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 Its all about Diapers  Honest Cos baby IPO. Bezos final shareholder letter. Big bank cocktails.

Snacks Daily

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Its all about Diapers Honest Cos baby IPO. Bezos final shareholder letter. Big bank cocktails.

"Nick this jack and this is snacks. Daily welcome back. It is monday. April nineteenth dow just hit a record. Thirty four thousand points for the first time ever get a record high a shiba inu and our best podcast yet. Tbo the best one yet for our first story. Jessica alba side hustling for hollywood actor thing to take the honest company public on stock markets. Jack this ipo has got one thing and one thing only here. It is a diaper cake. Real thing for a secondary. Jeff bezos sent his very last shareholder ladder as amazon. Ceo before he steps down later this year. So here's what he said amazon makes you younger by seventy four four hours a year. But that's it's true. He did the for a third and final story. All the big banks reported fantastic earnings last week. Congratulations here's the theme. They're starting to pour cocktails for the roaring twenties economy but before we hit that wonderful mix of stories today. Jack wilder gray. This guy just got minted like an nf t on april ninth. Ft's instant and digital childbirth is thirty hours long extremely physical. Jack's new baby boy. His mom calls while a little spring roll adorable. Also jack you've been referring to a hot pocket. I've noticed lately indeed saqer's about one week ago it was tears and giddy laughter at the same time for me as my wife. Alex brought our baby boy into this world. His name is wilder gray now. This was an absolutely beautiful thing but it also was unprecedented because snappers. We got ourselves the first ever. Ibo initial baby offer going to back. Alex thinking about the goldman sachs didn't have any do as a belt so instead i jumped into the baby's s one. Ipo paperwork. jack controlled this thing and the first thing the very first thing. I noticed bassinet. The word bassinet mentioned zero times. Can you explain. Make you give me a hard time about. The best finally did erected but it turned out like while they're eight route asleep in anything but this bassinet all right so that was one issue. Second i noticed in the risks session for this. It says that this baby is too adorable for regulators. That's the risk here. It's dangerous insane. Acuteness all seven pounds three outs the. Sec's like you must file this form. Is you actually watch the mandalorian. During the first week of babyhood good the child. Yeah baby yoda very similar language as my that makes sense now. We have the risks. We check the bassinet thurn. We got the projections here projections. Are that his weight. Will pop one hundred percent on the first day of trading. Actually his weight dipped in the first week which is totally normal. Eight nurses told me normal. It's a double double is gonna take a couple of years. But then finally jack the business model for this brand new baby boy. It's pretty straightforward direct to consumer d. To see nick everything. This baby produces ends up directly on this consumer all my clothes all my rugs all over everything. That's perfect wilder. Welcome to the world jack. Welcome back to the microphone. Alex welcome to motherhood. You are a thriving in your first week as and snacker. Welcome back to your digestible daily pod. Let's hit our three stories so this is a daily spoke to get some rain. Food is candy. They don't reflect. The views of robinhood family stole informational just so recommended any security. It's not a research report or investment advice. Natta offer or sale of us security next digestive business news rabid financial. Llc member favors less sipc story. Last week was all about the banks and we noticed and interesting theme there all porn cocktails off the roaring twenties economy okay. So here's the deal snacker. While this pod was off financed like the whole finance industry was flying last week. Coin based went public at one hundred billion dollars all the big banks announced fantastic earnings not too shabby. Let's get into some specifics here. Jack goldman sachs casual record quarter. Revenues doubled because they arranged all those specs. You've been hearing about head walter her. Yeah meanwhile jack down the street. You got j. P. morgan chase. How about another record quarter. I had to fact check this. It was right. Prophets quinn couple. Excuse me a four hundred percent okay. Up five times more than a year before. No one even knows what word comes after quintuplet. Oh wait we got a third one here jack. Ready morgan stanley another record stanley. Morgan brought in one hundred. Five billion dollars of new wealth management money to take one percent management fee. Must be a lot of fun taken. The morgan now. That's what got the attention of everyone trading last week but the real story jacqueline i think here is that those banks released their loan loss provisions. We last mentioned loan loss provisions the first quarter of last year when the pandemic was just beginning j. p. morgan chase put aside six point eight billion dollars to prepare for clients who they expected with default on their loans because the pandemic now first of all loan loss provisions jack. Worst term average fifty syllables. Nothing basically we're thinking if the economy breaks. This is the piggy bank. That has you know six point. Eight billion dollars cash in it to save you from bankruptcy. It's a rainy day fund but the news last week j. p. morgan chase released just about all of that right broke open. That piggy-bank took the six point. Eight billion. they took the life alert and they smashed. They didn't do it to cover. Defaulted loans from clients. Now they didn't do it to make sure they avoid because the economy going. Here's the wild thing. Here's why they did it. They basically did it to like pre game and santa party. That's all they want. Wanna have a lot of fun with the money. The big business was great last quarter but the records happened because they pocketed the rainy day money. They took the six point eight billion dollars. They set aside last year and they said we don't need this set aside. We're going to be fine. we're gonna recognize them. This quarter as prophets in q one. Two thousand twenty one. Basically david solomon. He put on his dancing shoes. Stock the freezer with ice and made a party playlist office to come over. And you'll get a lo mas provision. You want so jack. What's the take our buddies who are all of us consumers. The big banks just signalled that a huge economic party is coming snappers banks. They have got the pulse of the economy. They got the real time data on the money. That's pumping through economic veins left and right every single minute. And all of america's big banks just said basically there billions of dollars less concerned about how the economy will be in the next year. I mean case in point here. Jack retail sales last month. This was wild while you were doing babycare. They jumped eleven percent last month. And this isn't just spending this is revenge. Spending you're buying four pairs of high heels. You have to make up for the six. You haven't worn in the past year. Classic revenge banjac the way the fed the fed is keeping interest rates low. So you'll borrow more. And then you'll spend even more on revenge spending. You've been bored at home. The past year author fifth pair of heels on the sapphire card the government the governments batsmen mass trillions of dollars on infrastructure. The next couple of years probably gonna lead to a new shopping center. Okay throw water. Six pair of heels neck. Why not that one detail about loan loss. Provisions in those bank earnings actually was a leading indicator inks think the economy is already pre gaming for a roaring twenty s and revenge spending four our second story jeff as just wrote his last ever final letter to amazon shareholders as ceo. This is his opening statement in the trial of amazon's legacy old word. You deliver that like a john. grisham title. jack was intense. This goes back to nineteen ninety-seven jeff. As same amount of harris. He has today actually wrote his very first letter to amazon. Shareholders congrats and last thursday. Still bold. okay now. He wears a vast packed with like unicorn factors. And he's jack. He wrote his last ever amazon shareholder ladder as ceo. Very rare to get the canada. Goose unicorn feather best by the now. Jeff is transitioning this year from ceo of amazon which has been since nine hundred ninety seven s for the day to day operations to chairman of the board of amazon so in the future he's basically going to write the performance reviews for the new. Ceo who's replacing and jazz still developing looking for more growth. Next quarter more now. He's not happy right now about like all the negativity surrounding amazon so jeff's looking back on his life. It's kind of an eat. Pray love situation. If you google amazon right now you might find. A headline like workers have amazon forced to pm bottles to meet their ridiculous production quotas. So in this letter. Jacqueline i noticed that he's basically trying to redefine the entire amazon narrative and he's basically hoping the editors at wikipedia responsible for his wikipedia. Page are listening now. Here's what jack knifed the most fascinating jeff. Phases created a list of like what. Groups benefited the most from amazon. In dollars from amazon's existence in twenty twenty and the first stakeholder that jeff pointed out was amazon stock shareholder. Yeah they benefited. Twenty one point. Three billion dollars in two thousand twenty thanks to amazon and calculated that by amazon's profits have very simple very straightforward and then he calculated businesses. Got about twenty five billion dollars in value. That's the estimated profits made by the one point nine billion small and medium businesses that sell products to you and me on dot com also very simple and then he calculated employees. They got about ninety one billion dollars in value. That one is very simply asked the accounts. How much did we pam one. Point three million workers last year. Oh ninety one billion dollars. Yeah that's the value to amazon employees in two thousand twenty. Okay so this very last one. This one's not as simple involves us consumers got about one hundred and twenty six billion dollars in value. He claims more than anyone else now. Jeff says that that hundred twenty six billion in value for amazon consumers that is just in terms of the time save. That's my buying things on amazon. Instead of running over two like k. Mart his calculator basically. He's decided amazon. Killed errands in that gave value. We're going to tell you about the math here. Jeff conservatively estimates that the average transaction on amazon takes about fifteen minutes after your research typed in your credit card information and selected the ship for the average consumer. That's like seventy five hours of time. You're saving every year by using amazon again. According to jeff instead of going to the store. And jeff says that your time conservatively is worth ten dollars an hour okay. And then if you add in the cost of amazon prime which is like one hundred and fifty bucks a year following multiply that by the billions of prime members jack so facto. That's one hundred. Twenty six billion dollars of value for consumers on amazon dot com. That was in twenty twenty and again that was just in terms of time save. Yeah it doesn't include the lower prices you might have got. I'm an amazon or the shoulder. You didn't sprain because you didn't have to carry that heavy bag from k. Mart mention the value of destruction that occurred in two thousand twenty two shrew. Jeff said nothing about the physical mom and pop shops. Can't compete them as on guard. A business yeah or the formerly bustling main streets that become ghost towns in the meantime like that needed more than an asterix. Jack wants to take away for buddies over jeff basis as palace amazon one a generation a future spending from a country or of customers last year. Okay snacker keep this. My jeff said that the biggest winner of amazon and twenty twenty was consumers. Like you and us but we think it was actually shareholders. The real benefit for shareholders wasn't the prophet dams on me. It was the stock price jumping in total amazon. Stock grew in value by seven hundred. Ten billion dollars last year seven hundred ten billion dollars and that's because jeff also announced the number of prime members amazon increased by fifty million last year to two hundred million worldwide. Let me speak. Lots and context is yet two hundred million amazon. Prime members is about equal to the number of american adults. They're not just prime members now. They could be prime members for the rest of their lives. Commerce is here to stay amazon. Is both an unstoppable force. And an immovable object. So we're thinking. Shareholders benefited the most from amazon and twenty twenty because they want a generation of spending from an entire countries worth of customers for our third and final story. Just cow startup. The honest company just file to ipo. It's going to be a stock soon. But everything honest starts with diapers jack to kick this off. You know we gotta do kenya. Imdb me on chess cowboy right now. Jessica alba fantastic for you. Almost forget sin city but chooses starts instead of movie scares me and she was also in that movie with that comedian. What's his name. You sound like my mom wrapping penguin movie with a comedian. Some sacral tweeted out phone facts. You was in nickelodeon. Secret world of alex mack. Really yes. she was twenty seven. She started the honest company. Direct to consumer personal household goods xabi. Yeah beauty hall. Those are the three tabs at the top of the website picture like winners paltrow's goop but more window cleaner less. Cbd serum designed by an astronomer. And they're all about cleaning. Yes they're like. we're not using the harsh chemicals. You remember from science class on the fourth row of the periodic table us. You imagine that. Jack twenty sixteen wall street journal hired some scientists and they confirmed that they did contain some sodium life role sophie. Yeah that's i pronounce it. But that's the scary thing pledged not to have it in their products and that lawsuit in actually delayed the ipo. Like five years ago honest company. It's honest really that i now. Twenty twenty revenue jumped twenty eight percent. Three hundred million dollars. They're looking at like a two billion dollar valuation at this. Ip we jumped in the s. Bahn paperwork they mentioned the word passion twenty times community forty three times only mentioned prophet nine times check because they don't have profit yet profit but snacker this company. They're selling everything at the honest company from laundry detergent to wrinkle cream. But there's one statistic that jack. And i were totally shocked by forty six percent of first time customers on company they include diapers and they're shopping cart story so nearly half of the company's customers begin their journey with honest company by buying a diaper. I wish this was a paid ad from the county is not no. I do have honest company diapers disclosure on my baby wilder right. Now we're going through like eight of danjaq okay. So they're really into the diapers probably at this company. We dove in further snack style. Get this they got something called the ninety nine dollar diaper cake. This looks like a wedding k. At us with like three layers but instead of frosting in like cake batter it's just diapers and it's like wrapped in the plastic wrapped like a bouquet of flowers would be i mean honestly huge. Regret here jack. And this is how you become the queen of the baby shower. You bring the diaper cake nixon. We have four pack of sipa sunshine to congratulate for having a baby. I probably should us at the diaper kick. But the reason we think diapers are so important here is because the second purchase is what's key ninety percent of second purchases include non diaper products and remember half included diaper products. So you starting with the diaper. you buy something else. So jack what's the takeaway for our buddies over at the honest company. I the anchor product. Then the cross l. Smackers page twenty two. That ipo paperwork diapers aren't just a product. They say they're a strategic business. Acquisition tools knackers. New moms and dads. And they're obsessed with their babies health. And they want the same diapers that jessica alba used on her baby's diapers are the anchor product may be at least to a diaper subscription but the diaper also fuel sales of all the other products. Suddenly these new moms dads. They think anything that can touch my baby's skin. It better be an honest product. Jack you may not be enjoying that super of sunshine beer. But i have a feeling you're gone for the wipes the diaper cream. The shampoo and of course the bubble bath. Let's just say we spent like four hundred dollars. On a first honest order as aggressive sue just to reiterate here's knackers nearly fifty percent of their customers about diapers and then nearly one hundred percent bought something else. It doesn't even matter if your anchor product is profitable. Now what matters is if your anchor product leads to the cross sell jack. Kenya whip up the takeaways for the first time in a week for the big banks are so confident in the economy confident. He just snagged back. Those brand new day funds set aside the economy's already pre game in the roaring twenties. What would you like in the negroni. Surfers second-story amazon's jeff bezos beliefs consumers benefit the most from amazon. She all his too. Because they've secured an entire generations future spending for a third and final story on his company's ticker symbol. It could be. Yeah in the meantime diapers the anchor product. Everything else that touches the baby is the cross sell now time for our snack fact today this one sent in by a legendary snacks sank car in lovely boston massachusetts fritos. The legendary chip company corn chips are owned by pepsi. Co today right baby. Food was actually born. Though this product during the great depression cheryl's elmer dula a fried corn ship recipe for a hundred dollars back in the one thousand nine hundred thirty jack. He started pumping these out literally in his mom's kitchen for years. Mom dad and brother that was the board of directors way back in the thirties and then they were acquired by pepsi. Thirty years later when they were doing you know a hundred million dollars in sales a year. A hundred dollar recipe became a hundred million in annual sales. It's a beautiful thing smackers. We missed you jack. I missed you nick. Yeah i am so thankful for you manning. The ship at robin hood snacks and wait now for this pod. This has been a fantastic comeback back. This was the best one yet and before we go jack snacker to hero just moved to sydney. Vj congrats graduating with your mba in toronto. And freddie jake miller got the new job in ohio. Happy birthday karl. Borana insisted and francisco shahbaz kito ecuador poor off in chandigarh india and harper foley seattle and every macarthur happy birthday in atlanta a caitlyn. A coin. Just outside of boston. Happy birthday ryan in norfolk virginia. And robert gray just turned thirty three in brooklyn nba crews washington dc and. Mitch brooks also nbc. Happy birthday to sophia v. Hello in hopewell junction new york. And sheryl lee. In durham north carolina paul riley at all indiana and gracie in houston and kevin lavallee dog and happy birth day to wilder one week and three days. As of today this jack. I own stock of amazon. The robin hood snacks podcast. You just heard reflects the opinions of only the host who are associated persons of robinhood financial llc and does not reflect the views of robinhood markets. Inc her any of its subsidiaries or affiliates the podcast informational purposes only and is not intended to serve as a recommendation to buy or sell any security and is not an offer or sale of security. The podcast is also not a research report and is not intended to serve as the basis of any investment decision robinhood financial llc member finra sipc.

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Are Fashion Magazine Internships Dead?

Pop Fashion

36:57 min | 4 months ago

Are Fashion Magazine Internships Dead?

"Or pay off lisa and this is and this is pop fashion. Hello lisa welcome to your fashion news. Comedy podcast how are you. I don't know car and let's find out after you told me something about butts. You've promised me about story straight into it. I see. I need to now so yesterday i was on twitter and i did not ask for this ads in not seek it out. I was my own business as much as you can do on twitter and i saw roberto cavalli but like they are pictures going around and he's very young model. Ask person who is helping him. Get sand off of a swimsuit. This is the paparazzi shot. I think it's a 'paparazzi shot. Yes and i was haunted by. This is not anything against him his age his raise his sex. Nothing like that it just. I don't like to see butts. When i don't wanna see but like i don't know how old is he just. I don't know how old he is. He is and his seventies. Oh so he dressed with purpose when he went on that beach trip. Oh he wore what he wanted to wear. God bless god bless but girl this popped out of nowhere. I was like that is not the designer. Oh it was it was. Yeah that's It's not exactly what i go on twitter for. I don't want to see. I was he designers. I just don't. I'm for the hot and cold takes only not the not the photos. I just mostly the clothes that you are wearing on your body Covered up covered. All up i wanna see mostly fabric on everyone and anyone textiles. I have to. I have to provide some consolation from my real life. Okay on sunday evening. I went to the beach as one does in florida and Man a gentleman walked by my friends. And i and he was wearing he was he. She's having to pause like she has had to take her moment. She clutched her invisible pearls. I clutched my headphone cord. He was a mature man perhaps retired and he was wearing a g string. That was so it was. It was two pieces of dental floss with a little bag. You might put your tooth in for the tooth fair when you working. That's what that's how much fabric was on the front of this and the rest was just dental floss or fishing line and he was just strutton on down the beach taken a walk florida and why the fuck not blots but i was not expecting it see you don't expect surprise but's that's part of it right. I was not expecting it like there's not disrespect. It's surprise ass surprise ass like they're never ready for surprise assets wipes a surprise if it was planned as it would be called the met gala or something. I don't know. I think some members of our audience would like some surprise ass and guessing. This is just me theorizing favorite podcasts. Pictures of butts. It's baby geniuses if you need a place to send a picture of your but Yeah like butts butts great. But like don't surprise people with your naked by an last year and a consensual relationship Special shoutout to our new listeners. Welcome to the crazy train. I know that you said new listeners. But it did almost like you said nude listeners. And like either on the brain. Welcome all of you from either group. Well we'll we'll move on from this go to fashion news but first we must tease the exciting news. That if you listen until the end of the show you will find out the first ever recipients of the pot fashion micro grant is it. Is it going to be a recurring thing. I have no idea. I don't know why. I called. I ever but it is truly the first ever. So we're very excited to tell you who is getting some cash with that. Lisa started off with some fashion news. Fashion crime is my favorite son. Jack oh yeah. I got some gypsies. Yes yes yes. I'm so excited. I needed this still bad. That some teams that are in the process of getting cop because they made some mistakes. Oh they always do i of jewel. Thieves friends has got caught. Gotten caught because in part of their instagram account. Oh now amounting to the detroit. Free press a group of at least ten diamond bandits pulled off more than thirty heists in eleven states what they hit jared jewelry stores up and down the east coast and in michigan louisiana indiana. Just eight true smattering of places. We can talk later about how you it was to rob jared but whatever we'll get back to back i've personal vendetta the bandits they would use sledge hammers to break into the glass jewelry cases. Then take diamonds and other jewelry by the bag load. They would show up in two cars one clean and one stolen burner and after the robbery they would ditch the stolen car and then go back to michigan in the clean car but the fbi eventually caught. The main actors who were off from detroit through an instagram handle called do it for underscore demand. One suspect said the account was named after his deceased sister but multiple members of the group used the same account in june twenty nineteen. Three of the suspects got arrested after a robbery attempt in tennessee. One of the other suspects posted on instagram account. A picture with the caption. We've been taking so many losses with our brothers not even the money. We just losing soldiers. But y'all can't count us out okay. That sounds like it's a about your friends. The tricky part is that one of the suspects whose picture is on the instagram profile pic. He does have a sister named diamond. Who died oh no. These gentlemen are not letting this woman rest is what i'm trying to say to you. You're using this instagram account. To do these alleged deeds. Okay you all need to answer your own higher power alan so the suspect is like its sister and the fbi is like dude. You're complaining that your buddies got arrested on his instagram account. the fbi has been after these guys for nearly three years and they are not done five. Defendants will go on trial in june including the mastermind who was accused of coordinating the robberies and arranging sell the on the black market. Three of the suspects from the tennessee robbery on wrong are in jail awaiting charges there but they also face federal conspiracy charges in michigan. And you know. I love conspiracy charge. Seven of their accomplices have also been indicted in michigan for their roles in the plots. One of the ten pleaded guilty already. He's doing about five years in prison. He was like fuck it. I'm taking care of myself. Yeah uh-huh the investigation is still ongoing. But so far. The feds have seized more than one point. Five million dollars worth of diamonds if they had put this on instagram. Would they be going free as that really it. Like don't put it on a. It's like they got. They got cocky. I really think is what happened. And i wonder if they sort of have instagram account to like have a secret way of communicating. Like they would just log into the same account. Leave notes for one another somehow but y'all know shade so the actual woman named diamond. But like maybe pick a different handle for the instagram account. That you're going to use for this at not thieves at not diamond these at just at my job today at only data reports. Yeah nobody wants to see an entire instagram account about data reports. Okay i heart microsoft excel. That would be great handle per instagram. You know yeah. I mean i think the real thing that took that took this ring down was them getting caught like basically in the act in tennessee. A couple of these guys. The instagram account didn't help okay so they had a pretty long run for three years. That yeah that's not bad especially if they had the instagram account that they had a ron thirty and eleven states so third. That's like ten ten a year a year almost a month. They christmas off. They're like no thanksgiving to christmas. Them i think the last attempt in twenty nineteen so he could have even been two years. They they were busy is what i'm saying. Yeah they weren't taken holidays. They were giving their mama's like real nice necklaces. What they were doing well. At least they're spreading it iraq. I mean the everybody was involved. It was a team a true team. Effort you know they diversified where their crimes took place. Here's the thing when you all across state lines. That's when the fed's get involved true you know. Be careful about crossing state lines for real. Yeah we've seen all the movies we can tell you what not to do. I mean it's kind of like this is a fashion podcast. That's trying to help you be better at fashion. Crime allegedly allies. Let's move on our at next story. Mark lost got sold again. My cloth is the indeed brand. They have quirky close and are adorable and had a huge following. We've talked about them on the show. A number of times. The biggest one was when they were bought by walmart and twenty seventeen and all of us were perplexed. It was confusing there with walmart for a little while but walmart sold it to another company called go global and twenty nineteen then this week go global sold it. To an e commerce platform called wait for it noggin noggin. Noggin is keeping about fifty. Five mod cloth employees. The chief marketing officer is going to be named the ceo. The head of go global that sold it basically said hey we sold it because of the pandemic he said about the sale of mod cloth quote. Kovic hurt us. Women stopped wearing. Dresses are legacy category. We could not convert to a lululemon type apparel because that's not true to our brand. Which like point. He has a good point. Yeah i respect that. So it went from markelov to walmart to go global to noggin. That is a lot of passing hands in a short amount of time. Do you think that mart class can survive another ownership. Yes if they are confident in sticking to their core to those dresses you know like shackle. Summer is coming as i have told you all every week for the past. Six months is coming. Think dresses and the more like put together outfits like they're gonna come back. I think there's still room in the market for mod cloth quality wise. I don't know if it's really holding up like it used to but the that's personal thought but it is like this is the gift that gets passed around at the secret santa party like and gets traded sixteen times before it lands with someone and then that person was like we all passes thing around on an eye opener. I got this well. And i can't blame him for saying listen. There's a pandemic there's something very real that's put us. Yeah but a stop to this which i get Do you have time to look at their website real quick. Because i looked at it today i was a huge fan of cloth and i did kind of check out their merch to see what was going on there. Still some semblance of the old brand there but it's also been watered down quite a bit. It's not nearly as funky or there's still some stuff that's in there that's really cute and fine. It's not bad. But i also feel like it was like a photocopy in a way. Yeah i'm hoping it gets weird. Or i would love for it to get a little more. It's kinda double down on some of its quirk again Let me see. Let me check some of these dresses. Oh wow this does seem very watered down. It's not bad it really isn't but it's not the like oh my gosh. I'm going to wear this and feel so fun. Yeah it's it's a little more subdued. Ooh addresses cute. But like i also see the prices and i see that everything is marked down and everything is a overstatement but like a lot of it is marked down and i just like. It's cute on this model but is going to be cute in my house. Because whenever i see my cloth stuff lately in secondhand stores it just feels really flimsy. They still have a great presence with plus size clothing which is always great Very much appreciate. I'm hoping that things work out with this brand. Because i do like it. Yeah i understand go global selling it off. I asked understand noggin buying it so i hope it can hang on. I don't know. I'm probably gonna spend money on this website later to me. Let's just be honest. What me not lie myself stress is really cute. It looks like a fucking tablecloth. I think that's why i like it. Okay anyway that's that news. I'm like close tabs go to other stories Okay so today in what can brown do for you segment. I just made up the color. Brown is apparently actually having a renaissance and fashion. I know we've talked about this a couple of weeks ago. We talked about this lake. Dusty klay ish brown color a lot of people. Were calling adobe. We're sort of talking about whether brown shades. Were having a moment on the fall. Twenty twenty one runways. Vox is the goods. Seems to think it's here to have a full fledged moments like on our bodies. It's here it's hot. Apparently every shade of brown has a say. The season chestnut mushrooms leaves role soup soup gravy. Oh my god gravy. I'm so hungry influencers. Celebrities gen z. They all seem to be on board. There was even take talk. The youth are all like dying their clothing and shoes brown. Like oh my god. It's not that serious. Everyone but the good says it probably has something to do with the current. Appetite for minimalism sustainability and natural beauty. It might be a rebellion against the flashier jewel. Tones enrich colors. We've talked about this a little bit before or it might feel like something that is more appropriate given the despair. We've seen recently and continue to see one color. Expert told vox. It's like the comfort food of collar because if gravy gravy so there is a whole history of brown clothing being modest economical and at times earthy if y'all remember grandma's kitchen from the nineteen seventies but there's also a conflicting idea about brown which can be the color of a lot of things like the color of chocolate chocolate. That's the color if you'd like dirt that's good draw your own associations but like brown comes with all of these assumptions about like what. The color belongs to when it comes to fashion. It's like and i think it does depend a lot on the shade and how the shade is developed. But if you think about it. We haven't really had a ton of brown in our wardrobes since the seventies obviously like a little hippy dippy or like this little flash of time around two thousand three two thousand four. When i had that chocolate brown victoria secret vellore To piece set classic. There's also a time and the late nineties where this happened where it was interesting because there was a combo was black and brown together. That was coming up and movies a lot like ninety s. So kind of pops up on the radar with which honestly is probably. Everything's cyclical right. It is it is and it's like is it just the time for brown to come back up and if you our consciousness right so current like do you think is having a true moment. Is something only going to look back on and say. Oh this was such a big thing like the skinny. Jean or do you think it's a fad. I think is having a little bit of a moment. But i don't i can't get a sense of how long it's going to last because i think that there are certain people who can really rock this color and it is a neutral. It could be paired with allies different things. I think it might be a reaction to current situations. I mean we've been inside for so long. There may be just kind of this unconscious thing where we're kind of trying to rediscover. I know that sounds a little out there. But i i understand us craving things right now that have to do with connection and i'm okay with at this point. I really don't care if it makes you happy. Wear it like enjoy. Yeah like i think there are so many people who can put on something brown and look vibrant and glowing and routed right. And i put on brown and i look like a puritan. It's just it all comes back to personal preference but like i think it took me until reading that. Vox article to be like okay. This is really happening. This wasn't just like designers being like ooh. Yeah root beer like it's actually. It is actually trickling down into what people are wearing. It's truly happening. It is it is having a moment you can tell us. Europeans opinions on brand clothing and choose. I guess i'll always love a good pattern with brown in it alike. A leopard print. I kinda like you know. That's kind of fun but also a neutral of core. Lepers neutral obviously Next story our fashion magazine internships over. This was a story from wwltv. wd conde nast recently posted. Its summer 2021 internship opportunities it listed ten jobs they were all time and paid and one was in editorial and that was at glamour a digital only publication and. It doesn't have a fashion team anymore. How the internships are mostly and other areas like finance and tech and legal. Hearst magazine still has a few in terms but part of the reason that this is happening is that there were a bunch of lawsuits number of years ago. We talked about at the time. And tony twelve harper's bazaar in turn sued hearst alleging that the publication violated minimum wage and overtime laws. A judge dismissed that case however and twenty fourteen. Conde nast paid five point eight million to settle a class action lawsuit by seven thousand five hundred former interns that said the company failed to pay them at least minimum wage and overtime dang. This was interesting so part of what this article is saying is that they've disappeared but also the appetite for them may not be around anymore. W. wd interviewed a professor named alien gallagher who teaches magazine news digital journalism at syracuse university. Who said this. I'm going to quote toll. Because i think it's interesting quote. I often show the september issue for students. Many of them in the past have already seen it and there is go. Aglow say we're going to talk about it. This year. i showed parts of it. I talked about it and no one knew about it. It just wasn't on their radar. Granted the movie at this point is fourteen years old and i get that but the reverence for fashion glossies. Just isn't there so in the past fashion magazine internships. Were really hard to pull off. Because they either didn't pay anything or paid very low wages. Were very demanding long hours. And then you had to live in new york which is unaffordable for mass portions of the population They were open to a lot of different types of people except for ultra rich ultra connected but the reason why people went after those jobs still is because you can learn about the industry. You've got hands on experience. You could possibly get clips you learn how it was run and then just make connections like you got thrown into this thing where you make connections pretty fast. So when i started reading the story. I thought it was about how internships or changing but by the time i got to the end of it i was like. Oh this is about fashion magazines and dating. Yeah what do you think. What do you think about this entire situation. Lisa young people have gotten really hip to the fact that fashion magazine. Jobs aren't tenable. Yeah they are very hard to come by. They are very fleeting. You get laid off at any minute. As i said to a journalism student couple of weeks ago. I said you know this industry doesn't pay. Well right she was a sophomore. And i was already warning her. I'm like you. Are you sure. And i think there is. I think restored aunts and honestly career centers at colleges have gotten like really hip to the fact that it is. It is very unlikely that a students gonna get an internship at a fashion magazine out a glossy that is going to allow them to survive financially for several months while they are in school and i think a lot of students and people who are in the early stages of their careers who want to go towards fashion writing or some sort of fashion editorial. I think they're looking to other options. They're looking to regional publications or local publications. I think they're looking at online. Only fashioned stuff I'm looking at like fashion adjacent stuff. That's more local to them or that they can do completely remotely. I think the luster for big losses in new york is totally gone and sucks to be you because you did all these interns dirty and i think they've realized that they don't have to go through that to get good experience. Well also you could become your own fashioned brad. If you have a great instagram account at this point like yup developing your own brand or your own editorial is through. Social media is possible. Yeah like they're still fertile ground there. So why would you work for nothing in new york where you can't afford it when you can create your own thing own your own thing part of my heart kind of breaks over this because i love like the disappearing art of the fashion editorial really have space in my heart for it because there is an art to it but if your company survived because you are exploiting workers because you weren't paying them or not paying them a living wage maybe it's okay that things are kind of pulling back. Yeah it used to be the only way that you could get noticed. Experience was to hope that you got plucked off the internet application pile and you gotta spot and he'd be able to get coffee for someone every morning right like that was your way in and now it's become a lot more democratized that doesn't mean it's easy for people to find you know work experience opportunities when they're younger just starting out but it's not the same as it used to be our us quote about not knowing what the september issue is that vocabulary of the september issue just feel so intuitive to me but not making a difference of being like recognized as the start of the fashion season. That's also telling us something how the nature of fashion is changing. Exactly exactly. that's like that professor. Just created their own little experiment. I wanna see it over like a ten year of number of students who recognize the name of this movie. The movie of which. I can't even remember if i've seen it or not at this point honestly i don't think i have. I was going to admit that. And i'm like have i seen it. I can't remember. i think. I've seen sections of it but now the whole thing which honestly may tell us something to that. Both of us love this industry. We talk about it constantly and we still were like. Maybe it's optional. Viewing yeah like. I've never seen never seen first. Monday in may can't remember if i've seen the september issue. I don't think i've seen the tents tense the one about bryant park fashion week. Does this make me a map person. Look if you think. That's all atrocious. She should see all the books on my bookshelf. I have an open yet. I'm just going to tell you it's not pretty you. This is something i know. You'll all right into us about so like this is just to say right as your ladders. Next story is really two stories and it's about beauty. The first zara is launching a beauty. Category zara announced that they now have czar. Beauty is their first ever comprehensive beauty collection. And by the time you hear this it will be live and you can check it out. You can find it online and in select stores diane kendal as leading the creative direction of the brand. She is a famous makeup artist. Who has been a consultant and makeup artists for marc jacobs beauty and has developed product lines for calvin klein cosmetics. The collection is launching with over one hundred thirty callers. If a lot of products including finishes of lipstick lip bombs i- pallets eyeliner loose metallic pigments bronze nail polish s a lot of product prices ranged from eight dollars to twenty six dollars. But the most fun part is you are able to refill products in that cool. That's really cool so from zara to a fashion house. The flip side is valentino is launching. Its first makeup collection you can pre-order it on june first and it will be available. Globally in august ask similar types of products like is does and things like there is a foundation available and forty different shades. yes fifty different lipsticks and experimental. I products. i don't know what that means exactly. But i kinda dig it. I'm putting that on my is. I'm not being in the first round. It's the first color cosmetics launch from the fashion house. So lisa will you try. Either zara or valentino or both or neither. I'm gonna work. I'm going to work backwards. So no i can tell you know valentino out of my price range for the amount of makeup. I wear But i'm surprised as the first cosmetics. Line for valentino. Very surprised i think the colors are going to be really good on that one zara. When he first were reading this i was like. When do we hit like beauty. Saturation no pun intended. But when you told me about the refilling part that is the thing that could set it apart and make it really covetable and get people to come into the store exactly. It makes a difference. It does for me. It goes from like oh this can be something that if i like a product i can return fantastic. I have a reason to go back. See what's new. Got the thing that i'm going back for. Maybe wind up with one hundred and fifty dollars worth of other stuff. That's how it works. And valentino is so great with fragrance. It seems like a natural outgrowth of what they're already wonderful at so. Yeah so why not. I'm intrigued. I don't hate either. Yeah either of them either. I don't hate anything at this point. I'll love that's the end of our fashion news. We are skipping listener letters this week because we are moving on to our wonderful recipients of our micro grants carne said it best up before we started recording. She said that instead of one good thing we have seven. Good things this week and it is so true. We invited you all to submit yourselves for consideration to receive a very modest migrant two hundred fifty dollars to do with whatever you wish if you're working towards a creative goal a professional goal personal goal or if you're just living one to be able to support to say thank you for an amazing seven years. It's just it was just the perfect way to celebrate. Our seventh anniversary is that we got to give away seven awards and you might be thinking to yourself. But i thought they were giving away too. We were and then we got carried away. Okay so and then we read everything and we're like. Oh my gosh Y'all are super talented. You're super find your all amazing and beautiful people. You write very polite messages. Which is also wonderful. And we had some other people who wanted to kick in and help we had a couple of anonymous contributors who wanted to award grants of their own and karn and i also decided karain intervene and i also decided that we wanted to support to so we ended up giving out more than we anticipated. But it means seven of you get money. Do you wanna know who those people are. Yes please. I wanna tell you about them. These aren't really in a particular order. They're just in the order. That i wrote them down in. So may i present to you are seven. I ever micro grant or i we have matthew cody. He's an mfa candidate and poetry at north carolina state university. Next we have a cindy castro and her upon us. Brand cindy castro. It's a latino owned business. That focuses on slow fashioned. Creating celebratory pieces meant to last beyond seasons with a touch of south american romance. The brand believes that creativity and integrity go together and for that reason is committed to working with natural and eco friendly fabrics partners with businesses around the world that take care of their workers a fair living wage and a safe working environment. He as any jamie. Sarah he cabrera lives in los angeles but was born in puerto vallarta mexico was previously undocumented. She is a first generation college student the first in her family to be pursuing higher education. This grant will allow her to upgrade her laptop that she's had since two thousand fourteen. That is now barely functional. We have all been there this upcoming fall. Jamie will be starting her first semester towards working towards a master's in social work within these social change and innovation department at the suzanne mubarak pack school of social work at. Usc jamie is passionate about uplifting and supporting disadvantaged and marginalized communities which is why. She's decided to start this new journey returning to school her instagram jaime sarah cabrera and she says please feel free to contact me. Should anyone have any questions on how to begin the process of applying for grad school. Trav- be a zero waste slash upcycle designer dead stock and remnant supplier who is currently studying for a masters in supply chain management schuyler. Swift carton is an illustrator and narrative artist focused on art and storytelling by four marginalized communities. He lives in los angeles with an ever. Changing number of foster cats. Julian tate is a so cala self portrait photographer and an all around multidisciplinary artist. Recently she's stepping out from behind the camera and pursuing modeling and we'll even be in new york to learn from coco rocha her model camp in the summer and page art. Borough is artist designer born in a colorful multicultural home. In south florida where her early influences helped inform her interests in fashion textile embellishment and illustration through the motive power of fashion objects and up cycling page continues to explore subjects surrounding the environment community identity. Climate change and ideas of comfort page plans to continue working in the art and fashion industry and continue to build her own safe for sponsoring space as an independent artist and designer. And all of those bios. You will see them soon on our website and on instagram. so you'll be able to click on their social media profiles to follow them and you'll be able to read a read their bios and see some photos for some of these folks and their artwork that they're making to congratulate everyone. Thanks again to our anonymous donors who all said independently that they wanted to be anonymous and also when. Leeson iowa going through your statements. There wasn't anybody where we relax like everybody was so worthy and it was such hard decision making and we're so thankful for all of you was just such a joy so thank you for applying. Yes thank you all to those of you who were recipients. Spend that money using on some good stuff and go do amazing things and keep us posted on what you're doing with your ventures that's it that's the end of our show i'm lisa i'm carin and this is pop fashion this week. If wanna get in touch don't know absolutely go right as a letter or shop through amazon link at pop fashion. Podcasts dot com. You can also follow us on instagram at pop fashion podcast things we listening and remember no surprise but man. I forgot about surprised butts already. I know my gun. I'm thinking i gotta google. I need to now. No you don't know if you if you see it you'll have seven days a bad outfits. Now look now. i'm. I'm looking at keep recording. I'm looking at right now. Beach popper z. Enter oh he rides on a segue with her. That's it just shell or.

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#281- The Big Announcement

The Basement Yard

1:17:15 hr | 7 months ago

#281- The Big Announcement

"Welcome back to the basement yard. How you doing. Frank franks out here. Okay there's a lot of news. There's a lotta shit that we need to go over in this episode one. Being frank is not here. Frank is not here. if you're a patriot. Already know this. Because he is now officially father. Okay let yesterday morning. His baby was born into this earth into this world. And her name is ruby alvarez ruby very cute name but yes so he's a father now it's amazing. He's still at the hospital with his wife. So i told my dude listen. Obviously you're not gonna come here and record. I'll take care of it. Don't worry about it. But frankie's adad so congratulate him on that It's fucking crazy. I'm a. I'm an uncle again. You know what i mean. This baby is going to be in my life for sure and am super excited about it. So we're happy for frank Yep anyway this is an exciting episode for me. It's kind of crazy. How i'm able to do this episode by myself. Now because of the timing with frankie and his baby But me and my buddy gregg have been working on subbing for over a year and were super excited because now we can finally reveal it and release it to the world. So we're so that's what this episode kind of to be about. I mean if you've been following me on instagram netspend these cryptic messages that. I've been kind of posting on my story or on my page and it's like oh something's coming you know how i like to be mysterious of but yes so that this is what it is just to give you some background a while ago. Me and greg had a brainstorming session where we were just trying to come up with ideas for content or cool things that we could do. These little projects periodically. We'd do stuff like that and we came up with this idea for a game or game show type of thing you know growing up. I was always into games like our family would do family game night like on fridays when i was super young. That's i know one of the whitest things you've ever heard in your life but we used to do that. Shit sit there. We also used to watch like the discovery channel as a family. Which is mad weird. I mean watch alligators. Get like they would eat antelope. And then i'd go to bed and have nightmares and shit like i don't know why we did it. But you know as beside the point that's probably explains a lot though but we used to have family game night you know scrabble and stuff like i. I always been to board games or any kind of games cards even like whatever am a big trivia guy as well before covid. I was going to this bar in the neighborhood. Every wednesday they had trivia. We'd go all time like a group every wednesday and just compete. I mean it's just a lot of fun. I just love trivia and i've been loving game so we were. We kind of just arrived at this idea of making a trivia game. That isn't just for like the go. Hordes of trivia. I've been trivia night and there's been people like one of the questions i remember was like a tied with a team at this bar and the question was name capitals in africa or african capitals. Whatever we got like three and the other team had like fourteen. And i was like fuck you. Why do you know that you know what i mean like. When someone's that like good you're like fuck you know and also i've played games like trivial pursuit not to put them down but like trivial pursuit. Fucking hard to play that game. You know what i mean. So we wanted to create a game. That would kind of level the playing field and make like super fun as well and we also didn't want old trivia play trivia games where it's like in one thousand nine hundred seventy this cartoon and like what the fuck does that. I don't know so like you know we created all The the trivia questions and we tested a bunch of people to make sure like my mom knew some of them and then people around my age and even younger like new questions so it's very balance in that way but anyway let me get into the game the game some of you pointed out. 'cause i tried mysteriously posted this shit on my story. We didn't say anything about it. I someone was like wait. Is that the year. It is. Pay the price okay. This is the game. We are launching a kickstarter. Right now. you can go in in reserve one of these games on kickstarter. You typically You crowd source. You offer the game to people. And i want as many people who are watching this as possible. I really want you guys to have this game. I think you're gonna have a fun time instead on about to explain the rules but yeah like i said i've been working on this for fucking long and i'm so excited i think it's legitimately a fun game. I think it's going to provide a lot of laughs for people and you know even when mean keith. Do those videos where we're doing like mad libs or we're doing whatever fucking game playing games with people like that. It's just so fun. And i know that people really enjoy watching keith. Do those kinds of things or watching my me and my family play those games on youtube years ago. So this is like your chance to be a part of that and to kind of create that own thing for you. It's a great fucking game. I've played with my friends we've had these prototypes for a couple of months. So i've tested like at my secret. Santa party was just me and my boys we played. And it was just fucking mayhem. And i'm going to explain why but anyway so it's called pay the price. We have to rule book here. We're not gonna read that. Because i know them by heart i fucked and made this but anyway so it's trivia game like i said so anyway so we have these tribute cards. Look at this thing. i know it's sleek. it's sexy you wanna have sex with it. That's how good it looks. i understand. i've had sex with it. Not this one but a different card but anyway so how the game works is like this right. whoever's fucking turn it is someone else reads the trivia cartoon them. So they say this. I don't even. What is the term for the popular indian hindi language film industry. Right if they know it if they know the answer they go. Oh that's bollywood and you go. Yeah correct here you go. And then this signifies a point so they get to keep this card in front of them and they're like okay. I have one point. But let's say they don't know they're like i have no idea. I've never seen a movie before you go okay idiot. So then they don't score point right but they do have an opportunity to score in that round because we have what we call consequences. Okay this is where you pay the price. If you don't know the answer you pay the motherfucking price. All right. put this shit back so on these cards. There's these consequences that you can choose to do dares if you will okay so you read the card allowed and then you get to choose like okay. Am i going to do that. And some of these are that embarrassing or some of these are like a little crazy. You know what. I have a couple of here that i picked out. Just guys get an idea of what could possibly happen during this game by the way on the back of our box. It says photos and videos are encouraged. A lot of this is going to make your friends do a lot of dumb shit and if you have a dumb friend who's very adventurous. You're gonna want to invite them because they're gonna they're gonna win but yes so some of these things like if you get a trivia question wrong you could pull a card and then let's let's say this one for example call one of your parents and ask when the last time they had sex was if they don't answer text them right. I'm not gonna fucking do that personally. You know what i mean but some people will some people call their parents and be like ones last time. You fucked mas last time you fucked at her mom you know what i mean. That'd be a weird way to word it but you understand what i'm saying Yeah so i wouldn't do this one so let's just someone chooses to do this. Then they get to keep that card if they call their mom and they go. Hey mom was less time. You had sex go. I'm having sex right now. You're ruining my life calling me. Then you keep this card all right and they have to put the phone on speaker and shit and you guys can film them if you want to put that shit on social media and there's a hashtag pay the price game so people know what the fuck good. But there's other ones to let youngest player gives you a face tattoo with a pen or marker. Okay there's a video going to be at the end of this little spiel by the way of game. Play where i let my friends play for the first time and we hired a production company. One of my other friends. Greg who you might have if you're like an og fan. You will remember greg parker from a video that i did like an old vlog. He's the one who shot this We reconnected and he. You know it's fucking great video so you guys get to see. Game played in full action. There let the youngest player gives you a face tattoo with a pen or marker. This always ends up being a penis. I've played this game numerous times with people every single time. There's a cock involved in that. Stick your foot in a toilet and flush it. One of my friends actually did this at my apartment and i can. I can verify definitely take shits in their big shits so he stuck his foot in my toilet and flushed it and it was fucking hilarious. We're all drunk. It was mayhem. I'm surprised that i did not get evicted. Here's another one that one of my friends did. It's actually in the video text porn linked to one of your parents never in a million years. Would i dream of doing this but maybe you have a friend that would do it but fucking no not doing that. One tell the group the weirdest thing you've ever masturbated to cook get weird. You know what. I'm saying if someone draws us card and you're like what the hell's going on or maybe someone who's like a little innocent draws as cardinals all your pissing porn. And you're like fuck you learn about your friends at this game. Closure is anita spoonful of something. The group chooses very dangerous. Okay we don't even know what you could put in it. You could open up a fridge and put like an old avocado and some dish soap in there who the hell knows play responsibly. Don't poison your friends make sure it's edible. It's disgusting so maybe some people will do that. One to let the player with the most instagram followers. Romantic text message to the tenth person. Your contacts. I don't even know who the ten person in my phone and i don't think anyone memorize is like the order of their phone. So who the fuck knows. Cut a hole in your shirt that reveals your belly button. I also did that to one of my friends who was wearing a sweater his fault for not wearing a shirt underneath i had to cut a hole in his sweater Call a random local business and let them know. You can't can't come in for work tomorrow. That's always fun. Throw your underwear in the garbage. All right that's good to and tell Tell everyone the last time you shaved your poops. That one can get interesting to that. One immediately you get you get judge. Is you know what i mean. And listen. pandemic now unshaven their poops. Everyone's letting go no known has anywhere to be so you get to hear these people. Be like your cubes. April off your fucking freak. It's a nice game. It's a very fun but we have a bunch of these like look at all these consequences right. We have a ton that we did. And there's more there's crazier ones in here. These aren't the craziest wants. There's crazy shit. I just picked out like a random bunch and we also have these white cards. So if you're like you know what these cards are to tame or these cards are whatever we want to create our own. We have all these cards for you to write your own consequences on so you can make it so you could make this game as crazy as you want all right so you have all these cards create whatever you want if you think that you could come up with a really cool consequence by all means. That's why the cards are in there right him on their fit it into your game. You're fucking good to go So that's the game it's a it's a it's an awesome game But yeah it's pay the price right. Now you can go to kickstarter dot pay the price game dot com and go check it out and when you purchase a game. You obviously are getting a copy of the game you reserving before. It's not going to be out for a couple of months but you are going to be the first ones to get it. You're going to you know basically when you pay that money and you are basically helping us fund the production of this game. You are reserving one of the games. Yeah i'm fucking super excited about this shit. I have played this game with my family with friends multiple times and every single time. You know people are dying laughing and it's a lot of fun and everyone's like recording. And whatever and i had to tell them like you know you can't post anything social media because you know it's not out yet obviously but everyone is pulling out their phones taking pictures or videos of friends doing crazy shit and it's awesome for me because you know it's one thing to think you have a cool idea and to be like all men and like really go through the motions and now hold something physical. That was cool in itself. Obviously i can't play the game. I created every single one of the trivia questions with gregg like we both came up with all the trivia questions all the consequences. You know we. We did everything basically. And yes. So i can't play the game so i kinda just be a moderator and i just watch everyone play or sometimes we played the game where someone just googles like a trivia question for me like a random one and then we move forward with consequences put. Yeah it's a lot of fun to see to see it. Actually work and people have a really good time playing it. And i feel like a lot of the games that come out right now are very similar to each other and none of them are really like this because this one is just like a lot of fun like i said i feel like it levels the playing field so it's not like you are super trivia nerd going to crush this game because technically the person who's willing to do anything also. I forgot to explain one of the major rules. Let's just let's just say you pull one of these consequences cards and it's crazy you're like tech pointing to your mom. I'm not fucking shit then you. It's up for grabs so anyone in the group can be like i'll do it so then they get then you get to choose so the person who has the car right. They pull the consequence of this text to your parents. You like fuck that. I'm not doing that than anyone else in the movie like i'll do that. I'll do that. I'll do that if there's one person they get to do it. But if there's multiple people the person who has the card gets to choose art. Who am i going to do this thing. Who do i wanna see do it. You know what. I mean from from the volunteers so technically the person who is the most adventurous can score every single round. If people don't want to do the consequences. You know what i mean if you are really good at trivia and you also are like willing to do whatever you're probably going to win this game and the trivia questions are not that easy there are easy ones. We did make sure that there was like a good mix of easy questions and questions. That are like jesus like you need to really be locked in to know this one but yeah so that's a that's also a big portion of the game is that you can score at any point. You know what. I mean if people fuck up you can really that up for grabs if they don't wanna do it if it's too crazy for them and make mistakes there's fucking. They are crazy cards in there. That i'm like i'm not doing that. And it was at first. It was hard to come up with consequences. But then let me. Just think of shit. I that i just wouldn't do fuck that. I'm not. I'm not doing this. Or whatever the hell it is But yeah so. We're we're super excited about this man. I just it's it's it's really crazy too because for those of you who have been following me for years you know that a wild back. I'm going to be a little vague right now on purpose but a while back i had put out a game and it didn't go the way that i wanted. Not because of anything. That i did or that. It didn't get enough support. But because of a partnership that i had at the time i feel didn't do right by the game and i feel like it was very it was swept under the rug and i just didn't get. I don't think i was treated fairly. And i didn't really have a choice at the time because i feel i came up with this idea for a really good game again. I'm going to be super vague but then i was told that that game already exists. And it's going to be put out So i i was cut a check. That was very nice at the time and Basically i had to sit on the sidelines and watch this game do extremely well and i guarantee you've all heard of this game. I've seen this game. And i really do believe and again maybe. Maybe i'm maybe i'm wrong. Maybe i'm wrong but deep down i truly believe based on everything and i'm not gonna go into details but i feel like all of the roads lead to. I think i created that game. I came up with the concept. And i feel like i feel. I can't help but feel a little taken advantage of by. You know the partnership that. I had at the time. And i'm not saying that. You know my boycotting anything. I'm not saying that you. They're terrible people or anything like that. I just feel like that situation. Didn't go the way that i wanted it to go so to come back and to come up with a new and to put it out independently and just kind of rely on you guys to help fund. The project i feel like is the ultimate revenge in a way you know what i mean. And that's why. I have so many people that send me messages. That say like oh man. I've been watching you for like six years. And i'm like jesus six. What was i even doing six years ago. So much time has passed. And there's these people that have been there since the very beginning was sitting in my mom's basement with a fucking bedsheet behind me and supporting me for so long. And i appreciate that so much and i was dumb to think back then that i needed a big partnership in order to do something like this and i know now that i don't and and i really just want everyone to. I want everyone to support this. I'm asking i'm asking you guys to go over to the kickstarter and support this. And i promise you it's going to be worth it. I promise you were going to have a good time. And you know the amount of content that is gonna come out of this and the amount of laughs and shit like that's really all i want men and this is a very special to me because like i said growing up we we love games. We loved playing games. Mean keith. still love playing games together and being able to create something like this and and help people like kind of create memories and in action is is really special. And it's like it's crazy to hold this. You know what i mean like. We spent so much time making sure all the was right to make sure like every little thing like was the way it's supposed to be and it was just grueling. Honestly just like you know overkill. I felt like at times but now that it's finally here. It's just like a crazy feeling to be able to hold us and be like damn. We did this shit and we don't need anyone else to do it beside you guys Besides the people who are who've been supporting me all the time You know. I i don't want to rely on a big company or anybody else are some investor or whatever the fuck like i would rather just put in the hands of our our viewers and the people who've been supporting me to to do this and i think that you know if i'm going to put something out like this then i want you guys to enjoy it. I the people who are watching this and the people who are going to leave this video and go straight to kickstarter and be like. I'm supporting this thing. And i can't wait to play this thing. I want you guys to have at first and that's why we chose a kickstarter out because not only does it help support getting the project off of the ground But you guys get to play it. I we get to see all of you. Play the game and that's part about this too is that it's not only just You know a fun game to play in your house or wherever the fuck you play but it becomes like a social media thing you guys can create a bunch of cool content with this. When you're filming your friends do crazy shit. And then you're gonna put it on instagram or you're gonna put it on snapchat or wherever the fuck you're gonna put a tiktok. Oh god knows but then people are going to be like. Why the fuck did your friend flush his foot in a toilet and you're going to be like man we played this fucking game and it's wild and the best part about it too and this is something that you know. I was pretty adamant about and and and as was greg. Is these make your own consequences. I've played card games in the past. Mike this is fun. But i wish that i can contribute and put our own little spin because every friend group has. They're inside jokes. They have their their little whatever or like they know which things are going to be triggering to their friends or what they're gonna do they're not going to do. And now you can do that. You can put it directly in the game. I already put it in the game. Like the shit that i wanna see my friends do. Those are the consequences. That's how i keep those consequences so well for you guys. That's why we have all these. And there's i think there's fifty of these cards in here. That's a shit ton. I'm telling you it's going to be hard to fill out fifty cards for you guys but if you can just go and create your own on here take a picture of it and tag us and shit too and You know we're we're going to be posting the best ones but dude. I'm super excited to see you. Guys play this game and to see you guys do ridiculous shit and just willing to see like how crazy you guys are willing to get honestly and You know i like. I said this is just very very special to me. Because of the whole you know the whole thing of You know the game the original game. That i'm talking about vaguely Not going the way. That i wanted to go. And i just also want to thank greg to Who you know. I can't take all the credit for this like greg. Very much wouldn't be able to do this without him with outbreak and he is very much a part of this as i am like. I'm the only one talking about right now because my fucking podcast but Yes so great. Actually did a lot for this game and really helped me you know. Hone in on. This and creatively like everything is like fifty fifty with this. We went right down the middle and we really just like you know. Use each other's skills to come up with this product and we're really proud of it man. I'm i honestly. I'm very proud of this. And i know that a lot of people miss me on youtube and are like you gotta make another video. Whatever like at the time. I stopped doing that because it it didn't fulfill me. I i did for so long and it started to fill repetitive. And i wanted to do cool shit. It took a while for me to figure out what that is. I really enjoy doing the podcast because it's more of an open forum but This game in this. This is what it is. I mean i'm so proud of this thing. And i'm fucking super aunt for everyone to to back it and and like i said we really need everyone to go over kickstarter and support this thing. You know what. I mean We're trying to raise as much money as possible. There's a goal on there. But i just want to shatter that goal. I think it's like fifteen thousand dollars. I just want wanna crush. I wanna raise fucking a million dollars. I want to raise a million dollars owned. It'd be the best selling game I wanted to be a revenge game. I want people to know that you know you can do it by yourself. You don't need the help of anybody you know i. I've been down. That road is in the way that i wanted to go. And maybe that was my own fault or maybe that was their fault. Whatever the case may be but now we're taking into our own hands and we're like we're gonna make this thing from scratch. We're going to do everything we did. All the research we set up everything like the right way and we think we think it's just a really good game. We've tested it over and over again We've made multiple edits to the questions to make sure that there is a good mix of like easy and hard ones and you know for people who are older for younger. so it's like the trivia. Is you know we really studied hard in in how to put out like a really good Sort of game here. And i'm i'm just i'm site man. I'm really fucking psyched for you. Guys that play this game. And i think it's going to be a lot of fun and like i said i have a video that i'm gonna plug into this podcast right after i'm done with this You guys can watch it in real time. But it's a lot of fun. Like i said kickstarter dot com kickstarter dot pay the price game dot com or you can just search it on kickstarter. It'll be pay the price. It'll be up there yemen please for anyone out there who has ever supported me in the past and has whoever has been watching me for this long. This is the thing that i really need as many people as possible to get behind. Because i really think that we can make this the best selling game of the year. You know what i mean. I i really do feel that i really feel like it's an infectious game and it's a lot of fun and just not for my you know obviously not even for my own benefit. I really think. That's legitimately fun game. Like i think that people were interested in games and are interested in that sort of thing like growing up. We always play those games. I think that type of person is going to enjoy this game and even people who are not even people who are not. I really think you'd be surprised. At how much when you have playing this game and learning so much about your friends and all the weird shit that they're into and You know it's just a lot of fun man. And i'm just so proud of it and i know i'm just like repeating myself. You know at this moment but i just like i'm giddy about it. You know they we wait for this day for so long. It was supposed to go out a while ago. But then covert hit. And we're like you know what we're time to be asking for help when when people are you know on unemployment and like there's a crazy world going on you know what i mean so we wanted to wait until the right time and it just feels like the right time. You know what i mean. It's ten days until my twenty nine. Th birthday february twenty twenty nine th birthday so if you're if you're wondering what what to get me for my birthday you're looking at it. Get yourself something for my birthday okay. Grover kickstarter talking Get one of these two of them. Get twenty of them. I don't give a fuck but we are going to get this shit rolling and it's got to start with you know you guys the people who've been supporting me and watching this podcast and making everything that i'm able to do possible you know what i mean and this is just a fucking beginning to this is really just the beginning of of what i wanna do for the rest of my life. I really do want to create really cool shit. I see a lot of these card games that come out that are not similar to this. But they're just a card game in general and they're all like really carbon copies of themselves and it feels like the same game keeps coming out. And i have no interest in that i have no interest in the money. I have no interest in just doing it. Because you know whatever i want to create cool shit that i think is legitimately good. I don't want to put something out. That's going to be bullshit. Hence hence why i stopped doing youtube i walked away from that because it wasn't fulfilling and i felt like you know what this is repetitive. And it's not new. It's not creative. It's not doing anything for me. This is something that. I'm super proud of and that i feel like if we can get enough people to back this thing like i'm trying to raise a fucking million dollars. I'm not gonna lie. I'm not gonna lie. I don't shoot for the stars here. I am saying that to greg. I'm fucking trying to raise a million dollars you know. We don't like it doesn't have to be million dollars. But i'm fucking trying to raise a million dollars because i really think that you get this game out and we're gonna be playing it and it could be the number one selling game and it's not going to be it's going to be because of you guys because if you guys back enough off the jump then we're able to do our part in marketing the game and getting off the ground and putting it on amazon and putting it in stores and shit like that and you guys will be a part of this whole journey and it will be because of you it. Answer be because if you if this game takes off and does really well and you're just like any we're really trying to make it like a part of culture like a very fun game that everyone knows like these fucking monopoly. You know what i mean like. We want it to be like that like trivia and these consequences. Pay the price like you know when you play this game. You're going to have to use your mind but also if you if you get something wrong you're going to have to do some crazy and it's just going to be a fun time. You know what i mean like. That's all we're trying to do and you know you can play with anyone. You claim your family. Maybe don't ask your mom. The weird thing she masturbated to skip that card But you know or maybe you're crazy brother will do that. You can nominate him. He'd like yeah. I'll do it fuck it. I'll say what. I've jerked off to animals shit in front of my mom. Maybe he'll do that but normal people want but yeah so we're trying to raise as much money as possible on the kickstarter. Really want you guys to have it though. Really want you guys to have it. Yeah like i said if it takes off it'll be because of the people who watch this video and the people that back to kickstarter After that we can print a lot more games and then just get to sell them and trying to reach a bunch of other people. Also word of mouth is going to be huge to mega said when you reserve it on kickstarter you reserve a copy of it. You'll get it before anyone else gets it. And then it's going to go on amazon and people are gonna be playing it. This could turn into expansion packs if you turn into whatever and like i said i was saying earlier. This is just the beginning. This is just the beginning. there can be expansion packs. there could be other games. There could be. God knows what i just want you guys to know like with shit like this with this game. I promise to not take this shit lightly. I know that you guys have to pay for it. I don't ever want. And this is why i put so much emphasis on. Like the the merchant people a lot of people send me messages about merchant. Like oh man. This is the best quality merch i've ever gotten right. They're they're not cheap. It's like the hoodies. But they also. I also don't make a ton of money off of the hood is because i pay so much for the quality because i don't want to put something out where it's like. Oh this is clearly a cash grab and this wasn't really well thought out. This is over a year in the making. We've thought everything probably over analyze this shit. Honestly there's a lot of whiskey involved in this shit. You know what i mean. A lot of headaches a lot of whiskey and a whole lot of health and we finally reached the point. Where like all right fine. This is where we're ending with. And i promise you guys that if you help me on this journey right now. This is the start of a creative journey. This isn't just about this card game. This is just the beginning and you know with The money will to create more games and if we make this thing like a big game and we like the number one seller on amazon or number one seller in the fucking world. Then the money that we make from that. I'm not just taking it in my pocket and walking. We're doing cool shit with that money man. You know what i mean. I really appreciate all of you guys supporting me and at this point i don't need anything else. I don't need anything else. I just wanna do this with my life. I just wanna create cool shit and the money from this point on is just about doing cool shit and giving back and doing the right thing. That's why every year on patriot. Donate the entire patriot. Check to charity and shit and because of your support ray able to. We have now three wells in africa. That is that is supporting over. Fifteen hundred people giving them fresh clean water because me because all of you guys are able to support me and then now i am in a position to do things like that. And that's what i want to do with the rest of my life so i want you to know that when you support me on things like this and the patriots. I'm going to do the right thing. I'm gonna make sure that whatever you get is quality. I'm gonna make sure that there's always a under this charitable undertone. Insure that you know. We're doing thing as far as giving back and just doing the right thing. You know what i mean. I'm never going to put out some bullshit. And then you get it and it's and you're like what the fuck is this. It's always going to be quality. I like that's what i can promise you guys and this isn't a dig at any other creators or anything like that but i can promise you i will truthfully believe that i will work my ass off. Dude we will work our asses off and not just me but everyone. Who's been helping me do this. Frankie greg thomas keith. Everyone he fucking manu. Mikey everybody all these people. They all had a hand in this and everyone's been super helpful. But you know like. I said it's always going to be quality. It's always going to be you know well thought out and it's not going to be some fucking bullshit. It's not going to be some cash. Grab it's not going to be you know. Oh i ve seen this game a million times now. This is a tiny spin on it. It's never going to be that. I'm always gonna try and do the right thing. And the reason. Why is. Because i have a lot of people around me that two standard. There's a lot of people in my life that i feel like Especially right now that inspire me and make sure that i don't do any bullshit thankful for that and this is born because of all that shit and i i again. I don't wanna take credit here because greg. This is just as much greg's as mine. And i couldn't have done it without him. Brilliant dude but. I'm really excited and like i said as excited as i am for this game and i need you to go fucking supported on kickstarter. I am more excited for the future and using this as a stepping stone to just creating cool shit man. I really feel like we have something special and we already are thinking about like our next projects and this and that and this is just the steppingstone to that. And i really want you guys to be a part of it and i want you to have your faith in me to do the right thing. And to bring quality product to you guys And also just not need anyone to do it. I hope that's inspiring. I hope it is because you know i i. I wish i had that when i was younger. And i didn't and i. I made some mistakes. And i feel like i put myself in a position to be wronged and i don't blame anyone. I say you know what you got me. Move forward and here we are now. It's my turn now. It's my turn to do the right thing. Now it's my turn to be like you know what i have. I'm in such a blessed position That i don't need anybody and i. I know that. I have you guys as well. There's been a lot of things that happened in the last twenty twenty was fucking crazy and i was totally fine. I was totally fine because of the people that watch because of the people that have been supporting me i was. I was basically unaffected basically unaffected on a pure business level and that is such a luxury that i don't take for granted i realized that and i know that i need to do right by you guys. You know. i didn't disappear from youtube to all right. Got my money now. I'm going to run. I'm not doing that. I am putting my energy into things that matter to me. And they're going to be quality. And that i think are worth your money and your time. I've been talking for fucking thirty five minutes right now. But i think it's worth your time i really do. I really think it's worth your time. I think that you guys are going to enjoy this. You're gonna have a lot of fun and Yeah i hope that you guys like it. And i appreciate you know anyone who goes to the kickstarter and you know just supports me or even if you if you can't support Just posting the link and being like hey you know this is a really cool game you know whatever below go check it out but yeah you know there are things just to like talk about this for a second but like my videos on youtube. That was. I started doing them when i was like eighteen years old. And all of them for some reason when if i was in a room like my friends have done this before because they know it makes me uncomfortable but if i'm around people and they put a video on even with my family does it. S just my family. I just can't be in the same room for some reason. And i don't know why that is i think is because after a while i started to feel like i've i said it didn't make me happy anymore and i'm like oh man. I don't wanna do that this game though. I want to tell everyone about. And i'm so excited watching everyone play it. It's just it's like a child. Frankie had ruby mean. That's exactly what it's like. So yeah. I'm i'm fucking tell everyone about it. Tell everyone about by it by a thousand if you can and you want to But yeah man. I'm excited man. And i i. I promise that you know if you support this thing. We're gonna fucking do. We're going to try our hardest to. I'm gonna take a fucking dot com this thing not in the beginning. I've already said like. And we end greg. Just in agreement like yeah. We're not shooting for. We're going to raise money on kickstarter like that's it. We're trying to make this game. I'll go fucking bankrupt for this game. I will fucking pour so much money into marketing. I am going to make sure that. Fucking jimmy fallon jimmy kimmel and whoever the fuck else named jimmy doing late night or wherever the fuck wants to play this game on their show. I promise i am going to bust my ass. That could possibly happen. We are going to fucking take this to the moon right. We're gonna pour fucking money that we can into printing games and fucking marketing this game and when you're going to make sure that that fucking partnership that went sour years ago knows that you don't need like we don't need anybody. We don't need anybody anymore. We got this. We got you guys. That's all we fucking need. We can the stone and then you guys are gonna fucking push it and then everyone's and it's gonna roll down the fuck and hill and just fucking crush crush. I really want that to happen guys. I'm fucking amped. Right now as you can tell i fucking amt. Let's fuck and do this. I'm fucking hype. I need i had pre workout before this. I'm going to start punching fucking laws in here But the man fucking do this thing. Anyway i'm gonna play the video from the shoots. You guys can see the game in full form just so everyone knows we had everyone test for covid before we shot this thing and thankfully i mean you know. No one lied because everyone tested negative weeks after as well But yeah so. Enjoy the video and then we're going to get to ads. What hold on hawaii. What's up guys on greg. And i'm joe and we are the creators of new trivia. Party game called pay the price today. We're onset watching. Our friends played for the first time. Each player will be answering trivia questions. If they get the question right. I get points. If they get the question wrong they can still get points by completing one of our ridiculous consequences in two thousand. Sixteen gorilla named harambee was shot and killed when a three-year-old both climbed into his exhibit. Name the zoo where this occurred to only why not the bronx. French fries originated in this country. France consequence of america belgium. Thirty to another play for thirty seconds without breaking my contract. You're doing why are you passing. Okay you want me do it. Looking i will get. I will get up for this. There's nothing that i can't do with my fingers that i wouldn't be willing to bdo. I'm gonna ride you can. You're gonna make out with you so hard you're gonna forget that you're on. This planet is thirty years. yes sir. Red card baby. What is the capital city of kenya. Who is the oldest kardashian. Sister your underwear in the garbage now. These are actually very expensive underlying pay pain. Give a fifteen second lap dad's clear. Oh me caitlyn bucket. I wasn't expecting to experience so much. Miley cyrus played this fictional popstar on disney shows between two thousand six and two thousand eleven hannah montana montana base. Say which player you think is most likely to marry for money and didn't even finish. What side of the apple logo is the taking out incorrect. Right how many zeros are in cloud. trillion twelve. Hey okay. i'm with death. But the congress player. Give you a face tattoo with a pen or a margaret when you've had sex with and asked them to rate your sex game if they don't pick up text them. Let's just do it you writing something. It's a face matter what it is a hygiene. I have one question for you. Could you rate might sex game. Asked me he's just wrote his name and that is being in your name dangerous claim. I'm just letting that. I'm not coming into one. That's all me baby. Road replaced for light to doing. Thank you food feuds and you look at it as there's a little growth turkey both on your putes suck some growth pothole in kiss your spine. Good text the porn linked to one of your parents. I can't do this. Caller tex your parents and tell them you just had sex. Paul them doing them call mary. Can i say she got pregnant too. We wanna comp allow one right there. That one's good power of the video of locked raw sienna. Trump is back in craving some. Bbc's took sorry. Hey mom yeah. So i had sex with the garage. Might be tegas and let the person to your right posted to your instagram any caption. They want that makes it worse. I'm not all of us. Best threesome i've ever had with water relationship with my mom. Thank you goes saw. We appreciate you guys watching this video and if you want to support the game it would mean the world to us because we've been working on this for over a year. We wrote every single trivia card every single consequence guard. I'm really excited to see it. Come to life and if you want to support us you can head over to our kickstarter and if you do support us on the kickstarter pre ordering the game so you'll be one of the first ones to get your hands on it when it does come back. Take lots of pictures and videos of your friends doing the most ridiculous shit. We cannot wait to watch. You guys play there. You have it there you have it all right. So that's the game. It's fucking crazy. It's a lot of fun you know. And if you're of age of legal drinking age it's even more fun when you do that. I'm just saying if you're under his fucking do that. I'm i'm not advocating for underage drinking so fuck off but all right. Let's get these ads real quick and then we'll get to. I wanna talk about something else. That has nothing to do the game. Don't worry about it. But yeah i if we have better help here better hope basically you can start talking to online counselors. You can start communicating just under forty eight hours if you do. If you want to do therapy. I do therapy every thursday And if you wanna start doing it over the phone you could tax or you can video chat or talk on the phone or whatever you want. do it with better help. They have a bunch of licensed licensed professionals that specialize in depression anxiety or family troubles or anything like that. So you can find the right one for you if you need to switch. They make that. 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I mean without a kind of putting your business out there to the whole neighborhood. has more five star reviews than any of its competitors and prevention is key treatments can take four to six months and see results so act fast. Okay if you're ready to take action and prevent hair. Loss goto keeps k. e. e. s. dot com slash. Er to receive your first month of treatment for free that's keeps k. e. dot com slash. Er to get your first month. Free all right. K. e. k. e. p. s. dot com slash yard. Right for free. Do for free. You might as well do it right so go. Check them out. that's great. I mean this is probably two or three. Men will experience some form of hair loss. So there you go if you want to do that are you. Go right so amped right. Now it's crazy man. Like i said we're going to take his game to the moon. I'm putting this bit back on the table man. I could stare at it all day. Cards are sleek. it's asleep. This is kind of if you can see this like closely their shit all over it the the actual game a little better than this. This has gone through the wringer though this has gone through hell. This went through my secret. Santa party which was a mess. I think someone spilled you know whiskey all over this fucking thing and then we played it another night and people were screaming at each other like. There's some cards in there. That are like rank. The group ranked the group want to ten on their on their looks. You know what i mean. Just the fucking pin everyone against each other. But it's fun. it's a fun. Game in a fucking. I'm just super hype and i. I really hope that this goes as well as it is. A lot of people who i've talked to have you know. They have expectations of where it is. I haven't told anyone what i thought. We can actually raise. You know what. I mean because a lot of Everyone's like you. I hope we can get you know like a five thousand backers on this thing. And i mean right now. We have like seventy four hundred patrons and they're paying monthly for an extra episode. This is a one time payment. It's a really cool product that you get to have and to create memories with And just kind of be a part of the ride. You know what i mean. I fucking never stop giving us credit if this thing does extremely well and like you know whatever this will just be because if you guys and always will be too because that's where we're going to start it's a we want to create this incubator for games and for creative you know things that aren't card games just anything we create and just kind of tested with you guys and see you know what you think of it and ask for your support and then it's up to the fucking races. We re raise as much money as possible. Reprint as many games as we can. And then we go out to the general public and you know. I think we have something special here. And i know that you guys are going to appreciate this and and have a lot of fun playing it So yeah but mike. They say we're gonna take his fucking bitch the moon just like game stop So i did want to talk about that. You know what i mean. And i was going to save it for a conversation with frankie but i don't know if he's been keeping up with the stocks and everything but man. What a fucking annoying. What an annoyance. You know what. I'm saying so if you guys don't know i'm leaving the shit right here. If you guys don't know a you know obviously there was some shit going on with read it and the stocks. I need to fidget. I'm fucking amped. There was some shit going on with the stocks and read it and you know it was like this whole bullshit. I'm gonna save you the You know the mumbo jumbo the terms and conditions as i like to call it but basically this game stop. Stock flew to like three hundred and eighty dollars. You know where you know. Big hedge fund like shorted it. I mean i don't even wanna get into that. Because i don't know if everyone understands like shorting or whatever it is i have a basic understanding what it is. I'm not trying to be like fucking whatever I don't know what the fuck is going on but Yeah that is not the point. The point is now that this was like on the forefront of the news and stocks and trading and like what like day trading. Or you know whatever the fuck it is like. It's all people are talking about now now. Suddenly everyone thinks they know what they're talking about. And frankly i'm sick. I have friends that are hitting me up. Mike yo you gotta jump in on this. This crypto it's trading at eight cents. But it's going to take off. I'm like shut the fuck up. You know what. I'm saying like what first of all i've literally seen you shit into a bag in the back of a honda. Civic on the highway going eighty. I'm not taking any sort of financial advice from you. Know you what i mean and also i've never heard you talk about stock market. Like dude you what are you talking about. I'm not taking advice from you. Everyone thinks they know what they're talking about. now with. that said i did buy apple stock. I put more money into apple. I was like you know what everyone's going to be throwing their money into the stock market. I'm going to buy more apple apple is you know they're gonna take over the world i- legit think that either elon. Musk or wherever the fuck is name is now tim cook. I think at some point with what's going to happen is elon. Musk tim cook. And jeff bezos are going to kill us because they control the world they have all the money in the world to do whatever the fuck they want they could probably create another planet or create some sort of technology. That makes them invincible. So even if you shoot a bazooka at them they will not die. And i'm terrified of that people are worried about the robots. Hey you're not worried about the guy who can fund the robot army and make them do whatever the fuck like literally i've seen videos of these robots and like they have faces now we're putting skin on robot. What the fuck is wrong with people like. Yeah you know it'd be cool about robots like you'll think about this right we all. We're not dumb winnow that robots could fuck us up. They're made of metal. You can't punch robot. Knock them out. They will break your hand. So robots who are pissed can do whatever they want to you and climb your building and shit like it's a mess and people are like. Oh we need to make them indestructible or make them very aerodynamic and light it's like why are we making these things more dangerous and then what they wanna do now. Which is what. I don't understand like at least if you're going to create this fucking soldier that is you know could focus if it wants. At least you're going to get l. Let's give it a brains. Let's get a drink. Let's make them dream. You want to give this thing a dream. It has one weird dream about humans like their their creator. Like you know if you on. Musk is like he has. The robot has a dream of elon. Musk like doing wrong by these robots robots. Go fuck this guy now. The possibilities elon. Musk could turn us off you on. Musk then all hell breaks loose. You ever see. I robot exactly but anyway that was good. Movie will smith i. I mean that was a great movie but yeah so they wanna create these fucking robots and he's like soldiers basically but then they're like. Oh no let's take it a step further. Let's make them indestructible. Let's make them like if you pour water on machinery usually it malfunctions. Let's make it so that doesn't happen and then let's put skin on them. Let's put very realistic skin on them and give them emotions and mannerisms and make them learn so what we're doing to be clear is trying to hide robots into society. We are setting ourselves up for failure here saying like also i mean if you seen certain videos of mark zuckerberg it may be too fucking late on that. Because that was a weird fuck and he's brilliant. Guy is brilliant guy facebook. I mean i don't know what he's doing he's you know there's rumors about him like selling our you know stuff to russia or china. I mean i can't keep up anymore. I mean who has information. I think everything. My information is definitely being stored in china somewhere in there. I'm gonna. I'm gonna pay the price on that. I'm gonna pay the price. I want to pay the price on that. But i want to put the game out but after that china's gonna take over but anyway if you've ever seen videos do look up. Mark zuckerberg type into youtube mark zuckerberg barbecue sauce video of him like making burgers with his wife and he's like live streaming or something. I don't think the dude blinks. Like i don't think he's blinked since college in on. I mean he's just a weird and he said sweet baby. Ray's great barbecue sauce. But dude weird. Fuck like that guy if anyone's a robot robot so anyway this whole thing about the fucking stocks is driving me nuts. Because it's turn these kids that i know that are idiots into. They think they're they're fuck their fucking jordan. Belfort now me this pen. Shut the fuck up dude. You don't know what you're talking about all right. I'm taking game up to the mood. You doj coin. Put all your money in dose coin literally. I had a friend tell me to put. My money does not all my put you know by a bunch of shares of doj coin. It's trading at whatever it was like sixty cents. I don't know it's thirty cents now. Think or some shit. It's like oh cool. Good call fucking like come on. And i don't even know how anyone could predict that unless there was some insider trading. I'm not saying that i would. I'm not saying that. I would participate in insider trading trading. But i would wouldn't would not i wouldn't count it out because that's a safe play. You know what i mean. If you're going to invest in the stock at least get some insider info your what. I'm saying but you take a risk there. I mean martha stewart pitch went to jail. I'll make making cupcakes in that jail. You know what i mean. I think she went to the rich person. Jail though where it's like you just go up. It's like yeah you gotta play checkers every day for for like whatever. It was two years. I don't know how long she was in there but she did. Her time came out a different person. I think shots of martha stewart still kicking. Still doing our thing still making. I don't know if she she's still baking. I don't know if i've ever eaten anything. Like martha stewart's famous. What the fuck did she even do like. Am i too young to know what does what she did. Did she have show. I mean she probably did. I just wanna be. She probably did. She probably made lovely things. I've just have never seen it. And why is there. No like martha stewart cake. Mix or something you know. What i mean are like some bowls or something like why is there not a product line of martha stewart that she. She's strictly just like. Does she have restaurants like i don't know what she has. I know that she's rich and she has like an empire or something but like she. Don't you know go woman. She is diane keaton actually. I haven't seen diane keaton in years. So i don't know what she looks like anymore. But diane diane diane keaton. Yes she was smoke. She was the fox for sure. She was foxy lady. What was that movie with jack. Nicholson is that diane keaton. I'm getting my old women mixed up definitely not meryl streep. I think it was diane keaton and that movie with jack. Nicholson where they started dating. And it was a little weird because they're older and like you don't really see that in hollywood. Usually in hollywood people are making out there like young people. This was like two old people kind of kiss him and like facetime sexing they were having sex via facetime. I think moving. And then they like made out on a bridge fucking dope dope. You know what. I mean jack. Nicholson not my type at all. Not my type. It all no serie a but i get it. He's a powerful man and whatever it is. He's got something about him. He's got some some spunk to him. I don't know really what that word means But he's got he's got he's got the effect or you know what i mean. He commands attention. Where sunglasses a lot. Dues oldest shit now to be honest to even like a couple of years ago camera pan over to him. Sitting on courtside at the fucking lakers game. You're like what the fuck happened. This guy you know what. I mean like what happened to old jackie from batman. The joker was he like famous for no jack. Nicholson though you can't handle the truth. This guy can't handle sitting down for too long. He'd looks like he's melting in that chair and the sunglasses don't help you know what i mean shouted jack. Nicholson no big fan of his big big fan with that being said i do have i there. My brokerage account definitely did get some more action. It's a lot of fun. Losing money in your. I mean it's a ton of fun you have to be in it for the long haul. You know what i mean. That's all i'm gonna say anyone out there. Here's my here's my advice about the stock market. If you're trying to make money in a month just work a job. Don't do it in like don't date unless you know you're talking about don't just guess and don't like read one to be like yeah. This sounds pretty cool. I'm putting fucking money into this fucking biomedical tech. Fuck and company. That i don't know what the fuck they do. But this article sounds cool. Don't do that. that's how you lose money. There's no way to predict. You know what i'm saying like you get information but sometimes information is bullshit. I mean so. Just be careful if you want to invest in something apple or something. It's a little expensive amazon. By the way what the fuck amazon's trading like thirty five hundred thirty five hundred bucks the fucking balls on that. Jesus christmas but great people who are going to tell you. You're eventually going to be able to buy on amazon. I don't know what the fuck that is as far as this game goes like. I said we're going to raise the money. And then we have to put the order in for as many games as we can print and then you know the game comes up. You guys get the copies first and then we put them on amazon wherever the fuck. I hope i honestly. I haven't told anyone my expectations. And i think i was like alluding to this before. But i haven't told anyone my expectations for how much money we can raise. I haven't put it outside of my head that we could raise a million dollars though or like half a million dollars. I think we i think we could. And i'm not even talking about the random people that find it. I'm talking about just the people who watch this. Just the people who watch this. Podcast i think is enough. I mean every week we get one hundred thousand views on this podcast. Not everyone's gonna fuck in you know. Purchase this obviously but if a good amount of people do it we fucking. We can do this shit. You know what. I'm saying like we could really fuck. Do this shit. It'd be fucking crazy. I'm hype. I really hope. These guys are as as i am about this. But it's fucking exciting man. I've seen my friends do dumb shit and again to arguments also which is even funnier. Honestly i you know the coolest part about it too. Like i remember playing it randomly like during the summer couple of my friends. We went out for drinks outdoors And then became well. It doesn't matter that. I said outdoors because we came back to my apartment and we played this game Bobby played this game and the next day everyone was in the group chat just like talking about it like oh man remembered at all. It just felt so good. I was like damn in the game like actually works. Because it's one thing when you create it you have a bias all games great. It's fucking put so much retirement war but then you like see it in action and people are like. Yeah like that was fucking cool. You know what. I mean and like my friends. Don't give a shit about me. They would love to shuttle over this thing. You know what i mean. They would love it. They would love to be like sucks sucks. They would love that but they did and actually the secret santa night that we played those my friends. We all played that first night that i'm talking about and then secret san. We're trying to figure out like are. Yeah let's let's do something. Let's play a game. And then the i was like fuck do do that. So we ended up playing again so they actually wanted to play again. And i was like damn if i can get these fucking assholes to wanna play this game who i know they wanted to fuck. I know they wanted to suck. I know it. But if i can get them to be like yo yeah. Let's fucking play again. You know what i mean. It's one thing to play the game baio. That was a lot of fun but to wanna play it again. That means a lot to me. So yeah i think that you guys are gonna love it. I'm fucking like you know why. It's so exciting. Because i don't know what i feel like. This could get out of hand. Like i really do feel like i could get out of hand. I really feel like this could be really someone like special and and watching this episode back would be interesting in a year's time of just being like you know i have expectations and i'll set the ceiling high and i can just talk about the possibilities. But i'm gonna lie. I mean i. It's not anything short of number one seller of a failure because that's not true but that's where i'm going. I want that. Like that's what i'm going to work towards like. I'm not doing this to you know it's not about the money. It has nothing to do with the money honestly. It really fucking doesn't like i don't i don't fucking care and like i always get shit from my friends all the time and like my business partners wherever i say that a lot is that it's not about the money at all because it really isn't like i just think this is a fun game. I think we could fuck and do it and it would be so awesome. Like i said earlier to go through a situation like i did and then be like i am taking it in my own hands with the help of greg and we're just gonna do it ourselves independently come up with a bestselling game. That would be wild. That would be fucking crazy and would be just like an awesome to cap. That story is to be able to put out something and have it be super successful. Would just be cool man. And it's really. It's really not about the money because if it was about the money then you know i feel like the game. I'm trying any money that i get from. This game is going back into the game at least for the first year. I want to dump fucking marketing dollars into this thing until everyone knows what it is and i honestly not that i don't care about it selling i just want everyone to know what the fuck it is. I just want everyone to know. I want to be like what is this. I have seen it everywhere. That's what i want. And then eventually you're gonna play it and you're gonna go and they'll fucking fun that's all i want. I just want everyone to play it and to try it out to see how much fun it is because we think we create a really fun game and i've watched people play it and have a fucking great time like better than it honestly came out better than i thought it was going to be. So i i just. I just want to like i'll get a fucking billboard i don't give a fuck i'll do dumb ass shit. I swear to god if we raise a lot of money on kickstarter wait and just see what kind of stupid shit. I'm gonna do. Just wait because it's one thing to do digital marketing ads and like maybe do some like influencer marketing and make some fucking tiktoker. Got abs you know. Play the game and like tiktok and you have to pay him ten million dollars there again nowadays. That's one thing. But i'm just gonna come up with dumb ass shit. I don't know you know what i mean. I i don't like i'm just gonna like i just can't wait. I can't wait the matinee. That's why i'm so excited about where this can go. Because i know that if this catches on and people just see it they're going to think it's a good idea they're gonna think it's an awesome game and you know support it and i i swear i if we if i have enough money to do fucking stupid shit with it gonna gonna. I think this is a fun game for like like. I said jimmy fallon jimmy. Kimmel fucking allen i dunno. She's dudes still doing our show or if she has the thing with thing but pla- watching celebrities. Play this game. Two would also be very interesting. There's a card in here that says tell tell people how much money you have in your savings account. Imagine a celebrity doing that. Get to find out some some things. I don't think they would do it but maybe someone would. What else. But i think that it has a lot of potential and a fuck excited excited man. I really hope that you guys are able to help out in any way whether it be posting or be going to the kickstarter and getting the game. Fuck it's going to be awesome and However this goes if there's five thousand backers or if there's you know whatever on kickstarter you have to hit your goal so we have to raise fifteen thousand dollars if no one. Beck's it. i'm going to put fifteen thousand dollars into it. Well we've already put money into it but not into the kickstarter into credence game. But i the game. We'll be funded. And i'm i have full faith in everyone who watches us that we're gonna crush fifteen thousand dollars but even if we didn't i am going to make sure that people see this fucking game we're gonna do it. We're going to do it and we're going to do it with the help if you guys. I'm telling you right. Now you're going to be a long for this fucking right. And then we're going to continuously do this shit. I i really want this to be like an interactive thing. I want you guys to be the like test pool for everything moving forward. I want us to be the start. And then i want to keep creating shit and i want to be giving. It's you guys. I just getting reactions from it and then just showing it to the world. I want to be the fucking center of all that shit. Not me personally but like this thing. I feel like a lot of people. Just do the easy thing. Even when that game that. I'm talking about the old one. There was a lot of different versions of that game. That came out you know. There was the main one that like celebrities were playing. Ellen was playing it. Whoever was always people. Were playing the game and i had to sit and watch all then play that game and not get any of the credit and not and just not be recognized really for that and it was hard and i i it was. It was unfortunate. It was an unfortunate situation for me. But i didn't care i cared for a little bit. It was hard. And i was just like damn like whatever but then i was like fucked like eventually day's gonna come where they're going to be. Sorry this is the day. Today's the day they're gonna be sorry they're gonna see this. They're gonna know what happened. And then with the success of this game talking this into existence by the way what is the sex success of this game. They're going to be sorry. And then we are going to create the cool shit. We're going to create the cool shit now on starting with this. It's all going to be based around fun. It's all going to be fun so all gonna be fun shit and this isn't this isn't about revenge. It isn't about any of that. it's just it's just about Taking things in your own hand. And i hope that's inspiring like across the board You know it's not because of me. It's not that i'm this inspirational person or whatever because the only reason why i had enough belief in myself to do this because they get a lot of help and have a lot of successful people around me that i listened to one of them being one of the main reasons why this is even possible is because honestly is because greg was like yeah. It's like yeah. We're going to do it and i was like okay. You know it was kind of his move. It was his move to be like. Do we weaken fucking do this. And i'm like fuck. Yeah that's kinda of how honestly it was like. Yeah we can do this. And i was like yeah. We can't and you know we have full faith in in. You guys helping us out here with this thing This is where i want to do. This is what i wanna do. I wanna do this podcast. I just want to have a lot of fun. I'm gonna create fun products. I want to create things that people will be proud of. And we'll know that like if we're putting it out then it's going to be quality and it's going to be well thought out and maybe you don't enjoy but at least you can recognize like this was a legitimate. Try one of those. A lot of people like get on social media and they get a following and it's like all right. I'm start making music art. I'm started doing this arm. Start doing that. I'm gonna start doing that like all these things and they're half assing all. It's all shit. I haven't done anything. Like i haven't done shit i i'm like i'm not making music. I'm not doing any of that. Like extra shit some people. I'm not saying that. Like all these influences that make music or trash but a lot of them are fucking trashed and they're just like it's for the money grab because someone tells them like you know if you put out a song you can make money from people streaming over the course of how many years and like it's motivated by money. I'm not motivated by money at all. I'm motivated quality and by being proud of this in like having the people who watch me that. Like i'm not this isn't like my faces and on this fucking thing. It's not the joe santa. Gotta this is just a fucking game. That's just like fund. That like i hope that the majority of people that have this game have no fucking idea. That is a goal. Obviously it's because it's not about me and influencers make it about them. It's not about me. It's just about creating cool shipman. It's just about creating shit and that's that's that's all it is and that's all ever going to be. It's ever going to be. And i've spent the last couple years surrounding myself with people who have inspired me and have made me better in in in whatever and i feel like you know. I am continuously addicted to put these people around me because they make me feel like shit. They make me feel like like they're brilliant people and they don't maybe even realize like how much of an inspiration they are to me be. I'm just rambling at this point. But how long is this going our ten holy shit. Get the fuck outta here. I'm sorry but yeah. Let's do this shit. I'm super excited. But like i said man like this. This isn't there. They're going to be sorry. And i really want this to start here. That's the last thing i'm going to say is that it starts here. This is the starting point. Kickstarter pay the price game dot com. Or just go on kickstarter search. Pay the price you'll see it. You're gonna play this game. I hope you enjoy it if you do enjoy. Don't forget to post about it and post your videos on social media. I just want you have a good time. And i want you guys to know that this takes off. I will never stop giving you guys credit and We're gonna continue to do this shit. Need your help. Thank you got so much love all you. Thank you for all the support over the years. This is the beginning.

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Living with COVID19 without lockdowns, restrictions and vaccines  Dr Isaac Golden

Health Australia Party News

1:07:27 hr | 11 months ago

Living with COVID19 without lockdowns, restrictions and vaccines Dr Isaac Golden

"Home welcome to have news the podcast of the latest news from Health Australia party follow us through the news page on our website at ww.w Health Australian party.com. For more information tonight's episode is a chat that Molly had with one of our co-founders. Dr. Isaac golden and he is outlining a roadmap and out of the Cove in or any other type of similar crisis. Let's listen to Molly and Isaac. Hello everyone. Welcome to our talk tonight on health Australia party Facebook live. Thank you for joining us on Molly tonight. We'll be talking to a doctor has that golden Isaac is a homeopath in Victoria. So he's right in the midst of everything that's been going on with all the lockdowns and the Dreadful conditions Out friends down. There have had to endure for so long and Isaac was the co-founder of the health Australia party back in 2015, and I'd like to start off tonight boss welcoming Isaac. Welcome Isaac. Thank you for joining Molly. It's lovely to be with you your reputation precedes. You are absolutely committed to kick off tonight because we're going to have a really interesting talk about what a lot of things a lot of things to do with what's going on right now, but I wanted to know tell me why you you got off. Involved in starting a political party from being a practitioner and you moved into the political Arena. Why did you do that? I did so with great reluctance my life because I mean, I've always been a swinging voter. I've haven't voted consistently labor or liberal. I love the Australian Democrats when Don chip introduced them. I love the greens when Bob Brown introduced them. Although they've changed dramatically in the in the last decade. So it was with reluctance but basically took the real driving motivation was the fact that natural medicine in general and I'm not just talking about naturopaths and homeopaths. I'm also talking about Integrative Medicine doctors wage chiropractors osteopaths basically have been under sustained attack in this country for many years. Now it probably all started in, New Jersey. Thousand and five in England with the publication in the journal Lancet and an editorial by the editor of Lancet and that really started the ball rolling. It was an anti-theft the opposite article and editorial and that led some years later to a a government inquiry in England home about Homeopathy. Should it be part of the national health system because it it's been used there since the time of Queen Adelaide. There are a number of homeopathic hospitals. There were many hundreds of doctors who were and still are homeopathic practitioners the the whole article back then in 2005. I was actually a confection. They said that they did something and they actually did something totally different basically what they did. They looked at a group of homeopathic studies and a group of, Georgia. Studies about pharmaceutical medicine and then they cherry-picked instead of analyzing all of the studies with equal relevance. They cherry-pick to get the conclusion. They wanted it took two years to actually find out because you know, normally people declare when they write articles in prestigious medical journals what the data cap is, they would not reveal it. It took two years of inquiry and when people obtain the data and legitimate statisticians analyze that they found actually the studies were in fact if I mail, but they not the opposite which the article had said and a very similar thing was done by the nhmrc in Australia many years later, but will come to that but that would disrupt and led to the formation in Australia in 2013 of the so-called friends of science and medicine now, this is a a pharmaceutical Lobby group home. Basically really should be called friends of pharmaceuticals in medicine. That would be an honest name. Because the first thing they did when they were formed was said we are going to stop Research into natural medicine and in Australian universities and we are going to stop Australian universities teaching evidence-based natural therapies so much. So for being scientists, I mean a real scientist would never do that. It's wrong. Yeah real scientists. All things are on the table to be openly analyzed and discussed but they've had a tremendous impact they've infiltrated the nhmrc the national health and medical research Council, which is Australia's Peak research body for health marriage in general. They spend a ridiculously small amount on researching natural medicine has less than 1% of their extensive budget, but unfortunately dead. I then did I an analysis of Homeopathy followed later by an analysis of naturopathy herbal medicine even things like meditation massage which song these days practically mainstream and they came to conclusions that there was no evidence that these things were effective despite the fact around the world. There's massive evidence in the case of the nhmrc with the Homeopathy study. If you look on their website they claim or they appear to be claiming that they've looked at 1600 studies. They cherry-picked that down to five only five studies. And in fact, they sent their report out to 3. Viewers and off and Cochrane collaboration. Three of the four said they shouldn't come to that conclusion, but they did anyway, so it was clear. There's been sustained attack on natural medicine not just Homeopathy off. Forms of natural medicine and I thought the best way to try and do something about this was to get people inside Parliament because you can Lobby parliamentarians. You can send them letters, you know, we can do petitions. All of these things have been done. They've made no difference. But if we could get some people into state and federal parliaments wage, it would make a massive difference because people inside the parliament's could then start hearing the truth and this actually Molly is going to lead to what we're going to be discussing tonight because the real reason there is so much damage being caused by the covid-19 is is because politicians don't know the truth about Health Options that are available not just the covid-19 or thing, but in this scenario that we're talking about tonight for covert if they did know the truth, we could save billions of dollars we log Save tremendous heartbreak. Yes so many people and in fact, I was listening to Professor magori the other day talking about mental health in Australia, and he was saying the demand for Health Services up by 30% because of covert and that's because of the lockdowns people losing business as people losing marriages. So I thought okay being a politician is not ever anything. I've aspired to be but to me that was what we needed to do. So another five people and myself we met in Melbourne in July. I think it was 2015 and decided to form the health Australia party and it's been a rocky road since then. I've always thought absolutely it's if it's brings with it a lot of very unpleasant scenarios, unfortunately, but we're going to hang on for a bit longer anyway, and and the need job Of course is more than it ever has been with this code that situation. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah, we we really must get people into Parliament that can retain their soul and pause Alice and until the truth. Yeah. Yes very much. So so what Isaac let's talk about Kobe because there's a lot of information out there some of it true perhaps some of it definitely not quite true. So let's dissect it a little bit. So your wonderful husband is actually going to be pushing the buttons behind the scenes tonight. So Mike could we have the first slide place and I hope he lives up to that wonderful tag. I'm sure he will their egos except my kids get possible to put the pictures up the top rather than on the side cuz we're going to lose some of the data if that is possible. But basically Molly you're quite correct what you've said is dead. Absolutely, correct, because there's so much information out there. And as you say some of it's accurate some of it isn't accurate. There are questions is it a real disease is the diet of a cases and deaths reliable has a reaction be managed by people with vested interests damask work a lockdowns necessary. Is it all a big conspiracy off? So we're not going there. We're not going down a rabbit hole tonight. So if some of the people watching are about to turn off and don't because we're going to be talking about something very very positive about options which are available now to mean that things like lockdowns and masks are not necessary. We can leave a long side code that just as we live alongside thousands of different viruses now not all of them are as infectious as a covert appears dog. But some of them are even more deadly things like meningococcal disease Etc. We can do a whole lot of organisms and we need to be able to do this because we're seeing overseas that countries like Italy the United Kingdom France Israel, they're all experiencing a table surges and it's almost inevitable with winter coming on in the northern hemisphere that that's going to happen a lot of countries. So just rushing off to lock Downs rushing off to keeping people inside their houses closing businesses is not the answer. We need a different answer and that's what we want to talk about tonight next slide, please Mike We just have to wait for a minute while the computer thinks now Mark. Is it possible to put those photos up the top like you had a month before we started because we are going to lose the reason why by the way Molly did I thought we'd put a little bit of stuff here for people to go back and have a look at if they wish back later on because there'll be a lot of information that we're going to talk about and I just thought of it was just you and I and people had to go back and listen all the way through it would just make it a bit harder this way if they want to go back and flick through the the talk and then stop on a particular page then they can do that basic idea. Yeah, basically home you can see a link there and the link is too and an article we put up on the health Australia website one of our official statements on the log. I doubt we call it the way out State the way out of covid-19 way out in the sixties or whatever. We remember that don't we Molly. But? Well, I say if you remember you were off. But anyway, this is the way out of covert and this is a position paper that we put out now, we have to be enormously careful when we're putting material out because we don't want to mislead anyone. We don't want to overstate we don't want to understate and the problem is with a lot of information on the web. You might find that eighty or ninety percent of the is correct, but it only needs 10 or 20% to be incorrect and it just many people then turn away. So what we're trying to do is to take a middle position because this is what health Australia's all about where a center party we believe in natural medicine that a person is healthy. Are in a position of balance and so that's what we're trying to do with our statements. And sometimes they may sound a little over cautious a little corny, but the important thing for us is their balance. So what basically saying to begin with and then we'll go talk about something else but covid-19. They stopped doing it. But the last lot of figures that showed that over two-thirds of all Australians have at least one chronic disease for people 60 years in above it's about ninety percent have at least one chronic disease and the terrifying thing is that 40% of children aged under fifteen years of age in Australia have at least one chronic disease. So what's that? That's scary, isn't it? It's it's it's it's very it's very serious. When you look at those sort of Statistics, we we really need to look, what's going on. We have a fair idea about what's going on in a way Miley because at that Bill Clinton had was became famous Dave saying one thing follow the money stupid. So in other words if you want an answer for something look where the money's coming from now the best possible Scenario for the pharmaceutical drug cartels is there's a very low infant mortality. There's a very high long dead and there's a high incidence of chronic disease. And that's exactly what we have in Australia as most other developed countries have yes. Now that can be a coincidence, but it's not really because you see all the dogs medicine is marvelous treating acute emergency situations. I mean if I got hit by a bus the last person I want to seem to get exact greatest respect to you a homeless. I want to be inside an intensive care unit in a modern hospital and and we have fantastic. There's a nurse's doing that. I mean I'm in absolutely in awe of what these people can do. Yeah, right hospital system. Absolutely for that, but we're pharmaceutical meds. Falls down as the management of chronic disease and those figures prove it and that makes us even more vulnerable when it comes to dealing with coded slide back, please Mike wage. Yeah. So it's something once again that the Orthodox people don't understand. So there's three there's been insufficient Clarity in reported cases have been redefined and usually when people used to talk about cases it was when people presented to the hospital now, it's down the testing and the testing has been questioned the deaths have been overstated and in Victoria, for example, the chief Health officer here some well on the 19th of August actually admitted that some of the deaths that are being recorded for covid-19. Was a wonderful example of this for America when a young man who wasn't as an example. It wasn't a wonderful incidence a young man who was riding riding his motorbike had an accident that was killed by the accent. He very healthy young man. And when they did an autopsy they found covert so they classified his death as being from covid-19. It's just not correct wage. And so the data that we're getting is questionable. It doesn't. Yeah, it doesn't mean it's all wrong. But what it means is that we are not being given birth totally reliable picture. So another example a few weeks ago people became very excited and we saw in a lot of news feeds the seeds see the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta. Georgia has said that only 6% of deaths marked as covert from Covent and of course all the conspiracy theorists dead. Went up in arms, but that wasn't exactly what they said. So what they actually said was 6% of deaths were from home covert as the only source and the others there were comorbidities. And so people assume that all the rest code that had really nothing to do with that they died because of old age or they died because they had heart issue or whatever but that's not the complete truth. Either free to give you an example. There are many people with diabetes which is a chronic disease who managed very very well with their insulin. Yes, if a person who's managed their diabetes very well caught covid-19. I'd it is not reasonable to say that the real cause of the that death was covid-19 be teased but yet they would fit into that 94% who were a comorbidity. So the real truth Somewhere in the middle. Once again, you know, we also be Buddhists when it comes to this the middle way because that's where the truth lies and so but but the thing is the the point is that people are losing trust understandably in the figures. They're being given because we know that they're not completely reliable the number for here's the Australian responses have been directed by politicians with little knowledge in health issues who have therefore turned over decision matings to achieve Health officers who have been trained in and are experts in pharmaceutical medicine and his responses. Therefore had been based around drugs potential vaccines masks and lockdowns. This is meant that ass rally has missed the opportunity to utilize many proven evidence-based non-pharmaceutical options to both treat and prevent covid-19 slide, please log. Bike and this is the real point that you're comes. Yeah that we have missed this opportunity next slide. Please mark the way of miss this opportunity to utilize so much evidence from overseas. And that's what we're going to be talking about. In fact you and I have to be careful. We can't speak completely freely because there are certain pieces of legislation which prevent us from talking as practitioners about cheating code or preventing coded. So what we're we have to talk about tonight is evidence that comes from overseas in countries from Orthodox medical practitioners as well as fully trained natural therapists showing us that there are options next slide, please Mike and so what we thought We've done we put out a a little five-step roadmap to deal with covid-19. For the to it as well. He talks about a certain part of the whole situation other people are talking about other parts our own Judy while I'm in there I think is spoken with you and it's certainly is is written a lot of pieces about other issues Judy and I don't agree on everything and that's fine, you know because no one has all of the answers. I know I certainly don't think that this is the roadmap that the health Australia party is come up with at this point of time and we can learn going forward and we may change it but this may seem to some people listening to be idealistic. But actually it is based on practical evidence based solutions that are being used in other countries around the world and we could use them here. First of all, we should open up the Australian Health Care system to all evidence-based treatment and prevention options and we need to replace Health officials who prevent citizens and politicians from being fully formed about options. So we'll just go through these quickly and then we'll just have a chat quickly about each one number two promotion the availability of options to the public and to doctors in hospitals and private practice and there are institutions in Australia like the National Institute of Integrative Medicine and the Australian College of nutritional and environmental medicine institutions, mainly with Orthodox medical practitioners who use complementary and Integrative Medicine wage who would be able to train other doctors very very quickly. This is not hard and then Molly this is one of the things that if you say there is a massive amount. Evidence that if people elderly people in retirement homes were all given vitamin D to bring it up to an appropriate level along with the other appropriate supplementation to balance it out. First of all, the incidents of covid-19. For ensure that every state has best practice contact tracing available best practice quantity quarantine facilities for returning citizens and visitors and practiced treatment facilities for covert cases needing hospitalization. And this has been one reason why Victoria has been in such a mess because the government down here the state government has not done those things and even still they're catching up but if every state in every place in Australia, we have these things these are important because they can help minimize the spread of that a new little infection very very quickly and finally reopened state borders removed lockdowns and use them locally if needed to contain clusters make mask-wearing optional except in very high-risk environments such as hostile towards where they're treating people with coded and provide birth. Then and complete information regularly to all Australian citizens and that's not happening. No reason. So I I strongly believe these five steps would give us the ability to live alongside covert and any other infectious diseases is not just about covert off just about yeah, it's not just about Victoria even because if you have a sufficient Spike where you live guess what this is going to be telling the politicians in New South Wales way to do foreign wi and the thing is because places like say w I have been so successful. The incidents has been so low. It means there's very very little natural immunity. So if there is a little spike, it has the potential to take off that don't say that to scare people I say because that's the fact dead. Other countries overseas like Sweden, for example, they've experimented with trying to build up herd immunity quickly. And so things of the beginning. Yeah, exactly. They're settled ride down that the really interesting thing will be to see how Sweden goes over the winter because if they do very very well from all of them in countries, that will be a real example of how building up natural immunity is so important next slide, please Mike Yeah, so we need to try and get this message out to our political Masters that actually there are options here. Slide, please Mike hang on. I'm going to get it you go on when I did a talk with doctor in Brook Professor Ian Bryce referee. Yes, Mom. He said that he had sent letters to everybody that could make a change and none of them listened to him. So it's very very difficult to get through to any of the officials really isn't it for someone with it is with his credentials and they're not even listening to someone like him. Go back one page Mark. He was quick on the button. You're quite right Molly and and in fact and we can't give all the details but both Health Australia party and Professor bright Hope was censored. Or basically with something else but we're yeah, so I meant at the beginning we have to be a little bit careful. What we talked about we go back to Step One is Mark and this is why step one is so important. So in other words open up the Australian Health Care system to all evidence-based treatment page and prevention options and replace Health officials who prevent citizens and politicians from being fully informed about options. So the the reason why that's step one is that there are people in the hierarchy of the medical establishment. Who were actually preventing who are actively preventing all the evidence that we have from around the world being passed on not only two people that also to politicians. One step forward make any sense. Does it? Well, well not to me. Like I want to help people, you know people to have as much information as possible. So it's just people getting that information tells me there's there's some other agenda going on for these politicians and officials. That's a good way of putting it. It's not a conspiracy. It's some other agenda and there is another agenda and actually in one of the previous talks that I'd given on the health Australia party Facebook page. I gave a reference to a study done by wage Harvard University law school now Harvard University law school is one of the most prestigious law schools in the world and they printed in 2013 a series of Sixteen articles talking about corruption in pharmaceutical industry. Now if people are interested all you need to do cuz this is available for free still on the internet off. You just Google Harvard University. Pharmaceutical corruption and you should be able to get to it. Now. They laid down it took them five years of research by dozens of experts in their different fields map out exactly the influence of the pharmaceutical drug cartels on help in Australia in America around the world and this song reluctance of certain people in the medical hierarchy in this country to provide our political leaders and the population as a whole with truthful honest information is part of the strategy which Harvard University found the pharmaceutical drug cartels are using every day and this is why step one is so important. Next slide please. My and that's also why I said there in step one that you know, if people aren't prepared to tell the truth. They should be sacked. Absolutely. Yes, so Step2 now we can't go through this in great detail. We don't have time but this is the availability of options regarding integrative medicine. And so people can come back later. And this is the reason why we putting slides up. So the people can come back later and look at some of these things that zinc and is very very important it sort of blows open the virus and this is why hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine along with Ivermectin are zinc what they call back on offense, which makes them think work better, but the problem is those things do have a potential downside. So we've got that lovely natural product that I can never pronounce correctly. You can probably tell me that is it so certain. Okay that can until I behave me a path that you can also be used in it off. The hydroxychloroquine ETC and then the vitamins vitamin C D3 is so important a magnesium Etc glutathione Scion is very very important selenium certain enzymes. Now this list came from a a town hall that I did was to Integrative Medicine doctors from America a few weeks ago. It was the link to it's on our web page somewhere. And in fact, yes, I think you can see the the link there if you want to help me call the boss. Yep, the doctors to also talked about and one of these doctors has a very very large Clinic it was in a covert hotspot. A lot of his patients are people with chronic illness. So they are people who are very much at risk, and these were patients with covid-19. Nebulized iodine IV hydrogen peroxide vitamin C excetera as well. They talked about how important diet was air quality Etc. But am the doctors who are treating high-risk covid-19. It's who didn't need to go to I see use to need to go to ventilators. He cause of the treatment they were getting and we can easily do this sort of treatment in Australia. Yeah, many many will try natural therapists naturopaths herbalists cheese cetera can also use these vitamins. They know the things that the best of valence vitamin D. For example using vitamin K supplements as well. Make slime they work much better. So there's a huge range of possibilities here in actually treating the disease now, I haven't put anything up here about Thursday. Healthy treatment, but I can tell you that around the world there are tens of thousands and if you include India hundreds of thousands of Orthodox medical doctors who practice Homeopathy they have an International Association. I'm actually the Australian representative of that Association, even though I'm not a GP my PhD was an immunization and they are regularly reporting how the doctors in the different countries where covid-19 active how they're using Homeopathy to effectively treat as long but I'm happy just to limit this to things like the proven things on this page that people can see that they're definitely options available next slide. Please mark off. And as I said, it would be easy matter for the name and nickname to train, you know GPS around the country. They could do that. Very very quickly. Yes. Yep. Yep. I think Mike sneaking away to have acquired Whiskey in the side of a weird to me that I almost brought one down the self but I thought now I better keep my wits about me. If you're there Mike step 3, please. Oh, here we go. He's back offer all citizens to be able to pull back to back to 3. Please mark down. There we go. Yep, so we've missed slide through it step three threes up now. Yep. I put it on my computer yet. Okay. Well, I'll have to get for memory cuz it's not showing up on my screen. So basically this is taught. Here we go. Yeah, this is talking about something which some people will find them all that some people will simply disbelieve Molly. Yes. This is something that I've specialized in since nineteen eighty-five. I had the great Fortune to be invited by the Cuban government to go there in 2008 and I went there three more times after that to work with their doctors at the Finlay Institute and his boss Google the Finlay Institute, they'll see that's an Institute that makes vaccines but the Cuban doctors and scientists are genuine scientists. They will look at everything off. And all they're concerned about is what is best for the patient. And so the the doctors and scientists at the Finlay Institute. They were having trouble with leptospirosis, which is a disease basically often brought about by the severe hurricanes. They have their which leaves standing water in its way and took the disease is carried off in through rodent urine goes into the water supply and people become infected that way. So in 2007, they had some very bad hurricanes in 2008. It was even worse but unbeknown to me they'd use my protocols that I'd publish to implement a homeopathic immunization or homeoprophylaxis program against let those porosis and it was massively successful so much so that in 2010 when we had the swine flu scare off. Which swept the planet people spend billions of dollars getting a vaccines etc for that and it ended up finding out I heard that happens to covid-19. Is a possibility. Yes. These natural diseases have a cycle and they just go but the Cuban government instructed them in 2010 to immunize the whole country over ten million people homeopathically against swine flu. And when I went there after that time to study the data there were so few cases. We couldn't say anything but at the same time that mu9000 me a pathic leggings pneumococcal disease and there was a massive decline in in that particular year. So these studies are very important. So actually the Cuban government has decided they're not going to waste billions of dollars on a vaccine that may or may not come that may or may not be particularly effective that may or may not be in probably won't be all that bad. I have actually immunized pretty much most of their country by now homeopathically. Now some data came out. I'm fortunate in that I'm a p review for a an overseas medical journal and the first article about this came out a little while ago and I was very excited to see it. Unfortunately the data was only to the 30th of April. But by that time they demonized over five million people homeopathically and the Cuban populations 11.3 million so that may six point three million were unprotected and when we looked at the cases in the protected and the unprotected group, we saw a measure of Effectiveness around 94% which is incredible. Well, that's messy. Yeah, but I don't believe it'll be that high when all of the data comes in over the whole period of time that is a very good reading off. The research that I've conducted I've found that the average is between about eighty-six to ninety percent Effectiveness with homeoprophylaxis against the whole range of infectious diseases with against which it's been used. So I think that'll probably come down closer to 90 or maybe just a little bit less, but I can tell you right now Molly that that's going to be probably twice as effective any vaccine that may come because the FDA in America is already stating that they'd be happy with the 50% Effectiveness and pull the lower confidence limit of 30% So in other words, they will pass up a vaccine if it's only 30% effective and I can tell you right now a vaccine that's only 30% effective is not going to eliminate any outbreak of anything now why damage it caused two people and the cost to the government? Well absolutely dead. And I would just say that anyone that you hear on T running around saying we will not be out of this until there's a vaccine beware of them because they're not telling you the truth. They may believe it's the truth. I'm not saying they're lying but it is not the truth. There are so many ways out and this is one of them. So I'm just recommending this aesthetic free to be part of the overall way out because if and and by the way, I don't believe it should be mandatory. It shouldn't be I don't believe in a mandatory medical interventions people should be given the option to take it or not. But if people are told the truth that it is of significantly effective and there's no record of any toxic damage. You can't get the disease. You can't share it and give it to someone else. There's no aluminium formaldehyde. There's no other biological materials, so it can't cause you any wage. Damaged card increase the burden of chronic disease if people are told that as the truth many many people a majority will probably be happy to get it and it'll be wage free. It'll cost the government one 30th of what it would the vaccines would cost think of the money that will save in yeah, of course it is, but she only one of the steps and if people didn't want to do that, that should be there right but there are all these other steps we talked about in step to where they can both prevent and treat wage tipped full please mark But and just don't go back. Thanks Mike, but at the bottom of step 3, there were a couple of references to the articles in peer-reviewed journals that I published last year talking about the evidence and if people want to look at it, they can if they want to go onto my website right at the bottom of the the page about immunization. There's a link to a free article that they can download for free talking about the evidence talking about eighty-six to ninety percent Effectiveness. Okay. Can I just interrupt just a question that's come in when you say affecting you talking effective against spread of disease or against the impacts of the virus. Basically, what we're talking about is that if a person is exposed to the this virus or any other disease which has been targeted they don't get symptoms of the disease. Okay. So in other words in in the medical system that we know it in Australia people only talk about immunity in regards to antibodies home. They say if you've got a lot of antibodies your immune if you don't have any antibodies, you're not immune that's actually not correct. We know from the real world that people with antibodies still get the disease black people would no antibodies who were exposed can be immune because there are many levels of immunity there's innate immunity and adaptive immunity. So the antibody responses part of adaptive immunity. We believe the homeoprophylaxis works by stimulating innate immunity in a totally different way. It's not an attempt to mimic vaccinations the goal of this is similar by the way, Molly. I don't know if people know this but vaccines were first used in 1796 homeopathic immunisation was fog You seven eight ninety-eight. So they're both been around for over two hundred ninety-five. And of course, they didn't have mobile phones to talk between England and Germany. They didn't have nice long chat shows like this the the the doctors who were working on these things are working totally independently using totally different methods. So we're basically talking about a method designed to make a person a men activating a different part of the immune system to the part that vaccines activate bath with the goal that if a person is exposed to the virus or the bacteria or anything else that they will not get symptoms of the disease in other words in effect in the real meaning of the word the immune. Yes. Yeah. Yeah the true meaning of what a new needs absolutely. Can we go back please Mike and yeah, that was a game. Question, okay now basically step four is just saying every state should have best practice because the reason why Victoria did so badly compared to all the other states was that it well the bottom line is the leadership was Dreadful entry points rather sees where in fact people arrived there was a fail their quarantine areas housing potentially infected people. They failed their they failed protecting hospital staff. People are doctors and nurses had to bring their own PPE for God's sake that was affected residential communities along with the federal government. They failed their and effective contract contact tracing not only as they refuse help they had a system which didn't work particularly. Well, and in fact, they've learned a lot from other states, especially in New South Wales, but there was a recent incident there was on the news tonight in victor e e We're contact tracing had not done what it needed to do. If we have got the integrative Medicine options and the homeopathic immunization options in pack ice and we've got best practice in all of these areas. We can safely open up the country and live alongside covert next slide, please mark wage and that's the purpose of you know, what the health Australia's now you want to miss one. That would be pretty good mileage. And that's it. That's it. Sorry Molly Isaac. Just a question. That's come in. Is it true that the swab tests don't actually test for Palm Cove it Molly. I'm not going to give an opinion on that because there's so much conflicting information about the effectiveness or otherwise of the tests. I don't know I dunno I was talking to someone who's very knowledgeable in this area the other day and thought that person was saying that the pc-based tests can be extremely accurate. But if the handling of the test is not done absolutely perfectly wage, they can give a lot of false readings. So in other words he was saying they're so sensitive that even if only one molecule of contaminated material comes into the test through the hands off. Taste is or whatever the whole test can give it a false result. I really don't want to make a give an opinion about the testing overall. I've seen very credible people question the tests and say the PC our tests can't do it at all and not affect it at all. I've seen very credential. May I say the exact opposite and once again, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle, but what it does raise of course is a lot of Doubt as to the accuracy of the figures. We're getting like we spoke about earlier. It's the same with my swearing. So in case someone asked the same question about masks I've read probably half a dozen articles by very very well-qualified scientific people. Not naturopaths anomia has scientists saying that the molecules of the virus is so tiny. They pass through masks song. For mask-wearing isn't effective. But also there's been a new piece of research that's come out very recently saying that actually the wearing of masks is between forty and sixty percent effective. And I mean intuitively you'd think if you had a barrier there, it's got to help somehow rather. I mean Common Sense sort of said says going to do something but then they took the guys have said well because it's Error sold it's going straight through the walls, unless you have an incredible mask. I don't know that The Final Answer Molly. In fact, a lot of the final answers archives. We probably what nice a Year's. Yes. Yeah. That's true. I think I personally believe that mask-wearing should be mandatory except in extremely high-risk situation. Like as we said Hospital wards where people who with covid-19 treated that's obvious you take every precaution you possibly can it would be silly not to the problem off. Have you see the sorry, let me go back one step the health. Australia party has five pillars as you well know one of the pillars is a healthy environment and that we're not talking so much about that tonight, but the other four pillars are really really relevant when we talk about coded a healthy democracy now, our democracy is being threatened at the moment by pieces of legislation in different states and by the federal government, which are basically giving people the rights over us over our bodies and particularly. We know our prime minister. We know the minister the premier of Victoria and I think probably a couple of other programs have said they support mandatory vaccination. Now the health Australia party is not an anti vaxx party. We have argued long and hard about this we've gone to the Press Council of Australian. And we've won a case against a major newspaper, but we totally opposed mandatory vaccination particularly in this case because it is highly unlikely the vaccine will be particularly effective or safe and we talked a little bit about that earlier. So yeah, well that's also a case of whether it's actually possible technically to actually produce an effective vaccine against covid-19 has people have been trying for decades. Were there any success took a democracy when he was a healthy Society is another pillar of the health Australia party and our society is being torn apart. Let's talk about Mars. Let's say they were optional. People now who can't wear masks because they're severely asthmatic and I had a patient the other day exactly in this situation. She has been abused constantly wage has been going into shops in Victoria why people with masks because she's not wearing one. She can't wear one. I did a webinar with some Germans the other day about two weeks ago and prior to our conversation. In fact, I think it's it's probably just finish running. But prior to our conversation the the German colleague over there said that three young children had died from wearing masks in Germany because they were effectively suffocated. So there are people who can't wear masks, but the way that the media is dead analyzing people who can't and the politicians it's tearing our society apart. We also of course, you know talk about healthy people and that's wrong. Important we want people to have the best possible health care and that means the best possible options being allowed and as we just talked about with Colby that means knowing all of the integrative Medicine options that are available and the homeopathic immunisation option and all of the other herbs and other things that can be used to make a person both more resistant and better able to be treated and I've missed one. I think that's only for what did I miss Molly down the mold themselves. So yeah, the we've done democracy we've done Society wage is Five Pillars the Five Pillars working on anyway V one as well as also I'm very embarrassed now, I don't even remember what time Back in 2015, but this is so important that this is why we are trying to tonight say something positive to people it's not all about, you know, negative things. It's not all about who failed and what they were doing. It's not all about who was being complicit in hiding information from people. There are there's a positive message in a positive option here that we can tell people about and this is the whole purpose of what we're trying to do Mike. Could we go back to number five or place? Yeah. So we believe that if the what we've talked about earlier is done, then we can safely reopen state borders remove lock Downs make mask-wearing optional and provide open and honest wage. Information to Citizens. This is the crucial thing Molly, you know providing the truth to people a lot of people mistrustful these days and you can write off so yeah, absolutely. So yeah and it's such a shame because I know that the average doctor out there and certainly the average nurse. I mean, these are people who are dedicated to trying to help other people that they've been given wrong information just as we have and this is once again what the Harvard University thing showed the extent to which information given to doctors and other health professionals in their training has been manipulated by the pharmaceutical drug cartels. I mean to me there's a conspiracy in in me saying that at all because the evidence of how they behave is in the public record. Yes from one of the most prestige prestigious University wage. The world not by some, you know, no no names who people have never heard of before so we know that that happens. We know that it is happening in Australia because of what's happened in Australia particularly with the nhmrc reports and some of the the fact for example a number of my colleagues who are Integrative Medicine doctors off the registration has been removed because they have spoken up about issues. Like what they can do for covert about vaccinations and this is wrong wrong, you know, very wrong. These are doctors who have put their livelihoods on the line to help people. These are people that should be held up as Heroes not demonized or vilified. Yeah. Yeah quite agree next slide, please Mike So basically what we're trying to say from the health Australian perspective is firstly we don't know everything about Bob wanted We Dine have all the answers. We're still learning just as everyone else in the world is learning about this there probably are dark Deeds being down in the background. And when now I wouldn't say that I was about to enter one of the rabbit holes and I'll keep away from that. But basically it is almost dead that well known people in high places not necessarily in Australia, but in other countries have done things which history will bring to light and will show them to be people of great Darkness who certainly have not had the the welfare of people around the world at heart. Yes boss. So there's a hell of a lot more for us to learn about this. But what we have put up here we can go to chat now. Thanks Mike. What we've got. Are evidence-based options that people I hope will start investigating. And as I said at the beginning this is why we put up some slides here. So people would come back and just flick through the slides and if they want to listen to a particular part where we're talking about that part they can do that and they've got a bit of evidence. They've got a few links. They're the things that they can look at and learn more in fact, and in fact Molly on that slide where we were talking about the vitamin C and the zinc remember there was a with a link at the bottom that wasn't to that town hall that you can find that on the health Australia website that was actually to a something that I only just received a few days ago, which I haven't had time wage. Right into the our outline our guide out of these lockdowns. It was a brilliant summary of Integrative Medicine options package that included quite a few extra ones more in the natural medicine side, of course, but quite a few options that weren't on the original list that we're given so that long there anyone who's interested in reading that it's a wonderful piece of research done about the many many options. We can use and things that you can go down to the health food store or even the pharmacist and buy, you know to strengthen you against first of all coming down with covert or if you do mm lessen the intensity or the the effect of the disease and can I just say one last thing which I didn't have in here now, I'm speaking just as a homeopath right now. It's been interesting. Hearing the number of people who have had covid-19. Why it removes the layer of distress and the same thing would be true with covered if we were allowed in this country to be able to use that which were not home. So, you know, there's so many good enough. Yeah, we need big changes and we can no longer sit back and just accept what's going on because it's just not good enough. Yeah absolutely wage. I totally agree have there been many more questions come in Mali while we've been talking no, no lots of comments that people lots. Okay, but not a lot of questions, Okay, that's fine. So we're getting close to the End by the way. I don't have a clock. Yep. Yep. Oh good. We can recognize. So I mean what I'd like to say to whoever's listening The health Australia party is is genuinely a Santa party. We're not a left-wing or right-wing party will support labor will support liberal Nationals. If we feel what they're doing is good and we'll speak out against what they may be doing if we feel it's not good. We have our five pillars, Please go to the website and not rely on my memory, which is failing way past my bedtime and you'll see those $5,000. I really a recipe for balance for a a whole healing of the Australian Community because health is not just a matter of whether we got high blood pressure or whether we take medication. We need help in the environment with the physical area where we live. This is why for example, we oppose 5G dead. Because whilst physical pollution is obvious and there's way too much of that and I love you know, seeing initiatives to try and reduce the amount of Plastics in the environment all that sort of stuff that there's there's more than just physical pollution. There's electro-magnetic pollution. And one thing Molly. I heard the other day, you know how we had all those emails that were beached and died in Australia in Africa. There was apparently a herd of elephants that all suddenly died from some sort of they thought it was a heart attack just be home for that mask had trying another sixty-something satellites to Circle Earth to beam down more stuff on us now whether that's a coincidence or not a correlation is not causation, but the amount of electromagnetic stuff going through as must be just it's unimaginable compared to a century go home. So a healthy environment is so important as we talked about a healthy democracy a healthy Society. All of these things are really really important as well as healthy people. It's really significant. If you support these principles, please support the health Australia party cuz we are trying our best way to bring these into place but the only way we're going to be completely successful is to get some people into parliament's the next election is in wa and then the earphone knowing that we're going to have a whole range of elections in different states as well as a federal election coming up not long after that. So please support the health Australia party. There's very few agents you're doing a fantastic job along with Mike in between whiskeys and there are a few other people. There are a few other people in Iraq. States are also doing a wonderful job that if you want to help us, please do so. So thank you Molly. Thanks for the opportunity of talking about the proposal proposed options. We have for a a way to live alongside without fear without lockdowns without the terrible destruction to society to families to businesses. It's something which needs to change and it can change now because there are options to change it. Absolutely. Yep, spot-on thinks alacak take your time and all the information that you've shared with us. It's marvelous. Thank you so much. Thank you. And thanks Mike everyone. Thank you so much for joining us and staying with us tonight. And again, I hope you've gotten as much out of tonight's talk as as I have. It's it's good to have the slide so you can go back and birth. Look at those. Well remedies the possible options of looking after yourself a little bit more and take care of everybody else do but fails Australian party when the time comes because we're here for you with actually got your back. Good night everyone. I hope you have enjoyed listening to this episode of the news podcast. Please consider supporting our party in building a healthier Australia by becoming a member see our website ww.w. Australia body and look for the join us links. And that's it for health Australia party for tonight God by for now.

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Bringing Up Bates: Poor Planning for Puritanical Parties

TV Literate

1:16:34 hr | 4 months ago

Bringing Up Bates: Poor Planning for Puritanical Parties

"Hello everyone welcome to tv literate. A podcast the unapologetically enjoys trashy tv. I'm jillian and i'm megan here. Yeah it's almost the end of. May god damn i know like next weekend's memorial day weekend i think it's like wasn't it just memorial day weekend. I think it was like two days ago. Yeah it's crazy Cova time it just it just different than the rest of the time. We're still in cova time so you it hits different covid time sarah yawned. How dare you yon so boring. Now does tired. Sorry i'm boring. You jelly in. You've heard me just by saying your name. Well let's talk about something not boring. Let's talk about tv. What have you been watching this week. Jillian oh man so. We watching a lotta movies this week. Like we've been really going hard on all of the like small like netflixing hulu and release shit from eighteen twenty twenty and twenty one that we have missed there've been some some good ones big stinkers but that's kind of all we've been doing other than we did start watching the new season at haunted net flicks. Oh nice yeah. I don't know that's about it but if you've been watching i think my answer is literally exactly the same as it was last week. I've been watching a little bit of argue. The one i finished up sees three awful. I mean here now and we've really been watching true blood though that's been our main focus as of late sh season three and we've been started season for getting into well. We're almost season for this point. I think yeah. We got into like the witches and housing fiona shaw aka and petunia. Play a witch. Which was you know a little crazy. But she does a great job so she does and every time you say true blood just here by now now now now but title. Downpo- that intro. It's one of my all time favorite. tv on shows. It's so good. It's one that we never skip. I never skip it like part of the show. We skip so much like so many intros and it's reasonable but this one no just sit there for like the full minute and a half. Never get tired doesn't fits it fits so well with the vibe of the show. It just worked it just so perfect. I don't know what you've done. Much true of god cloud i used to put that on like Driving playlists oh yeah. It's really like amp up and be like yeah like really fucking to lose your mind to it And you're like thirteen hours into a seventeen hour road trip. And you're like. I just got a troop. Let it get through gotta be managed through it. You know stealing survive finished. Finish to audiobooks. Just got to try and survive. Yes but speaking of intros. Oh my favorite in travel time so we are back this week. We're back to our our roots of just hating on sundays. Because yeah that's her favorite thing to do. And we got some requests to go back and do more of the bates family from seville hers. And i mean we're gonna do you guys want us to do and also what we want to do. Which is trash off undies. Yeah i mean we're going to do what we wanted to. But like we obviously take your suggestions into account definitely. Oh so today. We're gonna talk about the first half of the second season of bringing up bates from up safe and samui. Tv our fight them family. They should pay us. The shouldn't yeah. I do not want to be sponsored by anything like this no good. I don't want them to know. We exist honestly. Yes that would be ideal. Let's just jump bad. Let's just go go and do this so we've got bring bates season two episode one all together now now. I hate this episode because it just reminded me again that the fucking won't celebrate just like really simple secular holidays with any form of normalcy like valentine's day. It's like yeah. Why do you have to be extra rename it. I love you day like it's literally. This sounds like exactly the same thing as valentine's day. Like why do you guys gotta be extra about it. Yeah i don't get it. I don't like no one's worshiping. Saint valentine on valentine's day. No really no at least not anymore. That's for sure. I don't even know if they ever did. Let's i don't think so. But google that yeah i mean. I think saint valentine's died like getting shot a lot by aero's so like yeah not great now not really. Yeah i hate. I hate how they do. Holidays the fundamentalist. It's weird but yes so starting out with this episode. We have olisa in john. Being in from florida for a visit. Elissa is eight months pregnant and she talks a little bit about how road trips are different. while you're pregnant because you have to make a lot of stops which i can imagine that i mean i can't imagine making more stops than i have to. I always have to pee on road trips like every hour. I'm like gotta be i have. I have a huge bladder. So let's my blood. Sugar is really high. I usually could just go man. You're so lucky. I know i've literally waited in line to go to the bathroom. Gone to the bathroom gone out and then had to go back in line. Because i had a nice nice iconic iconic ladder. We love it anyway because they have a big weekend ahead of them. The bates do all. The couples are in town including brandon. Who is dating kayla And they have lots of plans. Including i love you jay which is like. We talked about literally. Just valentine's day like on valentine do to all of your family members. It's like yeah. That's what valentine's day is you guys. How good job. Good job. I hated when eliza aaron both got into the house and gil said guys belly to belly in. Yeah i'm i'm chill with dudes excited about pregnant women. Having babies being excited for additions to the family et cetera. But like please don't do that. Don't don't say belly to belly. Don't push daughters bellies together. 'cause that's weird. It's very weird for sure for sure. I also every time elissa comes into this can house. They're like oh it's so sad that you live so far away we never see. You just used to seeing everybody in. its like. Y'all got a chill. Yeah for real there. So i can't imagine i can't imagine mary again to this family. Mostly i was thinking about like john who he seems to be a lot more like hesitant around the family and which i think he's just shy person too but it's like god i can't imagine just have with that and not having grown up that way while i'm like the worst part is like thus far all of the dudes that these women are marrying the only like real noticeable. Like flaw of them is that they're evangelical in the same way like they all seem really nice and supportive and emotionally in tune in shit but like then they just marry into this bat shit family. That can't ever let anyone exist for a second alone. Yeah yeah it's just in everyone's always n each other's business and there's like this kind of agreed upon saying that like secrets stone exist like you literally can't tell anybody anything and not only that but like even now it's like they they just based sue that because there's a likelihood that they will tell the secret that they just don't have to even try to keep the secret and that's not cool. It's not cool. no no especially. Because most of the time it's like spoiling someone's surprise from their significant other spoiling the gender of a baby. Or not your shit to talk about so now. Just keep your mouth shut. It's not a secret. It's not yours to tell so. They have a big family needing to plan. I love day. The i love you each party that they're having so they made this into a let me talk about a big family holiday that kind of includes gift and They're planning to go shopping the next day to get gifts. This whole thing is just so evangelical family like everyone roles in on thursday and then they have a. I love you day on a friday and a baby shower on saturday and they've done zero planning or like shopping for any of these things. I cannot tell you how stressed out. I felt like watching this and just watching always watching and the way they wait till the last minute to plan everything these huge events and they just like. It's just it's too much. It's so chaotic yet. This would be a lot easier in like not as stressful and fuck yup plan like up at a time. Right right off god So while or right after their meeting Suddenly a quartet of old men in orange vests show up in the house and trying to figure out who she's they're there therefore and it ends up being for whitney from zack. Like added even now. This like barbershop quartet of bed. It's singing because it's a barbershop quartet. But they called themselves the three nice guys. Yeah there's four of them. Yeah i don. I don't like the bates. Picked up on that weirdness. Yeah like was there originally supposed to be three and one of just like weasel their way in or do they not know out or as one man just bad good point. Maybe it's usually the three guys in one bad daddy exam god. I don't know the i hate. I'm so i feel so bad for how much i dislike. Carlynn tori this whole part. Because i'm like. I know their teenage girls like at this point. They're just teenage girls. May yeah yeah. They're they're going for sure agreed this part where they're like. Oh you know. It's romantic nece. I just made up that. We're get it. Romantic ness like everyone else's the dumb one. Yeah yeah we. We could not understand that for ourselves. Thank you yeah and you just say romantic. Yeah you don't need to add extra syllable. That's like some kate. Gosselin shit kate. Gosselin does on all the time. I mean i'll do it but like if i'm talking to people i think like honor show if i was doing a talking head. Yeah making up. Words words to the cats and the dogs and stuff. Gale and kelly take all of the couples out to dinner for like eight double date type thing which is weird a quintuple day. That what they called the. That's yeah i just can't imagine like going on a double date by parents and then calling it a double eight. I don't know just like you. Just go out to eat with your family. Yeah exactly like yeah. It's strange. I mean i hate the concept of double dates in general like just be friends going out and eating dinner together. Yeah exactly yeah. It doesn't have to be like a date thing. Yeah they go to fucking hibachi of course macci. I know i'm white. I love new botchy botchy because way to perceived by the person doing the hibachi so like that's mostly what i don't want you making eye contact with me and like talking to me when i'm not prepared is fair. I get that. I just love hibachi. Food mostly That's fair. I do love to flash red flash fried food good yemi so they play a mom's questions right there to botchy table yet because they can't just like i dunno be normal. I can't just discuss things. Yeah so have like different questions like the first question is to tell a funny story from when they were dating there other question was what surprised you most about your spouse after you got married or started courting depending on where you are in relationship also during this question apparently aaron just leave the refrigerator door open and walks away from it. She said both coming back to it. And it's like no open or milk apart from like the whole energy efficiency thing like you know the way she was talking about it she was like like we are the double ones for closing. The refrigerator would leave. I mean i space out a lot of things. I leave cabinets open all the time. Yeah cabinets say one thing. I never leave a fridge open. Also our fridge yells at us so yeah ours does too. Thank god because our fridge has an issue with like you have to sometimes it as close all the way and thank god yells at us because we got the new fridge because for my birthday three years ago kris got me a q. Cake and the freezer didn't shy all the way and so the entire thing melted all over the inside of the freezer. Oh that's great. Yeah we got a whole new friend. Fuck this yeah. I don't blame you there. And then the last question they ask. Is there fondest memory together fucking hated this part. Because john said being alone together finally. Yeah and i'm like you guys are also obsessed the telling people have sex also like that should be like a highlight of your relationship. That should be the first date gave not necessarily sex. I'm saying but like sandy alone time being allowed the person to know them having like yeah intimate one on one conversations. That's what i are four but bundy land. Okay so four. I love you day. Each child gets to draw a name To buy gifts for that other child and they do this to kind of prevent the same kids from like picking the same kids. I mean they do this to use their children to each other. Yes pretty much so again. We want all of our kids to help bond with each other and so they have like orchestrate it because they have so many heads that it's not natural it wouldn't be natural for them to just be like. Oh yeah should probably get to know what my brother likes Yeah like they don't often hang out like the little kids and like the big kids together so that it was. I guess it's nice like any. Obviously it's disturbing to be in that situation. Given how many kids you have but like it is nice to see that compared to the duggar buddy system thing. It's like the same kids altogether like these older kids. Take care of the younger kids and then like always in the same groups. It's it's nice. It's not like that. At least at least not as apparently like that in the bates. Yeah oh yeah. I mean i know that all the older girls definitely raise all the younger kids. But it's not as regimented right so they go to a little gift store to pick out eleven gifts save twenty five dollars to span feelings. I have in my notes from this part is a quote lawson which is whenever we go to any store. My dad's start sweating like crazy. I know i know. And then they hyped it up and they never told us how much he spent like. They told us how much they spent at in season. One at the goodwill shot down. Every like you can't just tease that. I want to know how much all the gifts costs horea so there are two parts of this that we did not address yet so the first is that they passing. -ly refer to that little like fuck in dining table at the front of their house. The benches table. They call it the courting booth care that here at all. Now you get a you get it across the table from each other. Right here at mcdonalds won't simulated date. Yeah it's very weird and then fucking gill the psychopath. Somehow this man is such a fucking psychopath. He says nothing like a secret to create an atmosphere of connection. It's like. I don't think that's how secrets work now. That's not that's not now. A relationship should be founded on secrets. That's not a healthy foundation. I really don't feel more connected to anybody when i find out. They've been keeping a secret from me. No surprises sure like secret. Santa like what they're doing is totally fine. Like that's cool and connection activity but like it's not because of the secret right now back at the house. They're moving furniture round. Everyone's getting ready for the party. Which again. I think it's just the family but that's still a lot of people. It's like twenty five people altogether right Brandon is working on a surprise gift for gillan. Kelly they are. The boys are tasked with putting the pignon up in the house. And the just fuck in. Backup a fucking crane. Yeah just absolutely the most chaotic possible. Solution ya link no. They're not gonna even like drill in a hole in a wall and create a police system or something. No they're going to back up a crane. Yeah i'm stick it through a window in the house just going for that. Is one hundred percent like what my husband would do if he had access to a plane so thankfully does not have access to a creed easily. Because i feel like it would be bad. I know what we're getting a next year for his please. You'll deal with any of the all set of medical bills we get from heave false also of gear house to Day wrap all the gifts they decorate the house. Dinner's ready. they have a little bit of a dinner together. Emphasizing taking time for others of blah blah blah. I hate how often they say the word fellowship in the seven all in the first season and now it's like so the city mission nothing city mission. We went yet. Donated stuff down there and the guy who runs it was telling us that two dudes had gotten into a fight and that he that's why he was late. Whatever we were you know whatever anyways see said that they were having some intense fellowship. And that's all i can think of. That's how it how he described having a fight is weird. I don't understand the word fellowship. They use it as every like every part of the sentence a verb. It's now it's just like let's say let's fellowship in visit. Sounds right to me and now we're gonna go fellowship. Yeah or like yeah. It's it's weird. I don't know how they use. I noticed that too. They use it so much. In these episodes i hate it. I hate the word fellowship. Yeah 'cause it's job so fucked by religion I don't know this whole thing was weird. Everything they were saying during this part was just weird like gilding like sometimes people don't show love back to you so you have along the way someone's going to hurt your feelings and the best thing to do is say i'm just going to forgive you and it's like can you imagine fucking jim bob saying that because i can just been like. Just forgive josh. Oh definitely that for sure I don't know. Yeah gillis full on the road at this table and it's just it's really interesting to hear these people talk about loving others Accepting others of life forgiving others. But it's just like so hypocritical because we feel that only goes for like people like them. Yeah you know that they have their trump tori twenty hats stored in the closet when the phone comes right right. It's it's just it's just throw rich coming from you folk grill. Fucking rich and speaking of tennessee just passed a fucking bill. The governor signed into law today. That says that any establishment that it was willing to serve trans people must now have a sign saying that it does not matter what biological sex you art enter any of the restrooms. What the fuck. It's so fucked. Are they like this. Why are people like this. And he's got to have somebody to blame all the world's problems on cod. Yeah anyway they do their little gift exchange and it went. Well i guess yeah Brandon made the bates family tree with everyone's picture on it which got brownie points from gillan. kelly It was cute. Yeah yeah a cute little gift for soon to be in laws. Yeah definitely an in-law guest. Yeah no shame. In second up there So the part of this when they're exchanging gifts and they're talking to the little boys and little boys were excited about their gifts to thank people and then they asked him. So what are you doing. Someone gives you a gift you said you thank them and then you hug them and then i realized that every single one of them did that like you think the person and then you get up and you hug them and i don't know it was so weird. It just felt like it was kind of like office secret. Santa party where people are trying to foster relationships. Yeah it's it's weird for sure definitely like it doesn't the dynamic. There is so weird in these huge families compared to like. I don't know. I only one sibling. So yeah it's it's weird. It seems so weird. Like i think i could probably get around like five kids. Yeah like everybody could know each other. Yeah but then. It's like once you get past that. It's just way too chaotic. And there's too much difference between like the first the last kid if you have them all at the same time rate age difference and he is so after i love night kelly joe is like i just haven't done anything for the navy shower so goes to the grocery store at midnight. God these people stress me out so fucking much. I just can't imagine it being like midnight. The day of the baby shower may like. Oh yeah i still have to get stuff for the baby shower and not like last minute stuff like like this stuff. Yeah yeah it's not like picking up pre prepared food. It's like she went to go. Buy all the stuff to. Yeah to right so stressful. So then we are at the baby shower. All of the kids get assigned roles for the shower. They set up the decorate it on our everyone's going and then is this where they forgot the kids. Look that's the that's the other baby shower. That's errands baby shower talk. Yeah there's there were two baby showers in the seven episodes too many too many pregnant people. Yeah but yet they. It's like chaotic setting out but everything goes fine. They play games. The first game they play is like a match the price to the baby item game which is like the best type of game to play at a baby shower like i planned my sister-in-law david shower next specifically two games like this that were like cool because some games have baby. Showers are not no no. They're not very collaborative. Like you can't really like watch. Guess along right. Yeah because the like the next game they play. Is that awful ribbon game which talking hate at. Whoever does this at my baby shower will be like i'll kill them before the do ya like. It's just. I don't know it's not great to be like. Oh how big. It's just not a good game not a good game. No like if you wanna do like a bat on the baby at that point do like what day and our is. She gallon the labor kind of yes. What are saka jelly beans. I don't know right So yeah the open gifts after the game after game and get a lot of gifts at the end of this episode. Gil makes plans with brandon to get together with his parents Before the relationship progresses any further. I'm still wild out that they were recording for over a year and a half before. I know it's proposed. Seems crazy law Compared to other funds that were used to having like a month and a half courtship and then two months of age men and varied. Yeah it's wild. I guess i dunno michael Has a lot of patients. Yeah i guess you gotta being one of the top oldest girl's right yeah comes with the territory. God okay so episode to future in laws. So yeah this kinda leads right in from the last episode. kelly gill and mike. La are going to chicago to meet with brandon. I think brandon's currently in chicago and his parents live in michigan and so they're all eating in chicago and the parents have said before and they know brandon's parents very well but they have it like sat down and had like our kids are serious about each other kind of meeting at which feels weird again. Yeah i don't know why parents brokering children's relationships very weird. It is weird. Yeah i'm just thinking like my parents and colors. Parents didn't meet each other until we moved together. And it didn't feel like weird to me you know like Not like having you meet person's parents yes married like make sure that you're not like a serial killer right but like to sit down and hammer out. What their marriage is going to be. Like is very weird yet is for sure. I dunno. brandon's mom looks crazy. In this whole part. I don't know what it is. It's something about those like poof bangs. That come out. Yeah i wanna know more her backstory. Like why she the way that she is more about her. And why does brandon look like so fresh and young but like his sister's like older and now we're kind of look alike kaz. he adopted. Did i miss a plot point. That's a good question because yeah his of. I don't know how many siblings sea has at least three sisters later on in these episodes and some of them looked like significantly older than him. Yeah alec andrew seems quite a bit older than yeah but maybe he just looks like freakishly. That's sure okay. So he's one of one two three four five six seven eight nine so he's right in the middle of ten. Okay well. I guess that would make sense for why. There's such big age gap because they're so fucking many of them so yeah he's three rd youngest. Somebody says his three bottom anyway. Sorry i don't think he's adopted but he is young. Okay yeah but i mean that makes sense that they are so many of them. And that's why there's such big gaps in there in the siblings okay so while the parents are in chicago chattan. Aaron are stay over at the big house. The family house in the compound and helping to take care of the the younger kids. They're being mom and dad is kelly. Joe says yes which is weird. Yeah it is weird. Because it's like your siblings. So that's why. But i mean it is good practice like aaron pregnant so i mean gotta get used to taking care of kids who So they're also while they're there. Aaron chad are planning on working on a project for kelly. And they're helping to renovate her bedroom since at kelly expressed interest in this. And yeah they wanna make the bedroom brighter. Ken nice place. Vertu relax That ended up cute. Yeah yeah it was nice. It was a nice thing to do. Yeah it was like an actual like thoughtful gift. Yeah definitely so. They meet up with brandon's parents and gilles like heard about deep dish pizza. I heard that it might take too deep dish pizzas feed the whole clan for real. Can you just like i think about that. Every time i think about that blows my mind about how sucking much of a hassle. Las beater seed nineteen children every day over and over again. It's just like way too much work. Yeah and like they'll die without. You can't dislike no out rate. They don't make money. they're yeah they're poor. It's over for them. Yeah so the go and get fucking pizza. Yeah and At this dinner. Kelly is really fishing for information. About when brandon's to propose it was like annoying. Is howard so annoying. Yeah just let it be a secret or like. Ask him when he's not there with michael. Yeah it's just it was just over and over again. That's like we get them to get engaged like it'll happen it happens. Just yeah relax. Just shut up his finished school now. I'm sure it's going to happen soon. Right yeah they talk a little bit about the idea of michael having to move at living in chicago. Maybe after they're married and it's sad they're sad. Everyone's always sad when someone flies the coupe happens. I guess it's kinda sad but like she's gonna go starter on life. Yeah it's happy it's happy. Yeah now i get it is. It's hard because like my mom. Felt the same way. When i moved here like she was sad that i was moving farther away like very happy that you know i was like. Oh i'm with the person that i love and i'm like doing what i'm supposed to review and making my own life that it's it's hard i get it. It is hard. Yeah yeah So then they go to the pottery place name pottery which wasn't very exciting. They're just his in her mugs and mountain relief. Big happens after this. I think they go out to dinner again. Or something and brandon guild to the and kinda talk to him. A little bit tells her tells them a little bit about his plans. And i mean it's not to the side. He pulls girl into the men's bathroom chat in a potty. Exactly where you're supposed to do those things like you know. I'm going to think of when i asked for your dad's hand your hand from your dad. We were initiator in shitter justice. Applebee's not classy romantic things with bates Yeah gil doesn't plan on filling kellyanne on any of the details because she can't keep a secret so that's good and yeah brandon puncture because he says valentine's day twenty sixteen. Yeah so like a whole 'nother year and she's like which was worth it. Yeah it's gotta f she if she's fish you gotta you gotta give her a little bit of a you throw it out give out exactly but yeah that's really about all i have for that. They return home for tennessee and see their bedridden and they love it. They appreciate it. S great and gil really likes to tell people that he knows when brennan's gonna propose look. Yeah he loves to keep that. Secret belts can action. Yeah the secrets. Secrets are the best foundation for any relationship. That's what we learned from. The base family episode very high risk high hopes so this episode starts off with aaron talking a little bit about her pregnancy talked about in the last episode. She has high risk pregnancy. She has to do injections multiple times a day. She has like a clothing issue and so she has to take like blood thinners and stuff. There's lots of risks involved with that. And yeah yeah We we learned that big his name is carson which. I don't think we had her. Yeah for. I don't think so. They just kinda snuck that in there which is mine so little baby carson is chillan and she needs more folic. Acid blood cells are still too big. But they're checking. The cord velocity to see that the placenta isn't being clotted off right rate and the doctor confirms that she will continue during the shots every day up until she goes into labour. Bloody body blah. God can you imagine being on blood thinners and you give birth now. That's terrifying spa. That's so scary for a second. I thought you were gonna be like. Can you imagine yourself shots every day. It'd be like yep. I can't i sure i imagine that. Actually no i know. I know i can definitely imagine that one. I just can't imagine being like. Oh yeah you know. i don't want. I'm going to go into labor but the last shot of blood thinner before i literally shoot a human out of my body and i not bleed to death. No thank you no. Thank you so Back at the the compound some of the middle and younger kids are building a sort of four g outside their house. You can really tell how late indoctrinated these kids are with. Where better than other people. Because they're like well we actually go outside and we have fun yeah. Tv or video games. But i distinctly remember just talking about this a bit like oh yeah like we go outside. We don't do an it's like do you. Guys think that like kids with Tv's ipods playstations. We we don't go outside to. We don't have that option because we do they. The do think that it's very fox. News thing kids these days. Vitamin d deficiencies. Because they never go outside near like well. We're in a pandemic right now. Also i do have a vitamin d deficiency. So you know. I do too happens but i feel like being outside. Wouldn't make that better for me. 'cause i would die of other things exactly what. Yeah so in an effort to spend some time with their younger siblings loss in nathan and trace take the younger boys golfing and they talk a little bit about how. It's hard to find time because they're all so busy now they're adults. Like what are they busy. I doubt nathan has school in a job but like you still live at home. Yeah yeah they tell a story about how in lawson and nathan younger nathan went to go pick up a gulf ball in lawson just straight up hit him in the face with the gulf club. And that's a very chaotic story. That is chaotic. God and confirms that lawson honestly. I think we're season two now. I think i'm safe to say that lawson is burgeon lawson is the surgeon and the jeremy for me like young. I cannot stand him and he seems awful. He seems so was like he. So cocky to at like the way he says things to all of his simply to like. I mean sure i get that siblings and always get along. But he's like yeah. You know we're really close this guy. Yeah no it's fine. He sucks yep fuck lawson yes so. Let's the aaron and chad. Have and whitney over for dinner and i just have to say baby. Bradley is so fucking cute. He'll alicia so cute. He's like the perfect. Maybe a so cute. And i mean like i feel like i might hate it in person because of who they are but the fact that they call him the fatman alarm. I love little chubby babies more than anything in the whole world. So shit yeah. I'm obsessed with tiny chubby babies. They're just like chunky and just having a good time so cute so yeah. They have the they talk about. Having a baby and kind of relate to that since errands pregnant chads seems to be really good with babies though which is good. Chad is just good at everything i thanked. Sounds like a really good dude. He does like he sees like a very helpful person. And i'm sure he's the fundamentalist like how good can they be but like He seems at least to be like a good husband and to actually care about his wife and his wife's happiness and he seems to like being around kids so honestly. I think most of the bates girls really are marrying up in like all of the factors like all their husbands are usually pretty educated. Pretty smart went to regular school right like they're kind. They're sensitive there. You know like all these things and whereas the doug is they just fucking married other trash people thin. Who's just donor harmless. I dunno go harmless. But he's just yeah. I would say harmless among like in at least relation to the other. Doug irs doug law. Yeah yeah yeah yeah I don't know again again. I want to like exact. But he's just to. John david for me yes. I like talking about like packing and everything. And he's like a whitney so organized. She's got this diaper bag going. And you're like okay. That sounds good. I have no idea what goes in it. I don't know most of its for and you're like that's no sound proud of the how. Yeah you should definitely know how to pack a diaper bag for your child. Your fucking wife dies in the your birth like learn. Learn how to do it before that happens if you don't normally do it that's fine if it's normally the other person that does but you should at least know how to do it in case of an emergency Anyways we're back at bates house compound after this And they are doing that falcon for fort and then the boys the big boys start shooting a little boys with the guns and i hate this. I hate this whole thing is nothing could be wholesome. They just hand to destroy out. Yeah it's just. They're just assholes attention has to be. They have to make sure the power trips known to everyone man. Yeah it's cool because you know that jeb judson really fucking care that they're powerful just not like they just idolize their brothers. Yeah somethin' all the last part is where they actually sit down and have that fucking dinner. Yeah i don't know why. I'm so sassy about that. But they they kind of just talk a little bit about errands pregnancy. She says she's been feeling better. She feels like the worst of it is over for her Which is very chekhov's gun of this whole season. Yes yeah exactly is the worst of it over. We will see Honestly okay so think out of all the sisters. I think erin is the jessica. Maybe just maybe ill. Because aaron seems like really like in line and to do stuff but we figure out all these little tidbits like she's never changed a diaper because she's like that. These aren't my kids. I'm not changing their diapers and she didn't know how to cook before she was married. Never cook for anyone. she's like. Oh you know if the smoke alarm goes off. that means. Dinner's done like it's just plan the second game like i'm not having it with this shit. I'll do it for my own family. But i didn't choose to have you all right. Are we ready to move onto the next episode. A many of saris so episode four is called me. Mom moves in. this episode. Starts with a little bit about trace. Josie getting braces and they talked about. How eight of their kids. Who had braces now. Which should know that so much money. Like what force. At least it was four thousand dollars or so when i had braces way back. Yeah me too. And i didn't have really effective teeth. I just had like normal bracelet For like a year and a half and two yeah it was expensive as fuck. Yeah i do love that. They're like you know. Sometimes people would pay for braces. Sometimes we'd just pay monthly payments on it and sometimes i cut down a tree for they were talking about. She's like yeah. We get creative with how we pay for. It's like god damn you people they also i love how they were talking about how they go to this orthodontist because for every additional sibling you bring you get five percent discount. And so they're like by the by the end of our kids they'll be paying us. Yeah they're gonna pay like twenty bucks for jeb bracing fuck. I don't know. I hated braces. When i had them. So all of these bracewell's teeth children. They were not fund. Now they're not and like you said like i didn't even have like anything crazy. I just had normal braces. So i had braces on the rubber bands. Like some of my friends had like the second pallet playoffs shit avid. Now i can't do it. My friends had braces for seven years. That's crazy that's to law. Apparently that's how long it took to get. Her teeth backing police but nice now than stressing moved so fuck it. Fuck that so. The other point of this episode was meemaw. Who's kelly's mob aka. Betty jo aka. Bj color bj. At what point. Which i really hope that means but guessing they don Anyway meemaw and her husband add to move closer to the kids and kelly wants them to move closer since thicken older. You know how it is and so they come into town and they're going how shopping yup and of course they're older and ed is housebound handicapped so they have to have something accessible with the little bedroom. Not too big pretty. You know upkeep so they go and look at a condo first which doesn't have a main level bedroom and ends up having three flights of stairs to get from the garage up for me and i'm thirty. Yeah exactly no thanks. I wanna eat shea my way down to the ground now Second house had two big yard. But it's pretty an more of what they want but they don't have a roll in shower with dumber and it's a little far So then after they see a couple of houses they kind of start talking about well. Maybe the best idea would be for you to just build your own house since you have. You know so many accommodations you need and it might be the best way to go. So that's kinda where they end up leading. I think towards the end of this. I really wanna know why bj. And ed and i think. Bj kind of in general has money like so much money because like all the kids were describing her as like the rich people house and like she's living in charleston south carolina. I think she was living in somewhere. Yeah i think so. Yeah like a place where it's not the cheapest housing. Yeah i dunno. It's very weird. I wanna know why yeah. I don't really know what what do they do. Have they get their money. Yeah good question. Have an empire that question so back over at the house. The kids are going to zaken. Whitney house for a sleepover. And while they're at the sleepover. Gil is surprising. Them by building a swing set And of course not with a swing set plans offer nothing but just use telephone poles and hope and a prayer and hope at a prayer. Yeah so like the first night that they're gone they he gets the older boys to kinda help them. Clear an area and I have a quote from him here. Which is well our problem was. We didn't have any plans or materials. And it's like yeah. That sounds like a problem that that sounds like a very specifically y'alls problem so that night they really finished kind of clearing the area digging holes. That's about it. The next morning they get back at work and as always things are taking way longer than they expected because no time management skills whatsoever knew that ten foot electrical poles were so heavy. I know everything everyone did. Yeah i would assume that for sure yeah. I don't think they're hollow. I think they're big while the boys are working on the swing set kelly. 'em all take the kids to a petting zoo to kill some time before they bring them back they are they feed campbell's they see a bunch of animals. It was a pretty depressing zoo. It was kind of like tiger king like lots of small cages. Senate not probably not great. Probably not great They're really liked the llamas and tried to get the llama spit at them. Which don't it smells really bad. Yeah thanks thanks. So then after they finish up there they come back. And they're like the outline of the sweet set up the actual like i don't now they don't even have any swings no swings nothing. Just like the the barebones of the swing set. You could be a swing set or the gallows and you never know. We'll see what it will see. How good your behavior is tonight will determine what this turns into and toll. It didn't cover this. But did you notice that in this part of the scene trace had his arm sling that he didn't have his arm and before i noticed that yeah he was just like standing off to the side and like his arms like in a black sling. Dude broke his arm trying to lift a poll. That's funny because the the last quote i have in this section is we had to result to daniel boone principles and osha wasn't around and daniel boone's day also. Okay so i told you this. But i haven't told listeners this. I was in this part of tennessee this past weekend unless your soul holy shit. It's really bad. I didn't realize. I was so close to where they live. They lived in rocky top. And i went down to like between chattanooga and knoxville fucking through where they live. And i'm so bummed i didn't get to like compound it but it's not that far so anyways they're fucking obsessed with daniel boone yes. I didn't even know. Tennessee was so obsessed with daniel. Boone yeah i have family who lives like in kentucky but Lake pretty close to tennessee order kentucky. And yeah that they're real and daniel boone in those parts for sure like every other thing was boonsboro. Ford boonsboro boone's creek also. Some of the stuff has really terrible. Names like apart from the obviously lynchburg. Yeah catskill creek near like. Oh god yeah just not not get knock ed the most welcoming place i have been in a longtime. Maybe my whole life did not did not like tennessee. Yeah yeah i'm good. I'm good to be fine. Yeah these are always kind of fine. Yeah it's the it's a it's the outside the city's that's always the scary part. It's always chose the true colors of the of the area all the like white flight and sundown towns. Yes look at a like this. I has everything about this. So yeah the end of this episode kayla makes a big dinner for everyone and meemaw heads back back home Hold onto the big fat man for a little bit. Yes radley get some good chunk time in chalk all right so episode. Five is called blessings and new beginnings. I don't even know this whole episode was another wild experience. No planning everything's just happening. Yeah so they're having some family friends over ashley anesthesia. Who met some of the bates kids on a mission trip in the philippines and they are from the bronx and they come from a family of six kids. So that's must be interesting. I don't know. I can't imagine living in new york with six kids. Yeah that sounds awful. I can hardly read living in new york with one kid. Like i can't imagine living in new york with myself so true. I mean like. I could do it. I could get there but like not having a kid like hit by a car fall in the subway tracks or some rain late. How do people survive at man so At the same time errands front kelsey from college. Which i didn't know aaron went to college but i guess she did of and her baby and husband are also in town and this friend kelsey is helping to plan the baby shower so aaron wants kind of a traditional only baby shower and so they kind of sit down and hammer out plans for that yet. Which of course it's happening tomorrow. Of course yeah and yet. This was another part. I have in my notes. Where after that meeting they go okay. Let's go fellowship. Yeah let's go fellowship. Look they're just going go and like they don't even call it. Bible study any yeah. It's just weird. I just i don't like the word fellowship. I'm not here for it Okay so ashley in anesthesia. The sailors who are in town. We think nathan's probably gonna court ashley maybe But i think ashley nathan was very keen on them. Yeah nathan was like the closest to that. I think it seemed like that. At least and so they take them horseback riding to give them a true taste of tennessee. Life at ashley. Anesthesia did not seem into this at all. They did not see even want to go. It was kind of polaris. I know i feel really bad. 'cause like are very scary. They are unlike kill. Your shit. like they're kind of chaotic. Like horses are chaotic neutral. They don't care about you. They're not trying to do evil but they're going to do some evil. Yeah and they're like just big animals like scary to be around a big animal. Yeah and be on top one. Yeah scary yeah Yeah so after the horse experience which nobody seemed to really enjoy the boys they go out to dinner at the mountain. where there's a view of olive rural kentucky. Now tennessee probably kentucky too because it was way high up there. Yeah good old appalachia. Yep oh yeah i loved. They were talking about buffalo wings at the table and were talking about how they got their name. Buffaloing us and one of the boys says no. It's buffalo sauce buffalo a flavor. Oh man yeah hilariously. I have looked this up and they're called buffalo wings because they're quote unquote invented in buffalo. Yeah yeah it's literally eh. it's literally just buffalo. Dr yeah yeah buffalo's don't have wings. Don't as much as it does not like buffalo sauce it. I doubt this. Tastes like steak probably. So it's the day of errands baby shower and chelsea's done almost all the work but e- but kelly solar early to set everything up And this is the point where carlin was supposed to bring some of the girls but did know and they just like didn't show up until after the baby shower started. Yeah they were just sitting at home waiting for tori to come pick them. I guess it was there helping them set up an. I don't know why. I don't know it was very sixteen year. Old girl thing to do definitely definitely but made it eventually. So i guess that's all that matters yup Chad's mom was their game a very feelings. The speech being a first time grandmother and then obviously had to lead them into fellowship. Of course aaron. Aaron just has the absolute worst style of anybody. I've ever met like her hair or her makeup her clothes all just absolutely tragic. Yeah it's like you know how in lake eighty s slasher films. They had to make one girl kind of like the ugly girl who wasn't fashionable. That's her whole vibe yet. Exactly one hundred percent yes. It's so weird. It is So the shower went well. Aaron got a ton of gifts for baby carson and then at the end of the shower kelsey announces. They're going to do a balloon release for the babies that aaron loss to miscarriage at the end which i thought was really nice like little tribute to it like it was a good thing. She said to be able to remember them and kind of do something. Nice that's nice All of her baby. Shower games sucked. Say yeah there were all bad. They were all trying to figure out what we're for baby was in other languages and drawing a picture of a baby on your forehead note card. Yeah it was weird baby. Shower games are so weird. Sometimes i swear to. God yeah really need to like. I don't know stick to the stick to the classics. Yeah yeah yeah. Do you have anything else to say about this episode. Now other than chad still seems like a good dude. Supportive dude he does. Yeah so then. Episode six is called branded pops. The question wonder what the house. Yeah so this episode stars with gil getting a call from brandon to is set up the engagement that they talked about in the bathroom at applebees. Or whatever jacobo and They decide to make it. Seem like michaela is surprising brandon. So brandon's going to be in pc for work and originally it was going to be michaela joining him in dc but michaela's going to tell him that she can't make it and then surprising there but he knows that she's actually coming and he's wearing surprising her with the dow jones. He thought it wouldn't be as good of a surprise if he invited her. Yeah it's also a good idea. It was smart and they actually fucking pulled it off. It was they did. It was like a logistical. A good logistic plan. Yeah but still kind of a nightmare. Oh yeah yep like a week stressful as fuck. Give me rob ya Brandon goes ring shopping. He designs his own ring. And god. it's so much. This is a person this this this man i think has only seen class rings. And how those look. Yeah he so he talks about how this rain has this whole concept behind it. That and the concept is god orchestrating one event after the other which like okay So it has like their initials and the center. Stone represents god being in the center of their relationship. And it's just oh yeah and like the stone is like raised and has like a little heart underneath it as a whole like she's gonna catch on everything and pop that diamond out. Yeah i loved how he gave a gave a designer all these really specific things that he was that he's like. Yeah i need to stomach. Three weeks michaela. Enlists angie's help. And angie is brandon sister and she lives in dc. I think With a surprise where Michaela is basically going to be surprising. Her at angie's house or surprising brandon angie's house Yeah i think. He's studying with angie to yeah and then his other sister becky. Yeah so it's full house. Yup we do get interruption of the proposal. Elissa pops out the baby. Yoda can even get there at such a fast. Labor earnings allie jane. She was born during their flight while they flew over to florida and Gallows ahead our birthing center and gillam. Kelly get to see her the next day and the baby's so cute. She has so much hair she was so sick and like they mentioned that like elissa looks good after having a baby and like holy shit. Yeah does that baby was the whole tummy. There's no like extra well. They showed her at the baby shower and she was really small. She booked now like she was like maybe four or five months pregnant like some i. Don't it's like crazy how some people just like doom outlook that pregnant and they spouts right back now. I guess the baby was only like six pounds announcing like pretty petite baby. Yeah yeah not big not too big not tonker. So yellow kelly basically just stopped by orlando to say had and they're planning to fly straight to washington. Dc to surprise michaela when she is engaged. Actually engage so. Yeah so we get into the the actual thing of it. All and brandon is planning a big treasure hunt with the rain at the end for michaela so him and his sister kind of sit down and map out roots and she's familiar with dc. And figure out where. Everything's gonna go that kind of stuff. And yep angie asks branded to show him show her the ring and she's at yet i can't show you until it's on her finger that's like hey okay dudes austing sir. He asked me for these people. Help people's health and they're not going to be like. Oh assad you're rain it so q. Spoil it now. It's he literally exhausting as a great word to use for brand. Because i was so exhausted during this whole thing. Oh my god yeah. The scavenger hunt was like the longest scavenger hunt over the most space. Ever it was it was way too much. It was way too much. Have you ever been to dc. Yes but only very briefly. But yes i have is huge me though to the mall. Yeah i mean. I guess he all but but it's a huge area. It's a fucking big way to go from the washington. The washington monument. All of the other end is like miles. Yeah it's it's huge for sure. He's just making her traipsing around and then she ends up in fucking virginia. Take her there in the first place. So basically when michaela arrives in dc she stops at a copy shop and calls. Angie angie basically sends brandon out at the michaela comes to angie's house and is there with brandon. Arrives back Obviously brandon knows that. She's going to be there but he acts surprise and he did a pretty good job. Yeah yeah. I don't think he gave off the the thing too much. And then once they settle in and stuff they go to the ferris wheel in dc. And i have to tell you this. Because i had to tell chris this as i was watching this chris and i met at the hotel back really. It's so funny. Yeah i went and while we were drunk at a conference and i had like tweeted. Hey wanna get drinks. Whatever and so. Chris showed up and a couple of other people showed up. And then i got late because i had already had like four beers boss. Holy shit. it sucked blake. Just just being so drunk early in a place where i didn't know anyone. Acceptable yeah yeah but yeah got. It ran on the beach next to the ferris wheel and christmas. Like that's it. She's the one he's the one that's when that's all that But while they're on the ferris wheel they see the cherry blossoms which are out all that kind of like points into the foreshadowing of the next day and they agreed to go see the cherry blossoms. Nee agree to go at five thirty or six in the next morning. And that's where i would be like. Okay no no thank you know. I don't wanna be proposed to at seven o'clock in the fucking morale. No thanks absolutely not so at this point. Gil accidentally spills the beans a little bit. He's talking to one of the kids at home on the phone and he spills the beans of there in the airport on when they're on their way to washington and then i think trace uses phone and finds out there in washington. Dc and they kind of like put all everything together and they know and like we talked about earlier. There's like this weird like oh secret. Storm exists in this family. So you might as well not even try keeping them mentality and so there's a little bit of like oh somebody who has spilled the beans kayla but like fuck. Imagine if they had like that'd be so shitty you're going straight to hell. I'm sorry those are the rules. i don't make them. Yeah for real thankfully. Nobody does. But yeah that would be so shitty so the next morning they all go to the cherry blossoms and see the cherry blossoms in the morning and the sun columbus beautiful but then brandon has to leave for work which she knew about beforehand like that's why he's everywhere and so it's a monday race. They're saying he doesn't work on sunday. Which was the day before. So that makes sense. Yes he leaves and gives her the first clue and he's just like all right. Gotta go by. Yeah and he basically does hides behind a tree in watches her the whole go home on time. Yeah and there's all these clues that lead at different places and every place she goes. She gets a little envelope or a little folder and the folder swept. This is so fucking much. The folder has each folder. And i think there were like how many were there. I don't remember like. I don't know five in her hand. Yeah so yeah. And they each have a piece of the symbol which assemble was ended up being like what the ring looks like and they each had a dvd that made up a story and he to them was like the story of our relationship and it was saying on most of them sag girl. Michael look. I'm sure he's a fine singer. Dude was apparently like a cello player in lake as a musical person but like god it was just it was so much and poor michael could not handle it emotionally and it was like sobbing the whole time. No it's it's horrible. I feel like if he were to do it again. He should do it where she could have one of her family members with her. Because i think that probably would have been less. Yeah just like scream sobbing into a tree. Honestly it seemed exhausting but she seems to really like it. So whatever Like me said gillan. Kelly amp brandon's parents arrive are going to surprise them afterwards as well and so they like hide to where they can see what's going on but like they can't be seen you know. And so michael finally makes it to the last spot where brandon is there. They put the symbols together and he explains it and everything and the parents are in the background. Just filming the whole thing which was like well. Yeah though to be fair there were also camera. People literally filming chases agreed but at least they knew they are there. I guess yeah yeah. I don't know that whole again. He did the infinity symbol. And he's like oh you make a covenant and you walk in a figure eight to signify it forever and three as a special number in scripture. And i'm like are we getting into the occult this it's weird So finally finally brand asks the question gets out the ring. It'd be funny. She said now if she doesn't The parents reveal themselves and everyone surprised and happy. And it's a joyous moment. I like that his Proposal was basically like the human speech equivalent of a spreadsheet. I've got three things to say to you number one. I love you number two. I want to spend the rest of my life with do number three. Will you marry me. Yeah yeah it's really all right. That's i mean like you obviously are very romantic in love with his girl but like then that's what you came up with speech at the end. Yeah it was it was it was french it was crash for sure. I mean i get it. Yeah i mean it's proposals are usually kranj It's fine. it's not fun and easy. I can't imagine. Yeah now. I hardly could like ask people out on dates. When i was angry absolutely asks. I be like you want to get married. How god how embarrassing. So yeah that we get a bunch of crying gills crying carlin cries because she talks about michaela leaving and it's sad and everyone sad and crying but happy and of course someone hassle michaela's been waiting for him for five years 'cause she apparently has had a crush on him for that whole time. Girl scary mccain branded both kinda freak me out a little bit. They both seem a little on the edge of maybe being a little psychotic. Yeah yeah they just both seem like very stressed about their station in life. Yeah yeah all right. Let's go into the last episode for this episode episode seven episodes lots of the word episode. I apologize so at the beginning of this episode. Gale and kelly. Sit down with michael michaela. Michael whatever you wanna call her. I just call her michael. Because i think that's really yeah. I don't know if a named it's hard to tell. But they make some decisions make checklists about what needs to be done and they talk a little bit. About how for each of their daughters weddings they have a set price for them. Anything that is exceeds that they have to pay which seems fair me But what really disturbs me here was she was talking about how she wanted a smaller wedding and when she said smaller wedding she met like five. Hundred eight hundred. I just can't even imagine like the biggest wedding i've ever been to is like three hundred and thirty be and it was the most stressful thing i've ever at like getting food is a nightmare. Talks a place to sit horrible. My wedding was one hundred five people and that was like i feel like pushing it so like a lot. It was a lot of people but it was a manageable number. Right and it's i cannot imagine having like literally five times that amount be like. Oh yeah the small wedding. I know it blows my mind. But i had a thirty percent wedding. So yeah yeah we're we're not the same audience as these people clearly. It's always good though for them because they talk about how kelly joe sisters always k. Makes the wedding cake as a wedding gift. Kim does all the flowers as a wedding gift. So like yeah. That's a tiny expenditure out for sure for sure So the first thing on their wedding checklist is to find a church that is available for the date they want because apparently there's only one day that will work. There's no flexibility. It's got to be august fifteenth. No other baby august fifteenth. Twenty fifteen seems weird to me like what like. Maybe it's nicole thing. Maybe you now get married on the eight th through the twenty second because jesus when like it true so the colors for their wedding are pink and brown which sounds awful like that could be bad. That'd be really bad. My mom's old dog grooming shop was like a franchise and the colors were brown and like fuchsia. That's all i can think of the dog dog grooming place She's having barbecue and chips at our wedding. So sounds great but they talk about how her biggest like while other than like be available on the date her biggest concern about the church's shirt goes along with her colors which is like so weird to me. Also like you can change the colors of a church like you could get fabric. Yeah but oversight. All of the churches that they looked. I felt like we're pretty neutral. They weren't they were just would and gray. You can dress it up to any color scheme you want. Yeah any yeah yeah. The first church didn't go with their colors. Yes so said no. Yeah which it looks neutral to me. So i don't understand but whatever i think she just saw like the flowers that were already there that were purple and white. And i'm like honey. They're not going to be alive in three months. Yeah you could change the which those out. Yeah i just see. Some of these. People have no vision. The second church wasn't available on the day that they wanted to. They crossed it off the list but also she didn't like how brown the would was. Yeah which like would. Yeah and then church number three. They loved it but there was a potential conflict with a date. They're having like a lock and they're not sure what parts of the church or whatever but So that's what they're hoping that they'll be able to get into that church and use it in the yup and it was. It looked just the other ones but a little newer. Yup yup exactly there are so many churches in part of tennessee. Like yeah. i've i've like. I've been in the deep south island from the deep south. I live here in west virginia. I've never seen that many signs for churches to per block. I know it's crazy. It's crazy so while all this is happening aunt k. Who's kelly sister cubs over and teaches the kids how to ice cakes which was five. It looked like five minute turned into a food fight which is always five with kids. Oh yeah yeah something as easy to get out as ice church go for not having a beat. Water fight right. Yeah that's fine. Yeah no it was super cute. I like the ants. Seem like fine people as much as kelly. Jo's definitely like crazy pearson. She also doesn't seem as bad as mama. Michelle now. yeah. I mean yeah as much as i cringe and don't like a lot of the things that this family is about. I mean i have to admit they are so they're leagues better than the douglas and a lot of different ways even more so than i thought they were going to be. So that's yeah letting their kids go to school shit like actually like i don't even know trying to buy get to know their kids at any level it's just sites and ice change Being able to name them right. I have picked up the name so much faster because like they're not just all j. fucking name and they have like they are kind of more encouraged. I think to be like individual people. Not maybe not as much as like the normies. But more than the doger's yeah. Yeah you're supposed to be your own person and you can do your thing but also you have to riot children and bright each about the lord and savior. Jesus christ you can do your own thing and be your own person as long as it still fits within these really uptight guidelines. Yes okay so. The last part of this episode talks about a little bit having frequent painful contractions. And so we're to the hospital where they give erin some medicine to help try to stop the contractions and get them under of control and there eventually sent home but then they have to go to weekly check ups from that point on. Yeah yeah and they did the scariest sentence that they never said on. This show was the heparin. Can't be stopped because then the baby could get hurt but heck could make mom bleed out. Yeah like oh why. Don't wanna bur the baby not a good situation either. Way round Yeah they gave the baby steroids to grow lungs and brains. Which is what my mom did too. So that's helpful. Because i think she's only what's five or six months long now also like that baby is not going to be okay if it gets worn now. Yeah definitely too early for it to be like a a good situation yeah But yeah that brings us to the end of this episode. I think Errands pregnancies holding out. Fine but i mean she has to go weekly but she's doing okay and Mike la and brandon are hoping to get that third church down for their date but we will have to wait and see if they do. That's our big cliff hanger for the day. Yes how will we survive. How do we go on. I don't think we can. I think we've just got to watch the rest of it. I know. I know there's not much else to do. But if you have anything you'd like to say about this episode or any of our other episodes if you have any suggestions for shows that we would like us to watch. We love getting from you guys. We take them into consideration very heavily you can send us an email at t literate at gmail.com with any of that stuff you can find us everywhere else on the internet at tv literate. Where on tumbler twitter. Read it facebook. Patriae on everywhere. I don't know we're just all over the place you'll find it very literate. Yeah and we love it when you get messages from you and weird duggar news and you know we love it. We do stuff. Send it all and if you have a chance please leave us a review Really helps us out and we like to read them and see you guys thing but we will be back next week with another episode. Bye bye bye.

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366: Developing Tito with Paul Campbell


1:03:42 hr | 2 years ago

366: Developing Tito with Paul Campbell

"Either ship. Maniacs listening to another episode. The shop show podcast about front end web design development. I'm Dave Rubin with me as Chris coy. And you know, you know, we have a special guest here to talk about software development in a way that I think is kind of near and dear to both. David is hard about, you know, long term projects, and I don't know and working on stuff and refracting things and getting it all out. We have Paul Campbell here. Hey Paul Hello. Thank you for having me. It's great to be. Yeah. Thanks for coming out. And Paul, you are a developer four and, and really founder of. Is that right of Tieto Tieto? Yes. Yep. Absolutely. I got it. Right, right. Like Tito Jackson. I don't know or Tito's vodka there you go. Jinx. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know why in Thiede Titas register event registration software rate, I it's in. It's everyone loves it. That's what we try to go for. Originally. I was going to conferences, and people used software that wasn't fast or stress free. And so I felt there ought to be something better. And so I built Tito for my own conferences, and other people use it for those. Oh, that's a nice story. So you really you were what were you running at the event, I started with a buddy of mine was called fun Khan. And I'm both very proud and very ashamed of fun. Con as I am of many things that I do, but fun count, brought people from all over the web development spectrum to Ireland for a tour around Ireland to talk about the web, and some very interesting people came, and we had good times and firm friendships for made for years. And we had a lot of fun, one one was in a castle. Is that right? Yeah. So it went from the first year which was in a moving bus. The talks were in moving buses. The second year was in a castle. The castle was the castle, rob. Boil the fa father of modern chemistry was born in and remarkable. And then the third one was an in an island off the coast of the west coast of Ireland. Yeah, it was a trilogy. And it was good that it was just a Chelsea. So you build software to, I don't know what you wanted to build some software to make it better. You know, it's all scratching Issur whatever the people say the one of the reasons I started fun. Con was that Andy McMillan who now runs Exo x fest in Portland. He started build in Belfast, and he was thinking, along the same terms that buying tickets for contact conferences was kind of a crappy experience. So he built his own system as well. So I built mine, and then eventually, it became a Sasser at the people could use, and Andy's was bespoke, but and he's was amazing because you just went onto build. He said by a ticket you paid. And then you had a Bill ticket, and I was like everybody needs every conference in the world should be like this, it should be this stress free. And so I wanted that for fun cons because the previous year we used event bright and it just didn't really work as well. I mean, there's lots of talk about development wise, but just. Before we get there might be nice to understand all the things that it does so that, you know, our developer brains can start churning as to like, what, like what, you know, behind the scenes with this thing needs to do. So it's not like what like what if I wanted to throw a conference like next week and I really had to do it really fast. I might be tempted to be like, well, I have to sell tickets because I want pre-sales need money coming in the door. Something, maybe I'll just make a little gem stack, whatever put it another five whatever and put a put a pay pal like a buy now button for my tickets, new pal done kinda like you can pay with a credit guarding and pay with I've now I'm now selling tickets. I think that's one of the easiest ways like e love it, or hate, it, pay pal. Like has a naval people to take money online, like pretty quickly. So I might be tempted to do that. But I probably find pretty quickly, like, oh, crap. Well, all I have is like a pal dashboard. Then that's like proof of food signed up like maybe or maybe I maybe generates emails, and then I. Guess I'll have to like use a Google spreadsheet or something to, like, put who paid and and didn't or something. And that spreadsheet like Abreu, it's really manual at that point. Right. So maybe I'd be like, well, maybe upgrade and I'll use like a wo- form or something. Because if I at least us who form, then I can say, like, well, I like I I'm hearing impaired, like so I need, like I can collect more information about the person. It's not just a button, which pay pelt doesn't allow me to customize any of that crap. So now I have a form, but I can attach that form to a payment system so that kinda works and maybe I could use like a wolf who report or something to show me, who is registered. But even that feels like this wasn't designed for this. It was designed to be super generic for any purpose. It's not really for events. So I guess that's where I'm like, maybe the progression past. I don't know what the progression past that. But eventually, you end up with something like Tito, like, why don't I just use software? That's like straight up for this. Right. Yeah. I mean the few things come to mind is like invoicing, an invoicing four different localities becomes quite hard. Invoicing and refunding. You can do it through PayPal or three stripe. Kind of doing in a way that works together particular, if you want to offer some people to pay with their credit card or some people to pay Jackie with papa-. Then what if you've only got fifty tickets and you've got thousand people who want to go. You've been Tory. Sure. Yeah. I guess bit tricky quite quite soon. And then there's all these little niggly tiny things, I think asking questions, but asking questions is part of the reason that registering for many events is really frustrating, because if it is a form and you have to fill in fifty or one hundred pieces of info before you can even pay your heart is racing like whether you can get a ticket or not. So there are a lot of consideration. And that was one of the things that with, with Tito was just like you, click, click by to get you pay for your ticket. And then if there's any more information to be collected we say, we'll collected after you've confirmed your ticket purchase. So that was a psychological choice. You made, like let's just get the ticket bought because sometimes racing via tickets, not the case for all for all conferences. But some of them are certainly something like, XBox people are just I, they have their whole like weird like lottery system, or whatever. But some covers is are so exciting. The, you want to get in right away in the so, so you made the questions happen after you've already guaranteed the ticket. Yes. So there was two was the build conflict spirits, and then the other experience was, I think it was a ruby conference in the UK where I knew I wanted to go with somebody, but I didn't who that was going to be. And if I was asked to provide attending number two information of front, I would have put in do not know, do not know, do not know and kind of would have been a junkie for the organizer and not convenient for me. So with Tito, we introduced out, I don't know yet. This is a release. Yeah. So you can come back later, this reminds me of, like I finally read that book jobs to be done or whatever that philosophy. That's like try to understand. I got a lower level where people are trying to do when they register. They're not just trying to cough up a credit card to you. They are with there's other things they're thinking about who they're going with you know what their exiled level is before by they stuff like that. And I thought that was really important that, like I want, I don't want to buy a ticket, but I don't know who's going to be. But at some point in the future, I'm going to out of colleague, or a friend or maybe offer. The ticket on Twitter or something. Well, so you're the co founder this. You know what I mean? Presumably, you tracks that people use it as it a highly used feature. The I don't know yet. Yeah. I only really anecdote only that's another thing is like we're, we're not big on data analysis. And we leave the data the. 'cause we, we don't really consider the, the data ours to mine in that way. I don't know if you wanna go there and coversation, but I'm always fascinated and stuff like that. Like, for I think, in my early I have a variety of experiences early software. Things were like we're just building something we don't have time to screw around with how many what percentage of the population of the users of this app? Clicked this button or not. We just know that, but needs to be there because I wanted to be there and it's fundamental to the vision of my software all the way up until working with some software that's been online for twenty years. That makes millions and millions of dollars a month and everything is tracked down to the light. And I didn't blame. I don't blame either scenario. I, I like I think both of them have valid scenarios. And now I work for a company in the middle of that, where it's like words trying to be a little bit smarter about stuff because if zero point zero three percentage of people ever worked use a particular feature. We're in. It tends to cause bugs that feature needs to go. Yes, you know what I saw? I know but I doubt a little a little check box that says, I'll tell you later is a significant cause of technical debt for you. But if it was no I don't think we've adjusted that in like six years. But I, I don't I, I have heard from people who were like this maze, is exactly what I wanted. It's usually the manager of a software team. And he's got ten folks that he wants to send to a conference, none of which are him. And, and he's like, yeah, I don't care. I just want to send just wanna ship the, the, the nation's off to people. I approve the purchase. And then I just want to send the tickets off and they can fill in the details. So, okay. See it allows you to make registration for the event and it takes care of payments for that, and stuff like limiting ticket sales, and I don't know who I'm coming with yet and stuff like that. But it also provides like what else does it do like for me? Who are you who's running the conference? I get like nice dashboards and stuff. I imagine can't I use it on the day of the event to, to help run it. Yes, we could do better there. But we find the ability create lists for checking people in one of the cool things you can create multiple list. So if you've got like a pre party and you've got the main event, you can create separate lists and check people off to those independently to know who shook showed up for either of those, we have a messaging tool, which is like a lightweight mailing lists tool that does things like shows your tickets automatically attached to any emails that are sent which is pretty cool so that you don't need to go looking for your tickets after you receive message. Gosh. I'd just how many times they like I saved this somewhere in my phone flagged it in Lord knows I'll find it again. So, yes, I think that's really cool. So just lots of the philosophy is to build supporting tools that are simple enough that most people will find them useful like our check in this tool is pretty limited by what it does. It doesn't do onsite printing. It doesn't do this that, and the other things that may be more robust. Checking things would do, but it it has a cool feature. Where if you've got a volunteer at your rent, you give them the app that they scan QR code. They get the attendee lists. And then you can say wipe the data after the conference. And so the volunteer comes in, they, they don't have to have Tito account, they don't have any registry. They get a list, they just top people off on their phone, and then the next day, the, the data goes away. So it's really simple. And it works for most of the customers that we have. But it doesn't do an awful lot more than that. So that's kind of the philosophy around all of the supporting features to keep them simple. Enough that they're useful for a lot of people, but not crazy. And it's a pretty straightforward pricing model to it's, it's, it's kind of, like free to set up in and get going with. And then the minute you start actually selling tickets is when the cost happens is that true, I believe it's called metered billing. I learnt recently. And ironically, it's sort sorta similar to. I was on web services you pay for what you use. We just take a percentage of the ticket price. Yeah. That's cool. So there's no gateway to, to getting set up and stuff like that. I wonder that's funny. It makes me think of spam to spammers use this thing set up. Do you are spy murs? Yes, we've had to put in a few spun protections but thankful not a whole lot, and that's not invitation to anybody to try. Certainly. Zip soda. Shop talk show is brought to you in part by. Var. Ianto. Twenty-five. V. A. R. I. A N, T O colon twenty-five is their name. No colon in the URL courses for anto twenty five dot com. It's so cool, they've had to really like successful Kickstarter. It's like gifts for developers. They have all kinds of cool stuff. They got you know, playing cards, you can like learn get on each plane car there like functional playing cards, but each card has like something they should know about get which is awesome, mugs and t shirts posters mouse pads, tote bags stickers, notebooks. They're all just, you know, stuff like swag, third nerdy stuff. It's super fun like like a like a functional programming poster. Or like a a notebook. That's got all kinds of languages on the cover up. That's just nerdy looking in kind of fun. There's a mug that says, make let not var- on it by actually. Put that in my car right now. Oh, god. There's like a hundred mugs on here. It's just cool. You know, just check it out. Maybe be a good gift for developer friend of yours or yourself or your employees, or your secret Santa party at work, or whatever if you're looking for a developer focused gifts. This is the perfect place to find them and it's great. They have discounts on bulk orders to if it really is, like turns out to be gifts for like your whole company or something like that free international chip shipping to check out far Janta, twenty-five dot com. Very cool. Okay. So I mean what, what was the year one for you? Okay. Well. It has to go back a long way. So fun, cough, the first phone call was twenty ten. And so I started writing code in March two thousand eleven. And it was basically a rang after fund cop was after the first one it was after the first one. Yeah, it was in between the, the first two and the first piece of code was a pay pow redirect that exposed a Jason API endpoint with the purchase details to a redirect page. So you started off on dot com. You click purchase you taking a pay PA then you came back to fund dot com with a little unique identifier that identified went off to the, the Tito API, because it was no, you I. Pull the details Dan and said, thanks, Chris. Thanks, dave. Here's your ticket reference and you're going on. That was it, it didn't do anything more than the on instead, but now you know, in a database somewhere who bought a ticket, and, and whatever literally it was literally just in the database. Oh, it was on Hiroko. And in order to find out who had bought tickets. I had to go into the console and do a list of tickets. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's better than an Email sitting somewhere. Cool. So that I mean it's, it's, it's, you know, it's medium aged software. You know, I think I think we, we share about the same length of history, Tito, and code pen, really that was about when we started building copen so, so. And I were kindred in that way. And that, you know, technology has moved under our feet a little bit. And we need to be reacting things in rebuilding things because we are, you know, people use our software now believe it or not, you know, so, so it was rare like, at what point was it rails, pretty soon? Yeah. From from the start. The first piece may have been Sinatra. I feel like I used Sinatra at some point. Oh, did that to repo is named our main repo? That's never changed. Our second wanna I wanna Sinatra and the second one is called C P, O R, which is code pen, on rails, crowd of moving to rails. Nice. Yeah, I think it was on Sinatra for maybe five minutes. And then. So not as that. I mean, it's very expressed like, but it definitely it's, it's like all the world's optimism that I'm going to be able to maintain all this kind of spaghetti. I feel like I should correct? You express Sinatra like. I know I think it's expressed is exactly Sinatra in re in pre- pretty sure that's exactly what it was originally. Yeah. Yeah, this is where I sometimes go off and say, oh, yeah, the, the author of smelter, he was at fun. Con. That's probably why you had to use to not the not the not the other rails. But yeah, find mpm was fun. Of a lot of stuff went dente fun. They ego. But those are the kinds of people who went that's, that's all. I'm bringing those names up to this is people who people who implemented things, and made things and made conferences, went to the, those events. It's still rails, right? Yeah. Yes. So, yeah. And so the, the sort of probably good point to introduce the two problems that Tito has to solve. We're still working on, let's to problems. Yeah, I mean a very high level. One is looking after the organizer and the Uighur the dashboard, they view. And the second is the checkout experience on the checkout flow. So if you stripe this whatever the stripe dashboard, and the, the stripe checkout Java script, which it thing. So we need to provide those and even even now the Tito checkout, which that, you can bet on your page or that we use when you purchase on TI Teo is a rails up running inside an I frame, so there's obviously, there's a there's a progressively enhance Java script flow there. But it's basically a rails running inside. And so the, the piece of Java scrip- that we send over the wire to third party page is literally just pop up an I frame, and load a rail. Sure. And then the admin dashboard is your stock rails up like it's top to bottom with a sprinkling of Java script on top on probably too much custom stuff. Do a heck of a lot of conferences, have their own website, if not like all of them. And they like it when you check out on their webpage, not your web page. Right. So that's just as a kind of a fundamental feature of Tito's, the take the registration form and Plock Plunkett on your own website. Yeah. It's, it's something that is, is tricky enough to do. The not enough people do it. And so what we're thinking about now is to try and make it even easier than we did. We did before them to be able to do that to be able to make it seem as if you're not using third party provider for your ticket experience. And because that's what I that's, that's the fun thing is start was it was like, at no point. Did you ever see Tito in the experience that you're on fun con-? You went to pay on your bucket funk off, and that's what the embedded piece is supposed to enable. But I mean maybe this is a good thing. But when Tito, which pops up, you know, it's Tito, if you've seen it before, so it's sorta like peop- some people prefer the hosted some people, prefer the widget. But we think that the, the ideal is if you're on somebody's conference website, you purchase it should all happen in there. It's kind of, it's kind of interesting. I worked at who for a long time, which was a basically an I frame company. Now is like make a form. Put it on somebody else's website, and it's almost always in I frame, but it's Jarvis. It's a piece of Java scrip- that kind of enhances itself into an I frame, you know, idea being that you can have like a paragraph tag or something that says, like, please fill up my form with the link to the real form. And then, you know, so it's, you know, whatever if it's in a blog post or something, it'll come across RSS in the, the JavaScript won't run. But they'll still be a link to fill out the form, etc. Center, you know, so, and then the with the JavaScript on the page, especially in two thousand twelve or whatever the heck it was necessary to like a just the I frames height, and scare Terrific's and stuff, such that it fit the form nicely. That's still kind of a challenge, of course, because it wasn't a full screen. Yeah. Right. It's just a little chunk on their so that that was kind of difficult that's kind of getting a little bit easier to do, but not too much, I frames are still paying the but now echoed Penn, we have I frames all over the place that, you know. That's what I'm beds are. So that's fun. But you know it's just it's just what it is with their party sites. Sometimes I'm tempted to someday. Do the web components thing. It's so cool to see a better tweets embrace that, where it's like it's like sure, you know, embeds dash Twitter components. It's not really an I frame, which is nice because it might you might be able to inherit some font styles and stuff, maybe a little easier than you couldn't an I frame. Let's perfect segue to the in progress, new widget o-, check inflow that we've been working on, I was thinking the other way you could do it just give give somebody, the HTML habit, hidden end point. That's a Tito, and point and rocking that way. It's. That way. It's a little, maybe like in two thousand five. Yeah. Well, we offered that to, you know, another's like us basin. And I don't know there's about twelve different startups that have started lately, even if I has this just put a form on your website. And if you make the action attribute of that form us will accept the data and process for you. Yeah. It's beautifully simple. But a credit card. Yeah. Well, I mean, our widget has failsafe where if it doesn't detect SOL, it will redirect. So, and then we try to get people to, to put on their websites. But when I was implementing, the widget third party widget initially, I decided I wanted to be web components Ford compatible in two thousand thirteen I'm pretty proud of that. And so instead of thirteen wow, I should be proud of. Yeah. So you just you, you obviously have to put a script tag and see put the stuff Tito skip tag. And then you just have a Tito widget. Component you put that where you want the win to show up. And it just worked it always worked because obviously, you could like even then you could fake customs, and that's what has been live on the internet for the last six years, which I'm pretty proud of, but the new, the new -implementation I might dream is that we won't have to use an I frame at all in most cases. And so we can. Run the whole check had experienced natively on people sites, as you say, with credit card forms that can be tricky, but tools like stripe elements somewhat helped mitigate the risk there, because then just the, the piece that accepts the credit card details. That's the only piece that's framed and striped all that. So kind of what's nice about being sort of like a marketplace is that we can often off at source, the really hard security, pieces to companies are better fitted to do that kind of thing like stripe. I mean as a user, I would be interested in using a third party just for that reason. More and more. I'm like, I want to outsource things to companies who are incentivized to make it better for me. So that I'll stick around as a customer, for example, we all Apple's got some new logging thing. I mean that does not relevant here. But like Apple Pay all the sudden existed in the world. So it would be so nice if whatever provider, I was using just started accepting it somehow magically without me, having to do a hell of a lot. You know, and that's one. Jonah's at Tito's keeping up with things like that. As well as building new features or doing this great rewrite that. We're doing with such small team. Size. Yeah. So we did do Apple Pay because we had the, the whenever it was the summer between up an answering it and it becoming available as we had a bit of time doing. But since then, stripe implemented tons of European payment methods and just like other ways to pay by direct debit and things like that. And just we just haven't had the bond with two to our stuff funny. That, that responsibility kind of falls down the way too in that you also use services that help you implement. I mean, that was the promise of Braintree. Right. Is that? Oh, it's pay pal. But it's also has the single API and you can accept bitcoin through it or whatever crap, you know. And it doesn't matter. You don't have to do any work. It just works. I don't know. And that's that's that is absolutely one of the benefits of using a service like Tito where all of these services that use that you just get functionality that you. Have to implement yourself. Yeah. Pretty right. Okay. So it's, it's a rails app time is ticking on your deciding to rewrite this thing because whatever technology moves, and you just have to move with it to stay stay, we, if we go back to like two thousand sixteen. I've just had my first kid and I'm back from paternity leave, and I go, and I want to add a feature to the app, or maybe to kind of spike, our new lifetime, whatever, and the, the there's just so much code, and I'm like the app should be really simple. There's just so much. Everything takes so long to do even development mode. And I just felt like there's got to be a better way to do this. And that was the, the painful decision that we made to, to start our reimplementation process that has gone on, for it's, it's still going. So the moment was this features too hard implementers, technical debt problems or something and. Yeah, it was. I don't I don't even know what I was doing. But I was like this should take me. An hour. It should take me half a day, and I'm spending week on what's going on half the time I'm just waiting for the page to reload. Shoot. I know that feels. Working on like a twenty. I mean it's been like a a really legacy job app. It just it's almost like how no demoralizing is the right word to it. It's like it takes so long to do anything even just to get click the buttons to get it up. And going just like takes hugely demoralizing ten minutes. You know, I just like oh man hope I don't have to like eat lunch and start this over. Yeah. That's what I feel like sometimes there's more talking points out there that are like that kind of crap on developer experience because developer experience. Sometimes thrown out there. Like I you know so important for this app, and people are like, no, what matters is user experience, like, don't make technological choices based on developer experience. Make them based on user experience and I'm like, yeah I get what you're trying to say there, don't impart the cost of technology unto the user, just because it makes life easier for you. And then I'm like. There's a balance, you know, of course, there is, you know, like I need a good experience to otherwise I can't and won't work on this. And if you if you're into an for what was that it was six that would have been five years into an and then you just take a week, and you start a new up and it's complete fresh and they're no models. There's no database tables, no Java scrip- craft and you're on your you, you started up and you start saying is has been deployed already on my development of because it's so fast. You forget, what it's like to work on a new app, and you can actually implement ten feature the co founder, so you can't leave, but other developers, they can leave. This is old and sucks. I wanna work on something new and fast. Yeah. I absolutely. Every day, I, I don't know how we have three full time developers working on their patients. Just absolutely amazes me. I'm humbled by their patients to work on these problems on we're, we're maintaining two versions of the at the moment. I so you really like you went deep here. This is. It's iterative and away. I'm sure because everything has to be right. But like, but it's kind of like a ground up. Tell us about what's the great rewrite has arrived really inspired by the rails manifesto. The D H h wrote, and we kinda drifted from doing things the rails to false way. And I mean, I just love it when reading base count posts that just it's all about extreme productivity with small teams. And I'm also very mindful of a lot of the, the very new technologies are coming from the likes of Google, and Facebook where the it's the opposite. It's large team solving huge problems for massive apps. And so to me, it felt very neat that this, the philosophy that we should be following his the small company doing a lot with very little. So I, I decided to embrace the rails way from everything just from like the architecture of the controller. Hours of the controllers models and things, I thought just like the within the service side and then to use turbo links to for the for the snapping of the you, I and then links, tripling rules, have simply it was amazing. And it's sort of culminated at the end of that summer where I had more or less rewritten, the UI with just basic navigation for all of our major features, and I sent I deployed it, and I sent it to a customer. And he said, Wow, Did you just reimplement the whole thing and react, it felt like react? And I was like, okay. It. Yeah. Exactly. It was everything was so snappy pages, that we're taking a long time to load on the, the legacy system that is still our live system. We're, we're loading instantly under this, this new thing that's kinda where the magic ended because for all intents and purposes that was just it was just a prototype. It was just a demo, an didn't it didn't include the really really deep layers of functionality, that were the main reason that the legacy was slow. So I saw this brave new world and I sort of dove in dived in, and I'm not I'm not necessarily sure if it was for the right reasons, I kinda got caught by the shiny of, of something that wasn't necessarily a silver bullet for the kind of thing I was looking for. So some of it was like, a, a rails rewrite those, like, let's just clean up here. Let's do things the rails way. Let's not, you know if that's the. Case I feel you there. I don't write a hell of a lot of ruby on rails. But our team does. And you know it was our first really big rails app. So as the years, tick on and you go, revisit old code you're like, oh, gosh. I can't believe we did it this way. Let's do it more the rails way. Right. And then when I find was that the, the turbo the filed, so Treblinka lazy to Adron Java script off to the page load and so you can kind of stuff that into a file somewhere, but then you start to the same problems start. Creeping up as you've got you've got a section that requires a little bit more. So do you keep that in the same file or do you spin off a new fall? And then if you combine two two months later, can you remember which follow it was in all of these little problems started to creep in? And then there's limitations at the edge of what turbo links does, for example, we have three pain, the standard kind of three pain, view with the menu and the list and a show. So I think a master detail you I architecture. I wanted to have it so that if you did a search the search, what would appear in the U or else that, if you shared that you will the search would would stick in the in the center column, but that the content of the viewer wouldn't change. But if you clicked on things inside the viewer the search wouldn't change, and I wanted to keep that all while maintaining the integrity of the URL, and with turbo that was hard and it was also hard because one of one of the things that the rails way says to use this onion, skin caching, which means that you can't really put you oral modifiers into cash list elements and I was just finding that at some point to get this. You I that I wanted I was fighting against the constraints that roused was bring into the you're writing a Java script up occasion. But you're using server side took to try to force it into place. Maybe like turbo links really shines. When it's not particularly Java script, heavy otherwise. Agreed. Sort of, like I was almost feel like I was up at night, thinking about this, and it's when you have a turbo links up that has zero latency it is the most amazing thing ever. But if you have any kind of latency of progress bar, here's appears at the top, and the philosophy that I had written, the original Tito app was, if you clicked something and thing something should happen on the screen immediately, turbo links does answer that with the progress bar that appears, but to me the you I should change. If you're looking into a new section and troubling doesn't really have a good strategy for changing the UI when you click a link. So if you've got a list, and then the list needs to move over a show, view appears, and you also changed the oral z can do in plain jobs, great. But I want the euro to change his own. That turbulence doesn't have a good way to manage that. And so I- limitations that they were, they were fine. And I was like, oh, we could ship this, but it's not right of seen all that, that portal's stuff. It seems like that's going to be like the future of turbo links like stuff. Anyway. It's like it's like it's like crumbs news page, but it has single page, but it has animation capability built in so that slide, he stuff that turbo links makes hard won't be so hard with this. Yeah. Yeah. Well that was another thing. And then do the thing is we introduced Modell's like edit modes in, in our new you, I and several wasn't didn't like that, either. So we I was just running up against these constraints like on the phase of it. If I wasn't pushing the UI design to feel more like a expressive desktop experience. The maybe troubling swimming great. And there are great examples of desktop experiences. The turbo links does is amazing. I feel like it should ship with all WordPress sites. Like that's the absolutely yeah. There is a word. There is a WordPress, troubling in, but you're right. It should be completely native. That's what's wonderful about rails is that instead of having a plug in for turbo links, whatever it was with rails fours. Everybody got it for free. And it's like it's easy to take out. And to me, that was wonderful because suddenly all of these apps became fast instantly overnight with very low overhead for the developers. That's amazing sober is amazing. I love it. But you but you outgrew it it's time to I mean, I think I know what you're going to end up picking here. But you wanted to write basically a Java scrip- powered front end like all like every other website in the world. That's where we ended up so I. There were, there were a few bits inside Tito, where we required that little bit more stateful interaction within certain sections of the page, and my ambition for the UI in terms of, for example, if you're adding tax to ticket, I want there to be that live preview of how your have the pricing is going to be affected. You can write that in Jake where you can wipe that in, in, in planes. I was gift in the old way. No problem. But this is where I reached for view. I don't know where I got view from I, I guess I was reading somewhere. It was on a main list subscribe to somebody showed me view. I think a couple of years before I reached for at this time, and I was like, oh, looks nice. I never looked at it again. So at some point, I just went through the view tutorial having looked at react having looked at dealer and though gone through the, the, the tutorials, and this was, I was I was coming at it from the point of you. Like I had built JavaScript frameworks of my own in the past. And kind of built custom backbone things. So I felt like I wasn't coming at it as a as a JavaScript newbie, but I just didn't work for how I thought about building, jump script up -cations. What did you look at ember? Isn't that the one that's most like spiritually connected to rails? I'm not sure ember didn't come out of spread core. Which was then it was something. It was that apple. Tom, Tom Dale. Yeah. But yeah I remember had is good. Like I know a lot of people are using it still. But I think it was kind of like you have to fully buy into it like you have to, like right now. You're doing emberg. Yeah. I mean, the embers maybe at the time, I think, amber has gone through a lot of changes since I last used it, but at the time the magic of view was that. Well, let's say amber, you're building mbappe. The magic of you was that I was able to target like a single Dave and just make that of you up. And then I would get all the benefit of you in just that one tiny little piece of the page without having to put view anywhere else in the app and to me that was amazing. And the parallels to J query were strong for me because Jake where you could just target element and add functionality element whereas view, you could just. Target element and have the element act like view and get all sorts of activity and really interesting. You wind felt so lightweight to me that it was the pathway to it was so easy, and then and then sort of grew from there. So where with ember I felt like had to learn the whole framework before I could even get started. I did build a couple of apps and. I had moderate success, but with you, I just kind of, like, okay, I'd love to be able to, to be able to maybe look at the URL and like, oh, look, if you exist, it's like I love to share share data between two components few extra exists. All these extra pieces exists in anytime you, Google for how do you do this, and few there, always seemed to be really good clean, simple answer? And then the, the way that presents him and code inside single components. That's that was then was like, oh, my word. That's nice. I like it was jaws. That's good enough reason to pick anything. Right. I love like a lot. You hear that a lot from people as it just clicks with their brain a little better. And if you feel productive in it right away, and whatever then why not use it? Right. And spoken to people who simply cannot stand the look of ruby code. And personally, I don't understand that because it looks very clean and elegant to me. But I totally get it that it's just not gonna work. Reveling groupie could death looks the best and. So I think that the speed at which you get that joke. I mean it's it'll be three X by ruby three is what I. So you're still but you're not really considering replacing rails for some reason I. Do people ever leave rails? Are you stuck on rails for life is that are you imprisoned does h h have you in prison? Please blinked twice. I mean, I'm aware there's tons of options, but, but I in my mind already rewritten the whole thing using Lambda functions. But that's the thing Paul. You totally can. That's what really excited about is that never cove. We considered dropping rails, like why at does lots of useful stuff in fast, and who cares? It's fine. But even without us, knowing it little by little are were slowly replacing the whole damn thing with Lambda. It's incredible. You know there must be forty of them now that we have, and we're like, in their all in this like mono repo thing now that we moved to, they can all kind of like share a little bits together, and I'm like Tang. We've actually accidentally rid of the app and note, and you happy with the local development story is out feel solid to. Well, it does sometimes, you know, depends on what you need it to do and testing and stuff. But, you know, I feel like we're we took a couple of steps there, but server dot com. I think is I'm afr-. To say the best answer. I don't know why I'm afraid to say it it's pretty sweet. I just wish we kind of found it super sooner, but it's kind of the more most robust choice. I think for for needing to, to spin up spin, it up locally and notifies making some good strides there, too with their nullified Deb tool for for testing all your, your lamb does local stuff I put out a a long Twitter. Well, it wasn't that long, but just rent that and I see this come up Twitter every so often, but just the, the local development ecosystem, maybe on a MAC, maybe on, abundant it's better with Docker whatever, but the to be a local developer to set things up locally still really, really difficult. Because like you say notes, you just install few commands, it's like between stall a few commands, I got it install Homebrew, and install homeboy got install this, and that, and it's getting better all the time, but I feel like the stories still. Depends on what you're writing if you're just reading a little notebook should I mean you can kind of just hit it directly without installing anything, but you're right. You really should be testing it in as close to the development version is possible. It's particularly big deal. Lamm does because there's so many limitations for how they can run and where you're allowed to write files to where you're not. And the yeah, that, that time out part of Lambda keeps me. I don't know keeps me out of that game. 'cause I'm like, would've it's low and it just bales. I got to see this, this stuff is really shaking out. You know, like if you haven't yet moved to, like literally AWS Lamm does for one thing, they're not the only player in that game, and the latest players cloudflare with their workers, which are like you can run a million a month for free. And then you go over that it's like it, you struggle the pay for it, even with Lambda, which is like the most expensive choice. It's like our Lambda bills like five dollars a month like insanely cheap, which is absolutely great. Yeah. I, I don't know where I stand. The we've been rails is an extraordinary framework, and it has been responsible for pushing many other areas, or, or parts of the web development software, development, folks forward in many ways. And I think that it's all part of any, I think the more ways to do things is a good thing. I think having lots and lots of ways as a newbies, not necessarily a good thing. But yeah, to be able to have that level of power with that putting a huge cost behind. This is the most amazing thing of Llamas. But I think the future of rails is pretty solid. And I think the future of lamb does as a as an architecture, is also pretty solid. And that's what's great is up for one to win. The other doesn't have to. This upset or shop. Talk is brought to you in part by dot tech domains, which I think are very cool. Of course, I'm a big fan of, of just picking the right to yell d for you. And if your thing is technology focused at all there's really no downside to having domain that isn't like dot com or dot net or something. Why not pick dot tech? You know, I think it's very cool. It's not particularly old launched in two thousand fifteen so, so I think the chances of you finding like a really nice dot domain, are heck of a lot higher than they would be on anything else. There's all kinds of people using tech domains see that huge technology compasses conferences, doing it via com Intel. There's just lots of big companies that totally trust this go, of course, you buy them on dot tech domain. Just go to go dot tech, which is pretty awesome. I know go dot tech slash code pen works and you get ninety percent off one in five year domain, registrations ninety percent up pretty significant too. So you might as well go check it out. See if the perfect domain, is there for, for you to say, like, don't think too hard about domains for fresh projects feel like my, my little story behind those is that, like I ended up just putting a dash and CSS strips because is like whatever, you know, I don't. This thing doesn't even exist yet. Like, I think that's kind of fine. I feel like just get the domain that you feel is like pretty good and pretty close, and your chances of doing that dot domain is a lot higher. Then then put all your time and effort and thinking and work behind what you put on that website. That's what I care about. That's what you should do to check out, go dot tech slash code pen. There might be a slash shop. I know slash code pen works. Go dot tech slash go. Do you have like I don't know. There's some medium ground here as you're getting closer to like, releasing Tito to, or whatever you're calling it to the world, like is there see rewritten, how much did you rewrite in view? Ultimately like all of it. Anything to do with managing of an event is now view view view. And we, we've kept around a couple of legacy paradigm, like we're still we just kinda copied some of the forms over and we're still serializing them in JavaScript before sent into the server rather than like using view data. Attributes but we'll we'll we will slowly get rid of that. And then sets the desktop to the base of the you, I was completely reimplementing. There's a lot less rails. Right. Your views are just don't have them anymore. They're their views not we're delivery, deleting, e befalls. Yeah. It's weird. It feels really weird to me, but it feels right? Most of the time and, and then for the checkout up, it was just a grand up reimplementation. So the on the rails up for the, the, the main driver that wonderful driver was that we, we have this kind of stateful UI, where view ruder was just it made so much more sense, for view routed to control components. What was showing and being Sherman hidden on the page, and that solved all the problems, I talked about earlier. So you can have a search and the. The search is independent of what's Carney, showing and you are in the search you can click through things the, the show pain changes, but the URL changes in the state is kept in the US just everything, works, one like magic in two with, I changing view or having to write anything custom, which was wonderful, and then the checkout is a completely embedded view up. And to me that is like the thump. It almost makes me more happy because the checkout. Was always intended to be a separate kind of conceptual app because we want to run this checkout experience on other people's websites, and it didn't really make sense for that to be a hosted service up because the only way to deliver that is inside an I frame and to me it brings me great joy to be able to say to people use the same implementation, we basically future compatible with our, our Tito widget, custom Ponant. But now we can say upgrade to v two of our Java script, and you get an embedded app rather than an I frame experience and for event marketers, which is a lot of our customers does a lot of benefit there, because the check it now runs natively on their paid. So for things like attribution, Google analytics or write in their own analytic, cooks, or just making sure that they have full control of anything that happens on the page. They get all that for all your state is view X to all the state is the one. The other great thing about being an embedded up is that we will be able to do more or less pure white label without having to actually white label anything because we can use can use hashtag, you are ELLs on third party websites. And the hashtag, you oil controls the URL of our widget shows. So what we're going to be able to do is go back all the way back to that initial that initial fund conflicts variance, where the, the whole experience stays in the sign it looks like you've never left cons with your or that work. So we'll be able to send an Email that is like, whatever if you if it's code pan, con you will get an Email, it says, go to code code you'll get an Email with your ticket and the ticket will have a view order. And then you'll click on water, you'll still be on code pen com dot com slash hash slash Tito ticket ide-, and then the page will load and then in an overlay, the view apple deliver the Tito experience within code pink. Dot com. And to me that is just as close to magic as like an imagine how that works because you're shipping view app to the page. Yeah. Putting view up on the. Yeah. So that's cool. That, like, I guess, you know, I think a lot of the oh, we moved to j s framework stories are all, all about, like developer ergonomics. But now but this, this is a customer thing now. Like you've, you've enabled new customer territory. So I think that's really cool. Right. So in the dashboard, in the dashboard, is mainly about allowing us to, to build a UI one conform to what I talked about earlier and to allows us to build more advanced you is in terms of helping the customers, which is our customers. But yeah, the other piece of checkout piece is actually. Allowing our customers to, to have an experience on their own website that feels much more rich and up like that's yeah, that's very cool. I guess so can I go back to the real because rails, plus view seems like my dreamland, and I want to live there one day, one more piece to make it really dreamy though. Davis. Greg flow graph up, graph q man. Yeah. I guess so. I mean now I'm just kidding. Gore record. The I guess so you have like you still have like whatever slash posts are tickets. Let's say 'cause you do tickets. Right. And I assume that's like an abuse folder in the new just have an index are be, or or is it? Or do you just have the application index are your be that just renders an empty body tag like what, what are you rendering there? Oh, this is where we need to screen -cussed so is win full on rails, inspired. When I was designing the view architecture view doesn't have a. Folder structure that it sort of enforces, so rails, I assume you saw the rouses actually being web pack by default. Yeah. Yeah. Which really helped? Piker. Yeah. But it is it is. Bye. And web Packer provides a view getting started setup so going from there. But what I did was I just basically created a components folder, and I'm structured that exactly as rails would structure. It's views folder. Okay. So component slash tickets. But if you're in rails, and you're doing the restful rails, you'd have tickets index HTML herb show, in, in next show, HTML, herb, edit HTML urban form. So I just did exactly the same with few. So if you go to the, the tickets components folder, in our rebuil-, you'll see edit dot view, delete dot view formed on view new. And if you click into new the pattern rails is to just load a form with initialized for new records. That's exactly what we've done here. So we've created a little mix in for new items, and then you import the tickets for him and becomes a component. And the tickets form is basically the only thing that is inside the. New the new and the edit share the same form mixed in. Exactly. Yeah. And then we've got all it is, it's really good. Such a joy to us. And then the, the most wonderful thing for me. But view is that once you once I got a realize I mean Java scrip- world here. So I can anything can be done. I MC instantly. And that to me was my because one of the things that we've I was doing so often with forms for Tito was showing hiding elements and with with I think I was using Twitter. Bootstrap, and Jake Jake query. Well, obviously, J query to just like to put the show element inside a top, and I were kind of switching between taps, show and hide, but in few, it's just literally displayed tour false and things actually come out of the Dom come back into the down, and you can also optionally simply show her high as well. But more like now that it sort of looks and feels like standard standard simplicity of the rails templates that I had before. But at any point, I can just make something like that was just like it just this great comfort knowing that. And then seeing an action for like a very simple as I was saying before the tax cockatoos. What comes to mind like you typing a ticket? And then you say I wanna do twenty three percent tax and it shows you preview of what people are gonna see. It's just that's just how you is should be when I felt like like in rails or or any application. Right. Like you have let's say a follow button or favorite button, and needs to send a request in turn green or checkmark when it's finished. Right. Or maybe you trick it in you do the check Mark and then you send the request that a mutation with an optimistic response, optimist. Like like you do you can code that right in rails like ER bees. And J query and turbo links. You can you can cut that about once. Yeah. And, but you could it three or four times just for a button, or toggle or anything, you're just, like I hate this. This is now the system at all. Like I this is just I'm just like I'm chucking, I have to, like, modify my controller to send back Jason response just for like a favorite thing you know. And so I think you like get you get pretty like deep like, like it's a lot of work to make it happen. But that's, that's what's pushing me to something like view or something with rails is just like. Yeah. Just happenings. I've literally brought up my implementation of action button. And the it's what you described action button is, it's a button element that has a font. Awesome spinner icon inside it. And when you click it ships off to whatever action, you sent it displays spinner, and it stops the spinner. It's done. What you've and I've sprinkled all over this few, and it's, it's amazing because then what it does is it, you can feed that action buck into whatever few component, you're using, and let's say that's something that updates the view ex state, so the action button doesn't know anything about the state at all. It just does it just as the spinner an chips off the request. When the request comes back the component that you're in updates the state, and the whole template updates and it's just it it. It's as perfect as I can imagine that kind of interaction or building that kind of interaction. I like that I also like the, you know, like suspense is coming to react, which is actually pretty RAD. I wonder what the views anytime you think of spinners and Java scrip- components like this. I think of that feel like seen talks that are like, hey, you know, you can get a little heavy with the spinner thing, I don't know may have chase Bank in, in Ireland or not. But it's a it's a great example over here with they've clearly built the whole Ireland has every company. Chris because they'll offshore. We have a lot of buying but they're not necessarily all consumer Bank. So we probably do what the homepage. Chase dot com has like ninety spinners on it. And you're like whoa. I'm on a super fast internet connection here. I think you know, I think there's more to it, but part of the heart behind suspense is like can you just wait on showing the spinner? If the response happens in, like forty milliseconds anyway, yes, yeah. Yeah. We have done that a couple of times, so Paul can in. Let's say let's look five years from now, you just did a big rewrite sounds. I mean again, I'm like dreamland every hills view. But like in five years, what does your apple do you think it's like all view with, like a, you know, Lambda back end kind of thing or is it web components or what in what where do you think it goes in five years, or the Christian based on the previous five years is gonna be executive same as it was today? But it's a really good question. I mean, the next thing I is, is to decide how ambitious we want to take the ability to scale Dido, and, like, the, the example I have in my mind is, like, could we could we handle the kind of event like a giant popular conference that needs to sell a hundred thousand seats to twenty million people who want to in five minutes that would influence our architecture choices immensely, but the, the, the other interesting question around the, the idea of lamb, does is that I'm does to me are not necessarily interesting as technology themself, they are interesting in the ability to build those kind of massively scalable systems. But also while while keeping the in the app architecture in your head. That's the nice thing about rails is that you can go to your rails up, and you can just have a quick, look around, and you can. Instantly understand how it all fits together. And so I, I don't think I would easily sacrifice that, so for me with the with the idea of a large up with lots of dependencies built with whether it's service functions or a different stuck to me, it feels like it would have to be really easy to conceptualize. So I'm keeping very close eye on everything that the FIS do because they're definitely I think leading. In what they're saying what, what they're proposing to do which is developed experience. And I think companies that value developer experience are really attractive to I to me, at least to the I guess, to the kinds of folks who appreciate ruby on rails, and all of the values that are in the rows manifesto, which is like, being human friendly and coating for joy and be code, being aesthetically pleasing. So. If we're gonna go a little bit abstract. I would like to move toward case where are up is to youth. Little bit of a design cliche. But it is, as you can appreciate the user experience on the front end. If you look at the code you could really appreciate. Highlight all together. And at the moment, we're not there it's there's a there are areas that are bit of a mass, but whilst I was doing that. We architecture. I was always really mindful of a want this code to be beautiful. I want people to come and look at it and say, oh, that's nice and is based on your reaction of just how I describe one of the pieces today, I sort of feel like we are getting there. So that was really nice to hear. Yeah. I guess does your team like are they like this is good. Or is our I guess, maybe don't want speak for them too much. But like or is everyone just exhausted. Like this is the longest we let right of my life like I'm gonna cry in a puddle. No. I mean we've, we've obstructed a few bits of the rewrite I like we shipped a, a single sign on system. Was obstructed out of the rewrite and we shipped up pretty early. And there's been we've been able to hit or a tons of features on that both kind of bucket features and customer facing features. We did it. We did a rerun of, of our billing engine, we've been able to rate on that as well. So having rewritten a lot of stuff it doesn't mean we haven't shipped everything some of it is, is really fun to work on. And I think that that's what folks appreciate, I think, everyone is quite jaded that we've had a lot of stuff's like in development for so long. But it always feels like there's the light isn't too far away, which is a good motivator. And. It always feels like any delays that we introduce our we take a collective decision and it's all in the spirit of trying to get like as right as possible before we do ship. That's probably smart. I mean my tendency is just kicking crap out the door. I'm like kit. Kit kit kit kit. And it's nice to have people rain rain you in on that, you know, it was like there needs to be a balance the needs to be somebody that just. Pushes super hard on getting stuff out the door, and some people being like whoa, whoa, whoa. You know this needs to be better tested needs to be better Kuwait. We need to rearm Kentucky things to make. This more screwed -able you know, I don't know. It's you need a good Cup. Add Cup thing. Check back and see how it works at in the future. But we've made the decision this week to ship have of the rewrite to a sub directory. Nice. Almost half with. Well, I think that's a good place to stop. Thank you, Paul. This has been very cool in and cathartic for me to get a look into how cool products get made. So I appreciate that a pleasure. Thank you so much for, I guess, for those who aren't following you and giving you money. How can they do that at polcy a on Twitter? And Tito is at us Tito or TI duct te'o on the weapon. Awesome. Thank you so much. And thank you, dear listener for downloading this, in your pocket, or trace B-shares, our favorite up. That's how people find out about the show falls on Twitter at shop talk show for tens of tweets a month. And if your job ever shop talk show dot com slash jobs and get a brand new one because people want to hire people like you in Chris. Do you have anything else? You'd like to say he jumping. Dot com.

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I'm Michelle Dana is true Moya. That's a fruit. Something like that. Yeah. It's food related if it's has pudding consistency and Matt Holloway today. We are talking vinegar valentines suing over soup and rap battles. Turn to snack battles Dade seeing thing about the part that sharpen those knives. It's fourth step does kitchen podcast. What's up, y'all? So last week we talked about the fire fest Dox only for like three hours only for like all of our studio time. A lot of it got cut out time. But there were several points that we wanted to make we wanna you wanna come back to we're not going to rant on it. Again. I mean. Create. We're gonna this is our second podcast the fire cast, there's there's two points. He want ahead. Head on never one don't ever get in a plane with somebody who learned how to fly using Microsoft flight simulator and never actually learn to fly real plane bonkers don't do that. The lease crazy person to the document. I know he seemed like he had his shit together. I was kinda proud of them. Yeah. And I was like he took that simulator into the real world. Not what we're talking about. Right now, we need to we need to get back on point. But the second point we fucked those rich kids for destroying right? Somebody people's livelihoods, right? We talked about the locals in last week's episode. It's just Scott cut for time. We got some DM's about it. And we want to make sure that you know, like those poor fucking people. Off. Yeah. If y'all can go donate to her go fund me. I mean, I think she's she's doubled. She's flash just fine now, but that wasn't lost on us. I've just we were making fun of the rich kids. That's all that shit or all the people doing all the construction work. Like, it's not there. Giddy. Paid you to not get paid to be working around the clock. Like fuck that in this production is comes through your neighborhood fucks everything up, and then leaves? Yeah. So yeah. So fuck the rich kids, and there wasn't like I don't even remember what we said, we we were like that's as different from the people who live there in this shouldn't be happening to them. No, absolutely not. I mean, everyone deserves to get paid for their work irrespective of their position or anything like that. But fuck those guys and don't get in a plane with somebody who's never flown applying mute jaw rule. These are just some hot. I just couldn't fuck them believe that how is that not got more attention more in the fucking plane. Understand smoking gnarly that kick gotta sit together though, there's not enough toilets me and my wife are out. I mean, he's he's a real pilot now. It can't say he's not coming in covenant hut in February. Which is also we should mention this is black history month, y'all should go pick up a copy of the cooking, gene by Michael Twitty. Former guest to the pod and y'all y'all shoulda give that a read it's it's really curious about how the African diaspora influenced and really shaped and started southern cuisine, as you know, it like the cooking gene is the way to go its amusing on his familiar legacy. But also about our legacy as a country really with the Atlantic slave trade. So definitely check it out. And he we have his black-eyed pea HAMAs recipe on our website from the cooking, gene Googlers. Oh, hot damn. So I get the cooking, gene. By Michael Twitty this month for any month that you're looking to learn more. What else are we got on? Well, it was a super super rainy week last week here in Los Angeles power knocked out in our office for a couple of days LA, and we had to involuntarily. Clean are for. Yeah. So the kept telling us the power is about to go back on. So we didn't take the food anywhere else. Because it was like always about to be back on so three days later the power had not come back on. So all the food in our fucking. Fringe Stu was done ski. You know, we saved a couple of condiments and what we could. But a lot of it was gross fuck, but now the frigid freezer look at nice frigid. Our office is looking more like my fridge at home, which is a stark. Oh, look clean look center. Oh bless you. Just like a flood a few beers and some condiments in there. You're gonna say condoms like you like your condoms, chilled chill condom? Just with the kids doing this disgusting. Yeah, we had to we had to go to the farmers market and like reopened a ton of our shit. Yes. Oh, and then we got in a fight in the parking lot. Not physical fight. More shoving match. This is Michelle by the way. This is not like us fighting a stranger Ted. So there was a there was a what I call pylon is they have like the the black tar bottom, and then it goes up, and you call it a cone. It's doing homework, but it's not a cone cone is like a pyramid shape. I think of a pylon as something that's non moving. And I think if it's a mobile pylon eat then becomes a common, especially when it's cone colored. And it is doing homework says bushy we're gonna we're gonna do a fucking. It's a pylon survey survey on our Instagram stories. I'm going to get real answers from real people because cones are cone shaped does not cone shaped that is French fries shapes. It's how was a pilot. Square is a rectangle, but not all rectangles are square. Don't bring rectangles into the cone debate. That's I can't bring other teams. I'm talking about it. I'm going to ask the internet, and they're gonna tell you how wrong you are. That is a pylon not a Cohn Cohn Cohn shaped, I really like Goupil result. People also ask can a square rectangle Wikipedia one-sentence. Are all scores rectangles true or false? Third graders googling. Tangled is a square is a rectangle these Google results are just someone's math homework. Number four. Yes. No, maybe. Bless love. The let's get. The news. Oh, yeah. No. So I got I got some hot food news. Let's go. Yes. So we're doing our food history at the top of the show this week and Fayed has story. It's a good one. It's only ten gently related to food in so much as the word vinegar is used but stay with me people. Okay. So Valentine's Day, as we all know as a time for people to send love notes, sometimes signed your secret admirer, which is creepiest fuck, but people do it whatever. All right. Well, it's like I'm in Marin you from afar, but it's a secret can know who I am Stocker issue like me. Yes, or no. But you don't know who I am. Right. Do you like being liked? Being afraid. I would starting in the Victorian era and through the earliest twentieth century, people were also way more savage than we give them credit for so they would mail traditional Valentine's, but they would also mail. These things called vinegar valentines for their secret. What is it? So these cards are sold in the United States and Britain, and they had into reading card greeting cards. People would come by it and instead of offering like messages of love and affection, the just insulted a fuck you. Yeah. That's tight. They would either deliver. So they drop them in their mailbox or they'd fuck and post them. So it was an anonymous medium for saying mean ask things that you wouldn't say to somebody's face. Okay. Let's tied. I like that. So the opposite Valentine vinegar valentines, man. So sometimes it'd be just like little lightly mean stuff like they t- somebody for like being drunk or more often than not. They would suggest people going kill themselves. God, which obviously the comment section has always existed. So what we're saying if people is that humans are not any different now. In the early in the way that we're expressing. It has changed. How fucking brutal can you? Imagine someone anonymously sending you a letter telling you to do. Set yourself on fire. Finding tol you'll neighbor. I kind of do that though. I it's like if the hallmark card company had like a like a villain card company. You know what I mean? Saro desire. Hallmark just like really shitty. Mean cards is reading all about this on the Smithsonian dot org and wanted they have an example there that they have in the museum of one of these vinegar valentines on this, quote, everyone thinks you're an ignorant lout. Your part? So the end again these were sold. That's how popular they were that these were printed manufactured for large-scale distribution. Sometimes they would you know, they were designed to ward off unwanted suitors. Some like if you were chicken, you news. Some dude was like creeping on you. That'd be like, nobody likes you face Bill. Sometimes they were to make fun of somebody for putting on airs or for too much PDA sometimes telling women they were too aggressive, or like does anything you men pussy anything you could be like petty about. Yeah. And they had specific cards to insult different professions. Otani. It'd be like you plumber. You suck. Plum this. Yeah. Cobbler can't couple shit. I love it. And so if you're just if you're listening to this though, being like, oh, that's cute. I bet like five people did that. And then we're like implying a larger trend. These vinegar valentines this Massoni and says that by the early to mid nineteenth century, miniature Valentine's represented half of all Valentine sales in the US Deo half. So Valentine's is really like a love hate holiday. Oh my God eight high then. Do that. The us is Josh should send something mildly route. Nothing. Brutal. Don't tell them kill him. So never never tell anyone to kill themselves. But yeah, I mean, but yeah, I kind of liked it. Because. It's the one opportunity a year firing of grievances. And festivus. Yeah. Exactly. So if I'm like, I'm trying to put myself in the shoes of somebody who won Valentine's, they just get a bunch of shitty gifts. I would do some serious self-destruction. I'd be like damn pissed off a lot of people. I need to maybe behave better survey says I suck. Correct gut shit. Nick, see, I'm sorry, y'all. Thanks with shame. Yeah. Appreciate it. Five of them. Come in you resting be like, oh, no. So man is your food news for the week vinegar valentines, should we bring them back? Should they stay buried back? I I kind of want a little bit of it. 'cause people wouldn't see it coming. It looks out Radin lovely, and then you open it up. And it's just a devastating burn just says and like a very like eloquent cursive, go fuck yourself. You know, it goes along with my personal motto. What's that? You know, if you can't say, something nice, say, something devastating. That as my personal motto. I tried to be. Isis possible. But if you decide it's fucking over off you go. Oh, you got to knock them down so hard that. They don't want to get back or that. It's both mean and hysterical. They're like, well, I don't know if you can't come back from them. Bless bless. But you know, one word that I have to take out of my burn vocabulary. Visit chunkys chunky. So apparently Campbell's soup filed a trademark for the word chunky based on his well known line of chunky soups, which seems like a horrific overreach. Right. Yeah. I mean, that's a that's definitely a choice word to be associated with hasn't chowder been chunky longer than can't like I don't understand. So to get that trademark Campbell's had to convince the government that the brand has established a firm connection between its soups and the chunky name. Okay. So according to add week, the application included, a bunch of pop culture references. So like, they brought up the Donovan McNabb chunky soup commercials being parodied on SNL or S and L depending on who you are. That's deep cut. The new sets out there. Also ghost face killer had a line about Campbell Soup and one of his songs, we are we meet a chunky soup lake joke. I think our second years. Yes. They cited other evidence from the tonight show, Jimmy Kimmel, live daily show, etc. Etc. Etc. So Campbell's is like I'm tired of everyone referencing our brand and our soup with this word junkie. So we're just going to own it. Yes. So basically, they're ad campaigns were so successful that they influenced pop culture enough that people talked about them that now they can sue people who use the descriptors chunky in a way, they disapprove of. So they could assu d- us. No, they could well it's parody parody Hertie lawyer. But if we came out with a soup, and we call the chunky, and we could spell it differently. We could spell new valves call it can we call it chunk. Our chunky, but like to ease instead of a why I don't know, man. Well, so Campbell's obviously got the trademark 'cause they're richest fuck and twenty nineteen isn't a real year. We've established anything at all. But the company says it plans to defend only when appropriate so quote Campbell's rights in connection with the trademark chunky are solely limited to soup. So the use of the word chunky in connection with another type of food like milk would not be an issue. A spokesman said in a statement. What? Yeah. The example the Campbell. Spokesman brought up was say milk's chunky. That's fine. Ios wanna throw around chunky milk day. We're not gonna see that. You say chunky soup. Campbell's company is like get him out on the podium. Get him talking about chunky milk. The fuck is in this. Is this the family that was like losing their fortune Campbell's? Yeah, they are losing their money because they don't know what to do. And this seems like a good move. This smart. That's why y'all time. So the spokesman continued also the use of chunky style would be considered descriptive and not a trademark or brand name for this reason. Campbell's would not even object to the use of the word chunky in connection with his soup as long as it was a non prominent descriptive fashion. So you can say chunky style. What junkie style of junkie what the fuck. I don't know. But chunky milk is when you're disgusting. Campbell's a weird example like right off the top of their dome. We'll talk about chunky food. Let's talk about chunky milk. It's gonna keep being funny to me. It's just so fucking stupid. How was your first? I don't know. You could have said so many other things trademarks are funny. Yeah. We had some Gina trademark. We were trying to trade Mark some of our like eat like you give a fuck. You can't trademark swearwords guys. The because your mom runs the trademark office. I thought that was so ridiculous trademark office in the MPAA or the same. It's like twelve people in a room. The bad words are only bad if we make them that weight. Like if I say fudge with the right tone of voice, it's almost worse than fuck. Yeah. The intention's there. Yeah. So get the fuck over yourself with the heck stupid. Anyway. So chunky milk is in chunky soups, guys, take shrunk yadi vocabulary. When you're describing soup is Campbell's is coming for you. It's like how you can't say what it's on like Donkey Kong can't say that. Yeah. Why? Because they trademark debt who doggy com. Yeah. Nintendo. What? Yeah. Ob- is saying that shit. You don't know this? Yeah. After many years after the game was popular they patented it's on like, Donkey Kong, Nintendo, Nintendo. Quick question for you. What's on like Donkey Kong if you can answer what's on like Donkey Kong? Then you get the copyright. That's fucking stupid. People out here with weird legal battles weird beefs junkie bees. Speaking of a own food words, did you hear about that? Are that beef between Cheetos Doritos over the word flaming hot? No. You haven't heard about this. Oh, I thought I wind. Did you waiting hot after eight all of our buffalo cauliflower wings in one sitting and was describing my bathroom experience. Yeah. That's a few hours later. Did you watch the Super Bowl? I it was like one of their ads. They had like chance the rapper and backstreet boys. It was like a devito's on. Yeah. And they're like a bunch of smoker needs and like that Scott site, but like I mean anything chances in. I'm not mad at. Yeah. But like, I don't know Doritos, whatever take it or leave it. I'm not a big torito's fan. I don't I I don't really get it. So what's? So like that commercial was Doritos announcing that they're doing like a flaming hot flavor. Okay. And Cheetos responds with of they took exception to the. Yeah, they were like no like we think of flaming hot. What do you think of Doritos are cheetahs? Great start. Fusion's worked on me. So they he on exactly that. So Cheetos responded, they had an animated Chester the cheetah. Do a rap distract. Oh, jesus. Yeah. Not sure that. I don't know. Well, I children out there. MC scott. I did. Deposit. Watch the music video now, watch the view and the come back, and we talk about it. But yeah, they had it. They had a whole animated video where he's talking about. How Doritos can't claim flaming hot? And I gotta say chess sued the cheetah, he's got some bars. So he's got bars bars. I am not here for any kind of wrapping animated thing. Like, I know I had I have had enough of this. But I like, I don't know. I don't think the another brand can do flaming hot like she does can do flaming hot there the original. And I mean, I guess I'm more of a Cheetos person like if I had to come down on the side of a brand because you get knocked there's tons of knockoff cheetahs, tons of theirs. They see them everywhere. It's a snack that people. Everyone knows that flavor that tastes put are there. Really knock off Doritos Doritos Associati. No one even tries to knock him off. There's no like dollar Storebrand Doritos. Yeah. I can think of seen. Well, I got an open letter for Cheetos y'all should make a vegan ship and beat. Rados punch Fritos or vegan Fritos or vegan. Yes. Yeah. And they're owned by the same parent company. Yeah. That's what. Okay. I was going to bring that up this beef feels manufactured Cheetos into features on by the same. They are. They're both owned by frito lay frito lay. This is fake beef. This is this is click there buddy bullshit and free to lay is owned by Pepsi. So how many fucking commercials Pepsi having God goddamn Super Bowl? Tom Brady, that's actually cheetah. It's he's he's a Pepsi affiliate. He is a cheetah their little known facts. Little known fact he runs on rap battles with Doritos and fucking cheetah. This is fake internet beef. And I'm not I'm not here for the Doritos even have a mascot like at least Cheetos, they have a fucking cheetah. That's a very good question is the mouse offered to rita's it just like a it's like a gamer with a fedora. Scott like he's got a fucking Doritos dust on his fingertips that the those kids are discussed he also cosponsored by mountain dew. Yeah. I, you know, I don't but only Qodra not mountain dew regular mountain dew regulars for snowboards code red is for gamers. Okay. Did you know that in Disneyland in nineteen fifty five frito lay snack company opened custody? Fritos a Mexican style restaurant in Disneyland's frontierland team's gonna this. That's crazy. So this came from Disneyland this monkey anywhere. I'm gonna have to read more about the Doritos history. But no, there's no mascot. So Mickey mouse's behind this fake beef. Then I'm not buying it. You don't you don't like when the big mouse's involves Cheetos needs to make a vegan ship, and they they could win me over. There you go guys. Do you want Matt's heart vegan, Cheetos done and done? That's enough. Chip talk. Henry Rollins just walked in. We're going to get to him in a second. We'll be right back guys. We'll be back in a moment. With more forked up a thug kitchen podcast. I'm Jay Farner, CEO of Quicken Loans, America's premier home purchase lender. We've created a new way to protect you from unpredictable interest rates are exclusive rate shield approval. I we lock your interest rate for up to ninety days. Then if rates go up your rate stays locked. But if rates go down your rate drops either way you win. Call us today at eight hundred quicken or go to rocketmortgage dot com, racial approval. Only ballot on certain thirty year fixed rate loans. Call for cost information and conditions. Equal housing lender. Licensed in all fifty states MLS number thirty thirty additional conditions or exclusions may apply. Stay tuned for sixty seconds of AP news headlines, right after this podcast. 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Keep out of reach of children for use only by adults twenty one years of age or older. Welcome back to forced up a thug kitchen podcast today on the show. Our guest has been a cultural force since he busted on scene as the frontman of punk legends black-flag from the Rollins band his books. TV shows podcast Collins and specials. This is a man whose influence on American culture and progressive thought cannot be overstated is new special. Keep talking pow is streaming on Showtime now. Please welcome. The man the myth the legend, Mr. Henry, motherfucking Rollins. Thank you for being here. You are you are early, but the the pumpkin puncture took the word right out of my mouth. He's seen the script. It's your special is very funny. Oh, thank you. And happy early birthday, sir. Thank you very much twenty eight tomorrow look at day over twenty five years ago. How do you celebrate your birthday thing you do or a meal, usually what happens a myth, the office working Heidi who's been running my life managing me for about twenty one point something years? She says, okay. It's your day. We're going to do exactly what you want. So we're going to. And she tells me what I'm doing day. So wait a minute your favorite things. I thought this was my day. She goes it is getting the car take me here. And so that's what usually happens tomorrow. I don't know. And so I know I have a lot of work to do. And so it'll be work, and maybe dinner, it's it's kind of a non event for me. See you work on your birthday. I kinda work seven days a week. Just because I'm right now neck deep in a big book. I'm doing being the thank you being the self-employed type the DIY type. I'm kind of work as this fluid thing in that seven days a week. I probably should be getting to work. And so tomorrow, I'll wake up and go fifty eight and get to work do at least treat yourself like with a like a favorite meal like Goto kind of one nice thing that you do to set it apart. We'll you tomorrow night. If if I depends if I have company I'll ask if we're she wants to go, and she'll probably say anywhere you want birthday. Great. She'll fold up the wheelchair and put it in the trunk. Couldn't plug in the IV, and we'll go no probably get a good meal out of the deal. But I I don't really make much of my birthday. I used to be on stage for my birthday many years ago. I would do like a birthday like if especially if it's a Friday or Saturday, I would like a Thursday Friday Saturday three shows you'd wasn't a tour year of a few years ago when I turn fifty five that's that's what we did. I did like to Chicago when in Milwaukee something like that this time around there is no time to book it, and I just finished a long tour finished on December late December of last year. So I'm kind of done with shows for now. So tomorrow will be kind of a non event U2. or very very young. I'm. Older and shorter than everyone. I seemed to meet these days vote this just the point of making us there's going to there's gotta come tax. In your life, where the us don't really matter like anything after fifty. But how would you feel because you can't even be bothered to say fifty five fifty six fifty seven. What does it matter? Anything north of fifty people. Don't give a shit about the I'm yeah. Oh, you're me to turn a few years ago. How much how much hurts? Oh, everything. How many aspirin view taken today? What since four o'clock since I woke up with the fear of death and crew it gets the seniors up early in the morning because like death is coming. Got these the Dan got a season day because damn it. There might not be the next weekend. You are. You're really disciplined, dude. So try to be. Yeah. I got I just got to wonder what you do. You have a dish or something? Like, do you do you allow yourself to eat like a really greasy pizza free birthday? Do you have a cake is some kind of food or now that you suggested pizza, which is kind of my favorite food next to sushi. And like e can't eat pizza every day or you can. But you won't be that productive. So I do pizza on tour. We have pizzas once a week. Okay. On the bus all been good, boys. We get pizza. You gotta earn. It. You got to earn it. And I I do six workouts a week so three on one off. And I usually what one one and a half meals a day. So on pizza night. I go to large tomorrow night pizza that might be the be. That might be the call have to figure out good pizza in Los Angeles. I know there's some places that might be. Wow. That is a good call. But it would be a birthday a ice cream might happen. Which is another big favorite food of mine is less straight job. I had was in ice cream. Imagine you doing a customer service job. How long would you last in a customer service these days, I could do it easily because I'm Ernest and I'm in the entertainment business, I'm here to please. And so- serving it up is kind of what I do for a living. I come up with a show. I write a book I do a documentary. I want you to see it read it here at endure it, I've radio show. And it's all basically, I want you to to check me out. And so in a service job. I kind of when the waiter comes to the table. Okay. So who got what I already have everyone's orders, memorize he's the omelets. She's the salad. He's the dead elf, like, whatever whatever I would probably slip into that really easily like whatever amid a Starbucks. I look over the counter gone guy. Could I remember like to squirts of that you go over to that? I could do this challenge of. Well, I I'm in the people business since I was well minimum wage work. Put me in the. Retail. And then in the entertainment business, people are kinda sorta my bread and butter and for a person who's pretty solitary. I'm not young going to parties parties make me anxious. However, I'm in front of a lot of them. They write me. All right back. They hit me. I su-. But in front of them looking for their approval, so I can go and do it to them again on the next tour. Right. And so a straight job as I call it the straight world, I could get by in it because I know it so well, it would be confining because I just don't have a straight world mind when I was young when I got out of high school in eighteen seventy nine win into the meaningful fulltime adult working world when okay I was used to it from summer jobs in all of that allow fifty sixty hours a week on your feet. I just didn't think I was going to survive it all that. Well, being kind of crazy like I am somewhat creative. And thankfully, punk rock is a thing that lets people with no talent in any way. So you can have an attitude and that'll pass for talent. And that's how I got in and from their films talking shows my Showtime special that is now on multiple platforms, which I'm sure you'll you'll promote radio show documentaries. I've written screenplays they've been made into movies stuff like that. It's all all of this has happened to me. But I come from a working class mindset. Like, I get up every day as early as I can scrape myself off the mattress, and I go to work, and I always have something to do this. Never nothing to do ever. We are we work in Arbor is too. Yeah. So we get what choice. Do you have really if you're on your own doing your own thing? If you're not taking orders, you've got to give yourself orders. You have to be your own worst boss and keep your son really kind of drive yourself along. Because it's all when you when you've beaten the grind like in a cubicle that you hate with people that, you know, office politics, and you really doing your own thing risking a lot. And so you it's yours to lose. And you'll miss it. When you lose it. You know that freedom the up at four. Yeah. You get to get up at foreign work for yourself. You want to get up in four work for him. Yeah. You entrust me? It's better when you're doing it for yourself. And so the up at four I feel miserable. I'm tired cheer up. It's yours. At least you're not putting an apron on an ask in Collin someone Searle that day and earning somebody else money. Yeah. You talk about in your special about being underpaid yet and the callousness and inability to be perturbed at anything because you were underpaid for so long that resonated so deeply with matinee we come from very like working class. Background. So when you said that we're both like oh shit there. Yeah. It's just like you can't I'm dead inside. You can't bother. This. America kills you off in a way, I'm not putting America down. It's my favorite place, but I've been pretty far and wide in my life. And I spent a lot of time at a time outside of America months. Go by I'm not in America for work in America. The point I'm making this American work, so hard. We we beat ourselves senseless. And you look at the diet like we worked so hard. But we feed ourselves that no wonder our arteries are clogged or blood is thick in our hearts are begging for mercy. No wonder there's pills because you don't have a chance to go to the gym. 'cause you're working one and a half jobs and eating that putting that in your system, you see these ads for this food like what's a two dollars and thirty nine cents a good deal would it. But what it's doing to your body. You're shaving years off your life. And like a you read books. I don't have time to read books in the guy. Probably doesn't have time to read books as America, basically is a is a torture rack, and you have to be very. Smart and very agile to kind of get around the beating that almost any average American can take and you go to some parts of America. This whole towns or unhealthy like you'll lot obesity fat. Mom, fat dad, fat kids, and I'm not putting no fat people. I'm just saying that's not healthy. Yeah. It's including depression. Yeah. Well, it feels depression it sucking to get that kind of foods not going to get you out of depression. So you go to the food source where they getting the food that you go to the WalMart, you go to these places. You like, oh, you watch these good people shop. Yeah. And you're like, wow, you're just now you someone gave you a stick and us going beaten yourself with it, you're you're just policing yourself with. And so we Americans are really good at working too hard working too much and not enough art, not enough culture. Not enough music. We dig our music at the halftime Super Bowl thing. Cool and stream it or not necessarily having a record player. And so you see other parts of the world. They were they look at us. Wow. Y'all are crazy. You like that treadmill? What I what? Don't have time to argue with you. And that's that's a danger in this country. And there's a lot of western ideas. I disagree with like retirement. Like, I'm going to work really hard with this in this building. I hate with these people I can't stand. So one day I can stop at eight years of macgyver, a fishing trip as much pizza and Guinness as I want, and then I'll explode on the couch and dying and that that kind of gold watch. What's finally mine? Finally, I have time to like. Wow, man. But you don't have a body to get up and go do it. A you're not there anymore when you get to that point enjoy -ality you've lost. Will you took you took the stick? And you beat it out of yourself. And at some point you can't blame anyone else. Put yourself you have to take some responsibility. And I'm not sitting here putting people down to saying this country is tough on its inhabitants. It's so hard because like you were saying being on the treadmill to take that moment to question. The system you're apart of makes you feel like you're behind and what are you gonna do like him? I'm gonna go make this company you go right ahead because your life savings is going to get spent this week making that thing happened and the stats are against you like young musicians. Like Henry, what do I do? Like, if you have to ask me, you don't stand a chance, you're already know you have to ask should I pal go back to school because it should questioning it is early because it's going to get worse. Well, either you have it, and you go out there and are willing to die for it. But you know, how many people did Iggy ask should I heat? Put the light right here. That's how I went into music like how you going to be fine. I ate today. What are you doing next year next year? I don't know what I'm doing next week try and stop me. I'd never asked. Should I the good mentality? You either passer die. Steve Martin clout be so good. They can't ignore you. But in America, I it's very hard to get out of because now even mortgage, here's a kidney in one on the way, the car doesn't work all that. Well, but there's a job. I don't like it. But it's a job you want to get out of that. I want to become a insert any interesting job title. There. You want to spend eighteen months finding out that doesn't work and have the house go upside down. That's what a lot of Americans risk. They're barely getting by. So when you see a thing like a government shutdown? You see how quickly real America's going Ono health after day after school for the kid or my heart medication Ono make institute. Why this why are you making me choose this because this sucks, and that's what a lot of. That's what keeps a lot of Americans in harness. And that's for that western idea of the cared at the end of the stick the gold watch. And all of that the pension with a, you know, a heart. That's looking to explode. There's a lot of like social media counselor like millionaire mindset kind of bullshit. It's like that. That hustle and grind sort of mentality. But it's like these dudes are they're making like thirty grand a year. And this is like well, but they also had never they've all they haven't made the soccer net below them the whole time. Exactly. So there's no risk. You're born into money. I always wonder about a new those. I'm not gonna say the guy's name. But that guy's really casual in how walking through houses he doesn't own. Yeah. This is my house. No, it's not these are my cars. You can see the rental thing on the on the on the license plates. So busted, our SA. Some real quick we have a mutual friend who literally just posted on Instagram him climbing into an expensive car. And if you zoom in on the back left higher, you're like, oh, the car is being towed. He's standing up and his caption was like how to flex for dummies. And both of us were like, dude, you're not flexible. The car is first of all it's not a mere car. Second of all. It's being towed. What are you? What are you trying to convey to your followers here? Well, why do you feel like I've made thirty million dollars in? I'm going to help you really if you're busy making thirty million dollars. You wouldn't be like, hey. And now, I'm gonna help you is this radio trickle down. Just just not how rich people get rich. Stay rich by helping you right, unless you're a sucker because it's going to cost you to get this free thing in the mail call now and that at runs every day supplies limited. Dude, I've heard that ad for six months. I've never met a rich guy. Who said, hey, I want to make you rich. Drive in screwing drinkin- the enrich. They're busy being rich. And like, hey, help me you and your crap car in the one on one go, screw yourself. Man. Musician pit bull. He does like once a year in LA, he has like convention that people pay hundreds of dollars, and they go. Listen to pit bull talked about how how did how to be rich? Yeah. I see the billboards all the time. And they're always bothers me is that they're they're never in the nice neighborhoods are always in like, the low income neighborhoods. Some like do that's fucked up a hundred dollars one hundred dollars to go. Listen to this guy that that doesn't mean much to me because I I've savings if you are that's view working for a living. That's a lot of dollars. You're making decisions too. I do this or do what are we gonna eat this month because we're spending this one hundred dollar Bill for most people that's more than one full day's work. I've heard his music. It's there's an audience for it. I'm not that audience. That's all I mean shit. I grew up on black flag. Yeah. It such micro th. But it's interesting that that get Richard die trying thing in America. I just don't necessarily see it anywhere else in the world were said such a premium like it's not even like a wanna get by. It's like I need to get rich. Like, wow, you need all the cake in one in you know, you're gonna drink a whole bottle tonight. Who is that person? They said that America's Americans think of themselves as temporarily disenfranchise millionaires like all of us have those people get cleaned out near the go to those seminars. And they're told a walk on hot coals and stuff, and they just come home thirteen hundred dollars broker, and they still go back to the job. I just don't know how much I've watched some of those motivational videos just to watch them. Wow. This is some BS. I mean, most of the time it was found people just want to be seen, you know, people want. They wanna feel like they relate in these jobs. So many of us have we're just clogs and. It's drilled into how replaceable you are. And how you should be grateful to be here. And so if somebody just like looks at you and acknowledges that you have dreams and Embiid of your own like, I can see how that you can do it. Yeah. And that's that's the cell is like you're so close you just need to come to my seminar. And I'll fuck until you how to do it. I just wonder you social media at everyone wanting Neil all the people taking photos of themselves. I wonder what came first this loneliness. The or the internet created this incredible vacuum where people have like eighty eight thousand photos on their phone of their dinner. There are like where were you before your cell phone by a lot of people? Can't remember people will wait a minute. I was given one on my seventh birthday is kind of all I know is watch people, you know, when they're in public. The can't just stand. You know, we have to constantly like look at a phone if you're sending in line, or if you're waiting on your front to come to a table, and it's we don't know how to be alone anymore. So we always feel lonely. Yeah. Yeah. That's a thing. I mean, I'm not I'm not sitting here trying to put people down. But I don't have my phone with me today. And I got outta my car about half an hour ago and clapped my. It might be. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Of course. Yeah. I'll get the time check off the car, and I'm sure there'll be o'clock somewhere. But I'm not I don't even know how Instagram or Facebook works. I I have no life in that. But I'm one of those people I'm online the computers always on one of the several. I have always on always online. And I'm looking at my phone for the time now, and then or texting, but I'm I'm I'm not immune. I'm in it too. And I I worked to keep my I don't have a TV 'cause I know I'll watch it. Yeah. Anyone else? I'll binge-watching thing you put the Dexter weekend on I'm in. And so I have to keep away from it. Like if you gave me pizza every that wouldn't walk by it going. I don't think so I right in there. And so I keep myself away from this a lot of this stuff because life is really short eclipse up on your fast. See your fifty like by next week is like, and if you're spending four hours a day worrying about whose body shaming you. Wow. That's too bad. But I see that all over the world a lot of people have fallen into it anywhere, you go just Taipei every was looking at their phone Beijing everyone's looking at their phone kind of no matter where like parts of Africa like way out in the sticks like nowhere, south Sudan. What are you doing looking at my phone out here? That's interesting. Yeah. Even more it's creeping back into my memories of things to where I think I had a phone. I'm like, no, I didn't have a cell phone back. Then, you know. And like how did I do that? What did I how did I get around? I do a lot of research for just for writing articles and music stuff. And I honestly have forgotten what I did to research facts and figures everything from when this album came out to win this war started before the internet. Yeah. Yeah. I remember really we'll have a library of books. I've tons of reference books. So yes, I guess unified her old Rolling Stone single. I need to the right date on him going through some Rolling Stone in policy of singles, or whatever I have all those big boring telephone books, but I never touched him for years because I have the internet. But you're you're like you're a bit of a collector. So that's. Pacific time. But I just I just wonder if my mind worked differently before I just had all that info at my fingertips, if my brain has gotten has atrophied at all because I don't have to get up walk across the room. Pull the book down thumbed pages in the go get up the magic marker and underlined the thing happening upon information. I think back when we used to have to look things up in that way and flipping through used to come upon other information, you'd have a ton of phone numbers remembered, I mean, I remember one I don't even know mine. I have to actually turn the phone. Look. I'm like, okay FM. And then there's looking you don't know your own phone number like, I don't call myself. I'm right here. Fair point. Right. But I to a certain degree my mind is atrophy too. And I make a point of never trying not to can't lie. Candid trying not to use the map thing in the phone in the car to get somewhere. I live here, I should know streets. And some neighbors are more familiar with it than others. Beverly Hills nut as much as other parts of LA, but I would like to be conversant on these streets and not necessarily just be looking at a screen to gently guide my trembling Panch at the destination. And so he miss a lot of the good parts of the city when you're looking at a map, and when I was a PA I learned from like Santa Clarita down to Long Beach like the back of my hand. Yeah. Because you have no choice it developed it enforces your aptitude. Where if you can do a job, you could do anything. You must be a nine thousand in one person Europe problems other in everyone's already mad at you. Got it. And it's every day and everything's late and everything's over budget and everyone's pissed off. And it's probably not your fault that someone needs you to yell at someone and good thing. It's not you're not on a Michael bay film. Oh, oh, weren't you? Stories. I don't know what my nondisclosure agreements. Probably a pretty movies, but I've never seen an adult yell at other adults like that. I think had a perfect on. She come to the grocery store that I worked at. Thing bay lot of emergencies. He's a complicated too. But I've never seen him happier than when he's playing with his dogs, and that was very endearing. I was impressed by the good look movies. He makes wondering why you must yell at a man four inches from his face at three in the morning. 'cause he's mostly unhappy. That'll do it just never seen anyone conduct themselves. In that way. I asked around everyone said, what do you mean? This is just is just Tuesday. It's this this is how it's going to be sometimes that that people think that's a trapping of influence or like power is to be able to yell at people. And it's like, no you should get to point in your career where you don't need to to be able to. I it. How are you? You were we read some stuff that said, you are a little reluctant to do a taped special is that it was like your agents did anything except put you on stage. I just I come from punk rock, and no one wants you. And so many years ago. I I see CAA who are amazing CAA came to me and said we want to be your agents for everything and in my state and station in life. I'm not used to someone saying, hey, we want you. If I was like twenty three maybe. But not now, and I was amazed. So I went well. Yes in it's been nothing, but smiles ever since so one of the agents said we're going to get you a Showtime special. And I said, yeah. Just like that. Right. You snap your fingers. The guy shows like. Like he just made it like such a like a foregone solution. Wow. Great. Hi. We're going to bring someone to see you. They're going to dig you. And it's going to happen. I'm like, okay, man. I mean, I think the guy knows better than I do at. So I did a festival date last year up in northern Cal and met the Showtime guy. Very nice. And I did the gave me an hour on sater's is did my thing the material I had last year kinda spilled it out and the guy came up to me afterwards and said, so that's what you do on. That's what I do. He said head we shot that that would have been it. So if you can do anything kinda sorta like that, we're we gotta show. I said really he said, yeah, that was totally cool. How how tight was that? Like, how could you practice everything into the ground? I go on staging. What am I gonna do? I don't want to get it wrong and make a paying audience go. Well that sucked and it might suck anyway with best of planet yet. But I'd rather go in there on okay? I get your work. Yeah. I just think with an audience. I I like the more than they'll ever like me. I need the way more than the lever. Need me because they have choices. I don't they got how many options an audience have these days and me, I got them. That's that is my option. So I can't fail them. So I do all I can to make sure I'm if I'm going to be slinging hashish should be a high nutritional greatest possible shit will. Yeah. Otherwise, you go up there week. Broth beat my honors Yuki, either pretty sharp, you can't fool them. And so I'd shoes wooden dare. So I did my thing. I was a laser targeted as possible. And they went weaken us that. So the paperwork got done and they sit. So how do you want to shoot? This said you tell me this. We'll we'll get you. Nice small venue. You know, where it kinda easy to shoot. Everyone's happy the right there. Go great pick some cities, we have good audiences. So I said, well, we're in the Pacific northwest is right there. I'd rather shoot it out of LA. Just I. LA's finest rather not be home puts me in a different head space. When I when I can't drive home from the venue. I've just feel like I'm on the road. And that's what my canine conditioning comes in. So I said well Seattle Portland there right there. People are nicer smart. We kind of are on the same page, and they they found this. Nice place in Portland. I have a great audience there for since I was young twenty. They've just been great to me we booked two sets. They blew out the places his biggest from and I did what you saw. If you saw the thing. That's what that's what I did twice to seventy minutes says which was odd because usually I have no time restraint idea like two hours, and I focused on more of a humorous stuff because some of the stuff I talk about on stage. There's no laughs at all. Like, I've told stories about being in south Sudan. There's nothing funny. When I saw it doesn't make any less than tanning though. But this was like Showtime comedy specials. So and I do have stuff that will if you they laughed the audience did where it is funny. Well, I'm not funny. I'm just reporting on that which is funny, and so I- prioritized more of that stuff because I have you usually have a ton of it. They. Shot it. They edit my manager was edited as well. And it came out and the guy at smartandfinal, he said, hey, man. I like your thing. I got two or three letters said, I saw your thing. And then I got about twelve letters saying f you angry white men who are angry at the idea of the parents millions of white men to that was a funny. It was funny funny. All right, man. I thought it was fucking hilarious. No NASCAR fence gonna get carpet bombed we cover recover not in their lifetime. And this these men were just if you man if you ever need a cop using this don't feel the street and bleed out. Wow. Pulled on gonna go slug. My wife this hour. What are we to prove your point that you were making this much? I'm of the mindset that if you if you do something that everyone likes, then it's it's not interesting like you gotta have at least somebody a little pissed off. If that's a byproduct of being quite honestly, I don't come up with things to make an audience mad at I some people will then you're whipping out will I do not agree. Like when some people say, well every ban should have some responsibility to do what will to raise awareness, really if they want to sing about cars and girls. I'm not putting any rules on band practice? If you wanna sing about that. Go ahead. I have some records like that. I I grew up with them. I still play them. You want to be Joe strimmer and get into something else. I got that record too. I just don't but with as far as being on stage. I see some comedians, and they're looking to those to say something and the wo- like, yeah, man. I'm on the edge pushing your buttons. Okay. I just don't think that way it every once in a while the on some kind of show or podcast and the sale you're pretty controversial at a he just wants to get me going. I'm like really named one thing that occurs to you that I've said that's controversial will Mike really because I'm not I'm not I'm not I'm in favor of literacy empty prisons full classrooms. So where's the controversy? I'm like really because I'm not telling you to go into those vows, I guess what they need any click. Bait is something. But I've never been of the mind I'm going to write something to piss audience off because you should see my audience. They'll be waiting for you outside. If you make the bat, they'll do the Darville deviate your septum right now. And so I'm not looking. At my age. And he's sixteen year old can knock me out. And so I've never in performance. I've never made. He was some lyrics. Your point of view might rub against the grain of LAPD. The Reagan administration something like that were many things I wrote for the LA weekly or what I've written for a lot of newspapers and magazines during the invasion of occupation of Iraq, which always completely against. I wrote a lot of things said a lot of things like people standing up on my show yelling at me and storming out. Get outta my country. Okay. I didn't say that thing to piss you off Mr Guy from Orange County. But I guess when I said this war is fake that offended you I wasn't trying to offend you. And talking about my wars. Not sorry. Yeah. But I didn't go. Well, I'm gonna get these people riled up. And during with all of that I worked for the LA weekly for many years, and they changed ownership and. I left if you say fire the, and I I went I wasn't fired, but I quit in solidarity. I wrote things that engendered hate mail almost weekly when I would write about Sarah Palin or Donald Trump. He not a fan, but I'm wasn't trying to irk. You proverbial you trying to be provocative. Oh, hell, no. I just think because ultimately I'm held I have to defend my points of view. So I can't say allows us trying to get you going because now you won't take me seriously at all. Yeah. Some people they they kind of specialize in hot takes. And then when you push them, you're like, yeah. But you really believe that like I was just trying to deliberately misunderstand something they can be outraged. Yeah. And that that faux outrage, I mean, I think that's you see that a lot of twenty four hour. I mean, we got a lot of real fucking problems to be upset about. There's a lot of outrage. If we don't need the internet's. It's interesting. What gets I watched some news. I do a lot of reading of news. I watched some. And it's interesting what the priority is. And I I think our current president has kind of turned news media into a reality show because good a well. Yes. But we all kind of to a certain degree millions and millions of us at bought in. When you see? Oh, he said this word wrong. He got the punctuation wrong at a speech. Okay. Look what he's doing with the EPA. Yes. Because that's some real irreversible. What you what they're doing to the water over here? The forest over there. That's no joke like he's a failure. No. He's getting it done his agenda. Lot of judges are going to be very hard on women people engaged people in Brown people that he put him in office for long lifetime terms. He is. Well, you're looking at his golf game. He's filth. The firing water the air and making drilling happened. Everywhere. I'm rolling back safety on school lunches getting mad about fuck really tight LGBT stuff. And this is long lasting stuff. That will get good people really disenfranchised even people who voted for him, and I refuse to use the word deplorable. I just I don't call any American deplorable even when they're wearing the dunce cap. I've just like it yet. He you Doug. And you voted cool. Yeah. I mean, I get it with any taxonomic is ruined for a floor the Hitler moustache. You can't he needs to be like one hundred years before red hat's come back and sold it. Yes. But the really well, he connected. I mean, I connect with people for a living. I watched the speech, you gotta laugh that was good. Good timing. We're on the other hand to watch Hillary. You're missing you're not connecting with these people. You're really shrill, you're smart, and I am on your side. But you're you lost these people, you're not connecting someone should know. She should've had some people around are just loosen up lady. Like, she should had like patent awful trouble. Okay. Here's what you need to do. So for Hillary. He's he's smarter than any ten people in any room. Yes. At the time. And that's where I worry about this country is the distraction and what's getting done while you're looking over here. They're over there working twenty four seven putting ourselves into camps of deciding that like, they are different kinds of people than we are depending on who you voted. It's like, no, we are all very similar, and if we focus on how dissimilar we are never going to be able to have a conversation. And that's how the bread gets may this. How you make the sausage like this agreement that they might have going to propose to the president this week as far as keeping our government open. It was made where everyone walked out of there. Grumbling a little because they didn't get everything they wanted the negotiation. That's kind of how it's supposed to work some days. You get thirty five percent of what you want. Sometimes you get sixty five percent. You get you got some it. Hopefully, it will get you reelected, but getting all of it that scorched earth thing all you create is winners and losers when. Everyone's got a win some in loose some and get a little we're all the boats get lifted by the tide, and that's kind of the mess wherein. And at this point, you know, I'm coming up with material and things to import to an audience for my next tour. Like, what am I going to say to these people that I think is worthwhile? And this is this. I've been thinking about a lot of this stuff as you know, we're looking at the next presidential election. The next members of congress and Senate in all of that. Like, what would you say? That's not would everyone else is saying that would be beneficial in helpful. I'm sure you to wanted other questions to be answered. So like like, I'm sorry. If this. You know, I I'm just doing tense. We love talking politics and about like this pollution show to the putting us for sticking with us. Because like we we sometimes we do just between the two of us when we do our new segment we go on fucking political tangents, the we ended up cutting down. Well, no. So so what do you guys usually ask the the rich behind? I don't know. I honestly don't have any questions for you. I'm the stoked to meet you because I remember like I think I was like fourteen or fifteen and I read in one of your books. He talked about you were talking about depression, and you talked about how feels good but also like bad at the same time. But but how you can use that as a tool and try to not necessarily control it, but don't let it control you. Now, you jitsu you can it'll flip you or you can flip. It exactly now is a kid that was the first time that I had heard any celebrity or anybody of. Note even talking about depression, let alone saying, you know, what it sucks, but it doesn't. No. It doesn't always have to be bad. And just I don't have a question. I'm just saying like, thanks. Yeah. I knew is that is that change for you over time. It will. I think everyone's different everyone is like a thumbprint in that you can't broad-brush depression than anything else is different for everyone else like autism. Every anyone who has it. It's going to show up differently. There's might be some traits. But you know, people are tricky were. So high functioning with I knew I was I didn't know the words, but I'd always asked my mom like, you know, I was like seven six why am I why my bummed out whatever the six year old version is like why do I sit in my room and stare at the carpet for like how many hours you got listening to one side of a captain kangaroo record over and over for company. And she goes, well, Honey, it's depression, and I will have we'll we'll write about it. And she's she would give me a Pat and a pencil right about how you feel which actually helped. And that one of the reasons I'm a writer is you can write it out. And so you're turning feelings into an art form, and you, and you can Externalizing kind of a ha it's this, and maybe you. Can read it back and go. Okay. Here's a way around it or a way to under or over it through it, you it's for me doesn't work to be. Yeah. Take it, and you chisel it into something. So instead of going through it I go with it. Because it's it's like a tattoo is not going anywhere. It's it's with me. So it's like oh good morning. You're like, oh, yeah. Oh, it's going to be one of those days. Okay. I'm this. I'm canceling appointments, I learned to laugh, adding like, wow, you poor bastard. Well, let's let's go, and let's find something to laugh at we'll it'll be the topic will be me. I'm funny enough. And so I've learned to deal with it. Because it's such a a ever present thing in my life, and I wanna to do stuff. I don't want to sit on the couch in mope, and I am prone to that. So I just have I that's one of the reasons I work out so much. I've realized that man running swimming, the anything that gets the heart up music yelling with the music on in your house all of that helps and so that's what got me into the gym like, wow, this is totally this is a good pill. I don't do any medication. Except aspirin. Yeah. I don't want to those kind of drugs scare me. And so whatever else. Adults me ADHD whatever else I've tried to if it's an energy form if it's a lightsaber, I try and use it for good like I can't hang out with people. Okay. We'll I'll sit edit this damn thing for twelve hours and rewrite and rewrite that I can do or not all that doesn't miss anybody. Okay. We'll put him on tour for ten months, and I can just go like if they said, hey, there's a film that wants to shoot in Lebanon in its start Sunday for six months. They wanna give you the part. Would I leave Friday for that? What's today? Oddly tomorrow, isn't that? I'll take it. You won't see your home for nine months. That's who fuck it. I want to do stuff. And so I kinda keep throwing myself off the couch, which you can get you into some trouble. You might say, yes. To some pretty dodgy project. Acts like films yet another film where a stuntman in. A rubber mask is chasing me. Do that you in that movie? No you asked hopefully. I'm not sure which movie, but probably not you great in Portland you though on thanks that was fun day of work in the drummer in the band, Brendan Canty of Gazi anesthetics. He's so talented, and I've known I've known Brendan for a hundred years, and he's just one of those guys who's so smart, his whole family smart. His kizer. Smartest wife has smart. He can play every instrument on stage. He can make your soundtrack for your documentary documentary. He's the best drummer you'll meet this this year. He's kinda wrings every possible bell. I did not know I should have known. How funny he would be because with Portland at least art are episode Reddin Kerry, basically give you a script. But it's an outline here's mission. Ad-lib it on action. Just you know, improv it. Yes. And so we're all kind of good at it. A Fresno a lot of acting. I've done a lot of acting. So I got those beats down, but Brendan and Chris like how non? Actress is kind of tough when work if you're an actor working in an acting environment with non actors is like the soft tyre on the car. So what's this going to be? We'll have some laughs. We get going on these scenes, and I've never watched it. But I don't know if you saw any of us biting the inside of our cheeks every single time, Brendan would say something because there's this one scene where we were supposed to go to our little band protests at Fred's all into, but we see an antique store. So US Middle aged loser men we pull over and we go and Tea-king friends. Like, what are you guys doing struggle to pick you up compasses like this would look good Renton goes into this whole thing. Like, you guys wanna do lunch? And of course, you'd go. Yeah. His we we can go to snarky which is this restaurant. He just made up. Yeah. Yet, they make their own cheese. And you're like, oh, no. Because you're trying not to laugh. He's like, yeah. They make throw cheese in the back as the there. It's really good. He goes. Yeah. And we're just holding it in and finally Carrie who's directing go and cut and everyone would just fall over like a weasing bag, and he most fun when you get to just like have this. But he did that all day when he stole like kinda stole every scene at Fred's. Really good friends. Really good. But it was it was branded every seen on like, dude. You should do this more often because you're not even trying and he just was killing it. You gotta you gotta like meet the anti-gatt. You know, kind of like you talk about it a little bit in your special on beating the audience into submission. Oh the election, right? Right. I've done thousands literally thousands and thousands of shows in my life, thousands of them. And one of the strangest shows I've ever done in my life was in Washington DC on the night of the last presidential election. I'm several months into the tour of a well oiled machine got my stories. I'm just fourth gear fit wgiram happening looking at my wonderful hometown audience. Who's looking at me like they just found out their house got broken into or pipe burst inside the wall. And then back at their crutch crotch look at fear crotch, look a fear. I'm like, and that's funny. You're not laughing. And you're an as the show goes on people showing to list to the side like they're taking on water or losing air and bombing in real time in your hometown. I I still have another hour of stuff shit. And I'm like, wow. Do I just say thanks good night and run because there are looking at me like people are almost in tears on my do I really because last night. Oh, Ma they seem kind of into it. Yeah. This was just like I've gotten rid of all the wasteful parts is like lilies, it's enter the dragon. I it's like a like eighty shows in on really and your bombing. And I'm bombing like you can ear hair growing. And so the show finally screams in agony dies on the side of the road. Like, okay. We'll thanks. Good night. Wow. So I walk off stage with a lump in my throat. Yes. See a friend of mine, and I said to her I said, what did I just do? She is it's not you. And we were standing backstage, she'll look at your laptop. And I was like everyone was watching the new president as become naked in real time. While I was on stage for watching state after state fold. So that they're the see you, and they you know, they've paid for the babysitter and everything and they're trying their thing. The dinner, but your there's nobody no-show no material that could no rats. No from that. No. Yeah. They're watching it on their phone because everyone has it. And I'm the only one in the building not in real time with America at the Henry bubble. You're on the dark side of the move to. It's like things are straying. When I usually do on election night. I do a show in Washington the night before it's like, I say, okay, tomorrow, go vote. I'm care. We vote for some the my business, but get out there, raw and Obama wins. Who Ray in this time around? Wow, I have never ever gonna do that again. So I'm, you know, next year, we'll be an election year. And I'm already getting gig offers like hey election season. We want yell at you wanna come into a show here. I'm like, well, I don't know man in like, hey, you wanna do Sean night of the election? No phone go. And so that was one of the strangest gigs maybe the single strangest gig I ever did was like a two hour. Slow motion car wreck we're had this all exiled for two hours of like, how did you say? Thing though bit a relief when you found out though, and you're like because now you're part of it and you're like holy shit. I can't believe that. But also like, oh that makes sense. The next night. I told that story was great. Okay. Here's how I bombed, and it's kind of funny, but my audience they weren't into the results that are kind of Levick. I get this fresh. Yeah. The only uplifting five days later somewhere in the beautiful midwest. And I'm doing a show on they see everyone like flinching and diving and I'm thinking my material must be like just ripping them to shreds. Stop the said like what what is going on in the guy raised his hand. Like we're in school. I said, yes, I said there's a bat in here. As he said at this bat, it's like just. Raped. My face. Oh, poor guy was like lost in the I gave everyone that facts. I said when you laugh and clap in this closed environment. The bats ears are going crazy disoriented thing you can't find level and the poor bat like clutch the side of the curtain on my left the door of the theater opens it a guy in like in a car, heart pants outfit like. Like, I said are you up that catcher any kind of what I guess I said is that a bad catching stance? The sky. In the light of the lobby with the smell of the popcorn wafting in as he's like in bet catcher stance. Kind of well he's way up there. The loosely. We all the that disappeared two fold of the curtain. I guess we forgot about him. We were we were doing a cooking demo once and it's in front of a live audience, and it's being recorded and everything and there's a fly up on stage. Fly. Ends vibe killer. And I'm looking I'm looking at the screen and like watching the camera that's on us, and you can occasionally see the fly cross camera. It's so fucking big and annoying. So I just like reach up in the air, it grab it. I missed her Yagi the fly like how the how I know. The. Flicking cooking demo fly in your hand. Like audience is like holding his flight. I'm like fuck now. I don't know what to do to get off stage. Eaten at to get off. Stage go to the back door let it out get back on stage and be like all right? Well, I'm not serving with my right hand. So but every time like with the bat and with the election is it like a ego. Check for you too. When you're like, oh, I thought this is about me. And it's about the bad. That's in the theater. Perfectly funny in your life in your in your real life. Yeah. You do like food podcast food TV food food stuff. We mostly right cookbook. Okay. So so you to qualify as foodies is his thing. Is that I feel like forties. Okay. Is is that a pejorative term denotes a certain class. Okay aspects I actually worked with one. Yeah. He and his in his great. Yeah. But he and his wife they will go to Transylvania for the meat pie. And when we were shooting a TV show on the night off, you would find this place with this fear with the has cocoa in it, and like yak blood, and like he and his wife that is their weekend will drive somewhere because the empanadas are like to die for and they're into it. And they've actually said here try this you. Yeah, that's cool. And that's I that's definitely like what I would consider foodie, but I you guys cook our whole thing is trying to get people to eat more vegetables. But not the not asking them to like, go to farmers markets are super precious about it's like if you can get it at the rouse or the dollar about your diet. I probably don't eat enough vegetables. I like them, but I tried to get more in. But I'm just lazy and that your target market. Our whole thing just eat more fucking vegetables. I live alone. I am hyper utilitarian, I want food this fast. Then I go to trader Joe's, I'll stump for them since I was like twenty I've been going there, and I'm twenty eight now, and I buy a lot of frozen food because I can throw it into the microwave us ready minutes into my mouth and go back to work. And so as a cook, I'm like Indo because I'm not doing thirty minutes to make a meal. I feel nervous going into restaurants. I like to bring the laptop with me, but it's rude on a date. And so I probably your target audience because I don't cook. I scrambled eggs on the stove. That's all I do with my stove. So stove argue. I don't use it. I I'll bet you have a nice though, I do. I have no one. I have I have a half of a stove. It's literally it's the magic chef. So it's one of the it doesn't even have like the five burners or whatever like, they're it's so small that you can't cook. I kinda burners that are side by the PSA big one that came from in some box from Italy Viking nine people. And you're just Yambol eggs is fucking. Resale when you finally wanna ditch the house. So they said that make your kitchen really nice. We recommend this phone sale. Among okay, it's an investment looking for an unused kitchen. You wanna buy one of your house purely a thumbprint of me in there? Yeah. I'm so. I'm such. Yeah. Such a letdown. Now econ not let we could you talk to you for fucking weak, man. We have so much that we want to ask. But thanks for coming on your delight in an icon and cook more vegetables at your house, and then sit down and watch keep talking pal. Yeah. It's yeah. It's on itunes and pretty much every on every time you go watch it. It's a crackup. Thank you. Just a sharp as ever. Every car comes with its share of stories that vague puke smell in the backseat from when Jessica had a little too much. The dean of the real story then dean. Your passenger side window when your friends said he could parallel park without looking. But you can't put a price tag on these memories with truecar. You can least find out what your car is worth. When it's time to sell or trade today. Just go to truecar and inter in your license plate number and watch your cars. Details pop up you just answer a few questions. Maybe got navigation remove whatever your options are it's going to be super easy. And then once you're finished, you go and get a true cash offer sit in minutes, which you can take to a local certified dealer or cash or trade in seventy ready to experience a better way to sell or trade in your car. Check out truecar today shoe cash offer not available in all areas. That's our show this week. We like to take a moment to think our sponsors to bring our podcast, y'all free every week, especially truecar and men men, please go on sport them because they support us. And as always we'd like to thank Frank fair to Rosa for our little jaunty theme music. We'd like to thank the Shawn's for cutting out. All my hysterical laughter at renewed hope taking another entire booth time that we had booked for fire fest conversations, and they cut they somehow all of that out and cut together a cohesive episode for y'all to listen to is that it's not like we're not talking about the fire fest docks when we're not in the booth. We're this is an ongoing we've been talking about five dot since they came out. We save it up for we get in here. It's just one long conversation. But anyway, thanks for the Shawn's for dealing with that. And we'd also like to thank you guys audience. We love we back. I like the feedback. But sometimes people are specific, you know, if we do like, we do like a fifty minute episode people like, oh, they're too short. You know, if we did not five zero five zero if we do a hour and ten minute episode to locked too long. We've got a bunch of Goldilocks this out. There is a lot. I mean. Yeah, I appreciate the feedback. I'm not for thinks. Everybody who listens. Every week, y'all. Keep coming back. We appreciate it. It allows us to do things. Like, we just hope that Pitt bull. Luna. Get her out of the shelter and she's with L animal rescue now. So that podcast helps us do dope. Shit. Like that y'all get out of bed in the morning. Thanks. We appreciate you. We'll see you all next week. Thanks for listening to forked up a style kitchen podcast checkout. New episodes every Thursday, exclusively at podcast one dot com. The new podcast one app or subscribe on apple podcasts. It's time to get in shape. With Ben greenfield fitness on podcast one. 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Thirty year fixed rate loans, all for cost information and conditions. Equal housing lender. Licensed in all fifty states NMLS number thirty thirty additional conditions or exclusions may apply. A workplace suiting near Chicago leaves five people dead. I'm Jacky Quin with an AP news minute. The police chief in Aurora Illinois, Kristen Zima says when officers responded to a manufacturing facility several of them were shot. Other officers went in to make a grim discovery. Victims inside the building. At this time. We have confirmed that five victims are deceased the forty-five-year-old gunman died in a shootout with police in California. A third storm victims been found a man swept away by floodwaters in sage east of Los Angeles. They're still a threat of mudslides. Worrying residents in sausalito. I don't think we've been storm Mike this for decades and some three feet of snow in the Sierra Nevada's Chicago police say the two suspects have been arrested in a reported hate crime against actor Justice, small it. I'm Jacky Quin.

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UF262: Cowboy Cerrone and Din Thomas In-Studio, and UFC on ESPN+ 1 Preview and Picks

UFC Unfiltered with Jim Norton and Matt Serra

1:19:16 hr | 2 years ago

UF262: Cowboy Cerrone and Din Thomas In-Studio, and UFC on ESPN+ 1 Preview and Picks

"Unfiltered. We finally have in studio guests that we we like, and we wanna dean Thomas cowboy Saronic. Join us in studio. It's a full house and a really fun show. This away that nobody is sending chase to finish. Folks on the button. Oh, he's he's out. This is you have see on filtered. And now your hosts, Jim Norton and bad, Sarah. Wow. Jimmy what a room Jimmy or the other day? And now he got nine people. I'd rather have people in here. Then have it be hot and empty? I hope another podcast comes in like a Joel storm right now. 'cause I feel this is a dangerous room. It really. Let's the you're right. Look to my left. Dean Thomas Cowboys Romania in studio, we see that the schools. They get the wide menopause. That's is that what we get. Yeah. It was go. Well, let's have cowboy wasn't. He you would on a fucking slow cloud. And I can we just point out that I feel if is a little awkward because I love attacking dean Thomas like like, I love doing it. I love attack them. I look tacky. I don't like being nice to him. And he brings his thirteen year old kid in the Ethan. Who's a lovely kid. Ethan. Good to see you, buddy. Either. Look get the just going to say it's awkward because this is the most black people you ever had in his room at one time. That's what he said when you guys weren't here. That's that's just I'm not even touching it. Listen to me tell you how close I am with L. Joe? I'm happy really helped me for a half an hour. So we've no man Christopher said pretend like you're not here for thirty man. I'm chilling. I wanna hear his story. I'm always fighting this weekend. You're the it's the the main event of the ESPN prelims like they're pushing ESPN Knox. I guess you have just went to is the first event on that. Yeah. And Hernandez is dangerous young fighter. You didn't. Did you know who he was when you took the fight or not I knew you do you look at the date and the like, let's say you like a sky ago, you jumping out a plane like next month? So you aren't I got February open or January open? Let me just book a fight. Then and whoever you get you get me. Yeah. I just call and say as soon as possible give me a date you cleaned up. Your facial hair, by the way, that's an employee different. Look every time didn't look bad. It looked almost like you will like a crazy homeless. I thought I saw you on the way over the last fight like three of you. I want him account with the way. But but you you cleaned it up. What happened you just felt cleaning up? Yeah. Just some Genucel age news. It's the first time. I looked at you today. Yeah. Let me go back down six and four you're doing great as high grade. No. But I mean after that might Perry that might Perry. Win was t-. What those seventy big sons bitches man, it was a size thing. They're big boys. Plus, I'm really lazy seventy you can drink beer e burgers. I kind of you know, fifty five I got a I got a direct my training. I gotta like be focused. I gotta be plus it's time, man. It's time to go. Get this bell. With all these accolades, we've collected and records, we broke it's time to do one more thing. I I don't want to go down as the the uncrowned people's champ. You don't wanna be like marina like guy who put all those years. I think knowledgeable. But yet you don't give a shit on who you fighting in a sense where this kid could make a name for you. If you're looking at this, and you that's the pitcher I'm talking about by the way of you looking like, a homeless person, look clean. He looks now about you know, so it's like this guy is a killer. I watch these. I wasn't too familiar with them either. Right. And then I looked at a couples five oh fuck, man. His last fight was with Grady. Yes. Fucking. He was shit. He's got a great cardio. These feel issue only lost once. And he and he knows if he takes out the great Donald ceremony. Boom. He's right. He's he's everybody knows them chair. How tell me about the enthusiasm for that other guys will be they don't want that I lost when I was towards the end of my career. I'm like can you Frank Drake? Was your age thirty five and you don't want me. Give me wanna give me three trailing. Only beat the shit out of him. I just it didn't excite me for somebody else. Making a name for me. What excites you about it? Yeah. I don't have a fucking answer for that. It's just the fight. Yet fight excites me that who never has. I don't care if I was fighting could be Conard this kid. You know, it doesn't it Saturday nights. I love right. And you look at him kind of as a you want you want to get to a title fight. So he's like a very is kind of up and coming, and he's he's probably a good one to get back into the fifth opponent that they gave me the fifth five it took five what happened with the other one is they were no, no two of them called me. And said fuck no, oh, who do they who else was named John? The fuck no though. Why would they why would they say the the? Because they didn't want to face your no time, but we're buddies with fuck. No fuck now. No, you're the wrong business. Yeah. For sure fuck. No. One of the guys called me. It was like I will only fight you for title. And that is that is I will never not a chance. Sorry. I'm gonna guess let me see who. I guess guess that's team Thomas, but he's gonna talk Tony Ferguson. I don't know him like that. No. No, I don't have a number anyway five opponents, it's crazy to me how you can pick. And choose in the sport. That's what I think is honorable you're doing what you're doing. Because like I've seen guys take that path and go I'm not fighting these guys I only wanna fight up, and you are looking to fight for title, and you're fighting down. So what did I mean? That's honorable. That's honorable. I love to fight man. I love it. Now when I beat this kid, and I get back when I left with you five dollars a lost the title sauce at number two, you know. And now here I am not even ranks crazy to me. But back when I get in the top five after this fight. That's why I wanna fight someone top. I told Dana I want to fight top five right now. He's like, well, let's make sure you can make fifty five. Let's let's slow the rule little bit. Let's make sure you you you perform and make the way and do what you need to do. And y'all I I won't fight down. Again. You know, once once I get through this, and I get I get back ranked? It's only moving forward, you know, and that's socks because that's my coaching staff. Not me, you know, they're like, look man, we gotta if we're making this run taking these dangerous fights and going backwards doesn't make any fucking sense. Like, I know you lied to fight. But we need. Let's let's sit and wait. But the advantage to being you is that you okay, you'll fight Hernandez. If you win the fight you're not gonna have to fight two more times to get a top five guy. They'll probably because your name give you a top one hundred percent, correct. I was gonna say the same thing because you account other guys. Like they strategically need. All right. This guy's ranked the bug. I need to beat this guy to get that title. This kid come in. He's coming with fire. See this is going to be up on burner. I can't wait for this. Yeah. I can't wait for this fight. So, but and he says are you said he has cardio. I have cardio cook. Yeah. You do. Sure, you've got all walks to obviously Perry. I got it. All man. I mean, I just so he doesn't want his Russell make it a boring fight like fucking fight. If you wanted the middle the rain would you foot down? Let's throw down the list. Go wasn't it satisfying taking that arm though. It's not like, I know you say that a lot, and that's how you fight. But yet, you know, Perry he chose. He brought you down and boom looking at you took that Lim lake. Doug about wrestling, and I've been working wrestling. But soon as Peri like grabbed me, I was like, okay. I'm just like. Like sure take me down. Let's go unless you feel the e the level of the the stiffness you like all right? No matter where this it's like letting somebody who has less experienced pass your guard. You'll get I know I'm going to get out and get on top. That's what it kind of looked like to me you. How like oh, okay. Let's go to your surprised. He was doing it. Absolutely. When he grabbed me and went for the take down. I was like oh, hell, yeah. Let's go so weird choice choice. Yeah. Sure. Because when you're known to punch his heart as he punches and it's a ball Burien. You know? Got my crew coming in. You said you want to know the crew shirts out of control. What what do you think? This is your podcast with Woodley. What is this? What did I say? Is this Larry from three's company guys? Give us two seconds or come back in or Christopher due to take control of dean, Thomas's riffraff. Yeah. What? What? I wrote an entourage. Now. You got to control your know, man. I got a late. They didn't show what you did not. Well, he could have been here before, you know, Jim, right? We security in this latest time security slackened. Like, I said, you look you kids what have you been doing? But I told you, and I've told you this. I think of you every time I fly in them and turbulence because you enjoy it. Are you still doing all that stuff? Are you still rolling plains? I haven't ruled a plane in a little while I'm flying straight. And I got my pilot's license. So yeah, your instrument qua- dumb question not industry. Not night or instrument yet. Okay. But you need me to go fly around the dinner today. I got you. So you have to do like are you have to make sure that there's a clear vision. And no clouds. No clouds. Yeah. Clear vision ram instrument trained yet. Do I feel I can do it. Yes. But my certified now, so what are you? What do you have to do? How many more hours before? Like, what's the difference? Fifteen more hours. Okay, flying and shit conditions. You do. Yeah. And that's with an instructor. Absolutely. Okay. I'm a couple of runs around myself. But that's pretty standard. Have you made any mistakes like when you're flying? You have an instructor. There's a guy who could obviously take over have you done things where you're like. Oh, fuck I I'm not ready yet. No. Because I that's not how I'm geared. I will I need to be need to know everything about need to do at one hundred times need to like one day. I just told a guy we're gonna go leave Albuquerque airport fly out to the country right live, and we're going to just take off and land and take off and land and take off and land for three hours. You know, just so come inside ways coming in with the tailwind coming approach of the win. You know, all bats narrows stall the engine out. Everything that could go wrong. So he's there watching witnessing. What I do in incorrect in me as long so I know that if that happens, I'm gonna be okay. So when you the hardest thing I guess is coming in for landing because you kind of have to balance I mean, taking office just taking office is taking taking office hard. I mean, you've got to run your rudders full-throttle. And I mean, it's it's hard to keep the plant straight, especially in like side. But yeah landing it's weird. Now that I like flying learned to fly when you're in an airplane. You feel that like pocket? A and everyone's all scared yet. Right. Does nothing. No, hell, no the plane will never just drop out his guy. You could literally kill the engines. And they could coast and landed on the freeway you so if you're playing goes down, I mean, shits gotta go down bad for for these crash. Landings could see him pulling a fucking sully. Yeah. In the bucket list. Let's look styles for a second. You verse? Let's listen. I know you got you. I don't like to look ahead. What are we talking fighting? Why don't we talk about good sleep? Trail off the path a little bit here and have a little fun talking about Thomas fucking comedy skits. That's all you wanna talk about fun fun. I guess you don't want to talk about funny. Is there a difference? Listen. Thomas's comedy. I've seen. All right. Listen you like comedy. Like it. Can I start some shit? Can we have fought? What are you talking about? Yes, star some I saw you on Joe Rogan. Okay. Yeah. Donald Cerrone is named bro. I'm with guys what am I in the middle? And she listen to me. Can you hear me out? About never getting a shot at a title, and this and that and also now here you go, and it's gonna be it's gonna be tough. Listen to me. It's only the tough kids. Get nervous. He's a fall to do this. You're in shape, you gotta do BJ online. You can get fed. You you got your crew right up. Listen to me because I'm getting I'm sorry. Jake camera guy outside will be very helpful. Looking at us. So Joe said, listen, he got a shot of title. I I'm I'm paraphrasing. But man, this is what you did it looks in cowardliness. Going to be tough first of all fucking. Of course, it's gonna be tough guys could be but styles make fights regionality Quinn. He's I hold them in the highest regard. Missile time somebody held him down and beat them up. You know what? I mean. He's hard to hold down. He's always squirm getting back four to five rounds of shells knows. All right. What's I'm somebody held down cowboy and and just beat his ass. Let's guy to try got his arm taking off. I can't remember before that maybe you could bring it up bring a bed ship. But I don't remember listen, I'm cowboy got L down and beat up so lock. It's placed on the feet. He's good. He's fucking dangerous off his back. He always says he doesn't want to wrestle. It's an app, but it gets down on the mat as its jitsu guy. I'm impressed takes a lot to oppress. Well, no, that's well, listen, I know. Sitting across from you. I always always give an advantage to GIS who because it's so you could be I've always said his most dangerous opponent is won't be somebody like Brian Ortega who can defend themselves after Beck and not have to stand up to fight him. All right. So what are you trying to say what I'm saying is that he has just a chance as much as anybody. But could be still got you can't deny that. You're not crazy to say Khabib is tough for any. But it's gonna be tough anyone fighting for sure. But what I'm saying is it's going to take somebody who's dangerous and has an offense of attack off of their back in order to beat a guy like could be one that you is dangerous. Mike Perry walking. I don't know you guys trying Olympia. What about cowboy Ella? Very we'll see knows about submissions nano cap. Boy, he's got a lot of submissions on his resume. He's always omitted people. I'm just saying the second brought it up use. It's going to be tough. It's tough forever. You're enjoying the bucket. It's tough for everybody. It's going to be like the spice shit. Oh, yeah. Let's get back to him. Put that squirrel snarky fucking. That's what I want to ask. I don't do that. Don't please. You got a kid. Now, don't do that. I do think a million times if we get an expert at it. Yeah. It takes one time for that. Squirrels shoot. What do you call it? Late you need to hundred jumps before you came attempt to put on a squirrel suit. But you plan on doing that. Of course, that's going to be the end of your move. When don't fuck into it. What you parachute onto nor do you. Yes. Of course. Okay. Jimmy. Squirrel, suits. So you're not even impressed. Now, you're like. Would you do that thing in Dubai they do by just they don't have care about safety? Like they have those things on the top of the Burj tower where you jump off. They have like a bungee jumping would you do that stuff? Of course, where does that come from member when he was in Kabul like you just do anything like anything he won't do? He didn't have a great feeling with. He didn't have a great experience. Maybe you did. But the Dane white looking for a fight usually a party Dana had fucking vertigo that weekend, and he was like out here. So it just kind of. Rely on our having fun and then down to go out and you to smoke bomb me already. We're well into our forties. Cowboys like getting started talking twenty years. What's going on? I see what won't you? What have you said? No. That's too dangerous. I don't think there's much and now nothing it's just a need for Trenton. I love it. You do. It's like a sickness. What did you do when you're a kid same shit the same? Jungle, gyms and. Crazy, just I love it, man. So so fun. She never ask you not to do that stuff anymore. But he did for a while yet for a long time. What happened you get the concern phone call than the angry phone call had of the worst text me like seriously like I'll still be there Saturday fighting. Okay. Kid still calls me kid. But yeah, he doesn't do it anymore. It's I mean like in our rules. There's no snowmobiling no snowboarding. No horseback, riding like all the cra- shit. I do every day. It's like what I do all this on a normal day to day. Like, I couldn't not do that. So they just got. I think I have the. I can't wave believing in a, you know, what's big in the in the Sarah household, a nice lazy Sunday. Do you have any? Lazy is that not put today's times? Just sit back gave us the Harry Potter film today, and you know, mommy, order gino's later. You don't do that. If I went down like two hours of my day sleeping is minimal. You know? We drive a lot. We play a lot just what we do and your wife likes to do the same. I just like the picture of your Instagram. It was you and your wife and your like that's might lioness or something like that. It was a nice pitcher guys out in the snowmobile on. Yeah. Just cool. How primal picture of her just like looking over my bag man is it was a cool shot. It was a cool shot. Like, she has your back. She and she plays hard with me. She's right there. Yeah. Like scuba diving. She's that's my die, buddy. Right. She goes, she's she's just a certified as I am. So how'd you meet her at a bar took a Reshad Evans in Amarillo, Texas. There's a shark fights. I don't know if you guys remember the short fights. But they were in town tap out. Was there we were doing like a tour and there's a country bar. I said for shod listen as a country bar into back. They gotta hip hop section. He's like I cal- let go and I met her that night at the bar. She couldn't resist my dance moves. Are you burn the souls in the boots? That's also man now, you made a human being, isn't that amazing brings you closer? You know, like you made a human, right? It's awesome. It is awesome. Were you there for the birth? Oh, yeah. Of course. And did you did you cry? Now cry pass out pussies like me do that. Jim. Now, you wanna pass out to they say, they see it happen. They went out. I mean, it was it wasn't real until the fight until I thought Perry. That's the one hit home. I fuck. Yeah. You brought them into the cage yesterday. But I mean, just like being backstage. That's when I cried when I sent me a picture of Mobutu bell buckle. And I was like oh. Yeah. Yeah. He probably never felt you have a feel those emotions before never easy insane. So three oh now is it different than you thought. It'd be. Yeah. Definitely good. She's so good. I like changing diapers and feeding and breaking up like sometimes she has to work. She's going to school to be a doctor. So she got to go do fourteen hour shifts. And I'm like, what do I do with it all day? I'm good like an hour. But then like, I don't when it cries and wakes up, and he fed and cries again, it's like Tammy little pastor. You don't wanna put you on a bowl. Right. Do you panic like I'm not gonna be able to handle it us? Something happens now. No. I'm not worried about something like that happening. But just how do I get into quit crying? That's you know, what do you do put him on the floor, and then player, this toys and shit. Do you home syndrome? That's a seeing. He's really good kid cry very often. He's only if something's wrong, you know. But he's cool. I bought him horse expensive ass horse. So eight months old they're gonna grow up together and pretty excited about it. Have you kind of held a monitor ready? Yeah. He'd been all around them all around him. Is this motivating you you Jimmy? No, no. I mean, listen to me. There's no nice to hear those things that you got to get going on which you you gotta start the training. It. Free. Now, the women I like don't have kids. Physically Cowboys ready for that. He's not ready. Women like every time. I see you told you this before every time. I see you hanging out with her brother. Right. And you'll be doing some wild shot loved. I be below. You know, you do in one day man, you're gonna hang, but you're sure some wild shit. I'm trying to think what the brothers thing. But that because I know we don't do while they do it. Well, we gotta you gotta be jumping out of planes. I will hang carriage rides. That's why that's exactly why you would. You'd sit you'd come out, and you'd watch from the car, and then you move up to the to the plane, and you back, I you guys made it I fuck it. Next time, I'm gonna do it. And then next time you're gonna do it. 'cause I got you. I got him other snowmobile and swimming, everything fun. Would you jump out of the plane? The first time the doors open is it is it hard to get yourself to go the first time. No. Because the training the training is so thorough, and you are so skilled in well because first of all when I took these guys skydiving for the first time, they didn't get a jump tandem with a buddy I made them jump solo by themselves. Do you need more hours of training? Three day. Course, you gotta go. Learn figure out what's wrong and go through all the steps. But then they opened that door and fucking go time, man. I always thought it'd be hard to breathe falling out of plane because we didn't win. There's wind rushing on your face. You were able to breathe on a problem. I mean your first job. It's like. Holy fuck. What was that? And then you're shoots open and you're just slowly fallen earth. Unless of course, you it starts off like that. There's an open fucking dead. The thing doesn't open right? You just click. The don't like box pull the light, boss. You're next shoot comes out to backups, right? One one backup. And let's just say you're in like a whirlwind spinning, and you don't even pull your shooting automatic release it fifteen hundred he's gonna blow. Jimmy big pussy. Yes. I know there'd be a problem. I know I'd pull it. I would just feel. I would just be holding a strange people. There are people that that splat what what is your well now function either malfunction over they're just pushing the limits. Oh, right or or they're colliding. Hitting kids in the room. But it's almost like that game Jimmy likes to play with the belt and the ship has out a little while. Yeah. Yeah. You can push the limits with that David Carradine was my favorite actress saying so you don't want to around the same. The better you get at anything further. You want to push the envelope. Right. So that's that's what it would. You do a high low jump those the halo jump. Yeah. So, hey, let's star at twenty five thousand thirty five thousand what are you open at ten thousand not probably in less than that. They probably they probably run it all the way to six five thousand feet. Yeah. You don't need. You don't need, you know, twelve thousand feet to decelerate. There was a footage of news footage of a guy who jumped out of twenty five thousand feet with no shoot into a net as cool. Yeah. It was. Yeah. He he jumped into a net. And it was guys that went down with them for a little while to kind of guide him, and he had no shoot on. And then when they got to a certain height to open their shoes. And then he just fell to a big net. It was I don't know how high the net was, but it just it collapsed with him and around him. Yeah. Yeah. I don't even think I'd go on one of those hot air balloons. No. Kill me. I don't know. Why would you just? The scenery dean Thomas said that God that we are looking for a fight. That's our next venture out air balloons, my greatest fears at the guy running the balloon as a heart attack. And I just keep going up and up in is not happening man how what are those vortex? Sorry, odds joke is fucking. They went to prison. What are what are those Texas people? Get caught up in. They do the paragliding or there's some there's a hot air rising vortex. You can get caught up in where people get sucked up into the atmosphere. You can get caught that while skydiving as well. But yeah, for sure so what do you do if that happens? With your skydiving and can pull you back up just with your shooting. I really pull you back up with us. The thermal clients are real rough. So that's what's so far man that shit. I don't do any of it. You know, Jimmy. So fighting is like it's just one more thing out of ten that you do that just kind of gets you that whatever that dopamine level you need to feel normal. Yeah. But it's probably number one. It is a one can love it. I love it. Why is it is it because it a crowd you'd ever anticipation is even sitting here fight? We'd cut in the weight doing the interviews making the weight eating senior family fight night nerves tunnel walk. Cheers standing across the cage. Fucking go time. The first punch. I punch raised interview. Man. It's cool. It's weird me. No matter. How many times you've done it? Like when when you're indicating they're announcing it's almost like the feeling, right? There could be different almost every sometimes you cools acute comes from ninety. Plus what's going through your head? Right. There is usually it's strange, isn't it, right? Because you can't. How many times you've been here? It's a different experience about like mental imagery and trying to visualize. But it's different every time. There's nothing you can do to recreate it. You can't really recreate were. Explain it to somebody. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's like we're here. Now, everything leads up to this either be the best. Neither the words because it's not it's not the same as getting in a fight downstairs. That's like right now of calling the moment. Anybody? You don't have the you know, how the eight weeks of thinking about another guy of training. You know, what I mean like the wait waiting in the waiting back waiting in the back. Hurry up fights trying to figure out what the right warm-up year. Yeah. Yeah. Crazy game. It's fun. Because if you have a fight like see you're in the main event and the Coleman is it ends with a knockout in the first round. I mean, you're going a lot sooner than you thought. Especially when you're like, all right. We have twenty five minutes from this last fight. Oh shit. It's time we rolling then they come out. You're in on in five you're on a four hour works. Right. They just tell you time ago. Yeah. You can't just pump the brakes, and it's one of the biggest things when you see a guy going from killing on the the minor leagues. Then he gets into the UFC is the energy around him. You got a nervous energy from people that trying to do their job making a show run. Right. You guys are on four. You got your their energy? You learn that's one thing. You learn what the experience the shut that off is not stalling without me. If I gotta take a shit. I'll think. The nerves gone right with my cop. Yeah. Right. Dean, tom. But you're right because like in a smaller shows, you can kind of dictate and it's just like some dude he walked you're you're not even on a hold on a level is let's just say dean, this is your first or your second fight in the AFC, your coaches, and the people that are with you or so like amped up in won't pushing you to win like we have to do this. You've got to do that. Right. So you're kind of like man back the fuck up. Give me give you almost too much to you know. So it's it's it's a lot to do that. Because you know, as a person who fought before I have that experience to know widow overwhelming coach does so I have to make sure back off the fighter and just giving us or overwhelming family. Oh, yeah. Well, that's the worst. There's nothing like your jungle. Louis come into like you'll man. I know you're calling me all night on Thursday. No, I can't go fucking beer with you. Yeah. Gets people. Fucker? You know what I mean? Do you change what your family and friends understand is they in their mind they bought their ticket? They bought the hotel. They're coming to see you. You fucking prick. Why can't you come down and meet me in the lobby for five minutes? Like you'll man. This is my show. Exactly. You gotta be selfish. You have to my show. No fucking in bed. I'm sleeping. I don't wanna go to dinner with you. Thanks for coming citing. You know what? I mean. I'm I apologize. But yeah, I've learned over the years. It takes time years to figure it out to say, no, you have to say, no this fight night. And that people you get text. What do you got? What are you doing after the fight? No, I got it. It might be could be in the hospital. The corner talking like my while wanna what time you think you get back to I have. No, I might be in the hospital. My guy I might be miserable. Like if I fights early and he loses. I don't I don't stick. If I could get out of jail, ROY, right? Oh, Lovie wins. It's just you're out. You're it's it's such a drastic thing of emotions worse for the fighter. But because the sure but it's worse for the for the corner guys too because you roller coaster. You're not thinking about to even if they come back before a fighter show. You're not thinking about that. But yeah. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Right. Good. Thanks. You're like looking past them. You have something. You don't wanna see them? Anyway, not gonna be a good interaction with our neighbor where we going. We're where's the spouse or hitting after the fight? He's actually man. I don't know. I'll tell you what I'm probably going to do go to fuck a bed. Oh, yeah. That's what always see I think that the public and especially media. They don't understand fighters. You have to have done it or be around them a lot to really understand them. Because people don't understand them. Like, you said, they they come in to see you think that you are. Air to see them, and they know him wildcard. So they're like, let's let's charge it up and go, and I'm like, man. I'm tired tired. Tired fucking tell the exciting for you to be in Vegas this weekend. You got it the past from your wife, but I got a a guy trying to hurt me on Saturday morning. I've been I've been concerned about this for the last two months adding dieting all week, and then I'll have to put all my energy into fifteen minutes. And now it's over, and you expect me to go out and party, man. And that's that's talking about women for a minute. That's finding. I'm so glad I met my girl early in my career and she's been through this roller coaster like when I say, hey, I'm going to Boston for three months of training. She's like cool. You don't go fucking bother me. She lets me do my thing. But I see all these new guys the ranch they them they get these new girlfriends, and they disappear in the girls. Like, you're not spending time on me. I need you. So girls are listening. Fuck you gotta give these guys their space. Man. You gotta let them. To do what the fuck they got did because our mindset is. So like crazy, right? We're crazy motherfucker for getting in there. And then I got you nagging on me trying to weigh me down and tell me what I know bitch shut the fuck up. I'm about to go kill him on the fucker Ladele was gonna fight one time in the girl was hit him with an ashtray the night before or something he has. Smashed them drunk. Yeah. Went on one. But I mean, it's the night before a fight. They just don't or anything. They just don't understand like leaving alone. You're not giving me the time. I need. It's just like I mean, Sarah, you know, like your wife your Vegas for the weekend. Yeah. Like in your mind. You're like, yes. You'd give me earn her mind. She's like, yeah. She's giving you a hall Bashar going to biggest in your mind. You're like man, I'm going to take them a smash Poesie in fog and party. Like, no, a wish you women could come with us and see how much no fun. We have you ain't that the truth. It's no fun. It's we don't we're not we're not in Vegas style. And e no, we're free chicken boiled chicken. You know, what I mean, you guys may as coaches, maybe sneak away and gator get something down there in the lobby. You know what I mean? But it's not late nights sauna. Couldn't wait working out fight day. Figuring out how you want to go. Do what you wanna do visually? You're with your guy after the fight. Everyone's in bed. Yeah. It's Vegas to five AM flight. The next morning news, though, it's like and these girls, especially the young. Fighters are like your Vegas. You're gonna fucking fuck is needed relaxing chill. Man. You have the thing too. There was the old the old fighters will you don't fuck the week of the fighter on all the time. I don't know. I don't believe in that shit either. Yeah. I've heard different things about it. Listen, I don't want to be the fun police, but we said half an hour. He's gotta get uptown. It's very very gracious to on to question three you guys. Did you ever have to piss or shit? Once you got inside every never inside. But as soon as I put my Cup on. I gotta be. So you have to stop it. It's a ritual right can joke money put it on they wrap your hands. Dammit, not piss and then trying to do the poll down cook dick out. I I to get a beer date because it just doesn't it's hard to get out of the Cup and maneuver around. I don't know auto you just pull the Cup aside at stand straight outlets. Gary pull this side. Couple of side you're wearing like like a tight. So you got four everything down. So you're listening to like a five year old of the onnell. I still Stanley. Before. Yeah. All right. Listen cowboy thanks so much. I'm sorry about it. Alexander Hernandez this Saturday night. And he didn't wanna make sure I get Sarah said the young hungry lion. Yes, come unto the throne that do that alone. Listen, it's gonna be fireworks. That kid is come in. And you always come to fight. We've listened Beardon OB. We love you cowboy door for old guys man door for the old guys. That'd be a weirdo being called the you're not because you don't see. Well, you know, I mean, but for thirty five sport I mean, but hey, I've been to the top of the game the whole career. So fuck you fuck years. Right. You both fighting for something. I mean, he's if he beats you it's it's a huge name for him to be the biggest name. He's fig if it's a big block. And and if you beat him, I probably get you a top five five both have something. This is a big fight for both you and unlike the Thomas, I think you match up very, well, we'll compete. All right. Listen cowboy for coming in. Let's take a break. That was great. Thank you to cowboy throwing I I love talking to him. He's just a really really interesting guy. And he is crazy. He's he's not just all anyone who fights his kind of crazy. Yeah. But way, he lives. Yeah. There's to know you're going to do that and to train for that into volunteer to get kicked Pont you. It's it's a crazy way to make a fucking living. So it'd be a fireman. But the idea that he jumps out of planes just adds to. He's just insane wants to wear a squirrel suit. I don't blame them for wanting to. I would love to do that we fund to fly for the digital. They do a parachute. Oh, so you you're not gonna fall parachute. I dunno kill when they railway a squirrel suit where you. Spite of me and suit when he has this love on the. Yeah. And you can just kind of fly around for a little bit giants strode on your back. Looks like he's gonna play a video. It's insane. And these guys will do it and they get killed when they hit mountains or trees or whatever 'cause you're zipping through the air. And so if you if you hit something you're finished nothing. Nothing. Nothing. It doesn't when I see it. It doesn't strike me as something like that. It looks really fun though. You know, I'll do it on virtual reality. I'm not doing. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, look at this. Yes. See that thing. Look like, a squirrel. That thing is a parachute. You fuck up. If you hit the rocks or something, you're dead. It's a video game one one. They're going so fast. How do you land? Yeah. Then probably with a parachute. You I mean, they're going over a mountain. You really have to know what you're doing do what this guy watching a video of a guy going right over the top of the mountain. But then he goes higher and now the parachute. I'm sure help him if he wanted to help them. Yeah. I don't know. I don't think it looks really fun straight up a little bit too to catch. More wind slow yourself down. Yeah. I know. I would I here's what I would do. I would put my arm into its my ear, and I would want it to spiraling fucking asshole. How close to the mountain while he is like this. This guy is you know, he's probably doing one hundred twenty miles an hour or so miles an hour. That's how those guys get Weisgall. You call one of those death wishes. I'm not into that shit. Jimmy. Hey, do your your guy by d not neither my is. In is in the co main. Yeah, we hardly prize. Yes. Greg card three and all I think he has heavyweight fighter. Tremendous punch. How much wrestling is he prepared for or ju jitsu or so here's here's what happened. You know, I had a stat guide do some stats on certain fighters on how much time they actually spend wrestling sorta I in fight. So that was how I kind of based my time we put in on wrestling. And it's about fifty percent. So we spend about fifty percent of the time wrestling. So this guy he's fighting ice fighting Alan Crowder is ninety three. So he's definitely got a good amount more experience. I don't know how many you have see fights. But he was a football player before. And did he fight amateur before that or did he just play football? And then decide to do this who Greg cardinal he and three amateur fights. He did you hear three amateur for? I mean. Mean like before he got into a until it got when he was playing football. No, no, no. He wasn't. He wasn't training at all when he's playing football. But well, he so when he started training he actually played in like Richmond. So he had like went back and played like some like smaller league to do that. But like when he was planning NFL wasn't. He wasn't training at all. How did you guys? Meet. They brought him in Malka, you know, mount he knocking Callard too. Yeah. Yeah. Look at why are you like that? Is he does he did? He used to sell cars or snake oil. What does that guy? It just sounds. He just talks really fast. He's a nice he tossed, but he's an AJ. From first round management. So they brought him in. And you know, we we have a good situation as far as like living arrangements. So. So they brought him in and he lived in dorms for two years. And he still does. Now, you just the guy like a mercenary was as far as your training. Like, you don't have to get to know anybo-. You just don't you're there are you there? Just for the paycheck. Dean thomas. I'm sure I mean, you might be close with some people if you like a fucking Volk it's getting goes to anybody. Right now, I have some tomorrow. He's like who's who's gonna look for a fight? Fuck that sometimes sometimes on listen, I prefer I prefer to care about them before preferred. But you don't give a shit to sometimes like if they go. Hey, well, you know, I mean like your job coaching. We get a lot of like we get rushing come coming all the time. I don't even have conversations with. But I still got to train them got still work with them. But then like the guys that lived there like I have to like them to work with them new because it would obviously come through a little personality things. There's no way to do it. If you don't like him. But that's why that's why like we're working with the Russians is good. Because you know, I don't know how with the personalities because we never have a conversation. It's just training. So do you do you? Obviously, you watch demand is fight. Yeah. Of course. I and how amazing was that? Oh, man. I mean, even I was surprised. You fast was fast. No one thought I run. I'm sorry. No, no, one thought to be the first one. Sean. I mean, if you thought it was gonna be a first round knockout, you thought it would be the other way around. I had to pick to my decision. Did you really yes? What happened? How can you know work on on the mall? Fight hard to know that go right to the. Got doors gotten reports like I scout all her opponents up scout scouted. Every when our opponents since take dean mother f in Thomas, you don't need to be in anybody's. You know, you don't need to have your face at a corner is what I'm saying. I think I think trying to say, no. Com. Maybe you're too busy. When it took about your partner, j the second part of it is that you say because I don't like I don't have to like them. Sometimes I it comes a lot. You know? Sometimes it comes off as I don't like people because I don't hold fighters hands. You know what I'm saying? So like if I'm not there a lot because I'm busy I'm running around doing something fighters like we need somebody who's a little bit more attentive. She wanted to be more president who has been so. Yeah, maybe so and no, no, no, no. Maybe like we're just kind of like, we goofed around a lot. And like, maybe she can't take me serious. Okay. I think that might have a lot to do with it too. So when you scout cyborg. You you go you watch you watch your fight something like cyborg. What do you say to a man? That's like, okay. This is how you can beat her. Well, I had my ideas. And was I listen, you know, Kasai bore, you know, she's she's solid. You know what I mean? Like she's like prior to this fight like even when she got hit. She was able to take it. Well, and she barely got hit. Like, I got a Harley home hit her seventeen percent of the time. She only hitter seventeen percent. So she's very difficult to hit. So I was like we gotta strike. Yeah. For sure. So like the goal was for me. Like, I didn't I wasn't all that important in her cammo wouldn't like important piece of her camp. But I said you gotta be able to hit her. That's the key. If you can't hit it in, obviously, I know it sounds like, you know, the obvious should really it's like you gotta be able to when you throw shots. You gotta just touch her. Gotta be accurate, and she was and she so aggressive cyborg. It's to the point of being practically predictable. It's almost like you end. Eventually Silva is not like he's going to get on his bicycle was getting away from me. He's usually gonna book and come out, you'll Tasmanian harder. That's what she does. And. I liked how Amanda brought a Br brought that up when afterwards when we talked to her how she knew if she tagged her get ready for to come forward, and then or some more and she did look easing. I think it meant is that she didn't get hurt. But it looked like cyborgs stunner wants to look like there was a time. I remember it was a right or left. But it looked like she did kind of hurt her really on. She hit her. You know, she hit her like they both at each other almost like at the same time and Amanda recovered quicker. She got back on her. She got her legs onto her quicker. And that's one of the things she decided to go. You know what let's do this. Let's stand toe to toe, and that's the prize to me. Well, a man I meant a new cyborg is going to bring as far as strength. Maybe maybe suburb. Underestimated amend is power. She had to she had. I mean, why wouldn't you when you think an odor coming up from wait, you know, and you know, cyborgs never been like I said she barely gets hit. And when she does get hit. It's never clean. Why would you why would you twenty straight wins? Why would you expect that we don't know now? Yes, she won't she will know now. But she does she had Halle Berry in the audience whenever you have a celebrity. And there if I have a guy or woman, I'm trying to date comes in and watch it before my who who was highly. Therefore, I think she was ever sidewalk. She's she's got a movie coming out to she was training at cyborgs, GMC sheep. Don King switcheroo came with a mandate. That's what to me. I mean. I could be wrong. All listen. I respect that. Because that's the that's the exact reason. I don't go to Jimmy sets because I'll have a celebrity friend in the audience. Yeah. And he'll be like, I don't wanna make you nervous batching you. Yeah. He holds me in that high regard. I know he worked with calls him. Bobby deniro? Yeah. But listen, I would think. I don't wanna make him feel like he's gonna let me down for Joel bomb i-it's virtual well. Well, we'll try I went and supported him because he's my friend Jimmy. But in other words, he's not going to get nervous with you in the really that would never follow. But. You know, what it really pains me to give you a compliment. But I'm going to do it. I was watching. Now, I seen you on on on Rogan's podcast, which was good. That's great. That's fun. You know, like both you guys. Oh, yeah. So that's why buddies. Yeah. You know, and I I skip through till here my name, and I listened to that. And then I, you know, I'm sure the rest of it was good. Thanks. Early. That's not me had to come up early. But listen you were talking about your online, you're BJ online site. Was it an apt in the cat is a website here. Now, I was ready to shit on it. Because listen now, this is a compliment. This is give you a compliment. I just watched your I want to talk about what is actually it is because I thought it was just geared for BJ for MMA. I wasn't sure. And you didn't you didn't do a great job talking about it on on Joe Rogan? No offense. Finished minutes compliment because how are you? Like the shank hear me. Kidding? A map to complement. And I literally lead watched it lead. By literally watched it when I go. At Penn station. Just now I want to your Instagram poker. And it was you showing a scene and you will wearing a wig. So I was about to shit on you because I thought it was a shitty improv blended. I what is this BG online is shitty improv together with some horrible technique. I was about I listen, I got a call it the way I see Jimmy. Because this doesn't say what did you say? It does not see Comoro lead. Jim you don't want people at home. But the thing is this. I know my shit Jim being Thomas I've been on the Mets. I watched the thing that you would the wig on any any. And it was it was basically street self defense for when it's the hatless knife three girls. This was great. It was deemed a wig. Fighting forty Jim Norton. So it was no girls. What are you see all the time on these on these streetfighting videos, and whatever, you know, I don't wanna give anybody plugs for that. But you know, they watched the girls like pulling hair and beating the crap out of each other. It's very common in a Crotty studio. Whatever you don't, you know, you don't really see them addressing type of punching people in the face, and this and that so usually pull away he showed on this video the proper, and you never see it the proper technique how to bend the arm get that coins. If you're attacked in this. Yes. And that's what it's made for jitsu. So how come you didn't talk about this on your Rogan? I know I know your shit. I'd have a great opportunity. You know, even though we talked for three hours went by so fast did like by the time. We got to talk to you it. It was like oh my God. Did you make it through the whole Rogaine without pissing? I can't do a Rogan without pissing three times. Get high test coffee me man, I give a tiny little bladder. Yeah. Me too. But I got it out, man. I got it out. Wait a second. Man was I you talking about Camelback thrown fuck online academy. I wanna know. What exactly is it tell you? What told Joe Rogan that man people aren't using jitsu? And they did it. You didn't do it the best show that will cause us as it said, it doesn't work ju jitsu doesn't work. You take down your pets? You your mouth them? It doesn't. I'm like, wait a second. What the fucking? So basically what I'm saying? There are different types of jitsu. Yes. You know what I'm saying? And so well, let me go ahead. My man is here. So I got I got the floor manager Kenny Kim from Atlanta. So we did a seminar coal millers. And and you know, he's a gay guy and you'll have to vet was whole Miller. Yeah. UFC vent Coleman. Okay. So. Kenny the gay guy. And he's got a tremendous academy in Atlanta so coal brought us into a seminar, his academy. So like, I'm doing the MA stuff and he's doing a gay stuff. So then months after once house when you call up say, hey, man, we'd need to collaborate because it's true, man. Like when you think about jitsu like it just kinda disconnected somewhere. Where like the geese stuff went this way. The MMA stuff went this way. And then everybody's still forgot about the self defense stuff. It's taboo, words self like. Ooh, I wanna do something that. Yeah. Go sounds like the way they sold karate thirty years ago. But it really is. It reminds people what it is. It's it's why people fell in love with you to like the purest for sure because it's what works we're packing today. People to know what works so Brazilian you to works in real life situation. It absolutely works. But the way a lot of people learn it now from the beginning, it's not gonna work because they're not learning how to deal with situations like that you can pull guard and go for a leg lock. But if you can't get out of a headlock punching hundred ahead, you are not going to be. You're not gonna work 'cause you're still in a place that you can't get out of. So in our in our online academy we address every situation we're trying to address all the situations. Whether it's self defense Jiu jitsu forever may engine for competition. How headlock if a guy on a train and had I can get out of a headline. What if he's a big guy? I can still do it. I hope somebody puts me in a guy. I pray somebody attacks me, I prayed, I want them. I wish I had a longer neck get I don't have much of a neck, so. Going to do that. Anyway, where how do you mix it up? Is it like I go online. And I go on there is it. All right. I'm gonna go. All right. I wanna learn about this or it's whatever you give me tell go online. And that we have it. We have it sectioned off into subjects where it's like. Yeah. Jitsu for major for competition for self defense. And we were breaking it down and it subscription base on what constantly adding techniques to it. If guest appearances, and we wanna have some guests to pay. I'd like to get you on their kid to get my name out something going, you don't say I'd like to be honest victim. Something tells me you're going to be wearing. Yes. The guest victim. But I think the self defense stuff is the stuff that people be most interested in because most people who are training to fight have a trainer in. There's a lot of places to go for the self defense is where you're gonna get to play a lot of people who don't know anything about fighting over never fought like myself. And that's what we wanna four is the fact that you're on the subway, and there's a guy who just got released from Rikers making eye contact like what do I do with this guy? Fucking grabs me. Well, I mean, and that's what I'm getting a lot of now. Like a lot of my buddies who don't train a lot on. My improv nerd friends. Always like men. That's great. Gimme more than that. You know, like, I don't care about all the all this other fancies have give me more and that stuff. That's what I need. Even I watch more of those videos of the streetfight videos. Not that I liked that. I like to see what's out there. And what's what's what's happening? Why is this guy? Getting why the greatest knockouts will these guys their body positionings is about to be disguising clearly in your endanger, right now, this guy doesn't even know you guys endanger, and they don't even know it. Yes. Far as guy squaring. Within their body postures all wrong, their stances, just all they're all open. It's not like they have to sit there with their hands outlet get ready for but it's just. But. Swinging today pullbacks I loved when you when you just did that video you wear in the fucking wig with a self defense for the girls, and then we trying to pull away with their then I can out of you could use. This is Erik Paulsen back in nineteen seventy seven I James wearing WCC. You don't want to talk about. He's fucking awesome. This guy's an old school fire. And I had a great career. He's one of the unsung heroes. He's a pioneer and. He back and he was an tournament where Hensel ended up winning the tournament. We'll. World combat something it was w CCN something. I don't know. I it lasted one event. But Hensel one the thing he ended up beating a guy James wary. Who's a big heavyweight boxer us? He was a kick. But he's actually flurry in Florida. Now, it was a bad game man do for sure he wrapped Erik Paulsen air force at a law. Had a long ponytail, right? He wrapped it up around his head. Shoot out of him. And he was like apartment a better martial artists. Dodie he he could use that video out of it. You're right. Did not know how to get out of who's trying to pull away. Yeah. He's trying to pull away thinking he could just rip the hair out of say don't pull away. No, golden, please go to Thomas's Instagram, Chris, the producer. Thank you. Krista producer yellow I want to see this. I don't have hair. Right here. Put the sound on the people here. What are you putting anything on there that can't be on me or anything? I don't think. So I don't wanna get sued. Not thomas. Let's see. This is all you follows went off that look Joe. Thanks, john. Thanks, Joe Rogan that one day. I was fighting not yet one that one right there. They click on that. And let's see if we could hear it. Let's let the audience what's going on. Very common problem. That's the new character to dean quesion girl. Probably guys with long hair. They will in donor how to deal with it. So I haven't. Like this. So the worst thing you can do is pull away you're not gonna break the grip by pulling away. So this is how you handle that situation when they grab your hair like this. You obviously got hit so many like this then. Then the arm on in. Right around the way. So when you step in you put your head right in the chest because they can't pull your hair from this. This problem not pull away when a grant they better. Dean Thomas, people say hit this thing. Too much. That's the applause, that's the applause button, blah, appreciate in this room. I'm hit me. That's not a slow club. You know, why? Because I'm Chris wideman shown to my kids today. Nothing. I see your your son ethan's hair right now show it to him before you leave this fucking room. Well, actually. Yeah. Yeah. He knows five four back in the day dot on your head against the rules. But I'll be doing my mcgregor's Kabibi cheating like a month. Well, he knows like he has this. And this is what he trains trains like the self defense portion. That's all you need is kids. Hey, he's got a nice head of hair. I know everyone. Everyone's always got better hair to you might man. I love that technique though. 'cause that's all about me. And you know, what I mean like I said that all the time. I it's that simple. But that's affected. That's why like team Thomas. He simple yet effective. Yes, I'm gonna take something. I gotta Distin case. I'm a man cost me on the subway. But the problem is like if you go to school, depending on where you go like, you might go into might be a competition bay school, and that that won't really necessarily help you for the streets. Yeah. So like, you wanna make sure that you can go somewhere where you can actually, you know, learn how to defend yourself, right? And if you don't, hey, go to the website train BJ online dot com. Yeah. I would always I think if I had to obviously just trained with the game not gate for what am I going to be professional fighter? Trainer. Had with a gay like a train without one. I one. Out of shape, but with dean's trying to say like what what his point with that is there's some guys that way with the key. And they don't they'll just treat it like sporty in a sense where they'll do moves with that gay like, dude, I there's some things out there. Like, I'm not talking. I had Keenan Keenan Cornelius at my school did a seminar. Nice kid dangerous. I like them. But I mean, there's certain moves or it is like worm guards and had taken the anything that you have to start on dressing the guy and taking his long, I got to me the Giza jacket, like I'll strangle the sky the same way with a north face jacket on as I will what is key Jack. It's a jacket, and you could use a jacket to manipulate balance. You could use it to strangle. But once you're taking it out, your feeding it through, and I'm going man, you lost me. Now. It's getting fucking weird. I can't break the grip. But you know, I had the fuck really just undress. It was a weird. It is possible. If I'm wearing this hoodie to strangle me with the hoods. Silly question. Beat up. Anybody told guy? Majority of people of. Guys, got me confused, and you know, and misconstrued what I was the point. I was trying to make like I have nothing like, I'm just guy. But I have nothing against like sport competitions. You think it's beautiful. I think it's the best. It's ever been and Keno canoes is great. But you know, a lot of that stuff. When you're learning it from the beginning, it's not gonna work in the street. It's not practically say something about the point system introduced to on. No, no, no, no, no, no all in about the point system. Is it like MMA guys are they sometimes they confuse that with you know, doing jujitsu forever may like they're trying to get points. They're gonna positions that would give them points introduced sue. And I was saying that you shouldn't you should focus on punching a guy and his face and knocking his fucking teeth out of his mouth too. But, but you jitsu like, for instance, with that the mentality by mentality of the say, I'd say IB JJ F rules of two points. Take down three points pass a God. Forbid a position the best points. You get the most points. You get hooks in the back flat hooks in both hoax or mounts. Okay. Right. If you have that mentality, and you could say watch fighting for points. No. But the most points for the better position for a fight. So yeah, maybe I'm fighting for points. It might serve me in the Ivy JJ, but it's also going to serve me in a real fight because these points are based on what's best in a real fight. Yeah. For sure like like, my thing is if you get somebody if you could. Yeah. Yeah. If you can get to the mount. Yeah. That's great one hundred percent. But sometimes I get an MA fight. It just takes too long. It just takes too long chess. Speech just kind of go fast. And then you have the ref telling you to hurry to make a move you not have enough. Yes. Matched. Right. Hurry. That's not the same thing. People say, it's chess. It is. But sometimes being strategic is letting the guy if you have like an hour match. It's a total different like mentality. Jitsu relies the old school Torrance Gracie Gracie brothers where survival and guys mount them and get you know, tire a guy out like Elliott, gracie's nee. Get him what he's week which doesn't. It's not, you know, that's not really great mass. That's not that's not going to help you. Is that a w and that's you know, it's not gonna help you. M either I can think because I had that mentality. When I was I lost about five fights having that mentality. You just losing losing getting getting pulling guard waiting and waiting and waiting rounds over. Yeah. He right before I fought him. Jimmy. We fought them the same card where we had a four. We had a light man tournament myself with Thomas we were two of that guys in that tournament at it started with me fighting BJ pen and him fighting Ono cow. Great Kowloon, another unsung hero. Yup. Who had wars with pen for sure? And he was a just a talented guy that a lot of people never heard of on fortunately Japan. I'm sure he's the alleged. But, you know, tough guy and Tina battles would who know, you know. And so I lost the BJ. Okay. And then I then dean lost. No. But when he lost to him. It was weird because he kept pulling guard he pulled guard. So then I had the next to the two guys. It was. So I'm like, listen, I hope this guy. He's gonna pull guard again. He's gonna pull guard again. And when he does eat them up. I was wait, dude. It was like trying to capture lightning that was all over muggy blessed. And now, I was like I am not pulling guarding pull guard because I I knew that you had better jujitsu than noted like it would always crafty on top. But he didn't have the accurate that you have. Well, I didn't get on. You're not pulling guard. And it didn't work out. Great for me. I got cut off the cut after that. Listen to we all got cut. They dropped a division. We all got cut after this. Not true dean, Tom, but you got caught after that fight. Yeah. We all. Did they jumped a division? Remember BJ all of us. They they they know they did it after that a the division. But then they brought it back. That's how I got back. I guess we both came back on fighters season four I came back before you did. Yeah. You didn't come back since then. No the fuck. I was your last fight. Then he brought you back for the final four. It's weird that at all. Yes. It's. That's not true. No, they probably back. If I can't pseudo. Oh, did they didn't happen? Well, me I was supposed to fight gangqi pseudo too. We had him shook that work. I wish I did. Because I he pulled out three weeks before and then BJ stepped in. And that's when I for BJ, listen who want bested both of us want a brick. This kid is here and you bring that up Jimmy. But but he did say you want the strongest do you have a locked up with? Yeah. I was young in scrappy back. Then you won't. Yeah. I was like a sophisticated. We hit. Do you another like? You did wear a do ragle. Yeah. We'll do rag. We we we show Faulk. It's getting late. Let's picks me the time to go down to Maryland mind. Now, I don't want to forget to let's do it. Let's do it time who's fighting play the picks music. Title. No, let's do something. I'm breaking beef jerky. My side, I'm not gonna eat Rome. Saw denounce hungry. Do the first pick. What's call robust is less. You fights Roberson to Sherry's. The first fight on the main card and card media Carl Robertson stepped in for young kouteh lobby. Wait is this. Yeah. Isn't it Roberson? Denny fight. It a welterweight last time. No he was at middle middle. Oh, yeah. Yeah. He's fine. He's he's he's been up and down you. But anyway, but he's stepping in. He stepped in on January eleventh, replacing the end catella. So his last fight was a unanimous decision. Win over Jack Marsh, Jack marksman I thought he fought amid a wave his role. No, yeah. No, it's middleweight. And then global has he he knocked out Michel circuit off. And then lost to Corey Anderson by unanimous decision. This was easy to share a second round knockout. Oh, man. I don't know. I'm gonna go with to shared decision. Doing the same as the great dean Thomas decision. Yeah. Global? Okay. Although limited to write it down. I'm gonna take lover by. Yeah. I'm gonna go second round knockout, also because he's preparing for Cousy lava who's an animal Robertson isn't. But that guy just keeps trying to take your head off. So he's probably preparing for that type of foot and the next fight is. How do you say your name is an ostrich Rachel Austin? I guess paid van Damme. Making a she's coming back after that. I guess she had arm surgery. Yes. She broke her forearm, and then it healed improperly incorrectly. And they have to go back in. Yeah. So that was her last fight and then Rachel ostriches coming off of a. She got rear naked choke loss to Montana de LA Rosa in her last night. And then obviously she had some out of competition incident with their husbands and stuff. But she she is ready to fight. I'm gonna take page by decision because she was basically fighting with what Armin that last fight. Okay. I also like page, but I think I think page finishes are somehow how dean Thomas around. I'm gonna. For now, you know what she's not gonna finish this? You're gonna win by decision. Page will win by decision. Third round Rennick choke based on the same card as Rachel ostriches. Father. Are you serious back in wide? I think I'm older than you to held you forty to me. I swear it. Yeah. Yeah. Fuck I'm gonna take rich lots of by decision. I think she's like superman not the pages that motivated, but I think Rachel's probably. To win this fight next up. We have Joseph benefit Essen, Dustin RT's, a rematch benefit has won the first one by unanimous decision. He's to say when we talked to him that he doesn't typically win rematches. Am I incorrect? He's never won a rematch. But in fairness that have the rematches against cruise and mighty mouse. So nobody really wanted Joseph and I'm sorry Joseph by decision victory. Bye. I'm sorry. Mccain Sagan then. Decision Bennett beat us. Third round Tico. I'm gonna go because y'all said that I'm going to go Dustin Ortiz. I think he's asleep or sometimes I think he's got the ability to finish it is early. I think he can catch them early. Not that he's like that much better. I think he'll catch him early. Okay. All right. I'm gonna take benefit has been decision. But I think you're right. I mean Ortiz is not like a joke that that is fighting against. But I'm gonna take benefit Jimmy think he's a joke. Now, all of a sudden. Greg Gillespie against. That's a really really good fight. Glen. He's undefeated. What is he twelve? Our my remembering somebody, let's pull up here. I think he might be more than twelve and you might be right. He is twelve hundred okay and against Madero who's fifteen and five or what did what did what Gillespie's less two inch? How did they win? He's really fun to watch. You only pulled up his submission. I think in the last fight was an arm. Triangle choke over Vincent shell in his last one. And then he knocked out Jordan Rinaldi before that. But he's five in the UFC. One decision. He's got to four finishes. So he he's he's a real contender. I know I'm gonna take him second round finish overdose. You say second round finish. Yeah. So I was gonna say really, anyway, whatever you feel. Yes. Would you tell me what to say? I'm sorry guys. We all get along too. Good either spice it up. Yes. I shouldn't eight speaking to spice up I should not have down that fucking beef jerky. I feel so sick right now why nothing better than a nice beef jerky. Visit on the shelf. Couldn't get healthier. Fuck to take it a homeless guy shoe and eating the shit. But all I'm not gonna. It didn't hit me. Right. But didn't didn't? Okay. I'm gonna say Matt your head is sweating. Look at it his wedding on my head is sweating Oli. Do what did you? All right. So I'm I've been sobbing high. I've been high on Gregor Gillespie for a while. And I think he's got a Mendes Lee slick game that I don't think Yancy Medeiros is prepared for. I don't think he's ready for that type of pressure and that type of skill level with that speed. And I don't think he makes it out of around. You think I did you pick? I know you're gonna go you're gonna go I'm going Greg Espy second round submission. I think that's where he has a huge advantage over yet. See I'm going to take less be second. But I think if I honestly I feel like if he can get at it around against us, but he might be able to win. So that's why I've been goodness be gets him out of there. You know? Yep. Nonni third shut up. Sorry. I didn't mean guys. I don't mean to tell me to shush. Sorry. Sometimes I get like Joe pitchy going to get a pen, and Jeb and someone's I wish you were like him at the casino. Listen to me, I'm going with Gregor. Bless gillespie. Why is that? Dude. But I think Yancey is pretty durable. But and he's in he's doing he's durable. Like to getting hit and stuff. But he always comes back from that, man. But I think Gillespie surround stop is submission game. Regular second stop. I want to pretend like I said at first because I wanted to say that Jimmy Jimmy took my thunder, you know, because Jimmy's been off him. Why am I so combative? I don't know. Why am I talking everybody? Look at you, man. You got your damned your head. You're eating beef jerky. Everybody sub specialty young Ethan. Yongle Matt apologizes. This is some things that you never changed. Look how messy. Jerry Andy rapper. No good. Coffees. No, she look at ovation absolute mess. No candy. And I'm still mad at you for bringing me this grape soda the frontier. Cowboy was here when I brought up about dean's pick. What Joe Rogan if dean was fighting you'd be a couple of you go like this. I was just come. You just one second. It would be the whole cover. It won't second. It would be deemed dick tuck Thomas is what? I got a little nervous for a minute. What do you mean, you wouldn't be a bad batch? And he has all the ingredients at the beef that could be whatever his name is look at your area. Looks like the fire campsite. Look at it. Look at it. You guys flip this thing on me combative, very mess. I came out. I came out pushing you guys get you guys in the corner. Now, you're fighting back up and like Blake like a bully. I don't like it. You wear a teacher. That's as savage on your like. Dave, right, right. It is the Komai. Greg hardy against Alan Crowder. Alan Crowder is nine in three. He lost his last fight. Which was is you have see debut. She got knocked out by Justin Willis. I'm jimmy. I know you're honest too. So I want you to be honest. Even though I'm here. I would be very honest about what I am going to take. I'm. If he was fighting somebody more experienced I would pick again, I'm going to take hardy in a first round TKO. I think he's gonna come out extremely motivated, which again that can work against you. In the first round, you come out, a more experienced fighter can fucking allow you. Just a punch yourself out a little bit. And then by the second round your finished. But I think the Greg hardy come out very very motivated. And he really did look good. When I watched him fight first round TKO, tell me about Allen crabs last fighting in. It was a it was his UFC debut. He lost the Justin Willis it was a first round knockout halfway through the first round and his record. He's nine and three overall. Only one UFC fight one those UFC jitters, how many in Greg hardy three and he's got he's professionally three nobody has six anime fights. Overall, three amateur fights also Allen crowded trains again with who. Let me see where it says. It doesn't say it doesn't all knockouts amateur. Yeah. And how about his? Yeah. He's he's never not not someone. Who'd you say Allen Crowder trains with it doesn't say on the sheet. No, it isn't. No, it's very important to you. Info on if you want to make up how picked when I don't. Do you know who he might produces? It's I don't know who he trains what he trains for. So I think he in fact, he just opened up the school so Alan crowded. Yeah. Okay. What are you proud to do in his last fight? He got knocked up by Justin will I'm gonna change my pick. I heart is gonna win. But I do not think he's just gonna come in and smoke a guy who has twelve fights. Because he's one too many in a row by knockout. You don't just go in seven or eight fights in a row by knockout fighters just don't seem to fight that way. I'm gonna take hardy by decision. I think this is gonna be the first time he's pushing for interesting. Well, I don't wanna make it awkward guys, as you know, the whole time the shows being on this this the whole hour and change. I never wanted to make anything awoke in here. Yeah. I can tell Greg haughty. We'll take a hardy beating in the first round by Alan Crowder there. It is. I said I said I'm sitting in front of you. I want to my good friends. Yes. I did everybody. I said it hardy I'm taking Greg hardy by everybody. I wanna be different. He's so fast, so Atlantic. I mean, I I don't think that that crowd is going to be the guy to challenge him. Maybe not taking him down or whatever. I think it's going to stay on the field as twelve fights Crowder. I just think he may may smart enough to tie hardy up if possible, you know, you keep the festival, I don't know. I just have affiliates. It's not gonna be as easy as it's been with amateur fighters. No here. Alan crowder. Listen, he knows he knows that Craig haughty knocks people out, and he knows that he hurts people, but dean Thomas will tell you to hurt people on a time. You're that. It'd be hurt ain't that right team. Tom. God damn hurt. You I know chasing chasing me around. Anyway, I brought back, but we. Dillashaw against a hudo. I think that that fish my point. Yes, look, you just have. No, you didn't finish your point the door. Well, you were saying. I did pick him. Let's keep going. All right. So hudo, I T J dillashaw now for fight. Yeah. This is interesting because nobody's really nobody's talking about the hoodoo at all in this fight throughout Jake. Yeah. Seems but that's kind of a good thing though. You know, when because there's no pressure on you. He don't feel no pressure. When you look at their last fight. And how dynamic TJ looked would Cody it looked it looked awesome. Yeah. Like Killys verse heartily, right, man. But he did look these out he's slipping punches. He's hit lillies. What did you like three either right hand left? He it was. Me because we both picked Cody to to win that rematch. And he just he knocked him out again. And then you look at. So who does fight he, but it was more calculated any outpointed mighty mouse in a close fight. But when you look at what he's done right in that fight. It was very impressed. Yeah. And it was it was annoying enough that could he do that similar game plan to TJ Jimmy? No, oh, no. I don't think so confident now, I just think the TJ's third round stoppage. I think. Yeah. In the throughout. I think you will. I I have I actually have exactly the same thing. If third round knockout, I think TJ is coming in fast. I think we talked about it. The other day the difference in the size in their training to who to looks really big. I think he's gonna come in a little heavy. I think teachers is going to come in a little bit the opposite fast. And lt. He'll still have power at that way to going third right now. Fourth-round finish Fatih, Jay. And I listen. And you know, I love it on the dog. I do here especially ones that are like, you know, who. I believe Suda Suda. Yeah. I'll look it up. But it's close first title defense. You know? I don't I don't know how he'll handle that TJ's been been in this before. And not only that Jimmy you ask like like I like Muslim Cowboys been held down and beat up. Right. Does. I'm teaching has been held down and ever. I mean, he's he's gonna be hard to take down. That's the way he moved. He moved. He switches standard, so well, and he punches from news angle. So Ryo does seem to be a problem home. I got TJ two and four. So that's good. All right. The TJ. I mean, there's the site that I'm looking at him and he's a minus two hundred hundred. So it's a two to one favorite. So that's right. That's actually pretty good in that went, right? Well, listen, man. What else do we wanna plug? We're going to be getting Adia. This had no West Palm be there tomorrow and Saturday night at the improv. So you did that because you know, I wasn't going to beat her. I. I know. But I specifically check the schedule and I want out of New York. Oh, really? The fight for free. Go to West Palm talked a bunch of old people. We're gonna fucking hate me. The fight. So this Saturday Jimmy, and you know, my name, but my name is a cool really quick really quick. And. What are you doing? My my buddy. Joey goes. I wanna come over. We're having a we're having a party over. It's only maybe I'll stop in the fight through on me about pop in for a drink something. Because I the only thing is it. It's it's like a naughty Santa party. I'm like listen to me. This is my neighbors. I go. What are you joking? The kids go to school together. You know, the eye annuity like waggling? What is this is wide? Shut. What are you talking about? You know, you just gotta bring like a naughty gift. I go. I hate to do it. Ethan. You must do I I'm. Do you want me to bring a double ended dildo? Bring. Get what the fuck it. We don't get about man. I don't know what to heads. So. I know what that is. Doc him and it didn't shock him. Now. I would it. Something tells me that me and MRs Serrano going to this party. It's. It's. Teeth. Why is he having a Christmas party now strange? But. You have to bring a good naughty Christmas gift what the fuck is Laudi about Christmas, you freaks. I love these guys the nice guys. How are you going to look at them on Monday after that you don't already, but how am I going? I'm going to dress. My wife up like a freaky Alfano. This is. Rolling go. What is going on rolling pin? With a hamburger helper fish on the end. In the end. They would stand like what is ball's out. What the fuck is going on here island. Don't do. It. Don't go don't go. I'll listen I'm not going and I'll see them on Monday. How was the freak fest? I was watching Cowboys. They're only freight doors hidden agendas, you're going you're going to fight. I'm not. I got go naughty fucking party spice things don't go to. So where you're gonna wants to fight. Well, I mean is in Brooklyn, which is nice, you know, but I'm to be fighting. So I like to watch it on my big screen TV. It is nice to nice to be home and watching of here. Nami in Florida. Oh, you're going to be away. I watched them left up. Well, listen to me and dean wants to promote to promote Deen's enough. Not much more time. I gotta sign out with so listen check out, but it is good day. Online. Talked over, you know, train BJ JJ, online dot com or on Instagram. That'd be at train BJ online to serve JJ schools. What do I want to say to it? I'll do that. I know you why don't get kind of a hook up again you get your promo crew. And what about the people wanna know they've been asking what is it? Dana white looking for a fight. Dana trip in people. They do to me to me of a lot. They want us to talk about and chill. Rogin did say you'll final compliment. He did like he does say he likes you on the show. I knew way while we did you don't I would hit the inter up. All right. Listen Jimmy so much fun spring. I had a great time to all right? It's eighty five you, buddy. All right now. Remember to subscribe on apple podcasts radio dot com slash UFC, unfiltered, poor wherever you get your shows, not my business.

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Behind the Scenes of the 2019 MKBHD Awards

Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast

1:35:54 hr | 1 year ago

Behind the Scenes of the 2019 MKBHD Awards

"Cantor from Cox has all your favorites all in one place and with the contour remote you can use your voice to fund them on live. TV On demand and streaming APPs like like netflix prime video and more see Cox dot com for details. Welcome back to another episode of the way foreign podcast. Happy Holidays we're hosts Marquez Brownlee and I'm Andrew Manganelli and that's right after Christmas right now we're GonNa do sort of a wrap up an end of the year. Technically cle- ended the decade. But also some people say twenty twenty one is the beginning of a new decade or so we just started our podcast this year so ended the decade makes it sound. Yeah it makes it sound really grand impressive but it is. It is the end of last the last podcasts. At Twenty nineteen and so we're GONNA be diving into the nitty gritty of like the two big videos and concepts that ended our year uh-huh which was the blind smartphone camera test of two thousand nineteen. Yeah the Big One and nineteen and the smartphone awards yet show was the last big video video. And since we're spending this whole episode going over these episodes I think I would suggest if you're listening to this and you haven't seen those two videos yet go ahead and check them out. There will be spoilers. Of course. Because we're GONNA talk about all that stuff here They're not just two of the most looked forward to video of the air but honestly probably to the most fun so check them out. We start planning them like soon as phone start coming. Yeah like I feel like August right before smartphone season. We're like Oh what we know your be your choice right now and then every month is like has anything changed. It keeps evolving and And the blind smartphone test is just. It's chaos every time so we'll dive into both but before we get into those. How's your holiday? It was great. It was basically relaxing. Get anything anything. Get Yeah actually I did get something tech related from Claire. I have a smartwatch. Now Nice and what is could circle in Vivo active three so I think this is actually years model but they went like crazy on sale the garments early under bucks. They're always really good with the Finnish tracking and that's definitely what she got it for like. We go hiking ally and Niagara Climbing. And that's that's way more what I'm interested in yes. I haven't really got much time to try it. Though yet. Seven O'Leary would be a very so angry even more upset than a novel thing but yeah I'm super excited to try and look forward to it. You get anything good or give anything good. I given some good tech gifts. I'm always the guy you expect a gift from. I think it was just There's a really great tweet from from the verge programs. Okay who's like Oh those of Some accessories or gadgets. You got that are powered by micro. USB hadn't realized that but they're still so many things power. But I got A. I got a little white noise machine because I did you. I saw a fan on because that's like the best version of it. I may but every white noise machine you can buy is powered by micro USB hilarious various so yeah show. Everyone got a micro usb powered gadget this holiday season. Also I feel like I found a great like secret Santa Party gift. That's tech related and actually useful see. That's the thing is that's tough if you do secret Santa. Do you want to give something useful or do you want to give something like totally absurd so I could give a good okay thing you can get the Google home mini the Non Nest version for twenty five bucks on like best. Buy Everything now because because they're always on there just trying to get rid of it because its nest many or nest home whatever now twenty five bucks might be kind of an expensive secret Santo. But it's it's not totally unheard of and it's a great little gift for people can turn a random person's home into a smart home with twenty five twenty five bucks. It's hard to be tonight all right. Good show too that All right I think we just jump right in. Let's get right into the big ones. We'll do blind smartphone camera test. I yeah okay so those who are unfamiliar with the concept. The blind smartphone camera test is big concept where okay every smartphone. That comes out. This year has a camera. And they're all oh pretty good at different things. We kind of know the best ones are going to be the Pixel and the iphone and the Samsung phones and the way phones but why not just put them all against teach other and put them online and let people vote against them but don't tell them which one's which and see what people vote for without knowing what they're voting for and so because because we have a huge bracket of sixteen phones sort of removes all the bias and it's just exciting. It's like a march madness. Yeah it's like first round. Whoever gets the most votes moves? News on is always upsets. Always crazy things the first year we ever did it was last year and of course. There's these crazy upsets lasted. It was Kinda nutty it was it was why I think the both the pixels we put in an both the iphones we put in all got knocked out in the first round which is insane so we tried to be. I don't know oh I don't say I WANNA say scientific we're not but very opposite of AVOCA. Yeah it's a fun thing but we try to be consistent and include like. Let's see this is things. You typically typically take photos of like you know. It's GonNa be iphone an instagram photo. Sorry so you want to have like a picture of a person Maybe a landscape sky in the background stuff like that and then we like take that and give it a couple extra little variables where Afon might be able to prevail over another phone because so many phones are so good now like when when you're seeing them on social media sites it's hard to tell what they are so like. Yeah I think for example. I believe the first one is a picture of you but we had all these colorful chairs we in the background so you had like great dynamic range with the clouds in the background and you had all different colors in the background. So yeah it kind of gives you a couple of different things to look at it and observe pick your favor and then pick your favorite. I think a lot of people are just shocking at which looks better to move on. Not even teesside when you scroll through instagram. That's how bad experience appearance. Yeah Yeah So. That's what we did. We put on instagram. We put it on twitter and We got our results again and again spoiler. We're going to talk about all the stuff that happened. In the videos galaxy note ten plus was the winner won finals over the over the Samsung Galaxy S ten e. Zoe did have some consistency that we had to Samsung. Thank phones making it to the end this year and a lot of interesting stuff happening in between so where do we have before that we did We all guest around. Brandon was here but then pick the winner. He got one yeah. I had a note ten but it was the me. No I was really hoping hundred. Three mega pixels. sals would pull through but I was very wrong or strand exit eventual winner there. Yeah I forgot what I pick not. I didn't have a good time either. It's tough to pick. What what you think people vote for so I round actually? There's a results list what we'll put this in the show notes where someone was nice enough to compile Before I even did so on the video oh came out all of the rounds all of the winners and the percents that each phone one by so you can see what photo you voted for if you look back and you can see how much it might have won or lost spy and when you look back at this. There's actually some pretty interesting finding. Yeah I think everyone watches the video and sees what the The two winners are the two finalists are and just share neglects. All the other rounds. And there's some I like I remember in round to all of us texting each other at night after we went home and be like. Oh my my God like the round one. I think the big one round one I first matchup was one plus seventy versus a central xanax on sick. And it's like I remember his all thing like we don't know the zen phone camera that well we haven't used it too long one plus we know really well and one plus has done pretty good in these so and then then destroyed destroyed it. Okay then phone. Six in my opinion took the best photo in the first round. Yeah it was in the Pixel better than you better than the other phones in the first round so if you go back and look at it This is crazy. I'M GONNA go back and try to tell you what letter it is. But B B B. It took the best photo in my opinion balanced the best colors best dynamic range and detail with solid So it crushed one plus seventy in the first round then. It came up against the wall. Way May thirty pro kind of what you'd consider a one seed like a favorite. Yeah I mean it one last year. It's hard not to get a May twenty one last year it lost in that round by ten percent. That's yeah that was the closest Matchup out out of any round in the entire bracket. Yeah so that I think was one of the notables that impressed me the most and I'd be curious to see if it didn't have to face the mate thirty pro maybe foods in a different side side of the bracket Could it have beat Samsung. Could it have made it to the finals. I would be interested in putting up against so. It's funny as we actually have we after the first round took photos with every single phone after this and then just didn't use the ones we didn't need so we do have a photo of the roadster and could put it against the note ten then I would be super interested to see how it did versus the no ten. I think both of US agree still think noten would wait. I think it's still but I think it's I learned a lot about the phone. Don't six how good that phone is. And we'll talk about that more later in the show to in the smartphone awards but that thing flips around and becomes your selfie camera so in theory. That's that's selfie camera in the game right now i. I don't think a selfie camera could really beat that if it's doing that well on its main and it's also selfie. Yeah so big props to that. Here's another thing The the biggest victory margin of any of the rounds was your me. Note ten losing in the first round to the s ten e one hundred three megapixel phone is ing. The thing is we wanted to do a very consistent job of just pointing tapping and shooting in every single round and The one thing that we didn't do that with Amino ten where we pointed. Switch to one hundred eight megapixel mode and then shot just because we were using that phone because of the hundred eight megapixel sensors so we fight we give that a shot right but I think most people will just use pixel binning mode most of the time so it did not the best job exposing and it was a much darker photo. We know we know how that guess it might be Eh. It might be the worst photo in round one and that's against the flex by down there with the flexible. I'm going to say the flex by worse because the flex by both both on your expo over on twitter yeah I would say unlike instagram's stories you could probably probably put the note ten next flex by because you're getting a compressed and then have to compress in stories so like flex by when you look at the full res- of that you're like like yeah. This is the iphone one. This is very bad. Yeah Yeah I've thought about including the original iphone in here and we opted to do the flex pie instead as has the gag phone and I think the the original iphone could have maybe one around if it was not for me not yeah so anyway that was a that was an interesting fact. I got a got a nice email. I want to talk about and I'm not gonNA say who it's from but it came from someone at Google who was very involved with the Pixel camera who had some interesting words about how basically this test could be improved to be maybe more scientific using air quotes so scientific like trying to make a super scientific test but the information was interesting because one of the things he claims is that through all of their testing with Hugo's camera. They know that people don't actually tap on the subject of their photo Oto most of the time. They just opened the camera APP and hit the shutter and I thought that was fascinating to you tap on the subject. Yeah we were reading this email. I remember you saying that house icon. That's really interesting and then I thought to myself like who are people. I know that I wouldn't consider like smartphone enthusiasts that take a lot of pictures of his exactly mom and it's clear as mom and when I thought about both of them tap faces like something that they both do. I ask some people and they they had a mixed bag. Some people say no I never tap. I just take the shutter and some people said the F.. It's like if it's close to the camera. Then you WanNa make sure you nail the focus on the foreground and background sort of help it out the tapping the subject but other than that. Like just I could. I mean first of all. He's the one with the actual statistics. It was better than we. Yeah Yeah Yeah. We have a much smaller sample size. But I could definitely see like if somebody who's just picking the camera up and everything looked in focus at first wiretap anything right right but I guess with a picture closer up you have more of a chance of the phone assuming something else in focus and then you have to fix it so maybe people tap more on something like that but it makes sense that is probably a lot of people don't have. Here's the reason I tap to focus. I have a darker skin tone and every time you tap to expose on on like when I'm taking a picture of my hand or of my face or something like that. It always adjust the exposure. You get my face in best exposure. Yeah now a lot of these. If you just pointed at me and take the photo my face will be underexposed and sky behind me. We'll a great so that's why we made a point to for every single one to tap my face so it got my face because it's a photo of my face and then sometimes it would blow out background and we got some interesting results as as a result of that. But I'd be curious if we didn't didn't tap on my face on those photos. How different minded of gun? How did if we put two people in with totally different skin tones? Yeah didn't tap face. Oh that'd be yeah dirges urges so many variables and we get it. People sent us a million variables but no matter what we do. We're not going to be able to combat all of the different variables herbals. Here's here's an idea. I really like though. Yeah poor play. Yeah and if we had maybe some more days to do this because we're really crunched up against the end of the year but for those unfamiliar you probably co-players but I'll just accent explain right now. It's march madness. Style one game. Whoever gets the most votes moves on? Yeah and so we say so. Many variables it's so exciting. And that's what really makes a good but if we wanted to make it here comes the air quotes again more scientific. I guess what we would do is we would have sort of pool. Oh play where. There's like three or four phones in a pool and then they would all compete against each other and multiple rounds and the winner of the most rounds would advance out of that pool. Yes so pretty much we would. I'm assuming initially seed the phones. How we think they should do? And then each pool would have like the first pool would have the first seed the fourth or fifth seed. The I eleven pro. And then you'd have like the one plus seven t design phone in the Flex Pie and they'd all have have. Several different photos compete against each other to rack up votes to really definitely get the winner. Yeah and then the winner of that based on the winner of each pool. You correct seating out to go into the bracket play rather than pretty much quote unquote guaranteeing that a good phone doesn't have a hard match matchup in the first round because they earn their matchup already right so we wouldn't be guessing which one we think it'd be more power so it's another thing that's like sure he's a little more fair but it's still really we not fair at all. This thing was never supposed to be fair. It was just. I love the idea last year. And that's the way it did it again and maybe next year we will. We'll mix it up a bit. Maybe it will do a a portrait mode motor throw in some other ideas but I had a lot of fun with it so you pull play. Sounds great in terms of fairness that was actually Rene Ritchie. WHO said that? And I can't believe neither service thought of that because we both played ultimate for so many years and that is like literally how you play every weekend is pool play into bracket play. So thanks Rene. He was on twit with TV WI. Everyone else was complaining about it. He was actually giving useful information. So appreciate them. You appreciate you rene so then in terms of fairness that we have another thing cnet like people keep mentioning. Which is boy compressed photos on Social Media Brett so like this is the one that irks me the most because we talked about this last a year and just like first of all I think my main gripe is that sure we could put this on flicker? But who's going on flicker every day and like finding photos. I I personally want every photo to be put in the highest resolution. Yeah on compressed so that it takes a couple of minutes for me to download it but I can appreciate it in its glory and I can see what you had for lunch on. INSTAGRAM caress. No yeah this is one thing is like oh well if you really want us to see which one's better why don't you upload them in high resolution so that we can pixel peop- and go back and forth and then pick a winner and the point of that was isn't scientific. This is where most people see most photos in their life. Think about that in your life twitter and instagram and and social media. I would argue that ninety nine percent of the video. The pictures you see are I guess read it also but like yeah. Instagram and twitter is where most people's either photos and their compressed rest so when I kept seeing needs to be fair needs to be fair. I think the only way we can make this totally fair is if we found the five people who had like perfectly calibrated traded like four plus came monitors than weekdays. Yeah like think about even if we did this hi Rez. What if? Somebody's looking on like an Iphone X.. Czar or something with a smaller resolution. Or if they're looking on Samsung away. That has like did vivid colours on display. Like nobody is looking at these photos with a perfectly perfectly calibrated display and being able to see exactly what they are. So we're putting it in a natural environment and that's how people are voting and that's totally. Okay yeah that's pretty much. That's the point. Some people will have this on their iphone. Some people will have this on their pixel around there. Samsung phone this all their levels will be different. Some people will have a prototype. licks Yar and those vote on on twitter on their desktop. All of this stuff gets counted in all of this stuff contributes to a winner. So so I don't mind that I think we're going to keep doing it that way. But the benefit of doing it the same way as I think we heard something about twitter's twitter's potentially offering air quality or four as photo. This is announced this is announced while we were in the middle of our photos. So we didn't really want to stop and start over but twitter. I think you're starting now or starting at the beginning of two thousand twenty is going to allow you to view full size on compress J. Pegs in the image viewer. So in the preview window window. It'll still be small click to open it A.. J. Peg will be compressed and harsh higher quality and better looking so maybe this words will benefit from that. Yes sorry the Blind Camera Tesla. Oh Beneton next year. Yeah which is awesome because then you get it on a platform that people actually look at and sure now some people get a higher as version of but we'll we're we're still GONNA do it on instagram and it's not going to be waited because a lot of people look at photos on his. Yes and this is a gram votes. I mean I have more followers on twitter. INSTAGRAM votes. Were definitely definitely yet again about twice as much as twitter. Wow I knows that yeah. It was about three and a half million total votes on instagram. And about two million Ryan total votes on twitter so as far as like I mean. INSTAGRAM has an image hosting website. So that's where you get it I better find it on a flicker we'd probably have about a thousand thousand total votes so you could count. But they wouldn't really sway anything so there you go. Well yeah okay. That's pretty much. It big congrats shoutout to the galaxy. Note ten for fair the square pulling off a win and beating in the finals. It's same exact camera brother literally because of you saw the video because of the color of the phone I was at a I was at a promote event. VETROTEX like figuring out who's winning during the last couple of hours and I was like all right. It's going to be Samsung Samsung. I'll just take some random photo because the same camera doesn't matter I took it through a window. And the reflection of the Pink Galaxy S. Ten e cast a little Magenta in the bottom half of that image and people picked up on on that and actually voted for the one. That didn't have Magenta in it. So good job guys who were voting and y'All picked galaxy ten so shout out to the no ten all right. I'll take a quick break and then we'll hop back in to the smartphone awards. This way form is brought to you by net gear. Is Your Wifi feeling old does it buffer while streaming disconnecting devices slow down. Can it not really handle gaming or video calls or large file transfers. And what happens when you try to do it all at once. It doesn't matter how fast Internet connection is. If your Wi fi router is old and outdated so so with orbit Wi fi six from net gear your Wifi will feel new again. Why six is the latest tech that allows more devices to connect and stream simultaneously without without impacting speed or reliability? There is all delivers the fastest Wifi for all your devices anywhere in your home so streaming hd four K.. Or even you you know maybe eight K.. 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The easiest way to send money to your friends but cash APP does way more than that cash is also comes with the cash card a free debit card that comes with boosts which are like instant rewards for shopping at the places you love and you can get discounts off your entire purchase at places like door dash whole foods target and way more cash is also the easiest way to try and grow your money with their new investing future so mike investing tools that force you to buy entire shares of stock cash applets instantly invest as little or as much as you want says well so you can still own a piece of any stock with just one dollar brokerage services are provided by cash APP investing a subsidiary of Square and member. SIPC muscle excited to be working with cash APP to did support one of my favorite organizations team trees so he signed up for cash up and use the Promo Code Way Form Not only will receive ten dollars instantly but cash apple also donate ten bucks so the equivalent of ten trees to the Arbor Day Foundation. Whose goal is to plant twenty million trees around the globe by January first twenty twenty now? They just reached their goal. As you might have seen but why stop there ten bucks for you. Ten more trees Earth Win Win. So don't forget Promo Code Way Form on you. Download cache APP from the APP store. You're or Google play store today all right welcome back so the smartphone awards twenty nineteen. Yeah always a fun one so this is This is our awards. We I started this back in twenty fourteen with a couple of phones on my desk and just telling what my favorite phone of the year were and it slowly evolved year-over-year into this this like visa. It's like this recap is big grand recap it's so much fun though Of the entire like every category phone that came out this year and We did it again. Twenty nineteen and it was I'll just read to you right off the top of the winners of each category and we're going to sort of descend into each one and we. We did a little fun polling thing on twitter that we'll get into but here's here's the winners for two thousand nineteen best big phone a seuss. Rg Phone to best compact smartphone. Samsung Samsung Galaxy s ten e and every category by the way has run wraps. It's impossible Best smartphone camera iphone eleven pro and eleven pro Max best smartphone battery a sous. Rg phone to six thousand million bar battery best. Are we call this. The Design Award Samsung Galaxy Fold Best Budget Phone Red Meat K twenty pro biggest bust Google Pixel for most improved award a Su- rg phone to an MVP smartphone of the year one plus seven pro so now that I've gone through that list. Yeah probably had your thoughts. Of course. There's I go through like the reasoning for every single one of these in the video and we have a runner ups and there's also new reasons for the runner ups and we sort of detail each category. But that's that's service of where we're at. Yeah I feel like everyone's sort of calibrated so because this has turned into so much of a community thing of course everyone else has their own different picks and different choices for their favorite smartphone of the year. And everyone has their own unique perspective to. I'm a person sitting at the desk with all thirty eight phones in front of me and other people have pads certain phones. They really like so because of that. We get tons of responses and tons of comments and everyone has their own reasoning. Why maybe it should have been a bit different? Maybe we should have had a different winner here or a different. I will mention. I think there are some pretty big snubs and I kind of look at it the same way you might look at maybe like NBA All star voting. which is just starting coming up right now? Like there's always going to be snobs. Yeah he's always going to be people who barely get in And obvious favorites but from that we actually pulled you guys on twitter from the way form twitter at w. f. r. m. and we of course have some comments from from other videos and read it to about some legit different ways. The Scada gotTa Gone So. Yeah we'll go through the categories and look through them. We want you guys to we wanted you guys to pretty much argue with us Hey It's fun and people people think things should of one And we're here to defend our choices and possibly agree with you and possibly disagree with now. I'll caveat on the top of all of it. These are all my personal picks Hicks and you could probably sway me about some honorable. Mentions I think I have a biggest snub. And we'll get into those who would other people say but These I'm it's my show so I'm like I'm giving the award or does that. I feel the strongest about so I think I nailed it. But we'll see how you feel the rentals all right so I I category was best. Big Phone. AC's Rg to this one. I I gave the runner up to Galaxy Note Ten plus yet and I could see how anyone would be swayed that note ten. I think if it did win that would have been maybe the third year in a row one best phone. Yeah I'm pretty sure is noted. I'm yeah but I I think. Rg phone to cleaned up. It had every single goal thing you could ask for short of Stylus and put higher fresher on top of that higher frustrate old lead and it just it has to beat not and kept the headphone. Jack I'm unkept things you're not losing headphone Jack. I still think. Rg phone has more features. Losing the headphone Jack on the no ten was like a big downside. This hear that a lot of people were pretty upset about and it's hard to lose something when the phone so big already. Here's another thing. I was originally really hot on notes winning the best big phone because they they also historically have done the best job of software for big features they were the only ones in some of the first ones do like split screen APPs so in the note was younger they were really really leaning into like look. How big this screen is you can have four apps open at once? You can multitask like crazy. Use A stylus to do whatever you want and I was like. There's no doubt as the best big big phone experience giving you everything here but this year it sort of leaned back into hardware and if you look at the SPEC sheet snapdragon fifty five plus twelve gigs of Ram hundred twenty. I heard six point three inch dual front facing speakers underrated. You don't see that a lot more and in all this other gaming stuff six thousand million power bat is like to me. I have a big phone and I wanted to last forever. Yeah and like six thousand million power batteries just absolutely crazy two times some other phones. I kid you you got a terabyte of flash storage at all this other stuff. So I think it didn't have quite as much software features as the note. It doesn't have a stylus clearly But when you put all that hardware together with a headphone phone Jack in the huge battery. It's that's big phone for me and there's nothing against the not. It's not an incredible but knocked it out of the park this year with that phone and it. I think it deserved it. Here's my biggest snub of the year. I think I think if this is like because I think it could have been in this discussion. Samsung Samsung Galaxy S. ten and in this case specifically S. ten plus over And this'll be a recurring theme because they were like right on the brink of a lot of these. It's not quite as good of the big phone as the note and I'll bring it up again later but I think S. ten plus was gonNA feel like a pretty big snub in some of these categories. So just bring it up now. We'll come back to it what I did anyone else. have any big disagreements with this category for big phone I think it was anyone who disagree with that thought. Not Plus okay. Well there we have of it to best big thumbs of the year right. There are the next up. Category Best Compact smartphone and I had galaxy S. E. as the winner for that and our our runner up. What was I phone? Eleven pro so where we add on that. All right So someone named Sam had a response to that actually. Let's hear it's play so I think the iphone eleven pro should have won the best compact phone since it is a small phone in relative terms which is kind of the criteria. I don't know how how the s ten e would have won when iphone eleven pro has better specs overall as well as better cameras. Well Oh depending on the blind smartphone test. I might not be true but anyways feel iphone. Eleven pro was robbed for best contact. Phone Okay Yeah I think that it and we're going to see a lot of top twos for this this as a theme but I could be convinced iphone. Eleven pro could be best compact phone over the tiny. But it's interesting when you say specs because you have the eleven which I'll give edged the iphone. Would you have more ram in the Samsung phone. You have a bigger phone and a hot as it a high resolution after double checking resolution. But you have a bigger screen in a small phone on the S ten e. You have a bigger battery on the s ten e and you have expandable storage on the ten e and You have a headphone Jack on the ten. So does the iphone really have better specs I really say just comes down to experience though and the yeah I found eleven. Pro is a full on flagship. It has all the cameras and everything. That's hard thing sometimes it's to compare experience through IOS and android because that can get down into trey really really relative to the person who enjoys for a lot of people. The iphone eleven pro is obviously the better choice is there in that world and they're in the ecosystem system and that's why it's got runner up to because it's such a good option I'll say you could convince me iphone. Eleven pro- But I just I really liked a lot of the little subtle things. Samsung Samsung did with the penny the fingerprint reader on the right on that button like on the smaller phone where it's reachable and super fast that was dope to me so that was good and stuff like that so also yes yes it did happen to get to the finals of the plasma. So yeah that's that's your top two for sure. Yeah all right next up was best camera this this one. I don't think you could sway me this. It's fine because I don't think I'm a lock. For this one iphone eleven pro- Runner up being Pixel for and I gave Honorable Mentions to w-way may thirty pro and and the no ten plus for winning blinds smartphone camera tests But overall iphone phone eleven pro took a really solid jump up with photos this year now Pixel did in. My opinion take sometimes sometimes better photos. Like I'd prefer the photo from the Pixel side with the iphone like pretty often But I would gladly take a photo from each if I also get an addition an ultra wide had a better mike and significantly better video for k sixty like all the stuff the Pixel didn't do in the video world the iphone crushed at there. Yeah so I think I remember in previous this year is I would give out a winner and also given honorable mention for video I think I just wrapped it all up this year like the iphone just a better camera now in every way yeah. I think we've discussed. It's a lot since we've gotten the Pixel for in the iphone eleven in houses just like now. The camera is sometimes. IPHONE does better in this scenario and sometimes pixel does better in in that scenario so like the cameras. Stills are pretty much even I know you prefer the Pixel a little bit probably because the pictures takes are the pictures you like better or what it excels in. Yeah you better so like for you. That's better still photo but now that the better and then iphone is just light years ahead of miles. How's that It's obvious yeah video world you have to you have to take account of and that ultra-wide even if the Pixel had an ultra-right which I would've loved to see it's still have gone to the iphone for video so yeah I think that that's a pretty unanimous won their iphone. Eleven pro is the smartphone camera of the year for Twenty nineteen. Yeah so Then we moved to best budget phone now. This is the hardest one. This is obviously the hardest for everybody. I feel like this was the most. We've got Of It should have been should have been that I mean like an on through a cut. We have a couple of videos that people sent us all right. Most of them are agreeing on the same thing but this is one where the people on Reddit and on twitter like this should have been edition a bit. There should have been hit that so I have read me. K Twenty pro as the winner and Pixel three as the close runner honor up. Yeah so let's see I we have. I'm assuming most people are GonNa try to convince me that picks with your should have been the unanimous one very much what is going on Mr Marquez. Brownlee thank you so much for tuning in my name is John. I've got a small tech YouTube channel every year. I give a smartphone martone award to a qualifying smartphone. That makes it a best buy of that. Given year this year I gave it to the Google Pixel three because Google Google and best buy work together to leak the phone and make it available at affordable prices all year round at best buy stores. I think you can get the pixel three. Va One hundred dollars off if you have sprint. That deals been going on for a long time Nonetheless this is three hundred ninety nine dollars phone with an awesome camera and rage software features. This is why I gave it the best by two thousand nineteen. Did you say best buy collaborate with Google to leak the phone. Yeah I wasn't really sure interesting. Okay anyway I just WANNA say wrath atop a lot of especially with price what I talk about is biased towards the launch price. Yeah and so yes is the Pixel did launch for three nine And he mentioned it was working with sprint to give. I'm sure they had some some deals. Where you could trade in or you could pay it over time and would be less expensive But I'm generally going with Google's launch price of three ninety nine and we had the red McKay twenty pro launching for rough equivalent of about three hundred dollars Here's what I'll say because I didn't say this in the smartphone awards video but a big part of the reason why I waited the k twenty pro over the Pixel for is not just one hundred dollars. It's cheaper price which is a sixty six percent different? Yeah but it is A. It's a better performer. Over and this came from the specs they chose us and the and the choices they made so this was a little bit of a higher end ships more ram and it was a bit of a more responsive phone and the Pixel obviously went with the lower end chip higher end camera unwrapped and the they sort of skimped a bit on build quality and build quality. Not as important to me. Some people might like you know the Glass on the K twenty pro more but really really. It's just the Pixel was not a very fast phone for a lot of people and that's fine. It's a fine phone. It's not fast. But the K twenty pro for three hundred bucks is actually a pretty good performer. Not The best camera clearly but decent enough to K- twenty like in hand and if you're walking around with it with like feel and look more like a flagship phone because of three cameras on the back class back and everything about it just felt like you weren't spending three hundred dollars. Felt like you were spending seven hundred dollars where the Pixel Three Korea is. It's plastic and it's slower. It is not bad. It's fantastic and like honestly I would probably pick that over the k twenty johnny if I were personally buying a phone just because I like the camera and I liked that stock Goule. Yeah that's a great question. Which one would I personally by if I only had you know four hundred bucks to buy a phone I That's actually a tough one. I'd be swayed a little closer to pixel but I still think he the reason and I like k twenty pro. It's basically just mimicking high and flagged down and doing the best possible job of it. Another one I included. I had some honorable mentions one plus seven t which which was like right in that middle ground of seven hundred bucks but also The Motorola one hyper which did the same thing. It has full screen display screen pop-up camera Like Nice back. And it's really just mimicking as best as it can like a really nice high end phone with the flashy design like that's what they're trying to do so K.. Twenty pro got really close. Did some really good stuff in that hundred dollar price and of course they both go down over time but that's my justification but of course course pixels and I understand that software experiences really important. Hello this is replying to what you posted about twitter I think that you're most affordable. One was wrong. I think that it should have been well. Oh you said that. The they're really close. But I think that the Pixel three a should have actually been the one because even though it's more the pixel so three is more expensive. I think it's a better quality. It's a better price for what you get with it. I think it's a better quality and more more a phone that more people will go to then reading then going with the Red Amee got it. I think a lot of this is gonna be like almost personal preference similar to the way the iphone could have won in a previous category. If you've value camera. Yeah yeah this is easily the best quality camera you can get for the money like gets the Pixel Threes Camera. But it's half the price so he's right about that some with you on that and thank you for commission but yeah I think if you just want to use the overall quality word you have to think about hardware quality to and Pixel for his hardware. Quality wasn't quite as good. So yeah it's all it's all the factors but there are also personal decisions where you wouldn't necessarily always want to use the winner. That's the funny part. I wouldn't necessarily want want to pick the winner of some categories as the phone. I choose over. Another foamy jets are the decisions. They're making that got them to exactly the top of that kind of. Yeah I think for more people on Planet Earth Red Mckay twenty pro is a better buy yes but we are also biased towards the US. Where I bet you in the US? Obviously Google's three is going to sell absolutely far better. Yeah so I'll asterisk analysts say the Pixel three for more people in the. US is probably a better by But if you're if you're just going for straight value consider all planet earth where Red Meat Red meat killed at this year. Al You You have to look at k twenty pro so I think if you're if you're in the US gun switch those two so it's interesting so you would you take the Pixel. I'm assuming over the K twenty pro if you're buying one of the two yes and that's most likely due to bias of you pass Pixel devices and like by being a Pixel Guira okay. So what if I'm GonNa give you an imaginary phone both at four hundred bucks or would you take a pixel for a that. Had A great camera and terrible performance. Not that it's terrible but would you take that or a pixel for a with great design and performance but the camera takes a step down. So you're looking at like You're looking at like an iphone phone level like really nice shiny hardware and they do something cool with like the finger reader under the glass or something crazy but the cameras not clearly best in class anymore. So it's not a pixel but it's also hundred bucks is great design features solely because if it's all take whatever the not project so e but this is a choice. Google isn't necessarily trying to make right now but it's an interesting variable. Consider I think I find it would find it very surprising if I ever took a step down downing cameras cameras easily. What's pulling Google up right now? And that's awesome. Yeah that and software so like as long. It's going to have a nice camera. It's kind of a good software. Experience Experience Out probably still pick the camera. The camera goes four hundred bucks. I mean I don't need super her gimmicky stuff. I don't care that it looks and feels like a flagship but I think some people do some people are like. Hey there's all these people around me that have these flagship phones and I want to also have one. But I'm in a situation where I can't afford that so I think that's a that's where red meat comes in. And or those phones that are designed to fuel fuel like flagships and then Spec down a little bit. Yeah that's where those come in great So yeah I think I would pick the camera just because I can deal with something a a little slower and then I would probably use it for a week. I made the worst decision so slow all right. Well let's go. Let's go to the next category which we have best battery. ACS Rg phone to. This is again a hand down for me. I've used a lot of phones over a lot of different time and a lot of different Versions and I also gave my honorable mention to the fastest charging phone. Because I've always I've always sort of included that in the Calculus for best battery but You Know One plus phones having dash charging an op having UC charging the OPPO Reno. Ace had supervised two point. Oh Sixty. Five Watt fast charging. which was this insane like like zero to one hundred and thirty minutes type deal love that but the six thousand million per battery on the ROTC phone to dominated it was incre- it was just ah could use it for two straight days? In one hundred twenty hertz turned it down to sixty hertz which a lot of other flagships are sixty hertz. Yeah so it sounds like bad that I have to turn it down but when you turn down on a sixty hertz this phone just goes forever. Yeah I think there are someone who said Oh you have to turn it down to to get all the good battery life. It's like no you don't have to turn it down Yup easily getting a full day at one hundred twenty hertz. Double the refresh rate of most phones. But say you know you're going out for the weekend you're not coming home. You get to where you're going and you look in your bagging like Oh man. I forgot my charger. Yeah Oh problem. Whatever all bump it down to sixty hertz which is still the same as every other phone most phones out there think of it? Oh make it think of it this way if you could have a poor pointing to like iphone eleven or note ten plus Think of if you could turn that phone up to one hundred Twenty Hertz Ellen saying that I never six thousand million power battery. That's it's just in another class. Yeah so that was a no brainer rainer for me. Rg phone too. And I gave my My honorable mention to iphone eleven and That was my runner. Up was the iphone eleven the the longest lasting. I found really close with iphone. Eleven pro Max at this point because they've included the iphone eleven pro. Max got like a several hour boost and battery and the iphone eleven. Got An hour boost and battery battery. But it's still been better in my experience and then you have the super fast-rising phones so all those phones the other good stuff. Yeah I think the only other argument and I have a rebuttal to that is that the RG phone. two-dozen have wireless charging airless should be part of the Battery Award and I agree. It should be to think about wireless charging is it's convenient to top offense parts in the day. I'm somebody who uses wireless charging and I wouldn't want to go back off of that. But I don't need a wireless charger if I guaranteeing its making it through the day every single day. All Plug it in at night that I don't need to just lay down at night I can plug it in. But it's when I have to plug it up my desk and in my car Yup and here and there you don't with. Rg phone right. And I mentioned this actually in the RG phone review. It changes the way I use phones in a normal range for a phone battery. I'm constantly thinking about all right. Does it have wireless charging all right. I can top it up at my desk or oh I'll just put it on the wireless charging pad at night. And I have this fast charger and my car so combined all these things and I can go all today the RG. Phone doesn't have wireless charging it doesn't even really have very fast charging but it just didn't matter it doesn't matter I start the day with one hundred percent and I ended that seventy seven and a just straight up doesn't matter that don't have wireless charging so That was yeah while charging is normally a part of the calculus but when the batteries so so bad it doesn't matter then that part of it so there you have it so that brings us to most improved and the most improved winter with It's third trophy of the night was the acs Rg phone to this one. I think you could convince me of any other phone winning. This was like the most random one I think huge winner. Okay Okay I compare this super similar to last year where everyone agreed with us. Razor phone to made big steps from razor phone. One one most improved. I think what people aren't doing is looking at the the seeing something wins an award. That's a phone. That's not super widely used compared to Samsung Apple. Google everyone's got to be one of those Yeah so like it deserves it because last year I remember going over. Rg phone or the first RG phone. We're like wow how these specs are great and like there's a lot of really cool things about it and then the minute we we used it and like I just don't like I don't think I could use it. Yes then you I kind of held it back ZANU. I was a little bit atop. And then he sues listen to what everyone said and they put pretty much all of that while keeping their vision of this gaming phone phone and then they come back out they did send you. I guess a six thousand million power battery to give one hundred one hundred twenty hertz. Last year but this year one hundred twenty year old lead which is the first one we saw any phone which is amazing they just and they kept a headphone Jack. They they listen to what they wanted. And it made the biggest jump from last year I think some people viper mentioned it argue that the iphone eleven was a good jump from the iphone ten s and it was but I think the the ROTC phone one was so much further down than the then S. Yeah and then jumped to the RG too which is amazing. Whereas the jump from ten to eleven Kevin was much smaller? Yeah so so. Think of it When you think of most improved award and sports what do you think of any given now as much I know? Are we play a Frisbee League called mcardle which is just like a summer league and they usually do most improved and it's usually someone who is like a rookie. Last season season that spent their entire off-season practicing nonstop and came back the next year and will grow nothing like last year. You're killing it and that's what that this was the origin. ACS makes phones. Rg phone was our new phone like now as their first step at this gaming phone or whatever yeah they saw what happened to just like razor to the a year before they reached out and asked for what people wanted differently and they took that advice they actually changed. Could you imagine if picks afforded that tall man man. Yeah I when I think of most improved player in sports I think of basketball a lot. I think of like the guy who is like coming off the bench like six guys. Seventh MEH EH. Who Comes back? The next year like Pascal and is just a dominant player. Suddenly you're like He. He changed a lot He clearly listened to coaches and he got better renounced impact player on. I think when look at my runner up was the IPHONE. Yeah and it's it's tough because a lot of times you'll see a great player make a big improvement and he's an even and more dominant player like iphone tennis to iphone eleven pro meijer battery gains major camera gains. How can you not get the most improved but that guy was already a starter order? Yeah and he's still a starter now. He's having more impact but like I don't know when you look at someone who came off the bench like the phone was not an option for most people ask year now suddenly. It's the best big phone in hand the best battery you can get like those huge huge improvements. I think are what push over the top so you know I could be swayed. But that's that's where I was at for. Most of the word that to me is one of the most obvious. Okay awards are yeah. I think it's so hard I remember when the I g phone came men in there. Is someone from ACIS here a sous here talking to us about it and why they chose the new I and and how it is better than all these things and then they make that decision after they hear all these things that the fans disagreed. That's a that's a big step but I wanna see because they give you. They didn't ditch then they gave you the option one or the other. I would love to see if they have the numbers what people chose yeah it. Where does that percents purchasing that off? This phone is something that I think is just going to get better and better and I think I think with a couple other changes. It could actually be a phone. We're seeing people. A lot of people using soon early candidate for most improved twenty twenty. This is how it could win. Twenty twenty the same IRA g g phone three could win twenty twenty if it gets Ip rated okay. I like wanted to be closer to vessel is but I don't WANNA lose front door front facing the design. They got to tone that down to sell to more people. Okay here's my theory on that Is really really cool. Computers now are going the clean. Look into the okay is becoming less and less of a thing and I think it's becoming more of like super super clean all the same colors and everything matches if they did a real like razor phone to a really nice class back with a the. Rg Lagos awesome and that could just glow different colors. And then you could also add while I wireless charging cleaner design a guy and a nice camera please. Yeah I mean there's one of the worst. It could somehow come into a nice camera then that yeah easy. Twenty twenty okay. IMPRO- yeah I if you gave me the RG phone to right now with the IPHONE. Eleven or the pixels camera. I would use that phone right now. Yeah that's much like it so cumulus offer update some amendment. So next was the design award and this one this one change every year sure it means something different is it. The best build quality is that the best is industrial design. The least breakable one. Clearly it's not the least break. I gave the design award to the Samsung Galaxy. Fold and the reason is because I think it's the most important design obvious caveat here people People broke it But these people did not by the phone this was reviewers who got it in the couple of days where they were sending out the first wave of units and then they start to break and sent them back back and then they made some improvements and then shifted a couple months. Later as the first legitimately I think good to go. You can buy this today falling phone I would not by the Royal Flex Diet. I wouldn't even by the way next right now on a lot of places especially in the US so galaxy fold folds in half has a seven inch Screen in your pocket. This is also a candidate for most improved. Because there's Hawn's of things you can nitpick about it but I love the risk Sampson took here. And I think it's most important phone of two two thousand nineteen because of its design. So you're saying that innovation is part of the design award Yeah innovation and risk taking and design and basically. Yeah and I gave my run-up to galaxy note ten the smaller note ten which is really nice. This is another one where I think you could say. Galaxy s ten and s ten plus. Plus we're snubbed because those were also really really nicely designed phones in pretty much all the same ways as a note ten. Yeah so that's I just. Samsung is just filling up the design. Chart Yeah we had a couple of responses go for your Marquess Andrew Best wishes for the season and yeah I just wanted to say that. Yeah you play seaboard so nice thick but have a suggestion I think the design of award is equally You know belonging to Samsung Galaxy S. ten or audience and plus you know in the world. Well if not just for two thousand eighteen they have. They came with nauseous. We can say Nautilus Design is equally beautiful and and yet biggest snub for sure galaxy s ten s ten plus in also. It came out earlier in the year and they were pretty expensive offensive but they were among the first to do the whole punch that the new leader got and if he asked me to buy an S. ten plus or a note ten. I think I would buy the S. ten plus because I just take the bigger battery and I don't need stylus Adventure and the headphone Jack. So yeah if you're if you're talking about biggest snubs I'm Kinda with you. I probably could have replaced. My runner-up of note ten with Galaxy S.. Ten plus. I like that all right. So we had Another response with a different suggestion for winner of this outlets. Hey Marquez Andrew job you guys on the smartphone awards Wondering if maybe in the design category we can give a special nod to these. He's and boom six Fair to say nothing else really looked like this year Handle the notch and in a unique way and the warming the galaxy fold is a hello phone but I think this deserves a honorable mention What do you guys think yeah interesting? So Zan phone six had this swiveling Ling camera at the top. That flipped around. And give you the the high quality cameras a selfie camera I think it could have gotten into an. I think a lot of phones could have gotten honorable. Mentions but this one this one for me was only held back. It was just such a big phone. It was really bulbous and again you can. You can make a laundry list of complaints about not the galaxy folds design. I think it's sort of exempt because of the uniqueness of it but I'm not against phone six. I think this is also one of the bigger snubs jobs. I think I would have loved to have had different bracket for the smartphone cameras knowing it is Also thinking about whether or not I would use that phone in general I think it it was just a little big and a little bit clunky feeling but I do appreciate the way. They attacked the notch. And in different way maybe it was a bit smaller. Yeah I think they attacked the notch. It's really well and we saw that. Those cameras did do well in the test so the fact that then I get that his selfie. And there's also this like Super Super Niche. You can control the camera glamour. Something like someone might be able to do something really interesting with that but yes a different way for the notch. Everyone always worries about moving parts. But yeah everything we've tried. It seemed totally fine. I don't see any issues with right how it did it rather than just a little pop up camera yes at the beginning. If you take galaxy fold out of all this and you just had to say. What's the best designed phone of the year? That was a really tough call. Because you're like all right. I don't think I can pick something. Matt just got rid of the headphone Jack. I don't think I can pick something. That has a huge ugly notch. Right I gotta do something. That doesn't have that okay. So we're at we're so then you're in the world of like moving parts of like papa cameras and swiveling cameras and none of them really broke so I guess that's fine too. I think I have more confidence in the pop-up camera swivel to not break. But maybe it's just me Yeah I look at the Samsung stuff and they kept it pretty good one plus seven t if it had a less ridiculously terrible looking camera bump I think could have been considered to yes a teardrop notch. And it's a flat you know says there's a bunch of possible considerations for like literally just best designed phone. Yeah I think people would have hated iphones because like the stove top on the back and the huge notch and the same design for the past. Three years. Ears isn't should have won it. So yeah I do it. This you mentioned moving parts before and pop up cameras like it was definitely something. Everyone was very nervous about Eh. I and I'm really glad to see I don't I don't recall any big news articles or anything saying that there's a broken after X.. Amount of time so it seems like they're are holding up really well. Yeah Way better than the original folding for the galaxy fold Because it's just one of those things where you see those tests done by machine in in a lab where he saw the galaxy folding. You saw the the one plus selfie camera opening a million times. You wonder in everyday use how that will hold up and it seems like all these moving in parts of held up really well concealed on the best you can and hopefully they don't get any debris in them so there it is speaking of debris bust of the year. We arrive at the the one native where we give every year. This one was. This one was a pixel for and I did give an honorable little runner up there but the pixel four one the bus of the year and I are there people who disagree with this one there are a lot. I don't think I don't think we have all the videos. And for this so we might add put one or two in. Well I mean this one was just the delta between the expectations and the deliver. I've a lot to say about this as a pixel for user. Yeah I've lots say say about this one here. I mean first of all I would say. I persuaded you very hard to make to make this bus of the year you originally had something else. I try very hard to change your mind and actually I didn't think you even did and I remember the trophies. He's came in and when you give it to Pixel and I was like it's deserves it deserves it Fair warning the Pixel four is a fine phone if if you have the Pixel for and you're enjoying it you should enjoy. It's that's just fine enough. Yeah I in terms of the two phones that I used The most the last couple of months of the year Basically it came down to like okay. I need higher fresh rate. It's clearly come down to this on between rg phone to Pixel Four. And One plus seventy pro and I kept coming back to Pixel because of that camera. I've been using a pixel really often. It's clearly not a bad phone But performance in started to go down on me and I'm I'm just so done with dealing with that so I I was back to one point. Seven zero yeah. It's it's like people see bus most of the year and they think it's going to be this complete garbage phone which is like that's what the flex by was it was terrible and hydrogen was last year so I mean well. The hydrogen urged performs better than the flex by at least like crew performed flex by is truly the worst phone. We've seen in a long time but I'm curious what people's yeah and all right. So here's someone to take on. Why Pixel should not have been busted here D. minus arm on I think the bust of the royal royal flex pie is garbage from the hardware was horrible? The software can clutching out. Every time you fold it and it was just so big clunky lanky on the on the other hand Pixel had amazing Kenwright. You've been a telephoto great side of pretty great camera. The screen was much better than the last one and the and the software was pretty good in the hardware was pretty good so I think the bus it. You should been rough like five so I feel like after I watched. That video came up with kind of like that analogy of why we picked picks a four. I think this is a bust of the not worse phone of the year right so when when you look in sports you you would never like people call players busts all the time young players like the number two draft pick that four years later is is like getting benched some games or healthy scratch so you would never give a call player bus if there are picked in the tenth round so like it's the flex by is not rush around pick up the the flex by wasn't this like crazy advertised phone that we're all like Oh my God. Here's a folding phone. This is going to be amazing. We saw IT AT SEA US S. We heard like Oh. They've never folding phone. Let's try and the minute we touch that thing we were like I'll see lord that's was that phone was perfect for C.. Yes look what we made. Were not going to sell it but like check it out. Phones can fold someday. Oh Neat and then they put it on a shelf like wait a second so like nobody. Old Buddy had expectations for flex by to be good fair. It you can't busted no one ever thought you were going to be good on the first base whereas the Pixel you get all these rumors. It's hard to like blame Google that they didn't live up to rumors. Because we're at the point where it's so. Many people put out so many fake rumors about things that it's just. You're expecting the next year expecting a holy grail of exactly and it's not going to happen but like we see the pixel four and it was just the most Ma- response ever to the point where I feel like they even took features away. We go back to the fact that we lost unlimited foraged unlimited photo storage. We lost our Super Wide Angle Selfie Selfie. We don't have portrait mode and wide anymore. I mean I still like the notch better than the forehead Stephen mm-hmm and we've talked about that before and here. I think you agreed with me. Actually yeah yeah but like instead we got solely which I was actually really into slowly at first I was like I think this is a great idea. Not for like this swipe features but for the fact that when I go it makes faster or face on mach faster and it makes turn my alarm off better now. I can't stand. That is actually. That's a little underrated I think solely or this face unlock is actually the one thing that was actively driving me away from the Pixel is like I just wanted like a quick like a biometric. Just let me unlock it like when I want to. I remember I get out my car sometimes and I just grabbed my phone own in my backpack in one hand and I would like touch the screen as I do that. which would wake up the phone and then I would look at it and it would unlock and I just start pressing things as I was taking get out the car and I just I just wanted like a normal unlock experience and you know I can do the pin and everything keep turning it back off but I switched away from it and I really don't Miss It? Yeah I've I've I liked to examples of why solely makes me furious so let's just start bashing Pixel for pretty I mean we're we're arguing are pick here. Yeah Right. So I have my y.. Charger set up to the top left of my keyboard at work and at home. There's so many times if I reach for like the escape key. I guess I go in souliers as Little Dome Elbow and it goes. Oh Hey someone's trying to unlock this and then kind of lights the screen up and then I catch it out of the corner of Mine and I look at my phone and now my phone. It's unlocked I'm like so then I have to lock it again or she's going to be on for a while then. The other thing I've had is in my car holder which is like right over my radio in the middle of my car okay. I've had a bob be unlocked before because Lord knows I we looked at it or if it's connected to my Bluetooth smart trusted device. I've reached for like a water bottle title in my passenger seat and it skipped my song before. It's just all these things they'll man make me not very happy about solely and yeah. It's funny because when I try to swipe on purpose it like sometimes doesn't work. Yeah No I. The funny part is like you're right the commenter like the flex sisal worse phone. Yeah it costs more. You should never buy it but I think that argument that were that were sort of leaning on as the Delta between your expectations which major they may come from hyper they may just come from like. Hey at the beginning of the year. What are the best phones? Probably GonNa be the iphone the Samsung and the Pixel. So we're talking like top. Five draft. Traffic leased it turns out to really not live up to that nine hundred dollar price tag. Now that's when we're considering it a bus yes there are people that this phone will be great for it. But it's it's so much harder to recommend average person mostly because of battery life. Some people say they get great battery life out of it. I don't I would say most times. I put it on my charger Roger at night and I go to bed pretty early and it stays out of charger almost all day. Alec Twenty percent. And that's sitting out a wireless charger for a long time. Yeah that's really hard to suggest it's just I don't know the ninety hurts thing was what I was so excited for and I still don't even consider myself on ninety hurts phone phone force it because my battery life isn't great and I just don't really feel like it's ninety hurts at all. It's really very often sixty hertz phone but hey yeah it was supposed to be. That's why it's a bust. It was supposed to be top three. You know this opens the door for most improved award. Twenty Twenty Pixel Five. I'm Jason I hope with every bone in my body I hope Pixel five is most improved. Yeah Yeah I want this phone to be good so bad all right well you know. That was the title of Hydrogen View. We saw what happened so anyway. Let's let's take a quick break and we'll come back and get fired up and talk about one plus seven pro being the MVP appear and we'll probably have some some talks about that to you. All right let's take a quick break. 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So this is the one that gets the most fire I I just want to start by saying the MVP and this is sort of what drives his whole conversation is not necessarily the best phone for everyone because there is no best known for everyone necessarily the best overall phone and I draw a lot of parallels to this and the way I think about it Actually from basketball again again just at any point during the season there's like three or four probably more great arguments for MVP and that could be you know best buy on the best team. That's Yanni US right now or it could be perennial all-time great player. It can be Lebron right now. It can be who is Historically hot right now. That's James Harden like you could make a great rj. thraw draw them so in this case I have one plus seven pro as my mvp only nineteen and of course they're going to be great arguments for others but that I think I'm I'm prepared to defend and I think there's a lot you know what actually before we get into people disagreeing with you one place. That seemed to agree with you. Almost unanimously on this. I'm sure there's a few people who didn't was read it so read. It doesn't always agree with us and our android subway. which is what I was looking at this on? is generally kind of all over the place because when you see android versus apple that's like pretty specific like apple likes apple because of love apple things right android doesn't just like android because of android things. Then you have your subcategories droid phone company for every phone so yeah the ANDROID Royd separated itself is normally crazy but so many of the top comment agreed that they thought one plus one seven was one of the best phones this year if not the best phone so just the fact that this is a place that generally doesn't always agree with us and they took this video really well. They thought all the explanations were in all of them. Could let's see why caught picked. Yes but I could easily see like and I'm sure we'll have plenty of variety of opinions about others that could just as easily be considered an. MVP always he's GonNa be. Shall we jump. Well here's all give my explanation for why I chose it right up the top and we'll see what should i. So here's why picked one plus seven pro first of all performance formation's and you get all the great stuff on paper. Obviously one plus seventy and seventy pro came out later in the year but just as far as setting the tone for the year about what they were going to. Do you got snapdragon dragged fifty five you got. I think it's gigs of Ram and eight. Four thousand million power battery yet dash charging. And it's missing some of the things like a headphone Jack and wireless charging charging people always like to bring up but the performance of oxygen os on that phone and a user experience was a plus the Nautilus display display a little bit of knowing that it was curve on the edges but I thought that was an excellent display. Fourteen forty pop camera the cameras and this is something I always say. I'm trying to keep things about like where they appear on launch and they're like decent to okay cameras but they were the worst part of the phone but they have gotten a letter software updates and then the price and so oh. This launched at six sixty nine and ninety hurts. Was the real separator from me so it became very obvious over the course of the year that you basically you have higher fresh rate or not and that was like a big part of why I either like the phone. Didn't know since it's my awards. This is one of the big things that was playing into my consideration. Ration- for MVP so that big but like you say like ninety. I know you don't mean it. But you're saying nine which is only reason it one. It didn't the specs that this six hundred sixty nine phone has are the same specs that thousand dollar phones have all around a one everything did was either a or about out to be a plus. It's actually funny. People said how did one plus seven pro not get a runner-up Ronald honorable mention in any category. When the overall if you look at the categories we have like the ones winning the camera does like especially the Pixel? That's like kind kind of a one trick pony at this point categories. It's not going to be best in class in best big phone. It's not huge. It's not going to be the best compact found compact right. It's not the most improved player player. They've sort of had their thing for a couple years. Yeah the design I think is one place it could have stepped up and maybe got an honorable. Mention having a fully baseless type a look and not having a notch in the pop up camera and everything but a sort of felt pretty standard and the camera hump on the back was fine. It didn't stand out to me. I think you could have given it honorable mention but I chose is not too so yeah the categories were really about spikes in those places. Yeah it's kind of like in the car sense not a lot of Hondas. Toyotas are really blowing your mind but when it comes down to like I'm going to spend this amount of money over on overall. It's a car that's GonNa last me forever and I'm always going to be confident in my buying decision. That's the one plus seven seven broke. Felt like it's a Prius okay. So that's definitely not an obvious gave but let's go. Let's get into disagreements because I know there's some others also I had I had had some runner-up saw just toss those in there. I had iphone eleven pro ahead. Samsung Galaxy fold. I had and that's it. That's what we said in the video. Yeah we've been talking a little bit you. I mean not. Let's go into. What should we go into? I people what people said or other phones. That people think got that snubbed. I WanNa hear arguments for other phone's should have one. Okay let's go into a video. I okay this is from Viper. He's posted a lot about this. This seems to be his most concise argument. So we'll go over this one. I was here a lot of different other ways but we don't have time to go over. Everything has more than what. What is it the bone of the year? Two Thousand Nineteen. Where do I begin? Maybe I could begin with a big battery life or the mediocre camera in comparison to a competition Asian or the lack of violent charging or the fact that it so dangerously close to the iphone eleven. Run around the whatever Autho pro okay. So it sounds like he's saying iphone eleven should've been phone of the year over one plus seven visits shortcomings. I think like I. I don't know if that's exactly what he thinks should have been also he says phone of the year but it's MVP. Yeah most valuable. So I think that right off the bat is a big distinction to make like what is it. Doesn't it almost doesn't matter what you call it like I call it. MVP But it's also the smartphone of the year like doesn't really matter what you call it as long takes leaks into account price in like worth being worthy of the price plays a little bit into it more than phone of the year. We're of the year. I feel like you don't really think about price. This is just flat out. What's the best phone and I think that argument comes a little differently when you can add twelve hundred dollar phones onto it sure but in terms of value? Oh you uh-huh so it seems like if he's honoring value at a thirty dollar higher price tag with the regular iphone eleven not the pro versions. He thinks it runs circles around the the one plus seven pro so I think that's the main part of his argument here. Run circles around the oneplus emperor. Okay so I will give the iphone the edge in the eleven department because that ship is notoriously obviously incredible But is there any other way that the iphone run circles around camera cameras. The biggest gap between the two. I think fresher. We've we've always known that with one. Plus the thing is we say one plus in okay camera okay is still really good in two thousand nineteen is still all that anybody most people really need so like if you're really getting down into the nitty gritty like four K.. Sixty F- ps video or maybe better portrait mode and stuff like that then. Yeah yeah the iphone might be better but the oneplus camera is not bad. It's just not as good as pixel I'd say today a day it's a d plus but here's what I'll give the two reasons that I'll disagree with Viper one is why I can't give MVP to iphone eleven o'clock and two is to address his other his other points or I can't give MVP to iphone eleven because of the display and there are I you know it's I'm going to be biased in just love pixels and love display his in. GotTa have a nice screen for me to enjoy using the phone. So I just couldn't give it to the iphone eleven for that reason big notch. Just not great all round display for me. LCD Eight hundred yes. There's not a lot going for that screen And number two. He said so. I think he said suspect battery. Life was his word choice on that. I don't have any problems with one. Plus seven pros battery life. It's a four thousand million empire battery and you'RE GONNA use a lot of power using a fourteen forty p ninety hurt panel but then also dash charging comes in and was a big part of why didn't and have any problems with the battery. So I'm not going to say that that's anything I would hold against one. Plus seven pro. And then he said Oh wireless charging yes Wireless charging is one of those things. That is a nice to have for me but not necessary and I think we went over this when we talk about our g phone where like certain phones could definitely benefit hit from it. Yeah especially with not great battery life if you top it up all the time. But I can't really similar to the headphone Jack. I can't really say it's necessary for me to call it. MVP So here's what's interesting to me. As his argument I think you'd be taken in swapped around his argument. Right now is that one plus still doesn't have wireless charging when it should have wireless Louis charging Because to him wireless charging something. That's very important to you. Hire fresh rates very important. Big iphone doesn't have higher refresh rate. Big Deal that it does have have wireless charging so like you can't say. Hey why don't you have wireless charging your you. Don't get to win when you say why. Don't you have a higher refresh rate. Yeah when you can mike. I'm sure I'm sure Viper is a big fan of charging and that's why he wants the MVP to have it and there are a bunch of great phones this year. That did have it. But here's what I'll say the iphone eleven and eleven pro. Oh they are the fastest smoothest sixty hertz phones so they're really right at the top one hundred twenty hertz refresh layer of touch that touch sensitivity. So you move your a hand across the screen and and move back and forth. It's responding at twice as fast as a typical sixty hertz. Display that's refreshing the touch layer at sixty hertz. So it's the smoothest sixty hertz. It's phone but there's just something about those ninety hurts and hundred twenty hertz phones that consistently feel smoother and faster and I would say the whole running circles around part is just negated. It just doesn't feel that way when you have a higher fresh rate. I think it's I mean yes but there's also other in terms of running circles because I just thought I'd pull up a A SPEC sheet now I know specs are and everything so just numbers here. Okay just pure specs here. We're going to kind of go back and forth. Let's see if any of these are which is better which is running circles okay etc etc.. Okay so eight thirteen biotic versus snapdragon. Fifty five okay. Both the highest end at the time. I'm but advantage apple. Yup Yeah Okay Storage. I'm pretty sure this base storage sixty four verses one twenty right so double the bay storage advantage one plus share ah camera. There's numbers here but I'm not gonna read them because we all know apple is much better. Are they both twelve. Megapixel is I think Both cameras on Apple or twelve. Mix picks mega the pixels. Then one plus goes forty eight sixteen. He Co right advantage apple with Cameron for sure I. I'd say that's the biggest place where it quote unquote run circles around. Yeah camera runs circles around B. Camera B. Plus Camera. If you WANNA say that sure but I yeah advantages wet. Call that Battery we we have thirty one. Ten million dollars four thousand million hours. But you've had more users. This is a classic like numbers. Don't matter as much stat. Just like mega pixels the iphone. Ah say the IPHONE. Eleven has better battery life than the one plus seven pro despite that having a bigger battery cell But you also get wireless charging on the iphone Yasser Dash charging fast charging in the box on the cheaper one. Plus so you know again no circles being run at this point but I would say advantage apple okay so so far. What four perspex in three of them are to apple so far Next we're going to display and I'm just gonNa Kinda lump the whole split again. Well yeah so it's a six point one inch LCD. Eight hundred P notched display with Basil's yet with vessels on side versus a six point six seven inch Nachos Nachos fourteen. Forty P amyloid ninety hurts. It's not close. That's running circles. That's running circles that is just on a whole `nother other level. Yeah advantage plus okay and then ram four gigs versus gigs. That's base about the same if you're talking about like equivalent on android phone. Yeah that's about the same close. The both phones were launching around seven hundred bucks so iphone lead and lodged at seven hundred sixty nine and one plus seven seven. Pro Launched at six sixty nine I think those phones are pretty much even as far as like experience in what you're getting for the money to which point it comes down to Iowa versus android. What is better for you no way I can answer that for? Everyone viewing this. But I don't think any one of those phones obviously a better by than the other until you consider her. What's valuable to you? Yeah I think both of these phones especially at that price range we're talking about value for. MVP are both super valuable super worth fit phones to buy in two thousand nineteen but to say that you can't see why the other phone is worthy of that is just insane. Yeah listen okay. I'm I'm going to just break it. Down to the simplest reason why one plus seven pro was phone of the year software experience some tug an oxygen Os and you're also just sorry. Swung plus seven pros. My phone is for me. Value Things like camera display display performance and software and. This phone was great at all. These things had a pretty good camera. It had great software experience. Oxygen O s I think alongside Oxide Pixel is about the best android gets but then you also have ninety hurts and you have the optimization one plus putting their it's the fastest snappiest feeling phone and so having that for for the money right off. The Bat is awesome. Thank you have a pretty great battery life. You have dash charging and then you have on top of all that the low price I don't see any phone being better better for me for that and it's my award shows. I'm blind so yeah there's going to be other people who would have different. MVP's but that's where. I'm kind of interested. I would be shocked if nobody I thought like iphone eleven pro Max should have been MVP because it's just the best phone. I think there are people that think that actually viper thinks that as well I think there are people who think that and I think it's a great argument. I think he just wanted to bring it down into the the value aspect of it and compare something closer. I think he's him and some other people I've I've seen Have said that they don't think though one plus seven pro is even in top five phones of the year and they think that's tough. I don't WANNA put too many words in their mouth but I'm pretty sure from one of the videos. I read or watched said it was an easy choice to not even put that in top five of the year okay for my MBA fans. I'm going to assign candidates to current NBA players. How about that so and understand any of this okay? That's all expanded a little bit. Okay cool okay. So the iphone phone eleven pros Lebron James Right. He's the best player in the world. He has been the best player in the world for years. He had a little bit of a decline climb last year. And that's when everyone swooped in and decided to make arguments that he's not the best player on the world already but he's the player of the decade the iphones a player of the decade. It's it's easy to make an argument that Lebron be just like it's easy to make an argument that the iphone eleven is the best phone so I accept that. Okay then I'll go to something like The galaxy fold. And I'M GONNA go. This is hilarious. I'M GONNA go. James Harden is a Samsung Galaxy. Fold he's kind of break in the game right now no pun intended. Where like? He's he's historically great at a couple of things which are getting to the free throw line and making an shooting a lot of three pointers and doesn't really worry about the the other things and to me this galaxy fold being like the first phone. That's okay you know what. We're folding it. In half this is a new concept. New Idea we'll see if it works and the fact that it's off the ground and working is amazing James Harden you can make an argument right. Now's MVP leaves the NBA in scoring by a mile and then chokes when it gets released or it's hostility exactly actually off which is releasing the phone and it's a little a little bit different a little shaky but that's that's another one then we'll go galaxy note. Ten plus is Jaanus Yaeko this dude. Six ten absolute freak massive great use of space this guy. It's getting to the bucket no matter what he doesn't really have a jump shot. Meaning he's not playing as well as smaller players in certain areas. But if you just want the best big possible we'll just get like gay hones- man just get just get an rg phone or a note. And that's the honest of her Those that's a legit argument to and then I'll go one more which is going to be I think I can weirdly assign the ro g phone to to look dont`a dry now because he's young and the RG phone to the second phone ever remade and are Kinda young and McKenna new to it. But they lit up on the SPEC sheet. And if you look at Luca across the numbers deeds averaging thirty points nine rebounds nine assists. He's he's leading a team into the playoff picture. That shouldn't be there. Suddenly a sous got three awards this year yeah so AC Sergey phone too. That's Luca you can make a real argument. He's the MVP right now. And I couldn't really strongly disagree like yeah. Lebron run circles around Luca like well. They're both incredible. Like there's no real obvious choice for MVP VP. Which is why it's just GONNA come down to my own values and what I like a player and who I like watching so I'll say one plus seven pick a player now for the one plus seven in pro? So you're looking at more like a speedster. You're looking at more like a steph curry type when he was like the two thousand fifteen two thousand sixteen unanimous MVP version. Where like again? He's just faster faster than you. He's going to beat you in a certain couple of ways. And maybe he's not the strongest in. Maybe he's not a posting people ranting like that but he's got a couple of things he does really really well in his clearly valuable for his team in which a gift for the money because he's being underpaid is definitely worth it so there's my argument there's my MVP collaboration. I don't even know what to call that but that that's what I'll say is my justification. There are several. MVP's that are legit awesome players But I'm gone picking my Steph Curry twenty two thousand sixteen. I think we we definitely totally understand that. There are other people think there's a smartphone of the year out there but it shouldn't be see that big of a surprise that that was your pick and it's totally worthy of being in that conversation which some people apparently don't think it is but anyways let's go we have one other person on twitter who said something about MVP actually two more marcus. Happy New Year. Thanks for giving us this chance. Chance or just think the form which doesn't have the best camera or is not among Top two three of this category should not be the MVP the off the year And that's it cheers mate plain and simple. I like it. You gotTa have top camera to be a top and the P. candidate and that is a great point and I think a lot of people would agree That is sort of similar to the argument. Like you can't give you honesty. MVP If he can't shoot I would argue. You've gotTa have higher freight to be an MVP and that's just my a again bias as a word Elliott us. But that's just what I value in a phone I think the one plus seven pro camera was pretty good. It and I think a lot of people just like I said it's the worst part about the phone in my video which may be like. It's it's really not that bad So yeah that that would be my counter. Argument is hey you can win. MVP without a jump shot you can win best most able phone of the year if you have higher fresh rate necessarily have to have the best camera. Yes so you're looking at the things that you value which is also pretty crazy to me. I and I think people watching is knowing you're such a a camera person and a Pixel paper and all that they're assuming you're gonNA pick one of the best game but I think that just speaks more word to how great the user experiences on seven because you are someone who wants to have the best. I've watched multiple times switch between like try the Pixel for again because Zaza Great Camera and then I just a couple days later. Watch you swap your sins. Yup so you have to pick kind of what is going to feel the best to you and if that part that's lacking as long as it's not lacking enough that it ruins the rest of the experience right it's fine. AH YOU'RE YOU'RE GONNA make your sacrifice for the one seven pro the sacrifices the camera but it's not that big of a sacrifice. Yeah Yeah if you could put the the absolute greatest. Data's camera you could if you redid the red hydrogen and it had the greatest camera. Any smartphone had ever seen incredible photos and videos but it had like a thirty hertz display play and like it was like the trash thrust user experience. I don't I couldn't use it as my daily phone like I'd really not be able to keep using the rest of the phone all the time. How often are you taking pictures? Here's versus how often are you looking at pictures scrolling through INSTAGRAM's emailing and calling texting all this other stuff. You doing a phone. So that's where I'm at all right so we have one other a person who has a different suggestion for VR at least an honorable mention and we kind of talked about this phone before. So let's give him a shot and will respond on is in in. No small fan awards is that. Why wasn't the Galaxy S. ten plus conceded the window even an honorable mention for? Mvp of this year comparing with the one plus seven pro. Both these phones now are reduced in the price but the SM plus has more features. It still kept the headphone Jack. It still has expandable storage via monitor. St And it has the capability of having fast wide charging and reverse. Why is charging? So I'm interested in your views and points and yeah I regret Smith's hundred percent. Merry Christmas I'm with you on Galaxy S. ten plus snub of the year and like pretty much. All the categories sat there on. My Desk didn't win anything but I think it was a bit overshadowed by the note like because of how similar they are yeah So He's right. So this phone own has wireless charging reverse while charging. If you're into that has I would say slightly better cameras than the one plus but it also launched at nine hundred dollars eight fifty nine hundred bucks. It is tough to say both have been reduced in price because we don't like to take that into consideration but right but it is true. If you're going to like literally pick which one to buy you. Should you consider that But but again I think you've Samsung's phones here had high refresh rate. We will be having a totally different picture. As far as I forgot. I forgot to ask that question just going back into like phone phone of the year or MVP. Whatever if the iphone eleven pro or the iphone eleven or the note ten had nine hundred ninety hers? Yeah yeah no absolutely I love I love the I would be using. Probably the no ten right now behind you hurt like one plus seven pro instantly gone if one of those has higher notion. Sure I don't know about instantly gone booker at such a big factor for me so like you look at so. That phone was the note. Ten plus was eleven hundred bucks so at that point. I'm looking like you gotTA have higher fresh rate for me to even think about it at that price If you go down all the way to Galaxy S. ten and you have high refreshing all those other things and it's eight hundred bucks and I I think that's a phony definitely considered for phone of the year And you know I did give an honorable mention to the iphone. Eleven pro without higher fresh rate I gave galaxy fold for the design an honorable mention but I I think that's really the theme of this entire hour and a half. Is I really like high refresh rate at the expense of some other things because that overall experience gets that much better when you refresh rate is fifty percent higher and even double with under twenty hurts. So yeah I would say Galaxy Alexander and plus number of the year. But I'm crossing my fingers for higher frustrate stuff from Samsung. Because they made they made the panels that would be awesome and I mean Samsung screens have always just looked the best. The best. They're last place. Yeah so there we have it. So what have we learned if we wrap the whole thing up. You know. I'll I will say this. Everyone's got different values. I've probably said the exact thing before but every podcast probably already today. Everyone has different values about what they actually really like a smartphone. So for my award show. I gave my winners based on what I valued. We had some design stuff. Best Geico best smart-t smartphone. All that stuff. I think If you listen to this had your own personal smartphone awards you could make a very legitimate argument for seven totally different phones. You can have a different bust of the year. You could have a different dig phone different small phone and you'd be totally right and that's the beauty of it is. Everyone can have their own set of values a US and lineup things on a chart based on those values and I'm just glad everyone got to participate a little bit and talk it out. Yeah it's been a good. Yeah a lot of fun so hopefully we get to do is again next year. 'cause the blind smartphone camera tests gets that much more interesting every year and the smartphone. Awards gets damage more hype every for years so I am fully ready for twenty twenty to be the year of the high refresh rate iphone the most improved. Pixel the the all these other big small phones all getting better and maybe some more phones fold in how looking forward to a couple of gaming phones coming out and maybe making more of a a stay in the smartphone market. I would love to see a razor three from improvements. They did from one to two and I'd love to CR g phone three Both of those coming out and they're like we said in both of the reviews proving that specs from gaming phones are what a lot of just enthusiasts want even. If they don't WanNa game on it and I think if they can take take that next step into being just a little more mainstream with the specs they're offering we could have some really really cool phones. Yeah I'm excited. We should just rebrand those media phones anyway. Well that's about it. Hey thanks for listening. Thank you for tuning in on twitter. We'll catch you guys in twenty twenty with the next episode of way form. There's of course a a couple of videos left on the channel for the rest of the check out to but this is Ben Marquess and this has been Andrew. Thanks for listening. Yeah Happy New Year. Everyone way from podcast is brought to you by studio seventy one and the intro music is brought to you by Cameron Barlow guys. I'll make this quick. Yes you can get back to your murder podcast or whatever you're listening to. I'm drama from group. Chat the number one podcast in the world we make cool people smarter and Smart People Cooler Seriously. Our topics ranged from Kim Kardashian to Jeff Bezos to Donald Trump. And everything in between if you want to be entertained and educated check check us out right now in the podcast APP just search group chat by the way the ex boyfriend isn't the killer. It's her best friend who is sorry for ruining that but now that you have a little bit more time give a listen.

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Amazing Race 32 | The TARpit Week 4 | Scott Flanary

Rob Has a Podcast

1:50:05 hr | 11 months ago

Amazing Race 32 | The TARpit Week 4 | Scott Flanary

"Everybody what's going on. Rob cicirino back here for another week of the tar pit here as we catch up with everything. We missed on our amazing race. Recap for season two episode number four. And we've got a great panel and a great guest to talk about the fourth week of this leg of the amazing race. Of course our chief amazing race correspondent is here with us. Jessica just how are you. I'm great rod. it was. It's going to be a lot of fun to talk about the episode of the amazing race that we watched six years ago and a lot has happened since then. I've got to keep my memory fresh. Because i feel like everything. Got a lot better for some reason. The only film two years ago. Yeah oh that's true. Well time is a flat circa. Yes so amazing so good to have you back here with us. Adjusts of course back with us. A man that we Did our star wars brand steel with the other day since our last amazing race recap give it up for mike blue. Yeah as opposed to country hopping. We went planet hopping with a very fun. Podcast with the you and me and josh waiter. I highly encourage people to check that out. It might be one of our better ones but disagreed with just a little bit. I don't think time is a flat circle. I believe time is a spherical object that you've stack three hundred and eighty five of which in a pyramid that occasionally. I'm down watermelon pyramid. Yes okay. I actually just got added on twitter. Giving the exact timing. Thank you because had my husband. My husband did the math for me and he knew the equation off the top of his head. And i'm like who are you. What was the number three hundred and eighty five. Three hundred eighty five watermelons. It takes for a watermelon. Pyramid almost a watermelon a day. Okay all right and then we are very lucky here today to have with us one of the winners of the amazing race. Twenty nine back with us. Scott flannery scott. How are you. Hey so good to be here. This is my favorite podcasts. I'll tell anyone okay all well scott. Your secret is safe with us. Well i'm just glad that none of those watermelon to anyone in the face this season. Yes very fortunate. Scott how are you doing. I've been really good. You know just like everyone else trying to get through everything that's happening in the world but just watching. The amazing race is like sitting in a comfy chair in a library. Just finally back to a little bit warm so super Talk about the race. Today i'm always curious about this. Because i asked this a couple of weeks ago when when he was on as well. When you're a former contestant especially one who did as well as yourself and their seasons that obviously come after you like. Are you keen to sit down and watch it. And did you take a hiatus from the amazing race after you won year season. I'm extremely jealous. Every time i watch a episode of the amazing race. But i always think about the behind the scenes fund. Stop like they have camera crew. Did they have this episode. Or you know what. What taxi shenanigans did they have that we didn't get to see as viewers so i see it at knowing what's behind the curtain said it's a little bit more interesting i would say but i'm never going to give it up. I love the show too much. Scott a follow up on. Mike's question when My cousin just got to talk with corey. He talked about race nightmares. That would happen as a winner of the amazing race. Do you have race nightmares and flashbacks when you watch the episodes because all four or because somebody who won it all worked out. Yeah oh gosh. i'm so glad. I'm a winner and i can say yes everything the way it should but there were definitely many many times. We are at risk of elimination. So i do have nightmares about. If one thing went wrong there were at least three times. I was about to get the boot. So when when i'm watching. These mostly edited but these last two teams running for the finish line. Every episode Raphael you. I was there many times. There's also dealt with very haunting. In circumstances like delivering fireworks to trolls. And i can imagine humor nights upon nights. Yes over and over again. The beautiful at trolls with those long noses orange makeup. I think it was stars of the nightmare. Yeah everything comes full circle. Okay all right so scott great to have you back here with us to talk about amazing race season thirty two. Have you had any thoughts on the season. So far you enjoying this season. Yeah you know. I always like to think of things Maybe a little bit differently than casual viewer widened. Cbs hold this for two years. Until i thought it might not be a good season. But i'm so glad that i'm wrong. Because i think is a good season terms of the cast. The cast is largely very entertaining even couples. I wouldn't normally find attractive in a sense of contestants on amazing race. I'm really really taken by. How emotionally invested. I am in so many of them. But i will say my one thing that i have to pick a pick on the amazing race. Is there really recycling challenges and a format that they know works for them the season it's almost as if the the route was thrown together and they just pulled in grabbed from that they know worked from other seasons to to throw it on a map. Greatest no. I can't say it's the greatest. What the team dynamic. And that's the main reason i watched so i'm on work. It's not exactly the new stuff and it's not exactly the old hits it's more so like here's the beside from our second album of we're bringing this back down. The watermelons one hundred percent agree with that. Okay all right. Just where do you wanna start this week on. The tar pits questions from the listeners. Yeah i think we're going to start with some listener feedback because we've got some really fun questions. We put it to our patrons on facebook and we also put a twitter and we have many really interesting things. I wanna start off with something a little bit more lighthearted and since we're already talking about amazing race in history i'm going to go to the great rl glassman who says de ngelo mentioned that building. Ikea furniture was his thing. In fact the thing. He is most famous for in season six. They went to the flagship store in stockholm sweden. And how to build a challenge. He would have either nailed it or it could have been his five whole based on what. The teams told us are their strengths. What do we think. Five whole tasks would be for each of the other teams. Okay okay. are you familiar with our concept of the five hole. I'm not explained to me real quick. This is an amazing race canada reference. So internationals yeah but the concept that applies to all the amazing race. The origin of the five hole is in season. Two amazing race canada. There was a team of olympic gold medalist hockey players and they were in winnipeg and they had a hockey challenge. Which is the most canadian thing ever. And they said okay. We're gonna do this half of the hockey detour because obviously we are hockey players. That's our thing and day score. Different types of goals and the last one was the hardest shot to make which was the five hole and one of the olympic gold medalist hockey players sat there for i think two hours trying to get the puck in the five hole and so a five hole is dan. It is a challenge that directly correlates to something that you do for a living or are famous for that you then completely screw up. That is an amazing reference. I now that i understand. I feel like the amazing race. Editors will always showed five all of every team sarah. They're just praying for five whole every season rivalry. I mean we saw sort of the whole five with willing james right like something that you add track not that learn but like you practice adamantly beforehand and it pays off. They're wanting to show that but when it's quite the opposite they will double down on that so to get into the question for some reason. The first thing i thought of was actually what was talked about last week with each foreign aparna. Because they're like we're engineers. We should be good at building. This hot only to realize that it wasn't the case. Yeah maybe they should get. They should get a task in which they do. Computer engineering somehow. I don't know how amazing race would go to put in a computer engineering tasks until one of their racist but you know go for it for each warrant aparna though the you know all of these tasks involve putting something together and i feel like that they have a confessional for the line well as engineers we're used to putting things together so this should be very straightforward for us. Who is speeding them that line. I mean i know when you go through casting you kind of know what you're saying is but software engineers regmi. I'm wrong. I work at a tech company. Now they sit behind a computer. They don't put things together. So why is this team saying. We'll ask upper engineers. We know how to do. Literally everything with our hands mall statement. Do you think a producer is like well. It says here your engineers engineers built stuff. So yeah i can imagine out. They're all right next next week. You're going to be driving a train. You know what to say. You're the engineers here on your behalf. Let's go to work choo choo. If there is a task that could be the most eastern aparna focus. I'm reminded of. There was a task in the finale of season. Sixteen where they did like the virtual walk through guys remember that they had to like walk through a green screen room. That feels like probably the most important in silicon alley. But that's a very small out. I mean could we give them the flight simulator in another valley. yeah yeah. I've had that also last season did they have to do. The virtual reality scaling story want to remember that but knowing he's wanting apartment it'd be like oh no. We're gonna debug this anything like kobayashi. Meru roadblock yeah yeah. I've got a good five whole. I think i wanna see willing james five wholesome amazing race trivia memory task. But it's not about the season it's about seasons from amazing race past right right. They have to and we've been going back to the greatest hint so it's something we could certainly see. What would be your whole task. Oh my gosh well. I kind of just grand at at justice comment because i get a lot of will and james comparisons not because we're all day but because i mean i was the strategic mastermind of my sees so there definitely being shown is that there's but i feel like i was the amazing race historian of my season as well so i don't know if now i'm a stereotype they go. They'll be scott of the season. Flattering so i think i think mine would be Amazing race history. Although i got a lot of flack when i didn't recognize immediately earnings. Cindy i did. I just wondering if they're the same because neither of them said oh. This is a switchback until they were prompted to talk about the bottles so that would be that would be an interesting five hole. Then it's like who. Is this just to go back to the willan. James practicing for the task so i was watching the episode again. Scott scott is waving at. are you calling. Are you feeling like did shenanigans on on this. There are shenanigans nanny again. I'm like first of all if this is a winners at it. I don't know what is. Why are you showing us footage. That's not even from the rates. Okay number one number two. Who took this footage shots. Okay the now. I either want. There's too. I came up with two today because i knew i was gonna talk to you number one. They took it themselves when they literally were superfan. And they like green teamed it and said you know what we're just in case wherever on it. We're gonna all this footage. Show the producers for audition video. So that's one. But i think number two producers were like we need like some big role. So let's we already know. They did the challenges. Just ask him. Until i film it. They just conveniently have episode on their tv as well happening. Because i especially was like focused in on that because we talked about like owning. They probably had the camera on a tripod filming them and they were going to be watch. Their formed act no no tripod with their own. My baby yeah tracking shot. I mean they also not in purple clothes. Just real talk So that means it was filmed after getting. I don't know how it definitely crew in. Come into your home while we're standing up those shots of you for the for the intro. We'll just also do some where you talked about. You talked about doing this so we want you to do it again. Also weird thing is because we'll get into the secret scenes later. There's a secret scene. Where leona lana also practice this challenge and this is really a sign of history being written by the winners right that we saw footage of james in a will being so successful ad leo and alana's badly ended up in third but it's interesting that they had also practice beforehand and it was mentioned on the show scott as an amazing race historian. Did you practice any specific amazing race tasks before you went on the show because i know survivor's like oh i'll practice making fire and things like that but are there so many common amazing rates tasks that you would have the presence to practice any of them no. I didn't practice anything. The only thing i practice with running with. Wait on me. Because i have a bag but i just knew because it's so cyclical the types of challenges putting things together dancing sometimes weights. I mean it's you don't know what's gonna come your way so why. Try to like shoot the candidate and actually pick the task. I'm gonna get. I just felt confident in in the preparation must've been different though because other people including william james like okay. Let's practice this together during this unique situation where you were doing it by yourself. Because you know we'd be partnered up thank you. Yeah that's also true. I had no idea at all. It was going to add anyone on my team colors. I knew nothing so different. I'm just intrigued to while so now we know two teams practice task. Why does one hundreds of challenges. How do they all pick bottle on head because this great british bake off scenario where they gave them a brief beforehand. Yeah i don't i don't know off. I mean james this is explained it another secrecy and they just happened to be watching season twenty because they are big brench fans. We need rachel riley on our tv at all times because she is a hot mess. So i guess maybe they just happen to like go back to maybe some other favorites seasons of more an. I'm not sure the lot of stuff because something tells me. I don't know i i don't take leona as french all types of people. Maybe that's just supposition on my part. I mean were green. Did we talk last time. That rachel and i went to high school together. And we're friends on. What's so there you go to the same high school or you were in the same graduating class. Rachel reilly no. I'm slightly older than her. Northwest of arras high school in concord north carolina. Which is a larry. Because it's in her wikipedia so you can cross reference that yeah yeah we were. We were friends not like super close friends by knew exactly who she was and she remembered me when i met her at a big brother finale before i was on the race and then it's just hilarious that we were in the same circles and she was not at the same personality back then. I'll just say that remember. Yes man wallflower in your yeah. Yeah it was. And i don't mean that in a negative way she's just not as loud and and vocal. I like both ways. I very much like my tv too. So i get it yes did elissa also go to that same high school. I'm guessing she must have. I didn't know her she was way younger than me I think when. I was a senior. I think rachel as a sophomore so okay just to circle back on the five whole stuff would be great to see Riley and madison fail in some sort of beach volleyball game or more like no. Greta was a deep breath. I remember actually season twenty or there was something where they did like the beard grooming right. I think i think that would be like very much a five whole thing of course with michelle. It's gotta be like talking to a celebrity having talking points already five. Hold that Gary indiana low. I feel like they were a somewhat five. Holing it on. They seem to have of some issues with catching the watermelons back and forth. It seemed like that that seem very sort of akin to the football They had some trouble. I knew that was being. That was definitely being teed up right when they said oh and we taught the or one of them said. I don't catch running backs. He's more so used to like having watermelon handed to him and then he just runs with the watermelon as opposed to gary. Who's definitely more about running routes and then receiving watermelons This is why i need you. Mike positions so we have my yet. That's my guy hung and she. I think we haven't discussed it. I mean i feel like anything. Parental children Yeah we're gonna cast watch this child or could be. It could be like that school project of like. Here's your baby. Thank you have to read the don't jocelyn and like whoever has the best response from the baby gets an extra one hundred thousand dollars and don't forget she also eight five pounds of peace in sixty minutes his five whole dr tarik and forgot about that because now we talked on the weekend. About how mild-mannered. She is like. it makes sense. He has the mind of a joey chestnut slash eater x so then. This is the type of guy that would eat five pounds of pizza. Nop lincoln i do. You think you would eat all that meat from rob season or do you think. Wait it out. I think he'd eat the meat. I think that. I think didn't they scramble an ostrich egg one time. I think that and they hungarian soup in my number one favorite episode of all time species. The question is then so if there is a an eating task and see she'd do it. Are we going to get footage that they filmed after the fact of just scrambling down demands. More footage. I can't stand by with this. What does jerry springer like inserted dome archive moments Yeah all right. More found footage a requested for future seasons of the amazing race. I'm loving it okay. i'm going to go with. Oh here's a game design question and you know how i love to be a geek about game design for rich we have. Do you think there would be value and putting yield pretty much at the beginning of the leg. There could be two options. You could put an airport. So there's a foot race to the yield and if he hadn't gotten a tax yet yielded you have to wait or place. It at the end of the taxi riding teams have to wait. Before starting the first challenge it would basically mean the yield becomes the equivalent of the headstarts. The contestants get in the big sweep on supermarket sweep common reference. Yes scott what is your opinion of The yield being back first before we explore the yield placement alma. The yield is back. I went oh god even i forgot what that was. How a certain amount of time that how it worked. I mean good on them for injecting something that we haven't seen in over twelve seasons i believe and perhaps it will actually play. I don't know the one thing i actually noticed. I don't know if you all discuss. This is the u-turn is back where it normally is during the art as it was before the challenge. Now it's after the first door where it normally sits so. If i can answer directly i think what would be really funny is if the yield was right before the matt so you could yield someone as they're running to fill and that would be very dramatic and it would bring us back to that moment when they had the head head to head challenges right for them anyway so that would be as viewer. I would like to see is a player. I would hate it so much Let's very similar not to bring it back to amazing race canada yet again but whenever they have to take a penalty and sit out the penalty at the mat and they're sitting there waiting for other teams to show up and hoping that they run out there penalty before the teams get their. No if it was right before the would fill have to stop them and be like hold on. You can't come close yet. go over there. Stand there for ten minutes and then you come see me. Anything that involves more fill is almost like it's almost like undergoing a decontamination contamination. Or like a depressurization when you go into submarine or something like sit out the mandatory waiting period and that you can come see me right. I don't know if the casual viewer would love that. Though because a lot of people already hate the u-turn they're like just let people run their race. They forget it's a game. But i think it'd be really funny again. Put it right in front of the mat and then talk about some injected drama hundred percent all the time Yeah i mean there's no way to sort of overcome it if it was there but it would be great to watch people just like meltdowns cancer. You can't put anything at the airport did whether you're the raisin person. Yeah you're right. Mike because they really a big thing at the airport is hey. If you see something unattended tell somebody if you see somebody put down and object and walk away from it. Do alert a security immediately. So amazing race can't put a yield yield sign in and walk away. Well if i can't believe. I'm doing the skin but there was an international edition of race that did have a task in the airport. Where you had to find your clue and it would knock time off of the next task that you had to do. I think they were in south africa. Namibia and i wanna say might have been amazing race norway and like the three deep nerds who are deeper into this than i am. We'll get on twitter and correct me immediately. But there was something like that where they landed in the airport and then had to find a task in the actual airport still. I would love it. I think i think maybe a international relations aspect of that would really i don't think of. Us amazing race has that much goodwill anymore. I don't know if they would be allowed to do that. But it worked for norway. I think that's so interesting. Because all i have this image of is like in. You know the klu box set up like in that loading unloading zone and just like tsa agent just like kicking it over. Somebody's stealing running the labor bit by game design. I don't know if the fans know this but the final episode. We don't know where we're going. We know we're going to the final location of chicago in my instance. But you have to find a woman in a red hat get your actual of the leg. Which is the only time that happens all previous legs. You know where you're going in the country when you land so if they ever showed the woman in the red hat which is always a thing so it'd be interesting if they made data's around yeah exactly she's like walking around in baggage claim don't know where she is. The clue a person. I think that makes it a lot. A bit of a better idea like someone dressed in red and yellow. Just sorta like walking around as the human clear and then they have to tell you where to go now. He's picked picturing them wearing like. I like apollon show. That's made out of a giant amazing race flag. We're like a like a trench coat and they pull it open like i got some clues here. Grandpa could from me. That would not look awkward at all getting back to the tsa issue crewman man has been detained. We abort clue man. He's under arrest right now. Oh my god amazing all right. Oh can action. That's my request. The engine. remember that one. That's the one might not remember. That is where teams are forced to work with another team for whatever it sometimes it might be the rest of the legs sometimes. It might be a detour or a roadblock but yeah it's led to some drama lead to some eliminations of teams in the past because they had to basically wait for the next team to come but it's essentially another version of that partner swap. They did back in the season. After your scott where it's like. Hey let's have teams now. Mix and match work together. Which given the drama that is inherent with this season. I wouldn't be mad at intersection. Actually especially if it's a will in james leona alana intersection Exactly i think a partner swap was was weak and berry not defined for amazing race. Because there's absolutely no way anyone would have been eliminated that episode that it doesn't make logical sense. You cannot eliminate unmixed team so it was almost like. Why are we doing this at least the intersection. There's there's some strategy involved there's drama involved in there is actual risk involved. Yeah it's interesting though. I think the intersection is kind of one of those prime examples of a good idea for a twist in the amazing race that they that they deployed so time that it was just that it just kind of ruined the concept About that also comes down to timing again that lasts the duration two legs. Sometimes it was like. Oh just for the roadblock teams are intersected. So i think it really much like rich talked about with the yield terrorist. Like when you use it and how long you use that. I'm glad i got that. They're like. I'm not necessarily mad at the being brought back because it's been a nothing burger so far but i'm glad there at least experimenting with like let's not create a new road hazard based tasks to do for this season. We can go back to the well. And maybe tweaks and stuff that existed beforehand if need be. We're running out of signs. I've still salty at the intersection for being one of the terrible twists in that leg. That eliminated team guido. Yeah that was tough but scott. It's interesting i just thought of something. You could do a partner swap in your season. Whatever team got mixed up one hundred percent we were on pins and needles because we thought they were going to partner twist because literally did not know who we would have picked. Start line So i we were just all of us were super stressed out. And that's why they came fourth in the season after us. We were like we'll text each other on the group. You inspired it. You know it's like oh good idea. We should do it next time. maybe i i. I am still promoting season. Twenty nine part two. I really think they should go for strangers again. I thought that was really great Yeah it was a really fun concept and it actually worked. I tended and i sometimes i try not to say the comments like about two because it was my season but i feel like it was one of the best seasons of all time. Because there's so much goodness that came from the unexpected pairs whether it's good bad or indifferent. There's a lot of strategy. A lot of great game play a lot of great cities that were chosen by the producers. So a lot of good. And i felt like the dynamic of the partnerships with so much stronger because casting had to pick twenty two really strong personalities rather than i think it was set on this. There might be one person in the couple. That's pretty strong. The other one's kind of their we ended up to be a couple. Yeah think this show is has done better in recent seasons and making sure that both members of the pair are dynamic. But i think it's essentially it's all alpha's there's no real beta and that but that's just leads to more natural drama right. That's the whole liz. And michael stuff that exists different news or even like a and floyd her both alpha's but get along in their own way. It was a really cool thing. And i read you. I'm surprised i mean that being said Looks like we already an extended hiatus for amazing race. Abebe it'll give them enough time to circle back to the idea of eventually. Maybe that'll be the restarted season. Three three or maybe even season thirty four might be strangers to I wouldn't mind seeing it again. But i think it really was a really really got some lightning in a bottle with your casts scott. I feel like they would have to be that good again and casting great on amazing race but it could go very very badly to could. I won't say anymore. I agree with you. Could you said enough already okay. So i've got another question here. So i can zala had a great question. If you could have the teams build something out of trash task. what would it be. I think a life size statue. Phil would be pretty funny okay. Let's explore this a little bit so there's a pile of trash and we want the teams to build something and they're going to build a fill sculpture. Yeah i well. That's that's gonzales idea. But we could spit ball some other things. I like that if only if they have to lug the statute for the rest of it and then like fills reaction to the statue. Neptune yes why. Don't we save that task for tough as nails. I feel like that. That's a little bit more on brand of construct fill statue from the trash heap. Feel like me feel is going to be in a different head space for that too. Yeah roofer lee is already you. He loves hanging out at the junkyard. You'll find that breakdown a car and then used the bill statue of phil at rodney yourself. Yeah well i'm glad at least in this trash challenge. Which is a recycled challenge. No pun intended from season twenty nine when we built jim materials in brazil. And at least this time we saw the actual item being used which gave me all the fields because those kids were q. But at least even if they're going to recycle the challenge at least. It's localized in so we see that. The gyms in brazil now the instruments really are something that the populace our discipline. I think anything we suggest for this answer. It just wherever we are in the world. What do they actually upcycle things for. Maybe that's too much not an entertaining answer. But that's what would fit in the in the world of amazing race. I think that's i think that's perfectly valid. I think the danger is when you start recycling tasks that have no actual connection to the area that they're in which has happened before and did annoy me a great deal. Well what i would suggest is maybe not like building something about making an outfit out of trench that you have to wear for the rest of the lake much like we saw the teams and the clown costumes. A couple of episodes ago That on project runway fat guy. That could be. Somebody's five whole you know that that could be that was probably like london's five whole from your seasons scott. Oh yeah and being able to make passable to adjudge mike villages. This might be be better for like a speed bump like Should kaelin and haley speed bumpy. Okay here's a pile of trash now make garment of clothing and you have to wear it for the rest of the of the or the race really denigrating right to came in last in the last lakes we were really see my trash card. You know what they really should have gotten rid of likes through march for elimination. Screw begging for money like all right. You have to wear these for the next leg an exchange for coming in last place. Shame shame. the big dog cones the entire time. Oh my god. Wow i'm just forget i really love the philanthropic angle that the racist taken in seasons with even a market challenge this season. We're going to actually cook for you. And you get a meal for hosting our the villagers for hosting us as an american tv show. I'm pretty sure they didn't use the the roof that some of them made with bronze. I'm pretty sure that was stage. But i i like this idea that we're getting back to okay. We're kind of disrupting these people's lives. Having these americans run through. Let's at least give back. I like that Yeah i definitely do as well. I think they've over the years. They've gotten a lot better at thinking about the impact they have on the areas. They're going to especially when they stopped doing the thing. Where if you came in lasted non elimination leg. You had to go big people in developing country for money so you could get out of their look not a great book. No that was like the trash shirt of amazing amount where he'd done at the same time or like an. I'm one stupid shirt. No i do like the idea of branding. Someone at the scarlet letter if they came in last brilliant. Like you have to wear a little too big brother like you have to wear the giant shiny star costumer whatever We maybe we can consolidate our options here at Begging for money still leg monday. We're taking your possessions. Only have clothes on your back. I thought that was great. Twist that is terrifying. Imagine actually racing around the world and you literally get everything taken from you that puts you in a whole different heads. I mean that's essentially. What hugging cheer doing this seasick considering how lightly they packed only on their backs they get their stuff taken away and they're like yeah whatever. It wasn't that much stuff. Like good luck with our two three toothpicks. that are still left in. That are way more. Streamline yeah we can move faster thanks Murray right so let's do one more question here and then we can move onto our secret scenes but nick fishman said what would be another super difficult double switchback from mazing race history and i think scott with you here is the resident historian of your season. You've gotta have some good ideas here. Oh gosh tossing know russia. I now i know here. I am thinking about the switchback that we had that. We're not called which backs in our season. Pretend you don't notice that they've been there before. I don't know some of these challenges are super classic and i go back to the shrimp bicycles. Which i know is in my season but we had them with flo and zach as well and season two or three and i love something that will make contestants breakdown. I'm gonna continue thinking. Do any of you wanna you wanna offer up. I'm like i feel like one could be. I mean you go to the caviar. Like i feel like amazing race. Five was a season where they had people things in a large variety. We don't really get like a large quantity anymore. And so maybe it's time yes exactly. It's a maybe it's time to sort of go back. That one that i always remember is actually from amazing race. Eighteen zevon justin did where they had to eat a bunch of fondue while going around in a ferris wheel and if they didn't finish came back they had to do it again. You're completing challenges. Mike but yes the one where they had to eat a bunch of food. That was that was. Because i've been the ferris wheel and they had to eat like a whole meal while they were on it and then the fondue one was later on. I think anything about within like a certain time. I like that do. That's always a favorite. I would say. I was thinking about the the detour from season. Fifteen that eliminated the poker players. The gulf right. Yeah they had the gulf and then they had the one where you had to like win. The strong man thing at the carnival and they couldn't do either one of them. That's the ear just really signing everyone up for a terrible episode turns eighty line now at the point. Yes yes and but what. We did a whole season of all the challenges that someone had issue with. No yeah i mean literally you could. You could go around the world doing just those well. I think what you could do then is if they go to the caribbean. Do a detour of those to san based roadblocks that like three teams quits minus twenty the sandcastle. The other one was like. I think like finding a treasure chest of the dark jungle. Is that the tmz girls when they got out in the first episode. I think it was the miami realtors. I think like at the three way sprint. Yeah yeah got my. The teams e. people like they did the slides laws mole in brazil. I think you're right. And i'm thinking each. I think it's pretty much. The new recipes were a lake when you go to the beach and that it just gets harder from there a particular reason why you think they would like to do like one at a beach. Is they start the race at night and then sets up for like a day of filming for the second day of the race. It's honestly it's simple geography like view. We can start him off easy with something that is you know we could get a. We can get a good deal on flights there because flights going there all the time. And there's a lot of countries you can take off a lot of new countries very easily because it's all right. You know a lot of tiny islands. Those are my guesses. But i think there's also a survivor nominee onto. It showed beautiful people in their underwear. Honestly i limitation twist. But come back if they're really looking for ratings at a certain point. Didn't they do that. one time. The in one of the early seasons they showed up on the mat looking very very ridiculous because it was ineffective. Brian gregg like run. A bunch of clothes being like well if it's a non elimination leg. Then that means we get clothes on our backs. They tried to like find a loophole of well. If we're wearing three pairs of clothes get to wear that. No matter what i thought you meant because i know another task maybe to bring back was wasn't there's something in russia when they had to go for a run in their underwear in the middle of the cold. Yes because i believe phil also participated in that one he did. It was only fair. Yeah exactly talk to talk. You gotta walk the walk. I a lot of commentary that now that we have done a podcast with phil. I really can't do anymore. all right. all right we'll be right back with more from the tar pits getting into all of the social media from this week on the amazing race. But i i wanna take a moment and thank our sponsor for this podcast. Those our friends over at fit body makers of the fit bod app which creates a personalized custom workout for you based on your needs and what muscles you want to train right from your phone. If you're new to the gym or if you've been lifting weights for years sometimes it's hard to find the right workout program and stick to it if you don't have a plan it's like running the amazing race without a clue it's overwhelming to go and look at all these weights and say What what should i be doing today. Even with a trainer it can be hard to know. If you're pushing yourself too much or not hard enough but with the fit bod app you can get a truly personalized fitness program. 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So let's start with the first. This is the first like ten seconds of the clips this is. This is how phil initially addresses the two of them when they get to the mat. I got a call from the atf. Attention to fruit which is a few fruit abuse will fruit ready for. This really. should have been because this was our entire summer. Rob but let's remember. This is the first thing he tells that like. I got a call from atf. They're like oh my god what do we do know. You've abused too much produce in this in paraguay. we're gonna take you away also with the atf. Wouldn't it be. They wouldn't be the. Usda or well. i dunno as jurisdiction apply to international fruits. Well it's a good point. I think it would be the paraguay equivalent of whatever the usda would be. This is so great line here to get. Yeah let's do it again for futile fruit abuse. Frustrate you tell bills. We know fills inner monologue was like. He was playing that line the minute he stumbled over his timid point. This don't vacuous back in and get them again with it. Yeah hold on. I gotta come back with atf. Burn set it up again. Daniel and gary should been penalized for for fruit. Abuse seconds per watermelon. Dropped exactly or just coming out. Boy i love it. I love that scott did fill zing you with anything that didn't make the final cut of the show. You know phil did two things of note with me every episode one. He flirted which i was always very excited about. I'm lacking because you said he just ran mayor in his underwear episode once. I'm like we talked about his underwear on. Matczak wants to show it on my season. I was bored. I asked him what he was wearing and he told me. So there that was. And then the second day the always said that logan and sat through like the musclemen of our cast was like i literally am strong by myself. I don't adult. I don't physically show it. I'm very annoyed with you. And it wasn't until the finale. When he goes this was never shown but he goes Okay i'd take it all back. You are very strong man. I said thank you. I don't know why. I never got back around the world very annoyed with it but no he. It's so funny. Because i can see what he's doing he talks to us for what upwards of thirty minutes each and it's like he's throwing so much spaghetti at the wall that it's gotta make or or food at all so it's just funny to me. He rehearsing his head one bird. I'm like okay route so the second one so this is a bit of a two part of. That's going to be lumped into one clip. So i said we got actually a couple of questions about like okay. We've seen this task now twice with the watermelons. What is the best strategy. Phil has somehow hacked the challenge. Which is going to get into. But he will not escape from yet. Another dad joke. He's gonna try to throw in here. to marry non receptive audience. Okay all right. Let's go back to phil on that with the angelo and gary. This small watermelon the center so the big ones push into the middle class the clip you have we start stacking. I've never personally done it myself. You have survived this leg of the race. After a very painful day in the end it was it was a fruitful day. You would have to say okay. Just not having it. I love it so much. Says it's not funny. Digital is the worst audience. Member at an improv. Show possible because feeling all right. Give me a word. He's like no. We're not doing well on grumpy cat. Actually the angela. William followed up with it twitter because the amazing race account posted this seed on social media and jason williams quoted and said hey at phil cogan years. Joke isn't funny. Hashtag bad memories and you're going down. I feel bad. Fill like whenever you have to explain the joke. It just digs a hole for yourself worse and worse and so when phil had to got no response to this was a fruitful day and then i like no. You understand what that means. Right they said no dairies. Being polite carry. No i'm just really tired. You know. I had a long day and davis says no. I don't no matter how much sleep i got. It wouldn't be funny and just wants. Let us know that bill also just in case you were wondering if it had aged and become funny no still two years later it is not funny you also use hashtag bad memories. Which is i feel like a weird hashtag. I don't click on that law. Taking you clicked on it clicked on at hashtag bad memories going back to doom. Posting now this is literal doom posing people ten zoom scrolling through hash day bad memories. Some click that next year to kill. Yeah okay the angela williams. They're put your people go. The digital in spain like film made a stupid joke about fruit and tried to report us to the authorities. Yeah okay so. Yeah the angela williams not not having it but that was a great fine. My fill have some quality match chat. But i think you know. Daniel williams and gary have proven themselves to be fantastic source of comedy. And i think nothing is funnier this season that just very irate de ngelo because he just is is nothing of it. Whether it's gary or with phil okay. Facial expressions are fully committed to whatever emotion. He's having. I love him so much. I can read his inner monologue at all times. All right we're ready to talk about some social media from this past week of the amazing race. Let's do it because there's a lot of chatter on social media in general but at the time there are there was some amazing race. Talk to have as well. Yeah very busy week. For the social media amazing race might have not the race. That people were watching super closely this week. The amazing race at tweeted out earlier this week on november four which racer today and we got some options from the amazing race. Looks like is this boy. Is this victoria. I think that's michelle okay. She's like making like a scared face who it is. And then we have a gary. Then we have will in the back of james's head and we have the angela right and gary is smiling and diangelo is also smiling. But he has sunglasses on. I'm not sure what the differences between the do pick who you are gary or de ngelo because the other one michelle is obviously like nervous will is. I think happy or going off of this is like the emotions of at what they are. I don't always buzzfeed thing. Like which rates are you west. Me could the gif right right so yeah. Which rates are you today. Okay so boy so like. I guess this is sort of that. It is sort of like an emoji of like. I'm the angela williams. Yeah exactly like or is this like a how would start versus how it's going type of thing which corresponds to which maybe italics parted is michelle and how it's going deangelis uh-huh yeah Why did will respond lol. Okay i got dragged. Rick maybe because raising it to be like oh look at this crying face. This is our stereotypical crying face that we're using for this emotion. Yeah i mean. Can i dare. I say that to the woman and the gay man and the bottom two are some here gary's response. He says yeah. They didn't do you any favors with that. One ha ha. Mary picture me. So i don't care nothing. Ha ha anymore in tweets messages. Let's if there's one person that can do it. It's gary okay grand gary's using dial up or something. I think he's a bit behind the times. Okay all right. I feel like this did not have a great response from the race. Social media now maybe not their best work this one. I think it's just like i don't understand why two of them are of one team faces. The should have different. Teams that are allies like well. Dangelo and gary are looked so distinctly different in these two voters that we're going to need to put them side by side. And why do you know you should be able to get a shot of any random other racer with a smile on their face like that's the most generic slick vanilla ice cream of facial expression. Yeah one of the responses chris alberta says racer four. Is that the angelo. Are we going on returning from the top. Actly how how we're doing it. Okay all right. So that was from on wednesday going into going into amazing race and we assume the talking about the election but maybe it was just going into that week so the amazing race. Well we do speaking of election. We do actually have an election pertinent amazing rates reference. That i thought was very fun. A from i believe it was at miss miss. Oh fella tweet something. Along the lines of they somehow found out production donald leg so they're taking their sweet time and it's a photoshopped picture of nevada and pennsylvania with the chiron currently in last place under an criminal. That only has one retreat to larry. It i don't know it could even think so too. Would the amazing race meam have been better to have a kaelin like putting together the garbage cello and been nevada counting votes right now. Or it's like the angela and gary in the pile of watermelons is like the ballots in pennsylvania and they're just sort of slowly going through it one by one as a criminal down and smashing treat. Yeah okay good race able to stay topical this week. Kaelin says this is hilarious for crying. Laughing emoji yeah. Instead of ha ha. Ha ha ha is still invoked. can we still use. Ll if not. I don't think you should do it on twitter Crash jerk in private instead of public. Yeah i would be afraid because you know that. I always living my life. I i walk on eggshells. Because if i make a photo pau then people are all over me calling me a boomer and so i try to not gonna make that mistake again. So i'm on the lookout for these things. I'm boomer watch. Yeah no rob. It's really it makes me sad to think about how you were almost on the amazing race. And all of the ways that phil controlled you got me with with a number of things before we even got to the young fruit. Yeah god help you. If you've got any fruit task during the lower hanging fruit than that yes all right. Mike see that. Leo has as been looking for some ways to improve the amazing race. Yes so we have some polling going on again separate. I guess sort of a calm a connection between the amazing race and the election. This is lisa polling or bad use of polling. I'm not entirely sure depends on i. Guess leo's userbase. But essentially leo put out a poll s to like. Hey listeners what do you think of the u-turn and the three options were surprises in. Hope are good heart emoji. There should be no mercy skull emoji or mixed feelings slash other chin. Face emoji shrug emoji and out of one hundred and twelve votes. The runaway victor was surprises at hope are good so gets to the point of people. Don't like the u turn. It appears that leo's userbase the majority of them do enjoy. The u-turn surprises and hope are good from their perspective. You're actually think. Leo just on an aside is like the most excited cast member this season. He's engaging with followers he's putting out some content but it doesn't it my opinion. It doesn't seem like he's trying to build a brand he's just genuinely excited to be a racer which i really love about him but i think he's gotten a lot of backlash as being like the recipients of the u-turn and then how he and allana have a have responded to it so i'm i'm i don't what i'm trying to say is i'm shocked by these results. I thought people would be in his user. Group would say that we don't want there to be non elimination. has it. sounds like the people who are engaging with him are more cutthroat. Oh interesting yes. You're thinking the the the more like the the die hards and the no know for these amazing racers. They'd be the ones to have the feelings about the u-turn. I'd this was bad use of polling year by leo with all due respect. Who is a smarter person than i am. He has a much more impressive from harvard. Rob yes yes. I only went to a state school. Okay But in terms of if i was going be polling on. What is your take on non elimination legs. I don't know if i if i would've made the choices be surprises and hope are good. I think that's the response to say. I like non elimination legs. Surprises and hope are good. Yes interesting. I guess it's almost saying like it's not even saying yes. No or maybe. It's already skipping past that step and saying the reasons why you would say that you know Yeah so that we really were sort of like force-feeding a narrative here about because you could technically say that you don't like non elimination legs but what is inferring. Here is if you're saying you don't like non elimination legs. You're saying there should be no murphy. Non elimination legs. Yes no or. I'm yeah depends. Yeah i think that we're really forcing surprises. And hope are good with a heart There should be no mercy with skull and mixed feelings slash other. I like that. He took great pains to conserve his characters. To make sure this entire tweet fit in a single tweet and yet had room for no less than seven emojis. Let's hit people in the papers. I so i think you gotta you gotta stick them with with some colorful images to make everyone. You know more drawn. Leo's handle is leo fulsome. He's amazing race. Thirty two glove emoji ios parentheses. Mike is the globe the official emoji of the amazing race. I don't think so. I do not think the amazing race has that. Just sit down on their part. We then take a look at the emoji available. And then assign a official. Let's see what emojis are left. And we're gonna sign that to the amazing race hash can you think. Is there a better emoji to give to the amazing race. Maybe i dunno airplane or there's all those weird ones when you get towards the end of the last screen of emojis you have like things that leader available ones. You have the ones that look like a road signs. I feel like one of those could work. Yes okay so you feel like the traffic emoji road. Looks like a yield Okay so your apple and plays all category of travel and place. Wow i feel like it'd be. The airplane might be presentative in race. Okay we do. See a yellow and black stripes. I used to be the colors. Could we the construction sign. Maybe this should be the next poll for leo. What should be the official amazing race. Emoji is in the airplane. Is it the construction sign action. Signed b the official emoji of toughest nails. That's positive that. Be the chinese pagoda ticket or anything like that passport Yeah oh watermelon would be good him water. What about this red envelope. Also a chinese influence chinese new year. Ron i'm sorry i'm sorry i. The red envelope is chinese map has resulted world. Man i actually think world matt might be the best one yeah Best so best so far. Is one symbols anything. Anything in symbol. Your let's see we didn't we have a road sign up there could be. It could be like an arrow right because you're always going in some sort of direction on the amazing race. No arrows ariza's no good. Uh that's like a like a slow children at play sign blue flags. Oh look at all the all the world flags right so you have to pick one of its amazing race. Us should be the us flag. That's seems counterintuitive. That's official emoji of something else some other race. That was this week. Okay i mean who decides what emojis are made. Can we just ask apple to make one raider national emoji board. Ooh how do you get on the we got the arrow there. That's pretty good. Okay all right. So maybe let's how about this. Let's leave it open to our listeners. To pitch us on official amazing race emoji we do have the clown face which would have been perfect for The circus from a couple of weeks ago. Yeah this now. It's becoming less amazing race and more so like the tele amazing race episode only using mode houston game and could have been which could have been very applicable as well. Okay so we'll be on the lookout for your amazing race emoji suggestion all right. How about oh. Alana is gets in on social media action this week to my so. Here's a little bit about more behind the scenes stuff so we saw in this episode. The mind five. This alliance of five made this move in the first act. Where will james and hung and she printed out maps and surreptitiously pass them off to the other teams and nobody was the wiser. So leo tweeted. Let it be known that we printed out the same map at the same kiosk. Five minutes later the plot thickens. And then i then alana response essentially with the with the methodology behind it saying what i remember is that they didn't clear search history so we read all their research and printed all the same maps dot dot dot. Maybe we're all helping each other in one big alliance. What is a very sneaky. Move from alana. I think leah take note. The alana is a search history checker. Like if you go on the amazing race like incognito mode as your best friend yes always always no matter what especially if they're at an airport kiosks tug needham. Oh by far now for real. Yeah just that. I feel like those internet kiosks. I feel like that when you log out. Doesn't it clear your search history. I mean it depends on the country. I guess i don't know what paraguay internet kiosks do. Yeah scott wherever. I'm in like a hotel and like you're in the business center. I feel like you wanna check my g mail and then it's like okay. That's a race all my settings. When i log out yeah i thought i done this really funny because we would beg for internet access if there wasn't free resources available and if we begged than there was no type of money exchange and there was no clearing browser history returning it off between users. It would go from team to team. So i can understand how this happened What i find super funny. Is that when we get clues about where we're going. Yeah the maps. I learned this after the fact that like. I don't really help us because the taxi drivers gonna take. They're not and that's the end of the story. And then you get more clues once you get to that location but art cast with my prompting was looking at One of the Spoiler websites that was trying to identify all of us as racers way more entertaining while we were on the race bats. Interestingly yeah because i mean people can technically be lying about who they are as you could be like. Wow this is a multimillion dollar celebrity. Who's racing alongside is. They're trying to come up like a kindergarten teacher. Well scott were they wrong about who you were or did they were shocked. I was the fourth person they identified in. I'm like i literally have no claim to fame. I'm like one of the actual regular people. I mean highschool with rachel riley. That's how they got me. Recognize these people lurker on there. Yeah that's what it is. She was at l. here or just pointing us out. No but even matt loudly like a award-winning snowboarder wasn't identified until later. It was just so funny. How they figured this all out. But i don't know if that was way more fun than finding maps or us Did you get any good gossip about the people who were racing with from the message boards. Yeah i found out who had kids. I found out who was married We found out who had applied for other shows. I mean i. I use this website. My own personal life so it was the first thing i checked when i was on. The race is priorities and also i wanted to know if they knew who i was which you know i also trying to figure out. Would they know where we were going. Because that's another way to figure out. Do they have some information that we don't have and the only time that was really shocking as we. We left some hotel at three. Am in the morning. Had just gotten our clues and it was on that site within ten minutes. And i went. That's nuts. I don't know who is feeding them information that they are like ninety five percent. Correct wow says leaker yet. No one thing. I know they do. Is they look at what time of day are the racers leaving. And what are the flights that are leaving within a certain number of hours of them leaving Which is really smart. It's very smart. And that's how they have people on the ground and all the potential finale cities i understand. Can these become like professional investigators or something maybe like helping with abuse to fruit because there they can be applied elsewhere to be protected. Byatti extreme give fruits so de ngelo had to relive his hashtag bad memories about the water mouse. We have a couple of things about this. So de ngelo tweeted. I haven't touched a watermelon in two years because of that. Damn detour amazing race. Cbs easily the most frustrating thing i've ever dealt with in my life act gary barnett's your close second element place yet again. Yes i just love that no matter even link his biggest complaints. Also get into digging gary at the end of it yeah boy. The angelo really is grumpy cat just that he's hates everything. Oh yeah well no. He likes candy corn. Oh okay did he say that. We had a whole segment last week. Rav i don't know maybe you were sleeps whole segment about. It's been a long week. That's a fair point and Yeah that is fair but he has a. He has a really irrational love of candy corn but he hates everything else well. Dangelo does not receive a sweet response to this. Because we got gary clapback here. So gary gets called out on that tweet. Obviously he responds ha dairy laugh. Garo jerry oh if they only showed the times you cramped and the other times we're ready to quit haha oh the whole haha book and then i believe leo then quote tweeted it and said i wish they'd shown security giving at the angelo rb shirtless backrub and athletic massage. At you've finished your watermelon pyramid. What security the jake came in and rubbed came down. I bet i know what this is. Our sorry burster bubble on something is not so fun but are security guards also medical so he probably had some issues That's interesting okay boy. So this isn't like a paul blurt mall cop thing in terms of security. That's what i thought. That was like no. He probably had an actual muscle cramping today stepped in. So yeah i guess I don't know about this. I if you have a lot of muscles do they cramp scott. Is that what happens. That's exactly you're asking the right person. So i don't know maybe being in the nfl spoil the angela who used to like. Where's my cold tub after this tax. Yeah where's the ice bath. But yes so. I mean if you're talking about the angelo is grumpy cat. We missed out on much more grumpy. Cat apparently hit the culinary flora famous talking about wanting to complain about him cramping about him apparently getting a massage from medical halfway through their mid. Yeah just no. Leo didn't even go to this party. Does he know this. Say it was probably at the pitstop. Okay sizes that the pitstop. Wow thing hopefully it was a. They got to rest on it. What if there was no rest Pitstop but dangelo take the time to get the massage you so sorely need or are you gonna get on with the rest of your race Okay all right. Well scott shirtless back rubs. I mean they making this amazing race. Sound very luxurious what. I don't understand why. I wasn't called to provide this shirtless backrub beyond me. But if you have been earning cinema angeles recognized you if you came out to the back of the well he. He's a carolina panther. I'm that's my team. So i have a sports ball player. This would have been fascinating. You know that. That's all i have to say about that. No not sorry. My train of thought was lost. But there's this moment in vietnam in our season where all the men had their shirts off and it only showed really quickly and that twitter went aflame. Because everyone's like why we're in the guy shirtless. All season was like if you look carefully. I was not shirtless. And that's because you don't want to see all this goodness because this is just me myself. And i but also i had a mike on and you know you can't really take your shirt off. You're getting snacking all this stuff. So i'm surprised they didn't show it. That would bring up the ship by millions. I would suspect. Did they'd be like. Why are we going to europe. More shirtless liangelo milligan's please. Let's stay in south america Last one okay. All right. that was our social media for This week now. Mike last week we talked about what was going on in The cbs dot com store specifically about. What's going on with the amazing race and some other things. But i am under the impression we're going back to the. Cbs dot com store. Listen you put out a request. I accepted eh games pumping through my blood at all times. So i went to the cbs store today. And look behold there is a holiday specific sale going on at the cbs store so there are holiday specific branded items for various. Cbs shows going on right. Now the cbs store. So it's a really quick game. I have come up with a list of cbs holiday merge some of them are real some of them. I made up okay and we're going to go around the horn and you have to tell me. This is a real piece of holiday merchandise from the store. Or if i made it up you own any merge from the cbs store. I i own one thing. And it is a blanket of the old amazing race logo. And i bought it for a charity event. They're not really from. cbs store. But that's okay. I me rob. Did you get a discount when you are on survivor. Did they say hey. Where's the nearest dollar. No discount Gave me the gave me some stuff and there was like a. Cbs store like that used to be like where they would Film like the late show with david letterman And they but that. I went in there one time but now i did not get any discount for anything not annoying so i just stole one. One clue of each type and micmac. So there's my cbs store. Yeah they know exactly just skimming off the top all right. So we'll we'll go around the horn here. I have three each for you. So let's start with you again. You have to tell me whether or not it is a real item in the store okay. A survivor tropical santa flees crew neck. Sweatshirts can't even picture what that is. Is it like ugly. Christmas sweater with survivor stuff on it. Yeah mike that makes so little sense. That i'm going to go ahead and say that's real. I'm popping the lincoln the chat right now. It is indeed a real item and it is a piece of graphic design worth again under Because yeah it's a it's a survivor. Themed on a sweater. It's on sweatpants of but it is santa claus in a hawaiian shirt and sandals standing on a signpost says outwit outplay outlast. Shout out to my tattoo but yet this is i. I'm not sure what exactly is happening. Here there's description maybe to help explain things Whether you're rocking around a palm tree or building snowmen up north this survivor tropical santa flees crew neck. Sweatshirts is perfect aware all holiday season long featuring a totally tubular santa. This cozy sweatshirt is the perfect holiday. Look for any survivor fan. Really for any. No i get this four. You love survivor. Here's here's a holiday shirt that if people get a magnifying glass they might be able to identify that this is actually survivor merch. Here's clip art santa's standing next to a sign post. That has the survivor logo on it. And that's it. yes now. Is it actually better. If if people identify is was actually supposed to be gary. Papa smurfs from survivor fiji. Then he's going to be the survivor. Logan should be a bunch of picks now on top of it or it should be just sitting on the ground from heart palpitations speaking of medical slash security. Indeed an item. This is so strange because again. The imagery has nothing to do at survivor whatsoever. This seems like something. Like someone's mom would make them Just like putting together a bunch of strangers. Like i heard you like survivor here. Here's a holiday based image. So i am just stunned at the lack of survivor in this survivor. Products yeah. It's a very clip art. All right just five is pretty good deal. Though crew neck sweatshirts guts in time for the holidays again if referred the special someone in your life only available in gray one color option. All right scott. I'm going to go with t- with this next one so sweatpants that read the phrase racing through the snow down its leg. I realize you're probably go with the description more so than the actual name of the items. These are sweatpants with the amazing race. Applicable phrase racing through the snow printed down one leg. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. I feel like it's going to be real product because they did some Recent promotion right before this season were they all of a sudden. We're racing through. Xyz was their marketing tool. Which i have no idea why. So i'm gonna say yes now that we've seen clip art. Santa that is a mike bloom original. I made that one dairies. There is no amazing race holiday merchandise in the store and it's grace swept what is happening. Why are we. The red headed stepchild. Show i. We're the only one on right now. Saving this network It's very strange. Maybe didn't want to go into like the full snowmobile of it. All of like. Oh because i think racing through the snow listen. Cbs if you want to use my ipad go ahead. I don't mind no much sense right rob. Let's go to you here. We're going to go back to the survivor. Well here an ugly sweater. That reads survivors. Ready ho ho. Ho ugly sweaters and survivors ready question. Mark ho ho ho. Yeah i could see it. I'll say yes that is correct. Oh my gosh yes. It's it's it's just kitschy enough to work as a phrase survive. I ready hojo okay. Maybe this is. This is a narrative though. Like maybe maybe it's sort of like their grooming santa to become the near the next host of survivor of like here. He is at the signpost now here. He is with his catchphrase survivors. Ready ho ho as he starts the challenges off. Okay here it is. Here's my freddie. Jojo this is a very available. Only in excel and double xl and dirty for some sticker. Shock your sixty four ninety five and was only. I only i do. They make five total fine so they're not making any new ones might be what is happening. I'm so confused just makes no sense whatsoever. I'm like gas. Did right now looking at this ugly sweater. that has nothing to do with anything. Except once again is that clip art sanders. We see with audrain yet. The pixel pixelated saying that using a sweater. Yeah we've got. oh don't forget. We've got snow snowflakes on the shoulder pad area and we got the tiki torch by the naval and some can't image all around so we'll listen to this survivors. Ready ho ho ho. Get ready to survive the holidays with the official survivor survivors. Ready ho ho. Ugly christmas sweater very very redundant. They're the sweater. Has the authentic. Christmas sweater design knitted into the sweater. I'm confused about what this is now. This product sales for sixty four nine five you get. The high quality knitted sweater the hilarious design. And when you say it's hilarious that's how you know. It was carried writing. No he put. The whole area is fully knitted right into the sweater. It's made of one hundred percent acrylic. The sweater has soft field and is not itchy and also one tree is planted for every sweater made maximum her plant trees. Yes just that. A for the environmentalists out. There is that common for like an offset for every sweater that gets made a tree. She planted i thought. This is gonna be more of a calm shoes situation. You know one you buy one ugly sweater and they send one to somebody in a developing country. Same pictures for blake the peace corps of a bunch of kids growing survivors. Ready ho sweater. Okay all right somewhere. A very small forest lives not. Okay i am not okay. Oh my goodness all right. So we're going to you. Hear a sweatshirt that reads snow bought thousand. You made that up mike. I did not know all right. Let's you're all my god. Three thousand or there is indeed a parody of zimbabwe called snowball. Oh my god. The snow bought three thousand fleece crew neck sweat shirt when i know what. You're getting rachel chris. When it comes to the snowball three thousand we have three words to say let it. Snow took what featuring a snow of bought three thousand. This crazy a big brother. Snow three thousand of this cozy big brother snow bonds. Love is the perfect aware while making hot cocoa decorating holiday cookies or for making a snowball three thousand of your very own this holiday season so this is something that has never been part of brother kenan before apparently decided to create this in the off season instead of zing dot. But the weird thing. Is that snowball. Which is a snowman still has zinc. Putt three thousand on it. So i'm very confused about its naming here. I think it has an identity crisis. Yeah boy was this the best. We could do who puddle with ice like a like zing in the new year. Yeah zinc crosby zeta and our winter wonderland or something. Yeah there's something hanging from it are those ornaments I should have a veto hanging from or house. Oh yeah yeah. it's it's honestly indescribable. It's like if you hear the term robots snowman. This is the best thing you could ever imagine. Be the google image result for robots illman. Right now for my. The scarf is covering where it says. It's not like this is so iconic in clear of like what it is that sing. Seeing about three thousand on the snowman would help. Why is it wearing a pilgrim hat. I think it's like rosty the snowman thing. I think it's supposed to be but that's not what that's not. What frosty the snowman. Tattoo shape like. Maybe it's trying to hedge. Its bets of like listen. Some people celebrate christmas in november some due in december. Let's combined both holidays into one image. Okay boy all right so it's a hate it. There is no bottom scott. Here's yours a sweater. That reads future. Mrs spencer reid. Oh that's true. I think that's a real thing that is indeed a real thing. There is a lot we talked last week about how matthew gray gubler of criminal minds was memorialized in a cardboard cutout but who knew the man was zadie so much so that he was sweater sweater bore when we talk about ugly sweaters here. I don't think that we will. We get to mrs spencer reid holiday adult all over prince lecture. The criminal minds grow. Filers should come visit you. If you haven't holidays. Felt all over print sweatshirt a perfect secret. Santa exchanges. I guess if you get a person that you hate holidays contests this lines mrs spencer reid holiday all overprint crew neck is a must have addition to your festive wardrobe. Aware at this sweater will leave you feeling. Merry and bright all season long. I'm confused because it looks like from the image that they screen printed matthew gray gubler space onto it. Is that photo realistic like all. I actually read matthew cooper space or is it going to be pixellated by the way a this was a very forward of the. Cbs store to have a model of the future. Mrs spencer read. That is a man wearing. The sweatshirt turk aggressive. Yes i just i. I don't know what the reaction would be if you walk the to public wearing a future mrs rates. Let let right. What does it say on arms. Have you noticed that it's be a you Let's see does Does ebay now wait. Also does it come with things because it looks like there's like jeans and shoes last thing. I like suggestion. Mike always you can do your matthew gray gubler costs play over in your future mrs spencer reid shirts Honestly the only person. I want to see where this is matthew kugler. Yeah that would be perfect. Yes do we. All miss are calling on. Cbs is era. Where needs some help. Maybe we should all just take on a second job and helped mounted so intrigued us like all right people. We need ideas for holidays so like oh well how about future mississippi sensory you know back in the days used to doodle in your notebook. That would become the future mrs jonathan taylor thomas. Let's do that with matthew gray gubler from criminal back all my to be fair. I've never seen criminal minds. it might. He might be a super in that. I don't know. I know for for red lights. I realize in the past couple of weeks. I think matthew gray cooper is the second coming of jesus christ himself apparently like he's hesitated so much merge modeled after him but a perfect the holidays then i don't know he he. He stayed on the show for. Its entire like ten plus year run. He's like the john munch of the he says never mind university. S all right. Let's go let's go to you for this one a figurine of what is referred to as young shelf tin which is a young sheldon dressed up as an elf. I think you made that up. I do not believe that there is a young shelf tin. I made it hub. That's good again. Fake my idea. It's right there young shelter. Yeah maybe like a shell on. The shelf is held on yup. Everyone wants in armitage steering your children on the honestly me like google or on the shelf. You know if he could be knocking on your door. Like penny all right jess. We're coming back to you here. Big brother h. o. H. o. h. Oh oh turns so dumb. Mike so dumb. I'm going to hope you made it up. I think it's too good with your head of household head of household. I've had this album actually clever. When is the best one by fall. Yes four thousand nine hundred five the show show. Hr the end was dr l. drinking out of this cup. Oh yeah. I think as as the neighbor i mean. I don't know i would say maybe christmas. Abbott been received more positively in the big brother humidity. They they're not putting her on a shirt. Matthew gray gubler. I'll say that much. though up. they stuck the landing on the description. After decorating the tree wrapping the presents and singing carols. You deserve a little aren are. Where's the come from rest and relaxation. Yeah i don't know how i would describe coffee cup. Have yourself a delicious cup of ho ho holiday. Cheer from the festive big brother. H h h h h. That feels a little john. An extra hazard a guess that whoever wrote these product descriptions has not actually seen any of the shows writing. You're definitely no. It's it's insert take three holiday activities and say probably would be perfect for it no matter what the is. Yeah okay. Perfect for your hot cocoa kellyanne. Oh no symptoms while you record your follow up eight podcasts. Right all right scott going to you. The ncis raith. I feel like i like it. Which means you made up. That is correct. I made it up. I'm not sure even voted. Ncis missed wreath would entail thing. I feel like we'd have all of their faces. All of the actress faces on different balls. That are stuck in. The folio grabbed hanging on wilmer valderrama on your christmas tree. This holiday season mary. Ncis all right last one is for you. Let's back to the mugs here. This mug is criminal minds. base reads profiler in training. What is the product again. His a mug a mug profiler and training. Yeah it seems so basic that i feel like that you would be more creative in your fake things. So i will say is real. That is correct. Yes and actually the profile in training mug. It's part of criminal lines gift wrapped. Bundle that you to any man who are not just upset with matthew gray gubler but the whole gang. Okay all right so there you go. The criminal minds. Part of the gift fan wando. It's only seventy four ninety five for the entire set of criminal minds. Are that upset. No there are three bullet points here. One it's a criminal minds distressed. Be a you quantico. Sherpa blanket not dissimilar from scott's amazing race blank number two it's a one x criminal minds a profiler in training eleven white mug and third bullet point one x gift. Box with ribbon. What of that is the box for the call. The box to box doesn't even say criminal minds. No that's too suspicious. Yes that would you think mike because this is something that would happen in the criminal minds episode of like a white cake box with a red ribbon shows up at like a criminal minds with every sexy. Which you can feel. Like joe montana as you get a nondescript white box at your door that contains all the criminal minds care you can get your heart set. On two of the criminal minds gear criminal lights bundle will make its happier than spencer. Read in a library still. What is expensive curry to watch the show. Now yes perfect to place this holiday bundle under the tree or gift in your next secret. Santa party to make the holidays. The best one yet in scott you a secret santa from someone and you opened up this box with the red ribbon only to receive the three piece set. The god i you know what i would be so real that it goes back together for easy to make sure that the person no like the box is part of it. I'm keep return the box. They're like okay you to the but you didn't get the third was the box. It came in some major it out. I guess you really have to like. Because i believe the secret. Senate was also touted for the future. Mrs spencer reid sweater as well so they're really touting a criminal minds theme secret santa parties which sounds like the most disinvited thing. I've heard quite time. Yeah i think pretty rabid criminal minds fan base. I would have to imagine if they have all of this merger. I think we scratch the surface a little bit that we did a season. Three episode seven of a criminal minds at one point where it might have been a season four episode the head jason alexander and i like the animated gif on the website of also showing you. The is there a left handed cup and a right handed cup or they just showing up. It's on both sides. I so there you go and you can see it as a technically pieces. Then it's left facing mug right. So was there any amazing race holiday themed merge might not none whatsoever not even ornaments those were reserved solely for. You guessed it future. Mrs spencer read. It made its way onto that. Aren't there only holiday gifts for these three programs so we have big brother. We have a survivor. We do have. There's no ncis smith's branding but there is an ncis special agent badge under up surrounded by a wreath and there's a big brother gingerbread house but yeah it's pretty much based around about four or five shows buck. Stop pretty short money into branding in terms of width. Okay all right. This is my contest for next week. I want all the listeners. To think about what is the best show holiday merchandise that they can think of. And i guarantee it's better than a set of three items one of which is the box office nails holiday merch. I don't know in fact. I was actually We found a bunch of little wooden disks that looked like the final tough as nails challenge and they have a little hole drilled in it would be an ornament seriously think. Leave the cookies for santa. Yeah seriously thing about me. He a cookie ornament with the toughest nails logo on it. Yeah maybe a little. A diorama of santa like landing on the roof and roofer lee up air like working to get the roof ready for santa. Well it has to be murphy. Santa murphy totally santa hope everyone this year. I didn't come down the chimney. Though i fear of heights all right well well done a great job on the cbs holiday gift store merch game the season. I made a mistake though. I did not do this. An incognito much like the mind five very afraid of what might algorithms are look like from now on. I'm going to have so much matthew gray gubler in my feet. I won't know what to do with it and alana can figure out what you're getting for christmas exactly. She knows. check the searches problematic. Don't think the angelo at like any of these gifts. Williams criminal mind sacred santa. He'd have look he'd be like where's the third item. That's not funny. That's not the box sound funny. Do you have anything else. You wanna say about this season of the amazing race. Oh gosh i think. I was able to tackle it earlier where i think job well done on the casting super interesting couples who've got going on i'm intrigued to see some of these new countries we have projected but i do want to see production design to improve. I wanna see new challenges. Tougher challenges maybe a little bit more physical challenges or this particular season of the race. Okay let me also just ask you while we have you here about the idea of the we talked about. This is big alliance that has been sort of like a big part of the show so far with these five teams at the top of the race as a former racer. Is this something that is probably more commonplace than has been explored on the show or do you think this is something that is more of like an emerging strategy on the race. I made the comment earlier. Where i is the mastermind. I use that loosely on on strategy in my season. I do feel like we had a unique situation where it was a lot of individuals that had you know. We're looking for themselves so there is The situation was right for creating alliances at feel like in this situation. It's it's really an extension of what's been seen. I don't think this is something new that the five teams who constantly show up at the top watch work together. That's i think that's a common thread. We'd seen in history of the show. I i see that the story are involve the alliance which is new. That's a new way of telling the story for the show but in the end atlanta's only take you so far. I'm i'm intrigued to see. Why the producers and editors chosen to talk about alliances the season. It hasn't really like played in favor for someone or against someone i mean. I think they're trying to show. Leo is now leo. Amman or outsiders back really performing very well alone. So i don't i i guess to answer your question directly. I don't think it's anything completely new. I think the the show is trying to find some new breath to pipe into the season. And this is what. They're choosing to. Okay mic i know you've been following the scheduling of and the rescheduling of This season of the amazement you talk us through what we can expect for the next couple of weeks. Yes because i know that on wednesday i just shrugged my hands. I la the emoji In some of leo's tweets as to what was going on. So here's what the schedule is going to be an unarmed corresponding recaps. So next week is going to be episode five. We are going to france. Visit some cone heads not hear him. It heads watermelons. That's where we're going to only going to be one episode next week and mike just to touch on something that you would brought to my attention a couple of days ago There are some places where people are able to access episode. Five correct yes. So here's the thing i also. I believe that it has leaked in some places. I believe some on-demand services at the time did not get the memo. Because obviously the last minute thing from cbs as to like oh. Don't air extent episode five. I believe i don't know if they're still up on those streaming services but their links do exist out there so people wanna see the episode early they can. I know that none of us are out here. We are looking to watch it at eight o'clock in the final season of game of thrones when like go in spain like uploaded the episode early and people were able to go online and watch it. The internet is is a weird place as we talked about with reality fan forum so you know people have the option to check it out if they want to but otherwise. We will be back wednesday night to talk about episode five. The next week was originally scheduled to be a double episode. Is still going to be a double episode airing on i believe that's the eighteenth of november. But it's going to be episodes six and seven. Then were doing another double episode the very next week on the twenty fifth. Which i think is the day before thanksgiving. So we're having double double episodes and then it should be single episodes from then on out until i believe i think december sixteenth is when it is currently scheduled to wrap the whole thing up like a box build with criminal. Mind here to criminal minds things. Yeah all right so a lot of amazing race coming out. It's over the next couple of weeks just anything else. You want to add I i very excited to do double exit interviews two weeks in a row. That'll be fun Do you think that we will get double exit interviews any of these weeks that i guess the stack a non elimination leg with each of these. Yeah i wouldn't be surprised if i don't know. Yeah because originally we would imagine that if an elimination like is happening in episode five like it would have been one team to talk to this past week so now this sort of pushes everything. I would not be surprised if one of these double episodes is to elimination legs. I guess next week's probably is and maybe the week after. There's another non elimination like and then with thanksgiving. Just i know from survivor. Most years that that always is a tricky week where then they won't do any exit press on thursday or friday. It'll be the following monday when we get the exit press for whatever happens that wednesday or thanksgiving right so maybe we'll do like a later tar pits that week if you still want to mix in the exit press with that. Yeah all right. We'll figure it out we got. We got a lot of our plate here as we head into thanksgiving. I mean i'm not going anywhere. Yes yes all right jess what else does come up for you. Well over on post show recaps this gentleman bloom and i are doing recaps of star trek discovery and this past week we got very deep down the rabbit hole like even for us And it was very good time for an episode that i think we both really loved. And then the great josh wig learn i do a recap of fear the walking dead and walking dead world beyond podcast recalling fear. The walking dead world beyond. We've had the great brandon chapell joining us for those and watching the episode optional. Listening to podcast very fun guardless of whether you have any idea what's going on okay. And then mike what's next for you. So in addition to what just talked about of course. Josh and i are going down. The hatch talked about expose very polarizing episode loss. But very very fun to talk about. Roberts spoke about the star wars brain steel. That we just did which was very fun. Two and a half hours of nothing but star wars and survivor references. We are not quite out of the survivor. Jungle yet survivors. Ready ho ho ho. Because just in time for the holiday season robin aragona start bringing a special off season series on survivor. That we're going to call. Outwit outplay out. Lists us. They're the two of us plus join. Some guests are going to basically be arbitrary and reductive and rank and rate certain things in a category of on survivor. So we're going to be doing what i think. This tuesday is going to be our first one but this is an opportunity to basically all the jokes that we made these years about the mike bloom. Offseason podcasts have now essentially comfortable and that would happen then you have an interminable offseason. No end point that jokes become reality. So we're going to be doing. Some listing and i'm very excited to be talking about survivor get especially in such a miscellaneous orbit. Okay very much looking forward to that. Starting this week scott just was saying before the show started today that you are a great follow on good reads. I guess so. That was a nice compliment from jess. Yes i had a goal to read fifty two books for last year and this year actually just hit this week. So yeah head of enron so apparently my My reviews on each run. Good for that if you were if you were trying to get more reading done exactly they hear what i say about certain fictional books then by all means probably good grades but you know i like historical fiction general fiction and i want the stories to be told to me rather than learning about something. That's already happened in more nonfiction cents. Okay scott what else anything else that people should be checking out. I wanna just underscore the great content. You are putting out. I am so entertained by what you're giving us. We need people like you out there. Giving us something to look at it. Listen to outside of what's going on in quote unquote real world thing that me. I'm just a normal consumer now so no need to follow me on any social me. I'm not that cool. i'm not trying to. You're the fourth most recognizable person in your past once upon a time. Yes you know what. I'll take it. Two thousand sixteen was good to me a well. You put in a spencer. Reid esq effort here today so we all appreciate the incredible work. Scott scott flannery shirts that we're going to be wearing at the end of this. That'd great scott. Thank you thank you so much and this was a good counter programming to your amazing race partner brooke appearing regularly with bryce on the purple pants podcast to update the amazing race. There you go. You're getting both sides of the coin. Yeah so we've got covered but thank you so much for coming on with us and of course thanks to the patrons robbins podcast. Who make all of this podcast. Impossible for more vision. Everything we're doing including Our first ever patron brands. Steel that mike and this week coming on monday head on over to rob has a website dot com slash patron. Thank you so much for listening to did one by.

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Electric Cars, News Review, and Starting a Small Business in Vermont

The Dave Gram Show on WDEV

1:36:42 hr | 2 years ago

Electric Cars, News Review, and Starting a Small Business in Vermont

"From radio vermont it's the dave ramsey show on w g b h your show about the people places hamby issues that matter most to you now here's your host dave ram good morning free money this tuesday july ninth two thousand in nineteen got a good show lined up for you this morning when we start talking with anthony reisman easy chair of the public utility commission and he has issued a clarion call for a bath expansion of vermont electric vehicle fleet as a way to combat climate change little later in the program we're gonna be speaking with steve apathy editor of the times argus about some a recent news and editorials in that paper and one thing i wanna ask you about where they had an interesting editorial this morning thing about the usa women's soccer team which won the world championship on sunday a little bit of a political a sound and fury surrounding that a sporting event and they will get into that with steve pappas and then later on in the second hour of the program where you're gonna be joined by betsy bishop of the vermont chamber of commerce joan goldstein who is he a commissioner of economic development of the state of vermont and jen roberts who is proprietor of indian river outdoors for a long time notice onion over sports on lincoln industry historic claiming it street and lynnfield you're an die as they're gonna be talking with us about the challenges of starting a small business in vermont and so will be we've got a good were idea of conversations coming up but i wanna start out by by welcoming a anthony tony i i understand he goes by tony moseley but a formal aims anthony roseman chair of vermont a public utility commission and mr commissioner thanks for joining us this morning well thank you for inviting me i'm delighted to speak with you and you're you're you're commission issued a report last week about the need to expand vermont's electric vehicle fleet and maybe you could just sort of recap for alert are listeners a what what the principal findings were okay well the report was produced at the request of the legislature and they asked us to look into the question of what are the barriers if any to be promoting ownership in use of electric vehicles in vermont and the reason for that request is that forty seven percent of the carbon is still produced in vermont come from the transportation sector so it is the largest single remaining area area in which we need to do something if we're going to solve the carbon problem and what what we found was that there are a number of barriers every one of which can be overcome come if we have the will to do it let's go through a couple of women is a very obvious to a lot of people who take a cursory glance at this topic is a there's a lot of these vehicles typically costs more than any sort of traditional car people by and that is one of the barriers we looked at very carefully and frankly well we conclude it is it's a myth or i guess in the language of the current day that's fake news okay what what it and let let me tell you what what we learned about this number one is that at least presently there are substantial subsidies as much as seventy five hundred dollars from the federal government some of our local utilities here in vermont are offering additional subsidies of as much as fifteen hundred dollars toured z initial purchase of a new electric vehicle the second second thing is that when you look at these operating costs of an electric vehicle it operates at much less than at gas vehicle the maintenance is virtually nonexistent were talking about an electric motor and as you know from all the electric motors that you have in home for large things they require essentially no maintenance at all their sealed nothing has to be done to them so a typical typical electric vehicle it's cost of maintenance are replacing the tires having the brakes done and that's about it secondly the fuel costs if you turn it into eight gasoline cost is about a dollar and a half a gallon versus just two and a half maybe as much as three dollars a gallon for gas so actually it is less expensive have an electric vehicle then a comparable gas certainly over the lifetime of the vehicle that would be the case it sounds like if you work the map out by the upfront costs are obviously scary to a lot of folks in a is there a way to sort of smooth that well first up front cost of some of the electric vehicles is comparable to the upfront cost of luxury gas vehicles but there are also much lower or cost vehicles vehicles at costs under thirty thousand dollars which is still a lot of money but then but that are available and they now are coming with the batteries the give much longer use time before recharges necessary so that's changing and it's an example of the kind of barrier that two years from now if we have this conversation there'll be no question that there are a dozens if not hundreds of vehicles available that will be in the same price range as the load a medium priced gas vehicles are yeah it's interesting i introducing new technology in in many fields you i mean computers is probably most obvious example where we work with you know the cost of computing power has gone way down since they were first coming out you know in in the sort of the general market in the nineteen eighties and nineties and it sounds like you electric vehicles made me not on his steeper curve on her own somewhat of a curve down where it is that is that what you found yes absolutely that i mean it makes perfectly good sense of a car manufacturer has the basic equipment to build a car and they only gonna build a thousand they're gonna have to spread the total cost over a thousand cars if they build ten thousand cars or a hundred thousand cars much of the base costas gonna be spread over larger area and just as batteries have got much cheaper for and that's the main fuel source for these cars the batteries have gotten cheaper the manufacturing of more of them has made them less expensive so so i think the the future is that the more we buy the better the price is going to be which is why the subsidies are gonna fade out overtime and let me ask you also about the the distance issue or you the fear of a lot of people but i'm gonna take a two hundred mile trip in i'm gonna get a hundred and ninety five miles and up toward the last five yeah i did i understand it it's a in the business they call that range of anxiety unlike unlike a lot of anxieties is not necessarily evidence based of it is certainly the case you couldn't drive much further on a get on a tank of gas in a very fishing gas car then you can on a fully charged electric vehicle the question is how much often does that happen and secondly are they're charging stations where you can fill it up at a reasonable time period and they answer that question is yes vermont right now is the number one country come state in the country wiz charging stations per capita capita now were spread out a lot so that by no means is many is we need but you know state this year the state passed legislation at the urging of the governor and the governor is taking funds sitter available to the state from settlements with folks swag and over it's a it's conduct and expanding opportunities for more charging stations throughout the state private companies that want to put charging stations in as public just like we have public gas stations are starting to expand here in vermont and we took steps this year with the legislature they have the legislature declare that the public utility commission doesn't have to be involved in the decision to put a charging station in in other words you don't have to come to us to get a permit do that so i think the thing that we're going to see more charging stations the charging stations also were now capable of charging the vehicles much more quickly than was usually done something called fast charge a add in states that have lots more electric vehicles and we have more than eighty percent of all the vehicle owners are charging at home right yeah and i wanna talk about the electric vehicles as a sort of grade storage in a couple of minutes but a couple of issues the get kind of in the in the whole car consumer culture first and you know distances range anxieties you call the raise a obviously a one of them another another issue that people talk about is you know am i gonna enjoy driving this machine a lot of people like the room room of the traditional gas engine in and they also like the you know the towing capacity of a of a of is a more a gutsy gas musical and so on how to electric's compare there well that that was one of the more startling things we learned the electric cars acsi more powerful than the gas car it's it's acceleration is much quicker because the instant you touch the gas pedal we call it the electric pedal i guess it should be accelerator let's go are in it goes yeah there's there's no waiting for the combustion to take place inside they engine in that combustion to produce a gas which gas than pushes a piston which piston then turns rod would turn the wheel cetera so that's number one number two the towing capacity of is is enormous i was surprised at how much power a v electric motors are capable of producing until i remembered what we do use electric motors for now if you go to a bridge that is a bridge that raises up that's an electric motor that's lifting that entire bridge up a an there compact those voters there's companies now they're building a powerful trucks including trucks it would be the equivalent of eighteen wheelers and they're going to have more torque and more polling capacity then a comparably sized gas vehicle so it's actually more powerful i candidly i've sort of been waiting for the governor to go to a one of those races in electric vehicle you know i honestly i think he would show everyone what the more powerful vehicle i asked him that by by this last week we had a little conversation he was on july third innings getting ready for his independence day raise the thunder road and we talk we talk motor racing a and it was kind of fun because normally when i have a governor on i talked we talked you know legislation in policy and politics and all that stuff but it was purely motor racing on july third in and then i asked him about a you know what about the climate impact of of car racing in general is this is this one these areas of you know i i think of it sometimes the internal combustion for fun which may have to be curtailed in a in an age of climate change a in a in and he said well in in the formula one racing that occurs in europe in canada there already is a division that's purely electric vehicles and he thinks is a real future there so that was that was a that was fascinating in and i wondered also whether eventually there ought to be a some raising the kurds head the head between electric and gas powered vehicles and you see how they do i think that would be a great race may be vermont can be the first state to sponsor a such a racing event that would be a there's are governor struggle over climate change you get behind the wheel of with electric vehicle at thunder road collapsed the track what do you know it'd be something that would be actually a rather hilarious even put a and you know you have to maybe not only vermont but first the vermont there you go but i n n and i think that day but i think that underscores the point that we also have in this report in that is that the state has a role to play in this effort to get the electric vehicles in the state faster the state owns a huge fleet of vehicles they need to start a policy in which unless there is some good reason why they shouldn't they need to be buying all electric vehicles including are are state police cruisers the state police cruisers if they were electric went out distance any gas vehicle but they had to go up against i don't know what the economics of that are in terms of you know what they're paying for those cruisers but i assume that they're pretty expensive vehicles and but but i would i would i'd like to see is believe me i'm not an automotive expert certainly but i would like to see the the state make a high priority that the first choice is electric unless there's a good reason why shouldn't be got it added an end that i think would start you know basically putting arm out where our money is and but yet i wanna interrupt a second just say every remind remind listeners are there are guest is a tony weisman andy weissman is the chair of vermont public utility commission last week that the regulatory panel issued a report at the request of the was done at the request of the legislature talking about the future of electric vehicles in vermont a listeners you are welcome to join join the conversation by calling toll toll free one eight seven seven two nine one eight two five five that's one eight seven seven two nine one eight two five five five or two nine one talk or are local number here in waterbury is to four four one seven seven seven we have a caller on the line doug firm underhill good morning doug hi my first wonder is where seventy five hundred dollars comes from be federal subsidy where federal subsidy come from vermont money taxpayer money or debt which would it be any thoughts and that one a commissioner yes absolutely it does come from are from are federal tax payments that's where the government gets his money from the question i think is are we getting value for that money the first thing that i look at is what happened in this state when we had irene and what happens when we have the next irene what happens every time we have eight major cold spell with ice what happens to our electric grid when that happens what happens when we have the flooding with these big storms the cost of not dealing with the climate change issue is far greater than the cost of stopping stopping this problem before it gets to the point where we have no ability to control it anymore second part how long would it take me to get a florida man electric car how long would it take you get the florida in an electric car who you could make a long trip like that in about the same time as a gas vehicle a commissioner do you know a i think you could probably make it incomparable time but candidly i don't know about what the electric charging jim station opportunities are as you go down basically from here the florida you would probably go on a ninety five and then i don't know i don't know what kind of charging is present in other states in the carolinas and so on you yeah exactly but in in terms of the time you'd be able to travel in at least some of the electric vehicles that are available several hundred miles before you'd have to charge you could charge at lunch you could certainly charge overnight at a motel her hotel wherever you're staying a and a short of someone who is trying to drive the entire trip without making any stops except the gas up it would be comparable 'em and i think in a few years it'll be even better but for right now i think you could do find you mentioned that ice ice storms is one possibility doug i i gotta move on but i thank you for the call a an end but the commissioner i wanna say i wanna follow up you were talking about ice storms is one result from climate change and i i remember there is a really bad i stormy daniels in like nineteen ninety eight they hit northwestern vermont in the sutter comeback as i remember got especially lacked but a be a the question then is when you have a disaster like that affects the electric grid a is there any concern for all driving electric vehicles all of a sudden there's gonna be no place to go and charge up no i don't think that's going to be a problem for two reasons number one the length of time that you were losing the electricity from the ice storms is going to be a finite period creative time for the vast majority of people so you'll be able to charge secondly the right now electric utilities and we're seeing more and more of these are making application for an inappropriate case says getting approval for building battery backup systems sooner items that are charged with electricity when there is an excess of electricity available on the grid so i think that that are ability to withstand the storms will be improved as time goes on as you mentioned the cars itself a battery storage asking about that and then how did that work i mean i remember hearing years go to where we were gonna have a system where especially overnight as there's very little demand on the traditional electric grid of people would be charging their vehicles and then they they would have these charges available a if there were some kind of a situation where utilities needed to pull power back off of them a is that is that really a thing that's gonna be happening i think it is although it is not yet able to be done because one the car batteries sitter being put into these cars have not been designed to be able to be tapped for an external use like that outside of the car man the utilities have not yet developed and the chargers have not yet been fully developed so they they're completely pletely interactive the way they are say the new you know what the power wall is yeah okay so like the power wall is now designed to store electricity they you could use at home anders utility drawn it hasn't emergency un needs to use some electricity the car battery in that whole system is perfectly capable of doing that but it's not currently able to do that okay got some colors lined up here so let's go them in order a guy from berlin good morning guy mike odd mr chairman thank you for coming on this is very interesting a you just mentioned a ice storms a climate related a hurricane irene and all that which for me it really raises the question since whatever we do to reduce carbon is not gonna have a significant impact in vermont on on big the global climate seen why are we spending are limited amount of of planning time and money on climate adaptation instead because i hear so much so much emphasis in the legislature you're on climb on carbon reduction in the war against carbon i'm i don't hear an awful lot at least not enough on adapting to what seems to be inevitable regardless of what we do here in vermont and i'll i'll hang up and innocent you're you're you're you're you're at sir thanks for the call guy a commissioner any thoughts yes i think i think that's an excellent question and a my my answer to that question is twofold number one if we only assume that unless vermont can change the world all by itself that we shouldn't do anything i think we failed to recognize the value of setting an example vermont often leads needs rather than follows and i think by what we do here we can inspire and i hope we will inspire other states and other countries eventually to take the same kind of action right now united states is not a leader in dealing with carbon in fact unfortunately we're lagging behind other countries we shouldn't do that we are the leading country we should be leading on this important issue redocking and leading by example it sounds like you're saying yes absolutely an end and the second thing is we shouldn't be ignoring taking protective measures to deal with these effects of climate change while we are trying to get rid of the worst effects that will happen if we don't deal with climate change so we we have to do both and a but that's that's why i referred to this is reporting are sales on a wartime footing let me think of this so as this this needs that kind of mentality but let me try it again in a couple of other callers in here archer from more time just a couple of minutes ago are quick there a holiday electric car's gonna start paying their fair share for wearing out the roads i'll hang up and listen okay thank you question what do you think oh i think the the time will come when that'll have happened are report identified a couple of ways in which a some kind of a payment will be made by electric vehicles to compensate for their use of the roads that would be something like what is the gas tax but there was also a lot of general a comment that we shouldn't start doing that until we've got ten or fifteen percent of the population in the state route using electric vehicles all right let me go to one last caller is mike from berry hi this is mike 'em there a lot of these companies should should think about making all the batteries the same so that there could be a quick change battery hurry in there and be charging stations cetera solar operated and they just change out the battery and then people couldn't drive right on that's interesting thought it had been hurting me before what what do you think of that conversion is sort of a situation where batteries interchangeable you pull up you pop one battery out and i are these batteries rather big and heavy might be kind of a bogey job or one small driver they they they are heavy one of the things that that we are seeing though is the charging stations unlikely earliest charging stations are completely usable any electric vehicle instead of you're needing to have a special star gene charging station free year particular model of the electric vehicle so that's a start in the right direction the suggestion by the collar that the charging stations also have solar is an excellent idea and hopefully we will see that happening now that'd be sorry anthony lynn whereabout out of time i'm afraid but i really i wanna thank you very much the chair the public utility commission for joining us is excellent conversation thank you thanks sure you're interest rate a bottom of the hour cbs news coming up more of the dave ramsey show the following statement us well i wish i had a dollar forever compliment i get a better selection upstairs at the orange store the seasons collection both country 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follow the link from there to the dave ramsey show scrawled on it but you'll find a list of are recent programs usually by topic indoor guest and you can tune in and then figure grab what we've been saying on the air here a lot of interesting guests come on the program here and you might wanna get caught up for instance width are public utility commission chairman a chair i should say that's the new way to reefer decided all these days be anthony or he's been was just on the last half hour talking very interesting topic about electric vehicles and how he thinks we vermont needs to get on it wartime footing promoting an expanding our electric vehicle fleet in the state so the weekend combat climate change and a fascinating conversation if you wanna catch it and you miss it the first half hour you tune into are podcasts w d e v radio dot com and follow the link to the dave ramsey show scroll down you'll find a list of are recent programs as i mentioned already we are gonna go to our next guest now who is steve pappas easy editor of the times argus enroll in the herald and i'm very happy to welcome steve door air after only a couple of days away steve was a fever pitch it for me on friday as guest hosts a friday morning thank you very much doing that steven thanks very much for coming back this morning from warrior glutton for punishment well i mean you tend to ask nicely so please please i need somebody opioids well that's nicely as a player you go there you go hey hey a couple of interesting things in your paper this morning i wanna talk about you're leads story about a homelessness in my career and also a your editorial about the world cup soccer championship the women's team one on sunday and some other political politicals a noise surrounding that and so let's just go to a let's start out with the news here in a in an interesting piece on the front page by stephen mills concerns in montpellier about a homeless this it seems like there's a it's a it's a sort of a two sided thing where people are are worried about the folks who are homeless obviously in a compassionate way and then they are also just kind of bothered by having folks sometimes loitering on the street outside of the doors of various businesses and so on what we would have we seen here well horsing pressure now being applied to city hall into the city council to at least start a conversation on what what might be a reasonable 'em and again i i have no idea reasonable is pretty subjective in this case but i think you're characterization of it is right on the spot that there are there is a part of the community that really feels like this is a problem and that's a problem around the state in it's a problem isn't going away because of the housing crisis in the affordability issues of vermont and that are are downtown's are you know in the wintertime who were you know this is something that is addressed in a very kind of structured in a meaningful way in the summertime it's it's almost less so because there's not as much of an imminent what people feel as is an imminent threat as far as the the weather and the conditions but the problem is that there is a homeless community eddie in vermont hand they do migrate to downtown's because in populated areas that's where they can get services that's where they can ask for help 'em it is not against the law to panhandle is not in a hit is you know you and i've talked about this a couple of times when berlin was kind of facing the same kind of discussion oh you're so ago that people were really bothered they were confronted it by people standing at busy intersections asking for money in hand certain people wanted the police to remove them from the same kind of thing part of this population is it's a transient population for sure has found its way to montpellier end a because there is a large number of you know during the course of the day there are a lot of people in the end they're asking for help and they're asking for services and people are not impressed and so there's this as you say this compassionate part of the community wants to addressed kind of the bigger issue and is asking the city council to have that conversation and then there's hey big piece of the community that is the business community many folks who are kind of offended that they're homeless people around montpellier in want them essentially told the move will move along and and you know that you start to get into some real slippery slopes there when you know if the city council wants to start having a discussion about loitering in vagrancy and and those kinds of things they are probably gonna find themselves on the end some pretty sharp criticism about you know you can't you can't really do that you have to accept you know the community as a whole which includes people who are down on their luck hand in the the police report in the last two or three weeks has been filled with of instances of people complaining about everything from cigarette smoke from people sitting outside to people 'em sitting on benches for too long for blocking stairways for 'em people anticipating the people who are in the community are intoxicated there have been additional patrols asked for behind the pavilion in leading up the hubbard park 'em in even questions about you know kind of the conduct and behavior of certain people in the community so there's been we noticed it because we observe the police report all the time and we started talking about here of we know why what's going on in montpellier that everyone's everyone's so hyper sensitive to you know this what appears to be a transition community and you know we hadn't really seen it has kind of aggressive in in the police report before and it's not police aggression it's police being asked to check things out the police are not targeting these folks by any stretch imagination in this story makes clear that that's the case but there is an uptick in the calls is being brought to the city into the police about you know what can we do about this homelessness problem end a un uptick in the number of people saying we don't wanna hear yeah and i actually you mentioned the word transi transi in a couple of times and am in the fact that this is we have a more structured response in the wintertime we have a small significantly smaller population of homeless folks in the in the area in the wintertime there are people who traveled a different parts of the country a depending on the weather basically an end a popular is a very pleasant place to be generally in july and a maybe a little less so in january and a a the result is i think it would be obvious anybody who's thinking about you know somebody needs to spend a lotta time outside and and so that's one issues that this is an issue that now has cropped up you know a few different summer as we hear more much more about it in the summer i would it be wise for the city to establish or maybe he you know get some coalition of churches to establish a fm a system of a male places the gopher folks during the day a i dunno of you know just a few tables and chairs and men a jeff boards and and maybe maybe some food maybe a you know the soup kitchen could be incorporated into a day shelter for folks that you don't have to sit on you know sit on a on a you know granted the granite step of a of an apartment building or something and here's something more comfortable a less likely that give you sunburn i dunno just i mean is that meaning sensor with that become sort of a magnet unto itself and it just a disaster big brawl well i think that is probably the more compassionate approach to to resolving the issue that will come down to who who organizes and who funded right yeah and that will that becomes a broader issue within the community of well aren't there are services that are already supposed to be providing that kind of you know resource or our 'em assistance in and the question is you know that's that's kind of what we're looking at this point is well what is available in you know what and what can be done great talent story i mean if you think about it might be there has resources you know you think about my period has a lot of ball of retired people were looking for volunteering opportunities and you would think some of them could help organize you know such a program a i dunno and then and then bringing a few a few summer interns who were studying social work in college or something you know who might be available to come in and actually make it organized approach to individuals on the street and say hey you know we have this place that you could come and get a meal and talk to folks and hanging out and do whatever you want want really a and also connect with services if a if you want them i mean i know there's a there's a there's they a lot of chatter when you get into this issue about a some homeless folks not wanting to do much in in terms of connecting with government services but if you if you do it in a way that is fairly 'em gentle i dunno you know a in in welcoming and not a dozen come down and people like a hammer i i think that you know you could definitely addressed the problem some extent would you would you hunt percent no right well i think the bigger issue here is the stigma in and i think that that you know the one thing that we have heard quite vocally anecdotally i mean nobody would of course going the recor in and say this is i wanna look at these people you know i don't i don't wanna be standing in line in have somebody sitting on the ground you know asking me for a buck or have a sad sign or sad story depicted i don't want that that's not what i want i don't come to my pillows for that hum in that kind of thing in that that that strikes at something far worse you that's that's that's something that the city does not want to they do not want a train govern that at all those you want you know in in i and i and i know there are people in the community who want the the police in the city leaders to kind of move people along but you know i know when i moved to belong to where exactly exactly i mean we living in rural state yeah they they migrate people migrate great to anybody who needs help is going to go to the center of a community where there were there are churches where there are food shelter where there are are services an end where there is a population of people with money in their pockets hand montpellier as we know has what's the number twenty twenty two thousand state workers in the course of a day come tomorrow pillar or in the vicinity of montpellier it's it's a big number andrea that's a lot of people just walking by who in the course of a day you might you might actually have enough money generating her collect enough money deliver now is that being monitored is being you know who i don't know i don't i think montpellier has to ask itself some pretty hard questions because it does not wanna be 'em you know portrayed in a way that it is not being compassionate because it tries to be environmentally it focuses on that zero at focuses on being green focuses on being compassionate focuses on all these things yeah yeah you know it can't be all those things end hey can you make sure the homeless folks get over berry because we don't want them here but you know the general i think the general idea here is that the city is saying where some folks say you're saying you know we wanna make sure that the people are are giving the services they need taking care of it cetera but we can't have a blocking doorways and so on in a d a as i mentioned the request her of this is dave kelly a this is a no loitering rule and they believe he joins us on me on the phone right now good morning dave dave how are you i'm doing well how are you doing i'm fine what it's like you know a day like this the sun is out there although it's summertime in vermont we're i mean it's like summertime in vermont tends to draw a lot more people including people who don't have a voice the snake well and that's and that's a problem it i think if we put our heads together we can find better solutions than than the solution we have now which is doing nothing and what is what's the result of that of that approach from your perspective as a property now you still own what is it the second building down on state street well no i on the corner of building at the corner yeah and what isn't to jews there and that that yeah and and on gene in katie's jewels and then there's a law that such there right it used to be my outlets building i i think i i just think there's a lot of things we can do better i think we've got a lot of people that need social services with homelessness in food insecurity and a substance abuse problems and i i think those people you know we should have a simple brochure pamphlet that explains where those services how they can be accessed you know i was talking to somebody this morning in you know if i i think quite frankly we we could they have a donation box is around the city if if if people need a you know if it's just sending money i'm i'm not sure 'em you know just a you know giving i thought that a few dollars to people so they could buy cigarettes solve any problems mhm yeah i in in in that is that is one a one thing i see pappas you recall there was a time not long ago when monsignor which considering and i'm trying a member of ashley passed an ordinance about smoking in public and basically you know i think people wanna do have that whole section of downtown la dwp smoke free a recently some people did end up ended up being and acted i don't i don't believe so i think they still use stepped in and now on the berry tried the same thing at one point and i'm i believe that the you know different groups basically stepped in and said you you can't can't legislate how people conduct their life's yeah okay in the end i mean dave kelly what do you what do you make of adam you should there be a no smoking ordinance and the center remote viewer or well listen first of all i volunteer with sale you and for the most part i been a huge supporter of theirs but as far as i'm concerned smoking a where the smoke goes right up into health spa 'em isn't isn't good for anybody and i am quite frankly i'm all for saying i i would i thought we did the right thing when we said you're not gonna smoke in restaurants and i think it would be the right thing they say look to the corner state in maine if you wanna smoke let's let's find a place but not the corners state in may okay i you know i and i i'm one of the people the jet cigarettes low i i just a it's just a it's it's i don't think it's good for anybody yeah i i just as a matter of personal preference or whatever i in health i mean i i know the secondhand smoke is not not a good thing to inhale course first an smoke certainly isn't and and a lot of in i think i think you know eventually where we're gonna leave all to a place swear a tobacco and marijuana about the the same note and nobody it's very uncommon that smell marijuana smoke break on these you smoke tobacco smoke basically both property oughta be treated the same way wanna do it do it in their own home or on your own property or you're own you know someplace away from the general public and a away from the general public and andy thee problem will be at least that that aspect of it but here are people who who don't have a place deliver they don't have a place to go really during the day because they're not employed a what should the city do dave kelly a with those folks i mean somebody in town from you know maybe they spend their winter somewhere down south is something where it's warmer then they come up here and then or to the north in in the summertime a tender in homeless a i've i've heard you know some young folks we've heard of them is train operators i dunno that's really a literal thing where people i mean i think it happens sometimes i don't know how often where people actually jump on a train ride some other part of the country a hobo routine you know 'em i i just think i think we can do better than or doing i think we can find find more comfortable places than the than the concrete in the rain in the sun and the elements that are right there let's let's let's find some comfortable places i think think we can do better i think but i also think that if if there is a need for services there needs to be information and connections in you know i i'm i i don't know why we don't have you know simple posters if you need food or any other place this day you know communicating those those services and how the access on like all right well when these problems start digging addressed by the city will will be talking more about it but in the meantime about out of time on this segment dave thanks for joining us a late in in in will be pappas makes me and my guests in the second half of the program they make some money i think by cbs news up coming back with more of the dave ramsey show afterwards stay with us folks i wish i had a dollar for every compliment i get a better selection upstairs at the warren store this season's collection both country casual clothing for men and women dresses for summer weddings and events baby clothing from china went to an unfair trade jewelry from around the world i'm excited about a new line of pottery from legendary vermont also illuminated papers stars for outdoor fun it's a great day trip to warn village comfort lunch on the deck and upstairs with some unique retail therapy fun bunking friendly and almost worldfamous now back in the day brand new show on wbz fm hey how we are back in the going or second hour of the dave ramsey show here in a we usually talk somebody from talk media news right after cbs news comes on at ten o'clock may have to change things up a little bit 'cause they tend to be a little more delayed now after the ten o'clock news break we 'em a folks from talk media news but tom's which areas gonna be joining us this morning in a he's gonna be talking about a british ship ships in the safe harbor in the persian gulf unless it is safe to move forward out of concerned there may be seized by iran in a that would be in retaliation for the british taking you have an iranian oil tanker trying to break as the sanctions a in a so iran is heating up apparently britain is involved will be getting an update i believe from tom terry very shortly about these issues over there in a be a germans are saying they don't wanna get involved in the usa efforts in syria will talk about that as well believe tom is on the line us now good morning tom hey good morning happy thursday to you as well lots going on in international scene near a we have yeah some conversation about britain in iran what's going on well a couple of things one is in the growing iran story last week as as i mentioned on you on a some folks of british marine seized in the rain vessel in going by gibraltar vessel was on its way the syria in violation of sanctions the supply oil syria so i see a british ship it's now in the persian gulf that ship has decided not the tried transit out of the gulf because of this threat that's the latest on that and then iran announced yesterday i'm always confused by the time differences that it's considering putting a tony chip it goes through the strait of hormuz which is a very interesting way they collect revenue and of course it is a that's a statement i read i don't know the details of that proposal would that mean he was warship for example it goes through is well you know so there's a lot of stuff going on there like clearly were seeing an expansion of these quote unquote iranian situation both from the u s around military military confrontation of a few weeks ago to iran breaking the these threshold for enrichment under the treaty it's still part of a new nuclear treaty up the usa trying to get more sanctions on iran so we have a lot of wheels got one here yeah so i i i guess i mrs hours away for a couple of days and i may be the british seizure of ukrainian ships in gibraltar way that's the way the other end of the mediterranean now in my manager boulter is a british part of the british commonwealth oh yeah yeah and so they the british intelligence got win at this rain ship carrying more was bound for syria which would break you in sanctions on syrian and just be clear he's not you esser pretty sent you insects sarah and so the british marines in pretty cooperation land is the ship was going through gibraltar which is british territory you know dribbled through authorities authorities held the ship stopping the british helicopter marines land is on on his back of his ship from helicopters during the night took over ship there is no one harm death you know it was a it was a good operation in that sense and the ship i believe is still in jabbar altering the crew is been interviewed as what happens to them i'm not sure but iran bob protests immediate elaine saying is illegal seizure and they threatened retaliation yeah that that is they 'em that does seem like you're heightening tensions in general and and and and certainly broadening of of a you know the concerns we'd heard before mainly focused on usa iran and a life on among the things i found interesting david is that the week before asper mark so they acting defense sector was asking european nations to call out around for its bad behavior and they were locked in to do so publicly because of this whole nuclear treaty that we mentioned a few moments ago okay now but the british action a comes problems in in despite that you know despite the fact that they're trying to work out a deal with iran but they still took action because the ship was violating sanctions and they were enforcing it in some would say including myself that this is akin to to rudy giuliani's old old theory about how they deal with crime in new york city you go after people would break the windows the small cries because if you let people get away with that then they'll do larger crime so the british knew this was gonna break be sanctioned breaking ship and they were in a position to stop it from breaking sanctions end up in a way that no one was harmed and it's it just strikes me even from his own seventh grade geography student from way back a this oil oil tanker truck graffiti now from from from iran is is heading east through the stranger broader yeah here's here's what hit them i'm gonna interrupt you because you're point this fact that is it shows and this is interesting to a it chose not to go through the suez canal because if you go through the suez canal you're cargo is closely inspected for many reasons so may end so it would show the it was an oil and it was bound for syria okay and that would violate the sanctions and so you'd be caught in the canal sort of speak out you know they chose to go a long way around as you point out it's odd geographic time wise but they did it my word now has a ruse the try to avoid being caught that's what it looks like the me yeah well then how long did it work out that way around africa get caught anyway yeah exactly why okay let's go to a nine donka germany a said no quickly in front of me when the uss to be our troops in syria what's happening with the germany he wouldn't say for the last two years of president trump this sort of just nato and told set up batted ally germany's paying more and this and that while the germans have maintained its presence in iraq as part of the anti isis coalition training and doing reconnaissance flights in air refilling they're helping in afghanistan the few other places so over the weekend the usa special on board for their entire isis says coalition is it he's in germany in having meetings and he asked germany both privately and mentioned in a couple of interviews at usa wants german the german descent troops into syria to replace the u s troops at a party under president trump's to order and he said i hope we hear back from them in a month okay well then within a day or not gonna do it so a they're not gonna do it a their angela merkel's stepping down as the leader germany so there's a lot of internal politics going on of course jockeying for who's leading the government that adds to the likelihood that they would even do it i don't think they would have done in any way a you know after you get treated badly for two years by an ally who had been attia send troops someplace because you're leaving because you're present orange it'll leave that's not an easy sell a guy you know you'd have to have a very artful deal one would think but well out of the pardon the outlet that statement standard so i dunno i i mean it's interesting and also as you mentioned the internal politics in germany right i normally a country going through the throws a big changes internally not in the position to strike out to go boldly where you know whatever that phrase is a in india britain is having the same sorts of internal shakeup right now and and they they went ahead and did the gibraltar move so that they did but you have to remember the post world war two a constitution instant status of germany and japan they're different but they're similar in this regard is that military adventurism outside their borders is not well regarded within their borders yeah okay now germany does have an army in an armed forces and they do send troops as i said the afghanistan and others they do support role in iraq as i mentioned before japan doesn't do that even because of its constitution so these are these are post world war two constitution as well as in graham out politicals ways of thinking in both those nations in in germany that are not ants i military so much but cautious militarism yeah yeah that makes sense and it's it's just yes it is it is interesting you know the cv impact packed of world war two still still felt a you know all these years later 'em a shaky home turmoil in the upper ranks of the pentagon continues as a four star admirals who isn't takeover they is the navy's top officer in august first will instead leave leave the service through the poor judgment regarding any professional relationship what's that about there are twenty at least twenty top positions now in the pentagon civilian and military where there's not eight confirmed individual individual in the slot that's that's really unsettling okay yeah incident the you did i mentioned to you that you just brought up a bill admiral moran who is that the become the next chief of naval operations that's the highest navy position that person that's on the joint chiefs of staff okay he would take over a admiral richardson is leaving is retiring from the navy well after even though it amaranth confirmed in may it's not come out that he's left on his staff for two years an individual who was a reprimanded disciplined in demoted a for actions at a christmas party a few years ago this is known in the pentagon as they quote unquote bad santa party okay and and and i i it's it's a very murky is too many details at a new listeners will not be the no the details at this time but never that that individual left on their animals staffer two years we've seen it depending on and so this came up after he was confirmed in it really cast a cast a shadow on him you know why you kept him on staff is very important position so because of that admiral moran will not take the new position but he too will retire he's not gonna be disciplined for this and he didn't do anything wrong in that sense you know it's just bad judgment on his part and so he's got a retired from the navy admiral richardson the current chief medical officer were made in that job until someone else's nominated and confirmed from now but again it just it just adds to the whole uncertainty of who's running the ship and no pun intended that'd be gone yeah we have an acting secretary defense and then now and acting army secretary not being air force secretary and then all the way down the line as i say at least twenty top positions are not without people who confirmed announced positions that is that is that is kind of amazing you i think you're word on that is a is a good one for it i mean we just talked about the unsettled situation in germany and britain and boy oh boy i know she's like we have a in a different way unsettled situation in washington is what it is it's not just suggested the people who are in these jobs is acting secretary what are not capable they are by doing it has it has to do with having firm leadership a consistent leadership but you'll know will be there next month next year excetera foreign charges as well as per allies to to work where it here in subordinate to respond to it cetera so that's exactly why well all right tom well thanks to this update i appreciate you would not send a a love talking to you again soon yeah what a welcome my my next guests we talk a little bit about the challenges we hear about in liam it in starting a small business in ramadi getting it off the ground in keeping it going in responding to all of these requirements that the state imposes on business people in and release some of them may be different requirements are different kinds of businesses but we maybe talk a little bit about that as well but my i wanna introduce my guest betsy bishop is the president of the vermont chamber of commerce and has been around these public life of around for a few years now and is a in is a someone who is a frequent visitor to the state house for instance and talks about a lot about business related legislation their agenda roberts is the co owner and partner in in an effort to resurrect a the longtime time a sporting business on a sporting goods business on lincoln street historically in history then it might be earlier that used to be nervous sports in a un in his new wife his onion river outdoors and so will talk a little bit about what she is experienced as a business this person trying to resurrect their business it was down on his luck for awhile and a and a and then all we also have jones gold seen on the phone she's the commissioner of economic developments of the state of vermont and deals with business people all the time and as they come to her and say what do we need to do to get are are business up and running in vermont and all three of you i want to welcome you to the program thanks so much for joining me thanks shanahan an end a let me let me start with you i betsy bishop if i could a someone comes to you is present ended his chamber of commerce and says i'm thinking about starting a new you fill in the blank what's what's a good example well there's a lot of examples i make a folks looking to do a variety of different things in vermont i think sometimes we think about a tech as a thriving industry in vermont and we see some businesses certainly doing that end looking for resources in a another way as we have an idea we have a lot of entrepreneurial spirit in vermont and i have an idea for a store i have an idea for a new product that i'd like to make we see a lot of specialty foods in vermont 'em we see that what we don't see is sort of that notion of like i've got this huge business i'd like to move to vermont we don't see that so much look for that as well and i think commissioner gold steam would be glad to talk a little bit about some of the work that we do in that space but i think what businesses are looking for people with an idea these entrepreneurs small business who might have five employees or small budget is there china think about you know how do we sustain growth how do we grow a how do we scale up so issues become com access to capital a they become issues like workforce a an in a whole slew of other you know how do i get started is one issue but how do i grow is certainly another issue in vermont ended in june gold so you know i would gathered at business people come to see you wouldn't be businesspeople anyway entrepreneurs i have an idea of what do you tell them what kind of services in the state offered is somebody in that position yeah the state as a whole host of on not only state a device programs but we also have partners that the legislature has appropriated funding for the for example if you have an idea for a business but you haven't fully done a business plan plan or a understood the feasability of doing that business we would recommend people to go to their local vermont small business development center a refund all around the state and they're located in the various counties where there's a regional development corporation so it it sort of a one stop shop they go local they can get free technical assistance they could work with be counselor to a test the financial model of their business and then work toward getting fundable so there and that's just one partner with there's also a beast that which is a center for emerging technologies they've got incubators around the state a if you have a scientific idea or a patent from let's say uvm we also found a part of the innovation group up there to bring those ideas into a commercial activity on the vermont sustainable jobs fund has eight group a period of peer group that helps businesses as as betsy said you know grow and sustain themselves 'cause it's not just starting it's making sure that you could stay in business on dsp eight the federal agency sp has emerging leadership class so there's a number of partners and and organizations around the state to help small businesses a start up and continue one winfield we've heard a lot about his recent years is value added agriculture and that seems to be one that is a may be getting some specialized treatment is that right absolutely mp just look at the specialty food association awards that went to so many vermont cheese makers a you would just i mean it's just such a source of pride for vermont in addition a be in addition to the cheese we've got the food and beverage manufacturers that's a very rapidly growing sub sector in the manufacturing side so yes i think that you'll you'll see the success stories and vermont are very much tapping into the natural resources the things that vermont is known for and doing it in a world class way and so we just need to tell those stories more and that's another thing that the state is getting more involved with a late it let me let me get a little gauge on progress here betsy bishop my recollection is you have been around these parts for more than a decade now and and a compare the two thousand and two thousand nine of course we were at the at the depths of the recession but i mean go back a period like that twelve years maybe just before the recession a tell me is vermont now a better place to do business and it was back then or about the same or how are we making progress you know i think those are those are hard judgments to make because in the middle of that when you go past decade or so a when we were in the depths of recessions certainly things are better now but there doesn't make them easier 'em and there are other factors that are impacting that and i do think it depends on the business what has transpired in that last ten or twelve fifteen years is we've seen the growth of sort of the global billy con i mean none of us are doing business in just eight town or eight state anymore and we can't end when you look at the competition from elsewhere we have to be really cognizant of that what else has happened in the last ten or fifteen years in vermont is are population continues to shrink are workforce participation continues to shrink and we have to think about so if you're only marketing to that vermont vermont 'em another business business or that vermont customer you know that's you're base and so you have to think about how can i access even broader markets so i think there's a lot that has changed vermont has certainly policy wise highs has looked for how can we support and sustain growing businesses there's a lot of interest in that but there's very little money in that because you know money is tight no matter what what year wishes and desires are for government vermin so i think that those are those are things that were always looking at 'em icy hopeful signs in the vermont economy i would say a when you talk to businesses right now what they are saying is these are the good times for those who have been around a lift through that two thousand and eight two thousand nine time period but that's also scares people at the same time because then they go well so this is these are the good times yeah that's what i i i think i i i think that's something that we have that we have to literally comparing it to in a gender roberts the proprietor onion river outdoors is i mentioned in my appeal you're a youth you a took over a business which was in a in some trouble and a a generally a positive experiences fires launching relating to state programs into what's out there to help business people or did you feel like there were more bumps in the road then there should have been oh no i think we had a really great experience starting we 'em when we started we did used these small business development center and john mentioned to help us put together business plan that would have been the central remember vermont the economic development yup and and then we ended up getting alone from the central vermont economic development corporation among others 'em so we did have really good experience without the programs that are available on the other thing that we really appreciate it is the community of montpellier stepped up the community of central vermont stepped up to help us reopened we had a lot of customers who pre bought items that that 'em and so they gave us money up front so that we could fill the store with inventory and then they came back later tomorrow to claim their that's a that's interesting and i and i know there might be bigger than the surrounding area there's a community like that the bed and obviously that business had been very valued for years in in something that i think the community really love having available and and one of the few continue yeah for sure end when it was closing in december of twenty seventeen there was a real grieving process in the last couple of weeks of the store being open where people were coming in and sharing their stories of the store and they still do that actually they still come i'm so glad you're back you know i thought my first by can't buy my son's first i can't that's that is really interesting we are a cup in just a minute or so gonna go to a bottom of the hour break for some cbs news and a couple of words some sponsors and a a an we could talking with a little more detail like they're like goes to kind of step by step through your your process of of of getting in the onion river sports change and you were outdoors and getting a backup and end up being a running and running business 'em have you seen other betsy bishop have you seen other other stories like that were out of reactions comes comes they a a new phoenix or whatever i think that's one of the things i love about the vermont community in you know you see this here with jenin in downtown montpellier but i think you could point to a lot of communities in vermont i think of country stores down in pattni who have you know how it literally rising from the ashes so there's a lot of lot of efforts like that with a sustaining it's hard excellent but as i mentioned we are gonna go to a bottom of the hour break from cbs news the news minute with them and then a couple of words mar sponsors will be back with more of the dave ramsey show here on wbz b fm hey i'm gonna when it full conversation i wish i had a dollar forever compliment i get a better selection upstairs at the orange store this season's collection both country casual clothing for men and women dresses summer weddings and events baby clothing from china went to an unfair trade jewelry from around the world i'm excited about a new line of pottery from legendary jerry vermont also illuminated papers stars for outdoor fun it's a great day trip to warn pillage comforter munch on the deck and upstairs some unique retail therapy fun bunking friendly and almost worldfamous newsradio w navy now back to the day bram shall we are back we are talking with joan gold senior economic development commission for the state of vermont betsy bishop the president of the vermont chamber of commerce john roberts is the proprietor one of two proprietors i believe of onion river outdoors in montpellier i store though is known for years is any sports in a generally start a sock company a little more detail about your a just a step by step a blow by blow description for a couple of minutes from you if we could about a your decision to get involved in this business in a in pull it back from the brink of i guess it had closed right class of twenty seventeen in you in your husband is that his name is kept kept kept kept in jen roberts a decided no this is gonna closed this is a good business and i've got some potential its community clearly loves it because there is a whole morning period going on in my career around that time at so what'd you do tell us what happened well when we decided to reopen we thought about how we would need to change the business on in order to adapt to this new economy where there's a lot of commerce happening online and and also we just wanted to take advantage of what people said that they loved about uninterrupted sports community events on the races the gathering place of the store so 'em as we put together a new business plan we reached out to central vermont economic development corp and they hooked us up with a business advisor to help us make are business plan and from there we went through a federal immigration nations of business plan and decided we kinda flushed out we were going to add clinics and instructional 'em services to the business which hadn't been a a large part of onion river sports but we decided that was a a good community building a business for us we also decided we would add used gear to the mix 'em sort of in the outdoor gear exchange 'em way of selling end in promoting people reusing and 'em buying quality gear that will that has a a longer lifespan of bacon turnover and then other people be able to get into the sport using used stuff so after we went through to the business planning process we applied for loans 'em we ended up getting eight bank loan through community national bank we got a loan through central vermont economic development corp aunt a family loan and finally we filled in the last bit of capital that we needed to open by going to our customers and asking them to pre by something a bike or a pair of skis but they thought they might need in the next year and so 'em people stepped up at we raised about ninety thousand dollars that way 'em by having people come into the shop and offer us anywhere from you know twenty dollars to a couple of thousand dollars wow on an athlete turned around a couple of months later and turns into gift certificates to you at the shop that's a that's a excellent launch i mean it ended the it shows you see a real desire on the part of the folks around montpellier we want this this outdoors sporting goods shop to be a continuing in our community in strong and we wanna keep that little section of downtown the historical any ministry is long been known a to a state vibrant and a in in etc and and i congratulate you on on that success but during the break we were talking betsy in in in in and this is well talking about the need for sustainability in other words a launch gets a lot of media attention i gets a lot of just general community interest people are talking about it on the street and so on a here we are a couple of years late two and a half years after that a roughly a be a year and a half after the year that that whole episode of the closing in reopening and how's it going our people still coming around yeah we definitely we are seeing a shift from thee original excitement of the new store to probably what is more like business as usual yeah we've been open just over a year now and what we're finding is that at least you know i don't i don't know if if it should be different but right now are profitability is pretty razor thin 'em you know the the defense of a couple of people coming into by bikes would make all the difference for us so where were hopeful that we will continue to be able to encourage people to come in and try are clinics and bring up there used gear and have find reasons to continue coming in to participate in the store in whatever way makes sense for them but i think it's the me all the media attention end and all the excitement at first has waned and and i think we're seeing something that's maybe a little more realistic for the future now tell me about about about they used gear it's something that wasn't featured in the previous generation of this business and then i remember having a general impression a of the shop you know having been in there and number of times myself that it 'em intended to be a little upscale you know but and so on then and have you found the year demographic has expanded by virtue of being able to maybe offers stuff to folks at a lower price because it is used i don't think we've been in a long enough to see that yet that is part of our goal for sure but also i think a lot of people have an ethic of reuse and recycle regardless of their income level and so i get appeals to a large demographic yeah inter inter inter instinct and 'em in terms of this kind of community support 'em betsy bishop your you were telling a made brief reference to the story of the general store and putney we see this and other places around vermont where a community is worried about a local business and a in why she sort of rise up in in defensor supportive of that local business a refresher on the story you know i i i'm probably not the perfect person to know all the history there but my recollection is that in joan i don't know if you wanna jump in here or not but my recollection is i believe that store has burned twice and both times physically really in reality came back from the ashes do the community support the preservation of the preservation trust paul bruins work has has been really important there and again that is community support that is a lot of effort to get something like that up and going and so that launch there's always a lot of attention as you know his chambers of commerce we put lots of attention to and the grand opening a resurgence the rebuilding we we do that but what happens is every business in the state of vermont moves from that to everyday end the sustainability of businesses in vermont is critical andy when you hear jen talk about profit margins being razor thin i don't know her business model but my guess is she's being kind small businesses are at razor thin margins i think about the restaurant businesses we have a thriving restaurant industry street in vermont were all foodies we love the farm to table we we are there's a lot of activity there there's not a lot of profit margin business so you see as a as a customer you see a busy restaurant and you think oh they must be doing well a it's tight food costs are high and so what we often don't think about is how when we think about policies and an layering on regulations and different things like that sometimes we we don't it's hard to understand the costs that what those would impose they seem small when you bring them down to individual businesses but when you're at that razor's edge you really have to think about those six 'cause having businesses like jen's a in mom hillier whether it's a clothing store and outdoor store a having a restaurant a even a small inner something near downtown that's what makes that community vibrant and that's what makes the downtown vibrant that's what makes people want to come and visit there and it's also what makes people wanna come in lives there and maybe work there because ultimately we need those tourist actually become vermont tours we need more people here we need more people here the frequent the stores we need more people here in the workforce a so those are all those issues it's all part of an economic life cycle and it starts at the root of that community wanting that business to thrive and good continue on that thought frequent regularly yeah shona it let me ask you to jump in here in and i have a question i wanna ask you about this which is that when when folks come from out of state particularly of i know a lot of remodelers wanna start businesses but sometimes people will come up here from elsewhere and say we think this town were visiting me the general store a do do you see much of that none of late but that doesn't mean it's not happening i mean they may not come in throughout department and make go in more locally on but i did wanna just add to best his point about the community being very active and i think that's one thing that vermont has a differentiate itself from perhaps even neighboring states are communities they're very very active and very involved and they care about economic development and i think there's a similar story in barnard with the burner general store there were people got together and paul bruin was part of that as well to me that that survived and that's a very he sort of tourism second homeownership but even locals will frequent that store and that becomes it's really the only thing in town you know you know there were many towns like that where we need eight stores something that brings people together a in vermont is very very keen on the community aspect but you're right the community cares about it but they need to shop and this is an interesting comment i at one point in my history in vermont council small businesses and they were the restaurant tour who told me yeah i have people they think they're regulars 'cause they come here once a month i'm here once a week or more and so it's just an interesting dynamic is that we you know often monitors were not considering our selves key consumers were not a big consumer a society on the other hand without having that that type of philosophy businesses suffer so it is an interesting dynamic you of course one of the issues is is that for a lot of households in vermont once a month is what you get for meals out if that a lot of people their household budget isn't isn't this is razor thin in spots as well a an so you thinking about going out to eat it if you know i i i get this because of you know we've we've never had a super extravagant budget in my household and and so if we if we go out to eat 'em for for a nice meal once a month a were gonna spread that out to different places and then we ended up going to a restaurant x once a year so there's another way to fix that i think what's that is add more people to the mix so that you you can continue to be a regular at once a month or you can buy one bike from jen 'em because i mean how many bikes does he average family need road one at a time where i haven't tried ronnie lott but but the point is that we need more people divide bikes we need more people in in our communities end 'em you know we work with a group called the vermont futures project has done an analysis of how many more people we need in the workforce force in vermont needs ten thousand more people in the workforce they need at ten thousand people a year every year why just one year yeah wow and the what's the reason for that is that's because we have an economy that's growing let's call at one and a half or two percent so you need to feel that with workers what else is going on you have people who are retiring regularly were only putting eight thousand people out of are high schools and colleges judges directly into the workforce every year and yet employers are saying we need about eighteen thousand so that's like gap of ten thousand and that's where jones department is doing some really good work in marketing vermont to outside of vermont saying you know if you loved us for a weekend you might love us for a lifetime you know come here as a tourist money think about living and working here we have jobs we have we have these things we want you to be part of these amazing communities so i'm a big fan of adding population specifically in the workforce piece because as you add workers be economy grows people have a little bit more cash they infrequent those businesses and you create that dynamic that is certainly a way to do it and the legislature and the governor have put put their might behind this is well with money they bought into it in a variety of different ways both in the marketing cutting funding in incentives around remote workers in looking at the state a state program that the department of tourism in marketing do is doing the department of economic development there's some initiative behind this people have bought into meeting more workers in more consumers is well i mean from from your perspective dub john roberts onion river outdoors a if you have a say a twenty eight year old per customer comes in is looking for a bike let's say and they buy it ice bicycle and this by could last some ten or twenty years and and that's what we hope we we really believe that selling quality maintenance is is worth having people buy them less frequently you know that part of what we're looking to do is to have people shift some of their online shopping to local because of the way that it keeps dollars in downtown and and keep their neighbors employed floyd and that we really think that if if people value on quality which i believe they do in vermont that they will come in and buy something that costs more initially but lasts longer but then you get this demographic question where a and i think of as in terms of something like furniture as well where a young a young couple who's just starting about household will go out and buy their living room couch or by their refrigerator there why they're dining room set all within the space of a couple of years or whatever but then they have these things and they are shopping for four years after that for those items and the local furniture stores saying their by their fingernails saying where my customers right and i i i think a lot of us have to be like we consider ourselves a general store of outdoor goods because you can't just sell bicycles probably and make it so we have service you know weekend fixture snow shoes or weaken laxer skis or put a new chain on your bike we have clinics so that we could teach people how to do sports if they don't know how to do yet so they can join us and some samples of those words what would people look i'm ready for a lesson well right now were doing women's mountain bike clinics there's a lot of demand for women's clinics out there so we did a women's back country ski clinic this last winter we have shop rides they're more informal but it's a shop lead ride every week but you know goes out either for gravel guy not like racket different systems wow that's that's interesting an end a defined that a that some women are are kind of showing up for the first time and getting into this thing for and they say this is something i can do and etcetera etcetera must be exciting things together between yeah for sure they're i think they're in vermont is a very active place in general it's part of art culture and so there are a lot of women who who are maybe seeing this end haven't participated yet and decided that they're gonna give it a shot so yeah we're we're definitely seeing that and and a lot of kids is well there's we do some kids not by clinics and the sports culture years i find it very interesting i grew up in the boston area of course boston is known as one of the nation's leading sports crazed cities you know a at andy i got nothing on a day when i when i have noticed the nfl down country relatives this time i said yeah in boston people watch sports in vermont people do sport i mean it's just kind of it's a whole different attitude of you know i i'm not gonna i mean it i listen i enjoy watching the celtics game but i know a lot monitors who will go over the the rec center for game of pickup basketball the new will sit and watch us love his game if it's just kind of amazing thing well it's sort of to be monitor you have to you have to have something you like like whatever that is this afternoon he'll skiing's not you're thing or country out of the house in the wintertime snowshoeing i didn't say you are winters last a long time here you can't indoor them you have to enjoy them so pick something you you not only can adore there'd be happy you can't indoor them that's a great little little if i'm sorry folks you gotta get out and and breathing that that chile aaron and a but hey get out today and enjoy this unbelievable summer weather we're having right now folks any anyway odds the joe ingles team tell me your your sense of of the state need to do anything in proven any areas to help small businesses further their their ability to to take seed or you know to a fine purchase in somewhere liberman says yeah i think i think it's really as bad see a so so well put we really need more people the governor has talked about this a few years now that the population really population decline have such an impact not just on workforce but even on economic vitality of you know startup creation and housing wealth and all the things that typically you know contribute to vital community and so i think if we don't solve the population issue were going to see more and more razor thin margins we need more people we need more people for the workforce we need more people to be consumers small business products and to help share the burden of what it cost actually operate so okay here's here's here's my crazy idea of vermont needs to be what you've heard of things like bond ruin lollapalooza things like that in vermont needs to have a national scope pop rock concert of some kind or whatever once a year in the summertime an end have you know a hundred thousand people show up and taken all the hot man's and then right around the perimeter of this event have employers could set up tents and invite folks in for job interviews right there and say you like it here so we do something like that not quite the lollapalooza dave but we we have a killing ten has gotten the the world cup skiing here aunt i believe the numbers are tens of thousands of people who show up there on the slopes and what's fabulous is joan gold steen herself and the department of economic development and do set up a tent there the rutland economic development corp along with the rutland chamber of commerce set up attempt there the first year we had a huge banner that said like mechanical engineer civil engineer resort manager just titles of jobs that are currently available in these tens of thousands of tourists wandered by in were like yeah but really and they're like yes and they made made that connection funneled them to the think vermont dot com website where you're intervening in somebody's vacation in saying you're having fun here you can go to first tracks in the morning and still show up to work in your day job where we can pay you what you're getting paid in boston think about it that's the only message that you can deliver in that kind of lollapalooza kind of thought but it can be delivered and it is being done interesting joan what kind of results have come from it yeah i think it's an ongoing i mean we do we have the state of stay weekends which 'em we basically invite people up on a friday night they 'em you know meet have a nice reception in the area on monday they meet with employers there's an we've had good reception we've had a few people move to the state like i think about a dozen there were a few more that are looking for jobs so there are result there it's very small right now but we are going to be expanding that this year the other thing that happened last year was the remote worker initiative which resulted in thirty three applications but eighty seven people in total move again small numbers but if we think about that and they you know they amount of money that we have this year ford is like ten times them out and i have to say that we are also now paying some money as a starting january first twenty twenty to recruit workers to the state to work vermont employers and that's an important distinction it's not just a remote worker incentive is if somebody wants to the come to work a let's say for jen on we could pay them up to a seventy five hundred dollars on reimbursement for that relocation expense so we're doing all we can we're acknowledging the problem and we have seen some results there small but we have hope that we could continue in doing that it has to be more than just a sign out and event you know it has to be a little bit more hand holding yeah people who come from large metro areas of very specialized skill sets we need to understand how that translates into a smaller scale economy of of vermont but i think it's doable and we wanna continue that work in the brilliance of it is that for the first time vermont is saying to people outside of vermont we want you to come living work here so in whatever way that is incentive the state of state program the killington thing whatever where where for the first time that that's happening and that's important are we getting competition from other states upstate new yorker new hampshire doing the same thing in how we how do we are sort of get ahead of the pack i think you're funny yeah to you've got a car yeah we got calls last blast a session from the mean legislative council they they want to come up with something similar you know so i think people are definitely a competing i haven't seen it to the extent that you didn't give a winner secrets so do i don't think i answered the call so one of the difference is is you know the thing that brings you back to maine is if you have main routes the thing that brings you to vermont is if you have a vermont connections not always but it makes it a lot easier if you had done some tour of duty in vermont maybe that would college maybe that was childhood maybe it was gram of camp maybe it was just skiing on the weekends if you've got that connection so so yes we are sort of doing what upstate new york and meaner doing but they're looking for people with a main connection or in upstate new york connect snapshot it you know what that is about a river rapidly running out of time here on the gresh show on cbs fm and am i wanna thank my three yes very much a betsy bishop is present in the vermont chamber of commerce jones gold scene is the commissioner of economic development element in jen roberts is the proprietor wanna do providers with her husband capably onion river outdoors among people here i wanna thank you very much for joining me this morning saying yeah we're we're gonna go to a gold at the end of the

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The 'Wrestling on a Corner shocked that Bianca was Slammed by a Punk in Vegas' Episode

The Corner

3:06:09 hr | 3 weeks ago

The 'Wrestling on a Corner shocked that Bianca was Slammed by a Punk in Vegas' Episode

"This episode is brought to you by hp whenever you do your best thinking. Hp specter x three sixty is ready when inspiration strikes with power. Save for battery life and focus mode to multitask. You can do your best thinking whenever and wherever it happens. The hp specter x three sixty two and one convertible pc with windows ten saves battery life for whenever an idea. Heads you hp specter x three sixty a more thoughtful laptop. What up everybody. Welcome to another episode of the corner. Podcast killed we here with the old. Andreas hail is. You could tell by my voice even crazier than usual because it was a wild weekend out here in vegas yet. Wwe summer slam of course but we also had indie shows. We had a ton of people in town. So we're running around the whole week. Oh by the way we covered the mandate pac l. fight which could very well be the last in his career. We'll talk about that in our second show of the week. But this is all pro wrestler. We're going to start off by talking about what it was like vegas the wwe universe and wrestling fans taking over will then get and punks debut. Need a w what that means for the industry and how stuff is shifting talk about. Wbz summer slam in full. We'll talk about annex t takeover which happened as well on sunday so tons and tons and tons to get today but drink. My voice shot usually is right. It is what it is at this point. I've been having trouble. My voice for a year talked about our podcast. I'm not getting surgery. The you guys gonna get all this raspy nece. I do the j kiss. Like i do that right now. My voice is a wrap. So i gotta know glass of whisky here. Try and take the edge off for you guys. But we're gonna get through this show because there's just too much to talk about the first thing being dragged around each other for a good portion of the weekend it was crazy how many people we saw everywhere we went in vegas with pro wrestling. Shirts merge roman reigns gear johnson hadson and headbands armbands the wwe universe and pro wrestling fans in general took over las vegas. On the weekend we had many pac l. Pay per view. The ufc was here which turned out to be a decent card for them. We had a concert tons of stuff. Here it was a pro wrestling weekend and it was everywhere. I i think i for everybody. That's listening. I do know that a majority y'all have been waiting for you talk about this bianca situation because love golf. Seem to be on fire against watts. Becky we are going to get to that but you will have to stick with us because this is a show where we're going to talk about a lot of things But the first thing this weekend was like the weekend where all everything that me and killed do converged in our city and we got to see it in full forces like this. Was our playground like this that we live for but it was so interesting to see that pro wrestling kind of rule the world for one weekend right leg it was. It was everywhere. We there was a pack. Outfight now. granted aerospace got hurt. That's another thing kind of took the fight down a notch but it was a pack fight. Paco made his debut at the mgm. Grand twenty years ago almost to the date couple months off and usually when pactel fights with the mgm. Everything is packed out. The poker tables a package out the side of the slot machines. Pack out not this time. They had the boxing ring. But the wbz's presence was overwhelming fruit with the ringer with stage. Shows like renee in chris. Mannix interview like triple h light. It was or teddy came. Who was whether it was so much pro wrestling. And then you look down the stripping. Everybody's wearing progress t shirts like you could spot. The mark is the one weekend where i was like. I know where everybody here is going. I know that you're going to indy. Shows i know that you're going to summer slam. I know that you're going to fight. Not i'll go on ufc. Because none of going to see. But i knew exactly where everybody was doing. Like if if i was a tour guide this weekend. Act like y'all don't follow those people because you go the wrong show you can see people get hit by like lightbulbs. You might not like that or you know you can go over here and year pack fighting tonight or here's where While the capsule of drought. We'll talk about that like it was the weekend pro wrestling took over the world. And i'll talk about someone's stuff. I experienced the first person like some insight on where i was at with certain things happiness but man. We've never seen anything like this now to take it all a step further so many people of color in wrestling gear in march. That's one thing i like. It seems like the the black and brown presence in poorest in women included women is without like the minority presents pro wrestling has risen exponentially over the past decade and it felt like summertime. This year foreign vegas was how having essentially it's wrestlemainia tampa was capped. They couldn't have but so many people. This was full capacity stadium. Show in las vegas huge deal. But as i walked around i was like wow. This is a lot of people that looked like us hanging out. They're not talking about the fight. They were talking about pro wrestling and it was like the talk of the town ten years ago. I couldn't like i'd still do it. Because i love pro wrestling. But i'd be the outlier. This was the norm. We pro wrestling. The the we of the black people of pro wrestling ran vegas for a weekend. That is incredible. That is a testament to how big it is. And i'm writing a column on this because whilst short it's too fucking busy i couldn't. There's no way like we went to summer slam and the pack fight and we'll talk about our journey there too But there was no way. I was going to be able to cover. All the wrestling shows like this. It was impossible to cover the pac l. Fight so. I decided early in the week. I was going to do a column on the weekend of pro wrestling in las vegas. Now this thing has morphed into something else because we see 'em punks return with summer slam being what it was with lettuce return with annex t clearly turning a corner with gw having their shows with the releases with nick kind interview. That early Hawaii did this is. This is a big moment in pro wrestling like this weekend was i could argue that as one of the maybe it is one of the biggest weekends we've ever had like pro wrestling news. Yeah and pro wrestling. I don't wanna see history. But i feel like every decade we have these. These turns right and easy into the beginning of the decades. So two thousand. Excuse me to two thousand one. We saw the end of the attitude era. And those like what's next and then we get ruthless aggression right but at the same time we see the independent scene going crazy. We get to dan. O'brien against we get our wage to smo a joke. Aj styles we get a whole new revolution in pro wrestling. New japan like it's the reset by nicaragua's and are one point all this stuff but we had nakimora over there tunnel she becomes as all these things change and like two thousand one two thousand and two is like a fan of snap and it resets everything and then we get two thousand eleven two thousand twelve with the wwe and the pipe bomb and you see the wwe recognize the indies. You get guys like seth rollins dean ambrose. Who were indy guys. You have c- of punk really dominating. The wwf get daniel bryan starting to bubble. That's a change. Neutral pan is now crushing. It were wrestle. Kingdom in getting a million five stars for meltzer two thousand eleven to twelve everything changed and now where two thousand twenty one twenty two and. This is the next snap this weekend. Is that moment for the next decade. This weekend changed until twenty thirty twenty thirty one next ten years or set because of this week it. That's and that's all true. I don't think we've ever had a weekend where the pro wrestling dominated the news right. There has been this mainstream since the ninety s right. There's no there was no huge major sports. It's like everything's down no basketball. Baseball is like hitting playoff run time. No football still spring training and then you have fridays punks debut framing saturday spring training necessary. I'm looking at white sox highlights right now. I'm sorry but we have but it's been dominated by like punks return makes the front page. Espn right summer slam is trending like globally and now tonight was we're recording show. Everybody is a lot of people talking about anna nicole and we're inex- t is going. We've never had pro wrestling even with wrestlemainia. There was never like news. It was like hey wrestlemanias. Great katy audience. That's cool but this is where wrestling has like dominated. Shit yes pack out. Losing the fight against google as you know. It's a big story in boxing. The big story globally. Because many pacho this was like consistently pro wrestling was part of something big. We actually seen the you know. We've talked about the wednesday night wars but this gone it's is about to be real war in terms of because people have chosen sides like nobody's just to say i like both even though i like both someone's crappy than the other occasionally but this legitimately the first time since the monday night wars. That vince has competition really like the punk is drawing the line in the sand before it was like i'll just you know the inex- deal with a w that didn't work now. Eight w has one of the biggest is crazy see. Punk is basically book ended this past generation of wrestling the from the pipe. Bomb to right now. The two biggest stories are pro. Wrestling were ten years apart. Ten years of a decade. He is book. Aided book ended the decade. Which is crazy because there's people that talk about now. I saw the comparison. He's big rock yet. You're right about that. He's not big senior okay. I get what you're saying but the two biggest stories are him. They're centered around him. That is huge and centered around a sports entertaining. It's centered around a man who loves pro wrestling and left pro wrestling because he felt the industry did him and then came back and had fans crying. We're gonna go in-depth about that. He did this. He's in the middle of this. He changed what we thought about. Wwe and whether you want to believe it or not. He was lightning rob between him. Dan ryan is why and see kind of exists in terms of the guys that were wrestling their him in bryant now he is going to be the reason why w is going to be looked at as not kinda sorta competition no straight up competition now and this is a good place to be convinced these s. I think we can call it competition. But i think they've we'll talk about this more in detail. Drawn the line in the sand to the point where they said is competition. You can have that the difference between wcw and w in terms of the lens in which wwe views it is. That wcw was doing what w w was doing but better and wwe wanted to do the same thing that is incorrect. That is incorrect. I'll tell you whether it's incorrect. And the i'll let you continue. Wwe was doing goofy cartoon character jobs. They were doing so they were not doing. Wcw they weren't doing reality. No they were in touch that at all. It was an era of the goon right every wrestler had a job point clown like they had jobs and even though you had crazy thinking about this now guys. Even though you had bread heart and shawn michaels the industry was still very much centered around wrestling with like cartoon gimmicks which you had two guys. They're kind of similar to where you had with daniel bryan right now right. You got like zorro like you have wrestlers. But they were focused on this goofy goblet gluco and shit like that. Wcw came and said. Let's make this thing a little bit more real that's not with. Wwe was doing at the time at all. It was it was the kick in the ass to make them finally. Look and say oh shit. It's what they wanted to do after that. Right because then the attitude eric in and they were like you'll fuck it. We're going to do the same thing. They had handle it. Yeah and then we got to do better. I think this time and what i meant by that. But you're right you're one hundred percent but what i meant is. Wwe looked at. It was like yeah. We want to do that. Wcw did make the change. They're like we wanna do that now. We're in competition because we want to do the same thing now and we gotta find a way to do it. Better than that which they pull the rabbit out a hat. Steve office saved ours. But now i think that a point where a w can do whatever they want in terms of the blueprint they have set of. We're getting the best professional wrestlers in the world. We're going to be the professional wrestling company. And i think this time the wwe. And i could be wrong. But i think this time. They don't look at it and go fuck they're succeeding. We then have to be a better pro wrestling company than that. I think this time they're going to be like they can have it. We're going to complete opposite direction. I think for the first time we see the biggest split between what we consider pro wrestling and what. They consider sports entertainment. I think this goes from. Its as different as watching professional sport in a soap opera. And we all news the difference. But i think now we get a clear line in the sad a clear demarcation where. Wwe says. we're not even going to do what they do. They can have the punks they can have the bryans they can have the best rest. They listen they can have whoever they want. In that round the indy style of guy they can have them all. They have the brock listener of the guys. They do whatever they want. They can't have brock lessner. They cannot have a gable stevenson. They cannot have people who are transcended and people can become movie stars. They can have those people but you can have the best of the best of the indie darlings. Were not in that business. I'm gonna. I'm gonna point where you're wrong again because this is exactly what the wef did back then. You can have kevin hash. You can have scott hall you can have hogan you. We're not gonna pay you any attention. You can have them and you have lugar. You can have alexa here. You can have him back when i worried about. We're good because we're working off for residuals that we've made yana competition even those things bubbling either yoga hogan even though you gave us flare. We gave them back. Those little guys just got over there. We're not worried about show. We got what we got. They're doing the same shit right now. And they're gonna they're cruising on what they think. Sports entertainment is until the until something happens. Like obviously the way we consume things have changed but let a wbz raw. Let a dynamite biran the ratings Let that happen and tell me that they're going to sit there and still say we can keep doing the same shit. That's what i wouldn't be surprised. And i think they're hard headed enough to let it rock for like a year two years. But you're right. I think they might gave bundy. Then y'all who do you then go to because you've now alienated everyone in that style. Everyone you had them. You had the people under your thumb to compete with that style you cut them and left them for lack of better purpose out on the street like just fucking we don't care about y'all you cut them you cut their friends you cut. People traveled to indies with for twenty years. The people who are still under your thumb can't wait. I'm sure i don't have any inside information to get out of contracts because you've their friends and loved ones to go somewhere else like if you decide to switch your your momentum in two years because you're getting beat. These people aren't coming back. I don't know they might. That's the thing this coffers are deeper than just about anybody else's right because it was. It was billionaire ted. Remember yeah ted. Those pockets of those pockets of d. And but this also has extraordinarily deep pockets now. The difference were almost thirty years twenty five years since then. Vince can't take a bump now back then. Stole co versus. Vince was the angle. Vince injected himself on the front lines and helped turn the tide with austin. He can't do that now. He's motherfucker takes a bomb. We're going to be you know who have his eulogy like right. That's what it is right now. You can't do that so they have to be a little bit more strategic on the approach. Vince isn't as young as it used to be and it's going to be complicated for him to try to figure out how to fix it. But that's why. I kind of laugh when people say i hate w. w. w. yes and wcw almost ran w. e. out of business for a second. They three weeks and ensure way they fought themselves. Like w w fucked themselves get russo. You gotta you gotta blow to rocker. Mace around the asylum on a little bit too much. You hopefully tony kahn. Somebody doesn't see the same mistakes but bottom line is competition is good for ww e right now because even though nikon doing these tom by sports entertainment sports entertainment zomba. No-one midges big muscle guys. And all this shit cool until eight w continues to be successful and there's somebody a pika goes. Hey fuck y'all doing. Yeah why are we paying you. Pay them that. i mean. that's the question. Hey what you're doing is not working fix it and the thing about w years. They still have a very talented roster. So it's not like you. You lose a few people but i'm not saying like sorrow you. He's gonna turn the tide. But i'm saying you have somebody there whether it's what i mean it could be. It could be when it's aimed at people can wrestle. You have people that can that can turn the t. Not necessarily but with a little. Twist of the gimmick with a little twist who they are a little bit more spotlight that reflects what the other side is doing that. You already have then you may be able to compete. But this is all assuming that whatever awa does is consistent and they give. Wwe had and so. Yeah i mean you gotta assume a lot of things. But i think we're in the place with the first time we're wwe ignoring the competition again and putting themselves in a position because fans want pro wrestling. The reason why. W w an annex t was so successful is because of people like us who love pro wrestling and it's just like the raucous aaron hip hop when those underground ask with that. Were not wanted by the major design. Nord them finally shine and then the major label said any piece of that. I need a piece of that. That's exactly what happened with. Wwe i need a piece there. Oh kevin owens any that we would have never signed this act before we never signed some joe. If we were by ourselves we would never signed. Kevin nolan's we've never signed neville. We would have never signed sammy's zane but now let's see worked somewhere else. We're going to him and they signed him. The next day was super successful. And now this is like i wanna change. You're out of touch man because of these fans they don't just like sports center team is going to work like that idea of the big production the big show. We saw summer slam bunch of people. There yeah fuck about aid up however your pace has to be happy because those fans like just like the attitude era when it was rocking austin like my wife watch pro wrestling and pro wrestling during the era. Once they're out once the rock is done she was out. And i soon as you saw seen issue i'm outta here this is whack and there was nothing to hold them and that's with laps. Fan came from the last fast or the attitude era and all that talent all the talent to sina and super scene and all this shit and they left. Are they back there back because he liked pro wrestling. It's really simple so really simple thing. And but we'll talk about you know their new motto where they're taking the company and where they're taking. Xt more specifically off takes time so as you're rebuilding and changing age w is growing and it's scary again. We were at summer slam and this more environment talk but like we're there and it was going poorly. Let's say the wheels were coming off at this point. They're the concessions went down. It's a state of the art cashless stadium and the wifi drop to the system mess talk and they couldn't take car and they have no no way of taking cash. Not even not just that you so bad for those who didn't wash you. Were wondering where did the pyro go. The electrical system in allegiant crash big. They couldn't do. They couldn't run pyro. They couldn't sell anything they started. Giving shit await drinks food or big hooded unless you had like square lake. Anybody knows a square app. That was the only way that merchant was being sold. But you couldn't buy beer. You couldn't buy food. try pyro condole off. The i heard the toilets were overflowing because the electrical issue became a mechanical issued. Affected the bathrooms. It was a logistical nightmare. That's didn't see will we. I mean we have to talk about first person. We were on psycho. We have to talk about this shit. Yeah it was. A that was a disaster yields. Were coming off mike guy. But it's one of those things. And i'm sitting there where stayed in our seeds good seeds. Shut out to eat where we're sitting in our seeds and i'm looking around and you know the booking of the show also mended itself towards this problem. But i'm looking around. And i just got the biggest smile on my face and i was like fucked. Can't wait to record this. Show kelly to see where this goes. 'cause i love anarchy and it's like a w had their biggest week ever and everything in the universe is coming together to give. Wwe arguably their worst raise. I loved i loved that out because nothing changes nothing gets better without chaos and we'd be fans wwe. I'm a fan of wrestling. I'm a fan of the wwe. I'm a fan of a w. fan annexed. I'm critical of everything acceptable. If i live which can do no wrong but probably we probably want executive take it exists anymore i forget all sale merch but when i see these things and i see the chaos and everything i love it because that is what's going to force change now. The change it seems forced is not the one i wanted with the main roster and wbz again. We shall see. I'm here for change and this was the perfect storm again. This seemed like the weekend where everything ends. The business changed it. We looked at it and said yo from a fan's perspective from a casual perspective. Edition is cool again. It was cool. Yeah right now. It's a battle for other people of made this cool the wall as the i mean shutout. Wb the in trips giving every team who wins the title a wwe belt. That's huge mainstream people wearing stuff. They got into parade. It's become mainstream and cool again. We could post on sportscenter. In fact omar from our sportscenter count on social went to wrestlemainia instead of the backyard. I cover the pac l. Fight and did everything for the main accounts. Yes summer slam. He went to summer sleep and flooded our accounts. That's why all of that the punk stuff all the stuff. He was locked in with wrestling. All we get because it was the number one ticket so sportscenter went to the number one take. He did pause crazy. He did summer slam. You look at any of our counts flooded. It's on take on sportscenter on tv. Highlights were on their donkey. I think came and number two on the top ten of friday this crazy flooding but people wanted to say that peng neil. That's yeah that'd be to be fair. Brag came in like four. But i mean that's still showed the power pro wrestling so and now it's a race of its cool is are coming back to it. Who's going to get those ox 'cause laps fans even though there's some nostalgia with wwe are coming back in to be like what's cool. 'cause don't know nothing from nothing and if the person that looks at denby like yo you know what's cool a cool. That's why we hear so much your aws wcw. I i in like smart circles. Us who've been around but no people outside of that the casuals they're saying that you what is aws w on tnt is this wcw. I remember wcw. That was cool. Oh yeah they're like that and those laps fans are you be this way better. You could lose out real quick. The change is very apparent it is it is a yeah we have. We have lots to talk about. I'm going to save My wally story four The punks because that was interesting But overall i just you know guys poorest cool man tell you till you all this shit. I used to be like. Why are you watch that fake shit. All right we'll be watching. The two is cool. That we're we're back you for me. I'm a lysine new. So it was like when they say light skinned gaspar back. That's why i feel like right now. We're pro wrestling is back is pro. I can go places. Everybody knows. I love this shit. Every every place. That i've worked from hip hop stuff to current. Everybody knows all of pro but now a do shit and people are more interested. We are in appointing pro wrestling now. Where people go. What are they doing over there. Who have never been pro wrestling. Fans they were like if you look through the mgm in t mobile when i t mobile park gm mgm grand and new york new york. You could see people looking around like what is going on because all you saw was world title belts. I think it's dumb shit but people walk around these big as world title bills see wrestling shirts. Resolved people guy that was impeccably dressed. Razor ramon off the committed to the gimmick commit. But he didn't woods woods was to give it but know there are people that would dress felt special to the point where people weren't going to look at those weirdos people going what is going on everybody is here for something now you also take considerations last thing. I think we can go to break. You have taken consideration. This is the first major pro wrestling event since coalpit renting them a whole 'nother level in both directions. Because i think the chicago show was the biggest. Aws show since ovid and summertime biggest wwe one so in all regards. It seemed like all racing fans route one of the other this weekend. Exactly i mean it was so it was so read. That's what i said. It was so wrestling dominant. a felt. Like you had to be a part of this if you weren't you had fallen you're missing out. You're like what are they doing over there. Who the fuck ac- and punk like wisest while these people dressed like this i want in. And that's why. I felt like everybody looked at the. Oh you had managed look. We met bill simmons this weekend. We dead ringers ringer. Sign there with nice. Do we saw bill. Seem like a. Who's who like mannix is my guy from his own. Mannix is doing interviews on his show. I didn't even get meet renee this weekend. But you know check out a little bit too hectic but like you saw like everybody was in town. Tiffany haddish hosting summer slam. 'cause w w does that very well right when his when it needs to have celebrities do that very well but if it felt right like about it felt right unfortunately the only that they whiffed on not naming their fault is having cardi b. because he's an actual pro wrestling fan. Yeah i mean but you know. Pregnancy comes first. So you have taken up. No no no. i'm saying they. They were supposed to have her in the summertime. Another level up. Imagine cardi b. during press during the weekend yes in talking pro wrestling as big as she is as big as she is dog. That's that's makes more people go what the fuck is pro like. Why i remember was cooling. This is the era right now. The era that we're in right now is the era that people talk about during attitude whereas oh the rocks. don't call. That was cool where there again. Yeah helmet roman pump. That's cool the bucks that's cool. That is cool cool. I'll take further. It reminds me of when the wwe took off in the eighties. The mtv era where you you look and it's like yeah you can have cardi b. Just like they had the rocker. Chick who's at wrestlemania too. But she walked out city law came out was out one one. It's like the mtv era where everyone was around you. Get people like lt got sports people. You got lebron's wherein wwe stuff they lillard is like everyone's like non wrestling fan. So what i think. It's it's cruel again. It is part of pop culture. And we'll talk about more like you said you got more stories to share stuff to share from the weekend. Lets the break when we come back. We're still going to talk more about our weekend here. Who wanted to see what we did. We'll talk about eight. W and punk of course in the ramifications of that and we'll go through this will do. We'll go to our entire friday. We'll talk about what we dan punk. We're with how you didn't caught me any sneakers when he went on like a random sneaker spree for free and you don't deserve that and we'll talk about our w experience so happened on. Friday has long weekends. Are you guys. Don't go anywhere we'll come back. You're going to hear way more pro. Hey everyone is lindsay roads. And i've got a new podcast. The nfl road show fun and kind of nerdy conversation about the nfl. Every monday wednesday and friday. That's amazing guests that are joining me breaking the huddle with top stories previewing games get you set for the weekend fantasy with our fantasy friday episodes and will answer some of your questions as well so subscribe to the nfl road. Show on apple podcasts. Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. All right quick break is done. We're jumping right back into it so dre even though are we kinda started. Mike thursday and everyone was arriving hanging out. Friday was really the first day that stuff ramped up and it's funny because we'll go through kind of day they're in order but it's funny bike looking back on it now and you were talking about pro wrestling being cool. If there's a cool table in pro wrestling you have a pretty good seat at this. Call a and. I'm just kinda like just going along for the ride right so what i would just chilling dre. But you're actively going to all these plays all these people eddie knowing all these people and it's always funny to me because every time i met someone this weekend i'm just chilling which i am just showing dre but we walk into a place and you know everybody like hey this show and be like oh i've heard about you know cool man. Thanks like yuli heard about because andrea co host. But i'll take it so to me. I need a better like i feel like. This is kind of like a rousseff day situation. And i made in english. Okay come on so far but going around meeting everyone Friday we went. So it's up to caz everything else and then i met. Exhibit routes woods is super nice. We met him right before you even the podcast calves and this was earlier in the day. I'm sure you talk about what later in the day but him cool do like super joe and it was just like i meet people so and we just off to the races when we went at lunch with bill simmons and everybody else cazes there. That's why when you just know if he is all right. This is normal. I guess what's up everybody. I met a ton of people this weekend. Just because how's it hanging out with you so it's funny to see from the outside and you're too humble and you don't and you don't even notice but from outside i'm just looking i'm like oh. Yeah drains cool tape on this show like i'm just here for the ride so funny to see like when you're talking about like there's this change in pro wrestling and a cool. You have the seat at the table on which made it cool. I mean you know yeah. Thank you for all that well. Yeah you're right out but they do care about is like that is very exciting to me right like everybody come into the city in the fact that you know of may these relationships you know we've done things like wrestling stereotypes like we've done our show and because even before kovac's being in vegas kind of living in our bubble we really don't know we don't really have a situation where all these things converge at once and this was like sensory overload for me. 'cause i my week started on wednesday with the pac l. fights and it was like trying to manage like argument with this person. Got me with this person. And i'm forgetting things. I was going to forget about the xavier woods story. I almost forgot about that because so much happened this weekend. Like just overall it was like one thing after another. Meanwhile i'm still trying to work. I was just trying to do interviews. I'm still trying to write stories like this weekend was planas interviewed. Samoa joe on friday and tribulation shit like we had you know. We have work w. trials. I was there for that funny enough. I went there. And i didn't realize until stephen muelhausen who's a friend of mine used were right. We made his own before zone. Sport new split. He was like oh. You really whether backpack i forgot. I had my elite backpack on ww trials with this shit. Our i did she was out. You see my backpack. Kenny omega pin on it. I got my savage panic. I'm a pen on my nation of domination pen. And i'm just rocking this as like did you do the adult and i was like i didn't even think about it because i take it everywhere. I go and Trials like even starting their. It's like going trust. I run the aerial and being era hawaii like is release of legs. Well shit happens the reach out on sinai. We're like best friends or anything. But then on top of that. I had to break the story on sports news about him. Being part of the paul woodley fight right any kind of. He's if anybody saw. You showed me on on twitter. And then we ran into each other and he was like. I never thought i'd be back in vegas for this for like something like this because you know his. You have z. Days we're pretty much done after he left. Espn and the fact that he was there. And we're at tryouts me. Him rush. makasi I mean it you just go down the list of sorrow set the whole me like it was. His mega ran being in the bill. Like everybody was there and i was like. Oh my god. My world are converging right now century fucking overload absolutely nuts. Like while a come into town. I i to get me gun this weekend. They have time. I was supposed to catch up with him. I didn't have time. Everybody was in town. It was it was satisfying. But if that's what. I'm saying when it feels cool again. It's like if you say these guys put them in a room somewhere else and it's not person they look cool. It's still a cool while aid. Housing allakhu these guys are doing things like cads. Anybody who knows kazini like he's doing big shit you know. Not just in the space of prowrestler. We're all doing things in this industry but also outside of the industry and people are paying attention and this weekend was kind of like certified that sitting with bill simmons just knowing what bill simmons is. Done right with ringer with grantland prior to that The mass man quick story so when the pump pipe bomb happened the story that i really think resonated with a lot of people that remember. It was bill. Simmons story on grand land about the reality. Not the reality are like nobody really understood what was going on and he wrote this beautiful piece on punk and made things even. Espn start paying attention to pro wrestling again. Because such a big deal. And i told them a minute before. I think i met him. Add one of these wrestlemanias. Maybe it was dallas. But we haven't seen each other in a while and this is the first time i saw him in the media room and i was like yo you tell the story. Isn't it funny. How at this shit comes full circle because here we are again in the. Wwe meeting room. And we're talking about seeing punk again. And i was there at the pipebomb. Big mac was there at the pipe. Now danny constant was there. We saw the pipe bomb as it happened. He wrote about it and it felt like this mythical thing that he was writing about this is unreal usually africa. I'd like you were there as again. I didn't write about. It wasn't doing pro wrestling like that. It's time shortly after that. I wrote my first piece for mtv about pro wrestling. I went to this summer slam with sina versus punk. I and that was the first That was the i. W w w store. I wrote for a major alec that was mtv and that was kind of it was based off of the story. That bill simmons row for grant bills him as well. The mass man. David suger that was based off in for us to sit there in that room and relive this it was like everything's come full circle. We are cool again. So yeah the cool kids table. Really fucking cool and we. Y'all motherfuckers did karaoke this weekend. It was it was. The bag is going up. That's all i can say. Listen let us become mainstream and adds. That's a scary scary thing because listen. I've been weighed me. And my three pair of sneakers about take gimmick act on the road. No so that's tumble friday. Now we gotta kind kinda go into the punk aspect of friday. 'cause that took over friday everyone knew was happening. It was the talk of everything prior to it and when it was time when he hit it was seven o'clock pacific time everyone was glued people scrambling to watch this thing. Turn it on an aws hinted at earlier did everything perfectly where wwe did everything to ruin themselves this weekend. Awa put him out. I he shows up the music hits him. Being able to use called personality's amazing that like loopholes. Incredible the music hits. Everyone's losing their mind. The man is crying. The crying man has endorsement deals. And if ever with chicago cried a podcast would have been through but the everywhere. They're offering free shape because he was crying for punk. Punk comes out and above to showing up goes into rain giving them mike and as anyone listening knows your fantasy and paul microphone in his hand is just not a mike but when he's talking put over brit baker immediately challenges. A young talent darby allen mentions wwe but not directly says he left pro wrestling two thousand five and now he's back. That's such a shot. But i love it. 'cause it's a nod towards i left pro wrestling for sports entertainment now. I'm back and that's that might be granted. I'm not writing for publication. Writing a story falls writing a story on this weekend. that would be my first line. Is that punk quote. I left pro wrestling two thousand five. Now i'm back. That sums up everything we saw this weekend because there are pro wrestling companies and a w is aiming to be the that other company is not pro wrestling and see pump knows and set it before we had to get the con- interview and they con- interview. Before he had see summer slam. He set the tone that created the divide this next decade maybe called sports entertainment versus progress and that promo will be the point that kicks it off just like his pipe. Bomb kicked off the last decade. So it's just incredible and again. I was watching it. I saw it on twitter. Our enjoying it. Where were you at cheese. Oh my god all right so me okay. So that we can in. He win the food court of the mgm. I can't remember what i was doing prior to that. I think i don't honestly we're hanging out with we're hanging out somewhere and then i left as friday right all the way in all that way weighing. Okay perfect perfect. Yes so the way in happens yes me and you are there and Armor thursday night went to dinner with. Pbc fox which that's was interesting Yes so we did. The way and met with sean porter. We all shoot. You had to go do some share Dow save the woods store which stories that that as well but it bleeds into the w which is remarkable. Talk about it. We'll talk about a year. We didn't document this. And i now kind of regretted like i should have got some video what we saw We'll get to that in a second. We'll talk about the so you leave. I have cast catches in the food court. We had seen a earlier recording. The ring live show and he's in the food court and we're we're we're trying to figure out what to do. 'cause i you know w show was later that night. Got a little bit downtime. Guess who calls. Why were you guys at wear at the mgm and we lincoln wa takes us a minute. We link wally We happen is black. Whatever the fuck it is now. Y'all lay on twitter talking about wrestling. You guys do not understand how much of a fan that while he is. I didn't know how much of a fan while i knew susan get in the car. He's ready what's his rampage. The first thing he says he's sticking his head out the window because it took us a while to get to the car and he's like he points at his watch. He's like yo. Y'all hurry up rampages coming on and is not right. It's like an hour and a half until rampage starts. This dude is ready for ramsey's gonna call we start talking about what's gonna happen that they we just start going riff about rampages so much land now the purpose is we're going to footlocker because if anybody saw the capsule drought-like junkyard dog. Mr perfect knowledge that we drop that capsule at footlocker foot action and he was supposed to go on a quick appearance. And we're going to wash rampage. We go in Kells you guys have seen the picture now and a lot of you have commented like did you kill any steiger's no i did not use not deserve. He's won't appreciate it Basically go in. And as you know gets i get my gear and then you guys can get get some stuff and we got a few things. Whatever in while constantly looking at his watch and he has his a security with him and he's like oh we gotta go. We gotta go gotta go. We gotta watch rampage in. I'm like yo while he goes. I listen we're on pacific time. it's okay it hasn't started yet and he's not going to get back to where we watched internet and i'm like yo. Everything for the most part is on tape. And now he's freaking out he's like i can't wait to watch it he's Do do you much winter. Like what am i doing. Like i need to see this. So we'll we'll find a way to watch it. We just gotta get back my stunned traffic strip vegas where the car will like. He's talking about punk. What's going to happen. Is he gonna come out. Obviously is because one thing that aid w did very well which platform out there were so obvious about it without saying it and then he just kinda just not even gave the gave in there. Were like tony joe. What's happening. Basically it was happening. We all knew it was happening. The only question was one that was happening. That became the subject of the conversation. The rybeck do we have enough. Time to get back will start to show will show that will dictate what we're doing. And then you know while he was going to g. w. in so my car is parked at park. Mgm while they staying park gm we get out of the car is about seven minutes before rampage starts. He says i'm going to my room. I'm gonna figure this shit out cazes like don't get out of this car come with us. We'll figure out how to watch it. 'cause you're not going to be able to figure out how to find it. He doesn't listen to us. He dozes room me causing the car. We drive 'cause kansas of the mgm. We drive the mgm stuck in traffic. It is six fifty eight. We finally get in the parking garage. Cast fires it up on his phone. Where do we go to the room or we send a fucking parking garage and watch rampage. What do you think we did. Santa party rush. Tecnique are sitting in a parking brush with an anonymous fall on his little asopos. Nashville's screen on the screen in people. Walking by the garages busy. We've got the windows. Rolled up that macara run and the air going and we watch. Cnn punk comes out in that pop through. The phone gave both of us goosebumps with ooh shit. That's a pop like dad's a pop. Now mind you. He wants to tweet about this but he can't because we're watching it on his phone in the parking garage. There's no wifi signal. So we're praying. We're like oh my god this signal is like your cell. Ain't strong enough. On what service was but it was phenomenal. It didn't let us down. I'm on sprint t. Mobile whatever fucking reason. Ma phone was having none of that. Shit my phone. Was you better find a spot because his dad here. You're getting nothing so we're why we are not able to go on twitter to talk about the see what people think. We're just watching it. Miami dead silence and then we are losing because he's cutting that promo I think the line he says talking about how he can't get well in the place that made him sick of franklin. Yeah five phenomenal line. We're and we're sitting here like this. This is like the promo then. The unveiled a shirt. Right again. i have no signal. You know how i am. Kill if i see something. I gotta buy it. I have no signal. I cannot buy the shirt. I am sick but i'm like fuck it. Were in a parking garage. We're going to watch this promo. He's cutting this everybody's seen it by now. It's promos phenomenal in the end of the ice cream bars and i'm like this is it. It doesn't get any better than this from the moment and the thing that makes that i've watched it like seven times now just the entrance. I told you. I'm big on moments. When that music. It in their crowd pop. Because there's always two pops here's the music hip hop and when the man emerges from the tunnel top and both of them were deafening. I've watched so many times. But also i'm big on. How a wrestler tasting one of the biggest pops. This year was edge. Last year was edged coming out for the royal rumble. And i've always felt away. And i saw this one talk to interview awhile ago when when i see on your face how mosul you are that works for me. That's what gets me going. They i don't it just like i cool. Whether fake like they have goosebumps somewhere else is do that. Oh yeah yeah no edges face was. I'm back punks face. When he sat down before this it's clobbering time and he just sits there and he lets soaks it in and the jumps into the crowd that he hugs people. This is a man who was hated pro wrestling for seven years. Now i'm sorry you hate sports entertainment for seven years. Alright thank you. He hated it. it ruined him the. Wwe say what you want is like a bad relationship. You can pick a side if you really want to know. This shit. Didn't work and he left. He didn't want to talk about his ex anymore. I've interviewed him for. Ufc sta never wanted to talk about it. Whatever happened this. Why talked about awb wbz so important. That made him wanna come back with. He saw with what they were doing. Made him want to do this again and to see that. Look on his face as he's cutting this problem when he says at a write down anything because i was going to go off the cuff he went raw and the man's i don't know man people could argue about. Who's one of the greatest problems all the time. He is easily atop laws on easily. He's close in season. there is in the makes. I'll i'll say he's tougher. I there there are talkers. There's the flares there's rock there's austin there's dusty probably punk public sales with palmer no no i. That's a that's a really good layout of the listed like that's that's pretty. Damn good yeah. You can't argue against that so you top fire. I mean i'm big on savage but savage was as good as not like pony in whip it out there like this going disa- few people. He's a lot like beiber to me. Where you don't need punch lines you don't need calling catchphrases you don't need any of that dusty you got dusty piper park. They're all in the same mould to me where it's realism promo really quite seen as good promo seen is probably the best off the cuff. Just off the covering he if you wanna bounce back on. Cnn is talk is you'll get you punk is he. Just it just feels very strong in this problem which is felt like you could tell. It wasn't no script it wasn't like he knew what he wanted to say. There was no bullet points though he just delivered this phenomenal promo. This promo is now me catholic. I let's get back to the hotel room 'cause chargeable phones and do whatever and i i gotta be too because we're going to gw show with. I was like yeah i got. I want as now and it was. The i was sitting there in catholic. You'll this show is only an hour. And i was a year and i'm thinking i'm like and it went by so quick because after that promo you gotta match by two matches and enclosed with moxley and i was like noticed this this this was it. This is all you need with your pro wrestling and obviously go on twitter. People lose their minds as we saw the guy that was crying. I want to say something about the people. If you're making fun of that do crying fuck off for me. Is like the shuttle. I if for me coming back is one of those things where i could see somebody trying to go i get it. I understand why you're doing that. We had this conversation the car. Meanwhile lane cast this before punk came out. I don't think we've ever seen in general not just a wrestler athletes entertainers whole itchy. Like punk does with chicago see punk is fucking chicago. Made punk is if you look at the landscape like if a recipe goes was hometown she pretty good. You know saying they get a good pop when your hometown. It's different when punk is home. Yeah it like there's an saying like athletes don't even get this kind of love like seeing punk is just chicago like yes. We love him everywhere. But from the colors of the flag from his love like the blackhawks see and pumpkins. Chicago fucking synonymous. That man is a superhero in chicago and to do that. Show rampage the first days of the united states and the draw up the nod and wink to michael jordan. Coming back with the backpack instead of with a tweet bra. This motherfucker had the city in the palm of his hand. And he. We all filtered. We all felt was like. I never thought about that. Even rappers like snoop. La is where punk is to chicago. Yeah that is unbelievable and anybody who says otherwise you nuts and so when that guy is crying. I'm like i get it. I totally get this shit. I completely understand that's next still quinlan of like j. retiring after the blackout. And then people think he'd he's never coming back and you see j. incompetent or something like if jay never come back for like a decade like ajay left autobahn blackout. Mckay back after decade Crime known would say like i. I never saw print in concert. I'm outta fucked around and cry for prince cots just just real just one tear down the side of the high type shit like you. Can't this certain things for some people that palm. They thought he was gone for all purposes. He wants this. Is the one in one millionth chance. That brings him back. Everything had to go perfectly right for him to come back and did unbelievable so great moment and they listen. They capitalize on it. They did it right home. City everything you know tony on that were perfectly man they that perfectly the rest of the i can without the rest of the car. Don't even care about the rest of the night like i was good I mean i. I wanna see more jade cargo. But you know i feel you feel you jay cargo but i will continue to say this. She's very green in the ring. Boy genius broccoli. So i think if you over exposer on like dynamite people can see through it instead you can put on you know Dark it's not a deep division. She can kinda learn on. Tv now now now mandate the issue is if you expose her as not good because eventually you can't continue to just have squash matches you. Can you can do that on dark. Elevation. 'cause nobody's watching like that but when you put it on national television and she's got actually worker masks remembers. There's no formal training drills coming in green grass. Yeah so you have to kinda you gotta you gotta kinda hide her a little bit cutting the promos on l. dynamite. That's cool like and you also have to do this. Because she's undefeated. And you have to justify jane shot yet got so you gotta to to run going. Yeah the low level because when she finally gets similar to bianca beller when she finally gets it if she finally gets it. Because it's rare that everybody doesn't get it if she finally gets this everybody screwed. It is over. Jay cargoes running this shit. But we're not quite there yet so i think it's okay to have a cut a promo having do a squash match here in there because if you move too fast and then you fuck around has really bad match. It'll kill her confidence more importantly than anything else but then you know then you go all right. We gotta fix this. You work backwards true. I i've seen more than a handful of bad matches in that women's division tie think it's not like it's not par for the court like it's not as though the women's division is as dynamite no pun intended as like the top of the meant car. You know i. It's just no. They're everyone's learning in that women's division everyone. Br bakers had two good matches. She has an impeccable character. So i don't even care 'cause she's too good match. Then that's one more one more good match. Tim damn near everyone else on a roster is that so. She's she's leading the pack. If we're keeping their buff so it's not like there's people crushing it match after match up to match matching what. Yeah but again. She's she's greener than them. I mean we're bakers wrestled for awhile right yes. The women's division awa would benefit from mickie. James coming in as an agent. Yeah shutout ruby. Soho push my girl. When she gets there it would benefit by dan. What's her name on annex. T i can't rene. Why can't you know what i'm talking about. Wasn't sarah there. She oh think shit. Did she ever match already with aid. Who thought the annex tied-in none and i'm talking about the the woman who the as who's basically credited for the resurrection the women's division. Somebody's yelling at us through the podcast. I'm looking butter knives. They need somebody like the awa desperately need somebody. They come veteran. that could hold it down yet. You know not even russell but both marriage tell ray there you go. Sarah was sarah. I was gonna say divine and i knew i was wrong. No you but you need a cell sara del rey because you can't have men dictate the women's division. You need a veteran woman that understands pro wrestling and would works especially in terms of women's wrestling and how to put together matches and make these women better right rip acres fine. He's not like his character. Exactly what you said. Jay cargo needs to work somebody. Who's really good right. So micky james will be perfect. Somebody like that. Have to be champion or anything like that. But mickie james can be asian and talent for a little while because you need ring general to kind of be the glues get these women on the same page obviously the weakness of a w has been their women's division so that would help a lot But that that was the only mess. I really remembered of tag match. Nothing else really mattered on but they knew it they knew it and the the fact that he put it on at the beginning of the show was smart. Because the fans would just hijacked the fucking show until exactly they did right by can knock it. Well played well played i. I was excited. Thought they you know that played out perfectly and then we had to meet up and go to laura so w oddly enough everyone wasn't like super buzzing about punk. I thought it'd be crazier people. I know they were there to cdc dubbed m. o. the mgm. When we got to axiom. Jim that's all people were talking about on the casino floor was punk. Everybody was punk. It was. That's why i said i was like. Wow this is crazy. I was looking at cazenove. You see like everybody. Everybody's wearing wrestling t shirt is going to summer saying whatever. They're all talking about seeing punk on the floor. That's where i was at. But you beat me to the juicy. W show yes other dc w show shown and my little drank seven a little bit and we're not just hanging out in people again we're excited about but also just excited to see what g. w. had to offer one match. That had everyone hype. Was chris bay versus two cold scorpio and talking about the future. Next ten years bro. I mean we've seen a lot of independent wrestlers right. There's there's many people who are very talented if this was a major treatise. Nfl they always make these lists the top players. Twenty five in non right. We do it in combat sports. Mma boxing chris tops list. You can start after in my opinion and that's including semi guevara i believe is under twenty five still. There's there's talented people joe boy. Twenty-three there's there's people in good positions under twenty five. Austin theory is another one. Chris bay tops the lesson. Then we start. After this kid's a star he might be. I don't know. Lee moriarty's kinda there. He's don't listen lee as recipe as a pure wrestler is. Don't these better than doe is easy. Credit lee could go on to be the best restaurant in the world point his career matt taking that against it chris bay can go on to be the biggest star impressed. There's a difference okay. I mean there was playing here. I think both but i think it's not just being everybody else. I think is bay moriarty and i i think jungle boys up there too. I mean joe. How does mba. I thought he was twenty six so the second conversation had to all right then. He's jemele shit like oh. This says the future pro wrestling's incredible right yet. They wildly talented I don't know. I don't know how you wanna start this. I feel like i've talked way. Too much Do you do you wanna talk about seeing woods at a spotify thing and how we get. This thing started all right. Mdf is twenty-five boom. You gotta be on the list. Darby's twenty seven twenty eight. He's off the list. I made yes so i will start today which allowed to mgm early in a date. We want everything like l. Let's go pop in savings up to cast walk in cazes. Doing your show. Congrats him the ringer. We've mentioned all that he's doing a show mass man. They're doing that. They're guest in walks. Xavier woods woods. You give them a pound blah blah. All his stuff. What is it larry's they sit down. You mentioned you are coming out tonight. what's it like. what are you talking about your like. I text to you and told you that too. Cold scorpio is working chris. Bay watts forgot about that. He's going to. He's like hold on hold on as weight. I got this thing. I got the second tournament. That i gotta do what time what time early going on. Not not baio. what time is the event. What time are they going on. You're like hold on say less. You get the exact match tie. He's like i'm going to leave. This tech yvette. That i've hosting run. It was two blocks away downtown vegas so it was at the bar where we had our live show and then the venue for w literally two blocks away. He came to walks away at. He got there with five minutes ten minutes before their match showed up. We go out. Everyone says it up. Dc ws credibly accommodating since it up so he takes the elevator up and around fans will have to haggle. I'm just so he can watch this batch. And he's like a kid in a candy store. And i didn't know he was such a to coast corporal mark but now i know so so the best part about this is yeah everything kills it is correct right and i thought i'm pretty sure i didn't do. I have a bad memory. He's got a bad memory. We've all got batman's pretty sure. I told him the scorpio was working bay. I told him on purpose. Because you're gonna be there right now. Prior to this. I was assured of woods was coming to town because they didn't have a mass for summer. So i'm pretty sure it takes to. Maybe we forgot me. We just put aside. So when when i brought it up to any kind of marked out now you don't understand what i'm staying with. Woods is like a scorpio. Fan like he freezes and he's like what so throughout the day. I'm trying to figure it out yes i get. I got matchless. Rhett lauderdale jesse w big shout out to him. My man Va watch c. W you need to fix that. But he's like we'll figure it out now. The tournament is the timing of the tournament. Ran right at the same time as w show which was why we're trying to figure out how to get them over there now. He didn't know how close g. w. venue was the nerve bar when we got there. I think you're the one who told me that. The nearby was like a block away and text them. And i said hey Scorpion in a in bay of working. This time is brought. I don't think i can make it. And i was like i literally rockaway from me. If you can stick your head out you can see where we're at right now. Find a way to get over here. He says hold on was moving things around. Now go to the woods coming and you know figure it out. We just gotta dominion bread. Obviously was like yeah of course woods here now. Give the thing is if you've been gw so the kind rulli sometimes. So the thing was is thumb which lacks in this if woods walks in in the fancy him. It was going to be a problem so they had to like block. The entrance is you didn't want fan swarming them and then i don't know the optics of the whole thing. Obviously somebody would have tweeted. Wise woods g. See w and shit like that as we didn't have to do all that woods does come in. We take this elevator up. We go around and as walking in the the craziest thing is the door. That's in front of us. Nick gazes on the left. His i guess. His room was on the left. And the door opens and when the door opens its bay in scorpio going over there match and it was like the doors opened a heaven. It's it's like woods standing at the door. i'm standing by woods. I forgot everybody else was like behind him in the door opens us the first thing you see an animated chris bay going over the match scorpio sitting with his back to the door with that damned bandanna tied around never falls off. Kills me the whole match trying to figure out how this shit stays on his face abandoned on he's got his back to us and he stands up and it's like in slow motion and i feel like ultra dramatic because he like turns around slow motion woods is just standing there with his mouth open like a like a like a fucking mark and he's like aw and the and the dude that was escort nurse was like do you wanna go and talk to him. It was like don on there during the middle of doing their thing during their match now Braxton from lights camera action from f. W out here child to him. He saw like he was with us. Bay sees me and him sees him first base like stop. So he's doing like. Oh what's up tossed. Braxton dash then he sees would he goes to that was oh so as the as back to everybody. Scorpio's stands up turns around a super slow motion and asked him and would skies would like walks up to a real gingerly and extends his hand. He's a big fanny was. I don't even know if he said who was allen league. If like i'm sure speaking cavers name at all i don't know if he said because you know what's names austin and what he using introduces himself as awesome. But i don't remember him saying his name. I just remember him saying like big fan blah blah scorpio says gibberish us. Getting himself high for the match. Do lilo push ups. This shit and i wasn't like yo you wanna flick it up. Do you like you want a photo of this like some video. Because i just didn't wanna do it unsolicited. The on the left side of the room. Four four owen negates. They're going over there match. They'd be weird like record them going over there match but i think if a photos you get that right. He's never met scorpio. this woods. favor rests on the planet. He's never met the man. Take a picture woods is. I'm kind of weird about that. I don't know i don't know all right. I don't stress him anymore. I was like you know in later on. E. tells me he's like he's just weird about picks like you when he's a big fan of something like a child and it was the coolest thing to see because you guys watch pro wrestling these wrestlers people to and he was a huge market. Yeah nice to meet you now. The fun thing that happens about this is we go down and do the match right. We met up with gate that was after the match right after the match so we ended up going down the walkway with everyone. We see the entrances. Were behind the curtain on scorpio. Music hits like at that point woods loses his shit. Our cassandra the jungle boogie with like going crazy. To the point of wishful stay behind the curtain and just cut appear out. What does not fuck this at each walks outside around the current needs like whatever i got to see like this. And all his lord and he's reacting reactions like every move and it's it's wild so he's like super into it and then bagels over which is cool and then they're walking back out so then we walk behind the curtain again in. that is where you are Yes so as we go behind the curtain. The matches over great match san scorpio. Work at his age is still doing the flipping. Lay drop all that shit. It's just ridiculous. It's absolutely and he's losing his shit like watching. I'm watching him too. I'm just like this is cool to see woods. Mark enough somebody. What is still in fan mode. Goes backstage as go backstage. Men mess warner matthew justice. Nick gage in the four crew. Were all there. And they're still talking about. They're still going over match now. Nick gage is like a cult hero. Now and if you've ever met him. He is just as nutty as he is in iraq. It's not a gimmick is nine gonna smash with this shit and like we're standing there. And i'm like oh we're interrupted and he's hype going match but we cannot data base like the green released the on-deck circle of walking out and woods walk. Seeing engage looks looks three times stops. What he's doing is a oh shit. It's like he's like. Oh shit you i love the work. I fucking love. Your work and woods is still in his own fan. Mode while gauges marking out two wides. Any at this point was is trying to compute like there. Is nick gage cult hero. Who's a fan of yours while you're stealing your shit. Being a fan of scorpio and the internet. He's like they shake hands and year. Fuck you and fuck year was like crazy. And i'm like this is. This is what i was like. I wish i could record this shit too matthew like like yo mass warner which a strange man swarm. Ems communicate on twitter. And he's right there. I didn't even introduced myself so fucking idiot. Oh we've been efi we finally. Fema prison if he walks by. And i like girls pulled out my master because let's face it gives me a hug hug and shit like this. He's like the coolest month around planning all. My god talk about stars. Every start what he comes out to his entrance. The whole persona. He says the coolest guy in the world like. I'm mark out to efi so i was just like efi was up like it's so cool honestly like tonight off to be a path but it's just two seconds the cooler shit. This past i'd say. Pandemic was a starting wrestling stereotypes. Podcast 'cause it's hard to fit entire schedule sometimes like to let you know behind the curtain. We're doing it a lot of shit arn day jobs demand a lot of our time. We both have families kids. There's a lot going on and we fit this in just off the strategy because it's something a your original idea and so we both care about now but the people we've met the stories we've heard the story. We shared in told through restaurant stereotype podcasts. It's fucking amazing and then just being able to meet these wrestlers and we talked just as people and develop those relationships and everything. That's one one of the best things that's come out of this. Like pandemic time for me is like oh. I love that so now knowing haffey knowing. Aj gray on. I've several times just everyone. Everyone's so don't fade. Now we go back and forth a tutor like those relationships are priceless now. I love that because it's all minority. Who are struggling week. We're we're a community. As wrestling fans were such a different community within that and we really get like personal and tell personal stories and get to know each other. That's just great. Yeah it really is incredible. Just the aj f. like the people that we've had bay obviously vegas care and based listening but i'm gonna tell them like we were supposed to get up this weekend. I can't wait to meet up with them. Because i just want to remind like you know you're fucking credible. I don't know how you know it or not great but yeah through all this these. This is strange. Mark out session. That happens then obviously gays and then go out there and they beat the shit out each other. And that's when in two mega show up. it was just. It was like this really incredible night. Where wrestlers were just fans of each other and just having in being having a good time woods left had to go back his engagement Played at the noor bar ran came through Like that's really the end of the night. Because i was spent after this chick. I was but he was. So what would we have no is. Let's say then. We had a full day on saturday. But yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah which we're going to get to would after the break we're going to go down the final stretch. Hope you guys are staying with us. There's a lot of fucking talking but he's having man we're not gonna have another weekend like this But i will say that friday really really. Set the tone for saturday because it was like it felt like a big as giant family like it. It really did now. The one thing. I will say because people a blurry. Put it out there. You see my pictures. Being biggie casts I'm taxing biggie. Throughout friday about what's going on and you know he obviously does smack now. He's trying to figure out the fastest way. You could get to vegas just so we can hang out like he's like male. Just rent a car get. My flight is drive out there and beat you guys like i wanted to be part of everything that was. I'm sure like most of the smackdown who just wanted to get out here because again. Honestly it's not just your with your road people from wwe or just your smacked on people are just raw people. Everybody was here. Everybody was here for one weekend. Everybody was here and it was. I knew like he told me like. I'm getting in front of night. Go out and he does seem like we went to brunch on saturday. Which is like they knew house. Y'all come y'all come down we're going to brunch and head to go to because i haven't seen e since i haven't seen him physically. Since i had a walk sean porter after the spent fine been phone calls zoom you. Obviously we talk every day for our heroes right. But the pandemic haven't seen him in the flesh obviously him being on the road. It's just no way. I can never seem so. It was obvious when he came in. I was gonna get two hours sleep. wake up. We hit this branch because this is going to be a long day caz also those obviously a lot of you guys don't know cazes as much as cast does i gotta give cavs lot of credit because before when wrestle rap started that was like the foundation him and amelia and i feel so bad because amelio missed his flight and did he get to get out here and i was. That was the one missing link. Manning demilio knows and if he's listening which actually might be on a meal funds because he does tim billion podcasts but he was sorely missed. The meal sparks yano amelio sparse. Please follow it. And he's incredible and it just felt like this big convergence. We roll into saturday and before we go the break. I'll say like us having brunch. Talk to you all right. How the fucker we going to do this. Because the day is summer slam paquito. Now obviously the nitty gritty about pack and the details of the fight on our show later this week for you guys understand how. We had to navigate our way from summer slam and makes really tough decisions. That were made easier by one match to when we were gonna leave summer slam and make our way to the back and how we pulled this off. It was incredible. I have to give us a pat on the back. We didn't miss a beat. If just in time yeah we we we we we put it. I'm i. I spent the whole week stressing about. How are we going to do this. Shit traffic like what. Are we going to do that. Obviously was other things guy saw was at the fight. I had to give them tickets. Like i had to figure. Well you know figure out how he was going to get the fight is he had figure out you know when this match was all these things early. Call time saturday all these things that were constantly moving usually spell disaster. One thing gets missed. Like i talked to. I was like. I don't know if we're going to catch up with original be busy. I've seen other woods. We're gonna be able to catch up. He's i don't know this thing. You have got to figure it out and catching woods meg ryan. He texted me on friday. He was like yo. I'm here you around. Yes ended up catch. This is the first time. I've been a busy environment. Where actually sought everybody that i needed to see. I didn't miss a thing. That is crazy to me. And saturday was the day where i was like. I'm gonna fuck this up. i'm either now. I'm not gonna make this summer. Slant while but make it too late to the pac l. file mcgee stuck in traffic. You guys got work. i started. Cover this shit. I'm trying to figure this out. All fell perfectly into place elizabeth there until we come back. Don't go anywhere when we come back less. Gotta go through the whole saturday and touch on an takeover could be the last as we know it. Don't go anywhere more to come. Thanks for sticking with us. We'll get right back to the show in a second but first the wait is finally over. Football is back. You might not be able to be at a game this year but you can still be in on the action at bet. Online bed online is going to extra mile to make sure you can get in on every possible chance to win. The season from game spreads to totals two teams player. Coaching props bet online. Gives you more options to wager than anywhere else you can get in on their season opening bonuses today and start off wagering a wins divisions and championship futures all day every day head a bit online today and advantage of all the great sign up bonuses. Don't forget to use code blue wire at bed online dot. Ag that's blue wire all one word bit online. Your online sportsbook experts all rights if you stuck with us this whole time. It's the payoff like where we had in time. How long is this. Show been this far post editing. I've pretty sure we're at an hour and forty five minutes moma. God yeah you guys and we pushes. Yeah pretty sure that power hour and forty minutes right now but this also looking forward to right here and it's summer slam. We're like we mention drake talks about it beforehand. Run around crazy on saturday. We linked up. That's actually when we had lunch in the day Bill simmons was there has their match dumped lunch. Jets game was on. Get a good time. Had some good wings really cool. We got the fuel in us. Those wings were legit all those wings or invited all sounds like you know it drills like. That's good that's all. I need to eat the whole day. I'm like all right man. We got like thirteen more hours to go. So we're cool. We're fuel really by this killed enough time to then head to the stadium so we're on our way to liege it. We're like we're driving trying to map out like our exit strategy as we're driving. It takes us a while to find the parking lot but the parking lot wasn't too far too now to be like we had a good parking lot. The parking like cu. We ought to do this and this time. You don't know how big into the fight after so we're trying to like map out away in case you gotta hop in the whip. Run by big runs out of the stadium without fancy and throws his bag in the car johnson. It was crazy. We're planning on how to steal big e type shit so yet regard. We walk in. The fans are great. Crowd is amazing. We get there just in time. For big beaver. Corbin on pre show which ends up being best matches night was that seems weird. I will let you talk about it. 'cause like i'm texting and he takes me. He's like yeah. I don't know it'd be done with this batch one not even though the match. I don't know what i'm going to be able to leave. And i'm texting me. He's like he's not responded right. And i'm like oh you must be busy. Yeah he's busy. Having a fucking match with corporate in the middle of the rain. Like i looked like. Oh that's why he's now responding montek so he's working corbin right now. Go ahead so we get in. There's a surprising amount of people already there. The stadium was pretty backed. Alright for the pre show. And i'm like cool. Don't exactly what we wanted. We don't go tar seats right away because we're like got gotta see match and looking through. Y'all is a really really good match playing off the briefcase. I i enjoyed it drought. The crowd is super high. E. is super over everything. He did super over. So then we get to the point where it's like all right that matches over. We'll see what he has to do after this. We'll plan that. Don't worry about it. let's go to our seats. See the opening. The show where hype still were like. Can't wait to see what this is. It should be a good show like asked me good. Show right debuted the night before they have to go all out for this and the pacing of this show and they're usually up and down. Roller coaster type shows the pacing. The show was very confused. Because i like to opening with archaic bro in our seats for that. Somehow this arcade bro thing is the best thing on raw and riddled. Looks like he's a future star in the company him in or break up because this is what they do is going to be amazing. 'cause the crowd loves the holding the bro. Throw all that is over. He's done. he's going to be what we thought when we saw him. And that can be said for ninety percent of annexed. Talent right what we saw like. He's can't miss behold he's he's chemists. they missed on. I thought it was over man. I did y'all heard it on the show you the main roster and made his debut in that fellay are they gonna rv deal. These are gonna be to bro. He's is going to be too much. But somehow arcade bro thing has allowed him to truly open up As a as a talent like you still agree wrestler. But he's actually really fun. And i'll tell you what i thought it was really over. Maybe wasn't was remember when he bought the promo with oscar that her and then they rolled into her business thing. He's the at one point. It was the last person to beat. Bobby lashley since but everyone. Long time. Like he was the only person to be like they. They found a way to work themselves. Glycated honestly could've been done. And i'm optimistic. The schooner saved a lot of scooter worked so well like it sometimes takes bud thing so no it was great. Hem mimicking randy. Orton was hilarious on the intro on the walkout in like waiting to do the pos and everything they work well together so i like that matches opener. Then that's where she got weed so alexa bliss memory but do drop. It was a total of three minutes. Fifty seconds. I will tell everyone we saw none of it. Because at this point we'll all time to get concessions and snacks. And that's when we realized everything was down and we couldn't get a damn thing so then we start. Wait wait wait you this story this how we found out. So there's some guys that are standing there in front of us and you know me kelly just thinking taking long time. They have their beers but can't leave now if you apparently there's a rule that if the drinks hit the table and you don't pay for them you're not allowed to leave them. The problem is systems now. And it's a cashless stadium. And they're like dues like i'll just give you cash if you let us take our beers and i can't let you do that a what he's like as we're all this money i trow off his way and you're telling me i can't leave him. Watch to read sleek like no we gotta stay like that was. That was the most absurd thing ever and i was like wow like you. You're gonna they drove all the way out here for this. Because you're machine fucked up. You can't leave with these beers out it'd be like just dump them out then. I obviously your pocket. Yeah yellow bugging. That's absolutely ridiculous. But yes alexa. Bliss and eva. Marie yo as soon as this magical on the car. I was like if there was a time. We're going to start if we were in a different city. Good have been punk chance. Oh yeah yeah definitely. We have a very nice crowd. Do minutes fifty seconds and then do drop takes even res cape and makes fun of her and of has a moment. I don't know what to do even marie. It's you want to say it's over. it's over for. He's over overflow might be always the relaxed this character. Yes but here's the rule if you are involved in evolution of your character and it's in the name the evolution the emma lucien. Whatever the carmelo was. It's over before it starts melanesia you'll remember mo and they tried to give her like your over yay and that was it was called. Emma lucien so you the emma lucien the evolution and whatever the fuck was carmelo when she came back the most beautiful girl in the world. What let morgan had the same thing. The same gimmick. I want like we had a lesbian angle. Plenty of times and it never works. It never works. It is over for eva. Marie those are. You can't wrestle channel. Thank god. They went home when they were about to do that. It's over. they spent all that time. And then promo back just for like i'm coming back and than ever. No you're not you're the same you suck. She got la she's a heat magnet so she can be valet to make are valid but they got to cut it out. They have to in this so much more to talk about what they do. This shit with lana wrestler. Stop okay to disease that you are y- like stop like yo manage talent. Something stopped wrestling because his other women on this roster that need that spot stated in work this weekend. Ni- jackson work this weekend this weekend. But yeah dude oscar work. I don't know where they the thing i mean. Obviously is annex t. But there's so many people that just didn't work this weekend. She's a tag team champion annexed high. No they didn't even wear that'd be we're gonna see i'm just saying in general to have even will reworking a match on what is your second or third biggest show of the year depending on where you place royal. Rumble is obscene. Yeah this angle was crap. This match was garbage and it really turned the whole summer slam card upside down. And i said this is like an album with really bad. Sweet himse you're not putting the songs in the right order. Come to find out a majority of the songs fucking suck but now this. This is definitely hurts. My heart being a hip hop fan but this sequencing was very women. Innocence slaughterhouse out which is really what did their bit because there was a bunch like stupid eminem features in shitty music in the beginning and the end of those albums are really fucking good but no one ever made it to that by bruce. If anyone wants to go back and listen to slaughterhouse started the last track and then work your way folk and you'll be like yellow this shit show. This group is don't like oh my god. Yes learn house album amazing but when you start at the beginning or going to end like this fucking sucks. So this was the slaughterhouse of bookie talented people. Though again show royce. You know joe butterfat but this is what happens when you have a bad order. And the next day improves versus shameless. People don't care about shameless. And good thing for priests i support. Everyone's mortaring puerto rican from new york. I got support. You my guy but i. I'm getting heavy apollo crews fox where it's cool for now they'll get real born in like a month you know. The interesting thing is some little insight so fridays media day and priest is doing a lotta interviews. Now prese. I mean i've said this a billion times i've never seen a talent. Go from the indies. In the annex stock went up. He is one guy that i was like. He was charismatic. He was great likey. Tha work the room and couple of my former co workers from the zone. Where for wwe now. They came with contract and they're all saying the same thing like they they all believe obviously have no influence. Vince does but he looks like a star. He's tall he's six. he's he stands out in when you see him standing there you like. Who is that that he looks like that. Great we're in the room. I'll tell you is in this room. They increase shameless piper. Nevin knocking gonna call it. Do drop no. I just can't do it. Not bobby last shows up later. That's a different story. When bobby lasted came in. I've like i've seen that motherfucker mountain. Y'all whatever gas he's on airpl- airplane jet fuel. I wanted all alan like two years. Maybe that's why goal. That's so sad. I need all the guest. But he was in the moment. Drew mcintyre was in the room Ted db jimmy hart. I have no idea what. Jimmy hart loser and They were all dame priests stuck out like like you saw him. Like mcintyre was wearing suit guy. Damian priest like the man and they were like we believe in so when this matches happening hours like yo. Nobody fuck about this match. Because they've never given you a reason the care about what titles. United states united states united states title. Nobody cares nobody cares poor same. Who's actually had some good matches withdrew over the past year. Nobody cares so this match is happening and it feels very inconsequential now. The reason why. Because he's fuckers have wrestled every week for what feels like the last two much like so. We've seen every iteration of this match but the crowd did pop when pres one cells in uk. They were kind of over. That they were happy was over. I mean grand prix. I'd just hope they do something with whatever it is about vince. Like not caring about these secondary titles. You gotta fix that and get them off the team. If you're not gonna do anything. Well yeah but no. I mean when the show is at his best when secondary titles meantime so yeah give them a good few. There's plenty of people who can wrestle. Just put them in the middle. If you don't want him to be at the top of the car you just have a begging mccart now. Rocket science is what he used to do is not like we're telling him to change his blueprint like you said rude. You have the perfect you have. Jake was in the car. What like you you had all these guys mid car sean came to make our break came to the mccart. You had wrestlers in the mid car. Go back today with. He wasn't top so that was then who sows versus rey. Dominic don't turn no shenanigans pin clean. Maybe not care about. It was a wise this match happening. Because i pointed out. I mean i didn't see sphagnum as i was busy and i ended up watching it later. Mckellar tweeted this dominic. Did his little keillor. Shit like predicated. What felt like could have been. He'll turn which baby they'll go to his point. But i as. I read the tweet the following day. I was sitting at my desk. Get my shit together for saturday. And lo and behold like. You guys have bench. I've mentioned this. I'd like the summer slam beans but didn't work. Peacock sucks and keeps cutting off for no reason so i was able to go straight straight through but the match that was on was dominic the custody battle and i was like oh. This is the perfect time to do a terrorist. Sixteen year anniversary of this shit and know what they do. The go straight match and those those grover. I'm like so this meant nothing to me. I those those went over and got a top. Why do we even do this. We've already done this before the aslam do do something else. It would have been wisdom profits. Where's american alpha ladder. Good mattress street. Posits on its back. Down and otis is pretty big. Now like you're you're building them up to be something or american name. That's i guess that's not a good example. But it's like alpha team or some shit and it's like cool. Let let them get that spot. It could have been better served than just running back another lazy angle. If you're wearing an adversary nothing aspach now. And then this is the talk. We've been waiting for here. We go already off so next up train. I try to go back out and get a drink. Still work fails at this point. We give like yo. We're giving away free water soda. Will i will take looking thirsty. Were parched give anything you got so they give us two things which is like ninety percent ice and then we sit back down in our seeds and bianca comes out. Oh cool sizes gonna come out. They're going to do this match. They announced in the sasha. Banks is unable to compete. Everyone's what boo in her place will be carmella. Carmella comes out gets a full insurance this long as rant by the way four million shirts comes into the rim. They give bianca microphone. Viagra says sasha mean you we still are bought a pig in the meantime carmella. You don't get this work. This whole big takes seven minutes right before the match starts. Oh god thank you everyone shit. Oh god the man is back back becky becky. Everyone's lose it. Oh my god this is great comes out. She completely treats carmelo like she ain't shit. Does her own thing tells. Bianca hold on give me one more second both it into the steps back rings now. Let's get down to business. They give becky lynch and mike. Becky lynch has like how much defend that belt against. The man sounds like okay. They give bianca back to mike. Viagra's like let's do it becky's entrance six minutes at this rally. Seventeen minutes shenanigans. The bell rings twenty seven seconds of a match. They go to shake hands. Becky snakes bianco with the right answer with rock bottom one-two-three match over becky lynch champion. What from thank god. Becky's here to everyone in the crowd. Going what the fuck was that. And they simultaneously ruined a star that they were building organically grown storks star. That was just a raleigh loud. Just making a salad and put a damper on. Becky lynn return. Which has the jazz in the second biggest return weekend excluding park phil super worst thing possible in that situation all right so here we go so. I tweeted when this happened. But i'll tell you what happened before this tweet. The painful happens. I look at kill. We're both have the Face on now member. I said they will lot of people color that was on the strip this week in wrestling gear for whatever reason the section that we were in there were a lot of people of color there was exiting including the family that was sitting directly in front of us. He turned back and look at me with his mouth open. I i was like ashok shoulders. I started looking as certain. Some people were like sharing becky's win. All the people of color would dumbfounded. They had their hands on their heads shaking. Their heads mouth was open. I was like okay. I'm not the only one that feels this way. Women were disappointed. The whole blake. Women's anyone has any type of minority was highly upset at plus fifty percents of other people. Who are yes and so. This is what i'm looking around and i'm like oh my god. The energy has been completely sucked out of the building. Like it was it was gross. You felt like everything. They did for bianca. Bel air was robbed at right at that point because the precursor is often the dirk sheets that that's sasha didn't whatever happened after smackdown. Last week she can work a house. Show that saturday and neither could bianco. Which immediately led to speculation about kobe. In ever say anything. They gets a friday. Sasha's not on smackdown still advertising this match knows no sasser get the saturday. Get to this point. Then you formally announced the sasa cannot compete and you do the carmella thing and you do the becky thing. And then you pin bianco biller. So there's a couple of transit thoughts going on right now in my head before i start the sweet one. When did you plan to bring becky back. Was this always. The plan was going to be sassine. Bianca had a match. And then becky would stare down the winner or was it. I know it was never in the plan for becky to be in the match. That couldn't have ever been in the plans. So did you pull the trigger. Because you reacting the punk and this is your like your moment and you think because you know as big as is as much as over its years. This is your moment because you have to compete with potent moment. So this is your moment. It comes at the expense of bianca. Belair that's my first train of thought. And i'm trying to figure it out. I was like man. They really handled this wrong. Because you knew if sasha's covy if she has code oilseeds concentrated whatever it is if you knew there was a distinct possibility she wasn't going to be able to work and there's to me there was a way to get out of this that wouldn't exposed beyond the that you did and you could have salvaged all this whether it had been Becky comes down nerves. Carmella and just stares down. Bianca was like i'm coming for that shit and just leave it alone. Just leave it alone. There's no reason to have a match right now. Just leave it alone. No you decide to have a twenty-seven second match the squashes bianca squashed beyond got in no offense jada forearm and a man handler which is like becky's new version of the rock. Bottom you pender and the matches over you got a new champ. And i'm looking at this. And i'm thinking okay i've said this before. Bianca didn't have says really a proper title defence. She wins the title wrestlemainia. Got to work. Bailey bailey gets hurt. You can't work that match beyond match. Then they were this. Whole carmella in zelina vega shit. It's not really proper defense. It's not like the proper light your champ thing right so we started talking about when sasha came back in the book this master summertime was like this is the match. They really puts bianca over mind. You wrestlemainia is a moment where you had to black women headline now whether it's because ventures like this is what i wanna do or if was because people on the internet were like pushing for this to main event one of the nights if everybody remembers people like yo this should main event one of the nights the denounce it until the day before and when was announced bianca didn't know and she was gushing on social media about it. I don't know if sasha new or not but she was gushing social media about so there may have been some public pressure to put them in the main event. You have this man of inner wrestlemainia. The first time in col- stacey the two black women are main eventing wrestlemainia for in their main eventing it for title. They go on to have this incredible match. Bianca has this damn does stellar emotional. Moment where sasha's looking at it and they bring it in and she's about to break down sucks it up. It has the mass of her life. They fucking winning. Espy they win. Spf two black women. You have bianca to a photo op with meg. The stallion you have bianca worked to rolling loud. But all the while you still haven't had this proper title defence for and this is your moment to have a proper title defence against sasha saskia russell you go and you bring out becky lynch and then this happens. My thoughts immediately went to koffi. Koffi wins the title in this big black moment at wrestlemainia that we all celebrated that had us crying in our feelings and he holds the title until brock leser comes to leisure. Do nerves kofi kingston all the while they played it up you beast from the east eu nerve me then. You may not do it now. But for the fox debut because they wanted to pop rating the announced bright lesser versus kofi kingston and. We thought hey man they have a decent match. If broncos over that's fine but at least they can have a decent match no they squashed kofi two years later two years yet almost two years later they do the same fucking thing to bianca so much we. If you saw it i said Brock nerves kofi. Becky nerves bianca and i had little differ in no but they don't really care about us for michael jackson. This has caused some kind of uproar. Like people are mad. You're playing the race card okay. The optics are bad. That's i because you've done this twice now. In into big moments to me. The kofi was back three times. Technically they did it today. Oh me when she was your your they did it in italia came back and beat her. Yeah you're right italian. What the fuck outgoing bronco over. Kofi was never a problem in my mind. It was never that was never the issue because you look at brock and you go. That makes sense is looking at them. Emerges people like he should win the match but they should have a good match because coffee was pretty well protected as champion but it felt like it felt like may not be this way but even then it felt like it was all your way hypes back all right. That was cool. Give the title back. It was never plans for kobe to have a long-term run. The reason why. I feel that way also is because kofi loses the title and he never mentioned it again they go right they take a week off the comeback. And they're right back in the taxing like they. They shuttered him to the mid card immediately. Didn't talk about it. There was no like i'm angry. I got nerf again. Nothing it was over done zo. Now the problem with this. Becky bianca thing is i want you guys look at something. Look at becky. Just look at her lubyanka. Tell me that this woman could nerf bianca and real life. There is no part. There's nothing about becky. Lynn standing next to bianca ability. Or that makes me go. Oh yes squatter. Like kofi and brock and i was like i will shit brought my eat him right but i look at becky now look at bianca bianca the stature of that woman like night she just look a million bucks. She looks like she will fuck you. Up the physicality everything. That'd bianca does power who's very destructive forest. Which is very very graceful. Also i'm not saying becky is wack. I'm saying it. There's nothing believable about becky lynch squashing bianca. Bill they're like overpowering her. That doesn't make sense now. People say what. She caught her off guard. Yeah okay but did you need to do that here. Do a roll. That's off guard right. That's why rollers exists. You thank you thank you. So when they announced the match. I tweeted it. You guys you guys seen it. I say i don't know about this in a tough spot because you've built up all this goodwill with bianca belair but that's becky lynch and i know y'all don't young just going to let her be becky the first time back. Y'all in a tough spot. They call this spot they will. We will sacrifice bianca. Bel air to put becky lynch over now. So here comes the tweet playing the race card. Everything's not about race blah blah blah. Look pointed out the optics are bad. The optics are black. People are cool enough to hold the title for a short amount of time to the great white hype comes back then. We'll give it to them. And then if we take it a step further what happened. Oscar right asked undefeated annex t windsor royal. Rumble we're super high face charlotte flair. She taps out she's never the same again. Charleston need win that match yano that charlotte never needs to win a fucking match. But she does charlie. Peace real ripley rear ripley. Never the same again as good as much of a killer as real ripley looks like just in workout. Vicky lynch against cena baseler. What happened wrestlemainia. Becky be shayna baiser. Shane obeys ler. Never is the same again. Y'all gonna tell me that. I should trust this system. That's gonna make like bianca. Bel air is going to be all right. I'll know guys. I don't know because you made bianca look like a fucking fool in front of all these people i don't know how bianca feels about the book and i don't know how becky feels about the bookie. This was a bad idea. the optics are bad. People were like yoga bob. Exactly champ Brcko the president is racism. Over is how does she works. I'm not saying the. Wwe is a racist company. I'm not saying that at all. What i'm saying is when you do something looks a certain way. And then you do it again. In two very cultural relevant moments because kofi mania was huge for us bianca beating. Sasha at wrestlemainia was huge. Russ y'all knew who is huge for us and then you go into this and you go on summertime. You nerf her with somebody. That doesn't look like a computer and race beater in a physical event or do anything of the sort. I dunno child trying to tell us somebody needs to be in. That room was like vince. I don't think this is a good idea. Because they can have a proper match. Becky could go from yoga. She could be the veteran that beach bianca. That's totally fine. Twenty seven seconds. Twenty seven seconds tweeted. It don't see it or you don't wanna see it. And there's some people have responded. But what about eight. W i aint talking about fucking w talk about why. Just watch the bill an espy. She wanted to be what win. Sp's which all time is an eight. W we talked about another thing somebody else. Same overly sensitive about race does fire. If you want to say that cool. I'll be that. I will hold that bag all day but it felt wrong for bianca. It also felt raw for becky to be the one doing it. Furthermore you could have done you coulda had becky lose the bianca and you could have blamed the fact that she was pregnant. Had a baby and been out of action all this time and he coulda kept becky as a baby. Face didn't get the job done and she could have worked herself. She had to prove the she's the man again and treks through the division. And then she's over. Land rover the still save at a certain point survivor series. Maybe they face our. Becky works self all rookie. I gotcha now in beach. It's fine but that this way none of this is fair. Now was lazy. Glenn did it help either person not in the last thing i'll say is you Chime in on this. I hate when people tell me. It's just wrestling you. Okay i you. That's how representation representation works across all entertained. I need to see me in a movie. I need to see me in a tv show and to see me as an athlete. I need to see me as pro wrestling. My nieces eleven years old in my niece loves bianca. Biller why because beyond kabila's dark skinned athletic and she. I mean she's beautiful. She's athletic but she's a powerhouse she's she's all those things it's still us. Money's loves it. My niece has not watched summer slam because she lost. She can't computer she's like. What the who. What why i said on has bianca's sent my niece autographed picture. Bianca's like best person in the world representation matters and we see things like this. It sets up how we view the world. There's a reason why black people felt like they were lesser than or the concept of you. Speak well for a black person was made because of representation. We talked about why we did this. Podcast and we talked about why covered combat sports are house stories. Told that's representations. Don't give me your it's just wrestling bullshit. It's not just wrestling. We matter in our place in this world matters you the. Wb had a better way to handle this. You knew sasha wasn't going to be able to compete you of found a what a better way out of this. That's twenty seven six is trying to create a moment. Was you overreaching. And trying to overcompensate for what punk did and it backfire could they. We have in this sure but that very moment is summer slam. Bianca deserve better. Naomi is deserved better. Shane is deserve better. You go. eeoc is deserve better oscars deserve better in the last thing. Kale and i'll let you take it from here. Is we really have to stop this horsewoman over everything bullshit on a problem. That's all i got to take him. I've been saying on this podcast forever. It is a horse women over everyone and issues true. It is not good. It's not bad it's the truth and they know it needs whether you wanna flex the power which i don't know becky does. But she doesn't seem like the type of that would flakes that power. She's just cool kind of laid back in super nice or if you want to charlotte and sasha wait through it and definitely flex your power you to i can leave for as long as i want. I come back. I'm the attraction. I'm star so there's very different dynamics of this but he comes out. Those four are the equivalent of brock lessner and really br bankers cool. I love that oscar. You'll shrike sittard the best women's wrestlers on the planet when they were in their promotions before getting here shimmer wherever else dope incredible as well. There's no four women wrestling on this. Earth is big as any of those four anywhere. You're hard pressed to find men men however everyone anyone in terms of being superstars right now in professional wrestling at the level that these are and they're never been a truth action but loosely based the faction if you want to count them as a faction in hole in the next you give them five more years their top three faction of all time and they earn. You know what they are about say. Are you going to say their evolution. No no no so my listeners. About say they are twenty twenty one version of the click out of the. that's true. yes that's what they are there. Sean trips national and those are some pretty damn good people. Like what can i say that. Yes yes they are and they're they're going to go down at the end of the day as the most influential group in women's wrestling history and a top three faction of all time. And all we're living through it like this is what comes with it. Let's say it's sometimes in cool but we love the horsemen now but rick was getting pulled over everywhere. Rick deserted using an amazing prowrestler them as a tag team. They wanna best tag teams on earth. Horse like aren't was amazing. Telling me like all these people are amazing. They deserve whatever came to them. We're living through reading. Get to what is he at fourteen sixteen sixteen titles just because no yes. Some of those were bullshit. You went over. People shouldn't have but he earned it. He's rick fucking flare. We're living through that era with them. They built the best collective in women's wrestling wrestling history and they're going to have all the accolades all of that so he. So here's my county that it's not good one you compared to the horse. The horse men were flare arn anderson. I mean i mean you kind of tell ya yes you grew the the thing about the horsemen were was. It didn't pass around the title to each other. Now there's one guy they worth. Yeah but there were a faction that was actually. These women aren't a faction there. The click the reason. I compare them to the click was a click was never a known faction in. W you never saw the click all work together but the click was always finding ways to manipulate the system. And that's what you always heard about the stories triple h with shawn michaels with hall and nash in waldman they manipulated at system. They were not a true faction. The horse women will have never been like a true faction but the politics there in the reason. Why more than anything else is like yes Sashes great becky's great bailey's great but that's charlotte fucking flair. That's a flare right there. So when it become when these women debuted yes. You're right because they have been excellent. There hasn't like the sasha bailey few like every they've done excellent. Becky finally found her ways demand right but they were never like a faction but the fact that the titles have been passed around between them for and really truly those four only with the exception of ask who got it only because becky got pregnant. It's kind of problematic because it makes you feel like yeah. He's a good night. Jackson alexa bliss. But then it comes back to them again because it feels like if you're not in that crew and you don't have that leverage and that leverage is i'm not gonna say that becky asked to be bianca but the leverage is that vince want y'all to have those titles the four. Y'all in doing so. The rest of the roster is getting eight up. Osce can reach the potential. Shane like i've mentioned that. Shayna beza rea- ripley. The naomi live off of the waste out of these four women and i don't know is swinging the proverbial dick back there. But somebody's back there. You know leveraging the politics because right after this what happens charlotte gets the title back like. That's not a faction that's political. Shit i don't know who's calling the shots but it doesn't look good. We all agree. Sasha is like the cream of the crop girls bad like everyday. Her wrestling is phenomenal. Everything she's done has been great. We all agree about that. We also i think we all have also agrees like becky's character was great but a work is okay. It's alright hailey barely kind of the same great character especially with the hilton but is that like she's degrades. Rests on the plane like es rise like one of the best winning recipe oscar. You could argue the same thing. Shane has come a long way. Know somebody like moon. They don't have the complete package ria phthalic. She was on the come up. Ny jackson okay. Cool whatever but bailey in becky. They like good wrestlers. Not great wrestlers. I think naomi's probably just as good as becky interns. Jaffe ring work better better. You and then you have charlotte who not. I don't think any of us will say show is not a good wrestler. None of us put puyo everytime she comes around. So he's got to be on the title picture like charlotte. Charlotte isn't a place right now. Charlotte it feels like charlotte. Very triple h where it's like. Charlotte must go over very hulk hogan charlotte must pose a very john. Sceni- charlotte was always. Get the title back. At some point you have to be with johnson. The worst of the us tidal to the rest of those women. Some fucking good matches. I don't need you in the main title picture. Because how are you gonna make women to face if every time you come around your push them to the back purple. Not because bianca is spiritual bianca's all here because becky's not if becky was here we might have a different wrestlemainia match. That's a hundred percent true. And there's there's been no circumstances right by where we would sharla was outright. What happened in susa came back right in the title bryan title. Picture by by nikki nikki. Nikki bye bye. Bye bye nikki. It's over she woman in the bank cashing the next day lost title. Did all this should happen to the thirty day period. It is over it is over. There's no rehab for that. So i don't know like they say they believe and bianca. But can you really be somebody that got squashed and twenty seven seconds. Can you really say that. Do you think charlotte would ever get squashed in two thousand seven seconds. No ever ever never in her career. That'd be the end a woman exactly my point. That's my argument. So when i talk about race in this situation i'll put a button on it. We'll move onto the rest when i talk about racists talking about optics i don't think the visually i wanna crush the black women but what he did in front of all these people color in that crowd and all these people watching at home because we saw bianca bianca isn't yoga hasn't gotten over over yet like she's over but she's not over over and she needed beat like a sasha to go over like the really prove yourself but when we sit there and we watch all women that dress makes your own gear like flexes on black history month flexes and we all go gas. Our girl married to montas four. That's black love. They post they have their website that honors black historians that. They have a website for that. I'll talk to be about an tears. Like they are part of us. So when i said vince squash black excellence. I'm not saying he purposely went out there and it was out killing black excellence. No i'm saying what we just saw is the woman that we backed yacht. Didn't even think twice about what she meant was because it was more important to put becky over in that moment. That's what i mean the optics fucked up because we know what kofi mint us because it wasn't just winning the title of daniel bryan because he's a great worker is a black of african porn. Champion at wrestlemainia. Daniel bryan put him over and we lost our shit. Then you're like well braga's back time to give up the ghost. Let's get back to normal is what that felt like i. I don't know what to say to. The people were making about rate. It's it's the definition of why color blindness is problematic as problematic as being racist or doing something with militias racial intent. Sometimes being color blind and blind to those who need representation is equally as bad. And that's what we see here. It was the decisions were probably made objectively. But you alienated so many people. Because you just don't care you don't care about people's feelings you're not taking people into account that shady so yeah like they gotta do better in regards but the funniest. There's one part of this whole shit. It's as soon as this happened. You look at me like yours ago. What donna it's time to go let's go. Let's go like a guy i feel like. That's a great part to leave at and so that's when we leave and we had to. I'll fight car way over there to be clear i like. I said everything kind of fell into place we needed to go at some point like it was obvious because i was. I'm looking at the corner. Do gotta get over there for the main event but it made it so much easier to figure out when to leave when bianca loss. I was like this feels like a good time to leave. It felt even better. Because i was like then they tried it out gender and drew and i was like all right is really time to go in the best the most fantastic thing about this is the trolls over there. I tweet i'm out. I'm leaving time to go the pack fake. The ppc account tweeted me back. We'll be glad to have you come to the main event i'm like you guys are as yeah. They're like that wrestlers. Come come back home. So we have that web backlash recipe earlier today. So then we had addresses south. Rawlins edge comes out full brewed entrance than halfway through that was clicks to other old inches. Amazing seth where no matter doors. Jacket fucking do it. So in the match was good. I liked match. Edge was incredible. That's something. I could not have foreseen perfect way to end it cool. They did their job. Yo look so semester. Bay right. I try to watch last night. I passed out but that route entrance pop tart. Because i saw it and i was like you know. We've talked about this. The bruise been having one of the best theme song pro wrestling especially black. People is like one of the worst kept secrets in pro wrestling. Like people say underrated. It's really not because everybody talks about it but to see edge come up again moments man. I get chills. When i see the shades onto was like yo when they start right and they do stuff. Oh it's perfect. They just they as young and far between in awa tweeted it like about when pro wrestling is done right. There's really nothing like beyond kinsasha. When that was the way that was done won an espy. For a reason it was done right. It was like good theater when it's done right. Is nothing like it. When punk did what he did is. There's there's nothing like it so to see ed's come out with bru- then going to that shit and then these guys have the match that they had l- man i get it. Excuse me i get it because a lot of people like. Oh it's like you know. The greatest hits i like those hits. I will listen to those things all day. But i'll repeat because the execution of that match where rallies continuously can try to nail the curbstone on edges neck which they tease back in two thousand fourteen to edge using literally every single one of the moves. I mean even the spirit through the ropes funny insight e heard about it right. Somebody's somebody hit was like how do you feel about edge doing the spirit through the ropes and he was like i stole it from him. Because you remember. He put foley through the table at wrestlemainia the ropes he was like i stole from you that that i've paid homage to edge for all those years his move so he never stole it from me. I borrowed it from him. So he's more than welcome to use it right but that match like hit all the right notes and we got have a car is like edge coming back and being as good as he's been he's been really fucking good hasn't missed. The controls are really on point arts. Great good i'm i think ed's return has been one of those really understated stories in pro wrestling because look man. Let's be honest lashes. Wrestlemainia the massa grandeur like this stinks. It was too long. It wasn't good then. They went to the greatest wrestling match every which was like daily better to call it that but it was a phenomenal match right so it was like really good but you best fucked it up by calling the greatest max ever lose. Let us tell you that. Don't let it breathe right so then wrestlemainia. This year's roman that matches really damn good like that was a really good match really good match. And then we get the the rematch. That's a really good match. The one match with rawlinson feud and then we have this mess. And i'm like yo it is on this nice little run here. The man has been gone for crazy. Long comes back. Doesn't miss a beat. Hang in submit. Seth rollins that that match was bent the night. The night honestly would've been match weekend except we had an take. Oh not there yet. They we have bobby lashley vs goldberg. It says it's only seven minutes ten seconds. I swear to god that was way long. Okay you real quick and you talked about the details of this match. Somebody hits me. Somebody hits me was like do this whole bianca thing. It was like well bobby lassie pizza. Shit outta gobert. That's not what happened. I watched the match. Goldberg was dominating the early portion that match until mvp interfered and hit in the leg with a cane which fell really unnecessary. And then we went through this injury angle. That only tells me that you're either going to do this. Rematch extreme rules. You're going to get that saudi bag goldberg. That's the only thing that this told me. Definitely this saudi. This didn't feel like what people are trying to frame. A lot of people on twitter will now talking about bianca. We're trying to frame is like bobby. Beat the shit out of legend gobert note. Drew mcintyre beat. The shit out of goldberg bobby. Lashley was losing that match and had to get some help and like that. That means nothing to me. In terms of what else i'm about would bianca's like bobby last looks incredible and these but this this was dome like why gophers bass has been dumped short. This one was longer because there was injury. Angle that i felt was wholly unnecessary all liked about this match. Bobby said fuck them. Kids smashed up little logo gobert but his ass out. Could his name is gauge. It's somebody's on twitter. Said he needs to replace his son. And get nick gauges credible That was great. That was great. I did have a slight problem with it. Two little things one configuration of. Mvp's apology was supposed to be like this. Healers like ha ha gotcha apology or were scared of gobert. We don't wanna piss him off apology. They were trying to frame. That is to Gays past way to quit for that full nelson like he was put in a sleeper hold. And he wasn't leggy fair. It's a big as do putting you in a full nelson pass. That's one of those like you see a bear you and he played that. That's that's what i took it. S okay all right if you think he played it. Because i thought we'd been better for like an gauge was injured. Not like dead by you. Know like he snapped his neck or some shit like that and gobert had to save his injured. Kid like kids just passed out of fright. Look out and i was like. Oh my god. That's so. I guess we're gonna run this back and i. I have zero interested in now like i wanted. Lastly to nerf goldberg not have a match widow at zero insurance before was crazy is if it's for the saudi bag. Saudi people are showing up to see gobert because they only know shift from one thousand nine hundred. So can you really like squash goldberg there. Like i believe you went over. The last time he was there he beat taker. Almost killed taker by is a weird thing. So i don't know how that's going to go. And then maybe that roman reigns versus john. Sina he's royal marines. Were john sina. It was a little long in the tooth from me. And i didn't know there was a stipulation that raines loses. He leaves wwe. Yeah i mean thanks guys. Just give away the finished like what does that. Yeah that was. Let's be honest. This patch was very mid like for for seen enrollment. We offer like. I know. I came to these two about a thirty minute banger. Where you know we could. Us titled senior against roman reigns. Like like i thought we were giving a match. This match was just like well. It too disappointed raleigh as slow blades. Now so which is. Maybe i'm maybe a part of it was the rest show kind of sucked sauce with his match gifts over. So i don't watch this. Watch his record the podcast. I was trying to watch it at the same time could do i was focused and then i watched it and i was like. There's nothing memorable about this. This matches kind of here and you know before the match happens. Pat mcafee is like they're going to make a documentary about this match. No they're not absolutely not. There's no reason to you if they're gonna make a documentary about something that's going to be about. The guy returned with a ponytail dig of brought buca jeans with pony broncos out the music aids. Everyone goes nuts they be brock is a whole different dynamic. So we'll see how that ends up working out. But then like. I love the battle for paul heyman angle but now you have roman adding another ledges to his ledger. Got edge on there. He got beyond there now. Yes seen on their clean is going to everybody so now leshner every time lesson has come back. One listener has a lot of control over his book. And i'm not sure how that works with how protective roman ranges. But if you bring listener back on the things like we're paying you shalom money. You just got to put this kid over fine but then it's like. How long is he here every other time. He's come back. You couldn't resist urge of putting the belt on it. And i'm not sure they need roman to chase like he's great being the one being taste so i don't. I don't know where this goes. I don't know where it culminates. i don't know if this is for an eventual saudi bag i. I'm very confused on where this is going to go at this time because if you stretch this out does this mean then you gave up on roman rock or as roma going brock working this all the way through almost to rumble and then going. It's rock right after that. That's if he does that. That's one hell of a year on his resume. Shit like it's the end of times you make a very good point. One leser rival got a massive pop. I watch like damn. We gotta use some pump up. Nope stops reuters fought like what is it. Dallas the box the new term. I don't know but people like this was just as big as the stop but it was. It was a big pot. But you're right because as soon as i saw it i was like well Who's the he'll in. This okay is clearly the he'll but when is brockman obey face and the only thing i can think of is which is one of my favorite patches while time because a crop made him a baby face when he nerf johnson. A- earth johnson. Yo if you have a and john seen act and this led by the way like the dave view on off air by everyone was still there and he just beat the shit. john just cuts. I mean against you gotta went back and watched the squash match. And i was just thinking about how good lesser can be when everything's clicking in the is the best extended squash ever seen in my life and that's not hyperbole. That's just facts. This is spotting mismatch. We've seen a hit the out of nowhere. He's the aa and he gets a near fall and lesser gets up in senior roles over like needed against the the the corner. Let's get looks at home. Starts bouncing around like you were closed and tries to adapt. Welby gives me a high five and a smile. You'll have fucking died. Because it was like he was like nice. Try kid like you almost gabby. And it was like the perfect they was he do. He goes back to beat. No fuck at johnny. Now like that is great booking great mess and when is doing stuff like that. It's fun to watch when lesser before. He came back when he had matched with angle. That is gone right. He sounds like a giant now like he gets. He does like the drunk wobble and shit. That's what lesser does now. But it's still kind of fun to watch but as good as a he'll i don't know if it works as a baby face and if you're working roman a year how do you not put roman over here. Because of roman doesn't over and brock wins. I think i don't know there's something to it that i think proxy pivoted lashley. At some point the drafts gotta be coming soon right. I don't necessarily like i mean again. We run into the same issue. Who's he'll whose baby face. But i think we've seen a roman and bracken enough because i need e i need to go to lashley. I don't need 'cause he's not going over on roman now. I don't want to right i just i can't figure this out like and it's not in. This is what i'm saying is not a bad thing that i can't figure it out. I'm just trying to figure out how it's going to work. I wanna see it in action. I wanna see al hayman handles this. I wanna see how he does. I wanna see the promos lineup this this whereas an abroad when he came out with the ponytails. Who is being this mosque. Did you see the size of that. Man's back so he creates cameron crazy somewhere when he was walking there. Like a camera gets knocked over and i was like blocks trap. Did that too big. He's too big. But it is like i don't know man romans like the he'll and you know obviously backs down and like the kinda sorta chicken shit kinda of way. But it's like he just went over on scene. As i want some guests on may work this match i want. I'm very intrigued by this but it also asked me. Is this the magic do it. Extreme rules at no. It feels so much bigger than that right like it got to be the saudi bag or nothing in the saudi bags. Yucky as it is. But if you know extreme. But i don't know what the extreme rules max is dan. I don't know. I don't know. I i not going to trust them to figure this out. I'm going to say i'm gonna let it play out. Because i want to see it. Play out. brought coming back is a big deal. The point just makes him like a fucking angry. Lumberjack eared more than the ponytail. But yeah sure it's always great. Yeah all of it works and it just like broccoli just looks like a monster. He literally looks like a moscow. And when i say that. I'm like well. How is the big facing. Looks like a monster. You'll kill somebody you know what i really want. This is what i want now tweeted. I don't care about any like this roman box. i don't care. Give me walter brock. That's why give me walter in everyone. Every br brought takes one of those shops. I ain't getting paid to do this. Shit know like rocks going into shoot molded knees. He's in wall to the hard way. Because you know. He's never seen a walter rach before he's a busy fucker really. In in the hard way the rate they got a rate vis radio so the ear the ramp bronx. This is what he does like show. You can't put them in there brought brigade about that and how you can again go work. How does walter will work on the main raw search because he's if you're millionaire and make it main rosser money. Why are you getting chopped viciously by this bad. No out at all i got. Here's the answer. The answer is if i'm vince. Or if i'm even nick connor come down and say this. Is this what we pay you to do. You wanna earn your money. This is how you and your money. You thought to get that contract Wrestling like ricocheting shit people flipping on you. Nah you gotta take these ham hawks. Right here. Might get a bonus from from walter shop. We're gonna get to that. We'll talk about like neck split. And i don't think he wants to do that. So i got as overall what chagrin show. Oh my lord I'm very easy greater. Saw go deep deep plus yet searching the sea. i'm giving it a. I'm just going to give it a d Because ed's and rollins was really good. Yeah and the opener was good. And you know see. The roman wasn't bad The other stuff just sucked. So i'll give it a i won't i won't give it an f and i won't give it a d. minus because i really did like ed rollins but it's a d. Show he has. It was a toll away from a c. Minus and then it was a becky lynch three minute match instead of twenty seconds way from c. But now they could have helped themselves. And you know just. I'm being generous. And the concessions didn't work evolves watching on tv in my home i could have my food madrid. Maybe it would have been higher. But i was in the building. We refunding thirsty. We walked around all morning. One point i thought it was going to catch a cramp stopping by a power eight and shut power the power and forty eight seconds so you know and then they had nothing at rena l. out here and we're in a good section here in the section that has like the bar connected to it and they had a yard burgers. You'll yard like kit. Your bird either line to that. By the time we got to the. I'll fight even have time to use my tickets. We didn't get to go to shake shack for the free shake shack on on. Oh yeah we were just hungry at all that debt you guys want to hear the story about e coming to the pack fight. We're we'll talk about that on later this week. Yeah i feel like that's for other show along show guys real quick. Then run through annex t takeover. We've gotta talk more about it than we'll talk more about after we see how annex changes but We have which i didn't watch the pre show. There was rich. Highland with pete done manager defeating. Trae baxter in a minute. Forty five seconds feel like pd on his way out Yeah well guess what. You can't wrestle so i mean. Are you going to wrestle with. I don't know what's going on. But they were just like just walk bridge house out this kid and i was like what is the purpose of this feels like rich holland falls right in line with what the next generation amnesty crates. I agree so we'll see how that works Camera grimes opened up the show Verse l. a knife teddy. We in his corner. If grimes loss would have become knights butler. Somebody's nights not anyone's butler. We have camera gyns going over. One is freedom. Yes okay leave Sixty minutes thirty one seconds. Those cool match. It played out. Well kevin grimes being the champion. It's weird in child. Aj in the reverse ratpac crew and you for pointing out. It's a whole different world when the millionaires are. The baby face overman here to throw money around at the end and a describes characters oppose still fifty billion dollars in the bank. We're rooting for the top. One percent of the world. But i guess. I guess. But i mean i like grimes. It's funny. the character works and this is a good way to bring it all together on l. a. Knight's still feels like he has a place so we'll see where that goes. I just don't know any what any of this means with the changes coming like 'cause you can't cut the entire somehow like if you're bringing literally green as people never wrestled a day in their life it's going to take them years to become pro wrestlers. Not quite like big. He was in the system for how long the when he signed. All in iowa. Like ya'll they have big cast for a while. They had on end zone for a wild jason jordan. Was there with jerry curl. It took his first ever to find american alpha What's his face from a private party from St prophets angela dawkins was ever until montas ford. Can't it takes a long time for these. People were no wrestling background. So one be safe enough workers to do this shit three times a week. Which is what is scheduled calls for me roster but even in annex t to put on legit safe television matches have a character be able to cut promos. It takes years for these. People aren't bianca was in the system for three years before they put on television in a main role issue changing overnight. Can't cut everybody. So i'm intrigued. Yeah yeah amish. The i have no idea. This stuff is going to match this match. It was good. It was a good match Little plus deal the finish which absolutely right they cut that promo. Very trump era like yuppie republican shit like sharing money like people that poor i guess he got his market and bitcoin so like he feels like more of a techie ito hippie progressive democrat gr- year seems like that type of guy he's a sanders guy like he's a bernie sanders. He's just different. He's not republican devious. He's definitely old oil money. So that's what we're but like grinding. Like yeah i can see like fugger best bitcoin mining and you know he's a big all the way to move. I don't know it's just weird to see. Because i was just like all right cool which guys didn't give barron corporate jobs. He's struck lease. He went from thirty five dollars to one hundred dollars so happy today. Ed just like a social only post. You went to the casino here in vegas ten thirty five and two hundred gonna come on baby. He might by shirt. he says i love him. Maybe of a backup razors. Corporate stuff is great. I mean this was a good match so you know you know now. Depressing grimes the million dollar title. I don't know we the new generation of annex t being whatever the hell is about to be because it's still on television. I'm sure some of this talent is going to stay. But what do you do. Somebody like grimes as million dollar title. I don't know. I don't know all we can do is wait and see yet and then we have calgon tolerate to coat a hi. I'm not in cogan gonzalez. Toco touch carry the match. The fish was clunky to me. i forgot the name of raquel gonzalez finisher. But she had me diana something like spanish the chung something like that. But it's not a child about but it's something close is very very mexican. Dirt out literally diet tickled my spanish. But it's discussed. She's not she's green still if she's been there for three years. She is green cargo green. And i it's a high platform for. I don't know beats i dunno position. I don't know what they do. They had kylie. Ray come out afterwards. It seems as though. I don't know what's happening with exte- k. Walters over here having matches diagnosed via matches kylie. Raise the surprise staring down Racquel afterwards an came might be in for a tool five lives level of hurt if people keep being drug over here But we'll see him. And i i know racquel. Maybe she even gets called up for like this next down raw thing. I just don't know she soldiery. I mean you hit the nail on the head raquel. Gonzalez's a baby face. I am buying and i just haven't been sold. I felt like any like you're beating. Yoshahara i guess they had to do it She looks like a power plant product from wcw. And if she feels like though. I will say this about exhaust. She feels like a person who should be in this iteration. Nfc this coming up because she needs the work. Yeah i don't even. I'll say this i don't like her look not how how's she looks. I don't like the presentation of were killed. It doesn't necessarily scream bad ass. It's i don't know like ring. Your color is bright. Colors now is to red leather. Because she's a baby face. When she won the title she was a. He'll all black menacing. She was the muscle. She went from diesel to wcw. Kevin nash comparison. And you're absolutely right at any right. Doesn't work by good fiery doesn't look at night there it's weird. It's also because like the code. Kyw try to figure out because it's like one day you know. She was chicken share and then she was. He turned heel then. She's recoil psychic. And i can't figure out. Well how do they think she is because it goes actually pretty good. Yeah and we but when you look at this match she's hanging she's gonna lot offense number. Gonzales are well. I mean clearly is not gonna win. But where does he go from here. Because how how do you roll into another feud. I don't know but i guess it's all stuff about the eggs battle. No not a clue. I guess we'll see we'll see how that one plays a for the first time their women's division to me is like y'all do someday it's been so good for so long and now i'm just like but again you're all good as your person on top. I'm a huge proponent. On that and this is the first time the person holding the belt really. It was like i don't know. She's three levels below via ripley. I mean we had seen. And i was the big finish shannon but she just kind of figured it out so maybe retail figures it out because i didn't like giving her the toddlers but i mean shayna had two characters. She had rhonda on the main roster. You shoes crude up. Lago for that raquel did so. And then we have match of the weekend elliott dragon versus walter match year candidate. Twenty two minutes of fire. I that i was so good. Lash those kill. They got a lot to live up to but some people see exact same match is going to be. The same style. Pays no gold upon it arguably better with a shocking finished with iliad. Draganov defeating walter by submission. Walter tabby watered-down never loses 'em tabby are amazing way to keep people on their toes. Faulk i like this. My we'll go to some of the match and the chops dragging our chest looks crazy at one point. Said he's not gonna have chest tomorrow's be next to naval. That's it like a whole chest. Gone but walter souls. There's lettuces on is is incredible for man that size. My worry now is. What's next for walter. 'cause you you talk about when people leave they don't leave on top right like you put the next guy over if annex t uk truly. It's just speculation. May be going by the wayside. And we'll see how that goes walter. Losing the title scares me. Because it could be a. I don't want to work in the us full-time that's why exceed uk was appealing to. He didn't want to move to the us. He didn't want to be a fulltime superstar or for any company and they found a way to make work. What if he's like no. I still don't wanna do that. Change i don't want to be on the main ross. Then what walter walk them. Awol got some decisions to make. That's another one that he walks out there. And you're like you've kind of got a sign him and it's like fuck. What do we put them. Now it'd be there crowded. They need chill. We'll talk show you can't you can't pass walser people not really. There's thank. he's perfect for new japan. I think he's perfect. You don't have to leave. The i was live from. You came to japan over here and it's a lot. It's a lot less dates than anywhere over here. So you could do this one you can do one paper they they don't have craziness of it either. The to do as he doesn't have house right. Now yeah but even for their talent like they had talent. That didn't work. Every how shall they had. People came industrial g. Want a bucci wasn't working crazy. How shows he was a part timer for eight years. They would never put the belt on him because of it and then he signed with anyone bell but yeah they. They work with people. I mean. know what you're right walter. In new japan. Where yeah. I mean yeah i mean you give me a piece of right like right now. Taking minoru suzuki and walter working some. I definitely gotta die like even during the match or a day later. I'll know somebody's gonna die for that. That dad looked trace moxie saw taking dates. Give me walter moxley crazy year but this match year. This is a match of the year contender I don't know is better than the first one yet. I need to watch the first one again. I'm actually got it in the back. I'm watching the second one as we're talking about. I'm like yo this is. These guys are just killing each other. Well then there's my issue now with the batch but my issues like this is what he could be. A nick is telling who wanted that. This is not what it's going to be. So where does this kind of match go away. Aws really wanna do that like how do you. How are you saying. This is not what we want. Everybody's gushing over this match. I don't think there's a person there. There's certain matches that casual fans makes you fans. The debris fans knew. Japan can all appreciate his usually matches. Where one or two bilges beaten the holy hell at each other and this is it and when you see a match like this how do you look at either of these guys ago. Yeah that's not what we want. We just kind of gave that to you. But that's that's one yes you do. You need one of these. This was stupid. This was a banger. This was look the walter match with a guys. Who would he be with shop was it was a baguette. Who is it. oh. I don't remember who he be with the chop like let it was. I think it was baked kazaam. His hand was injure. That was what they were working time and like his hands stopped on and all this shit and they beat him with a chop. It was the bait or the young kid who just won the trophy. Unlike he has a shot at in. Walters fucking them up so people all my exude like well as chop his weapon and i was like. Yeah but he did. He's done it before. I i don't necessarily buy it as a finisher. I understand what you guys are saying. But it's not a finnish. And i think she kind of agreed with me. 'cause walter is chopped off fuck dragon off his entire match. The entire match dragon was eating chops and vicious offense like this is the stuff that you don't me. I like this. i'm sick. I like this kind of a match. You'll somebody's gonna get hurt you more and these two beating the hell out of each other in a big way through the match there was a power bomb spot or something where i think dragon wall to like a bellied back office. I yell this. I don't understand like the spectra. So good and i don't know like dragging. Ob sham like. That's cool. But i want to see him on regular tv every week. I don't want to see him back. In the u k gear. He's really good. I don't know. I don't know where they're going and that this this is my father mentioned the night oh easily next weekend heads down match the weekend and then we have colorado voters adam cole. Twenty five minutes not momentum right. now it's i who falls call. I don't like pins and submissions in the steel cage. I think that defeats the Purposes escaped the cage by either going over the top or through the door. I'll say the anti dying day and cool colorado find a way found a way to win even though he was handcuffed to the roads. Would you handcuff him into rose. Why don't you walk out the cage door. He can't chase you. That's it so you get an comes on the ropes senator match. So how dare you supply. Logic made no sense after that Adam cole loses now we can talk about all reports. Say adam cole is gone. He's going eight. W every major publication on twitter kind of rolled out with this. You know what he did what he had to do. Go if that's where you want to be. His wife works w his best friends worked there. Go have fun if they could get the money. Close pledging keeps you go. He done which you have to do. His legacy and annexed. Tea is unprecedented of. it's him. Gargano ballor zane. It's like the mount rushmore and cool. You've done what you have to do. You don't have to rossa. We've seen what happens to people when they go to remain roster. It's okay if he just did for years annexed bounced. That's that's cool. So i'm interested to see if these ports cracks which i'm assuming they are so many outlets this. What's an extra adam cole. Because there's friends. I could be wrong by him. That shit's really crowded now and it's reports are out to their wyatt might sign. Db might be coming in. It's only going to get more crowded. They gotta push the women sooner or later. So you getting ruby soho in their formerly right. You need a platform for these women. Detecting division is not lived up to what it was supposed to be. Gotta get that rolling again. It's it's a lot of stuff. It's three hours of television like icu. Yes people watch dark innovation. Whatever she got that much time. God bless but for your tv products. Only get three hours. That's that's one episode of raw. They use it way better but you get three hours uniform lot into three hours. Y'all and it's is getting real crowd and everyone can be at the top not even keep in the middle anymore who the mirror like so you gotta really start watching out a lot of those towns who originally signed. Where were a captain. Save a wrestler from the. Md's a lot of these people to names now. Mta samuel vera jungle boy and darby allen. Intro. 'cause i don't know you're not into developing talent. That's not ready for tv. Business to the one punk doesn't count towards this right post wrestling every week on dynamite. Peng us on a listener contract Per takes the eh. but what does that mean exactly if you only have limited amount but you only have so many not at the top. But he's not working. Yeah but he's not working every week so it's not like when it's like an undertaker thing right it's not really taking anybody slot with punk specifically if brian's coming in it's kind of the same thing. I don't think brian's coming into work every week. So that don't have fields. Yes they'll have feuds taking our spots at the top whether you work out your romo's oziel you get from ada beat. Yeah but it's not working taking somebody spike because that would more than likely will happen. Is somebody like punk. His he will wrestle at a pay per view. He won't be spending a whole lot of time wrestling if his bride. It'll be the same thing now. Why i'm not a big fan of them signed me. I've said that before. I don't think this is where he needs to be They can prove me wrong. But it's over the notes. I don't know why is going to get whatever budget he wants there. It won't make sense now but it doesn't matter the the budget doesn't necessarily matter if they aren't creative with their production right like you can have all the money but let's be honest. Aws does not even close. to w w now that's next level stuff. That w w does she tell why you have free reign. And he has. He has a. Wwe mind not the money to make avid you. Can you figure some you still again. You've got to have the team to get their shit together. Like w w is like a machine when it comes to promo packages when it comes to production when it comes like the date. Lar- good at the aws not like a merchandise machine. T shirts for the most part kind of suck is like it's not as music is in gray coming out right. We saw the show at jericho landing on a on. A bunch of what is that. It was like boxes and see again. They fucked up. The moxley fireworks shape wasn't right. No is is tough balance because you you don't want to be taken seriously. You wanna be super campy. You can't be in the middle. And for somebody like why when he if he is to come in. And you spend all this money doesn't matter if you have the create minds he just blew bunch money batch it give and why is not like a great workers that there's no way he should be. He should also be on like some kind of weird part time contract which leads us will call. I have no problem if they signed cold. Because you know what you've put him in. You immediately injected into an elite shoes immediately in no time because the nine tip when the young some people were asking what this was. The young bucks posted a link to a youtube clip of of a sounds for resurrection. If anybody remembers they said excalibur said adam cole died and that's why he disappeared. He went to annex t but he the angle is that he died. They beat the fuck avenue. It was our age being there. Li city dot li just like he died so this is a dead giveaway. They signed with aws creative and the cool thing is would they get. Is that everything would be the shoot surprise. You know he's coming so when it happens you're gonna pay for it so let's not bullshit each other you just don't with coal you just don't own exactly when he's coming but if he comes in he's like have gone for awhile guys what's been going on and they're like you know what's up with these beards in. What is that. He's been gone in the in. The elite has changed and now he gets to either feud with them or join them. Chances are he feuds with them. And that's creates omega versus adam cole. But then get rid of adam page out of that flew Adam page as in cages knows running back right now. But what i'm saying is cage is a guy who if he loses so what yes right. He's a warm body but of really good worn by you. Give you some good matches so the guys that you talk about the need to come up when you're talking about the veras and the darby's within then you move to the second tier that you want see like ricky starks. Yeah giving rick stars versus. Chris kate that can happen and it helps reduce stars. Guys can't go over it close up like sooner or later dot work. Let me give you this list right. So because you're you're mentioning these guys have to come up Big black dude forgot his name we'll hops. We'll have steak you powerhouse hops. You have these other people that should be elevated sooner or later. Let me tell you. The rundown of people who are title main titled caliber that left to be because they would have been booked to not their potential malachi. Black is there mural who is just mid card right now but probably is going to be the event picture sooner or later you still have job moxley who can enter into the main event picture. Whatever you want to say. He's done his thing. Cool doesn't matter is arguing that Then you also have our shit. I run out of Vote they're bringing. Buddy murphy allegedly from reports buddy murphy. 'cause malachi black around the same did yet so that's four people already there that are made even guys let wwe for greener pastures right a missing one other person but it just slipped my mind. I had it before. I started talking. They have all of these guys in that position. That could be main titleholders. How long do you sign on dry. He's not a main player. How long do you sign. Malachi biking's not a main player. Cody never gets them like. Here's here's a question. Here's a question. here's the question. How do you view darby alley right. Now he's really good. I i don't know if he is my car guy a really great. Well here's here's a question darby's working punk. Yeah there's no there's no trial involved in that now do you think malachi black needs title. Thinks athena eventually guys. All guys should be champions and promotion. No they should know. They shouldn't because here's the thing. Here's the thing i agree with you. That is crowded. And i agree with you that they're gonna have to pull back. I agree with that. I'm not debating that with you because there's a lot of people there but you can't pass up on coal you have to take it because the history makes sense but my thing is this guy wrestling really like when you look at the eighties. Air in the nineties era of long-term champions like some of the greatest wrestlers didn't hold a major title like jacob. Snake mr perfect. They didn't hold major major titles. Rick rude see title. You know like richie. Steamboat didn't hold a major title. Yeah here he will shit on that all the time. How dare they not have been champion. You sit on all you want. But i think the title everybody does have to have their hands on. The title is my issue when people start saying that. I'm just like yo. Everybody doesn't need the title. This reason why. It's called the title. But why i do people compete. Why do you compete. When they don't have to win the title you can. You can wrestle for the title at some point look game. Wsb gonna be here for a while. The money's great lissi yes. The money's great now. Working for vincent structures greek at end today. Why do you compete. Compete to be the guy we we can we can act like wearing the fluff fucking version of pro wrestling and the anybody in france. You wanna be the guy. Stop stop but everybody knows. It can't be the guy that's not truly. No one in the moment. Thinks they can't be the guy 'cause he wanted fucking beer. Buzz we want and that was really be if that's the case. Wwf blown the fuck up like imploded. If everybody was wanted to be the top guy. 'cause nobody was the top guy. Everybody can't be the top guy everyone's working toward the top guy. Of course you gotta establish pregnant. What does that mean you have now all those guys and left because they were never going to be the top guy. Wwe now they go somewhere to left. They're going to be let's horribly. They were going to be sad. Yes yes be hooked hor like being booked horribly versus being the champion two completely different things. They're two completely different things. You have like mural being the champion. Whatever is going to be called when they changed that works. Yeah he's he's probably fine with this right now. i don't think always he's fine with it right now. he like. he's not saying. I have to be the champion. No everybody of course. Everybody wants to be the champion. Everybody in an annex t in smackdown on raw. All of them want to be the champion. I mean shit. Look how long it took. Bob lasted become the champion. Yeah right he'd ever let he didn't leave because he wasn't the champion. Mostly i just want to get paid but most either get paid well or they wanna be well booked right the cool matt. Hardy was champion. No he'll leave because he wasn't the champion now. There's other things that they can do. So even even everybody's gonna get. I think a lot of guys are going to be opponents or some guys will get their hands on the title but to think that all these guys come in thinking that they're going to be. The man would be ridiculous because then they don't understand how this stuff works jay. Lethal in our wage was a champion for a long fucking time longtime explained. I don't think jay briscoe was like. I have to be the champion now. This is good matches. So i think that's not just the champion before him won't i'm not saying he's not watching. Jay lethal gone omar briskly even like. Oh god i've been here long. Champion jay lethal champion for a long time with the company's benefit. We have a top guy for a long time. Eventually somebody title but that's not the issue would be crowded this would-be in crowded is making sure people are happy in angle. That's that's the challenge. Ricky stocks for instance. It is not a matter of him. Being a top guy is him getting work. Work work his nothing yes. There's nothing worse than guys that are coming to. Tv with nothing to do sitting kate right. Yeah like there's nothing worse than that. Now aid w could figure out a way because some guy like i said. That's why the punked doesn't matter in this equation. He didn't take nobody spot. Not he's not working weeklies. Daniel bryan comes. He's probably not doing the same either. I'm pretty sure cody's about ticket. Step back from that completely. I feel like you already should. I feel like jerry has also like i'm good. We got we got this place up and going. I don't even do this shit every week right. Y'all can have it. So i think they are moving some of those guys around. But you still do talent. You got like powerhouse hobbs. He could be somebody that. I can totally see going all right. I can't like. I can't just be doing backstage segments all week. I got to do something. And he hasn't done much of anything in those are the guys that compared a little concerned with ryan kato. Some of those guys get mccain's gets word. I'm more worried about hobbs. Because the reason why. I say worried about hobbes's he didn't come in with the fanfare of brian cage. Y- brian cages worked most of his life. And if you know wrestlers they wanna work but they also don't wanna work much say. Hey man i. You put a lot of wear on these tires. That's why. I say like somebody like jericho be like. I'm cool los mgm. I could take a few months off from wrestlemania to but the younger town like hobbes. They need reps right but all the talent just like yo. The tired the tread on these tires is gone. I don't. I can't do this if we like. He's getting there so it. Just gotta find that balance is hard to find the balance if you continue to add talent. I'm not worried about titles. I'm just worried about guys work. They've got to let it breathe. Let it breathe for say so so coal. If i mean this looks like he signed signing. I ain't worried about that sheet at all. He's going to be if he comes in if he comes into all out no matter what happens with. Megan cage was fully expected as where he's gonna show up off to the races and for the record from what i've heard from dirties. Reports is knife information. I've heard pages been pull was pulled from the main man because the baby is on the way. Oh did this. This is not inside information this is you can find this. But the that's the report is at page was wanted to be home with his child. So that's why they moved this match cajun there would like that. Fuck it yellow cement. It's if anything about a w they are and they seem very family oriented. They are there. They care about their employees. Their pierce still. You know so. Like i baby coming. You better get your own baby. We'll figure this out. We'll bring back you'll be just fine. So i mean what what they did for brody and keeping silent but reaching out his wife what they did for the family know everything medically speaks volumes. That's why dander daily people could dislike. W can be a fan of wwe had not offend a w s. personal opinion. You can't shed on the company it is a well run company and they care so i in the end. I hope they succeed. I want nothing but the success. They're doing it right booking why she can be crowded by bike and complain. I don't get to see my favorite every week by you. Know it is what it is out there wildly successful. So that's great. We'll see what comes of that and then we have some. Oh joe caring across in the main event like someone who didn't wrestle in two and a half years. Yeah you know. I love joe and i talked to joe this week and we did an interview and i told him i ran this before the cross at. I'm gonna run this after the cross match. Because really about joe more than the match and i asked him is. It was an interesting answer. You gave me is joe. When he found out he was getting released. Was he concerned about working. He's like no. I was going somewhere like it. Felt like he was saying that. I kind of had some lined up but hunter called offering me this opportunity to come back. See be involved with developing talent. He was at the trials. Us one of the guys running trials and he like i couldn't pass it up but i like to work. But if you really like to do something and you're told you can't do it because your body won't let you. You just wait until your body getting allow you to do it. And he got medically cleared to wrestle. Boy. someone's right the. Nfl was as a washington the match that i feel like we should say go home because the dive spot to the outside on cross is the moment where i was like some right. Yeah don't spend a lot of time on the ground shaking his head and i was like Maybe he's trying to sell it but it was like it feel like something. He tweets something because he wasn't right. Now i know is cardio was probably blasted as well I feel bad. Yeah maybe i will feel bad for cross at all this because people blaming him. Status fault does match was whatever and joe wins with a muscle buster which poppy ever seen the muscle buster in years. I'm sure like tequila was not too happy with that but he wins. The muscle buzzer pinson clean new champ but people are sitting on the match. But there's nothing really cross. Do like this is not his fault. I don't know why people i do know why. But i don't know man i think cross kind of screwed and i don't think it's not as there's nothing to do about it. The they dug the whole firm and now he's going to be on the rosser. Just guy do you. Gotta hit the reset buddy. You gotta figure out what can make him. Stand out on the main roster. This is one of the times where you completely gotta forget what he didn't annex t and do what used to do with everyone else and built him up from ground zero like just from the bottom up. Go out there mega work so i. I don't know how they're going to do it. I don't know the best way to do it. I don't know why scarlet wasn't with him in the we want scarlet chance where we're bad jump. It was doing from the from the job so take the belt off them. You'll be on raw. Tim he got to look. I know he has a promise goes. I mean we've seen work for years. Something's off he got gotta fix it. Kinda like riddle fixed it like when you figure it out there you can figure it out. Corbin figured it out To degree for a long while elias and figured it out that is gone stale. Now there's a death of a thing if you can figure it out you can stick there for a long time figured up so we'll see how that goes with him. We'll see where tvos into. this is. A three and a half hour show after one of the busiest weekends we've had. We are exhausted. But we had to do this for you guys. Who appreciate you if you had to split off into pieces together. All the way through it man. Thank you guys for listening. We appreciate you. Big things are work. All because of your support can't we. We can't wait for change for us. Trust announced for you guys for us to keep moving forward just like we are wrestling fans as a community. Big things in common. So we appreciate you. We'll keep this short if you guys. Don't follow us on twitter. Hit us up at corner podcast. Underscore don't follow science scrap. Follow us their corner clubs for life calling me. At caldera at entrees illinois platforms to blue is the network all of the sponsors. We appreciate you back later in the week to talk about pack yao. You have see. And of course biggie. Show up to the fight. The shirt is a lot of shit talk about this weekend. Stay safe stay. Wrote a free to next time well.

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