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"san francisco san jose ochlik" Discussed on KGO 810

"Um, you know, is it Is it possible like John Dean says that Trump put a pardon for himself in his pocket. Yes. Yeah. Damn my possible. I think, you know, so I'll get in a better mood. Oh, I got it because I got a piece on Biden having dogs and how much Trump hated him. So that's coming up in love. Yeah, yeah, great. If you were talking about it, we're talking about kgo San Francisco San Jose Ochlik. Cumulus stations from ABC News. I'm Chuck's Iverson more covert vaccine doses. They're heading the states from the Biden administration President Biden saying the Trump administration broke its promise to have several 100 million vaccine doses ready when they were approved. Once we arrived, a vaccine program is in worse shape. Then we anticipated the President Biden ordering 200 million more Fizer and Moderna doses to arrive by summer and increases supply now so Americans can get 100 million vaccinations in the next 100 days. Andy Field, ABC News Washington, adding to existing evidence that in person learning can be done if rigorous, covitz safety measures who followed, including mask wearing and distancing The new CDC reports saying in rural Wisconsin, we tried it successfully. New executive orders from President Biden are to combat racial and economic disparities. White House domestic policy adviser Susan Rice, These aren't feel good policies. The evidence is clear. Investing in equity is good for economic growth. And it creates jobs for all Americans. Another major reversal, the Department of Justice on Tuesday formally rescinding the zero tolerance policy, according to a directive by the attorney general and obtained by ABC News. The policy was responsible for thousands of family separations along the US Mexico border and was a hallmark of the Trump administration's immigration platform. According to then Attorney General Jeff Sessions, It was supposed to be a deterrent for families crossing the border. Knows delinquent. Terry ABC NEWS Washington A federal judge's bar the U. S government from enforcing a 100 Day deportation moratorium that is a key immigration priority of President Biden's The Senate's voted to reject a Republican attempt to dismiss President Trump's impeachment trial. Yet the support of 45 Republicans for declaring the trial invalid is notable considering it'll take 17 Republicans to convict him. Listening to ABC knit A strong work ethic.

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