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"sand stanford university" Discussed on WTMJ 620

"Understand that maybe there's some techies out there don't don't email me and say oh you're just you're oversimplifying here's here is essentially what the crisis facing facebook is right now and facebook has has lost a ton of loser a users over the last couple of days and the price of the stock has dropped dramatically it's one of the reasons why the stock market was way off the first two on monday and and actually on last friday as well let me make this really simple if you go onto facebook you can go onto somebody's facebook page and you can indicate that you you like it so let's say that oh i don't know let's say robin yount got the baseball season coming up robin yount has a facebook page this is all theoretical robin does that or not but you know you go onto robin yount facebook page and you know you you hit that that thumbs up button on the robin yount page saying hey i i i like what's what's here and you know maybe you maybe you did it because you wanted to see you know the post robin yount was gonna make in your news feed maybe it did it because you know you just you're like this this is great now when a lot of people do that and maybe you realize that marketers can then target advertisements to you based on your interest in robin yount at that's kinda though that's sort of the way this works but that's the exchange there are a couple research places that have developed these modeling studies it's actually researchers at sand stanford university and the psychometric center at the university of cambridge what they believe is by looking at your likes the different things that you like you like robin yount you like you've liked the aaron rodgers facebook page you've liked the toby keith facebook page they believe that by looking at the number and the different things that you like on facebook they can develop a personality profile of you.

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