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"san juan puerto rico antonio" Discussed on On Point with Tom Ashbrook | Podcasts

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"san juan puerto rico antonio" Discussed on On Point with Tom Ashbrook | Podcasts

"Did you see on twitter. Here's the Flyer for today. We're dancing and fund of what the Lisa <hes> tomorrow night. We're GONNA DO X._Y._Z.. Lawyers are going to be in front of the capital like already today. There are are probably three different solid firmed up twins for what's going to happen tomorrow and that has been the culture now for the last eleven days and people people seem to be getting more and more excited by not tired and so I think if it's the governor's under the impression that people are going to forget about this at some point soon and are going to trust him to be the person who has to put Puerto Rico back together after he may be diluted well Antonia Hilton Civil Rights correspondent for vice news tonight joining us from San Juan Puerto Rico Antonio. Thank you so much. Thank you for having me Danielle. I'M GONNA come back to you in just a second but I do have a couple of callers who want to give us their thoughts on the situation on I let's let's go to heavier first of all calling from watertown Massachusetts Heavier. You're on the air hi. How's it going? We're fine. Go ahead excellent so <hes> I just wanted to say that <hes> for the people listening listening this is not just about the chats does not just about the the bad in mean things that the governor said this is the straw the broke the camel's back this has been years and years of mismanagement that have finally come to light we finally we have proof that says that we were right all along that this has been happening for so long and we're not gonNa take no for an answer <hes>. He thinks that he can hide. He thinks that he can <hes> just wait us out but that's not the case I family members on the island Kuba protesting for the past week they will continue to protest. I myself was out at a protest yesterday and <hes> we will continue to protest until he's gone in the people from his organization. We'll have your thank you so much for your call so Daniel. Let me ask you if roe CEO stays on but doesn't run for reelection or if he resigns before the end of his term regardless. I'm wondering it doesn't seem as if that act in of itself will be enough off does Puerto Rico need a deeper reform of its political culture here because I'm just reminded that Rosales on Father Pedro right he was governor of the island from what the mid nineties ninety-three to about two thousand one also mired in scandal for for that yes obliteration was also married in scandal several of his <hes> sort of members of his inner circle ended up in jail <hes> after having been try for for corruption so <hes> it is an ongoing see toys listen and is he hasn't been just something that has affected the <hes> today's ruling party which is a Conservative Party the P._M._p.. But it's also affected just about every important political party in Puerto Rico over the years so what you have have had is <hes> a lot of of <hes> members of the political class who have used patronage in order to win elections in order to maintain support from from the public and it's actually trickled down to <hes> municipalities <hes> the Congress and a lot of Puerto Ricans have fed up with that essentially because it is at the center of the major.

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