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"san medicine" Discussed on Biz Talk Radio

"University professor medical researcher. And student of ancient wisdom is new book is out, and he is with us, Dr Peter who, who do who do. And the new book is out. It's koshen medicine. So what exactly is ten medicine doctor and welcome. It's, it's a pleasure to have you with us today. Thank you. Good to be also medicine is busy means and message medicine. We believe the evidence is. And in the case of the utilize that message. Code up, somehow dommage, so that would exempt in the sale that are so many MRIs to they'll, but to how will, but what a lead. Mris, Oregon, the how old on his new function quoting to these messages. Are then the function these also. And then you'll notice. So how do we change that? The message to the cell, because this is a very interesting conversation. We have that we are you saying that we have that control we can do that? Chilly that, you know, the on that emit different levels, so on physical on this jeans and the. Global, gene. Then, so doesn't function. Well, but you'll change the genes of the more than bit -nology. But also have images that folding all the mental level sound does something about us. And then we may not voted lead behave of incumbent that came in and so be ten changed at MRIs, so we are again, functioning as human being. So we can do it. Yes. And you have your, your life changed on most twenty years ago when you started to investigate the ancient, eastern wisdom and explain to us about that. Please. I actually studied the agent for that long time. I was, I was aged in, but I. What about thirty years? And you know the I had long. Incidents into these, but about ninety years ago, I met the shop, and I started studying intensely I've been China into the compound thirty day hit the your, and then the really into deep study, so that that was from the moment. My humus become much deeper. And. For people that do not know who is Mr. Shaw. Oh. Medicals. So he was trained in China. He doesn't put up in America. He of these traditional Johnny's in these did you did used in BC, the DC? He is also beaching them. Maybe patients healing metal. Men lives. He was out the year in the world congress into he and recently. He's eating lots of the kadaffi. So it's ancient guess, the ancient wisdom's that you're trying to bring back to life today. And as a result, because of this, you're saying that you're able to help people replace the negative messages and replace them with positive ones that mobilize hard in mind to heal the body. Quoted. Li the you know that Brock theses. That'd be ten being the the any function. And be be beat the sees because start to see that something can happen. The also emphasized that, you know, to change the message takes time and therefore it is very important. They'd be continue with the going to him that he's put a why does wonderful support and meanwhile working these messages. And then these Brock theses, they literally everyday want to hours. They begin to change the message. So this is beyond meditation, or will you be able to find out more about what you're sharing with us today in the book, shed medicine doctor. Yes. In the in the out of that is the whole the, the messages can feed how we can speak them. Would. We can do that. How? Different scenarios. And if you wouldn't mind sharing their, some pretty miraculously miracles that you forty six cases that show the benefits of this in medicine in the book. Can you share a couple of stories, please? So we did that he said for city is of the photo of Casey's that must've Shaab was opening that he and they home. And so we don't commend veil, the progress, and I don't know. Maybe that interesting is lady who had over heap of for about twenty twenty five years. She tried busy, everything, all sort of modalities, like more than maybe seems and also. Guide open door just that are two achey just about anything. Eventually, she's started to get better. And when she was doing, these practicies these shop and. Three years down the road in the research. She went on she feels so well that she Lynn to new type on dole in the blog build. So from someone who was these able. I mean, she couldn't walk the soaping was such an exercise. And then she become like the Rondo master. So that's very beautiful story. I love that story. Yes, yes, give us another story because we need to hear hope today. People very people people are very tired. They're working really hard. They're almost feeling is though, there is no hope that they're in a corner. And there's no way out. That is that is whole. So I gave the example these these was that young woman who was very busy with his in a business. But then they come out and depressed and eventually might into the score. Couples. The children, she was suicide. And a little and then she thought into do this practicies recovered a year starting newbie started new relationship, she. She go ahead live. It was amazing. And these stories are you've, you have followed them for many years. This is not just hearsay. You have documented all of these stories is my question. Is not something that, you know, the happens you get excited the workshop and then you go home and then. These people before. Longtime and heavy metal. You. You feel ten Hsien medicine. May be what regular medicine is MI missing today. This message. I think so. The father of this school that he got this, he was practicing in the grease about doing. Thousand years, and he, he, he laid the foundations of our these, these many, the illness use these, but not many people know that it was actually. Piece of noodle was that. And he there Sogeti he, he overbill diet and some herbs besides that he also did this, that your work he was working on these messages. Yeah, we're out of time so give us the best website. I need people to know where they can go to find out more about master Shaw and Chen medicine, please. We have got into the. The national fundation. That was Cody. Something about the. Awesome. Thank you so much. Dr. San medicine and we'll be back in just a moment. This is Frankie Boyer say, Trump. The latest trend to hit store shelves has the whole country, buzzing, Canepa, dial, or CBD might just be the greatest discovery of our generation, and it comes from a plant that is not so.

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