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Fresh "Santa Monica" from KNX Afternoon News with Mike Simpson and Chris Sedens

KNX Afternoon News with Mike Simpson and Chris Sedens

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Fresh "Santa Monica" from KNX Afternoon News with Mike Simpson and Chris Sedens

"1 10 right lane taken away. That's why you're gonna be slow. Just past Wilmington. Avenues. Heads out for that westbound, unusual slowing for you. Eastbound at Central Heavy through the 7 10 stays pretty sought out the Lakewood Boulevard. Let's have a look at the 2 10 as you make your way to Pasadena with Desmond starts off, Okay, But by the time you get into the Arcadia area, especially starts to bog down right around Santa and need to get through the 65 All answer open as you get into a zoo zoo, But then you get back on the gas pedal. To the 57 then pretty heavy shuffling there, leaving San Davis to about Foothill Boulevard Chinese envoy in a park on the 91 West spend just before Beach Boulevard but have a semi truck that's catching on fire the right side of the road white You're next. Reports at 4 25 Denise Sponder with more traffic reports more often, Okay, Next 10 70 NewsRadio little cooler tomorrow as well. Couple degrees, then warming up as we had the end of this week. You're American vision Windows Temps 80 in downtown L A 74 Santa Monica 82. In Anaheim for 17 time to answer some of your Corona virus questions. You can email them to us that Corona questions at Kegan x 10 78 dot com with US today again, Dr Michael Hurt Center for Integrative Medicine in Tarzana, Doctor Hur. Thank you so much for joining us today and let's just begin. Today's updates from L. A and orange counties are just disturbing for the first time since the pandemic began. L a county's reporting more than 4000 new infections and there was a record number of new cases in Orange County as well. Are we losing this battle against Kobe? Remember that It's not just 4000. You've gotta multiply those by 50 to 80 fold, according to earlier tests, Um and studies showing us exactly how many people are infected for every one person that's infected. Uh, gets tested. There could be 50 or 80 people who are not getting tested, so it's a really huge number. We're not losing the war because to lose the war, you have to see death rates go up and very fortunately, we continue to see death rates go down overall in this country. Also in this county and in the state, we're not seeing a rise in death. We are, as we talked about last week still sing arise in hospitalization, which is concerning, But the vast majority of people who are testing positive are under the age of 60 and that's the good news because those people typically do much better if they don't have co morbid conditions. Yeah, we were talking earlier today on in depth about, you know, younger people winding up in the hospital, and you don't want to wind up in the hospital because that's a really bad situation for you, but they're having better outcomes. Once they get their butts till we know what can happen. They could spread it to the older population. It still means there's plenty of virus out there. So let's talk about the positivity rates take us through. It's kind of parse it out what it means people who test positive out of all the people who were tested in a given time period, right so What does that allow us to do? Is it a more accurate picture of the spread than just the case number we get? Not so much. In my opinion, it is an important number. You're absolutely right because it's telling us that When we test 100 people, roughly 11 or 12 of them will be positive. That means the others who thought they had cove it thought they were exposed to Cove. It are actually not testing positive. So we are seeing more people testing and therefore we are seeing more people test positive, in part because there are more infections. The infection rate is higher. The good news, though here is that the R value is still around one PR value is value that tells our government tells our doctors how likely disinfection is to either fizzle out or accelerate when the R value is less than one. That means you're less likely to infect one particular person when you have co vich and the disease will start to piddle. Out when they are value is highly say to that means for every one person you infect to people, and so that can allow for disease to spread very rapidly. Currently, they are values 1.4 in California overall, which is a really good number. That means we're stable numbers are going up. We're not seeing a wildfire infection. Where were multiple people are infecting each other, which we saw early on in the condition, which is what the social distancing in the mask wearing is supposed to do bring down that are exactly right. Okay, so we shouldn't be concerned about the 12% positivity right then we should look at it, you know, in and the are rate that you mentioned, that's a very important distinction. Yes, there are values important when our values are lower than one everybody consort of relaxed in the sense that we can start opening up more businesses. And having people get into interactions with each other when they are values one or greater where it is now, Uh then we have to be more careful. We have always said. We have always expected that when we open things up, we are going to see more positive cases that has never, ever changed. What is good is that people are getting infected of the ones who don't come to this. 99.98% chance of surviving if you're under the age of 50 without any other significant medical problem, and we're doing a fantastic job still at protecting are vulnerable and protecting our elderly. I see Kobe patients every single day. I'm seeing the spike in my office, so I know it's really but I'm not seeing it in the vulnerable. I'm not singing the elderly, and I'm very grateful for that, as we all should. It just doesn't feel too comforting, though, to go from like percent of the last couple weeks to 12 now to see that Kind of a rise and we know more people are moving about. Does it help you form a decision of how many people that she should be around or who you let into the bubble? I mean, you can use all parties this weekend. I'm sure you got on the Internet or even walked by something. You know they were happening over fourth of July. You're right. It is an important sign that it's not time to open your bubble up to anybody else and to maintain your social distancing And where your mask when you're out. That is exactly the message that people should be taking. This thing is still hot. Uh, it's getting a little hotter for certain age groups. Fortunately, not those who end up dying from this condition. We don't have a lot of treatments out there. Not a lot of doctor's offices like mine open and so where do young people go? They go to the hospital to get hospitalized, but fortunately don't die from this. Uh, this infection is still in the first wave. It's still important to maintain all of the appropriate social distancing that kept us safe so far, and to keep our death rate down. We've got to maintain that very strictly. Okay, doctor. We talked about this before, but it's worth repeating. Tom writes us to say he sees people in the supermarket.

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