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Coastal Communities Clean Up From Nicholas (Sept. 15, 2021)

Houston Matters

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Coastal Communities Clean Up From Nicholas (Sept. 15, 2021)

"This programming is brought to you by the greater houston partnership convening diverse and dynamic companies from across industries of all sizes from the twelve county greater houston region more about membership at houston dot org. Electricity is back for all but about eighty thousand centerpoint energy customers in the houston metro area but as we largely escaped the worst of nicholas some communities south and east of a saw little more damage. I'm craig cohen today on houston matters. We check in with brasilia county. Judge matsue besta about storm search damaging flooding and surf side beach. Also this hour the. Us justice department has once again gone to federal court seeking a halt to the new texas abortion. Law will discuss that previewed. Next weeks third special legislative session and talk through other goings on in this week's political roundup today with analysts. Cortina and nancy sims from the university of houston then how locally developed experiments planned on the civilian crew aboard today spacex on can impact us here on earth. We'll start with news update from npr news. Eighty eight seven. Stay with us. This is houston matters. I'm craig cohen good morning. Coming up how experiments into the health of civilian astronauts benefit life here on earth. Also we talked with the director of a new documentary about the santa fe high school shooting and we discussed the many complex moments. Public officials are asked to navigate. And how some do it better than others. That and other developments in our regular wednesday political roundup. We start though with the. Clean up following nicholas. Electricity is now been restored to all but about eighty one thousand centerpoint energy customers as we just heard from matt harrop centerpoint personnel are reportedly on the way from san antonio here to houston to help the effort to restore those remaining outages a handful of schools. Some of them lacking electricity remained closed today. All in all though as we discussed yesterday the houston area largely escaped the worst of nicholas with damage mostly limited to downed branches and other debris community south and east of the bayou city saw a little more damage galveston island experienced some flooding in the city's historic center and strong winds took down trees and traffic signs. Their port o'connor and matagorda bay face down the strongest winds about seventy five miles per hour storm surge damaged homes and vehicles along matagorda beach among the somewhat harder hit areas where communities in brasilia county and. We are joined now by that county's chief executive judge mat-su best adjudged the best good morning. Good morning. thanks for having me again. Sure. let's start with surf side beach. I saw drone footage. They're showing a number of homes with roof damage. One home swept into the gulf some boulders and roadways other streets flooded by storm surge overnight. Monday into tuesday. What more can you tell us about all of that. Yes sir Surf side was probably our most impacted community They got the brunt of the wind Even you know the wind was countywide but they got the stronger wins. they dealt with the storm surge so you know let's impacts I was down there yesterday. Looking at part of sir side and yes. They had some roof damage and a lot of Stuff moved around from the storm surge so they'll be recovering For a few days. I think it's going to be several days before they have power reestablished. I heard they were also without water on tuesday. Has that been reestablished. I have not gotten that report yet. This morning okay. Any other coastal communities in your county experienced similar damage. well there are major coastal community. Quintana the village of quintana route across the the port from them They're much less populated But they had some of the same issues we had About a half million dollars damage at our content county park over there but You know the big issue we've got right now. Is the the power issue. We've still got About thirty five thousand electrical customers in brasilia county without power. Which is about twenty three percents Centerpoint has about half of those in texas. New mexico has about half of those So they're they're working diligently to get power reestablished and since yesterday morning they've reestablished Power to eighty thousand customers. How did Communities further inland in brasilia county like Angleton para landa the among the larger ones fair fair fairly. Well like i said the the the main thing people are dealing with his power outages and just a lot of organic cleanup Trees limbs leaves That And that is ongoing. But they were not made up to pair land But here angleton. I know that There's a decent number trees that are down and people are still going through the process of cleaning that up we just heard Reports of Centerpoint setting about thirty or so Folks workers from san antonio to the houston area I imagine some of them are going ahead your way to to help restore power I assume that's a welcome bit of news. Absolutely they are staging at the resort county fair grounds But you know we have. We have two providers we also have texas new mexico here and and the the great thing about the That industry is that These linemen will go all over for many of the landman from centerpoint That are in and from texas new mexico. You know three or four days ago. They were working hurricane ida Reestablishment of power over louisiana. They've come back to deal with the issues here so you know. They travel all over and they support one another. And that that's a good thing and you you mentioned ida and what louisiana's dealing with an again. We saw this storm find. Its way over to them. And and its meandering through louisiana and mississippi even still now have got to be a point of frustration. Obviously for folks there I guess from your perspective. I wonder if you're thinking boy. I'm glad you know we. We didn't see as much or more of what they're continuing to experience. Not just with this but also aita absolutely nicholas Was hurricane but it was not anything that the magnitude of hurricane haida That's you know that's one little concern. I have is You know down the road. We have a cat four hurricane coming in and someone says well. I wrote out nicholas He it's completely different scale. when you've got an ida versus a nicklaus So that's You know that. That's one of the things i i would hope that no one takes from. That is a road out a hurricane shaq and ride out any hurricane. Yeah we we were talking about that. Yesterday every storm is different. Every storm behaves differently And is so easy to get swept up in the idea of comparing one storm to another say and making your decisions based off of what the last one did absolutely. They're all different. Every river flood is different. Every rain event is different and they all have their nasty characteristics for more on damage caused by nicholas and community south and east of houston visit houston public media. Dot org brasilia. County judge. matt's avesta. Thank you very much. Thank you sir. Up next to the justice department heads to federal court again to stop the texas abortion law and from storm response to commemorating nine eleven. Public officials are expected to handle a lot of sometimes emotional sometimes dramatic events with poise and empathy. And frankly some do it better than others will discuss in our political roundup is houston matters continues. This is houston matters. I'm craig cohen from navigating. Severe storms to speaking at commemorative events like last weekend ceremonies for the twentieth anniversary of the nine eleven attacks. Public officials are expected to demonstrate poise and empathy communicate critical information and connect and be responsive to their constituents during sometimes emotional and often dramatic events and some. Frankly just do that better than others will discuss that. And some other recent developments in politics now and this week's round up with the university of houston's nancy sims and toronto cortina nancy toronto. Good morning morning. there was some news overnight related to the texas abortion law we will get to that The third special session starting next week and some other things. But first let's talk about public officials navigating these times We saw two different aspects of those leadership skills on display in recent days in preparation response to nicholas and in ceremonies commemorating the lives lost in the nine eleven attacks. Twenty years ago haradim. Oh let's start with you. Who stands out to you. As examples of public officials past or present who navigated one or both of those circumstances. Well the last few days. Well i think we have a a lot of public officials have done a very good job. I think that All mayors in the houston area. Especially when we're talking about here can niclas. And also you know county judges Judge hidalgo In four band as well Judge george have made a very very good job eats something that i think. Public officials have learned over the past. I think that now with everything that's going on some argue that it's About climate change Some argue that it's normal changes in the earth's temperatures and so forth but i think that emergency management and response to natural disasters have become over the past years more professionalized and now public officials do not allow any uncertainty to be unnoticed We had for example. We just need to remember the memorial day flawed where there was no significant warning and now all warnings are headed very very very very seriously and awesome. Part of the of overall. Does that Reciting the houston region. We take these events very seriously. We're very prepared if public officials as don't go On the roads we didn't go into roads. And we're just better prepared. Nancy sim- same question any particular officials that you would point to and say. Oh they handled not not just nicholas but the the nine eleven commemorative events other recent examples. Well well i agree. I agree with you on this. And i would say that. We nicknamed Mayor turner the crisis mayor because since the day he office just been through one crisis after another and He was prepared for it. I think because of his years of public service when you lick it judge dog. Oh it was all new to her and I think she's grown through the pandemic and through other traumatic events but as iran most said we are in a period of time when all elected officials must be prepared to deal with disaster whether it's fires or storms or flooding tornadoes. It's just all mayors needs to be a part of their Their training is they come into office now and As far as nine eleven goes. I felt like i didn't see any major audibles per se But also the ceremony seemed to be a little more tongue down than i anticipated hiroshima the nine eleven remembrance did include a flight ninety three memorial service in shanksville pennsylvania where vice president khama harrison former president. George w bush spoke what stood out to you about what they had to say. Well i think you know. Both remarks were on point. I think that it's a matter of leadership and personal style that allows to connect One way or the other with With you know the people. I think that both Vice prison hirees on on president bush Did an excellent job in trying to connect and also trying to To certain extent explained or how they felt about nine level on a personal level. And i think that you know it's a leadership trade though allows Some leaders to have that emotional connection with people and and many of us That experienced nine eleven. I was living in new york city at the time Really connected with Those messages nancy president bush in particular was lauded for his comments last weekend for how he handled those first few days after nine. Eleven of course that was also a time when he had a a huge approval rating as the country rallied razz leader. Congress authorized him to engage in military action Leading to a growth in power in the presidency. That's that's largely held since that also meant twenty years of war and military action of one former another in afghanistan and of course in recent weeks. We've seen what's happened since we left there. What should we think. Now of our response to nine eleven and our foreign policy since in light of all of that that that question could take our answer is but i think in summation the timing of us withdrawing from afghanistan and the circumstances with which we withdrew having the taliban media immediately takeover has has caused a lot of people to scratch their ends wonder if what we did after nine eleven was the best action and of course people are going question now for decades to come a dick. The country did rally around the president and when we look back on it we see somewhat of a lost opportunity. That only a couple of years later we've fell onto extreme division again and went back to our corners to to square off and fight And you know bush Spoke well at the memorial. But they're still think for like we say. Academics will study this for decades. Come to question whether our foreign policy is better off now are not this is houston matters. I'm craig cohen. We're talking with political analysts. Haradim cortina and nancy sims from the university of houston about recent developments in politics ron last night. The us justice department went to federal district court seeking a court order to stop texas from enforcing the new abortion law. The supreme court already declined to stop the law from taking effect. A couple of weeks back. So what's different now. Well it's basically now the department of justice. It's arguing that these new law is be aid. Just not allow any of those who oppose The low to seek review from a federal court so law does not not allow individuals To go in fail in federal court and challenged the law. So the department of justice yesterday Put these or seek these new relief in order to allow women to have access to basic reproductive. Health care So it's gonna be a very long long long way in terms of Of the legal challenges but the core of the argument that the barman of justice is moving forward. Is that basically. These law is unconstitutional. Because dawson allow individuals to seek relief in a higher court. And i guess we should also point out that the moment this request is being made in. Us court it may ultimately be decided. e- even just this aspect of whether or not to Stop the the law from being enforced at the moment. While it's it's litigated that even aspect could be decided by the supreme court. But i guess the justice department's hoping a lower court will issue at first then they can argue before the high court ultimately This follows a lawsuit. Nancy filed last week challenging the new law which bans all abortions again after cardiac activity is detected in the fetus. Typically at roughly six weeks. This is often before many women. No they're pregnant And then it with other existing laws in texas dramatically limits the window in which an abortion can be obtained. It doesn't have exceptions for for rape or sexual abuser incest. of course it has this controversial provision. Well that allows the general public to sue anyone who provides abortions tries to get them or helps anyone to get them after that fetal heartbeat is detected. How do you think nancy. All of this will play out for the first time in you know. Decades think the public is reacting in realizing that roe v wade in the right to an abortion is really in jeopardy and i've talked women in politics for many years now and this semester. My students are actually engaged in reproductive rights discussions before we get there and i have felt sometimes over the past. Few years have had to explain to students. Some of the symbols of roe v wade and its protection I feel like the public finally realizes even though people have been saying it for years that this is an issue and i saw the texas medical association weigh-in recently of course in the roe v. Wade decision the ama. The american medical association was one of the most effective of france. The core filings amicus briefs. That helped the court make their decisions. So what what. I think will really bring the public around is when we start seeing how people react and what women extremes women will go to to terminate pregnancies. They cannot for some reason. Go forward with vet said haradim. Oh the makeup of today's supreme court is far different from the high court of nineteen seventy-three. Well absolutely absolutely i completely different chord eats an angling into the conservative case. But we have seen you know in previous positions that So far it seems that justices tend to stick with the law roe v. Wade ease the law of the land as of now Roe v wade has presidents Roe v wade has been used in a lot of jurisprudence. So we have to see you know. Eve judges on justice are going to stick to the law. Or gonna you know inched towards Their individual Ideological preferences or beliefs that you know during their confirmations. They have said One thing or the other not very clear of course because if not they wouldn't have not been confirmed but it's going to be porn and it's going to be testament and he's going to be a very important test to the court to see eve. Balance of power is gonna remained. And deferral pact is going to remain at the dm's. Nancy does it matter that in the almost fifty years since that Landmark decision congress actually passed a law that that basically reflects what that decision says. Yes it does matter. And i believe there's been some immediate action on net income. I know there's been some bills filed recently but congress never felt they had to and it kept members of having to take more strident positions of because they were protected by the court. Now the gloves are off on this issue and people need to pay attention to it. I guess when a mine a most remarkable a astounding comments over the last week or so crack has been when governor abbott when he was asked about the cases of rape and he said well. We're not gonna have any more rapists in texas. I you left me speechless. There he did actually say that he says. We're going to get rid of rapists and in fact texas has one of the worst conviction of ripeness records of all the state so it was just you know astounding when he said that i guess haradim that that underscores the extreme nature of the rhetoric. That has always been around the abortion debate And at times as has really ramped up. And i guess maybe we're in one of those times now. Well obviously i mean over the past. You know Political station has increased dramatically. Not only at the political level but also The journal public so abortion gun control immigration sewn and so for our issues are completely polarized on onto to a certain extent politicians. Use the cs in order to Entice their constituencies special neither in primary elections to go out and vote. So it's a one of those issues that remains extremely polarized and he will remain for the for several years. I mean there could be yet more coming from the state. Legislature as the third special session is scheduled to convene monday morning at ten governor. Abbott is calling on lawmakers to take redistricting local government and school districts kovic vaccine mandates transgender students public school athletic options appropriations of federal funding related. Depend relief and bill. He vetoed in the regular session on chaining dogs outside Nancy what what do you expect to see out of special session number three. Well the focus of the session of course will be drawing new districts as we've previously discussed but the while that's happening legislature will keep themselves entertained with more More issues that will keep primary voters. Happy so i think you will seal a action but not necessarily passage because the main goal will be to get the districts drawn that said hirano. What happens if one or more of these Items are not addressed to the governor satisfaction. Even if they do manage to settle on redistricting don't pass anything else. Is there a point at which he maybe has to stop calling special sessions while i mean the prerogative of the governor to call as many special sessions he wants to. I think that during these special session. I mean redistricting is going to take a lot of time. it's one of the most contentious issues In politics happens every ten years after The senses publish their population counts and in texas country. To other states reduce detainees a political process per district. These one hundred percent Political process and there is a process here in texas if the legislature cannot draw maps which you know might be very likely than there is a commission that he's going to be formed at the political leaders of the state for example. The governor the lieutenant governor speaker of the house are going to be part of that districting commission. And if that doesn't happen then it will go to the courts but there are other very contentious Topic east to allocate sixteen billion in federal cova nineteen relief funds. And that is going to be. I think you know the carrot and the stick at the same time to entice legislators to move forward and quickly and see if they can finish redistricting on the other priorities of the governor. Nancy last week houston city council discussed perennial budgetary challenge the voter instituted revenue. Cap that limits. What the city can spend year to year Council members discussed the idea of seeking a charter amendment to change that in twenty twenty three. Why specifically y y now and For twenty twenty three well. I think what's happened was the legislature post revenue cab across major cities and now that revenue cap is higher than the revenue cap. That houston is under so what they're going to try to do. Previously was thought that they could pass an amendment to change it even though our expenses keep going up but our and our numbers keep going up at our revenue. Cap is stuck And so i think what they're going to do is put a charter in twenty twenty three that will allow the revenue cap to be raised to match other major cities in state haradim. Some very much like the limitations. The revenue cap imposes on the city of houston. Would voters approve such an amendment if it ended up on the ballot. Well it's one of those issues right One of those issues in terms of voters wanna be Fiscal responsible to a certain extent. And they don't want governments in these as the city of houston to spend a of money and you know increase our debt ratio however running cds very expensive Pain good salaries to first responders to municipal workers to having you know the streets running smooth so on and so forth ease of very very very expensive endeavor so the city needs to have funds to look for money somehow and some were so the revenue cap provide some relief To the city as well but also he's going to start worrying Voters in terms of when he's gonna stop ride. When are you going to be a responsible manager to extend those are the questions that some voters will by the asking but however once again running a city the size of the houston east extremely extremely expensive and if we won services we need to pay for those services and i guess we should reinforce that Thanks to some federal funding. This is one of those problems. That won't necessarily be a huge issue this year or i guess next year but then once beyond that becomes a a real concern nancy. Sims is a political analyst lecturer in the university of houston's political science department where hirano cortina is an associate professor political science and associate editor. Excuse me associate director of the center for mexican american studies He is also the co host of news. Eighty seven's party politics program. Nancy haradim. Oh thank you very much. Thank you in and just ahead. How experiments launching into space today might benefit life. Here on earth. stay with us. Houston matters continues. this is houston matters. I'm craig cohen tonight. Weather permitting the inspiration. For crew of astronauts is scheduled to launch into space aboard a spacex rocket and become the first ever all civilian crew to orbit the earth. Launching with the four person team will be several experiments designed by a houston based research effort. That will study. Certain aspects of the astronauts health doctor emmanuel or eta is the chief scientists and medical officer for trish. That's the translational research institute for space health. He tells her own. Michael hagerty what the project will study and how it might benefit life for the rest of us here on the ground this wonderful guy and then we have been sending humans to space for six years right since nineteen nineteen sixty one dollars. Roughly fight around fifty going spacing. Those six years mostly have been Government or career astronauts from nasa and the agencies are there have been few billion flying space but this is the first all civilian non-government mission so the four of them have never gone to space. It's a completely civilian. capsule from commercial company from spacex. And this is really the new chapter of human spaceflight Absolutely a new era of of space so this opening in for general people like you. And i like in the future. We might be able to go to space so we are doing a four experiments on these. These individuals were very lucky to have them fully on board their boarding of their time on space to do this research efforts and we want to understand how the body changes in space. How the different systems in the human body Adapt and change as they're in space are gonna be doing three days of spaceflight around the earth. This is very similar to one of the first missions as we go back to the moon right. There's going to take about three or four days to go back to to the morning. Small like this. So we learn from these individuals To these early artemis missions in the twenty thousand four timeframe. So these for experiments that we're doing are funded by trish. What are performed by different institutions in the united states as i was telling you fund institutions in the research so very lucky because some of the best scientists in the world and our country to perform this research so one of them is looking at how their mindset how their psychology how their behavior changes in spaceflight in these unique environment. So they're going to be answering some surveys in. They're going to do some testing in an path so they can see how that different parameters from the facility Changes so that's that's one of the most We're doing unparallel wilshire. Doing a collection of biometric data reaching carter high rate changes how the temperature changes how their electric waves in the in the hard like ekg changes so we want to have multiple parameters so that we understand from a holistic perspective. how The entire body changes in space world wing. Some biometric testing where withering by this is how Checking a single. Drop of blood. Like you will do your thing getting glucose test in your house with shingle rep blood. We're getting some biomarkers when microsoft off inflammation markers of other changes in spaceflight and this is going to be in real time in spaceflight so normally here on earth you know he takes a while to to get the results than they need to take a lot of bluff so there's going to be a one of a kind testing there will be doing in real time in space in this very small environment giving blood drawn. But they're going to be be doing this getting some analysis back on themselves immediately. Absolutely this takes roughly ten minutes so right on having to wait weeks right. They are weeks to get your results. Slats shanley here on earth at least extend maintenance needs a single drop of blood so these this is one of those technologies that has You know full implications and fool applicability back to earth for people like you and i that don't go to space. The ultrasound ultrasound is that imaging quality that husband using space for for a long time. Because he doesn't have radiation it's a smaller footprint device so one of the devices that we're using miniaturized probe that you can actually gonna to your cell phone and these astronauts will be able to take images by themselves without having someone hearing houston guiding them on how to take this image so this will test how these people can do ultrasounds from the celtics. We're expecting to. These images will have the same quality as if they were from here north by a makeup professional and the last one. This is a very important one for artemis missions for when we go back to the morning is how the balance changes in space. You know these people are going to be launching into a zero gravity environment. so they're sensory motor. See stem that normally here in our theology worries front back left. And right than if you're jumping or you're coming back to to the ground all of these systems changing space right because there's no gravity so went to understand what we can do to better prepare them before they go to space. Or what can we do as a countermeasure a treatment so they don't get these changes as as big During space also been going to be doing these testing and post flight and they're also going to be lending in the water right. He's going to be a water landing splashdown and this is the same type of lending. We'll see when when we go back to the moon with with the orion Spacecraft so there's a lot of similarity for for these sexual missions as well imagine something like the the ultrasound and being able to or any other technology being able to perform some of this on themselves as is critical because they're they don't can't fly technician with them They're going to be doing them themselves. And who knows what. Medical issues might develop it especially on a long mission to mars or something like that where they're very far away and need to be able to do everything themselves absolutely and you touched a great great point michael when we go to these missions like mission to mars or any other planets that time delay communication is going to be so long roughly forty minutes and a mission to mars that you will not be able to do any telemedicine telehealth approaches like you do here on earth or even on the moon so they will have to diagnose themselves sheila treatment by themselves and really care of themselves without relying on any any sports or any communications from our so. These type of venues really allows us to to to test this technology. So that we're prepared for for these missions in the future and obviously they're going to be up for what three days What can you glean from that. I guess that that helps and form. Maybe the the much longer space missions when you're talking about months in space to somewhere like mars. What can you learn from something from a short flight. Like this thing is demonstrating that these capabilities of these technologies are successful on this type of missions. The small environment the isolation confinement it is going to be similar to the one that will she on a mission to mars. It's a very small vehicle and really being able to test technologies in a population. That doesn't have a lot of medical training. Will resemble having astronauts going to space without support from from right so testing. These in this environment is is absolutely applicable to those to these missions. That are very long very instant. So the benefit of doing some of these experiments with civilians then is that typically astronauts in the past for so long were part of the military so they would have all kinds of training. That might come from that in more recent decades. They often had backgrounds in in science fields on top if they weren't in the military So just sort of getting ordinary people to see how they can perform. The sort of thing is important. Because that's what we think. More of our future space explorers are gonna look like absolutely. And i think one of the key things here is that the civilians are planning to space are more like you and i ride. They don't have the the very stringent selection process that you would see on a on an astronaut that that works for nasa for the these agencies either highly highly screen. you know the Have a lot of medical conditions are as healthy as as they could be. You know they're for years to though these missions and these civilians flanked space they are more likely to have medical conditions brickley mako conditions before flying the space so these allows us to understand the extremes of of having a person that he's not as healthy as gordon astronauts linked to space. So we can. We can understand these cases and these will prepares for it for the unknown unknowns. Right which are the things that will get us in trouble when we when we go to the space and tomorrow as kid. I always wanted to be an astronaut. In growing up you saw the astronauts typically look like fighter pilots and at a buzz cut and can run marathons and that sort of thing and so man. I was just born a little too a little too early for boone. Been born a little later maybe Astronauts are starting to look like more like normal people these days. And we're getting there. We're absolutely getting there. And the the the the other very unique thing with these population is that these market is going to to increasing the next You know ten twenty years. So we're gonna see a large number of people flying into space. And like i was saying so far. There's been only five hundred fifty people or so in sixty years right so that's less than one hundred people per year on average and with these with these says civilians. Flying through space will have a large number of people going to space that he's more diverse. It's it's not you know. He's going to be hopefully a good ratio between males and females is going to be a large range of ages and medical condition. So these will really bring a lot of data into that field of space by michael research and in fact developing capability to to store all of these data from Not only Spacex but other commercial spaceflight providers so that we can store of these data into into a single database then we can have standardized data collection of these very unique population as we're about to see the the number of civilians in s- in space spike. Then we're gonna twofold need to know more about the effects of spaceflight on the human body but also have more opportunity you think than with some of these people them the greater numbers greater sample size for you to study. What happens to the human body absolutely and you know as we move into new areas of the scene and how to primarily seen personalized approaches and the machine learning and artificial intelligence and all these things Geneva a large number of of people into the databases so you can make informed on very accurate decision. So i think these these population will give us that. Pool of data disliked. Population will need to feed this debate next systems here in houston in general when you talk about space often used to hearing about the ancillary benefits. The things that came from the race to the moon in other space exploration. How might what we learn from these experiments with trish affect our understanding of human body and healthcare here on planet earth. I think that acknowledges that we're testing and the thing that will keep using these type of venues have absolute implications for for how the way provide healthcare nurse and i specifically populations that don't have access like you know huston. You and i were very lucky to have the largest medical center in the world right but other countries even isolated states nice learn read is here in the. Us don't have the same luxury so they have to go perhaps miles to go to see a general practitioner than if they need an ultrasound. They need to go. Maybe the next time. That is two hundred miles away from them. So these technologies really bring accessibility to people that. Do not have closeness to this type of medical centers. So i think that these these technology it's very far away right space. You have to fly three hundred fifty miles two hundred fifty miles to be there but those same technologies will bring healthcare closer to people that currently here do not have the same quality on the same level of of medical kerr s s people at least close to a large medical center. So i think they're going to be one of the people with most benefit from from this doctor. Emmanuel marketa is chief scientist and medical officer for the houston based research. Effort called trish. That's the translational research institute for space health. It designed a series of health related experiments on and with the inspiration for crew. The first ever all civilian space mission scheduled to launch. Tonight weather permitting. Dr erc yeta spoke with our own michael hegarty still to come. We chat with the director of a new documentary about the twenty eighteen. Santa fe high school shooting stick around is houston matters. Continues on may eighteenth. twenty eighteen. Ten people died thirteen more wounded and a school shooting at santa fe high school in galveston county though it was among the deadliest such incidents at a high school in. Us history documentary filmmaker. Charleen things there has been a lack of transparency about it About what exactly happened that day. That's what he explores in his new film. The kids of santa fe the largest unknown mass shooting charleston joins us now. Good morning sir. Good morning thank you for having me on absolutely In what ways do you believe. There has been a lack of transparency about this. We'll just across the board This story has been treated like someone stole the pack of gum. it's faded into oblivion. I think everyone in santa fe high school students should watch this film and revolt against our high school Yes that the killer is to blame but high school could've prevented this. The killer was allowed to wear trenchcoat for about a half a of for about half year. And that was against dress code policy. But he was never flagged The assistant principal had a chance to prevent this shooting as you saw the killer walking through the hallway that morning but instead of sending him to the principal's office he sent him on his way another teacher saw the killer in the hallway as well caught contacted the front office but the front office did not answer. So there's plenty of blame to go around here from the principal all the way down and again every santa fe high school student should watch this film to premiere cinemas in pearland and revolt against high school. Because this is absolutely unacceptable. We're children and educators. Were slaughtered at their own high school and The school has become a mockery joke. And something has to be done about this. We have no trial. We have no justice right now. People have to start talking about this. These are the kinds of questions concerns that that aren't too degree raised after every school shooting. Oh if we had followed this policy or if this person had acted in this way or or maybe if we had recognized this sign. Those are the kinds of things that every school does contemplate. Go through to degree. But you think this is a different scale or a different level. What i want. I really wanna go case by case here. I don't want to Attach this to the other school shootings. I i only wanna talk about santa fe at at this time and The high school did not protect their students. And i don't think they're protecting them to this day. We've done a lot of qna's with the audience so far at premiere cinemas imperilling and a lot of them feel that the students today remain unprotected. So words are cheap. We need action. We need results and what happened on. May eighteenth two thousand. Eighteen is absolutely unacceptable and Nobody has been really punished. What what steps did you take in developing this documentary to ensure that the finished product would would honor and respect the community that suffered this awful ordeal the families victims of this terrible act and the that it wouldn't exploit them in any way. Well i don't mention the killer's name once in the entire movie. I'm trying to start a movement where the media follows my lead and they stopped talking about the killer On every turn. Because i think talking about the killer all the time creates copycats some criminal movie watching the coverage of a mass shooting their living room saying. Oh wow that killers getting so much attention. I wanted to be the next billy. The kid or something like that. So one way we could draw minimize gun. Violence innocent people are being murdered is to stop mentioning the killer's name at all so you will not hear the killers game in my film. The movie is not graphic whatsoever. It's strictly informational one hundred percent informational and transparent And we also interview the autopsy technician who will tell you About the crime scene that she processed and the medical examiner's office was able to tell me. Exactly how many times. Each person was was hit. What part of their body. So all that is in the film. It's completely informational. You mentioned those two individuals who else do you interview for this film survivors family members of people that were shot I mean every this is a complete sweep of what happened on may eighteenth two thousand eighteen. This is a local tragedy everybody. A local tragedy were students and educators. Were slaughtered why this thing has faded into oblivion and and swept under the rug. You tell me craig. I wonder actually about whether or not you think to a degree. That while i mean we here in south texas have paid a great deal of attention to this shooting and its impact on the santa fe community. The fact that it happened the same year as the stoneman. Douglas high school shooting and the attention that that shooting and that community got That may be in a way. What happened in santa fe gets lost in national discourse about school shootings merely due to the proximity and timing while the major difference between the two tragedies and i actually did a movie about the parkway shooting a called inside buildings well when you watch that on amazon prime The reason why that got so much attention is because the that was a very anti gun movement by the students afterwards by the all all the activists and I give those kids credit for speaking up and we talk about this actually in this documentary Difference between bolt shootings in one guy detention. And why the other. One didn't in the santa fe case They are so progun that they didn't want to make it political so they basically kick the media out of that small community and did not want the media being so intrusive so that was the major difference between the the the two communities Parkland wanted to make a huge anti-gun thing which they did and in santa fe. They just wanted to hug it out and that was the difference between the two communities. You mentioned Screenings in at premiere cinemas in pearland wh when our listeners. See your film. If they're interested. Well yeah playing right now on. The movie got extended for another week because public support at all. The information is on the website. Kids have santa fe dot com and use the movies playing at premiere cinemas in parallel which is at fifty fifty broadway and i encourage everyone In galveston county harris county and especially the kids inside santa fe. High school who. I'm not even sure if they know about the documentary. I'm not even sure they know what happened. Inside those two art rooms to go on and watch the films so that they know what they're high school is doing to them. Charlie men is the director of the kids of santa fe the largest unknown mass shooting. Charlie men thank you very much. You welcome and that'll do it for today's show. The houston matters. Team includes michael hegarty. Joshua's zinn brenda ruis in troy schultz. David pitman's our technical director on tomorrow. Show michael hagerty will fill in for me. He'll preview a new limited series about muhammad ali including a look at a key connection houston had in the boxer and icons life. Also we welcome your questions about the birds. You see and hear around the houston area for richard gibbons conservation director for houston audubon. You can send your bird and burning questions and record some audio of bird. You wanted identified. Send now to talk at houston matters dot org or call in during the show. I'm craig cowan. I'll be back on. Friday joined michael tomorrow for those and others houston matters.

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Crime in the Mitten  Case #5  Bath School Disaster


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Crime in the Mitten Case #5 Bath School Disaster

"You're listening to the podcast visit. WWW DOT odd tested dot com for information. Welcome to another of crime the mitten. We're your hosts shelby and what better way to gush about crimes without raising eyebrows into to start a podcast on crimes committed in our home state Michigan from mysterious missing cases too gruesome murders left police struggling to stay on the scene. We're giving view the complete insight on what's going on in our instincts if you need to satisfy your hunger for true crime cases as much as we do tune in every Sunday for your weekly dose of mankind because this episode is about the killings of young children this may not be suitable for everyone listener and reader discretion is advised hatred. I'm lovers and happy new year's it's shelby and I have a story today to tell you that you won't believe happen but it did. This is the first case of the year. So we're diving in head first to some serious true crime. So let's get it living in this crazy world. School shootings have sadly became a problem. We have to face on a more frequent basis. Many remember the Virginia Tech Shooting and that took place April sixteen to two thousand and seven where twenty three year old student opened fire in a dorm and academic building across the street. Did I ever send you the high hokey video. I don't think so okay so you have to watch it. You have to watch high hokey. It's period it's a series series on youtube where they have different kids basically working on a TV narrowly TV. Show you so one of the The little signals they have is. Hi Ho meets right and the kids meet people that were in the situation. So they've met a blind person they met commit a ups driver and they also met A school shooting survivor and she was in Virginia Tech. Oh really and she was shot who she was. She was the only person in her class that was shot in lieu survived. It that's crazy. You GotTa send me the link to that too and then we can also post the link to that will on our social media in our podcast but one of the little girl or she wasn't a little girl she was maybe fifteen and the lady asked like like so. Does your school have like drills with your school do about this. Data shows like All they told us to do if a shooter come into school through our school supplies. Wow that's like their only way Y- the only way of protecting it's really hard to even find ways to even exist. This is this crazy at this is even something you have to consider like that we have to plan for. You have to have weapons that can be taken in school. That case with this happen. It's crazy like I can't. I don't like a world like that to throw your purse. I'm not throwing my laptop. Thirty two people were killed in twenty-three injuries before he turned the gun on himself. This should the nation BA five years later. Another big shooting takes explains in this time. Children were the targets we all remember the tragedy of Sandy Hook Elementary. A gunman killed twenty seven people. Twenty of them children the country more the loss of the children in administration killed in this evil on February fourteenth two thousand eighteen. A gunman opened when fire on the campus of Marjory Stoneman. Douglas and killed seventeen people. Thirteen were students in three rim ministers. The survivors of this actually actually started a national campaign to push for stricter gun laws. Then there was the Santa Fe high school shooting that took place may eighteenth two thousand. An eighteen were a seventeen year old gunman who wrote about his plans to shoot up the school and then turn the gun on himself. Killed Eight students into administrators before actually submitting into surrendering himself to authorities. And it's even more crazy. Because did you know that the first school massacre not only took place in Michigan on May eighteenth eighteen th back in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven but still to this day is one of the worst massacres to take place. Virginia Tech had a total of fifty six victims. But what if I tell you the massacre we're going to talk about today. Had A total of one hundred and three victims. The massacre I'm talking about. Is the Bath School for disaster. Where named by the name? By where a man by the name of Andrew Key home blew up the north wing of the local school where over three hundred students is attended bath. School was a school that taught grades k through twelve. The point of the school being built was to put an end to scatter school houses. Andrew was born on February first eighteen. Seventy two in tech him some Michigan and I don't know if I'm saying like you know this right tech himself who so bear through with me. he was born into a family of thirteen when his mom died his dad remarried and Andrew hated his new step. Mom It was said that they constantly stayed into going back and forth later in his life. There was a quote unquote malfunction with the stove and it blew up setting his stepmother stepmother on fire. He watched for a few seconds before actually throwing water on her messed up it is they. They said he sat there and just like he watched like like all right. He going to be a problem. Yeah it Kinda like. That's a red flag late. Why are you you even? If he had a reaction I think his dad was at work or like on the farm. At the time he wasn't it was no one around. So that's why they never were able to come to an agreement treatment what happened and malfunctions were never figured out so no legal actions were taken and his step mom actually died from her injuries. A little after Andrew's life moves on and he attends the high school and later. He attended Michigan State College. which we all know as Michigan State University? Now after after college he moved to Saint Louis and in nineteen eleven had a fall which caused him to be in a coma for about two months. Some said after this incident it made him more radical and later on so many tried to use this as a reason as to why he did what he did a year later he meets his wife Nellie and they buy a one hundred. Eighty eighty five Acre farm from Natalie's On for twelve thousand dollars something that kind of threw me was the fact that some of the surviving students said that Andrew was actually a pleasant man and it was known that he hated the school board so he was called what they thought that he was like pretty friendly in a neighborhood but it was just like we. Everyone openly knew he did not. Yeah he didn't unlike the school board. Why for many reasons? So he didn't like the school board but he especially didn't like the Superintendent who Andrew and you strongly believe was the one persuading the board civil for higher taxes so upset. Yeah so he can't get out on a whole bore because he was like everybody's pretty much against me like I'm the only one that's fighting for lower taxes and stuff and everybody wants to raise them so when the boar would have to make decisions. Andrew Andrew was normally the difficult one voting for the opposing choice when everyone will come to an agreement on something else he also tried to make. Extreme budget cuts on on necessities the school just to be able to keep him spending any more money so like we don't really need paper towel stuff like that. Yeah no they can like AAC dry like he was trying to find anything in a book closing. Yeah he was definitely described as a frugal man. Others will say that he was an impatient man when others didn't agree with what he wanted. He dress pretty well and always make sure that he was neat and clean his neighbors stated that he was pretty bad at farming but really good at tinkering with machines and that he actually preferred to do that instead so he would spend all this time like instead of actually farming he would eh be building a machine to make farming he building machine and make farming easier instead of just doing the farm and I've taken that energy putting into building. Yeah Yeah Yeah so you see where you see where his intentions were. It was also said that. He shot his neighbor's dog because it was on his farm barking. And and then he also beat his own horse to death because it wasn't working efficiently so it was definitely that he had a mean streak to him but people never thought that it could do to the heinous Nettie. Did so the rest of the neighborhood do they not know about his step mom. I don't think so. Okay okay because you know if is the setting of wreck all of these things up is located Marie. Yeah it is but I think I don't I I really didn't say much of like kind of guessing like innocence like the Living like farms like you know they haven't lived in a farm environment is kind of like as long stretch which to the neighbor so a lot of stuff probably you know guy slept under the rug and plus if the dad had like a suspicion he was doing something like that maybe my son is low must have been here. I keep myself probably wouldn't go telling the neighbors. Yeah I'm not telling names on neighboring Nosey Neighbor Rosie that's a tongue twister okay. So many people want to answers on what can lead a person into into doing such a thing. Andrew had a lot going on and I'm definitely not trying to make any excuses for this guard. Some of the things that could trigger Andrew though into doing his massacre were that local property taxes to fund the building of the bath school. So that's why he always protested Eh. The school board meetings like this needs to be lowered because it was going towards a good. I think it was like yeah. It was built in school. So Andrew was known that it was the android livid about this constantly fought them to have them decrease and he also made crazy decision to save money like cutting back on cleaning products as well because schools don't need cleaning products. SKIP last placed glazed needs cleaning products. Forget about flu season Inter Sarcasm. It is always flu season. It's always hand foot and mouth season. It's always cold cold season. It's always it's this year so that's what I was talking about like. He's making drastic cuts like trying to get these crazy decisions decisions to go by like no. These people need these things so he had also lost in an election to be the township clerk which was a position he had held the year prior due to the the township clerk at the time so once that guy the township clerk died they asked him to step in so he thought like hey. I'm already in almost like me. I can win election on my own. It was kind of like Nah. Nah Not pimping you. This ain't for you and finally answer was facing foreclosure on the farm. He had going on at the time. Don't get me wrong but he just handled it so wrong. Andrew was this very skewed. Electricity in school hired him to do some wiring throughout the school. Will they believe that this gave him the opportunity to set up dynamite in the school basement. He did so good wiring the dynamite in the basement. That fire Marshall's and other authorities found it hard to believe that he did this all alone. Neighbors also claimed that they saw Andrew wiring offense to his house and that he he worked hard on it for at least ten days. Then that's like that's serious dedication like you're working on occasion. Yeah you're working as hard to destroy people. Yeah I know this is what what he was working hard on his own farm right going to work like his own this. This wasn't even a school at the time this was like he really spent ten days making sure that he wired this farm perfectly. There was even a record of Andrew Buying dynamite back in the fall of nineteen twenty six just a about a year before the massacre. It didn't really raise any riff flags because farmers often used to my own their farms to get rid of things like tree som so eighty thing I guess it makes sense. Yeah didn't think nothing of it so it was like it was like a common by and then I think they mentioned something like he's like get like an army surplus of year. So that's a little concerning you. Yeah I didn't see how many how many formerly a but I don't know I don't think I think I think that's a great lakes you order that. I think that's excessive. But you know what that could have been like a costco thing. Like a Sam's Club back then like I don't know like that. Yeah that's a lot like. That should should have been monitored by that one that one lump sum. You shouldn't be able to bind for the rest of you know like they should be all right like take your picture. Yeah they should so you would need is war but then you know this is back in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven. So they're not really you know they don't they. Don't have the intangible how now when we go in we like ooh like that situation might be B.. He's trying to like we know he's up to something. They didn't think like that back then. 'cause they didn't think anybody would do something like that Andrew's wife Nellie Nelly had been in and out of the hospital dealing with tuberculosis when she returned from the hospital on May sixteenth and you killed her by a blunt force blow to the head although investigators. Here's could only estimate time of death because she had today span from being released from the hospital until the explosion he then put her until wheelbarrow and wrote her into the back of the chicken coop. He then tied up the lives of the remaining living horses so that they couldn't escape the explosion. He also put up a sign on his fence. Devastated criminals are not born. They're made this sign. Yeah with so what made him that way. Yeah because he was like that from a child watching his Mahu step mom on fire. Yes it was like you were you made then the debt make him but then you know what they're kinda actually and it's like yeah that could have been like a stressor for him and then like the fire where her because think about it what he did like dealt with fire here so I don't know it might be something there but I don't know of US trying to who knows this sign. It was one of the only Lee remaining things on Andrews far early morning on May Eighteenth. He blows up the farm. With the rig wires. Neighbors rushed to the farm to to try to help but Andrew has already struck in on his way to basketball to watch his plan play out while he was driving away from the house he stopped their three boys who were headed to the farm to help and insult them. They better get better get down to the school with the grinned painted on his face as in like Nah this I got something. It's not like I got something else cooking out like you know like and that's that's really messed up you in the fact that he was smiling about it now at the same time as the explosion on the farm Andrew set up an alarm for eight forty five am to detonate the dynamite at the school when the dynamite went off the north wing of the school blew up where a a lot of the younger kids were located. Authorities believe that due to the large amount of dynamite. They're Andrew was planning on blowing up. The entire school behalf. Didn't go off. So he like he was trying to wait for the league. Houston there to pretty much forty five eight forty butter. Everybody was in the school will in in like in a classroom or something like settled for the morning. Yeah he he had everything planned out the yes this is planned out even all the way down to the fact that like you know like okay. Eight forty five is like like the struggled because that is like around the time I school starts at eight thirty. These aren't really getting going. It's it's like eight fifty because you still have to keep that time in for like the keys there come in late or the kids like me like who had to stop Aguirre breakfast so he really took all this into account when he did this so a first grade teacher recall seeing the bodies of her students flying all over the classroom and she was in such shock over what was happening at the time. She wasn't able to pull herself together until emergency responders arrived. Parts of the building flew everywhere. We're and that. How many bystanders were injured and killed? Kids jumped out the first floor window and ran to the fields to avoid being hit by the flying pieces. Coming down at them terrify. Yeah it is like A. That's a as a kid. That's you see in all this stuff going on around. They can't even wrong street. So yeah yeah it is. It's very and it's even if you are running Sri you're not guaranteed it. Something's going to miss you like things. They're just fallen down everywhere and like if you look at it I actually have a picture of first hearings are still triggering a fall when gosh first graders aren't even putting your shoes on right for the most part we're still working on that one but if you look I have a picture of The bath school and it's a pretty big school in on the picture under it is The North is the picture of the school With the North Wing blown up and you can see how like the roof caved in but with with that first explosion and like everything is up in the air just imagine all that debris that's an air again it's brick and all kinds of different things and stuff like a lot of it is. It's a lot so she wasn't able so she was such a shock. The first grade teacher was in such shock over what was happening at the time and then she wasn't able to pull herself together until they. I'm Richard Their responders came and so with kids jumping out of the Building like the first floor window of a lot of people just got injured just by yet by jumping alone and just the things that were just flying down at them. These lotion was heard for miles away. And when people heard the explosion go off in the direction of the school they left Andrews Farm to assist at the school instead one bystander recalls five to six kids chat under under the roof you can only see their body parts hanging from under the rubble so like they're armed Their leg ahead here and there. The faces were unrecognizable. Okay do to dust plaster in blood covering the bits of their body visible cars parked on the street were on fire do so the explosion is will mothers cried in drop to their knees and prayed as the chaos took place. The school lawn became a temporary more. The children's bodies relate on the lawn and covered with a sheet as they are brought from the school. Aw appearance walked by removing sheet trying to identify their child which I can only imagine being those parents worth nightmare. It was the last day of school for these kids. Parents didn't didn't expect their children to be harmed while at school. You wouldn't think that you would think that that's the one place a child should feel safe in for so many children's school is the only safe place for them because of how many victims there are ambulances from as far as lansing came to help. But as if this wasn't enough lear he arrives is at the school in his pickup truck. The backfill of dynamite and Metal Shards Somehow Andrew. In the superintendent gets into an argument. They began to fight over Rifle and so finally Andrew fires at the truck causing a second explosion. You guys so. Was it. His plans to kill himself is it was said that he intentionally put that in there and like he wanted to go. I think that was his way of like killing himself because he wanted. He wanted to see what happened at the school. And then it was just like all right what I had to do. Naam done so you guys. This explosion are only killed. Andrew Anna Superintendent but also to Adele bystanders. This third explosion also killed an eight-year-old boy. By the name of Cleo Clayton he just survived the second explosion at the school and he was actually trying to get away from it so he got he missed one again stroke yet get struck by another one so when the third explosion occurred the Metal Shard went straight into them killing him instantly a survivor recall seeing andrews body hanging on the wire to just hang in there dead. It took the community until six that evening to get all of the bodies out in. Everyone moved with extreme caution fearing that there will be more explosives ready to go off at any moment now. Prior to this attack many people noticed some strange behavior from Andrew a mini thought. Nothing of it. That's why if there'd be a weird you gotta say you uh-huh anybody now so his neighbors from his neighbor from across the street whose name was David. Hart believed that Andrew had been working on its plan for for months now. He was the one who claims to see Andrew working hard on his wife on wiring his fences for about ten days. He also noted that Andrew has stopped farming for months and I don't know how he was all up in business but he also knew that he was falling behind him bills. How he even know that? I don't know whether notices he might have seen like like or you hate to haven't been working like in month. I know he's not paying bills. I don't know but another person person who said Andrew Displays. Some weird behavior was a first grade teacher by the name of Bernice Sterling. She acts prior to the explosion to use Andrews Woods. Four picnic for her class. Andrew responded that if she was going to have a picnic she better do it right away which should have raised red flags in her head instantly. 'cause that's not a normal response you get when you ask them when something like that. When the smoke cleared on the farm authorities searched the ruins and found the body of his wife charged to a Chris? Her body was so unrecognizable that police Passover her so many times before actually discovering her around the body items like the save some paperwork you work in jewelry authorities assumed that he must have killed his wife so that she wouldn't ruin his plans for some reason I kind of feel like he was putting it into everything I mean. A man tied up the legs of his horses. Prior to the explosion that's pretty final. When authorities looked over all the equipment on the farm if android of sold all of that he would have had enough to save his farm? Yeah he was building everything to make it easier so he can just felt. Yeah and if he didn't tinker so much like what you're supposed to do do so at the school. Authorities found a gasoline container fit it in a gap between the dynamite so expansion of gas before through the vapor in. We'll all through the tube to spark the get the fire. The Fire Department suspected that this was his backup plan. In case the dynamite didn't work Andrews body was claimed by his sister and he was buried in Clinton County cemetery in an unmarked grave. The school board went under serious investigation for about a week before it was concluded that Andrew Acted aloneness. School massacres didn't occur like this back in his time. In many people tried to find a reason to why Andrew would even do something like this. They want it so bad to blame things on his mental health. They call them names such as insane the minted in a madman and that the head injury I mentioned earlier was the blame which he actually got that injury while he was At school to be an electrician. Ironic right yeah. So but it was concluded that he was rational enough to commit the crime. I mean the fact that he spent months planning this and setting anything's up is proof enough that he that this man knew what he was doing. Most of the children killed disaster reburied in Pleasantville cemetery in bath the time at the disaster her about fifty thousand people travelled through the town just to get a glimpse as something they thought probably would never happen. The attention quickly ended do Ended them do the Charles Lindbergh's nonstop flight that took place not too long after this. Some say that this happened for the best though because the town as a whole needed to grieve for the most part just about each household had a child that it's ended bath school because it was the first schoolhouse for Kids K.. Through twelve like I said about three hundred students attended at the school from areas around bath as well. The school was demolished but a new one was opened up after the governor gave Nice donation of seventy five thousand dollars. The school is the school was called James Cousins Agriculture school but it was torn down in nineteen seventy five in the commemorative park was created in. Its place where the focus of the park is a piece. He said their original school. That was still remaining. One of the oldest survivors of the disaster by the name of Irene said that she stayed home that day from school because because she had a sore throat. When the explosion at the school happened she could hear from her farm? Her and her mother jumped in the car and headed straight to the school. She had eight younger siblings nibbling who also attended school there in just because she stayed home with a sore throat didn't meet her siblings. Stayed home with her. One of her brothers fingers was cut off and the explosion and Dan her sisters were. Some of the kids had jumped out of the first floor window to escape the explosion. Irene was all around lookie today yeah like that. Did they like there were no escape. Yeah and then the fact like that day. She didn't go to school in depending on where the grades. It's weird because like how it was going like a lot of classes from I read a lot of classes were moved around because they were doing like a test on that day. So you had like normally it would be like only only your kids on that end like on a north wing. But they had moved like fifth graders over there too so that they can take their tests and stuff in that area so you like different age ranges of yeah you. It had more like a variety of age range that day. Some she was also the one Iran was the one seen Andrew's body hanging on the wire after the after so he killed himself so that's like something she said was stuck in her head like forever another survivor by the name of George Barrett went to Andrew Andrew's Andrew's house there earlier to take tuition and he says that when he gave Andrew the money that he didn't WanNa make eye contact with George like he just avoided. Did I contact the whole time. It will really awkward like he just kind of took the money close the door. Autumn seven reminded. I told you everyone liked the kids. At least at this was like a pleasant man like he was speak to them and stuff like even Irene would say like it'd be times we're like debut driven by. He'll stop in like ex how they were doing and stuff like that so it wasn't like he was like a standoff tours. Yeah yeah so Jewish. Didn't go to school that day because he had such good grades that the school said he didn't need to take the test that many of the other grades were taking that day. Lucky film. Yeah remember days have to set it like that for us. We're like if you got all as you don't have to take your final or something. We took those final. Yeah he was. How in the fields farming? When he heard the explosion at the school he jumped in his pickup truck immediately in headed to where the explosion took place once on the scene? George I try to help the best he could. He drove two girls with facial injuries from the explosion to the hospital. He remembers seeing unlit died in my in the back of the police car as they removed it from the basement. George and other kids around that time grew up leaving at the name ki-ho equal even till this day. This is still one of the worst school massacres that take place in the country. We lost so many lives that day because I want lower property taxes or whatever reason he convinced themselves to justify his actions. Okay okay blow up the school if you want but you WANNA leave people's lives out of it like especially children's lives nobody why it was at eight forty five in the morning it was was the last day of school you also the whole summer and then if he was at the school at night. Why don't you just quit that Trudell? That's too I didn't think about it. Why didn't you just quit? Why is it definitely you know? Just quit you right is leaning commitment. Ah needed everything that day. For what great so I hate to think about how many lives would have been lost. If all the dynamite went off in school about one fourth of the children in the town we're killed and there are about nine hundred pounds of dynamite in the basement. Only half of that one off. Yeah and only half of that one often you see like the damage that deer so we can only imagine so many the fact that he did that while the children were in school. And I'm right along with them. It was the last school and if you really going to blog I can't go keep going back to that. If it was just the last day could awaited. You didn't have to blow the school up to be honest because if probably Texas were going up to build the school don't you think after school got blew up that they were going to try to rebuild another school come on it doesn't it doesn't make sense like you didn't think this through late is like oh I can't even say in the moment. Because he spent months planning I can't grow his thought process but it makes my hair her because this display not tales. Really sick children are the most instead of building all of these machines he could have just worked farm by hand and still have enough. Money took quit his job at the school. Here that's that he didn't have to. He didn't have to be in walled and like I said he had like if he would've sold the stuff he would've he wouldn't have been in debt at all like soldiers like I don't know it could have been more. That was going on and is it. I don't know like maybe you just de fire. When his his step mom was on fire? That really messed up or something. I don't know but children are the most innocent beings in you need to leave them out of your bullshit okay. So now that she'll be done with her case We. We decided to try something new so we have a book called three thousand questions about me which is very difficult. I don't know why she she didn't pick the Google some questions. I'm all of a sudden basically what we're GONNA do this every week. We're going to use a number generator to from one to three thousand to pick out a question in both me and shelby have to answer the question. So you'll be has has the question. Yeah I did the question this time so my question is in your life will cause like no. If you really look at these questions they were really like make you really think deep though so I had to pick a good one. Didn't want to pick a joking one or anything like that like you had to be a good one but it says Are you do you. Are you where you think you would be at in life like. Is Your Life how you thought it would be right right now. Didn't think I'll have a podcast I kind of wish I was further ahead with crafting. I close my itchy shop but I do WANNA open Honestly I think that's about it some pretty okay but I definitely thought I'll be more into crafting and I. I didn't even consider having a podcast. I don't think I considered have departure cast either. I don't even know what a park castle ache. Yeah you know what. Honestly I don't think my my life is literally not where I thought it would be. I think I thought I'd be getting ready to go to law school getting applying for law school soon. which is crazy like me in law school? I'm like the silliest person ever imagine me in this series he's like I didn't think I don't know anything that I would actually be working with kids like I think a lot of career wise. I didn't feel like super how much longer it's going to last. I don't really know. Yeah you know. I'm kinda feeling tired. I don't Wanna I don't think I'm GonNa have my own missing. People couldn't couldn't potty train like twenty kids already and I was like so what am I going to do when it's time for me to potty train my own kid I'm GonNa go over to what you cousin or something like that. I'm like I don't feel like doing. It's not one penny from my time. In when parasites you slack it he's doing. He's not potty training it. I'm like well. He's gifts child's difficult to try. I don't know Donald but that was it but you know what I didn't think that I would have like Abbie living on my own. I'm like really really like an independent person like I didn't think they like our actually in that apartment to be alone. Yeah and so like now like I'm like I'm like an end I'd take care thank you. Yeah I have a boyfriend too but you know we might get stuck in over. Oh for a couple of months like the world like a year like yeah solid year to have so I don't know I don't think I have a cat. I wasn't really. That was an animal person. I'm alive Oh you've got to keep up a and then keep it pushing but I didn't think I would have like a cat but know that and then with the podcast so no. I don't think that my life is where I thought it would be Jaggard but but I'm not disappointed. No not really disappointed. I've been lake. I take trips second travel. Yeah you take a lot the chips you like shit. We gotTA schedule Noble Recording for another trip. Where are you going this time? Oh yeah okay narrow. I know about the Hawaii trips. That's cool Gosh. She's dropping news like this on both. Were like we're going on vacation again. You're not taking me this time. I mean you've got a month to prepare so I get like Sou souvenir shooting in back. Like what kind of friend are you got a picture. We were just now. The last time I went to Hawaii we were still only having like twice a year twice a year outings together. That is true but still you. Could you could hear and a half you could still has some sale. It would have been nice. Give you like thinking about all these sounds. I went on vacation and I'll just wait for today to give. That would have been nice. Got You makes troop. Yeah you know what. That question wasn't as hard as I think it would be to answer it though. I think that was a pretty decent question. I started off strong. If if I do say so myself it really. She gave me two pictures to pick these firm. Yeah we don't have the book yet. But so this week I just sent Showbiz showbiz couple pages added. We'll continue to work and it was. It was two pages using the number. It was two pictures and it took me one hour to pick a question. There were like take forty questions in total but it was so question. Have you ever made your own ice cream. But she wants to go deep into life. Animal ice cream the answer to that one. I'll talk about that. Think about science experiment. It was my birthday so I had a teacher gave me hers. Don't remember that. Oh Ms Brown. Oh Class I don't think you had her for your birthday. Yeah still we made ice cream and I was like she was like you gotTa meet the Ice Cream to get in. I was like it's my birthday. You you just give me the ice cream made as the example of her class into Tom I went to Hawaii and nobody change my schedule for me. I just let me get my class has changed and didn't say anything and then everybody came in class whereas Lena everyone was an extra as it was late. Ingles a nice. Thank you for listening. You can find the transit pictures we discussed and the links to all of our references references. I our website at www dot crime in the midday dot com. There you can also find the link to our social media if you have a case you'd like us to discuss let's go to the contact US page of the website and leave a suggestion. Each month will choose one of one suggestion for an episode.

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Fight Back, Make a Scene # 929

The Dan Bongino Show

56:57 min | 2 years ago

Fight Back, Make a Scene # 929

"Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show. That's not immune to the facts with your host. Dan, Bongino, five. Welcome to Dan Bongino, show producer, Joe. How are you today? Hey, man. I'm glad to be here with you, Dan. How you doing babe? Good me major blow out last night on the Ingram angle where I was on FOX. And we'll we'll get to that. Listen, I'm not lying down anymore. Neither should you enough of this Bs and others crap. I'm not going to sit there and listen anymore. Neither should you. Two left this hacks idiots on the air and elsewhere calling us racists xenophobes Islamophobes. And everything you want to sit back and take it fine. But I'm not your guy, maybe this show, isn't for you. But I'm done taking it. So I'm going to go into this in the beginning of the show today. Also got some other news yesterday from Chuck Ross over the daily caller about some more. Just stunning information in this whole scandal monumental mammoth like scandal too. Try to attack and spy on the Trump team. Just amazing stuff. Let's get right to it today show brought to you by buddies at filter by hey, according to the CDC about seven million people are getting hit with the flu this year. Many think getting sick has to do with the coal, but that's false. They get sick. Because they spend more time insider exposed to higher concentrations of viruses and pollutants including the cold and flu virus. If you want to improve your chances this season start by improving the quality of your air with filter by change out my filters filter by to America's leading provider, h vac filters for homes and small businesses. This is one of those things. It's so easy to kick down the kick the can down the road on you need. Good quality earning house, they spend all my time indoors, you don't wanna breathe polluted air you have to change your air filters. Why not use a company? That's here. Wants to talk to you and produces great products right here in America. Sign up for auto delivery today. And you'll save five percents off your order. They have over six hundred different sizes including custom options at ship free within twenty four hours. Plus, they manufacture all their filters right here in the great old USA same time. Save money. Give yourself an edge, just cold and flu. Season that's filter by dot com filter B U, I dot com filter by dot com. Tell them the Dan Bongino show sent you. We would really appreciate that filter by dot com. Okay. You know? Joe give me a moment here. I. This is going to be a baby a bit emotional for me. But we know as younger, I my grandmother on my mother's side who I loved to death. God rest, her soul. One of the most loving women. I ever met my life or life was changed completely when she lost her young, son. My uncle Greg in Vietnam. It was kind of, you know, very part wrenching for me to go back there to annoyed recently because I knew how much it meant to my family. When my uncle didn't return. He died quite heroin over there, obviously in the war. But my grandmother was a great woman. I learned a lot of lessons from our and one of the things she had these sayings. They were kind of funny. She was she was all she was Irish at the, you know, the day of these grades things all the time. And whatever sayings always was don't you make a scene, don't you? And really what she was saying job was she was saying control yourself in public. It always like we'd be in church. She used to live in town, New Jersey after she moved out of New York, and we would go to this church, and they had this section of top for grandparents, and parents would kids in case, you started screaming and yelling. So given that me and my younger brothers were always rabble-rousers. She would take us upstairs in case things got out of control. And she would always look next. Look at me and say, you know, don't you make a scene? Don't you make a scene, and I never forgot that. I love my grandmother. I leaned Sadler to death. But ladies and gentlemen, that advice was great when I was a kid, but it's not great anymore. It's time to make a scene. We are under attack by the left in some cases, literally I want to be hyperbolic at a want to exaggerate it. There's a lot of maga- hat wearing people who luckily haven't been punched in the face yet. But the incidents of this happening and aggressive violence towards Trump's supporters, aggressive confrontation of Trump's supporters, the character defamation ritual character defamation of Trump's supporters is entirely out of control Joe. And I'm worried what the end point of this is. Now last night. I was on Ingram angle in a debate. Which star park owes a friend of mine with a liberal. I don't even ought to describe this guy. He was just out of control. We're talking about a guy who lost it on the Ingram angle guy named Leo terell who happens to be a lawyer who I thought I made a a reasonable point in the beginning of the show, and he decided that he was going to engage in again ritual character defamation of Donald Trump Trump is a racist. You're basically racist for offending Trump. Everybody's racist your dad's a racist your mom's racist your family's racist. You're racist as a racist. There. Everybody was a racist. And you know, I hate playing clips of myself on the show because some of you saw it last night to be redundant. So we're just going to take a small snippet of how this ended at the end. And listen, I'm not celebrating it. I wish these things wouldn't go down these pass. I certainly didn't initiate this. But you're going to start a fight. Then I'm damn well going to end it Joe play that of me confronting Leo terell last night to insist that President Trump and his supporters are racist or frayed of Trump. Okay. Trump though. Trump though. Anybody I'm afraid of idiots. I Lyon down anymore. And you shouldn't either. Leo, you're afraid of Trump now. Leo, I'm afraid of idiots, and that's why getting on the air with guys like you. You know, I'm bringing this up because there's this ongoing argument that some of you most of you have very busy lives. And I appreciate you listening to this show to get a one hour summation, I summary of the day's news because you have lives you go to work. You have important lives. You do important work. You're raising important kids, your children, your family matters to you. You don't have the time every day to read through the entire Wall Street Journal and six thousand pages of Breitbart conservative review and drudge every day you need a quick summary. And I'm honored that you come here. But there's a fight going on that you may have missed and this fight is between this wing of the Republican party there. I don't want to call them never Trump anymore there. I'll call them just basically Trump haters. They don't they don't want to say never Trump anymore. But they just can't stand Trump. There's this fight brewing right now. And it kind of boiled over this weekend at CPAC, and I bring it up in light of that that cut I just played on Ingram because this branch of the Republican party is convinced if we roll over in lie down, and we listen to people like Leo terell. And we just sit back and take it when they call us racist and ritually defame our characters on national television. I one of the most popular shows that somehow we're going to be seen in the end as the rational reasonable ones, and we'll win this moral and ethical war and win people over. No, no that's over folks. It's over the left is not care. They are not trying to win. Win any kind of moral or ethical war. They're not trying to get to the top of the moral totem pole. They are trying to destroy you. You can choose to fight back or you can choose to lose. There is no option c. I bring it up in light of what happened with that debate. And what happened at CPAC because there are Republicans out that are convinced absolutely convinced if you just sit back and take it that this is the right path in the long run. I read another article sworn in the Washington Examiner website. I really enjoy they do good work. It's like the Wall Street Journal that aren't always aligned with my conservative values. But that's fine. Unlike some of the Trump hating wing of the party, I'm open to other ideas, even when I disagree with them. But there was a piece in the Washington Examiner. Swing again, taking a shot at CPAC CPAC, the conservative political action conference where there was some very aggressive talk from people up there, not all of whom I disagree with some I disagree with their business practice, but nonetheless, people who got up there Joe and went for it took the fight to the left and said, I'm not taking this anymore. I'm not lying down it stops here. Now right now. And instead of understanding that that aggressive posture is needed to fight back against the far left radical movement that is not intent on winning a moral war. They simply wanted destroy you and Donald Trump. What do they do? These these sell out Republicans turn their attack on CPAC CPAC, what a disgraceful event. Oh my gosh. You had all of these horrible people there. Michelle Malkin, Charlie Kirk Candice, all they're all so awful, keep in mind, these are people with actual audiences who whether you agree or disagree or you agree with their speech or disagree. You're certainly free to challenge things they say have actual audiences and may be able to move the needle with people who are actually willing to fight back while you languish what your two thousand followers on Twitter writing articles about the laugher. I love that stuff. Joe of we not argued and debated economics on this show for now the close to I don't know three four years you've been doing this this. So does facts it does data all the time all the time. Yeah. But that has to be measured with an with with with a sense of what tactical efficiency is. And if you think it's tactically officiant to lay down why for the Democrats while they call us racist, and fools and sit there and try to take some kind of moral high wrote, man or you in the wrong fight. This is trench warfare. What did you think? This was Robert's rules of auto gonna lineup low German. Oh, that's fine for Neil. No. No. No. No. No. No. No, no. That's over folks sets over we're in a year of bankrupting, Christian bakers and Flores class warfare, socialism, the death and destruction associated with it government takeovers of healthcare bankrupting of private businesses the administration the prior one the Obama administration disagreed with. And you want Robert's rules of order, you are in the wrong war, brother and sister. You are fighting yesterday's war today. You think I'm making this up really that CPAC things. Unbelievable. I cannot believe how many Republicans have dedicated mounds of Inc. An internet space in a website to attacking one of the largest conservative conferences in the country where actual people show up. I can't believe it. Joe you, and I have been there with Joe, you would have had confrontations at CPAC would be we disagreed with. That point is actually people there it'll show up. Maybe it's time to turn your fire on the left. Maybe turn the canons around. I'm not taking it. I love doing those FOX. And I know fear of a liberal debate at all. But I go on the air with Leo or anyone else you drop that racism bomb that try to defame me and anyone else you are going to get it back. You're afraid of Trump's Twitter. No, I'm afraid of idiots. And that guy is a lead member is a Colonel in the idiot brigade. Trump's a racist. There is no evidence of that. At all you just want the headline. That's all you want the sculpting. Daniel. Now, you think this sends? Yeah. But there's a lot of listeners men -cluded brother that have been waiting to hear this come out of your mouth your mouth for a long time a long time. And thank you for. I. Yes, sir. It matters. I mean last night. Thank you, Dan. You know, I was tired. But I wasn't. You know, I I was I wanted to do the head. I didn't have do it. You know, FOX doesn't obligate you to do any. I mean within reason to do anything. If you want to say, no you can. I mean, the appearance I don't mean to talking industry charge. But I wanted to do the appearance even though I knew Leo would be on there. And I knew Leo was a bomb thrower. But I've gotta tell you like twenty seconds into that thing when I saw where he was going. I just I made a conscious decision. I'm not no, I'm not doing this. And you know, I'll tell you folks, I'd rather be. I'd rather be on my own doing my thing knowing that the base of people out there who understand this guerilla warfare. Now are now looking for fighters. I would rather get your Pat on the back in the local diner that go in there than to have all the Republican Trump hating intelligence intelligentsia who think they're smarter than the rest of us. Celebrate me and they're stupid articles. I don't want it. I don't care. I. Told my wife exactly that last night. Believe me it hurts. I don't pretend to have a thick skin. I don't. It arts. It doesn't feel good. When the when when when the thinking class and believe me, I'm using that term is a pejorative here of the Republican party who have failed us for decades when the thinking class attacks you in their pieces, oh, he's unserious. Really? I was protecting presidents and cracking international fraud rings with the secret service linked to terrorism while you were fetching coffee for your bosses, you know, at the weekly standard hard pass on your opinion jackass. It stinks. When they write about you. But I mean, this when I tell you the fact that the listeners to my show when I see you I get a handshake from you and awaken a nod at the gym when you look at me on that elliptical machine you go, thanks. That means more to me than the pages of the weekly standard or whatever. Other Trump hating bullwork, whatever nonsense magazine that writes. Oh my gosh. These guys I don't know what they're doing. We're doing a moment where winning. I'm not lying down anymore. And I want to celebrate a couple other people who aren't lying down either. I heard a story yesterday about Perry. High school in Arizona. Couple teenagers. Joe showed up wherein maga- hats with the Trump flag to celebrate some kind of a celebration of America day, you would think celebrating the American president on some celebration of America day would be accepted in a high school in Arizona. Yeah. Well, of course, it wasn't the principal thought. It would be a good idea to throw them out of the school. So the parents taking the we're not lying down approach anymore. And again, I love my grandmother, but her don't make a scene. No, no, you make a scene. Now, you make a scene every single time. And my grandmother was a fighter. That's not what she meant by don't make a seed if she was alive right now. She'd be telling me you damn well-made Casin, those parents didn't take Joe that make don't make a scene nonsense when they showed up at that school whipped out their cell phone cameras confronted that principle and a minister enersen, why was my kid toss that a school for wearing this maga- hat and watch him stutter and stammer. Do it Oba you do that every time you make a scene you call everybody you tweet about it. You call the local press, you tweet the president you tweet. Don, jR, anyone else who will highlight your story, you humiliating embarrassing these people because that's exactly what they did to you. Take Robert's rules of order and throw it in your fire. Place. This is guerrilla war. Now. They wanna fight with discussing tactics. Humiliating your kid for wearing a hat that says make America great again, you show up at that school, and you make them in for this. Senate to me if it's good I'll put it out on my Twitter. No problem at all. And I want to give a Big Hat tip to those parents in Arizona who refused to lie down. You couldn't make you could've set on. We're not gonna make a senior. No, no, you make a scene you fight back. I'm with you. Joe's with you. The listeners are with you. This is not the standard new guy. Shoot reload. No, no. They were in a different war against us. And keep in mind, folks any day the radical left wants to return to civility. We'll welcome that with open arms. I don't choose this. I don't relish this. I hate this and you should too. This is not the America. I wanted to be a part of where I'm not free to practice. My Christianity free to spend my money on my family without the threat of being put out of business being deep platform by a radical left. It's ripping people away from their livelihoods. I didn't choose this. You didn't either? I didn't choose a place where my kid wears a maga- hat to school and they get thrown out. You chose this. When you want to return to civility. I will welcome you with open arms. But until then make no mistake. I absolutely understand the war. You're fighting and my eyes are open. I heard another story. Some lady thought it'd be a brilliant idea to rip the maga- hat off a guy semi assault. Student. Aim was Rosanne Santos. Well, that guy with a maga- hat did the right thing, you never lay your hands on a woman. So what he do we call the cops are friend Roseanne sent though said I use that term loosely. Fred apparently was in the country illegally. He's looking at potential deportation. Sorry too bad. So sad. That's what the cops are there for don't get into a fight. Don't you'll be sued. It's not worth it, not defend yourself. I'm not asking some punches you in the face like that maniac on Berkeley, don't sit there and take it. But someone ripped out of your head. Folks. You call the cops. Oh, I don't want call. No, no, no. You make a scene. No. You make a scene. That's your property someone steals. It you call the cops. They get the bracelets, and they go to jail you make a scene. I don't wanna make a see. No, no, no. You do. Old Roseanne wasn't quite thinking that through when she ripped the hat off. The guy's head. The guy in Berkeley you punched that kid in the face made that kid of celebrity and good for that kid showed up at CPAC. Gotta shout out by Donald Trump. Trump never forgets. The I'm telling you right now love this guy or hate this guy. Joe, you know, I know this, and you know, why? And I'm gonna keep them private. But he this guy deeply respects the people who back him up when he needs it. And I'm not talking about players and the people who can do and political favors. I'm talking about the people who do shows like this and the people who go out on college campuses and get punched in the face for the 'cause he never ever forgets that ever from guy the left wants you to believe some evil genius. Really? Why does he call people on the phone and thank him for fighting for the cause for the president of the United States? Do you know how many people he's called? Joe am I making this up? Do you know how many people you know, the story he has called on the phone on his workday who can do nothing for him to thank them. The list is long. Yeah. More than I would even know. Yeah. Yeah. You know, a lot of them ever sense of privacy. I'm going to keep that between us, and I'm telling you it happens all the time. He's the president of the United States. He respects people who make a scene. Finally, there was that video on that Edmond Santa Fe high school kid in a hallway with the maga- had other kid confronts rips his hat off. He didn't give up that hat or that flag in other people. Another guy gets it on video. That are the kids in a world of trouble. You make a scene you make seen every time. The time for not making a scene and letting all this past ladies and gentlemen is over. We're going to expose these people. They picked this fight. Not us. You know, I was having a conversation last night. And it devolved into. I don't know where this is going to go. I mean, we eventually going to split into the United States and the conservative United States. God, I hope not. But I made the point show that that wouldn't work that wouldn't work. You know, why that wouldn't work say there was a schism and Texas and Florida, you know, I wouldn't work I go back and forth on this. But you know, why it wouldn't work Joe? Because you, and I is conservatives and liberty lovers just want to be left alone. I don't care what New York does. If New York was not taking my tax money is part of the United States. If we were fifty separate countries within the United States, and we were at the United States. I don't care what New York does. I just want to be left alone with my big alright right to petition to practice. My religion to speak to assemble to live to run a business. I just want to be left alone. The reason a schism in the United States would never work Joe is because liberals do not want to leave you alone. It is not good enough for them. To live their lives a certain way, they have to do it to you as well. While hypocritically not even doing the same things they recommend for you. And I'm going to get to that in a minute to you know, maybe I'll get right to that. With the Alexandra throw the we're going to throw the show script up a little bit. I had a different plan in mind. The people like Alexandria, the hypocritic fraud Caucasia Cortez. She's not good enough with making recommendations for her life because she doesn't want those recommendations she wants you to do it. Sanders to fraud, phony three home birdie bread lines, Bernie, he wants you to sit on bread lines, Bernie while this cat has three houses what a fake Foti fried three homes. He has a lake home home in Burlington and a tone home in DC. This phony wants you to live in a shack on a breadline not Bernie. These people are frauds. A schism would never work because they never want to leave you alone. If Texas split off from the United States, it would only be moments before liberals moved into Texas to take over Texas too. You will never get away from this fight. Never because they cannot leave you alone. They will never leave you alone. The entire essence of liberalism is about encroaching on your money. Your business. Your health care your kid's education, everything. We leave them alone. They will never ever leave us alone. Ladies and gentlemen, make a scene. Everywhere. The time for not making a scene is over. And I wish the anti CPAC trumpeters all of these people just lie down and take it the slimy sellout GOP class would wake up and recognize the fight. We're in. I agree with you the world would be a better place. If our discourse was more civil, but we didn't choose this the left shows, this you understand. They're fighting us with boxing gloves, soaked in Tarin nails. And you want us to do what put on twenty ounce gloves at are like pillows to fight back while pleading to the ref to get involve the ref who the media in this case who's a sell out to the left already. Do you understand the fight? We're interview you lost your perspective. All right. I wanna move on. Okay. CO cortez. Because again, this is important stuff. Hold the left to their own standards and watch their credibility evaporate in front of a very is. All right today show. Also brought to you by buddies at brickhouse nutrition. Ladies and gentlemen, brickhouse nutrition has been a sponsor with me from the beginning. Really? Appreciate this company miles who runs it does a great job. They make the finest nutrition supplements out there one of the best supplements, it makes fielded greens. Listen, we all know everybody knows, you know, including your health manage take care of yourself. I you know, you're supposed to be eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, it's obvious. But why do you not do it? Well, the answers are obvious. I know because when I was younger, I didn't know how to fruits and vegetables item their perishable. If you don't get them in cans, sometimes when it's Cantu, tastes a little old. You don't like the taste? They're tough to prepare the right way. Sometimes you get them to taste good. And some people just don't like the taste of fruits and vegetables brickhouse nutrition has a problem solver you they devise a product field degrees. I begged him to start this product because I love these products. I said, listen, I love these fruit and vegetable powders, but a lot of them are garbage there extract. They don't taste good mile set Amman it he went and sought out his doctor, but he was one of his nutrition supplements and nutrition consultants and. They put together feel degrees, which is a mixture and combination of some of the finest cleanest, healthiest fruits and vegetables out there ground up into a powder. You put it in water you put in juice put it in your protein, shakes, whatever you want. You take a couple of scoops a day and your cognitive abilities your immune system, we know fruits and vegetables, we know that's better for all this your physical health. It is your fruit and vegetable insurance every single day it tastes delicious. I love it, folks. It is worth your time. Please give it a shot. Go to brickhouse nutrition dot com slash Dan. That's brickhouse nutrition dot com slash Dan. Pick up your jar field degrees today, you'll love this product and give it to my kids. My wife takes it. And my mother-in-law takes it. It is the key to good health. Brickhouse nutrition dot com slash Dan. Pick up a jar field degrees today. You will love it tastes great to. Okay, on Alexandria, case, yo Cortez in case, you believe that she's genuine she's a warrior for the cost. Joe? What's their thing? Fighting against the swamp in this for the little guy. He's interests. You know, but yeah, I'm at the front of the line here at the if there was a triangle of truth, I'm at the tip of that triangle, spear going up a warrior for Justice. Are you really? So I found this interesting. I pulled this clip off Twitter. This is Alexandria. Casey. Oh Cortes making a big stink about how basically she wants Donald Trump to disclose financial documents. Because of course, you know, she's a police state tyrant. And she believes that they have opened thority to investigate people. Not crimes, you know, what they do in third world republics, you don't investing crimes, you investigate people. You find the crap. So keep your mind in this little clip, she displays no evidence whatsoever. That Donald Trump has done anything wrong. She just wants to use the powers of congress of which she has some of them four hundred and thirty fifth of it to attack Donald Trump and investigate them endlessly. But it's the end of this. That's really interesting in light of some breaking news about some problems. Okay. She'll Cortez has herself play that cut. I think. You hear the president say, no collusion. No collusion. No collusion writing. He's always talking about the focus on the relationship between his campaign and Russia, which is the scope of that investigation is under the house intelligence committee as well as several other investigatory bodies, so while he's talking collusion collusion collusion. I think oversight we should be talking about taxes taxes taxes and his Bank account who Bank account his banking, his financial statements statements, eight minutes, because that's where I think actually some of the most troubling practices are with direct relevance to the American people on. Oh, isn't that? Great, isn't that special? So how exaggerates yo Cortez wants to review? Trump's financial says she keep my she producers no evidence of an actual crime or any criminality whatsoever. As a matter of fact, but she wants evidence of Donald Trump's financial statements onset disclosure. Oh, isn't this? Great. You know, what broke yesterday? Joe Alexandra case, yo Cortez's chief-of-staff apparently is being accused of funneling money from donors into a private company. He controls you say Joel how much money a couple of bucks five ten beans here or there. Whatever, you know, couple dollars here or there, maybe at twenty spot who knows five ducats. Nah. To eight hundred thousand plus dollars funnel by Sacre Chakra body. Who is Alexandria case you Cortez's chief-of-staff into companies he controls now. All right. So listen now, I'm Mike Alexandria case. Yo Cortez who wants Donald Trump's financial documents. Just because she does she has no evidence of a crime and she believes in police. They tyranny now we have actual evidence of potential wrongdoing by the chief of staff to Representative. Okay. She'll cortez. A potential donor laundering operation into money. He into companies he controls lips get to that. You know what MS Cortez? Why don't you put that out? I let's see where that goes before we start focusing on your witch hunt of Donald Trump and his financial documents again make a scene. Make a scene. They want to attempt to expose Donald Trump for financial documents with no allegation of wrongdoing. Well, let's play that game too. Missile AO. See I'd like to see the records on that. I want to see where that money came from where what what it was spent on. Oh, it gets better. Joe? With your. Yeah. Yeah. That's with Representative case yo Cortes. She's got another problem too. Article in the Washington Examiner. Today's all of my show notes today. Please check it out, by the way that clip of me on. With with Leo tyrel have at the show today, an article by biz pack review that wrote it up. So check that out to miss Cortez has another problem Joe. So remember when she came out last week, and we we attack this where she said, listen, I'm gonna pay my staff a living wage fifty. She's not paying him anything the taxpayers up, and I'm not gonna pay any of my staff more than eighty thousand dollars income inequality for everyone. Yeah. Well, that's really cute because as some people who do congressional oversight from the outside and and monitor potential corruption they noticed something interesting about the number the eighty thousand dollars salary ceiling. She set for her stamp. Let me read to you from the Washington Examiner. Joe Representative okay CEO Cortez's decision. A or office salaries at eighty thousand dollars. We'll let her chief of staff the same guy just told you has all these financial troubles here and senior employee's avoid public transparency laws that would require them to reveal outside income gifts and stock trading activity. The New York Democrat announced last week. She would institute living wage rules in our office paying staff members a minimum of fifty two thousand a year and a maximum of eighty K a year now. Now, it all makes sense Joe now why we'll see that. Because when you pay these people, including our chief of staff who now apparently has these allegations of some kind of donor money laundering, surfacing around him. If he gets paid eighty thousand dollars a year or less, Joe he doesn't have to reveal a lot of his payment documents to the public. Wow. Isn't that convenient gosh miss Cortes? She such an outsider warrior against the swab. Despite the fact is swamps revenge here is her actually being forced to live by our own rule. We need to disclose Donald Trump's financial documents. But if I pay my staff less than eight thousand you won't get to see their financial documents, while allegations are swirling that their finances are a mess, and they may have been laundering donor money into companies they own personally. How about that? We need. Yeah. The Dr Phil about that. How 'bout? To sweet in baseball about. Yeah. That's total complete frauds. So one her chief of staff is credibly being accused of some serious malfeasance with donor money. Sounds awfully swampy to me. Secondly, all I'm not gonna pay the more than eighty thousand. Wow. That conveniently hides all their paperwork. Amazing. How that works out at one final story make a scene hold them all to a cab AO sees mom. I don't know. I think it begins with a B B O C. Apparently, somebody did some interview with her and they found out she moved to Florida to escape the height the sky high taxes in New York. So again, this is one of those things. What's good for the is not good for me or my family? I'm not making this up Joe. So, of course, you had Maggie Haberman. Left-wing propagandists for the New York Times pretends to be a reporter who had to tweet out. Oh, look Trump's tax laws. Did this? Because people are going to get hammered New York by the salt deduction. Alexandria case. Yo Cortez's mom, Maggie moved before the tax law passed and based on what we think our income is she would have benefited from it again. Stop pretending to be a journalist. Just put on your Twitter, Maggie Haberman full-time liberal activists to stop Briquet. You stop pretending you submit what you are. You're an opinion columnists that propagandizes for the left period. Full stop. Thanks. Her mom left for Florida did not pay the high tax. I couldn't get over that. So I thought it was the greatest thing ever. All right. Let me do this. But I got some I got a lot of stuff to get finished. You're really busy show. All right today show. Also brought to you by buddies at Bravo company manufacturing. I have a rifle and a pistol from them BCM make some of the finest products out there. I tell the story all the time the rifles are so good. 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USA YouTube dot com slash Bravo company. USA? Okay. So Chuck Ross who's done some really spectacular work over the daily caller on the spy gate case has a piece out today in the show notes. I really hope you take a look at. It's very very good. He talks about this information superhighway now, ladies and gentlemen, a little tease here. I'm working on book to we are about a third of the way done on the spy gate scandal. It is a company book to book once called spy gate, which I wrote with the niece McAllister map Palumbo. I appreciate you picking up. Very well, a book to is going to blow your mind, it's packed full of new information. That comes it's come out since the launch of the first book, and it's also written in a different format. Whereas the first book was more of a police file, which I hope you're people loved it because you can skip around and read how all the players into connect the second book tells it in a narrative for. Arm and fills in some of the missing holes number one. I think you're gonna love it. It's going to be a little shorter, but a whole lot sweeter. You're going to really enjoy this book. But one of the things we were doing yesterday. On the project is we're putting together the motivations for people. And we were talking about this information laundering operation where again, all roads lead back to Hillary and Obama they started this with this fake information from Christopher Steele, and fusion GPS, and they made sure the information made it back to the FBI laundered it through multiple channels one of the channels. I often bring up as the State Department channel, and it appears the middleman the the carrier pigeon here the guy carrying the information from the Hillary team in that deadly diamond when we talked about it yesterday arrivals and departures. Yeah. The information departed the Hillary team. It got to a conduit a carrier pigeon and made it back to the FBI and law enforcement, it appears that main individual there were a couple, but the main guy is this guy Jonathan winer now Chuck Ross s some new information about wine or in this piece yesterday, and it's an interesting little nugget in here. Here's the peace. It's whiner also handled another dossier on Trump that matched up with some of the salacious claims made in steals report Sidney Blumenthal Clinton, crony gave Wigner a dossier and Trump that had been compiled by fellow Clinton insider, Cody sheer, the Cody sheer memo contained some of the salacious allegations about Trump's activities in Moscow winer is acknowledged that he gave sheer the memo to steal who in turn provided the FBI. Now, you may say what about this this new now, we know according to Chuck Ross's pieces yesterday, not only with steel steel Christopher Steele, talking to Jonathan winer if the State Department, but whiner was simultaneously being contacted by Christopher Simpson of fusion GPS who still worked for in an effort to set. This thing up another meeting, folks. In other words, Simpson would not let this go. This guy is being paid by the Clinton team to traffic this information. And he absolutely wouldn't let it go. Right. So there's two key takeaways from this number one. You know, when we're putting together the book, the spy gate to the sequel here, we have a non title that yet. But I keep talking about motivations and one of the key elements of debunked. Conspiracy theory is an easy answer. Joe, right? We've said this ally. If you're blaming it on whatever the space aliens, or whatever it may be and that's your simple tie up the martians. Did it you're probably wrong. And there's a reason for that. The reason conspiracy theories typically fall apart is because they're rarely if ever are easy answers involves government corruption. It's precisely because of the line excite often by father Bob Ceriaco at the Acton institute who said one time in his speech that it's not the government's too big. It's the government's too stupid. And he's right. He's not talking about the people who get work boots on and go to work every day. He's talking about the higher ups in the bureaucrats who most have no experience in the business world whatsoever. Many of them and pretend to know everything they're not smart enough to coordinate a huge conspiracy. And in that they have conflicting motivations. So one of the points book to is. To make the point that there is no easy. Tie up to the conspiracy to take down the Trump team, but we can easily go to all the players and describe their possible motivations for being a part of the spy operation on the Trump team. One of them is whiner. Jonathan winer at the State Department, ladies and gentlemen, intimate intimately connected to it network of personal context with the Clinton administration, the Bill Clinton presidency and Hillary Clinton herself, obviously, but also what's weiner's role at the State Department show, why Anders deeply connected to Libya Libya was a major flashpoint the Obama administration because of the Bockel in Benghazi when we lost for American patriots to a terror attack, the Obama administration disingenuously and lying about it blamed on a video, of course, whiner had a had a role along with Victoria Neuland in the State Department who would draft and a lot of the talking points for the Benghazi debacle. Of course, they had a role in making. Sure, none of this came out. Was it? The sole reason they probably hated Donald. Trump to but everybody had a motivation for making sure Hillary was elected president. None of this stuff ever came to light. But Secondly, this is fascinating continuing Chuck Ross ends the piece the State Department is previously declined comment and weiner's activities. He is now a senior advisor to Apcoa worldwide global public relations firm. Wow. Where have we heard that before Apcoa think again skill further from fifth grade? God rest, our souls. You said put your thinking caps on where did we hear Apcoa? So Jonathan winer who is a carrier pigeon and the State Department for debunk discredited dossier information now, we believe from Simpson as well as Christopher Steele from Glenn Simpson to that's the new information that Simpson tried to contact him. Where have we heard Apcoa Apcoa, ladies and gentlemen, was a lobby firm that was working on behalf of some of the companies lobbying on behalf of some of the Russian tied companies that were trying to purchase a uranium and did so in the Iranian one deal Apcoa was trying to make that happen. Apcoa also worked on behalf of the Clinton foundation pro Bono. In other words, gratis for free. Why would they do that? While at the same time lobbying for the Russians now to be fair to Apcoa ABC goes claims that these business units were separated nothing to do one of the fine. I put their defense out there. I'm just telling you. It's interesting in the Trump case where miss Cortes just said, basically where there's smoke this fire. There's no smoke or no fire. But here there's a whole lot of smoke and a whole lot of fire with Apcoa and Wigner and all of a sudden everybody in liberal media seems to not care so whiners now working for ABC go who did pro Bono work for the Clintons while lobbying on behalf of the uranium one deal. While simultaneously weiner's relaying information. To the FBI about Donald Trump through Christopher Steele about the same Russians. Now, you don't see any of this as odd. Again, where are the entrepreneurial media types doing any kind of basic research into this the answer is they're nowhere to be found? All right. Get into this a little bit of a lighter story, and I'm going to get through my final Serb at the tax cuts. Phil Gramm as a great piece in the Wall Street Journal today. That's just terrific. I want to get into. But I read kind of I don't do a lot of these lighter. Stays I want to waste your time. But I saw I saw this in the journal. I thought it was kind of funny. It was in their most popular section. Joe Americans were hard chargers. You know? Sometimes we glide through grammar school in high school. We are. We have a lot of fun play baseball football. Whatever you do sports, lacrosse, whatever it may be they do a lot of and then they get to college. And I notice this at least that we're we're late bloomers, we disarm. I mean, I don't mean to stereotype the entire country be ridiculous. But my experience is we are we are late bloomers whereas other cultures. They emphasize like the tiger mom type stuff from the start where the kids got to be playing piano by the time. Therefore, we don't do that. Here. We let our kids be kids, generally. And I know with me, you know, what I was about seventeen or eighteen I decided I wanted to be a doctor or go to medical school or change the world some out, I became this, really hard charger. I just a lot of you did too. I don't mean to sound in any way pretentious about it. The most of you have to. But I was reading the story. And it reminded me of my experience in college all these kids who had slacked off a lot went to college and became just like dynamos the new thing. Now is this hard charging generation of Americans. They want their credit scores to be eight hundred. So as an article in the Wall Street Journal today, but like the pursuit for eight hundred. The maximum credit scores. Fifty this is the new thing like they're such perfectionist this generation of young Americans that are now in college. And you know, they want to go to they want to be the captain of the baseball team, and graduate, Suma, KU, laude, and all. But now they're thing is eight hundred credit scores. I looked at this. And I laughed I said Paul, Mike. This is the new thing like at eight hundred credit score. I never heard of such a thing. Really? Hey, matching that you're you're on a date. You're in the local watering hole. You see a nice young lady. You wanna talk to you. Hey, how's it going? You know? I haven't eight fifty credits. Go I can't even imagine what you're saying. Okay. Great check. Please. Thank you. But I stay. Credits. Go. This is a thing. It's a subscription only articles. I'm not gonna cut it. But and I never talk about this stuff. But I just thought it was funny because in a way, I see it as a positive it just is indicative of what I learned in my time as a compass secret service, we are we're just late bloomers. And when we get there, and we're done being kids. It's on like we care about everything. The captain of the team your grades your credit score just found that story to be just so that is at so American of us, we want to be eight hundred seven hundred I remember when I bought this accurate T L one time, and I had good credit growing up. And I was in it was in Annapolis. And I went in I was talking to the guys pick bodybuilder guy. And I said, I was my credit. He's like bad. It's Cuba by the building. It was gonna I always took my credit series. Like that was me growing up. So now, apparently, it's a big. But I never I've seriously, I've never monitored Mike. I just went on today for the first time being inspired to check my oh credit score. Because I've never thought of doing that. Hey, Chuck, my credit score. Was interested in at that time. Right. Right. Exactly. The opposite. All right. So is this a serious articles? I read this other one in the journal today, feel Graham great op Ed in the Wall Street Journal today talking about how the tax cuts have been unequivocal, basically, you'd have to be an idiot to ignore the positive effects of the Trump tax cut plan. Right. But not only that latest gentlemen, you know, that that's a simple talking point. Yeah. The tax cuts word. Okay. Why it's not just that. He writes that they work. He contrasts it with some of the tax hikes in the Obama administration. And he puts out some numbers. I think you'll find pretty fascinating. I know why did so keep in mind, we're doing here. Lead of the story is the Obama tax hikes hiked the income tax rates versus the Trump tax cut. And I don't just want to talk about the growth rates. I wanna talk about in this how it impacted tax revenue because the liberal talking point is we need more tax revenue show, which we should high taxes. Okay. So let's talk about what actually happened when Obama tight high taxes, and let's use the actual. Facts data from the peace. Joe? Today's changes in economic growth overwhelmed, the direct effects of policy changes after President Obama raised income taxes in two thousand thirteen they expected Joe to collect an extra six hundred fifty billion dollars over ten years. So let's be clear here Obama hikes taxes. The Obama administration expected a windfall of six hundred fifty billion additional tax dollars due to their tax hike over ten years. The CBO Joe had predicted and you will growth with average three point seven percent through twenty sixteen after those tax. Well, a fair question now that those tax hikes are over that period of time is over to twenty sixteen would be well what actually happened right? We raise the actual revenue over that ten year which hasn't closed yet, obviously. But we're ways through it. And did we meet those growth targets? Here we go when the actual growth rate through two thousand fourteen through twenty sixteen. Was forty percent lower than predicted. Joe the CPO revised its revenue estimate down by an astonishing three point one trillion dollars. Oh, four point seven times the amount that tax increase was opposed to collect. So let's get this straight again liberals, I know facts that data are hard. I get it. I know you've taken the vaccine against facts at an early age, but the Obama tax hikes. They predicted a six hundred fifty billion dollar windfall due to the decrease growth from those tax hikes and that money coming out of the economy. They have now revised the estimate to the to the point where they think they're going to lose three point one trillion, which is nearly five times the amount. It was supposed to collect. Joe? I bring us up always with you on the line because you live in Maryland still. Yeah, you were there when I was there. Remember when governor O'Malley liberal Democrat, instituted the millionaire's tax. Jim. And they said, oh, it's going to raise one hundred million plus in taxes. What did it actually you? Joe people fled Maryland Dros thing. Well that losing almost twice the amount. It was supposed to raise. Remember that? Rebecca, these Marylanders come back. They all Pennsylvania. It was awful Virginia this actually happened. And this is what's so frustrating about liberals the facts never get in the way of their stupid arguments. The CPO it goes on also cut its growth estimate for two thousand sixteen by five hundred twenty four billion that's six thousand four hundred seventy five dollars GDP for every family afford, America. Now one more paragraph year conversely when economic growth in twenty eighteen the Trump era came in higher than the two percent. The CBO had predicted in the previous year, this windfall added four thousand seven hundred forty dollars of GDP for every family of four and prompted the CBO to increase its federal revenue projections for the next decade by one point two trillion dollars, folks, again, don't let this get in the way of your silly liberal arguments. But do you see what I'm getting at here? You owe tax hikes under the Obama administration projected to raise money cost the government based on the updated projections up to five times the amount was supposed to raise while the tax cuts by Trump actually generated revenue how they generated revenue because it put more money in people's pockets who promptly went out and did what spent it on their businesses. They're a barber. They bought new scissors the scissor company, then had a buy more steel this the'll company, then had a by more iron ore. The iron ore company had to pay a minor the minor then to go out and buy stuff to feed his family at every level of production. All of those people earning more revenue because the money was in their pocket. Not the government's. Paid income taxes paid a state taxes paid local taxes paid sales taxes economic activity generates taxes by the very nature of the taxing of the economic activity. You don't need to increase the rate. You ain't need to increase. Joe? The actively this is not hard now. Fair analysis when you look at the Laffer curve, which are named after our laugher. Which I radically. I opened up the show with saying, you know, this this is, unfortunately, because you basically you're saying people argue the laugher don't wanna fight back. No, no. I'm saying you can fight back. Be should also base it in facts and data, but the facts data's shouldn't overcome your tactical responsibility to understand what a guerrilla wars going on in politics, but the Laffer curve. Yes. Zero tax rates going to be zero money, but one hundred percent tax rates going zero money to house that your taxes and everything and hundred percent because all you're going to do is tax once and no one's ever going to work again. There is a sweet spot, folks. That's sweet spot. We know time is about eighteen to twenty percent of GDP. That is where people understand that if the fund the constitution roles of government, but see anything above that generally based on Hauser's law as a confiscation of money and assets. And you see a slowdown in economic activity. Listen, I'm just giving you the numbers if the numbers offend you. I'm really sorry. But those are in fact, the numbers. All right. Let me wrap this up. Listen, I appreciate your listenership your viewership. We've been putting these shows on YouTube, even though we had a little snafu today. We'll put the we will put this show on YouTube. I don't care even if we had a little technical snafu. It's YouTube dot com slash Dan Bongino. But I just want to reiterate enclosing folks, it's time to make a scene out there. I mean, it the left isn't kidding around anymore. The party of John F Kennedy is dead that democrat party. Those are now basically moderate Republicans the radical leftists have taken over the party. It's time to fight back. Don't take it anymore. There's no more lying down. Don't let anybody impugn your character. Or try to defame. You don't let them do it on TV don't let them do it at dinner, and I'll leave you with this final. No, I got an Email a while ago. Maybe like three or four years ago. I remember I was running for office or the podcast. Forgive me. I don't remember the details, but a guy. Said to me, and I'm reminded of because I got a tweet saying the same thing last night or someone tweeted to me said, listen, Dan, I've got a bunch of friends, and I don't wanna lose my friends because of politics, folks. I'm sorry. That's now I can't accept that. I've lost a ton of friends. Some I still have their friends. I still have a work, you know, in the Obama administration with me, we have political disagreements we're still friends, I'm friends with a lot of people on FOX who are liberal. But if you're going to lose a friend because they have some kind of policy disagreement with you, they weren't friends in the first place. And remember this worried about losing your friends. He worried about losing your country because it's happening right now for very is. No more lying down, folks. Every opportunity you can you go out and make a scene you go caused a ruckus remember that dance show. We did it's not the first guy to get up and dance. It's the second guy to join them be that guy, you watch someone out there getting into it and someone to pull you back them up. And remember there the violent ones not us. They seek aggressive confrontation not us, but fightback make a scene it matters, folks. All right. Thanks for everything today. I appreciate thanks for tuning in. If you can kind of spread the word about the show. It's important. We rally around the troops. Here we need this. I don't wanna I don't wanna even be left out there on a low number leaving, no more. No more people out there on the battlefield. We got a backup buddies. All right. Thanks a lot folks. I appreciate it. I'll see you all tomorrow. You just heard the Dan Bongino show. You can also get Dan's podcasts on I tunes or soundcloud and follow Dan on Twitter. Twenty four seven at dbongino.

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Open Arms In Oklahoma?

The Oklahoma Observercast

55:14 min | 20 hrs ago

Open Arms In Oklahoma?

"The little i'm arnold hamilton editor of the oklahoma observer. And i'm marianne martin and this is observer. Cast your weekly deep dive into oklahoma politics policy powered by the oklahoma observer. Democracy foundation the first of about eighteen hundred afghan refugees who resettled in oklahoma began arriving last week. Welcome by catholic charities of the diocese of oklahoma city the oklahoma chapter of the council on american islamic relations. It's notable heartwarming. Really that of the first group of about thirty seven thousand afghans coming to the us. Oklahoma will be home to the third largest contingent behind only california and texas. Even so you can imagine how. How difficult in really wilder. It's likely to be to start over here. Oklahoma a world away from their homeland. Our guest on this week's server cast adam sol. Tony is on the front lines of helping our new neighbours adjust to live in oklahoma. Adam has been director for nine years. The oklahoma chapter of the council on american is long relations. He's also among other endeavors adjunct professor in religious studies at all state university chair of the uncle conference. Churches religions united committee and a member of the interfaith alliance of oklahoma board. A a former. Kansas adam has now spent most of his life here in oklahoma. He's a graduate of edmond. Santa fe high school who went on to earn a bachelor's degree from ucla and a master's from the university of oklahoma. And i saw today at him on social media that one of your first orders of business is to try to help. Our new neighbours speak and understand oak. Absolutely you know. People don't realize i mean that is an whole separate language category right. I mean seriously. They don't understand y'all you know a fix into right. I mean so. I actually a friend of mine. It's funny what you were referring to arnold. A friend of mine sent me from pakistan of all places but he actually went to school here at university of central oklahoma so he sent me that where you know you go from you. All are not all the way the yankees right and only okays give that. Yeah absolutely they need to know the culture of our state just as much as they need to learn english. So so what's the first in all seriousness. Sort of the first order of business in trying to help people adjust what a chaotic experienced. This undoubtedly has been for folks sure. Yeah i mean. None of us probably earliest. Most of us can't even fathom right. The idea of leaving our homes and leaving everything. We have our possessions life as we know it and going to a completely new land right many of us travel for pleasure but we're not forced to abandon everything and start over so that's one thing in additionally i mean we have to take responsibility as a country that what happened when we pulled out of afghanistan when president biden said. It's time to go and you know people have been mad at him for doing it. But i mean he didn't start the war either riots. so essentially at some point troops needed to leave We had to kind of end the twenty year war quote unquote war on terror. If you will and when that happened unfortunately the infrastructure that was put in place was not strong enough and this group taleban who has extreme thoughts and views and abuses the beautiful religion of islam in order to try to control people which is really the definition of of terrorism. Right as somebody who uses fear in order to gain political points you know our political or socially motivated as so the point is we can't even fathom what they're going through ride the fear. They have the uncertainty. They have not knowing where they're going to. And that's why i think it's it's something special. That governor stick came out you know. This man surprises me all the time i mean. Sometimes he's a textbook republican. And i say that as somebody who represents a nonpartisan nonprofit organization but sometimes he goes against the grain and i was really pleasantly surprised that he said no. We're going to accept them. This to me is not just something that a responsible conscious americans should say. But if you really wanna talk about this oklahoma standard which people say is debatable. Whether or not we truly represented or not. That's how you do that. You know by saying we will. We have the resources. We're seeing that right now. We have The land we have the support of the local and federal government. We're going to bring these people in and we're gonna make oklahoma home for them. I have a question so How how well part of. What kind of compelled this conversation was one. This is very important to our state right. I think it reveals a lot about our character in a lot about our shortcomings as well response. Is it really kind of puts it all on full display but I want delve more into like the background of it not necessarily know rehashing twenty years of of this war but You know over one hundred thousand afghans evacuated very suddenly very quickly you know how. How were they designated those who could evacuate Just since oklahomans can have a sense of these are our neighbors is a who are neighbors will be because it just worries me. It doesn't worry me i. It infuriates me disgusts me. The way they've been cast by certain people we know who i'm talking about. But how did these afghans come to evacuate their homeland. Well you know that's a great question. I mean we have to recognize that. You know twenty years ago or a little bit under twenty years ago when when former president george w bush said you know we have to protect our borders. We have to protect national security and we chose to invade two nations right afghanistan iraq we have to recognize that impart from a very political standpoint. That was done under false pretenses. I mean we went into iraq looking for weapons of mass destruction and twenty years later. We never found him right and we all well we have to. So the next thing was we have to get rid of saddam hussein. Because he's such a terrible person. Well guess what in twenty or thirty years that. Saddam hussein was president of iraq. He never harmed in american. He was terrible to his own people. Right he did not go after. Americans or america and in fact if you go back into the ninety while the eighties and nineties the united states government provided saddam hussein with the firepower to fight iran. Because they didn't want they were upset with you know the ayatollah khomeini and then the hostage crisis and the islamic revolution. So i think we have to look at all these elements and put them. It's you know. We have a very selective amnesia in america. And i think proof is in the pudding right. I mean look at what we've done is a state in oklahoma. It took a hundred years since the tulsa race massacre for us to finally have a semi public conversation about it and finally four to start getting into oklahoma history curriculums and still. We haven't done a great job of really talking about it and highlighting the reality of the circumstances that that impacted us as a state one hundred years ago that are still impacting us now. So same thing right. We don't look at what we did. You know in certain countries and then we we have to go invade them. We have to go tear their country apart. We have to tear their government apart. We have to you know really. What's the word. I'm looking for dislike. Cause trauma on innocent bystanders which is a majority of the people ryan same goes for afghanistan. I mean the central intelligence agency the cia basically funded the tall on in the nineteen nineties nineteen as in nineteen ninety s to fight against the russians. I mean these are facts. I'm not this is not a conspiracy theory right so all that means said you know the people that are coming out of afghanistan now. These are people. Allied was the united states government that helped to fight against extreme groups like al qaeda and the taliban that had nothing and wanted nothing to do with osama bin laden who he wasn't even an afghani he was a saudi national. That ended up in afghanistan. Right so these poor people have been stuck in the middle of basically an extremist group and a western government and and they just are trying to live a life. Just like any of us you know. Raise their families feed their children. And at the end of the nigh be able to put their head on their pillow and and sleep peacefully. But we don't get that because we tend to look at countries in the middle east or africa for that matter and we look at third world countries. We you know. Have this Presumption that they have a backwards way of life or something like that but no. These people are just as human as we are. They have same goals and dreams that we do but we meaning as americans. Most of us have never been put in those circumstances and honestly we should give credit to them. They're coming over here. I actually met one of them who landed in oklahoma city and he came to the mosque ended the friday prayers and this past friday and he was just beaming with with some sense of hope. You know and and positivity that i could not even understand having gone through circumstances so yes marianne. Sorry i i tend to go on and on. It's a professor in me. I guess it's my fifth semester. Oklahoma state so i'm in really in professor mode but yeah no we need to really learn as americans to look at the whole picture and to understand that we played a part in creating part of the chaos and then we want to go in and disrupt people's lives in order to try to clean up the mess we created in the first place so these these things are very complex and we have to look at not just the last twenty years but the last forty or fifty years at least understand them better but i guess what i really want to get at because i really what i really want to make clear. Is that these were not just random. Afghans they pooled onto a plane. You know That these were strategic allies of ours that their relationship with the united states government were now at great risk. Hoyas ortho than they already were. And that's part of the that's one one way in which they you know. And and what i feel is a very complicated Very complicated discourse around this whole whole affair guess is on the one hand you have people decrying. He left people behind and on the other hand you have will. We don't want them here. And then you have you know It's just it's a to me. it's it's such a complex complex story of We we got it. We got ourselves into this mess it was complicated to extricate ourselves from it India the folks that we tried to bring. I mean i don't i don't i haven't done enough reading on. Its no if we were able to get all of the afghans that allied with us. I know that there were some left behind. Vegas are trying to say is is like yes absolutely like say this extraordinarily complicated But for those who will decried the presence of the these folks in our state like. Wait a minute. Hold that You know these were the folk like are you in favor of the war on terror and yet you're upset that we're helping people you i you sooner i'm going it's like it just they. They symbolize so much of what's complicated about this whole day. And i'm not saying this apologized for the american government But just that. It's so complex to either say they're terrorists. They're not you know it's like no. They helped us and we. Oh we need. We're we're doing what we owe them at the berry leased from accurate or my reducing is or is that a reductionist perspective. While i mean no in in in simple terms you're right. I mean the people who have gotten out right and the people who are now landing in states like oklahoma. These are the people who were working with the us forces reid who are assisting them and helping them fight against you. Will you know the more extreme groups like al qaeda and the taliban and let's make no mistake about it. You know when we look at things in very black and white terms like oh. It's you know. The west verse. Terrorists are what whatnot nurses bad. Good versus bad. That's really where we have problems. And that's what lewis call a spate of spayed and and i have when it comes to this particular subject. I have no shame insane. I mean look at the current chair of the oklahoma republican party. right john. Bennett has a history of attacking muslims in the state and he has gone onto the deals. At least on the official oklahoma republican party page attack. Refugees am basically insinuating that they're violent people that they're associated with terrorists and things like that but the truth of the matter is when you look at reports not from me not from some random muslim but when you look at united nations reports you can see that when it comes to groups like the taliban isis al qaeda groups that are textbook extremist groups no different than the kkk right which is a textbook extremist group here in the united states. Muslims are just as much victims if not more victims of these extremist groups than anyone else right isis. Actually you know use that. As an example they gain notoriety by executing the journalists on tv and that was of course you know incredibly tragic sad and and there is no excuse for that you know horrific act that they did but a lot of people overlook the fact that like ninety five percent of their victims are muslims that refused to support their efforts that refuse to help them in their extreme actions. And things like that. So i think that is the issue. People are overlooking this and then on top of that one thing that really bothers me is not just the notion that people are ignoring that. These refugees helped our own government right in fighting against extremism and trying to establish stability. But look even what john bennett said. You know as head of the republican party is that there is no way that you can properly vet these refugees. Well what he what concerns me is what he's saying is not that he can't vet he's basically saying you can't trust our government right and that's a me as a bigger problem. I'm afraid that we're getting into this. You know conversation where we're saying we can't trust the refugees but we also can't trust our governments and that's that to me. Is you know un-american. I think that gets to the heart of. I'm like eventually gonna be able to articulate really bothers me about this one hand it's a failure president biden but on the other these afghans are people. That should not be here. Right you know and it's just You know we are unsafe. Because of the way he pulled out of afghanistan But oh wait a minute. Those people don't make us safe either You know it's just this incredible Well no one is surprised at the hypocrisy anymore. Right in no a surprise via. I mean this is just this is just stock in trade of what they do But i just. I wonder like you know. I don't know i don't ask you to speak for them but do they. do. They really know what i i do. Worry i worry about You know the their safety. And i worry about Their wellbeing while they're here because of the jon benet's in this state. Well that's a reality. I mean and that's that's why the organization you know counseling american islamic relations. That's why we exist to try to number one tip the scale in the right direction. And that's why i'm so committed to interfaith. Work is arnold mentioned in the introduction. You know because. It's not just muslims that need to be allies of of what happens to be muslim refugees coming in but it needs to be oklahoma right all people and yeah i mean. There's no doubt that the rhetoric of people like john bennett echoes throughout the state in the country and gets into people's homes and some people buy into that hateful rhetoric. But there's a few things that do give me hope number one. We have had an outpouring of support to the fact that to the point that it's been overwhelming. I i've been doing this for nine years and arnold knows you know. He's he's seen you know the death threats we've received. I remember arnold Very clearly back in. I think twenty fourteen or fifteen was at a press conference. We had an office with the pakistani limo driver. That was physically assaulted almost killed by one of his clientele that he picked up. And you know so. We've seen a lot of hateful things. We've seen a lot of negativity. I have never seen so much support and and as you said you know with. This rhetoric went on so much support for muslims and on top of that these are refugees from people who are not muslim in the state of oklahoma. I'm it's unprecedented you know. And we've been clicking items that are office and people are just coming through with their children People of all ages and just saying we just wanna help. If you need more will give you more. You know we owe it to these people you know. These are going to be our neighbors and financial donations as well. I mean it's just been unbelievable. So yes i do worry. I absolutely do worry. But there's also something good going on in our state that we can't discount at all and one of the reasons That's one of the reasons we got involved from the get go. You know when catholic charities called on us as we want you to be a part of this we absolutely because we want to refugees number one you know we put these welcome kiss together. So we want them to be greeted with practical items like pda items and hygiene items also to get a copy of the koran and prayer rugs and prayer beads. So they are reassured. And that's why. I told catholic charities. They need that reassurance stepping off the plane that their culture and their faith are safe in oklahoma from the people who are bringing them in ryan. So that's the first thing they get when they step off the plane and go to their their accommodations and then we deliver a allow meal to them. That was actually an ideal catholic. Jared who wasn't even our idea but we get a hallam meal from a local muslim restaurant so the meat is butchered in a way that they're happy with and a cuisine with spices and flavours. They're used to so we're trying to reinforce to them that this is a safe place and then of course they get a letter from imam in chauncey who's the amount of the islamic society great oklahoma city with his contact information and then he gave a booklet from care oklahoma. So we're you know that's really the best that we can do and then continue to engage with them You know throughout the years. Bring him to the mosque. Bring him to the local schools for those that. Want to be a part of the committee. Which i think most of them do. Yes sometimes the odds are stacked against us when it comes to hate rhetoric osama phobia. But i think now after fifteen years of karaoke llamas existence. We had the resources in the capacity to do this and to try to provide them with you know these resources that they'll need right and so that's the best we can do and we hope that they don't face in difficult circumstances and when they will be there for them. That's really unfortunately in america right now. That's the best we can do. So after that first meal and after the welcome package what kind of what you know. What is the safety net for them so that they can always eat and they can always keep the lights on. How does that work for the for these folks. It's a great question so catholic. Charities has funding from the federal government basically to provide for them for the first ninety days. Of course you know we have offered that we will continue to provide for them ninety days and beyond right so we're basically you know allowing catholic. Charities tells what they need and you know provide additional clothing. They need more hygiene items. They need more access to meals. Not just with care. Oklahoma but the moss islamic centers around oklahoma city have been collecting funds prepared to assist After day ninety though that's where the challenge begins because that's where the federal funding runs out so spero project. Actually i i've known of them. They've been around for thirteen years in oklahoma city and we met with them Before the first refugees arrived they're going to work to really provide that support after day nineties so starting day ninety one and then we wanna be a part of that as much as we can And then the big challenge at a lot of people don't realize we're calling refugees but actually they're coming in under a different status that a lot of people don't know about which is a special parolee status. It's still a tps temporary protective status according to the united states government but it doesn't get them the benefits of government support right so they can't get snap benefits they can't get sooner care And things like that so one of the unfortunately less talked about challenges that we're going to face is within probably the first six to nine months if not sooner. We're going to have to give them some legal support to help them. Adjust status And applying for responsible for on their own is pursuing a more permanent status in the united states. As far as we know. That's what we've been told. I mean catholic. Charities does have. I think an attorney or to Spare project has an attorney of course a care oklahoma. We have an attorney. But i don't think anyone was prepared for these numbers and so as far as i know Unless anything changes we are going to have to rely on immigration attorneys to either provide pro bono work. Or we're going to have to raise money to hire some because these individuals cannot come in. You know start building a life and then all of a sudden be considered a legal. And it wasn't their fault right. I mean again. We're talking about putting them in in very challenging circumstances. I don't know whose fault this is. But somebody messed up to be quite honest with you. Bring it in and around thirty seven thousand refugees that are all on a temporary protective status. That won't get them any benefits and on top of that. They're going to have to extend or someone's going to have to spend money to change their status in apply for asylum or apply for refugee status. That's problematic gripe. But i'm not an expert on where that came from or who messed up there but it i see it as being a problem. Well i i mean honestly i think it touches on just how difficult immigration system is in united states. Anyway right so it's like it's I'll just say drunk. The jon benet the gets a free pass right like all you are entitled to the well of social safety. Net of the united states as an immigrant is like well actually Without that social security number. There's not much that you can do. He know and so it just As just the the complexity of this is just seems never ending you know and so. I think what we always to do in these podcast. Episodes is Gave our listeners action steps right. Like what can we do to help with this Very often like oh. This is in talking about the situation specifically pretty often. We have in. This situation sucks. You know this is the worst like what can we do to about it right so i'm already hearing. Okay we need. We need to make sure folks have safe secure places to live into eads and to keep their family safe past ninety days. We have we legal issues that we need that to step up and help with. I mean we all we all know that people that can help with that What what are other things that Where help is needed. A great question asked to not performance help right like actual help. Yeah so what. We've been doing initially collecting clothing law of clothing ri- because they've quit nothing correct right or very few possessions. I mean what maybe a backpack or purse or something right so not a whole lot and i mean clothing is one thing that we all have access right in america. We typically live in access of that and so you know people have just been going through their clauses cleaning out their clothes kids clothes. That's something that everyone can do pretty easily and can just drop into the care oklahoma office. We're collecting them. Initially were giving them a well right now boxes but we actually got some laundry baskets deliver. Today's wanna give them clothing to start him off and then once they get settled. We wanted to come in and pick out what they liked you know and so they can actually feel like. They're a little empowered there. So that's a big one hygiene items again something. We take for granted by deodorant toothbrush toothpaste so any burden. We can take off their shoulders. Which for us as a simple thing right that's what we're trying to do. P p. items We actually collected a lot of though so at the moment. We're we're okay with those. But if the pandemic obviously continues we may need to provide them more and looking towards the future. We're going to be collecting very soon. We're gonna be doing a winter clothing drive because you know if you don't have close you definitely don't have winter clothes So that's something. They'll need a school supplies for once. They you know they get the status adjustments and kids can start school So those are some immediate things and then we have a volunteer list on our website care. Oklahoma dot com or people can sign up enlists. What special skills or resources. I had a pediatrician come. He actually has come twice to my office and his broad close and kids toys and things like that and he said look if they need. A pediatrician will offer my services. Free of charge. And that's wonderful right so we have a sign up form. People can sign up. And say i'm willing to do this. And so it's gonna take a village to help these individuals and one thing sparrow project and catholic charities warned us when we got into this. This is not a three or six month deal. This is years of work. And we said you know what as an organization that our core mission is to empower the muslim community and provide them with resources to where they can have basically the best quality life that they deserve here in our state in our country. Shame on us. If we don't get involved right it's like we don't have a choice and you know i'm happy that we were given the opportunity that we've been able to do this and so we're in it for the long haul. So that's what i tell people right now. Everyone's excited right. They wanna get involved. Donate items posted about on social media. Find a way to need some stamina yet. Find a way to keep that excitement going and keep checking in keep checking in with us in other organizations every three or six months and just asked. What do you need. What support do need Typically are folks who are coming in now are they typically Provided housing in terms of an apartment say or they are they moving in with people it you know if they're sort of on their own how they y- once you get some basics to sort of get your sea legs here in oklahoma. How would you even be get to a grocery store if you needed to buy food. How did you get to a job interview. If you you know had the opportunity either just things that you get a driver's license. We don't a social security number. I mean there are all these things that are bouncing around my head. Absolutely you know. And that's a challenge. I mean so yeah. Catholic charities does provide them with immediate housing. And right now. They're basically putting them where they can temporarily until they can free up in apartments or houses and one of the challenges. What i mentioned just a little bit ago. Is that parolee status right. So if you have the refugee or asylum status you can also qualify for a housing assistance and things of that nature. So you know you ask them questions. I don't have all the answers to but yeah that is going to be a challenge. And that's where you know we're going to have to see what assistance is needed. A you know after they start coming in. And i think people can check you know. Check in with us sparrow project in catholic charities to find out more because i think a lot of us are learning. This is unprecedented. Ride this many people coming into this special status but yet you know as you mentioned. They can't even work under the status. They can't go to school under the status. They can get a driver's license under the status. So i think that's going to be one of the big things is getting them the legal help so they can then do all those things and start contributing to society because quite honestly you know i think people will be very happy once they see how much the afghani people can bring to our state in particular. Look i'm just gonna as okay as we love food right so let's just hit him in the heart right. Afghani food is outstanding. And i have long wished we had an afghani restaurants or couple of them here in the state. And i've had an in washington dc. So i tell you what once you know we can get on their own two feet couple years down the road you know that would be. I think one of the most amazing things to see them open a local restaurant. Some of them become business owners. Some of them send their kids to college here right. They become doctors and lawyers. I mean these people are going to bring benefit to our state because diversity brings benefit to our state and so you know. Yeah but long story short arnold absolutely correct. Marianne said it has well. We got challenges. Cut out for us instead of these people and and we're just gonna have to see where this goes we. We don't know all the answers right now. Unfortunately sort of we do sort of have a template. Let me throw this in. Though in the sense that that you know the vietnamese who came here after the fall of south vietnam saigon and we now have you know very successful businesses. Like you're talking about you're up and down. The asian district belong classing boulevard in different things like that. I mean it's it's a very important vibrant community here in oklahoma city at least so we can see the potential. I think they're in welcoming a group of why the afghans one hundred percent annual marianne mentioned this a minute ago and i was thinking about this when she had mentioned something But you know we are a nation of immigrants. I mean really. We are and you know one of the one of the strangest and most bizarre things that i've heard in the last decade or two of my life is that you know that one line go back home right and i was sell people. I'm not going back to kansas right. And then they they either laugh or they get confused. What does he talk about. I thought he was a muslim. He's not from you jokes on you right. Especially if you're white in america because your ancestors brought muslims to this country four hundred years ago on slave ships right that's a reality But the thing is we are a nation of immigrants and none of us actually belong here right except the indigenous tribes or the native american tribes. So i mean this idea of us being so selective about who is and isn't an american who is a qualified immigrant versus who isn't as just the most bizarre thing to me. And i think you know we should humble ourselves a little bit. I mean like you said you know so many of us we go to these restaurants and we buy from you know the mazing sandwich places especially. I love the vietnamese sandwiches writer. We go to the grocery store super cowan and we all these amazing things but then some of those same people can hold his very anti immigrant attitude and is perplexing to me. I don't think they actually sink through very well And perhaps they try to compartmentalize but as you said the asian district. Oh man i mean that is something we should celebrate right. It is so unique and bring so much to our city and the afghan people can do the same thing. i mean. we've seen it with the different groups of ethnic groups of muslims right. We have restaurants here in oklahoma city. The serve authentic palestinian jordanian cuisine. We have restaurants that serve authentic. Moroccan cuisine We have grocery stores that provide authentic spices from all over the middle east africa if it wasn't for muslims and people from that part of the world that immigrated here twenty thirty forty years ago. None of that would exist so absolutely. We should celebrate our diversity and we should recognize that you know just because people look different than us just because their skin color different languages different or their religion is different does not mean they belong here. So here's what i'm hoping Just kind of You know thinking about the complexities. Because i mean i. I've i've heard stories of individuals who emigrated for whatever reason and they have professional credentials from their home country. And it's they're unable to transferred over here you know. Just the the visa status the immigration status. We've talked about it with the observer in the past. But just the long protracted enormously expensive process that is the immigration process citizenship. All these things but you would think for this specific class of immigrants. These refugees specifically these afghan refugees. These refugees that are coming to the us because of the circumstances with which they left you know as like allies strategic allies. The united states. I would love to see congress. you know. act on this to kind of fuel. Their ability are kind of you. Know like supercharge their ability to get through the process quicker to give those one just so their kids can get in school. Like you're talking about you. Know all those things that are like standing in their way to fully integrating and just kind of incorporating into society they can you know So they can work so they and you know. And i say that and i'm like i don't wanna say that i think the only thing that makes a person is their ability to work because that's also terrible but just all those things that they were used to doing and they're at home you know just. Removing those legal immigration barriers are just pushing them through more quickly for this for this class of immigrants in particular. We do it for professionals. You know we do. We have those visa status for certain professional immigrants And that's so self serving of the united states because it's you know it's that we can't fill with american citizens I just that would be my my like big wishlist for this group of individuals right because And it's not because i think they're on the dole. It's not not none of that. But just that autonomy of being able to do what they can do Because that's social security if you don't have it you can't do anything in this country so i don't know my off. Basir is that john. I think you're actually a one hundred percent correct. You know. I mean somebody has to have the power to say okay. This is a special circumstance. They're four we've been in this situation right so it's not the first time we have evacuated people like this like roy that happens in the united states. It doesn't happen often anymore. I just don't know about the history of this parolee status right so i. This is my first really foray into helping out refugees because we this is why i think there was the iraqi refugees that came in perhaps before that time care. Oklahoma either was. Nonexistent are very young as an organization. But this is you now. I don't know if this is something that happened before or not so. Yeah i mean. I think some something needs to happen somewhere. Whoever has the ability to do that And make those decisions and you know you said something that that makes a whole lot of sense in in afghan culture much like in culture a lot of cultures in the middle east. There is a sense of pride in being able to provide for your own and and being able to stand on your own two feet these individuals. I think that's another thing people. They don't wanna come in and receive government assistance. That is to them. It's it's like really attacking their their pride and it's something that a coach in a culture they would see shameful right is that they don't want to ask for help unless absolutely necessary but by taking away their ability to work what choice do they have by taking away their ability to become more educated. What choice do they have so that they already have. You know just that that freedom and autonomy to operate in society the way at what you you once were and i feel like this is the biggest like way i can poke these xenophobes in there i it's like i mean we are helping them out. We are keeping them safe but at the same time. They still have so many structural barriers as as refugees. I mean i mean even if they were silence or if they were you know Just coming through like eh students like there are so many barriers in parameters the ways in which they can operate in society in. I mean i would just love to see congress i mean just from a political perspective. Just If we're really going to grapple with what our legacy enough ghanistan is you know what it means to bring people here. You know to safe safety so called You know we'll what does it mean when they're actually hear what is their existence when they're actually here and what can we do to make it better because you know again. I don't wanna. I don't wanna cast virgins on folks who need social social supports. That's not my for these folks. I i mean. I know what it's like to have an advanced degree not be able to use it but you know and so You know to to be selling place. I have to imagine that that's as feeling helpless than this. You know so. I don't know so that's my. That's my big ticket. Big-ticket wish right like let's grapple with it this way. Let's let's handle it. Because i think the all too easy for the right the right wing to say well. He shouldn't have ever left afghanistan. Oh and then he left people behind as like gosh just total totally removed from reality. Yeah yeah and you know. I think if i were to say one thing and i've said many times before and i think it's it makes sense now more than ever. I mean as americans. We need to look at these individuals as human beings. You know something happened. I don't know when it happened or when it started happening. But something happened where we basically have lost our sense of humanity because now we use you know labels and generalizations and social media to push wedges in between one another and those. We don't understand and we looked down upon them or we find ways to make memes out of them. People need to understand that at the end of the day. We're all human beings right. Have some sense of humanity enshrined to as you know you so well said marianne tried to understand where these people are coming from the difficult circumstances that they're in and how they even got there in the first place and who can't have a heart ride for fellow human being you know regardless of circumstances so i think that's the thing you know really. This is an opportunity for those of us with conscious and those of us who are perhaps sane and good people deep down inside right to be more in touch with our humanity and to really connect with these individuals. And that's another thing is that you know even throughout this on cast people are probably listening to it and they feel very distant to the concept right because they don't know people from afghanistan. they may never have known a refugee. So my advice that. I give to everyone people say well. What can we do right. And yes actions by congress would be wonderful and yes things like right. Things like collecting donations and giving them are wonderful but at the very least i hope everyone who listens to this would just take a moment to get to know someone from the afghan culture. Get to know a little bit about the islamic faith which is predominantly the faith that these individuals practicing and that is the way that we can grow closer together by getting to know each other and getting to know really who we are beyond the label. So that's my bit of advice and these people need friends. This is an opportunity for us to make new friends. And when you make a new friend from a different culture and a different background different upbringing you have an opportunity to grow as an individual. I don't have any afghani friends. I'm muslim my father's from iran which is right next door. I have no afghani friends. So i'm looking forward to making some afghani friends. So i can learn new things and learn new perspectives right and we all should be looking forward to that so this is an opportunity to connect with our humanity and to cross barriers. That have been put up in our society and get really no one arnold Well i have one of the things. I've just been thinking about through all this and that is Oklahoma has long been considered and with a fair amount of pride by a certain element of our society of being buckle on the bible belt and Obviously you have the junk benefits of the world and people like that. Who who who've you any other faith group with suspicion I'm i'm i'm sort of heartened by what i see in helping. Bring these folks with the way that different faith groups are working together here. But i also have that fear that certain elements in this society. It makes me wonder if our new afghan friends had these concerns to the the sort of proselytizing and so forth. You might end up dealing with here it coming in now as a religious minority while tell you I don't think these afghans are have fears about that because they don't know it's coming. I'll be honest with you right. They're coming from a muslim majority country. and and what. A lot of people don't understand that. I teach you know you mentioned. I'm a professor at osu. It to religions of the middle east and what a lot of people don't realize that christians jews and muslims. Just take those three three face. For example have coexisted in the middle east for more than fourteen hundred years. Right is just that. For some reason when we get to europe or america when we move into these western nations all the sudden we start butting heads with one another so they don't know it's coming because they don't have that experience for the most part in their own country that being said look. I mean that's reality right. I mean you know Christianity is a faith in which they really do try to recruit. Newcomers right converts converts to the religion. But is islam right so we can't we have to be fair. Both religions new seek converts do try to sway people one way or another. So they're going gonna be people who do that right and that's fine but our thing was they shouldn't be stepping off the plane and people rains them and be like you know come to jesus. Here's a bible church on sunday. So set right and i told i told everyone. We're working with catholic charities federal project we are not in the business of trying to control their life or their face decisions but we don't want them stepping off the plane and thinking just because they landed in a place completely new to them that they've never been to before they all of a sudden have to abandon their culture and their religion. So that's where these welcome kits came in. And that's where these interfaith welcome committees came in the first Welcome committee was a christian. Jewish muslim right that welcome the first a family and and so the idea is. We're reinforcing number. One your faith in your culture safe here if you choose to practice it number two. We are a pluralistic society. Okay and you know. At least the organizations that are involved in greeting and helping these refugees settled down. We believe in the tossed salad versus melting pot theory right so we're not a melting pot. Were not all a stimulating into one faith or one culture. But rather we're all distinctly. You know a part of this american experimental right. And so yeah. It's going to happen. i mean you know. I'm not going to be mad at people for doing it. You know it is what it is but at the end of the day we at least have brought them in and said if you choose to practice your religion we got your back right but if they choose to leave the religion you know. Nobody's stopping them. It's a free country. It's a free world and in fact islamic faith very very clearly says in one verse in the koran. there's no compulsion in religion so we're not here to force people to stay. you know. I control your membership right now. That's not an issue You now but if someone choose delete the faith that's decision they make the point is we don't want them thinking that they must do that. Just because they come in and gone support from a certain group or certain organization or something like that. So and i'm really happy with the catholic charities. They have just been so supportive. And i really think they embody you know The real mission of catholicism. You know my mother was a catholic growing up. A lot of my family members are and catholicism for a long time has really promoted this concept of pluralism. My father who's a adamson from iran. His first job was working at a catholic community college. A catholic high school. He taught him both and they supported him in his faith. In fact the catholic priests would remind him that. Ramadan's coming up. It's time to fast right or you know they say hey did you do. Your prayers today is like no and you'd better do them. You know five times a day and so you know catholicism and at least in america has a long history of being very supportive of the islamic faith in you know. I'm very happy and pleased a catholic charities east immigrants for. Yeah now you know. They've done a great job and so credit to them and you know. Hopefully we'll do right by these refugees and whatever decisions they make when they come in. That's their decision to me. Don't have anything else. But this wonderful was fantastic atom. Yeah we can't pick your mouth for joining us and and hope that you will keep us. Abreast of till we can inform our readers in our listeners absolutely of of ways that they can step up and help too. Because you're going to be a long slow guys drinking absolutely so you know care. Oklahoma dot com c. a. r. oklahoma dot com. We are keeping an ongoing list. And sorry my my messenger is going off. I just got word that the third refugee family will actually be arriving this week in oklahoma. So great news. You know that's coming right as we're having this discussion and and it's a i in fact there's a newborn newborn child We'll be we'll be with them. Which is wonderful. Wow what a beautiful thing that we're able to not only provide home to family but even a newborn. That's that that. Wow that that just tugs at my heart there but yeah care. Oklahoma dot com c. a. r. oklahoma dot com. We'll keep an ongoing list of items that people need ways you can support them and also our social media channels were on twitter. Instagram and facebook. Those are good ways to keep up and you know. Just give us a buzz if you have any questions for shoot us an email and we were glad to have those discussions with you. It's gonna take years of work. But i think as you mentioned arnold the one they were going to look at look back at this and say wow we were part of establishing a new community of people that have brought their culture and brought benefit to our state. And we're going to celebrate that one day right now maybe not everyone celebrating but a whole lot of assure our and one day i think everyone will look back and say this was a pivotal moment in our state's history and i'm glad that the governor and many people stepped up to say this is what we're to do. We are so grateful for your time. Thank you for the conversation. And i hope arnold i can do our very best to make sure solid does a smooth. We think we both would want to use our platform inches possible to help these folks out and yeah yeah. Thank you so much We will talk to you again. All right thank. You have a good evening. If you like what you hear on that server cast please tell your friends about us. Also if you're interested in sponsoring ups overcast give arnold hamilton call at four zero five. Four seven eight eight seven zero zero or dropped him an email at a hamilton okay. Observer dot org you also can. Supporters overcast with a tax deductible donation to the oklahoma observer democracy foundation whose mission is to help create better more informed oklahoma to help keep us on the air visit okay observer dot org and click on the donate button on the upper right side of the homepage. We also urge you to subscribe to the oklahoma observer now on our fifty third year of comforting the afflicted afflicting comfortable we have a special digital subscription rate for observer gas listeners. Only a dollar ninety nine a month for the first year. That's fifty percent off the usual rate for monthly digital subscribers. Just use the coupon code observer cast. We're checking out to get the discount route. Finally we want to eight norman's dare deck for the music. You're listening to today. You can download his albums that itunes learn more including dates for jarod's upcoming online performances at jared deck music dot com.

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Democracy Now! 2019-09-03 Tuesday

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Democracy Now! 2019-09-03 Tuesday

"From new york this is democracy now twenty thousand people and under three of them very very sadly. Seven people have been killed seven of those seven victims of rings. The name is from fifteen years. Fifty seven for the second time in a month texas access has been the scene of a mash shooting but state lawmakers are continuing to loosen gun laws in texas just a day after the latest massacre. Her new laws went into effect making it easier to carry guns and texas churches schools and apartment buildings. We'll go to austin for the latest. Then hurricane are came in the midst of historic tragedy northern bahamas hurricane doreen in his continuing to wreak havoc in the bahamas where massive storms and flooding killed at least five people left many more stranded the death toll expected to rise and we'll go to hong kong as mass protests against china entered their thirteenth week. We'll speak to the man considered the father of democracy. We're seeing hong kong. Martin lee all that and more coming up welcome to democracy. I see now democracy now dot org the warren peace report. I'm amy goodman. A gunman killed seven people and injured twenty two others on saturday in the city of edessa in western texas. The injured included a seventeen month. Old girl police have identified the gunman as thirty six year old seth a tour and said he went on the rampage just hours after he was fired from his trucking job. Police say the massacre began after an officer pulled him over for failing to use a turn signal. He then reportedly opened fire using an a._r. Fifteen style weapon before speeding away soon after he began shooting randomly at residents and motorists at one point ditching his car to hijack a postal truck. He killed the woman driving the truck. He died in a shootout with police outside a movie theater in odessa. A neighbor of the alleged gunman told c._n._n. She reported him to police just last month after he threatened her with a rifle but police apparently never visited visited his house because they couldn't find the property on g._p._s. Maps the shooting came less than a month. After twenty. Two people were shot dead in a walmart mart in el paso less than one day after the odessa mass shooting a series of new laws weakening firearm regulations went into effect in texas among other things the new bills will make it easier to carry guns at schools places of worship and in disaster zones the n._r._a. Held the bills calling the latest legislative late of session quote highly successful texas republican governor greg abbott has repeatedly backed measures expanding gun ownership in two thousand fifteen. He tweeted needed. I'm embarrassed texas number two and nation for new gun purchases behind california. Let's pick up the pace texans n._r._a. Following the shooting a slew of democratic lawmakers including twenty twenty candidates and congressional leaders called again for legislative action on gun control roll many calling for an assault weapons ban will have more on the story after headlines in more news about gun violence federal court ruled survivors survivors and relatives of victims of two thousand fifteen massacre at mother emmanuel ame church in charleston south carolina ken sue the u._s. government for its failure in the firearms background check system nine black worshipers were killed in the mass shooting dylann roof purchased a semiautomatic pesto from a licensed gun seller but the agent who was charged with verifying his background failed to obtain a police report of a pass drug related infraction which would and barred him from legally acquiring the the weapon following the shooting then f._b._i. Director james comey admitted he should not have been permitted to purchase the gone. Dylann roof was found guilty on thirty three counts of federal hate crimes and sentenced to death in two thousand seventeen hurricane doreen is continuing to devastate the bahamas where deadly winds and flooding killed five people left many more stranded in the grand bahama islands over the weekend at one point point. The storm was the second most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the atlantic ocean. It pummeled the bahamas with winds up to one hundred eighty miles per hour before for stalling over the region. This is prime minister of the bahamas hubert minutes in the midst of historic tragedy in parts of northern bahamas mission and focus now is such rescue and recovery. I honestly press for those in affected areas and for our first responders hurricane doreen made landfall as category five storm but president trump claimed over the weekend he'd never heard of category five the u._s. has in fact been threatened by four category five storms during trump's presidency alone trump also denied knowing what a category five storm was in two thousand seventeen when hurricane irma struck florida and in two thousand eighteen when hurricane michael had florida trump also caused confusion sunday by falsely suggesting alabama would be hurt by hurricane dorian his his tweet one of at least one hundred twenty two he posted this weekend was quickly denied by the national weather service trump's spat the long weekend golfing it is club in virginia despite the hurricane and the massacre in west texas story and it's expected to continue its destructive path toward florida georgia and the carolinas us. We'll have more on hurricane. Dorian later in the broadcast in afghanistan bomb blasts shook kabul monday the u._s. presented a draft deal to draw down its military presence monday's blast which killed at least sixteen people and wounded over one hundred others rattled compound used by international organizations. The taliban has claimed responsibility for the bombing which followed attacks in recent days to major cities in northern afghanistan. The news came special u._s. On vie to <music> afghanistan zalmay khalilzad said the taliban and the u._s. have reached an agreement in principle to withdraw over five thousand troops within five months of the d._o. Being finalized the us envoy presented the deal to afghan president ashraf ghani but the afghan government has not participated in the peace talks between the taliban taliban and the united states meanwhile senior white house advisers are seeking to expand the c._i._a.'s presence afghanistan is troops start to withdraw according into a report in the new york times the c._i._a. Presence would include the creation of new counterterrorism militia forces but c._i._a. Director gina hospital reportedly has raised concerns concerns about the idea. The taliban has said the cia must also leave the country along with the military in india. Nearly two million people in the state of awesome are at risk of being rendered stateless. After the government published its national register of citizens last saturday the highly contested register which i created one thousand nine hundred fifty one less people who are able to prove they came to the state by march twenty fourth nineteen seventy-one one day before neighboring bangladesh declared independence from pakistan. The indian government says the list helps identify bangladeshi migrants who are not legal citizens residents critics say it is an attempt up to deport millions of muslims residents suspected of being foreigners can be rounded up and sent to prison camps some residents who do not appear on the list of one hundred twenty days to appeal their exclusion before so-called foreigner tribunals this lawmaker us. He didn't say i've spoken to many. It'd be put off. Some tell me that did a father's name is included but the children's david gloria so i hope that <hes> the foreigners ernest will act in a more judicious way because of the parents name is dead and the children's names are not there. I'm pretty much sure because one hundred twenty days time there's been given people will definitely appeal in hong kong as mass protests entered their thirteen th week in a detoro by china's shin cross state news agency warned sunday quote the end is coming for those attempting to disrupt hong kong antagonize china unquote on saturday chinese state television broadcast footage of paramilitary the military police conducting drills in the border city of shenzhen with a caption that read able to attack at any time the ominous warnings came as students took to the streets. It's monday cutting classes on the first day of the new term. The student demonstration followed another weekend of clashes between protesters and police forces with dozens of reported arrests. Meanwhile meanwhile hong kong's chief executive carry lamb said today. She's never attempted to resign from her position. After a leaked audio recording revealed she told business leaders she would quit if she could. We'll have more on hong kong later. In the broadcast with martin lee the founding chairman of the democratic party of hong kong in britain as the battle over brexit heats up prime minister boris boris johnson has warned rebel members of parliament. They will face a snap election in october. Just two weeks before britain is scheduled to exit the european union if they don't support him the the ultimatum came as lawmakers prepare to vote on a bill that would require johnson to extend the brexit deadline to the thirty first of january unless parliament either comes is to an agreement on a deal or approve no deal scenario meanwhile legal proceedings are underway in scotland attempting to overturn the plan suspension of parliament announced by prime minister johnson last week tens of thousands of taken to the streets across u k for the stop the coup demonstrations in germany regional election so the far right party alternative for deutschland make its largest gains ever sunday coming in second place behind germany's main centrist parties including chancellor angela merkel centre inter right christian democratic party. The elections were held on the eightieth anniversary of the nazi invasion of poland german president frank-walter steinmeier on sunday. Ask poland for forgiveness for the nazi invasion in one thousand nine hundred thirty nine u. N. investigators said tuesday the united states britain and france may be complicit war crimes. He's by arming. The saudi led coalition. That's led a bombing campaign in yemen which has killed tens of thousands since two thousand fifteen and caused the death by starvation of an estimated eighty five five thousand children this comes this aid workers say over one hundred people were likely killed sunday when <unk> air raids launched by the u._s. Back saudi led coalition level to prison in the southwestern in city of dhamar. This is hamad a prisoner who survived sunday's attack. Yeah i need my so. The first strike came with the plane by the window. I then went under the windows. The walls came tumbling down my back. There were eight people in the room and a total of one hundred after into the air strikes after about half an hour to an hour. They came to rescue people in the rooms yelling. I was yelling from underneath the rubble twenty twenty presidential hopeful bernie sanders. I who spearheaded the senate's passage of war powers resolution that would end u._s. Involvement in the yemen war tweeted quote u._s. bombs logistical support and intelligence for the saudi. Hey dictatorships airstrikes make us complicit in this nightmare congress declared this war unconstitutional. We must now stand up to trump and de-fund all u._s. Involvement mint in these horrors sander said tensions between israel and hezbollah are mounting is both parties exchanged fire across the lebanese border sunday the israeli military -tary senate fired into southern lebanon after hezbollah missiles were launched at an army base near the border while hezbollah said it was responding to a drone attack by israeli forces hezbollah leader side has son nassrallah said monday the exchange of fire had launched a new phase in the conflict with israel and that the new focus would be on targeting are getting israeli drones that breach lebanese airspace in colombia right wing president said friday nine former farc rebels including commander were killed killed in a bombing raid last week group of former farc rebels announced they were taking up arms again accusing the colombian government failing to live up to the two thousand sixteen peace accord that that ended fifty years of fighting in more news from columbia. A mayoral candidate for the town of suarez in the coco region was killed along with at least four others walk campaigning sunday. Karina garcia is the fifth candidate to be killed ahead of municipal elections next month. Garcia would have been the first female mayor of suarez. She was recently recently threatened by armed men but refused to back down publicly denouncing the attacks on her campaign back in the united states the u._s. Coast guard has recovered twenty five. I bodies while another nine or still missing after a commercial diving boat caught fire in the early hours monday morning off the coast of santa cruz in southern california five five crew members were able to escape after the blaze started authorities have yet to determine the cause of the fire and a seventeen year old palestinian student who was denied denied entry into the united states last month will start classes with his fellow harvard freshman today after he returned to the united states over the weekend a smile a cia was turned away at boston's logan airport just under two weeks ago after being interrogated by immigration officials about his religion and social media yeah posts by friends that were critical of u._s. Policy he was then forced to return home to lebanon but his case provoked outrage on the harvard campus among some palestinian rights and academic freedom groups theodore a tooth the president of amad east the educational nonprofit that granted a scholarship to a jolly said seddon statement quote. We are pleased that it's miles. Harvard dream will come true after all is smile is a bright young man whose hard work intelligence and drive enabled him to overcome the challenges that palestinian refugee youth continue to face in order to earn a scholarship he said and those are some of the headlines. This is democracy now. Democracy democracy now dot o._r._g. The warren peace report. I'm amy goodman gonzalez welcome to all of our listeners and viewers across the country and around the world we begin today's today's show in west texas where gunmen killed seven people and injured twenty two others on saturday. The injured included a seventeen month old girl. The shooting in came less than a month. After twenty. Two people were shot dead in a walmart and apostle police have identified the gunman and saturday's shooting thirty six year old seth outdoor talk. The gunman went on the rampage just hours after he was fired from his trucking job. The deadly string of events began when a midland police officer pulled over for failing to use his signal police then opened fire using an a._r. Fifteen style weapon before speeding away he then began shooting according to random residents and motorists at one point that gunman ditched his car and hijacked a postal truck while containing to shoot random victims the rampage and twenty miles away when the gunman died in a shootout with police outside a movie theater in the city of odessa speaking to local t._v. Station news west nine shawna saxton described barely escaping the mass shooter. The gun was coming up and it was coming at me and he was looking at his gun and he was looking at me and the gun came up like this and i mean it was i freaked out. There is a gun. He's got a gun in that moment. I knew that ah it was for me. I knew i knew he was trying. He was going to try to kill me. My thoughts went immediately to my a grandson and i thought no way and i just started swerving and changing and shifting and honking like crazy easy and i thought oh my gosh what if he shoots through the door of my grandsons in the back seat he was right there. I don't know how he didn't hit now. Seven people didn't they didn't have the same outcome. I don't i have no words is sauce. I'm so sad for their family. It's unclear how the gunman obtain the a._r. Fifteen style weapon authorities say he failed a background check but did not elaborate as to why a neighbor of the gunman told c._n._n. She reported the gunman to police just last month after he threatened her with a rifle but police apparently apparently never visited his house because they couldn't find it after didn't show up on g._p._s. according to police. The gunman called nine one one and the f._b._i. B._i. national tip line shortly before he began the shooting rampage but didn't make any threats of violence while texas is is grappling with the fallout from another mass shooting eight new laws easing gun restrictions went into effect in texas sunday. It's now easier to carry guns and texas churches churches schools and apartment buildings. We go to the capital of texas now austin where we're joined by its scruggs the president of the board of directors and spokesperson for texas. This gun sense at scruggs woke him to democracy now our condolences your whole stayed in our country again the second massacre within a month. What should we know about what took place and what you believe needs to happen while the state is is reeling from this latest incident. I was really moved by the quotes in your video piece right before this of the woman who <hes> barely got away. I think many people in this state feel the same way it is. It's becoming a crisis. There are people not not willing to go out in public not willing to go to outdoor events or afraid to go to the movie theater. There's really a sense here that it borders between anger and hopelessness. People don't really believe we can stop this and it has people very unsettled old. The odessa incident is terrifying because of its random nature but also its mobility through two cities over for more than an hour. I have a really good friend. Her mom was on lockdown a short distance away from where this happened. People believed there was two shooters for some time it was truly terrifying and just when you think it couldn't get worse than el paso so yeah it is it is a big problem problem here and we have to do something but it's corrupt considering the <hes> <hes> these latest incidents and the continuous you say public concern about shootings of this type. How do you explain these new laws which would include such things as now you can carry a gone on into a church or synagogue or mosque unless there's a sign that specifically prohibits you from doing that that allows that landlords are no longer permitted you to to <hes> to ban a gun own guns in their apartment buildings they rent to others or or that foster families can now store their guns and ammunition together whereas previously they were required legally to keep them separate store them separately. I i would say welcome to the texas legislature because these these laws passed <hes> earlier in the year. Our legislative session ended in june. <hes> and this came on the heels of the santa fe high school shooting last year so we were supposed to get together and do some things to prevent gun violence and instead the n._r._a. And and the legislative majority just expanded gun rights. This basically happens every session. I would describe the n._r._a. And their forces and the legislature is almost a flesh eating bacteria in that they try to get any little piece they can. We don't hear about a lot of those during the session because it's not always big issues they go after the goal is to expose more elements of the society to firearms they want to make them more available salable and available everywhere at all times and this is how they do it by these little laws it really came home to roost after el paso owen now edessa because people see that the state government really is not committed to reducing gun violence they refuse who's to admit that guns play a role in gun violence and we see this as an example now now our governor he has convened a few roundtables he you did after santa fe he did after paso which i took part in those i believe truly he has an interest in trying to <hes> to cut gun violence but from a policy perspective the legislative majority in the state just isn't there. They can't get their act together. They don't have any room to move. We're hoping now after odessa. We might get something but it'll take a special legislative session which he doesn't want to call. We'll see there. Were some tweets overnight that <hes> somewhat cryptic. We have to figure out today where the governor said he'd like to see a swifter implementation of the death penalty for mass shooters. I don't really know how that's going to help anything but we'll need to look into that on monday. The republican governor greg abbott and and seemed to dismiss calls for universal background checks tweeting not only did the odessa gunman have a criminal history. He also previously failed a gun purchase background check in texas and he didn't go through a background check for the gun. He used a new desa. We must keep guns out of criminals hands also in two thousand fifteen governor abbot tweeted we did. I'm embarrassed texas number to a nation for new gun purchases behind california. Let's pick up the pace texans at n._r._a. He he said scruggs talk about governor abbot. I presume you if met with ten. He has said he is meeting with all sides talk about these comments well. I think what it does illustrate the juxtaposition between the appealing to the base and and then having a rational policy discussion the tweet was an appeal to the base c. <hes> very red meat to grand appeal on guns. John's the comments about background checks. It's a little disconcerting to me. I don't really understand that because if he failed a background check but yeah we want to keep the gun out of his hands. How do we do that. I know from meeting with the governor two weeks ago on the round table. There was a lot of discussion about the tremendous holes in our background checks sas after the attacks nascar now after the el paso massacre that we had extensive discussions about how faulty the background check system is how many holes there are in it what we can do to plug some of those holes they didn't go as far as as expressing desire for universal background checks but there was discussion of a need to plug the gun show loophole the internet loophole will some things of that nature to stop what they call stranger to stranger sales. The governor even said if you're going to sell a gun like that. How do you know you're not selling a gun to a terrorist or criminal exactly. Let's plug those holes and at least make it more difficult wonder no obligation to make make it easier for someone like the odessa shooter to buy a firearm. He failed that first background check. They're not giving us all the details yet. Which makes me suspicious. There are so many ways in texas to get around the background check law that are legal still and we need to know how he did that and they need to tell us right away because we cannot fix this problem unless we need unless we know the facts and the people are demanding that we do something now so we need to know what really happened. Let scruggs. I wanted to ask you about the tweet obe another top texas official. I'm talking about senator ted. Cruz the far right of news website of breitbart recently ran an article headlined quote at least twenty people were shot seven fatally during the first first half of labor day weekend in democrat controlled chicago on monday republican senator ted cruz of texas tweeted the articles and then said quote gun control doesn't work look chicago. Disarming law-abiding citizens isn't the answer stopping violent criminals prosecuting and getting them off the streets before more that commit more violent crimes is the most effective way to reduce murder rates. Let's protect our citizens. I'm wondering about your reaction to that and also this whole issue but there are many many many more people being killed by guns in an american streets one by one two at a time not necessarily in these mass shootings and how sure how efforts to control guns might respond to that issue well the using the chicago trope uh. I guess you'd call it. I that's just deflection just denying the fact that chicago's right next to indiana with very very lax gun laws is that there's actually a railroad of illegal guns flowing up to chicago from other states. <hes> you know they just never wanna talk about that of course and to say that <hes> gun control doesn't work well. How would they know we have this patchwork of laws around the country that makes it so easy to get around things because folks like senator. Cruz won't take the tough votes on federal legislation. Maybe he should think about that but <hes> the the issue of violence in the streets and violence and urban areas of course it's a major problem and people do need to realize that far more people die in incidents such as that a- as well as incidents involving domestic violence and especially suicide than they do in mass shootings but that's the problem that that that america has in dealing with gun violence you you can't look at it as one type of gun violence here and another type over there it is it is a comprehensive solution that is needed to address the overwhelming availability of firearms and every corner of this nation and how easy it is to get around our house a gun for every person you need comprehensive regulation and reform in order to tackle that problem scratch. You have the quinnipiac poll that just came out universal background checks ninety. Three percent of americans want them requiring a license to purchase just a gun eighty two percent red flag laws eighty percent of ben on sold weapons more than half the population sixty percent of americans want an <unk> an assault weapons ban and at the same time you have the n._r._a. Imploding <hes> being investigated for corruption one board member after another leaving the head oliver oliver north forced out and yet wayne lapierre continues to speak directly to the president of the united states yeah <hes> that says a lot about our political system and the corruption within it and so forth <hes> look the american people i think the average american has they've decided how they wanna see this problem with but in reality our government it has a full menu of options that could choose choose from to try to tackle this problem but for the last how many years now we're just not even looking at the menu we're trying everything but those options usually involving all being increasing the availability of firearms and it hasn't worked so the american people are saying hey. Why aren't you at least trying some of these things. That's why universal universal background checks you mentioned ninety three percent approval red flag or extreme risk protective order laws very very high approval as well if they were gonna do anything start there because they form a foundation of trying to keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them but then even though there's overwhelming support the way that congress work works the way legislators work they're more beholden in many cases to the donors and the coalitions that brought them into power so they won't allow that they'll come up with excuses such as well. I don't want to ask the government's permission to exercise my constitutional rights. What does that mean. It doesn't mean anything and so you get all of this conflation. You get everyone blaming being mental illness. I mean they just talk around the problem. Now they're talking about the death penalty anything they can do to not talk about the gun and old people see through that but our avenues to do anything about it or gunman's neighbor who said he would shoot-off guns at night. One time came to her door with a rifle. In so many mass shootings we find that the alleged gunman has a history of terrorizing women in this case she even called the police and the police said they couldn't find her neighbors where he lived on g._p._s. map so they left in. You wanna talk about a red flag. That's multiple red flags right there. What i find interesting is that after through the el paso massacre we have the governor state officials federal officials saying well a red flag law wouldn't have done anything to stop that <hes> so now we have the odessa shooting where clearly a red flag law might have been able to stop that and then they say background checks wouldn't have stopped that <hes> as you can see this game that goes on is always. It's kind of like deflect deflect deflect. I know rational people see through that but what what about our leaders i mean obviously feel accountable enough to us to admit the truth and we'll see what happens as congress comes back and people mobilize all over the country had scrubbed greg. Thank you for being with us president the directors and spokesperson for texas gun sense when we come back herculean dorian. Thank you so much. Hurricane dorian leaves five five dead in the bahamas. At least the destruction is enormous at one point the storm the second most powerful hurricane ever recorded according to the atlantic ocean. We'll speak with the man from the bahamas as well as a citizen of the united states born in the virgin islands highlands a u. s. territory stay with us with a as you <music>. Eh kids yeah <music> the long way down by hayden. This is democracy. Now i mean he couldn't with juan gonzalez us little hurricane. Doreen is continuing to wreak havoc in the baha- in the bahamas where massive storms and flooding killed at least five people and left many more stranded stranded on the grand bahama buckle islands over the weekend. The storm pummeled the islands throughout monday. After making landfall sunday's a category five storm with sustained winds up to one hundred eighty five miles per hour the hurricane which has now been downgraded to a category three continued to be stalled in the region tuesday. This is the prime minister of the bahamas hubert minute's speaking at a news conference catastrophic damage to follow all lines down fumbles. Ulm hurricane dorian is the second strongest storm ever measured in the atlantic. It's tied for the most powerful alantic hurricane ever to make landfall. It's expected to continue a destructive path toward florida. The non to georgia and south carolina made landfall as a category five storm but president trump claimed over the weekend. He'd never heard of category five. You don't even know what something is. Always does always is possibly the biggest. I have not sure. I'm not sure that i've ever heard of category five. I knew it existed and i've seen some categories worship russian category find something that i never even heard the term other than is there see alternate. That's what we have unfortunately take. The u._s. has been threatened by four category five storms during trump's presidency he also denied knowing what a category five storm was in two thousand seventeen seventeen when hurricane irma struck florida and in two thousand eighteen when hurricane michael had florida this is the fourth year in a row category five storm in the atlantic and in climate study suggests this trend will only worsen over time with the climate crisis trump also caused confusion sunday by falsely suggesting alabama would be hit by hurricane dorian. He repeated this his tweet. One of one hundred twenty two he posted this weekend was quickly refuted by the national. A weather service trump spent the long weekend golfing at his club in virginia despite the hurricane and the massacre in west texas that first clip we heard was the foreign minister for the bahamas darren hen field this is the prime minister of the bahamas hubert menace speaking at a news conference in the midst of historic star tragedy in parts of northern bahamas mission and focus now is such rescue you and recovery actually oppress for those in affected areas and for our first responders for more. We're joined by two guests in chicago christian campbell's with us. He is a poet scholar and s._a._s. From the bahamas family lives in nasa he was born in grand bahama visiting <unk> artist at the art institute of chicago author of poetry collection called running the dusk and atlanta georgia were joined by tiffany an award-winning poet and novelist from the u._s. Virgin island island of saint thomas which was hit by hurricanes irma as a category five stir storm in two thousand seventeen associate professor in the english department at emory and the author author of the poetry collection wife and the novel land of love and drowning a christian campbell. Let's start with you. You were born in and grew up in the bahamas. What have you heard what about what's happening there right now the hurricane almost stopping on top of the bahamas right now and devastating dating <hes> the islands of which there are hundreds good morning amy <hes> thank you for having having me on the program i've been in constant touch with my family and many other loved ones as you know the a hurricane has demolished avocado and is now hovering over grand bahama where i was born so what's happening. Now are <hes> many bahamians online are are trying into contact loved ones are reaching out through facebook and twitter because some many phones are down and trying to identify loved ones and and find ways to support and evacuate it is it's an unprecedented disaster and i also want and to say <hes> first and foremost condolences to the families of those who have lost loved ones including a child and christian campbell. What about the what do you know in terms of the haitian migrants quite a number of haitian migrants in the bahamas hamas and their condition right now absolutely absolutely well one of the things that these natural unnatural disasters reveal is is how those most vulnerable are disproportionately shortly affected and as i understand in arbuckle in particular where there is a large population of haitian migrants agri- that the community in which they live has been destroyed and engulfed and many many of them have how to escape to to shelters we're also joined by tiffany anemic who i was born in the virgin islands the virgin island of saint thomas interestingly u._s. virgin islands were bought from from denmark by the united states in one thousand nine hundred seventeen for twenty five million dollars that doesn't have i don't know if it has an an impact on what we're seeing today but <hes> professor <hes> unique you have said that the caribbean is ground zero for for the climate crisis and i wanna say in the non stop coverage in the networks and of course it should be nonstop coverage. What's happening with this hurricane. There is almost no mention of climate change. Yes so good morning amy good morning one. Thank you for having me again. The truth is that these storms that are hitting the caribbean with this tense magnitude are historic unprecedented and and these storms are manmade storms. When i was growing up in the caribbean we would get really dangerous storms once a decade and now we're beginning to see them. Regularly the virgin islands was hit by two category five storms only two years ago while president trump indeed was our president category. Five storms are my and maria in two thousand seventeen and to see now <hes> that the coverage edge is saying things like <hes> dorian is going to hit the united states later today is incredibly insulting and ongoing insult to the people of the united states virgin islands because dorian hit the united states virgin islands on august twenty eighth when it hits saint thomas and saint john it's as dr campbell said it is quite ironic and saddening that the people who are most vulnerable all these manmade storms are the ones who <hes> in all cases are not the contributing factors to the carbon emissions that are causing these storms arms. <hes> these storms are being caused a huge part because of capital u._s. North american capital and places like the virgin allen's and the bahamas are the ones that are most vulnerable to these things. I wanted to ask you in terms of the of the potential impact because we're at the beginning of hurricane season for the caribbean what the caribbean is facing now. Clearly we're talking about. One of the most powerful storms recorded in atlantic history but the actual recording of hurricane speeds didn't begin until the one thousand nine hundred sixties so we really don't no comparison to what happened in the early twentieth century or late nineteenth century how these storms compare but there's no doubt that there have been increasing numbers of of ever more powerful storms your sense as the caribbean braces for another hurricane season what folks are thinking about their the truth is writers leaders from the caribbean such as myself edward don takata tobias book khelil doctor campbell himself are writing about the importance of paying attention then to the storms and how the caribbean all our islands are incredibly vulnerable. We are looking at a category one storm hitting the u._s. Virgin islands in august two twenty twenty eighth hurricane season goes until november thirtieth and september is our most dangerous wrestle. Month and september has only just begun though waters are incredibly warm. Climate change is real and it is impacting places places that are low lying like small islands in the caribbean <hes> with with incredible incredible pain and suffering right now. The people in the virgin islands are experiencing. I would say a form of p._t._s._d. When we were told that the storms are going to hit the virgin islands we were told that this storm dorian ryan was going to be really not much. Maybe wouldn't even make it to a category one storm and it hit the virgin islands as a direct hit as category one. We were not prepared. Nobody was bordering up their windows. I was on the phone with friends and family at the time and people were saying the storm thermos fine but then by the end of the conversation. Maybe just twenty minutes into our conversation and people were saying well the leaves off the trees. Now i have to go and board up my house. We weren't prepared and we are still actually suffering from the storms that hit in two thousand seventeen so to say that we are not prepared is hugely in part because fema 's work and most version islanders would say this females work from two thousand and seventeen is not yet completed so the fact that we now need fema to come back and reassess in the wake of hurricane. Doreen is just compounding the problems people are afraid we are scared. I would say the emotional health of individuals in the virgin islands is something that fema needs to be paying attention to as well. We're still suffering from two two years ago so to be facing a hurricane season that is still three months left to go is incredibly distressing. Now the bahamas doctor campbell are an independent commonwealth one of the richest countries in the americas after the united states and canada <hes> thanks to tourism awesome <hes> offshore finance <hes> ninety percent of the population is afro bahamian defend descendants of enslaved people of course and also people who has fled slavery in the united states <hes> to go to the bahamas <hes>. Can you describe describe your country and what you think needs to happen right now. Well i think the thing that i want to begin with given even international media. Misinformation is that <hes> the bahamas is not a sort of single island highland stereotypical tourist paradise. It is one of the most complex and unique geographical spaces in this hemisphere in fact. There's nothing like it. It is an archipelago or chain of islands and keys of over seven hundred islands and keys within the larger archipelago of the caribbean and so just to add to one thing the professor unique said is that <hes> <hes> even though it was completely or almost completely erasing international media the bahamas was also hit by hurricane. Irma very small island near cuba called ragged island was devastated by hurricane irma. It had to be completely evacuated. Did it still is in the process of being rebuilt. You know we're still dealing with that trauma and that physical and also cultural displacement because when you the bahamas it ranges from near the islands range from near to haiti and cuba in the south to near to florida in the north so in terms of geography where my family as for instance in nassau were extremely fortunate that they were spared. They weren't hit was arbuckle. It is albacore when the grand bahama which are in the northern part of the bahamas and just to continue with points you made in me. Is that <hes> absolutely <hes> mm. We must take what you say about. The bomb is one of the richest countries <hes> <hes> in the region. The tourism industry which is the main source economic source is extremely fragile and extremely precarious carries industry and also that the bahamas like the rest of the caribbean is extremely vulnerable also due to the uh ongoing legacy of colonialism. The legacy of slavery and indenture manifested in systemic global exploitation show on local corruption as well well. We're gonna have to leave it there now. But of course we'll continue to follow this. We wanna thank you dr christian campbell the hangman poet it's scholar and s._a._s. His family lives in nassau born in grand bahama visiting artist at the ordinance to chicago and thank you to professor tiffany a neak award winning poet and novelist novelists from the u._s. Virgin island of saint thomas which was hit by hurricane or as a category five storm in two thousand seventeen when we come back we go to hong kong as the mass protests against is china enter their fourth month. Stay with us <music>. The was your <music> this any in my area aw cute five years this is democracy. Now i mean he goodman with one gonzales. The end is coming for those attempting to disrupt hong. Kong and antagonize is china. That was a message in an editorial in china's state news agency sunday following another weekend of mass protests in hong kong for thirteen weeks. Exp protesters have been calling for greater political freedom and this scrapping of a controversial extradition bill with china for the past two days. Thousands of students have boycotted the beginning of classes on sunday protesters return to hong kong airport where they barricaded roads in an attempt to shut down the airport again on on saturday. Police fired tear gas and water cannons during a chaotic night of street demonstrations. Some mass protestors were seen throwing molotov cocktails at the police while the protests protests intensify chinese state television is broadcast footage of paramilitary police conducting drills in the border city of shenzhen with a caption in that red able to attack it anytime we go now to hong kong where we're joined by martin lay a former politician founding chair of the democratic party of hong kong. He's been nicknamed. I'm the father of democracy in hong kong martin lee welcome to democracy now. Can you explain what's happening in the significant says the protests enter the the fourth month how these protests changed and are you concerned about. <hes> chinese police authorities coming over from the mainland. We're also facing a hurricane of great proportions. It's <hes> of another different kinds of political hurricane which has been hitting us for months. Now it can be stopped by dongguan government but they're not doing doing anything and indeed the hong kong government is dysfunctional so they are riotous situations in hong kong by the demonstrators but they only damaging government property but the believes in carry out their duties clearly have used excessive falls so they are committing violence of another kind vowed into the person and the government has been shouting eh demonstrators to stop but this nothing in relation to the violence coming from their own police force and so we are still waiting and see when the government actually designed to do something about it it could certainly stop the whole thing by doing some something simple and reasonable by exceeding to some of the very reasonable request chris of the demonstrators for example by scrapping this bill which clearly should not have been brought up at all and also by appointing a an independent commission of inquiry chaired by a judge for example and these things can be done but the government is not doing anything about it now martin league chari land the administrator did <hes> did suspend the the extradition law what what what what are the key demands of the protesters. You're saying that there are basically two demands. The total abrogation of this law not says it suspension and and don could could you talk about what the key demands are and what the law is. These are the two key demands it's but of course there are three others but these to have the support of a huge percentage of the people of hong kong including the normal supporters of beijing aging. We've got eighty percents of part of these two reasonable demands and the the kennedy lamb said that the bill is good as did the my aunts. This is if it is dead. Why don't you bury it and the other one is appointment of an independent commission of inquiry and she says no oh but it will be investigated into a police body. Now it's not independent and and the british government has been ruin hongo for more than one hundred years and whenever there is a big thing like that the answer is always two point an independent commission of inquiry quality but not when which is in fact <hes> concerned with the police. Only i wanted to ask what the the ultimate goal of the demonstrations are and this would also go to what is the extradition bill that people object to so much alternate lately is the goal <hes> more autonomy for hong kong. Is it a protest against authoritarianism awesome of china or is it ultimately a protest for independence. I i still think that today in hong kong there's not much support a toll for independence because we know that it's not possible but there's a lot of people who young people who are very angry by the government because democracy actually has been promised to hong kong as round as a high degree of autonomy namely apart from defense and foreign affairs which are reserved at the central government under this british agreement with china co the sino british additional declaration which also promise that hong kong people would be masters of our own house so there would be democracy and under the basic law we were promised there would be could have genuine universal suffrage ten years after the handover but this is already ready to twenty third year we do have a date now before us as to when we can achieve this ultimate abe so hong kong people now want more than anything else does the high degree of autonomy and democracy both of which have been promised we are not asking for anything more than what's already promised and martin lee what do you make of <hes> some reports that carrie lam has indicated that she would like to quit but feels she can't is is there any conflict from your sense between the hong kong authorities and the chinese communist party and the chinese government authorities at this point. I know what exactly happened. Only she can tell but she's been saying one thing and then denying it later now it is certain not inconceivable at all and in fact i think it's very likely that a person background she was a civil servant trained by the british to actually offer her resignation when it is obvious to her that she can't do anything about this stalemate and but of course knowing beijing as some of us do by observing their track record's beijing gunman would not permit her to do so the beijing income and wants to clear up the mess before pepsi center go and appointed another chief executive to succeed with with a clean slate to there's not surprising at all that even if she attended resignation which you know denies having done beijing will not accept it your message martin lee to those in mainland china who see the hong kong protests says a kind of western coup challenging challenging china's control of the territory. You came to the united states. <hes> in may you met with secretary of state. Mike pompeo a what was your message and also your response to those who see this as the west is behind what's happening with these protests in hong kong well although the agreement between britain china is called the joint declaration registered with the united nations when it was first announced and in september nineteen eighty-four both governments actually wanted the international international community to support the agreement by lobbying for support from the u._s. Government and a lot of other governments so that the immigration <unk> tied from hong kong would seize so these government did give the public support and the immigration tied stopped at the time so it certainly open to these over foreign governments to raise the matter with the chinese government and say okay you wanted us to support your one country two systems policy we did supported. We still support it but now you're not honoring it. You're not wondering what you promise the promises you made to the people of hong kong into the industry and to the international community so we we've raised these matters with your congress and also with mike pompeo and look things are not going brightly for hong kong and you owed uncle people at lisa votto obligation to speak up for us. We're gonna have to leave it there but we're going true and posted online at democracy now. I'm amy goodman with gonzalez our guest martin lee former hong kong politician. I made me get anyone.

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"Clown away going somewhat strongly one eight hundred eight seven eight play in the pandemic. Come on and let's talk. Got some guests coming up this hour delays dugan who is a big time hollywood director as the shower. Charles tillman peanut says nickname peanut. Not gonna call him out. Not walter wise. I want to be known as walter white's now peanut. Tillman i'd go back into modest. Call was when she got the stuff you like. My name is charles. Sorry i've him. We've got hours get on back. We are the debt. Destroy network eddie debt. You have credit card. Tans student loan debt call now for free information that helps you destroyer debt. It's great advice plus when you make this free call now. We have debt destroyer experts. Ready to help they can show you how to destroy your debt and get your life back on track debt. Problems don't have be overwhelming. you could live stress-free and debt free credit cards medical bills. 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Free call now to nationwide student loans and learn how you can reduce your student loan debt. Eight hundred four three nine seven eight five one eight hundred four three nine seven eight five one eight hundred four three nine seven eight five one eight hundred four three nine seven eight five one hour two of simulating sports. You thought it couldn't get any better but it's spotter rick little back. He's so great. I can't believe how awesome he is. More sports talk. Yes couldn't get any better but sputter rick journalists back. He's so great. I can't believe how awesome he is more sports talk. Yes our two of two leading sports rick to thank you for that and welcome back to the show til with you. Coast to coast and around the world on the american forces radio network We have a couple of guests now. We're waiting on alexis glick Who is the gen youth. Ceo but we do have once again william stocks with us and his the chairman of csl east sports. And he's here to talk about the chunky million meal challenge first of all. Are you aware of dutch soccer player by the name of vim jahnke spelled. His name the same way. I am there in fact you know the the the w i m name is a common dutch name. Although when i was given that name my mother had no idea that it was a dutch names. She just took william and pushed all together to make him. So that's why i have this name. Okay very well well. I'm always getting the backs So to speak of video games and how they are therapeutic and they can help with stress but they can also help feed people as well as part of this week with giving tuesday you think about this third wave of covert and school shutting back down again and so many kids get their meals at schools. So they're going to go hungry. So what's going on here. I'll tell you We are so pleased and and honored to be affiliated with with this this caused gem youth is A one of the martin most supported charities by the nfl and as a result of this we that that enabled are combination to come together to to build his tournament of really unique format Madden nfl tournament that will be bringing nfl players and madden pros together To help mentor the players that make through our our qualifying rounds into into The eight finalists will be entered and captain by a combination of the nfl players and madden madden pros Today we're announcing saquon barkley Has signed on generously signed on to give us time to disavow that Dalvin cook as well from the vikings or gravity. Great rushing rushing year this year and Justin jefferson the hot new Wide receiver from also on the vikings having a also an amazing year. So it'll be five other. Nfl players that will be named shortly. They will be paired up with madden pro and those those combination will almost like the the voice if you're familiar with the voice format where the where the big singers helped the aspiring singers coach to to start them We're doing the same thing with nfl players in the madden pros to help these these aspiring madden players distinguish themselves and have a ton of fun in a very unique experiential Opportunity gem. Youth is an amazing Chair charity a racing Raising funds for supporting meals in schools. what I think most people understanding especially in the realm of the pandemic Schools have become one of the primary means that many kids united states now one in four Rely rely on for their only meal of the day. And and what can use does is his bring all of their energy they're fundraising all the corporate support. They they have from spots like campbell's like doritos like target America's dairy farmers In bows those are all all a big big parts of this particular tournament And helping to raise. We were calling the turn of the million meals challenge. Actually the goal for this tournament is to raise money for a hundred million meals and With the with some seed money coming from our sponsors as well as the big donation campaign that will be integrated throughout this. this this tournament We feel not only that. We're going to get one hundred mil mil million meals. But we're going to go well beyond its great stuff and it's a great idea too because if you think about americans i mean. Sixty five percent adults we heard on a lesser. They play video games every day. I'm one of them. It really is trying to get into america's pastime and if you can tie all those eyeballs and all that effort into this kind of a great natural match isn't it it's a it's a tremendous matches. There's been a number of fundraising initiatives built on gaming since the pandemic because So much regular sports programming went away as you know broadcasts Went away the league play and games and matches no matter what was affected by this yet. East sports Was elevated in in all of the the outcome of the pandemic Obviously you can play a game online. You can compete in these sports online. Don't need a live Events to to live events are great for east sports. But you don't need a live event to to run in advance to have a competition to accommodate a competition but So as as so many people saw once the the sports programming got shut down in its place. Steve madden programming on. Espn you'd see a virtual race With a four game or or the formula one game being broadcast on nbc or on or on espn so so the notion of east sports as a replacement programming for four traditional sports is is now in the mainstream and and We are taking that dynamic and bringing it here And now involving the nfl player. These these apple players that are involved. saquon and and Dalvin and justin. They're all really good. Madden players. These guys are not only competitive on the on the football but there we put a controller in their hands they're very competitive. And and with with this format we expect some really fun smack talking going on while the draft is happening while while the wow the playoffs and the championship with these players these mad players who've made through our brackets we'll have as a nfl player have dalvin cook and and madden pro looking over their shoulders helping them with strategy helping them with with with skills and and getting them hopefully into into the championships very good. Yes tell them don't punt on first down and we'll take it from there. Speaking of this great match alexis glick now joins us the jannu. Ceo you've seen her on cnn and msnbc and alexis we were just talking with women about how this is a great match when you think about this third wave of covert and these kids who lots of them. Their only meal really comes at school. So how did this all come to four where you decided that this would be a a great deal to get these two entities together to help feed these kids. Well you know. I mean as you reference. You know. this is what it's all about. It's about gaming for good and you know with him. Thankfully came into my life You know about nine months ago and had this big dream of putting together this first ever tournament structure like this. And he's the expert You know csl what they and sports and gaming and and we see you know in the work that we do across the united states and schools we support forty million kids a day And you know not only You know are we worried about being in the distance learning scenario and and how that's leaving a lot of kids left back in the digital divide but the food and security issue is unprecedented in this country. I mean right now. Wanted four kids in america does not know where they're going to get their next meal. Their games food insecure and in some areas. That's one in three to your point. The school building is ground. Zero for feeding hungry kids It's truly a lifeline. And the thing that makes this you know. Chunky million meal challenge so appealing in the season of giving and so unique is that it's an opportunity for us to align together partners like campbell's like target america's dairy farmers. I mean you know the likes of doritos. Nfl players. You know the east fourth gaming community to work as one to tackle food insecurity and we got a big goal. I mean our goal is to deliver one hundred million meals as a result of this effort. And so as i sit. Here is the ceo of the national organization. You know who's up every night thinking about how he sees these kids. I'm grateful To win the league all these partners who've made this possible and so let's let's game for good whether a madden game or or not. let's get in the game. You can go to million meals challenge to find out how to be a part of it But you know my kids got four kids three and my four kids or gamers. And they're like whoa. I got a shot to be coached by dalvin cook. Like let me. You have one one kid. That's not into video games He's he's eight years old does he. hasn't he's mastered tick tock. are completely obsessed. And i keep saying. I'm like guys. Listen to say kwan. We dalvin injustice but way pc who the other guys are like. Well we're gonna tell you slowly. This thing doesn't start till december nineteen so We're pretty fired up. We're pretty excited. And and and just so grateful to all these unbelievable partners for making this this happened and hopefully we'll get enormous word out and look. I mean if people are not a gamer baking tech schools to two zero two two two and make a one time twenty five dollars donation to the effort to support our emergency school meal delivery fund at the end of the day. There's something for everyone to be a part of this and We're grateful that we can raise the attention and the awareness and hopefully tackle this gigantic goal to really support kids. Great stuff from alexis glick. Who is the genu- and of course our fen wham stocks. Who is with csl sports the chairman. you're doing great work. You're hoping the country in a time of need. So i salute you both and thanks for coming on the show again. Thanks creek so great to be on. Thank you sound much. Grateful -til all right good stuff. I'm rectal we'll take a quick break and we will come back on sports byline. Usa twenty eight. I'd struggled with opiate and meth addiction. For twelve years. I did and said things that the sober me never would have done. When i realized i was not invincible. Except that's when a friend told me about rehab placement. They gave me the tools. I needed to get sober. And all it took was the one phone call elite. Rehab can help you start to break your addiction problem and get sober in as little as seven days and we'll work with your insurance provider to help cover the costs. Plus we have travel assistance programs to get you here by plane or train. 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And by the way that was Roger staubach is the one who coined that phrase roger staubach who went to Catholic high school in cincinnati before he went to the naval academy and he. When he was with the cowboys he said. I just sat back through instead of hail mary so like dennis eckersley coined the term. Walk off. Walk off as a term for the pitcher. He said all you can do is just walk off the mound. So that's all you can do. That one was a walk off. We tend to think of walk-off as home team. And i did have. I did know somebody one time. Who said gee it's funny. How the walk-offs only happened for the home team. And but i digress. One eight hundred seventy play by the way. Dennis dugan is coming up in the segment a very prolific maker. Who did all those adam sandler movies happy. Go and happy madison. Whatever it is lucky. Madison lucky gilmore. Grownups at type stuff. But he's got a new movie is going to be a big called love weddings and other disasters other disasters. Stolen visible roy. Dissolve but going back to sunday afternoon for a second. We know what happened with the broncos with the practice squad ride receiver kendall hinton coming in as a quarterback and who was or ethic and no one in the world is going to blame him for being horrific one completion for thirteen yards. Almost feel like if you took a snap. Turn your back. On line of scrimmage and threw the ball over your head up in the air that you would get at least two completions. You'd probably throw twenty interceptions but you'd get to completions and that's because drew lock red. Rippin blake bortles. Jeff driscoll all had over protocol dios because jeff driscoll had it and he was in the room with lock rippin and bortles and they weren't wearing their mosques. Actually when i think about it the ultimate coded movie right now it'd be eyes wide. Shut everybody with their masks. Except for the orgy part. We'll leave that part out. What kid rick was trying to establish with the duality of the clause with ireland. What it it sent the broncos into a frenzy as we know. And here's the thing though this morning this is always good talk. Show fodder that jerry. Jones does a show every tuesday morning in dallas on one zero five three the fan. The owner who is already in the hall of fame jerry jones and he said well. I don't know that denver had any more of a challenge than we've had with the nucci or with the young quarterbacks that we've had and by the way who are three of those broncos quarterbacks we'll be back from the covid reserve list and quote. It's a very bold comparison. If not downright in accurate it takes a swipe in both directions. Seeing as the broncos wish they had a qb of any sort against new orleans and comparing ghanouchi to a practice squad wide receiver pretty old blooded man. But if you look at just the numbers seeing as hinton finished the game one completion. Thirteen yards nine attempts to interceptions a passer rating of zero point zero. And you look at the new jersey who did end his college time as a quarterback who was brought to the cowboys as a quarterback who competed in camp as a quarterback was given a playbook saying here. We think you might be able to play quarterback for us even if it's third string. And when he came in he threw forty passes completed twenty one of them or one hundred and eighty yards and a passer rating of sixty four point. Six that's not good but it is a sixteen hundred on the. Sat compared to zero point. Zero and andy dalton. Remember after doc out for the year and he got a concussion. He came in through two completions for thirty nine yards and twelve offensive snaps. Nucci is a quarterback. Alton is thirty three years old. You're gilbert is twenty nine so you say that the cowboys have only played one young quarterback whose name was not dak prescott Good news did arrive in denver as we thought as jerry jones. Just stated and that is that lock ripping and bortles have tested negative recruiter virus. That means that they can play next week. A lot of people especially if donkey fans are crying foul pointing out that. They forced the broncos to play their game knee. Qb's even though they have now postponed ravens steelers multiple times because of the outbreak in the charm city. But whatever your stance on this is the. Nfl entered this season knowing full. Well that competitive disadvantages would happen in some games and what directly affect the outcome of those games so jones acknowledges impact cove nineteen on the regular season but is you would say standing his ground on what he thinks about the integrity of the nfl. At this point if anything kind of harkening back to the point he made when the titans through that outbreak earlier this season noting how teams after follow the protocol or suffer the consequences and he said quote boy. We have been schooled in the nfl. The teams have been schooled by cove. And nineteen you re. You had really better pay attention to your protocols. You better manage. Don't just give lip service. Don't just roll your eyes back and say that happens to them. That doesn't happen to me. And i don't mean to be tried about it but that happens in football. Better be ready to have somebody come in. They're all teams are advised to do logistical things relative to separation relative to having your players available when you got cova challenge and do those things because it could make a difference in scoring points. Make a difference in how you defend somebody. That's part of coaching. That's part of managing the game and well. Yeah it's part of coaching. If you wanna make sure you have one hundred guys. I think at this point every. Nfl team is going to have five quarterbacks on their practice squad wouldn't you wouldn't you go out right now and have five at least guys who took snaps even if they were you know division two guys just to store on your roster ever the broncos tried to get this guy calabrese who was an offensive quality control coach because he did play college football and he was in his twenties and he had a complete grasp on the offense and i'm sure he raised his hand and he said i'll do it. I'll do a better job than that. Wide receiver will and they're like really really really nfl. Can we use them. Can we use them. They're like as as time. I i mean that's just makes sense. You don't wanna have your practice squad. be your your coaching staff and other practice squad. So you know. It's i think it goes beyond just jerry jones saying you gotta do you gotta do Because all it takes is just one guy ruin it. I mean literally and as seen it's it's it's a very dangerous thing for one guy to be. I mean why do you think the indians got so mad at the two pictures one of them. Who was one of the best pitchers clever got shipped out of town. They snuck out to go partying in chicago. And i don't know what it's going to take for people to get it through thick skulls. We'll take a quick break. We'll come on back on the other side but the house for the point. I wanted to be if you owe the irs back taxes. Don't worry there's a bright side. The experts at bright side tax relief dot com will protect you from having your wages garnished money deducted from your bank account and your home or business seized bright side tax relief dot com will fight the irs and negotiate to reduce or eliminate the amount you owe visit bright side tax relief dot com or call eight hundred seven three zero forty three thirteen. That's eight hundred. Seven three zero forty three thirteen. The consultation is free. 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Three sixty one eighteen using overprice trash bag pricey pricey pricey a bag that breaks. Maybe or smelly bag. You gotta snag half these ultra-strong trash bag always at an ultra low price. It has arm and hammer odor control. So your nose and your wallet will be happy. Ultra-strong trash bags hefty strong all day. Long it doesn't really matter i. I don't mind my job. And i don't think i'm going to go anymore. Off rick tittle things. There's a direct correlation between dogs and lightning mega for that and welcome back to the show with you. Coast to coast around the world on the american forces radio network. Pleasure to welcome to the show Hollywood veteran dennis dugan he is a director and actor a writer and an artist comedian as well. He's a lot of that But we're here to talk about his new film. Called love weddings and other disasters opens from save films on a couple of days here on the fourth dennis first of all. Welcome to the show Couple of things. I gotta ask you about number. One is problem child which i absolutely love them. Love that movie. Was that the first film. You ever directed yeah it it was I had been done about your television. But i had not done a movie and Interestingly enough the i didn't know. I didn't even know how to go in pitch myself for a movie because i had no idea about making a movie so i called a friend of mine. Glenn who's well big hollywood writer and he'd written moonlighting stuff and i said hey glen. I've got to go in on this movie. And i don't know what to do and he said well. What is it that problem child he goes. He said they offered it to me. Said i turned it down your perfect for it. Just feed you so funny. He goes he. Actually you're moving. So i go in and i met in the president's office universal on the top floor of the of the black tower there and there's six guys sitting around this huge oak coffee table and i'm talking. I'm pitching myself on me. I said kids got to be doing stuff that nobody's ever seen before and people we want people talking about it the next day. Oh my god. Did you see what that kid did. And i just had this idea. And i jumped up onto the coffee table and i kicked him. It was just magazines. I kicked the magazines off onto the floor. And i started continued doing my pitch walking on this coffee table. And they're all looking at me. Like what the hell's he do. And and and i said look you guys are looking at your gone. This guy came in and he's never directed a movie. He's walking around on the president's coffee table. And i go when i leave this room. You're going to be saying what the hell was that was that was that they'll say laughing. And i an hour later. The the president of universal cosby. Just okay. you got up on my coffee table. you've got the movie. Oh that is a great story. And you've done so many movies. That i that i absolutely love but for me and i'll jack warden in that movie. Some of the lines he had about how you can adopt a kid. He could be a democrat. And i sold it to the japs. The hair hito corporation. I mean it's just it's just gold to every five seconds in that movie. Yeah he was he a wonderful guy who loved him as an actor. Though i mean i'm fifty five and the shows i used to watch as a kid you were basically on almost all of them you know. I love the rockford files. And what was it. Like to get on mash because back then. We had three or four channels. And if you're on mash you had the whole country looking at you yet. Mashed was really cool because that that was a good job to get because it was such a big deal of a show and greg just the most disciplined actors. That was really. It was really fun but it was re genuinely professional and there was no sitting around. If you weren't working they had attempted in the back. And you'd go back there and you'd work with you'd run the lines with the other actors and stuff. Alan alda ran that thing. Just he he he he said come for that and that was beautiful so did one in the in the second year and then nine years later they i was in new york and i got a call and they said where are you and i said. I'm in new york. And they said you gotta get plane six. Am tomorrow and i go what they go. Malibu had they had the fire and it ran through the The and and burn the the exterior set for match. So they were going to be. That was just pence but they had to rebuild the whole thing so they were going to be down to two so they decided to shoot one more half hour episodes and they said we gotta parts of use of get on the plane so i got it in the plane at six o'clock landed at lax about nine. Am this car waiting for me. Took me right to fox. We started rehearsing and research shooting Because they want to keep the crew working while they were rebuilding the set. So i did one in the second year and then i did an accidental last the last half hour that they ever shot before the before. The finale crazy steph cut more questions for dennis dugan new movie love weddings and other disasters get to that second more than they wanted to ask you of all the great movies you've done and you you're in with sandler and all those. Snl guys and speaking of one. The amazing chris farley. You did beverly hills in india and of course tommy boy was his opus but A talent like that. I mean what was it. Like to work with farley was the sweetest guy just like he was just he was like a big sloppy. St bernard of lovely through and every morning. I go into his trailer. And i go. Okay chris and and he go listen coach. Said we gotta put a w today only wants to really care about this movie. Everybody else's just making a paycheck. And i'd take right chris. It's you go here you wanted. Let's put up a w all right so love weddings and other disasters. Obviously this has romcom written all over it. The cast though You know diane. Keaton who's always money in the bank but jeremy irons. It's funny when i think about like the mission and french. Lieutenant's woman i mean. He is the consummate classically trained. And tastic actor but he does have a little wry comedic timing doesn't he. Yeah oh yeah yeah. Yeah and and and like perfect comedic timing to even with this up tight guy that he plays. He's he's he's genuinely funny. And i did you have you seen it. I have not seen a now. Okay yeah because he got you know in the end he. He has his probably the best character to the whole movie. 'cause he plays this. This confirmed bachelor. Who's who is not looking for romance in his. All his life is spent on his work and and he makes keeping him into he starts unfolding like a flower. Like you know national geographic. When you see the tulips grab the become become a flower. That's what he does. And he's very adept at it very. He's really funny. He doesn't grazing good slapsticky stuff at the end and everybody goes jeremy as really funny. You're kidding really. Hit no doubt for you at this point as i said you've done so many comedies and so many successful projects how much of it is on rails for you like i know what i'm doing i know what i want. And let's get her done and how much of it still is a learning process for you and maybe you change your style as you go i i do both i i i think of it as The best way i can describe it is is if you think about the nba And and you know they'll go into lakers. Go in say the lakers. Because i'm from los angeles and they happen to be the champions but they go in the practice practice plays and they practice replacement practice their place and then they go play a game and the people who are throwing up defenses. So then they have to improvise so my my feeling is. It's exactly the same with comedy. Is you build a structuring bill. Just script as tight and as smart as funny as possibly can you take it out there and you get these wonderful comedic actors and usually we do you know i'll do. The script will run the two or three times so that we get on film we get to take some of the script and then i just let them go and and and and my feeling is if you if you work hard and build a structure you can improvise off of that beautifully and and That's the way we the way we always work. I am the sandler films. And that's the way i work on on. Everything is is Yeah let's go with the structure and then let's go with chaos and if you combine the structure and pay ass. You're gonna come up with an and champion. That's very interesting. And i know you shot this in boston. You got it in right before covid started and You know again. what's it like. you're not going up to mann's chinese theatre here is going to be the digital So i mean that's a different spin isn't it and people you know people say oh mix. I broke this fifteen years ago and it took me that long to get it made and Some people go and justify. I know you know what i i tried to get him. There's i got it made. I'm really happy with it. And i and then stuff happened. That's out of my control. I don't wanna get disappointed by by the fact that we don't get to go to brahmins chinese theater for the for the premiere You know it's gonna get out if it's in some theaters across the country and it's on every streaming and digital type. I mean if you if you can buy or rent a movie on television you can get this movie and so people see it and the thing i like about it is everybody who's seen the movie so fired the test audience. People say it's so fun made me happy and in this time everybody goes in this time on just so happy to see a nice fun romantic comedy and so maybe this is the menu. That's great because it all gets it's called got comes right to your home. You don't have to stand in line for popcorn. That's great and last question for you. Can you give me an example. The other day you're flipping the channels and maybe saw something you direct it or something you start in where you said you know what i completely forgot. I was in that I don't think so. I think i think has a pretty good memory did however get A check one time for three hundred sixty bucks for a tv movie. That i was never in. And i tried to return it and the company had gone us and so the the counting for the company said just cashed the check. It doesn't matter just cash right okay. So cash the check. And i still to this day. Joel's tv movie. That i was never in so it kind of answers your question. Wow yeah that's a good one. That's a rough life. You're getting paid for nothing That's are way down to the dollar fifty but it still amazes me ever. That's pretty funny. Dennis dugan has been our guest. he's directed and wrote love weddings and other disasters from saving films and as he said despite every streaming option. You can have on the fourth so distant. A couple of days dennis. Congratulations on the film. It's great having you on and look forward to having you on again down the road anytime. You got my number iraq. So i will call you up. I'm rick to the we'll take a quick break. Come back on sports talk. Thank you pay travelers. Do you want to save money on your next flight. Then pick up the phone and call. That's right call because the best prices are not online. They're with smartfares. See smartfares has special deals with the airlines. When they have unsold seats they use smartfares to fill them. So you get airline tickets at ridiculously low prices. Our prices are to low to publish online with the extra money. You'll save you. Can book another trip or treat yourself to dinner or shopping so stop searching all of those travel sites to find the lowest price on your next flight. Let one of our smartfares expert travel agents find ridiculously low prices for you call smartfares today and get the best price on your next flight. 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I'm sorry it's the pleats it's actually an optical illusion it's the pattern on the past the flattering the crotch elision. I'm actually taking them back right now. Taking the back to the pants store. Rick tittle is a majestic stallion Should i even bring this up. Oh why not a can't think always want this to be a family show. But i will risk it here. A kazakhstani bodybuilder by the name of yuri loach co has married a sex doll. He proposed to her. This is in the new york post. Now if this is just a publicity stunt. I don't know that he proposed to her last year but a ring on the finger and he tweeted out. It's happened to be continued. And this was originally reported by the sun in england so normally i would say the pandemic is causing a lot of crazy stuff to go down right now and people are losing their minds. And i know that you know being cooped up month after month after month and there is no end in sight. I mean hopefully i guess with these Accedes maybe there's an end in sight but there are actually idiots out there who don't want it. I want all the diseases. I want whooping cough polio. and kovic. whatever it's a free country don't take it. I think you're an idiot. Some end in sight. Maybe but he got engaged last year so this has nothing to do. All right. everybody take a break and we'll come back on the other side for another hour charles. Tillman will join us. You're listening to the heartland newsfeed. Ready nip work at live dot heartland dot com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook twitter and instagram's senior day. We'll pay critical role in shaping our plan for to revive this economy a plan that an independent analysis from moody's well respected wall street firm projected create eighteen point. Six million jobs is based on a simple proposition reward. Hard work in america not well. Usa radio news. oh on newsmax. Tv president trump was recently on greg kelly and every night more than two million people tune in kelly is a former combat marine pilot and white house. Us watch newsmax for dick morris rudy giuliani. Michelle malkin alan dershowitz. Diamond cell mike. Huckabee and a lot more newsmax on all major cable systems like directtv dish. Xfinity cox optimum spectrum files and more. if you don't get newsmax call your cable operator today tell them you want it. Plus watch newsmax. Tv for steed said that me down here. What are you a yellow booger. Finance slug steven. What are you doing in my room and your sense of adventure. It's been a long time since we've had adventure in the forest menteur enters the forest last year. I'm a slug steven. It took me a long time to get here. You're right. I should get out. Yeah i did not that far away. Hey mom come to the forest where the more adventurous you lives. check out. 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The length of football field stop texts stopwrecks dot org brought to you by the national highway. Traffic safety administration and the ad council piddle brings home the bacon prize. It up in a pan and then he eats it rick t in the his office natch data. Welcome back to the show. Rick tila with you what you got. This is what i'm talking out with would come on in and get hurt. That's what i would like to talk to you about one. Eight hundred eight seven eight play. One eight hundred eight seven eight five to nine and i say if you know where i can get my hands on a ps five. Tell me that too funny. I'm already seeing some games coming out for the. Pf five people will buy just because it's launch like there's a game called man eater at these games are sixty nine bucks. This one's thirty nine. Ps five shark game where you go around and you just eat people and i sure it sucks. I don't know maybe it's good so they tried to do. They capitalize that launched. They're just not a lot of games out so it's just like that crap out there now on people like i can't get the game i wanted. I don't want the demon's souls or all duty cold war what's he talking about. It doesn't matter talk sports with you. You may participate after charles. Tillman will have right after the break. Don't be wide open spaces. It's here's states. Say in soccer. He was a naked space. And you can call up at one. Eight hundred eight seven eight seven five two nine. I've said that a million times. I say to my sleep. One eight hundred. Seven eight play arriving in spell rick at sports. Violent dot com. You can also tweet at me at rick till on instagram. I am at Larry fine and on snapchat. I'm at low howard. You can get me well and plus invent mommy money at count pippa or you can text the word. Rick is the king. All one word to nine five nine five five point nine and i get on that few horror i back and do another hour sports them as i said peanut on the other side. 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Did he invite you to his playland or whatever it is. He has nine months later. The virgin birth happened again. We're happy ironic. That he could resurrect invited me. Golden did you like old jackson's baby. I'm i'll have michael jackson. Listen the free talk. Live seven nights weeks six to nine. Pm central time heartland newsfeed radio network. Hardly newsroom dot com for answers. Black pointed it out and he says because he said there's no such thing as a black nfl without facial hair. And i'm like that's a bunch of crap. There's plenty he's like okay. Prove it and i looked around. I was like oh my gosh is he right. Pat swilling clean. Shave got you. But anyway the saints eight and eight and their defense allowed just one bears touchdown in the first round of the playoffs but lost sixteen to six and the loss to the bears was the first of three consecutive off losses. And then they'd have to wait and warriors for they would win their first ever playoff game win another nine years to in their first super bowl. the jets the very next year ninety one. They were eight. Nate and that was kenny. O'brien was part of that order. Backdraft class nine hundred. Eighty three which everybody wanted. You know todd. Blackledge at penn state. Of course john elway was number one overall and marina out of pit and then when they said they said ken. O'brien university of california davis. Everyone was the felt forum. They are at radio city just like why. Do a great receivers roy moore. I'll altoona was eddie. I'll tune of the jets and eddie brown of the bengals were the two is receivers draft before jerry rice at mississippi valley state and there great receivers. They really were. They weren't jerry rice and the jets back their way into the playoffs because they were like eight and five and they lost three. They barely got in O'brien threw three picks and they lost warren moon on the oilers. Seventeen to ten in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine. We had two teams make the playoffs. That were yeah. This was the aberration. This was the y2k playoffs because the cowboys. It was two years after winning their third super bowl in four years and the cowboys fired. Barry switzer year before they were six and ten. And that was the worst record. Since jerry jones bought the team in eighty nine so they brought in chan gailey murray him and they ended up losing to the cardinals and jake the snake plummer but the other thing about the ninety nine cowboys was that michael irvin that career ending injury or games into the season and adding insult injury that randy moss receiver that many people in dallas thought. They would draft to succeed her than in the draft. They didn't caught a fifty eight yard. Touchdown pass and minnesota one twenty seven. Ten and the cowboys would not make the playoffs again. For four years when our cells remember him he was the head coach in dallas. And the cowboys would go. Fourteen years in between playoff. Wins before tony. Romo and jason witten in those guys finally got one nine All right you know we have. We have charles on the horn. So we're gonna do. We'll take a break right now. We'll come back and we will bring in poona tillman on the other side. We are the jet destroyer network. Any you have credit card tents student. Loan debt call now for free information. That helps you destroy your dead. It's great advice plus when you make this free call now. We have debt destroyer experts. Ready to help they can show you how to destroy your debt and get your life back on. Track debt. Problems don't have to be overwhelming. You could live stress-free and debt free credit cards medical bills. Irs tax problems even student loan debt. 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Plus we have travel assistance programs to get you here by plane or train. Make this call right now to learn more eight hundred four zero three five nine one to eight hundred four zero three five nine one to eight four zero three five nine one two. That's eight hundred four. Oh three fifty nine. Twelve playoffs playoffs playoffs. I just hope we can win a game rick till eight two hundred chicken wings at yo mama's house last night now back to fatboy are that's messed up. Hey welcome back to the show with you. Coast to coast and around the world on the american forces radio network or pleasure to welcome to the show former all pro corner charles. Tillman and he's here to talk about several things. One of them is his cornerstone foundation. At charles tillman dot org charles. Of course a former walter payton man of the year. And you've been doing this Quite a while now with this foundation charles and helping so many people and helping children who are in need as well were you just born with a big heart or were you like raised that way. I think i was just raised that way. My parents are very giving people. And you know i am a product of them and i don't know man i i. I think we all do better when you When he tried to help somebody else. Our like uc. Charles tillman today. But i hear about doing everything by myself. i had. Numerous people helped me out along the way. And i'm sure you could say the same thing about yourself in your career. You know like i didn't wake up with like yeah. This is the first full player in all of this stuff will be given to me and i. I did it all by myself. That's that's not the case at all so Yeah man just seeing need. Villa need someone to help. I try to help them out. Because i know i know in my past and even in the future people have held me and i'm sure they will continue helping when that that that assists and you know what i i look at your Some of the pictures taken in hospitals with so many kids and cancer patients. And you you're there with a big bright smile and you just make their you make their day It's also heartbreaking. Because you know there's there's no reason why children should have to suffer like that. So how much of that do you mean. You're a person how much you take home with you when you see so many this dire cases like that. It's not that you really take it home. It's more of a. I have so much to be thankful for. Yeah a crappy day but you know what somebody's heaven more crappier time than me Before i used to to go to hospitals and stuff like that i my mother. Excuse me my grandmother was a nurse. And i would go to her hospital and one of the first times i went to the hospital. I saw some cancer. Just just think kids in general right and they had extended at these at this hospital children's work and at the time i was single i wasn't married. I didn't have any kids. And i remember telling my gremlins like yeah. I'll do the share. Everything and i'll do all this stuff but i was like really filling this kid thing like it. It was kind of painful for me and i. I didn't wanna do it now. Fast forward to having a daughter having her habitat transplant. And then it just kind of a kind of became second nature tour. Didn't bother me like it was. Yeah it i guess. I could say it bothered me but i was okay going around and being around the kids. The first time. I did when i was younger. Like maybe twenty one twenty two. It was just really hard in just like kind of not painful experience. But i was uncomfortable because i felt so bad and it just was it just was i didn't i didn't i didn't like it. I can't be around this like it's it's it's too painful for me to see these kids and pain right but having kids now and having seen what. My daughter has gone through right. I'm all about it. i'm all for. I'm not bob. I i enjoy kind of try to help these kids. These families just have some form normalcy Being the proverbial army brat as a kid and moving around and overseas as well. And that's tough because you're trying to maintain friendships and settle into one place. But but looking back now do you think that that served you well to have a different flavor and all those locale. Oh my god. Yeah most definitely most definitely. I've a i mean there's there's two things about military branch you'd rather love moving around or you hate it and my brother including my mom my family. I really think we enjoyed in. My dad's personality. Is you know you could put them in a room. And he'll leave with ten friends. You know in my personality mirrors. My dad's and i literally enjoy everywhere. We moved living overseas learning new cultures Live in all over the us. Learning different Spatially about california issue waster about. It's your about louisiana just all these different disclosures and ethnic groups being you know being around so many different People asians Black people How all types of hispanic people Hawaiian people termine polish name. It i had these types of people in my classes. It was the melting pot and it was a truly remarkable amazing experience in cancer to be around so much diversity. Very cool a couple more questions for charles. Tillman you you're wide receiver at high school and you get to the louisiana lafayette and they're making you a corner. You played for the region. Cajun's is that something that you because that's kind of what richard sherman did it stanford to. We're make you a corner and it's you know. It's maybe not as glorious as being the guy scoring touchdowns. Did you take to that to official water. Did you kind of resist the genome. My sophomore junior year. I was a safety. I pledge safety. I was like the all district of free safety and i think my senior year. I grow a little bit and i was pre athletic in the head coach. Said we're taking from defense. We're gonna make you a receiver. So i don't really spend one full year at receiver owned bars and i did fairly well. But my head coach said to the They're like hey. I got this kid you know. He's a receiver. I think he'd be better dp than he would. Veer seaver and for eight. I didn't care whether i play receiver. Or maybe i enjoy in portland. I enjoyed football and it was fun. So as long as i had the opportunity to play the game i loved album cleaning position. Cool i remember. Of course you'd spend your whole career with the bears until that last year with with carolina. And i know you did your knee but super bowl fifty. I was at that game and the opening night which they had at the shark tank and you guys were all walking around with your those white pullovers super bowl fifty logo on it. It will be back. Yeah was that bittersweet. I mean you know you could get a ring. But i mean how does that all feel for him so the experiences. It's good experience that not a lot of people can say they've had and i've had the opportunity to two times. The terrible part about that experience is not having the ability to play for not being able to have the ability to play because my my torn. acl I tried to make up for it by being. A coach on the sideline being a cheerleader. Being the waterboy way I really just tried to be extra is on the sideline of coach and see something. I really just wanted to do everything anything in my power to help us when they came. But i really think. And i'm not saying i'm the the person who made a difference but i think by myself being up there we could you know. Had all of our starters that we had at the start of the season. I think outcome could have been. It might have been the same. But i i possibly could have been different. If all of our you know healthy players play and goes for both of bold even when we played the annapolis coats back in michael seven januario seven or fed up and say world. But yeah i think the same exactly In february we had all our stars playing especially with defense. Yeah and as a as a raider fan. I hate the broncos rooting for you guys and ham coming in the mvp. The an offense that was scoring fifty points a game. I mean you can't help. that'd be disappointed right. Yeah i mean Yeah very disappointed of. I'm own two super bowls with payment. He's beaten twice. So i'm gonna pay many fan as it pertains to super bowls. But i haven't done anything on my wall Finally last year Just before. Kobe hit you wrote across like michigan and you got nearly two hundred grand raise for for childhood cancer that to me. Of course that's a very noble on wonderful thing but it also seems really scary to What was that like. So i have a fear of water. Big bodies of water. I'm not a fan of it especially in little both But i had a lot of stake in it meaning. We built both from scratch my partner jake jake in roy partner. I had a lot of faking. And i don't like being scared. Things like the kind of compromise fears and what better way than to one built a boat when you know. You're not a good carpenter. You're not macgyver. Type guy so Our school in two ruling the boat. It really wasn't about me. It wasn't about jake about. Why are we doing this for neuroblastoma childhood cancer right to bring awareness to and it was one of the most peaceful time the best time. The rosen nighttime. I still story masan. You know a guy tells. Abraham you'll have as many descendants all of our stars in the sky. We reform in michigan but somewhere michigan a dark sky and i saw every frigging star in the sky and it was the poorest most serenity feeling calming. I've been probably my life. It was sold out so cool. And when you're tired yeah you we had these name on the front of our boat and we would see these names and ultimately that that was winding road because some of the names of the young Pretty young children and some of them survived. Some were still living in some passed away. And i don't know ruin parse like she is is nothing compared to what these these these these Young kids have to go through whether you know dealing with their there. So i'm gonna say it was fun but i. It was a challenge in. I'm glad. I conquer mafia but more importantly i'm hella glad we raised about two hundred grand like that was spell awesome. It's great stuff and continuing to do great work. Checkout charles tillman dot org the book middle school rules dot com slash. Tillman and of course through smile amazon. You can give to charity as well every time you make a purchase charles. Thanks for being on the show man. You just You're very admirable guy. And i appreciate everything you do And let's catch up again sometime in. Take it easy cova. Free up they say all right. Thank you very much. I'm rick tuttle. We got a free segment on the other side. One eight hundred eight seven eight play. Come on back on sports plan using an overpriced trash bag pricey pricey bag that breaks the a bag saggy. You gotta snag. Have these strong trash bag. Always at an ultra low price. It has arm and hammer odor control so your nose. And your wallet will be hefty ultra-strong trash bags hefty strong all day. Long hello and welcome back to the ronnie do each tax program on the line is paul from california. Hi paul what's your tax problem today. Hi ronnie love your show listen. I've got a big problem. See my paycheck was gorgeous. Last week. i only get half the normal amount to make matters worse. 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Indeed you do the moment you sponsor job on indeed you get a shortlist of quality candidates from our resume database indeed delivers two and a half times. More hires than the other brandon jobsites combined according to breezy. Hr twenty nineteen visit indeed dot com slash credit. And get a seventy five dollars credit for your first job. Post terms and conditions apply win. Do broadcasters go too far where does hilarity stop and vulgarity. Began the all dirty rats back. I don't know dow. don't ask rick tidwell to bring it because it already done got brought it already done gotten braaten by the way i sent a tweet out to all. Nfl teams get five. Qb's squads just go ahead and even if you want the saint. Mary's quarterback and we drop football on three one. Eight hundred seventy playboy charles. Tillman fricken amazing. Or what Didn't even mentioned half the things. This guy does But i mean to take your platform. You're stardom your voice and to turn it into helping that many people is astounding. But i wanna get back now and by the way the lines are opening you get one eight hundred eight seven play and talk about. Let's get engendered hung. How about the the worst playoff teams are talked about in ninety nine. There were two eight eight teams. The cowboys other was the lions. And the thing that. I think that's most interesting about that. Lions team and ninety nine is that they were five and eleven in ninety eight and then barry sanders retired. That's all i had going for him. What do they do. They linate nate and they made the playoff that was number robert porcher. The defensive end had fifteen sacks the receivers jemaine crawl. And charlie johnny morton and the quarterbacks begin charlie's was charlie batch but anyway. let's go to vince. Who is out in lafayette. What's up vince. Yeah let's talk a little bit about the sharks just skype to the hockey news. Charge ten dollars a month for that thing and apple and you know you get a magazine. Just get it on the internet but They were talking. They had the fifty best hockey players in the nhl sharks zero. They had to thirty best rookie coming up. Sharks had zero. They did this guy. The sharks is in dire straight that they're going to actually stink for the next few years and it's because they have no salary. Space know rookies and Teams actually in disarray. They said pickles is not the fence may was a few years ago. Of course neither burns or carlson and they're actually in Doesn't look good. So i'm wondering you know i was against that. Carlson sign you've been. Now they're talking about i. Guess because at the losses the nhl took When you re opened the season the owners want to renegotiate the salaries for one year and fifty percent cut. I guess they're talking about the cost of salary. Board said it could play or they're just not gonna play next year because they'll say it's cheaper shut it down and and to pay the salaries and have empty seats so i don't know what the players are going to do but they're going to have to take a big pay cut for one year because it looks like it'll be vacant you know. Maybe it'll just play two thirds of the season and then go into the playoffs. Try to catch up. But it looks really bad for the sharks. I mean i i wonder. House wilson gonna keep the spot. But i can see why no good coach wanted to come in in san jose to coach because it was a guaranteed getting fired within a couple of years. Job i mean. I i just and they said by the way jones dell was a worse goalie tandem in the history. Nhl history history. They said no. I don't know about that. They really bad remembered. They've been back always before rally bad both combing actually they where the worst they were both under nine which is unheard of. You really think you're under nine. That's why and they were both under nine. So that was the worst handyman. The history of the league. They say for both goalies because they had they had worse goalie but not the other goalie wasn't bad and now the and and like i said with the sars plan planet do and i am hoping it works out for them that rushing guy that they brought over is sitting in in The you know the miners. I guess for year and then the guy that got from minnesota he had promised because his wife was real sick but the nhl they were talking about. They think he's doesn't have it anymore. They think he's gonna be bad too so it's going to be really bad for the goalie going forward in a for this year as well but let's hope he has it. He comes back if he doesn't. I don't know what they're gonna do with jones I think it just going to take out the salary but they're so sorry. Strap you know the way. The new contract was written was a ten year contract where they don't raise the salary limit until they make up the losses that they had so they're not going raise that salaries ceiling for years and years so just basically signing players are minimum minimum for the next three or four years until they get rid of all those contracts. I mean you can't tell me. Burned his worth anything anymore. I mean he's got four years left canes that this is this is the price you pay when you go for it you know. And that's you have to a reward these type of contracts. The guys and they did get to the finals. And they tried to keep the window open by getting aid and keeping him and getting carlson and keeping them and And if it doesn't work out it doesn't work out and so the joe thornton. Patty marlow era ended without a cup. And so that's why an polski. And so you try to think hopefully could sure and the to eke as and and burns it as you say they can build with some of the young guys with the the alexander trues of the world and imo meyer as he starts to get a little bit older and hopefully with Hurdle and some of the other guys. But i mean you know they. They went for it. They didn't reach the mountain top. But i still like it. I like doug wilson. I would like to keep doug wilson around because my is almost always make the playoffs and You know there's something to be said for that and we'll them talking about as early years. You never should sign contracts more than three years. He blasts chicago and he went for it. I mean he came close. I mean if it wasn't jones was an average goalie they would have won the stanley cup. Just an average or even below average but he was great. He was great that you're on the playoffs. Though he was literally eight. Ninety five eight ninety five was was as Just what it wasn't a season it was. I think it was eight ninety six season. Eight ninety five in the playoffs because he had some games he just gave up a ton of goals and other games you could. That's why i. I can't understand which wall jones i really can't. I mean he's really hard to figure out because usually you should think for every game but there's some games he looks like patrick walk and then there's other games it looks like you're out there. I mean it's just you know it's a joke. And i i don't understand how the how do fifty goals so a little bit. Gosh okay but what. I'm saying i don't understand what's wrong with judge because i think it's more than a head than it is in physical because you how can you can't be great one game and then let you know and you could see the so the sharks when they when let's easy goals and they just completely that down and they're not not trying anymore because they're you know three or four goals behind in the first periods. 'cause he's letting insult colds and i. It's really frustrating. So i don't know. I i just think they're gonna stink. Everybody thinks hurled won't be traded. I think most of those guys are gonna get traded and a trade deadline comes up again because the sharks have no minor league system. I mean zero. The the the thirty teams ranked to sharks number one for the worst minor league players coming up so i think they would trade suppliers and really tank and get You know picks and minor league players. That are pretty good shirts tank at the tank. Yeah they're thank you. Well they're not gonna tank intentionally they're just gonna say what do you think about bringing a guy back like nieta because i yawned when i saw that well. They don't have any money. I mean he signed minimal minimal. I mean seventy thousand so you're not gonna get a star signing for seven hundred thousand. Lost belsky if they didn't find 'cause they signed had some money left over get some good players but they they really have no money. They have nothing. They had like three or four players that get signed a minimum contracts with and they had to keep a few leftover in case. They have to bring up some players for with injuries. But they don't have room at all they can't sign anybody for three or four million. They just don't do anything else on your mind today. Yeah last thing. I'll say is With with With the warriors. I r- i. I read that they were planning or not. They're not playing. But if you go to vegas. They're better the over and under thirty seven winge. So do you think the war is over under that. Thirty seven our way under way under. Yeah i mean. That's and i don't know i think they're center. They got is going to be really good. I i mean. I'm super excited remember i. I won't over player last year. I was all excited about him. I'm i'm just as excited about the center. We got. i think he's going to be a stud. I think there's got to see we got to see play on. Tv over and over and over again and he was there for four years. James wiseman played three games in college. So i'm not as confident. But i hope you're right. No i think it's going to be a really good player. I really do. But and i think but i think green is going down but Philadelphia guys are gonna take over spot because they played the same vision. I think green is going to go in the second squad and he's going to i one which isn't bad. I mean we gotta studt thank god. We got him. I mean you know so and then you got wiseman. I think that their front line is going to be so much different. And i'm just hoping that when we bring back Are because back from his his Kelly's injury Klay does i hope he's like at least requires it what he was. I mean that guy was by far. I think most underrated player. I think he was the best warriors i know. Everybody loves cl- klay What's his name Curry everybody loves but yeah but clay to me. Was the best player on a team and you know by far he 'cause he plays so much defensive he didn't play defense like that. He could have put up thirty forty points a game easy. I mean he was that good of a shooter. But when you're playing that kinda defense on the best player you're tiring out that you can't shoot as well. I mean and you players don't like to do that. They're going to get paid because of that. But clay to me. And i. I believe he's better than any player that they had when you were win the championship. If you look at the record when plays out it's under five hundred everybody else over five hundred. When he got hurt he's the only player was under five hundred. That's why i'm thinking thirty. Seven winning be accurate because clay but they may be never know. Because i think you're gonna get this is gonna be awesome. I really do. I don't know about that guy from arizona. I mean he he was a real. He's gonna be in santa cruz figuring she signed. It was a two way contract dollars cup of coffee. But he'll he'll be like kyw bowman probably. Yeah and i mean just signed with the clippers but non-guaranteed and other guy that they got. I'm trying to remember the guy from Oklahoma is he going to be half decent or is he just a rental for one year. Now i think he's gonna be a good player and that's if they do you go over five hundred it's gonna be because of him events. Thanks the call man. i got around vince. I'm rick tuttle. We'll take a quick break. Come back on sports byline. Hey travelers do you want to save money on your next flight. Then pick up the phone and call. That's right call because the best prices are not online. They're with smartfares. See smartfares has special deals with the airlines. When they have unsold seats they use smartfares to fill them. So you get airline tickets at ridiculously low prices. Our prices are to low to publish online with the extra money. you'll save. You can book another trip for. 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So just going over some of these bad playoff teams and i said we had all these eight and eight teams. Make the playoffs and it was like the vikings no four eight hundred eight. The rams and four eight and eight the giants. They also got in there at eight eight in two thousand and six chargers aid and then for the first time ever. We had a losing team wanting to ten the seahawks at seven and nine. And you might remember. Marshawn lynch is sixty seven yard run which capped off the first playoff win. And the pete carroll era and it served as the final win for matt hasselbeck who leads seattle to the super bowl five years earlier Seven and nine was good enough to win that division back then but then. We had the true abomination and that was in two thousand fourteen. The worst team ever to make the playoffs the panthers seven eight and one they were three eight and one that they won four in a row and became only the second team with a losing record to make the playoffs and cam newton dealt with injuries throughout that year but of course the next year we were just you can with someone on the team peanut. Tillman he got the. Mvp in the panthers went fifteen and one and stormed into super bowl fifty where they laid a big fat stinky egg. Now if you made a rule that said you have to be at least eight ever ballgames supposed to be six and six or five but if you made a rule where it said we don't even care if he won the division no one from your division gets to go to the playoffs. I'd be okay with that rule. You have to be at least eight and eight. otherwise we'll just pick the next best team and we'll get a million tiebreakers Unless there's no other team with a winning record. But i would be okay with a if you were going to be six and ten. We don't want the likes of view all right until end on that happy note and we'll see tomorrow nine am a have brain damage and this You're listening to the heartland newsfeed radio network line. Hartland dot com. This stream is supported by advertises and contributions by follow us on facebook. Twitter and instagram's. The biden team continues to take shape while lisa brady fox news of the pleasure of announcing key nominations and appointments for the critical economic positions in administration that president-elect formerly introducing another round of nominees moments ago again including some former members of the administration former fed chief. Janet yellen would be the first female treasury secretary narrate hand in the first woman of color and south asian american to be budget chief. First team. that's going to get us through this ongoing economic crisis and help us building konami back not just build it back to build back better than it was before has faced some bipartisan criticism including from senate republicans. Who would vote on her nomination. There's still hope in the lame duck. Congress for more corona virus relief. Fox's jared halpern is live on capitol hill and treasury secretary. Steve mnuchin says congress should use more than four hundred billion dollars in unspent. Copa related loans to provide additional economic. Relief i would say things like p p p and Unemployment that running are running out our high on the less. Republican leaders have expressed support for a targeted relief. Bill around half a trillion dollars. Democratic leaders are pushing for far more totalling about two trillion dollars. A bipartisan group of lawmakers is outlined a potential compromise of about nine hundred billion dollars that total would include money for state and local governments in short term liability shields from covert related lawsuits. Lisa thanks jared a panel of scientific experts is about to tackle one of the pressing questions of the pandemic. Whose first in line for a vaccine. A cdc advisory committee holding virtual meeting to vote on a proposal that would give priority to healthcare workers and patients in long term care facilities including nursing homes. That would represent about twenty three million americans. America is listening to fox news. You've had enough to deal with this year so don't over. Think your holiday gifts since we've all been living in spanish. Anyway it's time for some pro level. Tommy john lounge wear. I'm aaron. Fujimoto co-founder of tommy john and this year. 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Cosby's twenty eighteen sexual assault conviction prosecutors and seeking cosby's convictions and the crime of isolating drugging and assaulting women was a signature offense. There were questions about that from the bench. Citing studies showing drugs and alcohol as a common factor in sex assault cases. Cosby is serving three to ten years for molesting andrea constand but women. He befriended at temple university. The defense called prosecutors arguments vague concerning other women who say cosby took advantage of them. The state maintains the alleged victims common stories. Show a patter. a court. Ruling is months away. Grenell scott fox news. The trump campaign's till challenging election results in court claiming fraud the latest lawsuit in wisconsin which certified it's results yesterday a zoo and fresno california is hoping the second to stolen birds is found safe and sound on mir threatened. Nicobar pigeon is back safe at home at the fresno chaffee zoo but a critically endangered lesser. Sulphur crested cockatoos. Charlotte is still missing. Hoping that someone might see something or know something to help us get back charlie. Do marketing director brandy combining speaking to fox twenty-sixth in fresno fresno police have video of a person breaking into the bird exhibit this past weekend. Stanching the two birds but with the stroke of luck. Someone spotted the nicobar pigeon out on the east side of town and he thought there notice that it looks different from the regular birds that are native to this area. Rob dawson fox. Fans streets hoping for vaccine success and maybe a stimulus bill. The dow is up two hundred eighty points despite some mixed reports on the economy. Construction spending jumping in october but us factories growing at a slower pace in november and lisa brady this holiday season find cold with cozy and tommy john underwear lounge wear pajamas. 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Wfan t shows tomorrow but it is a special week here last week special week as well because thanksgiving as a result we have more than ever to talk about. We finally yesterday got the ratings. For awa steve last wednesday night last year a year ago a w got slaughtered the night before thanksgiving and the conclusion was well. Guess everybody went out to the bars. Well here we are in the middle of a pandemic and so the feeling was a lot of bars closed. So maybe the a w number is gonna do great 'cause not everyone's going to go to the bar the night before thanksgiving or be traveling or whatever apparently not. I don't know that says about what everybody was doing the night before. Thanksgiving and thanksgiving in the middle of the pandemic but the night before giving curse struck again for aew. So we'll tell you about that. There's actually a lot to talk about these numbers. Also tomorrow. It is the tv show. Which is the go home show for the games takeover coming up on sunday and also winter is coming the w. show which they are pushing as a pay per view caliber show to our show. The main event is going to get a full hour of needed. So you can figure out when they're gonna place the match but we'll talk about that and a bunch of stuff that tony. Kahn talked about today during a media. Call including shooting down for the eighty fifth time as we have done here on this show and in the observer as well no jon moxley is not losing the title so that he can quarantine and go to wrestle kingdom he might lose the title he might not but it has nothing to do with new. Japan is not scheduled to go to wrestle kingdom. One way the other. We'll talk about everything. Tony khan said and so much more and yes rock becky moment and kick it off wrestling. Observer live sales rising quickly but without another lead baker dale's bakery is going to feel the heat. Hey you're being alone. 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Your family can take their temperatures in second to know where they stand in the fight against covid nineteen protect your family from the spread of this deadly disease and stay safe with ex surgeon. You're listening to wrestling observer. Live with bryan alvarez and mike zimmer. Vv on the sports byline broadcasting network can show bryan alvarez here wrestling observer live mike zimmer phoebe wrestling observer dot com thousand things to talk about. So let's go last wednesday night eight w versus exte- very interesting numbers. If you want to get mad about what. I'm going to say. Go for it. But i can either tell you the truth or i can tell you what it was gonna make you feel better. So officially annexed exte- seven hundred twelve thousand view dynamite. Seven hundred and ten thousand yours so it exte- one in viewership by two thousand viewers now. What actually happened encounters. If you don't have to. I don't care and it's he had overrun and in the head to head to our period. Awa beat them by three thousand viewers butts and exceeds overrun bunch. Awa fans tuned into exte- at in the overrun and extensive winning by two thousand viewers. The demos eighteen to forty nine dynamite point two six rating seventh on cable x t point two rating and twenty fifth on cable individual. Demos dynamite doubled annex t and people eighteen to thirty four tripled and exte- men eighteen to thirty four at t. Obviously one over fifty as they always do point. Three eight and compared to thanksgiving last year when dynamite was murdered. That might was up seven point one percent. Annex exte- was down at twelve point one eight percent overall wednesday viewership was down three point five percent and in males eighteen to forty nine awa. Dynamite was the number one show on cable last wednesday night so those are the numbers he can all go nuts right now with your blood well this up but it go for it. Knocked sells out. I'm telling you the numbers we also had may. I thought you're going to throw to me after that now. I'm sure you have nothing. You have something to add to this. I do have some ned all right. Let's hear it because you can make numbers do anything. And i'm sure somebody can't i mean these young actual numbers. You can present numbers in any sort of way that you want. Percents number teased number one on cable. Well i can't because the numbers are the numbers. They're just when you said a narrative like that. I cannot do that but if you wanted to say okay. There were positive sprinting. If you want to plant that flag he can. They were up forty two point nine percent in from last week in eighteen to forty nine. They were up. Eleven percent overall. They got over seven hundred thousand. That was all good. You know if you want to look at that individually away from a w you can do that and maybe you should do that if you're at next state but the other thing though for a w is were to me. The bigger deal is in the last. They haven't been under seven hundred thousand since june twenty-fourth that was a show leading into fighter. Fess six hundred and thirty. Three thousand in the twenty one weeks since then. They've averaged nearly eight hundred and ten thousand people a week. And i think that's the most important thing is they are not dropping under seven next. He's dying as they sit at six thirty three six eighty eight every week to try to get to seven hundred thousand. You know there's only about one and a half people that are you know million people that are watching wrestling on wednesday night at least at our. We're getting numbers on the next day. So they are annexed. Ea doug awa is the one that is like holding really pat with that and leading the charge. Now these still need to build. But that's one of the more important numbers even if annex fans want to say hey we claim victory for one week. The reality is aws doing so much of a better job. Investing their audience than the annexed. He is now you can have the next five and a half minutes to go nuts on them. Done with numbers we got. Winter is coming tomorrow and tony. Kahn did a did a media call in here. Are the big notes from this call. Jon moxley is not wrestling at wrestle kingdom. So all of the theories about what they're doing the match on tv because they're gonna take the title of moxley and then he's going to quarantine for two weeks and he's going to wrestle for new japan. I mean we've been talking about this for weeks whether he wins or loses and honestly whether he shows up on the new japan show or not. He's either winning or losing based on what they have in their story lights they are not booking their world title around. Not jon moxley. Going to work at the tokyo dome if john moxie is working at the tokyo dome and they want him to remain champion. He's going to remain the champion. They'll just take whatever for television. But according to tony kahn. He's not working wrestle kingdom so whether he wins or loses has nothing to do with new japan pro wrestling what he noted was yes pay per view numbers hundred thousand visor or whatever for these shows that's great for revenue but the reality is we make the vast majority of our revenue off television. And we're still going to build two big pay per view events but we have a lot of television shows. The we have scheduled that are going to be designed like winter is coming where their pay per view caliber shows their pay per view caliber matches and we may get a title change tomorrow for all. I know. i don't know what's going to happen. But television is the lifeblood of this company more so than pay per view. If they have television they can do great numbers on pay per view. If they lose television they could probably do decent numbers on pay per view but the numbers will be down and they may not be able to stay in business. They need television. Television is far and away number one and they lose and television and television partners are incredibly happy with them. You see tnt drama and granted. It's just a twitter feed. But when they're doing their tweeting out a picture of john silver saying you know who is this guy. And it's like you know they. Tnt is all in with them and it's just it's amazing. They used to be the they were big on their dramas the same way. That usa was big on those light type of comedy dramas that they were big on. And then just this is how television changes in a w right place right time. They have somebody a partner. They're working with. Who are all in with them not that. Usa's not or fox's isn't with wwe it's just it's a different type of relationship that's growing right now that they have going on so to have these type of shows absolutely. I don't know if you know th they'll have twelve year if they could if they could make money off of them. But i would be great with four big awa pay per views a year in these big television specials. Built up to clash of the champions sort of things you know obviously not with that name but treating him as as the original ones were as something a little bit special these special type of events. I think it's great. He said that they're seriously. Thinking of implementing trios titles as we figured it will not take place this year but it is under consideration for twenty twenty one. So we'll find out when that happens. He pushed a statement about the balance of power changing on the show. Where pock return could play out more. Tomorrow would play out more tomorrow and in the weeks to come. He noted television the biggest revenue stream he position. Moxley versus omega is the company's biggest match of twenty twenty. He said the two wrestlers will be given sixty minutes. If needed for the match. The match will go on last but be given a lot of time and if not the full sixty minutes hinted at an overrun if needed so basically if the match starts at twenty minutes past the top of the hour maybe they're going to be going forty minutes or maybe they're going to be going sixty minutes. Apparently there will be an overrun if needed. According to khan i think they should do and overrun anyway. One just to to stick a ten x t a little bit you can do it subtly but you you do it with a legitimate reason you have the excuse like i said you gotta willing partner that you're working with with the network if they let you do a little bit of an overrun and make it something special at the the last minutes. Yes absolutely you should do something like that. I'm a big fan of the going to a draw anyway. I absolutely tolerate that. So i'd be all in for something like that though. Plenty of a real crowd more than a thousand fans tomorrow as they did for full gear more wrestling than a usual dynamite constructed closer to a two hour pay per view. He's happy with the rating from wednesday. Because they were number one on cable mills eighteen to forty nine and he said normal business practices when you add so much new talent under contract. Is that you get rid of people. But he said this is a pandemic. It is difficult to get new work in wrestling. He does not want to let people go at this point in time conceding doing that in all sports socks and at some point you have to you but he feels this is not the right time they have released zero individuals actually with the exception of people that stuff came out in the metoo But other than that nobody has been released as a result of the pandemic unlike some companies. Thirty years experience on sido to mention that kind of stuff. I don't like to make people mad. Hello i don't care make. Command came after the break is my point using might hold that thought. Sorry echina- moments for life. Don't even recognize myself anymore. I'm really worried about him addiction. I haven't seen them like this ever. I never want to start using. I knew the drill. But i was out of options. I just wanna tell him. It's not your fault there. Are people out there who can help people who have felt your pain. They know what you're going through this. I'm losing everything everyone you've been strong your whole life. You can do this but you have to reach out for help. It's time i can do. This addiction is a disease and diseases. New treatment call quit drugs. Three two one now at eight hundred three three eight six nine zero six eight hundred three three eight six nine zero six. That's eight hundred. Three three eight sixty nine six paid for by the detox and treatment help line. Do you owe ten thousand dollars or more on at least two federal student loans. 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Three to five seventeen eighty. You're listening to wrestling. Observer live with bryan alvarez and mike v on the sports byline broadcasting network bryan alvarez here wrestling observer live a mike zimmer vp also wrestling observer. Hey by the way. It's that time of year again. I don't even think we did it last year. It is time for you to have the opportunity to co host. The brian and vinnie. And maybe craig and maybe granny show. If you go to my twitter at bryan alvarez stick up there at the top the first of four ebay auctions for a slots on the brian and vinnie. Show you get to choose the show you can do. The tuesday show with retro. Ri- you can do the thursday show with a w an x t do the sunday show with saturday night's main event or whatever we review head of there right now. Since we're now on video regularly you also for the first time ever have the opportunity to not only co host but skype video. You can be on the show skype video saying hello to the world video data for w online dot com. It's bigger than ever. Everybody and the first auction is up right. Now we're going to do one a week for four weeks. If you win the auction i give you the different shows that we do which i presume you know. Who's going to bid listened to shows but you get to pick the show the date etc when i pick the show like let's say you decide. I want to review the post invasion episode of smackdown. All right go for it or you can just do. Whatever i wanted to saturday's made event from october of ninety three. Or whatever you get to pick you do not get to say video review the room. I wanna do that. Show don't work like the pro There's not enough money that you could put into that auction to be able to have a review some goofy movie. Okay scott to be one of our usual shows so anyway if you want to bid now's your chance. The current one goes through sunday. When this one's over we'll put up a new one four slots only and if you go to my twitter you can see some of the past individuals that have won the action talking about how much fun it was and those people didn't even get to be on video. They were doing it over the phone. So brave new world. Everybody go have fun now. We've got two big show's coming up. These are the lineups for the shows. And actually i mostly want to talk about an exte- because we'll talk about a w plenty tomorrow. I think everybody knows most of the card anyway. But they have added on social media out of nowhere completely random on a monday or whatever. Then rhea ripley is now the third member of team shotsie ed wargames so right now it is. Is it a card for the show. We have the undisputed era versus team mcafee wargames match. We have team shotsie versus team candice in a war games match for team candice. We have candice the coda. Raquel and tony's storm less than a week before the show for team shotsie. We have shotsie amber. They have just announced. Rhea ripley i presume that they will announce by those are the members of that team. We have leon rough. Versus johnny gargano and damian priest in a triple threat match and we have dexter loomis versus cameron. Grimes in a strap match that is the lineup for takeover. And it tomorrow on annex. T we have a whopping one match announced head to head with winter is coming and that is raquel versus shot for the woman advantage. Which of course means rebels going to win unless they're completely out of their minds which watching the show. Lately i guess as possible. The baby faces will win the The the man advantage in the women's match at presumed that's how they're gonna phrase based on person advantage. Now that's how they do it mike they. They were very specific that it's a women's iron man match so it's clearly the man advantage in the women's laura games now what i do. I'm just telling you what they do. Would you have turned tony storm. Suddenly out of nowhere out of your mind. Can you us what we need in. This company is more heels. Jeez so we have any baby faces. They're actually have more there that we do on the main roster but yeah but still look there half ass and to me. I don't know maybe. They think they're doing magic work with number but ember just never seems to to have a foothold where she needs one. She didn't feel like she has it. Now leon rough. That was an interesting way to introduce him into the proceedings. I'm still baffled over. Thacher so i am. Even though he's not a baby face but again who's supposed to be. The baby facing the chop chop was out there. Killing jake atlas and hate seeing entire locker room i mean i don't know bp surreal. I have no idea so they're just like on the main roster again. There's a lot of things that i just i see. I cringe because it's just a mirror of the main roster of the main roster aspects brought down and there's another great example you cannot build baby faces on the main roster or now in annexed and that's obviously incredibly frustrating. Unless it's a guy like a damian pres to has got all those kind of he'll equality's anyway like drew mcintyre somebody who's actually skilled and being a heel you know who's been around for a little bit those of the guys that seem to do the best as baby faces and i mean my god. You need some levels of different types of baby faces around right. Here's a very quick look at raw. And then we'll go to your feedback here so we had a moment of bliss segment where alexa bliss is acting like a ten year old girl who is a. He'll randy orton is talking to her like. She's a ten year old girl rainier and says that she is braise weakness. Bray appears when the lights come back on randy is holding alexa in his arms he throws alexa at the fiend and then he leaves laughing anybody. Sorry somehow somehow related that randy's the heel and the fiend and alexa are baby faces in what universe i always in what universe and like there is no answer like if they're infinite universe's which some physicists argue i might add like none of them are somehow brain alexa baby faces except the wwe universe. We add the symphony of destruction match. With which jeff. Hardy one. I jeff hardy gets killed with the needed. The face then he does send ton off the post and hits the back of his head on the steel steps. Apparently he's fine and the worst k. Fehb injury is elias stuck a piece of wood in a speaker and it electrocuted. If you stick your current travel through wooded if anybody who stick you in the wrong place in it's gonna get hot loud. This ridiculous doesn't make any sense. Met riddles got a new character. Where he's the most annoying wrestler on the roster. Actually he's less than than the ms so by the last time where i said. Hey maybe it was a cumulative effect of the show that ran that number of the toilet. Where the ms and worse than we're in the final. Say bro. I tried to what i won't i won't do it this time. After seeing that. At the end seeing ms i guess being so hard fought battle. Forget about his own stipulation in. Aj making him cash in how that whole thing played out. Oh god it was bad. That was not good for as many good things as wwe actually has when you just think about the matches. The ms being involved here is not one of those things so we had to retribution. Doing a promo aware slap. Jack referred to him as a husk should have been his name. Husk of a man. So this leads you. This tucker's named should have been should have been otis in husk. So this leads to a match where ricocheted as a promo where he basically tells us that he's going to go through retribution. One member to time so we can get to all leave so it begins with a slap. Jack could be a long voyage for rick. Whatever you'll never get there bro. Oh my god. We have a ridiculous. Ms morrison segment where there is annoying as humanly possible to lead to the main event. Yes the main event of the lowest rated hour in the history of raw dating back to nineteen ninety-one was miz and morrison vs drew mcintyre. So here we are turning up the annoying to a thousand with the ms and then advertising that he's going to be in the main event again with morrison versus shameless and drew mcintyre. So good luck. We got osc and lana last week. Beat night and shayna in a non title match. They're rewarded with a non title match. They win again and this time. It's so funny well into that later let me just get through all the things. They don't talk in detail so savior and cedric a match. Where cedric goes for a dive. He misses he hits the barricade he falls down dead. Xavier throws them in the ring. Get in the ring. Central just comes back to life and it's with the lumbar check in went. They book that cooper to powers and by the way you gotta teased dissension at all times. So cedric last man. In to the the hurt business now is teasing dissension. So the great thing about the show. Keith lee matt riddle. Aj then a really good match. And as i suspected yesterday we got two young guys that just debuted within the last six months and then we got a guy is forties. It's been there for years and so of course. Aj so it's aj. Drew mcintyre review. Actually okay with that. We have dana. Brooke beating mia yim and yes. I know. it's me again because her mouth. Gimmick fell off and all the announcers had to bury it x t six feet under by pretending. They had no idea who mia yim was. They're doing it any way. They barely made her up. They put a little face her hair still blue. It's me kim. Dana ends up beating her. Yeah because you had teased. Dissension there to always. We set up riddle versus lashley with his annoying gimmick. Like lashley's clearly the baby face here. We have a drew mcintyre. Promo where he tells ms to. Just keep that briefcase or you won't be relevant anymore and then yes true and shame versus ms morrison. Dbq finish and then force ms to cash in but before he can drew lays out no cash. Luckily they had that three way to third hour except records back in a moment using overpriced trash bag pricey pricey bag that breaks. Maybe windy are smelly bag. You gotta snag these alter strong trash bag always at an ultra low price. It has arm and hammer odor control so your nose. And your wallet will be hefty ultra-strong trash bags hefty strong all day. Long at twenty eight. I'd struggled with opiate and meth addiction for twelve years. I didn't said things that the sober me never would have done one day. I realized i was not invincible. I was not exempt. 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Have your family start and end their day with the only home thermometer used and recommended by hospitals doctors and nurses your family can take their temperatures in second to know where they stand in the fight against covid nineteen protect your family from the spread of this deadly disease and stay safe with ex surgeon. You're listening to wrestling observer. Live with brian. L. perez and mike semper vv on the sports byline broadcasting network. Well during the break i had. Somebody sent me a video. From survivor. Series and jaso doing running undertaker dive over the top rope onto the pile and in fact you can see him fall. Right on runs. Romans left leg and broken grabs his knee and away ago. So story is noted. Is it ron. Strowman was scheduled to face drew mcintyre. Tlc but he got the leg injury and he is rehabbing it. I didn't hear anything about surgery. Just that they're they're rehabbing itself. Presumably he won't be out that long. But i guess we'll see but that appears to be where the injury happened so i want to mention something about this. Lana thing as just amazing to me so clearly. They want to do something with lana and they wanted to for a long time. Great okay. whatever. So last week. While i we have survivor series where she stands on the steps the rest of our whole team. The other team gets eliminated and she wins because she was standing there like okay. Great some came up with stupid idea and they did it. How does that get her over at all. Makes her look like he'll she celebrates like she won the title agronaut table. Not only. did you stand there. But you stood there because you're team leader bullied you standing there and then you just did it like a coward. She wins so then we get. Lana at oscar versus shaded anaya last week and the finish of that one is shayna. Baszler is choking lana to death in. And she's like dead some conscious and then she's being choked oscar rolls up shayna and she pins her so lot of did nothing but die but our team won the match so then she goes up the ramp and she's celebrating like we won this match. She could be north american champion. I'm like oh god so She thinking taking bets person says whether or not raw tonight we will mention our show. What happened on main event. Last week that led to tonight's something there was a main event angle that led to this really. Tell me what it was. I don't know actually you know what don't do not tell me what led to this. I want to see if they tell me. Because i did not watch main event i do not know what angle shot on. Main event lead to symphony of destruction. So don't tell me. I just want to watch and see if they alert me or if it's just a mystery. Oh by the way. I know people are probably on you or may have been on you about. Did you see talking smack with the deal with paul. Heyman and kevin owens and to be honest. If you've seen paul heyman stick before. I don't think it really missed anything. And in fact. I think it may end up being better off in highlights that they show during the show on on on friday night and i believe that they will if they don't they're complete idiots because it was good but the whether it was revolutionary or not it really was and it was just very paul heyman where they did work real life things in and you know. They played it incredibly. Well and paul was left staring off into the distance with kayla asking them if if what he asked what he said to. Kevin owns roman reigns. It would be upset about it so it was very well done but it was nothing. I don't think you really have to go out of your way to see as long as they present. Some of it in highlight form on smackdown this week. Okay so this person here says got different texts. The first person says this is only the second time that randy has been on a moment of bliss. Brian and get another text message immediately from someone who says randy has been on moment of bliss. Two times tonight is the third so it looks like nobody actually knows how many times these two people to call in right now in battle over. Who is correct about this. Do we have the technology for this. I want these people to state their cases and call out the other one for being a dirty liar he houston. You're on the air what's going on. It's not lying. it's being confused. By how many times repeating. Go ahead houston. Hey good afternoon. This is carlos from houston texas shot the twitch homeys Apology security covered this earlier in the program is i'm just now tuning in But considering mexico currently has a fourteen day quarantine rule in place Do bull kenny omega. Pinta and phoenix have to quarantine for that amount of time. Considering they've been confirmed triple mania. Well my friend. That is a very good question. And i do not know the answer. Yes triple mania is coming up everybody. And here's the lineup. This will be by the way december twelfth so doing the math no not have to quarantine because they gotta show december second so if he left next day which is december third a two week quarantine would be the seventeenth so apparently know if he goes he is not doing a two week. Quarantine before triple mania. So can you make versus laredo kid. He's defending his. Triple a super mega heavyweight title. They now call the mega title. And obviously if kenny omega awa champion and he actually goes to triple mania he is not losing a match. At least via pinfall or submission to laredo. Katie could be counted out or something like that to lose the title. The title changes on count outs. But they're not. There's no way kenny's winning the title going and doing a job for triple a pinfall. It's just not happening. But that is the match their begun chessman hair versus hair match the clowns monster clown murder clown in psycho clown facing blue demon junior. Eeo day l. a. parkin l. a. Park and yeah phoenix and pentagon versus mister c's junior and octagon junior as well as raise scorpion and tejano junior for the triple eight pedal. So we'll see. I mean right now. Everything's second you're burying the possibly the best match on the show of my burying maximo mr iguana. Oh yes in nino hammer. Servini against carter. Whatever carter bravo. Junior mocha junior. Tito santana important part of this whole thing. We might get tito santana maximo interaction. I'm happy you know what. I'm not happy about though because i know you're reading this off the front page and went to the front page of the site. As soon as he called in so he can actually bring up the triple lineup. And instead accidentally i clicked on the live. Free livestream link that tells everybody about this show and how they can listen to it who is in charge of quality control here and put up that picture of me. Who did that brian. I'm still baffled about your santana comment. What it's not. It's not the same. Tito santana bro. What i'm me swerving. I'm using that picture right there for the front page tomorrow. What's the ghost of taco alonzo. Is this what is going on here. Is there a aaa tito santana. Well i mean that's your lean. When i say it's not santana you're thinking about. That's the tito saint. Joan i want. I can guarantee you if you still to go to a new jersey indie tito santana might actually be working on a show. Why didn't they get the real tito santana. Well i mean the real. Te'o santana's old. I've seen you can't still go but probably five years old right now or something probably looks the exact same callers. i've never. I've never said this before in my life but please save the show. You're on the air. What's going on and low me. Check us Mail and But your whole pot with live. I agree with you with the whole fact that that'd be that'd be probably the best that's ever ever have at least for now. And they squander them and i've been thinking of maybe. Hey maybe i should actually start to watch it again. You know for the people that i like the peeve hansi where they're going because i hurt business is doing well john no. It's him has gone. Well buddy listen. I want to thank you very much for the call. Sixty seven by the way the wf tito santana. So here's the deal. My friend listen. Everyone always asks if this weren't your job. Would you even watch monday night. Raw and missing nadan is if this were not my job. I'd watch annex. Tna w and probably watch smackdown but like. There's no way. I'm sitting down for three hours. Watching ron monday night. It's too long. Okay now what i would do. I would always have it on my dvr. And i would do what probably thousands of you within the range. My voice also do. Which is i'd listen or read was good on the shows. I fast forward. That part. I watch it and then that's it. I think that actually probably millions of fans nowadays do that and there is good stuff. There's good stuff on raw and there's good stuff on smackdown like smackdown on friday and watch everything involving roman reigns and nj so and kevin owens. That's that was great. And you should go and watch daniel bryan say as the rest of the show. You don't need to watch it. I'm just being honest with you and raw. I mean same thing. There's three hours of raw and no matter what you think of me. There's no such thing. I don't think i've ever seen three hours of raw. were ever. There was that one redeeming thing about the show. There's always something even if it's a really good match before a bad finish or a good promo. There's always something on the show so you don't have to keep up on it completely. There's a million websites. Obviously i would recommend ours. I where you can go and read the report or you can listen to the review. Dave and i do and you can find out the things on the show that were good and you go spend twenty minutes thirty minutes watching the good stuff and that's it. You're still wrestling fan. You can still support the wrestlers. You like you what you have to sit there and watch three straight hours of ron monday night where largely whatever you think about. W you know with three hours. Always she's going to be something there to fill time. There's always going to be some bad finishes there's always going to be some segment. You've seen three times. We're watching it again. So that's the simple solution man selective viewing and they make it easy to go to their website and we put up the same highlight package that they usually kick out after on smackdown which is a just a condensed version of everything going on and you could get through it relatively quickly and if something catches your eye does go back and watch it. But that's probably how most people view it and as time goes on. Maybe maybe even more see much time. We've got left a right ireland very quickly. You're on the air you got about a minute what's going on. Hey First time longtime ringing from that symbolics hometown break the phone out of our long-term lockdown you guys are keeping me saying i are real quick question Who owns the rights to the four horsemen on because i feel like aws circling that for some time. Now i feel like kenny's the ric flair on feeling that shawn spears is the one who attacked john loughlin. Well i wanna thank you very much for the call and we'll get into that when we come back from the break. Wrestling observer live Most of us to be happens. That's why sunscreen and other safety measures are key to protecting your skin from aging and cancer. 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But i get why we have them. I hear you. And i know it's because you care all the talks we've had over the years including what you've told me about not using alcohol and other drugs they stick with me and believe it or not. They really do make a difference. Especially at times that matter bumps nothing some good so thank you for talking and preparing me for what the heck thanks. Mom never giving up and always being my biggest fear. Thank you for letting me know what you expect. So i can try to meet your expectations for more information about talking with your kids about underage use of alcohol and other drugs visit underage drinking dot samsa dot com. Are you paying too much for term life insurance. There's a tremendous price will are among the major term life. Companies rates have dropped dramatically in the past two years for example. 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Alvarez and mike zimmer. bb on the sports byline broadcasting network. This show bryan alvarez here wrestling observer live reveals wrestling observer dot com. this person. you're says. Could you review the ultimate death match. Movie starring al snow and matt farmer matt far movie wrote. Somebody can firmness. If that's true it's going to be on my watchlist. Did matt just like steal. Credit from paul lazenby or something like that. I don't wanna and i'm like. Oh my god i paying you guys to watch bad. Wwe for me the best decision. I've made i watched the stuff you dave like. It saves me so much time. That will save you a lot of time a friend. How much do i have to donate. Somebody can host the show for me so day off and go to sleep. It's it'll take the day off tomorrow. You can do the show with over you want. Oh you take a day off all the time. you can't even get connected half the time. Hey by the way. Everybody's got to my twitter at bryan alvarez. Right they're sticking to the top the first of four ebay auctions. You can win a chance to co host the brian and vinnie. Show our tuesday retro. Show our thursday. Aws x t show or the sunday. Saturday night's main event. Show so i suggest you head up there and check it out. It's lot of fun. You get to do it over skype video. All of us on the screen at the same time for our lovely viewers videoed unaffordable do online dot com. If you wanted to. You could even do a sunday post pay per view. Show live here for the twitch homeys when that'd be fun get data on here or ryan ryan and cumberland's the whole show with him. No well anyway. Hey we're at a time when thank you for listening today. I'm back later. For the retro. Show as we run down the beige with brian or vinnie. Craig and granny will be here as well always a fun time reviews from wrestling. And that's it thanks. Mike is always callers and listeners. Every the studio twitch. Oh we'll talk to you next time wherever you are wrestling observer live. You're listening to the heartland newsfeed. Radio network workman newsfeed dot com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook twitter and instagram. First in line on the brady fox dis. That is the question facing an independent panel of scientific experts at a meeting this afternoon on covid vaccine issues. Fox's evan brown. Has this live alicia. This is a panel at the cdc which is hearing from experts to about who is most at risk and most need of a vaccine. As soon as a vaccine is approved there will be a vote on an interim recommendation for the allocation of initial supplies of covid nineteen vaccine in phase one a c. is streaming this panel on their website and they will take public comments. The fda is meeting on december tenth to discuss emergency approval of pfizer's candidate vaccine which is already being staged around the country for distribution. Lisa been on capitol hill. The question of corona virus relief keeps coming up. We need to come together. Both sides both sides must be willing to compromise. Senate minority leader chuck schumer as he and majority leader. Mitch mcconnell each accused the other side of dooming previous efforts. Today a bipartisan group of lawmakers proposed a potential nine hundred billion dollar compromise bill president elect joe biden also urging another round of stimulus as he unveils his economic team including more former members of pass democrat administrations and through the american people. This team will always be there for you. And your family former fed chief. Janet yellen will be the first woman to serve as treasury chief despite president. Trump's repeated claims of widespread election fraud. Us attorney general. 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Why do we have young people and they have a disagreement or they have an issue with somebody are choosing to try to take somebody's life and when we address that we will have less violence investigation ongoing charges in the case pending jeff. Monosso fox news a sailing trip veers off course and lands four americans in hot water just a mile and a half doesn't sound like much but for americans say they're being held like hostages in a bug infested hotel room for selling into british virgin islands. Waters breaking cove nineteen rules lynn heinsohn south carolina telling a local dc tv station. They realized their mistake. After selling into forbidden sees on november nineteenth on their way to saint john customs agent stopping them taking their passports the boats documentation and charging them with trying to enter the country legally which carries to ten thousand dollar fines or husband says the captain tried to pay the fine but only had credit cards and officials want cash. Fox's cj papa. The state department says it is aware of the situation and is providing assistance to the foursome officials in germany. Say a man's zigzagged suv at high speed through a pedestrian zone. In a south western. German city killing four people including nine month old child seriously injuring fifteen others. The driver was taken into custody at the scene. Investigation continues an hour the close on wall street. A rally continues. Dow's up to thirty one. Lisa brady fox news. This holiday season find cold with cozy. And tommy john underwear. Lounge wear pajamas umbrellas. There's no risk with tommy. John's best pair. You'll ever wear or free guarantee go right now to get twenty percent off. Sitewide at tommy. John dot com slash fox news. See site for details. It makes community coffee. Different isn't just how long we've been around. It's far willing to go. 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Jack webb stars in an episode of dragnet going back sixty seven years december first nineteen fifty-three an episode entitled the big odd. And we thank you for tuning in on this tuesday edition. It is brand new month. First day of december three hundred thirty fifth day of twenty twenty. And we just down to the last of it here. Thirty days left when we get out of this year since no candidate received a majority of the total electoral college votes in the eighteen. Twenty four election the house of representatives given the task to decide the winner and john quincy adams elected president on february ninth eighteen. Twenty five although the exact date is unknown. Pat dolphins acknowledged this date in eighteen eighty five as the first day. Dr pepper was served. And yes it is a grand and glorious day. Ford motor company introduced the first moving assembly line on this date in one thousand nine hundred thirteen in one thousand nine hundred forty one new york city mayor fiorello laguardia and the director of the opposite of civil defence. Signed an order. Creating the civil air patrol released on this date in one thousand nine forty nine one a gene autry biggest hits rudolph the red nosed reindeer song would hit number one the week of christmas in nineteen forty nine in montgomery alabama on this date in one thousand. Nine hundred fifty five seamstress. Rosa parks refused to give up her bus seat to a white man and was arrested for violating the city's racial segregation laws. At the time. I was on the head intention of going home and taken kill her that i had to at home that evening and i was very much Prize from the people in the community. Were concerned enough to take the action. They deny remaining off the bus from lesson for more than a year and clean refinery. We did not have any racial segregation by law rosa parks. Her actions led to the montgomery bus boycott and basically broke the color line on the city buses representatives of twelve countries including the. Us signed a treaty on this date in one thousand nine hundred nine setting aside and arctic as a scientific preserve free from military activity president johnson and his top ranking advisors. Met on this date in one thousand nine hundred sixty four discuss plans to bomb north vietnam the first draft lottery in the us held on this date in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine the first since world war two long running soap opera the edge. Tonight's which networks to abc after nineteen years on cbs. at the university of utah. Barney clark became the first person to receive a permanent artificial heart back in one thousand nine hundred eighty two. The channel tunnel section started on this date in one thousand nine hundred ninety from britain to france and they met forty meters beneath the sea bed. Exxon announcing a seventy three point. Seven billion dollar deal to buy mobile thus creating at the time. Nineteen ninety eight the largest company on the planet. Exxon mobil vincent fox sworn in as president of mexico on this date in two thousand ending the seventy five year control of the pri trans world airlines fluids last flight on this date in two thousand one after being bought by american airlines. Tom brokaw anchored his last broadcast of the nbc. Nightly news in two thousand four and in a year ago today. The first known case of kobe. Nineteen appear among those passing away on this date. Lee dorsey sitting on his ya ya. Yeah the singer dancer. Choreographer alvin ailey tv personality. Robert q lewis french. Jazz violinist stefan cappelli and from the jeffersons. The british sounding chap paul benedict this the birth date of madam madam marie to saw the woman who created all the wax sculptures actor singer mary martin born on this date. Billy palled fine singer. Richard pryor born on this date also born on this date singer. Lou rawls before a little quartet out junior choir myself and sam cooke and purvis staples staples family because mavis include office. And the rest of them. One doing nothing. They will just do nothing you know girls they didn't we And that that you know then that we would go to different churches on sundays sunday afternoons. After the morning service at our church and we would go to other churches in the afternoon and they would give concerts and was talking with sam. Wynne sandwich point. He got so popular in because he had great voice. And we've got to be really big time so then. We were invited to go to detroit to see how franklin church rita was playing for the choir. We've i lou rawls more on this date in history. We lost him fourteen years ago. Happy birthday number. Eighty five to woody. Allen i shot a moose ones i would hunting upstate new york and shot a moose and i strap them onto the fender of my car and i'm driving home along the west side but what i didn't realize was that the bullet did not penetrate the most just increased the scout knocking among countries. I'm driving through the holland tunnel up driving. The life moves on the move single in new york state against driving with a consciousness. On your tuesdays thursdays. Have a hard time imagining. Woody allen hunting woody allen eighty five years old today the man who did the great song. Let there be drums drummer. Sandy nelson eighty two years of age today. The divine miss m bette. Midler seventy five. Today family was the only white family in our neighborhood and we were in we. Were you know. Sort of ostracized for a long time and My mom didn't get along particularly with with Our neighbors you know and So i had to. I had to become acceptable. I had to be funny. And i had. I had to be not too smart so nobody felt threatened and Mostly i had to be entertaining and stay out of the the the the way of the bullies you know. And so. I developed this sort of these shells. These masks these Little other other other personalities to hide behind so that. I wouldn't get the crap beaten out of me so that i could survive. Bette midler seventy-five today gilbert o'sullivan alone again naturally. Seventy four years of age carol off sixty years of age today. Youtube host philip. To franko is thirty. Five actress zoe. kravitz thirty. Two and steve irwin. Son robert irwin. Seventeen years of age though some of the people who celebrate the first day of december birthday. It is your birthday. Hi we're the four freshmen. And we just want to say. Sixty seven years ago december first nineteen fifty-three three dragnet on classic radio theater. President trump has exposed the big media phony polls voter fraud. 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I nine thousand nine hundred fifty three ladies and gentlemen the story. You're about to hear true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent euro detective sergeant. You're signed a robbery detail. A gang of truck hijackers has been working in your city. Stolen fourteen loaded trucks kidnapped and beaten one of the drivers. There's no clue their identity. Your job get them Drag the documenta drama of an actual crime for the next thirty minutes in cooperation with the los angeles police department. You will travel step by step on the side of the law. Through an actual case transcribed from official police files from beginning to end from crime to punishment. Dragnet has the story of your police force in action was wednesday. June fourth was warm in los angeles. We working the day. Watch out of robbery detail. My partner's frank smith the boss detective stat ground. My name's brian. We the way out from the opposite was nine forty seven. Am and we got to the county hospital ward for nineteen. I mr gilmore. yeah. I know you guys nassir. We're police officers my partner frank smith. My name's friday. A couple stools over there drag him up. I gotta go off and if you almost feel like a ridden fifty miles back ready. Mix cement truck weren't for the tells it think go rocker. We won't tell us what happened. Yeah as much as i can remember goes so far as a room full of black. If you'll tell us what you can please. Yeah yesterday. That's what it was nassar. Yesterday morning i checked in for work at a load was gonna take over to phoenix shop off about ten ten fifteen carrying. Yeah i saw the way bill. Some of the stuff they were loading used furniture could make any difference to me the low the truck driving. I want to cross the street little coffee place over there and gotten a bottle filled and came back by that time. They had the truck loaded. I signed the bill on the office. Went out and got into the truck. Two guys are waiting phony. Cabinet the truck. Yeah sitting there kind of scratch down so you couldn't even sydney outside. Since i opened the door one of them had a gun pointed at me told me to get into the truck like there was nothing wrong to stop them and get the truck away from the did they get outta the truck that time waiting for me when i got there. They told me to drive away. And i wasn't gonna mess around with them having gun. Go ahead we drove about three blocks. They told me to pull it into an allergist office. Santa fe santa fan jim by porter street between porter and enterprise. I say like go ahead. They told me to pull into the island. When i did. They get outta the truck around back and broke the seal and told me to get inside. That's what you officer told me to jump off the city hall at a gun. I hadn't done a gun pointed at me card fellow as a gun around. And i'm gonna do. Those guys are meeting. You could now as a kind of a student of phonology. Tell about those fellas plane student or what phonology bumps on the head. They all mean something. Of course i didn't get a chance to make a good sam nation and these guys. But i could see it real criminal heads on stormy so until i had ahead. That was one of the worst. I've ever seen his mother at a bumper right here to well. What happened if they. Jeff just left me there. I see you want to go on. Yeah they must've drove for about twenty minutes of nonstop driveway. I figured that well right. After they stopped. I mean a half you turn them. Backed up backed up this ramp steve then they stopped and took me out of the truck blindfolded me out of the truck on this place where they stopped. That's where they unloaded the furniture. Did they must've taken out of their them. Something around the truck sound like they're unloading due to all the furniture out. Put me back in. Drove out to where you find the truck after the they both plan into the. Don't remember much after that. Both of them were you over. Yeah both of them got on their legs especially the was mean to his mother. He was mean. I kept hitting me with a light just passed up. Remember anything after that delight game in the back of the truck. And that's what. I call the cops and the guys in uniform came out. I guess they're the ones who called you answer. Is there any way that you might be able to tell us where they took you. You mean when. They unloaded the furniture. Yes yeah well. I think maybe i got an idea. I tried to figure out how fast it was. Driving naturally has been a driver for get to know. I'd say they will go about twenty miles an hour. We were still in tom. My guess is that they will not alameda. Must've gone out santa fe and then turn on the elenita. I remember hearing could yellen. Probably be santa fe high school i guess out maybe forty third or fourth and turned right kind of hard to figure it then. Chuck tied up in traffic. His heart tells they were stopping for that. Or just lighten. But i'd say that they were about avalon. Maybe they went up to san pedro. Think so i'd say i don then they turn left and headed for hawthorn not sure how far they win. But i figure maybe around rosa crayons and then they turn a couple more times than they stopped and drove up that steep ramp. You figure they ended up around rosecrans. Nabala yeah yeah guess. That's not much help them. While it gives us an idea where to start looking a couple of things my help. What's that well. It seems that when we start the backups ramp. I heard a bump like that back into a car. They didn't hit at hard. But i bet they did hit a car. They pull the truck forward stopped and backed up again this time. They scraped into the side of a house. I could feel it run along. The side of the truck silently might have torn up some of the would on a house. But i help any. yes sir. we'll have our crime lab. Check the track and see if they can come up with any sure. Hope you can You talk to my boss nelson. Everybody's been notified. We understand that he's sore about it while we wouldn't know about that but should understand that it wasn't your fault. They should be more. I know right yeah. He doesn't understand anything that doesn't go on his way spotted a mile. What's answer his head. All kinds of thumps. Oh six and we continue to question the victim. Russell gilmore gave his descriptions of the two men who kidnapped him. He also told us that at one time he heard one of the men call other by the name. Leo further told us that when the two bandits had taken him from the truck they placed him in a garage was able to feel the wall. He said that he was sure. It was a blast a wall as much as he could feel the staff and the wire holding. He said that at one time he heard a woman. Come out of a house and say something to the thieves while unloaded the truck. He told us that the garage wasn't very large because there was no the sounds that were made in the building. We call the office and got out of supplementary broadcast on the themes carrying their description. Ten forty am franken the county hospital and drove over the central station. We went up the crime lab and talk to rape pinker right rear fender but found evidence. That truck hit a car. Lifted some paint chips blue car. Check the paint. The ditch production colored buzzer. Got all the paints catalog by color one. There are a lot of blues. Air can be sure this here. You see the color patch on each page in the book hall in the patch We just put this chip truck in the whole damn. This color matches get on the same lighting. See same pain. That joe same fancy what are we. Got out of it right. Carla truck hit was in one thousand nine hundred. Eighty three hudson jetty. Single-tone car you know. The top color matches the body. Only use this on one color cars. Unless you've got a special order. Did you find any house. Paint on. The side of the truck ran over here. Might be able to do a little better on that for you. House truck ran into is about thirty. Six years old. Might be a little more than that. But it's right around there. How did you come up with that. Been painted eighteen times figure once every two years you come out with thirty six. Yeah we know what's been painted every two years. We don't just guessing but the layers of paint painted pretty might indicate that it regularly let go too far before they redid it here. That chips the house paint when i'm under the microscope. Take a look you see. Okay justic see what you mean is. The first call was cream white and i stuck pretty much of that. The next half dozen paint jobs and they changed to a barn red and green then back cream white and it goes on for three layers vendor the blue. That's on it now. Ray if we find the oscar. Tell us if it's the same one shouldn't be too hard harmony around. How many well eighteen coats be eighteen fact. That's applying eighteen. Seventeen sixteen times fifteen so on the times when i got to work out i hope you have at all here. Look works out to one. In six squadron four hundred and two and three hundred seventy three billion seven hundred and five million seven hundred twenty eight thousand chances of finding its twin pretty long odds well if every man woman and child in the face of the earth on ten houses peace there wouldn't be another one like it eleven thirty seven. Am we put in a call. Latent prints harlan stall told us that his crew had gone over the truck thoroughly but had failed to come up with anything we contacted the stats office and ask them to make a run on the mo the thieves of used. They told us that the results would be ready for us late in the afternoon from sixty seven years ago today december first nineteen fifty three dragnet on this tuesday edition of classic radio. Or i'm wyatt cox. Thank you so much tuning in and we'll go to newspapers of sixty seven years ago today when we continue amran illinois has been installing smart meters throughout the state. While you probably don't notice a difference day to day this advanced technology is giving us the power to do more. These smart meters allow us to detect and isolate outages faster than ever before. Plus they give you more ways to help control your energy usage and save you money as we continue to upgrade our network. Your smart meter will continue to become well smarter. Now that's energy at work. Learn more at amarin. Illinois dot com slash reliability amran illinois has been installing smart meters throughout the state. 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While you probably don't notice a difference day to day this advanced technology is giving us the power to do more. These smart meters allow us to detect and isolate outages faster than ever before. Plus they give you more ways to help control your energy usage and save you money as we continue to upgrade our network. Your smart meter will continue to become well smarter. Now that's energy at work learn more at amarin illinois dot com slash reliability and. You're listening to classic radio theater on this tuesday edition in an episode of dragnet starring jack webb which was also broadcast on tuesday december. I one thousand nine hundred fifty three in the newspapers of that tuesday sixty seven years ago. These were some of the headlines. The herald tribune. The only major new york newspaper not closed by strike last night suspended publication until further. Notice the city. Six other. big newspapers have been shut down since saturday. By a strike of photoengravers the herald for being was not directly affected by the strike but suspended publication with the announcement. We take this action because it's clear that the continued publication herald-tribune is being used as an instrument who struck normal collective bargaining chairman languor. The republican north dakota announced yesterday the senate judiciary committee will promptly investigate charges. That attorney general. Brownell refuse to provide the fbi aid in denver. Jury tampering case. Then bernstein took on national significant sunday when the democratic national committee raised as an offshoot that the explosive harry. Dexter white spy controversy languor said his committee will begin hearings in denver on december twelfth. Meanwhile clayton ritchie. The deputy democratic national chairman accused attorney general brownell last night and putting the fbi into politics. In the harry. Dexter white case while pulling it out of crime busting quoting it seems to me that brownell is interested in pulling the fbi into politics with one hand and if two federal judges pulling it out of crime busting on the other hand secretary of state john poster dulles hinted strongly yesterday the us will accept brushes bid for an early meeting of the big four four foreign ministers in berlin quoting dulles. We approach a possible meeting with the representatives of the soviet union dulles talking to a congressional committee president eisenhower and french from airline. Yell will live in luxury at bermuda. Swank mid ocean club. During the big three conference and british prime minister churchill will pick up the check for an office sources declined to speculate how much it will cost britain just to house feed and entertain us distinguished foreign guests and their staffs during their stay but traveled people in hotel. Men estimated the total will be at least two hundred twenty four thousand dollars and probably more to senate internal security subcommittee yesterday. Subpoenaed william l. allman former government employee named as a one time member of the soviet espionage. Ring to testify wednesday in probe of alleged communist infiltration of government. Also prices rose two tenths of one percent during the week ending. November fourth according to the labor department department's bureau of labor statistics the first time since mid-september and put average wholesale prices at one hundred ten percent of the nineteen forty seven forty nine average subversive activities committee given the task yesterday of deciding if the issue of mccarthyism should be allowed to enter a case involving government charges that the labor youth league is a communist. Front the issue raised by samuel gruber stamford connecticut. Lawyer representing louis gruber ask for a preliminary hearing on his claim. Mccarthyism represents such an overriding danger. That the case against the labour lead should not go forward. The justice department has asked the board the label the group as a communist front organization some of the day's top news stories. As reported in the newspapers of to december first nineteen fifty three on your radio dragnet which continues now on classic radio theater. We contacted him run detail but they've been no reports. That could have been the car that the truck hit. We went to the office and got a large map of the city. Then we drove out to the county hospital to talk to the victim again. We asked him to trace his movements been held prisoner in the back of the truck. He drew a line down. Santa fe avenue up dalmiya then over to avalon boulevard on forty third street from there. He traced the streets down rosecrans avenue. It was circle on the map centered on the intersection of rosecrans avenue and avalon boulevard. He told us that we'd find house. We were looking for inside the circle before we left them. We made arrangements for the mugshots to be taken to the hospital for him to check for possible identification of the suspects twelve forty pm. We contacted records and identification division on. Ask them if they'd had any luck on running on name. We're told that they had three possibles for us. The address is on the packages. We're not in the area that had been circled by the victim. Russell gilmore. We got in touch with lieutenant. Jackson filled him on developments. He called metro division and made arrangements for three additional teams of men to work with us in search of the streets within the circle drawn but the victim he also contacted the divisional commanders and ask for their cooperation. The men were instructed to find a residence with a steep driveway leading to a garage. The house would have a wooden porch on the right side of the houses that face the street would be damage to the wood on the porch. Also there was a possibility that hudson automobile would be either in the driveway or on the street. Right next to it. I would have some damage done to five fifteen pm franken. I got back to the office from the search area. I'm sure time. I'm with you a lot of streets out there. Lot of houses on the street guys metro are doing. I got robbery friday. Yeah we're gonna get there. Yeah okay hanging onto it. We'll be right out right. Elementary boys did some good the house. They founded the address given us on. The foam was fourteen. Six cedar st down in compton took us thirty five minutes to get out there from the city hall. The officers from metro division reserves stood by until we got there. We found the house located on cedar between white street. And to what i have a new one story frame building with a stucco garage and the rear. The lot on the left front side of the house was a wooden porch which had been scraped by some large jobs. In several of the pickets in the railing was broken on the street without of the house. Next door we found a nineteen fifty-three hudson jets painted a light blue. It was a dent in the left rear ben. We couldn't tell for certain but the color of the car and the color of the paint on the seemed to match the chips that we've seen in the crime lab while the officers from metro covered the rear of the building. Franken i rang. The front doorbell was no answer. We checked the garage but we nothing entitled house owners in with the robbery kidnapping the interior walls of the garage. Were rough wooden studs between them. We could see chicken laron. Beden plaster the physical description of the house the ramp leading to the garage the garage itself and the car parked on the street matched every detail. The picture that we've been given by the victim six ten pm. We got the name. Conrad lewis from the mailbox in front of the house. While officers metro check with our office. Franken i went next door to talk with the neighbors. Yeah what if we could talk to you. Man you're are. You might be better if we got him off the court and your ain't coming in here. Unless i know who and what you are. Oh yes ma'am identification. Oh yeah oh come on in. And richard was my partner. Sorry friday i'm frank. Smith had been argument. You just sit down. I'll turn up television comedy. I've seen it before. A couple of times always laugh out of again though it's funny a great boon to the people television. There's no in twelve inch. But i think maybe next year i'll get a bigger and maybe even call it. They got it now. You know true colors beautiful. Of course i actually seen it myself. I just read about it. You know beautiful. i'm great fan. I got it on all day right from the early show to the late late show. I understand next week when stations. Going to start early early show. That'd be nice won't thus ma'am sure what we'd ask you a few questions. Nassar me just go right ahead. Car fronts up to you the balloon. Yes ma'am yeah. That's man i just got it a few months ago. That's what you hear about her matt. Has somebody hit my car. Big dent in that. What you're here for. No not exactly you know who hits your car. No i wish i did. If i knew. I had soom magin hitting the car park right at the curb. Not leaving notre. Something say who did it. I ran into me. Must be insured. Wouldn't cost him nothing. All he had to do is leave card. That's one of the automobile. I walked down to the market to do some shopping. And get some things for dinner. Pretzel potato chips things to eat. While i watched the tv when i got back the dan was there did it while i was gone. Did it didn't even leave a car. Yes ma'am could you tell next door. Please which side the left side over there. Louis it's house by asking about them hand. I guess about ten years. They moved in right after that. Mr lewis right after he opened up in store line of businesses have got some had the shipping business as deals with different stores. All over the st louis yesterday yes matter of fact he come over like you. Five thirty usually come over. Time doesn't tuesday thursday and saturday here. Ac there's tv show. He likes to see. I watch it but his wife don't care for it. She watches something else. So conrad comes over here. He was here last night during the day at all now. I didn't know where they are tonight. And that cheer. But i think they went to. The movies seems to me. Mrs lewis said that her conrad was going to show over in town. That's probably for us. I'll get it anybody. Come on me this time night. i'll be right back. Have you noticed. Any trucks in the neighborhood lately mrs richards. Oh well f- think about that for a minute You don't mean like the garbage you can trust the moment. Large moving vans see that quite a bit know. Let me see well. There are some people that just moved into a new house down the street that was about a month ago that mail. Thank you ms joe. Excuse me please. Rigid anderson ran the name. Conrad lewis the files. He's been convicted for armed robbery. You are listening to dragnet the authentic story of your police force in action december. I nine thousand nine hundred fifty three dragnet on this tuesday edition of classic radio theater. Are you tired of high cable. Tv rates sign up for dish today and get a five hundred dollar bonus offer while supplies last plus lock in your price for two years. Guaranteed call all american dish. Your dish authorized retailer now. Eight hundred six one zero five seven three nine eight hundred six one zero five seven three nine. That's eight hundred six one. Oh fifty seven thirty. Nine authors require credit obligations twenty four months early termination fee. 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Call one eight hundred two four six eight seven fifty one or go to balanceofnature dot com and use discount code. Usa on our wednesday edition of classic radio theater in episode of my favorite husband starring lucille ball as it was originally broadcast seventy years ago. December second nineteen fifty as the girls. Try to marry up a good looking girl to avoid competition. That'll be tomorrow on. Classic radio theatre but right now the conclusion of dragnet on this tuesday starring jack webb from sixty seven years ago december. First nine thousand nine hundred fifty three. I'm the record. Showed the conrad. Lewis had been arrested for suspicion of armed robbery. Ten years before we'd been brought to trial convicted and sent to san quentin. It serves six years and then he'd been released. He was not on parole at the time. Franken i parked our car down the street from lewis's house and we waited for him to return at ten fifty seven pm. We saw dark colored lincoln sedan. Turn onto the street and swinging the driveway of louis residents a man and a woman got out of the carnage. The house franken. I waited a few minutes and then we walked up to the front door and rang the bell. Yeah you conrad lewis. Yeah that's right her. You police officers like talk to you. Shake money saw about some you'll attract attract the on one. No you mind telling me what this is all about. Can you account times as monday night. Why can look. I don't know what this is all about. And i'm not gonna tell you until you let me know what you want now. What do you want the answers to those questions. Twelve fifteen. am have been only a little over forty eight hours. Since russell gilmore had been kidnapped beaten and we had a suspect in custody however lewis refused to admit any complicity in crime. We talked to him for several hours but he told us nothing. He admitted that he'd been arrested before. And then he'd served time in san quentin however he stuck to his statement that since his release he done his best to live with the law with the evidence at hand he was booked at the main jalen charge of suspicion of violation of section to eleven p c. We obtain the keys to his place of business and franken. I went out to check. It was a large wholesale store. Selling used furniture searched. The premises fail to turn up any of the stolen merchandise. While frank went through the stock rooms. I check the business. Do nothing back there either. Joe judah while according to these lewis big shipping business. That's what the woman next door. Then making shipments up to oakland regular books. What they were right here. He's been sending large lots of us stuff to a place on macarthur boulevard. There's a whole list of it here. Tables living on sets tv sets better get in touch with the police up there and have them check this place out loud. That stolen property. We're not gonna have a very good case against them. You got the address of the place up north. Let's go back to the office and get a call him show they come up with the answers they don't we might be in trouble. Yeah the da's office is liable through the whole thing out. Thursday june fifth twenty. Am we put a call to captain of inspectors. Tony bolger and oakland asked him to check on the recipient of the furniture ship from lois. We also gained him as detailed description of the stolen merchandise is we were able to obtain. In the meantime lewis had been admitted to bail and was released thursday. Eleven fifteen pm franken. I got back to the office from checking a lead on one of the suspects who had driven the truck robbery friday. Yeah yes it is all right. Tony baldry from oakland. I hope we call it your tony. Yeah what he say. Well let's look from here. Yeah right okay thank you about. He talked to the man who bought the stuff is clean about the merchandise itself. It's all stolen twenty pm. We got in touch with lieutenant smyers and filled him in on the new developments after we talked to him. We contact officers max. Herman had benson made arrangements to meet them at the house on cedar street and it took us less than half an hour to get out to calm the other officers. Were there but the time we arrive by covered the back door franken. I went up to the front. It's the tried again cars in the driveway. We know he's in there. Wait a minute. Sounds like somebody's yeah. What are you doing here. You guys ever going to get job. I got a choice. You haven't linked money. What got through the housing and won't be necessary. Glad of that. What's it about this same as before. Maybe you better spell it. I mean we can go that route. That's what you wanna go ahead. I liked very all right. We got a report root vegetables. Robin kidnapped he was able to give a description of this house of your garage. And the whole setup you've been spike again you're seeing. We took a sample the paint from your front porch. It matches paint found on a truck that was hijacked lot of houses in la painted. Like you think you're going to send me to the joint with a batch of paints gonna help look copy. I've seen enough trouble. And all it's rough to get a conviction with circumstantial evidence. That's all you got with me. nothing more. Why don't you go home. And i'll just forget you were here tonight. We got the plan what we got. The plant they moved in on solar stolen furniture is willing to test. You know we got your code. And i wanna cop-out it's hang so that's the way all right. I'll get caught and goes pointed out. We'll get it for you. Mcleod's never mind out outside in his car now toward rosecrans right zero but are not making a turn. They wouldn't trouble john. Let's get them out. That can get them better on amulets and motors land still alive. Looks i take it easy lows. Cali ambulance take it easy. Lewis which emperor doctor. I didn't see. I didn't know stricken go through lousy brick lousy break. If i this it never got me off the street. I just turned the car and all of a sudden. I was on a mr. You've been there a long time. I'm star you have just heard is true. The names were changed to protect the innocent on october. Fourteenth trial was held in department ninety-seven superior court of the state of california in the county of los angeles. Conrad austin lewis and his confederates were apprehended and brought to trial on. Eleven counts of grand theft auto and one count of kidnapping. They were found guilty and sentenced as prescribed by law. Grand theft auto is punishable by imprisonment in the state penitentiary for a period of not less than one nor more than ten years kidnapping punishable by imprisonment for a term from one to twenty five years in the state penitentiary. You have just heard. Dragnet a series of authentic cases from official files. Technical advice comes from the office of chief of police w. h. los angeles police department technical advisers cabinet. Jack donahoe sergeant wins. Sergeant bent spray shared. Tonight where ben alexander Virginia gregg. Jim ribbon script by john robinson. Music by walter schulman. Hell give me speaking from sixty seven years ago. December first nineteen fifty three dragnet here on classic radio theater. We thank you for making us part of your day. We truly appreciate you spending some time with this. And hope he'd come visit my web page over. Classic radio dot stream there you can. Stream are programs on demand. If you miss a day you don't have to miss a show. You can also learn more about building a classic radio theater collection of your own. You can contact me. Their classic radio dot stream classic radio dot stream nope forget. Our programs are also available anywhere on the internet. 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This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook twitter and instagram secret. October surprise and lisa brady fox news the us attorney general just confirming something. He already did to help. Continue an investigation. President trump often touted before the election. Fox's jared halpern is live in washington or the us attorney investigating the origins of the russia. Investigation has been given special counsel authority allowing network to continue without him. Being easily fired attorney. General bill barr appointed. Us attorney. John appointed us attorney. John durham is a special counsel in october. Before the two thousand twenty election. He revealed the action in an interview with the associated. Press today. boris's. Durham is now covered under the same regulation. That covered former special counsel. Robert muller a decision made to ensure. Durham could complete his work regardless of the election outcome lisa and the time jared bar drawing criticism from the trump campaign for something else he told. Ap today that the justice department is not found any evidence of widespread election fraud. The president's legal team says there hasn't been any semblance of justice department investigation the president-elect focusing on steering out of a pandemic recession with his latest pics president elect joe biden announcing key members of his economic team led by janet yellen who formerly served fed chair. And we'll be nominated for secretary of the treasury with this team and others will add in the weeks ahead that we're going to create recovery for everybody for all we're going to get this economy moving again. 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She says vaccinating healthcare workers leads to preservation healthcare capacity and better health outcomes for all and protecting nursing home residents proves beneficial by directly preventing disease in high risk group vaccinating. These groups would cover roughly twenty three million americans grenell scott fox news. A group representing major automakers including gm ford toyota and volkswagen just wrapping up a meeting and pledging to work with president elect joe biden to reduce vehicle emissions this despite ongoing division in the industry about an effort to bar california from setting. Its own rules. A social media giant puts a new oversight team to work they spoke newly created oversight board revealing its first six cases to consider each relate to content removed from facebook platforms three of which involve breaking the company's hate speech rules wraps receiving over twenty thousand case submissions. Since launching in october. The board says it expects to rule on each case and for facebook to have acted on its decision. Within ninety days facebook creating the board to distance itself from hard to call content moderation decisions christine goodwin fox news just getting word from a p. of republicans holding a seat in the us house the report. Is that republican. Mike garcia wins reelection to the house seating california's twenty fifth irrational district. This holiday season find cold with cozy. And tommy john underwear. Lounge wear pajamas umbrellas. There's no risk with tommy. John's best pair. You'll ever wear or free guarantee go right now to get twenty percent off. Sitewide at tommy. John dot com slash fox news site for detail. What makes community coffee. Different isn't just how long you've been around. It's how far we're willing to go in pursuit of the perfect cup. 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Now here's your host cox an episode of grand central station as it was originally broadcast december. First nineteen forty five the episode entitled lark spur to feed the civil very snow. Gene cake brings you a bullet secrets. Talking shining. rails in every part of the country are aimed at grand central station. How do the nation's greatest city on by the magnetic pulse of the fantastic metropolis day and night. Great premiums rush the hudson sweep down its eastern bank for one. Hundred and forty miles clashed briefly. Along red row of tenement houses south of one hundred twenty three mile glittering spike argh avenue and then as soon begin privatize found. This is a love story. Stage trucks owes. Who have at one time or another been intoxicated by the heady perfume of the theater. But when you feel deep within you that burn that divine but dizzy spark which will win you. Fame and fortune back foot lives. Remember the to the stage is not on the great white way. Usually opens off an alex outside just that stage door across town from grand. Central station attired line of weight in kabul paved alley. Great leslie ashton casting a new play and the head of the line to pretty girl's talking. Well how much do you think to send paget's before the great to ashton or we'll get there why we almost three feet in less than half an hour. Why do they do this. Just to weed out the weaklings. La take a lot of stamina become an actress. Well i've never felt so weeded out in all my life. I have to give up and go back to cleveland. Oh come on. la china. That isn't like you got to fit to. David gave a year to make good. He's nice I guess. I should have netted him last year. But julie i just had to have my chances asleep or sure you got that driving little fire away down inside you're that you're to act and nothing will put out until you try. I don't know. Sometimes i think maybe i'm just not the next. With but in your country my mother used to obviously. What can i get through to the stadium. Hold everything they wanted to try out for the pot of gatecrasher. I'm sorry i just have the. Why don't you take your place in life. It's not the bad we have moved up. Nearly twelve feet since known will but was this waiting in line. The usual procedure for actors. Yeah but you'll get used to it. What's your name hanson esa. We'll just call me russ russ russ hope all right Ross russell boy. There is a phony days name. If i ever heard one mind i'm jason. And he's julia rabe might do me actresses. Yeah we're trying awfully hard to be even though it means hours of this kind of standing in line. Do you know that that way to get into see the producer leslie ashton. You know were here. I look i. Mix g e. might not know melissa strategy. He also have vitner home. You look wonderful julia. Go in and knocking across your cross your toes crash your heart your i go to the Something is always like this. Like this is the bright side. At least we know that somebody's doing something inside this asking of you play. They need actors and actresses they might. They might just possibly need you inside my let me see Yeah the well. I get you the tweedy pisces. Having the name of young play by scottie. Dog's likes to smoke a pipe. Casual and i get it because of his baggy tweets it. If you want my advice where this sweet suit. Every time you go for casting chip and retire all right. I will do as a matter of fact. Don't tell that it's the only one you have. Woah is my best decide. At least it's the one that was quick wasn't a oh. I'm sorry what happened. During the great ledley actually sitting with his secretary and the depressing darkness that empty theater on the stage one lonely naked electric light on at all. Then you walk into that hot turn around. Give out your name address. Telephone number and previous date credits. All in your very. There's gramer food diction oh what did you tell him. For previous page credit. What could i tell him. A year with a traveling tent show and oklahoma to hear the famous stock. Minneapolis skirt hungry. You can't get into you've had a job and you can't get a job to move in and i'll know he had come on as you say you're pushing i'm sorry but it's still unfair from me am i. Just in a pry heifer walking into the ring to be judged they say elliot watch the line. You're next on. You better be good. If i don't hit the jackpot this time flu. Well keep your chin chin up. He map he got all lay next please. I am waiting. And i haven't gone all it. I'm just ask about time closer into the light. Your name address and telephone number six three six nine three lawmaker. Five nine nine seven. How long since you of course order your previous broadway credit. I i haven't been on broadway yet. My only stage appearances. Have been with a little health in cleveland but my mother was a great lady of the third in europe. She had gift that she taught me. No let's just a little tricks of the stage but hard to feel and truly breathe life into all very interesting under disorder. this feeling nuclear yourself be thrashed. You may be a wonderful as directors. They say that you adopt a human being human instinct of kindness anywhere. That's what you could connect with. David in a few moments would return to various graham central station. Rabat's december i nineteen forty five grand central station on classic radio theater. President trump has exposed the big media phony polls voter fraud. Fake news and everyone is turning away from fox news. If you're tired of fox you can now watch newsmax. Tv president trump is tweeting about newsmax. All the time. Millions are tuning in and newsmax is breaking records. Watch newsmax tv every night for greg kelly. Sean spicer chris. L. saito and more plus. Get the latest from dick. Morris rudy giuliani michelle. Malkin alan dershowitz diamond. 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It's a community of christians who share each other's healthcare bills more than four hundred thousand people are members and they've shared over four billion dollars in medical bills. So yes they can handle your bills to. This may be the time to make the switch joined before november thirty th for the additional savings. It's so easy to find out more. They're great to talk to in fact you can get a price within two minutes. Here's the number. Call eight three three thirty four bible. That's eight three three thirty four bible eight three three thirty four bible and you're listening to classic radio theater on your favorite station. More of grand central station lark spurred to feed the soul as it was originally broadcast december. First nineteen forty five. Ooh well it's no park avenue. Kim talks about spit home to julian swell and it was swallowed. Ask belly from thank you. I guess i did it because i of felt responsible for. You're not getting your own. Never mind about that after what you went through them. I guess it doesn't matter. Nothing matters at the moment except coffee. You took it a parking in a minute. Takes a big chat awesome. Thanks so you know. That's a beautiful bunch of flaws. I'm glad you like them. Laxed the my favorite. I'm like the poet. If i have the two loaves of bread. I felt one and locks fair to feed my phone to feed your soul. Decided not bill. This gives me courage. We had a lot of Tome i used to think it was my lucky. I guess you need a little new courage now. Then sorry ashton upset you so. Maybe i shouldn't have told him that. Well that's over and done with to bed you enjoy. It couldn't have been present for my first. And last appearance on any broadway stage on all know ellie. You're not really through the theater. Other women i have to the death penalty and little white houses in greenlawn the. But what made you come to me. What made you try the stage. It's kinda hard to say. You just put me down as a guy who loves i. Do you want to be an active. You don't reality for not well. I mean your mother extrovert or show off your sensitive. You shrink from the idea of attracting too much attention and actors. Oh no no they. They love it they have to. Why some of them meeting. Hi chris agents to publicize that women's intentions. They've been living in the world of macy belief. Oh you see. I know the failing of the people in that. I love the mini. I'll never been look look deli. Why don't you try again. How do you make puns at all behind. Doesn't man waiting for me in cleveland. Oh waiting to marry you You love him. I i yes speaking. I want you for my show on you account. Who stoned on me this afternoon. This is the off. I am not for a special foreign sort of charm. Talk touch and filed. And i tell you it's all about the. I'll have a contract ready. Thank you ten bucks. Everybody that's all today but let's have those lines down cold tomorrow. Yes he's ashton. That goes it remember of except you. I'm delighted with what y'all do. You have a natural offensive timing and the makings of fine actress. But don't over started apart. I don't want to say you villagers go costume fitting at four o'clock on the rest of the cost back here at eleven tomorrow morning that all russell took over here. Let's say let's go to my plate. Prokofiev i'm out in my feet. How was it has all elliott elliott. Going to be all right. I hope you don't mind having to sneaking the kids like they don't like that at the early hostage. Oh that's all right. I don't think they'll throw out if needs to do. He might not like it. I should saw here today. He did what did he say he said. Hello own in a way that me. I can come every day. If i wanted stronger than police wrestler. I ran a through three time. I hope you don't mind. And your daily one lump on none as if we had sugar none thanks. I'll play this just as well. How'd you do rather youth. Author- has all or she's going to be good. Julian you should see her in that final scene. You know she. She gives me that old lump in the throat. Every time she doesn't i'm going to. It is a beautiful thing. I go whatever you're selling. We don't want those days and live here like a great low ellie. Golly it's good to see you may two howdy. Hello david russ russell. He's an actor and he won't fight you people say to you mr russell and is your friend of mine. I'm glad to hear that to you couldn't get here in time for elliot's rehearsal debate the hersal. Didn't you get my letter. I got a pardon for david. The play offs into us. Well that's not keeping your bargain ellie. You wanted to to make a success on broadway. But you haven't done it. Besides you can't like living here this show. Do you expect to find a place to show off its flaps. I read about these things. Three out of four plays faded. This one isn't going to fly or no no can low kelly. I came to say this. I'm going to. I thought about it a lot. Which do you want the theater on the wide stated. I know this is none of my business. But do you wouldn't want to give up a big chance now. After she's waited so long for it worked so hard with the rest of your life. You win elliott. Always wonder what might have been. If she'd gone ahead with the play. Not david at least you can do is wait until opening night than the players show. Never a flap in the closing notice is up cardboard. All that much ellie. Is that the way. You wanted ailing Darling would you. Would you take five pain time. If i don't make a goal my big chance. I'll matter you the very next thing. I'll go with you anywhere. My sweet thank you. I'll wait until after opening night now. Now e. keep it call the play of open before cold. You so excited. I'm so excited. Look look at look at the flowers and telling oh everybody f wishing me. Well everybody. you mean russell. Oh he hasn't forgotten. I'm sure he hasn't. He said last night that he'd be here to cheer for me. Maybe maybe he hasn't got addressed to and he'll come in his tweet. I've just got to know. He want their tonight I i you what i've come to depend on him. Julia just knowing was dead household during hessel. Helped me help me so much. Lacking been playing this whole show to him. May i make a slightly corny observation. Do let you you love that guy. There's no life for me without him. That's what i thought. Yeah you better be good tonight. David is out there in the fifth row. Ready to pounce on you and haul you off the cleveland. If play the flop julia. Mr ashton bill right. You think i'll be all right your be a sensation you'd better be or on beker lose on all whole lot of money on angel. Who does he. You know the angel of this production on this still low. It's about time you met him. Descend judas box of laws that affect. You made a special point of asking me if i've been them. Thanks to you the angel. What's the matter ellie. You say this is from angel. The name financed this show lacks the an angel in an old tweet. A little on stage Then you're my dear. You must think of that you see. I'm not afraid not anymore now. I know that as long as there is darkness justice should libya sunrise golden glorious sunrise for this land of ours i was to plow into seed into harvest is to watch like loving parents while asleep sunday twin blanket of snow hours to ten with deep devotion as it wakes to fragrance in the spring our dominating our were ashdod magnificent. You both like well. Your name will be all over this town tomorrow. But but how do you think the critics like it. I talked to two them. They didn't like the play too much but every one of them has rushed to write a rave notices about you who december first one thousand nine hundred forty-five five grand central station classic radio theater at amer in illinois. We're proud to power one of the smartest energy grids in the nation with innovative technology. 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The conclusion of grand central station larks to feed the soul as it was broadcast december. First nineteen forty-five pain. I'm afraid so but what's the difference your made. I've got a new. Sarah my hands now. Don't sign anything with anyone else says. Promise not until i can get a new contract goal. Yes yes of course but the play is a fly. I'll find you another play charles. M. where's the he's coming. I'll see you later. Remember just go sign. Oh ellie you were terrific. So i'm proud of you. Why didn't you tell me tell you what you're low this is you play to. You had your money that don't worry about that that doesn't matter now. Refined another play a better one. Well i should said if the play flop you lose a lot of money. And i saw your flowers that that lovely locks coverage. I want to play to be a success. I gave thirty. I know i know you did. Allie you did it for me. L. a. you may be office words. Electric your part came alive. Glowed it lighter during a feeling. That's what's important. Don't you see here yet. Because i love you from the moment i saw you outside offstage during the day. You took me for an act. I love you too rough. I've known it. you'll marry me matter youtube moderately. Did it you really got it. I always knew you did you. Yulia hello david relations ellie. Well what julia said gonna me to like you being a wonderful ellie. You're really when you're an actress. Every bit of. I sat out there watching watching you walk right out of my life. You belong in the theater ellie. You mustn't give it up from me or anything in the world for me. Not cleveland and i wish you all a success in the world to russell thank you well jillian. I think that you might want to be alone. She has an idea she wants to show me new york. It's all with you. I think it's a wonderful idea. And david thank you. You're very sweet. Well if you have a play the hanna. Theater in cleveland elliott. I'll be right there in the front row. You'll buy by russell. La coming julia okay. Well as vaccari said come children that has shot up the box. And the puppets for our players played out bright little stolid russell by about clean david. Nice this of the elliott. She's a good gal. I don't know. I love data people. Especially you let you be a minute ago. I asked you to marry me. You said you would not be a moral. Except i said except what except not always so part of we couldn't we get married tonight Interestingly enough there was no real grand central station well. There was new. York city's grand central terminal then. A lot of people referred to as grand central station. But the name was in fact grand central terminal and it is to this day an amazing piece of architecture december. I nine thousand nine hundred forty five grand central station on classic radio theater while a free time. And you're sitting at home. And you ponder what kind of gifts to buy for someone. Patriotdepot dot com. Has you covered from puzzles. Games novelty items. If you're looking for some unique style items when it comes to the president for more you can check out. Patriotdepot dot com call eight four four three seven seven eight zero five two. That's eight four. Four three seven seven eight hundred five two or patriotdepot dot com use promo code. Usa if you enjoy our classic radio theater broadcast and want to start building a collection of your own go to classic radio dot stream. That's classic radio dot stream there you'll find links to great classic radio collections. On cd along with links to reading on classic radioplus classic radio theater on demand. Check our web page available now. At classic radio dot stream that's classic. Radio dot stream and enjoy our. Us constitution is amazing. It's full of what's called negative rights designed to protect us from the corrupt powers of a dictatorship to worship our own god not some official state religion all right to prevent the government from seizing property without paying fair market value for it or are right to be tried by a jury of our peers. People like us. Not by some star tribunal. And that's why america has become the richest most just society in the world other countries for so-called positive rights onto their citizens. These enable one group to take from another group. They're free speech. Money and choice by using government force socialist love wielding the power over people. Sometimes we take our freedoms for granted but we can lose our ability rights and our constitution and become like venezuela or north korea failed brutal socialist regimes. We need your help to spread the good news about our amazing. Us constitution help take back. 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Call one eight hundred two four six eight seven five one or go to balanceofnature dot com and use discount code usa now on classic radio theatre. It's time for our classic christmas. Cereal the cinnamon bear. This was originally broadcast december. First nineteen thirty seven wesley. The wailing wale. You have vicious on the link. Your joshing mean a right. Royal highness king. The third row way. let's get on with the execution. Come come come. Come with the royal execution screws media too but the royal execution this story all. Doesn't somebody tell me these things. Send someone after auden measures three but executions union. Local thirty three and a third would be very much annoyed. If we did around the kingdom here we have three very shelly. People execute and the execution is taking a bit off whereas my royal secretary your vehicle hiccup proclamation the known here on apple and from this date hence bullet that iran alexa futuna shall not underlying not shall not pick it up if the have an execution excludes me or mergers too but how can the royal execution not taking stay off on the day of an execution if he starts off on his day off before it becomes the day of execution so clear. Absolutely what do you mean royal execution or look for is day off this morning not become day of an execution until this afternoon all very well. Then don't take proclamation. You see by care keep up. At this rate we may have a chance to me. That's what i think where for. Why doesn't somebody doing something. I'm sure your state what. The constitution is very rigid into executions. We're lost with arroyo. Executioner to officiate. Wait what you just sort of called the whole thing off That'd be elegant. Sure you don't want to have an execution anyhow. Do don't speak injury also can do this here now. Execution have to possibly. We could postpone. What's the matter what you'll been trying for ten years to remember what my official position is and the just who who her right business and tell us who you are if it makes any difference doors. Low merges to don't happen to remember that i'm the assistant royal executioner. So the wish there dunkers like i don't wanna be pushed into that oval big old ink. Well me neither. I'll fight them. I holding man now. Don't do that again. Brother face arrived specially shredded. Did you says he was grudge marino freezers. That thing stopping and that funny noise we end for the love of the execution up. Just a minute. What's that person doing anyway. He's a cinnamon there and that's his. Yeah and it scares. People like every sticks doesn't scare me at all. But i find it most annoying kindly and in the name of ten thousand ten wipers. Police proceed with the execution. Of course you'll measures food all the prisoners in line to be shot up into the inventing up pattern sort. They won't stand still all of you. Put your arms around each other so the executioner can push you in with one that already. Awful scared cinema. Just just become like me. Jody something which happened. Sure i can story books. A the marines will come be holding a half now. I'm ram using my patients. Majesty temporarily forgot how the suitable have you back into the inkwell. When the royal execution gets back from his day on your mergers in the name on his magister came. I assistant execution mellow your health by show these lack depth of the come on. Go on your majesty will please for. But i caught just remember the exact wording of the execution said i have. You couldn't just skip over that paul and show them in right away. Unless the execution approach according to costo the execution may not be out. Oh let me see. Maybe i can remember how it begins them. One for money to to splendid one for the money a group of the show at three. Three jimmy. And i know that bit. It's one for the money two for the show three to make ready. Julie just helping them source in this. Awfully eligibility cricket ciphered ghana merges about now. May we grow sued with the execution by snapping. One for the money who ruled back. Ready all uppsala magnificent ceremony of extra coach. Sean crazy gregor. I see him and he hasn't got reinforced when he quits got a company of soldiers. They'll cut the ink of plotted to pieces. Well let's run me crazy. Quilt for completely surrounded buddies. Offline caboose tryin wholeness own. think hold on schoo- got here just in the nicotine crazy. Glad we did. Not only the captain just calls the artillery officers assaulted them all right. I don't think so says it's gonna raise havoc with ordinary ingeborg lover's plus they're not much good against the auxiliary. Soon as there's a big enough breaking. I remember when it comes the incas right and eatings living in signing all over the place raina. He's trying to keep safely. We jump in and follow us. Because i guess so. Maybe what about cinema bear. He can't jump. No it would be the end me and my ex officio stuffing all about that. You all climb on my back. And i'll swim crazy clinton and lifesaver not yet. We've still got to make it to the beach. Let's go take action. I was afraid we'd never make up on my back. Okay crazy your jimmy. Joe all set for the takeoff offset crazy. Then we go ooh man. Yeah but they got with certainly grateful. He'll say when it's crazy quilt. Old shaw it was nothing just wanted to show you how how sorry i was about the silver star i gotta forgotten about. I still talk with all the excitement and everything but we still got the fire. Support on top of our tree or christmas won't be christmas. Do you think. I've redeem myself enough to be allowed to help you look at my friends as quilt as one cinnamon bad to a dragon. I'd say what do you think you're in short crazy cruise. One of us now and we're glad to have him by friends i am. I don't know how well that was american donkey me over. There isn't that are silverstone. Sure enough sitting on top of the repair ocean plea swim over. That way crazy quilt. So jimmy can reach out and grab it loss. Not just a little crazy. It's a big way a bruin wife for good all balkans. It's west linn. The wailing who are silver star. Any number of he's smart. It right up isn't one thing it's another. This is certainly a pretty pickle. Berar young friends no sooner. do they. Escape the inca booze and find their precious silva star floating serenely on the root beer ocean but a blue and white polka dot. Whale with an appetite has come along and gobble it up. Let's listen next time and see what happens. I can tell you know fun. Little children cereal from all the way back in nineteen thirty seven. Some places still play it every year today. December first thousand nine hundred thirty seven the cinnamon bear here on classic radio theater. Our religious institutions are strongholds of the american way of life. Our country was founded by men who had faith in god and who are willing to endure hardship and sacrifice for the sake that faith today the religious institutions in your community need your interest and support so take an active part in religious affairs. Your pastor rabbi or priests will give you invaluable family council an aid if you are a newcomer to the community to face the problems of the future. America must be morally strong and that moral strength comes through worship and faith. Go to church this week and take someone with you. This is basic civil defence information from the department of defense office of civil events washington. There's one easy sensible thing your family should do to prepare for a possible. Time of emergency set aside a few simple basic supplies you'll need to take to. The public fallout shelter supplies to help. Keep your family alive and well in an enemy attack brenston. Any special medicines or diet foods required by members of the family. Insulin heart tablets baby food and other infants supplies. Blankets are battery powered radio of flashlight. Extra batteries and if the nearest public shelter hasn't been stopped yet with emergency rations and supplies. You'll need to take as much food and water as you can carry. Emergency supplies are needed for a private home shelter to lay in enough food canned or packaged and preferably precooked for two weeks. Plus an upbringing water in tightly kept containers or jars to give each person at least a quarter a day or more for help and making up a list of needed supplies. Consult your local civil defense office and for more information on. Classic radio consult her website. Classic radio dot stream there you can. Stream are programs on demand learn more about classic radio collecting and contact me. Classic radio dot stream and just a reminder that you can find our programs anywhere they serve up podcast on the internet apple podcasts. Google podcasts spotify spreaker tune in i heart radio. I'll get to do a search for u. s. a classic radio theater. That's usa classic. Radio theatre have yourself a great day. Won't you please. I'm wipe cox support pre radio by thanking this radio station supporting the advertisers and telling a friend the great radio shows are back classic radio theater right here on your favorite station in the usa radio network community coffee. We've been making great tasting coffee for over one hundred years but what makes us different isn't just how long we've been around. It's how far we're willing to go in pursuit of the perfect cup. 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Don't worry you're listening to the hot heartland use feed radio network at live dot hotline newsfeed dot com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by house the fed chief and treasury secretary. Steve mnuchin telling the president-elect and his chosen economic team pledging to get the economy moving again before collective pain as a nation we will find collective purpose to control the pandemic in build our economy back better than before have to be treasury secretary former fed chief janet yellen also pledging to make sure the recovery includes everyone. The head of georgia's voting systems is accusing trump campaign lawyers of death threats after a comment about the fired head of cybersecurity. And what happened to one. Young tech worker in gwinnett county death threats and a noose put out things hung for treason because he was transferring. A report on batches from ems to account a computer so he could read it. It has to stop. 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In part she dined at the restaurant the last day. It was permissible and she won't dine there again. Until the order is lifted fellow supervisor janice han we had garter and trust of the public to be with us in this fight against the virus than we lost a big battle. Rob dawson fox news. A big deal in the business software arena salesforce dot com is buying slack. The work chat service for nearly twenty eight billion dollars. Purchase aim to giving both companies. Better chance to compete with microsoft. Salesforce was one of the first companies to sell software as a subscription service. That could be used on any internet connected device instead of installing the programs on individual computers. A famous chef plans to share his game show winnings celebrity chef. David chang taking to twitter to say his one million dollar winnings from who wants to be a millionaire. We'll go to the houston-based southern smoke foundation which provides emergency funds for employees and business owners in the hospitality industry. Jane becoming the first star to win the top prize on the rebooted show phoning a friend. Espn journalist meaner times to help them answer the question. Who was the first president to have electricity in the white house. The answer president. Benjamin harrison christine goodwin fox news center gets off to a good start on wall street. The dow up one eighty five and new records for the nasdaq and the s&p lisa brady this holiday season find cold with cozy and tommy. John lounge wear pajamas bras. There's no risk with tommy. John's best pair you'll ever wear or its free guarantee. Go right now to get twenty percent off sitewide. Tommy john dot com slash fox news site for details so annoying copying kadhimi teller copying me on case at the who spend ten minutes copying everything their siblings say such a. 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Kohl's cash for every fifty dollars. Spent an extra twenty percents off fit versus to is one twenty nine hundred nine save increasing our airfare and get forty percents off lego plus free store pickup shop super cyber monday today only at kohls dot com select styles deals. I remember thirtieth. Only ten fifty offer valid november thirtieth online only with promo code twenty percent per valid november twenty eighth of december. Second with promo code. Twenty often lender offers and complex genetic black some exclusions apply see store closer comforting camps. Usa radio network presents the greatest radio programs of all time. Ladies and gentlemen the story. you're about to hear is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent dragnets. This is classic. Radio theatre busters communist life every back. Now here's your host. White cox mystery arch lights out the story of mr man. This was originally broadcast december. First nineteen forty two. We've been lights out body in

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