the machine machine fucking runs all lemons. Okay okay done done. Nope we call them. Oh look at you. I'll take the green one year. And this is a mess the bottle openers in the Sarah Guinness. I'M GONNA GO Guinness Goo call firm but stupidly. I'm going to wash firm but filling firm. What's wrong this us? Sasha's got some cheese on this thing cheese on that bitch where did we put the other. ooh I moved it so we got away. Jesus even pouring it in important in you get the bubble. Yeah he knows that third US reported and you got the bubble. I can't wait to get in my pool with a cigar stars. Little engine shed one hitter. Who if you should apply shit in the ocean time now and Mike Cavanaugh? Avenues me sitting in the ocean. We did when we were kids. All the time in the surfing shitting ocean the ocean. Mrs Clues I did A. We're the only one's role Catalina fucking grew twenty. People showed up at the beach and I watched my ship floating away and there's no way to deny shit in other there. Were only two people there. That's my tail shit. That's my opinion Catalina Island Anyway Shit floating the ocean and also also your The title of your fourth should be. I shouldn't the ocean initiate in the ocean. Doing titles is Doug Benson. Yeah he's he's only my tie. He named my at my current special white noise. All right all right all right right killer catch. Ray's catchphrase catches country. Why don't you use us one from the show callback right now? Really remember anything okay oops I farted afforded me. Yeah okay. That's where his okay. I'll go oops I farted. And and then we'll also Scott emerge okay okay and then you do your catchphrase guy and then you walk years. PUT HIS UP. This is me directing. When I'm drunk doc keep this in walk? You'll be interested boobs I farted skies rates catchphrase. All the scanner mood. And then you go for real bird we really appreciate. We really do think you're the reason our movie did so well guys. I appreciate it if you really do me a favor. Skin this mess up and and you go of course Bert thanks. Take care of someone. Call my limousine or something like that like limousine that. Sounds like nineteen eighty s shirt. Someone get my my Bentley. I'm like I'm rich and memories but like yeah right you ready. This is why you should not put me in your next move. Yeah you got you got your your aunt Hey when we don't put you in. Will you be upset. No elapsed so fog and learn how we're report by the way that's the problem is I would like to give you your next. We renamed burt. Yeah we look on Burke crusher crusher Jarring Thompson. Aw Yeah we go for fuller. But he's too bad we can't can't we can get really a billboard when it comes to acting. You gave them in theaters but man. When take your shirt bill? Burr Michael Rapaport pick one. All right here we go ask all right. Hey thank you amazing sandwiches. Yeah really did it as a team..

Bert Kreischer Florida Georgia Middle East Burr Michael Rapaport corky US Bentley Doug Benson Bayrischer Jarring Thompson Catalina Island Chris Sarah Guinness New Orleans Todd Motley Mike Cavanaugh Cork
"sarah guinness" Discussed on Filmspotting


01:43 min | 2 years ago

"sarah guinness" Discussed on Filmspotting

"Also played cat woman as did how berry that suppose to mention jamesy mcevoy is another option here as professor x in x men first class taking over from patrick stewart how about you and mcgregor as obi wan kanobi in the star wars prequels taking over from sarah guinness chris pine as captain kirk and jj abrams star trek reboot of course william shatner making that role iconic and sticking with star trek we had to include zachary quinto as well wonder nimoy establishing that role of spock those are your options while at a few of them yeah and you wait in with a couple of potential candidates for this list and i know you're ruse i know it was really just all about finding another excuse to rip on william shatner as captain kirk i assume you're going to go with chris pine here and the sad part is even though i disagree with you on the greatness of william shatner as captain james tiberius kirk you with the right answer hick i think the right answer here well just because chattanooga was awful doesn't mean that pine had an easy job in a way that made the job more difficult so you gotta vote pine okay as you usually should when it comes to the crisis we want to know what you think you can vote now at film spotting dot net we will acknowledge notably absent from the list heath ledgers joker in the dark knight the rare case maybe of an actor not just matching an earlier i kind of performance but possibly exceeding it we're thinking of jack nicholson in tim burton's batman as the key predecessor the will give shout to seize a romero in nineteen sixty six's batman the movie and the tv series i also think we wanna make these polls more interesting tighter races and feel like winter.

romero james tiberius chris pine nimoy jj abrams sarah guinness obi professor berry jamesy mcevoy tim burton jack nicholson chattanooga zachary quinto william shatner captain kirk mcgregor patrick stewart