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"Welcome back one A.. It's Todd's Willeke as we were talking with. Jason resigned on. We took a call from afar from Fairfax Virginia. WHO said he was concerned about? Regional tensions escalation with ron destabilizing his home country of Afghanistan and Secretary of State Mike pompeo appearing before the press now says that Iran is he's actively and this is a quote quote actively working to undermine the peace process in Afghanistan by continuing its long global effort to support militant groups there. That's that's the statement from the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. We're going to keep following that story as people look toward regional stability in the confrontation between the United States in in Iran. But let's move it domestically now because there were more than sixty Iranians and Iranian Americans many of them. US citizens reportedly detained detained at the border with Canada over the weekend. Why did that happen? Such a move would be unprecedented. President Trump's travel ban implemented in two thousand seventeen included Iran on and has resulted in increased scrutiny and barriers of travelers to a of Iranian descent entering the United States. Customs and Border Protection says much the reporting so far has been false on this story joining us by phone to talk about the weekends. Border issue is Sarah Vini Metro reporter for the Los Sandra Time Sarah. Thanks for being here. Thanks for having me. Also with me in the studio is on Connor Young's homeland security correspondent for the New York Times. I want to have you thanks so much. We're we're talking about escalating tensions between the US and Iran and how it impacts iranian-americans and Sara you reported on the detaining of these Iranian Americans at the border last weekend In the La Times many of these people are US citizens. What kinds of stories did you hear? What do we know about exactly what happened? Yes so there been a few people that we've been able to talk to you over the course of the last few days who shared experiences of sort of being pulled aside given a slip and taken into a a general room where a lot of other people of Iranian descent were waiting to be questioned by a CPA DP officials and they sort of described the questioning the they received. which was you know kind of some of the basic questions that you would expect at the border but then also names? A family members the immigration status of family members Whether their fathers served in the Iranian military which is mandatory in Iran although some wealthy people have been able to sort of buy out of being in the military all that being he said there are there questions that people especially who are American citizens did not expect being subjected to didn't expect It's troubling I mean. US citizens. I'm not a lawyer and we're about to introduce a person who is who can help us on this Sarah but a US citizen. It does say on the inside of my passport passport that I'm supposed to be sped through without delay Not a not a citizen of a foreign country at the US border but a US citizen. Why would they be detained at all? All it's a good question you know. CB says that they were not detained But our our first hand witnesses are people who actually went through the process of being held. Say that they spent several hours in some cases. It's eleven hours sometimes. Twelve hours In in this room basically waiting to be able to cross back into the country which which they live in America so I we're still trying to get answers on exactly what happened and why so? Many people were delayed for so long zone Kinda young the New York Times. You've been reporting on this to. Can you tell them right. So the difficult thing here and in the confusing thing is that if you look at C. P. Statement what they're denying is that people were detained or turned away but what they're not denying that people were given what's known as a secondary screening now secondary screening. When you look at what what is described from these witness accounts that seems to be what happened and they have not denied that so to describe that c. p. said that they did not detain anybody as as a result of their country of origin? However they did not deny that that anybody was given a secondary screening that being taken to a waiting room and held held for hours and questioned about their background as a result of their country of origin? You speak to current as well as former customs and border protection officials. They they will tell you that. One of the factors for taking somebody in for that extra. Scrutiny is their country of origin for furthermore when there is an incident like we've I've seen over the past week when there is a heightened threat level from Iran and even when DHS issues terrorism advisory now highlighting Iran. When you speak to CB officials they will tell you? I mean we spoke to a former commissioner for customs and Border Protection. WHO said after you issue that bulletin agents on the ground are going to look at country origin? It is now going to be given a heightened emphasis and for that you look at these agents on the ground. They see this bulletin. They're going to then look at people's country of origin and probably take them in for extra scrutiny. We reached out to sea for comment. They didn't give us a response response. zone on January fifth see. BP tweeted in this is social media posts that CPI is detaining iranian-americans and refusing their entry into the United States because of country of origin are false dimension that reports that VHS CB has issued a related directive are also false. Now you were just talking about the bulletin. Yeah I don't know if a bulletin editor are different things in bureaucratic lands or what exactly this means. So they were denying is what was put out on social media by certain advocacy groups a national directive that they would detain in pullover Iran Iranians who looked quote unquote suspicious. That's what they were denying. However as you noted in what we reported on Saturday the Department of Homeland Security issued an update due to its terrorism advisory now these advisories are issued periodically? The last one was issued July of last year. And what it does is it is a I warning is supposed to be a guide for law enforcement in the public around the country. To be on heightened alert and what this advisory said is that what Iran is now. There's now a heightened threat level for Iran and. They've warned that there is going to or that. There could be. I should say Retaliation from Iran. Iran has said that themselves and what they warned of is that it could come in the form of a inspired attacked by homegrown extremists. Miss there were. CPP's works But more likely that it could be a cyber attack but again and that happens on Saturday We also know based off of a letter that we've obtained let's see BP sent to members of Congress that there was also a a telephone conference by. CB P officials with multiple leaders across the country in the agency saying to be on heightened alert. So you have those two things then. This happens and as C. B. P. officials have said when something like this happens there's going to be an added focus on country of origin so it sounds like while the top of the hierarchy is saying no bulletin no bulletin the reality on the ground for agents in the wickets in the booths. When when somebody steps up is there is a torrent of bulletins flying around regardless of who in the government issued them? And there's this this this heightened sense of of I'll call it threat if you're if you're a border official I want to bring in David. Leopold former president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association practicing immigration. Gracious Attorney David. Welcome thanks for having me secondary screening for a US citizen As was just mentioned. Is that things things that appropriate if you have a US passport and your US citizen are you subjected to eleven hours of questioning absolutely not The US a US citizen returning from overseas or from Canada who shows a US passport and identifies him herself must be allowed entry into into United States. The only other issue would be common customs. Questions what did you buy overseas that sort of thing and the same actually goes for a lawful permanent resident a green card holder older. You know once they show their green card that once they establish their residency and their identification and they have a proper passport. They should be allowed in most circumstances to proceed into the United States so to detain somebody for eleven hours and ask about a military Family history or religion or politics or allegiance to the United States or to Iran or to any other country is illegal legal and this detention these detentions that have been described Reporting and and just now smack of illegal activity by customs customs and border protection. And if you read their tweet which you did if you read it carefully they do not deny the interogations. What they're denying thing is that they didn't that they Prohibited Entry and by law. They have to permit entry of any. US citizen into the United States And a lawful permanent resident for that matter Who establishes the residency so I don't trust that tweet. And frankly I don't trust anything. That customs and Border Protection. Says we know this is the same agency that that was perpetrating. Separation of children from their parents that perpetrated All kinds of of horrors over the last two years so their credibility is really low. Sarah Parveen what did you hear from the people you talked to about the condition the circumstances the the vibe of that time in detention if indeed it was ten or eleven hours there's no way it was pleasant What did you hear so one of the things I actually heard across the board word? was that the officers themselves. Were pretty friendly and weren't trying to give people a hard time while they were waiting That said you know it was as you said about sixty people Over the KORCEA of of Saturday who had been put into a large waiting room and so it was cramped. I heard descriptions of people saying that you know parents were kind of sitting down or curling up on the floor because there wasn't enough seats seats for everyone you know people were hungry and so the officers would try to bring snacks or toys for the kids The over all you know people were pretty distraught because they didn't think they would be in this situation and then there's a bunch of people sitting in a waiting room sort of being called hold up one by one asked questions being sent back and then if they had more questions being called back up again So it was just a little bit of a hectic tactic and yet prolonged at the same time situation. David I wanted to just go back to what David because he mentioned something very important. And that's CBP statement and again. It didn't acknowledge what seemed to have happened here you know. They denied that they were turning people. Away that in there were detainment but again that term it seems like they don't consider what happened to be detainment and thus they're not addressing what actually happened at the Washington into port of entry As far as the confusion as well of what happened. We've seen this before you know the guests here of said that today Age Age for our reporting showed as well the agents would rotate on shift. Come in and they'd be confused at what was happening. What's going on? There's a room full of these people here. This this isn't normal and we can go back. You opened up the segment by mentioning the travel ban. You know there is a history here of this administration rushing after a change and national security policy and agents at airports and at Port of entries being confused about how to implement David. I WANNA connect us to two thousand seventeen in the travel ban because in many senses this story with people from.

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