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pisode #35  Le voyage initiatique de la maternit et parentalit avec Bianca Thuot

Conversations pour Elle, partages de sagesse féminine

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pisode #35 Le voyage initiatique de la maternit et parentalit avec Bianca Thuot

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Border Wars 8 PittsburghUnguarded With Mario "Keep Underestimating  Me" Mungia

Tha Boxing Voice

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Border Wars 8 PittsburghUnguarded With Mario "Keep Underestimating Me" Mungia

"The views and opinions expressed are those of the panelists and do not reflect in any way those are the podcast partners, sponsors or affiliates enjoy. This is Michael Buffer and you're listening to the voice of the people. Let's get ready. For boxing voice. Calm. Me On. This. League. Did You Sandy. Tom. What what, what, what up and we back with another one mario. Oh you got that Mexican blood in you are you call upon your in Andy Ruis Yoda sleeping on you chat they did it. They did it with box in bars in the even before box boss. People doubted you did you ron you had to murder somebody from from New Orleans I. Think this is still a worn out for your arrest for that body you could. And then they act as if the tape wasn't there my really active that wasn't actually searchable on the Internet and they put you in all these fights in in board awards rather boxing boss will you're the underdog versus stainless all because he's a pound for pound and he's back call favorite. and. It sounds like the same storyline kimes a coal favorite. Or they sleeping on a chin. Mario Mogi your money may what to do unguarded. We finally sit you. Scheduled is be. My promoter. As a mess, we gotta do this right. Is this supermax Delahoya. Schreiber any subjects L. be whatever you WANNA call me. Let me formally introduce our newest signee. Lula's fighters. He stayed home to team Texas the home of the unified home of the home. Some of the highest viewed fights we do number we title shots here. And he's looking to make history. He's looking at doing what even I couldn't do become the first active host to get a win at both. Draws, no losses myself couldn't do. It might gross could do it solid happen to the hipster. There's been love that on Mario. Time awards boxing bars champion making his wars debut record the Texas flag ladies straight out of Corporate Christi Texas they won only money may well gear. And what an introduction that applause maybe come on. Now, what an incident ducks I mean, she's her. Me Up but I would add an applause ready for you but here we go. Oh. What's going? First and foremost I do WANNA. Thank him for taking this fight You know I want to say this I before anything is I wanted to fight immediately whatever fight I could get will tell y'all that I was itching to fight part of it was because I always wanted to and the other part of it was that you know I know that I have to make up for the last time out you know and that's that's what I WANNA do. that that's that's what I really wanted to accomplish but I've already accomplished so much already like that's the thing is You know this whole thing was started as like Yo. Let me see how how low I could you down and wait and and I never trained like this. Before you know lifting is as long as I have always thought my body was designed to be one way and I've seen that it's not. You know I've made some really good strikes. So I'm up you know what I'm saying like I'm up. There's no aspect of me down. In terms of. What could happen? I'm expecting everything like are their nerves of course, our nerves you know what I'm saying with with every fight but. Ultimately at the end of the day I, I WANNA test myself. That's what this is all about. So I'm up, I'm fighting to dude you know who's taller longer ranged. All the boxing minds that we have here in the community say that I'm down say that you know this is under that's cool with me I'm good with that. You know what I'm saying I don't give a fuck I really don't like I'm ready right now I would wanna do it today if we could and this is no cabinet I'm not cabinet like a WanNa do it right now this second I'm hungry to get in there. You know what I'm saying like it is something that I've wanted to do for so long. So was built up in a situation where like my mind is there now I'm not saying that I can expect everything but ultimately I mean is. It is just a matter of fact doing it. That's it. You know what I'm saying once I test myself see where I'm at I'm not going to stop see I'm not saying Kiemas but I'm saying I'm not I'm not done here whether I go oh one or one or no it don't get I don't give a fuck that don't matter to me because I'm in the long road I'm GONNA be fighting one sixty five at some point you know probably by next year I'm gone down to me when I took this team I was one, ninety, one, ninety. That's why started lifting weights, Jay, Mac, WanNa, talk you know that something that's cool. But I only started lifting weights like a month ago. Maybe maybe a little more than that because I was already down in weight you know what I'm saying You know I sent a picture of where on that today you know you could post that up. And you could see you know I'm I'm I'm already starting to develop on you know little ABC cutout. That's something that I've never really had. You know what I'm saying and I know we're live we got our pictures but you know I sent those two ness. A he can post and that's the thing like look y'all see me and I guess I'll wait for the pictures to come up. So I could you know talk talk the way through that but he ever I I I'm just ready I'm ready I've been training for three months. Now you know what I'm saying before I even knew I was finding came I was training so Focused on in this training camp specifically in your condition and your your your overall like boxing technique workout. What was not to give it a game plan. But like what was something that you yourself wanted to like? Work on you didn't hit. Getting. Getting hit. That's it I mean. I. Like again, my game plan is it for Kim. My game plan is for the future like Kim is a stepping stone i. don't mean that in terms of like you know, oh, he's like a you know I'm going to run through them. I mean is he is part of my evolution as a border wars fighter I will not be one ninety five for anymore fights if. I win and Meka cruised figure something out. That's cool. But that's not this is not where I'm going to be weight wise I. You know as soon as next comes back I want him to show the pictures like. Lean. Pretty quickly, and I'm not lean. You know what I'm saying I had a lot of fat and muscle to lose by was to fifteen naked on the skills you know in the morning waking up before eight. So in reality is probably closer to twenty. When I first started training, you know I'm GonNa be one, ninety, five easy You know you again I got the picture I sent it to him like I'm not one, Ninety, seven this morning you know and also what type of cardio what type of cardio work. Did you do to? To help to get down to that week you know I'm not a big runner pushed through it though I push through it. That's part of what I wanted to talk to a homeboy about is you know dealing with some of that stuff, but but running an explosive circuit training that's the one thing that I really really pushed because, yeah I do have very strong legs but explosiveness in a fight is different at time under tension Francis Biggest thing. The reason why I asked because. Did you did you trade for short bursts or or or long or long bursts because you got the the minded minutes you gotTa go Peron like I want to on your conditioning to help you to slip down to get into boxers shape the type of in I mean did you do any road work? Did you do go on the treadmill? Did you swim? Like what type of like explosive. Cardio work. Have you done? Yeah To be honest with you losing the weight. I, it was just working out. So. Big had gotten so big and so bloated. You know through Kobe that it was like anything I did every every week there's three or four pounds missing but explosiveness type training circuit training is what I focused on the most box jumps You know I I I did the circuit cardio with this Guy from the gym. He helped me a lot in the last few weeks. I feel like I've gotten more out of that type of training in just last two weeks in anything in terms of cardio you know but the time. Hundred tensions been the biggest thing you know My legs are very strong. You know. But but that fiber that muscle fiber daswani weekends throughout the fight. So you know I wanNA make sure that my legs or a strong in the first round as third around, and I don't mind giving up the game plan you know J.. maxx. Said they ready to go round go round that's that's it. Right there I'm ready to go rounds I'm ready to go rounds and I'm ready to throw like that's the whole point of I've trained for is. To, get hit you know what I'm saying like so far that stuff right they talk all that stuff about this is what you gotta do. This is what you gotTa do Oh, you're going to get hit I know motherfucker you'd think I'm fucking stupid like I know I'm going to get hit. Do you know you'RE GONNA? Get hit like do you know you're going to get because you like you could be as confident as you want and that's not me I'm not the person who's going to be like I'm going to go in there like. Floyd Mayweather and not get touch book that I'm GonNa get hit I normally hit I might lead but I promise you I'm not going to fucking quit put my pictures up, put my pictures of show the body development and I probably you know what? I probably should've sent you. Another one can see the transparency like I had a big ass fucking gut and not just a gut. Some crazy ass love handles like I'm slimming down I've got an slim and you can see the scars on my body like I'm not I'm not going to fucking quit. Like. That's the thing is you could be prepared and you can be stone and you might outclass me that's fine but you're not gonna out. Will me so Did you go on a did you go classic Mexican versus Puerto Rican Fight Bruin, right head man this is the quarterbacks over Puerto Rico. I was on a diet plan, the entire system preparation boy. Once I found out we were fighting team and I was GONNA be at one, ninety five all I all all I continued was to to to fast that was it. I still do my intermittent fasting that's been the only thing but other than that, I'm meeting my rice I'm eating protein no sugars you know I I do diet drinks I've been doing diet drinks last couple of years. So that wasn't a big thing to cut out the sugar was kind of hard at first but yeah that that that I eat clean I clean. I've been eating clean so you know. I. So you spoke about it many times before that the Spartan was. I guess what are the biggest hurdles you had to overcome I mean knowing that you gotta get hit getting they're getting hit get it used to not really used to kind of getting familiar would be hit moving Talk, about that a little bit for the people. So they can get a little insight into that there. There is no training for getting hit 'em saying like I I've I've trained Jujitsu played baseball you I play football in middle school in Freshman Year High School. Right. I've done a lot of a lot of athletic type stuff I used to play softball up until a couple of months ago a month ago none of that none of the lifting none of that. You Know Cardio circuit training row work none of that prepares you for being hit. down the thing I. Think. That we're my confidence that I know how it feels to get hit now I've gotten hit and it doesn't feel good and it sucks but it's definitely not anything that scares me I'm not going to get hit and be like Oh fuck I didn't sign up for this you know I'm going get hit I don't know man you're talking about in May talk about a lot about taking punishment because. That's where that's where this is at the difference between me training without a fight. Is Me going to the gym and putting in that work the difference between me and going in and getting ready for a fight? Is I listen that's the thing I'm trying to tell you I am going to get hit I know that there's no getting around that like everybody else wants to talk about how slick they are and how fucking smooth they are and how they're the best this and that but I'm not the best, but I'm not going to quit I promise you that Shit I promise you you could say. So. Are you? Are you are you can't like? I duNNo. Setting a small goal. So in case you don't win you like well, fuck it. I lasted I didn't quit 'cause you keep saying you're not gonNA. Keep saying to me I'm not I'm not saying Shit at the end of the day. This is a fight. It's a fight that I'm going I am. Tear by a lot of this is unguarded where we try to. Peel back the list being on guard at this is me being unguarded and the preparation has been from the very beginning to get hit into hit back. I'M NOT GONNA Slick Shit out there. I forgot who called and was like, Yo you gotta chill with that role brought listen to me I I have a plan for this fight Iva plan for this fight. Okay. I have a plan and in I wanNA swim I wanNA swim you said. Why he swears? But he's GonNa make no pause ash being blurred big splash snus listening. Splash air. For one reason and that's to get my own respect. But at the end of the day, if it carries over for other people than that's that's great. All I WANNA. Do Listen my biggest goal is to be. Knighted as as Dumi, puts it into the border wars, Brotherhood right and you can only do that by stepping in the rain that like that's it. Right there. I'm good. and. You gotta understand that it's like you said, one person win one person loses below. You know supermax Santi. You know no no one that you mean like. No one one you know Eddie. He got a draw with Massango you know. These things happen man the the the the the the the most important thing is getting that first one. Out You know getting that one out the way getting. Lucia. Info Joe and there's a lot of people I was just GonNa, say there's a lot of people that they first when they look good Info Joe, you know he looked solid his first one you could tell he did some really good training. Technically, he looks out you know sal look solid think about Jordan Bacon Florida even with a fricken horrible knee all destroy strapped up with taping and me braces he looked good you know but. Never. That never mad as man like. It's still a family affair and everybody's always rooting for you. You know and for your return you know being. Not a one and done. That's important. You know what I mean. There's a lot of guys that are one and done men and I would love to see them come back. You know I would love to see Edi Bala they glass versus. Gusts the bus you know I would love to see Cantu back you know what I'm saying there's a lot of fighters out there that I would love to see by that suffered losses and then come to the most important thing. Is that regardless of outcome? You do what you said which is let me tell you. Let me tell you. Let me tell you I'm fighting October twenty four and I'm fighting December. It's Only. Might he eric crew that bullshit listening. Never, been one person on my mind since the moment I learned it was keeping you off forgot cruises name I forgot to remind. Them. I. Didn't know any of those names as forgotten them all but remembrance the date. October twenty four you re remember cruises name today though. But only because of the shitty put in the border, Shat that was it. That was just me responding to the idea. But. was that's I wanted I was looking at you before I even came. I, was all. About finding you but but that's the point. But but listen I don't have I'm not a fucking psychic I didn't know it was going to became I don't even know Chemo's inboard awards I. Know You said You gotta fight and then that Shit shut off But what I'm saying other than King. But what I'm trying to say showed the listening audience is that before came was an actual thought in your mind, you're already looking footage of crews and you lie no, you're right I right. Jerry. Shown so Talk. So my theory of you look impasse Keam I'm just I'm building that story whether you want to say you not you know. Listen. And that's the other thing I don't mind at all the chat. I. Don't mind at all. You know the narratives and the storyline. That's cool. That's cool. I. It doesn't enter my mind like I don't think that Shit, in the gym I was it the fucking Jim this morning at three o'clock in the morning. All right. I didn't leave until six now I did get a massage in saying so a happy ending so it wasn't like not. hydro-massage thing and so you know what I'm saying but but on an thinking none of that shit and I don't think of that Shit you know what I'm saying like you say oh would like. Oh. You know you goes for for the couple of days like because I don't want to see that Shit I wanna see no fucking negatively on but that's part of the life. But no. It Ain't you know as part of the you know part of the fight me stain headstrong. Doing Right now day. I. GotTa get I focus on a fighting. You. Keep myself to a point where I'm ready brought a fighter job you a fighter in border horse you gotta understand this. You GotTa understand you fight it and border awards. This is like the mini version of the proves you can't tell me that what the people say don't matter and you had you had dominant Brasilia social media because you don't WanNa. See that dog that's the that's the weakness message talk about the weakness we. Do you do what you do to get ready. I'll do what the fuck I do to get ready. You Talk to me on the twenty fifth. I, tell me if I did the wrong. Me On the twenty fifth. Soon, twenty-fifth come. Everybody should say. ME. Or? I haven't talked until right now. There's a first time I'm talking talking. So I'M GONNA keep talking because this is the only airtime I've ever given myself. Okay. So you can try to take it away. You try to spend the narrative you could start to start you know. So that's fine. You would promote promoter that's your job my job is to. Get. Ready by any means that I can get ready and I'm getting fucking ready. Nobody's GonNa tell me I'm not fucking ready I've been getting fucking ready. So into twenty four, th comes that's that's when I do talking. All right. I. Just want to act report but talk to me on the twenty fifth and then you tell me what I did wrong. I WANNA is this a chip you gotTA super. Chat coach. Vera. People think. Splits back bit one second. Array people think trainers and they have never trained anyone pass novice and they do overwhelm people like crazy with do this do that? Do you think Mario? All I can say is pain comes and go embrace the pain and have fun. Yeah he got. Because I'll be I'll be real. That's. So funny that Dude's a real coach because that's exactly what my coach, my coach Mark Me and him have worked on two punches. This whole on two punches don't give it away. Super Check Carlito Carlito TV's I ever Pro League winner Mario you have to face up. To the fact that people supported you. And you didn't show up people will doubt you this time. You gotta eat that Champ. And that's The milk is is. Like. A wanted to fight to to to answer to that to answer for that right. But that's all everybody wants to talk about is all making a show? I'm fucking be there I'm a be there I'm ready to fucking fight. Twenty four, th you WanNa say what you want. That's fine. But until until then like. Look at. The. Flux, GONNA show up like out you. Don't know me. Well like it's all like say Dhamma be ready I'm Barack y'all. I'm preparing unprepared for somebody WHO's ready. Okay. Because all I hear is doubting Oh Mario. Omay he's fucking fat. Oh, he's fucking slow. He don't know how to throw a all fucking. Okay. Fine show what show up I'll be down on the twenty fourth from. This is definitely a rated aw rated R version. We've never heard this many curses for Mario in one sentence consecutive. fucking fucking fuck. Fuck. Song. I'm walking punches. This listen to me you. You employ me. So so when I'm on my job, then I be, I'll be however you need me to be I'm be boxing boys team player, but right now this is my shit. In the twenty four. That's my shit. I asked for the show I created this shit out a thin fucking. They're talk about you can talk about. On this is why they should is fucking. You want to say, Oh, we'll be ready. We'll be ready motherfucker you say what you want this is the reason this shit happening, I'm the reason this shit happening. So it's true it is but it is. He did hit me up and was just like, Oh, I'm coming on a twenty four. Could we get some word? I might marry might as well do a Boorda was that's tank date. Not, away, I'm still getting work I'm still getting work I'm do me I'm a spar. Book. They got in that June. Get Rent. Because I it don't matter like it don't matter I'm ready today I'm ready to day. What's ledger. Ten. Thirty ten forty five. AM. We're going straight to the gym. Let's do it. So we. By the way. Let me make one point clear. Okay. My wife is coming. My wife is okay. In and it's end weekend it's our anniversary on sh I. It's I've already told her kicking it with his wife. You Wipe until I. Get back to handle business. That's what I'm. Sorry back win is. GonNa to bring back to win for your anniversary or you're gonNA give. Give that W or you go come out with all testosterone like. On my guy that going to be fireworks, you might conceive that night champ. You. Asked me that question you can ask me that question because that's a fair question question. But if you think out things, may you think I'm coming all the way to Jersey from Corpus Cristiano Corpus Christi is at is pretty much fucking. In Mexico on three and a half hours from Mexico? Okay and I'm coming into Jersey if you coming into Jersey to stay there for six fucking days on my anniversary to to lose and how should in my mind the whole fucking we who? Happened happened that's not on my mind. Yeah. That'll be tough. The first thing you do get in. Lausanne how Baby and maybe, and maybe I'll be line. If I said that there isn't some sort of frustration with the Dow but but that's the point of me. Not Seeing that Shit, because I know I'm not I don't doubt myself at all I. Don't doubt myself at all. You know listen I'm no I'm not a fucking billy you told me I'm not a billy, I never been ability. It don't work. Super Max Rodriguez Mario. Is a big enough draw to push tank off his day. Word is bond. Words. To is he? Talking about. Aid that they called and asked if we were for sure going to be on that day, I'm not gonNA speculate. But almost as you know, there's a reason we fight on the twenty fourth and they're not I mean I don't know if he's really talking about Gerard Tang Davis always he's doing a little double entendre. About Marvin maybe push him off the day, maybe he's saying if you win you the main event indeed in Dallas on December fifth. I mean I could see you in cruises house hold name, and then if you come in off a Kim Win with the bat channel was against you Oh, man I could see that crews fight being fire one I'm not thinking about cruise I'm thinking about over twenty four th and then as soon as that's over I'm thinking about December fifth that's. It we got a super for my says shutout to money. May the biggest attraction? TV. Has Ever had have fun Mario and make sure you keep the stash intact has hashtag P aw versus Mexico rivalry yell speaking Stash I. Do WanNa send a shout out to coach Luis Rivera hold on. Let me get these Let me get this. Me Get. This, Real quick pick gloves like of you wearing. Know I have actually have a video I did for the vote for the gloves a review because my man helped me out so much. Okay. Check it out. These the gloves I'm wearing on fight night They are, as you can see. Undisputed boxing years kind of backwards. I can't really fix that with the mirror and the camera but these gloves Oh, my God. So comfortable listen to me I bought some power locks early on in my training. Fine at some point. This is before the fight and they went up to my fucking elbows these fill. So fucking good role like you could see my hand move like it feels Phil Custom. Okay. That's how they feel and and I've worn a like not a lot of different gloves put a lot of variances of gloves you know what I'm saying like. Eight fourteen I've worn them a lot and I've never had sixteen filled as comfortable brought feel so good. Listen to me when I put these gloves on and in. Sparred once with them and I've done a lot of heavy bag were a lot of work with them. I feel like they're a part of me. I don't know if that sounds weird. But that's the only thing that I can. My mind comprehends like how can I explain it best like what do I mean when I say that I love these gloves they feel they don't feel like I'm wearing gloves they feel like they're a part of me like from from shielding up from punching you know from pairing all of that document along the says rally sixteen though. Yeah of course, they're sixteen yard and and real quick. Actually haven't even use these once Subbiah I got the blacks to he sent them Yo. He's the man and then real quick. Let me show y'all. They it on my unguarded. A man. Lose Rivera. Hooked me up. So sick. This is the What I'm wearing on. The. Stash I'll see the stand off. Got The headgear. Break their. Her they call it. Eisai nobody may Kema sure, anybody. Kim. Fight outfit and give them gloves listen keeping no sponsors AJ, Aka Mario with all the sponsors Oh, wearing this on fight night. That's that's the shirt I'm wearing I got some matches shorts for the blue in a row clean. My shoes match. So. and then the gloves man I swear I'm not this is no cap. Gloves and put them on camera. Let me say put them in a camera again. what they say undisputed boxing gloves. Turn that way here no turn them that we. Go back go back go back. Yeah. Yeah. Hold it up now. We hold it up camera low hire Coppola there. You Go. See Him right there. Yup. Speedy. boxy. So. fucking clean. They feel so good like like you see there up to my research I swear to God the power locks come up. So like right here like two inches or some shit difference but but it's not even that it's the it's the way they feel like on the inside lake. I feel I could feel my hands. You know what I'm saying like before it's like I'm wearing mittens like I'm wearing like big ASS fucking gloves. You Know Sixteen that's how they've always felt they make you better though. Thirty minutes talking about to gloves as you punch a harder I feel like, have you not anybody out of his sparring? Wait. A video at you. Say you drop somebody we want to see it. Let's go. We got some questions for you may come from the people. This is where saw. This this. This is all about when you sit down on the unguarded hotseat, man people come for you and they WanNa know everything that's on them on. Sold through your lips we big Super Mexico's Mario. How badly all these back coal guys sleeping on day of the fight I'll be in touch enjoy experience soak it all in. Day of the fight. You got this champ six minutes to glory. Massive. Mexican. Demand you know here's the thing I. Don't know how much of it is. Them sleeping on me or how much of it is they? They want me they want me to be slept on and I'm saying like August slap day trying to they like. I feel like it's a bad move of very bad move to try to predict music being unprepared physically or mentally that's not it. You know that if that's what you're hoping for that's your game plan that's a flawed game plan. You got you got you got eight days to correct that game plan if that's your game plan. You know what I'm saying but I I wouldn't do that. I wouldn't do that. I wouldn't do that at all. What I'm saying you talk about me look in passing body but you look past somebody if you think I'm not showing up ready. I, mean, why are you? Said none that's his that's his trainers but. The questions about the back channel talking about Keam necessarily. But some of those guys. You know what I'm saying. So what are they trained into four that that's the question for you right. So they that's fine. You know what I mean like he's I'm showing up to fight the best version of keene. That's who I think I'm GONNA be in the ring soup. Ryan over shot out the Ryen. Heard me yesterday but definitely appreciate you upgrading your patriotic pledge. He says Mario Best Do Tyson fury wrath or sing to your girl that means after the win man you gotta rapper sing to your girl. Anniversary. You gotta you gotTa dedicate this win. So we got a big supermax says hold up hold don't stir up nonsense in my team if Marvin is on, he's the main event as a good teammate Mario coming to fill the crowd early in December damn naive you went for main events. I thought he was talking about he could have said. But Mario you're promoting said, no, he ain't gonNA take tanks day. He's going to be the Coleman with tonight. He called you to open up to the crowd like what the hell. Go. Back home. Listen to me listen. I I actually asked to be the opener and I'm not saying that I am I. Don't know what we're me camera falling on the card doubt. It's even set yet but I asked to be the open I want to be the first one out you know what I'm saying like. That's the difference is like. I don't want to be the main event or the main event because I'm on the show I don't want I. Don't want that Shit I wanna be the event or the main event because they're like Dan with fucking throw. And let me tell you to. Awesome. I smell. Part of it they could say what they want about Kim and I'm not saying he's not skilled skilled but the X. factor in the fight is my left hand if anybody doubts that what looking. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. To say that on knockout Steve Cunningham or anybody bigger shit like that. Not at all all I'm saying. That I left hand. Could be the strongest punch and all aboard. That's all I'm saying. Oh. Two one. Oh. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. You compare your left hands all of board awards. Outside. You comparing. ducey's one. K. Oh my left. Hand is stronger than your left hand. Listen, listen listen forget. Forget mines or you comparing your left hand to southside Ducey's One Punch Ko of Lauren Aka. TBB's McGregor White Wolf. However you want me to put it top top ten, percent top five, whatever you WANNA. Say All I'm saying is that my left hand they call. In mortar wars, they send you Jerry Allison a chat right now said he joe force. I think lethal. They said. It was lethal to I'm putting it out there I. Think. Capping I'm fucking Captain Dan Mario, let's get. Back in. The strongest left hand over the border wars scheme king don't even show up man you got kids man don't do it Louis just with four five emojis. So he just loved what he is. We got busy in Oklahoma Says Mario. Let's get this going ready to be in your corner. Get Ya es on share we're coming to defy. Piss a bunch of people off Del Devil Adam with a boxing glove and actually separate there listen to me. I got real ones in my camp. Okay. So he's he's. Real ones his he's a real one. Okay. Do me a real one? So you who have mom best interests at heart they're not trying to cap on the show they're not fucking using counter-punches and super chess hype shit up. Our Ozzy. The learn Paul. He's standing out y'all look at her shit don't help on the twenty four. Th. We walked off did he just do a Riddick Bowe? He said he got defense left hand in the gain gain in a game. Yo. Yo. Yo I don't know man I. Don't know I don't know man this is getting real interesting. We got casual bass says, good luck chant. This is the most interesting fights to me and the one. I'm most excited about if you're part of Patriots, you're all know excuse me if you're not is what he probably meant to put because he said because it says, if you're part of Patriot, you're all missing out. So he probably the opposite anyway has tagged Baltimore's eight pandemic shutout casual. Baz Guy. So, he's just excited for your fight Mario you're gonNA have to live up to these expectations. Now see I don't know that you I don't know that you did the right thing. Promoter obviously, you saw it what supermax he obviously didn't prep you for this interview, but I don't know you had. That going for you and you lead with that in the show. What was that was that the the pressure is on king because everybody has the favorite people like you said, a super chat and they call in and they say in Keane got this Kim got so. His the pressure was on him to live up to the expectations of the public while you were considered to do that may not show up Oh camp pond all this craziness but now you jerry forcing us. So now it's like Oh does he really got the big? I'm doing it all. Let me tell you hold on hold on superjet Super Jesse Pichai superjet super. We need, Vodka Mario admittedly abused them royds in the past laugh Emoji now Mario laughing coach. Rivera next says I. Glad you gotta you gotTa Yeah I just started with. Boxing Glove. I don't have a lot of money Emoji to buy bulk, but it took me a bit to find someone that may good boxing gloves and waste good money like crazy. Thanks Mario I'm glad you liked them ness later hit me up for shorter for sure shot zero. Gloves. I'm so listen. I'm so happy. I got him for the fight Yo yes. Yes. This man got. Does He. You have you. GonNa Start or go ahead Nah I see the UK. They like Yo you versus Manchester's behind you. Mario. Oh Rob in the UK Yo we got some more questions, Jordan Baker, Boorda warfighter. One of the few men to get a true Ko inboard was he said, what made you take it serious this time. Good question. you. It wasn't that I didn't take series last time you know for those that don't know the full story Me and my wife had suffered. Well, she wasn't my wife at the time. We had suffered a loss a couple of weeks before border wars and s gave me the opportunity to pull out and I didn't want to I. Didn't want to I. got him my feelings with Nece I. Felt like he was treating me unfairly I felt like he wasn't. He didn't have my back I felt like he wasn't being a good friend and I took that out on him. I realized later that. I was dealing with my own stuff and I was projected onto him. And you know he knows he knows what happened and he knows that you know apologize for it for me was bigger than Boorda wars it was bigger than. In Not TV, it was it was it was a lot of stuff you know what I'm saying but it wasn't I didn't take it serious but this time I think is the difference is that I had that chip on my shoulder to go in there you know you can ask I said it a few times already like I told him I didn't care who what for I didn't care what wait what I'm saying I i. knew he had my back I knew it wasn't going to send me in there with a monster that was a way bigger than me but. The end of the day. I just I just wanted to get one off that was it and it's to make up partly for what happened and it's also partly to get me to get the ball started an essay get this first one out. Right and that's my plan. You know if I could fight everybody wars I probably will this if I feel good I, that's the part that I gotta stress the most if you're thinking about joining border wars. On need to understand that you become part of community and you see the chat and see what they say in and you see the videos they post it motivates you these people motivate you and it might not be directly in my be indirect sometimes, but it's that motivation I feel good I wake up. Now you know what I mean like like it used to take me an hour just to get out of bed like word I mean that and I'm popping out of bed I. got you know. I don't take fucking pre workouts anymore like I had a red bull the other almost lost my fucking mind. You know what? I'm saying like I don't need caffeine like I feel so good. I have a check, my body fat percentage but I feel like it's probably the best it's been in years I just feel good. You know what I'm saying that's why I say I'm are already one are already winning because I feel good. I've lost a shits on weight real talk border wars is probably added. A couple of years to my life just in this short amount of time you know what I mean and I feel like for me to continue. It's just gonNA. Put me in in the best version of myself in a version that I didn't even think was possible. You know you can put the picture up again the whole point was you know I'm not trying to show off my scars show you don't Billy Bass don't even know why the scars you know what I'm saying and I don't mind talking about it but but at the end of the day. I haven't seen a line for, for ABS, in very long time, you know what I'm saying. So I feel good about that. I feel good about that. Some people might say, well, you know you ain't even got a six pack whatever I don't Fuck I'm gonNA, get one. I'm going to get a six pack. I have a six pack by by probably next year fight. We'll. Fight Week. That's what I'm saying. I'm not GonNa say I got a back. Let me get to? Khalid who says good luck in your fight with King trae hard. Bro and the rest will fall in line. Are you prepared to take some shots to get past Kimes Long Jazz Listen. That's the whole point like people talking about Omar, is going to be a punching bag and you know. You're talking about getting hit that's listen I can't. I can't look at Kim. And and visualize getting in. Without some version of me taking a shot at some point you know what I mean like even covered up. You know. It's just going to happen. You know what? I'm saying. So I'm prepared I'm very prepared to be hit on very prepared to take one to give one. Looking like greatness. Peace Mario, bless up how you live in. Hope live in. Great for sure. I see your training great most definitely looking forward. For you to fight a great. Against King. So the obvious is your under your underestimated has that created any urge to begin the? Man has that created any urge to I guess being the aggressor in your upcoming fight? Listen it's a three round fight right and and to a degree got to be aggressive. You know what I'm saying like it's six minutes fellows like an and believe me I've learned six minutes can feel like a lifetime at this point but When it comes to the judge when it comes to scoring. Three minutes at three rounds isn't alive. You know. So I don't have the. I don't have the luxury of going in there and working in an elaborate game plan. You know what I mean to set came off like all that shit to me is bonkers like that that that don't happen that's not going to happen. You know we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA. Go out there and and we got to throw you know we got to throw. We gotta get hit a thing I'll put it this way I think that if any fight on that night and this isn't a knock on anybody else at all but I think any fight is going to in early is probably GonNa be ours you know to those is. GonNa end early pretty sure. Yeah. Oh may call stoppages now Taliban I. Z going Herzl okay. George Foster, what is your height weight and reach? five, six and One Ninety seven right now. That picture that nest put up was from. Right like during the show. What's your each? Under undisclosed. Next. List from Serb bishop, he says big shot out to my man Super Mario. Much respect for having the courage to press forward to accomplish this special goal question. Are there any pro boxers that inspired you to become a boxer quest mel start with that one? Yeah, you know I wouldn't say that any boxers inspired our say Boorda wars inspired me. You know what? I'm saying like seeing Marvin do his thing and how incredibly. Respected. Is a cruise and Jordan and all them like you're. You Know Y'all have inspired me. Watching us as fights like hype watching us as fights to be honest with you seem midi in know seen how good these guys have got like? With the exception of million Dumi all these guys just started the same way I did I'm saying so in my mind, it's like. Can I accomplish that? You know what I mean, and that's that's all this is, is me trying to accomplish that me trying to be the best version of myself? Solis about man. saw this about next question is This one that I like to ask how does it make? You feel knowing that you will be fighting in Pittsburgh at the US s coming Ham Jim in front of coach Cunningham and his son Steve you know I was a little nervous about it at first. You know it was like being tossed around, and so it wasn't real and then once. said that it was going to be I was like, damn we're going to have. In there watching in a but Being able to train. With Jerry in a few other pros you know, Omar. It's kind of alleviated that you know what I mean. I don't think about it at all anymore to be honest with you. But but I'm excited that it's going to be there and Can you know I can't wait to take that pick with them the winners pick. Everybody, take the winners pick and get my with Steve You. Know what I'm saying be Fantastic question from What is a now three tom border wars participant Dr Phonecall forty four years old and in participated in border wars. So just you could see you know it doesn't matter how old you are. We going match you up you're going to get this one in, but he says welcome to the world one of one of Border Wars Super Mario my question is this a few border was was scheduled to take on the Queen City Cobra Anthony. Edwards unfortunately, we never saw, but you took the fight now you taking on king who from what I can see brings with him a certain skill level and knows his way around the ring to tough skilled opponents for your first fight. What made you decide to go that route for a debut? Question why humans fight Kim Izzo so that that automatically made sense to me, but you're right keep does have a set of skills for me. It's like if I go in there right test myself against that version like. that. That's for me. Like I'm putting I'm setting the bar right there. You know what? I'm saying like where I'm at and what I can handle and what I can do. So I would rather do that. Then to take somebody who you know somebody WHO's Orono that Doesn't possess those skills like I can go in there and beat on some dude who doesn't have that skill set. and. It does it accomplish. What does it really do for me? You know what? I'm saying like I again, I'm trying to test myself. I WANNA see. Same. Thing a powerlift I wanted to see yo can I lift five pounds from the fuck and floor you know could I bench three, forty, five. That was always like things in my head to test myself. This is the same thing like. I guess not a test if I'm not actually in a test, you know. Message brave one man brave corners defense corner little. In question mark s question. Mark. Exclamation Question Mark as Commissioner Mario winning as key touches lady. On his Old Lady Shane Movies versus Ricardo Mayorga. Oh Yeah when he when he? Pattern your. She's not coming. I. Didn't really want her to see the fight live I mean Unnecessarily, Chan Yeah Yeah you know that's the thing like I I'm. Pretty confident. I blocked her out one suffice started anyway but I just would rather watch it on playback m saying like. Oh. No Man is not easy with the lady the. we got king on me who says peace you've rightfully earned a reputation of being fickle or inconsistent. In your tenure in TB, which is why you may feel underestimated. But it's a fact that you created that perception that said, what have you been doing in your life now the has helped or is helping you to try to become a more committed and the individual at least as far as showing up and being prepared for something of this magnitude. Sounds next own I feel like he's talking about I feel like He. He's your next opponent. That was a that was in just boorda was that was everything he comes listen. Listen I already talked about the wars. What happened you know this is my chance to you know right there and get the ball in on my border wars career I. Guess we'll call it but as far as TV listen you know. TV's where it's at sedate because of me Nestle say that to saying I put in plenty of work over the years and the difference now between back then is that this is an avenue that. Is. Can I put it. It's It it's beneficial in a way that it it wasn't beneficial back. Then saying where a better place, where two different place like you know y'all look at. This is a show and that's cool because it is but it's the job through for me. You know what? I'm saying like I- y'All y'all just call in and that's cool. But you I've gotta do the numbers I. GotTa Get you know. The, the notes, the topics I gotta be ready for you know whatever aspects of this like it's a job it's I. It doesn't end and begin when this youtube video ends him begins and that's the thing I think y'all don't understand a lot of times. It's like you do me wasn't on today I don't know why but I'm sure it's you know something that he had going. It's like. It's the same shit like. We we were in a better place TV today Mensa have a relationship that's never really been. You've never seen me make a video about him. Never see me say anything you know I. I don't even really feel comfortable getting into anything more than as vague as I've been and what went on between us But Yeah, man, this is like the way all got jobs, right? This is this is my job. That's that's what this is so Yards, you got to look at it from that perspective, but that's what's changed is it is a career now in a way that it never what it was a starting point for me at every avenue what I'm saying it led to you know writing for the magazine and it leads to working with the paper, my local paper, covering amateurs and all that it. Led to a lot of cool things but ultimately always came back TBB, and so you know Y'all wake up on boxing bars on Saturdays right. But for me, it's just another show I gotta be professional form you know and that's what this is. Four is like I don't want to get into my shit during the show like I'm the only one. That supposed to be here you know what I'm saying. NOPE Ski, peeling back the layers, ladies and gents looking lie. Let me see I. Think we got a Soochow DB X. who says whiskers if king six while he meant put is six one. You gotta cut the ring off with the. Flex in Emoji like lost one. Man I don't know how came as member told everybody. Story from King and not told to me back and I said it on his own guard. You might have heard about how when he was young his dad just used to take them and. Put, them against other little kids and just you know like a little cockfights king was destroying kids out this. So this might be embedded in them from very long time ago just saying man. I I got. I got. Too I. Mean my father never did that's me That sounds tough but you know. The scars you see. There, from fights. Earliest one specific fight. And And so you know I've been fighting since I was a little kid sue and then you know I it wasn't just ten seconds in Oh. Ball practice even though we did that too but you know. But. Let me ask you that was a pretty bold statement. I can't get over is like the biggest left Boorda was what happened did you did you keep time Thurman in preparation for importer knocked the bag off the you know like all in the ring did you not hit ordered? It fell off and dropped on the floor do not do inspiring or action league down with. What's going on to have you? Feel bad those like hand. Hand I feel actually feel bad a target about it but I know he listening so it's all good I. Had somebody who was doing midst for me because it was getting hard to find consistent Mitts and so Jerry. gave me somebody's number in and I started working with them and fucked up his oboe. And this way rating. So you say, so you say. Listen. Let's. Say. So you say basically you deontay wilder mark reeling dislocated someone's elbow on saying that this gentleman who's trained amateurs years s right said that he had. Never been in that situation before somebody hit him with the punch like that. Sunday her. attributed. That to the squats that everybody's laughing at, do you think it's like, oh, they laughing but now, I can't even find people that want to do pauvres work. I I attributed to the fact that I'm just I'm strong and compact. No I'm I'm sure. Yeah. What. What tapes you is. Because again, I, watch Andy Ruiz with Eddie her and also yesterday and I was like Damn if Mario could do that, he would be a problem in which. you know show me Jimmy sent me some stuff and Know I kind of don't really want even say it but I'll give one frazier. Go, raise your fight. With Ali and then there's a couple of other I pride I really don't WanNa mention but frazier was definitely a big Tyson. Joe. Tie Tyson has been one debt watching it was like Whoa. Is Watching Tyson frazier he come in for blood y'All. Watching guys that I've been watching fights where there was a shorter guy. Interstate versus. Target. I'll just put it that way. See. Totally different. You know my coach he was like Yo go why some Lennox Lewis and really boy and don't get me wrong those killers and punches, but you know. They weren't frazier or Tyson right like we don't ever say that but we got. Hooked. Though I mean, he said left hand. Hey. y'All. Seaney Mario. This is the committee. Would the commissioner know what do you call? What do you call the lead person in the rankings committee? I don't know all right Boeing Bama shares. Boeing Damasus you. You could be pound for pound. On that list is our remember gotta look it up hold up, go ahead but you can asking. So I think I could be pound for pound like at some point. Yeah. At some point sure they listen to me I think if I work hard and and I and I get down to the weight that I I could be strong at. You know what I'm saying like right now I'm GonNa be strong but I'm I'm facing the guy who's naturally bigger than me. So like how much does it? You know you know acclimate. But I can tell you that if I'm finding somebody WHO's one sixty. And I'm able to keep. Match. One sixty. I want to get to one seventy and I WANNA to take fights from that point it. Oh, if it's a once fight. Insisted on sixty five. Pounds, imagine you win would you would you do sal? You down from a lot, you would be a big dude, but is in Sao would it? So he's like one sixty five is it? Oh, really. I thought our four, one, sixty, five he was gonNA fight Marvan at one, eighty five but you know it didn't happen. Are you. Having everybody's having trouble right now you understand because. You're talking about you got arguably the biggest Badass. Yeah where's the sparring? Where's the sparring man why we can't Eric? Let's go chip Senate Wiz that why why it's taking. So long right he right y'all on the path for palace Boeing. Obama has coach Midi Number One nest? Dominican nightmare number two. The tank Freeman from Dallas to Tom Pound for pound at number three J. D.. From Texas. Houston Age town stand up number four. Oh Shit Okay Canada your guy would i? Got Would Canadian Jose at Number Five? So yeah, I mean what? The pound for pound that's the valid. I could see you can see you if you could be king I could see big things were you like Andy as man you be came I could see you taking on what? Jose before no, maybe three. International Global fight from Canada. You know big name in border wars you a big name because your co host and the man I. Did America. People. Levy. See We got coach is in Connecticut says, what's up my real? Have you been working on some Mike Tyson head movement to get inside of Kimes Jab since your the shorter fighter well, you just say you'd be tape. There is something that picked up from Mike like. I. Don't I don't want to talk about it but Yeah. It's something along those lines like Mike was so skilled. At Fine Dean, Re runs and understanding range you know as a smaller guy and so that's something that you know definitely would help me in this fight. He was explosive Dobra. He was like a very explosive. Game. Number two. I'm for no I'm the only one with three. Have you seen any of his fights versus oh? Yeah. Oh. Yeah I let's not what everybody back. Because that's what I do. I'm four no Got Three title defences and I, think I got seven not downs in four or five. So yeah, I mean I'm pretty sure those credentials should a somewhere. I mean just atom up everybody goes down when he fighting us even though I get the most disrespect. ME. County are you counting that one that they didn't? Maybe, maybe. Maybe, you talk about Utah I fight where I really had to yeah, I, know I know I read should add to at least the public sees that you know what I'm saying about me. That No. Say he coming for that e coming for that title he said the biggest left hand in all of you know you're going to everybody coming for you better. Not Be King because I mean I guess if you feed him, 'cause you get to choose but once you. Once you become everybody going on a Peace Now. Or Wilder or Wilby if you would here's the south side, do see Lauren Aka Maserati with that. But that's the thing. Listen my fight with King. It's also to. To gauge myself, you know what I'm saying like Lake I would if you had said Yo gotta fight for you you Marvin I would have said No. I'm. No you know you wouldn't be well, meanwhile Keane saying to beat. My I want more of it for the This is this is. This is people Lopez right. Ten tell you Mexico versus PR's going down. You see one do is thinking about how to come at this and other dude is just like, I, want it all all the smoke Earl Spencer's down you know but that doesn't mean that doesn't mean. Just because you want to smoke, you can handle it. And I love that about this but. Let's see. We got some more but they're gonNA pass Adrian Ronin in Wisconsin? Also, GonNa be fighting on that card. He's going to be taking on Dan the man we were scheduled to do. While thirty he's only at thirty minutes we can have to reschedule, but he's going to be taken on Dan a man who just admitted sparring in the border wars chat and the boers chat is on fire listen Dan. You should sent me that because now you need to send me new stuff you can't be you can't be leaking. Exclusive Patriot only sparring. But thank you for exciting us in at border wars chat. With that, he's going to be fighting one sixty. Win when. He's on on your car no no. No. I'm saying winces unguarded. He was supposed to be at twelve thirty today. Oh Shit, okay my I had you for one thirty but you know Mario had to get off his chest I'm sorry, Dan. Adrian who's fighting Dan says? All the Shit Talkin and hater is amiss fuel for your fight. You know There's this doctor he wrote a book on lex free minute and Joe Rogan, and that's where I got kind of all this stuff from talk about trolling and what it does like it's a philosophy and what is does A psychologically. Right and there's a place for trolling that can actually be from like love and all that and I get that from dues like Salmon UK, you know he'll throw me DAX. Me Like people throw me but it's love like these are people like I fuck wit you know what I mean and I'm cool with on twitter and I G and like I mean like these are the only places that I interact with you know the community but it on but I don't WanNa see like negative shit. You know what I'm saying like I I'm I'm F- I got enough fuel to to to not WANNA. Lose you know what I'm saying to to not want to be Thought of as the worst fighter in border wars like that. That's enough for me. That's enough for me and then on top of that. Seeing, how quickly weight came off by training? Differently that's also excited me like. I was in the gym every day not every day but I, was in the gym three to five times a week for three years. And I never lost weight like this. Never you know and obviously the train was different. That's what that's. The point is like it excites me you know what's another three months gonna look like what's another six months gonna look like that that's what has kept me going. You know that's what makes it easy to you know not take the pop tarts you know what I'm saying but but Yeah. That's it right there. DOLGIN cannabis like that's it and I'll take it. With that's relax. After sparring you know your heart rate gets up You'll have like a crash I like to smoke You know it helps with like little aches and pains and stuff I. Do see also m saying actually have from my Team saying he wanted to here and you. Can Do y'all listen. CVS WE. CAN PICK ONE UP I'm bill with that Oh. Yeah. Oh, we've officially gotten. We officially got in double the views of keen show. I. said that would Eisai. Mario Talk You sit while Rio talk. I. Listen to me ain't the win I want. Our. needs to win this would. Not Training I'm not training to be you know the the do that got the most counter-punches or anything like that domes listen listen I respect team is unguarded was awesome. You know if anybody wasn't entertained is because they're just haters that was a very entertaining you know unguarded. So I'm not hating on that. All I'm saying is that this isn't what I like I'm not I wasn't looking for like I'm not. I'm not thinking about my walkout song I'm not I'm not thinking about my you know I didn't even think about my year. You Know Louis helped me out with that shit like I. Like I didn't think of any of the fluff about this. You know any of the pageantry none of that stuff has been a mind like at all. The skoll. We got. On. Before you get there this and public services got over public services. Over one hundred and twenty one of us right now here watching do Mario favourite give Mario hundred a one hundred one, hundred, one, hundred thumbs up and also hit the subscribe button get two, hundred, two we appreciate your let's go. Super TAFFER SUPERMAX WHO SAYS In honor of doubling Keam numbers hit mets intra one time for me. Daddy Disa-. Dull blue. Green. By. Dr Regional Paved. Sit, down. Sit down. Our you. You will not be final paper. Mario. Is. This GonNa, be the fight the catapulted sue pay per view. You think your next fight is that big because of this? If. I win this right and then you go into December fifth I feel like. I feel like there would be even more hype to see me with somebody who's been in born again I'm not ever cruise I'm not under Aracruz May. I didn't say aircrews not just say. What time it was y'all don't even know you've been listening to this show the show long enough. There was a thing one time it was supposed to be Mario vs riquet. Mario if you go back far enough on his instagram, he did a little video input gutless on vk space. To me, he did that to. You Know Y'all to me mixed up. But I, know I remember duck lips in something like that. But Him and every thing at one point man maybe that's an old fight. Right did is Bruin but let's all he retired though you mean Jose retired him. 'cause. 'cause Eric Cruises Been Shannon bringing in for a while for last. True. Yea. But anyway, we got some more questions here who we got. We got right to work in the UK says, let's go money may moon. Ghia. How did your years of weightlift training probably lack of Cardio Work Affect? The start of your camp and how did you overcoming stopped? Listen I'M GONNA BE REAL IF I didn't start training like. Two and half three months before I started gonNA fight I wouldn't have been ready at all bro I it was. So I felt so heavy. So heavy I mean the muscle just drains. You know what I'm saying like carrying your arms fills like you're holden fucking. dumbbells or something you know what I mean and Yeah Man I'm not GonNa lie like it it. It was like a fat camp at first I didn't have a fight. You know what I'm saying. So yeah no, he's absolutely right like the weightlifting. And that's why like I'm not lifting heavy like I wasn't lifting heavy. Powerlifting over here, I've been lifted anything over four five at all like in the last. Three or four or five months I'm like that. So I'm not I'm not I'm not doing that training anymore. It's not to say I wouldn't do it. Again is just You know right now I gotTA fight. So I'm not thinking about that and then December fifth rolls around quick enough. I'm not going to think about it either I mean but there is no place for the training I was doing to be combined with the training that I'm doing now it's just It wouldn't even be beneficial. Well Ladies and gents and that's why you need honestly like people talk shit about. And and get it everybody got their own thing. But that's why you need a coach like that. That understands the body in the physicality like you know I didn't get that until like super late. So it's like I understood a lot of stuff very late on even though I had a boxing knowledge and an understanding. Man It really it really was a wakeup call for real. So he says, how long did it take you time? Wise to believe you was boxing ready and apart from the power? Is there anything in your body building that you think has helped you prepare, for example, setting goals stain too strict schedules. Oh. Yeah. Definitely that see that's the thing about me. I got no problem getting to the gym I. Know That's a lot of people's issue and it's a real thing. You know it's hard to get up get in the car drive to mean but. That, that hasn't been that's that hasn't been an issue for me and years you know it it. It's a a lot of dedication to powerlift. Don't get it twisted issues a different type of you know athleticism. So but but you know that definitely did help you know and that's a good point. I actually never even thought about that the idea of I gotta get something. Know that's always in my mind like I'll get off the show in the morning and I'm like. I it's already Linda clock I gotTa go twelve o'clock I gotta go I. GotTa. Get you know Thursdays have been murder. You know Thursday's have been the worst days in the last two months. It's like I got the morning show. I. Got to squeeze in a workout between you know the the morning show in the evening show you know, and that's the other thing. I I got two other jobs like you know that's the other thing people. To other jobs will writing and editing so to fill those things on. Thursdays very tough. So you have to have that's why I love these morning workouts I love getting by three four am five am the show comes Yo and and I think you could tell to like I think you could tell like their days were like I'm kind of dragging I'm not talking as much. I'm in a bad move because I didn't wake up to go to the gym y'all when I don't get up to go to the gym. Brom. fucking mad miserable miserable just in a shitty mood. So that's helped that's helped a lot. Let's. Let's see here. We still got a bunch for this man. He says Eric Crews in Dallas Texas, Irving I believe or fort worth out of not the same spot air irving. looking forward to sharing the ring one day Mario Keep those hands up Chin down you'll got this. Flexing Emoji. Or Listen I would love that fight I. DO I think he's super talented I think that he would be a different type attested game. You know I look at team as a test. Like a natural physical type of test right with Eric I think it's a it's a different type of tests and so it would be something I think counterbalance tin. You he the the workout probably get from Eric will probably even like send me up higher like you know what I mean like I would it would probably bill more comp. I, mean depending on what happens obviously but. I guess going all the way to the top man I could see you know but it starts. With getting impasse, keen for the dream. Team. The Dream Team, the dream listen. But I could see great fights with the two of you guys I mean listen. That's I. Don't got a dog in a race because, if you win you versus cruises fire and if he wins, he wants Marvin that's fire you're listening. So I I'm good. You know I mean he needs to fight. So I guess him beaten crews to get Marvin is the same trout Canelo story except came he right is he going to be trout losing canal after beating one brother or was he going to be you know? Make history beating both of them do from the same town main that being said, speaking of border wars fighters got I aside from California two thousand seventeen border wars. Fighter says now that you're GonNa go in the ring and doing more boxing workouts being that you lift weights do you feel heavier in the way people tell Joshua he needs to lose mass because he lifts. A. Lot to. Of course I did I, did a I mean I still do agree amid it's going to take. Several months to. Change my body composition you know, and that's what I'm really trying to do like I want to look like a boxer. And I don't need to get to like you know seven eight percent body fat or anything like that. But. Right now, I I don't look like a boxer. You know don't you know I looked like a stocky dude and Yeah that's that's a goal for me to get their. Eddie Barlow, they harass Nevada is multiple border wars. Participant fighter says Mario congrats on writing the wrong. Happy to see you back in the border wars ecosystem as an honorary seem Texan. I am rooting for you to get this win question. Have you been watching the wars since you were last seen in Dallas for the Queen City fight if so what do you think of Queen Cities Rise during that time? Is He an opponent for you in the future and what would you know what would be the weight division? You WanNA, alternately compete in. first and foremost isolate the rights not the wrong. Not Right until the until the twenty fifth true man I feel like it's not. It's not. You know weekend that's why I really don't even. This it makes me uncomfortable doing this like because. I would rather. I will rather all the talk in all the deciphering and all that take place afterward. Have to prove to Pete. Nah. We do Buddha. was because people are sit on the Oh you should do. All he wants to fight. This is why you gotTa build up your fight. This is part of being a fighter. Why gotTA respect? Because they got it with all they can't burn off. A little different for me though you gotta understand because I have that wrong to. Right. So for me I, you know the, it's really nice to hear things like that and it's cool and I appreciate people like Cruz and and and Marvin in supermax who been aborted wars and have. giving me encouragement all that but. To me it's just that wrong i. It doesn't nothing matters until after the fight. We can talk about that type of should the fight to the All Right, oh but as far as but as far as at Joe he's very specifically specifically, he says since you were last seen in Dallas for the Queen City fight What do you think of? Queen cities rise during that time. So I believe I. believe he's too in one right? He he beat crews and he beat Eric Garcia from Canada and he lost a Marvin. Yeah. No, he's He's super talented. Super towns. Yes. I've watched the I watched all the border wars and he posted some bag work yesterday will he looks Her aunt and Extremely talented at, and he's one of my biggest What's the word like? Like he motivates me to to see a dude like a lot of these guys that started from scratch like that's what I like to see is like Yo if they could do like I, do it I mean like ness was big. You know what? I mean and he's a big guy. You know he's super tall. So it's like that's natural for him to be big but I see him lean how show after show like I was there when he first. Started training and it was like Yo we were ending shows super early. So he could get his work in my Ki. Ki showed me to love like what kind of dedication you have to have. You know what I'm saying and so like last night I dipped out specifically to get working with Jerry got you know that that that's because with him he has kids and he has a lot of stuff. So Week a Lotta Times, it's on the fly. So You know yeah. But Nah man and is the truth for. The third part of was, is he an opponent free you in the future games in opponent for me in the future? And ultimately, with weight division, do you want to compete in? I said I wanNA seventy and then I'm GonNa take vice from there. You know I like I get to one seventy and I can make a fight one, sixty no problem you know if I get to one seventy I can make a fight at one seventy, five no problem. So that's what I wanted when he get to a good weight. where I feel comfortable and I'll be honest I think if I think if it wasn't happening and I was still training I, probably be very close to one eighty right now. Very close. I thought you were GONNA. Say you'd be heavier because you'd be weightlifting. Why would you be lighter now? No No. Because you got to understand when I hit you up in June or July and I said look I wanNA fight you know whenever border wars comes. Please happy in your mind a know everything that happened I'm asking you give me another shot. Ever since then powerlifting has taken a back seat and there were times where maybe I got something in, you know what I mean here and there but I've been training boxing training since then and so you know I mean I'll I'll send more pictures like you can see the muscle mass stops. Well. Video and I'll tell. Can. I mean look you want to. Talk. I mean either abuses. Duck down by man come on man send a fucking video. Going out. Big Casual says, what's up? Why Reo are you planning on bringing that Mexican Warriors Stout, aboard wars meaning not looking to dodge punches and just sit in the middle of the ring and Fang. I'M GONNA make a bold prediction up that fixes on top on biggest. By, this fight. This fight is far. Center the ring. Mono Mono Dale Wow. Am Chemo actually you to not the run. Run. Run. That's that's what I'm thinking though. Like. He's under. Versus Mexico standing fight I think he's you know I think he's probably GonNa try to take those opportunities early and I'm GONNA be ready. Yo Jeff from Nova Scotia says, I believe that you will put the pressure on him and attack his body and eventually get the stoppage wouldn't be surprised if J. maxx stops it in between rounds two and three or throws in the towel at some point Mark Bruin style it's your time Mario Keen seems too lazy and isn't ready for the war you're gonNA. Bring Nova Scotia is riding with you champ this is easy worked for you. I'd never had one right shit like that about other. Damn Man. No Young. He's straight up which you that's that's. You're going to light the fire back on this. That's probably the biggest regret like if I could go back, I would have made my trip start on Monday how But you know what it is. See. What's the cost man changed them flights be see what's the Role. Being is this flight was like seventy five bucks but you know sometimes when you're man is only extra hundred scientist see what it is. Now you never know you never know. TV's a community man we get shit done around here. You gotTA supercharge go for channel. But Bama both. Outcome. This is a good. This is good material, timeless, classic, salute, Mario, and Keam salute chat. Salute collars looking forward to the pound for pound list on November first. Update quick. That's what talking about me. I that's what I'm saying like this. Love from me. It just makes me WANNA give. As, much of myself in spite I can't like I'm leaving everything in there like listen if I'm bleeding or puking after the fight is happening after the fight while I'm in there. If there's any one thought. That that I focused on other than team it's on the people that have reached out and have been just showing so much love because to be honest with you I don't. There's a lot of people that showed the opposite in saying I know everybody deals with it Francis Ness everybody does with put You know what I mean like they're they're just some. Shady people you know they act like they fall in love everything and all TV for life, and then they just talked shit when you don't agree with them. But the people that are like Yo you know you've got this made me I just want to show a good fight I just want. I here's the thing I would rather have the most exciting fight. Then Anything you know what? I'm saying like I want to give a show no, it's already it's already been. The biggest build up. So I'm going live on am saying we have to do our own version of gloves off face off we don't do the gloves off or or face off with Max Kellerman but we're GonNa have to Jack that, and this'll be the first fight and. Came as available with Skype, we'll do it on the main channel. We'll have virtually virtual press conference. The way we did Lubin Interro Guichet because. Masol. Both of you need to get with me let's schedule that. As early as tomorrow. What about the Wayne Somali to win. Are we doing a like an actual like group way like I'll usually do we usually do that but because everybody is flying differently I don't think we're doing I think now in certain people to Got There before US send the video of your way in and stuff like that. But yeah, Francis came up with the idea of doing the virtual press conference and You know we definitely. WanNa take advantage of that. So came I know you're busy out there and salutes are for a you know being a provider for your family and be taken on his Boorda was fight while having a fulltime job and find the time to do it and Everything that is the promotion of border wars. So when you can squeeze it in obviously before the fight, we got plenty of time at least a week and some change. But definitely, we need to do a virtual press conference man This one has been built up, and this is what promotion is about. So let this go out to everybody's on the undercard that we don't even remember you like Anthony's fighting sunny or Sony look sunny he's fighting sonny. Sorry Sonny should know that by now but you know even even Sony has gone mia because he's fighting and it's like I get everybody deals with distress differently. But this is what you see right here. This is why we we we created the. So you can see exactly what a fight a ghost through you don't some of your choosing not to promote your some you choose not to follow some of these rules and it's you're gonNA pay for that. You'RE GONNA pay for that in the long run and and and. Multitude, of different ways because. Lack of promotion is going to be lacking you get in that fight eventually that you do want just remember that but. That being said, we still got more questions for Mario who has officially past team with a number of questions I believe we need to get a check on that but we got big nick and the UK. The says there's only one missed monkey. Mario seems like a naturally emotional person who wears his heart on his sleeve will you control that emotion in the ring or will you look to explode because all of the stick you've taken from the back channel? you know I have my own reasons to want to show up in in in and they are emotional. You know what I'm saying the sense that you know. Like I WANNA be I wanna be a good fighter. I WANNA be somebody in the border wars fan community rankings that people don't overlook people don't just brush fire. All man that's the. Short. Mexican. They can't fight like I. Don't WanNa be that you know what I'm saying, and so those are the motivations those the driving factors alone like that's that's really all I need but I don't know it would be nice to. Prove all them wrong too. But I'm not even thinking like that I'm just thinking about. The motivation for. New. Coach Myers we need to see this live on patriotic. Come on. Let's make it happen Bro. You know. I'm a I'm a I'm a have. I got I got I gotta you know the thing is I never asked Cunningham that because that's just adds complications I'm GONNA be real. We not ready for that right now. We. Know we got the biggest hurdle in that just. Internet. And having accessibility to the Modem because I need either net I need to be connected. So the Internet via Ethernet in order for them to be. Official tissue. The way that I would want it to be. but. I'm a pull some strings man my might get funky to this weekend man. Work fast and the if if I want some deliveries tha in Tom Thumb that being said, we still got more going. scully to win the UK can you describe what kind of nerves you feel leading up to your fight with team? Yeah You know there's this There's this Dow that you get. When you`re Working. And you know in the nights when you can't fall asleep like like the problem for me with the late night training is that's why like the early morning so much is that I'll go and I'll train I come back to house like ten eleven o'clock and I can't go to sleep and so when you just laying there and you know you you you start thinking and that's cannabis helps with some for me is it it's really helps to calm those nerves like. I'm sure the nurse will be there but the nerves were there when I started sparring the nerves were there. When you know Omar was was there watching you know the nerves with Aaron and I and I dealt with them? You know the nurse were there when I started Jujitsu and you know so I've dealt with them in the past and and I feel like cannabis's honestly really helped to taper those off but right now I, just feel good for like Phil. Healthy. You know what I mean. That's why like the hate and all that shit don't phase me like nobody knows how I feel right now I feel the healthiest I felt in a very, very long time because I've been strong for a very long time. Strong doesn't feel like health. You know what I'm saying like strong can't give you a quick ego boost and I think because I'm five six and because I got picked on you being the smaller due to middle school and high school You know it was always like y'all wanna live. grow tall. So I'm just GonNa grow wide you know what I mean and So. That's all part of it but I've dealt with you know my mental shit for a long time. You know I suffer from depression after my grandma died. you know I suffer from PTSD from you know the the scuffles that I've been in in the stabbing you know it I still get nightmares from Shit you know and I never wanted to take medicine I never wanted to the doctor. Put me on share I didn't WanNa be on that Shit. So cannabis man I don't want to sound like a whole thing of promoting cannabis. It's for some people and some people it's not but It. Really does help me. Adrian. A UK. Who says number respect for taking a fight one word of advice when it comes to white collar boxing fitness beats power get that weight best on and run them hills. Word. So. Yeah I mean I, agree with him. Honestly you know A well-conditioned fighter beats a good skill fighter any day and Meyer that's why I asked you what kind of condition you were doing all kinds of. Doing, short sprints. We'll kind of explosion work where you doing like we in how many miles where you hitting the road like treadmill like what exactly you said you ran a treadmill. Miles. How many? What was that? Like? I did three miles. Get my best mile in my smile in so far has been just under nine fifty You know which isn't great but it's way better than where I started. You know the first Mile Iran to me eighteen minutes listen. It's slow. You know what I mean like I've gotten better and that's used. To run you walk or you ran man because you know which way you don't WanNa mess up the knees. Yes. As you know, you got to want to take that weight off gradually. Hard On. Open up these phone lines if you got in live for Mario. We might let you ahead and exit we going out to the streets. Real quick. Five stars on itunes subscribe to YouTube dot com slash the boxing voice for the latest greatest interest favorite fighters. Hundred Sixteen thousand, five, hundred, forty, six I. that's a little side. We need what folk to get the fifty. Let's round out when four subscribers telephone tele firm we talking boxing over here and. We actually doing some boxing October twenty four in the gym of U. S. Cunningham. The former cruiserweight champ Steve Cunningham is gonNA. Be Hosting our border wall season eight we're going out to. Adrian and Wisconsin what's going on chip. Just, listening going once Adrian. Brandon in Cincinnati. You rocking. Out Chair Oh Adrian, is there talk to us. Yes sir. I'm excited for. I have no iphone. So I can't particle talks in the in the build up I'm saying right up people overlooking Mario. I'm not ride Mario I'm not picking you. Wonder You of being. Overlooking cards that's. Right, Adrian trying to get some Some attention on his car and listen rightfully. So and that's why I'm saying you guys got to promote because you know you guys you know Adrian has eight years experience. Dan. The man he says he has no amateur fights, but he was trying to start his first amateur five by signing up to a golden glove. So you know these guys have some experience in that Jim in and around the gym as well. So they're going to bring it. They're going to bring a man we're going out to brandon in Cincinnati talked to us. He played. Amigos man I gotta we gotta we gotta clear that with team. Up with the Reich Brandon you available. Yes do. You know. Neko Veritas a friend of mine where. He's good. Uh Okay. Let me play. Let me play that. Hold door because he sounded that good man I'm serious. Don't plagued. Some lifestore. Bringing the price. In. The mind. Big Lesson. took. Do say. You can't he come on I. got that migos flow all on the wrong. Wrong wrong. Really it don't. I mean it sounds like you can tell man. Not Sound like. He got skills though he's on Nice. Oh, it sounds great. I mean Brandon. So you just listening all going out to Caesar Las Vegas Damn, he signed up two thousand, Eighteen Las Vegas and then I got cancer or Brandon's there talk to. Say that after my boy. Came in. People's peoples. Shut shutdown. Tomorrow. made it. Really promoted discipline. London. Damn chant you went through that bad series service area. We're going to seize the Las Vegas. Caesar's just listening to coach Ma dingus season. What? Exelon I hear you can't hear me we. Are At all right yeah. Walk cited man that's fair. That's how you feel the fight right here the job my real. Up But yeah I'm excited Eh. I see. I see any closer than order words. Nah Not he he that was that was the old one. When you was part of he just reposted it. He's in the Chatman. Hey. GOING TO VEGAS BABY I've turned into ring Yo. You got to accommodate man you gotta find that ring. We go. We go make it a thing. It on I'll get on it. But you know great show Hey look to you. Mario Manusama Sandro motivator man you you mean Bro. So Your Majesty Fest Luck, the best man win. I that I'm now I love that he said that like. Because that's what these other dues of done for me. You know what I'm saying like and it is like y'all. For row stole I that's that's how it started though, right? Like Matte M. B. Four in front of Keith Thurman and we recorded it, and then it was like Keith Thurman is the is the train of format and. It just was like. I mean keep terms trainer as the train a format, and then Thurman was like this judge and it just was like Damn I wanna do that. You know and it just got bigger and bigger man. Hopefully, it keeps getting bigger. There's still still is imperfect fall from it man for from it's going to take a lot more production and you know. Ultimately I would love a fixed location. I, think that's how we raise the level of production. If you had to fix location, you know. I feel like it could raise the level of production because you know you don't have to move anything and you can build on that set versus traveling. Nest. Don't worry but did listen that stuff is listen for those who travel in setup sets in becomes like second nature to you know how to do it easy. Don't worry about that stuff that can be done more costo even PBC Syrian that they cost one hundred thousand lug around that big premiere boxing champion thing and if if you want each border wars to look a certain way, it's going to cost I mean, it costs me already a lot to ship equipment whenever we gotta fly just the audio equipment and recording equipment is separate luggage is but we have, uh, Izzy and Oklahoma is he really an older home? Yes, Sir what's your? Yes Sir Shoutout Mario Shot Takim man. You know I was on Tim Kaine before Mario enlisted upon me to be in his corner I. I love this fight. I think it's definitely the main event and one of my dudes one of my close dudes is fighting in it and This is the main event. No doubt about it So Good on both of them for both of them to show. I'm ready to be a Mario's corner I'm backing them up all the way now I got to. That's that's what he asked. Not. That's what I said do so. Just looking forward to a man looking forward to seeing every next week. That's all right. Damn. It's next week Fellas WHOA. WHOA next week. Wow J. MAC NEW ORLEANS. Bitches is in the sport total disrespect. Adult. Dog. This modest thing if you do. Stay. Away. From. It. If, I'm Channel One. Hundred thousand. ohi shown. Clear clear. Clear. Oh Shit. In my room. I was listening to some of you your Crimea River speeches and stuff like that like it's like trying to sway the audience and make it make it come off like it's a pity party and yeah you WanNa prove how you can redeem yourself. Yes. Some people call in you. Thank the calls enough fake yet he act like I don't know who You was shooting at and I. Hope he wasn't shooting. ME I'm promoting fight but I am with team. kimes. So I'M GONNA support the fight and I'm GONNA promote it talk shit as trying to because I am involved in if I wasn't a problem won't say much will you can use whatever you need. You can get the UK fans because you. Attaching yourself with bones and stuff like that. You're GONNA, attach yourself to them if it gives you confidence in the motivation to get dead. Former and whatever to do on here. Hand going and stuff like that. But the thing about the Mike Tyson forward, which you don't have you on the need it. Then by the Mike Tyson, Hey, movement which you don't have, you're going to need it. The thing about the torso reflects at you don't have requires you to drop you hate into the movement of your leg which. That's that's your problem is you always think everybody's talking about you? That's why you got fucked up with with with know earlier I forget even what happened now because he does so much like ain't nobody talking. About everybody real. Nice. That's right. Look you you training keen like I know that should job like, Oh, I'm not mad like nobody's mad they. You only one that gets upset. You know you're the only one who comes on here talking about your Wi with this chat, Shit like you WanNa talk you don't want them to talk about you like I I'm not I don't care. That's the difference between us is I don't care like. Talking about you ain't nobody worried about you'll find Kien so unless Changes the rules and we have in a tag team match. In you know I, I don't really give otherwise nicer. Oh Chit. Ko for everybody on the plot today unguarded. Gloves off the love is done. Yoda Jay Matt counterparts. Who? Radio. Fee Somebody did say my name Chat, you can spin it around and Ula delusional his brain as you want to and stuff don't talk about no tag team shit. When you gotTA show for Your First Fight you won't get mad you got your little panties in a bunch and thank you can talk slick Shit I'll be there to fight fuck. So you watch what you say you focus your energy on Kim I'm talking Shit, like I've been talking should I've been talking the? Same Shit, the differences I talked to shit to you. I met you I've been in your face personally I talk to Ness I. Don't Talk Shit to make believe people if you WANNA spend it how you want to people angles show up the shit people just type shit ain't never be nowhere to be held accountable. You know me you see me I can be held accountable. The same thing can be said to you. So let's clear on this getting matched up and put things Avenue. Not Look. Everybody. Off that up this is between Mario and Ki King get a hold or your trainer forty. One. He even you can't become a appointing to outside pressure on the is talking about, Oh, I'm going to beat it now because now. Nobody's. Sheet over the. Chew. Let them focus on a fight come on came handle, handle your low key or what's going on each a fighting to fight. X ONE X Listening, just listening going out to. King Oh they want what? Year was good I. Wish Your News. J. Maxx, they call it in. The back of flux team born with a phone shit like that. But Yeah Man. I haven't seen those videos, Mario. Doing your thing. Over you get that Winston less can get all happy. Whatever promotion he wants we talked about earlier. Yeah Man. That's all I got. y'All. So videos and footage of our own patron dot com forward slash the box invoice. Obviously obviously, you can check it out there and we still waiting for him to send us that that sponsored his APP because. When when dog when? Drop Day. Today. So we can get none of the ocean is what you're saying. I mean. Listen Yeah, I'll send you whatever you went. Along. Edited than. It now. said it now I WANNA hit a you've got mail. So my age you see made me show my age and maybe You maybe show age-barrier debut y'all going out to. Kim. The. Dream. For. Florida. Mario's opponent. To lose. Want you next baby. Let's get it on. You hear me. Yes sir. I got a mask on on high sound but oh boy yeah a man listen A lot of people don't know how to deal with a guy like J. Mac he's just he's a man's man but you know you've met Jane magazine the Border Wars in person he's not a guy that's that's going to cause any issues. He's just a person that You know he he he he talks he talks a certain way and they might scare some people my of feathers but but you know j. good guy mass. So let's not it's not do that like you're gonNA come in and that crazy you know what I'm saying that's not going down I. Just WanNa make that clear. But. Yeah, let's good unguarded man I like it I finally I finally got him Mario Talking Little Shit Man I got to see a little felt like it was it was a nobody over there. I'm talking I'm trying to I'm trying to promote a five minute. I wouldn't get nothing back. You know what I'm saying, but all it took was for him to open his mouth now that we made event you know. So that's that's all that matters the end of the day. you know yeah I'm really got too much man like like I said in my own gardening I I work in. So you know what I'll see him on the on the twenty fourth or or maybe the the twenty third being Pittsburgh. Let's do a face to face with nest live. In person we could wear masks because they six feet part whatever needs to be done down from ocean that is fight man so So yeah, man that's just that Rossi you in Pittsburgh. Listen. We definitely want to do a virtual press conference from here before the Fai so you get with me both in the border wars chat lists commit to a date we going out the king I mean soon to be on boys talked to. Back. Up Me. Kings. Went on me. Be. Listen Border Wars Talk about it man I think. I'm a point out something that I said before it's like everybody been in this position right? Maybe people have in but you you that playground right now walk with me on this one man I'm First Avenue School I mean that playground right between eleventh and Twelfth Street I mean that playground. And we walk in there or say we had Dr Hort you know what I'm saying we walk behind and. Yard and is the one kid and he got his boys. And telling them that you'll make. Aven you'll make weather is. You. Got Mob eats. Meat. He Who you're breaking up. You going site. He like Elvis forever you'll hear me I'm in logo you kind of getting robotic on us. Oh Yeah Yeah, we're GONNA. Come back to you man you disappeared on us their Magen Orlando. What up And I should this off furry but if three everybody needs like the video subscribe to the channel enjoying peachy how for some so you won't miss out on anything. amash shout out to all the border war fighters a Mario and autocraft you a day but on his fight issue you know it takes a certain type of Gresley getting that ring in general. You know so you know good luck stay safe in their in know going for the fo- seven but you know I just want everybody to be safe at the end of the day and year man give us their show because you got anybody amped up. So we ready saw. My. Team. Say Join. Late you got a clip that. Yeah Talk To. Good afternoon only in America only in America. This of this magnitude. Fully fully fully invested I wanNA see a show. To see how this by compares to The low, Matteo and the Spence Spence Garcia fi because man we now for this month for sure But you know shutouts, Jd Mache Angel Garcia border wars. More. Like Bo Matt. A year that's a good one. We. Miss the CYP. I WANNA give some advice people man. If? The an aggressive. Is. Not what pumps you up to throw your hands don't ever be throwing your hand. It's not gonNA work is not gonNA work. Some people love aggression like myself like if you ask me, I'm GonNa beat your ass worse but I know how to fight. So I don't need to be mad to beat you up. So don't don't don't. More don't nobody you up to make you angry you got something to. Focus on what to learning in in Hornbeck craft but key if if talks came. King keep talking. Keep talking. Because when you feel your hands, that is the only time you show truly you're is when you are throwing no hands defending yourself then we get to see if you if you really as bad as you say or you just a nice guy who defend yourself like many nice guy. Within yourself. See y. p. mean God who could defend themselves but we both on the same boat we both. that. That's the question. A you ain't got to see hundred progress in it. But if you want me the typically it also everybody. oops we need. I. Couldn't eat footage footage footage. said. You'll that connected. I'll tell you what I I don't think. You can have that kind of understanding without at least doing something right like. How many wins the McGregor have in a UFC when he for fluid? I ain't that big. Fan I. Don't know what about you Francis. Again, what was his record before he fought Floyd McGregor. MMA record yeah I don't know that one either. But? Hey. Hey. I'm looking at. We tell you every time. Boxing fans may fans, but you're trying to put us in that box. Now, I'm just trying to say like the record you know. In another Sport. Don't matter boxing so like. Wherever you did. It only counts for like the level of ranking right? Like where are we going to rank you in terms of matchmaker? He was twenty one in three but. But what you did wherever you did don't count towards your record don't you think that? Okay because. Like. Like. We know that listen. Midi is the perfect example is eight and one. In Queens. Queens Berry Boxing. But he's has a separate record for border wars. Understand. But we understand he's skill because he's in one in Queensbury boxing, which is open. No headgear. Is semi pro. So we try to match make him the best we can. He fought a pro you know and very experienced amateurs in Boorda was they wanted to test themselves. So you know I. IT matters is like amateur regular it matters like it matters but then it don't matter for your pro Boorda was back. We got. Fee Training footage man, we need sparring free sponge for this. Big Nick UK. skying on I'm back again back to. Go Shot, to both guys that she as mentioned said, money takes takes guts to get in the ring but. Boy. Kimes dogs in full votre mode like. Draw out here. But. I was GonNa, say listen do your favorite yet. If Mario Wins decision yet just be careful 'cause they might. They might do put the Rose on Columbia. minute. But Yeah. That's why I'm telling Keam handle his trainer. We don't want to issue if Myra. Becomes. Tattoo Ghee. Happen. Exactly listed under the Idris said, mom is level man. The main thing is just about the condition. If you're in crept condition, it doesn't matter how good the skill is. Still. GonNa. Go your way some real just please or both I've lived to be honest but Mario Cage riding if you. Just how edition condition condition. Doctored son drugs so much pressure for Ya. Team got the back channel. Now you've got the UK. Oh man pressure coach Myers Boomerang. No Sir Right J Matt Oh Damn Jamie you ain't even boomerang. Jordan I mean I said it but she wasn't on joining. Gave it to Amin I say he need to change up go ahead J. Man I, mean coach Meyer sorry south. South giving my call. Right. Right to have. A good one I think. A Mario So my question to you is, how did your wife? When you I order that dig an actually fight and aboard award like what's her reaction? Was He picking? The this. Thank you with plane around like whatever you action death my call. she's. She started cooking me mill preps. Chicken. And Rice and beef and rice every Sunday. For the last on Oh maybe like eight weeks. and she sets alarm alongside mind three four in the morning to get even though she don't always go to the gym with me that early. Yeah she was just like let's go like she's a real one I mean like I married her for reason. Saw Yeah she she was like was go was go you know she actually she actually do arguments with me at night to like if I like if I trained early and I'm like man, I'm jittery or like you off like doing something show show actually put the targets on and do should not bad I mean he's not like good enough to get a full work or nothing but. We pitch guy my jeans that with the Boomerang. I'd give Jaime. J. Matt. Go for. can you hear me? Yes Oh. I'm going to class him. My Energy has always been the same. That's just I think that's what me my personality on the show for its token shit I mean, I'm talking shit about a fight. That's what we do. I thought that was part of the build up I mean maybe it is just about the fires but certain personalities and when you bring it to the table and you mix them in no mobiles for fight like in the order boxing anyway all this Jay Crack J. Wack and all that stuff man you can have that man I know I won't never be touched you clowns. Calling off Boorda was something he won't ever show up to is fine and Dandy to izzy senior CIA you better watch what saying Kornel without told you. I ain't taking not train over there and this let me just have my last time. No company don't come. You don't come on. Let's be Clintonesque Union met me in person you know I ain't coming with the dumb shit. I am just solely hyping up the energy of his fight for all the clouds their stake in a personal you want the motion ones you don't know me I've been there Mario claim he'd ever met me but I, guess he must have forgot because I was at last Boorda was in Texas. Go ahead go ahead. Just. For. Clarity. Ain't, nobody coming there, I'm GonNa get jumped like somebody say in Chad all this craziness because that ain't happened and what have you? I've been to border wars I know how to conduct myself I am solely. We, believe. James J. Back I. I WANNA make it clear because I did say that I'm misspoke. I didn't mean to say that you know we'd obviously you were there. I'm not saying that you weren't there. I'm not saying we didn't meet what I'm saying is you said I was in your face like. That to me that's. Understand yeah. Yeah. It was just a misunderstanding and that's why I was thinking. That's what you said. That's what I was trying to clear up. Bro We didn't have like no altercation or something like that. That was the misunderstanding. So. I just spoke I spoke from. P. Magas my gosh listen. Listen to me just let me speak. Sparring. This is not a actual boxing match. It spawned anybody can walk in any Jim Hey somebody asked him in the sport you ain't got no footage to spar. No one could suck. You could be great. Nobody walks around my jim asking me for because they know several me they see me I'm not spar. Their mix it up their no sparring. They Accu other trends four they bypass me for a reason. I. Don't play fight. I don't play near the plane destroy me shape mistreat. If you see me you know if you if you see me gym, you won't try it. So if you if you WANNA fight me for real, it's a real five round. No. Hey. All you gotta do is like because you're part of the community obviously, you say it yourself you're a name you know the shows you are on you claim that they do the best numbers and you know so you you know recording one sparring tool three rounds. One Minute even is just GonNa Excite the community you know that's that but that was the last caller we got trade in the bay. Talk to us. ELISSA would it? In and out listening. All satisified y'all hear me. We hear clear. Clear. Excited for the fight has tag team back here you know what? I'm saying able Marianela. Mario you get your, Bay man man actually I'm just looking to see a good buy though you know everybody be saying as good. That's my call. My whoever ain't even been listening I was I was off for like the last fifteen minutes. So W. C P.. counterpunch. I'll never heard of the so called roughing rowdy but they fight no headgear to get a pocket I signed up for that. Maybe two years ago. I signed up they executed I gave him put it. They turned me down. They said no way they'd be ever do can't fight they turn me down I. Know for a fact if I showed footage to any of y'all I ain't nobody to fight me on TV, because this is not a. To, fight all your didn't say try to have funk. So keep it that way top taking outside of that. No, you just want to state having fun but it's anybody I. don't care who it is menu ever get me many. December fifth it's sure I'll fight me I'll give here foot Gimme a real fight no plan no gain P.. See how much I like you take trays boomerang. Here you go. Up there serious I'm I'm free off respect skill that the fight I'll go midi if, I can't get. The only way you can see that rain because I'm telling you. I've done it before I'm not here. To make to make no dame beaten up some dude who ain't never fought or beat up subdued away never. Fear. That's. Fair. I'm the every day Fox's turn I'll have time for that but maybe training maybe fights get millionaire. That's only person I'm not falling for nobody. I. Had entered down feel bad for dinner in there and beaten. It S I. Don't feel bad. But many is a formula opponent. Get many Cassandra fit get many December fifth get him I'm here. That might be tough to make no no bs because Midi we was trying to get him out here just for this when he never misses but the whole Cova may even Jose said no because they got on team for the two weeks. When they go back I mean shut out to Francis. He's coming out, but he's going to have to quarantine on the way back so. It might be tough to get media. This year man might be i. wish man many many like say he's been all of them. So kinda. Kinda. Sucks. He's not there but that is everybody. Pretty sure gave trays. Okay. So we also got to go to our mean who's now a new boomerang courtesy Jordan in Florida. So Yeah crispy again. Yeah. I still look make it quick. Is just that. When you look at any fight between the two fighters will look at the background. You can look looking forty advantage and trying to get the advantage to fight your choice, and sometimes it's just a very basic element. You look at the CADILLACS CYP hit on the head, the cat, the point I was making when you come to that yard doom cats telling you good good in might feel good to make you feel with the cat that don't have to worry about that in all. He's doing his worrying about showing up for the fight. It just make it a little easier to. Fight it. So like people's looking at Loma all got to show up. The pressure is not on him. They them number one powerful. POW. Till's to win. That's telling everybody's issues going on with POPs in this and that and the third. So we start coming out talking about what you've got going on. That's nobody choosing against you. They choose it seems like the fighters choosing. Coming with less baggage, you know what I'm saying so Young Man certain in completely off topic like nausea has a point man. She'd been to a few border wars and we haven't been able to solidify opponent for her at one time. We almost did Steven Calderon Aka Superman he was our producer for awhile his girl actually box and we were going to do that one that changed decided to get married plan for weddings houses all. That great stuff. But we're looking for somebody for nausea between one twenty six and I think one, thirty, five in her weight class Obviously you've got US AMISS sparring in video footage but you know we really want to get that one done. She's pretty good though you know you might want to check her out. She's out there doing her own white collar boxing in the UK. So. You gotta be skilled, but you guys as a community should help us. Accomplish that as a goal, we need to have our first female fight. Why? Because we had our first wheelchair fight? You know we've had our first forty and over fight like let's go as a community we need to get that done man if you got your girl out there and she'd be throwing hands in the mirror, pusher? branded. You talk about you ladies man where you're women at get one of them girls. You got get in there with nausea man let's go. His he what's up who out there in the sticks got phonology let's go. We meet a fight man we need our first female fight but listen that's all callers all the boomerangs. Awesome I said I got a girl's death. Adrian Okay Adrian and Adrian is serious. Send me that information you got all my Info Send me whatever you can on her so we can send it to Najah because Naza ducks. No slow. Yeah. Allies we had a wheelchair fi no bs man they'll be as an WBZ. Wheelchair the special of fighting welches to Mike Ross Man. We try to be serious over Sirius'. We can be and we want to grow man we wanna make it but I could see this being you know just as big as a sugar burt ten years from now why not? Why not sugar bird didn't have a community self-standing they had. They had to start somewhere we got a whole advantage man we can do this. Oh y'all. Crazy but anyway, that's everybody Mario man great unguarded and final thoughts you want to leave us with. I'm just I'm I'm ready I'm ready I'll see came out there and like you said I'll see you in Pittsburgh I think s all got to be said. This has been another unguarded. We are scheduled to have another one. We Push Dan back to three thirty. So we'll be doing Dan's at three thirty and we'll be doing Queen City Cobra at five thirty look for those to be scheduled way ahead of time so that you have that you are, but we're going to be doing board were all week we've ramping up it's finally baby not only to Fema Lopez. Nah Not just basile. To We got Mario, money monkey you're taking off Keam dream in Florida. Then we got Adrienne Ronan taking on Dan Man, we got Sonia Cincinnati going against the realty from DC. Anthony Edwards the return. The return versus the new Guy Sunny End Oh years going down plus Steve Cunningham throwing to his fighters on a grudge match. They get it their chest and we haven't gotten confirmation I, Adrian you actually. Put Your Wisconsin people we need to know what's going on with that and solidify that Steve kind of have. INSTAGRAM and twitter catches on the next one three thirty PM today. With Dan the man unguarded five, thirty Anthony Edwards Seven PM TV Patriarch only beating the odds with TV where at least me Francis because I know Mario might be sparring a certain but we. His money we can this this week and Graham really. Read piece. sportstalk ID twitter facebook checked me out yet next up sportstalk visa. I.

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1189: "CIS-Cast"

No Agenda

2:50:19 hr | 2 years ago

1189: "CIS-Cast"

"Are they training me to be a dog. Adam Curry John C.. Devora remember ten twenty nineteen th. This is your winning on Asian media assassination episode eleven eighty nine. This is no agenda welcoming our new neighbours and broadcasting live from opportunities on thirty-three here the frontier of Austin Texas scupper the Jones Star state in the morning everybody. I'm Adam Curry and northern Silicon Valley. Where I've noticed that Woody Allen finally been cancelled by cancel culture? Good for them. I'm John Baden buzzkill woody. Allen wasn't already like Soubert like super cancelled no no canceled canceled now his new movie. I'd a rainy day in New York will not get released in the United States. It's actually been released in Europe to a good reviews. Amazon will not bring it out in the United States. They won't stream it. He's got the autobiography of Woody Allen which has to be a fascinating fascinating book. I know denied the big big four publishers. None of them will touch it. Did he do that himself. He's a writer. Yeah but he did the film about his life or is it a a just a written blow bullshitted no agenda press should release that exit strategy base to bottom bottom of the barrel. Hey we have new neighbours five minutes from From the crackpot home here crackpot in the keeper yes. We didn't have time to talk about it because it happened on think happened on Thursday. Here's report number one. Yeah the cleanup got underway. Just about an hour we go. We were able to capture some video for you. Let's go ahead and play it and show you what we saw. We saw text out crews out and about escorted by police cleaning up the trash out here using leaf blowers hours and a street. Sweeper now the second part we believe will be to pack up the folks living here as the state steps in and frustration mounts over how the city is handling this crisis Governor Greg. Abbott warning state leaders are excuse me city leaders to straighten things up but now he's just stepping in this morning Texas dot our textile crews will clear away the homeless encampments across town. There are a lot of the governor. Says he will not allow Austin to turn into cities like San Francisco or la. Now one man who I talked to. WHO's been living under the same overpass get this for three years? He told me what I'm just going to move to another spot because Austin is too good to give people all over the country to come off because it's famous famous place to live on the streets. Everybody everybody knows man. You WanNa live on the streets Austin why you have to buy new money because Arden blast glassman man Austin's in place to be baby. I love that. They put that in that report for mainstream report. That was fantastic so actually surprised. Abbott came through and he opened up a five Acre site. Southeast Austin it John. It's five five minutes from here. I I mean it's not really walkable but if I jumped in the car five minutes and I gotTa tell you right off the bat. I'm super happy. This is a great spot for them to be and they're already halfway to mobile loaves and fishes Community I village and the way it's set up with transportation and everything. I think this might actually work. It's been two days since the state opened up a designated camping area for the homeless. It's temporary spot about seven acres in size not far from the Austin airport gave us deirnesa. Heron is there and says people are starting to move in now. They're Nisha at text. I just got here. They arrived not I too long ago. They are putting up lights for better visibility and ask for the homeless. I have not seen many but the ones I did talk to. They already pick their spots. Perfect and then we got here. It wasn't anyone here but two guys Michael Johnson and his friend Jose world thirteen miles on their bikes to to find a safer place to call home. We don't have to talk to anyone to be here. You know sign off designated this area off of one. Eighty three near Montopoli Montopoli temporary homeless camp equipped with portable restrooms in hand washing stations. Like wow we got bikes that can handle the terrain as long. It's not on the freeway. We should be able to get there but there are questions. About how other homeless will be able to get to this camp several miles from downtown Cam Metro. Oh said Friday. They will get the homeless to the campsite but they are waiting for more guidance from the state on how exactly faking out. But for Michael and Jose all WanNa want to Kinda let people know where says all of this with the graffiti. If you could see you like this is where I wanna be. They are in good spirits. Now that they're here. Don't anything when I was really concerned with is like will be electric city. We're way out here so we just said okay. Well we have a plan for that to generators. The Governor's office says the troopers will be patrolling the area twenty four hours a day. DPS says they will be taking a head count to find out how many people people are in and out of this campsite. They say they are also in talks with organizations to find out when they will be bringing food here and as per ten transportation Cap Metro says they are one waiting to hear back from the governor's office on when and where they can pick people up so these reports all sound. hoops are sound pretty positive and optimistic. People they selected at least on very positive and optimistic and I will do a boot on the ground report. I'm going to go out not today but I'm GonNa go out there this week. See what's going on talk to some people the main recorder. Yes the main thing the the You know the the Super Liberals of Austin are like he shipped them five miles. His tweet knows twelve miles from downtown down and have to bus in will go into downtown for will that. Apparently we're all the money is but I'm I'm thinking the people of Austin seat in traffic for for an hour to get downtown who have jobs and homes and pay taxes. Shut up already. These guys actually getting a better deal on the transportation dedicated aided bus service. But I'm all for it. I think this is a great development. I'm glad I'm glad you like I said at the beginning of the end for the Idea that we don't have Shani towns in this country. Oh it's going to be a sham. It's GonNa be a shantytown. She just for for context. Montopoli is my exit off the one eighty three. So as you turn right you go to your house you get there no you get off at Montopoli. You're there and then you drive five minutes further in your house from the airport now you have to go through a homeless encampment. No you don't have to go through it. I don't know we looked last night and a teen pick me me up. I got in late. Oh Man I had A. I had a trip from Hell John Yes. Let's skip to the rest of the homeless. We talked endless. Scroll by the wait. Congratulations to the Republican governor. But let's yes indeed. Tell the story all right. Well you have to understand when when traveling while doing the show. The most complicated window is between Thursday and the second Thursday show also known as Sunday because the show. Oh on Thursday ends at Really we don't hang up until ten thirty. PM My time there. And then I still have some clean up to do. And that's eleven eleven and then I need to eat something to unwind so you know really not in bed until midnight and it'd be nonstop this whole week so I knew I would have limited prep rep opportunities Because Friday I I had to more appointments and then I what I was going to have a short dinner with a buddy of mine who Used I used to be a mainstream talk. Show Guy Hall and Robert De Anza and he Under my encouragement went total value for value podcasts. Any also has an interesting video version of it. And he's a wine nut. I mean like as long as I've known him he's been into like seared like you into wine only he. I don't know it's but I I don't know where his level of knowledge is because I don't know anything but he said you know let's have some dinner and that turned into a a five hour dinner with a total of four bottles of different wine which I sent pictures to you because apparently they were supposed to be good. Good that I. They tasted good. And of course you know you said to well who else was there and I said No. It's just the two of us. And then so you kind of went into this long non believing state that I could drink that much alcohol maintaining my position in what I sent what you never answered or never commented on the winds except get. You said nothing to complain but were they actually actually good. I mean is there are gone that would they had was probably the most famous of the area which is the capital of Grand Cru Grower Grower Champagnes which are always dynamite. He said that he said there's only five hundred bottles of that particular champagne was ever made. That's possible yeah Because generally speaking the guys who grow do grower champagne which is just a type of champagne. Were guys are growers as we grow lots of grapes and sell them to the big boys bowling juror. They'll make their own special little house house. Run to make a little batch. Small batches mall basis small batch small batch Gotcha artisan artists believe me. They're considered artisans and those wise they're always dynamite They're not as good as the superstar big boys but there uh dare about one tenth. The price steel so he knows how to buy cheap now the other is Dutch and and the at the other one. I never heard some screaming. I don't even know if there's a wider read it was very I looked it up and it was done by some some people that were. I don't know what to why was it. must've it must have been the white wine because it had the white wine. I was unfamiliar with that one completely. Anti dolittle research. I'm still unfamiliar with it. It's just some obscurity. Well that was the one and that was the most interesting to me because it had what he called it oxidation and it had this this bouquet the smell to it that was very distinct. Recall Large oxidizing. He served you an oxidized wine tasting it. It was one of these smells. How's that you'll never forget kind of like d. m. t. you'll never forget that? Smell this one and it was. Yeah oxidation that doesn't sound like that's supposed to be that way but it was. It was delicious. I've really enjoyed it Well I don't know what he's talking about. I don't know because oxidation generally speaking terms is just just a pre precursor to recoup recording. A matter is could have been some other. There's other things can happen. Durance for instance has a funny style of wine. That creates this This particular flavor is tasty. I don't know I don't know anything about the wine or what he's talking about well anyway away so that lasted much longer than I expected. So I'm like Oh crap and of course had to get up at six thirty two to catch the flight home so so I'm back at the hotel right. I'm tired and I turn on the TV. See what else is going on. The only news I got was that you know the Black Pete. Santa Claus arrived live and of course we have the same controversy. We've had for eight years now about the Black Pete's And so all the different local stations were reporting in. Because because you're recall that in order to move away from the obvious intentional racism of the Black Pete's with the White Center cloths coming from Spain to bring the children gifts. They decided to go to the soot. Pete which would mean his face would only be somewhat blackened because he went down the chimney you're soot and it turns out the ratio of Soot Pete to black piece was quite low. Probably only about ten percent but all of the local stations reporting mentioned that this was the transition. Year has black Titas transitioning from black to soot. Pete and I'm sure we'll hear Probably read some stuff today if there were any protests and demonstrations about this fine children's holiday the tradition So I wake up at Actually got a text message in the middle of the night and say something about delayed. Whatever like I'll deal with it I wake up at six thirty and my flight is supposed to leave at ten twenty? It was delayed until two thirty four hours. Yeah this is a real the problem. Because you know it's not flying directly gotta go via Houston so I'm going to miss a connection so they're booking me time after time is just the whole thing. It's a nightmare and so I don't have much time to you. Know just standing in line and doing bullcrap so you know how can I prep not really get on the plane and you can do some prep on the plane. But you can't clip videos when you have to look well this. There was WI FI in united. But you gotta wait for the videos. Don't play very very well. You have to start the video pause it wait for it to load. You can't really clip from that. And then on arrival holy crap Houston had to ghost thing you know he goes to whatever that thing you can go right through well. So that that's part one. I go to the global entry and eat despite that other producers who are in the same boat as I say there's a grace period there's a grace period of six months Because they had to move a lot of Custom Border Patrol agents down to the border to. They didn't have enough manpower to do the interviews now. None of that is true. In my case I I look in the camera. I put down my passport immediately. An your your global entry has expired tired. Okay can I go through the the normal line which actually I'd say move quite fast then. Of course you wait forever to get your suitcase because you have to declare your luggage before you. Can you know then you have to recheck it but then here's the thing that's that's bothersome. Then you have have to go through a series of security checks and Houston had something that I'd never witnessed in my life so we you already go. Oh so you've gone through customs. You have your bag than you walk out the door and there's always a couple of agents there you know looking at you seeing if you if you twitch which always makes me twitch and And they had a dog a Beagle and the Beagle sniffing away. So there's no problem but then we had to go through another one of those. You know like the Disneyland lying that you know snakes snakes you around back and forth and back and forth until you got to the end and it was double as wide as has the line itself which is really only meant for two people close together and they were yelling at people all right next one next to each other toe toe paypal at a time and and you know the wife and her husband front of me. I may have been traveling with a friend. And so the wife lines up with whoever she was with and then everyone is confused. I'm like well I guess that does buddy and so he and I stand next to each other and then you imagine this path maybe wait. Wait and then you're dead. That's what you'd expect. There's there's this path of cattle get so nervous. That's exactly what it felt light but then so there's a dog at the kind of halfway of this pathway. Let's say it's says thirty feet on the floor in front of us are two sets of pawprints and we have to follow the pawprints. It's passed the dog and what was going on with this. Are they training me to be a dog. Why does it have wounded? It'd have to be signed by. I wasn't gonNA ASK 'CAUSE I I'm tired. They're not taken any shit from every anybody. But it was the oddest thing. Why would I have have to partner with someone walked lockstep at the same time passed the dog following the Green Hoof prints on the floor? I'd really like to know what that was about. And then of course you get pushed right into one is Arab terrorists hate Daw. Get too many time close to clip here for you today. Yeah it was the oddest thing and and then you know then. We went through another horrible winding multi-lane cattle paddle. The cattle shoots exactly what it is. I mean my bags. Of course always getting pulled Oprah and everything out everything and Swab everything. Because I got the whole studio with me. So they're always trying to catch me on on having a vibrator in my bag. That's so they think the Mike Looks. They're always so they'll jitty when they see my bag. We're GONNA get this guy now this her and then finally I didn't get and get to bed until midnight and got up at five thirty and And then of course had to build up the studio which I didn't couldn't do last night. It's when you're groggy man. You'll forget her. Why are easily? So you're goes thing. Yes I would assume so so. Yeah you're goes thing. Didn't work global entry numbers coca global entry system. Yeah that didn't work and that but the dog paw print next to each other thing was puzzling and concerning. Yeah I'm an explanation. We have people that work in the division. Oh yeah something government they can explain it to us. What the Hell's going on with this song wasn't dog prints Hawaii side-by-side? How's that make things any better? It was to make sense puzzling traveling anymore. There's a lot of reasons not to like traveling. Joe I know another reason it just is one thing after another. I mean it used to be a lot of fun to travel but now it's like well you know fifty years ago but now it's just stay It's a nightmare. Yeah I mean yeah. When you're there you get to accomplish something or other? Maybe maybe not you can do things remotely now but the process the process. This is the problem and they're doing nothing to alleviate they're making the plane just tighter they're moving to cease to go they had to get a law passed to make the cease fry enough enough for parts or you could actually sit in these things they keep talking about having you stand up in the plane for the whole flight strap you in that wing jam more where people in the plane like you're locked and they they're seriously considering these things this is how much they care about your travel. Experience know they they clearly. Don't clearly don't so anyway we're back in And I'm I'm happy to be back. It's nice to be home especially with the new neighbors so this is all. It's all good. Excuse bring him an Apple Pie. We started the segment that you're going to say that Matthew mcconaughey moved next door. He's he's town right next to Jennifer Aniston and Sandra bullock and no no celebrities. I'm the when it comes to celebrities in Austin. I'm it that's it I'm old. MTV Guy no one else lives here. Just pretend to look hip of Hobo. Shed the greatest place. It's it's a party man is. Why wouldn't you WANNA come to Austin? Oh boy but yes going. No no go ahead I I mean I I guess I if you go with some local news around here. Yeah Sure Ben Shapiro was at Stanford. Oh Oh boy. Did he get boycott boycotting well. They booed him and they try. They did he added managed to speak and even though they had People outside yelling. Hey Ho hi Ho. Hey whatever again. He Ohio Ben Shapiro's got to go. Hey Hey Ho oh yeah. They had that going on outside. And meanwhile he's whole speech was about about the outright being a bunch of knots. They're telling him to go. It was mesler irony. Their of Corvettes Shapiro had a guy clip I'll play the kicker kicker clip. I this was a short little guy comes up with a question Shapiro by the way. Appreciated what you're going to hear. This is the Ben Shapiro. Question with the with the kicker so one of my my question is have you been keeping up with on with Roger Stone and what your thoughts and your thoughts on. Maybe some of the cheers or the the judge that might be going against him so to be honest with you. I have also seen didn't kill himself I did. I predicted this sued. Go nuts or what this is solely control. Hold on. I mean if we're GonNa do it let me do a couple and you do too. And then we'll get back to union dues bays you up but I want to mention something out. You did predict this. You totally predicted it is but you didn't add a little. The observation at this is the the modern version of a rick roll. Well no we talked about it being bubba buoy which is is probably but I consider over Rick Roka's Baba Booster. It's pretty You're right well. What what is cool is that and I encourage everybody to do this and I was just too tired to do it for no agenda although I will do it today day The weather APP. Someone sent me screen shot. You know sometimes. The APP will fail if you don't have a connection over can't connect and so it says here. This is New York New York fifty one degrees feels like fifty one win six southwest. I was going to fetch you some weather. But then I remembered Epstein didn't kill himself. This is a this everyone's four. Oh four page. Not found should be. That should be great idea. Didn't kill himself rate idea. It's it's too funny any and here's MSNBC by the way great idea for the next few months automobiles it'll be over you gotta be over MSNBC. Asking some students in Alabama Emma about The elections and I think this particular one was asked about. Trump's policies voted for the president in twenty six years. Why him so much? What policies mainly just the no nonsense offseason smashes? Since Jeffrey takes the reporter a second can to figure out what. Because you know reporter isn't actually listening to what people say when they ask him questions now especially since nineteen killed himself it. You even did that you. Rick rolled me with that in that whole wine. Email thread which I thought was pretty funny I did that was pretty good all right anyway. Back to Ben Shapiro. Yeah Ben Shapiro so I I just thought this was a very interesting observation. Because it's something we cannot lose sight of He's describing the difference between the left and the all ride and how they're just kind of upside down mirror images of each other and then there goes his effort by the way. I'm here to do in real time. One two three four five six seven eight cars. Good okay better economies stable. So he's something when he his conclusion to this is something we'd lose sight of when we're making talking about the left to the alright or anybody anybody in between he's not a fan of the all right and this is a little discussion and his point and I think it's something we have to kind of all all of us can remember political correctness is a weapon for the left. But it's also a weapon for the outright however Presser Steven Pinker who tried to cancel for saying this made this clear last year H- using the political political correctness is away from the left to shutdown debate by shutting down the they actually opened the door to the alright because they say he can't ask certain questions then the questions get asked shut it down and people go wait. I'll just look online for the answer. And the first the answer they find might be something from an outright website and they start to take it more seriously right. There's something Steven pinker said so. Let's call them all right and shut them down. There's something that's the most serious of all when it comes to these sort of defacto playing off each other political lines between the far left and the right and that is that they actually mirror themselves in politics and culture they both have an identity politics view as i. The left's view of American politics is that Americans can be identified by group. Americans are black or Hispanic or white or green or Jewish or lesbian or in the best of all possible worlds a half native American half black little person who has gender fluid. If you're the less you don't describe people by their belief system by what they do. You described grabbed them by their attributes. You described them by group attributes and they have a whole intersectional hierarchy deciding how victimized you are based on how many of these boxes you check the only difference between the left and the right is is that they reverse the hierarchy meaning that the left thinks that hierarchy is bad right. The critics hierarchy were white. People are the most powerful and then progressively the bottom he gets the LGBT people in those people who are the least powerful our full according to this hierarchy and they see that hierarchy is bad. We've just flipped a hierarchy. And then you have the alright and they say no no no. The hierarchy is good and we should keep the hierarchy the way that it is and then there's there's all the rest of us were like what hierarchy there shouldn't be a hierarchy. But the hell are you talking about. We're individuals we live in a free country. I just wanted to play jingle. Never get to play the outright jingles anymore. Yeah easy makes it very valid point. Yeah just kind of you kind of start to forget about with all. These deals arguments and debates going. We live in a free country. What hierarchy hierarchy? What are we talking about here exactly so I you know the thing? Is You know we tried to play. Ben Shapiro's clips. I remember I had one of the first ones that was years thousand years ago. And you hated him. He didn't want the clips. And then you start places. Listen I don't like the I don't like his his speed talking. No no no not really needs to be horrible. It's gotta be cut by about. I think if you'd go a point eight x then you're kind of in the in the strike zone us you'll get into the point where you can understand but you have to be so it is a way to glue your attention. Could you won't hear a word he says if you're not kind of clued in but it Admire the guy for the career is made out of himself despite the fact that he went to Ucla. For the for the identity politics takes Which of course is what the Democrats are doing this cycle and I guess everyone does it all the time? But it's pretty obvious thing that I've been talking about Komo is that I think all the Democrats know that they need the black vote and we've studied long enough here on the show but you know they're going after the black women and they're the ones that they're going to activate as it's called activating the black women. So how are they going to activate them well. The first thing you need to do do is make sure you get all black women and all black women you know that means it's women w. m. x. n.. I'm not kidding W. the M X end. Because if you do all black women that also includes the Black Trans Women and the black ciswomen. And they're being activated debated pervasive attacks on our community our identities and our lives slop transcend sis. Women's the gender non conforming and non binary folk remains at the forefront each and every social movement to hold this country accountable we we are progressive black leaders who are not impressed by political theater. We know big things happen when black women come together and take our own space and the political process and though no one person could hold all our aspirations and the hopes for president. There's one leader who we believe will work with that candidate candidate is Senator Elizabeth Warren. She has a track. Record of taking on the predatory policy harm our communities. We've we've come together as a collective voice and we hope to encourage others especially black women and gender non conforming to join us. We are all in for Warren for him. And if you are to go. Black for Dot Org Siamese endorsement statement and join us there you go. Liz Worn. Who Says Black Trans Women Are the backbone of our democracy. I wish I had A. That's news to me well. She she tweeted that I wish had a clip of it but she tweeted that. But yeah so this is this is the group. That's being activated for Elizabeth Warren. But we need to stay with the obvious identity. Politics helped by the the Democrat Party's Mainstream Media Helpers who are bountiful The top of the list would be Chuck Chuck Todd of the Chuck Todd CAST ON MSNBC MSNBC. And I someone sent me this clip. And I'm listening to it like does anyone else. Maybe it's just me but what this guy is about. You don't need that affirmation from you this guy. This is the most one of the most racist things I've heard guns and climate. I'm sorry they're talking about Michael Bloomberg Supposedly Joe supposedly jumping into the race. Oh let's look at the plus the pros the cons Johnston climate. Who's to his left? We'll Beta Beta was to his left. He's not going to be a federal longer I I mean so also the governor of of Labor embraces the green new new. I agree that's one area where he actually is more to the center center than than she is in the smoke filled room. You'd say on paper Bloomberg has the right balance of what you want to win abroad election. Maybe not a deep election. But if you're trying to win the suburban the suburban Republican which by the way Michael Bloomberg's ex suburban arguably an ex urban Republican and at the same time you care about these as core progressive issues like guns and climate. It ain't just somebody buying Michael Bloomberg Bergaz the nominee in western Pennsylvania. I know what you're thinking. The suburbs of Michigan and the Michigan suburbs. The Ohio. Suburbs the Wisconsin suburb. There's only automate for them. It's the same Rachel Biden has to pick and it's the same money made Peter Jude. Buddha jets biggest Stacey Abrams. There's nobody else that you Bloomberg and match up with vs someone got this nomination. Then Stacey Abrams why I think he has to have a personal color he needs a diversity on the ticket personal caller now now when Chuck Todd says it like this. You need a person of color on the ticket. Excuse me is that not the definition of a token black. Is that exactly what he saying pretty much. What do you expect from Chuck? He looks like a racist he does have he does have kind of that. Scruff Nazi look. Doesn't he good this short haircut. The whole thing. Yeah I was just Kinda like wow man. Dan Versus one person of Color Palette. How could you even think differently? Yes well first of all blue. He played at Bloomberg announced but on the way democracy now thought of it. This is the Bloomberg on democracy now. The billionaire former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is reportedly preparing into jump into the two thousand presidential race. The New York Times reports Bloomberg has sent staffers to Alabama to gather signatures in order to qualify him for the primary his possible. Twenty twenty bid comes as. He's reportedly skeptical. That former vice president. Joe Biden can beat out his progressive challengers clinchers Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and Vermont. Senator Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary. It helps if you plug both those channels in. What the hell was that? I was going to talk about that. Oh so democracy now decided to a remote. I'm already there a yum. Do Tell here at some some. I think there are South Carolina's some Green new deal convention. Sandy was there. Sandy was there with with Bernie and yeah. It was a big deal. They were there live. Yeah and they had a ground loop the entire show onstage to throughout the microphone the In the studio defining thing was when they went to their clips. which they did there was round? Lupus has gone yes. It was a mike somewhere. Mike Mike Mike Ground Loop and so this was live. 'cause I I say what is buzzing dies amateur hour. That's really what I saw in their all from democracy now all of them have that Well except when they cut to cut through a package. Yeah they all buzzy. You can not me. Can you just said they all buzzy. Buzz views showtime they all buzzy. I love it. But they all buzzy Bro. Yeah so Bloomberg the way they see it is Bloomberg is like a right winger. I know they. They hate him this. This will not stand no no everyone hates him in fact California. We're now hating him. All the anti jewel commercials that were part of this scheme. That you've uncovered that nobody else notice. Yeah all the Anti Jewish commercials and there's tons of them because there's some law they're trying to P- acid back off some All all right the by in Bay ladders not like a a little bit at the bottom big giant letters sponsored by Michael Bloomberg. Oh Yeah California by you know the guy is. He's the guy who wouldn't unless you have a big Cup of Soda. I mean it's it's worse. It was the guy who wouldn't let poor people have a sugary drink because poor people drink shitty ass sugary agree drinks but rich people could have all the nasty saps that are filled with sugars. And you know huge sugar-based coffee flavored coffees to their hearts extent. Extended accent picks to their heart's desire. US better than better. Yeah well the point is this guy. Has Disguised got no legs. What we need to do is so short and here comes trump's nickname for Michael Bloomberg? There's nobody I'd rather run against little Michael Jackson Little Michael. Two thousand awesome eight pregnancy bias. Lawsuit the seventy two MOMS versus Bloomberg. This was Seventy two to current and former female employees who were pregnant while became pregnant while working at Bloomberg his financial service company claim the company discriminates discriminated discriminated against them by decreasing their pay. Demoting them and excluding them from other employment opportunities after they became pregnant one and this is from. ABC News One one complaint alleges that a Bloomberg senior executive upon hearing that two of his female executives had become pregnant remarked. I'm not having any pregnant bitches. Working for me and instructed another executive to terminate them and then apparently the the culture was saying things. Like you're not committed you. Don't I want to be here because you got pregnant. It was a huge scandal. But you know it was eleven years ago but I think they should do some digging. Don't you oh yeah. No if he he gets anywhere they're gonNA start doing some digging Tolsey backup there. She'll blast tonight. I was looking at I mean the the there's as a medium article written by someone who's I guess is read a lot over there Democrat and just the hate them hate him. Why would we elect this other white sis mill billionaire and then Oh what was it deniro think I have it here or is that he's a pig? I was even better than that ended. My Deniro hold on a second. That's did I lose that clip man. It was a good clip. Two on the next show. I shoot shoot. It had to be with joy Reid on this this this this will not stand misguided. Yes I got AH got. This is Deniro bitching about trump bitching about Giuliani on. MSNBC joy reads show of course and this was sent to to me as the quintessential example of what you're being self Michiko to health I e the Dutch proverb. You are what you accuse others of being about trump's not a billionaire is fake president. He calls everything else fake because he knows he's fake projects he's a classic. I don't know what you call it everything. We think that he says negative about other things other people is what he's saying about themselves so he he's he's a loser he he is a genuine loser and get somebody who's real like Bloomberg who is a lot more and this guy says he's these. Were three something billion. We don't even know if he's just a total huckster hustler and he's one of the things. Yeah totally agree Mike. Mike Scott fifty billion. This guy's a huckster. I guess you need to be billionaire now according to Deniro to become president so he's awesome. Yeah and he. I think one of the things that angers is probably the most. Is that people like you. People from craves to be part of your world. He craves to be part of the world of the of the of the of the of the people pool that are actors or I love how this joy Reid is just making this up. Does her opinion that he just craves that sleep. He wants to be a part of your world and the rejection from people like you think is one of the thing that bugs in the mouse. How could you not want? I mean when I was in New York before before he was a gaullist. I've never even we WANNA having to do with them. I mean I heard around. He wants to take a picture. Do I have nothing to do with him. He's a fool. Everybody knew that but I mean now he call up the tabloids and say he's the agent for he call up Forbes magazine. That's crazy that never happens in Hollywood people bought it. Yeah absolutely last one thing before I go to the movie. What do you make Giuliani? I lost his mind. I think he's he's what a shame because he had something going and then he just prostituted himself to work with trump. I mean how could he do that. I I have no understanding of how he could. He was the guy who used to prosecute people with the Rico Act. He's part of a criminal family. You know. He's the Tom Hagen Hagen. Nice reference to the Godfather. Yeah I mean what what did Deniro actually say. They're you know the Aegis spouting about how much he hates him and nobody liked him and we always thought he was a fool. ooh And And he clearly wants to be part of my world who think so no. I don't think so either Deniro. Thanks Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. He's just nuts. Well and then I got this Helen. Helen Mirren this is actually a very good exercise. I'm happy that Stephen Colbert did this. Because it it it's showed you immediately the fallacy of this the Ukraine impeachment bullcrap So we had Helen Mirren and Ian mckellen I think they have a movie together. Miss Irishman None Audit. That's that's Deniro's movie movie together. There's always there's always there's always a movie they got there and so they come out and they're and and they're promoting their movie and Colbert then. has this genius idea. Since trump has said that you know you've got to read the transcript because if you don't read the transcript then you know you'd have no context you don't understand it was a it was a beautiful look phone call. It was. It was a perfect like perfect for everything. It could not have been more perfect. It was just beautiful and so I just read to you. This is what makes it interesting. I'm reading the actual. PDF Jeff the only lines that matter for this this gambit that Colbert did we are ready to. This is the Alinsky the Ukrainian president. We are ready to continue to cooperate. Op Wait for the next step specifically. We're almost ready to buy more javelin from the United States for defense purposes and the President says I would like you to do us a favor though oh because our country has been through a lot and Ukraine knows a lot about it. I would like you to find out what happened with this whole situation. The situation with Ukraine they say crowd strike. I guess you you have one of your wealthy people. The server they say Ukraine Ukraine has it. There are a lot of things that went on the whole situation. I think you're surrounding yourself with some of the same people and so you know nothing about Biden in this whole paragraph and he winds up by saying whatever you can do. It's very important that you do. If that's possible. And then Zilenski the Biden Biden thing comes up way down at the bottom. So but that's that's the piece that they're going to reenact where trump asks for this favor for this for Ukraine information about crowds crowd strike. Nothing about the Biden's yet. Here's how it's presented on television. Donald Trump you may have heard released a transcript. The script of him essentially extorting Ukrainian president saying military aid. Exactly unless unless you launched the investigation has the Biden's now he says you you're very clear what he just said He. Said trump is asking for a favor for him to launch the investigation on the Biden's which is he's in the literal transcript not true. The favor is asked about crowd strike Ukraine the server the corrupt the corruption going on in Ukraine Crane President saying online lists Sam exactly unless unless you launched the investigations. The Biden's say what. I'm listening listening to her going. Yeah Yeah Yeah. And they're agreeing with each other and she's like acting the fool now he says per phone call perfectly innocent and how to read. Read it on air in a fireside chat and he thinks that when he reads it out loud. It'll it'll suddenly seem so innocent that you won't want him removed from office and since I had two of the greatest living actors right here I was wondering in case I will. I'll be the judge but whether you're innocent or guilty after you read the blind let me set the scene. We'll go back and forth here. Okay let me let me let me set the scene. The scene is you're on the phone with Ukrainian president his country's been invaded by the Russians. You've got the military aid he needs but you're not going to give it to him not notice what he's saying here. His country's been invaded by the Russians. Trump has the military aid that you need a bunch of javelin okay. I mean this is unbelievable. When you're on the phone with Ukrainian president his country's been invaded by the Russians? You've got the military aid he needs. But you're not gonNA give it to him. I guess Russia's out now now that he got the military aid must be over unless you get the pro quo back. This is what you say after he says I would like the Javelin Missiles Helen. If you would try this uh-huh actually actually what what the guy said was. We are almost ready to buy more javelin from the United States for defense purposes services president his country's been invaded by the Russians. You've got the military aid he needs. But you're not gonNA give them unless you get the pro quo back. This is what you say after. Says I would like the Javelin missiles. Helen you would try this casually and I'd like this a favor. Ah Like you could do us a favor. The and he holds oldest fingers up like a gun and now officially they should Academy Awards BAFTA should all be rescinded. Their horrible actors healty talent for happy. I would like the Javelin missiles please. I'd like to a- and just go on and on and the whole thing is based on a bullshit lies not even from the transcript so well I can't wait to hear trump reads that line. I mean how hard to watch the Colbert show. Because it's so full this shit I mean but it's does he even know that that's just not what the transcript says. I don't care if anyone read transfer. I don't care if trump gets impeached or not. I don't care care but comedy. The writers in the back room are dreaming these skits up and their Think is funny is what we should do. Well it's not if any rider back act. There's going wow. This is not exactly what happened. Day would be excoriated. Say so what's the point. We're trying to get a laugh here. Well that's true too just let it is does affect the public discourse in his very irresponsible. As far as I'm concerned had plenty of ways to get a laugh. There's plenty of jokes out there. This this writers can write good material. They don't have to lie to the public and mislead people no barrier. It's just it's just shameful But it's just US may be Just stick with the twenty twenty Sandy Andy was schilling for Bernie on the aforementioned What was that? The the climate change gene event down in South Carolina. Were right right right and with with the ground loop buzz well. They didn't have the ground loop buzz on on now. Ao See he dressed in a very interesting outfit just from television and stage perspective along green dress about half half hi to under the long well below the knees with Brown's with no black stockings or whatever they were in black shoes it and it was it was this was a different outfit for her. And I'm not and it was green of course which I guess was for the green new deal But then when she had kind of flowing motion and then she went into this whole thing about politicians which he repeated later on stage or maybe it was earlier at Bernie any rally But this was a much better version as she's just talking about how heartbreaking it is when politicians lie to and so when you elect act two politician and then they let you down it feels like rejection. It feels like heartbreak it feels like betrayal and it feels feels like I never wanNA love again. That's what that's like and so I never want to love again here. We go the day by the way. Let's play the whole feels like I never wanNA love again. That's what that feels like. And so I understand understand how that feels because I felt that way but you know what happens when you say I never want to love again. Your heart gets black and you turn angry. You think I'm GonNa take my clippers today. Thank you Sandy. Tom Thank you sandy. I Want Uh yes. That's our new tune and whenever we play a clip like that that is the funniest clip for a while. Can you believe that it just tickles. Andress looked expensive to me. All her stuff is it's it's haute couture man. It's not off the rack to a good start getting in some good stuff she well. She's got the right figure for it. She can look good at it. Hangs there it gets good Kudos from the plugs for for the labels. Yeah I I want to do. They do pro. I'll have to look at some of the fashion magazines. How much they highlighted and what she's wearing? I know that they just beginning a and once they figure this out that they can buy her. She's perfect loners you know she would. Of course it's loners same dress twice up. Can you imagine that would be like Judy Woodruff. WHO's been pushed offers should? Maybe she's on vacation but I haven't really interesting. They got some dour our woman out of doing the show younger. Not One of the regulars just a new two or three new people on there that are just there all the time now. I think they've done a revamp now. Now you you mentioned this in the in the newsletter the the Big Greta ahead in San Francisco. The A big mural. I figured unless you have one I have. I think it's a local report but I thought it was rather interesting kind of contrast your comments which were what the heck could we could have had so many giant heads of so many interesting. Put it big headed this girl on there for. She's never even been to San Francisco as far as I know. I don't even know if she has no she hasn't really well. We would have known as you've been to San Francisco because she'd have the key to the city hanging around her neck or more award. You were looking at the newest addition to the San Francisco skyline a mural designed to draw attention to climate change high above love Mason streets ten stories up on the side of the native sons building near Union Square. Undressed Petrocelli an internationally. Renowned artists goes by Cobra his painting teenage girl with Big Blue Eyes and a Mona Lisa. Smile smile hits a mural of Greta. Thunberg she's she sixteen year old from Sweden who is inspired young people all over the world to take to the streets let older people know they walk. Climate change to be taken seriously. What I want to people leads to realize that we have to do something for the world? Otherwise this is. The beginning of our Extension Cobra says his paintings often provoke reactions. These I live in in some kind of way because I want them to think about it to create conversation with friends and everything have you seen the mural of say what he said that about about Climate Change Cobra is donating his. It's time for this. Cause the environmental profit one at sorry. I don't believe that for a minute that he's donating it. No I don't either. I mean you you have to get permits even if you're going to do this kind of stuff it's not that it's got to be a city a city initiative think could be an NGO Have you seen him bureau of Bertha. Say when he said that about about. Climate Change Cobra is donating his time for this cause. The environmental nonprofit one atmosphere is buying the paint the hip people of public art and it hit him in the heart hoping people will be inspired not just to Gawk but to act. She's a child at the end of the day. It's a child. That's telling us what to do. Hope that people are touched by this image and that they understand the innocence and the strength and the power for message they really. It helps people to bring about about some change in their own. Lives and also get involved politically and bring about changes you know at a national and international level. The Greta Mural is expected to be completed by early next week. Not there you go. It's eyesore now if they I saw that did the no agenda album art. It would be cool. That'd be great on the side of a building you do. It would be better. Wouldn't be it'd be less of an eyesore that's for sure. Yeah so there's this book that came out. Oh the book inanimate Yes yes. I'm glad you're covering this. And so the thing is who the hell wrote this book. Steve Put shamanic says he knows. Oh really is this the panic clip. This is before you play it. Yeah I WANNA say you're walking all over my beat you were on. The road must true JANIK was visibly shaken. Oh extremely nervous. I haven't seen this one yet. So he was stammering. He was making errors in his sentence structure. He was not happy about having to reveal this guy. Wow and he believes that dead Bolton was the guy who is anonymous which makes nothing but sesame backup clips talking about this this this book. Let's play capitulated. Clip I hi this botanic and today. I WanNa talk about John Bolton the Benedict Arnold of America. Now why do I say that why a book came out that's was written by anonymous and it's written about the trump administration. How childish they are how pure enhance effective? They are. In fact. John Bolton calls the president the twelve year old but doesn't know what his mental conditions. I happen to know John Bolton and I think gives associated pass by this intelligence operative what I did was to create agitation propaganda. I purposely created a proposal for my own book which will come out in a few weeks which talks about the Real Jack Ryan and the person who really implemented a lot of the coups and counter coups in this administration now. I'm doing another what I'm trying to do. Is To get John Bolton blown out of the water because he came in as an anonymous writer were and how did I figure that out number one the passengers they came out and were written in the New York. Times and Washington Post said the following. Thanks is to grade nine eleven a situation we have gone into now. A pure rile situation or self destructive situation in other words would John had written and the only person who could write that with somebody deeply involved in nine eleven when I wrote my proposal presented it to shed in. I'll talk about. Has shed a minute. They turn me down immediately because they knew that the history of the Real Jack Ryan was was involved in breaking up the nine eleven coup. Now let me he say to you how this came about John. Bolton's figuring personality fits what we call him. The intelligence world mice and standing for money any I for ideology Sif for cash or for compromise and ego. John Needs Money. He's ideologically always been in a neo con. See He's always been compromised by someone or an institution in this case Yale where you went to Yale and worked with Bob Woodward and John Kerry who now on ABC News and NBC News and the last one was eagle. His Ego is immense. Carl Ford. Take one of my intelligence operatives said correctly the John needed to always suck up to the perio- and always deprecate the bottom. What was that acronym mice mice money something compromise and ego they? I certainly fits the bill. I by the way the bookies talking about I've read parts of botanic. Book is fantastic. He is he is the Real Jack Ryan Ryan is fantastic book. Well in this case this book a warning by anonymous which is highlighted coincidentally the New York Times soon in their book review. Of course as I read The Times Headline Book Review in a warning anonymous author makes a case against re election and And so they so I was thinking it makes a lot of sense. I was Bolton who wrote the anonymous piece because he was fired shortly thereafter. Something we got rid of a bit guys'll in in certain circles you can find out who these people are under some publishing circles. I know I must I was is out and Scott a bunch of old context old-timers and they is it was gossiping and so they could find out who Yanni has been actively Pitching I know because I spoke to him for left he has been actively pitching is book to all the big the big publishers. So I'm sure that he was talking to people and got enough enough to to put it all together right there. Yes absolutely I think. There's any data babbit listlessness. Some some Bolton related rundowns. How's that I picked up? Here's one from CBS end. This is the Bolton to testify rundown. I WANNA bring in Shelvin Hughes Capitol Hill Reporter for the Wall Street Journal joins us now. How so Sean? Thank you for joining us. A lawyer for John Bolton says it has kind has new information on these meetings with Ukraine. Born of course is the former national security adviser. I'm curious what your sources sir telling you about the type of information but might have so. We don't know exactly what John Bolton knows but what we do know is that he was well positioned to have the type of access that none of the witnesses has so far had as the National Security Adviser John Bolton was essentially Donald Trump's right hand man on national security charity issues would have been in the room with him also in the room with other key players. Like Mick Mulvaney Gordon Sunland Mister Bolton has a reputation for being very direct very forthcoming even Democrats are that. If they don't always agree with his politics they can trust his information. I did catch some of this when I I was watching some of the TV even European news although not a lot about trump at all as I mentioned previously a lot of people go all Bolton Campbell and a bolt does he. He doesn't want to. We're going to get him to testify. He's the guy he can bring him down. Bolton is GonNa bring her down yeah yeah bulletins. He's got a bad guy. I mean nobody likes him to begin with you. Listen to the right wing talkers. None of these guys. How bolt even in the? Here's the question snape Janik. Okay which is how did Bolton get his job in the White House to begin with who put him in there. Which one of the stooges was at mattis was it before him? I'll ask him. I like to know because there's not because all the right wing talkers pretty much. Say the same thing. How did Bolton get in here? He's he's a he's a neocon which goes against everything that trump was running on. You know he hated all these neo cons and he puts neo continent as his national security adviser why uh-huh so that bowl gets in there and he's just trying to attack was not happy about Bolton being in there from day one. It was like that guy out. That guy's you gotta get fired. So so so Bolton becomes this anonymous characteristics nothing but sense but what is the the second clip. This excerpts excerpts from the anonymous book democracy now with with with a without ground loop a midnight self massacre than that that was the plan hatched by some senior trump administration officials who considered resigning on mass. Last year. To sound the alarm about about trump's conduct they ultimately rejected the idea over concerns that would further destabilize the government the aboard warning is one of a series of revelations in the forthcoming book titled a Warning Its author is an anonymous senior official within the trump administration who published an anonymous op-ed in the New York Times Times last year headlined. I am part of the resistance inside the trump administration in the book the author Describes Senior Officials Waking Enough and trying to respond to trump's overnight twitter announcements writing quote. It's like showing up at the nursing home at daybreak to find your elderly uncle running running pants Lewis across the courtyard and cursing loudly about the cafeteria. Food as worried. Attendance tried to catch it ageism. You're stunned amused and embarrassed all at the same time. Only your uncle probably wouldn't do it every single day. His words aren't broadcast to the public and he doesn't have have to leave the US government once he puts his pants on unquote. The author also claims trump once asked White House lawyers to write a bill to send into Congress aimed at reducing. The number of federal judges after various judges had thwarted trump's policies trump reportedly said quote. Can we just get rid. Did the judges. Let's get rid of the expletive judges. There shouldn't be any at all. Really he said this according to the forthcoming book a warning that Hamas fantastic I mean it's almost a format. We need to have some home on her own show. I can't even make home. How many more? I don't think it's all digital. I don't know how they do it. I'm driving around yesterday. with Mimi and I pointed out to get a bunch of college stations and and I I played this out and this is something people should podcast as maybe we should consider this. I'm listening to Koa Alexa local CAL station or at Berkeley Klay and the womb is doing music bunch of music. But she has she has a very low Musical bed underneath her When she's talked just announcing announcing his day to do and I've noticed I use district once I was doing a weekend at one of the stations around here and I heard this years earlier? Johny see everybody how you do. It was a talk show rocking and it was. I heard a bad underneath some guy who's doing a show and it was. I still still think is fabulous to listen to it was just a bunch of bubbling. It's like a like a little boiling pot. Nicorette has a cauldron type thing like that Israeli. Call all show fair and you just have that going all he has. I think with a lot of echo but you can just have it in. The background is as a little bed and and point out to me. I said only college stations do this because nobody else will allow it. Ms Not allowable for some reason to became a and I don't know why maybe you have a better handle on tonight. Do mainstream station the engine. Nobody will let you do that. I mean you can maybe once in a while you can get away away with it then you get chewed out later. But they don't mainstream stations will not allow a bed underneath anything they want to announce it on straightforward. You can put a little echo. Go on him or something then you go back to the music. But you can't have that kind of noise in the background you might as this you mean On a talk show on any show. What will the top forty guys? I got bubbles for us. Now right now I got someone farting in the bath. Tub Sounds really good On top forty radio station. There's never ver- a jock talking without music or some bed underneath them ever. That's that's the format but you know like we talked the other day like Whoa. What was that? Uh where they're doing music a music bed. ABC Yeah it's stupid. I think doing all over the yeah. But they're doing it over the clips ABS-. Yeah No. That's a mistake. They're playing it over the clips. They're not playing it over the voice. Ace Jesus I'm sorry the Jesus has nothing to do with it but it's that stupid. Maybe this maybe this is better for us. We'll try this. There's a little bubbling. Yeah how's that so. Let's agree to couple of guys in the Jacuzzi. Hey Hey funny meeting you here come to the point is your story. which is the resigning on? Mass story is a creation creation. I don't believe a word of it. Resigning on mass. Everyone's going to walk out. Yeah we're all GONNA walk out. Let's do it because we all hate working here so much. Clear that we're all GONNA walk out on the president and then they said well we're not going to do it because it may disrupt the country too much. I don't believe a word of it. The thing that Potanin points out and maybe this is why he was nervous and I will ask him about it. Aside obviously from WHO hired Bolton that's high on the list he was talking because this is what botanic does and it's interesting because I don't know so if he if it really works if he really believes it or if he's just delusional he will say to me. I'm running a sigh up against John Bolton and he he said this I'm talking months ago and so all is video. Most of his videos at the time were all Bolton Bad Bolton Bolton Bolton and he says you know they monitor me and other people monitoring me and and of course it's true because we monitor him as well and here we are. We're actually rebroadcasting his message. And we're not the only wants to what he's worried about. Is that this anonymous book really is a soft Kusei up against trump because a direct play into trump's ego. Oh and I don't know if he's made comments on it yet but he probably will and it becomes a kind of a a negative distraction. He he he he doesn't do well L. With these types of things and obsesses on it a little too much change. No no no trump. Oh yes but the the good news is he doesn't read thank goodness. Oh yeah unless unless there's an audiobook it'll never happen. He won't know what was in the book you write well. All of this doesn't matter because as I did trounce down my beat this morning. It looks like indeed very soon. When we will have the unsealing thousands of indictments yes? Yes yes yes. I know. It's hard to believe devote. We're finally there Joe. DIGENOVA and his wife Victoria Tune Sig comeback on Joe Dobbs Lou Dobbs Pete Dobbs but did you check the date on this to make sure a recent clip because sometimes you can get fooled. It's two years ago. No I'm pretty sure this is a very similar. I'm sure who cares. I'm just recycling I can pretending this something new. Let's turn to I the inspector general report. I'll be in the same position I've been for two years are we. We're going to see this this report. You are going to see it loo- but I am not predicting so much for anonymous sources. Look at that one says al before Thanksgiving he says No. At least they're they're back off on the timeline now so the getting their cooling off a little bit on next Wednesday we're going to do. It's always next Wednesday so no I know longer but I heard she slipped in before Thanksgiving we should hold onto it and I can tell you this and we have darn good sources for this. It's going to be very bad for the people in the Obama Administration as somebody might source said to me. It's going to be worse than you can imagine. That's that is a heck of a tease Victoria that we haven't been East for months. I'm already sort of chomping at the to get the thing. Joe Your thoughts on that HORWITZ report it. It doesn't sound like it's going to be tepid matter explosive. Say I would say explosive and I would say for people at the highest levels of the FBI NFL highest levels of the Justice Department. More important the Justice Department It's going to be devastating It's going to ruin careers it's going to make people Have Bar problems. It's going to be. They'll bar no no. No no no a bar association problems because what's what's clear and now we know. Is that the senior levels of the Obama Justice. This department were complicit in knowingly submitting materially false applications to the FISA court for an illegitimate counterintelligence. It's purpose not for a legitimate purpose but to spy on Americans for political purposes and it really will end up being the beginning of the greatest political political scandal in history and it's being held up partially because of John Durham's new grand jury which by the way exists for one reason and one reason only only because people are going to be indicted cubbon. Yeah Oh Bryan. Oh but there's more there's a part two. And so that was about Horowitz's Indictments but you know nothing yet. Because Durham Durham investigation. Inspector General. Durham all it's going to be so it's going to be. It's going to be massive expanded Lou because now going into whole other areas. He's gone back into the the or origins of the the investigation to do for those of us who know this business. If you get if you're in counterintelligence and you get a word that George Popadopoulos has said Eddie heard something that the Russians have something you know what you do you go you go knock on his door within a week and she actually made a very interesting point here because it was F. B. I. was FBI before it was CIA. But she's making this point that if you get some word about you know Russian intelligence trying to infiltrate a campaign you knock on that guy's door within a week and you say hey let's talk about. Let's see what's going on. It is exactly the same modus operandi by the FBI uses for the six week cycle when a guy says. Kill all Jews in the synagogue. They don't go talk to see what's going on forget him for a psyche value. Al You know maybe put a straightjacket on them. No they give him phony bombs and Jack Up for two months so that you can go and actually pretend to do it. This is a fundamental one-dimensional structural procedural issue with the United States intelligence communities. They are there honey trappers. They're they're the it's what does the word I'm only for this up on the last show and I still think there's possibility exists that they've determined at some point they can't do the old fashioned thing which still seems like the logical thing to do. which is that if you heard that Papadopoulos was being contract by the Russians? You know tournament to it to away double agent at right away even better even better and you want to entrap him instead. Exactly this is a little bit more to do you go you. Go knock on his door within a week and ask him about it and and have him give you the information we're together. And how did he do that. They knew that at all. They disobeyed all all the rules of a counterintelligence investigation and it's expanded because originally Bar One a Durham to just look at the beginnings of Crossfire Hurricane. How how did this start? How did it happen? But then with they discovered was that they found out from the Devon Nunez experience at the White House march of two great great band name the Devin Nunes experience a new experience at the White House march of two thousand seventeen that there had been massive massive unmasking 's of Americans for political purposes and that those in information was given and leaked to the press and by the way the Michael Flynn Ambassador Kislyak called the Russian ambassador which was leaked to David. Ignatius of the post is in fact the subject of one of the criminal investigations because that leak is a twenty year felony Devin new experience. Well Yeah I have high hopes I have hi. Everyone feels better and with that I would like to sincerely thank you you for your courage and say in the morning to you at the man who put the sea in the connector C.. In the morning to you Mr McCurry also in the morning all ships SOC- feet in the air subs into water the Eric and in the morning to all of our trolls trolls in Latrell Room. Latro Room is where you can go. Hang out of your a troll. It's like digital bridge and that bridge is the no agenda stream no agenda stream dot com. Tom Bridge is filled with fun. Things for you to troll. Come on and we've got cookies and milk no agenda Stream Dot Com but seriously folks. There's good stuff stuff in them. Streams is You know and it's it's it was so interesting. Thursday dare no does the pre show. He does a fantastic back. Almost reminiscent of One of the you know like the Great Seventies jocks rapin Rymond just you yeah. I don't know what it's all bashing rock and roll. And then he hits hands it over the stream to to Amsterdam night clippers. Go and then I'm live and it's you know it's it's cool. I mean it's a real stations anyway. NO AGENDA STREAM DOT COM and also we would like to thank. The artist noticed for episode eleven eight. That was our previous show The artists with data who has won a couple of album art placements. And there's nothing like having rules for us to break a rule as the title of the show was Greta Dume Berg which was a very obvious title and we did something that we don't typically do. We combined the title with the album art. which was this fantastic mad mad max rendering of Greta and it was just as you said and I recall this? That's not a simple photoshop job. That was work done on on this. Yes we've violated a second rule which was to look up whether this thing is in the public domain done by someone else. Oh Shit did we. We didn't did. We hadn't and was it taken. Nope back those. I think you're right. Normally we always check that. Yeah you're right. Yeah so I couldn't find any other examples. I mean you could pop it in and you get you comes back with the no agenda art so somewhere along the lines are buddy data this picture of Greta and plugged it into that that other picture which has been floating around. Yeah and I know no was original. Well I mean. I think you mentioned that. It's been done with Hillary. Hillary has been the original one piece with the guy with the Mad Max character. Yeah how the Hillary right and so if swapped out the Hiller Input Greta in the same basic style not quite as an extreme. I mean how many how many hours in the day. But it's not as an extreme a look as the Hillary one which is really frightening. Yeah but he put Greta in there at work beautifully and it and I found nothing that indicates that this is lifted in any way so it was a but we normally check. I dumped responding after the crash. Go take a look and I thought comics blogger. Would the would be disturbed by our breaking of the rule but he actually defended our choice. Interestingly I didn't no that he did I don't know that anybody knows this. Specific rule about the titles. We explained it before and some one person Picked up on on. And Hey wait a minute. I thought I thought the title and the album art and the opening clip are three separate things and typically that is our rule. Yeah but we broke it for a good reason and it happens. I mean He. Rules are meant to be broken and we broke it. Now there's other pieces. Rules are meant to be broke. Meant to be broken. I thought Komo just to make sure that we may including we had some good art. Here Darren had a number Darren was going for any couldn't couldn't get. Yeah but I thought the Another another big cover up for the ABC logo. I thought was good. Like reduce taught for free. We make money wasn't anything we were GONNA use but it was fun it was funny. Yeah there's a couple other the hey betsy how to pick up. Girls were the flight transponder. I mean there was all kinds of stuff that was funny regarding the show is just I mean also it has to pop. The whole idea is that people are scrolling through their their podcast APP which apparently still is not the case on all peoples in. Apparently they did fix the the the album. Art Changing But I would recommend if it's not changing for you and your up to date with your IOS thirteen million thousand whatever That you make sure that you delete your subscription and resubscribe. That may fix it. Although it shouldn't it shouldn't it should just work but but I don't know I don't know why apple can't get it works on other on other podcast APPs. Fine Yell Care. They do care but the it's not one of their the priorities. Because I don't think they or they have a dedicated team is my understanding. Limited team needs to be replaced. Don't say this this we actually have nights up there man. Two guys as you run it is against you. Talk to you about the coders. Yeah what I talk. I know some uh-huh believe me. Those guys like us to but but there's you know it's it's the machine man man is the machine. The machine does has things in strange mysterious ways. Well thank you very much data now. You did a great job and he has done some other good ones look at his page on. Noah's Ark Generator Dot com where all modern and smart artists go to create art for our show because it really he is a great bit of value. I got questions about this in Holland. How do you guys do that album art? Every single time said well we don't he says we don't also don't have listeners bro. We've got producers and then slowly it starts on people how it works so we appreciate that and we appreciate the work of this show the exactly. No agenda generated are calm and we also have a few executive and associate executive producers to thank which we're going to do right now yeah. I also want to thank the Boston. People Focus we. We had a consolidated number that was in the last spreadsheet. I didn't put it in this one because it'd be just it would make the numbers wrong now but I want to thank the peel from Boston. Awesome because there's a coup- one is an executive producer is a couple of associates. I'm going to read. They're gonna read this main list. I am I read the Boston. Good good good good because we had like seven hundred dollars ars or something. Yeah was seven hundred Nice so and we'll have to incorporate Specific List at the end. Okay thorough talkers. Starts US off at Duke or the northeast Texas and the Red River valley from Lewisville Texas. Three four five six seven a favourite. Hey guys I need some Mac and cheese Carmen and LG. Why I stay competition that I'm competing in today? A state competition. What does that mean a steak? Maybe maybe they're having stay closer cooking them cooking steak all right. We'll do great work a Sir Taku took of North West Texas and the Red River Valley. Slaves can get the MAC and cheese. I can macaroni and Qader melted together. Mac and cheese MAC and cheese MAC and cheese You've got Karma William Messing three three four from Bainbridge island Washington Item Jensen's donations as you make me at night. No prior donation. He's got list please. Title May Sir William of Bainbridge Island Mall Right. Please add October October fest. Beer and pretzels. Yes I ordered them this morning and I saw the boxers come in so this should already be here for your BS. Yes thank you very much William. I'm looking forward tonight you John. Waldorf three three three dot three three in elk river Minnesota nuts walpin with the constitution. Two they had this little list. The VORACEK DOT Org Slash Anna. Just because it's so damn catch here. We can't play that enough campway. We understand cancer for my best friend. Wife Becky's cancer just F- Cancer House Karma because I'm closing on Friday Goat Karma because summer retired Navy chef chief chief chief. I'm sorry retired. Navy chief chef would be funnier. Yeah no kidding. The retired Navy chief and he goes. I don't get the connection personally. But maybe there's some talk about the. The goat is the universal mascot of the United States Navy. I didn't know this I don't know if it's true but I think we should launch it first time donor. Please deduce me MRS in Bandido -duced says thanks for all you do boy as I'm enjoying a newfound sanity. Please keep up the good work. I'd like to call out my brother. Paul Paul as a douchebag as a regular listener loves it when people get called out Alexa five bucks chip enslave. Just in word. I've Al Gore seventy three's Katie zero. VX VJ x seventy three hundred K.. Five ACC and. I tried to get on the the I made a couple of calls out to the the network and no one replied applied. But we'd love to see you there John Go to K.. Five ACC DOT com. Get out there and uh-huh uh-huh they were You've got Armagh Hadn't played that one a long time on over there buddy cer- cal of lavender blossoms. Three thirty three. Why do I have to listen to each show? Go three to four times you. Don't he does suggest you do a show a day ahead run on with it sure. Twelve anniversary my friends Raquel lavender blossoms dot Org Blossoms Dot Org thank you much coming up. Racer cal is keeping US keeping are keeping our sanity in Straits in out of in good whack with your CB salves still solve solve is very i. I travel with myself do you now. Yeah Yeah I don't you know if you've been sitting for ten hours sometimes just chafe a little bit. I don't need to tell you more but CAL SALVES ATLANTA. You're sitting dot org. It's already gone way too far. This conversation sir. Andrew harms comes up circle. We love you sir. Andrew harms comes up at three hundred bucks. You'll be our lessons executive producer Happy Veterans Day. Please offer a moment of silence in play flowers of the forest in honor of all the veterans we have lost sir. Andrew Harms K. C.. Zero W one one flowers of the VI flowers World World War Two is what is okay. Well we'll play it for just a second and we will be quiet because of course tomorrow is Tomorrow as veterans Wednesday. Yes so we'll play this just for a moment and of course Veterans Day was originally Armistice Day eleven eleven from nine hundred eighteen when they signed off on World War One one. Yes well I have a lot of veterans in my family so we do observe that on the on Mondays on this year for love. Berg two three three three Dutt thirty three. Oh you missed the BLACK KNIGHT ERA TO DARIEN A. Why don't you go look up her note I think she sent a An email I think. Okay Black Black Knight Eric. Darrien from Tabuk O- tr- BUCO Buco Canyon trouble cocaine in California. Oh Kenyan thanks for the show guys can you please. He's put my daughter Gracie on the birthday list. Of course she's on. She has been exposed to the best podcast in the universe since she was about ten years. Old She now turns twenty three and has a wonderfully normal sized Migdal. This is my gift to her black. I don't know I think that is my gift to her. Yes and it's a great. It's the gift that keeps on giving a normal sized amid left for your young human resource. Thank you very much. Black Knight Era Daring. She's on the list. Of course we'll be congratulating. Her later Jennifer lovebird two thirty three thirty three. You GotTa Note. Well I got her her sure thing here. But there's no note that I can find. She may not have a pet a note does she know I see no note from her. So she's just going it'd be if she hasn't no she'll send us something we'll read it. Of course I taught did send something that's GonNa Bother some gain all right back to the yeah regular list sir. Ever of the what. I'm sorry Alex Gates. Let's do the Alex Alex L. e. seek it s gates. It's two fifteen figures time to pay back The value from the show for keeping my sanity semi weekly. It's my third time donating talking about time for a deduction you got it. Spend deep do is no jingles but jobs gonNA be nice as I get through my first I gave the government contracting it space. I only worked in the private sector until now and this has certainly been an eye opening experience. Oh Eh boots on the ground reports always welcome. Here's jobs jobs. And that's their job. Had A survivor of the watt in two hundred ten dollars. Ninety eight cents I so miss Saudi daisy having moved to is this frozen wasteland of Michigan by the way there is a meet up group up there. You should join up win and yours. You'll feel a lot better. Guys are great on both Thursday. I days what is the. What is the Saudi daisy again town in Forgot where it was Mississippi or someplace into one of the southern states. Saudi days I remember it he used to always be from Saudi Daisy Colin on New Free Onofri Honor Frana Frey maybe honoring something like four four New Jersey Joe Stopping right inside across the bridge ship Fort Lee. That's where the New Jersey a two hundred dollar. MTV launched in Fort Lee Jingle request. China is asshole. You might die and little kid yeay Bene- in a Douche bag in the past year but tri-state meet up last weekend solidified my belief in the value for value model. That's nice cool gonNA close. Does your time wise just healthcare for everyone and and how how selling Karma from my parents twenty two year olds without degrees love no agenda. Wait a minute this. This is our T. shirt. We finally have the slogan twenty two year olds without a degree. Love no agenda. I love it. You might not Karma. That's that's right and I bet you're doing just fine and last on the list before it gets to the Boston list. A San Antonio in Madrid Spain orser Antonio. I'm sorry Sir Antonio from Madrid Spain my tired yes thank you for the long hours of Info to infotainment Info Sane Mint. Hey He should send us a little boots on the ground. It's not it's not Barcelona but maybe maybe he has some. He has studied anywhere near there. No I know but still. Sim insight boots on the Bosch alone asshole. Thank thank you very much tony jobs jobs and jobs. That's Karma Looney snow. It's a universal theme. All right now. Are Boston. Meet up thank you list. Yeah Yeah I got a couple of here. Well one note that needs to be read we have Let me just give you some. Thanks to some people that wrote checks we do have The overall check is a two hundred twenty six dollars. Postal ordinate what he did. And I think this is something people I could recommend to other. Meet up guys. These collected Collect the guy who headed up the meat of collect. The money gets grabs. The checks takes the cash and makes a postal money order and sends it all in an envelope to the box. Two three three nine but very useful it was seven hundred bucks is nothing to sneeze at so and so even though they had checks he took he cashed the checks and then he grown on your tapash any checks he said the checks sent the but the cash the cash very smart and went to the post office. Aw got a bunny or a thank you. That's it's going above and beyond man. Thank you going way overboard but I agree. It's great. Yeah that's highly appreciate it. Thank you for that. And he did have a little note he wants to he he wants to clip blitz sometimes Mac and cheese. I've got ants in a in the morning. This is our this is a scribbled dribble little car. The thing it's like two minutes. Yeah don't play played at the end of the show. I don't want to all kinds of shows it. We'll play it again eventually. We'll get to it promise. Okay this was sir. I can't read this note because he's like I'm sorry. Here's one note from George. morpheus in Bellingham from the Boston meet up. Here's an exchange of value and such and he s Blake says gene. I don't know who it is. It's gene has got to be from gene. That's one hundred dollars also have all also from okay. We got Jean. And George One hundred dollars each blake and Blake and gene hundred. It always. We'll put them as the Blake's the Blah okay. Blake Social Executive Producer Then we have a check for three hundred thirty three dollars and thirty three cents from William trant rant. So he'll be an executive producer and he says he has a note. I would like to quest jobs and Health Karma which which we can do with the following jingles meant tulips. That's wrong and that's true interesting. Also belated birthday to my daughter hurt Jamie. Okay get your out hold on hold on a second. A this is not the way to do this. I'm still looking meant tulips. And now I gotta get get my pen out. Are we going to do these jingles. Or what are we going to do. Well I want to get this done first part about the birthday. So doesn't loss birthdays. Jamie uh-huh shares birthday with the best podcasts. In the universe coincidence I think not so this is from. I'm who who is from. Don't get too antsy on me. I'm trying to read these things as a pilot notes from William and Carol to Jamie Jamie okay got it and then if the jingles are meant Tulips Dad's wrong and that's true. I think we can do those. Okay Tulips that's wrong. I do even have that one sure we do summer. Yes Peter Peterson okay. And that's true and then that then that goes with what Little Karm I guess you just guessing you're not really taking orders just guessing what the customers okay. They sit out on the sidewalk sidewalks SIP and meant to. That's wrong. That's you got Karma an interesting combination because that's wrong goes with the stupid comment down through goes with that's wrong. I know it's genius genius. I tell you like I want to thank the Boston. Meet up guys on the other guy wanted the clip blitz. who was that? Well this is the was that also with the meet up together. This is Sir something ensure whip. I'll give him a I'll give them a clip blitz thirty three. He's got a clip. Let's see yeah I think that also the guy who puts all this together which I think profusely for pulling it off getting money over here this I've maybe at type note over giving us rather than the scribble on a little piece newspaper preferable. Okay we're creating protocols this is good it's all new. This is new these meet ups and you know the meet ups were new and people have been sending US money from Ameet us but it hasn't been organized. This is the most organized. It's Ben and I appreciate that that that's cool and I think you're right if we if we can just be type note so it's a little easier easier to read But it's cool. How this is work cool? I said it three times now. It's nice to set. It's nice to see how this is working with the meet ups I we were doing meet ups. Then then a producer created no agenda meet UPS DOT com which is of course fantastic so much better than meet ups dot com and And then you know people awards sending donations in regards to the meet ups but now it's being consolidated this is this is really good is really appreciated. And when you guys are doing a meet up near the meat reports of fun See if you can do something in audio thirty seconds or less you know like. Hey I'm this guy I'm so and so I'm sure this I'm dame this and we're here at the meet up and then you know sing a song or say do a big in the morning or something. He has an audio show. There will always be one guy a meeting ever more than five hundred ten the recorder. Who knows how to WHO's got a little recorder or you're the apple iphone? I think called Andrew Recorder Order. Look for an unusual botox. Don't let the irs here you because before you know it. They think that that's all we need the show Sh- so andrew record or you can use that and then there could be saying in the morning or something and we can put that on the clip and that will cool and then you get your plug in for the the organizing organizing. Get his plate of played himself. Everybody knows they WANNA play himself. Yeah restricted to about a minute or so which I think is possible. Thirty seconds is a allotted time. Well if you see how much time it takes for me to read a meet up report there are a lot longer than a minute so yeah between thirty seconds in in a minute but anyway we're working this on the fly and beautiful to see this and thank you so much for not. I mean not just the donate we do but the ad Lib specialists uh-huh it's also we hate meetings. We'd like to do our meetings on the show about the show. That's speaking of which Jennifer with the with. The no agenda Animated Studios. I this is these. Things are hilarious. I mean I'm really she. She has me cracking up about our own. MM stuff. I'm not someone who cracks up typically listening to our own damn show but somehow in Combo with the with the video she really nails it I think and you saw the one with the sexual harassment is not harassment. It's too hot guy. Yeah this is good stuff. Man With Elisa sledge injure and that all Elizabeth Warren pop up. And it's it's good and I think we were pretty. I think if we have double the amount we have now we almost have a pilot. Most we just need but I think the title of the show to be crackpot and buzzkill. I think it should to podcasters. You think. That's for commercial reasons. That's going to be better for commercial reasons. The podcasting thing is is kind of a in term right now known for some reason I feel sorry for anybody like anyone who made the mistake of dreaming up the idea of net casts Connecticut. Whoops a swing and a miss so it okay because 'cause you know I'm just thinking I guess I was just saying? Yeah Yeah if anybody sells this thing it we're gonNA is GonNa just go off the rails sales because he's got well you know I don't know to podcasters you're sure what if you're gonNA bring it third person and I mean it's GonNa be you know whatever we think is going to be a good tile. We'll be ruined. I recommend But one look at serious episodes so what we need we need. We need and this'll be interesting thing to do. Because right now it starts and ends with the no agenda Jingle. I think maybe Chris Wilson thing where we need you know kind of now that you've said to podcasters now we need something about you. Know basically were to lose old white dude's well. Here's a story about two old white. Dude you know kind of like beverly hillbillies type the thing. This is a pitch meeting. I'm doing here with getting ahead. I'm BA- bounce. The might be moving a little too far shoot from the hip here. I'm bouncing. I'm just riffing with John riffing and for the meeting here. Just riffing before you continue your roughing. I WANNA thank these people for helping Produced show eleven eighty nine Executive producer associate executive produced produce. This particular show sis cast there we go thank you troll room. ooh Sis cast the oldest just white podcasters in existence. Well I think we're very close if we can get you know twenty minutes fifteen twenty minutes and I'm going to send it off the Super Agent Matthew Lesser. You can look them up super agent. Matthew Lesher who does not know about this project yet but he will. He will sell anything anything I mean. He tried to sell me to Hollywood for twenty years and was unsuccessful. So I'm sure I'm sure you won't mind. He still has a bio printed up. So that's easy he just run the Mimeographs or more. Let's close out the Dacian segment. All right I'm just having a good time with you in our meeting. Thank you very much to our executive producer and associate executive producers with the credits that are recognized everywhere in the entertainment business and beyond so it is a smart idea to put these into your linked profile. That's where people get. People offered jobs by the way Lincoln. That's that is the and this is not a paid. Endorsement is just experience and thank. You will thank more people in our second donation segment and remember that you can support the program in the same way with your own value by going to to dot org slash and the the one that told you that is our formula is this we go up people in the mouth a So I have a clip that everybody pretty much the whole family's watching this and we all all jump to our feet because we're all looking for gaffes. Were you altogether recently. You mentioned everyone's here. I didn't know they say. Is there a reason why it came down some because we go for birthday and we're building. Oh that's nice okay. So but everybody caught this You see if you can catch it. I also have it ice owed but this is the reported on impeachment that A. CBS Ran Saturday on the have a report on impeachment gaffe CBS. Yes I got it here. Sorry start us off from the White House. We're going into Alabama we're going to watch your Alabama game versus Lsu to president trump continued attacking the impeachment inquiry as he took off for college football game. Name there shouldn't be anything there shouldn't be featured hearings today house. Republicans sent a letter to Adam. Schiff the chairman of the Intelligence Committee requesting shing witnesses. They WanNa call during public hearings. That begin next week. Hunter Biden the whistle blower. And anyone relied on by the whistle blower in drafting. The complaint ain't are on the list. Democrats can overrule any of the witnesses. Which is why the GOP and the president called the process unfair? It's a witch hunt aunt and it should never happen to another president in a statement shifts that his committee is evaluating the request but warned. This inquiry is not and will not serve however as a vehicle to undertake the same sham investigations into the Biden's or twenty sixteen that the President Press Ukraine to conduct. Investigators are are trying to determine if MR trump abused his power by pressuring Ukraine to investigate the Biden family behind closed doors. Multiple witnesses have described a quid pro quo and said White House. Acting Chief of Staff Mick. Mulvaney played a role. Can you describe the role that you played in pressuring Ukraine to investigate the Biden's not I keep. What was your question? Would I do with to Ukraine or nothing yesterday Mulvaney. He defied a subpoena to appear on Capitol Hill following orders from White House Liars. Who Argue he has? Mulvaney is asked to join a lawsuit that could decide side. If administration officials are protected from testifying. Wow I would be on my feet too. I'd be like dancing with meany jumping around. That was good. Here's the GAG. I got two versions of the GAFF. One is the regular full version Gavin and a short one which I recommend for the end of the show. Oh see if it works but the first one. CBS Gaffe Eyeso- White House liars you argue. He has immunity beautiful. What was the woods clearly says Liars Liars was the? What was it supposed to be lawyers? Eloy White House Liars. He has a minute White House liars. Who argue argue? He has immunity as beautiful. He's a short one friend of show right White House Liars. I cut that little thing. You know you didn't clearly you didn't clearly I didn't but I remember clipping at night. White House liar has gone maybe the whole long ones better. It's only two seconds. Let me say White House Liars. Who Argue he has immunity now? The short one is. I'll just cut it live. We'll do it live White House Liars. We'll do it live no worries good. Catch that's good I. I love stuff like that. It's just the truth. Wants to come out man. Yeah White White House Liars Liars. I had a I had somewhere. I had something No I guess not. That's pretty funny. So I found I was digging around and I found this old very interesting old this this show I watch a lot now. This hoover institution has this. This is where you got into. Victor Davis Hanson by watch just landed right. Went Back to two thousand ten to find this one. This is Daniel Hannan. Who wrote the news road to serfdom which was a kind of a bestseller back? During the Obama Administration. I remember to remember the very group. Sorry I know it was a misfire. I'm sorry We have to remember that all these complaints and all this stuff that were bitching and moaning about everything is not new. And it's not what about trump so much and what we're complaining about. Is this diverging globalization and Borders quarters where we're not to this. PODCAST is not about no borders. No this no you know no capitalism. We're not that way. Were against the global list. Move to turn everybody into individual slaves and the new road to serfdom was kind of about this and this was in two thousand ten but he talks a little bit about what was going on sociologically during the Obama administration and I thought it was kind of an interesting observation. He left one thing out which I will bring up after we play this clip very rat. I Meet Americans who who are appreciative. Of How extraordinary is the constitutional inheritance of this country. How successful the founders were in dispersing and democratising power and constraining the state by doing that? What's happening now? It seems to me the direction being pursued by this administration amounts to a comprehensive prohibitive policy of Europeanisation European healthcare and welfare European climate targets European disarmament. And if you make your country more like the rest of the world less American you will serve to make it less independent less prosperous less free and that's our problem as well as yours. Th The world has benefited from a strong engage segment to you. Let's take a few of those topics you mentioned quoting again. Let the economy. The New Road to serfdom quote here is Europe's economic tragedy. It suffers no worse than the United States during recessions but it fails to recover to the same extent during the intervening upswings. So so why not. Why is there less dynamism? In the European economy the has been an enormous amount of legislation well-intentioned legislation aimed at giving social protection to employees and is now reached the stage in countries. where it just isn't worth your while to hire people because once you've done that you won't be able to get you become very nervous about taking people on in the good times because you know that you won't be able to fuel books if things go bad and this has led to a measure of structural unemployment which historically has been much higher than that in the US striking that unemployment in this country has just reached European being levels at the same time that you'll government is expanded you've started regulating the private sector telling people how much they're allowed to be paid and so on there's a connection between those two do things in the short term you can have the paternity leave the vacations but in the long-term the money runs out anyways? An interesting book people's might want to look at it. I was looking for jingles clips. I think we we had something about that but I couldn't find it. That's for sure but anyway he talks about this idea and I can kind of see it. We all see it. We've talked about on this show. Before this idea of Europeanisation there was making America more like Europe. Doing doing we do it and they always play all look what they do in Sweden. Look what they do over there. The European this European that every it's all better and that's what the Obama Administration. That whole era was all about that and and it also brings in the EU and globalizing and all the rest of it. But what what he left out with this list he has you know. Health care and Global warming standards. There's all the rest he left out the one Europeanisation Take or the one thing they WANNA do to to the Americans to European anais US soccer. Yeah you're right. You're right Europeanisation punchline. It was it was OK. Well as a point I make. I make AAC disappointed about once a year. Yeah I know you don't see the bake today steady. He's the not Leaguie Kinda he's not G Kinda Guy Forgotten about that one couple of segments for you. There is stuff off to discuss. There was a and this is something that I have always wondered about as especially when travelling. I noticed that an even in in the US even though we're both on T.. Mobile networks but even when it was when the keeper was on sprint for the integration SMS. SEMES- text messages. which is all I do? I don't have any other. I don't have any other APPs as nothing else I can do. I certainly don't use I message. Been through that nightmare before you can't get off of it or people think they're sending something to you when you no longer have an iphone but text just not arriving and it was always my understanding that SMS was kind of guaranteed messaging service. I mean my God man charged twenty five cents for it Certainly if you're doing it overseas maybe maybe even more sometimes and that was always my understanding was guaranteed delivery of these messages. But I've seen them slipping up and when especially when you have a time A time zone difference and you know when when the keeper said to me. Hey I haven't heard from you all day. Everything okay. I was like you know. You didn't get so she didn't and get a picture. I think there was some other. We have to compare them all next to each other And this is mainly because there is a service that kind mm sits in the middle as a router very much the way You know email is handling services architecture. A weird blast from the past earliest safer more than one hundred sixty eight thousand Americans when they received a text on their phones originally written for them as far back as Valentine's Day and this is really strange. Some had messages coming from friends or family who've actually passed on others received a text from ex-boyfriends ex-girlfriends and as I say the worst scenario is getting a text from somebody who's died cyber guy is here. Kurt Kanoute's in Joining us with more details cricket text from a dead relative is really really spooky. Who's responsible for what happened? Who speak in a lot of people seeing this as a curse David and then for others they think cupid is striking again a lot of mixed opinions but a lot of people pouring out there emotionally charged response to this? These are called ghost texts. There were it says you said one hundred sixty eight thousand one hundred forty nine of them. The reason this happened is a company named Sin Averse located in Tampa Florida. Actually is the go between third party between the wireless phone companies that we use so if I sent you a message from. At and T.. But you use something else like for Reisen. They might use sin sin averse to connect neck those messages and bring it to the next service. We'll apparently right around valentines days. You'd said they got caught up in this glitch and just and that recently in a maintenance update that they were doing on their systems they started flowing through. But it doesn't it doesn't say they were dated back then. It looks like they were just sent right now so for someone that maybe you're acts that you don't like and now it seems like they're saying ham waiting outside with flowers. com best are really good. So yeah I mean obviously. It's kind of funny that this took this. This is a local story a C had. This happened to one of his co workers whose overseas as we speak and then he at Valentine message came to his wife asking. Hey Sweetie I'll be seeing at the same place Let let me know when you're here. Okay and he's overseas. He's not at home. He's nowhere around and so his wife gets this message. And she says what's this all about starts grilling because she thought that of course he was texts brother. Oh my goodness the guy I said. Hey wait a minute. I'm and he's trying to show that genie's trying to show his messages. He took screen shots of his phone. Threaten always always always threaten sweat for twenty four hours because the next day that the story broke the story Bro. Thank goodness okay saved saved. Wow yeah that's at that anyway. Screw these guys and I know we have lots of dudes named Ben and we're actually. We should dude named them as we do deaths as well who are in this business so I'd like to know I'd like to know why. Why is this failing? Is it really this company in the middle And by the way is this something the NSA talks to you know. I thought it was direct correct. At in fact I was even convinced that at some level text messages were encrypted the I mean I have no evidence for that but I thought it was supposed to be encrypted secure and guaranteed. I was under the impression we talked about this at the dinner. Table with J. C.. Who Works in the business and he was under the impression that SMS messages ages are sent and then deleted? And I've never believe that for a minute. And this is an example. They were obviously stored someplace. And why were they start. Worked for so long. No well because I think those are the requirements. These days this the intelligence agencies mandate eight th and then remember we went through this phone companies had to store everything for three months and it was six months then it was three years. And we've been through this now. They're not deleted at all and I'm also also going to bring this up which my mail chimp situation which I'm worried about. which is young males mostly going out but there are people that claim they never at take a look and all their boxes and they check for spam and they never find a copy up so it's time for us and I discussed this with the keeper last night because she was like i? I don't understand the John needs to use a different mail servers. Mail chimp isn't good enough. I said this is not the issue. The issue is for at least fifteen years and I know because when we were at pod show So this ten years ago Two thousand five. We had a system and you could request your lost password and people. People were not receiving the loss the password reset message and we looked into it. And that's when we found very quickly that the big email service providers g mail Yahoo. AOL couple other really big ones. Certainly if you have it through horizon you know. Some people have their email address through their Cell phone provider. They do not guarantee delivery everything in fact to protect their customers they send lots of stuff to spam. Doesn't even see your account but if your email is tagged by one of the approved companies which you sometimes wind up paying one one hundred thousand dollars a year or two. That's pod show wound up paying a hundred thousand dollars a year to A. I think it was sequoia company might have been. Kleiner pressing was Sequoia Capital Company. And that's all they do is they have deals. And we've talked about this several times in the past they have deals with the big E mail providers like g female. And if you go through them which is very costly depending on volume of course but they have their tears Then it's guaranteed to arrive in the inbox doc. So it's logical that had a male chimp the newsletter e mail service pays that fee. But do they pay all the the time they pay for certain level of service. Are they just getting screwed over. Well I also I believe there's also another element which I discuss. What in that twitter memo? which is that? I think these guys are over. I think this would apply to SMS would have plighted male chip. And I'll explain male situation. I'm with you is day may not just may imagine be able to handle this. It's also possible. That there mailers just you know there's servers would limit. We're can't send anymore. We're dying. We were at the limit. Were Gore sending as much as we can. We're full have had and the thing about mail chimp which which is kind of indication of an indication of this. This is that male chimp uses a flat fee mechanism There you go so you have one hundred fifty one hundred fifty dollars a month we do. G's send to mail out and debt and is depend. You could send it out daily. I should be sending out a daily newsletter. Yeah because is a flat fee. Now other bailing services do it by mailing you've got to pay per mailing And so it encourages mail chimp in their flat fee. Encourages you to send US each two or three emails a day. I mean that would be sure people are doing that because they can do it because they can and So there's just pumping it out It would it would burden the service. I don't know if I can handle that kind of a load even though they're running through. I'm sure they're running through all the systems out there that can handle this huge loads supposedly now. It costs money. I just think a lot of this because we're the whole system is so text heavy that is it. Just it's just this can handle the load. SMS probably load problem texts. You see these kids are walking around. They're walking into the street. Almost random guy. Over the other day walkout right to gender the crosswalk never bothered to see. If anyone was coming. You know we have A. There's a lot of these big infrastructure infrastructure issues at another example. And you know and this is why. I'm so happy that we pretty much have our own deal. Go on we've got our own servers. That void runs You've been rose and Darren all those guys they keep an all that all that running for us we've got mastodon runs that you know So we have our really our own little infrastructure but Now Google is into podcast so Google has a web player. They've got some other you know. I don't have an APP for it or not. But the way they have their data system set up and cashing. I'm not sure exactly actly how it works with. Here's what happened on the last episode and I remind you it's ten o'clock at night I'm tired and I spin off the show which means that we've done our little editor at the beginning. I spin it off And then it's an MP three. And then I uploaded to our server and I notice Oh crap crap it's uploaded but it's the wrong file name and I've learned in our system is better for me to delete the file and upload one with the proper file name however doc somewhere and this is an. I recommend people not do this. They'll they know that my my file naming structure so they're just gonNA fill in the Carell of what the MP three will be until. I've actually hit publish until it actually announce it on on no agenda Social Dot com and on twitter people. Sit there and refresh and so you know so they get like a half a file because I deleted as it was still. We have our own little content delivery network so just propagating Out you know someone grabs it gets cash through some Google thing and before you know it people are getting half the podcast in order for me to really fix that. I have to create a new unique ID for. I mean it's a nightmare. It's a nightmare. It's a nightmare. All of you know what the Internet is. A nightmare and general is just a nightmare. And it's all it's all all these big companies who came in and own everything and everyone loves the G mail. Well Good luck with them and continuation with our OT. G segment meant I'll cut a couple here. Just this is the one that I think is interesting as predicted and as four warned it is not a good idea to give your DNA to companies owned by Google's ex wife and It was it. Larry Page his ex wife or Sergey Brin one of them I fifty percent chance. It's not a good idea to give them to ancestry dot com. It's just not a good idea all no no. No it's all about animus Bob Bob Black Ancestry website judd. Match helped Orlando Police solve a two thousand one murder case by providing access to its DNA database but earlier this year a police say the website changed its policy blocking detectives. Detective Michael Fields felt. The site could be useful in a new case. The New York Times reporting involving a serial rapist decades ago so feels team wrote up the first ever search warrant for genealogy site on the judge took twenty four hours to review it and the judge judge eventually signed July Fourteenth Judge Patricia Strawbridge approving it the ruling getting national attention because of a potential ripple effect I- turney attorney for law enforcement or a prosecutor who is trying to see this sort of information could say look at the reasoning used by this judge Strawbridge in the ninth judicial circuit of Florida and Orange County. And and we're asking you to apply the same reasoning and allowing US access to this information in our case popular RECITES ANCESTRY DOT Com and twenty three and me sounding off sending the new station statements. That read in part ancestry believes that Jed match could have done more to protect the privacy of its users by pushing back on the warrant or even challenging it in court their failure to do so is highly irresponsible and deeply concerning to all of us here at Ancestry Street. It's certainly troubles us here. At twenty three and me perhaps just as disturbing as jed matches apparent lack of scrutiny and challenge the validity of the warrant issued and. Did you hear that do the very end. No as disturbing as jed matches apparent lack of scrutiny and challenge of I believe he can't say scrutiny. Scrutiny School I missed it screw scrutiny. He's just as disturbing as jed matches apparent lack of scrutiny and scrutiny suck ruin. I'm hearing I'm hearing the t happen now. With Clinton Winton. It's Hillary Clinton Clinton Clinton is Clinton I mean by the way we're falling over. This is not just one word. That's changing. This is the entire tire structure of parts of the English language screwy scrutiny. How do you write that S. C. R. E. W. I is it scrutiny? This show title screw any scrutiny. Final point is about nine buddies. You say scrutiny. Now you're scrutiny screwed group-group scrutiny screwing Ruini final thing that Someone sent me no actually found this through a I've been looking a lot of blogs about micro grids. I'm very interested now. Obviously as it pertains to the fires and you know what is really true. What are they really trying to do? Is there an endgame. And what is the goal and I'm really leaning towards this idea of. Let's get some micro grid. Our Grid is is old and decrepit and we haven't kept it up and we. I really want to do something new. But there's an extra data point that I did not realize and that is in. This may be the problem with what's going on in California. I mean wh when when fire ignites from the the grid some of that yes maybe a power power line that actually breaks. I've seen it. You know power line breaks at shorts out on some would catch fire pretty easily. I it happened to me New Jersey. It does happen but when you have transformers frying out. And I learned that California has what is called here as America's four hundred ton electric Albatross. They have these Chinese transformers that are apparently in many cases inferior. Two hundred Chinese transformers have come into the US energy sector in the last ten years and these are the big boys. These are the big transformers. Three hundred forty five kilovolts. What if because you know before fort before all this really started we? We've always heard our grids. No good you've got to upgrade. There's a lot of chatter about how we've got upgrade the grid. Is it possible title. Is it possible that our grid is filled with cheap. Asked Chinese junk that is just burning up and burning stuff down. Yeah this is not discussed. No well it's now being discussed by you and apparently Pacific Gas and electric has quite a few China has shipped a nine hundred mega volt ampere amp impair transformer to the United States this article. This is two thousand four amps. Your Ans- made by the TBN. Electric Shenyang transformer group used for connecting the California power grid the Hydro Power Grid in Los Angeles. I mean this. I had no idea that we are using Chinese transformers. This could be a big part of the issue and why they wanted their brought run half the price of whatever general electric. I don't know who makes the big transformers anymore anyone maybe nobody makes them and camrys remember when Ab AB is a men's big one cummins diesel or is on the air going on about how they're using all these these engine engine blocks from China and the woman spokesperson for the company. A very famous motormaker says. Oh we can't nobody can do these can't you can't moldy moldy saints here in this country and I disagree research. You remember this on this. Show him with your. There's a ton of companies that do them. But now there's just bringing in these runs from China because it's makes Derek. Everything makes their bottom line. Look work a little better profitability. Goes up a bit because they're using cheap components and I suppose that's what's going on here tabby and electric this is the Chinese company. beat out several big international rivals including South Korea's Huyndai Japan's Mitsubishi and Switzerland's Switzerland's a BB to win the deal so they're underbidding cheap. Chinese crap is the problem with the bidding model. Do of course it always goes to the lowest bid but this is not competitive this I I mean we have no proof but I would say hey. This needs to be discussed. I want to know. Why is there Chinese crap? That's burning up California. Is that part of it though. I'm sure a lot of these installations like the one that went off and started. This last fire are up on one of the transmission poles those installations. I wouldn't be surprised if I lose your right. And then cranks China can can make a lot of taking crank. Yeah that's the oldest could as one of the trying as right crank meanwhile according to a Qu- arosh a pro isis media outlet. Whatever that is is that I don't know? CIA Da Front. Is this exactly well. LISTEN TO THE HEADLINE ISIS urges followers to ignite fires in forests across the US and Europe. I hi is there. Yeah that's what we need. Yeah Yeah Isis. Don't worry about Isis in America. Everybody they're back. No no no no. We're not gonNA fall for that. I call for an investigation on this China stuff. Yeah well you'RE NOT GONNA get one 'cause his because we have better things to do. We have more important things to do. He didn't look into things like that. We have to impeach trump. I'm going to show us by Jonas agenda. 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Then we're GONNA launch an America and they raised a million bucks and they kind of that kind of full of Shit. Yeah because they didn't really Open a New York office but someone sent me an article from their English version and it's about online advertising and the Guy Guy who was talked about the most here is some famous statistician Well Anyway I. I'm I'm putting this in the show notes and I want people to take a look at this called the new dot. COM bubble is here. It's called online advertising. And what he shows and what he's done on a with proof at at ebay specifically is he's shown that all advertising on the Internet when it comes to you clicking on something. Don't think so I'm not talking about maybe a brand ad that may roll somewhere. That can put an idea into your head but he specifically took Ebay who were paying for links on Google search and the way they kind of calculated. Well it costs US twenty million dollars in ads but look at how much came in two hundred forty five million in revenue but they actually did a test and stopped and they're there because you know when you search it's for Ebay just ebay a lot of people do this. I think. That's the bulk of of Google's. Business is people typing Ebay into the search bar not Ebay dot com Ebay and then it comes up. Googling you click the link Ebay and you go there. I mean people do I see him do it all the time all the time. So when you click on the top two links when you search for Ebay it's paid link and Google gets paid for that. Click when they stopped advertising. Their airlinks still showed up at the top except they weren't paying for it so you do the numbers in every single case whether it's facebook Google or instagram program. These are the cases that they highlighted. Every single campaign was was unprofitable because you still have to pay for the AD ad campaign when they advertise on Google versus. Not when you link still shows up at the top they were actually losing money across the board well couple of things one When the DOT com collapse happened the Internet advertising bubble also collapsed? There was a there was an internet advertising bubble get into the year two thousand yes and you could see it. Everybody start bailing out from all these ads and banner. Ads died and all the rest of it. So that's not a new thing that decision going to happen. It's more of a cycle to me than it is a bubble but even though it is looks like a bubble it probably should collapse as for the These I don't I've never under fully understood why when you say type Ebay let's say or anything else. You see sponsored ad which is the link at the top and then three searches down when the links where the where the advertising ends three links down founder so There it is again yes and I always click on that one right while. You're yeah yes exactly right. You're paying on the. You're clicking on the one that Google doesn't get paid for. I don't see why it should be clicking on something when the search engine itself will give this to me like a couple of days. I mean there's no reason for it exactly. Well the he he's a statistician and is a very interesting read. It's very thorough. It's not a short read that it's not a short reacts. I I in fact. I've just repurpose it in the show notes. You'll find it right there at the top Internet advertising bubble and the stories underneath that underneath that link so so let's just really interesting and I read it this morning. Wow this is it confirms everything. Kinda new and in advertising in it starts off with the famous quote of Mel Karmazin who was running What was he running? At the time Mel Karmazin was running on Viacom Viacom in two thousand three meal he he walked into the Google offices in mountain view. California to find out you know how these Larry Page judge in Larry Page brings Sergei. And whatever the Russians Sergei Larry how they were you know how they were doing this and his his. You know our business highly measurable we know exactly what you can just two thousand three talk obviously and Carmen said you know. His famous quote was you guys are fucking talking with magic which is totally true because that advertising actual results of advertising is kind of magical because no one can explain if it works the famous quote. I know half of my advertising money is working. I just don't know which half it's a great article to read. I think you'll like it. You'll like it a lot louis wars well. It only took him a COUPLA. What is it about two months? But you're no agenda. Show new it already. Health officials have made a breakthrough in their investigation into the long illnesses and deaths linked to vaping the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found vitamin E. Acetate in all twenty nine samples of lung fluid taken from patients. It's the first time the CDC has found a common suspect impatience. Lungs damaged by when heated and inhaled vitamin E ACETATE is thought to cause a chemical burn injury in the lungs but the CDC says more tests still need to be done. You have to better understand. The pathology of how the vitamin E. that gets into the lungs and causes. The damage to the lungs occurred vitamin C.. Acetate is often used as thickener in black market beeping fluid containing thc the active ingredients in marijuana but just twenty three of the twenty nine tested positive for thc see at least two thousand illnesses and forty deaths have been linked today thing of course these were all attributed to jewel. And Oh oh my God kids and we can't have we can't have them vaping sweet liquid your marketing towards kids this. This is a problem with the no agenda agenda show We're watching this news report pretty much when you just played last night. And I'm thinking vitamin E acetate state. Where this is news? As far as I'm concerned we talked about this and I thought it was already discussed in the mainstream media. No two three weeks ago now but now I realize it's only was discussed on our show. Apparently yes and we have a giving vigny trouble with some watching some of the news. 'cause I'm watching this thinking this isn't news. Yeah we all knew that vitamin E ACETATE was the culprit. Here they did mention as tickner reckoner discussing Also also that it was purely in the THC cartridges and our research. We went directly leads to the source and I went to Justin the drug dealer. which any news outfit could have done? But no they're not they're not because they're all complicit in ruining ruining the vaping industry. So that Philip Morris and what's that other company Fake name who that was used to be American Tobacco who bought jewel just to kill. The vaping industry wanted to bring in their heated tobacco. And there's an additional reason. You were talking earlier about Michael Bloomberg. All the Anti Jewel adds that his name is on it and I would like to know does Michael Bloomberg. I'm sure he does uh-huh I wonder what kind of position he has in tobacco stocks. I wonder if he has any position in that California in particular. It has a huge problem with people stopping smoking. I know this sounds weird. But they have a huge problem with people stopping smoking and moving to vaporize nicotine inhalation which I do and I don't smoke tobacco anymore and I have not died yet because I'm not falling for the stupid. I did my own research and I went to the drug dealers and I got the true story and here. It is being confirmed This is a From a Youtube Channel called Truth About vaping of this is Almost five years old this little piece of the clip that I'm pulling for for you so see little over-simplified you know it's one of these animated things but specifically in California but also in other states. There's a a big reason. The states themselves do not want tobacco companies selling less tobacco products. Because you don't get a very specific benefit as state when it comes to nicotine problem number one the more money big tobacco makes the more money. California gets in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. A deal was struck between the biggest big big tobacco companies and forty six s stakes called the master settlement agreement or MSN. This agreement said that these big tobacco companies would make nearly payment to the states. Aides in exchange for the state's dropping lawsuits against them regarding smoking related deaths expenses. The amount of money big tobacco pays the states. Each year is directly dependent dependent on how much they sell problem number two. The state spent that money before they got it. Most of the states wanted all that money up front instead of waiting for payments from big tobacco each year so they sold bonds to Wall Street based on the amount they calculated big tobacco would be paying them but then something started happening. American American started smoking less New Jersey. Ohio and Virginia have already announced they have to take money from their reserves due to insufficient funds from the tobacco money and with the growing popularity of e cigarettes the smoking rate is declining. Even Faster California and New York are being affected the most because they have the highest populations and are road the most money by Big Tobacco under this agreement in two thousand thirteen. Cigarette shipments saw their biggest decline since two thousand nine and many financial analysts say the cause of that severe declined is so the truth. The state of California needs tobacco sales to stay high otherwise default on their bonds e cigarettes are getting in the way of it. Looks like the health of the public isn't the top priority for the Department of Public Health. Their top priority. Their wallet obviously propaganda pro vaping being video but the data is refuting irrefutable. And I don't know how much money this is. I'm sure we can figure this out. But this master settlement agreement was a big big deal though you look that up and find out is. I'm sure it's a lot. Yeah so there's everyone's against people actually stopped smoking tobacco and so they're all judy about this. I quattro thing that money. Yeah Yeah it's all about expect lung cancer Schmeltzer. I mean what's your problem. Long strong get out of here is great. Well that was a nice find but of course none of it should be surprising. Well no it's states like California New Yorker probably the Max corrupt states totally. Yeah it's like yeah I was listening to one of the financial shows In there were discussing you know. Trump's moving taking his residency to Florida where there's no personal income tax tax write but New York State of California. Does the same thing New York State Senate okay you can say you're a Florida resident but if you you know but if you wrote doing any business here on your best average year but in the past they're gonna go after he anyway it would take him probably five six years. I know a guy who did did this T- I know a couple of people. Actually that they've decided they didn't want their sick of paying California personal income tax which is pretty high. It's like ten percent or higher and they moved just across the border. He moved in Nevada. There's no personal income tax of adding you can go back and forth but date type dog Let's see how many days have been coming across. You're doing any business you making a phone call. You're hanging one of our towers. It's interesting you you mentioned that I had an LLC. Ten years ago in California Things Zulu APPs and it it it was dormant mm-hmm and I closed it and it never no money ever ran through it this year. I got the California Tax Board sent me a bill for over one thousand dollar saying at home tax and now I have to go fight. These jokes let me know. What do you mean no you tell you right now? You'RE GONNA lose that you have to pay but what just happened to us. So what am I gonNa have like an well. We had an employee wants and is years ago and then all of a sudden day. Irs she started the blue they ding us for some back. You know so security. This is for twenty two thousand eighteen. This is yes ridiculous but I haven't lived there in almost ten years. A company pay screwed. You don't WanNa pay but we were advised that we should just pay holy crap or should racket. That's crazy GONNA do well. I've just got to be some legal eagle way to stop this. It's GONNA cost you more legal fees than paying. You're kidding so they're just they're just looking at my federal tax return I guess somehow and saying oh well. Aw that's gotta be ours probably will die. Die California die and the only speak big states New York Newark. New York's probably worse because especially in New York City because in New York you have a state income tax and in New York City. You have a city income Tanno. I know it's nuts late as anybody put up with this. Yeah bad Sir Ben Rose just said perfectly let this be a lesson never live in California. Yeah I agree. I can't believe that you are you of all people who knows how to fight the system on these kinds of things his actually telling me to give up. Yeah so dollars a lot of money. I'm just telling you I know when to give up you. Maybe you can fight right a protest at least write a letter and see if you can get it straightened out. But we're going to bring you know otherwise you're going to know and we say it that way we we give them a call and be nice. Be Charming so so I have A. I have a clip. This a kind of clipped at mainstream media reason I listened to democracy. You now is because occasionally they have a gym and this is a very short. It usually go on and on really link at length of some of this. This is a little short clip. I got the biggest kick out of this because they had a video to go along with and I'll explain the video after we play this clip. This is the Glenn Greenwald Clip. Meanwhile a far right Brazilian journalist. I tried to punch Pulitzer Prize. Winning journalist Co founder of the intercept Glenn Greenwald after a heated argument during the live taping of a radio show the far right journalist Augusta newness had previously made insulting comments about Greenwald's family. All right okay. So so. They had the video clip of these guys. Talking this talk show Greenwald. See now I want you to do the following kind of this kind of like doing a play like a WHO acting acting. FBI actor so what is your face facing somebody career. I gotta get into somebody during your head completely to to the left as far as you can't put your hands about a foot in front of your face and then make a dog paddling motion fast as you can. That's what he was doing. That's kind of a fight broke out between these two guys was was this a hissy fight. This kind of what look glycol. My goodness take kind of a swing at him. And he ludicrous and then what a what a green world raft of that he did he fight back that he's no he's duck and the dog panel thing so wake Glenn Greenwald was doing the dog paddle. Yeah pretty much I gotta see this cliff. uh-huh yeah he's he's he's not as Comedians. I make it sound but it is pretty funny. I think those things are always funny to watch especially on the radio show. It makes even better. Well I don't know what the camera was doing on the radio. Show is one of those things where everyone had you know like. Everybody has a camera on him all the time. You know that is we. We don't do that. Came up on the on the one hundred year celebration of radio and you know all that all these especially all the new morning earning shows all have to have a Webcam. Webcam gotTa have a can't he can see what's going on and studio with so cool no the opposite of cool. We're we're cool. It's totally the opposite. Cool here on this cast. No Cams on the six cast nossa scams away be assist Cam. You WanNa roll us out with one last one we'll do some into show mixes and get out of here. Yeah well we can do Let's see I got Mark Meadows Meadows Clippers. Pretty Funny Human Rights Watch Human Rights Watch was kicked out of Israel. You find yourself cable. TV V insisting. There's nothing to see here. Hold on. We have Mark Meadows right here. Congressman Meadows. Can we talk. I'm sorry it's funny play the Mark Meddlesome Mark. Would you ought to set it. I'm sorry I see what I did. Wrong here yes what do you want to hear this. One of the or the IMP human rights. Well this you're the mark meadows bad to set it up. Okay sorry this woman just doing an interview or she's a stand up doing zones local presentation issues. Yakking away And she says she says mark man she tries to put the Mike and he just goes by like a mile a minute and then just bro. Close the Mike back and then she says something disparaging in a kind of a funny way. He comes running back but who is Mark Meadows Mark Meadows. How's your congressman? This committee's Republican okay. I got you all right. Let's see on cable. TV insisting there's nothing to see here hold on we have mark meadows right here meadows. Can we talk a lot so he. He's walking by right now. But Republicans are really struggling to defend the president's okay. Great struggling on okay so congressman struggling on anything from the hill tonight. Mary Republicans say they're not struggling but tonight the White House is beefing up. Its team to handle the impeachment impeachment inquiry. Well David the White House may be dismissing these hearings but they also know that they need a better strategy to push back against them so the White House is adding two people to their not who the president personally knows entrust to defend him. It's something that Republicans here on the hill have been asking for. Okay now. Let's do the human rights. Watch them the Human Rights Watch was we knows of front yes You know they pushed there was when they get kicked out every so often in here we go. The Israeli Supreme Court has ruled the government has the right to expel the head of human rights. Watch is Israel and Palestine Office Marcia. Here's a US citizen. Israel's accused him of supporting joining the nonviolent boycotts divestment sanctions movement known as BS which aims to pressure Israel over its treatment of Palestinians a two thousand seventeen Israeli law that Japan's foreigners from Israel if they publicly support the DS movement. Yeah well what voice Israel the bad guy for kicking people pull out the Israelis because it's human rights. Watch John can't you. Can't you tell from their name that they're good people. Nice logo exactly all right. We got good. No that's good that's good that's good For the end of show mixes thanks to Cyborg. Dave Danny loose and Tom Stark weather. Three great mixes coming up for you. That's always appreciated now. Wrong man. Of course we will return on Thursday the second Sunday show of the week We'll do it all again for you. There'll be tons to discuss. I'm sure there always is no. I've caught up on all of my Gitmo deconstruction. Lots of backlogs in the emails. And of course thank you all for sending what you have so far and remember embrose for supporting the program. It is after all your your podcast your duty go to divorce dot org slash NA and waving to the new neighbors here in Opportunity Zone. Thirty three of Austin Texas capital the drones star State Femur region number six and all the governmental maps in the morning everybody everybody. I'm Adam curry from northern Silicon Valley. Where I'm looking abundant wall and see a list of things we're supposed to talk about and did not to? We'll talk about them on Thursday. I'm Jessie Devora. Coming up on. No agenda stream dot com the grumpy old Ben's until next time audio smell foes. Jeffrey Epstein. Didn't kill himself. They didn't realize is just through brushing in town on the right rush rushing yards among all be trump privately push for shooting including migrant Alex building an electrified border wall. Here's the right and the Russian underway in northern belt. Nope not at all you can find one. UNCLOG to warn short McDowell. Wise Roy push the outage had nothing to do the charges to help with transparent it rush on the migrants water filled trench take their name on introducing the Donald Clifton for the cartoon betsy. What's her name research? Because I was saying I saw trevor. I here's what I thought too weather balloons and halter top right. She just what she does and she does. A great job of that I think is one of the best of. You'll be glad ed should be really big. This is everybody's favorite money honey. Observation surveys is that reaping on betsy there. Well Trade Secrets Pete. Lot running about marketing marketing. EXC Old enough. That I've been you BERLEX. Burlesque shows the classic burlesque burlesque. Show these women who would come out with these topless glisten bottomless usually topless with these tassels contain your nipples and they would get them spinning jumping. Jack like Pixar's is going. I think this would be fun to watch. Tassels were hilarious touch and that was on Q.. And it was like you'd say say to yourself. That's where I got talent not anybody. I'm all jacked Jabhat. Seventeen seconds standing ovation so I cut down but the people were going nice. Everything that he says. Negative about the things uh-huh other people is what he's saying about themselves and a flawed. No no I haven't but towards animals the ants on an and I think he sees right now that he has to jump in because he has been just horrible for this country even even people all work in a country like that they were obviously triggered. I don't think they like me much anymore. He knocking them dead. You're all over the place. That's good good angst among people Leon Cooperman and Jamie Diamond Bill Gates by thinking that the the the Hornets are coming for their money. And you've been covering this literally minute by minute. Outside of the skiff the change in narrative from shift has been amazing. We're GONNA make it a chance that you take but it's not a chance because you know exactly what's happening on Mojo Barack dot org slash and a White House liars.

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