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"sandip northern kentucky school" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"Be boarding buses today to make the trip to Washington DC for tomorrow's March for life this year for the first time in the event's forty seven year history the demonstrators are going to be addressed in person by the president of the United States Donald trumps until ten the event and a growing number of people on Twitter asking to bring him up on stage with him Covington Catholic student next Sandip northern Kentucky school is going back to the March this year despite the controversy that followed last year's trip for from parents who are upset and fear that that decision could mean the students will be targeted for harassment once again given the events of last year that's a local archdiocese of students have been given a different rules to follow this year regarding how to dress or what to do with their free time but a spokesperson declined a request for an interview or statement from the archdiocese of Cincinnati says that they have no changes in procedures for those attending Jennifer sat shacks as they believe existing procedures are sufficient to avoid a situation such as the one that occurred last time blame the flu for canceling classes today and tomorrow in parts of northern Kentucky both the Augusta independent schools and the Mason County schools and based on the closed due to illness since I police investigating a shooting this morning happening Kelly heights the victim shot in the leg on north Dale place about three injuries are not believed to be life threatening using and save your both winners last nine college basketball for the musketeers the win over Georgetown snapped a three game big east conference losing streak save your freshman Kiki Tandy had his best game of his young career terrific I'm proud of that kid many we've been working hard he's been up against it because he he missed basically most of the non conference practice rising games in in you know to get it it's it's always fun to see a guy smile at their gave and know that everything that he's been doing in the gym and watching film with with coaches is really paying off this is a service of superior Acura our next updates at eight thirty on newsradio seven W. O. W. this report is.

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