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"sandy kane" Discussed on Sandy K Nutrition

"I am going to cut on through to the interview with jennifer arthur. Ten of old chicks. No shit hybrid wine. Welcome to sandy kane attrition health and lifestyle queen today with me. I have jennifer arthurton and she is the founder and creator of all chicks. No shit and she has her own podcast as well as well as her own business where she really helps a lot of women out there. So welcome jennifer. Thank you so much for having me. Sandy i can't even remember how we exactly met hunt. We meet was. It was on instagram. Right i'm not going to be honest. i really don't know sick. Graham and i think i may be reached out to you because i loved the name of you and i'm like okay. A fellow woman podcast. I love it. And i believe it's quite successful. You've been doing this for a while right. Yeah the podcast is about eighteen months old. Okay that yeah yes and i also love what you stand for as well and that's why i this is i mean. Social media has a bad rap. Let's face facts it does. It has a bad rap. But i think there's so much good that comes out of it. Because how in the world would i ever met you. If it wasn't for that writer of soda so gritty connections. Yes so many start with telling us how you created old chicks no shit and you know how you started your business. Because i always love to hear everyone's story. Yeah so ultra. No shit really was a product of my own story so just to give you the kind of coles notes version of it I was a corporate executive in a major global organization for many many many years You know as a life of mom and everything and then know doing all the mom things and then just. Before my fiftieth birthday. I found myself. Divorced unemployed was like for my corporate job. I was an empty nester is my daughter had moved three hours away to go to school and i was suffering with a stress related illness. Basically as birds out. Friday to the point that i couldn't get out of bed most days so there i was at the age of fifty lying in my bed feeling so sorry for myself throwing a big old pity party about having to basically start my life over at fifty and there was this really pervasive narrative. Going through my head around. you know. i'm too old who who's going to ever want a fifty year old woman. I ever find another relationship when i ever find another job. Who wants a fifty year old woman because and that was in my head because that is a kind of cultural narrative about what it means to be an older woman so the prospect of starting over at the age of fifty for me. I felt like a completely daunting.

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