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"san somewhere" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

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"san somewhere" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"All be dirty rats to mike by the space. I don't ask rick tidwell to bring it because it already done got brought. It done gotten broughton. Welcome back to the show with you. Were coast to coast and around the world on american forces radio network as well and It's our pleasure to welcome to the show ryan barton grimly. He has written and directed and stars in a new film which is coming out on march. Sixteenth navio deep platforms. Dvd from freestyle digital media. It's called hawk vampire slayers and we're waiting for our schneider a co star to call up so orion first of all when you write and direct and co star. I almost wonder if you ever get a day off a night off. Everyone wants everything from you. It's but is that the kind of thing. Be careful what you wish for absolutely rik. Thanks so much for having me So yeah it's definitely that it's also the the kind of case where you know. It's the thing you love so you just can't get enough of it so you just try to do it as much as you can all the time whenever anyone will let you know doubt so this tells the story of hawk hawkins and this is a guy he lives for killing vampires and this is why when you think about it you go. This sounds like a comedy. It is a horror. Comedy isn't it. Yeah yeah there's bucketloads of blood here but it's all kind of tongue in cheek and making fun of the origin right. It's a really good natured. Comedy with like a happy ending and a love story but it also really quotes all these really famous eighties horror movies and kind of eighties. You know the most loved movies of the eighties like goonies loss. Boys big trouble in little china but then it also goes into full dumb and dumber lands. You know well as i said. Plays rev and dimwitted vegan pacifist groundskeeper already. That sounds like a character that would be fraught with the humor and hijinks play a really long order. Kinda buttoned up Extremely patriotic who thinks that vampires are ruining his town. And the two of us you know to odd. Birds kinda embarked on this adventure to save our town from empires and And we're not good at it. That's the truth. So they're really talented. janet savage who plays the love interest kind of comes in two plays the character theo and sets a straight and kinda helps us out and she also teaches hawk. Lessons like how to love and and You know how to get his act together and also to not be such approved and kind of accept everyone around him once. He finally does that. He's he's able to kinda give up his violent tendencies and and kind of go along. This pacifist thing. That rev is been pushing on him and they actually you know they they save the town. And and it's it's got a really good natured. Fun ending which i think is so perfect for this day and age. You know where. We've been in this pandemic lockdown and stuff or year and. This is the kind of thing that lets you know like things are going to be. Okay there's hope in the future You know good guys when you can laugh and relaxing. Just kinda. Take it easy for a second term your brain off. I think it's super apropos. To the time at hand well when you talk about the town you kind of should expect vampires if you're in santa where taes and that dead saint saint debt exactly and and use the crazy thing. There are a few towns in mexico called san somewhere take and the reason i chose that that name is because that is a A saint that people who are kind of in into the colt Worship which is really dark and kinda crazy. I'm not sure i believe it. I thought it was a really fun name for the town. It's just hilarious that talk. You know it's just so blown away the vampires in his town he lives in a town called chance. I'm working. i mean. Give me a break. But that's the nature of his character. He's kind of a lovable idiot. You know now from what. I hear you guys. You're not very good at killing vampires right. that is correct Hawk hawk had done some military service but he got kicked out because he thought a guy another private during boot camp was indeed a vampire and trying to attack him so he tried to stake him but he did it with this two by four so he just basically beat this guy up with the to buy foreign got kicked out. He's not good at the stuff. He miss identifies people all the time. you know. His parents won't even let him live inside of their house anymore. He has to camp out in the backyard and they keep turning the sprinklers on every morning to try to get them to move on but he persists nonetheless and ends up saving the whole town from vampires with the help of his best friend and his love interest to you know male. God bless your heart kind of put up with him a couple more questions for ryan barton grimly writer. Director co star. Hawk andhra vampire slayers which is out on the sixteenth. And i was looking at the reviews and they basically i mean to to wrap them all up. They basically say and i'm looking here. Corny silly daft stupid but an utter delight. And i loved it. So what's it like when you work on this thing and people don't throw it right in the trash they like it. You know as an indie filmmaker. This is the fifth film that i produce and the fourth that i've directed i've gotta say it's astounding you brutally honest Well we we made a movie that pre pandemic that we thought was a really fun silly thing but i think timing wise it just hit it right because there's a lot of really dark stuff on all the streaming services and going through a dark thing in the country or the world for that matter and suddenly people are looking for comedy and there's not a lot of that there we did make it dumb on purpose. We did quote all these movies in a really silly childlike way on purpose. So i gotta say it. It's really refreshing. That that.

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