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"san sandy wexler" Discussed on NewsRadio KFBK

"It's like a It's like a, um, Yes, like it is. We have to warn you about this. Victor is and they would have in the movie than the Tingler was actually the scene in the movie where, right where the Tingler gets loose. They haven't this metal box and it is a crawling it cuts itself out of the box somehow crawls out. Then it crawls up. Vincent Price's chest while he's sleeping as I recall that's seen in a long time. But there's also the point the movie where the Tingler gets loose in the movie theater, right where the goes to the projectionist office and then and then you see it growing across the the screen and then suddenly it's under the seats and that's when they do the All the stuff you're talking about, and they would all go when you go in there. Be like okay, The more afraid you are, The more likely the tingle will appear in. This s O great that that's a good one. Yeah. So you said you had a movie that we needed to talk about. Oh, we definitely do It involves your favorite actor of all time. My favorite actor. Ah, used to be, um, man, I don't know You got me on this. Yeah. Please, please. You know, the police is nature of my voice. Helm. Hammer has a new movie, you know, really? And unlike uncut gems, which was a massive step forward, he decides to Ah backslide more than Michael Jackson with Hubie Halloween. This is a movie from Happy Madison. I can hardly say it without throwing up on. Um it's a new Halloween film. You know what's frustrating about a movie like this is that the idea behind it is actually pretty sweet. You know, there's a guy who is who is related to the last family that was persecuted for the Salem witch hunts, and he has Promoted himself to the safety guy for Halloween, right? Ah, guy who wants to have ever, you know, safe and sane Halloween and you know, kind of patrols and stuff like that and tries to make sure all nobody's getting any trouble and When people start to disappear, he tries to become the hero, Tok. Sweet idea, Right? No. Well, I mean, take Sam. Okay. Okay. Yes, against idea for a sweet Halloween film. Okay, then happy. Madison and Sandler get involved, and it is all goes to crap. I mean, really unsung and tell me why. You know, you could talk to Kendall producer I I warned her about the voice. He affects another one of those wonderful voices of his on after about 30 seconds. We need subtitles. And secondly, you're like, Yeah, I hate this guy, too. No matter where he is, I'll be throwing flaming dog excrement at him to just like all the kisses really? Because he starts out and he starts going, OK, We're going to have a nice safe and happy Halloween and okay, Tito. Ah, this San Sandy Wexler deal, which sounds like Gilbert Gottfried on helium, but this one is still irritating and how he gets at Ray Liotta and Stevens gave me to appear in these films. I wonder if he has photographs. I don't know. Ray Liotta, Can you imagine? Ray Liotta is in his movie and not a cameo? He's in the film for a great deal of the picture. Yeah, huh? Yeah. And of course, he got his usual cronies, You know, like Rob Schneider and Kevin James and Ah, two Meadows and even the reliable Maya Rudolph. I used to think it's hilarious. Just flatter than a pancake in this movie. It's Oh, it's bad. What makes it so frustrating is that you watch a movie with especially on Netflix like the ridiculous Six or, you know, do over. Whatever the hell he's doing millions of dollars. You expected to be crap. And so your expectations are low, but this one there was potential. All right when you have when you have Shaquille O'Neal being a radio deejay with the female voice that was so weird. It was weird, and his wife is played by Jack Black and drag. We don't even really. Sam Sam. A movie? Yeah. Movienation. O'Neill's a deejay with a female voice. Yeah, it was really cool when they started that scene, because you know, showed the studio and all the equipment. I'm like getting excited. I'm like, Oh, yeah. Look at that studio. Oh, yeah. And then I'm thinking OK, and he's like, got his own show on everything, and he opened it around. And what Jack back and drag. What? Yeah, I got the opposite voice.

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