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"sandra polit" Discussed on GSMC Health and Wellness Podcast

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"sandra polit" Discussed on GSMC Health and Wellness Podcast

"Meanwhile, some of her staff at women care global where crazy about the proposal either. Sondra Peletier was equally blunt with them. She pointed out that I was becoming increasingly difficult for nonprofits to find donors. There was many private sector companies willing to partner with nonprofits, which they often derided as being filled with bleeding hearts who can't make good business decisions. If we can get access to this product that we all believe is game changing and we don't do it. Then shame on us she said. When skeptics accused Sandra? Of going back to the dark side, she reminded them. More money more mission period. Sondra Petir became the founder of Evil Fem biosciences focusing exclusively on him for the She perf- sweated evil. Evil meds original investors to stay on board took zero employees with her. Found new office space and hired her own team. which included commercialization pros from major drug companies. Do I. DO things is different says Sandra played tear I needed very disciplined environment. In. December two, thousand, fourteen. Sondra tears team was hunkered down in a hotel breakout room in Washington. DC preparing to meet with the FDA. It. was supposed to be a routine meeting. The kind any company has with the governmental agency before filing for approval. But Sandra Peletier also had something on her mind that. She was hoping to get clarity on. She had discovered that a portion of the patients in an forest face three trial were outside the US and Russia of all places. A move generally frowned upon by the FDA. We're GonNa into very brief break you guys and when we come back more on Sandra polit- tier.

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