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"sandy manteo" Discussed on KFI AM 640

"Just ask Google home to play KFI canton. I on iheartradio. AM. We are at sandy Manteo, or people who are out there and people have missed it, you'll get to Welby out there with the sound of Seabra gray who was a nice dupe. So such a beautiful man shows up on his day off. But he wasn't the only guy who shows up on his day off. I mean there are there was, you know, Nielsen Badri was out there. I know Gary and Shannon were out there scam showed up sketch was there. I DP was out there data Perez who else was out there. Mondo Mondo, certainly was out there with his girlfriend's have stood out there. Six all over this guy. I don't know how was it a quiet ride home? I mean, there was a line of, like, ten women that wanted to, you know, they were ripping at his clothes, and, you know, he's going to dub all of this. Right. All right. I don't think it must be quiet ride home, Bob. I mean he one point he was running across this track track trying to get away from all the girls. On the real. And they asked him. They say, hey dude, you can't run on the track while the horse running around because. Yeah. Because but how crazy women he turns it goes. But these Phillies Phillies are chasing after me. I was talking to my, my sister and, and she said, she goes you really have a really good crew around you. And I said, I said, I don't think that even describes them. I said, I think benders, the best news guy in the world, there's nobody in the world. I mean, if I if I had my choice of the seven billion people on on this planet, there's no way, I'd replace if I had a choice, but don't replace bender with anybody. Nobody. I mean, maybe there's some guy in China's really hot with news, but I've not met him. Bellio kept his emails away from you. Thank you. The best producer in the world. I've always said, she was the heart and soul of not only this show, but the station station group. And I always said Robin. I said, hey, if she ever becomes available love to ever work on the show. And then I remember where I was I was at Roosevelt elementary school in his Saturday at noon, and I got a call from Robin Bertolucci, our boss here, and she goes, hey, I got good news. Bellio starts on your show on Monday, and like ding Dong ding Dong. Ding dong. Maybe I would just say, all right. Maybe right on, and there's nobody better than Mondo producing and born up. You know with the show doing all the audio every day, I, not only getting, you know, cool stories but knows about music, and it was about food. He has so much used to the show. And if there's anything. Young on this show. It comes from Mondo because he's like, twelve and then angel, and Angel Martinez. Nobody she here. No. She's off this week is her birthday trip vacation week. Oh, then I have to talk much about her. She's not gonna hear exactly. Oh, okay. Well, forget it. Then nobody. She really is great. She knows everything about try, and then she adds the show. She's she's thought of as the most beautiful voice and talk radio guy wrote a song about it. So I tell my sister this and I go through all the different positions here. And I said, I really I feel that I'm like the weakest link here every night, and she stops for a second. She goes. Yeah. Now that you mentioned. She goes, it does sound that way. That sounds like you know everybody else at the top of their game. And then you sort of just slid in under the door. Yeah. That's, that's the way I'd prefer it I'd hate to think that I was the best. And all of you guys were horrible at your job that make it horrible to come in every night. The best and we were horrible and you guys were all terrible your job. I'll be like oh, this sucks coming in every night, but I got for everybody mad. It'd be rough for me. I'd hate it. Right. But when I come in, it's really cool because you guys are top game. Steve gregory. Another guy who is at, at the height of his career. He was out there for the, the big day yesterday and filed this report, let's get a little Steve, Gregory. He's the best bam, and there was no better place to commemorate, it than somewhere near and dear to Conway's heart. The track..

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