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"santa bobbins" Discussed on The Phinsider

"He's not at that level anymore. He's getting beat up by someone like the both xavien howard out. Coleman's been that guy at cornerback while edens gone hype Coleman's played pretty well. Net sought role. Which is a nice little added bonus especially when you think about the fact that he's had to cover guys like jalen waddell albert wilson and still was able to make a play here there even though the receiving or two has been the story of this saha training camp so far it really seems. Yeah jacob one thing you really loved the see is i think she came griffin. You know the feel good story. He's out there. We heard he was pumping up the crowd. You know he's a fan favourite and he's out there making place setting the edge being an asset in the past game getting to the quarterback. I mean it seems like maybe this is going to be a little bit more than just a can't buy like you and i honestly originally thought maybe yeah definitely gotta take on that one. It seems every day you know It might even be to the point where the dolphin beat writers have has his name saved because he is making place often where it's hard to ignore it. This point josh. I mean when we get new preseason games. He's doing this bill even on the second team. I mean. that's gonna be good enough to make this dresser and that doesn't really mean anything negative about the depth in santa bobbins. Another guy of those linebackers has also been making a few played. But i mean. That's just the depth i mean. We saw what happened to the adult linebacker group. When they lost landon roberts just for the buffalo game and the last year. I'm not saying they wouldn't have completely blown up a dolphins either way but having that death is a nice reassuring thing and that's kind of the biggest takeaway on his training camp ears. Uncovering those guys who can fill those roles that you don't see at the top roster sounds good jake. Let's take a break and let's get into the top performing receivers.

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